• a Promesse of tapsts
  • a Soolding of kepsts
  • a Fighting of beggers
  • a Disworshop of stottes
  • a Raskall of boyes
  • a Rafull of knaues
  • a Thraue of thresshers
  • a Lasshe of carters
  • a Try [...] of [...] waners
  • a Blecche of sowters
  • a Smere of coryers
  • a Pyte of prysoners
  • a Glorifyeng of lyers
  • a Lyeng of ꝑdoners
  • a Hastynes of cookes
¶ Here endeth a lytyll treatyse called the booke of curtesye or lytyll Iohn. Enprynted atte westmoster.
Redeth his werkys full of plesaunce
Clere in sentence in langage excellent
Bryefly to wryte suche was his suffysaunce
What euer to saye he toke in his entente
His langage was so fayr and pertynente
It semeth vnto mannys heeryng
Not only the worde but verely the thynge
Redeth my chylde redeth his bookes alle
Refuseth none they ben expedyente
Sentence or langage or bothe fynde ye shall
Full delectable for that good fader mente
Of all his purpose and his hole entente
How to please in euery audyence
And in our tunge was well of eloquence
Beholde Ocklyf in his translacyon
In goodly langage & sentence passyng wyse
How he gyueth his prynce suche exhortacyon
As to the hyest he coude best deuyse
Of trouthe. pees. mercy. and Iustyce
And vertues leetyng for no slouthe
To do his deuoyr & quyte hym of his t [...]

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