The complaint of a sinner, vexed with paine, Desyring the ioye, that euer shall remayne.
After W. E. moralized.

THe God of loue, that sits aboue,
Doth know vs, Doth know vs,
How sinfull that we bee:
Sent his word, the two edged sword
To shew vs, To shew vs,
Our sin and iniquitie.
That euery vice may vanquished be,
Oh Lord arise for thy mercye
Doe this our God and bynd vs,
For euer and euer thine owne:
The truth wyl alway fynd vs,
By the seedes that we haue sowne.
The truth wyl tel if we wold lye,
The touchstone doth y tree wel trye.
¶ And as we haue a soule to saue,
Vprightly, Vprightly,
Though troubled stil with sin:
We shuld not take, that did vs make,
So lightly, So lightly,
This worldly wealth to win.
But if we wyl the Lord prouoke
We may loke for his heauy stroke,
As his word hath appointed
The Scripture doth plainely tell:
Yet shal not his holy anointed
Once tast the paynes of Hell.
Now haue I told the [...]eoperdy,
But Christ is our iust remedy.
¶ With woful harts though god for­beares
To plague vs, To plague vs,
We ought for to lament:
Thy word alway, both night & day
Perswade vs, Perswade vs,
Inwardly for to repent.
And euery one to call for grace
Since the touchstone in euery place,
Doth florish fresh and shyne
That the whole world may see:
And all that wyl be thyne,
Must come with teares to thee.
We wyl not boast our merites Lord,
Since thy deare son made the accord
¶ We reade of olde, what Prophetes tolde
full truly, Full truly,
And wrote it long a [...]go:
A Mayden myld, shulde beare a child
Full duely, Full duely,
And it proued euen so.
But yet God wot, the Iewes of kynd
Beleued it not, but were styl blynd,
And are vnto this day
Refusyng the Triumphant truth:
That the Prophet Esaye did say
And wrote it to age and youth.
But therto they wold not accord,
But cruelly crucified the Lord.
But let vs now, both bend and bow,
And spede vs, And spede vs,
To follow the true trace:
For he hath sent, his Testament,
To feede vs. To feede vs,
And call vs vnto grace.
Vn worthy now although we bee
Yet ye see how his deare mercye,
To vs be doth [...]ll geue
Ano liberall gy [...]tes vs send:
That we might sure beleue
And our le wde liues amend.
Therfore let vs our harts enclyne,
That pearles be not cast vnto swyne
¶ The flesh (I say) both night & day,
Doth hold vs, Doth hold vs,
From followyng the true trace:
But thy deare son, doth bid vs come,
And bold vs, And bold vs,
To call to thee for grace.
Thus sayeth our sauiour Iesu
Come vnto me, and I wyl ease you▪
If ye wyl cal and knocke
That are ouer laden with sin:
Then wyl I open the locke
And be ready to let you in.
For I am he that bought you deare,
Therfore behold, and draw ye neare.
VV. Birch.

¶ Imprinted at London by Alexander Lacy, for Richard Applow, dwellyng in Pater noster row, hard by the Castle Tauerne.

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