The Kynges Psalmes

¶The firste Psalme, [...] the obteinyng remis­sion [...]f synnes.

O Lorde of Lordes, God almightie, greate and dreadfull, whiche by thy woorde haste made hea­uen, yearth, the Sea, and all thynges conteined in them.

Nothyng is hable to resist thy power, thy mercie is o­uer all thy woorkes.

[...] thynges bée vnder thy dominiō and rule: bothe man [Page] [...] beaste, and all liuyng [...]atures.

Thou arte mercifull too whom thou wilte: and haste compassion on whom it plea­seth thee.

Thy counsaile shalt stand for euer: and what so euer thou wilt shalbe doen.

Power, Dominion, and Glorie is thine: whiche arte aboue all thynges, and in all thynges; and in vs all.

Thou arte father of mer­cies, and GOD of all grace, [Page] peace, and comforte: whiche wilt not the death of sinne [...] nor delitest in the damnati­on of soules.

O Lorde God, whiche art riche in mercie, and of thyne especiall loue towardes vs, euen when wee were thyne enemies by sinne, didst sende into the worlde thyne onely begottē sonne Iesus Christ: that whosoeuer beleueth du­ly in hym, shall not perishe, but haue euerlastyng life.

Haue mercie vpō me, haue [Page] mercie vpon me, accordyng to thy greate mercie.

And according to the mul­titude of thy merc [...], put a­waie myne [...]

O God moste [...] me from my [...], and make me cleane [...] myne vncleannesse.

For I acknowledge (O Lorde) my heinous synnes: and accuse my self of myne vnrighteous deedes.

I confesse against my self, the wickednesse of my hart, [Page] whiche hath been euer vn­faithfull, and rebellyng a­gainst thy preceptes.

I haue béen an vntrue and a froward childe to thee, and haue prouoked thee with my vanities.

O holie father, I haue of­fended thy diuine Maiestie: and am not worthie to bee called thy sonne.

Bicause I prouoked thee to anger, through the multi­tude of my synnes: and haue not exercised my self in thy [Page] righteous lawes.

I haue turned backe from thy waies, and doen euill be­fore thee.

I haue doen wickedly and vniustly behaued my selfe, leauing thy cōmaundemen­tes, and murmuring against thy correction.

I haue tourned my self a­waie, and not kepte my pro­mise made vnto thée: I haue walked in an euill waie, af­ter myne owne thoughtes & fantasies, chusyng the thyn­ges [Page] that thou wouldest not.

O Lorde God almightie, I haue not feared thee, nor shewed due reuerence vnto thee: but I haue been disobe­dient & stubburne vnto thée.

As a cōmon harlot is with out shame, euē so am I with­out shame of my synnes: for behold, I speake vnto thee, & yet I synne more and more.

I haue left that whiche is good, and gone backe from thee: and I haue not put my truste and hope in thee, my [Page] maker, but haue soughte for helpe, and sauegarde other­wise.

I haue ploughed wicked­nesse, and reaped iniquitie, & eaten the fruicte of lyes: Bi­cause I haue trusted in mine owne waie.

I haue cast thy lawes be­hynde my backe, not regar­dyng thy commaundemen­tes, nor leauyng mine owne leude customes.

I haue not giuen my hart to returne to thy pathes: for [Page] I would not knowe thee, but haue fallē through mine iniquitie.

I neuer vnto this day, tur­ned truely vnto thée with all my harte: But as a woman that breaketh her fidelitie, and promise vnto her house­band, euen so (O lorde God) I haue broken my promise vnto thee.

For I haue liued abhomi­nablie, and haue had no re­morse, nor repentaunce for my euill deedes, but haue [Page] runne from synne to synne, followyng the leude desires of my harte.

Thou knoweste all thyn­ges (O Lorde) howe I haue prouoked thée to displeasure by my leude inuentions: and none of all my synnes be hid from thee.

I hated thy discipline and correction: and regarded not thy wordes and saiynges.

I haue not doen penaunce for my malice: But haue in­creased in muche vanitie.

[Page]My harte hath been voide of truthe: & my handes haue wrought vnrighteousnesse.

My tonge hath spoken sin­fully: and I haue laboured with the imagination of my harte, to finde out lyes and deceiptes, and no truth hath been in my waies.

I haue accustomed my tong to speake [...]rifles & vanities, fulfillyng my fleshly desires and thoughtes, my purposes and inuentions haue been contrary to thy will, where­by [Page] I haue offended the eyes of thy Maiestie.

Thou haste seen all these thynges (O Lorde) and haste holdē thy peace, and yet thei were euill in thy fighte, and displeased thee.

In thy anger thou hast cast me awaie, and arte diuided from me now many daies.

Thou hast giuen me vp to the desires of my harte: To doe the thynges whiche bee not semyng.

Woe I am, that I haue [Page] gone from thée: greate is my miserie, that I haue lead my life in synne.

Woe is me, that I haue forsaken thee to doe my de­uises, not after thy minde, to accomplishe my thoughtes, which haue not proceaded of thy spirite, but haue heaped vp synne vpon synne.

Myne infamie & reproche is daiely before mine eyes: & for shame I dare not shewe my face.

And now, o lord god, why [Page] forgettest thou me: why ke­peste thou awaie so long thy mercie from me?

Heare now my cause gra­tiously, although thou haste been displeased with me a­greate while: For thou arte mercifull: bee not angrie al­waies, I beseche thee.

Cast not awaie a contrite & penitent persone, a wretch and an abiecte, whiche hum­blie calleth vpon thy name.

Tourne againe a little to­ward me, O lorde God, and [Page] forgiue me my mischeuous deedes.

Order me not accordyng to my sinnes, nor punish me as my wickednes deserueth.

Shewe not forthe thy po­wer against a poore wretch: persecute hym not so sore, which is without al strēgth.

Turne not thy face alwaie from my praiers: but accor­dyng to thy promises, take me againe vnto thy fauour.

For I am thyne, O righ­teous father, whō thine one­ly [Page] deare sonne hath redemed with his precious bloud.

And now my soule abhor­reth my old cōuersation: and of thee, whiche arte iudge of all men, I aske mercie.

I dooe submit my self vn­der thy mightie hand: for af­ter thyne, anger thou she­west mercie, and in the time of tribulation thou doest for­giue synnes.

I acknowledge, that I am a sinner, beseching thee lorde God almightie, of thy good­nesse [Page] to doe with me, accor­dyng to thy greate mercie.

I am cōfounded and asha­med to lifte vp myne eyes vnto thee, for my synnes are ascended vp vnto thy sight.

Against thee (O father) a­gainste thee I haue synned, and dooen euill before thee: thou seest that myne iniqui­tie is greate.

Truely I haue béen an of­fender againste thee, euen from my cradell, and sinee I sucked my mothers brestes, [Page] I haue not ceased to doe euil.

Beholde, I was begotten in iniquitie: and my mother brought me into this worlde defiled with synne.

For the Corne of an euill seede is sowen in my harte, and how muche wickednesse hath sprong therof vnto this daie, thou knowest, O lorde.

I can not shake of my syn­nes and offence, but I carrie still with me the infamie of my youth.

Behold lord, I am sold vn­der [Page] sinne, and in my fleshe I finde not that whiche is good.

For the good that I would, that dooe I not, but the euill that I hate, that I doe.

Al the thoughtes and ima­ginations of my harte, haue been sette to dooe euill, euer since I was young.

O why do I dye in my sin­nes lorde God: seyng thy wil is not that a synner dye, but returne from his synne, and liue?

For thou art good and mer­cifull, [Page] and accordyng to thy greate mercie, sauest theim that be vnworthie.

For albeit no man is able to beare the punishemente, whiche thou dooest threaten against sinners, yet the mer­cie, whiche thou hast promi­sed, is greate & vnsearchable.

Thou hast shewed mercie a thousande tymes hereto­fore: to make thy name glo­rious, as it is euen yet still.

The olde fathers in their necessities cried vnto thee, & [Page] thou didst deliuer them: ther putte their trust in thee: and thei were not confounded.

When thei were at their wittes ende, and wiste not what to dooe: this was their onely refuge, to lift vp their eyes to thee.

Thou didst saue theim for thy names sake, to shewe in them thy might and strēgth.

Many a tyme thei prouo­ked thee throughe their ini­quities, and stirred thy good­nesse to displeasure.

[Page]Yet when thou saweste their tribulation, and their lowlie submission vnto thee,

Thou didst remember thy promise, and by and by bad­dest pitie and compassion vp­pon theim: accordyng to the multitude of thy mercies.

Haue mercie vpon me (O lorde God omnipotent) haue mercie vpon me: for I am a miserable, and a wretched creature: make me whole I beseche thee, whō thou haste striken for my synne and in­iquitie.

[Page]My soule is troubled great­ly: & how long, O lorde, wilt thou not loke towardes me?

How long wilt thou reiect my praier thus criyng oute vnto thée? Wilte thou heare me at no tyme? Howe long wilt thou tourne awaie thy face from me.

Where be thy old mercies (O Lorde) whom thou haste stablished in thy truthe.

Wilt thou now (O Lorde God) cease to shewe mercie? [Page] Or wilt thou withdraw thy goodnesse for displeasure?

Hast thou caste me awaie for euer: That thou wilte neuer hereafter bee pleased with me?

Thy hande is not weake­ned, but it maie help: and thy eares bee not stopped, that thei refuse to heare.

How long shall my minde bee troubled with painfull and heauie thoughtes? How long shall sorowe formente my harte?

[Page]How long shall myne ene­mie haue the ouerhande of me? loke towardes me, lorde God, and heare my praier.

Giue light to myne eyes, for I haue slepte to longe in death: and my synnes haue preuailed against me.

Tourne againe, O Lorde, turne again, and deliuer my soule: & saue me for thy great mercies sake.

Loe, nowe is the accepted tyme: nowe bee the daies of healthe and grace.

[Page]In death who shall remē ­ber thee? In hell who shall laude or praise thee?

He that liueth, he that li­ueth, shall praise thee: & shall make thy mercie knowen.

Lorde rebuke me not in thine anger: nor punishe me in thy greate displeasure.

Cast not thy dartes at me: nor laie not thy heauie hand vpon me.

For I haue borne thyne anger a lōg while, and of the Cup of thy high displeasure, [Page] I haue drunke, very deepe.

There is no health in my fleshe, for feare of thy disple­sure: I haue no peace nor reste, when I beholde my synnes.

My iniquities bee gone o­uer my head: and like an he­uie burdein thei daily presse me doune.

The woundes in my soule dooe fester, and stincke, euen through myne owne follie.

I am a wretche, cast awaie frō thy fauour and presence, [Page] and goe mournynge all the daie long.

My soule is full of filthy­nesse, and no parte of me is whole and sounde.

Wherefore my enemies dooe persecute me the more, the greatnesse of my paine maketh me to rore and crie.

My hart fainteth and trē ­bleth within me, and my strength is gone awaie.

O Lorde, thou knoweste my desire, and thou seest my necessitie.

[Page]Forgiue me all my sinnes (O Lorde GOD almightie) for thyne owne sake, and put out of thy sight my heinous offences, for according to thy goodnesse, thou haste promi­sed forgiuenesse of synnes to theim that doe penaunce.

Haue mercie on me lorde, for the glorie and honour of thy name, and bee no longer displeased with me, and then thou shalt surely be knowen to bee iuste, and true in thy wordes, and shalt ouercome [Page] when thou art iudged.

For by this, thy great grace shalbe knowen: that thou ta­kest mercy on them, whiche haue not whereof thei maie glory in thy sight.

And all the dwellers on the yearth shall learne, and knowe thy goodnesse, when thou shalt conferre, and giue thy benefites to vs for thy greate names sake, and not after our euill waies, and wicked deedes.

Uerely lorde God, except [Page] thou shewe vnto vs thy ma­nifolde mercies, the worlde shall not haue life, nor thei that dwell therein.

And if thou helpe vs not with thy goodnesse, how may thei, whiche haue offended, be raised vp frō their sinnes?

Haue mercie on me o good father, haue mercie on me, and for thy glorious name, be no lōger angrie with me.

Take me synner vnto thy mercie, for the name of thy holy sonne Iesus, whō thou [Page] haste sente, to bee the obtai­ner of mercie for our sinnes through faithe in his bloud.

Beholde holie father, be­holde thy childe, whom thou hast chosen: beholde thy wel­beloued sonne, in whom thy soule deliteth: vppon whom thou hast put thy holy spirit, and sent hym to preache the Gospell to the poore, to heale theim, whiche for their syn­nes bee sorowfull, and con­trite: to comforte them that mourne, to preache pardone [Page] to the prisoners, and sight to the blinde.

Beholde thy littell one, which was borne for vs, be­hold thy sonne whiche is gi­uen to vs, whom thou haste not spared, but giuē to death for vs all, to bee a sweete of­feryng and sacrifice to thee.

Uerely be tooke vpon him in his bodie, our infirmities, and he bare our paines.

He was made weake for our sinnes: and he was woū ­ [...]ed for our offences.

[Page]The correcttion for oure peace was laied vpon hym, & by the strokes that he suffe­red, our woūdes wer healed.

All wee went a straie like sheepe, euery one followed his owne waie, and thou (O lorde) puttest on him our in­iquitie, strikyng hym for the offences of thy people.

He gaue his bodie to bee beaten, and his cheekes to be striken, he turned not a waie his face from them that scor­ned him, and spit vpon hym.

[Page]Through his loue & mer­cie, he hath redeemed theim that were loste, and by his bloud shedde on the crosse, he hath pacified all thynges, in heauen and in yearth.

He gaue hymself to death, and made his praiers for thē whiche were offenders.

Loke (O mercifull father) and consider, who it is that thus did suffer: and remem­ber (I besche thee) for whom he hath suffered.

For this is that innocente [Page] whom thou gauest to death for vs, euen then when wee were synners: and shall wée not, beyng now iustified by his bloud, muche rather bee saued from wrathe through hym?

If we, when we were yet enemies, were reconciled to thee, by the death of thy sōne shall wée not beyng reconci­led, muche rather bee saued by his life?

Behold that pure and im­maculate lambe, whiche ta­keth [Page] a waie the sinnes of the worlde, by whose precious bloud, we are redemed from our iniquities.

Looke vpon that mooste méeke innocent, whiche like a Lambe that was ledde to his death: and beyng mooste cruelly intreated, once ope­ned not his mouthe.

Behold thine onely sonne, whom although thou begat­test of thy almightie power, substaunce, and nature: yet thou wouldest he should bee [Page] partaker of my infirmitie.

Whiche being God in na­ture, thought it no rauine to be equal with God, but made hym self lowe, takyng vpon him the shape of a seruaunt, and commyng in the simili­tude of sinfull fleshe, cōdem­ned synne in the fleshe, sub­mittyng hym self vnto thee, O father, euen to the death of the crosse, and there putte on the hande writyng, that was against vs, conteined in the law written, and taking [Page] it out of the waie, fastened it to his crosse, on the which he spoiled potestates and po­wers, and made a shewe of them openly, and triumphed ouer thē in his owne person.

Turne the iyes of thy ma­iestie (O lorde God) and loke vpon the woorke of thy inef­fable goodnesse.

Beh [...]ld thine owne swete sonne, how all his bodie was drawen, and stretched forthe on the crosse.

Looke vpon all the partes [Page] of his bodie, from the croune of the heade vnto the sole of the foote, and no paine shall be found like vnto his paine.

Behold (O louyng father) the blessed head of thy deare soonne, crouned with sharpe Thornes, and the bloud ren­nyng doune vpon his godlie visage.

Beholde his tender bodie, how it is scourged: his naked breast is striken and beaten: his bloudie side is thrusted through: his hart pāteth: his [Page] senewes bée stretched forth: his Godlie eyes dasell, and leese their sight: his princely face is wanne and pale: his pleasaunt tonge is inflamed for paine: his inward partes waxe drie and starke: his ar­mes both blewe and wanne by striefe, his bones bée pluc­ked one from an other: his beautifull legges bee feeble, and weake: & the streames of blood issuyng out of his bo­die, renne doune apace vpon his feete.

[Page]Looke (O my maker) vpon the humanitie and gētlenes of thy deare soonne: and pitie the infirmitie of thy weake handie woorke.

Beholde (O glorious Fa­ther) the bodie of thy deare soonne, all too rente and torne: and remember I be­seche thee, of how small sub­staunce I am.

Loke vpon the pain of him that is bothe God and man: & release the miserie of man, whom thou hast made.

[Page]Beholde the greuous suf­feryng of the redeemer, and forgiue the sinne of him that is redemed.

Kéepe me frō all euill wa­yes: and teache me by thy holy spirit, to chuse the waie of truthe.

I beseche thée (o thou king of holinesse) by hym that is moste holy, by this my rede­mer Christ, that thou bryng me again into the right waie that I maie bee vnited, and made one with hym in spirit [Page] whiche abhorred not to bee vnited with me in fleshe.

Make me to goe perfectly in thy pathes, and to hate al wicked waies.

Washe my harte frō ma­lice, and clense me from my secrete synnes.

Clense me (O holy father) with the bloud of the newe Testament of thy welbelo­ued sonne, which hath loued vs, and washed vs with his bloud from our synnes, and hath redemed vs from al in­iquitie.

[Page]Purifie my harte by the sanctification of thy spirite, & the sprinklyng of the bloud of thy sonne, frō al filthines of sinne, and euil conscience.

O God almightie, be mer­cifull vnto me sinner: for thy glorious name sake, and re­mēber my sinnes no longer.

For thou arte God, graci­ous and mercifull, and paci­ently dooest suffer vs: and wouldest that no mā should perishe, but that all menne [Page] should returne to penaunce.

Make me, O Lord God, to retourne from my euill waies and wicked thougtes.

Remember not the syn­nes and abhominations of my youthe: accordyng to thy mercie, bee myndfull of me for thy goodnes sake O lorde.

Looke not vpon me with a greuous countenaunce: for there is no manne that dare speake for me.

Enter not into iudgemēte with thy seruant, for if thou [Page] accuse me, I shall neuer bee quitte.

For if thou, o lorde, marke my synnes & iniquitie: who shall not fall before thee?

This is certaine and sure that then in thy sight no mā liuyng shalbe iustified, seyng thou haste founde iniquitie euen in thy angels.

How muche rather in mē, whiche is abhomination and filthinesse, and dwelleth in the earthly house of this bo­die, and drinketh iniquitie [Page] as it were water?

Who is clene from filthi­nesse when all be corrupted? Truely not one: No though he haue liued but one daie on the yearthe: and though his Monethes maie bee easilie numbred.

Of a truthe there is no mortal manne, whiche hath not doen wickedly: nor there is any righteous on yearth, whiche doeth good and syn­neth not.

Yet bicause mercie is in [Page] thy hand (O lorde) although thou be dreadfull my hope is in thee, in whom my soule trusteth.

My soule looketh for thee, bicause mercie and plētifull redemption is with thee.

For this I knowe assured­ly, that thou wilte not caste me awaie for euer: But al­though thou caste me awaie for my synnes a while, yet thou wilt haue mercie vpon me againe, accordyng to the multitude of thy mercies.

[Page]For thou (O lorde) are [...]ull of pitie and mercie: and wilt not tourne thy face awaye from vs, if we will retour [...]e to thee.

Thou art our God, full of sweetenesse, veritie, and pa­cience, and disposest all thin­ges by mercie.

The foūtaines of thy good­nes be euer full & flow ouer: thy grace neuer decaieth.

All thy waies be mercie [...] truth, to them that seke out­thy couenaunt and testimo­nies.

[Page]How gētle and louyng the father is to his children, so gentle and louyng arte thou (O lorde) to them that fea [...]e thee, and for the haboūdance of thy mercy, thou doe it par­don our infirmities.

Thou [...]nowest thine own handie worke: thou remem­ [...]e [...]est what we are: thou seest that we are fleshe, and of no strength.

Thou hast not forgotten, that this worlde is ful of vn­righteousnesse [Page] and wicked­nesse: and that it is whollie set and bent on euill.

Yea neuerthelesse thou art mercifull, and full of grace, and like a mercifull lord, for­bearest to punishe synners, when thei repente them self and returne frō their sinnes.

Haue mercie vpon me (O Lorde God my Sauiour for the glorie of thy name: And deliuer me, & forgiue me my synnes for thy names sake.

O righteous father, looke [Page] not straitly vpon the multi­tude of my synnes: but looke on the face of Iesu thy holie soonne, whiche beyng with­out synne, bare our synnes in his body on the free of the crosse.

Turne awaie thy face frō my synnes: and putte out all my iniquities.

Make a cleane hart in me (O God) and renue me with a right spirite.

Caste me not awaie from thy presence, and take not [Page] thy holy spirite from me.

Giue me againe the com­fort of thy helpe: and stablish me with thy mightie spirit.

Mollifie my harte, o lorde God, that I maie returne to thy pathes: for I haue wan­dered ouer long in the waie of errour.

Tourne me to thée, and I shalbe tourned: for thou arte my maker: & I am the claye and worke of thy handes.

Turne not thy face awaie from me, nor goe not from [Page] thy seruaunt in thine anger.

Be my helper, and forsake me not, despise me not, O lorde, whiche art my GOD and my healthe. Amen.

The second Psalme for remission of synnes.

O Moste mightie God of Aungels and of men: whose iudgemētes bée vnsearchable, & whose wise­dome is profounde and depe

Heare the praiers of thy [Page] seruaunt: and cast not awaie the hūble sutes of thy poore creature and handie worke.

For as long as I shal liue, I will speake vnto thee: and I will not hold my peace, so long as the breathe is in my bodie.

I doe tourne my soule vn­to thee, and I set myne eyes directly vpon thee.

Let thyne anger bée tour­ned awaie from me I besech thee, and graunt, that I maie finde grace and fauoure in [Page] thy sight.

Accordyng to thy greate­nesse of the merrie, forgiue me all my synnes.

Plucke me awaie from myne heinous offences: and heale my soule, whiche hath offended thee, make me free from the guilte of my trans­gression: for I acknowledge my iniquitie, and am sorie for my synnes.

I haue forsaken thy waie, and I, knowyng thy com­maundementes, haue dooen [Page] all thinges cōtrary to them.

I haue broken the coue­naūt that I made with thee: and haue despised to keepe thy lawe.

Uerely I haue synned a­gainst thee O lorde God, and the blemishe of my synne [...] bideth still with me, euen vnto this daie.

I haue forsaken, thee, O God my maker, and gone a­waie from thee my sauiour, and haue rebelled againste thee, like the Ore that win­ceth, [Page] and striueth when he [...] [...]o yoked.

I haue h [...]den [...]d my harte againste thee: and I haue lif­ted vp my necke proudly af­ter [...].

[...] haue trusted in [...]yes, and through de [...]eipte would not knowledge thee: but I haue folowed the l [...]udnesse of my harte.

My [...] and arrogancie haue begiled me: and the foo­li [...] boldnesse of my harte, hath broughte me into deso­late [Page] waies.

Myne own counsailes and aduises haue wroughte me these thynges: Suche is the malice and rebelliō that pos­sesseth the hartes of men.

My soule is [...]ut frō quiet­nesse and reste▪ and I cannot thinke of any good thyng.

The yoke of my synnes is waxed verie heauie: it is lif­ted vp, and fastened aboute my necke.

Thou hast spoken to me, but I would not heare, thou [Page] haste called me, but I would not aunswere, I beleued not thy wordes, nor would abide thy counsaile.

I regarded not thy holie woorde: and I gaue not my mynde to thy saiynges.

Thou hast striken me, but I would not know the cause thereof: thou haste corrected me, but I would not take thy discipline.

I did not consider in my hart, that thou wouldest not forget my sinne and malice.

[Page]With my mouth and my lippes I glorified thee, but my harte was farre frō thee

I hid my synne as Adam did: to the intent to haue my iniquitie vnknowen.

I asked counsaile of thy mouthe: and I would not fo­lowe thy lawe.

I haue sinned before thine eyes▪ and therefore my soule is made vnstable.

I forseke thee, whiche art the fountaine of continuall springyng waters: to the in­tent [Page] to bigge to my self mud­die pittes, whiche haue no water.

In all these thinges, I am not retourned to thee: nor I haue not praied vnto thee, that I might leaue my wic­ked waies.

Se lorde, and behold, how vile I am made: al the beau­tie of my soule is perished and gone: In so muche that now I dare not in any wise beholde and looke vpon thee.

And there was no cause, [Page] why I should forsake thee, & vainly folowe vaine thinges.

Lorde haue mercie vpon me, and hear my praiers: for thou arte my God, and there is no sauiour besides thee.

Tourne awaie from me thy heauie displeasure: and destroye me not for my syn­nes of my youth.

I humbly beseche thee, O Lorde, forgiue me, forgiue me for thy excedyng mercy.

O Lorde God of hostes, if thou bée determined to saue, [Page] who can lette or resiste? If thou stretche out thy hande, who shall turne thee awaie?

Thou maiest doe to me as the potter doeth to his potte: for (behold) I am in thy hāde as the claye is in his.

Amende me (O lorde) but in mercy, not in thine anger leaste thou vtterly consume me: make me to vnderstand and knowe how hurtful and deadly a thyng it is to for­sake thee, my Lorde GOD, and to caste awaie from me, [Page] the feare of thee.

There is no man that can heale me, nor cure my plage: no man can deliuer me, [...]ut thou, O lorde, whiche woun­dest & makest whole whiche strikeste, and healest againe.

My destruction cometh of my self: my helpe and salua­tion standeth onely in thee.

For none is like vnto thee thou art mightie: and greate is the name of thy strength.

Turne me to thée, o lorde, and I shall bee tourned: take [Page] awaie from me this synfull harte, that thy lawe maye bryng for the fruite in me.

Remember me Lorde, for thy goodnes sake: and for the great loue that thou bearest towardes me.

O lorde God, behold, thou hast made bothe heauen and yearth by thy greate might: and nothing is harde to thée.

Thou art that puissaunte and mightie, whose name is the lorde of hostes: great and marueilous in thy counsaill.

[Page]As sone as thou hast spokē the woorde, all thynges bee doen: assone as thou hast cō ­maunded, thynges bee: and thy woorde returneth not to the voide, and without effect.

Thou, o lorde God, shewest mercie vnto all: for thou cāst doe all: and thou makeste as though thou sawest not the synnes of men, bicause thei should doe penaunce, and a­mende their liues.

For thou louest all thyn­ges that bee: and hateste no­thing [Page] that thou haste made: for nothyng thou madest, or hast ordeined of any hatred.

Thou spareste and tende­rest all men: for all thynges be thyne, and thou louest the soules of men.

Thou doest minister mer­cie, equitie, and iustice in the yearth: and therfore in these vertues thou greatly delitest

Truely (O lorde) thou art righteous and gracious, not­withstandyng I haue offen­ded thee, transgressyng thy [Page] couenaunt, and trespassyng against thee.

O lorde, thou hast seen all my abhominations: looke on my cause, and consider, how vile and wretched I am: see and beholde my greate con­fusion.

In the tyme of reconcilia­tiō heare me, and in the daie of saluation haue mercie on me.

Be merciful vnto me, and haue mercie on me, whiche haue none other helpe but [Page] thee: whose will nothing can resist: whē so euer thou doest purpose to saue.

Heare me, whiche am a wretche, makyng supplica­tion vnto thee, make me to truste in thy name: and deli­uer me by thy power.

Haue regarde to me from heauen, O Lorde, and looke downe from thy holie habi­tation: and from the throne of thy glory.

Destroy me not bicause of my iniquitie: but remember [Page] the sorowe and paine that I suffer.

Be not stil angrie with me (o lorde) forget all my sinnes and remember thē no lōger.

Let my praier ascende vp vnto thee: saie vnto my soule beholde I am come to thee, thy healthe & thy saluation.

The third Psalme for remission of synnes.

O God eternall, iuste, and holie: whiche kepest co­uenaunte [Page] and mercie, with thē that loue thee, and kéepe thy commaundementes.

Loke at me, & haue mercy vpon me: for I haue trespas­sed againste thee: and dooen euill in thy sight.

Shewe foor the vppon me the tender affections of thy mercie, that thy seruaunte maie haue an harte to praye vnto thee.

I humbly make my praier before thy face, not trustyng in mine owne righteousnes, [Page] but in thy greate mercies.

For I am vncleane & fil­thie: and al my righteousnes is like a foule bloudy clo [...]te.

Unto thee, O lorde, be iu­stice, mercie, and pitie: but vnto me bee confusion and shame, for my iniquities.

Certainly euen from my beginnyng, I haue vsed my self proudly against thee, do­yng wickedly, & ceasyng not.

O Lorde, thou haste rede­med me, and yet I haue not ceased to offende thee, & my [Page] harte hath not been straight in thy sight.

Thou hast taught and in­structed me, and stablished my power, and I haue been euill affected towardes thee, being like vnto a deceiptfull bowe.

My pride and presumptiō accuse me to my face, I am ouerthrowen in mine owne wickednesse: I doe seke thee (O lorde) I beseche thée, that I maie finde thee, thou arte separated frō me: for I haue [Page] gredily folowed filthinesse.

Yet will I accuse myne owne synfull waies before thée, o lorde, vntill thou haue mercie vpon me, and receiue me againe into thy fauour.

God forbidde, that euer I should departe from thee a­gain, and not diligently seke for thy promises.

I wil neuer hold my peace nor kéepe silence: vntill thou haue established that coue­naunt with me, which thou haste made, and ordeined in [Page] tymes paste.

That is to saie, like as the iustice of a iuste mā shall not deliuer or saue hym, what time soeuer he shall offende: so the wickednesse of a wic­ked man shall not hurt him, what tyme so euer he shall return frō his wickednes.

In hope of this (O Lorde God) I will tarrie thy plea­sure: for thou art good to thē that trust in thee, and to the soule that seketh thee.

Thou kepest thy truth for [Page] euermore: and the woorde whiche issueth forthe of thy mouthe, shall not bee voide, and of none effecte.

Destroie me not, good lord, for my synnes: Nor reserue not eternall punishemente for me.

Open thyne eyes, and be­holde the greatnesse of my paine, & my aff [...]iction: for my iniquitie is great in thy sight and my sinnes haue brought me into this trou [...]le.

Destroie me not vtterlie. [Page] nor leaue me in my synnes: for thou art God of mercie, and very gracious.

Execute not the punishe­ment vpon me, whiche thou haddest purposed: doe to me accordyng to thy name; al­though my defaultes and sinnes be many.

O lorde, thou art my God: and thy name hath been put vpō [...]e: leaue me not in the deepenesse of my troubles.

Thou haste chastised, and reformed many, and haste [Page] strengthened the weary hā ­des, thy woordes haue set vp him that staggered: and thou haste made straight the cro­ked knees.

Wherefore I will seeke thee (O Lorde God) whiche haste wrought greate thyn­ges vnsearcheable and innu­merable.

Thou haste taken vp the poore out of the duste, & hast exalted theim, whiche were obiectes,

For thou doest deliuer the [Page] poore in his miserie, out of the straite and bottomelesse pit of tribulation: and out of the wide mouth of anguishe and affliction, into reste and quietnesse.

Thou art gracious & mer­cifull, for that thou sheweste mercie to thē, whiche he not yet come into the world: and thou art very merciful to thē whiche diligentely obserue, and keepe thy lawes: & thou doest paciētly suffer sinners: giuing them time and place, [Page] wherby thei maie be chaun­ged from their malice.

Heare me poore wretche, makyng supplication vnto thee, for in thee, & thy name, I haue put my truste and af­fiaunce.

Take me thy seruaūt vn­to thee, and make me good, and let me not be disapoine­ted of that I looke for.

Come again (o lorde God) and saue my soule: destroye me not, whom thou hast re­deemed by thy great might, [Page] and power.

Loke not vpō the hardnes of my harte, nor vpō my sin­nes: but like as thou hast many tymes shewed mercie, so nowe bee mercifull, and for­giue me.

Heare me (O lorde) and be pacified: regarde my praier, and dooe accordynge to thy greate name.

O Lorde, I looke to haue helpe and saluation frō thée: and this is my daiely medi­tation, and exercise.

[Page]For thy mercies be great: & thy goodnes is inestimable.

Heare me nowe fauoura­bly, and withholde thy mer­cies no longer from me.

In the waie of thy iudge­mentes, I will looke after thee: my soule desireth too magnifie thy name, and to haue thee in memorie.

Incline my hart to do thy commaundementes: and di­recte my waies euermore in thy sight.

Lette me neuer hereafter [Page] goe awaie from thy waies: nor leaue me not now in the deepenesse of my troubles.

Tourne not thyne eyes a­waie from me: but teach me (O lorde) to doe those thyn­ges, whiche are pleasaunt in thy sight.

Make a perpetuall league and couenaunt with me, that thou wilt put thy feare into my harte: yt I neuer swarue from thee in all my life.

Withdrawe not thy good­nesse from me for euer, but [Page] kepe thy promise & fidelitie.

Be good vnto me with be­neuoleuce & fauour: for thou art mercifull, and thy disple­sure continueth not for euer.

Remēber me with fauour and kindnesse: and visite me with thy saluation.

I knowe (O Lorde God) that thou arte gracious and mercifull, pacient, & of great mercifulnesse.

Thou art good and merci­full, thou kéepest couenaunt and mercy with thy seruaū ­tes, [Page] which walke before thée in their whole harte.

There is none other God but thou, whiche regardeste and carest for all.

For thou haste been euer very mercifull to me: deliue­ring my soule from the depe helle.

Let thy goodnesse (o lorde) bee euer with me, for all my wealth resteth onely in thee.

In the tyme of tribulatiō I call vpon thée (O lorde) for thou art nigh vnto thē which [Page] call vpon thy holy name.

Succoure me (O God) and looke merily vpon me: shew me the lighte of thy counte­naunce: in thee my soule tru­steth, and my hart reioyceth

Let my praier come vnto thy throne: bowe doun thine eare vnto my crie.

Heare me now beyng pe­nitent, O lorde, whom thou hast hitherto paciently suf­fered: to the intent I should repent, and amende my life.

O God, I haue opened vn­to [Page] thee my life: Saue me for thy names sake: For my trust is in thee.

What care I for worldlie thynges: this one thing one­ly I neede and desire, that I maie finde grace and fauour in thy sight.

Wherefore I beseche thée O lorde God, take awaie frō me this pain and sorowe: or at leaste wise mitigate & as­swage it, either by comfort, or by counsaile, or by what meanes so euer it shall bee [Page] seen good to thee.

¶The fowerth Psalme is a complaint of a penitent sin­ner, which is sore troubled & ouercome with synne.

O Lorde GOD mercifull and pacient: & of muche mercifulnesse and truthe.

Which for thy aboundant charitie, and according to thy greate mercie, hast taken vs out from the power of dark­nesse: and haste saued vs by the fountaine of regenera­tion [Page] and newe birth, and the renuyng of the holie ghoste: whō thou hast shed vpon vs aboundantly by Iesu Christ our sauiour.

If I haue found grace and fauour in thy sighte: Suffer me to speake a woorde vnto thee: and bee not displeased with me.

Why doest thou euer for­gette me: and leauest me in the middes of my troubles, and euilles?

Where is become thy zeale [Page] and thy strength? Where is the multitude of thy tender affections: & of thy mercies?

O lorde, maie not he whi­che is fallen, rise vp againe? or maie not he, whiche hath gone awaie frō thée, returne to thee againe?

Shall my sorowe euer in­dure? Shall my wounde bée vncurable and neuer healed.

How commeth it to passe, that I tourne still awaie frō thee? my synne daily increa­seth, and of my self I cannot [Page] retourne.

In as muche as it is not giuen to manne to direct his own waies: neither to make perfect his own procedinges.

For in thy hand is the life of euery liuyng thyng: and the spirit also of euery man.

Thou shewest thy mercie to whō thou wilte: and thou art gracious to them, whom thou fauourest.

Thou doest kill, and thou doest quicken: Thou leadest doune to hell gate, and bryn­gest [Page] vp againe.

Thy iyes beholde the wa­yes of euery man: and thou searchest the hartes of men.

There is no place so secret or darcke, wherein synners may hide thē selues frō thée.

Nor any mā may so lurke and hide hym self in caues, but thou shalt se hym, which doest fulfill both heauen and yearth in euery parte.

Why hast thou cast me a­waie from thy presence? and takest me for thy enemie?

[Page]Why hast thou laied vpō my head the heauie waight of my sinnes seyng no mā is able to beare thy displeasure

What meaneth it, that thou sheweste thy power a­gainst a wretche? Why de­stroyest thou me for the sin­nes of my youth?

If I haue sinned, what shal I [...] [...] thee: & if my sinnes be increased, what shall I doe?

If I doe iustly, what shall I giue to thee? or what shall thou receiue at my hande?

[Page]My wickednesse shal hurt myself: and my rightousnes shall profite me.

The life of man is a tem­ptation vpon the yeare [...]and if I haue synne [...] as all men haue what mai [...] I [...]

Shall any man bee founde cleane, and without [...] fore thee? or shall [...] without default in his dides

How maie [...] mor [...] all man [...] pu [...]e from spirite [...] sight? [...] how maie he, which is borne of a woman, [...]ee [Page] righteous.

Remember (O lorde) I be­seche thee, that thou haste made me of the yearth: and that thou shalte br [...]ng me a­gaine into the dust of death.

My daies passe and vanish awaie like smoke: thei waist daily, there is no tarriyng.

My life flieth awaie as the wynde: and considereth not that whiche is good.

I [...] but lately [...]orne in­to thi [...] worlde, and shortly I shalbe taken away hence by [Page] [...] [Page] [...] [Page] [...] [Page] [...] [Page] [...] [Page] [...] [Page] death, I neuer continue still in one state.

The daies of my life bee fewe, and shorte: thou haste appoincted an ende, which I shall not passe.

Naked and bare I came out of my mothers wombe: and naked and bare I shall retourne againe: Tuely all men liuyng are vanitie.

Haue pitie, o lorde, on thē that are in miserie: & despise not the workes of thy hādes

Though we sinn [...]: yet are [Page] we vnder thée: for we know thy power and strength: and if we synne not, then are we sure that thou regardest vs.

Cease thy indignation (O lorde) and turne it from me: and caste all my synnes be­hinde thy backe.

Take awaie thy plagues from me: for thy punishmēt hath made me bothe feeble, and fainte.

For when thou chastisest a manne for his sinnes, thou causest him by and by to con­sume [Page] and pine awaie.

Whatsoeuer is delectable in hym, perisheth like vnto the clothe that is eaten with Mothes.

Would God I had one to defende me a while, vntill thy anger were tourned a­waie: or that thou wouldest set me a tyme, in the whiche thou wouldest remēber me.

I am cleane caste awaie frō thy presēce: shall I neuer hereafter se thy face again [...]

Behold, I haue opened the [Page] griefes of my soule: the daies or my sorowes hau [...] takē me

The fl [...]uddes of tri [...]ulati­on cōpasse me rounde about: and the [...]reaures of thy fury renne ouer me.

And I crie▪ vnto thee (O lorde God) but thou heareste me not: I aske mercie: but thou reie [...]test my praiers.

Why thrustest thou doun [...] wretche frō thy pre­sence? or why forsakest thou me so long tyme?

Why takest thou not away [Page] my iniquitie? And why put­test thou not awaie the wic­kednesse of my harte?

Arise, and tarry no longer (O Lorde) arise, and [...]eie [...]e me not for euer.

Haue me in remembrance I beseche thée: for I thro [...]ghly tremble & shake for feare.

Yet I will not holde my tonge▪ but crie still vnto thée with a mournyng & an hea­uie harte.

Tourne awaie the stroke of thy vengeaunce from me: [Page] bryng my minde out of trou­bles into rest.

I am here no longer conti­newer, but a pilgrime and a straunger, as all other mor­tall men be.

And what [...]s mā, that thou shoulde [...] be [...] angerie with him? Or what is mankinde, that thou shouldest be so heauie Lorde vnto vs?

What, witte thou bryng folowe vpon sorowe? I pant for paine, and finde no reste.

My sorowe greeueth me [Page] when I should eate & sodain fighes ouer whelme my hart

I am as if my bones were all to broken, when I heare myne enemies raile vpō me and saie to me daie by daie, where is thy God [...]

Why tournest thou thy face awaie frō these thinges (O Lorde?) Why hast thou no regarde of my trouble?

I earnestly [...]ake my pra­yers daiely [...] thy sight and the heauinesse of my hart▪ I doe shewe vnto thee.

[Page]My spirite is carefull, and troubled within me: and de­speration hath entered into my harte.

Is it thy pleasure, O lorde GOD, to caste awaie thyne owne handie worke?

Deliuer my soule frō cor­ruption, and my life from e­uerlastyng darkenesse.

What auaileth it me, that euer I was borne, if thou caste me straight into dam­nation? seyng that she deade shall not praise thee: nor any [Page] of theim whiche goe doune to helle.

I haue synned, what shall I doe to thee? why hast thou putte me to bee contrarie to thee? I am wearie of myne owne self.

Why searcheste thou out my sinnes so narrowly: whē there is no man that cā take out of thy hande?

If [...] would say that I wer rightous and without sinne: then thou mightest worthi­ly condemne me to the fire, [Page] prepared for the Deuill and his angelles.

But I confesse, that I am a synner, and I dooe humble my harte in thy sight.

Surely if any man would stande with thee in iudge­ment, he shall not be able to answere one word to a thousande thynges; wherewith thou mightest charge hym.

This maketh me to feare all my deedes: knowing that thou spareste not hym that offendeth.

[Page]If I loke vpon thy power, O how mightie and stronge thou art, if I shall cal for iud­gemente, who shall defende my matter, or speak for me?

To thée, O lorde, I cal and crie: to thée my God, I make myne humble sute.

Tourne awaie thyne an­ger from me: That I maye knowe that thou arte more mercifull vnto me, then my synnes deserue.

What is my strēgth, that I maie indure? Or what is ye [Page] ende of my trouble, that my soule maie paciētly abide it?

My strēgth is not a stonie strength: and my flesh is not made of brasse.

There is no helpe in my selfe and my strength fleeth awaie from me.

Although thou hide these thynges in thyne harte: yet I knowe, that thou wilt re­member me at length.

For thou art true and iust O lorde God, thou doest not condemne vniustly: whiche [Page] rewardest man, accordyng to his deserte [...].

All this is come vnto me, bicause I haue forgottē thée, and not vsed my self truely in thy testament.

My hart hath turned backwarde: and I hau [...] followed the desires of my fleshe.

And thou hast surely kno­wen thi [...] thing: which [...]no­west the s [...]cretes of the hart

Laie not againste me (O lord) the sinnes of my youth: nor haue in remembraunce [Page] [...]yne olde iniuries dooen a­gainst thee.

Daily sorowe ouercometh me: and sa [...]nesse possesseth my harte.

I looke after peace, but I can not haue it: I looke for a tyme of health, but my grief continueth still.

When the tyme of thyne anger is past, let mercy come yet am I vnhappy more and more.

Woe and alas that euer I synned: My harte therefore [Page] [...] [Page] [...] [Page] [...] [Page] [...] [Page] [...] [Page] [...] [Page] mourneth & is sad, all mirth and ioye be banished frō me.

How am I wasted? How miserably am I confounded? bicause I haue forsaken, and caste awaie thy lawe.

Death hath ascēded vp by the windowes: pearcyng the inwarde partes of my hart.

When I daily, one while in use secretly with my self, an other while with loude voice crie out and complain: the meane tym [...] [...] dra­weth nere to the pitte.

[Page]Who shall giue me place to reste in from all my grie­fes and troubles? And I will forsake all men, and get me awaie from them.

Who shal giue me water to my heade, and a fountaine of teares to myne iyes? that I maie bewaile my synnes bothe night and daie.

And I will looke for hym, whiche maie saue me: and deliuer me from the wrathe to come.

I haue no trust neither in [Page] life nor death: but I feare thy iudgement, o lorde, & the pai­nes prepared for wicked sin­ners.

The feare of my sinne ma­keth me carefull: & the bur­dein of my consciēce oppres­seth me sore.

O God, whiche tenderly louest mankinde, & art most rightful iudge: spare me now I beseche thée, and shewe me some fauour while tyme is.

Forgiue that which I feare putte awaie that whiche I [Page] dread: before I depart hence, and shall not returne again.

My synnes do vexe & trou­ble me sore: thei be so greate that none can be greater.

Alas my fal, alas my mise­rie, alas ye grief of my plague and stroke: certainly my syn is the cause of all this, and so I will take and suffer it.

¶The .v. Psalme for the obteinyng of godly wisedome.

[Page]O Lorde God of mercie, whiche by thy woorde hast made all thinges: and by thy wisedome haste created manne.

O God eternall, to whom all thynges bee knowen; bee thei neuer so secrete: whiche knowest all thynges before thei be doen.

Open my lippes, and my mouthe, that I make speake and shewe forthe the glorie, and praise of thy name.

Giue me a newe hart, and [Page] a right spirit: & take from me all wicked & sinfull desires.

O lorde I am folishe, igno­raunt and blinde, whē I am destitute of thy knowledge.

I am ignorant and with­out intelligēce, my dulnesse is so great, that my iyes can no see, nor my hart perceiue.

Yea, I am a very babe and a child, and knowe full little mine owne life & cōuersatiō.

My lippes bee defiled, and vncleane, my tyme is short, and I am not able to vnder­stande [Page] thy lawe.

Giue thy seruaunte I be­seche thee, an harte apte to take learnyng: that I maye knowe what thing is accep­table in thy sight at al times.

Sende doune from heauē the spirite of thy wisedome, and replenishe my hart with knowledge thereof.

The wisedom giueth true knoweldge: and out of thy mouth procedeth bothe coū ­saile, and intelligence.

Thy wisedome openeth the [Page] mouthe of the dombe: and maketh the tongue of infan­tes eloquent.

If any seme to be perfecte among men: yet if thy wise­dome forsake hym: he shalbe reckened nothyng worthe.

Thy wisedome is to men a treasure that faileth not: which who so vse it, thei are ioined to god in loue & amitie

Howe well is it with that man, which is wittie in this behalf, and hath his soule in­dued with thy wisedome?

[Page]What manne in all the worlde knoweth thy coun­saile? Or who cā compasse in his minde, what thy will is?

Who can cōprehende thy purpose and mynde? Except thou giue him wisedom, and instructe hym with thy holie spirite.

For mennes reasons dooe faile in many thynges: and their forecastes and inuenti­ons be vncertaine & vnsure.

For the mortall and cor­ruptable bodie muche gree­ueth [Page] the soule, and the earthly house of the bodie holdeth doune the minde, musyng v­pon many thynges.

Coūsaile and good successe commeth from aboue: wher also wisedome is and vertue

With thee (O lorde) is ri­chesse, glorie, and righteous­nesse, whiche bee treasures incorruptible.

He that hath foūd out thee hath founde life: and he that loueth not thée, loueth death

O Lorde GOD, touche [Page] my mouthe, that my iniqui­tie maie bee driuen awaie: dwell thou in my harte, that my synnes maie be purged.

Wisedome doeth not en­ter into a malicious soule: nor will abide in a bodie, whiche is suiecte to synne.

Teache me (O lorde God) least my ignorance increase, and my synnes waxe moe and moe.

Let thy spirite teache me the thynges that bee plea­saunt vnto thée, that I maie [Page] bee ledde into the straighte waie out of errours, wherin I haue wandered ouer long.

Let thy wisedome bée sta­blished in my spirite: & write thy lawe in my harte.

Thy wisedome is to me more precious then al riches and I desire more to haue it thā all other thinges, be thei neuer so faire and goodly.

O lord thou knowest how sore I am inflamed with the loue of thy wisedome, which is my onely studie, and me­ditation.

[Page]O how pleasaunt & swete thy wordes be to my harte? truely muche more then ho­nie is to my mouthe.

Thy worde is a bright cā ­dell to my feete, and a lighte to my waies.

Thy wisedom pleaseth me more then thousādes of gold or of siluer can doe.

I haue more pleasure and delectatiō in the waie of thy wisedome: then in greate a­boundaunce of treasure.

[Page]Would GOD my waies maie be ordered, that I may learne thy wisedom and thy woordes.

Thy woorde giueth heate and inflameth: wherefore I greatly desire it.

O happie is he (lorde) whō thou instructest: and makest learned in thy lawe.

His soule hath alwaie stu­died wisedome: and his tong shall speake iudgement.

The lawe of God shall be written in his harte: and he [Page] shall not be ouerthrowen as he goeth.

O Lorde, whiche art my God, and my sauiour, heare my praier, and my tongue shall euer speake, and sette out thy mercies.

Giue me wisedome which is assistēt to the throne: that I mai [...] discerne betweene good and euill, & maie know thy holy misteries.

Open myne eyes, that I maie perceiue, and beholde the wounderfull thynges, [Page] whiche be in thy lawe.

Remēber thy worde now I call vpon thee: For I haue put my hope in it, make me to knowe the waye of thy wisedome: and hide not thy knowledge from me.

Order me accordyng too thy mercie, and disappoincte me not of that I looke for.

Teache me right wisedom and intelligence: for thy wi­sedome is all that I desire.

Putte thy woorde in my mouth: and fasten thy wise­dome [Page] in my harte.

Let thy wisedome rule & guide my thoughtes: That thei maie alwaie please thee.

Thy wordes be wōderful and marueilous: wherefore my soule deliteth in them.

Thy wisedome is perfect: and thy knowledge is clere, and giueth light to the iyes.

It is more amiable then golde and precious stones, it is farre sweeter then the ho­nie combe.

Thy wisedome is pure, [Page] and vndefiled, and maketh soules strong: thy wordes be certaine & true, and giue vn­derstādyng vnto the simple.

When shal he that erreth in his spirite haue knowe­ledge? and when shal he that is ignoraunt haue learning?

When wilte thou sende doune thy holie spirite from aboue? when shall the blinde hart be lightned with knowledge? when shall the tongue that stammereth bee made eloquent?

[Page]I am like a babe without wisedome and discretion: let thy strong hande (O Lorde) be my helpe.

I knowe that thou canste doe all thynges and nothing is harde to thee.

Thou art greate (O lorde) and canste not bee knowen, and thy wisedome is infinite.

I haue declared my cause before thée: doe with thy ser­uaūt, accordyng to thy great mercie.

Loke toward me and haue [Page] mercie vpon me: that I may bryng to passe that, whiche I beleue and thinke, may be doen by thee.

Make the waie of thy wis­dome knowen vnto me: and replenishe my hart with the knowledge thereof.

Heare my voice (O lorde) accordyng to thy mercie: in­treate me accordyng to iud­gemente.

Giue glory vnto thy name (O Lorde for thou onely art good and wise: and there is [Page] none other sauior beside thée

Heare me (O Lorde) for thy name sake: and withhold not thy mercie from me.

My lipps shall speake and set forth thy laude and praise when thou haste taught me thy wisedome.

Then I will declare thy marueiles: That other also maie be conuerted vnto thée

And maie blesse thy name for euer, worlde without ende. Amen.

The sixte Psalme. A Christian man praieth, that he maie bee heard of GOD.

O Lorde heare my prai­ers: and lette my crie come to thee.

Turne not awaie thy face from me, in the daie of my tribulation.

What daie so euer I shall call vpon thee: heare me (O Lorde God.)

For thou arte greate and workest wonders: thou one­ly art God.

[Page]Also thy workes be great: thy thoughtes bee very pro­founde and deepe.

Bowe doune thyne eare vnto me: and heare me, for I am poore, and without help.

Haue mercie vpon me (O lord) for whē trouble cometh I flie vnto thee for succour.

Make glad the soule of thy seruaunt: for I haue lifted vp my harte vnto thee.

O lorde, thou art good and mercifull: & of muche mercy to al them that call vpō thee.

[Page]Heare my request and pe­ticion, and graciously accept my praiers.

O Lorde GOD, in thee I trust: let me not be confoun­ded, I beseche thee: Deliuer me in thy righteousnesse.

Herken vnto the voice of my crie (O my kyng and my God) for I make my hum­ble suite vnto thee.

Hear my voice, with whi­che I call vppon thee: haue mercie vpō me, and saue me

My praiers bee euer vnto [Page] thee (O lorde God) if that the tyme of thy gracious plea­sure shall come, whē that ac­cordyng to the multitude of thy mercie, thou wilt heare me in the truth of thy helth.

Haue regarde vnto me (O lord) for thy mercie is swete accordyng to the multitude of thy mercies, loke vpō me.

Goe not farre awaie from me, O my GOD) but make haste to helpe me.

Let my woordes bee plea­saunte vnto thee: and make [Page] that the thoughtes, and me­ditation of my harte maie be acceptable afore thee.

Turne not awaie thy face from thy seruaunt, for trou­ble riseth vp againste me on euery side: wherefore nowe succour me.

My hart desireth thee, my soule seketh for thée: I tarry and looke when I maie be­holde thy face.

Turne not awaie thy face from me, cast not awaie thy seruaunt in a displeasure.

[Page]Thou hast alwaies helped me before this time: forsake me not nowe in my moste nede, o my lord and my God.

To thee I crie daiely, goe not awaie frō me: and turne not the deafe eare vnto me.

Cause my praier to enter into thy presēce: and let my crie come vnto thee.

Heare me (O Lorde) for I lifte vp my mynde vnto thy holie temple.

Help now in time of trou­ble, for vain is the help of mā

[Page]I looke after thy helpe, O Lorde and to thy iudgeme­tes my will is conformable.

Looke vnto me, and take pitie vpon me: for I am poore and lefte alone.

O Lorde God of hostes, if thou wilt, thou maiest helpe me: nothyng can ouercome thy strength.

My God, my God, leaue me not in these greuous tri­bulations for thy greate na­mes sake.

O God, make hast to deli­uer [Page] me, O lorde make spede to helpe me.

Bee contented to deliuer me: For in thee I truste, O Lorde God.

Beholde, I haue no helpe in my self: There is no man that regardeth my necessitie

I am poore, and in miserie and great calamitie: and my strength is gone from me.

Arise vp, O Lorde, and de­clare thy glorie vnto thy ser­uaunte.

Let saluation and healthe [Page] come to me frō thée: yt all my enemies maie be ashamed.

Thine arme is mightie and strong: and when thou wilt all thynges bee obedient vn­to thee.

Heauen is thyne, yea, and the earth is thyne: thou ma­dest the worlde, and all that is therein.

Let thy mercie comforte me: whiche surely I desire more then this life.

I sticke to thy testimonies O Lorde, let me not bee con­founded.

[Page]Out of the depe I haue called vnto thee, O lorde: lorde heare my voice.

O let thyne eares marke wel the voice of my cōplaint

O lorde, if thou impute my sinnes vnto me: how maie I looke for thy grace & pardon?

But thy mercie exceadeth all thynges: and thy truthe passeth the heauens.

Wherfore my soule hath looked to thee: and to thee maketh humble praiers.

[Page]O God, bee not still, keepe not silēce: but for thine owne sake, sée that thy holie name be not dishonoured.

Extende out thy mercy to them that call vpō thee, and thy righteousnesse to theim that seeke thée.

I haue caste my burdeine vpon thee, beare me vp: and lette me not alwaies bee in wauering, seing that I haue put my trust in thee.

My soule cleaueth vnto thee: make thy right hande [Page] to strēgthen me against the power of myne enemies.

Heare my, o lorde, and de­liuer me: incline thine eares vnto my praiers, and saue me, for I am poore: O Lorde haue regarde vnto me.

Thou, O Lorde God, art my helpe, and my sauiour.

O God, thy waie is holie and rightful, what God is so greate as thou, our god, art.

Thou dooest marueilous thynges: thy name is ye lord: thou onely art the highest v­pon [Page] all the yearth.

Bee now pacified toward thy seruaunte: and hide thy face from me no longer.

Be good vnto me, O lorde, as thou art full of goodnesse thy self, that I maie glory in thee all the daies of my life.

My lippes reioyce to syng praise vnto thee: and euen so doeth my soule, whiche thou hast redemed.

My hart shal alwaies stu­dy thy righteousnesse, when thei shalbe cōfounded which [Page] seke to doe my harme.

I will renne all the waie of thy commaundementes, when thou shalte dilate, and inlarge my harte. Amen.

¶The seuenth Psalme for an order and direc­tion of good liuyng.

TO thee, O lorde, I lift vp my mynde.

In thee I truste, O lorde God, let me not bée cō ­founded, least mine enemies make me their iestyng stock [Page] and a matter to laugh at.

O Lorde, make thy waies knowen vnto me: and trade me in thy pathes.

Directe me in thy truthe, and instruct me: for thou art God my sauiour: I looke af­ter thee euery daie.

O Lorde thou art sweete and rightfull and bringest a­gaine into thy waie, theim that went out.

Thou leadeste streight in thy iudgement them that be milde and tractable: and tea­chest [Page] them that be meke, thy wordes and testimonies.

Thou healest theim that be contrite in harte: & asswa­geste their paines & griefes.

Thou holdest vp all them, whiche els should fall: and al that are fallen: thou lifteste vp againe.

Thou giuest sighte to the blinde, and losest theim that be bounden.

Thou art nigh vnto al thē that call vpon thee: So that thei call vpon thee faithful­ly [Page] and hartely.

Thou fulfillest the desire of them that feare thee: and hearest their praier, and sa­uest them.

Haue mercie vpon me (O God) haue mercie vpon me: for in thée my soule trusteth.

Uerely my soule hath a speciall respect vnto thee: for my health, my glory, and all my strēth cometh from thee.

For thyne owne sake (O Lorde God) laie not my syn­nes to my charge.

[Page]I vnderstand not all mine errours: innumerable trou­bles close me rounde aboute, my synnes haue taken holde vpon me: and I am not able to looke vp.

Put to thy hande to helpe me: and leade me right in al my workes.

Make me to walke perfect­ly in thy waies, that no kind of synne ouercome me.

Sette a watche before my mouthe: and kéepe the doore of my lippes.

[Page]Let the woordes of my mouthe, and the meditation of my hart be euer pleasant and acceptable in thy sight.

Let the woorde of truthe neuer goe awaie from my mouth: and suffer no malice to dwell in my harte.

O Lorde, deliuer my soule from liyng lippes: and saue me frō the deceiptfull tonge

Put into my mouthe thy true and holie woorde: and take cleane from me all idle and vnfruictfull speache.

[Page]Deliuer me frō false sur­mises, & accusations of men: rule me euē as thou thinkest good, after thy wil & pleasure

Turne awaie myne iyes, that thei behold no vain thinges: fasten them in thy way.

Take from me fornicatiō and all vncleanesse: & let not the loue of ye fleshe begile me

Yea, deliuer my soule frō pride, that it reigne not in me, and then shall I be clene from the greatest synne.

Staie and keepe my feete [Page] f [...]om euery il waie, least my steps swarue frō thy pathes.

My iyes looke euer vp vn­to thee (O lorde) bicause thou art nigh at hand: and all thy waies be the truthe.

Thy mercies be great and many (O lorde) blessed is [...]e, who soeuer truste [...]h in thee.

For whē I s [...]ied vnto thée my féete be slipped: thy mer­cie (O Lorde) by and by did holde me vp.

Teache me to do thy will, and leade me by thy pathe [Page] waie, for thou art my God.

O lorde saue my soule, and deliuer me from the power of darkenesse.

Let the brightnesse of thy face, shine vpon thy seruant, for vnto thée (O Lorde God) I [...]aue [...]edde for succour.

Looke vnto me, and haue mercy vpon me: for I am de­solate and poore.

Keepe my soule, & deliuer me, that I be not cōfounded: for I haue trusted in thee.

O Lorde God, forsake me [Page] not: although I haue dooen no good in thy sight.

For thy goodnesse graunt me, that at the leaste wise now I maie beginne to liue well. Amen.

¶The eight Psalme. A Christian man praieth, that he maie bee defend [...]d from his enemies.

O God almightie, saue me frō mine enemies: and by thy stronge po­wer defende and kepe me.

[Page]Preserue my soule, for thou art holy: saue thy seruaunte, whiche trusteth in thee.

For straungers do assault me daiely: and seke my soule to destroie it.

O God helpe thou me: O lorde, deliuer me from them that rise vp against me.

Be readie, O God, to suc­cour me: make hast to helpe me, O Lorde.

Bee thou my protectour, and a place of strēgth: wher­in I maie safely be.

[Page]For thou art my strength and my refuge: for thy name sake leade and guide me.

Take me, O God, out of the handes of mine enemies and cast me not awaie in the tyme of tribulation: whē all my might is decaied & gone.

Helpe me, O lorde God, & saue me for thy mercies sake

Haue mercie vpon me, O lorde, the God of my health: and in thy righteousnesse de­liuer me.

From the vexation of thē [Page] that persecute me: from the assaulte of myne enemies: whiche compasse me aboute on euery side.

Let them be confounded & brought to naught, which be aduersaries vnto my soule: let theim bee couered with shame and rebuke, whiche seke my hurte.

Lette them tourne backe with rebuke & shame, which say, God hath forsaken him: let vs sette on hym and sake hym: for there is none that [Page] shall deliuer hym.

Conioyne thy self (o God) vnto my soule: make it strōg and deliuer me from myne enemies.

Destroye them by thy po­wer: and bryng to naught al their strength.

That thei reioyce not, and saie emong them selues, wee haue ouercome hym; and vt­terly caste hym doune.

Saue me (O Lorde God) for in thee haue I trusted: say to my soule, bee not afraied, [Page] for I am with thee.

It is in thy hande, what shall come of me, deliuer me from myne enemies, for yet thei cease not.

Their crueltie increaseth daily more and more, & com­panies of tiranntes violent­ly come on me and thei haue not thée before their iyes.

But thou (o lorde) not gra­cious and mercifull, and suf­ferest longe: and thy mercie and truthe be greate.

Looke vnto me, and haue [Page] mercie vppon me: and indue thy seruaunte with some of thy strength: for I call vpon thee: and earnesty make my praiers in thy sight.

My enemies reioyce, that I am fallē, and that my hart hath turned out of thy waie.

But I trust in thy mercy, and my harte is comforted, in hope to haue help and sal­uation from thee.

For thou art good & graci­ous, thy mercye indureth e­uer, and thy truthe conti­nueth [Page] from one generation to an other.

Let al them reioice in thee and be glad, which seke thee: and let them whiche loue to haue saluation of thee, saie: magnified bee the Lorde for euer. Amen.

¶ The ninth Psalme. Against enemies.

SO lorde and beholde, how many thei be which trou­ble me, howe many whiche make rebellion against me.

[Page]Thei say emong them sel­ues of my soule: There is no help of god for it to trust vpō

O lorde god, in thée I haue put my hope and trust: saue me from thē, whiche do per­secute me, and deliuer me.

Least peraduēture at one tyme or an other, thei take my life from me: and ther be none to deliuer me frō them

Haue pitie vpō me (o lord) loke vpō the affliction, which I suffer of my enemies.

Forget not thy poore ser­uaunte, [Page] suffer not theim, whiche be oppressed to looke for helpe alwaies in vaine.

Put them to flight: disap­poinct thē of their purposes: caste theim doune headlong as their wickednes hath de­serued, for thei are traitours and rebelles against thee.

Let their power be brought to naught: and their wicked­nesse light vpon their owne heades.

Lette the wicked sinners returne into hell, and let thē [Page] fall, and bee taken in the pit, which thei haue digged.

I will trust in thee (o lord) whiche sauest theim, that in thee put their confidence.

Thei saie, that thou forgettest thy seruauntes and that thou hidest thy face, bicause thou wilt not se their trouble

Their pride is to vs muche grief and vexation: and thei glorie and triumphe in oure trouble and aduersitie.

How long (O Lorde) wilt thou stande a farre of, & hide [Page] thy self in the tyme of tribu­lation?

How long shal the wicked despise thee? and saie in their harte, that thou regardeste nothyng.

Rise vp (O lorde) stretche out thy hande: forget not thē whiche be oppressed.

Bryng doune the power of the wicked: that thei may perishe together with their wickednesse.

Let thy zeale sodainly come vpon them: the fierie Thun­der [Page] b [...]ltes, and the spirite of the whirle winde be portion of their parte.

Preuent me in the daie of my tribulation: and deliuer me out of my distresse.

Haue mercie vpon me, for I am troubled on euery side and my strengthe is decaied, through myne iniquitie.

Myne enemies speake of me muche shame & rebuke: an thei are wholie bente to take my life from me.

The paines of death com­passe [Page] me rounde aboute and the flouddes of my synnes trouble me sore.

The ropes of hell bee tied rounde aboute me: and I am wrapped in ye snares of death and whiche waie so euer I goe. I finde stumdlyng bloc­kes, to ouerthrowe me.

Stande vp (O Lorde) and punish this naughtie people, and deliuer me from my de­ceiptfull enemies.

Heare me in the day of my tribulation: let thy mightie [Page] name defende me.

For thou art my fortresse and my glory: and bearest vp my weaknesse & infirmitie.

Saue me Lorde I beseche thée, that mine enemies pre­uaile not against me.

Powre out thy indignatiō vpon thē: and let the wrathe of thy furie vexe and trou­ble them.

Let theim bee confounded for euer: yea, let them trem­ble and perishe together.

Let thē fall into the deepe [Page] pitte: and neuer bee hable to rise vp againe.

That thei maie know thy name to bée the Lorde of ho­stes onely mightie and high, worlde without ende. Amē.

¶The .x. Psalme. When the enemies bée so cruell, that he cannot suffer them.

HAue mercie vpon me (o God) for thyne enemie fredeth me vnder his fete: he ceaseth not to assaulte me, [Page] and to doe me muche grief:

He alwaies coueteth too swallowe me vp: and many there be that proudly bragge and crake against me.

Thei gather them selues together in corners: Thei watch my steppes, how thei may take my soule in a trap.

Thei be like vnto a Lyon that is greedie of his preye, and like a yonge Lyon, thei priuely lye in waite for me.

Thei doe beset my waies that I should not escape: thei [Page] looke and stare vpon me; to take me in their snare.

Thei haue prepared a net for my feete: thei haue dig­ged a deepe pitte, that my soule might fall therein.

Make me strong (O lorde GOD) by thy might and po­wer: make my waie perfect before thee.

Kepe my steppes continu­ally in right pathes, leaste perchaunce my feete begin to slippe.

I am so vexed, that I am [Page] vtterly wearie: helpe me a­gainst thē that lye in waite for me.

Make thy mercie to be mer­uailous in me: and deliuer my soule out of their hādes.

Hide me frō the companie of the wicked, and from the rage of them that worke in­iquitie.

According to thy great mer­cie quicken me, that now in my sorow I bée not brought vnder the power of myne e­nemie, whiche rageth a­gainst [Page] against me.

Sende forth thy light and thy truthe, and thei shal lea [...] me into thy holy hill, and in­to thy tabernacles.

Instruct & teache my han­des to battaile: make my ar­mes stronge like a bowe of steele.

Girde me with strengthe to battaile: ouerthrowe thē that arise against me.

Instructe me in the waie, wherein I maie walke: pro­uide for me by thy ouersight

[Page]Cast doune mine enemies before my face: and destroye them that hate me.

Least mine enemies ouer come me, and the companies of tirantes ouerwhelme me.

Make my feete to be sted­fast: and my pathes streight.

Thei reioyce and bee glad of my fall & declination: thei be assēbled together against me: thei strike to kille me in the waie, before I maie be­ware of them.

Thei curse and banne my [Page] woordes euery daie: and all their thoughtes be set to do me harme.

My life is as it were in the middes of fierce Lyons: whose teethe bee like vnto speares: and their tonge like a sharpe swoorde.

And who shall stand with me against all these or who shall ouercome these woor­kers of iniquitie?

Thei shall flee and r [...]nne awaie (O Lorde) a [...]ne as thou rebukest theim, from [Page] the voice of thy thunder thei shall [...]enne headlyng.

Whiche lookest vpon the yearth, and it wholy quaketh whiche toucheste the hilles, and thei smoke: iudgemente procedeth frō thy face, thyne iyes doe approue equitie.

Keepe me, O Lorde, from mine aduersaries: and vnder the shadowe of thy wynges defende me.

Iudge them that hurt me: fight against them that fight with me.

[Page]Let theim goe backwarde and haue euill lucke, whiche persecute me: putte them to shame, that will my hurte.

Make them to bée as duste in the winde: and let thy an­gell vexe and disquiet them.

Let theim vanishe awaie like smoke: and as waxe melteth with the heate of ye fire, so let them perishe, O lorde, from thy sight and presence.

Beate theim doune, that thei be not able to stand: ne­uer giue ouer, vntill thou [Page] haue vtterly destroied them.

Make their waies darcke and slippie: and let thyne an­gell fiersly goe vpon theim.

And thou, O Lorde God, haue mercie vpon me: sende me helpe, and then I shalbee able to resiste them.

For I am weake and in sorowe: giue thou me health and saluation.

Let thy hande correcte and chastise me: But deliuer me not vnto myne enemies.

My soule is filled with the [Page] scornyng, and derision that myne enemies haue at me: and with the despite fulnesse of the proude.

My soule is cleane discou­raged within me: it groneth and fretteth in it self against me: yet will I trust in thee: for that I shall estsones giue thee thankes againe for the help and saluation that thou sendest me.

For thy verie truthe now helpe me, O thou whiche art my health, and the hope and [Page] comfort of all regions of the yearthe, and of the mayne Sea.

Whiche by thy power ru­lest frō the beginnyng: thine iyes beholde all thynges.

What God is there but thou? Who is so stronge as thou our God?

In thy protection I will trust vntill iniquitie bée pas­sed and gone.

In thee, I shall bee strong and sure for euermore.

¶The .xi Psalme. Of confidence and trust in God.

O Lorde, whiche art my light and my health: of whō shal I be afraied? O lorde thou art the stēgth of my life: in thée I will euer truste.

For like as the Hearte (when he is chased) coueteth to the riuers of water: euen so (O Lorde) my soule desi­reth to be with thée.

[Page]My soule thirsteth to bee with thee: For with thee is the fountaine of life, and re­creation in aduersitie.

Here in this worlde is la­bour and paine: Calamitie, and miserie.

Wée haue battaile daiely with enemies: wee haue no rest here so long as we liue.

But when so euer we put our truste in thy helpe: then we shalbe sure by thy protec­tion: Saiyng vnto thee, thou art our defendor, our refuge, [Page] and our God, and in thee we truste.

Thou shalt deliuer me frō the snares of the Hunters: and from the perilles of my persecutours.

Thou shalte make a sha­dowe for me vnder thy shul­ders: and vnder thy wynges I shalbe harmelesse.

Thy truthe shall bee my shielde and buckeler: and no euill shall approche nere vn­to me.

And therefore if my ene­mies [Page] shal warre against me that thei maie deuoure me wholie: yet I will not flee, nor tourne my backe.

Although neuer so strong enemies shal pitche their tē ­tes against me, my hart shal not bee afraied: If death so­denly come vpon me, in thée will I rest without feare.

Thou shalt hide me in thy Tabernacle, in the tyme of aduersitie thou shalt hide me in some secrete place of thy tente: thou shalt sette me v­pon [Page] a sure rocke.

Thou shalt lifte me vp a­boue myne enemies, be sie­gyng me rounde aboute: and thou shalt deliuer me out of their handes.

If I shall walke in ye mid­nes of tribulation, thou shalt kepe me, and shalte stretche foorthe thy hande againste mine enemies: and thy right hande shall saue me.

O Lorde, thou shalte doe and bryng to passe all thyn­ges for me, thy mercie indu­reth [Page] euer: thou wilte not de­spise thy own handy worke.

Thou shalte leade me out of the net, whiche mine ene­mies haue spread abroade to catche me in: thou shalt take me out of their pitte.

O how greate be the good thinges, which thou l [...]iest vp in store for theim that feare thee.

Which also thou shewest to theim that truste in thee, euen in the sight of the chil­dren of men.

[Page]Thou hidest theim in the secrete place of thy counte­naunce from trouble of ene­mies: and from their conten­tions.

O Lorde, what a precious treasure is thy goodnes? and men shall truste in thy pro­tection.

Thei shall bee filled with the plētifulnes of thy house: and thou shalte make theim drinke of thy Riuer of dein­ties.

Thei shal drinke with thée [Page] of the fountain of life, and in thy light, the [...] shall se light.

Thy righteousnesse is as the highest mountaines: and thy iudgementes be like vn­to ye deepe botomles waters.

Thy mercie stretcheth vp to the heauēs: and thy truthe ascendeth vp to the same.

O Lorde God, thou haste euer frō age to age, been our refuge and succour.

Before the foundations of the [...]earth were laied, with­out beginnyng and endyng, [Page] thou art God.

O my God, thou hast hel­ped me eu [...]r from my youth: and vntill my olde age, and laste daies forsake me not.

I will acknowledge, that I haue al my strēgt [...] of thee, for thou arte my protection, my God, and my sauiour.

And therefore what tyme so euer I shall bee afraied: I will trust in thee.

What time so euer I shal call vpon thée: I knowe that thou art my God.

[Page]Keepe thy mercie for me alwaies: and the couenaunt that thou haste made with me, lette it be surely perfor­med.

And if I haue swarued frō thy lawe, and not walked in thy iudgementes.

If I haue broken thy sta­tutes, and transgressed thy commaundementes.

Then with thy rod visite mine offences: and with stri­pes correcte my trespasses.

But take not thy mercie [Page] awaie from me, not let not thy promise bee voide, and of none effecte.

Breake not the couenant that thou haste made with me, & chan̄ge not that which hath issued out of thy mouth

For in thée (O GOD) our health and glorie doeth con­siste, thou arte our helper, in whom we doe euer trust.

And this is certaine, that all thei, whiche trust in thee, shall not be confounded.

For who is he that hath [Page] trusted in thee, and is con­founded?

For thy name sake, o lord, thou forgiuest our sinnes, al­though thei bee many, and greuous.

Thou arte a sure staie to theim that dreads thee: and shewest them thy testamēt.

And vnto thee I crye (O lord) and I beleue, that thou wilte saue me, for thy great mercies sake.

Thou shalte redeme my soule in peace, frō the wrath [Page] whiche is to come in the last daie.

I will offer vp to thee Sa­crifice of laude & praise: And I will render vp my vowes to thée, which art the highest

The wicked watche, and looke to destroye me: But I truste in thy mercie.

Thou art my protectour, and my buckler: my GOD, my strength, my refuge, and deliuerer.

I tary and looke for helpe from thee (O lorde) blessed is [Page] the mā that trusteth in thée.

O lorde, what great plea­sures thou hast prepared for me in heauen: that I should delite in no yearthly thyng, but in thee?

My mooste pleasure is to cleane faste vnto thee: and in thee to set my hope and trust.

I commit my spirite vnto thy handes: deliuer me from the powers of darkenesse of this worlde. Amen.

¶The .xij. Psalme. If GOD deferre to help long tyme.

O My God, my Go [...], why forsakest thou me? why lokest not vpō my necessitie.

Shall thy mercie faile for euer? Wilte thou neuer bee pleased more?

How lōg wilt thou be mis­contented with me, O lord: wilt thou kindle thine anger throughly as it were fire?

Whē wilt thou haue any [Page] regarde to deliuer my soule? To deliuer my life from de­struction of enemies.

How long shall I crie, and thou wilte not heare? How longe shall I make exclama­tion for very paine, and thou wilte not saue me?

O lorde god of hostes, how lōg wilt thou be angrie with the praiers of thy seruaunt?

Come againe vnto me (O God my sauior) & take awaie thine indignatiō against me.

When thou arte tourned [Page] (O Lorde) thou tha [...] restore al thinges again: and he that was in sadnesse before; shall take ioy and comfort of thee.

Let thy hande bee to helpe manne, whiche is thy h [...]ndy worke, whom thou hast exalted, and magnified to sette forthe thy glorie.

Mine enemies liue weal­thily and are strong: and thei which hate me, increase and goe forward daiely.

Thei despraise and set at naught my coūsaile, bicause [Page] I take God for my hope and comforte.

Thei saie to me daily, thou trusteste in God, let hym de­liuer thee; and saue thee: if so bee that he heare loue and fa­uour towardes thee.

Thei leape at me as it wer so many dogges: the compa­nies of the wicked barke at me: thei beset my hādes and feete rounde aboute.

O Lorde, goe not farre a­waie from me: thou art my strength: make spede to help [Page] me.

Deliuer my soule frō death tourne my waie frō the rage of dogges.

Kepe m [...] out of the mouth of Lions: and saue me from the déepe lake.

Thou art bothe holie and strong, and no man is hable to resist thee: whē thy anger is greate and feruent.

Who shall not feare thee (O Lorde?) Or whiche of all princes shall not obey thee?

The earth trembleth and [Page] quaketh for fear of thine an­ger? & the people shall not bée able to abide thy [...]r [...]atning.

Helpe me, O Lorde God my sauiour: and for the glo­rie of thy name [...]eliuer me: & forgiue me my trespasses.

For I doe vtter & expresse myne iniquitie vnto thee: & my synne greueth me verie sore.

Arise vp (O Lorde) and helpe me: and deliuer me for thy mercies sake.

O god, my refuge, and my [Page] strength, whiche haste been euer a greate helpe in tribu­lation.

Thou diddeste receiue me into thy tuition, whē I came out of my mothers wombe, and thou m [...]ste my helper, when I sucked my mothers breastes.

I was left to th [...] as sone as I was borne, euen from my mother [...] wombe, thou art my God.

Withdrawe not th [...] selfe farre awaie from me: for tri­bulation [Page] is nere at hand, and ther is none that cā help me.

Mine enemies cōpasse me roūde about my persecutors besiege me on euery side.

And I am feble and weake and sore broken: the paine of my hart maketh me to gron and sigh.

I am as the water that is caste foorthe: my strength is gone, and vtterly dried vp, as if it were a tile stone.

Haue mercie vpon me (O Lorde) haue mercie vpō me: [Page] and impute not my sinnes, vnto me, which I haue doen by folie.

Remember not my syn­nes passed, lette thy mercies preuent them: for I am in a marueilous wretched case.

I am weakned and cleane out worne: and go mourning euery daie.

And now (O Lorde) what loke I after? verely my soule loketh to thee for helpe.

Shewe nowe and declare thy goodnesse to me, & with­hold [Page] not thy helpe from me.

My soule is replenished with troubles and aduersi­ties, and draweth nere vnto deathes dore.

I am in greate pouertie and neede, and my harte is sore troubled within me.

Cast not me awaie in the time of my moste necessitie: and now when my stength faileth me, faile not thou me O Lorde.

Deliuer me from myne e­nemies: and make me not a [Page] mockyng stocke to theim, that iest and raile vpon me.

Saue me from these roa­ryng Liōs readie to deuour, and from the hādes of them that would haue my life frō me.

I doe crie to thee (O lorde) for thou art my hope, and my portiō in the lande of liuers.

Bring my soule out of pri­son, and set my fete in a place where I maie walke at li­bertie.

Turne not thy face away [Page] from me, leaste I bee made like vnto them that discende intot the pitte.

Giue eare vnto my prai­ers: for I am punished, and brought very lowe,

Deliuer me from my per­secutours: for thei bée muche stronger then I.

O Lorde heare me spede­ly, least my spirite faile within me.

Deliuer my soule out of trouble, and in thy mercie destroie all myne enemies.

[Page]And make them to perishe whiche would destroye me: for I am thy seruaunt. Amē.

¶ The .xiij. Psalme. In which he giueth thankes to god that his enemies haue not gotten the ouer­hande of hym.

I Will magnifie and praise thee (O Lorde GOD) for thou hast exalted me, and set me vp: and my enemies haue not gotten the ouer­hande of me.

O Lorde of hostes, I haue [Page] cried vnto thée: and thou hast saued me.

Thou haste broughte my soule out of helle: thou haste holden me vp from fallyng into the depe lake, frō whēce no man retourneth.

Thou haste not closed me vp in the handes of myne e­nemies: but thou haste sette my féete in a place both wide and broade.

I haue soughte thee; and thou hast heard me: thou hast brought me into libertie out [Page] of greate distresse.

Thou hast tourned my so­row into gladnesse: thou hast ceased my mournyng, and compassed me rounde about with mirthe.

Thou haste declared thy greate magnificence, in hel­pyng thy seruaunt.

Thou hast doen merciful­ly with me in my miseries.

Thou hast regarded ye pain of the poore: thou hast not turned a waie thy face from me.

I will euer be singyng and [Page] speaking of thy mercies: and I will publishe to other thy fidelitie and truthe, so longe as I shall liue.

My mouthe shall neuer cease to speake of thy righte­ousnesse, and of thy benefi­tes: whiche bée so many that I can not number them.

But I will giue thée than­kes till death take me away I will sing in ye praise of thée so long as I shall continue.

I will triūphe and reioyce in thy mercie, for that thou [Page] hast looked vpon my necessi­ties, and regarde my soule in my greate distresse.

Thou haste been my sure refuge, and the strengthe of my trust, and hope.

I thanke thee Lorde for thy goodnesse alwaie: and for thy exceadyng mercie.

Thou haste been my com­fort in the tyme of my trou­ble, thou hast been mercifull vnto me, o lorde, and hast re­uenged the wronges ye mine enemies haue doen to me.

[Page]Accordynge to the multi­tude of the heauie thoughtes that I had in my mynde, thy comfortes haue cleared and lightned my harte.

Thou haste sente me now ioye, for the daies wherein I was in sorowe: and for the yeres in whō I suffered ma­ny a painfull storme.

Thou hast called to rem [...] ­braunce the rebuke that thy seruaunte hath been put to: and how furiously mine ene­mies haue persecuted me.

[Page]O lorde god of hostes, who may be compared vnto thee? thou art greate and greatlie to bée praised.

Thou art high vpon al the earth, thou art exalted farre aboue all Goddes.

Glorie and honour before thy face: holinesse & magnifi­cence in thy sanctuarie.

With Iustice and Iudge­ment thy roial throne is sta­blished: mercie and truth goe before thy face.

Blessed art thou (O lorde) [Page] which hast not holden backe thy mercie frō thy seruaunt.

After that I had long loo­ked for thee (O Lorde) at the last thou diddest attende vn­to me, and heardest my crie.

Thou hast taken me out of the lake of miserie: and sette my feete vppon a rocke, and made my steppes sure.

Thou haste giuen me my desire: I haue séen thy ioyful countenaunce.

Thou haste striken all my aduersaries, and hast abated [Page] their strength.

Thou haste rebuked the rablement of theim that ve­xed me: and hast plucked me forthe of their handes.

Thou haste caste theim headlyng into their own pit: their feete bee wrapped in the Nette, whiche thei laied priuely for me.

Mine enemies are reculed backe: thei are fallen doune, and destroied from thy sight.

Thou hast been the poore mānes defence, and his hel­per [Page] in tribulation, whē most neede was.

Thou haste dooen Iudge­mente for me: thou haste de­fended my cause against my accusars.

And although thou were verie angrie with me a little while: yet nowe I liue tho­rowe thy mercie & goodnesse. Uerly I supposed with my self, that I was cleane caste awaie out of thy fauour.

But thou haste heard my praiers: and according to thy [Page] greate mercie, hast taken me againe into thy fauour.

O Lorde, of thyne owne minde and will, thou hast gi­uen strength vnto my soule: but whē thou hidest thy face from me (o lorde) how great­ly was I astonied?

When I was in aduersi­tie, then I cried vnto thee: and thou diddest aunswere me: when my soule was in greate anguishe and trouble then (O lorde) I did remem­ber thee.

[Page]I haue tasted & seen howe swete thou arte: truely bles­sed is that manne that tru­steth in thee.

Accordyng to thy name, so is thy cōmendation & praise: but thy counsailes touchyng vs bée without example, and greater then can with woor­des be expressed.

Dominiō, power, and glo­rie bee thyne: for thou haste made al thinges: and bicause thy will is so: thei dooe still continue.

[Page]Thy name be blessed, prai­sed, and magnified both now and euer, worlde without ende. Amen.

¶The .xiij. Psalme. In the whiche the good­nes of God is praised.

O Lorde our gouernour, how wonderfull is thy maiestie throughout ye whol worlde? whiche haste set thy glory aboue all the heauens.

What is manne that thou magnifieste hym so greatly? [Page] Or the sonne man that thou doest visite hym?

O Lorde, thou art greate and muche to bee praised in thy holie hill.

Praise bee vnto thee (O Lorde God) let our vowes made to thee be alwaies performed.

Confession and magnifi­cence are thy woorke: and thy righteousnes continueth for euermore.

Thou haste dooen many thynges (O lorde God) bothe [Page] marueilous and greate: and there is none that cā bee like vnto thee in thy worke.

Thy waies be iust & true, who wil not feare and dread thée, and magnifie thy name

I thāke thee (o lorde God) with all my harte: and I wil halowe thy name for euer.

O lord thou art my strēgth and my praise: Thou haste broughte downe myne ene­mies, whiche arte a iudge e­uen from the beginnyng.

The right hande is excea­dyng [Page] strong: thy right hande worketh many great actes.

Thyne arme is mightie and strōg, and bicause it hath pleased thee, thou hast strēg­thened myne infirmitie.

I wil praise thy great and dreadful name: for it is holy.

Although I haue fallē, yet I am not crusshed in peeces: for thou haste susteined my hande.

I haue opened and shewed my waie vnto thee: and in thee I haue trusted, and thou [Page] at length haste accomplished my desires.

Thou hast broken the heddes of myne enemies, and haste made theim to stoupe: whiche walked proudely in their synnes.

Thou hast dominion ouer their power, and when thei bee exalted and set a lofte in their waies, thou abateste their courage, and destroiest thē with thy mightie arme.

In thy name, I will euer reioyce, and in thy mercie is [Page] all my glorie.

Thou louest righteousnes and iudgement: the yearth is replenished with thy mercy

Thy iye looketh fauoura­bly vpon thē that dread thee, and trust in thy mercie.

There shall no good thing be lackyng to them that seke thée, and thei that feare thee, shall not be helplesse.

For thou doest order their waies, & hearest them when thei crie vnto thee.

That thou maiest deliuer [Page] their soule from death: and swage their paines whē thei be greeued.

For thou helpest theim, whose hartes be brokē with sorowe: and bearst vp with thy hande them that be con­trite in spirite.

Thou sauest the soules of thy seruauntes, and all thei that truste in thee, shall not be destroied.

Wherefore my tong shall syng thy praise (O lorde god) I wil alwaies magnifie thée.

[Page]I will loue thee (O lorde) whiche art my strength, my staie, my might, my sauiour and my refuge.

My God, my defendoure, and my buckeler, the strēgth of my saluation, and my sup­porter.

After that I had called v­pon thee with due laude and praise, thou haste saued me from myne enemies.

When I was in trouble I called vpon thee, thou haste heard my voice out of thy ho­ly [Page] temple, and my crie hath entred vp into thyne eares.

Thou hast saued me from myne aduersaries, that rose vp against me: thou hast de­liuered me from wicked e­nemies.

Then haste taken me frō the companie of euill menne and myne iye hath séen vpon myne enemies, the thynges that I desired.

And therefore if it should fortune me to passe through the darcke vale of death: I [Page] will goe without feare: For thou wilte bee with me, thy rod and thy staffe shall com­forte me.

Thou shalte deliuer mee from tribulation: thou shalt hope me from them, whiche seke to destroie me.

Mine iyes be vpon thée (O Lorde) for thou shalte bryng my feete forthe of the snare.

Unto thee (O Lorde God) I will performe my vowes, I will giue thee thākes both now and euermore: worlde [Page] with­out eror. Amen.

¶The .xv. Psalme. Of the benefites of God, with thankes for the same.

MY soule praiseth thee (O Lorde) and al that is within me, praiseth thy holie name.

My soule giueth thée hum­ble thankes, and thy benefi­tes I will neuer forget.

Whiche forgiuest all my sinnes and healest all my in­firmitie [...].

[Page]Whith hast saued my life from destructiō: and shewed in me thy grace and mercie.

Whiche he hast satisfied my desire with good thynges, & shalte once restore my youth againe.

Thou haste intreated me mercifully at all tymes, and haste reuenged me of myne enemies.

Thou haste been a defence to me (O Lorde) and a sure foundation of my wealthe.

[Page]Thou hast guided me with thy counsaile, and taken me to thee, through thy mercie.

Thou haste many waies, declared in me thy greate might and power, and after thyne anger hath been past, thou hast tourned again and comforted me.

Thou hast sent me many greuous troubles, but at the lengthe thou haste broughte me out of the bottomeles de­penesse.

Thou haste made me pri­uie [Page] to thy waies, and haste not hid thy counsailes from mee.

Thou arte full of mercie and grace (O Lorde) slowe to wrathe, and readie to goodnesse.

Thy displeasure lasteth not alwaie, and thou keepest not backe thy mercies in thyne anger for euer.

Thou rewardeste vs not, accordyng to our synnes, nor punishest vs, accordyng to our desertes.

[Page]Looke howe high the hea­uen is, in comparison of the yearth: so greate is thy mer­cie towardes vs.

How farre as the Easte is distante from the Weste: so farre (O Lorde) remoue our synnes from vs.

Like as a naturall father, hath pitie vpon his children: euen so, O Lorde God, thou hast had compassion vpō vs.

Thou haste not forgotten thy creature: Thou remem­brest that we are fleshe, yea, [Page] all men liuyng.

And that the age of menne is like vnto grasse, and maie bee compared to the flowers in the fielde.

Whiche as soone as the sharpe winde hath blowen vpon them with his blastes, wither awaie & dye, so that no man can tell where thei did growe.

But thy mercie, O lorde, and thy louyng kindnesse is alwaies vpon thē that feare thee: and thy righteousnesse [Page] indureth for euer.

So that we kéepe our pro­mise and couenaunte with thee: and so remember thy commaundmentes, that we doe them in deede.

O Lorde, thou hast stabli­shed thy throne in heauen: and thou gouernest [...] thyn­ges by thin imperiall power

I will magnifie thee, O GOD, and praise thy name worlde without ende.

I will giue thee thankes alwaie, and make thy name [Page] glorious for euer.

O Lorde thou art puissant and greate: and thy magnifi­cence is vnsearcheable.

One generatiō shall shew to an other thy workes, and thei shall declare thyne aun­cient noble actes.

Thei shal euer praise the magnificence of the glory of thy holines, and the memo­rie of thy greate goodnesse.

For thou arte good and gracious to all menne, and thy mercie exceadeth all thy [Page] workes.

The iyes of all menne be­holde, and waite vpon ther: that thou shouldeste giue thē their sustenaunce in tyme conuenient.

Thou openest thyne hand and fillest euery liuyng crea­ture with foode necessarie.

O Lorde, thou arte right­full in all thy waies, and ho­ly in all thy deedes.

Thou kepest al them that loue thée, and the torment of malice shall not touche thee.

[Page]My mouthe shall speake thy glorie and praise, and all liuyng creatures shall honor thy holie name for euer.

Praise the lorde, O ye his Aungels mightie in power, whiche doe his commaunde­mentes, and obeye the voyce of his worde.

Praise ye altogether God, O ye all his hostes, you his ministers, that doe his will and pleasure.

Praise the Lorde, O ye all his sainctes, for his name is [Page] glorious, and his praise go­eth aboue bothe heauen and yearth.

Praise the lorde together, O ye, all his woorkes, euery thyng that liueth, praise ye the Lorde. Amen.


¶The .xxj. Psalme. Of Dauid. The complaint of Christ on the Crosse.

MY God my God, why hast thou forsakē me? It semeth that I shal not obtayne deliueraunce, thoughe I seeke for it with loude cries.

My God, I will crie all the daie long, but thou wilt not aunswere: and all the nighte [Page] longe, without takyng any reste.

The meane tyme thou moste holiest, semest to sitte still not caryng for the thyn­ges that I suffer: whiche so ofte haste helped me hereto­fore, and haste giuen to thy people Israell, sufficient ar­gumēte and matter to praise thée with songes, wherwith thei haue giuen thankes to thee for thy benefites.

Our forefathers wer wōt to put their trust in thée: and [Page] as often as thei did so, thou diddest deliuer them.

As ofte as thei cried for helpe to thee, thei were deli­uered: as oft as thei committed theim self to thee, thei were not put to any shame.

But as for me, I seem ra­ther to bee a worme, then a man: the dunghill of Adā, the outcast of the vulgar people.

As many as haue séen me: haue laughed me to scorne, and reuiled me, and shakyng their heades in derision at [Page] me, thei cast me in the feeth, saiyng: he is wont to boaste and glory, that he is in great fauour with God: wherefore let God now deliuer hym, if he loue hym so well.

By thy procuremente (O lorde) I came out of my mo­thers wombe: and thou ga­uest me good comforte: euen when I sucked my mothers breastes.

Throughe thy meanes I came into this worlde: and as sone as I was borne, I [Page] was lefte to thy tuition: yea thou waste my God, when I was yet in my mothers wombe.

Wherefore goe not farre awaie from me: for daunger is euen now at hande, and I so no man that will help me.

Many Bulles haue closed me in, bothe strong and fat, thei haue cōpassed me round aboute.

Thei haue opened their mouthe against me, like vn­to a Lyon that gapeth vpon [Page] his preie, and roareth for hunger.

I am powred out like wa­ter, and all my lymmes loo­sed one frō thother, and my harte is melted within me, as it were waxe.

All my strengthe is gone, and dried vp like vnto a tile stone, my tongue cleaueth to the roofe of my mouthe: and at the laste I shalbée bu­ried in the earth, as the dead be wont.

For dogges haue compas­sed [Page] me rounde aboute: and the moste wicked haue con­spired against me, thei haue made holes through my han­des and my feete.

I was so vngently intrea­ted of them, that I might ea­sily nōber all my bones: and after al the paine & torment that thei did to me, with gre­uous countenaunce thei sta­red and looked vpon me.

Thei deuided my clothes emong them, and cast lottes for my coate.

[Page]Wherefore Lorde, I be­seche thee, go not farre from me: but for as muche as thou art my power & my strength make hast to helpe me.

Deliuer my soule frō daū ­ger of the sworde, and keepe my life, destitute of all men­nes helpe, from the violence of the dogge.

Saue me from the mouth of the Lyon, and take me frō the hornes of the vnicornes.

I wil shewe vnto my bre­thren, the Maiestie of thy [Page] name: and when the people is moste assembled together I will praise and set foorthe thy moste worthie actes and deedes.

All that worship the lord, praise hym, all the posteritie of Iacob magnifie hym, all ye that be of the stocke of Is­raell, with reuerence serue and honour hym.

For he hath not despised and set at naught the poore man, bicause of his miserie: nor he hath not disdainfullie [Page] tourned awaie his face from hym, but rather as sone as the poore manne cried vnto hym for helpe, he heard hym by and by.

I will praise thee with my songes opēly in a multitude of people, & I will performe my vowes in the fight of thē that honour thee.

The poore shall eate and bee satisfied: thei shall praise the lord that studie to please hym: and as many of you as continue stil suche, your har­tes [Page] shall liue.

All the endes of the world shall consider these thinges, and bée tourned to the lorde: and all Heathen natiōs shall submit them selues, and doe homage vnto thee.

For the Lorde hath a po­wer roiall, and an Imperial dominion ouer the heathen.

The mooste mightie and greatest of all thē that dwell on the yearth, haue eaten, and after that thei haue ta­sted the spirituall giftes of [Page] the Lorde, thei haue submit­ted theim self, and made hū ­ble suite vnto hym: yea, and all the deade, whiche are hu­ried in the yearth, shal knele and make reuerence in his honour, bicause he hath not disdained to spende his owne life for them.

Thei that shall come after vs, shall honour and serue hym.

These thynges shall bee written of the Lorde, that our posteritie maie knowe, [Page] and vnderstande them.

That thei also maie come and shewe these thynges to the people that shalbe borne of them, that the Lorde hath doen these thynges, whiche be so marueilous.

A Psalme of than­kes giuyng. Iubilate deo om­nis terra.

REioyce and syng in the honour of the Lorde, all ye that liue on yearth.

[Page]Worshippe and serue the Lorde with gladnesse, come into his sighte and presence with ioye and mirthe.

Acknowledge you, and cō ­fesse, that the Lorde is that GOD, whiche hath created and made vs, for truely wee made not our self, but we bée his people, and his flocke, which he nourisheth and fee­deth continually.

Goe ye through his gates to giue him thākes for the innumerable benefites, which [Page] ye haue receiued of hym: and to syng through his courtes, his worthie actes and dedes: praise hym, and highlie com­mende his name.

For the lorde is both good and gracious, and his mercie is infinite: he is moste con­staunt in kéepyng of his pro­mises, not to one generation onely, but euen to all.

¶A Psalme to be saied in the tyme of any common plague, sicknesse, or other crosse and visi­tation of GOD.

[Page]O Come, let vs humble our selues & fall doune before the Lorde with reuerence and feare.

For he is the Lorde oure God: and wee are the people of his pasture, and the sheepe of his handes.

Come therefore, lette vs turne againe vnto our lorde, for he hath smitten vs, and he shall heale vs.

Let vs repent, and tourne from our wickednesse, and our sinnes shalbe forgiuē vs.

[Page]Lette vs tourne, and the Lorde will tourne from his heauie wrathe, and will par­don vs, & we shall not perish.

For wee knowledge oure fault, and our sinnes be euer before vs.

Wee haue sore prouoked thyne anger, O Lorde, thy wrathe is waxen hotte, and thy heauie displeasure is sore kindled against vs.

Thou haste in thyne indi­gnatiō striken vs with grée­uous sicknesse, and by and by [Page] we haue fallen as leaues, beaten doune with a vehe­mente winde.

In dede we acknowledge, that all punishementes are lesse then our deseruynges: but yet of thy mercie Lorde, correcte vs to amendement, and plague vs not to our de­struction.

For thy hand is not short­ned, that thou canst not help neither is thy goodnesse aba­ted, that thou wilt not hear.

Thou haste promised, O [Page] Lorde, that afore wee crye, thou wilte heare vs: whilest wee yet speake, thou wilte haue mercie vpon vs.

For none that trust in thée shalbee confounded: neither any that call vpon thee shal­be despised.

For thou arte the onely Lorde, who woundeste, and doest heale againe, who kil­lest and reuiueste, bryngeste euen to helle, and bryngeste backe againste.

Our fathers hoped in thée, [Page] thei trusted in thée, and thou diddest deliuer them.

Thei called vpon thée, and were helped: thei put their truste in thee, and were not confounded.

O Lorde, rebuke not vs in thyne indignation, neither chasten vs in thy heauie dis­pleasure.

O remember not the syn­nes, & offences of our youth: but accordyng to thy mercie thinke thou vpon vs, o lorde for thy goodnes.

[Page]Haue mercie vpon vs, O Lorde, for wée are weake: O Lorde heale vs, for our bo­nes are vexed.

And nowe in the vexation of our spirites, and the an­guishe of our soules, wee re­member thee, and wee crye vnto thee: heare Lorde, and haue mercie.

For thyne owne sake, and for thy holie names sake, in­cline thyne eare, and heare, O mercifull Lorde.

For we doe not powre out [Page] our praiers before thy face, trustyng in our owne righ­teousnesse: but in thy greate and manifolde mercies.

Washe vs throughly frō our wickednesse: and clense vs from our synnes.

Tourne thy face from our synnes, and put out all oure misdeedes.

Make vs cleane hartes, O God: and renewe a right spi­rite within vs.

Helpe vs, o God of our sal­uation, for the glorie of thy [Page] name: O deliuer vs, and bee mercifull vnto our synnes, for thy names sake.

So we that be thy people, and shepe of thy pasture, shal giue thee thankes for euer, and will alwaies be shewing forthe thy praise, from gene­ration to generation.

Glory be to the father. &c.

As it was in the begin. &c.

¶ A Psalme of thankesgiuing, for de­liuerance from the plague, or a­ny other kinde of sicknes trouble, or affliction.

[Page]LOrde, thou arte become gracious vnto thy lande, thou hast turned alwaie the afflictions of thy seruantes.

Thou hast taken awaie al thy displeasure, and tourned thy self from thy wrathfull indignation.

For if thou lord, hadst not helped vs, it had not failed but our soules had been put to silence.

But when wee saied oure feete haue slipped, thy mer­cie, O lorde helped vs vp.

[Page]In the multitude of the so­rowes, that wee had in our hartes, thy comfortes haue refreshed our soules.

Our soules waited still v­pon the lorde, our soules hā ­ged vpon his helpe, our hope was alwaies in hym.

In the Lordes woorde did wée reioyce, in Gods woorde did we comfort our selues.

For the lorde saied: call v­pon me in the tyme of trou­ble, and I will heare thee, and thou shalt praise me.

[Page]So when wée were poore, nedie, sickly, and in heuines, the lord cared for vs: he was our help and our sauiour, ac­cordyng to his woorde.

In our aduersitie and di­stresse, he hath lifte vp oure heades, and saued vs frō vt­ter destruction.

He hath deliuered our sou­les from death, he hath fedde vs in the tyme of dearth, he hath saued vs from the noy­some pestilence.

Therefore wil we offer in [Page] his holie temple, the oblatiō of thankesgiuing with great gladnesse: wée will syng, and speake praises vnto the lord our sauiour.

We wil giue thankes vn­to the lord for he is gracious, and his mercie indureth for euer.

The Lorde is full of com­passion and mercie, long suf­feryng, plenteous in good­nesse and pitie.

His mercie is greater then ye heauens, & his gracious good­nes [Page] reacheth vnto ye cloudes.

Like as a father pitieth his owne children: euen so is the Lorde mercifull vnto theim that feare hym.

Therefore will we praise thée and thy mercies, o God: vnto thee will wee syng, O thou holy one of Israell.

We will syng a new song vnto thee, O God: wee will praise the Lorde with Psal­mes of thankes giuyng.

O syng praises, syng prai­ses vnto our GOD: O syng [Page] praises, syng praises vnto our kyng.

For God is the king of the yearth, sing praises with vn­derstandyng.

Wee will magnifie thee, O GOD our kyng, we will praise thy name for euer and euer.

Euery daie will wee giue thākes vnto thee, and praise thy name for euer and euer.

Our mouthe shall speake the praises of the Lorde, and let all fleshe giue thankes to [Page] his holie name for euer and euer.

Blessed be the Lorde God of Israell for euer: and bles­sed bee the name of his Ma­iestie, worlde without ende. Amen.

Glory be to the father, &c. As it was in the begin. &c.


The Queenes praiers Or Meditations: wherein the mynde is stirred to suffer all affli­ctions here.

Jmprinted at London, by H. Wykes.

Colloss. iij.

¶ If ye bee risen againe with Christe, seke the thyn­ges whiche are aboue, where Christe sitteth on the righte hande of God: sette your af­fection on thynges that are aboue, not on thynges which are on the yearth.

MOoste benyng Lorde Iesu, graunte me thy grace, that it maie al­waie woorke in me, and per­seuere with me vnto thende

Graunte me, that I maie euer desire and will that, whiche is moste pleasaunte, and moste acceptable to thee.

Thy will bée my will, and my will be to folowe alwaie thy will.

Lette there bée alwaie in me one will, and one desire with thee, and that I haue [Page] no desire to will, or not to will, but as thou wilt.

Lorde thou knowest what thynges is moste profitable, and moste expedient for me.

Giue therefore what thou wilt, as muche as thou wilt, and when thou wilt.

Dooe with me what thou wilte, as it shall please thee, and as shalbe moste to thine honour.

Put me where thou wilt, and fréely doe with me in all thynges after thy will.

[Page]Thy creature I am, and in thy handes, leade and turne me where thou wilt.

Loe, I am thy seruaunte, readie to doe all thinges that thou commaundest: for I de­sire not to liue to my self, but to thee.

Lorde Iesus, I praie thee, graunte me grace, that I ne­uer set my harte on the thin­ges of this worlde, but that all worldly and carnall affe­ctions, maie vtterly dye, and be mortified in me.

[Page]Graunt me aboue al thin­ges, that I maie rest in thee, and fullie quiete and pacifie my harte in thee.

For thou lorde art the ve­rie true peace of harte, and the perfecte rest of the soule: and without thee, all thyn­ges be greuous and vnquiet.

My lorde Iesus, I beseche thee, bee with me in euery place and at all tymes, and let it bee to me a speciall so­lace, gladly for thy loue too lacke all worldly solace.

[Page]And if thou withdrawe cō forte from me at any tyme, keepe me, O lorde, from de­speration, and make me pa­ceintly to abide thy will and ordinaunce.

O Lorde Iesu, thy Iudge­mentes be rightous, and thy prouidence is muche better for me, then all that I can imagine or deuise.

Wherefore do with me in all thynges, as it shall please thee: for it maie not bee but well, all that thou doest.

[Page]If thou wilte that I be in light, bee thou blessed, if thou wilte that I be in darknesse, be thou also blessed.

If thou vouchsaue to com­fort me, be thou highly bles­sed: if thou wilt I liue in trouble, and without comfort, be thou likewise euer blessed.

Lorde, giue me grace glad­ly to suffer, whatsoeuer thou wilte shall fall vpon me, and pacientely to take it at thy hande good and hadde, bitter and swete, ioye and sorowe: [Page] and for all thynges that shal befall vnto me, hartely too thanke thee.

Kepe me lorde from sinne & I shall then neither dread death nor hell.

O what thankes ought I to giue vnto thee, which hast suffered the greeuous death of the Crosse, to deliuer me from my synnes, and to ob­tain euerlastyng life for me.

Thou gaueste vs mooste perfecte example of pacience fulfillynge and obeiyng the [Page] will of thy father: euen vnto the death.

Make mée wretched syn­ner, obediently to vse my self after thy will in all thinges, and paciently too beare the burdē of this corruptible life.

For though this life be te­dious, and as an heauie bur­den to my soule: yet neuer­thelesse through thy grace, and by example of thee, it is now made muche more easie and cōfortable, then it was before thy incarnation and [Page] passion. Thy holie life is our waie to thee, and by follow­yng of thee, we walke to thée that art our heade and saui­our: and yet except thou had­dest gone before, and shewed vs the waie to euerlastyng life. Who would indeuoure hym self to followe thée? Se­yng we bee yet so slowe and dull, hauyng the light of thy blessed example, and holie doctrine to lead and direct vs.

O Lorde Iesu, make that possible by grace, that is too [Page] me impossible by nature.

Thou knowest well that I maie little suffer, and that I am anone caste doune, and ouerthrowen with a little aduersitie: wherefore I be­seche thée, O lorde, to streng­then me with thy spirit, that I maie willyngly suffer for thy sake al maner of trouble and affliction.

Lorde, I will knowledge vnto thee all myne vnrigh­teousnesse, and I will cōfesse to thee all the vnstablenesse [Page] of my harte.

Oftentymes a verie little thing troubleth me sore, and maketh me du [...]le, and slowe to serue thee.

And sometyme I purpose to stande strongly but when a little trouble commeth, it is to me great anguishe and griefe, and of a righte little thyng riseth a geeuous tem­ptation to me.

Yea, when I thynke my self to be sure and strōg, and that (as it semeth) I haue the [Page] vpper hande: sodainly I féele my self readie to fall with a little blaste of temptation.

Behold therfore good lorde my weaknesse, and consider my frailnesse beste knowen to thee.

Haue mercie on me, and deliuer me from all iniquitie and synne, that I bee not in­tangled therewith.

Oftētymes it greueth me sore, and in maner confoun­deth me, that I am so vnsta­ble, so weake, and so fraile, [Page] in resistyng sinfull motions.

Whiche althoughe they drawe me not awaie to con­sent, yet neuerthelesse their assaultes bee verie gréeuous vnto me.

And it is tedious to me to liue in suche battaill, albeit I perceiue that suche battaile is not vnprofitable vnto me.

For thereby I knowe the better my self, & mine owne infirmities, and that I must seke help onely at thy hādes.

O lorde God of Israel, the [Page] louer of all faithfull soules, vouchsafe to beholde the la­bour and sorrowe of me thy poore creature.

Assiste me in all thynges with thy grace, & so strength me with heauenly strength that neither my cruell ene­mie the f [...]ende, neither my wretched fleshe (whiche is not yet subiecte to the spirit) haue victorie or dominion o­uer me.

O what a life maie this be called, where no trouble nor [Page] miserie lacketh? Where e­uery place is full of snares of morall enemies?

For one trouble or temp­tation ouerpassed, an other commeth by and by, and the firste conflicte yet duryng, a new battaile sodenly ariseth

Wherefore Lorde Iesu, I praie thee giue me the grace to rest in thee aboue al thin­ges, and to quiete me in thée aboue all creatures, aboue al glorie and honour, aboue all dignitie and power, aboue al [Page] cunnyng & policie, aboue all healthe and beautie, aboue al riches and treasure, aboue all ioye and pleasure, aboue all fame and praise, aboue al mirthe and consolation that mannes harte maie take or feele besides thee.

For thou Lorde God, art best, moste wise, moste high, moste mightie, moste suffici­ente, and moste full of good­nesse, moste swete, and most cōfortable, moste faire, most louyng, moste noble, moste [Page] glorious, in whom all good­nesse moste perfectly is.

And therfore, whatsoeuer I haue beside thee, it is no­thyng to me: For my harte maie not rest, ne fully be pa­cified, but onely in thee.

O Lorde Iesu, moste lo­uyng spouse, who shall giue me wynges of perfecte loue, that I maie flie vp frō these worldlie miseries, and reste in thee.

O when shall I ascende to thee, and see and feele howe [Page] swete thou art.

When shall I wholie ga­ther my self in thee, so per­fectly, that I shal not for thy loue feele my self, thee onely aboue my self, and aboue all worldlie thynges, that thou maieste vouchsaufe to visite me in suche wise, as thou doest visite thy moste faith­full louers.

Now I often mourne and complaine of the miseries of this life, and with sorow and greate heauinesse suffer thē.

[Page]For many thynges hap­pen daiely to me, whiche of­tentymes trouble me, make me heauie, and darken mine vnderstandyng.

Thei hinder me greately and put my minde from thee and so incomber me many waies, that I can not freely, and clearely desire thee, ne haue thy swete consolations which with thy blessed sain­ctes be alwaie present.

I beseche thee, Lorde Ie­su, that the sighynges, and [Page] inward desires of my harte, maie mone and incline thee to heare me.

O Iesu, king of euerlaking glorie, the ioye and comforte of all Christian people, that are wādring as pilgrimes, in the wildernesse of this world my harte crieth to thee by still desires, and my silence speaketh vnto thee, & saieth: how long tarieth my Lorde God to come to me.

Come, O Lorde, and visite me: for without thee I haue [Page] no true ioye, without thee, my soule is heauie and sad.

I am in prison and boundē with Fetters of sorowe, till thou, O lorde, with thy gra­tious prsence vouchsafe too visite me, and to bryng me a­gaine to libertie, and ioye of spirite, & to shewe thy fauou­rable countenaūce vnto me.

Open my hart lorde, that I maie beholde thy lawes, and teache me to walke in thy commaundementes.

Make me to know and fo­lowe [Page] thy wil, and to haue al­waies in my remembraunce thy manifold benefites that I maie yelde due thankes to thee for them.

But I knowledge and cō ­fesse for truth, that I am not hable to giue the [...] condigne thankes of the least benefite that thou hast giuen me.

O lorde all giftes and ver­tues, that any man hath in bodie, or soule, naturall, or supernaturall, be thy giftes, and come of thee, and not of [Page] our self, and thei declare the greate riches of thy mercie and goodnesse vnto vs.

And though some haue no giftes then other, yet thei al procede from thee, and with­out thee, the leaste can not bee had.

O Lorde, I accompt it for a greate benefite, not to haue many worldly giftes, wher­by the laude & praise of men mighte blinde my soule, and deceiue me.

Lorde, I knowe that no [Page] man ought to bee abashed, or misco [...]tente, that he is in a lowe estate in thsi worlde, and lacketh the pleasures of this life: But rather to bee glad, and reioyce thereat.

For so muche as thou hast chosen the poore and meeke persons, and suche as are de­spised in the worlde, to bee thy seruauntes, and famili [...]r freindes.

Witnesse bee thy blessed Apostles, whom thou madst chiefe Pastours, and Spiri­tuall [Page] gouernors of thy [...]locke whiche departed frō the coū ­saile of the Iewes, reioysyng that thei were compted wor­thy to suffer rebuke for thy name.

Euen so O Lorde, graunte that I thy seruaunt maie be as well content to bée taken as the least, as other be to be greatest, & that I be as well pleased to bee in the loweste place, as in the higheste, and as glad to be of no reputatiō in the worlde for thy sake, [Page] as other are to bée noble and famous.

Lorde, it is the woorke of a perfecte man, neuer to se­questre his minde from thée, and emong many wordelie cares to go without care: not after the maner of an idle or a dissolute person, but by the prerogatiue of a free mynde, alwaie myndyng heauenlie thynges, and not by inordi­nate affectiō to any creature

I beseche thee therefore my Lorde Iesu, kepe me frō [Page] the superfluous cares of this worlde, that I be not inquie­ted with bodilie necessities, ne that I be not taken with the volupteous pleasures of the worlde, ne of the fleshe.

Preserue me frō all thyn­ges, whiche hinder my soule healthe, that I bee not ouer­throwen with theim.

O Lorde God, whiche art swetenes, vnspeakable, turn into bitternesse to me, all worldlie and fleshly delites, whiche moughte drawe me [Page] frō the loue of eternall thin­ges, to the loue of shorte, and vile pleasure.

Let not fleshe and bloud o­uercome me, ne yet ye world, with his vaine glorie deceiue me, nor the feinde, with his manifolde craftes supplante me: But giue me ghostely strength in resistyng theim, pacience in sufferyng them, and co [...]stauncie in perseue­ryng to the ende.

Giue me for all worldlie delectations, the most swete [Page] consolation of thy holy spirit, and for al fleshely loue indue my soule with feruente loue of thee.

Make me strong inwardly in my soule, & cast out therof all vnprofitable cares of this worlde, that I bee not ledde by vnstable desires of yearthly thynges, but that I maie repute all thynges in this worlde (as thei bée) transito­ry, and sone vanishing away and my self also with them, drawing toward mine ende.

[Page]For nothynge vnder the Sunne maie long abide, but all is vanitie, and affliction of spirite.

Giue me Lorde, therefore heauenlie wisedome, that I maie learne to seke and find thee, and aboue all thynges to loue thee.

Giue mee grace to with­drawe me, from theim that flatter me, and pacientlie to suffer theim, that vniustlie greue me.

Lorde when temptation, [Page] or tribulation cometh vouchsafe to succoure me, that all maie tourne to my ghostlie comfort, and paciētly to suf­fer, and alwaie to saie, thy name be blessed.

Lorde, trouble is nowe at hande, I am not well, but I am greatly vexed with this presente affliction, O moste glorious father, what shall I dooe? Anguishe and trouble are on euery side, helpe now I beseche thee in this houre, thou shalte bee lauded and [Page] praised, when I am perfectly made meke before thee, and when I am clerely deliuered by thee.

Maye it therefore please thee to deliuer me, for what maie I moste sinfull wretch doe? Or whether maie I goe for succour but to thee?

Giue me pacience now at this tyme in all my trouble, helpe me, Lorde God, and I shal not feare ne dread, what troubles soeuer fall vpō me.

And now what shall I say [Page] but that thy will bee doen in me? I haue deserued to bee troubled & gréeued: and ther­fore it behoueth, that I suffer as long as it pleaseth thee.

But would to God that I mighte suffer gladly, till the furious tempestes wer ouer passed, and that quietnesse of harte might come againe.

Thy mightie hande lorde is strong inough to take this trouble from me, and to as­swage the cruell assaultes thereof, that I bee not ouer­come [Page] with thē, as thou haste oftentymes doen before this tyme, that when I am clere­ly deliuered by thee, I maie with gladnes saie: the right hande of him that is highest, hath made this chaunge.

Lorde graunt me thy syn­guler grace, that I may come thether, where no creature shall let me, ne kéepe me frō the perfect beholdyng of thée.

For as long as any transi­torie thyng kepeth me back, or hath rule in me, I maie [Page] not frely ascende to thee.

O lorde, without thee, no­thyng maie longe delite or please: for if any thing should be likyng & sauourie, it must be through help of thy grace, seasoned with ye spice of thy wisedome.

O euerlastyng light, farre passyng all thynges, sende doun ye beames of thy brightnesse from aboue, and purifie and lighten the inward par­tes of my harte.

Quicken my soule, and all [Page] the powers thereof, that it maie cleaue fast, and bée ioy­ned to thée in ioyfull gladnes of ghostly rauishynges.

O when shall that blessed howre come, that thou shalt visite me, and glad me with thy blessed presēce, whē thou shalt be to me al in al? verely vntill that tyme came, there can be no perfect ioye in me.

But alas, myne old man, that is in my carnall affecti­ons liue still in me, & are not crucified, nor perfectly dead.

[Page]For yet striueth the fleshe against the spirite, and mo­ueth greate battaile inwardly against me, & suffreth not thy kyngdome of my soule to liue in peace.

But thou good lorde, that haste the Lordship ouer all, and power of the Sea, to as­swage the rage, and surges of the same, arise, and helpe me, destroye the power of myne enemies, whiche al­waies make battaile against me, shewe forthe the great­nes [Page] of thy goodnesse, and let the power of thy right hande be glorified in me. For there is to me none other hope nor refuge, but in thee onely my Lorde, my God: to thee bee honor and glory euerlasting.

O Lorde, graunt me, that I maie wholie resigne my self to thee, and in all thyn­ges to forsake my self, and paciently to beare my crosse, and to folowe thee.

O lorde, what is man, that thou vouchesaueste to haue [Page] minde of him: & to visit him.

Thou arte alwaie one, al­waie good, alwaie righteous and holie, iustlie and blessed­ly disposyng all thynges af­ter thy wisedome.

But I am a wretche, and of my self alwaie readie, and prone to euill, and doe neuer ab [...]de in one state, but many tymes do varie and chaunge.

Neuerthelesse, it shall bee better with me, whē it shall please thee: for thou, O lorde onely art he, that maiest help [Page] me, and thou maiest so con­firme, and stablishe me, that my harte shall not be chaun­ged from thee, but bée surely fixed, and finally rest, and be quieted in thee.

I am nothing els of my self but vanitie before thee, an vnconstaunt creature, and a féeble: and therefore, wherof maie I rightfully glorie? Or why should I loke to be ma­gnified?

Who so pleaseth hym self without thee, despiseth thée: [Page] and he that deliteth in men­nes praisynges, looseth the true praise before thee.

The true praise is to bee praised of thee: and the true ioye is to reioyce in thee.

Wherefore thy name (O lorde) be praised, & not myne.

Thy workes be magnified and not myne, and thy good­nesse bée alwaies lauded and blessed.

Thou arte my glorie, and the ioye of my harte, in thee shal I glorie and reioice, and [Page] not in my selfe, nor in any wordlie honour or dignitie, whiche to thy eternall glory compared, is but a shadowe and a verie vanitie.

O Lorde, wée liue here in greate darknesse, and are sone deceiued with the vani­ties of this wordle, and are sone greeued with a little trouble, yet if I could behold my self well, I should plain­ly see, that what trouble so euer I haue suffered, it hath iustly comen vpō me, bicause [Page] I haue ofte sinned, and gree­uously offended thee.

To me therefore confusiō and despite is due: but to thee laude, honour, and glorie.

Lorde sende mee helpe in my troubles, for mans helpe is little worthe.

How often haue I been di­sappoineted, wher I thought I should haue founde frend­ship? And how often haue I founde it, where as I leaste thought?

Wherfore it is a vain thing [Page] to truste in man: for the true truste and healthe of man is onely in thee.

Blessed be thou lorde therfore, in all thynges that hap­peneth vnto vs, for wee bee weake & vnstable, sone dece­iued▪ and sone chaunged frō one thyng to an other.

O Lorde God moste righ­teous iudge, strong, and pa­ciente, whiche knoweste the frailtie, and malice of man, be thou my whole strengthe and cōfort in all necessities: [Page] for myne owne conscience (Lorde) sufficeth not.

Wherefore, to thy mer­cie I dooe appeale, seyng no man maie be iustified, ne ap­peare righteous in thy sight, if thou examine hym after thy iustice.

O blessed mantion of thy heauenly citie, O moste cle­rest daie of eternitie, whom the night maie neuer darkē.

This is the daie alwaie cleare and mearie, alwaie sure, and neuer chaungyng [Page] his state.

Would too God this daie mighte shortly appeare, and shine vpon vs, and that this worldly phantasies were at an ende.

This daie shineth cleare­ly to thy Sainctes in heauen with euerlastynge brighte­nesse, but to vs pilgrimes in yearth, it shineth obscurely, and as through a mirrour or glasse.

The heauenlie Citezeins knowe how ioyous this daie [Page] is: but we outlawes, the children of Eue, wepe and waile the bitter tediousnesse of our daie, that is, of this presente life, short and euill, full of so­rowe and anguishe.

Where manne is oftenti­mes defiled with synne, en­cōbred with affliction, inqui­cted with troubles, & wrap­ped in cares; busied with va­nities, blinded with errours, ouerchanged with laboures, vexed with temptations, o­uercome with vaine delites and [Page] pleasures of the worlde, and greuouslie tormented with penurie and neede.

O, whē shall the'nde come of all these miseries?

When shall I bee clearely deliuered from the bondage of synne.

When shall I (lorde) haue onely minde on thee, & fullie be glad and merie in thee.

Whē shall I be frée with­out lettyng, and be in perfect libertie, without grief of bo­die and soule.

[Page]Whe shall I haue peace without trouble: peace with in and without: and on eue­ry side stedfast and sure?

O Lorde Iesu, when shall I stand and beholde thée: and haue full fighte and contem­plation of thy glorie?

Whē shalt thou bee to me all in all? And when shall I be with thée in thy kingdom that thou haste ordeined for thyne electe people from the beginnyng?

I am lefte here poore, and [Page] as an outlawe, in the laud of myne enemies, where daily be battailes, and greate mis­fortunes.

Comforte myne exile, as­swage my sorowe, for all my desire is to be with thee.

It is come an [...]npleasant burdē, what pleasure soeuer the worlde offreth me hore.

I desire to haue inwarde fru [...]sion in thee, but I cā not attaine thereto.

I couet to cleane faste to heauēly thynges, but world­ly [Page] affectiōs, pluck my minde do [...]neward.

I would subdue al euill af­fections; but thei daily rebell and rife against me, and will not be subiect vnto my spirit

Thus I wretched creature fight in my self, and am grée­uous to my selfe, while my spirite desireth te be vpward and contrary my fleshe dra­weth me dounward.

O, what suffer I inward­ly? I go about to mynde hea­uenly thynges, and straight [Page] a greate rable of worldelie thoughts rush into my soule.

Therefore, Lorde, bée not longe awaie, ne departe not in thy wrathe from me.

Sende me the light of thy grace, destroie in me all car­nall desires.

Sende forth the hotte fla­mes of thy loue, to burne and consume the cloudie phanta­sies of my mynde.

Gather, O Lorde, my wit­tes & the powers of my soule together in thee, and make [Page] me to despise al worldly thinges, and by thy grace strong­ly to resist and ouercome all motions & occasions of sinne.

Help me, thou euerlasting truthe, that no worldly gile nor vanitie hereafter, haue power to deceiue me.

Come also, thou heauenlie swéetenes, and let all bitter­nes of sinne flée farre frō me.

Pardō me, and forgiue me as ofte as in my praier, my mynde is not surely fixed on thee.

[Page]For many tymes I am not there, where I stande, or sitte: But rather there, whi­ther my thoughtes cary me.

For there I am, where my thoughtes bee, and there as customablie is my thought, there is that, that I loue.

And that oftentimes com­meth into my minde, that by custome pleaseth me beste, and that deliteth me moste to thinke vpon.

Accordyngly as thou doest saie in thy Gospell: where as [Page] a mannes treasure is, there is his harte.

Wherefore if I loue hea­uen, I speake gladly thereof, and of suche thinges as be of God, and of that, that apper­taineth to his honor, & to the glorifiyng of his holie name.

And if I loue the worlde, I loue to talke of worldly thin­ges & I ioye anone in world­ly felicitie, and sorrowe and lamēt soone for worldlie ad­uersitie.

If I loue the fleshe, I ima­gine [Page] oftentymes that, that pleaseth the fleshe.

If I loue my soule, I de­lite muche to speake, and to beare of thynges, that be for my foule healthe.

And whatsoeuer I loue, of that I gladly heare, & speake and beare the Images of thē still in my mynde.

Blessed is that man, that for the loue of the Lorde, set­teth not by the pleasures of this worlde, & learneth tru­ly to ouercome hym self, and [Page] with the fauour of the spirit, crucifieth his fleshe, so that in a cleane and a pure consci­ence, he maie offer his prai­ers to thee, and bee accepted to haue company of thy bles­sed Angels, al yearthly thin­ges excluded from his harte.

Lorde, and holie father, be thou blessed now & euer: for as thou wilte, so is it dooen, and that thou dooest, is al­waie beste.

Lette me thy humble and vnworthie seruaunte, ioye [Page] onely in thee, and not in my self, ne in any thyng els be­side thee.

For thou Lorde, arte my gladnes, my hope, my croun and all my honour.

What hath thy seruaunt, but that he hath of thee, and that without his deserte?

All thynges be thine, thou hast created and made them.

I am poore, and haue been in trouble and pain, euer frō my youth, and my soule hath been in greate heauines tho­rowe [Page] manifolde passiōs, that come of the worlde, and of the fleshe.

Wherefore, Lorde, I de­sire that I maie haue of thée, the ioye of inwarde peace.

I aske of thee, to come to that rest, whiche is ordeined for thy chosen children, that be v [...]ed and nourished with the light of heauenly comfor­tes: for without thy helpe, I ca [...] not come to thee.

Lorde giue me peace, giue me inward ioy, and then my [Page] soule shalbe full of heauenly melody, and be deuoute, and feruente in thy laudes and praisynges.

But if thou withdraw thy self from me (as thou haste sometyme dooen) then maie not thy seruaunte runne the waie of thy commaundemē ­tes, as I did befor [...].

For it is now with me, as it was, when the Lanterne of thy ghostlie presence, did shine vpon my heade, and I was defended vnder the sha­dowe [Page] of thy winges from all perilles and daungers.

O mercifull Lorde Iesu, euer to be praised, the time is come, that thou wilte proue thy seruaunte, and rightfull is it, that I shall now suffer somewhat for thee.

Now is the howre come, that thou hast knowen from the beginnyng, that thy ser­uaunt for a time should out­wardly be set at naught, and inwardly to leane to thee.

And that he should bée des­pised [Page] in the fight of ye world, and be broken with afflictiō that he may after arise with thee in a newe light, and bee clarified, and made glorious in the kyngdome of heauen.

O holy father, thou hast or­deined it so to bee, and it is doen as thou hast cōmaūded.

This is thy grace (o lorde) to thy freinde, to suffer hym to be troubled in this worlde for thy loue, how oftē soeuer it be, and of what persone so euer it bée, and in what ma­ner [Page] so euer thou wilt suffer it to fall vnto him: for without thy wil or sufferaunce, what thing is doen vpō the earth?

It is good to me (O lorde) that thou hast mekened me, that I maie thereby learne to knowe thy righteous iud­gementes, and to put from me all maner of presumptiō and statelinesse of harte.

It is very profitable for me that confusion hath couered my face, that I maie learne therby rather to seke to thee [Page] for help & succor, then to mā.

I haue thereby learned to dread thy secret and terrible iudgementes, whiche scour­geste the righteous with the synner, but not without e­quitie and iustice.

Lorde, I yelde thankes to thee, that thou haste not spa­red my synnes, but haste pu­nished me with scrourges of loue, and hast sent me afflic­tiō and anguishes within and without.

No creature vnder heauē [Page] maie comforte me, but thou (Lorde GOD) the heauenly leache of mans soule, which strikeste and healest, whiche bryngest a manne nigh vnto death, & after restorest hym to life againe, that he maie therby learne to knowe his owne weakenesse and imbe­silitie, and the more fullie to trust in thee (Lorde.)

Thy discipline is laied vp­pon me, and thy rodde of cor­rection hath taughte me, and vnder that rod I wholie sub­mit [Page] me.

Strike my backe and my bones, as shall please thee, and make me to bowe my croked will, vnto thy will.

Make me a meeke and an humble disciple, as thou hast somtime doen with me, that I maie walke after thy wil.

To thee I commit my self to bee corrected: for better it is to bee corrected by thee here, then in tyme to [...]ome.

Thou knowest all thyn­ges, and nothyng is hid from [Page] thee, that is in mannes con­science.

Thou knoweste all thyn­ges to come before thei fall, and it is not nedefull, that a­ny man teach thee, or warne thée of any thing that is doen vpon the yearth.

Thou knowest what is pro­fitable for me, & how muche tribulatiōs helpen to purge awaie ye rust of synne in me.

Do with me after thy plea­sure, I am a sinfull wretche, to none so well knowen as [Page] to thee.

Graunt me (lorde) that to knowe, that is necessarie to be knowen: that to loue, that is to bee loued: that to desire, that pleaseth thée: that to re­garde, that is precious in thy sight: and that to refuse, that is vile before thee.

Suffer me not to iudge thy misteries after my outward sences, ne to giue sentence after the hearing of the igno­rante, but by true iudgemēt to discerne thynges spiritu­all: [Page] and aboue all thinges, al­waie to searche, and followe thy will and pleasure.

O Lorde Iesu, thou art all my richesse, & all that I haue I haue it of thee.

But what am I (lord) that I dare speake to thee? I am thy poore creature, & a worm moste abiecte.

Beholde Lorde, I haue nought, and of my self I am nought worth, thou art one­ly God, righteous and holie, thou ordereste all thynges, [Page] thou giuest all thynges, and thou fulfilleste all thynges with goodnesse.

I am a synner, barren and voide of godlie bertue.

Remember thy mercies, and fill my harte with plen­tie of thy grace, for thou wilt not that thy woorkes in me, should be in vaine.

How maie I beare the mi­serie of this life, excepte thy grace & mercy do cōfort me?

Tourne not thy face from me, deferre not the visityng [Page] of me, ne withdrawe not thy comfortes, least happely my soule be made as drie yearth without the water of grace.

Teache me lore to fulfill thy will, to liue mekely, and worthelie before thee, for thou art all my wisedom and cunnyng, thou arte he that knoweste me as I am, that knowest me before ye world was made, and before I was borne, or broughte into this life to thee (O Lorde) bee ho­nour, glorie, and praise for e­uer [Page] and euer. Amen.

Laus deo in aeternum. Amen.

¶A deuoute praier to bee saied daiely.

O Almightie and eternall God, which vouchsauest that we as it were heauenly children, should euery one of vs call thee our heauenly fa­ther: Graunt that emong vs be purenesse, and example of i [...]nocent life, thy moste holy name may be sanctified, that all other nations, beholdyng [Page] our goodnesse and vertuous deedes, that thou workest in vs, maie bee stirred to hal­lowe, and glorifie thee.

Graunt (O lorde) that the kyngdome of thy grare and mercy, maie reigne continu­ally in our hartes, so that we maie he worthie to be parta­kers of the realme of glorie and maiestie.

Graunt that vnto the ve­ry death, we refuse not to fo­lowe thy deuine will, & that wée, accordyng to the exam­ple [Page] of the celestiall citezens, agreyng together quietly v­nited in spirit, all controuer­sie in opinions laied aparte, the lustes of the fleshe beyng subdued, and the flatteryng assaultes of the worlde and the Deuill ouercome, neuer wrastell againste thy moste holie will, but obeye it in all thynges. Graunt (O Lorde) for our bodie néedefull suste­naunce, that wee maie the more fréely serue thee. Giue vs, we beseche thee (O mer­cifull [Page] father) that heauenlie bread, the bodie of thy sonne Iesu Christ, the verie foode & health of our soules: giue vs the breade of thy diuine pre­ceptes, that we maie truely walke, and liue after theim.

Giue vs the breade of the heauenly woorde, whiche is thy strōg buttresse, and sure defēce of our soules, that we beyng well fedde, and filled with this foode, may worthi­ly come to the celestial feast where as is no hūger. Graūt [Page] (O lorde) that wée paciently beare, & suffer our enemies, and suche as hurte vs, and willyngly to forgiue the of­fences cōmitted against vs, that so wee maie finde thee lord in forgiuing vs our tres­passes, milde and mercifull.

Graunt O lorde, that we be not vtterly ledde into tēpta­tion, that thereby we should be loste: but in all perilles of temptation, and in the mid­des of the stormy tempestes and tribulations, let vs thy [Page] children, perceiue and feele thy fatherly succoure, readie to helpe vs, least that we (o­uercome with the naughtie craftes, and deceiptes of the temptour) should be drawen into euerlastyng destructiō: but when we be well assaied approued, and pourged with the fire of temptation, then let vs finishe our course, and so well and valiauntly fight, that we maie for euermore, liue with thee in that hea­uenly citie, where & against [Page] thee, whiche no maner tem­ptation can preuaile. Final­ly, graunte moste mercifull father, that we, through thy benigne goodnesse, maie bee deliuered from all euils pre­sente, and to come, bothe of bodie and soule, and that at the last, the yoke of the foule feinde beyng shaken of, wee maie possesse the heritage of the heauenlye Kyngdome, whiche thy soonne, with his precious bloud bought for vs thy children: and there for e­uer [Page] to haue the fruitiō of ce­lestiall delectations, accom­panied with Angells, & bles­sed sainctes, through the help benignitie, and grace of our sauiour Iesu Christ, to whō, and to thee our father, and to the holie ghost, be glorie and honor, now and euer. Amen.

¶An other praier.

O Heauenly father, God almightie, I praie and beseche thy mercie, benign­ly so beholde me thy vnwor­thy [Page] seruaunt, that I maie by gifte of thy holie spirite, fer­uently desire thy kyngdom, that I maie knowe thy will, and worke thereafter. Giue me O lorde, wisedom. Make me constaunte, pacient, and strong in thée. Kepe me lord, from the sleightie inuasiō of the old wilie serpēt. Defende me from the counsailes, and cursynges of euill tongues: let thy mightie arme bée my shield againste all the mali­gnitie of this wicked world. [Page] Remember not (O Lorde) myne offences: instruct, pre­pare me to repent, to be sory for my synnes.

Make me to loue Iustice, and hate wrong, to doe good and abstain from all euilles: that I maie be worthie to be called thy childe.

To thee be honor and glo­rie, for euer and euer. Amē.

¶A deuoute praier.

LOrde, harken to my wor­des, consider the thought [Page] of mine harte. Beholde, hold loude I crie vnto thee? Let my iuste praier enter into thyne eares, whiche vnfai­nedly cometh fro mine hart. Heare me Lorde: for I am poore, and destitute of man­nes helpe. Take care for my soule: saue me thy seruaunte whiche wholie trust in thee, haue mercie vpō me (o lord) for I wil neuer cease criyng to thee for help. For thou art milde, and more mercifull then any tong cā expresse, as [Page] often as aduersitie assaileth me, I will crie and call for helpe vnto thée: I will cal v­pō thee in the daie tyme: and in the night my crie shal not bee hidde from thee, O thou God of the heauens, & maker of the waters, and lorde of al creatures, heare me a poore sinner callyng vpō thée, & puttyng my whole truste in thy mercie. Haue mercie vpō me for thy manifolde mercies sake forgiue me al mine offences. Amen.

¶The Letanie.

O God the father of heauē, haue mer­cie vpon vs mise­rable synners.

O God the father of heauen. &c.

O God the soonne redemer of the worlde, haue mercie v­pon vs miserable synners.

O God the sonne redemer. &c.

O God the holy ghost, proce­ding from the father and the soonne, haue mercie vpon vs miserable synners.

O God the holie ghost, &c.

[Page]O holie, blessed, and glorious trinitie, three persones and one God, haue mercie vpon vs miserable synners.

O holie, blessed, and glori. &c.

Remember not Lorde our offences, nor the offences of our forefathers, nether take thou vengeaunce of our syn­nes, spare vs good lorde, spare thy people, whom thou haste redemed with thy most pre­cious bloud, and bee not an­grie with vs for euer.

Spare vs good Lorde.

[Page]From all euill and mischief, from synne, from the craftes and assaultes of the Deuill, from thy wrathe, and from euerlastyng dampnation.

Good Lorde deliuer vs.

From blindnesse of hart, frō pride, vainglorie, and hypo­crisie, frō enuie, hatered, and malice, & al vncharitablenes.

Good Lorde deliuer vs.

From fornication, and all o­ther deadly synne: and from al the deceiptes of the world the fleshe, and the deuill.

[Page] Good Lorde deliuer vs.

From lightninges and tem­pestes, frō plague, pestilence and famine, frō battaile and murther, & frō sodain death.

Good Lorde deliuer vs.

From all sedition, and priuie conspiracie, from all false do­ctrine, and heresie, frō harde­nesse of harte, and contempt of thy woorde, and commaū ­dement.

G [...]od Lorde deliuer vs.

By the misterie of thy holie incarnation, by thy holie na­tiuitie [Page] and Circumcision, by thy Baptisme, Fastyng, and temptation.

Good Lorde deliuer vs.

By thyne agonie, and blou­die sweate, by thy crosse, and passiō, by thy precious death, and buriall, by thy glorious resurrection, and ascention, and by the commyng of the holie ghoste.

Good Lorde deliuer vs.

In all tyme of our tribulati­on, in all tyme of our wealth in the houre of death, and in [...] [Page] daie of iudgement.

Good Lorde deliuer vs.

We synners doe besech thée to heare vs (O Lorde God) and that it maie please thee to rule and gouerne thy holy Churche vniuersally in the right waie.

We beseche thee to heare vs. &c.

That it maie please thee, to kéepe and strēgth in the true worshippyng of thée, in righ­teousnesse, and holinesse of life, thy seruaunt Elizabeth our moste gracious Queene [Page] and gouernour.

We beseche thee to heare vs. &c.

That it maie please thee, to rule her harte in thy faithe, feare and loue, and that she maie alwaies haue affiaunce in thée, and euer seke thy ho­nour and glorie.

We beseche thee to heare vs &c.

That it maie please thee to be her defender, and keeper, giuyng her the victorie ouer all her enemies.

We beseche thee to heare vs. &c.

That it maie please thee, to [Page] illuminate all Bishooppes, Pastours, and Ministers of the church, with true know­ledge, and vnderstandyng of thy worde, and that bothe by their preachyng and liuyng, thei maie sette it forthe, and shewe it accordyngly.

We beseche thee to heare vs. &c.

That it maie please thee, to indue the lordes of the coun­saile, & all the nobilitie, with grace, wisedome, and vnder­standyng.

We beseche thee to heare vs. &c.

[Page]That it maie please thee, to blesse and keepe the Magi­strates, giuyng theim grace to execute iustice, & to main­taine truche.

We bes [...]che thee to heare vs. &c.

That it maie please thee, to blesse, & kepe all thy people.

We beseche thee to heare vs. &c.

That it maie please thee, to giue al nations, vnitie, peace and concorde.

We beseche thee to heare vs. &c.

That it maie please thee, to giue vs an harte, to loue and [Page] dread thee, and diligently to liue after thy commaunde­mentes.

We beseche thee to heare vs. &c.

That it maie please thee, to giue all thy people increase of grace, to heare meekely thy woorde, and to receiue it with pure affection, and to bryng foorthe the fruictes of the spirite.

We beseche thee to heare vs. &c.

That it maie please thee, to bryng into the waie of truth, all suche as haue erred, and [Page] be disceiued.

We beseche thee to heare vs. &c.

That it maie please thee, to strengthē suche as doe stand, and to comfort, and help the weake harted, and to raise vp them that fall, and finally to beate doune Sathan vn­der our feete.

We beseche thee to heare vs. &c.

That it maie please thee, to succour, helpe, and comforte all that be in daunger, neces­sitie, and tribulation.

We beseche thee to heare vs. &c.

[Page]That it maie please thee, to preserue all that trauaile by lande, or by water, all womē labouryng of childe, all sicke persones, and yong children, and to shewe thy pitie vpon all prisoners and captiues.

We beseche thee to heare vs. &c.

That it maie please thee, to defende, and prouide for the fatherlesse children, and wi­dowes, and all that bee deso­late and oppressed.

We beseche thee to heare vs. &c.

That it maie please thee, to [Page] haue mercie vpon all men.

We beseche thee to heare vs &c.

That it maie please thee, to forgiue our enemies, perse­cutours, and slaūderers, and to tourne their hartes.

We beseche thee to heare vs, &c.

That it maie please thee, to giue and preserue to our vse, the kyndelie fruictes of the yearth, so as in due tyme we maie enioye them.

We beseche thee to heare vs &c.

That it maie please thee, to giue vs true repentaunce, to [Page] forgiue vs all our sinnes, ne­gligences, and ignorances: & to indue vs with the grace of thy holie spirite, to amende our liues, accordyng to thy holie worde.

We beseche thee to heare vs. &c.

Soonne of God: wee beseche thee to heare vs.

Sonne of God: we beseche thee to heare vs.

O lambe of God, that takest awaie ye sinnes of the world.

Graunt vs thy peace.

O lambe of God: that takest awaie ye sinnes of the world.

[Page]Haue mercie vpon vs.

O Christ heare vs.

O Christ heare vs.

Lorde haue mercie vpon vs.

Lorde haue mercie vpon vs.

Christ haue mercie vpon vs.

Christ haue mercie vpon vs.

Lorde haue mercie vpon vs.

Lorde haue mercie vpon vs.

Our father whiche art in. &c.

And leade vs not into temp­tation.

But deliuer vs from euill. Amen.

The versicle.

O Lorde, deale not with vs after our synnes.

[Page] The aunswere.

Neither rewarde vs after our iniquities.

Let vs praie,

O God mercifull Father, that despiseste not the sighyng of a cōtrite hart, nor the desire of suche as bee so­rowful mercifully assist our praiers that wee make be­fore thee, in all our troubles, and aduersities, whē soeuer thei appresse vs, & gracious­ly heare vs, that those euils, whiche the craft and subtiltie [Page] of the deuil, or man worketh againste vs, bee broughte to naught, & by the prouidence of thy goodnesse, thei maie be dispersed, that wee thy ser­uauntes beyng hurte by no persecutiōs, maie euermore giue thākes vnto thee in thy holie Churche, through Iesu Christ our Lorde.

O Lorde, arise, helpe vs, and deli­uer vs for thy names sake.

O God, we haue heard with our eares, & our fathers haue declared vnto vs the noble [Page] woorkes that thou diddest in their daies, and in the olde tyme before them.

O Lorde, arise, helpe vs, and deli­uer vs for thine honour.

Glory be to the father, and to the sonne, & to the holy ghost As it was in the beginnyng, is now, & euer shalbe, worlde without ende. Amen.

From our enemies defende vs, O Christe.

Graciously loke vpō our afflictiō ▪

Pitifully beholde the soro­wes of our hartes.

Mercifully forgiue the synnes of [Page] thy people.

Fauourably with mercie, heare our praiers,

O soonne of Dauid, haue mercie vpon vs.

Bothe now and euer vouch­safe to heare vs, O Christ.

Graciously heare vs, O Christ.

Graciously heare vs, O Lord christ

The versicle.

O Lorde, let thy mercie be shewed vpon vs.

The aunswere.

As we dooe put our truste in thee.

Let vs praie.

WE humbly beseche thée O father, mercifully to looke vpon our infirmities, and for the glorie of thy na­mes sake, turne from vs all those euilles that wée moste righteously haue deserued: & graunte that in all our trou­bles, we maie put our whole truste and confidence in thy mercie, and euermore serue thée in holinesse, & purenesse of liuyng, to thy honour and [Page] glorie, through oure onelie mediatour and aduocate Ie­sus Christ our lorde. Amen.

¶A praier for the Quee­nes Maiestie.

O Lorde our heauenly fa­ther, high and mightie kyng of kynges, lorde of lor­des, the onely ruler of prin­ces, whiche dooest from thy throne, beholde all the dwel­lers vpon the yearth, moste hartly we beseche thee, with thy fauor to behold our most gracious Soueraigne Ladie [Page] quéene Elizabeth, and so re­plenishe her with the grace of thy holie spirite, that she maie alwaie incline to thy will, and walke in thy way: indue her plentifullie with heauenlie giftes: graunt her in health and wealth long to liue, strengthe her that she maie vanquishe & ouercome all her enemies. And finallie after this life, she maie at­tain ouerlasting ioye and fe­licitie: through Iesus Christ our Lorde. Amen.

[Page]ALmightie and euerla­styng GOD, whiche onely workest greate marueiles, sende doune vp­pon our Bishappes and Cu­rates, and all congregations committed to their charge, the healthfull spirite of thy grace, and that thei maie truely please thee. Poure vppon theim the continuall dewe of thy blessyng, graunt this, O Lorde for the honour of our aduocate and media­tour Iesus Christe. Amen.

A praier of Chrisostome,

ALmightie God, whiche hast giuen vs grace at this tyme with one accorde, to make our common suppli­cations vnto thee, and doest pramise, that when twoo or three bee gathered together in thy name; thou wilt graūt their requestes, fulfill now, O Lorde, the desires, and pe­titions of thy seruauntes, as maie be moste expedient for theim, grauntyng vs in this worlde, knowledge of thy [Page] truthe, and in the worlde to come, life euerlastyng, Amē.

ii Corinth. xiii.

THe grace of our lorde Ie­sus Christe, and the loue of God, and the felowship of the holie ghoste, bee with vs all euermore. Amen.

¶In the tyme of any common plague or sickenesse.

O Almightie God, which in thy wrathe, in the tyme of kyng Dauid, diddest slea with the plague of Pe­stilence, three score and ten [Page] thousande, and yet remem­bryng thy mercie, didst saue the reste: haue pitie vpon vs miserable sinners, that now are visited with greate sick­nesse, and mortalitie, that like as thou diddest then cō ­maunde thyne Aungell too cease from punishyng: So it maie please thee too with­drawe from vs this plague, and greuous sicknesse: Throughe Iesus Christe our Lorde. Amen.

[Page]O GOD, whose nature and propertie is euer to haue mercie, and to forgiue, receiue our humble petitions, and though we bée tied, and bounde with the chaine of our synnes: yet let the pitifulnesse of thy greate mercie looce vs, for the ho­nour of Iesus Christes sake our mediatour and aduocate. Amen.


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