The Worst is past. OR,

A merry new Song that lately was pend,
VVhich when these things alter, the times will amend:
It's merry and harmlesse, free from all distaste,
Vnd when these changes come, the worst is past.
To a pleasant new Tune.

MY masters all give [...]are awhile
Ile do the best to make you smile,
Hoping to give no man distaste,
But tell them when the worst is past.
And therefore now to please you all,
To pen and inke I did befall,
And casting up my summe at last,
I told them how the worst is past.
When Merchants they leave over-buying,
And Lawyers some give over lying,
And all Precistans are grown chast,
Why then I hope, &c,
When I and lords do leave taking rent,
And with good words will be content,
And m [...]ters turn good fellows in haste,
When then I think, &c.
When Turnbull-stréet has no' [...]e a whore,
And th [...]nse their stealing trade give ore,
And wanton wenches all live chaste,
Why then I hope, &c.
When higw-way robbers will refuse
To take a purse, knowing what ensues,
And recantation make in haste,
Why then I think, &c.
When all will live by honest means,
Hating dice, cards, and cozening quean,
And all eschew ill wayes in haste,
Why then I hope, &c.
Now Sea-men are brave fellows all,
They'l drink the strong and leave the smal
And then the reckonings paid at last,
Why then I hope, &c.
When northern cloth gives over shrinking
And all good fellows leave off drinking,
And Brewers all have brewd their last,
Why then I hope, &c.
When Parit [...]rs will take no fée,
And fo with fo will all agrée,
And spend no coyne in Law at waste,
Why then I hope, &c.
When Tapsters will not thrive by froth
And to score two for one are loth,
And all old scores are paid in haste,
Why then I think the worst is past.
Thus wishing all may mend space,
Let all are ill turn from the race,
And learn with spéed to mend in haste,
And then w'are sure the worst is past.

The second part

to the same tune.
VVHen Tailors will not use a bell,
And travellers no lies will tell,
And all's that spoke, prove true at last,
Why then I think the worst is past.
When some inquirers after news,
Whose eares do itch for what ensues,
Will be content to know at last,
Why then I think the worst is past.
When Knights o'th post will swear no lie.
And truth is known from flattery.
Then néed no Pillories up be plac't,
For then I think, &c.
When as Ioan slattern cleanly growes,
Doth cut her nails, and pare her toes,
And will turn cleanly at the last,
Why then I think the worst is past,
When Prodigals will save their coyne,
And will at once but two pence joyne,
And crosse the Mercers book in haste,
Why then I think, &c.
When Gossips to no feast will range,
Nor some like to the Moon still change,
Their t [...]lling tales will all lie waste,
And then I think. &c.
And when new fashions are not used,
And in some trades truth's not abused,
Then we shall sée good dayes at last,
And surely think, &c.
When Gallants in their drink not [...]
And all poor men are frée from care,
And spend not all in lustfull waste,
Why then I think, &c,
When théeves leave off their stealing [...]
And Cheats to rook men are afraid,
And are inclinde to good at last,
Why then I think the worst is past
When Brokers will refuse a pawn,
And Parasites will leave to fawn,
And Bank [...]routs pay all men in hast [...]
VVhy then I hope, &c.
When horse couriers will leave to [...]
And theev [...]s to Newgate none rep [...]ir [...],
And D [...]ctor Stories Cap stands wast [...]
Why then I think &c.
VVhen Mistris midnight-walker [...]
Turn from her courses [...]
And rou [...]e no more unto [...] waste,
VVhy then I think, &c.
And thus for to conclude in haste,
Hoping none vertuous in distaste,
VVhen all our reckonings paid at last,
VVhy then I hope the worst is past.

LONDON, Printed for Richard Harper in Smithfi [...]

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