An A. B. C. FOR LAYE­men, othervvise called, the Lay-mans Letters. AN ALPHABET for Lay-men, deliuering vnto them such Lessons as the holy Ghost teacheth them in the worde, by thinges sensible, very ne­cessary to be diligently considered.

AT LONDON; Printed by Robert VValde­graue for Thomas Man, and Wil­liam Brome. 1585.

TO THE RIGHT Honorable, his very good Lord, Syr William Cicill, Baron of Burgley, Lord high Treasurer of England, &c. And to his honou­rable Patrone, Syr VVALTER MILDMAY, Knight, Chauncellour of her Maiesties Exchequer, GEORGE VVITHER vvisheth Grace and peace, vvith all heauenly blessings, from the father of our Lord Ie­sus Christ.

IT is an vsuall manner (right honourable) for all those that goe about to publish any work or writing of theirs, to dedi­cate it to some one or other, eyther to be a Testimony to the World, of their mutuall loue and friend­shippe, or else to witnesse their dutifulnesse or thankfulnes for benefites receyued, or else that vnder the protection, defence and fauour of authority, their works may the better pass [...] and be the safelier guarded and defended a­gainst all busie reprehenders. Wherefore vn­willing to break the receiued custome, & loo­king amongst the Honourable, to when for [Page] benefites I am bounde: As I confesse that a­mongest them I haue founde many and great welwillers, so to you two, whome my estate hath compelled to trouble and vse moste, for your constant good will and continued fa­uour shewed and benefites bestowed, I am aboue all others most bounden, and there­fore as a thankfull remembrance haue dedi­cated this simple sily labor vnto your honors. God in these our days, hath raised vp a num­ber of worthy, learned carefull men for the Church of [...]od, whereof some bestowe them­selues wholy in teaching of their flockes; o­thers for the more generall benefite of the Church, spend part of their time & paines in writing. Of the latter sort, some translate into our tongue the learned works of other, some set out learned Sermons, Catechismes and o­ther treatises for the admonition & instructi­on of the people: some shew their learning in mightily refuting and confounding the com­mon aduersaries: Yet amongest them all, one thing I see wanting. For where I see that God hath giuen vnto men two manner of Instruc­tions and teachings: one by his word, another by his creatures, and for to help our dulnesse [...]o learne by his creatures, hath by his Spirite in his holy Worde, giuen a meruellous num­ber of Lessons drawne from thinges sensible. In the former manner of teaching, God hath blesse vs (in comparison of our Fathers a­boundantly) [Page] But in the latter I haue not seene any man of our time, that of purpose hath ta­ken paynes. Which want no doubt is some cause, that (by these outwarde thinges, which God hath appointed to bee so many helpes not onely for the present necessities of this life but also to Heauen) Men, ignoraunt of the good Lessons which the Holy Ghoste giueth by them, for want of further and dee­per consideration, are detayned vppon earth, and drowned in earthly thinges, and doe not possesse but are possessed of their possessi­ons. Wherefore in some little part to sup­plye that wante, but cheefelye to giue to o­thers of greater learning and giftes, occasi­on to bestowe this way some part of their leasure: I haue collected into the order of an Alphabet these fewe Lessons giuen by the spirite of God: Wherein, as I haue cheefely respected the benefite of the ruder sorte, so to accommodate my selfe vnto them, I haue endeuored with playnesse asmuch breuitye and shortnesse as I possibly could, and there­in for the moste part, I haue deliuered the very wordes of the Holy Ghoste, worde for worde: And wheresoeuer I haue gone a little from them, yet there the very wordes giue manifest occasion of the collection. Which, that it may of all men the better and with lesse payne bee seene and viewed, I haue in the Margent noted not onely euery Chapi­ter, [Page] but also euery verse whence I haue ga­thered the note set downe. If then any may be occasioned by meane hereof, by the sight and vsing of earthly blessings, to lift vp their minds to heauenly contemplation, and thankfull consideration of the Power, Wisedome, and goodnesse of God; then haue I my de­sire, and that which I onely seeke for. Thus I commit your Honours to the protection of Almighty God, whoeuer preserue both you and yours.

An Alphabet for laymen, deliuering vnto them such lessons as the holye Ghost tea­cheth them in the worde, by thinges sensible.


WHen God blesseth vs with Abundaunce, Deutr. 10.14. then are wee to call to minde whose gift and liberali­tie it is:Psalm. 24.1 namely, that the earth is the Lordes, and all that there­in is, and that manifold are his workes, all which hee hath in wisedome made, and the earth is full of his riches.Psal. 104.24 28. Hee gyueth it to men and they gather it, he openeth his hand, and they are filled with good thinges. Yet not­withstanding they must beware of couetousnes. For though they haue Abundance, yet their life standeth not therein.Luke. 12.15 But they must remember that they which be rich in this worlde, are char­ged to be readie to giue and glad to distribute. For if they haue this worldes good,1. Tim. 6.18 and see their [Page 2] brother haue need, and shut vp their compassion from him,1. Iohn. 1.5. the loue of God dwelleth not in them. And then shall this iudgement light vpon them, that as their goods increase: so shal they increase that eat them, and no good shall come to the ow­ners, but the beholding of it with their eyes, and they shall beget Sonnes,Eccles. 5.10. & 13. and in their hands shal be nothing els, though they haue riches, treasures and honour, and want nothing of all that their heart desireth,Ecclesi. 6.2. yet they shall not haue power to eate thereof, but straungers shall eat it vp.


BEcause wicked men are impudent and stif-headded, and also in great number and coun­tenaunce, therefore God promiseth his assistance to his Ministers, and to giue them boldnesse and constancie in their calling,Ezech. 3.9. and to make their foreheades as hard as the Adamant, so that they shall not feare the great lookes of them that re­bell against God.


THE Adder expresseth the nature of obsti­nate wicked men. For as he is by nature enclined and desirous to sting and to hurt with his poyson whomsoeuer he may:Psal. 58.4.5. so all their coun­sels tend to the increase of wickednesse and mis­chiefe. And as this euill in the nature of an Ad­der can by no meanes be redressed, no not by en­chauntment, [Page 3] for he stoppeth his eares against the charmer. So there is no hope of the conuersion of these obstinate wicked ones, who stubbornely refuse to here all wholesome doctrine and good counsell that proceedeth out of the Word, wher­of we haue example in the counsell that stoned Steuen,Actes. 7. [...]7. for they stopped their eares. And in the Papists amongest vs, who will not come into those places, where the Word is read and prea­ched.


TO liue long is a blessing giuen of God, to them that duely and dutifully honour their Parents.Exod 20.12. 2. Kin. 22.20 But sometime God taketh them away sooner for their benefit. For Age is not to be glo­ried in, but when it is found in the way of righ­teousnesse, we must honour the aged,Prou. 16.32. and rise vp before the hoare head.Leuit. 19.32 The children that forgat this dutie, God shewed heauie iudgements vpon them,2. Kin. 2.23.24. by causing wild beares out of the wood to teare them in peeces, Gods arme is not shortned, his hand is stretched out still. Therfore we must not rashely rebuke an old man,1. Tim. 5.5. but beseech him as a Father. And further we must take heed how we forsake the counsell of olde men,1. Kin. 12.13 14. who by rea­son of their long experience know much, and be­take our selues to the counsell of young men, which for the more part is more bold then wise.


AMbition is a dangerous euil, it doth not on­ly ouertake ye wicked, but it often creepeth into the Godly,Math. 18.1.20. verse, 24. and daungerously infecteth them, so that Christ him selfe diuers times findeth his owne Apostles deeply touched with it, till men reforme this vice, and bee as free from it as litle infants,18. verse. 3. they can not enter into the kingdome of heauen. Nay they can not beleeue so long as they are greedy to be honoured of men,Iohn. 5.44. and seeke not for the honour that commeth from God alone. Let them thinke of this,Genes. 3.5 that hunt after honour and dignitie, and marke from Caine foreward, what mischiefes this wrought in wicked men. It was the cause of the fall of Adam.11. verse 4. It caused men to giue the attempt to builde the Towre of Babell. It caused Chore, Dathan, and Abiron, and the rest to rebell against Moses and Aaron.Num. 16.3. It made Haman thinke all his honour riches and estimation nothing,Ester. 3.6. as long as Mardocheus who would not serue his ambitious affection) liued, and such like.


APpels made of Gold, and beautifull pictures framed of siluer, are neither so precious nor so comely,Proue. 25.11 as a worde spoken and vttered in due tyme and place.


GIue Almesse, sell that which you haue and giue Almesse, Luke. 11.41.12. verse 33.16. vers. 9. make you bagges which waxe not old, a treasure which can not fayle in heauen: make you friendes of the riches of iniquitie, that when you want, they may receiue you into euer­lasting habitation. What a man soweth, that shal he reape.Galathi. 6.7. 2. Corin. 9.6 He that soweth sparingly shall reape sparingly. Our Almesse if it be franckly besto­wed is a sacrifice of sweete sauour,Philip. 4.18 and pleaseth God very well, but yet we must doe our Almesse secreatly,Heb. 13.16 Math. 6.2. least we hunt for the praise of men by doing it openly, and so shew our selues to be Hi­pocrites.


WHen we be prouoked to Anger, or see o­ther angrye, then let vs thinke that he which is slow to Anger is better then the mighty man,Prou. 16.32 and he that ruleth his owne minde, is bet­ter th [...]n he that winneth a Citie,14. ver. 17. and that he that is hasty to anger committeth not onely folly, but also in the iudgement of GOD is a murderer.Math. 5.22 Wherefore let vs learne so to be angrye that we sinne not.Psalm. 4.4 And when we deale with hotte and ha­stie men, let vs abstaine from grieuous wordes, for they stirre vp Anger, Prou. 15.1. and rather vse soft and milde aunsweares, for they put awaye wrath. Further, an angrye man stirreth vppe strife, [Page 6] which he that is slow to wrath appeaseth, aboue all take heed of angring the Prince.Ibidem 18.


BY our first creation we were not subiect to the iniuries of the weather, neither yet had wee any thing to bee ashamed of, or that wee neede to hide.Genes. 2.25 Therefore afore Adams transgres­sion he ware no apparell. The putting on & off & shifting of our garmentes should cause vs to re­member out of what felicity we fell, and therfore shoulde not encrease, but rather represse pride.

Genes. 3.21.The first garmentes that Adam and Eue did wear, God made and put on, which was to them and their posteritie a signe and seale of Gods goodnesse, that hee woulde not deale with them according to their deserts, considering that when they had moste greeuously offended, then hee most gratiously prouided for their necessity.

Psal. 102.25.26 Hebr. 1.12As our clothes when they waxe old, we change them: So heauen and earth and all that is in them shall be chaunged.

Math. 9.16An olde rotten tottered garment, cannot bee comely peeced with new, whole, and sound cloth: so they that plant and place their righteousnes in fasting and other externall exercises, can not ad­mit that righteousnesse that commeth onely and wholly by Christ.

Soft silkes and other ruffeling brauery in ap­parell,Math. 11.8 very often bewrayeth climing spirits, and [Page 7] therefore are ordinarily to bee founde in kinges Courts.

When wee see men by apparell or such other outwarde meanes, hunt after the estimation of men, then let vs call to minde what Christ spake in like case of the Pharisies:Math. 23.5 namely that they doe all their works for to be seene of men.

We are to bee contented and to satisfie our selues,1 Tim. 6.8 if God giue vs meate for our bellies, and clothes for our backes.

Finally, Saint Peter teacheth vs not to beau­tify and deck our selues with gay apparell and costly Iewels,1 Pet. 3.3.4 But with the incorruption of the heart, and meekenesse and quietnesse of spirit.

As other men desire to be gorgeously apparel­led,2. Corin. 5.4 so the children of God desire to bee clothed with their house which is from heauen.

The prowde man doth think violence as com­ly for him,Psalme 73. [...] as a decent and a fit garment.

The garments that are layde by till they bee moth-eaten,Iames 5.3. shall witnesse against the owners of their pride and superfluity.


AN Army of men shoulde make vs remem­ber that the Lorde he is GOD of hostes, that is, that all strength and force of men is at his beck and commandement. For both it with­draweth vs from procuring the curse of God, in making flesh our arme, and also causeth vs to di­spise [Page 8] the might of men that seeke to destroy the Church and truth of God. For he hath giuen his Aungelles charge ouer the Godly, and they en­campe them selues round about them that feare him.Psalme. 27.3 91. verse 11 34. verse 7 Further, we are to remember that as the armie of heauen is innumerable, and the sand of the Sea vnmeasurable: euen so God will mul­tiply his Church.Iere. 33.22


THe sight of Armor should bring to minde, how conuenient it is for vs to put on ye Ar­mor of light,Rom. 13.12. that is such defences against sinne, as light: that is, knowledge and vnderstanding of the Word doth lead vs vnto. Further, by it we are admonished how many and great enemies we haue to do with all,Ephe. 6.13 and therefore that it is ne­cessarie to bee armed at all points with suche Armor as God in his word hath appointed vnto vs. For otherwise we can not withstande the as­saults of so mighty, so fierce, and so wily aduersa­ries. But against the might and power of our God nothing can preuaile.


BItter wordes pearce like arrowes, they are secreatly shot at the innocent, they sodainely strike him and wound him when he least thin­keth,Psal. 64.3.4 and when he imagineth no hurt towardes him.102. verse 4. But God with his Arrowes mightely shot, [Page 9] shall pay home again the guilfull and deceitfull tongue.

As Arrowes are at the commaundement of the owner to be vsed:Psalm. 127.4 So children at the commande­ment of Godly parentes. And as Arrowes are an excellent Weapon of defence to a strong and a mighty man, that can shoote them with courage: So children godly brought vp, are a speciall pro­tection and defence to their Parents. And as the strong mans quiuer, the better it is furnished with chosen shaftes, the better defence hee hath: So, the more such Children, the greater is the happinesse of the parents.


MAn, if he looke backe to his byrth, and con­sider how little wisedome, a silly new born Babe bringeth with him into the Worlde, shall see that the Asse Colt,Iob. 11.11.12 which of all other beasts [...]s counted the veriest dullard, bringeth more wit and ability to helpe him selfe then hee. So that whatsoeuer we haue, we haue it afterwards [...]y the gift and liberality of God.


WHen we see men hewe down wood with Axes, wee are to remember, that they whose ministery & seruice, God vseth to destroy to plague others, are so in ye hand of God, as the [Page 10] hatchet in the hand of the hewers or workman.Esay 10.15. As therfore on the one side we are to comfort our selues in affliction, because God is the moderator thereof: so on the other, if God vse vs against o­thers, we must take heed of pride, and of exalting our selues against him that mooueth vs. As men throw away their worne & broken tooles, so God when he hath finished his woorke,Esay. 10.12 then casteth a­way them, whom onely he vseth as instrumentes of his wrath.


THose that buy and sell, whensoeuer they looke vpon their ballances,Prouer. 11.1 are to remem­ber these admonitions of the holye Ghost: that false ballances are an abhomination vnto the Lord, and a perfect waight pleaseth him. Di­uers waightes and diuers measures, both these are abhomination vnto the Lorde,20▪ verse 10 and deceitfull ballances are not good. You shall haue iust bal [...]lances, true waightes,Leuit. 19.36 a true Ephah, and a tru [...] hin, for I am the Lord.


WHen rich men looke among their bagge [...] let them call to minde,Haggi. 16. that except th [...] seeke diligently for the kingdome of God, th [...] are like those that put their earninges into broken and bottomlesse bagge.


THe bandes of the godly, are by God tour­ned to the preferment of the Gospell.Phil. 1.12.13 Ierem. 5.5. Psalm. 2.3 When we see broken Bandes, then are we to thinke of them, who when they haue knowne the way of the Lorde, and the iudgementes of their God, yet haue broken his yoake, and burst his handes.


THe Barrennesse of a woman that after a long time childeth signifieth vnto vs,Esay. 54.1. that though Gods people be neuer so few, and the Church ne­uer so small in number, yet God will multiplye and encrease it.

Our sinnes procure and prouoke God to make our fruitfull land barren.Psal. 107.34. For when the earth de­ceiueth vs and doth not yeelde her fruit, sure it is,Esay. 24.5. because the inhabitants thereof haue trans­gressed the lawe, chaunged the ordinaunces, and broken the euerlasting couenaunt,Deut. 28.23. for then the heauen ouer vs shall be Brasse, and the earth vn­der vs Yron.


WHen we see wilde Beastes deuour that, that hath beene diligently planted and preserued,Psa. 80.12.13 and now is neglected and vnfenced. Let vs tremble and quake at the iudgementes of God againste his owne people and Church,Esay. [Page 12] who after he hath heaped all maner of benefites vpon them, [...]sa. 4.5.6. for their ingratitude and vnkindnes, giueth them ouer into the handes of those that waste and spoyle them. Also let vs be thankfull to God for his meruailous goodnesse, who when wild cruell raging beastes are abroade all night seeking their pray, [...]sal. 104.20 [...] doth so terrifie them with the light, that in the morning they retire themselues and couch in their Dennes, that the day may be commodious for man to goe to his worke and ne­cessary labour abroad.

Wild and fierce beastes are often by the indu­strie of man tamed and loose their desire to hurt: [...]sai. which when we see we are to consider, that as they are by nature, so we be glad and desirous one of anothers hurt, [...]9. ver. 25. till God worke an alteration in vs by his holy spirit and reforme vs.

[...]erem. 10.14Men, if God do not illuminate them, but leaue them to their owne knowledge, are like brute beastes.

The Teachers in the Church, if they seeke not the Lorde, he pulleth away their vnderstanding, so that they become no better then beastes.Iere.. 10.21.

When we see any Beast ouer-laden and rea­dye to sincke vnder his burden, except there be present helpe at hand to ease them, then are we to thinke what a great and grieuous burden of sinne we beare,Math. 11.28. and what daunger we stande in, of sincking into the pit of perdition, and let vs flye to Christ, who onely and alone can vnburden vs, and ease and refresh vs.

[Page 13]Beastes and Birdes maye be tamed:Iames. 3.7. but the tongue is so vnruly, that no man can tame it.

Men whome God hath aduaunced to honour and dignitie,Psa. 49.20. and yet vnderstande not how much and how greatly they are beholding to God, are no better then Beastes, whose ende is vtter de­struction.


A Banner borne in triumph, shoulde admonish Warriours,Psalm. 20.5 that in confidence of none o­ther thing but of God, they should aduaunce their standerdes.60. verse. 5 And when God by them doth giue victorie to his Church and people againste their enemyes, then let them acknowledge that God gaue them their Banner to fight vnder.

Further Gods Standerd is aduaunced, when people that know not God, are stirred vp to war vpon and destroye other wicked Nations,Esay. 13.2. 11. ver. 10.12. Iohn. 3.14. that haue beene plagues to the people of GOD. Christ is also set vp of GOD for a Standarde, not onelye for the dispersed of Israell and the scattered of Iudah to assemble to, from the foure corners of the earth,8. ver. 28.12. ver. 32 but also for all Nations to seeke to.


A Beare robed of her whelps is meeker,Pro. 17.12. & a mā may meet her with lesse danger thē an angry [Page 14] raging foole. [...]mos. 5.19. They that flye from the Lorde, are like them yt flying from lions light vpon beares.


AT the sight of the Bible we shoulde call to minde, [...]om. 14.4. that whatsoeuer is written, is writ­ten for our learning, and therefore should be stir­red vp diligently to learne those thinges which God would haue taught. And further, we must remember that the examples of Gods iudge­mentes and wrath therein contayned, are writ for vs, [...] Cor. 10.11 vppon whome the endes of the worlde are come, that we might be afrayde to prouoke God as our Fathers did.


AS the Birdes falleth not into the Snare where no Fowler is:Amos. 3.5.7 so God reuealeth not his secreates to his people but by his Prophets. Sparrowes and other small birdes taken by the Fowler and offered to be sold, should make vs cal to mind how prouident and carefull a Father we haue in heauen,Math. 10.29. whose prouidence stretcheth it selfe to the smallest thinges vppon the earth, for not one of these poore birdes are caught without the will of our heauenly Father.

When we see birdes flie to their nestes, then are we thankfully to remember to how vile,Math. 8.20 pore and base estate, our Sauiour Christ abased him­selfe, [Page 51] that he might enriche vs, seeing he had no place of his owne in the earth to rest his head in, So that in worldly respect he was worse proui­ded for then poore birdes.

Further,Math. 6.26 our preposterous care in heaping vp goodes for our selues and our posterity, is rebu­ked by the poore foules of the ayre, who notwith­standing they looke but for their present necessi­tie, yet God feedeth them.


AS a sharpe Bitte put in the Horse mouth maketh vs able to rule his whole body,Iames. 3.2.3 and compelleth him to obey vs: so he that can bridle his tongue, shall the better rule all his other af­fections.


WHen we see long continued Blindnesse and ignoraunce begunne to be taken a­way by preaching of the word,Esay. 35.5 then we are to ac­knowledge that the time of ye kingdom of Christ is come, which Esay prophecied of saying: the eyes of the blinde shall be lightned, and the eares of the deafe shal be opened.

The groping of a blind man for the wal, when he knoweth not how to come by a guide,Esay. 59.10 plainly expresseth the heauy iudgement of God vpon vs, Where are such numbers ignorant and destitute of leaders, not knowing by whom to be guided.

[Page 16]Further when we see them that take vppon them the place and state of leaders to be as blind as the best, then let vs know that the vengeaunce threatned to the Church by the Prophet Esay is come vpon vs, seeing our watch-men are blinde, and haue no knowledge,Esa. 56.16. they are dumbe dogges, they can not barke. Those that content them selues to be led by them shall perish with them. Therefore Christ counselleth vs to leaue them.Math. 15 14.


MEn that delight in blouddines, shall haue their recompence with bloud.Ezech. 35.6.

Without shedding of bloud there is no remissi­on of sinnes:Heb. 9.22.10. ver. 4. but it is impossible ye the bloud of Bulles and goats should take away sinnes: wher­fore it was necessarye that the bloud of Iesus Christ Gods own Sonne should cleanse vs from all sinne.1. Iohn. 1.7.

The stone cryeth out of the wall, the Beame out of the timber shall aunswere it,Aba 2.11.12 woe to him that buildeth a towne with bloud, and erecteth a Citie with iniquity.


THe body compacted of many members, setteth before vs the vnity that ought to be amongst all true Christians,1. Cor. 12.12 13. Ephe. 4.4 who are the misticall body of Iesus Christ. The multitude of the members of [Page 71] our body with the varietie of their vses and offi­ces,1. Cor. declareth the varietie and measure of Gods gifts diuersly distributed to the particuler mem­bers of the Church, according to the good wil of the giuer. That euery member hath need of an other, and euery office of each member is profita­ble for the whole body, teacheth, that euen so the varietie of giftes diuerslye distributed vnto the Church,Ephe. 4.7. are giuen to profit withall, and to edifie the whole body of Christ in loue.

Further, that those members which seem most vile,1. Cor. 2.25 carry a meruailous necessity with them that they cannot be spared, It admonisheth vs to be­ware of diuision, which groweth often by con­tempt of those who want the greater and more excellent giftes, and yet whome the Church can not spare.

Lastly,Roma. 15.1 as the bones beeing the stronger, beare vp the skinne and f [...]eshe which is the weaker: so we whome GOD hath endued with greater strength, should learne to bear with many infir­mities in others.

When we see any vile or loathsome body,Phil. 3.21. then let vs remember that it expresseth our present miserable estate, which notwithstanding shall be chaunged by him that is able to subdue al things to him selfe, to a glorious immortall state.


By Bond-men and bondwo-men compared with the state of those which are free, we learn the [Page 18] difference of the two Testamentes,Galat. 4.24. & so to the end of the chapter. and the free­dome that wee are called vnto by Christe, with the slauery that they remaine in which are not of the Church of God.


BArrelles newly tunned with Liquor that worketh, if they haue not vent breake,Iohn. 32.19 which sheweth how painfull a thing it is for that man to holde his peace, that loueth to speake, and is delighted to here him selfe.


LIke as a Bowe bent with an arrowe ready set in it to shotte at any thing,Psalme. 11.6 37. v 41 erse. So are the deuises of the wicked against the godly. As he whose Bowe breaketh in drawing misseth his marke▪ So the enterprices and endeauours of the wicked, euen then when they thinke to de­stroy the godly, are broken and come to naught.


WHen wee see Brandes-endes burning, which very shortly will be burnt out or quenched out, Then we are to remember that the holy ghoste compareth to them, the deuises attemptes and threatninges of wicked Kings,Esai. 74.7. when God doth not establishe and ratifie their Councells.


BRead should bring to our minde,Ioh. 6.48.51. that Christ is the Bread of life. And as Bread perishing, nourisheth vs in this life for a small time▪ so Christe the Breade that perisheth not,Iohn. 6.58. but endu­reth for euer, norisheth to euerlasting life.Ioh. 6.26, 27 Ther­fore our labour and paynes for the Breade that perisheth shoulde warne to take greater paines for the breade that came from Heauen.Ioh. 6.35.40 And as hee that will bee nourished by Breade, must eate it:Iohn. 6.55 1. Cor. 10.17 So hee that will bee benefited by Christe, must beleeue in him. Further, the pro­perties of the bread, eaten representeth vnto vs, the properties of Christes fleshe, in whome wee beleeue.

Fynally, wee are admonished what vnitie shoulde bee amongest our selues, by eating of one bread, made of many graines.


THe sight of a booke clasped, shoulde make vs feare the vengeance of God, for our vn­kinde contempt of his worde,Esa. 29.11.12 least hee leauing vnto vs the Bookes of his Lawe, yet take away our wit and vnderstanding, so that ye hauing of the bookes profite vs as much, as the looking on the backside of the booke, doth benefite them that cannot open it, or the looking of the inner [Page 20] side doth to them that cannot reade or knowe a Letter.


AS easy as it is for men when they haue fil­led Bottelles with Wine, to spoil and break them by dashing them together:Iere. So easy is it for the Lorde to fill all estates and sortes of them that dispise him with dronkennesse, And then by setting debate and dissention amongest them, vt­terly to destroy them.

As newe Wine with the strength of the wor­king thereof will breake old bottelles: so that if in them it shoulde be turned, it were but spilte and lost:Math. 9.17. so those who haue placed righteousnesse in the outward exercises of religion, can-not sa­uour, taste or receiue the Doctrine of righteous­nesse by fayth onely in Christ.

As an earthen bottell, when it is broken to pee­ces, the shardes cannot be set together agayne: So when God is disposed to punish wicked peo­ple,Iere. 19.10.11. no man can helpe or heale them.


IN putting on a Breast-plate, the Souldier is to consider what a perillous enemy the Di­uell is,1. Thes. 5.8. and howe safely Fayth and Loue doth protect our breaste and heart against him.


KIngs, Princes and Iudges can not abide the breath of Gods displeasure:Esa 40.23.24 for at it they wither away and come to nothing.

Mans breath is in his Nostrelles, therefore he is not to be feared nor esteemed nor trusted vn­to:Esa. 2.22 For his breath departeth, he returneth to his earth,Psal. 146.4 and then his thoughts perish.

As breath is to the bodye of man: So is a godlye King to the people whome hee gouer­neth.Lam. 4.20.


MEn, when they see in Summer brookes dri­ed vp ye ranne with aboundance of water in Winter by reason of raine or Snowe thaw­ed,Iob. are to remember that they resemble men that fail, forsake, and giue ouer their freends in the time of greatest neede, and when their help and comfort is most wanted.


THe ioye that the newe married Bride­groome maketh ouer his bride, represen­teth vnto our consideration, the reioycing of God ouer his spirituall Ierusalem,Esa. 62.5. that is to [Page 22] say, his Church purchased to him by the bloude of his deare Sonne.

As ye bride pertaineth to none but to the bride­grome: So the Church pertaineth to Christe a­lone.Hose. 2.19. 2. Cori. 11.2. Iohn. 3.19. And as euery true freende to the Bride­grome reioyseth to see the brydegromes voyce o­beyed, so euery Godly man is glad to see euery member of the Church to frame them selues to the obedience of the worde of Christe.

The decking of the bride setteth out the glo­rious estate of Gods glorified Church.Apoc. 21.2


WHen we see men building we are to re­member,Psalm. 127.1 Ierem. 22.13 that that which God buildeth not, men labour about it in vaine: Therefore, Woe is iustly pronounced agaynste them that builde their Houses by vnrighteousnesse, and their Chambers without equity.

As a building set vp with vntempered Mor­ter, the Morter Crumbleth and washeth away, with euery storme,Ezec. 13.10.11 So is the peace and prospe­rity, that false Prophetes promise the people, and preach vnto them out of their owne hearts, when God hath not sent them.

luk. 14.28.29By the Care that builders, haue to consider afore they beginne, howe the chardges may bee defrayed: wee are admonished to consider what the greatnesse of our profession of Christianitie requireth.

[Page 23]Christians are Gods building.1. Cor. 3.9.

When we see one man build a house, and an o­ther man dwell therein,Amos. 5.11. then let vs consider that such shall our rewarde be, if we oppresse and rob the poore.

As those that buylde without a good foundati­on, either the wind or water ouerthroweth it, so they which in matters of faith staye not them­selues vpon the Worde,Math. 7.27 but vppon the credite of their Teachers, shall not be able to withstande the subtilties of the Diuell, but be ouerthrown.

B [...]lles.

AS wild bulles, young lusty and strong, so is the rage of malicious wicked men in perse­cuting.Psal. 22.11.


VUhen we see mightye strong bulwarkes to strengthen an hold,Esay. 26.1. then let vs call to mind that saluation it selfe is the bulwarke or safe de­fence of the Citie of God.


BVriall, shoulde put vs in minde of our buriall with Christ in Baptisme,Rom. 6.4. Collos. 2.12. and that we ought to liue as men dead to sin, and yet raysed againe to newnes of life.


BVtter in smoothenesse and softnesse repre­senteth vnto vs the wordes,Psal. 55.21. and speeche of the wicked, when they moste of all intend to de­ceiue, and beguile the simple.


AS cages doe ordinarily serue for keeping of Byrdes: So the Howses of wicked and vngodly men, doe ordinarily serue for inuen­ting of deceites: And as for the most part, cages are full of Byrdes,Ier. 5.27. so the dwelling places of the wicked, are replenished with all manner of guiles, whereby they become greate and waxe ritch.


THe Godly after the darknesse of Afflicti­on and trouble, being restored to prosperi­ty, are like a candle lighted vp in a darke house.Psal. 18.28. As a Candle light, ought not to bee put vnder a Bushell, but set vppon a Candlesticke, that all they that come into the house may see light by it: So the Ministers of the Worde, ought not to hide their giftes,Mark. 4.21. but so playnly to set foorth the light of Gods moste Holy Worde, that e­uery man in the Churche may thereby bee gui­ded [Page 25] and directed in his calling.Mat. 5.15.16 Further, as the Candle lighteth euerye man in the howse: So shoulde our good and wise dealing and con­uersation shine bright before men,1. Pet. 2.12. that GOD by vs may bee glorified. Nowe that this light may so shine in vs,Luke. 11.33.34. wee must bee carefull to fol­lowe the true light, and that wee deceyue not our selues, making that our light which is but darknesse.

The prosperity of the wicked,Iob. 21.17. is like a Candle which is often put out.


THe Canker and rust fretting and consuming, euen those thinges that amongest men are so precious,Math. 6.19. shoulde alienate our mindes, and e­straunge our affections from those thinges on earth, which so shortly perish.


MInisters, like wise and skilfull Carpen­pers, shoulde laye the Foundation which onelye maye bee layde, which is Christe Ie­sus, And then take meruailous heede that they erect nothing thereupon,1. Cor. but that which will abide the Fire of GODS owne examina­tion.


WHen we see Carelesnesse of religion encrease in the world, and men frame them selues to liue in securitie which waye so euer the worlde turne,Esay. 28.18 thinking to make falshoode their refuge, and to hide them selues vnder vanitie: Then let vs remember that their couenaunt with death shal be disanulled,1. Thes. 5.3 and their agreement with hell shall not stande, when God sendeth a scourge it shall take them, and they shall be troden downe by it: euen when they say peace peace, all is safe, then shall sodaine destruction come vpon them.


AS a Cart that is laden with sheaues of corne in haruest is pressed vnder the load.Amos: 2.13 So God is pressed with bearing with those that are giuen ouer to sinne and wickednesse.

Iob. 12.7Cattaile.

THe Cattaile of the fielde, the Fowles of the heauen, the fishe of the sea, they set forth and declare their Creator.

Psal 62.12.Cedres.

THe height of Cedres in a ground fit for them doth expresse and shew how highly God doth aduaunce the righteous.


THe making of Cheese, and the tourning of milke to Curdes,Iob. 10.10. and the setting of them to­geather, representeth vnto vs our making.


SO often as Women with child feele griefes and paynes,Genes. 3.16. either in their trauell or before, let them thinke that it is a penalty first layde vp­pon Eue for sinne, and after togeather with sinne deriued to her posterity. And further let them as­sure them selues that God in all other, as well his threatnings as his promises will be so found true, as they by fearefull experience haue founde him true in this from the beginning of the world to this present day.

When we see women trauailing in Childbirth, Esay. 37.3. and not hauing strength to bring foorth, then let vs remember, that euen so it is with vs in the dayes of trouble and tribulation, if God therein leaue vs and forsake vs. Also let vs call to mind that, that which is borne of fleshe is fleshe,Iohn. 3.6. and so be mindfull of the corruption that we brought into the worlde by our first natiuitie, and moste earnestly call vppon God, that he will vouchsafe by his mighty working of his most holy spirite, to make the Worde preached the seede of a new birth, and the beginning of a new life to vs. The exceeding ioye of the mother for the byrth of her [Page 12] Child, immediatly after the great sorrowes and griefes in her trauell,Iohn. 16.21. teacheth to vs the maruai­lous chaunge of the state of the godly in this life, with that which is to come.

The great and wonderfull paines of a woman in child-birth,Gala. 4.19. expresseth the great paines, toyle, and griefe which true Ministers of Christ take, to forme and fashion Christ in them that pertain to their charge.


CHildren of our children are a crowne and a blessing vnto vs, and if we feare GOD then are we also their glory.Pro. 17.6. Psal. 128.6.

The bearing of children in armes, and the lul­ling of them, doth offer to our consideration, how louingly and kindly God dealeth with his peo­ple.Math. 11.16. Children that are of such heauy sad mould, as that they are neuer mooued with mirth, nor with the crying of other children, do represent to vs the dulnesse of a nomber of people in hearing of the Word, who are no more mooued with the iudge­ments of God to feare, nor allured with the sweet promises of God to loue and like, then if they were so many stockes or stones: but how so euer Preachers behaue and frame them selues, either to seuerity or mildnes they giue euil words.

The simplicitie and plaine dealing of little children, togeather with their humility, teacheth vs to learne those poynts of them, if we regarde or esteeme to be meet and fit for the kingdome of Heauen.Math. 18.3.

[Page 13]The difference betwixt the knowledge of chil­dren in their infancie, and of men growne to vn­derstanding and ripe iudgement, doth shadow vnto vs the wonderfull difference betwixt the vnperfect knowledge which we now haue,1. Cor. 13.11 & the perfection which we shal haue in the life to come.

The simplicitie of Children,1. Cor. 14.20 1. Peter. 2.1. admonisheth vs to become like them in malice, guile, dissimulation and enuy, but like men in vnderstanding.

We ought not alwaies to be children in know­ledge, and to be caryed about with euery puffe of doctrine,Ephe. 4.14. Heb. 5.12.13 and continually to need to be taught the first rudiments of religion and principles and beginninges of christianitie.

As Fathers correct their children whom they loue, so doth God also by vs. And as children take patiently correction at their Fathers hand,Heb. 9.10. though sometime it be preposterous and other­wise then it should be: So ought we to take that which God layeth vppon vs, knowing that God alwayes doth it for our benefite.


WHen we see Chaffe blown abroad with ye winde and scattered,Iob. 21.18. Then should wee remember that suche is the state of the wicked when God bloweth vpon them with the breath of his displeasure.Psalm. 1.4. Therefore howe great, howe mighty, how terrible, how fast grounded soeuer, they seeme nowe to bee,Psal. 35.5. we neede not fear them, [Page 14] for in respect of our God, they are as Chaffe be­fore the winde.Esay. 17.13 But let vs endeuour to liue so, and to embrace our Christe, that when God shal fanne the Corne and Chaffe asunder, wee bee not cast away as chaffe into vnquenchable fire.Math. 3.12 As fire consumeth Chaffe and stubble: So God shall make the wicked,Esay. 33.11. ouerthrow, destroy and bring to naught their owne deuises.


WHen we see how carefull they that are of the Church,Ephes. 5.14. are to obey and to doe their duety to God, Then women are to learne howe carefull they ought to be to obey their husbands. Also we are to remember that the church of God shall be perpetual,Math. 16.18. and hell gates shall neuer pre­uaile against it.


WHen wee see men very diligent in an outward shew of seruing of God: Then are wee to remember,Psalm. 50.10 that such please not God except his feare be planted in their hearts.Esay. 1.14. Psal. 51.17. For God will not take Bullokes out of our houses nor hee Goates out of our Foldes. He hateth our solemne Feasts, they are a burthen vnto him: H [...] is weary with bearing of them, But the sacri [...]fice that pleaseth God is an humble and a con [...]trie heart, For that he will not dispise.


WHen wee see a City what by nature, & what by the industry and diligence of man, so fenced, that it seemeth impossible to bee wonne by strength:Prou. 18.19 Then let vs consider that a Brother offended is harder to win againe then that. And therefore let vs bee as carefull and diligent to keepe his amity, and loue, as we would be heede­full to keepe such a City from turning to the e­nimy. As a City the walles and defences where­of are broken downe,Prou. 25.28. is in daunger of euery eni­my, that is of force and might: so a man that hath no stay of his appetite, affections and de­sires, is alwaies easy to be spoiled of any that wil seeke it. As it is to no purpose to seeke to take by force a City so well fenced and manned as it may be:Iere. 1.18.19 so vaine are the attempts of them that oppose them selues to Gods ministers to hinder them from doing that for which God hath sent them.

The first City was builded by Caine, and inha­bited by his broode,Genes. 4 17. wherefore the godly a great time did dwell in Tents to shew that heere they haue no abiding City, but looke for one to come that is Heauen.


AS that which is made of clay is brittle and easely broken,Iob. 10.9. and soone returneth to earth againe: So man is frayle and quickly shall re­turne to dust againe. God therefore hath com­passion [Page 16] on them that feare him, because hee is mindefull of howe brickle a moulde hee hath made them.Psal. 103.14. As it is an absurd thing for a peece of Clay wrought by a Potter to challendge the Potter of want of witte or vnderstanding: So is it a wonderfull follye for men to perswade them selues that they haue such deep reaches and fetches,Esa. 29.15.16 and that their Councelles are so priuye and secreate, that they can escape the eye-sight, knowledge and vnderstanding of God. As it is vnreasonable for a peece of clay to challendge the Potter for the forme,Rom 9.20.2 shape or vse that hee is made for: So it is an intollerable presumption of man to reason against his maker, for the ende that he is made for, whether it bee honour or dis­honour. The Prophet Esay teacheth vs there­fore, in respect that we are in the hande of God,Esay. 64.8. as clay in the hande of the Potter, to craue mer­cy and the forgiuenesse of our offences.


FOule, filthy, mattery and stincking cloutes, do liuely and aptly represent vnto vs our righ­teousnesse and goodnesse that is in vs.Esay. 64.6.


THe sodayne vanishing of cloudes putteth vs in minde,Iob. 7.9. howe soudenly our life vanisheth a­way, as in dry weather Cloudes that threaten [Page 17] raine, but are indeede emptie and vanish: So is the liberality of greate braggers and boasters, which will promise apace but perfourme slowe­ly.Pro. 25.14. As of cloudes when they be vanished away, there is nothing seene: so the synnes of godes people,Esay. 44.22 when he forgeueth them, are clearlie put both out of sight and remembraunce.

As a morning cloude that at the Sunne ri­sing, vanisheth away:Hose. 13.3 2. Peter. 2. So is the prosperity of the wicked. False and vntrue teachers, are like these emptie cloudes, which are blowne away with the Winde,Iude. 1.12. for they bring not that which they brag off.


AS a good and fayre cloake being large, so co­uereth a man that many things may be car­ried vnder it and conueyed cleanly, which wee woulde be loth and ashamed to haue seene:2. Cor. 4.2. so hy­pocrites▪ craft and deceit, hideth and couereth their vntrueth, which to bee plainly seene and perceiued they would bee ashamed. Also we are to take heede that we make not Christian liber­ty,1. Peter. 2.1 a cloake to couer the satisfiyng of our lewde lusts and wicked affections withall.


AS we see one coale kindle another, & woode to be apte matter to make a fier,Pro. 26.2 so those that be disposed to contention and brawling, be apt to kindle strife, & to set men together by the eares.


Rom. 15.27. 1. Cor. 9.11. Galath. 6.6WHen we see anye Contribution or gathering made for Preachers, then we are to re­member; that it is but dutie, that men should mi­nister to them carnall thinges, that made them partakers of spirituall thinges.


COrne that is blasted afore it be ripe, admo­nisheth vs of the state of such cities,Esay. 37.27 as God hath determined shortly to destroy for the [...]innes of the inhabitantes, continually prouoking him vnto wrath.


WHen we see men runne vpon head, and that there is no man amongst them that giueth good and wholsome Councell, Prou. 11.14 there we may well conclude that they shal shortly perish. But where there are many that can giue good Councell, and there Councell is obeyed and embraced,Esay. 30.1. the com­mon wealth shall flourish. But good councellers muste not truste to their owne braines and wise­dome, but must seeke to direct them selues accor­ding to the Word and wisedome of the Lorde, o­therwise God doth accurse their Councels.

Prou. 19.20.21.Men that will be wise in their latter end, must heare Conuncell and receiue instruction. For the deuises of a mans heart are manye, but onely the [Page 19] Councell of the Lord shall stand. Otherwise the Councels of the wicked, of what might or wise­dome so euer they be,Esay. they shall not take effect, nor be brought to passe.


THe gaines that commeth by Idolatrie to diuers & sundry sortes of craftsmen purcha­seth their friendship,Act. 19.24.25 26.27. & maketh them earnest ene­mies against the Gospell & truth of God.Exod. 28.3. Other­wise the skil & cunning of craftsmen, are the good and praise worthy giftes of almighty God,Exod. 35.41 such as no common wealth without great inconueni­ence and daunger can want or be without.1. Sam. 13.19 But these craftesmen muste take heede that for coue­tousnesse they make them not parteners of other mens sins,Ephes. 4.28 in becomming instrumentes to beau­tifie idolatry, superstition, vanitie, curiositie, &c, But labour onelye that which is good, that they may not only be able to suffice their own need, but relieue others.


THe omnipotencie of the Worde, seeing by it all thinges were made, is declared in the creation of the worlde,Genes. 1. Psal 105.5. Iohn. 1.3. Rom. and of all that is in it. Whatsoeuer may be knowen of God is manifest and maye be seene in the creatures, and in their creation, so that thogh men had no more teaching [Page 20] then that which the workes of God represent to their eyes, yet are they left quite voyd of scuse for ignoraunce:Psal. more the creatures reioyce to keepe their course to worke his will, and to execute his commanndement. But aboue all, they are excee­ding glad, that GOD hath glorified him selfe, by redeeming his people,Esa. 44.23. and bringing them into an assured expectation of beeing deliuered from the seruitude of corruption.


A Crowne, because it is a token of the highest dignitie and honour in this life,1. Cor. 9.25. the holye Ghost vseth it to expresse the greatnes of the dig­nitie and honour,2. Tim. 8. wherevnto the children of God shall be aduaunced in the life to come, an incor­ruptible crowne, Iames. 1.12. a crowne of righteousnes, a crowne of life.


WHen we see the meeke oppressed and the godly scorned, and cruell men raging & taking on at their pleasure:Esay. 29.20. then let vs call to mind that the time shall come, when the cruel man shall cease, and the scornefull shall be consu [...]med, and all that hasted to iniquitie shall be cu [...]off. For crueltie is proper to the wicked and vn [...]godly, whose very bowels are cruel. But euen as they do,Pro. 12.10. Iudg. 1.7. so God doth pay them home againe, and iudgement mercilesse shall be to them that shew no mercy: namely, depart yee cursed into euerla [...]sting fire,Iames. 2.13. which is prepared for the Deuill and his aungels.Math. 25.41.


AS we see men take the cup one at an others handes, and drinck in course: so we when we haue tasted of the cup of Gods wrath for our sins,Esa. 52.21.22 if we repent are to comfort our selues, that it shal be taken out of our handes,Ierem. 51.7. and giuen to our ene­mies, euen to those which hitherto haue made a spoyle of vs, and they shall sucke out the dregges thereof.Ezech. 23.1 [...]32.33.34. The people by whome God plagueth o­thers, are likened to a golden cup which serueth to make many drincke withall. Those who haue seene others taste of the cup of Gods wrath, and yet perseuer and go forwarde in the like sinnes as they haue seen others punished for, shal drinck of the same. They which are the Schollers of Christ,Math. 20.23 are to make account to drinck of the same cup that their maister did.

When we see cups verye fayre on the out side, and within s [...]uttishly kept,Math. 23.25. then are we to remem­ber, that they are a plaine patterne of hipocrisie, and to looke into our selues, least seeming some­thing to the worlde, we be carelesse how we ap­peare to God, who looketh to the heart and inner partes.Apoca. 17.4. Also a fayre cup that hath dregges or bad drincke in it, shoulde make vs mindfull of the cup full of abhominations and filthines, which is in the hand of the Romish Antichriste, otherwise called the Whoore of Babylon,Apo. 18.3.4. and whereof all the kinges of the earth haue druncke: and heedful least we all be partakers of her sinnes, and so re­ceiue of her plague.


Gene. 1.3.16FIrst, in the creation of day, which was mad [...] 3. dais before ye sonne, we haue to consider ye almighty power of God, who is not tied to any in [...]feriour or instrumental causes. For carnal reason & wisdom, is not able to reach to it, or to conceiu [...] how daylight should be without the Sonne.Iohn. 11.9. Se [...]condly, as they that vse the benefite of the day t [...] trauell and walke in, needeth not to stumble an [...] fall at the things that lie in their way, for yt the [...] haue light to direct them by: so they that direc [...] thē selues in their calling by the light of ye wor [...] goe aright and vpright, because God doth giue them.Rom. 13.13 Therefore it is sometimes vsed for know [...]ledge, gotten by reading and hearing the wor [...] preached. Thirdly, the day of the Lorde shall no [...] come soudenly and vnlooked for vppon the chil [...]dren of light,1. Thes. 5.6. stealing vppon them as it were theefe in ye night, for yt they be endued with god [...]ly knowledge, and therefore liue in continua [...] expectation of his comming, and watch lookin [...] for it.Heb. 3.7.8. & 13 Lastly, we are to exhort one another, whil [...] it is called to daye, and also to obey them [...] whome God doth speake to day, both because [...] knowe not whether hee will speake to vs any more, and also least we be excluded out of his [...] as our Fathers were.


THe Darknesse of dongeons in prisons where prisoners are voide and destitute of all com­fort,Math. 8.12 doth shadowe vnto vs the terriblenesse and fearfulnesse of Hell.Rom. 13.12 1 verse 21 The workes of darknesse are so called, either of ignoraunce of the doer, which the Darknesse of the minde causeth, or be­cause they are commonly done in the night,Esay 29.15 or closely out of sight, or else because the dooers of them dare not,1 Thes. 5.7 and loue not to come to try their doings by the light of the Word, or else because the rulers of the Darknesse of this worlde,Iohn. 3.20 worke them in the reprobate.

Darknesse should make vs remember what we somtime were,1 Ephes. 5.8. and what we be now called vnto, and how we should therefore walke and lead our liues,Iohn. 12.46 3 verse 13 leaste wee declare our selues to be vnfaith­full, and shewe that wee loue Darknesse better then light, which is flat damnation.


AS Dawbers that dawbe Walles, with Morter which was neuer tempered, cannot make those walles continue,Ezech. 22.28 for that the morter crumbleth away: So false and lying Prophetes, that speake in the name of the Lord, that which he neuer commaunded them, can not make their wordes true or to come to passe as they haue pro­mised.


Gene. 3.19.THe death of all men doth admonish vs of the trueth and constancie of gods worde, and how certayne that is which he once hath vttered.

The Death of the godly which yeelde their soules to god ioyfully, shoulde make vs consider, yt though death be the last enimy that shall be destroyed, [...]. Cor. 15.26 45.55. that is to say, abolished, yet he is alrea­dy swallowed vp by our Sauiour Christe in vic­tory, and his sting taken away, and so after a sort for euer destroyed,Esay. 25.8. because his power of hur­ting and harming Gods people is taken from him.

Esay. 25.8.When righteous and mercifull men dye, and are taken of the earth, It is time for vs to looke for euilles which God will sende vppon vs for our sinnes,1. Cor. 11.30 from the sight and greefe of which, God hath taken them away.

Rom. 5.12.By this that all men dye, wee are taught that all men are sinners.

When we see howe harde a thing it is for a man, bee hee neuer so good, or so welbeloued, to finde another man to suffer Death for him: We are to consider the vnmeasurablenesse of the loue of Christe,Rom. 5.7.8. who died for vs, not onely when we were moste sinfull wretches, but also moste spitefull enemies to him.

Further death shoulde teache vs to dye to sinne.Rom. 6.2.

As the bandes of matrimony are set free by the Death of one of the married couple:Rom. 7.3.4. So are [Page 25] we by Christe, made deade to the Law, and free­ed from the yoke, seruitude and bondage of it.

When wee see God plague vs with the sick­nesse and Death of greate numbers:1. Cor. 11.30 Then are we to enter into our selues diligently to spie the cause thereof, And especially to looke whether our grosse contempt of the Worde, and vnreue­rent abusing of the sacrament, haue not procured the same.

Deade men can doe nothing that liuing men should doe:Ephe. 2.1. So when we are deade in sinne,Col. 2.13. wee coulde doe none of those thinges which declare and shewe foorth our life in Christe. As great a myracle therefore as it is for deade men to bee raised againe: So is the chaunge that Christe hath made in those that be his.1. Peter. 4.6. Christe by dying, not onely ouercame death, but also him that had Lordshippe ouer Death (that is) the Diuell,Heb. 2.14. and that to this ende, that Death now shoulde be no more fearefull and terrible to vs.


ALl outwarde means of Defence, when men passing by God, put their confidence in them are but vaine:Esay frō the 7. vers of the second chapter to the .4. ver. of the. 3. As Siluer, Golde, Horses, Charri­ots, high Towres, strong Walles, victualles, [...]trong men, valiant captayns, honorable persons, [...]age & graue couneellers, &c. Put not therefore [...]our trust in princes, nor in ye sonnes of men, for [...]n thē ther is no help,Psal. 146.3. But know yt he is accursed [Page 26] that maketh flesh his arme. Therefore, though some trust in Chariots,Psal. 23.7.8. and others in Horses, yet the people of God aduaunce their standerdes in the name of the Lorde. And when their mighty enemies, are brought downe and fallen, they rise and stande vpright.


AS the morning Dewe, soone after the sonne rising vanisheth away,Hose. 13.3. So the strength, glo­ry, prosperity and pride of the Idolaters, is by God soone brought to naught.


IF we, when we haue poore and needy debters, pitying their pouerty do forgiue their debtes, and then thinke that by good right we may chal­lenge loue,Luke. 7.43. and the more loue, where we haue moste forgiuen: then are wee to thinke, howe much and how deepely we are bounde to loue Christ, by whom so manye and so great thinges are forgiuen vs.


DEarth is procured to countries and nations, by their great and grieuous offences, espe­cially by Idolatry,Iere. 3.3. whereof we haue example in the dayes of king Achab; next by periury, as appeared in the dayes of King Dauid, [...] King. 17.1. three [...] [Page 43] and ready to kicke against their keepers: so is it with very manye men,Deut. 32.15 the more temporall bles­singes and worldly commodities God heapeth vppon them, the more they kicke againste him, and will be the lesse ruled by his Ministers and Word.


THe naturall pietie and compassion that Fa­thers and mothers haue towardes their in­fants,Psal. 103.13. doth teach vs how much greater the com­passion of our heauenly Father is towardes vs his children.Math. 7.9.10 11. And if our Parents are ready to giue their infantes good thinges when they begge or craue:Mat. 6.31. [...]2. then much rather we shall be denyed no­thing, if we in faith do begge and craue of God. And if Parents be carefull according to their a­bilitie, to prouide thinges needfull for their chil­dren: how can we want any thing at the handes of our GOD, which he knoweth to be good and needfull for vs: Also Christe hath therefore in praying taught vs to to call him father,Math. 6.9. that we might be admonished to come with such reue­rence as Children owe vnto their Fathers, that we come not in confidence of our selues or anye thing in vs, but in confidence of his mediation, by whom & in whom we are made the children of God: and that we doe not enuy prosperity to such children of God as he aduaunceth, neither yet disdaine nor contemne the basest of those, to whom God vouchsafeth to be a Father, and ad­uaunceth [Page 44] to the dignity of his children.Luke. 15.23.24. The ioye that a father conceiueth and expresseth when his sonne that hath been wild and an vnthrift, retur­neth to frugalitie and thriuing, expresseth to vs how pleasant and acceptable a thing to God the conuersion of a sinner is.1. Cor. 415. He by whose ministerye it pleaseth God to regenerate vs and beget vs a new, ought to be esteemed of vs as our father.


THe ordinary course of the world teacheth vs, that fathers get and laye vp in store for their Children, and for that purpose make no spare of labour,,1. Cor. 12.14.15. trauaile, and toyle, in viewing where­of, the ministers of the Worde are to learne the paines and care that they shoulde haue for their flocke,2. Thes. 2.11. of whome God hath made them fathers, to make no spare of them selues, but to bestow them selues and all their giftes fully and wholly vpon their flocke.Psalm. 78.6. And as a Father comforteth, exhor­teth and beseecheth his children:Heb. 12.7. euen so ought a Minister his flocke. A father ought carefully to teach the lawe of the Lord vnto his children, and moderately to correct them.


WE are to take heede how we contemne or neglect the fatherlesse, Psalm. 68.5. for God is the Fa­ther of the fatherlesse, and his fatherly care is [Page 45] howrely seene in prouiding for them.


WHen Friendes meet at Feastes and ban­quettes,Pro. 15.15. they giue them selues to bee merrye, and exile all cares and thoughts, that might hinder mirth out of their minds: then they should remember,Esay. 5.12. that those ioyes that their ban­quet bringeth them to at that time, a good con­science would aforde them continually, and ther­fore should study and care to keepe a good consci­ence. Further, in the middle of feasting, men must take heed that God be not for-gotten, nor his liberality vnthought on, but that there be of it amongest them a thankfull remembraunce.


WHen in the Corne fieldes we see Tares grow amongest the wheate till Haruest, which can not well be rooted out afore:Math. 13.29.30. we are admonished that wicked hypocrites and other e­uill men, of whom there is hope that they may be conuerted, shall be alwayes in the outwarde ac­count of the Church till the ende of the worlde. But it is euill husbandry, to let tyne and such o­ther weedes grow, as both may easelye bee dis­cerned, and also are noysome and hurtfull vnto the corne. Also if we hurt our neighbours fielde, we are to make recompence with the best yt gro­weth in our owne field.Exod. 22.5. Further we ought not to encroch by remouing ye bonds or taking away theDeut. 19.14 [Page 46] landmarkes of our neighbours field.


GOD taketh vengeaunce of his enemies by Fier. Esay. 5.24. For as Fier quickly consumeth stuble and straw: so the wrath of the Lorde kindleth as Fier, Ierem. 4.4. and consumeth the wicked for contemning his word, and for the wickednesse of their inuen­tions.Genes. 19.24 Experience hereof we haue in the de­struction of Sodome and Gomorrha, by Fier. The burning of Nadah,Leuit. 10.2 and Abihue, Aarons sonnes. The plaging of the people that murmured by fi­er. Num. 11.1.16. ver. 35 The burning of two hundred and fifty that of­fered incence vnto the Lord by Fier that procee­ded from the Lorde.2. King. 1.10 12. The consuming with fire from heauen of the twoo Captaines and their bandes which were sent for Eliah. It appeareth manifestly therfore, that our God is a consuming fier,Esay. 10.17 and that all his enemies are but as thornes & briers, which are easely and quicky consumed by fier,Esay. 43.2. but fier shall not hurt the godly, because God is with them and protecteth them.Daniel. 2.27 Hereof we haue manifest experience in the three chil­dren cast into the fierie furnace by the King of Babell. The worde of the Lorde hath also the same property that God hath,Ierem. 5.14. for it shall be to the vngodly as fier to consume them, and the vn­godly to it as wood to be consumed by it. The Church of God also,Obadi. 1.18 shall by the iust iudgement of God be a fier to consume the vngodly withall, [Page 47] euen all the enemies of his people.Zacha. 12.6 The Prin­ces and Captaines of Gods people shall be vnto their enemies round about them, as Coales of fier to wood,Luke. 12.49. and as fierbrandes in a sheafe of straw to consume all that lift vp their handes a­gainst them.2. Cor. 3.14.15. The gospell also is a fier, which Christ by his preaching kindled vpon the earth. As by fier mettalles, so by the word euery mans workes shall ve examined and tryed what they be.Iam. 3.5.6. As a very little fier kindleth neuer so great a heape of matter apt to kindle: so the tongue set­teth the whole course of nature on fier and is kindled it selfe of hell.1. Pet. 4.12. Fier purgeth and fi­neth metalles: so God purgeth the drosse of his children by afflictions. And as it is a common matter to trye Golde and Siluer by fier: so it should not seeme straunge to the children of god to be tryed by tribulations.


AS Fishers with nets and hookes catch fishe in great number: so shall they that GOD stirreth vp to execute his iudgements against a­ny people,Iere. 16.16. catch and destroye great plentie of them.Ezech. 47.10 On the other side, when it pleaseth God to bestowe his graces in abundaunce, then his Preachers shall be like ye Fishers that fish in the maine Sea, and shall catch men with the prea­ching of the Worde, in as great aboundaunce and varietie as Fishers doe fishe.Marke. 1.17▪ Therefore [Page 48] Christ called his Apostles from fishing, and made them Fishers of men. And when they had la­boured all night and caught nothing,Luke. 5.5.6. yet in the day they cast out againe at the commaundement of Christ, and inclosed a great nomber, to teach vs neuer to dispayre, though we doe not see that we winne any by the word. For God will for vs espy oportunitie for that purpose.


THe brightnesse of the firmament setteth out,Dani. 12.3. the glorious estate of those in the resurrec­tion of the iust, who shal be found wise with god­ly wisedome.


THe care of Christe in bearing with the weaknesse and infirmities of his children,Esay. 42.3. is set out in the similitude of not quenching of smo­king flaxe.


THey that trust in the helpe of men and not of God,Esay. 31.1.3. of fleshe and not of spirite, because of the multitude of their warlike furniture, shal fal and perishe togeather with their helpes.Iere. 17.5. For cur­sed is the man that trusteth in man, and maketh fleshe his arme, and with-draweth his heart from [Page 49] the Lord. Cease therfore from man, whose breath is in his nostrelles.Esay. 1.21. For wherein is he to be estee­med. Trust vnto the Lord with al thine hart,Prou. 3.5. Rom. 8.7. and leane not vnto thine owne wisedome: for the wis­dome of the fleshe is enimytie against God, and therein dwelleth no goodnes.Rom. 7.18. Gala. The carnall man is sold vnder sinne, and fleshe longeth continually against the spirit, and the fruites thereof are all kindes of impietie and wickednesse.


GOds blessing in aboundaunce,Esay. 44.3. is like floudes of waters, and as the ouer-flowing of them, maketh dry groundes fruitfull:Iere. 47.2. so his blessinges are welcome to the people of God. As flouds ouer­flow and destroy all: so those by whom God pla­geth any land or people. But if God be on our side,Psal. 124.5.6 thogh the enemies like a floud make account to ouerthrow and ouerwhelme all, yet their wa­ters shall not drowne vs, nor their streame goe o­uer our soules.Luke. 17.26.27. But floudes many times happen sodainely, and when we least looke for them, as Noes floud, which shoulde make vs remember how sodainly and vnlooked for, Christ shal come to iudge the world.


THe great power of almighty God is here­in seene, that by so small and weake a crea­ture, [Page 50] as Flies are, can tame the prowdest Tirant and make the stoutest vppon earthe to stoupe to his pleasure.Exod. 8.28. The Flies are busie in Potheca­ries shoppes, and if they happen to get into his glasses of sweet syrops and ointments & ther die, they stinke and spoyle his syrop or ointment:Ecclesi. 10.1 e­uen so doth a little folly him that was had in great estimation for his wisedome.


AS a flower so soone as it bloweth is cut downe, or very shortly gathered: So is the continuaunce of a mans life. As the beauty of a Flower which sodainly fadeth,Iob. 14.2. so is all the glory and graces of all flesh. Therefore we are not to reioyce in wealth,Psal. 130.15. honour, and dignity: nor set our whol mind to seeke after them. For they shal vanish as sodainlye as doth the Flower of the grasse:Esay. 40.6.7. But we are by ye consideration heereof to leaue seeking these worldly thinges, and seeke earnestly for the immortall seede of the worde,Iam. 1.10.11 whereby we may be regenerate and begotten a­gaine of God to euerlasting life,1. Pet. 1.23. [...]4. and so enioy his mercies which endure for euer.


GOd maketh his Ministers harder against the vngodly and wicked, [...]xech. 3.9. then is the Flint.


GOd shall make his people like a thresshing instrument,Esai. 41.15. and they shall thresh the moun­taines to powder, and the hilles to chaffe, that is all their lofty and proude enimies, that rise vp against them.


WHen we see the plentifull encrease that Flockes of Cattel bring, and that they multiply exceedinglie:Ezec. 36.37.38. Then we are to remem­ber, that though god sometyme wast his people for their sinnes, yet he wil exceedingly multiplie it, and encrease it againe.


THey that doe mocke and scoffe at their own sinne and offences are fooles, and in so doing bewray their folly.Prou. 14.9.18. verse 3 17. verse 21. Their mouth shall bee their destruction, and their lippes a Snare for their soule, hee that begetteth such, getteth him selfe sorrowe, and the father of a foole canne haue no ioy. But there are many sily simple ones, in worldly respects, but Fooles which goe before vs in embracing of religion,Rom. 10.19. in knowledge of the word, and in framing their life according there­vnto. The consideration whereof, shoulde make vs to vnderstand, that God prouoketh vs thereby [Page 52] to emulation of their weldoing, and so stirreth vs to contende to ouertake and ouergoe them▪ Wherefore let no man deceiue himselfe. If any among you seeme to be wise in this worlde,1. Cor. 3.18 Let him be a foole that he may be wise.


THe wisemen of the world alwaies esteemed it folly and madnesse to beleeue in Christe crucified.1. Cor. 1.24 25. And the preaching of the Gospell is thoughte folly of the wicked worldlinges, and therefore contemned. But by this foolishnesse it hath pleased God to saue beleeuers, euen al that beleeue. And this follie is wiser then the wisest men, and hath preuayled agaynst al their wyse­dome, from the one ende of the worlde to the o­ther.


1. Tim. 6.8WHen wee haue foode and apparell, wee shoulde be therewith contented.


AN vnfaithful man in whom a man reposeth confidence in trouble, is like vnto a sliding foote that layeth his master in the dirt.Prou. 25.19 A mans foote so sore that it cannot be healed, and putteth the other parts of the body in danger to be infec­ted by it, is wont to be cut off for the preserua­tion [Page 53] of the rest: which admonisheth vs what wee haue to doe with our friendes,Math. 18. [...]. or any commodity earthly, when they become hurtfull to our souls, and endaunger vs to looze life euerlasting, how necessary and needfull soeuer they seem to be, for this our present state.


THe Foules of Heauen are good proofes of Gods prouidence: for notwithstanding they make no prouision but for the present time, yet God of his merciful goodnesse feedeth them,Math. 6.26 and therfore they shold teach vs in due order to hang vpon his prouidence. If any corn be spilt or shed in any common way, the Foules presently fall vp­on it & deuour it,Math. 13.19 and suffer it not to remain ther any longer: so also the seede of the word, that fal­leth into hard hearts, is by and by taken away of the Diuell and wicked spirites, and so cannot remaine there, nor be vnderstoode.


AS buildinges can not stande, except they bee borne vp by their foundation: so Christians are in an vnstable state:1. Cor. 3.11 except they stay thēselues vpon Christ. Whosoeuer therefore goeth about to builde,1. Cor. 3.10 in any other Foundation, is an vnskil­full builder, laieth his Foundation vpon the sand, in windes and stormie raines, his worke cannot stande.


AS Fountaines dee continually in great plen­ty cast out waters:Ieremy. 6.7. So doe the wicked their malice. One Fountaine can not giue foorth both sweete and salte Water,Iam. 3.11.12 yet wee see that out of one mouth verye contrary thinges proceedeth, euen blessings & curssings, which sheweth what an vnruly euill the tongue is.Psalm. 114.8 God giueth vnto his, Water pooles out of the harde Rockes and Fountaines, out of the flint stones.


THe dangers that proceeded to our first pa­rents, by the view of the fruite of the Tree of knowledge of good and bad,Genes. 3.6 shoulde admonish vs how daungerous a thing it is, to giue libertye to our sences to iudge, and then to followe oure owne iudgement & reason in any matter, where­in God hath once pronounced sentence. The Church of God shall growe and be fruiteful,Esai. 27.6.9 and the world shall bee filled with the Fruite thereof, and this is the faire and pleasaunt Fruite, that it shall bring foorth, namely, that the iniquitie of Iacob shalbe purged, and all his sinne put away. As the goodnes and badnes of trees is discerned by the goodnes & badnes of their fruits:Math. 7.16. so men, e­specially such as take vpon them to bee teachers of others, are discouered by their well or euil do­ings. And as the Fruit cannot be good except the [Page 55] tree bee first good: So from the euill heart of a wicked man,Math. 12.33 nothing that is good in the eies & sight of God can proceede. Good ground, which when it is tilled and sowed, bringeth forth Fruite plentifully,Math. 13.23 is an image and representation of those which receiue the worde preached gladly, beleeue it stedfastly, and expresse it in life accor­dingly. In the Law the offering of the first fruits, all the Fruites of the earth were sanctified:1. Cor. 15.20. so by Christ, the first Fruites of them that slepe, the pro­mise of the rising againe of our bodies to life e­uerlasting, is to vs confirmed and assured. No­thing is iudged fruitefull but that which bring­eth foorth Fruite plentifully: so it is not one or two good thinges,Phillip. 1.11. whereby wee must bee iudged good Christians, but we must be filled with the Fruite of righteousnesse.


HE that will haue freendes must shewe him selfe freendly, that his freendes may thinke that hee esteemeth and setteth store by them:Prou. 18.24 17. verse. 17.27. ver. 9.10 For a sure freend is more to bee esteemed and set by, then the neerest Kinseman that is: for the loue of suche a freende is at all times shewed, and his heartye Counsayle doth reioyse the heart: Therefore him that hath beene thy Fathers freende and thy freende, forsake thou not.


FRogges was one of the great plagues, where­with God plagued Ggipt,Exod. 8.3. there was neither feelde nor house free: For what place coulde they be kept out of,Psal. 105.30. when the kinges priuy chamber was annoyed with them.


THe foxes excell in subtilty and shifts, where­in false Prophetes and corrupt teachers doe rightly resemble them. The foxes haue hoales and boroughes in the grounde,Ezech. 13.4 where to repose them selues and their yong ones,Math. 8.20 but the Sonne of man hath not of his owne, where to rest his heade. They therefore, that pretende to followe Christe, and yet seeke them selues, and their own benefite, profite and commodity, looke to bee in better estate then their master, and often times being deceiued, chaunge their course.


GReedinesse of gaine troubleth the house of the couetous person,Pro. 15.27. and often bringeth him selfe in daunger. For they which will be rich fal into temptation and snares,1. Tim. 6.9. & 10. and into many foo­lish and noysome lustes, which drowne men in perdition and distruction. For the desire of mony is the roote of all euill:1. Tim. 3.3 It maketh men erre from Faith, and pearce themselues through with sundry sorrowes. Therefore filthy lucre is to bee fled from and shunned of all men, but especially [Page 57] of the ministers of the worde.


THe bitternesse of affliction of the soule of the godly,Lam. 3.3.19 when the Church and people of God is cruelly persecuted of the vngodly, is like vnto the bitternesse of Gaul:Actes. 8.23 So also is the impiety, and wickednesse of the heart of the vngodly.


WHen we recreate our selues in our Gar­dens, the liberality of God present: is thankfully to be considered,Genes. 2.8 by occasion where­of, we are to call to minde howe pleasaunt that Garden was, which God him selfe planted and placed our first father in, and with how great vn­kindnesse and ingratitude God was recompen­ced a gaine, whereby both Adam and wee euer since haue beene depriued of so greate felicity and happinesse.


AS a man girdeth himselfe with his Girdle: so God tieth his people to himselfe.Ierem. 13.11. And as a souldier girdeth his armour to his body with his arming Girdle, Ephesi. 6.14 that his armour doe not hang loose or fall of from him: so must wee our spiritu­all armour, with the Girdle of trueth.


AS a Giant is too strong for mean men of mid­dle size, & as his voyce and looke is fearfull to [Page 58] such enemies:Esay. 42.23 so will God be to all such as rise vp against him. This is a speciall comfort to all those that for Gods cause are assayled of wicked men,Ierem. 2.11. and therefore are assured that God will stick to them to defend his owne cause, and ouer­t [...]w their persecutors.


SUch difference as there is betwixt vewing of a man in a darke or dimme Glasse, and the sight of him face to face in a bright day: [...]. Cor. 13.12. so much difference is there betwixt our present know­ledge of God in this life, and that which shall be in the life to come. As he that looketh his bodily face in a Glasse, and by and by departeth away a­bout other businesse,Iam. 1.23.24 25. and forgetteth his fashion and forme: such are the forgetfull hearers of the word, which neuer practise that which is taught them. But as a man may the better both spie his spots that he may wash them, and also set his at­tier in the better order about him, if for that pur­pose he diligently veiwe him selfe in a glasse: so he that is carefull to auoyd that which he shoulde not doe, and to execute that which he ought to do, hath very great helpe by hearing the Word, and printing of it in his mind.


THe godly are tryed of God by tribulation,Iob. 23.10. and come foorth like tryed Golde out of the [Page 59] Fier. Wisdome cannot be bought with gold or any earthly treasure,Iob. of what price soeuer it be. The worde of the Lorde giueth Wisedome to the simple, and therefore is more to bee disired then golde,Psal. 19.7.10. yea, then much fine golde. It is better to vs then thousands of Golde and siluer. The Church of God, when it is afflicted by persecu­tion, is like dimme golde,Psal. 116.72 which though it bee fine, hath lost his glorious brightnesse and shi­ning colour.Lamen. 4. [...] Though wicked Cities haue neuer so great heapes of golde and treasure, yet God in his good time shall spoile them.Zachar. 3.4 That golde will abide the fire and passe through the more pure:2. Cor. 3.12 14. teacheth vs that wee shoulde builde vppon Christ, that which will abide the triall of the word. Gold though neuer so well tried and pure, yet in continuance wasteth and corrupteth. But faith approoued by good triall, endureth to the appearing of our Lorde Iesus. Wee are not re­deemed by gold or any corruptible thing of what price soeuer,1. Pet. 1.7. but by the bloud of the vndefiled and vnspotted lamb Iesus Christ.1. Pet. 1 18.19 Gold that lieth in the coffers till it be rusty and canker fretted, shal be a witnes against wicked and couetous hoor­ders at the last day:Iames. 5.8. and a cause to encrease their torments.


AS often as we see Goates, we should remem­ber the miserable estate of them that Christ shal place at his left hand in the day of iudgemēt, [Page 60] and the terrible sentence of condemnation which shall bee pronounced against them: which should make vs feareful of encurring the like, and care­full to liue heere, so as that there wee may be ac­quited and discharged of that sentence.


WHen wee graffe or see others graffing,Rom. 6.5. we shoulde consider that as the graffe is translated from his natiue tree, to growe in a­nother: so we, as many as be true Christians, are translated from Adam to Christe, and from bee­ing Gentiles,Rom. 11.17. to be of one body, with the poste­rity of Abraham: that as the graffes nowe liueth not by his naturall iuice, but by the iuice or moi­sture receiued from the roote of the stock, where­into he is graffed: So we now liue by the power of Christes spirit working in vs, or rather Christ liueth in vs. And as to that end we graffe, yt the verdure of the stock may correct and amend the taste of the fruit, that it may be the more pleasant to the eater: so we shoulde haue our corruptions corrected and amended by Christ and his spirite working in vs, that we may better taste to God.


AS euery man that eateth sower Grapes, his owne teeth shall bee set on edge: So shall e­uery one that committeth iniquity dye,Iere. 31.30. not for o­thers, but for his own sin. When Grapes be full & [Page 61] ready for the presse, who knoweth not that vin­tage is at hande:Ioel. 3.13. So, when wickednesse aboun­deth, Gods vengeaunce cannot be farre of.


THough the wicked flourish like the grasse or greene hearbe,Psal. 37.2. yet quickly shall hee bee cut downe and wither away. Hee shall bee like the grasse on the house toppe,Psal. 129.6.7. which for lack of roote withereth afore it can growe vp to be mowed, or to any other good vse: So is also the flourishing prosperity of such cities & lands, as by manifolde wickednesse prouoke Gods wrath and indigna­tion against them.Esay. 37.27. The godly therefore, are to be of good comfort, and not to feare any mortall men:Esay. 51.12. for, as withered grasse, so shall they bee shortly.


GRaues, vpon which lye fayre stones, costlye engrauen with imagery, and hauing inscrip­tions in brasse, and the armes of them that lie in them faire set forth,Math. 23.27. &▪ 28. and blazed by heraulds cun­ning, hauing within them nothing but a rotten stincking carrion: doth plainly set out hypocrisy before our eyes, which outwardly beareth a glo­rious shew and inwardly is most foule, filthy, and loathsom. The graue alwayes crauing for more, and neuer satisfied,Rom. 3.13. is an euident and a plain pat­terne of the vnsatiablenesse of the throtes of the wicked.


GRashoppers shoulde make vs fearefull obsti­nately and stubbernly to withstand God as Pharaoh did,Exod. 10.14.15. least by Grashoppers he consume all the greene things that the earth bringeth foorth for our necessary sustenaunce.Esay. 40.22. Further, the great and mighty vpon the earth are in comparison of him, but as Grashoppers.


WIsedome is not gotten without griefe, neyther can knowledge bee encreased without labour,Ecclesi. 1.15 and sorrow.


A Waste Grounde broken vp, and rid of those thinges, wherewith it was ouergrown, and the fruitefulnesse thereof hindered,Esai. 35.1.2 and by good husbandry brought to florish and to be fruitefull, expresseth the state of the Churche, when after persecution it pleaseth God to sende peace and prosperity thereto.


BY Guestes, which when they bee bidden to a banquet refuse to come,Math. 22.5.6 7. or euill entreat the messēgers that are sent for them, & so make them [Page 63] selues vnworthy of the good cheere which was prouided for them: we vnderstād how iustly God hath depriued the Iewes of the knowledge of his trueth,Luk. 14.9.10 and how deseruedly all frowarde refu­sers of his graces offered, are by him reiected and cast off. As it is honesty for a man when he is bidden to a feast, to be remooued hier, then hee proffereth to sitte, rather then to be remooued lower:Luke. 14.13.14. So humility in our dealinges bring­eth honour and estimation. Also, when wee bid Guests, wee are to bid them that can not recom­pence vs againe, if wee will haue recompence at the hand of the hiest.


GIftes great and liberall or rather magnifi­cent, which great princes in their triumphs after conquestes are wont to bestowe vpon their captaines and seruitors,Ephe. 4.8.11 shoulde make vs thank­fully to recorde the liberality of Christe in his glorious and triumphant ascention, not onely in all other spiritual & heauenly gifts: but especially in furnishing his church with teachers.Prou. 22.14. Gifts gi­uen in secrete pacifieth anger, & seasonablie they stoppe and cease greate wrath.Exod. 23.8. But the recey­uer had neede to take heede: for Giftes blin­deth the eyes of the Wife,Esay. 1.23. and peruerteth the wordes of the righteous. And he that loueth gifts & hunteth after rewardes is nexte Coosen to a theefe.


AS a mighty tempest and storm of great hail­stones where they fail, doe beate downe and destroy,Esay. 28.2. all the fruites of the earth: so, the armies and hostes of men, which God stirreth vp to plague any people withall, doe beare downe and destroy all before them.


WHen we see smithes with their Ham­mers beat out the yron and steele, and frame it to that fashion,Iere. 15.20. that they will haue it: and again, when we see ye freemasons do the like vpon hard stones: Then are we to remember of howe much greater force they be, whome God vseth as his hammers to breake down and to de­stroy kingdoms and nations withall.Iere. 50.23. Further, we are to consider the almighty power of God, who can also break downe and destroy them that haue beene hammers to the whole world.


THe breadth of our hand shoulde teach vs the shortnesse of our dayes.Psal. 39.5. Our hands are weak­ned, and our hearts melt within vs, when God will haue vs ouercome of our enimies:Esay. 13.7. example hereof haue we in them of Iericho, when the spies which Ioshua sent,Iosua. 2.11. came thither. Friendes and other commodities earthly, though they bee as necessary, and can as hardly bee spared as our [Page 65] hands, yet if they hinder and stop vs in our right course to life eternall,Math. 5.30. or allure or entise vs into the snares of death and hell, are to be renounced, forsaken and cast off.


HArpes & other instruments of musick,Psalm. 33.2 which God of his greate liberality hath giuen vs to recreate our spirites by, ought to be vsed to set out the praises of our God. The harpe, if it make a confused noise and giueth no distinct sounde, it delighteth not, it recreateth not, because no man can tell what it is that is plaide: so he that speak­eth in the Churche in a language which other men vnderstand not,1. Cor. 14.7.5 cannot edify, because men vnderstand not what he speaketh.


WHen we see men that haue great Har­uests, seeke carefully for laborers and many times want:Math. [...]9.37 38. then we are to remember how much greater Gods haruest is, and what won­derfull want of labourers is therein, and there­fore we ought earnestly, to pray to the Lorde of the haruest, who alone can remedye that mat­ter, to thrust our Labourers into his Haruest. Further, Haruest shoulde make vs remember, howe greate a blessing of GDD it is to mi­nisters, when GOD hath made the people [Page 66] ripe and ready to be reaped and carryed into the barne:Ioh. 4 37.38 and howe great an ease it is for vs by God to be called to those places, wherein others before vs haue faithfully and fruitfully laboured.


1. Iohn. 3.15. Iob. 5.2WHosoeuer hateth his Brother is a murde­rer. Yea, the foole fretteth him selfe to death through enuy. Wherefore hate not thy Brother in thy heart,Leuit. 19.17 but plainelye rebuke thy neighbour, and suffer him not to sinne. For thogh thou thinkest thy selfe to be in the light and ha­test thy brother,1. Ioh. 2.9 11 yet art thou in darknesse, & wal­kest in darknesse thou wottest not whither, be­cause darknesse hath blinded thine eyes.Pro. 10.12 Fur­ther hatred stirreth vp contentions, and there­fore it is not lawfull for them,Mat. 5.43.44 who ought to seek to be at peace with all men, to hate their mortall enemies:Psal. 139.21 22. yet it is lawfull for vs to hate, and that with perfect hatred the enemies of God. Also we which professe the name of Christe,Math. 10.22. are to looke for none other in the worlde, but to be hated of all men for his name sake.


IF man by search can not finde out the height of Heauen, Iob. 11.7 Psal. [...]. much lesse is it possible to attaine the perfection of God. But beholding the Hea­uens with the visible creatures therof, we should [Page 67] wonder that God woulde vouchsafe to giue such worship,Psal. 19.1 glory and dominion vnto man being but earth and dust. For the Heauens declare the glo­rye of God, and the Firmament sheweth his han­die worke.Psal. 11.4 Yet though heauen be his Palace and throne, his eyes will consider, his eye-lids will try the children of men.Psal. 113.5.6 Psal. 103.11 Though his dwelling be on high, yet he abaseth him self to behold things here belowe in earth: His mercies shewed to them that feare him,Math. 5.18 surmount the heauens in height. This heauen and this earth shall perishe and passe awaye:Esay. 65.17 but euery iote and title of his worde shall be fulfilled. But God will create a new heauen and a new earth,2. Pet. 3.13. which we looke and waite for according to his promise, wherein dwelleth righteousnesse.Iere. 31.37 So long as man can not measure the height of heauen, nor search the foundations of the earth,2. Peter. 3.7 so long (I say) God wil neuer forsake his whole Church. The heauens that now are, and the earth are reserued by the word in store vnto fier against the day of iudge­ment,Colos. 3.1 and of the destruction of wicked men. Wherefore the godly should not seeke nor sauour earthly thinges, but thinges in heauen aboue, where Christ beeing risen againe, sitteth at the right hand of God.


MEn Hedge their groundes round about,Iob. 1.10. to keepe them from beeing spoyled with cat­tell:Esay. 5.2. euen so God doth fence those which feare [Page 68] him rounde about, that they may be defended a­gainst all euils. And as the groundes are eaten, wasted, deuoured, and rooted vp, when the hed­ges and fences therof are neglected and suffered to lie open:Esai. 5.5. so fareth it with them that professe the name of God, when God prouoked with their sinnes, withdraweth his friendly defence and fa­therly protection.


WHen we see great Heapes of rubbishe, and meruailous ruines, where great and fa­mous cities haue beene:Esa. 25.2. we are both to glorifie God who is of such might and power, and to fear least we by continuall prouoking of his wrath, bring our land and cities into the like case.


Psal. 40.12.WHo can nomber the Haires of his head, but his sinnes in number farre exceedeth them: how great then ought the troubles and sorrowes of his mind and heart to be therefore. But God hath nombred all the haires of our head, which is a speciall comfort vnto vs,Math. 10.30. seeing his prouidence stretcheth vnto the smallest thinges, and vouch­safeth to haue care of those thinges which we lest regard.


THe Henne clocking and calling her Chic­kens togeather,Math. 23.37. and louingly spreading her [Page 69] wings to kepe them vnder, and to protect and de­fende them from all thinges that woulde iniure them and hurt them, shoulde make vs consider, how louingly God continually by the preaching of his holy word, doth call men to the embracing of his mercy.


AN Helmet saueth the head of a souldier in the day of battaile:Ephe. 6.17. so saluation which com­meth from L the ord, saueth and protecteth vs frō the deadly woundes of our spiritual aduersaries.


THe Hartes desire the water brookes, euen so should our soules long after God.Psal. 42.1. As the Harte when he can finde no pasture is poore and bare of flesh, and voyd of strength when he is hun­ted and pursued:Lam. 17.5.6. so are the princes and rulers of those countries, which by the iust iudgement of God are oppressed and ouer runne with forraine nations.


AS Heath in the dry and desolate wildernesse, where no habitation is, is apt and good for nothing, and yet easie to be consumed with fier: So the man that putteth his trust in man,Iere. 17.5.6. and maketh flesh and bloud his strength and defence, and passeth not on the Lord, shal not see any good, but shall perish together with his helpes.


WHen we see Sects and errours growe a­mongst the people,1. Cor. 11.19 then we should remem­ber to walke the more carefullye and heedfully, because GGD him selfe appoynteth such dayes and times for the tryall of his.


THy workemans Hire shall not abyde with thee till morning. Thou shalt giue him his hire for his day,Leuit. 9.13 neither shall the sunne go downe vpon it, for he is poore and therewith sustaineth his life.Deut. 24.13 For otherwise he shall cry vnto the lord, or rather the hire that he is defrauded of shal cry, and shall enter into the eares of the Lord.Iames 5.4

As hired seruauntes will not tend mens sheepe and cattell longer then there is mony,Iohn. 10.12 13. and profite comming to them for it: so they which serue in the Church of God, if their ende be their owne profit and promotion,Philip. 2.2 then they surely giue ouer and chaunge their copie, when dayes of prosperi­tie faile, and when stormes and persecution for the word begin to grow.


Prou. 16.24. Prou. 24.13.14.FAyre wordes are like the Honie combe, sweet­nesse to the soule and health to the bones. As Home is good, and the honie combe sweet vn­to [Page 71] the mouth: so also is the knowledge of wise­dome vnto the soule.


WHen men in times of trouble and of warre are compelled to flie to hold:Nah. 1.7. then are they to remember that there is no holde so strong, as the Lord is to them which put their trust in him.


WHen we see our Holidayes spent and consu­med in idle pastimes and belly cheare:Exod. 32.6 then are we to remember, that as the children of Is­raell tooke that corruption from the Egiptians,1. Cor. 10.17. so to vs it is come from popish idolaters and ido­latrous Papistes.


AS in fishing when the Fishe deceiued with the baite,Esay. 37.29 haue the Hooke in their mouthes, men draw them and make them follow whither soeuer please them: so God withdraweth migh­tye tyrauntes from executing their deuises, and from obtayning their enterprises.


WHen we see wonderfull great Houses, Iohn. 14.2.3 contai­ning many roomes and costly furniture and [Page 72] rich aray, large and sufficient to receiue manye princes with their traines of Nobles: then are we to remember, how large a palace the house of our heauenly father is: what multitude of man­sions there are, and that there is one head and cap­taine Christ, who in his good time will come for vs, and bring vs all thither where he is, for there is rome and prouision sufficient. Againe, the care­full and cleane keeping of those houses do admo­nish vs, how carefully we should keepe the house of God,Heb. 3.6. whose house are we, if we holde fast the confidence and reioycing of the hope vnto the ende.


AS a carefull Housholder is not onely con­tent with prouision for the present time,Math. 13.32. but prouideth a fore hande, and hath by him store of thinges needefull both olde and new, as well for his housholde as for the entertainement of his friends: so he that is a Teacher in the Church of God, ought by long study and meditation afore­hande, to be throughly furnished and stored with al maner of doctrine and comforts needfull for e­uery sort of men. The housholder that feareth theeues,Math. 24.43. wil cause his house to be diligently wat­ched and looked vnto, least the theefe come vpon him at vnawares: of him we should learne to be watchfull, and to be prepared for the comming of our Lord and Sauiour, who wil come in an hour wherein he is least looked for.


[Page 73]WHen God by his Ministers doth teach and instruct vs in the way that we should goe,Psal 32.8.9 Psal. 33.17. and we continue as before ignoraunt, neither vn­derstand the thing which is taught vs: then we be like Horses and Mules which muste be ruled with bitte and bridle. In battel an horse is but a vayne helpe, neyther can he deliuer his rider tho­rough his much strength.Pro. 21.31. For the horse is prepa­red against the day of battaile: but saluation is from the Lord.


AS Husbandmen that misuse their Landlord and his seruaunts which he sendeth to them for the rentes and profits of his land, are worthe­ly and iustly thrust out & others planted in theire roomes:Math. 21.41. so wee haue seen the Iewes cut off from beeing the people & Church of God for misusing of Christ, his Apostles and prophets, and so assu­redly shall al they be, that dispise and naught set by, and cruelly misuse and intreat the Ministers of the gospell, & the preachers of the truth which are sent vnto them. As husbandmen waite pati­ently forthe fruite of the earth, & tarry for the for­mer and latter rain:Iames. 5.7. so all Christians ought pati­ently to abyde and waite for the comming of our sauiour Christ.


FIeldes barren and vnpleasant, made fruit­full by paines and good Husbandrie, 1. Cor. 3.9 doe shewe vnto vs what difference there is betwixt [Page 74] vs in the time of ignoraunce, & our selues, when God by the teaching and paines of his ministers hath made vs his husbandry.


BY slouthfulnesse the roofe of the house goeth to decaye,Eccle. 10.19 and by idlenesse of the handes the house droppeth thorough, and is neither able to keepe out winde nor raine.


THe images of the gentiles were siluer and golde,Psalm. 115.4. Esay. 46.7. Ierem. 2.28. so were the images of the Papistes. They were borne by men and set in their places, and so stoode and could not remooue themselues from thence.Abuck. 2.18. According to the number of their Cities and Uillages, so were the multitude of their Patrons represented by images:Esay. 44.17. They did think them bookes and teachers: They fell down afore them & made prayers vnto them.Iosua. 23.7 They sware by the names of their Idolles. They did ascribe vnto them help & deliuery from dangers,2. Chr. 28.23 yet could they not helpe them selues. For by Gods iust iudgement they were taken & broken down,1. King. 19.18 and destroyed and consumed by fire: so are the images of the papistes.Esay. 73.19 But there resteth a sentence of malediction, wo and curse, aswell to the image maker,Abuck. 2.19. as to all that say to wood, a­wake: or to stone, rise vp.


IDolaters in falling downe to images do humble them selues to hell: yet they are verye constant in their religion,Esay. 57.9. and verye rarely and seldome giue ouer and forsake their false Gods:Iere. 2.11. which constancie of theirs ought to make vs ashamed of our inconstancie and coldenesse in professing the truth,Iere. 4.17.18 yea they ascribe the blessing of plentye to Idoll seruing, and penurie and miserie to the leauing of that seruice.


WHen we see in this light of the gospell many vile and grose sinnes:Rom. 1.21.28 let vs remember that it is the iust iudgement of God against this vn­thankfull worlde, partly for that men that know him doe not glorifie him as God, and partly for that in so great and diuers meanes to know god, many haue had no regarde or care to know him, and therefore are giuen ouer into reprobate mindes.


WHen we enter into the Churches of Pa­pistes, and see how they be decked with I­mages of all sortes,Psalm. 115.8 which notwithstanding they be well shapen, yet haue no maner of sence in them: then are we to remember, that by the iust iudgement of God, in sence and vnderstanding [Page 76] of matters pertayning to GOD and the life to come,Psal. 115.8. such as the images are, their makers are also, togeather with all them that put their trust in them.Psal. 135.18. The image makers are vanitie it selfe, and God hath shut their eies that they can not see nor vnderstand. What an absurde thing it is, when they haue burnt one peece of a tree to make an image of an other peece of the same,Esay. 44.9.15 17. and to bowe downe to it.

Therfore when we see them in their churches, cense their images,Esay. 42.8. knocke, kneele, and praye to them, then let vs call to mind that God sayeth, I am the Lord,Esai. 46.6.9. this is my name, and my glory will I not giue to an other, neither my praise to gra­uen images.Acte. 17.29. For he is God and there is none o­ther, and there is nothing like him, or whereby his likenesse may be expressed.1. Cor. 4.4 Therfore we may not imagine the Godhed to be like siluer or gold grauen or carued,Collo. 1.15. by the art & inuention of man, Christ our sauiour is the verye Image of God,Heb. 1.3. in whom God hath reuealed and made knowne him selfe, and he is the expresse forme of the fa­thers person.


WE are to take great heede, and to be very carefull in Iudging of others,Math. 7.1. and when we iudge, we are to iudge iustly, which we can neuer do,Iohn. 7.24. except we iudge by the Word, the iudgement whereof, must stand at the last day, and when we do iudge others,Iohn 12 48. we are diligently to view & con­sider our selues, whether the like or greater falts [Page 77] be not in vs worthy reformation. For otherwise we shall both bewray our selues to be blind hipo­crites,Math. 7.5 Math. 7.3. Rom. 2.1.3. & also ignorantly when we think not of it, giue sentēce aganst our selues as Dauid did. Be­sides in outward and indifferent things we must take heed how we iudge our brother,2. Sam. 5.12. Rom. 14.4.10. for he is not our seruant, he standeth or falleth vnto his Lord, he and we all shall stande before the iudgement seat of Christ and be there iudged.


IUdges are adorned with the name of Gods,Psalme. 28.2▪ be­cause they are Gods deputies amongst men, and for that cause are to be highly reuerenced of men.Exod. 22.18. wherfore such are to be chosen as are of courage, that is,Exod. 18.21 such as feare not ye face of man. Men dea­ling truelye and hating couetousnesse, such as in iudgement neither for pittie to the poore,Leui. 19.15. neither for reuerence to the rich decline from iustice, nei­ther can be drawn to follow a multitude,Exod. 23.21 nor in iudgement to follow the sentence of manye to o­uerthrow right, but alwaies seeke and search to giue true iudgement to all, as well strangers as Citizens, hauing alwayes before their eyes, that they execute not the iudgements of man,Deut. 1.16 2. Chro. 19.6 but of the Lorde, who is euer present with them in the examination and iudgement of the cause.


LOoke how euill a ring or Iewell of golde be­commeth the filthy snowt of a swine,Prou. 11.21 that is [Page 78] alwayes rooting in the durt and mier: so vncome­ly is beauty to a woman that hath not wit nor discretion to behaue her selfe.


AS with Iron tooles sharpe Weapons are made of Iron, so doth one Friend helpe to sharpen, encourage and enbolden the face of an other.


IT is folly for a king to put his trust in the mul­titude of his host and army. [...]salm. 33.16 The death of kinges and Princes sheweth vs how vaine a thing it is for vs to put our trust in men, [...]say. 37.24 or in the sonnes of men, for there is none helpe in them, for their breath departeth, [...]sal. 146.4.5 they dye and tourne againe to their earth, and then their thoughts perish. [...]rou. 20.8 p. 28. If a King will see euill and wickednesse driuen and chased away out of his realme and land, he must seuerely punish the wicked. Yet he must mingle mercy with iustice, [...]rou. 29.14 for mercy shall establishe his throne. [...]ou. 28.4. He must also haue an especiall care to de­fend the poore in truth, for that is an other mean to vphold him in his kingdom. He must abstaine from the loue of giftes, for otherwise he shall de­stroy his countrye. He must meruailously take heede of giuing eare to vntruthes, otherwise he shall be sure to haue wicked seruauntes. When drosse is taken away from Siluer, there procee­deth [Page 79] a vessell for the finer: so take away the wic­ked from the king, and his throne shall be esta­blished in righteousnesse. As the height of hea­uens and the deepnesse of earth,Eccle. 4.13.14. so the kings heart is vnsearcheable. Yet his heart is in the hande of God, he turneth it which way so euer it pleaseth him. A poore childe that is wise, is better then an old foolishe king that can not abide to be admoni­shed or counselled. For out of prison he commeth foorth to raigne, when he that is borne in a king­dome commeth to pouerty and misery. Woe to the land where the king is as a child without wis­dome,Eccl. 10.16.17. and where the Princes and Rulers giue them selues altogeather to voluptuousnesse and pleasures. But happy is that land, whose king God hath endued with celestiall wisedome, and all graces meet for gouernment. We must be­ware of speaking euill,Eccle. 10.20 or thinking euill of prin­ces: For though we doe it neuer so secreatly it cannot be kept close. So necessary as breath and life is for the body, so be good kinges and Prin­ces for their people and common wealth. Thogh kinges and princes sometimes conspire against Christ,Act. 4.26.2 to destroy the Church, and to quench the light of the Gospell, yet we are assured that all they can do nothing, but whatsoeuer Gods hande and counsell had afore hande determined to bee done. The king is the minister of God to take vengeaunce on them that doe euill. Therefore let euill doers be afrayde of him, for he beareth not the swoorde for naught. Finally, the king [Page 80] must haue Gods booke continually with him,Deut. 17.10 & therein for his continuall direction he must read all the dayes of his life.


WHen we see painfull l [...]bourers, if we bee ministers we shoulde by their example learne, what paines we ought to bestowe vppon Gods flock: if we be common persons, wee are in them to viewe the care and paine, that vigilant pastors take for vs, and to consider howe worthy they are of their reward.1 Cor. 3.9. Againe, when wee see eyther for want of labourers, or by negligence of those which are set on work,Math. 10.10 thinges doe perishe and be lost: then we shoulde consider, howe many thousands of soules are in daunger of perishing,Math. 9.37.38. for want of painefull and carefull ministers, and should earnestly call vpon God to thrust out labo­rers into his haruest,

Further, the viewe of labourers sweating, toy­ling, and taking paines,Iob. 5.7. shoulde put vs in minde whereunto we are borne, and also that that there is a penalty laid vpon men by God,Genes. 3 19. in the sweat of their browes to eate their bread. To the pain­full labourer sleepe is sweete,Eccle. 1.11 whether hee eateth much or little. Hee that for neede stole, let him steal no more,Ephesi. 4.28. but let him labour with his hands the thing which is good, that he may both eate his owne bread, [...]. Thes 33.12 and also be able to giue to him that needeth.


WIth such patience and meeknes as a lamb is carried to the slaughter,Ierem. 11.19 with such are the Prophets and preachers of God brought by the wicked to most cruell death.Iohn. 1.29. For his meek­nesse and innocency, wherein a lambe resemb­leth him, Christe is called the lambe of God, which taketh away the sinnes of the worlde. And because that as a lamb is dumbe before his shea­rer,Actes. 8.33 so hee was led to the slaughter, not opening his mouth.


AS vncomely as magnificall talke is for a poore foole,Pro. 17.7. so vnmeeete is lying and vn­true talke for a Prince.Iohn. 8.44. As the deuil is the father of lies, so lying is an euident token of his Chil­dren. The grosse and apparant lies commonly beleeued and receiued in Popery,2. Thes. 11. is a manifest token of Gods iust vengeaunce vppon them to their damnation, that they are giuen ouer to be­leeue lies, because they receiued not the loue of the trueth: which punishment, wee see howe it lighted vpon the Iewes,Iere. 5.31. whose Prophetes prea­ched lies, and the people delighted therein. Who soeuer loueth or maketh lies,Apoc. 22. [...] shall neuer enter into the gates of the Heauenlye and Cele­stiall Ierusalem, but shall haue their part and portion in the Lake which burneth with fier and Brimstome.21. ver. Yet wee may complaine with [Page 82] Dauid,Psalme. 12.1 that there is not a godly man left, and that the faythfull doe fayle from amongest the children of men.


Prou. 17.4THe eares of the wicked are alwaies open to the lippes of liars, and Liars are glad to hear­ken to the tongues of them that are accustomed to lies,Exod. 23.7. yet we are commaunded to flie from ly­ing, because it is amongest the things that God abhorreth.Pro. verse. 8 Therefore we are earnestly to request at Gods handes to remooue farre from vs vani­ties and lies,Ephesi. 4.5. and to teach vs to speak the trueth, euery man to his neighbour.


SO quicklye as the Lightning in the East, is seene vnto the Weste:Math. 24.27. so sodainely shall Christe appeare vnto the whole worlde, at his se­cond comming.


[...]ob. 18.6AS a dark or dimme light which a man can not discerne any thing by, nor vse to his benefite,Psam. 27.1 but is ready so soone as it is stirred to goe quite out: so is the prosperity of the wicked: but God is the light of his,Psa. 611.10 [...] and giueth them eyes, and wisedome to eschue all the perilles, and dan­gers [Page 83] of their spirituall enimies. As men in the night because of the darknesse, vse Lanterne and Lights, that they may see their way: so we ought in this blinde, darke and ignoraunt world, to vse the Worde as a Lanterne vnto our feete, and a light to our steppes,Iohn. 1.9. that wee may walke in those wayes that God hath prouided for vs to walke in. For Christ preached, in the worde is the true Light which lightneth all that come into the worlde, that are lightned. The benefite that wee receiue by light, Ioh. 3.19.20. setteth out the benefite of the knowledge of Christe. And as they that loue it hide their doings in the dark, it is a manifest to­ken, that their owne consciences beareth them witnesse that their doings bee naught: So they that loue and choose rather ignoraunce, then the knowledge of Christ, It is a manifest token that they loath to see the filthinesse of theire owne workes. Moreouer, it is a manifest token of con­demnation, when they shut their eyes againste the trueth.

As Light endureth not alwayes, but darknesse succeedeth: so the times and means to get know­ledge, endureth not alwayes:Iohn. 12.35. but wee are to vse them whilste God doth giue them. Otherwise, as he that goeth in the darke, catcheth a shrewde turne afore he wotteth of it:Iohn. 14.46. so he that walketh in ignoraunce, runneth headlong to destruction, when hee least thinketh of it. Whosoeuer thinke that they beleeue in Christe, and yet abide in their olde ignoraunce, and care not for know­ledge, [Page 84] deceiue themselues. The light that shi­neth vnto vs out of darknesse,1. Cor. 4.6 is the knowledge of the glory of God in Christe. And those which are endued with this knowledge, are nowe light in the Lord whatsoeuer they haue bene, & ought carefully to walk as is comely for the children of light. Ephes. 5.8. For many things which whilste they were in darknes & ignoraunce seemed not, & were not thought of them to be faults & vices, are discoue­red & made manifest by ye light of knowlege,Ephes. 5.13 and therfore to be diligently auoided and eschued of thē, which willingly & wilfully wil not continue in wickednes. For it is a vain perswasion for mē to thinke that they haue fellowshippe with God, who is light, 1. Iohn. 5.6 and in whom is no darknes, and yet walk in darknes still. Also they are fowly decei­ued that think themselues to be in the light, 1. Iohn. 2.9 & yet hate their brethren.


AS the lilly doth florish and spring in the feeld or garden: so God doth make the penitent, whose sinnes he forgiueth & pardoneth, to growe and [...]lorish.Hose. 14.6 The lilly of the feeld, whose beauty ex­ceedeth the glory of the richest raiment that euer any king or potentate in the worlde ware,Mat. 6.28.24 decla­reth what God is able to doe for those that rest and repose themselues vpon his prouidence, when ordinary means faile.


GOd killeth vp them yt disobey the voice of his words, by the cruelty of raging of lions: So [Page 85] was the Prophet that prophecied against Iero­boams calfes, for eating in Bethel contrary to the precept of the Lord destroyed and slaine by a lion. 1. Kin. 13.24 So were the Samaritans newly planted by ye king of Ashur in the land of Israel,2. Kin. 17.25 for not fea­ring the Lord, destroied by lions. But God can shut vp the lions mouths,Dani. 6.27. & make them calme and meeke to them which fear and serue him. As lions rage and roare when they seeke after their pray:Psalme. 7.2 so doe wicked men, when they seeke to destroy them that feare God.Psalm. 57.4 So fearfull as the roaring of a lion is: so terrible is the wrath of a king. And as the lion and lions whelps fiercely rageth on his pray:Prou. 19.12 so shall God on the enimies of his Church, when he riseth vp to defend it.Esa. 31.4 Rauening lions ex­presse the nature of tyrants, that make hauock of the people committed to them. The lion caught in a net or pitfall, expresseth the miserable estate of a king taken captiue,Eze. 19. verse 4.8. and held in captiuity. As a raging lion spoileth and deuoureth all that hee can catch or come by: so the Lorde deuoureth and spoileth the wicked that fall from him,Hose. 5.14.13. ver. 78. and exer­ciseth all maner of cruelty vpon them. As when ye lion roareth, whosoeuer is within his danger, can not choose but be afraid:Amos. 3.8 so, when the Lord spea­keth, what prophet or preacher of his can holde his peace?


AS impossible as it is for a black-more to cast awaye his Skinne and to become White,Ierem. 13.23 and for a Leoparde to put awaye his spottes: [Page 86] So impossible it is for them that noosell them­selues and accustome them selues continuallye with euill doing to chaunge their custome, and to endeauour to doe well.Abuck. 1.8 The swiftnesse of the Leopard is not comparable or equall to the pace of their horses, whom God stirreth vp to plague the wickednes of them that that prouoke him to wrath or anger.


A little leauen hidden in a greate lumpe of Doughe:Math. 13.33. by little and little leaueneth all: which teacheth vs not to be amazed or astonished at the small and vnlikely beginnings of the gos­pell, but patiently to waite and abide Gods lea­sure,Math. 16.6 till the fruite and encrease thereof be made apparant: And as sweete Dough is made sowre by a little leauen: So is the sweetenesse and comfort of the doctrine of trueth corrupted, if it be neuer so little entermedled with humane doc­trine or mans traditions.1. Cor. The like is to bee seene in our conuersation, If the leauen of ma­litiousnesse and wickednesse remayne in vs. We must take heede therefore of suffering a little e­uill, and fostering a fewe wicked personnes a­mongest vs. For it doth quickly corrupt much and many:Gala. 5.9 the beginnings therefore of wicked­nesse are to be refrained.


AS that is counted the life of men, wherein they most delight and reioice: So that is a good ministers life to see his flock stand fast in ye Lord.1. Thes. 3.8 Ezec. 20.11 God gaue vnto his people stacutes, and de­clared his iudgements vnto them, which whoso­euer doth,Rom. 5.12.23. shall liue in them. But this life all men lost, & death preuailed in all, because all men sin­ned, that is to say, transgressed the law. But God of his mere mercy, fauor and goodnes, hath giuen vs life eternal in Christ: and when we were deade in sinne hath quickened and raised vs againe in Christ,Ephe. 2.5.6 & hath reuealed it to vs by the preaching of the Gospell,1. Iohn. 1.2. Iohn. 3.16 to the ende that all that beleeue should not perish, but be partakers of life euer­lasting.


WHen we see any possession kept by strength & force of armed men, which cannot bee re­mooued, but by greater strength & force: then al­so we are to remember, that euē so, we were kept by ye prince of this world, whose possessiō we were and whose force could be by no means remoued, but by the might of our God shewed in his sonne Christ,Mark. 3.27 that victorious lion of the tribe of Iudah, by whome the prince of this world was cast out of dores. When we see a man robbed or wound­ded, or in any other kind of necessity: then are we to remember,Luke. 10.37. that he is that mans neerest neigh­bour, that dealeth moste neighbourlie by him, & giueth [Page 88] him most and best comfort, how farre soeuer hee dwell from him, or whatsoeuer enimity or strangenesse haue beene betweene them.


AS often as wee are present at any mariage, and see man and wife, coupled together in holy matrimony:Ierem. 2.2 so often we shoulde remember how much God hath done for vs to couple vs as his spowse to him selfe.Hos. 2.19.20. The keeping of the pro­mise and fayth of mariage inuiolable, shoulde ad­monish vs carefully to keepe the like to our God. And the detestation that the good husbande con­ceiueth against the wife,Iere. 2.19.20 if she play the Harlott, should make vs to thinke how grieuous the an­ger of God is against vs, if we forsake him. And as it is againste good manners for a man to mourne at the marriage of his friende: so it is a­gainst duety for men not to reioyce with thanks­giuing, when they by euident testimones, per­ceiue the fauour of God towardes them in cou­pling them to him selfe,Math 9.15. Whereby they are straightlyer conioyned then they can bee in this worlde,Math. 12.49. 1. Cor. 7.29 by any band of aliance or kinred. Yet wee must take heede that mariage make vs not worldly minded, nor yet bee an impediment to Gods matters.

The institution of it was in paradise with this condicion,Genes. 2.21.1. verse. 28 that whatsoeuer friends were neerest or deerest by nature were to be left and forsaken, that the maried couple might cleaue and conti­nue [Page 89] together. The blessing thereof was by Gods owne mouth, that the face of the earth mighte be replenished with mankinde. The estate of it is honorable for all men,Heb. 13.4 and the bed thereof im­polluted and vndefiled. But maruellous necessa­ry for them which haue not the gifte of continen­cy:1. Cor. verse 4 the bond thereof is mutuall and tieth either to other. The prohibition of mariage to any sort of men or women,1. Timo. 4.3. is a doctrine which the papistes learned of the deuil himselfe.


THe mindfulnesse of maides to deck and trim vp themselues in the best maner, who hard­ly or neuer forget those thinges which they think may beautify them, shall serue to our condemna­tion, which can so easely and so lightly forgette God,Ierem. 2.32 and so quickly quite exile, & banish him out of our mindes.


FAlse and vniust measures are an abhominati­on to the Lord,Prou. 20.10 he cannot abide them: but by his iust iudgement hee recompenseth them into their bosome by one meanes or other.Math. 7.2 For what soeuer measure we meate, the same we must look for to be met to vs againe. Therefore thou shalt not haue in thy house diuers measures, a greate and a small, but thou shalt haue a right and a iust waighte,Deut. a perfect and a iust measure shalt thou haue that, thy Dayes may bee lengthned in the Lande, which the Lorde thy God giueth [Page 90] thee. For all that do such thinges, and all that do vnrighteously are an abhomination vnto the Lord.


Psalm [...]9.1THe wicked runne here and there seeking for Meate, and shall not be satisfied, but the godly haue as great delight and desire to please God and to performe his will,Iohn. 4.34 within compasse of their seuerall callinges,Rom. 14.14. as to eate their meate when they are an hungred, and when they see men labour and toyle harde to haue wherewith to feed them selues and their families:Iohn. 6.27 then they call to minde how much rather they are bound to labour for that meate that endureth to life euer­lasting. And as oft as they see meate of what sort soeuer, they remember that no creature of God, is of it selfe vnholy or vncleane, but that all meates are sanctified to the receiuer by the word of God and prayer,Rom. 14.20.21. and therfore they abhorre that deuilishe doctrine of the Pope, which at some­times not for ciuill pollicie,1. Cor. 8.8 but for conscience sake commaundeth some meates to be abstayned from as vnlawfull. Wherefore as they condemn none for vsing their lawfull liberty, so they them selues are carefull, least that in rashe or vnadui­sed vse of their liberty they shoulde offende, or be occasion of backsliding to their weake brethren. For neither the vsing or abstayning from meate, maketh a man the more or lesse acceptable to God, but alwayes in eating or drincking, or what [Page 91] soeuer else doing, they haue a thankfull conside­ration of Gods liberality, to glorify him for his benefites.


IT was in the olde time, the office of slaues to grinde in the mill,Esay. 47.2 and is at this day the pu­nishment of masterlesse men and vagaboundes, and the sight thereof should make vs remember, to what vile slauery God threatneth to bring the enimies of his people and Church to. Further, as he that is throwne into deepe waters with a milstone about his necke,Math. 18.6. is sure to perish and to be drowned: so we were better to sustaine that, or anye other bodilie punishment, then to hin­der weak and simple Christians from the truth.


MOckers and scorners at the gospell & trueth of God,Psalm. 1.1. are in the highest degree of impie­ty. Wherfore be no mockers, for if ye Lord for the vngodlines of the inhabitants,Esay. 28.22. decree a consumption vpon the whole land, much more shall he de­stroy the scorners. For the cruell man shall cease, and the scornfull shall be consumed,Esay. 29.20. and all that hasted to iniquity shall be cut off.


WHen we see the church abound with blind, idle, ignoraunt couetous Ministers: then [Page 92] let vs feare the plague, that the like brought vp­on the Churche of the Iewes,Esay. 56.10 11. whose watchmen were all blinde, had no knowledge, were dumb Dogs, could not barke, delighted in sleeping, had neuer enough. Ignoraunt ministers, that oppose themselues against Preachers and preaching, are to bee terrified with the curse of Christe, which hee giueth against those that take awaye the key of knowledge,Luke. 11.52. and neyther woulde enter themselues, nor suffer them which would: which also stretcheth to them that maintain ignorance to bee the mother of deuotion, and also to them which with their traditions, and impure glosses haue corrupted the true sence and plaine mea­ning of the worde.1. Cor. 3.4. And when wee haue as excel­lent ministers as can be, if we stay and grounde our selues vpon them, and not vpon the worde, we are carnall and not spirituall.Rom. 10.15. Howbeit, the feete of them that bring tidings to vs of our sal­uation ought to bee meruellous welcome,Luke. 10.16. and those that despise them, despise Christ him selfe.


WHen we see the sunne so clearly to shine that we may see the motes that flye vp and downe in the Sun-beaems:Math. Then we are to consider howe many greater things there are in our selues and others, which wee see not: And thereby wee are to learne to looke narrowlye to our selues, that we bee not curious in spying [Page 93] small faultes in others, and either blind or rech­lesse in passing ouer greate faultes in our selues vnespied, and so bewray our hypocrisy.


THe light of the moone should make vs mind­ful of the promises GOD made vnto his Church,Esay. 60.19.20. that their sunne should neuer go down, and their moone neuer be hid, for the Lorde shall be their euerlasting lighte.Iob. 25.5.6. If the moone bee not brighte, nor the starres cleane in the eyes and sight of God, how much more filthy is the sonne of man, which is but an earth-worme?


THe image of the Prince, together with his inscription vpon his mony coyned, teacheth vs that those externall things are his,Mark. 12.17. and that in those wee owe him subiection, and are to bee at his commandement, for they all are his, & we his subiectes haue them of him, and vnder him, and by the benefite of his Lawes:Rom. 13.6.7 and therefore wee are commaunded to giue him tribute because to him it belongeth.


AS moathes eate garmentes, and Wormes wool: so the wicked shall be fretted away and consumed. Wherefore we neede not greatly to [Page 94] feare theire reproches, rebukes and threates. And GOD shall be come like a moth and rot­tennesse,Hose. 51.8. to those that beare the name of his peo­ple, and yet abound in wickednesse. The moath eating,Math. 6.19. the canker corrupting, the theefe stea­ling, shoulde cause vs by the consideration there­of, to alienate our minde from that, which eyther so shortly perisheth, or, so quickly chaungeth his owner, and therefore can tarry with vs we know not how little while. Those that let their clothes lye by them, till they be moath-eaten, seeing eue­ry day a number of naked soules to want them,Iames. 5.2. shall haue their own moath-eaten garmentes to be a witnesse against them, to their condemnati­on at the day of iudgement.


WHen at buriall and at other times, wee see men mourne and in heauinesse, then wee are to remember, that wee are to mourne, and lament for our wickednesse and sinnes,Ezech. 9.4 If we looke to be spared at the hands of God in the day of the generall destruction of the Lande for impiety.


Prou. 17.1. A Dry morsell is better for man with peace & quietnesse, then a house full of al delicates with brawling and strife.


WHen we see thinges brused and broken in a morter, then are wee to remember, that all correction is in vaine bestowed vppon a foole,Prou. 27.22. to bring him to learning and wisedome: for it will not be as long as folly abydeth with him, which can by no meanes be chased from him.


AS farre as the great and huge mountaines exceede the rest of the earth: so farre do the iustice of God exceede and excell the righteous­nesse of any creature.Psalm. 36.6


AS a man or Beast that suddeynly falleth into a deepe quagmyre, whereof hee can finde no bottom,Psalm. 69.2 must needes perish, except there be some at hand to drawe him out: so he that fal­leth into extreame aduersitie, except God do help him out, must needes be therein ouerthrown and perish.


WHen wee see men giue largely to good and godly vses,Mark. 12.43 44. and amongst them, some poore men giue gladly of that little which the [Page 96] Lorde hath lent them: then are we to remember that it is not the quantitye of the gifte,2. Cor. 8.12. but the cheerefulnesse of the giuer, which the Lorde li­keth.


THe smalnes of the seede of mustard, compared with the greatnes of the encrease therof, tea­cheth vs from how smal & vnlikely beginnings God doth bring foorth his Church to a wonder­full encrease,Math. 13.31 32. and largenesse. The considerati­on whereof is a great comfort to those, whose labors. God employeth in those places, where least likelihoode is that they shoulde doe good.


MIlke serueth vsuallye to feede children and infantes:1. Cor. 3.2. which when we see, we are to re­member, that all are not capable of one, and the same manner of instruction, but we ought other­wise to deale with yonglinges, and nouices in Christ, then with those that are grown to more strength and knowledge. For the rudementes of religion, and the first principles, and as it were the A.B.C. of Christianity,Heb. is as milk for babes in Christe. And a deeper insighte and knowe­ledge of the true vnderstanding of the word, & of the doctrin comprehended in ye same, is meat for [Page 97] thē which are further grown & are mē in Christ. Therfore, if we be regenerate, and borne again in Christe,1. Pet. 2.2. we are to desire the sweete and sin­cere milke of the worde, without anye mingle mangle of traditions or humane doctrine, that we may growe thereby.


THe smalnesse of the eye of a Needle, compa­red with the greatnesse of a Camell, shoulde make men remember, how great and dangerous an euill it is for men to be possessed of their pos­sessions:Mark. 10.24. so that as it is impossible for a Camell to goe thorough the eye of a needle: so also is it impossible for such a rich man to enter into the kingdome of heauen, for he hath made his golde his God, though he do not so think nor perswade him selfe.


AS the net craftely laid,Psalm. 31.4 encloseth a number of fish: so ye wicked by their priuy deuises, seek to catch & draw into their danger ye godly.Ezec. 12.1 [...] But god on ye other side, both maketh them fall into their own nets which they haue laid for others, and also maketh the hands of their enimies to be nettes & snares to catche them. Further, they that ascribe [Page 98] their wealth and other blessinges of this life, to the outward meanes, and instrumentes whereby they haue gotten those things, are like fisher men which when they haue sped well do goe & burne incense,Aba. 1.16 and offer sacrifice to their nets.


EUen as a Nurce doth fauour and with all mildnesse foster and cherish his Children,1. Thes. 2.7 e­uen so ought a minister with all kindnesse and lemtie to cherish his flocke.


THe making, sealing and giuing in euidence of Obligations and other hand wrightinges, shoulde make vs remember that there were as many hand writinges against vs to condemn vs in the time of the law,Collos. 2.14 as there were ordinaunces of the law to be executed or exercised of vs: and the cancelling, discharging, and defacing of obligations or other such writinges, shoulde bring vs to a thankfull remembraunce of Gods great goodnesse and kindnesse in Christ, who when we stoode so manye wayes indebted, hath not onely payd our debts, but also hath put out and cancel­led the obligations and hand, writinges of the law which were against vs.


WHen we see any place wherein the graces of God most mercifullye offered by the prea­ching of his Worde,Math. 11.20 21.22.23. are obstinately refused and maliciously resisted: Then are we most hartely to lament their miserye, for that their state and condition in the daye of iudgement shall be farre more miserable and wretched, then the condition or estate of Sodome and Gomorrha,Mark. 6.11. or any other vpon whom God hath executed most iust iudge­mentes and most terrible punishment.


WHen we see men beleeued vppon their Oath, Heb. 6.17. then let vs remember how much more we are bound to beleeue the promises of God, seeing to shew the stablenesse of his councell,Iames. 5.12. he hath bound himselfe thereto by his Oth. Men in com­mon speech are not to sweare,1. The [...]. 2.5 but their commu­nication must be yea, yea, nay, nay. But it is law­full for them to sweare,Rom. 9.1. Heb. 6.16. so it make for the better credit of the ministery of the word, for the readier beleeuing of the doctrine of the truth, for the pre­seruation of loue amongest men,Deut. 6.13. and for the en­ding of contentions. But then in our othes we must vse the name of God with exceeding reue­rence,Exod. 20.7 Deut. 5. [...]1. not for euerye light and trifling matter, neither falsely nor vntruely, but in truth, in iu­stice and iudgement,Zachary 5.4. so that all that see and heare [Page 100] our reuerent dealing may blesse and praise our God:Ierem. 4.2.5. vers. 7. Sopho. 1. but to sweare by any thing that is not god, is a flat falling awaye from God. So is it also in swearing to ioyne any other thing with God.

Olife tree.

IN the middest of the miseries of this worlde, the godly man, when he seemeth to be of men reiected and cast of, the sight of a greene Olife tree shoulde comfort him, that he may saye with Dauid, yet I shall he like a greene Olife tree in the house of my God,Psalm. 52.8 for I trusted in the mercye of God for euer and euer. Further, a flouri­shing Olife tree shoulde bring vs to a diligent consideration, of the couenaunt and promise of blessednesse made by Abraham and his posteritie. Boughes broken or cut off,Rom. 11.17. shoulde make vs re­member, what nombers naturallye descended from Abraham, are for the neglecting and con­temning of the couenaunt cut or broken off, and the graffing in of griftes, should make vs thank­full to God for his goodnesse, in accepting of vs in their roomes.


AS in the time of gathering of Oliues, a few berries escape here and there vngathered:Esay. so when God doth bring generall destruction vp­pon any land, for the impietie of the people ther­in, and for the contempt of his Worde and ordi­nances, [Page 101] a very few here and there shall scape.


IN the old time the vse of Oyle was manifold, especially to annoynt them that were consecra­ted to great offices, as to be Kinges and Prie­stes. For by Oyle the plentifulnes of gods graces powred vpon them, for their better enabling to execute their offices was represented, and there­fore that vnmeasurable aboundance, wherewith our Lorde and Sauiour Christ was endued,Psalm. 45. [...]. Heb. 1.6. was called the Oyle of gladnesse, and we that beleeue called his fellowes,1. Pet. 2.9. brethren, and partners, be­cause that out of his fulnesse, we also in some measure haue receiued, so that we also are made Kinges and Priestes.


AS an Ointment well compounded of sweet & odoriferous thinges, cannot but be accep­table to the sent of all men: so that vnitie which beginneth at religion,Psalm. 133.2 and stretcheth to the vtter­most borders of the Church and common wealth, can not but both please God and all good men.Prou. 27.9. And as the sent and sauour of a sweet ointment or perfume, is cōfortable to the braines and hart: so is the wise and harty councell of a mans assured friend.Eccle. .7.3 A good name is sweeter then a most plea­sant ointment.


WHen we see the Children of them that bee great and rich men decked with chaines of gold and other costly Ornaments, Prou. 19. then we are to remember that there is no such beautifiyng of a Childe, as is the diligence and paines of Father and mother in seeing their child taught, and in­structed in all kinde of literature and nurture.


WHen both by craft and subtiltie, and also by outward and open rage, the tirants of this world oppresse the church of God, & go about vt­terly to destroy & to root it out frō of the face of ye earth: Then the prouidence of God in preseruing his people in Egipt, ought to be our comfort and consolation:Exod. 1.12.20. for he is the same God still and is not chaunged. When Oppression hath gotten from iustice her authoritie,Amos. 5.7.11 and crueltie raigneth in steede of equitie, then iudgement is tourned to wormwood. But the iudgementes of the Lorde shall follow those cruell oppressors, for they shall builde houses, and not dwell in them, and plant vineyardes, and not eat the fruit of them. There­fore sith God is so seuere a reuenger of oppression and wrong,1. Thes. 4.6. we are diligently to take heede that no man oppresse or defraud his brother,


AS in an Ouen or fornace, the fire doth quick­ly consume the wood which is put therein;Psalm. 21.9. so the wicked in the day wherein God will shew foorth his anger,Mala. 4.1. shal quickly be consumed. Or rather with what facilitie and speed, strawe or stubble is consumed in the heating of an Ouen, with the like the wicked shall be destroyed.


AN Owle doth not onely keepe alone and not shew her selfe in the day time, but also if at any time she happen to be seene,Psal. 102.6. all other birdes do wonder at her. Wherein we see the state of a godly man well expressed, when he happeneth to dwell alone amongst a number and multitude of wicked men, he neither delighteth in their com­panye, and yet is a common gasing or wondring stocke, when he happeneth to be among them.


THe nature of a Palme tree is alwayes to be greene, and the more it is pressed with anie waight, the more to grow and flourish, and there­fore in those Countries where it commonly gro­weth,Psalm. 92.12. is apt to expresse the blessinges of God vp­pon the righteous.


A Pellicane is wont to keepe a lone and with­out company of other Byrdes, his voyce or singing hath no pleasantnesse in it.Psalm. 202.6 Wherefore it well expresseth the state of a sorrowfull man, and an heauy hart forsaken of all men, euen of those whom sometime he tooke to be his deare friends.


Math. 13.46.WHen we see Pearles of great price, such as we can well be content to bestowe all our substaunce and wealth on, thinking thereby to be great gayners: then are we to remember, how much more precious the kingdome of heauen is, and that for the attainment thereof, no earthlye treasure is to be spared.


AS the letters carued in stone or other hard mettalles with tooles of yron and steele, are wont to be set vp for a perpetuall memory of that which men will haue remembred:Ierem. 17.1. So God neuer putteth out of memory the froward sinnes of obstinate wicked men. As the Penne of man serueth to commit to writing those things wher­of he would haue the remembrance continued: so the holy ghost registreth in the hartes of the chil­dren of God,2. Cor. 3.3. those thinges which God seeth ne­cessarye [Page 105] for their saluation to bee recorded of them.


AS in the fining Pot the gold-smith tryeth the Siluer: so doth God by tribulation trye the hartes of men.Esay. 30.10.14. As an earthen Pot so broke to peeces, that a shard of it can not be found fitte for any vse: so shall ye destruction of such be whose eares can not abyde the trueth, but will needes haue their Preachers flatter them in their sinnes,Ezech. 24.6. and foster them in their errours. As a pot of meate seething on the fier which no bodye skommeth, muste needes be full of loathsome filth: So Cities and Countries continuing in blouddy violence with out repentaunce and a­mendment, must needes be loathsome and abho­minable in the eyes of God. And as no man can accuse the Potter for making of the same lumpe of clay a drinking pot and a chamber pot: Rom. 9.21. so none ought to quarrell or find fault with their creator, whose work manship they are, framed at his good pleasure and will.


THE nature of the Pismire is, to be diligent in gathering and carrying to her Hillocke in Sommer that, wherewith shee shoulde liue [Page 106] in winter: wherfore Solomon sendeth the slouth­full idle man,Pro. to the Pismire to learne to labour in season for his liuing.


WHen wee see men sowing soft Pillowes and cushions for men to leane on,Ezec. 13.18 or sit on, then are we to remember to be heedefull, that wee be not perswaded by false and lying Prophetes, to looke for at the hands of God, peace and prospe­rity, when our contemptuous and obstinate sins deserue the contrary.


Math. 9.11 PHisitions for the body, should put vs in minde of the heauenly Phisition of our soule. And as they that are in health, haue no neede of the Phisition, Mark. 2.17. and therefore seeke little or nothing after them: so they that know not the dangerous diseases of their soules,Luke. 5.31 but thinke themselues in case good inough, doe seeke little after Christe, and set little by him. It is daungerous also for them that are bodily sick, to trust to the cunning of the Phisition, 2. Chr. 16.12 and not to seeke the Lord.


IN rooting out vnprofitable Plants and throw­ing them out of our Garden: wee are to re­member [Page 107] that euerye Plant which God hath not planted,Math. 15.13. shall be rooted out of the Church.


WHen we see men in their gardens diligent in Planting and watring,1. Cor. 3.7.8. and taking great paines vpon hope of the fruit thereof: Then Mi­nisters are admonished what paines they owe vnto the church of God, and other men are thank­fully to remember what paines God hath layde vpon his Ministers, for the sauing of their souls. As it is reason that he which planteth a vineyard should eat of the fruit thereof, so also it is reason, that the teacher of the gospell shoulde haue a li­uing of them whom he teacheth for him selfe and his charge.1. Cor. 6.7.


WHen we see men glad to hide them selues in secreat places from peerill and daunger: Then are we to remember that there is no se­creat place so safe for vs to flie vnto,Psalm. 32.7 as is our good God.


THE discretion to take time fit to Plow & sowe,Esay. 28.2 [...] the skill to vse the diuersitie of instru­mentes belonging to Husbandry, and the wise­dome [Page 108] to make choyce of ground apt and sitte for euery kind of seed, commeth of the teaching and instructing of God, and therefore is to be thoght vppon with a thankfull and kind remembrance. As plowing, reaping and eating the fruit, doe successiuely follow one an other: so he that plow­eth wickednesse shall reape iniquitie,Hose. 10.13. and eat the fruit of lyes. Without breaking vp of our fal­low groundes,Ierem. 4.4. it is but a folly to lay on seed, and when the followe is broken, & hath his due tilth, which is the hardest part of the plowgh-mans worke: then such as he soweth he is like to reape.Hose. 10.12.

When we see men waxe wearie of the plow, & giue ouer labour and paines: then we are to re­member, that he that continueth not in the voca­tion wherein God hath planted him for the be­nefite of the Church, is not apt for the kingdome of God.Luke. 9.62.


ARte thou poore, miserable, and afflicted, there is no such waye as to crye vnto the Lorde, for he will deliuer thee, and ridde thee out of all troubles.Psalm. 34.6 The miserable estate of men to whome the glad tidinges of Christ their deli­uerer out of all those miseries are welcome, are set out vnto vs by poore broken harted men, cap­tiues, blind and bruised.Luke. [...] 8. If God haue blessed thee with wealth, and graunted thee to liue in [Page 109] delightes, and giuen thee both aboundaunce and delicacie of fare, dayly take heede of beeing vn­mercifull, and let not poore Lazarus be neglec­ted,Luke. 16.23 much lesse despised at thy gate, least thou follow the ritch glutton into hell. For he that despiseth or mocketh the poore, reprocheth him that made him.Prou. 17.5. And pouertie is the more pati­ently to be borne, because it was consecrated in Christ,2. Cor. 8.9. who beeing ritch, for our sakes became poore, that we through his pouertye might be­comme rich.Prou. 15.16. And a little with the feare of the Lorde, is better then great treasure and trouble therewith. But if any of our brethren fall to pouerty,Deut. 15.7. we must neither harden our hartes nor close our handes.


THe speed that Postes make on their iourney,Iob. 9.15. doth admonishe vs with what speed and hast our dayes of this miserable life do passe and haste away.


MEN that deuise mischiefe, and seeke by subtiltie to hurt others, are at euery Pitte they passe by admonished to feare the iust iudgements of God, who often­times [Page 110] maketh them to fall into the pit which they digge for others.Psal. 7.15.6 Further, pits and snares do admonishe vs to take heed of prouoking God to anger.Ierem. 48.44 For when he will punish, he that esca­peth one punishment, shall surely fall into an o­ther. Deepe pits,Zacha. 6.11. and yet drye in the Bottome, should bring vs to minde that God will deliuer his Church out of all daungers, how great soe­uer they seeme to vs to be.


Esay. 6.10.WHere the Word is preached, and yet men growe not in vnderstanding and know­ledge, but continue the same (or worse then they were before) still, then the iudgementes of God are to be feared, least he will not haue them con­uerted and so saued, For so the Prophet conclu­deth against king Amaziah saying: I know that God hath determined to destroye thee, both be­cause thou hast done this,2. Chro. 25.16. and hast not obeyed my counsell.


Act. 6.5.AS he that beateth his heeles and kicketh againste sharpe prickes, doth nothing but hurt his owne heeles: so he that striueth againste God, preuayleth nothing but harmeth him­selfe.


THe killing, stoning, and misusing of the pro­phets of God sent vnto men,2. Chth. 39.16. is an euident to­ken and a most certaine fore-shew of their de­struction in short time following. How be it, how soeuer the rage and crueltie of men,Math. 23.37 seme to make hauocke of the Prophets and people of god: yet they shal not so root out the Church of God,Rom. 11.4.5 but that God will alwayes haue some remnant according to the election of grace remaine to him selfe. Prophets at this daye are such as la­bour to expounde and applye the doctrine of the Word. Follow after loue, and couet spirituall giftes,1. Cor. 14.3. and rather that yee may prophecie. For he that prophesieth speaketh vnto men to edifiyng, to exhortation, and to comfort.


WHen men feele them selues exalted in hart,Prou. 16.18 proude, and high minded, then let them know that their destruction is at hand, and their fall draweth neare.Luke. 10.52 For God scattereth the proud in the imagination of their harts, and put­teth downe the mighty from their seates.Dani. 4.27. Hereof haue we example in king Nabuchadnezer, and in Hamman,Ester. 5.11. who prepared the gallous for Mardo­chaie, that he was hanged vpon him selfe. Ther­fore, though a mans pryde mount vp to the hea­uens,6. vers. 14. and his head reach the cloudes, yet shall he [Page 112] perishe for euer like the dung, and they which haue seene him shall say where is he?Iob. 20.6.7. The to­kens then of pryde that abound and are plentiful amongst vs, do shew sharpe vengeance and iudge­mentes at hand.Esay. 3.16.17 Because the Daughters of Si­on are hautie, and walke with stretched out neckes, and with wandering eyes, walking and minsing as they goe, and making a tinckling with their feet: Therefore the Lord shal make the heades of the Daughters of Sion balde, and the Lord shall discouer their secreat partes.1. Pet. 5.5. For god doth resiste the proud, and giueth grace to the humble and meeke.


WHen we see foolishe men drowned in volup­tuousnesse and pleasures, and not hauing a­ny regarde to godlinesse, honesty or comelinesse, then are we to remember Salomons admoniti­on,Prou. 19.10 that pleasure is neuer comely for a foole: and most commonly the immoderate loue of pastime, bringeth them to pouerty and beggerie.


THe Raine maketh the new mowen grasse freshly to spring againe, and showers so comfort the earth,Prou. 21.17. that it yeeldeth the fruites thereof: Euen so shall Christe refreshe, foster, nourishe, and cherishe his people. As a raging [Page 113] Raine beateth the Corne downe, and washeth a­way al before it:Psalm. 72.6 so when one poore man oppres­seth an other, commonlye it is without pittie or mercy. Raine and snow falling from heauen re­tourneth not thither againe,Prou. 28.3. but watereth the earth, and maketh it fruitfull: Euen so the worde that commeth out of Gods mouth shall not retourne voyde,Esay. 55.10.11. but shall accomplishe and bring to passe that which God will, and shall prosper in that wherevnto he sent it. The raine falling from Heauen, and causing the earth to yeelde her fruit, was at all times and is still to all ages,Act. 14.17. an open and a plaine euident testimo­nye of the goodnesse of God, so that no man can excuse him selfe of ignoraunce. The earth that drincketh in the raine that commeth oft vp­pon it,Heb. 6.8. and bringeth foorth nothing profitable for the vse and behoofe of man, sheweth what is to be hoped of that man, whome the knowledge of the Worde doth in no part reforme.


AS a sharpe Rasour with the least touch that can be,Psalm. 52.2 shaueth and cutteth, so doth also the tongue of a mischeuous lying man.


WHen we see a stubborne frowarde and vn­ruly Woman, brawle, skoulde, chide and [Page 114] rebel against her husbād,Ierem. we are diligētly to look into our selues, how ye case standeth betwixt vs & God: for commonly, yt expresseth vnto vs our vn­rulinesse & rebellion against God: but all that re­sist God,Esay. 45.24. shal be confounded: for rebellion is as ye sinne of witchcraft, and transgression is wicked­nesse and Idolatry. Therefore, Samuel saide to Saule,1. Sam. 15.23 because thou hast cast away the worde of the Lord, therefore the Lord hath cast away thee from being king.Rom. 13.2. To resist man, whome God hath set ouer men, is to rebell against GOD. Wherefore,Deut. 17.12.21. vers. 21. God him self hath set vpon rebellion and contumacy against magistrates & parentes, no lesse penalty then death. His wonderful iudg­ments against such,Num. 16.32. 2. Sam. 18 9 are to be seene in Core, Da­than and Abiron, and also in Absolom.


A Reede shaking too and fro, with euery little small winde, declareth the inconstancy and mutability of the common sort of people,Math. 11.7. whome euery small trifle doth cause to alter their minde and iudgement.Math. 12.20 When wee see any passe by a brused reede and not breake it: we are to remem­ber that our sauiour Christ did beare with many infirmities in those which were his, least hee shoulde breake of or quench those good thinges, which began to appeare in them. And of him we are also to learne by bearing and forbearing, to cherish and foster such good as we see beginneth to liue, and growe in our weake brethren.


AS the price or best game for running can­not bee obtained of any that eyther runne not, or else giue ouer afore they be at the end of their race: so none canne attayne the celestiall Crowne of glory,1. Cor. 9.24. but they which perseuer in the right trace of Christianity vnto the end. And as they which runne in a race, hauing onely regard to the reward, make them selues as light and as nimble as they can, and therefore throw awaye whatsoeuer is heauy, or may hinder their swift­nesse: so we in our course to heauen, hauing that glory onely before our eyes,Heb. 12.1. shoulde throw from vs sinne, which like an heauy burthen hangeth vpon vs, and whatsoeuer else may hinder vs in the way and course to life euerlasting. Yet in this course, the greatest paines that can bee ta­ken, and the greatest perfection which is pos­sible for men to attaine vnto,Luke. 17.10. is not meritori­ous, neither can deserue life. And therefore our Lorde and sauiour teacheth vs, when wee haue done all that is commaunded vs,Math. 5.12. to say and con­fesse that we are vnprofitable seruaunts, though hee of his meere liberality for our better com­fort and encouragement in all good things,Heb. 10.35. hath promised large and liberall rewards.


WHen we see men which haue no conscience in getting, liberall to the poore, and to other [Page 116] things, in common intendment good: Then are wee to put them in minde, that God hateth and abhorreth to accept robberye or theeuerye for burnt offerings.Esay. 1.23. To loue gifts and to hunt after rewardes in princes and men of Authority, is co­zen germain to robbery.


AS ye rocks that are hard to be clambred vn­to, are good refuges for the afflicted to fly vnto from the face of their pursuers:Psalm. 18.2 So God is the safetye of all such as in distresse, do flye to him for succour. As hee that setteth the foundati­on of his howse vpon a firme rocke, may bee sure that the Foundation shall bee able to beare the waight of that which shal be set vpon it,Math. 7.24. and that no raine or floude shall wash it away: so hee that buildeth his faith vpon Christe,Math. 16.18 as he is set out and preached vnto vs in the gospell, shall be sure that hell gates, that is, all the power, force, and cunning of the Diuel, shall neuer be able to pre­uaile against him.


SO oft as the childe seeth the rodde, he is to cal to minde these lessons following. First, that it is fit for the back of him that wanteth wisdome,Prou. 10.13. and that therefore correction is necessarye for him,Prou. 5.11.12 [...]3. that is to be enstructed and taught. For cor­rection, [Page 117] and instruction, is the very way and path to life.6. vers. 23. Wherefore they must thinke, that if Fa­ther or Master spare his rodde, that he loueth not his Childe: but that then, hee loueth him when he beginneth to chasten him betimes.Prou. 13.24. For natu­rally, folly is bound to the heart of euery childe, But the rod of correction doth driue it or scowre it away:Prou 22.15 Therefore parents should not with-hold correction from their children. For as the com­mō prouerb is, birtch breaketh no bones, neither moderate correction bringeth daunger or death,Prou. 23.13. but oftentimes it bridleth and keepeth backe him that otherwise woulde runne headlong into hell, and so is a meane to saue his soule. For it bringeth him to a wise consideration of duetye,Prou. 26.15. where otherwise if hee bee left at libertye, hee oftentimes bringeth his Parentes to shame. When straungers and Aliens preuaile against the people of God,Esay. 10.24 then are wee to comfort our selues, that they are but God his roddes, and that therefore God will not alwayes for that purpose vse them, but that in short time they shall bee broken,Esay. 14.5 worne to the stumpes and throwne a­way. When we see schollers, very fearful of their schoole-master, comming towards them, with a rod in his hand: then are wee to remember & to take heed that we so behaue our selues towards them that are ouer vs in the Lorde, that they ra­ther vse vs to the sweete and spirituall comforts of Gods promises,1. Cor. 4.21 then the terrible seuerity of Dicsipline.


AS Rushes and other greene thinges, that commonly grow in watery places, If in whot weather they want moysture,Iob. doe quickly consume, wither, & come to naught: so the waies of the wicked, and the hope of the hypocrite shall perish.


AS the glutton that ouerchargeth his stomack with meat,Iob. 20.15. is compelled to spue and cast it vp againe: so the greedy Cormorant that gathe­reth great riches, and deuoureth and swallow­eth vp great substaunce,Psalm. 37.16 shall loose it againe, for God shall euen draw it out of his belly: so that the smallest blessing of worldlye wealth, which God giueth to the iust man, is much better to him,Psalm. 39.6. then greate riches and wealth, which the wicked and vngodly doe possesse. For experience teacheth how vainly men disquiet themselues in heaping vp ritches,Prou. 3.9.10. which they knowe not who shall possesse: wherefore hee, which with ritches will haue the fauour, and blessing of God, must be liberall and franke to all such vses, as tend to the seruice, honour, and glory of God. For, if we procure his anger,Prou. 11.4. indignation & wrath against vs, our riches and treasure shall nothing auail, profite nor helpe vs.Prou. 2 2.1. Therefore a good name is a­boue riches, and fauour aboue siluer and gold. It [Page 119] is therefore a very vanity to trauaile too muche for riches:23. vers. 4. when a man thinketh he hath them most sure, then sodainlye they slippe and flye a­way.

Hee that looueth siluer shall not bee satisfied with siluer,Eccles. 5 9. and he that loueth riches shal be with out the fruite thereof. When wee see a rich man sodainly die,Luke. 12.20.21. and those to possesse his wealth, whome hee neuer gathered it for: Then are wee to remember what a vauitye it is for a man to disquiet him selfe in heaping vp of wealth,Collos. 1.27 and howe muche better it is for a man to bee rich in God, or to make Christe his riches and wealth, for whose sake euery Christian oughte with ioy to suffer the spoyle of his goods,Heb. 10.34. knowing that in heauen hee hath an enduring substance, and that the worldly rich man together with his wealth, shall vanish as the flower of the grasse.Iames. 1.10 Where­fore, wee shoulde not followe the fashions of this world, in accepting and regarding of men, one­ly for their riches and wealth, which commonly they heap together by tyrannous oppression, and by persecuting the saintes of God,Iames. ioyned toge­ther with the blasphemy of his most holy name. They that desire to be rich fal into many temp­tations and snares,1. Tim. 1.9. and many foolish and noysom lusts. And the desire of monye is the roote of all euil.1. Tim. 6.17. Wherfore rich men are to be warned, that they be not prowd, nor trust in vncertaine riches, but in God, who aboundantly giueth to euerye one.


WHen wee see Husbandmen vse rollers to breake great and hard clodds and to make them fall to power,Esay. 41.15. then are we to call to minde the power of God and his Christe, to breake down the might and force of his enimies, though as high and mighty as the highest and greatest mountaines.


WHensoeuer we see the Rainbowe, we are to call to minde Gods iudgementes a­gainst the worlde in the dayes of Noe for their wickednes,Genes. and also ye kindenesse of God, who in mercy hath promised vs that hee will neuer a­againe destroy the whole worlde with Water, and hath giuen vs the Rainbowe in the clowdes as a pledge, and seale thereof, for our better as­suraunce.


AS now the sunne is shadowed with clowds and by and by shineth foorth bright: so sub­iect to chaunge is the life of man.Iob. 8.9 And as the seruaunt working abroade in the whot Sunne longeth for,Iob. 7.2. and is glad of the coole shade: so men in affliction and misery are glad of a little ease.


THe persons of Infidelles and impenitent wicked men God abhorreth, and therefore the Sacrifice of such is abhominable.Prou. 21.27. But God fauourably accepteth the Sacrifice of the faith­full.Heb. 11.4. And these are the Sacrifices left now vnto the Church of God: 1. Contrite Spirites, broken heartes,Psalm. 51.17. such as tremble at his Worde, 2 Our reasonable seruing of God,Rom. 12.1. that is our seruing him according to the prescription of his will. 3 Martirdome for the testimony of his trueth.Phil. 2.17 4 The fruite of our Lippes, that is, Praise and thankesgiuing vnto his moste holye and blessed name:Heb. 13.15. verse. 16. 5 Benefiting our brethren, and distri­buting that which God hath blessed vs withall to the needy, For with such sacrifices God is pleased,1. Pet. 2.5 and for that cause hee hath made vs priestes that wee shoulde offer vp spirituall sa­crifices acceptable to God by Christ.


AS often as we see Salt stones, wee are to re­member the strange punishment, wherewith God punished Lots wife for disobedience,Gen. 19.26. and to feare the like or greater.Mark. 6.49 50 Salt also aswell be­cause it is sauour it selfe, as because it seasoneth all other thinges, expresseth vnto vs the duety of good ministers, aswell in life as doctrine.


IF the sandes of the sea be innumerable, so that it is impossible for man to take in hand to number [Page 122] them: Then how great is the summe of Gods cogitations,Psalm. 139.17.18. and how farre beyonde the reach of man. And though the people of God be somtimes for their chastisement giuen ouer to the enemye, who thinketh vtterly to extinguishe them,Ierem. 33.22 and to root them out, yet God will againe multiply, and encrease the number of them, that they shal be as innumerable as the sand of the sea.


2. Cor. 2.15 16.THe sent and Sauour of the Minister of the Worde, is very delectable and pleasaunt to those, whom God hath appoynted to be saued: but vnto the other who perishe he is an odious, loath­some and deadly sauour.


Psalm. meruailous stormes that Marriners and passengers abyde oftentimes at Sea, shewe foorth the mighty and wonderfull works of god. The calme that often sodenly followeth, and the bringing of men into their desired harborrow:26.28.30. Esay. 33.2.16 setteth out the loue and kindnesse of God to such as call vpon him. For God for his people doth make awaye in the sea, and a path in the mighty waters. As the sea when it rageth, the waters thereof cast vp durt and mier:Esay. 57.20 so the wicked in their outragiousnes, shew abroad their filth. But God ruleth the raging of the sea, and stilleth the [Page 123] waues thereof. Whereby wee vnderstande his great power and might,Psalm. 89.9 and that there is none in ability like him.


FEare the Lord and the king, and meddle not with them that are seditious,Prou. 24.21 22. for theire de­struction shall rise sodainly, and who knoweth the ruine of them.


SEpulchres and Tombs which are costly builte and richly adorned,Math. 23.27.28. and haue nothing within them, but a stinking Carkas and rotten boanes, doe aptly represent the notable goodly outward shewes, which hipocrites make, their hearts be­ing full of all wickednesse and corruption.


AS the seed once sowed, wheresoeuer it plea­seth God to grant his blessing vnto it, whi­ther the sower sleepe or wake, or whatsoeuer hee doeth,Marke. 4.20. and howsoeuer hee is occupied, groweth & encreaseth, till it come to maturity and ripenes: so ye worde by the minister of God being scatte­red, wher God worketh withal by his holy spirit, there it bringeth a greate, meruailous, & an vn­looked for encrease.Rom. 9.29. As a number of things shold yeerely decay, & come to naught, except seedes of [Page 124] them were saued, whereof they are by sowing renued: so the people that beare Gods name vp­pon earth, shoulde in the day of visitation of their sinnes be cleane and vtterly destroied as Sodom and Gomorah,Rom. 9.29. but that God spareth some rem­nant to be as it were a seed, for the encreasing of his Church, and people againe. Seedes yt are so­wed, except they corrupt grow not again: so our bodies except they cōsume rise not again. And as the same seede in substance, that is sown spring­eth again, yet altered in forme and fashion: euen so our bodies shall rise againe the same in sub­stance but meruellously altered in qualities: so our bodies,1. Cor. 15.37 38. except they consume, rise not againe, yet altered in form & fashion, euen so our bodies shall rise again the same in substance, but mer­uellously altered in quality.

Such as the seede is, such is the life of ye which proceedeth from it. As therfore of mortall & cor­rupt seed,1. Pet. 1. men are first borne to this mortall and corruptible life: so must wee of the immortall & incorruptible seede of the word, be borne againe to a life immortall and incorruptible,ver. 23.24 25 if we will liue euer.


THe sight of a serpent shoulde bring to minde the subtilty & malice of the diuell, whereby he deceiued and seduced oure first father Adam, and induced him to transgression,Genes. 3.1. and disobedi­ence, and also it should make vs the more heedful and carefull to espy his crafts, & to withstand his [Page 125] malice, seeing that we are eazlier nowe to bee o­uerthrowne, by reason of our corruption, then A­dam was afore his fall: We also that are mini­sters shoulde also thereby learne to be wise,Math. 10.16. con­sidering the manifolde daungers, which are in­cident to our calling.


THe diligence of our man-seruants,Psalm. 123.2 and maide seruaunts in attending vppon vs, and doing their duties, vpon hope of finding help, & friend­ship at our handes: is a good lesson, as well to teach vs howe diligently we ought to be in plea­sing God, and also how well content we shoulde be to tarry his leasure, for those graces & mercies which we look for at his hand. A wise seruant is a great pleasure to his Lord & master,Prou. 14 35 but a lewd seruant always prouoketh him whome he serueth to anger.Prou. 17.2. A discreet seruant, is better then a lewd sonne, & shal deuide the heritage amongst ye bre­thren. As impossible as it is at one and the same time,Math. 6.24. for one man to serue two diuers & sundrye masters, for yt he cannot be diligēt, & imploy him self about & vpon the busines of the one, but hee must needs neglect the others affairs: so impossi­ble is it for man,Math. 8.8.9. to addict him self to God & rit­ches. When we see our seruants at our beck and commandement, and diligent to do those things which we appoint them: then we should remēber by how better right & equity, wee, & all creatures shoulde redilye obey the voice of God our creator [Page 126] and of Christ our redeemer. If thy calling be to be a seruant, [...]. Cor. 7.21 care not, but if thou maist bee free, vse it rather. For he that is called in the Lorde to bee a Seruant, is the Lordes Free-man: But learne that the propertye of a good Ser­uaunt, is to giue all reuerence to his master, obeying him in all thinges, [...]. Tim. 6.1. and that in single­nesse of heart, and in the feare of the Lorde, en­deuouring alwayes to please him,Collos. 3.22. yea, though he be froward, executing the trust that is commit­ted vnto him aswell in his masters absence as in his presence.1. Pet. 2.18. If a liberall, good and bountifull master to his seruauntes,Math. 24.45.46. can not but bee very angry and much offended, if any of them deale cruelly with their fellows,Math. 18.33 34.35. how much more iust­ly shall God withdrawe his mercy from them that deale vnmercifully with them that liue a­mongst them. If men be bountifull vnto such ser­uants, whose faithfulnesse & diligence they haue good trial of, as wel in their absence as presence, & on ye contrary side, angry, seuere & sharp to them which deceiue their expectation, & do not answere the trust,Math. 50. which is reposed in them: how much more iustly shall God put the like difference, in rewarding or punishing, the good endeuours or negligence of them, to whome he hath commit­ted seruices of trust in his people and Churche. As men haue iust cause with more sharpnesse and greater seuerity to punish those seruauntes,Luke. 12.47 48. to whome they haue shewed theire minde and will, and yet their businesse is neglected, then [Page 127] others who therefore doe it not because they knowe it not: So GOD to whome soeuer hee hath reuealed moste, and vppon whome he hath bestowed moste greatest giftes of knowledge, them, if notwithstanding they bee negligent in vsing their gifts to the profite of Gods Church, will he most seuerely and sharply aboue all other punish. Seruauntes, be they neuer so diligent in executing that which is committed vnto them,Luk. 17.9.10. yet cannot iustly vaunt themselues, that they haue done any more, then bounden duety: So we then, when wee haue trauailed as much as for vs is possible, yet are to confesse our selues vn­profitable seruauntes. It is an olde saying, Ser­uice is no heritage: Therefore, when we see ser­uaunts, when they haue serued a time,Ioh. 8.35.36. chaunge their masters, and are eyther masterlesse, or serue others: then let vs remember that so vnstable and vncertaine is our condition in the Churche of GOD, except wee haue the spirite of free­dome: namely, the spirite of adoption of children, and so by Christe and in Christe, be truely made free.Rom. Men are their seruauntes, to whose com­maundementes they yeelde all obedience. Therefore, if wee obey sinne, wee are the ser­uauntes of sinne, and our wages is death. But if we obey God, then are wee the seruauntes of obedience to righteousnesse, and our ende is e­uerlasting life. For the moste part, some priuate respect of commodity,Rom. 16.17▪18. and the seruice of theire owne bellies, is the cause that men stirre vp di­uision, [Page 126] and contention in the church of God, con­trary to the doctrine receiued, and deliuered vn­to vs in the word.


WHen we see Sheepe well kept, by reason that they haue a good,Psalm. 23.1. diligent painefull Shepheard, who carefully prouideth as well to feede them as to folde them: Then are wee to re­member, that the people of God can wante no­thing, because God is their shepherd. For he feedeth his,Esay. 40.10. he gathereth his Lambes, into his armes, and carrieth them in his bosom, and gui­deth them that be with yong. But when wee see idle shepheards, that suffer their sheepe to runne astray and to scatter and perish: Then wee are to lament the state of the church,Ierem. 23.1.2 wherein wee see such idol ministers, as these idol shepheards doe represent to abound,Ez [...]ch. 34.2. and if we our selues be such then are wee to tremble at the woe and heauye iudgements of the Lorde,verses. 11.19 pronounced against vs by his prophets. God him selfe will seeke vp his sheepe,14.23.24. he wil find that which was lost, and bring again that which was driuen away. He wil bind vppe that which was broken, and will streng­then the weake: hee will cause them to lye in a good folde, and to feede in a fat pasture: hee will remedy all their euills, by setting a shepheard o­uer them euen his Christ.Math. 9.36.

Shepheards, that doe but beare the name of shep­heards, & shew no care of their flock, and do small [Page 129] or no duty to them, God shall depriue them both of strength,Zac. 11.17.13 Math. 9.36. wisedome, and iudgement. The losse of a good, diligent painfull shepheard is the disci­pation and scattering abroad of the sheepe.

When wee see numbers of people for want of the word in their owne parishes, doe stray and scatter abroade hither and thither to heare the word: then are we to lament this present estate, and to haue compassion vpon that people, because they are as sheepe scattered and dispersed with­out a shepheard. The diligence of a shepheard, in seeking vp any of his sheepe,Math. 18.12.13. yt are gone astray, is an example to vs to spare neither paine, nor dili­gence, to reduce them which are gone astray frō God by reason of any error. And the ioy of a shep­heard in finding of his shepe again, sheweth how ioyfull the conuersion of a sinner ought to be vn­to vs.Iohn. 10.11 Shepheards that refuse no paine nor perill, but do endanger, & that most certainly their life, do represent vnto vs the goodnes of our Christ, who moste frankly and freely gaue his life for vs. When we see shepheards careful and diligent, about their flocks to feede,Iohn. 2.15.16▪17. and cherish them: then we are to call to minde, that it is the cheefe, and almost ye only means, wherby Christ doth require his ministers to testify their loue towards him: namely, the feeding of his sheepe. It is lawfull for a shepheard that feedeth a flocke, to eat of the milk of it: Therefore it is lawfull for the mini­sters of the gospell to bee partners of the tempo­rall blessings of their hearers.1. Cor. 9.7.


SHeepe driuen to the shambles to be slaine, re­presenteth to vs the state of Gods Children and people here vpon earth.Psalm. 44 22 Sheepe vnrulye to be driuen,Esay. 53.6. and running hither and thither astray out of the waye, shew to vs our owne vnruli­nesse and aptnesse, to straye out of those wayes which God hath appoynted for vs to walke in. That sheepe brought to be shorne,Esay. 53.6. or to be slaine, are dumbe and open not their mouth, it represen­teth vnto vs the great and wonderfull patience of our Christ in dying for vs,Acts. 8.32. which we are also to learne at his example. As sheepe do repre­sent the people of God, so the good pastures and pleasaunt waters, doe represent the worde of the Lord wherewith he feedeth his, and the treading downe of the pasture,Ezech. 34.18.19. and the troubling and stir­ring of the water whereby it is made thicke and foule, sheweth foorth the corrupting and min­gling of the word with humaine inuentions and dregges of mans braines.

Math. 10.6 Sheepe in the countrie which abounde with wild beastes, lost or run astray out of the custody of their sheepheard, represent vnto vs the dange­rous estate of mē,Math. 15.24. so long as they are not broght, or continue not vnder the custody and safe kee­ping of our Lord Iesus Christ.Mat. 12.11.2. If it be lawful on the sabboth to pull sheepe or other cattell out of a pit or ditch whereinto it is fallen, and wher­in it woulde otherwise perishe: how much more [Page 131] is it to do good & to relieue any kinde of necessi­tie of our neighboure the same day. Further, the very sight of sheepe, and goates, should make vs call to minde the state of men at the last daye of iudgement,Math. 26.32 and make vs carefully to endeuour that the notes and markes of Gods sheepe maye be found in vs, that we may be parteners in the sentence, come yee blessed, &c. Amongest other markes this is the principall, that as sheepe har­ken to the voyce of their sheepheard, so we giue eare to,Rom. 8.36. and obey the voyce of Christ. When we see sheepe in the butchers shop appointed for the slaughter, then are we to remember, that such is the condition of the godly in this wicked and frayle life. When we see sheepe from going a­stray, retourned home to their folde and flocke a­gain: Then let vs remember, that we lately in ye dayes of ignoraunce were astraye, and lately by the benefit of almighty God, who hath suffered the sonne of knowledge to shine amongest vs,1. Pet. 2.25. re­turned to the sheepheard and bishop of our souls.


THE sliding to and fro of the shettle in wea­uing, do admonish the weauer how speedely and fast his dayes of this life do slyde away.Iob. 7.6.


AS a shield defendeth the body from blowes and woundes,Psalm. 5.12 so the great mercy and fauour [Page 132] of God, defendeth those which are his from euil.


SHips in which men are carryed in safety tho­rough the raging seas, shoulde make vs re­member Gods heauy iudgement vpon the world in drowning it for sinne,Gen. 6.14.15 and to giue him thankes for his great mercy, that he would not vtterly de­stroy mankind, but taught him to frame the firste ship that euer was, for the safegarde of him selfe and his family. As a ship beeing neuer so great and huge, is turned about with a very small rud­der, whither so euer it please the maister of the ship to direct it, so the the tongue though it be a small member,Iames. 3.4. oftentimes ouer-ruleth the whole body, and setteth it out of course.


WHen we see broomes and other thinges bar­tered for old shoes, then are we to detest the intollerable corruption of bribing officers, who for the price of a payre of shoes, Amos. 2.6. or such a trifle, are ready to peruert iustice, and to sell the cause of the poore which is able to giue him nothing. The sight of shoes shoulde cause vs to remember how vile and base the moste excellent, and moste reuerend ministers of the Worde are, if they be compared with Christe, seeing as they are not worthy so much as to vnbuckle his shoes. Marke. 1.9.


WHen we are grieuouslie sicke, we are to call to minde the greatnesse of our sinnes.Psalm. 38.3. For if there be nothing sound in our fleshe, it is be­cause of Gods anger: And when there is no rest in our bones, it is because of our sinnes. Yet we are with this to comfort our selues, that it is Gods louing chastisement, to the ende that we should not be damned with the worlde.1. Cor. 11.30.32. There­fore though sinne be the cause of our affliction and sicknesse, and though we be brought euen vnto deathes doore, yet let vs with true and vn­fained repentaunce crye vnto the Lorde,Psalm. 107.17.20. he will heale vs and deliuer vs from our griefes. And let vs looke about that our vnreuerent abusing of the holy misteries of Christes body and bloud, be not a cause that many be sicke,1. Cor. 11.30. and many dye amongest vs.


AS pure as Siluer is, beeing seuen tymes tryed and fined: so pure is the worde of GOD.Prou.. 2.4. With such labour and diligence as we would seeke for Siluer, and search for trea­sure, with the like we shoulde studye for the knowledge of God in his Worde. For the wisedome therein learned,Prou. 3.14 15. is more worth then Siluer, more gainefull then Gold, more precious then pearles, and without all comparison to be [Page 134] preferred before any thing which we can desire. He that loueth siluer,Eccles. 5.9. shall not be satisfied with siluer, and he that loueth ritches, shall be without the fruit thereof. Though wicked couetous men do heape siluer togeather as dust,Zach. 9.3.4 and gold as the mier of the streats, yet the Lord shall spoyle thē.

Further, the sight of siluer and golde, and such like as passing throgh the fier consume not, shold admonish vs to endeuour that our workes maye be such,1. Cor. 3.12 13. as maye abyde the touch-stone of the Word, and the fier of Gods examination. More­ouer it was neither siluer nor golde, neither anye other earthly thing, how precious soeuer it was, that could redeeme vs, but onely the bloud of the immaculate and vnspotted lambe Iesus Christ.1. Pet. 1.18.19


AS a Schoolemaister serueth not for his schol­ler continuallye, but till such time as the scholler may grow to some good abilitie to goe forward at his booke by his owne study:Gal. 3.24. So the Lorde feareth his people with his lawe, not al­wayes, but till such time as they haue sufficient­ly learned to know them selues, and therefore to flie from them selues to Christ Iesu, who freeth them from the cursse and condemnation of the law.


AS often as we rise from sleepe, hauing our weary limmes refreshed, and as it were [Page 135] reuiued, so that we feele our selues in better case and abilitie to do anye maner thing then before, so often we should remember, that death vnto the godly,1. Thes. 4.13 14. is but a resting of their weary bodyes and bones till they rise againe, exceedingly bettered by immortalitie and glory,Prou. 20.13. and therefore termed by the name of sleepe. But loue not sleepe, least thou come to pouerty. Open thine eyes and thou shalt be satisfied with bread.E [...]cles. 5.11. Sleepe is sweete to him that trauayleth and taketh paines whe­ther he eat little or much.


SIlence in open places, is to be obserued of women, as a token of their dutifull subiecti­on where vnder God hath put them.1. Cor. 14.34 Men also ought to be swift to heare, and slow to speake, for in much speaking,Iames. 1.19. sinne cannot be wanting.


AS Smoake vanisheth and commeth to no­thing, so the wicked and vngodly perish at the presence of God.Psalm. 68.6 As smoake vanisheth and passeth away,Esay. 51.6. so heauen and earth and all that in them is, shal vanish and passe away.


IN time of persecution, when we cannot be suf­fered to frequent the assemblies of those, which [Page 136] truly serue the Lord. The state of the poore spar­row or swallow, which are there suffered to build their nestes and haue their young, seeme to vs more happy then our owne, so great a desire haue we (if we be godly) to be with them among whō or at whose meeting, Christ hath bound himselfe by his promise to be present. The sale of spar­rowes, and such other small birdes in markets or other places, shoulde bring to minde, that seeing these fell not,Math. 10.29 nor were caught without the pro­uidence of God, it can not be, but that he, whose prouidence extendeth and stretcheth to such smal thinges, should also haue a speciall care, regarde, and eye to those that are his.


AS it were a madnes, or at the least a great folly for one man in communication with an other,1. Cor. 14.9.11. to speake in a tongue which the other vnderstandeth not: so is it much more for a man to speake to a multitude, or a whole congregati­on in that sort or order. And where God graun­teth not to people to haue his word so spoken and preached vnto them that they may vnderstand, it is a manifest token of his anger and wrath a­gainst them for their vnbeliefe.verses. 21.21


AS spottes deface the things they light on, which ought to be cleane: so false prophets [Page 137] and false brethren, defile, and staine the societye and felowship of Christians.Iude. 1.12.


AS a Snaile melteth and consumeth to slime and earth:Psalm. 59. [...] so shal God consume the wicked and bring them to naught.


WHen we see diuers and sundry snares and en­gines set for beastes,Ierem. 48.44 vermine and foules, and we see those that haue escaped diuers, in the ende to be trapped in one or other: then are we to re­member, that though some wicked doe at times seeme to escape the heauie iudgements of God, yet in the end they shall be snarled.


WHen we here, read, or by any means remem­ber the heauy, fearefull, and terrible iudge­ments of God vpon Sodome and Gomorrha, and the places adioyning,Math. 10.14 15. which God destroyed with fier and brimstone from heauen: Then are we to looke about, and to consider what and how much more intollerable estate and condition remay­neth for vs, if we continue contemptuous refu­sing and misusing the messengers of God now sent to vs.


WHen we see the sunne shine in his full brightnesse and beauty, then we are to re­member [Page 138] that, that light is but for a season. But that God which is for euer and euer is the euer­lasting light of his Church.Esay. 60.19.20. But in the meane season, the constant course of the Sunne, accor­dinge to the appointmente of God in the begin­ning,Psal. 104.19. Psal. 136.8.9. teacheth vs our obedience to our creator. That the Sunne staide his course in the dayes of Ioshua,Ios. 10.13. that it returned backwarde in the dayes of Ezechias, and that it withdrewe his lighte at noone daies,Esay. 38.8. in the death and passion of our Lord and sauiour, sheweth the glory and omnipotency of God,Mark. 15.23. who canne whensoeuer it pleaseth him, chaunge the whole course of nature, and make it serue whatsoeuer turn pleaseth him.


A Souldier taketh wages of them for whome he fighteth and goeth on warfare: There­fore a minister of the gospell,1. Cor. 9.7. may lawfullye re­ceiue maintenaunce at the handes of them to whome hee preacheth the gospell. A Souldier, if hee be not shod but barefooted, shall quickly bee surbated, and vnable to trauaile. A Christian not hauing the gospell of peace cannot endure. As it is an absurdity for a souldier, to put himself into the field naked, without armour, and Wea­pon, aswell to strike the enimy as to defend him selfe: so also is it always necessary for a Christi­an to be armed at all points:Ephes. 6.15 16.17. especially, to haue the sheelde of Fayth, the helmet of saluation, the [Page 139] swoord of the spirit which is the worde.

A souldier pressed foorth to the warres,2. Tim. 2.4. entan­gleth not him self in other ciuill affayres. Wher­by Ministers which be Gods souldiers learne, that they should keepe them selues free, from all such thinges as might hinder them from their calling.Luke. 3..14. Finally, souldiers should learne to leaue spoyling, pilling and polling, and to content them selues with their owne wages.


BY the two Sonnes, whereof one promised to doe his fathers will, and yet did it not: the o­ther refused to doe it,Math. and yet after repented him of his stubbornnesse, and did it: We learne that there is greater hope of the conuersion of open and notorious sinners, then of close hipocrites, who vnder a fayre shew, deceiue them selues and others.


THe yearely necessity of sowing, whereby the sustenaunce of man is euerye yeare renued, doth well shewe vnto vs the necessitie of prea­ching,Math. without the which it is as vnlikely for our soules to be preserued to life euerlasting, as it is for our bodyes in this lyfe to continue without any ordinary prouision.


AS good souldiers to their Standarde, so all faithfull are appoynted to flock to Christ.Esay. 11.11.12


SO bright and so glorious as one starre appea­reth aboue an other: so much shall the state and condition of our bodyes at their resurrecti­on, excell the state and condition that they are now in, during this time of mortallitie.1. Cor. 15.41 False Prophets for their giftes of knowledge and vt­teraunce thinke them selues, and are thought of others, to shine bright like starres: but yet as ship­men can not guide them selues by wandering starres without danger of shipwracke, their course is so vncertaine and wandering:Iud. 5.1.13. so no Christi­an can without assured destruction make those Prophets his guides, for that they stay not them selues, vpon the onely and infallible rule of truth.


WHen we be prouoked or counselled to seeke to southsayers or fortune-tellers, then let vs remember,Esay. 44.25. that God will destroye the tokens of the southsayers, and make them that coniecture fooles.Esay. 47.10.11. He will also destroy them sodainly and vnawares, who trust and thinke to be foretold of all thinges by their southsayers. Therefore let all such as to take vppon them to deceiue others be [Page 141] put to death,Leuit. 20.27 so shall their bloud be vppon their owne heades.


WHen we see men through rechlesnesse, and for want of heed taking, stumble and fall at that, which if they had giuen but a little heede, they might easely haue auoyded:Rom. 3.3 Then are we to remember, that euen Christ him selfe to some is a stone to stumble at,Math. 11.6.18. ver. 6.7. but happy are they that stumble not at him. Howbeit we must careful­ly take heed that we in vsing of our liberty, giue none occasion of offence of stumbling or falling vnto our weake brother.Rom. 14.13. Our liberty standeth in vsing or refusing, at our owne choyce outward thinges, left free vnto vs by God, and the Magi­strates put in authority vnder him, for the things of this life are subiect to their commandements.


THe vniust steward making his maisters deb­tors his friendes which will be liberall, im­parting to them his maisters goods, teacheth vs by being liberall of that wherwith God blesseth vs,Luke. 16.2.3 to the poore, to prouide for life after this, be­cause God doth accept as don vnto him yt, which is bestowed vpon them. The sight also of Ste­wards or factors disposing of their masters goods to his gaine, should cause vs that be Ministers to remember, that the secreates of God, and mi­steries that concerne the saluation of man, are [Page 142] committed to vs to dispose, and that God doth looke for it at our handes, that we shoulde be di­ligent and faithfull disposers of them.


THe Storke and other foules, know their ap­poynted times of their comming and with­drawing them selues,Ierem. 8.7. but they which beare the name of God vpon earth, and professe to be his people, vnderstande nor know not his iudge­ments.


AS straungers and trauailers abstaine in the Countries where they are straungers, from many thinges which woulde but hinder them in their voyage: so we in our passage through this world, shoulde abstaine from the lustes of the fleshe, which hinder our soules from life euerla­sting.1. Pet. 2.11.


AStrologers, star-gasers, Prognosticators, shall be as stubble, the fier shal burne them, they shall not be able to deliuer their owne liues from the power of the flame. As stubble also, shal God make them which persecute his people,Isay. 47.14. [...]bad. vers. 18. Nahum. 1.10 and shall raise a flame amongst the persecuted, to con­sume their persecutors. Stubble, straw, and haye, and such like, quickly consumed by fier, doe ad­monishe [Page 143] vs to looke to our waies, that our works which we suppose to be good, and to be workes of obedience,1. Cor. 3.12 13. bee not such as tourne to ashes, so soone as the fier of Gods examination by his word toucheth them.


WHen we see the chiefe corner stones of great and huge buildinges,Heb. 4.6. to beare the waight of the whole building: Then we are to remember, that the whole congregation of the faithfull is Gods house or building, whereof e­uery one of vs are partes or liuely stones, 1. Pet. 2.5. and that the people Circumcised & vncircumcised that beleeue,Ephes. 2.12 are the two walles, which in Christ were coupled, & vpon him as vpon the head cor­ner stone, Act. 4.11. doe rest and are vpholden. When we see precious stones, then are we to comfort our selues,Psalm. 118.22. that though we now with the residue of the Church are afflicted: Yet as these stones ex­ceed the common sort of stones in estimation and price, so we also shall exceed in glory. The ve­rye stones in the walles shall crye woe to him that buildeth with bloud,Esay. 54.11.12. and erecteth and setteth vp with iniquity. Stonie ground, which in the spring first waxeth greene,Habac. 2.12 and of all the rest seemeth forwardest, and after when the weather waxeth whotte burneth and seareth awaye:Math. 13.5. [...] 21.25. representeth vnto vs the hastie forwardnesse of many, who at the first in dayes of peace seeme to receiue the [Page 144] word ioyfully, and afterwardes in time of perse­cution, by their speedy shrincking shewe, that it had neuer good and setled root in them.


LEt euery soule be subiect to the higher pow­er, for there is no power but of God, and the powers that be are ordayned of God,Rom. 13.1.2 whosoeuer therefore resisteth power, resisteth the ordinance of God. Amongest the powers, the king is the highest.1. Pet. 2.13. They are appoynted of God for the be­nefit and wealth of their subiects, to suppresse e­uill, and to mainetayne those which are good.Rom 13.3.4. Therefore we are most earnestlye to praye for kinges,1. Tim. 3.1.2 and all that are in authoritie, that we vn­der them may lead a quiet and a peaceable life, in all godlinesse and honestie.


AS Swine will moozell vp and downe in the mier, whatsoeuer precious thing shall be offered them: so wicked contemners and despi­sers of the worde do (as it were) tread vnder their feet,Math. 7.6. whatsoeuer promise is offred, or iudgement threatned to them out of the Word. The destru­ction of an heard of Swine was of more force to make the Gaderenes weary of Christe,Marke. 5.17. then the sauing of the man possessed with the Deuil, was to cause him to be welcome, and to be well ac­cepted [Page 145] and receiued of them. Such is alwaies the estate of Christ, & of his gospell amongst world­linges, whensoeuer it is ioyned with any losse or daunger of worldly benefites. Wash swine neuer so clean, yet so soon as they can find a miery plat, they will wallow and tumble them selues in it againe:2. Pet. 2.22. so bestow neuer so much paines to reduce the wicked and vngodly from their impietie, they wil shortly pollute and defile them selues a­gaine.


SWordes that new come from the cutlers, new­ly whet, which cut whersoeuer they touch, do liuely set foorth the qualities of wicked and vn­godly tongues.Psalm. 57.4 64. ver. 3. So also do they of the wrath and anger of God, kindled as well to destroy and con­sume the hipocrite,Ezech. 21.9 14. as him that is openly and no­toriously wicked. Further they do most plainely represent,Math. 10.34 35.36. the nature of dissention and disagree­ment in religion. For there is no band so strong of nature, affinitie or friendship, which it doth not cleane breake and cut a sunder. The sharpe­nesse of a two edged swoord, doth liuely expresse the liuely & mighty operation of the word, which cutteth a sunder the strongest things in man that oppose them selues against it,Heb. 4.12. and pearceth into the most secreat and hid corners of them, which couer them selues with hipocrisie against it.


SOrrow is encreased by encrease of knowledge.Eccles. 1.18.


THe sharpest rebuke of a Friende, is better and more delectable to the eare of a wise man,Eccle. 9.7. Psalm. 30.4. Psal. 83.1.2 Collos. 3.16. Ephes. 4.19 Iames. 5.13 then the pleasauntest song of a foole. It is a comely thing for the saintes of God, to set foorthe the prayses of the Lorde, with songs and Psalms, and in singing of them, to obserue that which maketh for their admonition, and instruc­tion. They take therin a singuler pleasure, they make it their myrth and recreation.


WHen we see in any fayres, markettes or camps, tents or booths, set vp for mens present necessity to abide in a little while:Heb. 11.9. let vs remember that our bodies are but tents and ta­bernacles, lent vnto vs to dwell in heere for a time, and that therefore wee shoulde liue heere, like straungers and pilgrimes, looking and ta­rying for an eternall mansion,2. Cor. 5.1. or city in heauen: the author and founder whereof is God.


THe great and fearful punishment of him that receiued a talent of his master and went and digged it in the earth and hid it: doe teach vs to feare the heauye and greeuous iudgementes of God against vs,Math. 25.30. If we haue receiued any giftes [Page 174] of God, and doe not employ them to the common vse, benefite and profite of the Churche and peo­ple of God.


THose teachers dishonour God, and slaunder his gospell greatly,Rom. [...] 23.24. which openlye fall into those grosse vices and sinnes, which they reproue in others: As they are very welcome, and recei­ued ioyfully of vs, which bring vs tidings of that which we greatly desire: so ought the feete of our preachers,Rom. 10.1 [...] to be esteemed beautiful, which bring to vs the glad tidinges of peace, and reconcile­ment with God. For the which cause, they are reckoned, amongest the most precious gifts and greatest treasures that Christe at his glorious and triumphant ascention,Ephes. 4.12. enriched his Church withall: The deuil enuying this felicity, thrust­eth out lying teachers, which bring in damnable sectes,2. Pet. 2.1. and drawe vpon their own heads, and the heades of their followers swift damnation.


WHen wee see any greate raging tempest, which beareth downe a number of thinges afore it:Ierem. 23.1 [...] Then are we to consider how much more violent,Ierem. 30.2 the wrath and anger of the Lorde is a­gainst wicked and vngodly men.


WHiles the wicked prosper against the people of God, and doe freely blaspheme God, and make waste and hauocke of the Church of God:Psalm. 42.3.80. vers. 5. the Teares of the godly powred out from greef, are to them in steede of meate and drink: but the time shall come,Esay. 25.8. when the Lorde shall wipe all Teares from their eyes, and shal take away their rebuke from out of the earth:Luke. 6.21. for blessed are they that weepe now, for they shall laugh.


TO withdraw and witholde Tieths and offe­rings, by ye law appointed to the liuing and sustenaunce of Gods minister,Mal. 3.8. is to rob God & to steale from him. They that Tieth truely, and yet in the rest of their life are lose and dissolute, doe rightlye expresse vnto vs them,Math. 23.23. that make great conscience in outward things commaun­ded by men, and yet make not so great a matter of leauing their calling, and giuing ouer theire flocke, to the which they were tied, both by the laws of God and man. In paiment of our Tieths, we should consider, what a great dignity, & what an honourable calling,Heb. 7.4.6. God hath aduaunced his ministers vnto, and therefore yeelde them that honor, and reuerence due vnto their calling.


AS a Theefe taken in stealing with the deed doing, is brought to open shame: so Kings, princes and nations putting confidence in idols,Ierem. 26.27 23. and yet deceiued in finding no helpe in them, in time of their distresse are put to manifest shame and confusion. A theefe as neere as he can, com­meth closely to robbe an howse then,Mar. 24.43.44. when men think least of him: so vppon a like sodaine, when men least think of it shall Christe come again to iudgement. Wherefore we ought at al times to be ready for his comming.1. Thes. 5.4. When we see theeues & such other malefactors executed for theire de­seruings, we are to take heede,2. Pet. 3.10. that we when we suffer, suffer not as murtherers, theeues, euil do­ers or busy bodies:1. Pet. 4.15.16. but if we suffer as Christians then are we not to be ashamed.


BLessed are they that hunger and thirste after righteousnesse,Math. 5.6. for they shal be satisfied.


THornes cannot be touched nor handled, except mens hands be fenced with hedging gloues: so are wicked neighbors very cumbersom except a man be well defended,2. Sam. 13.6. & take great heed vnto him selfe. As a fire made of Thornes burneth [Page 150] fiercely for the time, and keepeth a greate noyse and cracking,Psal. 118.12 but yet is speedilye burnt out and consumed: so the attemptes of the wicked, are for the time violent, and daungerous, but GOD in his good time doth with speede extinguish and quench them.Nahum 1.10 A hedge or good fence of thorne, is harde to ve passed thorough:Prou. 15.19 so is euerye way of gayning or getting to the slouthfull. It is im­possible that Corne shoulde growe or prosper, and come to good among the bushes of thornes: so likewise is it, that the seede of the word, shoulde become the seede of new-byrth,Math. 13.22 to him that con­tinueth full of worldly cares, and is snared with the deceitfulnesse of ritches.


WHensoeuer wee see throanes or Chayres of state, wherein it is not lawfull for any but princes,Math. 19.28. and great estates to sit: then are we ad­monished to remember the greate maiestye and glory whereunto Christ will aduance those that follow him.


TEmples, Churches, Chappelles, which pla­ces we therefore esteem holy, because they are dedicated to the seruice of GOD and ho­ly exercises of religion, shoulde bring to minde [Page 151] that we are also the temples of God,1. Cor. 3.16 17. and therfore ought also to be holy.


AS the stump of a tooth is vnprofitable to eate withall: So they in whome there is no fayth nor credite to be reposed,Prou. 25.19. are friendes vnfit & vn­profitable for a man in the day of trouble.


THe house top should put vs in minde, howe much better it is for a man to bee quietlye matched,Prou. 21.9. though he dwel in neuer so small a cor­ner, rather then haue neuer so pleasante and roomthy an house with a contentious brawling brabbling wife.


THe gift of speaking with strange tongs, thogh it be very commendable and excellent: yet if it be not vsed to the common benefite & profit of those among whom we liue:1. Cor. 13.1. It maketh a man no better then a peece of sounding brasse, or a tinckling cimbal.1. Cor. 14 11. verse. 23. vers. 21. They that speake to other in a tong that the other vnderstand not, are as straungers to them, to whom they speak, so are they yt speake lattin to the vnlerned multitude at church. Men cannot iudge them to bee well in theire wittes, whom they hear talk and prate to them in a tong [Page 152] which they vnderstād not. Further, when things are so vttered in the church, that they can not be vnderstood of the hearers, it is a plain and mani­fest token of Gods anger against them for theire vnbeleefe.


ONe great trauaile that God hath giuen vn­to men to humble them thereby,Eccles. 1.13. is to learn and gather wisedom, by the diligent, and aduised consideration, and viewe of all thinges vnder the sunne.


WHen we see trees digged vp by the rootes, not to the end to destroy them,Iob. 8.18. but to plant them in another place, where they maye growe better, & more conueniently: then are wee to re­member, that the grieuous troubles of the righ­teous sent to them from God, are of the like sort, for their better planting in another place.Psalm 13. A tree pleasantly planted by the water side, prospering & bringing forth fruit in greate plenty,Ieram. 17.8 doth ad­monish vs, how we which pretēd to be graffed in Christ Iesus, shold aboūd & be replenished with all good works.Psalm. 28.5 The strength of a Cedre tree; or of a great Oke, sodainly rent or pulled vp by the rootes,Psalm. 38.35 and the grene flourishing of a bay tree, so­dainly blasted and withered away, doe represent vnto vs the strength and prosperitye of the wic­ked, how momentany they be, and how sodainlye they perish. A tree, the fruit whereof, is good for preseruation of life and health, & therfore of ma­ny [Page 153] much sought for,Prou. 15.4.3. verse 18. should bring to minde, howe wholsome a good tongue is, and carefully Wis­dome is to bee sought after. Trees in Winter, which for that they are naked, and voide both of leaues & of fruit, do seeme for the time little to differ from dead & starued trees, and yet haue se­cretely hid in them theire iuice,Esay. 6.13. which maketh them spring again, and as it were reuiue again in summer: doe represent vnto vs the state of the Church of God, which though in bitter persecu­tion, seemeth to be as it were quenched & extin­guished: Yet when God giueth some peace & rest flourisheth and springeth again. When we see a little twig spring out of an old seare stocke such as we would haue thought it impossible for any thing to grow on it: then are we to remember in what decay the stock of Dauid was when Christ was borne.

The Church of God after persecution shal like a fruitefull Tree,Esay. 11.1. take roote againe, flourish and growe till the worlde bee filled with the fruite thereof. When we see some trees, higher, fay­rer, greater and stronger then others:Esay. 27.6. then are we to remember, that euen so, is the greate po­wer of those Nations, which God aboue other hath exalted. As trees are knowne to be good or bad by their fruite: so men are discerned by their doing.Ezech. 31.3. And as men are wōt to hew down ye trees, yt either are vnfruitfull or else bring foorth bad fruit, & make firewood of thē: so God in his good time will root out of his church al wicked men, [Page 154] and throw them into eternall fier. When trees blossome and shoot foorth buddes, we are assured that sommer draweth neare. So when we heare of warres,Math. 24.6.7 rumours of warres, pestilence, famine and earth-quakes, then are we to know that the end of the world draweth neare.


GReat are the troubles of the righteous, but the Lord riddeth them out of them all,Psalm. 34.19 and in the meane space comforteth them in the mid­dest of their troubles, that they may be able to be­comme instrumentes of comfort to others,2. Cor. 1.4. and able to cheare others in their affliction, by that comfort which they them selues receiued of god.


WHen we heare the trumpet sound out aloud, to giue souldiers and seruitors warning to prepare and put them selues in a readinesse for that which they are appoynted for: Then are mi­nisters to remember, howe much they shoulde strayne their voyces, and how loude they shoulde cry,Esay. 58.1. both to Princes and people, to shewe them the daungers that are iminent and at hande for their sinnes. As the Trumpeter that is set to watch for the comming of his enemies, is guilty of the bloud and death of his Citizens and peo­ple, if through his negligence and for want of [Page 155] warning by his trumpet the enimy steale vppon them, and make slaughter and hauock of them at vnawares: so the ministers of the word also, if the people without continuall admonition and cal­ling vpon to repent, do perish in their sinnes. If the trumpet should giue an vncertaine sounde, it should not profite: for so the souldier shoulde not be warned, to prouide for the battell: euen so the tongues which the people vnderstande not are not profitable to be spoken withal in the church.1. Cor. 14.8.9 And by the sounde of the Trumpete, wee are warned to hearken after, and to looke for the sound of the last trump at the noyse of the which,1. Cor. 15.25 the dead shall rise incorruptible and we shall be chaunged.1. Thes. 4.6


THe gathering of treasur [...], by deceitfull tung and speeche is a vanity: euen so delighting men,Prou. 2.6. and as commonly exercised of men that seek their own destruction, as the tossing of a tennice bal. As in treasure howses or store-howses, men keepe all manner thinges to serue their purpo­ses: so God keepeth in store, weapōs of his wrath to reuenge him self vpon the wicked,Ierem. 50.21 for the in­iury and violence done to his Church. Treasure that by some occasion hath bene long and close­ly hid,Math. 13.24. It is a rare matter to find it: which shew­eth how few there be, that vnderstand and know of the ritches of the kingdome of God. And as [Page 156] the man that findeth the treasure, can not iustly enioy the same, except at his great charge, he first straine him selfe to purchase the soile. So hea­uenly riches cannot bee had but of them, which (if neede so require) can be content to forgoe all their worldly wealth for it.2. Cor. 4.7 As great and ritch treasure is many times hid in an homely earthen vessell: So it pleaseth God to put the precious knowledge of him selfe, and his truth into pore, weake, and fraile men.


AS vapours appeare for a little while, and afterward vanisheth quite out of sight: So the life of man is quickly vanished and gone.


A vessell howe profitable soeuer it hath beene to the owner, and how necessary for his turn, yet when it is broken it is throwne awaye and regarded no longer, which is a plaine image and an expresse forme of a man forsaken of those,Psalm. 31.12. whose friend he hath beene so long as he was a­ble to stand them in steede. As in a great howse there be many vesselles of sundry sortes, to diuers vses, not only of gold and siluer, but also of wood and earth:2. Tim. 2.20 21. some for honour, some for dishonour: so in the outward society of the Church, there bee men of all sortes appointed for diuers endes: [Page 157] wherefore we are diligently to looke about vs, that we may bee vesselles apt and meete for the Lorde,1. Pet. 3.7. being prepared for euery good worke. A vessell, the weaker it is, the more it is to be fauo­red and spared, if we will haue it continue: so a woman, because of her infirmityes, is much to be borne withall.


AS a vine when the fences thereof are bro­ken lieth open to the waste, and is spoyled of euery beast of the feelde: so the people and church of God,Psalm. 8.12 13. when for their sinnes God seemeth for a time to withdraw his protection and defence, is subiect to the iniuries & violence of all sorts of the wicked. A vine planted which neither for choise of good groūd, neither for any other thing, which the hand of the husbandman might do to it, can iustly complaine of any want, and yet de­ceiueth the husbandmans expectation, and ma­keth him to loose both paine and cost, expresse the vnkindnesse of people oft times, who woulde be couuted for the people of God, and whome God hath diligently called to the knowledge of himselfe by the preaching of the worde,Esay. 5.1.2 and yet proceede in impiety and vngodlines. Of the shre­dings of the vine commeth no profit, neither can they serue for any other vse but for ye fire:Ezech. 15.1 so those whom God cutteth & casteth of from his church, can serue for none other end, but for the hell fire. [Page 158] A Vine representeth to vs Christe, the braunches representeth Christians.Iohn. As branches can not bring foorth fruite except they abide in the Vine: so Christians cannot bring foorth fruits of righ­teousnesse, except they abide in Christ. The hus­bandman or dresser of the Vine, representeth to vs God the father. For as the vine-dresser cut­teth of euerye braunche that bringeth not foorth fruite, and letteth it wither, and maketh a fire of it: so God doth cut of fruitlesse Christians, and throwe them into hel fire. And as the vine-dres­ser doth purge the fruitfull braunches, that they may bring foorth more fruite: so God by diuers meanes doth purify and clense his children, that they may be the more fruitfull.


CHriste, by the parable of the fiue wise, and of the fiue foolish Virgins, teacheth vs how pro­fitable and good it is for vs, [...]ath. 25.1.2 [...]. [...].11.12. if we watch and bee prepared against his comming againe in glory. And again, how dangerous it is if we be a sleepe, and vnprepared at his comming.


VIniger is as bad and hurtfull to the Teeth, as smoake is to the eyes: and yet more hurt­full then eyther of both, [...]ou. 10.26. is a slouthfull seruant to him yt sendeth or setteth him about any busines.


AS Vipers broode destroyeth them that breede them: So generally the children of them that murthered the prophetes,Math. 3.7. Math. 23.33 and shewed cruelty to the saints of God, fulfill the measure of their fa­thers, and are vnmercifully bent against al those that seeke their life and saluation.


WHen men receiue the wages which they earne:Rom. 6.23. then let them take heede least they earne at Gods hand by sinning: for the wages of sinne is death.


AS oft as wee walke in the high wayes, and common pathes,Psalm. 25.4 we shoulde call to God to direct vs in his ways, and to guid vs in his paths, for the way of the wicked is as daungerous to walk in,Ierem. 23. as an exceeding slipperye way to them that walk in the dark. Yet it is very broade, and well beaten,Math. 7.13 & meruailous many tread it, though it lead to destruction. As oft as we walke to a place,Iohn. 14.6. whether leadeth no more wayes but one, we shold remember that Christ is the onely way to heauen, and that no man can come to the Fa­ther but by him.


A Wall when it beginneth to bowe, or is sha­ken will shortly fall:Psalm. 62.3. euen so ruinous is the seate of the wicked, howsoeuer it seemeth to be. A whited or painted Wall, the brauery whereof, serueth for no profite, but for a meere shewe, set­eth foorth the profite that commeth to the com­mon wealth by those iudges,Acte. 2.3 which sitting in place of Iustice, doe wrong to men contrary to the lawes.


TO buy by an heauier waight, & to sell by a lighter, is abhominable in the eyes and sight of God.Prou. 20.10.


AS soile that hath lyen long waste, by good husbandrye is rid and often broughte to flowrish with corne or grasse: so the Churche of God after long persecution,Esay. 35.1.2. Is by the power and goodnesse of God, brought againe to a flou­rishing estate.


CIuill dessension and warre, is commonly by Gods iust iudgement sent into those landes for their sinnes, [...]say. 19 2. which he wil afterward destroy and bring to desolation in short time. The roote [Page 161] and welspring of all contentions & warres grow from our corrupt lusts and affections,Iames. 4.1 that fight and striue in our members. Upon stubborn trās­gressors of Gods law, God will sende a sword to auenge the quarell of his couenaunt,Leuit. 26.25. And when they flye into their City, he will send pestilence among them, and they shall bee deliuered into the hande of their enimy. In warre peace is to be offered, and to bee perfourmed to them which peaceably yeelde themselues,Deut. 10.1 [...] and are content to become Tributaries. If we be of great skill in warlike affayres,Psalm. 144.1. we are to blesse God, who tea­cheth our handes to fight, and our fingers to bat­tell.


SO often as we see ye waters of ye sea, we are to praise the goodnesse of the Lord,Genes. 1.9 who ga­thered them together on a heape, and to maruell and wonder at his power,Psalm. 3 3.7 who hath set them boundes which they may not passe, and doores and barres,Iob. 38.10. whereby they are kept within theire appointed limits, and can not returne to couer the face of the earth.Psalm. 104. As the raised waters with great raines fall sodainly with greate rage and perill of drowning to many: so are the persecu­tions of the Church,Psal. 124.4 if God do not miraculously rescue it from them. But though his people passe through ye waters he wil be with them,Esay. 13.4. & throgh the flouds, yet they shall not ouerthrowe them, [Page 162] For God maketh for them awaye in the sea, and a path in the mighty Waters. As water refre­sheth the thirstye, and as flouds do moysten the dry land, and make it fruitful: so God by his spirit reioyceth the people of his Church,Esay. 44.3. and powreth out aboundance of his blessinges vpon them. As water runneth and falleth awaye, so shall all handes be weakned,Ezech. 1.17. and knees shal shrinck, when God shall punish impietie and wickednesse. As cleane water washeth and maketh cleane our bo­dyes,Ezech. 36.26 so the spirite of God maketh our harts and soules cleane in the eyes and sight of God. As the water of mighty floudes doe with great vio­lence and rage flowe,Hose. 5.10. and can not be stopped: so the wrath of the Lorde commeth vppon the wic­ked, who peruert al lawes and all religion. A cup of water should bring to minde, that the least li­beralitie that can be giuen for Gods cause, shall not scape vnrewarded at the handes of God.Math. 10.42. If he that is a thirst doth greedely and ioyfully re­ceiue a cup of water to quench his thirst, and to ease him for a little time: how much more greede­ly should we receiue the water of life, whereby the thirst of our soule shall be quenched eternal­ly. [...]oh. 4.14.15. As waues of water are tossed and carried a­way by force of wind: [...]ames. 1.6.7. so he that prayeth without faith, must needes be carryed of euerye forcible affection, and therefore can not looke to obtayne his peticions.


AS waxe melteth with the heat of the fier:Psalm. 22 14. so the hart of man fainteth with the great­nesse of troubles and tribulations.Psalm. 68.2 And as waxe melteth at the heat of the fier: so the wicked pe­rishe at the presence of God.Mate. 1.4. For how can they abyde his presence when the great, huge, and mighty mountaynes doe melt thereat as waxe. Micah. 1.4


AS the Spiders webbe is now whole, and straight waies broken, almost for the least thing that may happen vnto it: so the expectati­on of the wicked faileth & deceiueth them. And as of those webbes no man can make cloath to cloath him:Iob. 8.14. so they who bend their wittes to conceiue mischiefe, and whose whole labour is to bring foorth iniquity, shall not reape profit by their de­uises and paines.


ONe Nation stirred vp against an other,Esay. 59.5.6 to execute the vengeance of God, are the wea­pons of Gods wrath.


AS welles dry in the bottome,Esay. 13.4. deceiue them which seeke for water in them: So they [Page 164] which looke to learne a truth at the handes of false Prophets,2. [...]et. 2.17. are deceiued of their expectation.


MEn easely waxe cunning to fore-see what Weather will shortly happen by the stan­ding of the wind, by the gathering of the clowds and by other tokens,Luke. which as it did condemne the slouth of them which liued in the time of Christe, because they were not carefull, not dili­gent to marke the tokens, whereby they shoulde haue knowne the comming of Christ: So also it will condemne vs, if we marke not, neither ob­serue the tokens of the Seconde comming of Christ.


WHeat except it be sowed in the grounde and there dye,Iohn. 12.24 and not spring againe, and so mul­tiply: so the knowledge of those benefits which we haue by Christe after his death, encreased, grewe, and multiplied throughout the whole world.


WHen we see wicked men, whose whole de­light is in wickednesse, and all whose stu­dyes are vanitie and abhomination, then we may well conclude that these men haue sayde in their hartes,Psalm 14.1.53. ver. 1. that there is no God.


WHen we see a Widow in extreame griefe for the losse of her husband and of her children,Esay. 47.9. because she is now destitute of all helpe & com­fort: then let vs remember, that such griefe and affliction God will bring vpon all those, which when they flourishe and are in prosperitie, are proud and vnmercifull. The continuall wee­ping of a Widow, Lamen. 1.1.2. forsaken of all her friendes, re­presenteth to vs the wofull estate of a Citie de­stroyed and desolate.


HE that findeth a good Wife, findeth a good thinge,Prou. 18.22.19. ver. 14. and receiueth fauour of the Lorde. Houses and ritches descende from parentes, to their children by inheritance, but a wise and pru­dent Wife, is the gratious gift of the Lord.


WHen men are driuen to hide them selues in wild & desart places,Exod. 16.35 where all things are wanting yt should serue for ye necessary sustenance of man:Num 20.11. Then are they to comfort them selues with the power and goodnesse of God, who hath taught vs by good experience, that he can and will extraordinarilye prouide for his, by gi­uing foode from heauen, water out of the hard rockes, by making their apparrell neither to [Page 132] weare nor teare,1. King. 17.6.19. vers. 8. by making rauens to feed them, by giuing extraordinary strength to endure with out meat a great time.


AS wind sodenly passeth away with a blast: so also sodenly passeth the life of man.Iob. 7.7. As they which haue nothing to feed on but the wind, do famishe and pine away and so perishe:Hose. 12.1. so they which are fed with fayre promises, and set their hope and confidence in the defence of men are de­ceiued, and left destitute in their most need. The winde bloweth in what quarter of Heauen it li­steth, and where it beginneth blowing, & where it endeth no man can tell, neither can any man deuise meanes to stop the course of it: euen with the like libertye, and with the like open appa­raunce worketh the spirit of God, where and in whom he will,Iohn. 3.8. and no power nor abilitie of man is able to resist and withstand it.


AS new Wine will burst the vesselles, which it is put in, except they haue a vent: So a man desirous to heare him self,Iob. 32.19 can by no means hold his tongue. Wine is a mocker, and stronge drincke is raging,Prou. 20.1 and whosoeuer is deceiued therewith is not wise. Looke not vppon Wine when it is red,Prou. 23.31 and when it sheweth his colour in [Page 167] the cup, and goeth downe pleasantlie, in the ende thereof it will bite like a Serpent, and hurt like a Cocatrice. When we see men make no con­science, how they get but think al wel inough,Amos. 2.8 so they bestow some part vpon God, and good vses, we are to remember the threatning of the Pro­phet against them, that drincke the wine of the condemned in the house of their God.


Wisedome is better then al maner of war­like prouision and furniture.Eccles. 9.18. Yet when in Gods matters, and in matters of life to come, wee are allured and intised away by worldly wisedome and fleshly reasons: then are we to be­ware and take heed of consenting,Rom. 8. [...] because the wisedome of the fleshe is enimity against God, it is not subiect to the law of God neither can be. When we heare in the pulpit Rethoricall flow­ers of speach, and an ouermuch affection, and see­king to shew learning:1. Cor. 2.4. [...] Then let vs call to minde that preaching ought not to be in the intising wordes of mans wisedome, but in the plaine eui­dence of the spirite and of power, that the faith of the hearers may rest, not in the wisedome of men, but in the power of God.


THe rebukes of the Wise, are more profita­ble to be hearkened vnto,Eccles. 7.7 then the pleasant [Page 168] songes and melody of fooles. The continuall vn­kindnesse and vnthankfulnesse of nations, for the manifold benefites which God bestoweth vpon them, causeth God against the day of deserued destruction, to make their wise men fooles, and to cause their wisedome to perishe from them. When we wonder that so many wise and learned men doe not know nor embrace the euident and cleare truth of the gospell,1. Cor 2.6.7 8.9.10. then are we to call to mind, that it is not the wisdome of the world, but of God, and that therefore no man can know it. [...]. Cor. 3.20 But he to whom God by his spirite doth re­ueale it. But as for all the thoughtes and con­ceits of the wise of this worlde, God knoweth that they are but vaine.


Genes. 3.8 WOodes that grow thick, & are meete for euil men to lurcke in, shoulde make vs remem­ber how great a mischiefe disobedience to God is, and that that was the firste cause that made men ashamed and afrayd to shew their face, and therefore to seeke couert to hide them in. Wood serueth to kindle and keepe fier, tale-bearers stirre vp and nourishe stryfe.Prou. 26.20. Drye wood is apt to burne, and greene wood, though not so quick­ly will be consumed with fier: so both strong and weake, high and low, ritch and poore, one and an other goe to wracke,Ezec. 20.47 when God punisheth impi­etie and wickednesse.


THey that forsake their husbandes, and giue them selues ouer to straungers,Ezech. and so be­come cōmon Whores, do represent to vs the state of those which leaue God & the truth, which some time they professed, and commit Idolatrye, and cleaue to superstitions.


WHen we behold women, we shoulde thank­fully acknowledge the goodnesse of God, who prouided them to be helpes and comfortes vnto men.Genes. 2.18. Women also thereby are admonished to be aunswearable to their creation in their do­inges and dealinges.Esay. 26.17 A woman in trauaile in the middle of her sorrow cryeth in her paynes,Esay. 42.42 e­uen so is the estate of God his Children in the middest of persecution, and as a woman then de­sireth with speede to bee deliuered, so God will bee at once auenged vppon the enemies of Gods Church. As the heart of a woman faynteth and yeeldeth in trauaile,Ierem. 49.24 so the hartes of strong men faint, when God will bee enemies, afflict and scourge their countrie. And when women pre­uayle with men in their suites by great impor­tunitie:Luke. 18.7. Then are we to remember, that by prayer without ceasing, we shall obtayne our re­questes of God.


WHen we see men giuen to bee full of wordes and delighted with much prating: then let vs remember that in many wordes there can not want iniquitie,Prou. 10.19 and that for euery idle word that scapeth vs,Math. 12.36 wee shall bee called to account at the last day. Howbeit, hee that sinneth not in worde, must needes bee a perfect man,Iames. 3.2. and well able to bridle his affections.


THe bitternesse of Wormewood representeth to vs the bitternes of affliction and oppres­sion.Lamen. 3.19 Amos. 5.7 Iudgement is as bitter as wormwood when a man by it is vntruely oppressed and condem­ned.


IF they which runne or wrestle for the best game, doe of their owne accorde abstain from all thinges, which may eyther make them short winded, or hinder their lightnesse, strength, or nimblenesse:1. Cor. 9.25 much more then we should willing­lye cast of and abstaine from all those things, which might hinder vs in the way and course of euerlasting life. The wrestler obtaineth not the crowne or garland, exeept he striue for it accor­ding to the lawes of wrestling:1. Tim. 2.5. so ministers are [Page 171] not to looke for any rewarde, except they doe their diligent endeuour,2. Tim. 2.5 to do their duties faith­fully.


WOlues breaking into a flocke of sheepe, deuouring some, & scattering the rest: doe resemble false Teachers, which creepe into the church of God,Act. 20.29 and bring to destruction those whom they can allure within compasse of their nets, and deuide and seperate the rest by dissen­tion and debate.


SUch safety as sheepe haue amongest wolues, such must the Ministers of God looke for in this Worlde. Math. 10.10 For the loue of the World, and the loue of God can not abyde togeather in one and the same man.1. Iohn. 2.15. But this is the comfort of the children of God,1. Iohn. 2.17. that the World with all the de­sires thereof shall passe away, but they that seeke to fulfill the will of the Lorde, shall abide and endure for euer.Iohn. 15.18 If the Worlde therefore hate vs, it is no matter: it hated Christ first. And there is one and the same cause of hating, both because Christ and all his true followers do witnesse vn­to the Worlde, Iohn. 7.7. the wickednesse of their workes. For it is a continuall worke of the spirite, in all those which are therewith endued, to conuince the worlde of sinne.Iohn. 16.8. Whosoeuer therefore ioy­neth [Page 172] in friendship with the world,Iames. 4.4 foorthwith be­commeth the enemy of God. Loue not then the world,1. Iohn. 2.15 nor the thinges that are in the world. For if any man loue the worlde, the loue of the Fa­ther is not in him.


AS oft as we paye Woork-men their hire, we shoulde thinke,Math. 10.10. how much better doe they which labour in the Church of God, for the sal­uation of our soules, deserue the reward allotted and appoynted them for their paines, and there­fore we should gladly bestow it.


THe Palmer Worme, the canker Worme, the Grashopper, the Catterpiller, and such like, deuouring the fruites of the earth:Iob. 1.4. doe inuite and stirre vs to repentaunce, seeing they are sent of God to plague vs for our sinnes. When we take small Wormes in our handes,Actes. 12.23 then we are to remember, that God needeth no greater nor mightier souldiers, to tame the proudest Prince vpon the earth.


WHen we see cattell and Horses, strong, yong, and wanton breake their Yokes and bandes: [...]erem. 5.5. then we are to consider the great estates of this [Page 173] world, who being exalted in honour, and aboundding in wealth, though they knowe the waye of the Lorde, and the iudgements of their God, yet can not submit their neckes to the yoke of the Lorde, or be subiect to his discipline: yet is his yoke very sweete,Math. 11.30 and the burthen which he lay­eth vppon his very light. When wee see yokes very strong,Actes. 15.10 28. great, and heauy, combersome for cattell to beare: Then are wee to remember, to giue God thankes for his greate mercy to vs Christians, in deliuering of vs, and setting free from the yoke of the Law.


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