¶ Certaine wholesome Obseruations and Rules fo Jnne-keepers, and also for their Guests, meet to be fixed vpon the wall of euery Chamber in the house; but meant more specially for the good of Mr. Henry Hunter and his wife, of Smithfield, his louing brother and sister, and of the Guests which vse their house.

1. WE Reade of Inkeepers that they were of ancient time, as in Ios. 2. Iudg. 19. verse. 21. 22.

2. Our Sauiour in the Gospel commends the vse of Innes. Luke 10. ver. 34. and brought to an Inne.

3. Yea Christ himselfe by his owne presence did sanctifie the vse of Innes by eating his passeouer there. Mat. 26. 18.

4. In Acts 28. there is expresse mention of an Inne with approbation and liking. They came to meet vs at the market of Appius, and at the three Tauerns.

5 Common experience sheweth all men what vse there is of Innes for case of Trauailers, that their bodies which are the members of Christ, and Temples of the holy ghost appointed to a glorious resurrection, may be refreshed after wearisome labour.

6 It must not be accounted a small matter to affoord house roome, lodging, rest and food to the comforts of Gods children.

Rules for Innekeepers.

1. THough your house (as an Inne) bee open for all men to come vnto, yet account honest men your best guests: euer hold their company better then their roomes.

2 Amongst honest men, let such as be religious withal, be most welcome. The feet of the Saints are blessed, and often leaue blessings behind them, as we read of Ioseph. Gen. 39. 4. 5.

3. Of religious and godly men let faithfull Ministers haue heartiest intertainement. The feet of such as bring glad tidings of peace and good things, oh how beautiful are they. Rom. 10. Such as receiue a Prophet in the name of a Prophet shal haue a Prophets reward. Mat. 10. Be not so glad of your gain▪ as that you may pleasure such.

4 Because your guests be Gods children, and their bodies the members of Christ, let their vsage for meat, lodg­ing, diet, and sleepe bee such as becomes such; worthy personages, as bee heires with God, euen fellow heires▪ with Christ. Rom. 8.

5. In seruing and louing your guests, remember you do serue and loue God, who takes all as done to himselfe, which for his sake is done to his. Mat. 25. 34. 33. 36.

6. Content your selues with an honest gaine, so vsing your guests as they may haue an appetite to returne to you when they are gone from you.

7 Make choice of good seruants, such as know God and make conscience of their waies: for these are likeliest to be true, faithfull, diligent, and cheerefull in their seruice; also such will best please your best guests, and will not iustly offend your worst. Moreouer, God will cause your busines to prosper best in the hands of such.

8. Giue your seruants no euill example in word or deed, beare not with their lying, deceit, swearing, propha­ning of the Sabbath, or wantonnes. Cause them to keepe the Lords day holy, going to the Church by turnes: ex­amine them how they profit by Sermons; loue such seruants best, as most loue Gods word.

Rules for Guests.

1. VSe an Inne not as your owne house, but as an Inne; not to dwell in but to rest for such time as ye haue iust and needfull occasion and then to returne to your owne families.

2. Remember ye are in the world as in an Inne to tarry for a short space; and then to be gone hence.

3. At night when ye come to your Inne thanke God for your Preseruation: next morning pray for a good Iourney.

4. Eat and drinke for necessity and strength, and not for lust.

5. At table let your talke be powdred with the salt of heauenly wisedome, as your meat is seasoned with mate­rial and earthly salt.

6. Aboue all abhorre all oathes, cursing and blasphemy, for God will not hold him guiltlesse which taketh his name in vaine.

T. W.

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