By the Counsell of Virginea.

WHereas the good Shippe, called the Her­cules, is now preparing, and almost in a readinesse with necessarie Prouisions, to make a supplie to the Lord Gouernour and the Colonie in Virginea, it i [...] thought meet (for the auoiding of such vagrant and vnnecessarie persons as do commonly pro­fer themselues, being altogether vnser­uiceable) that none but honest sufficient Artificers, as Car­penters, Smiths, Coopers, Fishermen, Brickmen, and such like, shall be entertained into this Voyage: of whom so many as will in due time repaire to the house of Sir Thomas Smith in Philpotlane, with sufficient testimonie of their skill and good behauiour, they shall receiue entertainment accordingly.

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