❧A Nota­ble collection of diuers and sō ­dry places of the sacred scriptures / which make to the declaratyon of the Lordes prayer / Comenly called the Pater noster.

Gathered by the famous Clerke Master Peter viret / Frenchman.

And translated oute of Frenche into In­glysh / by Anthony Scoloker. The .viij. Daye of Iune. Anno. 1548.

IMPRINTED at London / by Anthony Scoloker. Dwelling wythout Aldersgate. And Wyllyā Seres Dwel­lyng. In the Elye tentes in hol­borne.

¶ Cum Gratia et priuilegio ad Imprintum solum / Per Septennium.

The Places Of Holye Scripture / whyche make for the declaracion of the Lordes Prayer / Co­munely called the Pa­ter noster.

Of the Prayer.


Axe / and it shalbe geuen you. Seke / and ye shal fynd. Knocke / and it shalbe opened vnto you. For who soeuer asketh receueth and he that seketh / fyndeth / and to hym yt knocketh / it shalbe opened. Mathew vij. b Ieremi .xxix. c. Iohn .xvi. c.

And when thou prayest / thou shalt not be as the ypocrites are. For they loue to stande and praye in ye Sinagoges / & in ye corners of the streates / to be sene of men. Verely I saye vnto you / they haue theyr rewarde. But when thou prayest / entre into thy Chambre / and shut thy doore to the / and pray to thy father which is in se­cret: and thy father whiche seeth in secret / shall rewarde thy openly. And when ye praye / bable not moche / as the heathē do: for they thynke that they shalbe heard for theyr moche bablynges sake. Be not ye lyke them therfore. For your father kno­weth wherof ye haue nede / before ye aske of hym. After thys maner therfore shall ye praye. Oure father which art &c Mathew vi. b.

Lykewyse the spirite also helpeth our weakenes. For we knowe not what we shuld desire as we ought: nevertheles the spirit it self maketh intercession mightlye [Page] for vs wyth vnoutspekeable groninges. Howe be it he that sercheth the hart kno­weth what the minde of the spyryt is: for he maketh intercession for the sayntes / ac­cording to the pleasure of God. Roma­norum .viij. d.

Beleue me the tyme cōmeth that ye shal neyther vppon this montein nor at Ierusalem worshyp the father. The time com­meth and is nowe alreadye / that the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spiryt and in trueth. For the father wil haue such to worship hym. God is a spiryt / and they that worship him / must worship in spiryte and trueth. Iohn .iiij. c.

For we are the circumcysyon / euen we yt serue God in the spirite. Phil .iij. a. Also I shall praye wyth voyce / but I shal pray wyth vnd (er)stādīg. Yet had I lever in ye cō ­gregacion to speake five wordes with my vnd (er)stādīg / yt I maye enforme other also / rather thē tēne thousand wordes wt tōge i. Cor .xiiij. c.

I wyl therfore ye men pray in al places / lyftīg vp pure hāds wtout wrath or strife i. Timoth .ij. b.

Watch therfore at all tymes and pray Luke .xxi. g.

Pray alwaies with al maner of prayer & supplycacion in ye spyrite. Ephes .vi. c.

I will always prayse ye everlastīg / his praise shalbe alwaies in my mouth. Psal .xxxiiij. a.

We reioyce before God of you / we pray excedīgly day and night .i. Thess .iij. b.

Men ought alwaies to pray ād not to leaue of. Luke .xviii. a.

Pray without ceasing .i. Tess .v. d.

Verely / Verely I saye vnto you what soeuer ye do aske my Father in my name / he shal gyue it you. Iohn .xvi. e.

The two cōdicions whych are chefely required in prayer. Marc .xi. c.

Whatsoeuer ye desyre in your prayer / beleue that ye shall receyue it / and ye shal have it. And whā ye stand and pray / for­gyue yf ye haue ought against anye man / that your father also in heauen / maye forgyue you your trespaces.

Our father

We haue but one God / even the father of whome are all thīgs & we in hī .i. Cor .viii.

I am the father of Israell Ierem .xxxi. I wyl be your father & ye shalbe my sōs & [Page] doughters / saith ye almighty lorde ij. Cor .vi. d.

Shuld not a sonne honour his father / and a seruaunt his master? if I be nowe a father / where is my honour? if I be the lord where am I feared? Malach .i. b.

Is ther any man among you which if his sōne asked hym bread / wold offer him a stone? Or if he asked fysh / wold he prof­fer him a serpent? If ye then wt are evell / can gyue your children good giftes: howe moche more shall your father which is in heauen / gyue good thynges to them that aske him? Mat .vij. a.

Thou lord arte our father and Redemer and thy name is everlasting / Esay .xliij. c.

I prayse ye / o father and lord of heauen and earth / that thou hast hyd these things from the wyse and prudent / & opened thē vnto Babes. Euen so Father / for so it pleased the. All thinges are geuen over vnto me of my father / and no man knoweth the sōne but the father: neyther knoweth any man the father saue the sonne / and he to whome the sonne wyll open it. Mathe xi. e. Mathew .xxviij. c. Luc .x. c. Iohn .iij. e .vij. c .viij. b .x. b.

Behold what loue ye father hath shewed [Page] on vs / yt we shulde be called the chyldren of God .i. Iohn .iij. a.

For so much then as ye are childeren / God hath sent the spirit of his sonne into your hartes / which crieth: Abba (that is) father. Wherfore nowe thou art not a seruaunte / but a sonne. If thou be a sonne then arte thou the heyre of God / thorowe Christ. Gal .iiij. a Roma .viij. b.

For who soever are led by the spirite of God / are Gods Children: for ye haue not receiued the spyryte of / bondage to feare any more / but ye haue receiued the spyryte of adopcion / wherby we cry Abba (yt is to saye) father. The same spirite certifieth our spirite yt we are the chyldren of God. If we be childrē / then are we heyres also / namely the heyres of God / and heyres annexed with Christ. Roma .viij. b.

Haue we not all one father? Hath not one God made vs? Why doth every one of vs then despyse his owne brother / and so breake the Couenaunt of our Father? Malach .ij. b.

Is not he thy father and thy Lorde? Hath not he made the and Prepared the? Deut .xxxij. a.

Which arte in Heauen.

And cal no man father vppō aerth / for one is your father which is in heauē. And ye shall not suffer your selues to be called masters / for one is your master / namely / Christ and all ye are brethern. Mathew .xxiij. a.

Vnto the / lyft I vp mine eyes / thou ye dwellest in the heauens. Psal. ciij. a.

ij. Paralyp .vi. d. Esay. lxvi. a.

The lorde hath prepared hys seate in heauen / and his kingdom ruleth over all Psal. cij. c. /

Our God is in heauen / he doth what soeuer pleaseth him. Psal. cxv. a.

All the heauens are the lordes / and the earth hath he geuen vnto men. Psalmes. cxv. d.

Heauē is my seat & aerth is my fotesto­le where shal now the house stād yt ye wyl buylde vnto me? & wher shall be the place that I wil dwel in? as for these thīgs / my hand hath made thē all / ād they are al created / sayth the lord / Esay. lxvi. a.

Do not I fulfyl heauē & aerth (saith ye lorde) Ierem .xxiij. d.

For heauen & ye heauē of all heauens may not cōprehēd hī. Who am I thē that I shuld buyld hī an house? i. Reg .viij. d .ii [Page] Chron .ij. b.

But salomon buylt him an house / howbeit the hyghest of all dwelleth not in temples that are made wt handes / as the Prophet sayth. &c. Act .vij. f.

God which made the worlde / and all yt therin is / for so moch as he is lord of hea­uen and earth / dwelleth not in Temples made of hands / neyther is he worshipped with mens handes / as though he had ne­de of any man / seyng he hym selfe geueth lyfe and breath vnto al men euery where: & hath made of one bloude all the genera­tyon of men to dwell vppon all the face of the Earth: and hath assygned borders ap­poynted before / howe long and farre they shuld dwel / that they myght fele and find him. And truly he is not farre from euery one of vs / for in him we lyue / move and haue our beyng / as certeyne of your owne poetes also ha­ue sayd: we are his gene­ratyon. &c. Act .xvij. d. and .e.

Halowed be thy name


I wyll make the name of my holynes to be knowen among my people of Isra­ell / and I will not let my holy name to be euell spoken of any more: but the very heathen also shal knowe that I am the Lord the holy one of Israell. Gzech .xxxix. b.

At that tyme shall there be one Lorde onely / and his name shalbe but one. 1. Za­cha .xiiij. b.

I do not this for your sakes (O house of Israell) but for my holy names sake. Ezech .xxxvi. d.

Bring me my sonnes from farre / & my doughters from the endes of the worlde: Namelye all those that call on my name. For them haue I created / fasshyoned and made for myne honoure. Ezay .xliij. a.

And the tyme shall come / yt whosoeuer calleth on the name of the lorde / shalbe sa­ued. Ioel .ij. f.

O Lord our gouuernour / howe won­derful is ye name in al ye world. Psa .viij. a

From the rysing vp of the sōne / vnto ye going down of ye same / my name is great amōg ye gētyles / yea in al places. Mal .i. c

The lord is hye aboue all heathē / & his glory aboue the heauēs. Who is lyke vnto the lorde our God / that hath his dwellinge so hygh / whych humbleth him selfe to be­holde that is in heauen and aerth? whyche taketh vp the symple oute of the dust and lyfteth the poore out of the myre. The Lordes name is worthy to be praysed, frō the risyng vp of the sonne vnto the goyng downe of the same. Psalm. cxij. a.

Synge vnto the Lord and prayse hys Name / be telling of his Saluation from day to day. Declare hys honoure amonge the heathen / and his wonders among all people. Psalm .xcv. a.

The name of the Lorde is a strong ca­stell / the ryghtuous flieth vnto it / & shall be saued. Prouerb .xviij. b.

Not vnto vs (O Lorde) not vnto vs: but vnto thy name geue the praise / for thy louynge mercy and faithfulnes. Psalme. Cxv. a.

Helpe vs (O God our Sauyour) for the glory of thy name: O deliuer vs / and forgiue vs our sinnes for thy names sake Psalm. lxxviij. b.

Leade my in thy way (O lord) that I walke in thy trueth. O let my harte delyte in fearing thy name. I thanke the / o Lord my God / and wyll prayse thy name for euer Psa. lxxxv. b. clxv. a. Chro .xxix. c

A frewyll offring will I geue the / and prayse thy law / o lord / because it is so cō ­fortable. Psalm. liij. a.

I will declare ye name vnto my bretheren / in ye middest of ye cōgregacion wil I prayse the. Psal .xxi. c .xxiij. a. Ebr .ij. c.

The Lord gaue and the Lord hath ta­ken awaye: Now blessed be the name of ye Lord. Iob .i. d.

Let vs therfore by hym offer alwayes vnto God the sacryfice of prayse: that is to say the frute of those lyppes which cō ­fesse [Page] his name. Ebre .xiij. c. Psal .xci. a.

Thy Kingdom come


Seke ye fyrst the kingdome of heauen and the ryghtuousnesse therof / so shall all these things be ministred vnto you. Mat vi. d. Luke .xij. d .iij Reg .iij. b.

The kyngdom of God is not meate & drinke but ryghtuousnesse / peace and ioye in the holy goost. Roma .xiiij. c.

The kingdome of God is not in wor­des: but in power .i. Corin .iiij. c.

The kyngdom of God cōmeth not wyth outwarde apperaunce / neyther shall it be sayde: Lo / here or there is it, For beholde the Kyngdome of God is inward in you. Luke .xvij. c.

Except a man be borne a newe / he can not see the kingdom of God. Ihon .iij. a.

Except a mā be borne of water and of the spirite / he can not come into the king­dom of God. Ihon .iij. a.

Who soeuer receaueth not the kingdo­me of God / as a chyld / shall not entre ther in. Luke .xviij. b.

Fleshe and bloude can not inheret the Kingdom of God .i. Cor .xv. e.

The kingdom of heauen suffreth vio­lence / and the violent plucke it vnto them. Math .xi. b.

Which hath deliuered vs frō the powr of Darkenes / and translated vs into the Kyngdome of hys deare Sonne / in who­me we haue Redemption thorrowe hys Bloud / namely / the forgeuenes of synnes Collos .i. b.

Thē shalbe ye ende / whē he shall dely­uer vp ye Kingdome vnto God the father. Whē he shall put down al rule & superio­re / & powr. For he must reigne til he haue [Page] all hys ennemies vnder fete. The last en­nemye that shall be destroyed / is death / i. Cor .xv. c.

Similitudes of the kingdom of God. Mathe .xxiij. a. e. Mar .iiij. a. b. Luke the viij. a. b. Math .xiij. e. Mark, iiij. d. Luke .xiij. d e. Math .xiij. f. g .xviij / c .xx. & .xxij. a Lu .xiiij. d. Mat .xxv. a. b. Luk .xix. b .xv.

Thy will be done in Earth as it is in Heauen.


What wylt thou that I shall do? Act .ix. a

Teach me to do the thing that pleaseth the / for thou art my God: Let thy louyng spyryt leade me forth vnto the Lande of rightuousnes. Psal. cxlij. b.

This is the will of him which hath sēt me / that who soeuer seeth the sonne / ād beleueth on him / haue everlastinge life / ād I shall rayse hym vp at the last daye. Iohn .vi. e.

Thou shalt do that which is ryght ād good in the sight of the lord / to the intent that thou mayest prosper. Deut .vi. b.

Ye shall not do these thīges which seme good in your owne eyes Deut .xij. a.

A man thinketh all hys ways to be cleane / but it is the Lorde that fashyoneth the mindes. Pro .xvi. a.

My councell shall stande: and I shall do what soever pleaseth me. Esay / xlvi.

He handeleth according to hys wyll a­mong the powers of heauen and among the inhabytours of the earth / and there is none that maye resyst his hande / or saye: what doest thou? Dani / iiij. e.

So lieth it not thē ī any mās wil or rū ­nīg / but in ye mercy of God. Rom .x. b.

For it is God wt worketh in you both ye wyll and the dede. Phil .ij. b.

He worketh all thinges after ye coūcell of his owne will / that we might be to the praise of his glory. Ephe .i. b.

Such trust haue we thorow Christ to Godwarde / not yt we are sufficient of our selves / to think any thing as of our selves but our ablenes cōmeth of god ij. cor .iii. a.

I do not yt I wil / but what I hate yt do I. Yf I do now yt wc I wil not / thē graūt I yt ye law is good. Item yu good yt I will do I not / but ye evel wc I wyl not / yt do I. Itē I fīd by ye law / yt whā I wil do good / evel is presēt wt me. For I delite in ye law of god after ye īward mā: but I se ā other lawe in my mēbres / wc striueth agaīst the law of my minde / & taketh me prisoner in the law of sinne / wc is in my membres. O wretched man yt I am / who shall deliver me frō ye body of this death? I thāk God thorow Iesus Christ our lord. Roman .vij. c.

He yt doth ye wil of God / abideth for ev (er) Iohn .v.

O prayse the lorde / ye angels of hys / ye that be mightie in strength / fulfilling hys commādment yt men may heare the voice of his words? O prayse the lord al ye his hostes / ye seruauntes of hys / that do hys [Page] pleasure. Psal. ciij. a.

Glory be vnto God an hye / and peace vppon earth and vnto men a good wyll. Luke .ij. b.

Who said to Cirus: thou art mine hird­man / so yt he shal fulfyll all thīgs after my wyll. Esay xliiij. e.

I am come downe frō heauen / not to do mine owne wyll / but the wyll of hī yt hath sent me. Iohn vi. d.

Sacrifice & offering thou woldest not haue / but yu hast opened mine eares: burnt offrings & sacrifice for sīne thou hast not allowed. Thē sayd I: Lo / I come in the beginning of the boke it is writtē of me yt I shuld fulfyll thy will (o my God) & yt ā I content to do: yea the law is within my hart. Psal .xxxix. b. Ebr .x. b.

I seke not mine owne will / but the wil of my father wc hath sēt me. Iohn v. c.

Not my will / but thy wyll be fulfylled Luk .xxij. e.

Forasmoch thē / as Christ hath suffred for vs in the flesh / arme your selves lyke­wyse with the same mind. For he whiche suffreth in the flesh / ceaseth from sinne / ye henceforth (as moche time as yet remay­neth in the flesh) he shuld not lyue after yu [Page] lustes of men / but after the wyll of God .i. Pet .iiij. a.

Not as I will but as thou wilt. Mat xxvi. d. Mat c .xiiij. d.

And fashyon not your selues lyke vn­to his world but be chaūged thorow the renewing of your mind / yt ye may prove what things that good that acceptable ad par [...]e [...]t wyll of God is. Rom .xij. a.

For this is the will of God / even your sanctifienge / that ye shulde absteyne from whoredome / t at every one of you shulde knowe howe to kepe his vessell in holines and honour / and not in the lust of concupiscence / as the heathen / whiche knowe not Go [...] .i. Tess .iiij. a.

Wherfore be not ye vnwise / but vnder­stande what the wyll of the lorde is. Eph .v. b.

Alwaies fervently laboring for you in prayers that ye may stand perfect & ful in all yt is ye wyl of God. Col .iiij. b.

And this is the free boldnes which we have toward him that if we aske any thīg accordinge to hys wyll / he heareth vs .i. Iohn v. b.

The God of peace yt brought again frō ye dead our lorde Iesus the great shepard [Page] of the shepe / thorow the bloud of the euer­lasting testament) make you perfect in all good workes to do hys wyll / working to you that whych is pleasaunt in hys [...] thorow Iesus Chryst to whome be prayse for euer and euer. Amen

Ebre .xiij. d.

Gyue vs this day our dayly breade.


The blessing of the Lord maketh ry [...]h men / as for carefull and trauayle it doth nothing thervnto. Prouer .x. c.

He geueth foode vnto all flesh / and his mercy endureth for euer. Psal. cxxxv.

For vnto whome soeuer God geueth riches / goodes and powr / he geueth it him to enioye it / to take it for hys portion / and to be refresshed of his labour: this is now the gifte of God. Eccle .v. d.

The lorde wyll not let the soule of the ryghtuous suffer hunger / but he putteth the vngodly from hys desyre. Proue .x. a.

I haue bene yong & now am olde: yet sawe I neuer the ryghtuous forsake / nor his seed to seke theyr Breade? Psalme .xxxvi. d.

Who prouideth meate for the Rauen / when hys yong ones crye vnto God / and flye about for want of meat. Iob .xxxviij d.

Whych geueth foder vnto the catell / & fedeth the yong Rauens that call vppon hym. Psalm. cxlvi. b

Yea and the yong lyons / whych roare af­ter the praye / and seke their meate at God Psalm. ciij. c

They wayte all vppon the / that thou mayest geue thē meate in due seasō / whē yu geuest it thē / they gather it: whē yu openest thine hād / they are filled wc good. Psa. cii

O cast thy burthen or care vpon ye lord / and he shall norish the. Psal. liiij. c.

Cast all your care on hī / for he careth for you .i. Petr .v. a.

Be not careful but in al things let your peticions in prayer and supplycacion / wt geuīg of thankes / be knowne before God Philip .iiij.

Therfore I saye vnto you be not ye carefull for your life / what ye shall eate or what ye shall Dryncke: nor yet for youre body what ye shall put on / is not the lyfe more worth thē ye meate & the body more of value then raymēt? Beholde ye foules of the ayer: for they sow not / neither repe nor yet cary into ye barnes: & yet your heauenly father fedeth them. Are ye not mo­che better thē they? Which of you (though he toke thought therfor) could put one cubit vnto his stature? why care ye then for raiment? Consider the Lilies of the Feld howe they grow. They laboure not / neither Spinne. And yet for all that I saye vnto you / that even Salomon in all his royaltie was not arayed like vnto one of these. Wherfore if GOD so Cloth the Grasse / whyche is to Daye in the Felde / and to morrow shalbe cast into ye furnace / [Page] shall he not moch more do the same vnto you / o ye of lytle faith? Therfore take no thought / sayīg: what shal we eat / or what shall we drink? or wherwt shall we be clo­hed? After al such do ye heathen seke / For your heuenly father knoweth / that ye haue nede of all ye se thinges. Seke ye fyrst ye kingdom of heauē & the righteousnes­se therof / and al these thynges shall be ministred vnto you. Math .vi. d.

Care not then for to morrowe / for the morrow shall care for it selfe: Euery daye hath ynough of his own trauayle. Ibidē

A praier of Salomon for a cōpe­tēt lyuing.Two things will I require of ye / that thou wylt not deny me before I dye. Re­moue from me vanyce and lyes: geue me neyther beggery nor ryches / onely graūt me a necessary lyuing. Least if I be to ful I denye the / and saye: what felowe is the Lord? And least I being con­strayned thorow pouerte / fall vnto stealing / & for swea­re ye name of my God Prouerb .xxx. a

If ryches encrease / set not your harte vppon them. Psal. lxi. b.

And forgyue vs our trespasses.


It is I / It is I onely / that for myne owne self sake do away thyne offences / & forget thy Sinnes: so that I wyll neuer thynke vppon them. Esay .xliij. d.

As for thyne offēces / I dryue them a­way lyke the Cloudes / and thy sinnes as the myst. Turne the againe vnto me / and I wyll delyuer the. Esay .xliiij. d

The lord is full of compassion ād mercy / long sufferinge and of great goodnes. He will not alwaye be chydinge / neyther wyll he kepe his angre for euer. He hath not delt with vs after our synnes / nor re­warded vs according to oure wickednes. For loke how hye the heauē is / in cōpary­son of the earth / so great is his mercy also towards them that feare him. Loke how wyde the East is from the West / so farre hath he set our sinnes from vs. Yea lyke as a father pitieth hys owne children / euē so is the Lorde mercifull vnto them that feare him: For he knoweth wherof we be made. He Remembreth that we are but dust. Psalm. cij. a.

Shame not to confesse thine errour / & submit not thy self vnto every man / because of sinne. Eccle .iiij. d.

If we say that we have no sinne / we de­ceaue our selues / and the trueth is not in vs. But if we knowledg our sinnes / God is faithfull and lust to forgiue vs our sinnes / and to clense vs from all vnryghtu­ousnes. If we say we haue not sinned / we make him a lyer / and hys worde is not in vs .i. Iohn .i.

Who can say: my hart is cleane / I am [Page] innocent from sinne?

Ther is not one rightuous man in al yu aerth / that doth good and sinneth not. Ecc vij. c .i. Reg .viij. e. Psal. liij. a. Rom .iij. b.

The rightuous falleth .vij. times. Pro xxiiij. c.

What is man / that he shuld be vncleane / what hath he wc is born of a womā / wherby he might be knowne to be rightuous. Beholde / he hath found vnfaithfulnes a­mong his owne saintes: yea the very hea­uens are vncleane in his sight. How mo­che more thē an abhominable & vyle man whiche drinketh wickednes lyke water? Iob .iiij. b .xv. b .xxv. b.

Who can tell how oft he offēdeth? Oh clence thou me frō my secret fautes. Psal .xviij. b.

I turned me vnto God the lorde for to pray & make mine ītercessiō / wt fastīg / sakcloth & asshes. I prayed before ye lord my God & knowledge / saying: O lorde / thou great & fearefull God / thou yt kepest couenaunt and mercy with thē which loue the ād do thy cōmaūdementes. Dan .ix. a.

Therfore I confessed my sīne vnto ye / & hyd not mine vnrightuousnes. I sayd / I will knowledge myne offēce / & accuse my [Page] selfe vnto the Lord / and so thou forgeuest me the wyckednes of my synne. Psalme .xviij. d .xxxi. a.

Haue mercy vppon me (O God) after thy goodnes / and according vnto ye great mercyes do awaye myne offences. Wash me well from my wyckednes and clense me from my synne. For I knowledge my fautes / and my synne is euer before me.

Against the onely / against the haue I sin­ned / and done euell in thy syght. Psalme. L. a

Conuert thou me / and I shall be con­verted: for thou art my Lord God. Iere .xxxi. c. Psalm. lxxx. a.

O reconcile me wyth Isope / & I shall be clene: wash thou me / and I shalbe whi­ter then snowe. Psalm. l. a.

As we forgiue them that trespasse a­gainst vs.

Yf you forgyue other men theyr trespa­ces / your heauenly father shall also forgy­ue you. But and ye wyll not forgyue men theyr trespaces no more shall your father [Page] forgiue you your trespaces. Math .vi. b. Luk xi. d.

Forgiue & it shalbe forgeuen vnto you Luk .vi. f.

Whan thou offrest thy gift at the alter / & there remembrest that thy brother hath ought agaynst the. Leave there thyne of­fring before the allie / ād go thy way fyrst and reconcile thy selfe to thy brother / and then come and offer thy gyft. Agree with thyne aduersary quickly whyle yu art in ye waye wyth him / least that aduersary dely­uer the to the iudge / and the iudge deliuer the to the mynister / and then thou be cast into prison. I saye vnto the verelye / thou shalt not come oute thence / tyll thou have payde the vtter must farthinge. Mathew v. c.

Yf thy brother trespace against the / god and tell him his faut betwene the and him alone. Item so shall my heauenly Father do also vnto you / yf ye everye one of you from your hartes / forgeue not hys Bro­ther his trespaces. Mat .xviij. c. d. Luke .xvij. a.

Knowledge your fautes one to ā other and pray one for an other. Iacob .v. c.

Forbearing one an other / and forgeuīg [Page] one an other / if any man haue a quarell a­gainst an other. Lyke as Chryst hath forgeuen you: euen so ye also. Colloss .iij. b.

Blesse thē that curse you: praye for thē that wrongfully trouble you. Luke .vi. c.

Praye for them whych do you wrong & persecute you / that ye maye be ye childrē of your Father whiche is in heauen. For he maketh hys sonne to aryse on the euell and on ye good: and sendeth hys tayne on the iuste and vniuste. Math .v. e.

Iesus Christ sayd) Father forgiue thē for they wote not what they doo. Luke / xxiij. c.

Saint Stephen sayde / Laye not thys synne to theyr charge. Acte .vij. g.

And leade vs not in­to tempta­tyon.


Of two kindes of temptaciōs wherof the fyrst followynge / is Approbacion of fayth.

My brethern / coūte it exceding ioy whē ye fall into diuers temptacions / for asmoche as ye knowe / howe that the tryeng of your fayth bringeth pacience. Iacob .i. a. Roma .v. a.

Happy is the man that indureth in tēptacion / for whē he is tryed / he shal receiue ye croune of lyfe / wc the lord hath promised to thē that love him. Iames .i. b.

My sonne / dispise not the chastening of the lorde / neyther faynt when thou art rebuked of hī. For whome the lord loueth / hī he chasteneth / and yet he delyteth in hī euen as a father in his owne sonne. Pro iij. b.

The ouē proveth the potters vessell / so doth temptaciō of trouble trye rightuous men. Eccle .xxvij. b.

Examen me (o lord) and proue me / trye out my reynes and my hart. Psal .xxv. a.

My grace is sufficient for the. For strength is made perfect thorow weake­nes .ij. Cor .xij. a.

God is faithfull which shall not suffre you to be tempted aboue youre strengthe but shall in the middest of the temptacion make away to come out / that ye may bear it .i. Cor .x. b.

The lorde knoweth how to deliuer the Godly out of tēptacion .ij. Pet .ij. b.

As for you / ye are they that haue biddē wt me in temptacions. Luk .xxij. b.

Of the other temptacion which we require to avoyde.

Watch and praye / that ye fall not into tēptacyon: the spiryt is willyng but the flesh is weake. Math .xxvi. d. Marc .xiiij. d

Let no man saye / when he is tempted / that he is tempted of God. For God temteth not vnto euell: Neyther tempteth he any man / but euery mā is tempted drawē away and entised of his owne concupiscē ce. Then when luste hath conceaued / she bringeth forth sinne / and sinne when it is finisshed bringeth forth death. Iacob .i. b

They that will be rich / fall into the tē ­tacion and snare and into many folysh / & noisome lustes .i. Timo .vi. b.

Consyder thyne owne selfe / that thou also be not tempted. Galla .vi. a.

But delyuer vs from the Euell.

Be sober / ād watch / for your aduersary the deuell walketh aboue as a roaring lyō seking whome he may deuoure: Whome resyst stedefast in the faith / and knowe / yt your Bretheren in the woorld / haue euen the same afflictions .i. Ptri .v. b. Psalm. Liiij. d.

Sathan hath desired after you / that he myght sifte you euen as wheate: but I haue prayed for the / that thy fayth fayle not. And when thou arte conuerted / strength thy brethern. Luke .xxij. c.

I sent yt I might haue knowledge of your Faith / least haplye the tempter had tempted you / & least oure labour had bene in vaine .i. Tess .iij. a

We knowe that who soeuer is borne of God / sinneth not. but he that is begottē of God / he kepeth hī selfe / and ye wicked toucheth him not .i. Iohn .v. c.

For all yt is borne of God ouercōmeth the world / evē our faith .i. Iohn .v. a.

For thyne is the kyngdome ād the power / ād the glo­ry for euer. Amen

O lord God of Israel our father / praysed be thou now and euermore. O Lorde thine is the might / power / glory / victorye and the prayse. For all that which is in heauen and aerth / is thyne. O lord thyne is the kyngdome / & thou art Prince of all thinges. Thyne are the rychesses / treasures / honour and dominion ouer all. And [Page] in thy handes is the vertue / might / power excellencye Empyre and rule vppon and aboue all thinges. Wherfore nowe oure God / we giue laud praise and glory to thy most noble name .i. Chroni .xxix. c.

Read the whole. Psalm. cxliiij.

O the depenes of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God? How in comprehensible are his iudgementes / and his waies vnsearcheable? For who hath known the mynd of the lord? or who hath bene his councell gever? Or who hath ge­uen him ought aforehand that he myght be recompensed againe? For of him / and thorowe him / and in him are all thinges. To him be praise for euer. Rom .xi. d.

To God only wise / our Sauiour / be glory & magnificence / Empire and powr / now and euermore. Amen. Iudic .i. g. Rom .xi. d .ij. Tim .vi. d .i. Petr .v. d. Apo .v. d .vij. c.

Thou art worthy (o lord) to receiue glory and honour / and power For thou hast created all thynges / and for thy wylles sake they are and were created. Apo .iiij. b

¶The somme of the Prayer. Our Father whych arte in heauen. Hallowed be thy name.

O Lord God our father in heauen / we thy myserable children vppon aerth / bese­che the / that thou wylt mercyfully Looke on vs / and lende vs thy grace / that thy name may be sanctyfyed amonge vs / and in al the world / thorow the pure and sincere teachyng of thy word / and thorow aernest charite in our daily lyuing and conuersa­cyon. Seclude thou gratyouslye all false doctrine & euell lyuing / wherby thy worthy name / might be blasphemed and slaū ­dred.

Thy kyngdome Come.

O let thy kyngdom come and be graet. All synfull / blynd people and suche as are holden captyue of the deuell in hys kyng­dome / those brynge yu to the knowleadge of ye true faith / in Iesus Chryst thy sōne.

Thy wyll be done in earth as it is in Heauen.

Strength vs Lorde wyth thy spirite / to do & to suffer thy wyll both in lyfe and death in wel and woo / that our will may alway be broken / offred vp & mortified.

Gyue vs thys Daye our Daylye Breade.

And geue vs our dayly bread. Preser­ue vs from couetous desyre / and careful­nes of the belly: that of the / we maye be assured to haue Aboundaunce of all good thynges.

And forgeue vs our trespaces / as we forgyue them that trespas against vs.

Forgyue vs our trespace / as we forgiue them whych offend vs: that our harte maye haue a sure and glad cōscience / and that we neuer feare nor be afrayde for a­ny Sinne.

And let vs not be led into temptacion.

Lead vs not into temptacion / but help vs thorow thy spirite / to subdue the flesh / to despise the world with his vanities / ād to ouercome the deuel wyth all his crafty assaultes.

But Delyuer vs from euell.

And fynally deliuer thou vs frō al euell both bodely and gostly / temporall ād aeternall. Amen.

All they that aernestlye desyre thys / let thē saye. Amen. Beleuing wythout any doubte that it is heard in heauē / accordīge as Christ promised vs sayīg / whā ye pray beleue assuredly that ye shall haue it / ād it shall come to passe.

The somme of the prayer

Seke ye fyrst the kingdome of God / & al these things shalbe ministred vnto you Luke .xiiij. d.



Proue the spyrites / whether they be of God.

Ihon ye .iiij .i. Reg .viij. d. Mat .vij.

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