Mistris Turners Farewell to all women.

Angell (turn'd Diuell) Pride:

by thee I fell

When heere on earth I dwelt

too'th pit of Hell:

Yet spite of all thy Poysons,

I am faire

Now in Gods eyes,

Women by me Beware.
Mistris Turner.
1 THou, of all sinnes the first, of all, the highest,
Because thou fell'st from Heauen before Mans fall,
Who, (when to Happines thou wert the nighest,)
In enuy of the best of all, lost all.
2 Wo worth that whorish face of thine, which tempted
Me to more Hells then thou hast vaine attires,
For which my spotted Soule, is not exempted
(With out Gods mercy) from eternall fires.
3 Shee-Diuell, (destroyer both of man and Woman,
That with thy forcerous Drugges didst catch my Soule:
To the last Barre Tribunall, thee I summon,
Where I shall stand all white, thou black and foule.
4 Washd are my spots away by Christs red passion,
For I am there whence headlong thou wert throwne:
And now I glory in triumphant fashion,
That thou art there whether I should haue gone:
From Heauen thou fellst to Hell, and I being drownd
In Sinnes, got vp and now in Heauen sit Crownd.
Lady Pride.
1 THou, of all Woemen worst of all, the basest,
Who (when I am of Sinnes the worst and proudest,
And throwne from Heauen me in thy bosome placest;
And what thy heart lou'd best, now rail'st ar loudest.
2 'Tis not thy hate of Pride, makes thee to cry
Wo worth my Whorish Face, but tis because
Thy Pride hath caught her fall, and thou must dye,
And frighted art with Hels deuouring Iawes.
3 Enough it is for me that I haue made thee
Drunke with my cup: nor care I though thou boast
That from eternall fires Gods mercy staid thee;
For say thy soule be sau'd, thy bodyes lost.
4 As for thy yellowed Ruffes, phantastick Tires,
Paintings, and Poysonings (now by thee abhorred)
I laugh to see thee wrap them vp in fires,
For Pride hath more to bewitch many a Forehead.
And though thy soule should climbe the highest Sphere,
Ile pluck downe thousands that shall nere come there.

Printed for Iohn Trundle.

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