[...]he true hearted L [...] OR

A Young-man sent a letter to his Love,
Shewing to her his mind could not remove:
But for true love he love againe doth crave,
If false she prove, then he must to the Grave.
To the Tune of, I fancy none but thee alone.

MY loving friend I doe commen [...]
my selfe most kindly unto you,
Wishing your health your joy and wea [...]h
most like unto a Lover true,
For Cupids dart, hath struck my he [...]
and I no remedy can finde,
Your love it is, the cause of this,
therefore sweet Love proue not unkind.
Your love so soone, my heart did woun [...]
that I no longer can forbeare.
[...]ill you my love, with it be mou'd,
and that an answere I doe heare,
I shall not rest, for I protest,
that I doe love you as my heart,
Therefore my deare, let love appeare,
to love againe it is thy part.
If thou should'st not what were my lot
the time and day I should repent
That ever my love, to thée I mo [...]
my heart with sorrow [...]ld be spent,
Because my love, cannot remoue.
but it will bréeve my deadly paine,
Then swéet prove kind, that I may find,
for love, fou [...]e love of thée againe.
Or else my paine will still remaine,
no joy nor comfort I can have.
Vntill that death hath stopt my breath,
and brought my body to the grave,
Thy lovely lookes, are bayteing hookes,
and they so fast have catcht my heart,
That none but thée, can remedy,
my griefe, my woe, my paine and smart.
Séeing in thy hands, my life if stands,
consider well my griefe and mone,
If thou didst knowe, the griefe and woe,
that I suffer for thée alone,
Thy heart I thinke, if it were flint,
it could not chuse but grant me love,
For I love thée, most faithfully,
and till I die Ile not remoue.
So Love adue, thy lover true,
[...]ll he doth heare from thée againe,
Praies for thy health, thy joy and wealth,
hopeing thou will not bréed his paine,
So I will pray both night and day
the Lord to have thée in hi [...] [...]
So till I heare, from thée my d [...]
adue my love, and onely swéet [...]

The second part▪

To the same Tune. OR
[...] kind Mai [...] answer
[...] true to thee as Hero to Leander,
Ile be thy love, thou shalt be my Commander,
As in my answer plainely shall be showne,
Let Hymen joyne, and then I am thy owne.

THankes love for thy commendations,
unto me so kindly sent,
I it receive with kind embracing,
I'le not breed thee discontent,
Though Cupids shaft with a ful draught,
did ayme aright and pierce thy heart,
The wound Ile curd I thée assure.
and ease thee of that grievous smart.
If it be I thy heart have wounded,
'twas a thing to me unknowne,
Be not then in sorrowes drowned,
for ver that vowed to vs thy owne,
But rest in peace, let love increase,
I will thée love while I have breath,
I will not part, from thée sweet heart,
untill that I am forc'd by death.
Thy lot's according to thy wishing,
to repent thou hast no cause,
With kind embraces and with hissing,
I will kéep God Cupids Lawes,
Ere false Il'e prove, to thée my love
or doe thée wrong by day or night,
I rather chuse, my life to loose,
then wrong my love and hearts delight.
[...] paine I'le strive to ease thée,
[...]t love good comfort take,
[...] [...]ight shall be to please thée,
I'le dye ere I will thée forsake,
But unto thée as true I'le be,
as is the Turtle to his mate,
Whilst life thou hast, my love is plat'st,
If life thou loose, my life Ile hate.
Thy plaints and moane I have regarded,
my hand and heart be ever thine.
I have thy love with love rewarded,
as thy hand and heart is mine,
So shall it rest, within my brest,
I'le entertainment give unto it,
I'le it relieve, I'le not it grieve;
[...] [...]ather lose my life then doe it.
So with my love and true affection,
I doe now my love commend,
Vnto the hands and the protection,
of him that doth all blessings send,
And so I end, thy loving friend,
hath now her love to thée made knowne
In hymens bands, let us joyne hands,
and then my love I am thine owne.
William Trusswell.

Printed by R. Oulton, for Iohn [...] younger, and are to be sold [...] shop in the Old-Baily [...]

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