❧ A NEWE Reuenge for an olde Grudge.

Lately sette foorth by I. S.

VVho buildeth not vpon sure grounde,
hath often beene, and now is founde
A losse of time, a vaine expence,
Thus saith Goddes worde.
An ouerthrowe of his pretence.
Thankes to the Lorde.

Jmprinted at Lon­don by Henry Wykes, for Frances Coldocke.

To the Reader.

FOr asmuche as we are taught in the firste of Iosua, that in the booke of God we should recorde day and night: and also be circumspecte to doo accordyng to the same, that our wayes might prosper: so assuredly, they that in that sort trauell, and make ther­of a willinge exercise, shall finde therin such Felicitie, such fruitefulnes, and com­forte, [Page] as I (oh Christian Reader) am not with my penne able to expresse: for in the Scriptures is wealth to be founde for those that be in miserie: helth for such as be sicke: lighte to expell darkenesse: comfort to those that be afflicted: in extreme perill, present preseruation: and for the defence and sauegarde of suche as are of the householde of Faithe, there is also to be fownde [Page] both armour and weapō, to wage battel with that aun­ciēt enemie Satan: of whom as the sacred Scriptures make mention, to haue bene euen from the beginninge an vtter enemie to Christ, his Gospell, and professours of the same: and sekinge in sundrie wise through his subteltie to subuert the, whome although the glorious God at no time leaueth vndefen­ded, to the greater cōfusion [Page] and shame of that subtile Serpent, yet for al that sea­ceth he not still to stirre vp his Hellish armie, continu­ally to make new attemptes to trouble and assayle the flocke and famelie of the Faithfull: and that onely as muche as in them is, to sup­presse, and darken the light of the glorious Gospel of our Sauiour Iesus Christe, which comfortablie shineth amongst vs, which through [Page] Christe wee haue receiued, whiche we now enioye, and are partakers of (to God be thākes therfore) who graūt the same a free passage tho­rough the whole worlde, to the more magnifiynge of his mightie name, the cōtinuall comforte of his Church, and vtter destruction of the ene­mies and aduersaries of the same, For euer. Amen.

❧ A newe Reuenge for an olde Grudge.

AMonge the diuers & sundrie conflictes betweene Christe & Satā: the Churche Apostoli­call, and ye Church Diaboliall; the Churche of Christe, and the Churche of Antichrist (where­of the Scriptures plentifully make [...] by many examples; [...], and at all times when [...] happened, or [...], when God hath suffred them to [...] of his Churche, [...], as also for the [...] his glory) there hath [Page] not then, I say, wanted among an in­numerable sorte of deadly enemies, one Satanicall souldiour, whiche hath euer shewed him selfe more stouter then others: more wickedly bent then the rest: more puffed vp in pryde: more desirous by defacinge the truth, to ad­uaunce Sinne: boulder, in the behalfe of his [...] Satan, and to thunder out threatninges against Christe and his Congregation, whiche examples [...] the Scriptures [...] many; as of Herode, Phara [...] [...] more: amongst the whiche I specially note the great Golliah, that presumptuouse Philistine, who so proudely [...] him selfe against the Israelites, [...] accordyng to the Scriptures [...], his Helmet of brasse his [...] mayle, [...] of brasse his shielde on his shoulder, his sworde [...] his side, and in his hands a speare of greate waight: and [...] [...]ayes supposinge that the [...] of his person, the furniture of his ar­mour, [Page] and force of his weapons, should be suche a terrour to them, as that it shoulde vtterly abashe and discourage the hole Campe to encoūter with him, did therefore shewe and aduaunce him selfe before the whole hoste of the Isra­elites, makyng there callenge to fight with any one that might be chosen out from amongst them. But [...] [...]olde now I praye you, how this [...] Philistine [...]earynge bolde of him selfe, and buildynge vpon his [...] strēgth and despisinge the God of Israell, was in the twinklinge of an [...] ouer­throwne in the chiefest of his pryde, and that by little Dauid, who for the smalnesse of his stature, & [...] of his yéeres, Goliah t [...]ke great [...] that he shoulde [...] [...]atche with him, this kynge [...] turned vp Dauids [...] was he much deceyued: for [...] of a man, [...] strength of the [...] that [...], but [...] God onely that giueth [...] Wher­fore [Page] how weake [...] man séeme to be in bodye, yet is he mightie & strong, if the Lorde assist him, as he did his ser­uaunt Dauid: who puttinge his truste neyther in speare nor shielde, but ha­uyng his whole affiance and truste in the [...]inge Lorde, who is the geuer of victorie and by whome he was appoin­ted [...] Champion in Israels behalfe, manlike marched then forward in the name of the Lorde God of Hostes to [...] this [...] enemie, ha­uyng [...] a Slinge wherein was a sto [...], whiche he [...]ange at Golliah, and there [...] [...] him suche a blowe in the forehead, that downe he falleth [...] at Dauids féete vpon the groūde: [...] [Page] flie, they haue lost the fielde, to God be thankes therefore. But beholde now a newe broyle, and accordinge to the sayinge of Ecclesiastes. Ecclesi. 1. The thyng that hath bene cometh to passe agayne: And the thyng that hath bene done, is done agayne, for euē so is there now sought, A nevve Reuenge for an olde Grudge. See now I praye you the practise and deuice of the Deuill, who, as he al­wayes hath bene a manqueller, & from the beginnyng a delighter in destruc­tion, so nowe with his dromme of de­fiance, hath he stricken vp a newe la­rum: an other fielde is pitched, the e­nemies be armed, ye they haue hente theyr ordenaunce against the campe of the Christians: harke, they shoote of, and heare ye not what a noyce theyr gunnes make? sée howe the pellets flie through the Christian campe. For who doth not behold the Papistes now, howe in place of the Philistines they warre agaynst the Israelites? how haue this cursed crue, of late by heapes, di­spersed [Page] abroade those detestable, blas­phemous, rebellious, and contentious bookes, in the whiche is most manifest­ly apparant, how they, settyng a parte all shame, neglect theyr obedience to theyr Prince, despise the truthe, and beynge voyde of the feare and grace of God, séeke by all meanes possible howe to blemishe and deface the inuincible veritie of our Lorde, and Sauiour Ie­sus Christe: whiche although by the malice of Satan, they of late did, and now againe woulde darken, yet neuer shalbe able to extinguishe & put it out: yet [...]se they not, [...]ilthely to [...] out their owne shame, with the battery of their bookes, so burnished with blas­phemy, and so lewdly enterlaced with lothesome and loude lies, as they are vtterly to be banished, and not to be suffered in any Christian Congrega­tion, yet suche is their follie, and fu­rious fransie, and their hartes so in­wardly fretted with deadly rancour, that they nothynge regarde nor consi­der [Page] the Councell of the holy Ghoste: Who saith, VVisedo. 1. that the mouthe that spea­keth lies, slayeth the Soule: But rather despisinge the righteouse, VVised. 3. & forsakyng the Lorde, they are very straglers, and straiers abroade, shewyng themselues as they are, euen a miserable [...] of vacaboundes, and maisterlesse men, a carelesse companie voyde of godly skil: souldiours of Satan, whose soules are darkened, and blinded through igno­rance: and whose malice hath so moul­dered away their wittes, that they can not retayne nor comprehende godly wisdome, for wante wherof, they seeke their owne death in the errour of their life, and destroye them selues through the wycked woorkes of their owne handes, but their gunnes are not to be feared, for theyr ordinaunce, beynge but quill gunnes, and theyr shotte but Paper pelllets, infected with the moi­sture of their owne malitious mindes, dothe, euen as poyson to [...] selues, returne with reboūdes to their owne [Page] shame and confusion. But Lord, what a stonie and harde harted Capitayne hath this carelesse [...] chosen them to be their Champion? Fors [...]th euen M. Doctor Harding, who, now hath taken vppon him, in the place of Goliah, to stande at defiance with whole Israell, but such men, suche mayster: such soul­diours, such Capitaine: and no maruel is it that suche a false [...]tor be founde amongst so great and noysom a num­ber, when amongest the .xij. Apostles one Iudas betrayed his master Christe and for a small summe of monye, bothe solde & deliuered him into the handes of the [...] Priestes: But accordynge as it is sayde, Matth. 26. VVo to that man by vvhome the Sonne of man shalbe betrayed, for it had bene good for him that he had neuer bene borne: as the ende of his trauell well declared, who through despera­tion hanged him selfe, for that he had betrayed the innocent bloudde. Lo; there beholde the rewarde of an vn­faithfull seruant. But M. Doctor Har­dyng [Page] hath forgotten this, he hath for­gotten also whose mā he him self once was, he did were Christe his badge, he was cladde in the glitteryng garment of the glorious Gospell, and was a mē ­ber of the Churche Apostolicall: but nowe he hath with Iudas forsaken his maister, and is with him become of the Churche infernall and diabolicall: for he hath refused and forsaken the woor­thie liuerie of the liuinge Lorde, and wickedly wrapped him selfe in the clouted cloke of the Lordes lothesome enemie the triple crowned tyraunte, whose mallice against the truth by no meanes can be qualified, & whose insa­tiable thirste the bloud of the sainctes of God in defence of the same, can in no wise quenche nor satisfie. But M. Doctor Hardinge beynge forgetfull of Iudas his miserable ende is also as lit­tle mindefull of his owne, yet let him take hede: Sirach. 10. For the séede whiche trans­gresseth the commaundementes of the Lorde shalbe shamed, for who shall iu­stifie [Page] him that sinneth against him self, and who will honour him that disho­noreth his owne soule: VVised. 2. no, horrible is the death and end of the vnrighteous. But to procede, now is master Doctor Harding stirred vp by the deuice of the Deuill to striue againste the streame, and in euery condition euen as Goliah was, so is he likewise armed frō toppe to toe, from the head to the f [...]te: for in place of an Helmet of brasse, he hath close buckled about his eares, the hea­uy head péece of Heresies: and in stéede of a cote of mayle, he hath put on the coate armour of errour, he hath han­gynge about his necke the shielde of shamelesnes: and for bootes of brasse he is laden with blasphemie against the truth: and for his speare he hath sharp­ned his cruell wrath: and thus beynge armed pointe deuice for his purpose as he thinketh, abroade he cōmeth, before the face of Israell: he brauleth, he chi­deth, he taunteth, he threateneth, he rayleth, he is at defiance with any that [Page] dare come: and f [...]ynge no perill, but makyng accompte that he hath wonne the fielde before it be foughte, he it is that will fighte in his holy Father the Popes cause, with him that beareth an head: but ye shall [...] the olde prouerbe fulfilled, which is, that pryde is taken in a nette. For beholde the Lorde li­ueth, who as he was not forgetfull of Israell, but deliuered them from the Philistines, and that by the handes of Dauid his seruaunt: by whome that [...]les Goliah was ouerthrowen: Psalm. 129. So hath the Lorde done great thinges for vs: ye the Lorde hath done greate thinges for vs alredie, for euen nowe in the defence of his Churche of En­glande, he hath raysed vp an other, whome he hath appointed his instru­ment to woorke his will by: and hath made him honorable amonge the con­gregation, a reuerent Father in God the blessed Bishoppe of Salisburie, that ioyfull Iuell of Iesus Christe, to encoū ­ter this newe founde Philistine Har­dinge, [Page] and to put him to the worse: Oh mightie worke of God, a méeke sprited Lambe, to conquere a ragynge Lion: the weake to ouerthrowe the stronge, weake I saye in bodie, but sounde in soule: whose giftes in Godly know­ledge surmounteth, whose ripe vnder­standinge and perfectnesse in the aun­cient Fathers and Doctors of the pri­mitiue Apostolicall Churche, is singu­lar, and in Gods booke the holy Scrip­tures, profounde: whereof I make the whole worlde Iudge, to whome his woorthie woorkes are cōmitted, whiche in the same doo spreade abroade his wel deserued fame. Lo, suche a Champion hath the Lord of Hostes appointed for the defence of his Churche, who buil­ded in harte with Gods mighte, and readie in his name to reuēge the great blasphemie of this arrogant Papiste, marched forwarde, not with worldly pollicie, not in Armour, not with speare, and shielde, neither highe min­ded, nor yet with proude lookes, but [Page] with a lowlie harte, and an inuincibly Faith in Iesus Christe, beynge onely furnisshed with the slinge of Godly zeale, wherein he puttinge the smooth stone of truthe, whiche he had chosen foorth of the brooke of Goddes blessed Booke, the whiche he slingynge at the proude arrogant Papisticall Harding, hath therewith ouerthrowen him, and geuen him such a dreadful dente in his forehead, whiche is so festered that all the filthie fraternetie of that butcher­ly broode, and blouddie brotherhoode of the Babylonicall, & Antechristian Ro­manistes, shall with ye surgerie of their Sisme, neuer be able to cure. Thus M. Doctor Harding in a piteous perplexi­tie and as one caste in his owne turne by beynge reproued in falcifiynge the Doctors, so euen as Dauid did Goliah, hath the woorthie Iuell cut of Hardinges head with his owne swoorde: wherfore well may we now saye with the Psal­mist. Psalm. 129. Many a time haue thine enemies fought against vs (oh Lord) euen from [Page] our youth vp, ye many a time haue they vexed vs from our youth vp, yet haue they not preuailed against vs, for as the Lorde God of powre hath al­waies, and at all times, preserued and deliuered his choosen Israell, from the hādes of their enemies, so hath he now likewise stretched foorth his hande vp­on theyr furiousnes, and hath appoin­ted this woorthie warriour and ine [...]ti­mable Iuell, to be a defence for his peo­ple, who through the powre and assi­stance of the euer liuyng Lorde, hath thus wounded our mortal enemie, not a man, but rather a Monster, a Doctor by name, but a Deuill in harte, a re­uolter from the truth, an enemie to bo­die and soule, and can any man I pray you be counted more carefull and ho­nest, then he that fighteth in the de­fence of the truth of Iesus Christe the onely redemer of the worlde, as this blessed Bishop hath now done. Lette Alexander and Hanyball be bruted for Warriours, Iuell in my Iudgement [Page] hath best behaued him selfe: wherefore if well doynge may woorthely clayme a good reporte, then geue to Gods good Iuell our comfortable captaine his wō ­derfull deserued prayse, for if vertue coulde speake, woulde she not confesse that Iuell had her in full possession, and let now this question be moued I pray thée: what might this cherefull cham­pion, this Iuell of ioye hope for, by the matchyng with, and mastering of such a monster otherwise then forced tho­rough the loue he beareth to the flocke and famelie of the faithfull, the quiet­nes of the Congregation, and accor­dinge to his duetie, the aduauncement of the glory of God, whose seruaunt he is, and whome he therefore hath nowe worthely serued, whereby he hath ob­tayned and wonne vnto him selfe the thinge he sought not for, the very gifte of God euen immortall fame, where­fore let Israell truste in the Lorde, from this time foorth for euer more, and whē this acte or such other like cometh into [Page] our mindes: let vs remember what a great God the Lorde is, VVised. 6. that thus hath weaponed his Creature, to be aduen­ged of his and our enemies, and let vs also prayse God in them by whome he hath wrought suche wonders, to the constante keepinge of our profession made to him in oure Baptisme: But shall we thinke it now sufficient, that Iuell hath geuen Hardinge his deadly wounde: no no, more then it was that Dauid gaue the ouerthrowe to Goliah, who beyng conquered, we Reade that the men of Israell & Iuda: 1. Reg. 17. arose, shouted and folowed▪ then after the armie of the Philistines, which fledde: and chased them till they fell downe dead, and till they came to the valley, and to the ve­ry gates of Ackaron. Also the like we Reade of that woorthie woman Iudith, Iudith. 15. who when through the mightie assi­stance of God she had made a deuition of Holofernes head from his shoulders, the Israelites then issued foorth and fol­lowed the Assyrians with sounde of [Page] Trumpettes triumphantly, and so dis­comforted them, and flewe them with the swoorde, and followed them to the vttermoste parte of their borders.

Also Paule fought not alone with the swoorde of Gods woorde, but as well the reste of the Apostles, layde aboute them with the same weapon, vppon as many as resisted the veritie. But now who almoste (but onely that woorthie Iuell) addresseth him selfe for the better easement and godly comfortyng of his Christian bretherne? wherefore (oh ye reuerent Fathers and fellow Bishops with Iuell, and also all others whome God hath made skilfull Souldiers in the handelinge of the weapon of his Woorde, and guides to his flocke) I be­seche you speake all with one voyce, be ye knitte together, be ye al of one, and the same minde and meaninge with Paule: prepare your selues to the bat­tayle: & Goliah beynge by Dauid ouer­throwne, pursue you his Souldiours with might and maine, laye about you, [Page] downe with them, strike, lay on loade, not with materiall weapon, but with the two edged swoorde of the Gospell: blow vp the trumpet of truth in Siō, that it maye sounde so shrillie in the eares of the enemies, that they maye tremble there at and be discomfited: oh furnishe Gods fortresses, double man them, replenish the pulpittes, let your tounges be talkinge, and your pennes walking, euē as dartes to perce Gods and your enemies, follow them to Lo­uen gates, whither they be fledde to hide them from the face of God, from the presence & hearynge of his woorde, and from whence they dayly shoote of their flaunderous shotte against you, whome God hath made to be teachers of righteousnes, shepeheardes to his flocke, Capitaynes of his campe, & go­uernours of his Congregation: wher­fore be carefull of the armie royall cō ­mitted to your conductinge, that when the paye daie commeth, ye maye at the handes of the Kinge eternall receiue [Page] the rewarde appointed for suche as faithfully fulfill his holie will. To whome, and to Iesus Christe his true and onely Sonne, with the holy Ghost that swéete Comforter, thrée persons and one God, be all prayse and glorie worlde with out ende. Amen.

The wicked falce reportes,
of tounges shall neuer seace:
Nor Pharaos trayne be cleane ouerthrowne,
nor Israell liue in peace.
Nor yet Bethulia haue iuste cause
to triumphe thorowly,
Till God our Iudith moue with swoorde
to strike for Victorie.
ꝙ I. S.

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