[Page] [Page] Psalmes of Inuoca­tion vpon God, To preserue her Maiestie and the people of this lande, from the power of our enemies.

Collected and gathered togither, by Christopher Stile.

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Printed by Iohn Wolfe, dwelling in Di­staffe Lane, neare the signe of the Castle.


Psalmes of Inuocation vpon God, to preserue her Maiestie and the people of this land, from the power of their enemies.

Psalme. 3. verse. 7.

VP Lord and helpe vs, O (our God) smite all our enemies vpon the cheeke bone, & breake the teeth of the vngodly.

Psal. 5. 2.Harken thou vnto the voice of our calling, our king and our God: for vnto thee do we make our praier.

Verse. 8. Lead vs O Lord in thy righteousnes, be­cause of our enemies: make thy way plaine before our face.

verse. 9.For there is no faithfulnes in their mouthes: their inward parts are verie wickednes.

verse. 10. Their throate is an open sepulchre: they flatter with their tongue.

verse. 11.Destroie thou them O God, let them perish through their owne imaginations: cast them out in the multitude of their vngodlines, for they haue rebelled against thee.

Psal. 6. v. 4. Turne thee O Lord and deliuer our soules, oh saue vs for thy mercies sake.

vers. 6.Stand vp O Lord, in thy wrath, and lift vp thy selfe, because of the indignation of our ene­mies: Arise vp for vs in thy iudgement that thou [Page] hast commanded.

Psal. 6. v. 10. (Then) all our enemies shal be confounded, and sore vexed: they shal be turned backe and put to shame sodeinly.

Psal. 9. v. 13.Haue mercie vpon vs, O Lord, consider the trouble which wee suffer of them that hate vs: thou that liftest vs vp from the gates of death.

verse. 14. That we may shew all thy praises within the ports of the daughter of Sion: we will re­ioyce in thy saluation.

verse. 15.(Let) the Antichristian power bee suncke down, in the pit that they haue made: in the same net which they hid priuily, let their feete be taken.

Psal. 9. v. 19. Vp Lord, and let not man haue the vpper hand: let the Heathen be iudged in thy sight.

verse. 20.Put them in feare (O Lord) that they may know themselues to be but men.

Psal. 17. v. 8. Keepe vs as the apple of an eye: hide vs vnder the shadow of thy winges.

verse. 9.From the vngodly that trouble vs: our ene­mies compasse vs round about, to take away our soules.

verse. 10. They are closed in their own fat: and their mouthes speake proud things.

verse. 11.They lie waiting in our waie on euerie side: turning their eies downe to the ground.

verse. 12. Like as a Lion that is greedie of his praie: and as it were a Lions whelpe lurking in se­cret places.

verse. 13. Vp Lord, disappoint them, and cast them downe: deliuer our soules from the vngodlie [Page] which is a sword of thine, and keepe vs from the pride of the bloudie Spaniardes.

Psal. 16. 2. Psal. 7. 1. Preserue vs O God: for in thee haue we put our trust, and saue vs from all them that persecute vs, and deliuer vs.

Psal. 132. v. 1. Psal. 140. 1.Lord remember our Queene Elisabeth, in all her troubles: and preserue her from the wicked man.

verse. 4. O keepe her O Lord from the handes of the vngodlie: preserue her from the wicked men which ar purposed to ouerthrowe her go­ings. Glorie be to the father, and to the sonne, &c.

Psalme 25. verse 1.

VNto thee, O Lord, doe wee lift vp our soules, our God, wee haue put our trust in thee: O let vs not be confounded, nei­ther let our enemies, triumph ouer vs.

verse. 5.Call to remembrance, O Lord, thy tender mercies: and thy louing kindnesse which hath bin euer of olde.

verse. 6. Remember not the sinnes and offences of our youth or time past: but according to thy mercie thinke vpon vs (O Lord) for thy good­nes.

verse. 15.Turne thee vnto vs, and haue mercy vpon vs: for we are desolate and in miserie.

verse. 16. The sorrowes of our hearts are enlarged: [Page] O bring vs out of our troubles.

verse. 17.Looke vpon our aduersitie and miserie: and forgiue vs all our sinnes.

verse. 18. Consider our enemies how many they are: and they beare a tirannous hate against vs.

verse. 19.O keepe our soules and deliuer vs, let vs not be confounded: for we haue put our trust in thee.

Psal. 27. 1. Thou Lord art our light and our saluation, whom then shall we feare: thou Lord art the strength of our life, of whom shal we be afraid.

verse. 3.Though an hoast of men were laide against vs, yet shall not our hearts be afraied: and though there rise vp warre against vs; yet will we put our trust in thee.

verse. 8. Harken vnto our voice, O Lord, when wee cry vnto thee: haue mercy vpon vs & here vs.

Psal. 2. v. 10.O hide not thou thy face from vs: nor cast vs thy seruants away in displeasure.

verse. 11. Thou hast been our succour: leaue vs not, neither forsake vs O God of our saluation.

verse. 12. and 14.Teach vs thy way; O Lord, and lead vs in the right way because of our enemies: and deliuer vs not ouer vnto the will of our aduersaries.

Psal. 28. 2. Heare the voice of our humble petitions when wee crie vnto thee: when wee hold vp our hands toward the mercy seat of thy holie temple.

Rewarde our enemies according to their deedes: and according to the wickednes of their owne inuentions.

Recompence them after the workes of their [Page] owne hands: paie them that they haue deser­ued.

Psal. 31. 5.Draw vs out of the net that they haue laide priuily for vs: for thou art our strength.

Psal. 28. 9. The Lorde is our strength: and hee is the wholesome defence of his Queene.

Psal. 33. 18.Deliuer our soules from death: and feede vs in the time of dearth.

verse. 19. Our soules haue paciently tarried for the Lord: for he is our helpe and our shield.

verse. 20.Our heart shall reioyce in him: because wee haue hoped in his holie name.

verse 21. Let thy mercifull kindnes (O Lord) be vp­on vs: like as we do put our trust in thee.

Psal. 119. v. 17O doe well vnto thy seruant Queene Eliza­beth: that shee may liue, and keepe thy word.

Psal. 109. 26. Helpe her, O Lord our God, oh saue her ac­cording to thy mercy. Gloriebe to the father, &c.

Psalme 35. verse 1.

PLead thou our cause, O Lord, with them that striue with vs: & fight thou against them that fight against vs.

verse 2Laie hand vpon the shield and buckler: and stand vp to helpe.

verse 3 Bring forth the speare, and stop the way a­gainst them that persecute vs: saie vnto our soules I am thy saluation.

verse 4.Let them bee confounded and put to shame [Page] that seeke after our soules: let them be turned back and brought to confusion, that imagine mischiefe for vs.

verse 5. Let them be as dust before the winde: and the Angell of the Lord scattring them.

verse 6.Let their way be darke and flippery: and let the Angell of the Lord persecute them.

verse 7. For they haue priuily laide their net to de­stroy vs without a cause: yea, euen without a cause haue they made a pit for our soules.

verse 8.Let a sodeine destruction come vpon them vnawares, and the net that they haue laide priuily catch themselues: that they may fall into their owne mischiefe.

verse 23. Awake and stand vp to iudge our quar­rell: auenge thou our cause our God and our Lord.

verse 24.Iudge vs, O Lord our God, according to thy righteousnes: and let them not triumph ouer vs thy Englishnation.

verse 25. Let not the Antichristians saie in their hearts, there, there, so would we haue it: nei­ther let the Spaniard say, wee haue deuoured them.

verse 26.Let them be put to confusion and shame togi­ther that reioyce at our trouble: let them bee clo­thed with rebuke and dishonour that boast them­selues against vs.

Psal. 39. 9. Deliuer vs from all our offences: & make vs not a rebuke vnto the foolish.

verse 13.Heare our praiers, O Lord, and with thine [Page] eares consider our calling: holde not thy peace at our teares.

Psal. 38. 21. Forsake vs not, O Lord our God: bee not thou far from vs thy Englishnation, hast thee to helpe vs: O Lord God our saluation.

Psal. 38. 19.For our enemies liue and are mightie: and they that hate vs wrongfully are many in number.

Psal. 40. 21. But thou art our helper and redeemer: make no long tarrying O our God.

Psal. 39. 16.Let it bee thy pleasure to deliuer vs: make hast (O Lord) to helpe vs.

Psal. 44. 4. Thou art our king, O God send helpe vnto thy English Iacob.

verse 26.Arise and helpe vs: and deliuer vs for thy mercies sake.

Psal. 53. 3. For strangers are risen vp against vs: and tirants (which haue not thee O God before their eies) seeke after our soules.

verse 1.Saue vs O God for thy names sake: and a­uenge vs in thy strength.

Psal. 59. 17. Psal. 60. 4. Vnto thee our strength will wee sing: for thou, O God, art our refuge and our merciful God, and wee will dwell in thy tabernacle for euer: and our trust shal be vnder the couering of thy wings.

Psal. 61. 6.Graunt our Queene O Lord, a long life: that her yeares may endure with vs the full course of nature, and with thee for euer.

Psal. 121. 8 Preserue O Lord, her going out, and com­ming in: from this time forth, for euermore.

Glorie be to the Father, &c.

Psalme 119. verse 153.

Psal. 143. 9. Psal. 108. 12. O Consider our aduersitie and deliuer vs O Lord: from all our enemies, for wee flee vnto thee to hide vs: for vain is the helpe of man.

Psal. 119. vers. 15. 4. Psal. 144. 2.Auenge thou our cause and deliuer vs: quic­ken vs according vnto thy word, for thou art our helpe and our fortresse, our castle, & deliuerer, and our defendor, in whom we trust.

Psal. 108. 13. Vnto thee lift we vp our eies: O thou that Psal. 123. 1. dwellest in the heauens: through thee can we doe great actes: it is thou that shalt treade downe our enemies.

Psal. 142. 7.Heare vs O Lord and that soone, for our spi­rit waxeth faint: hide not thy face from vs thy Englishnation, lest wee be like vnto them that goe downe into the pit.

Psal. 123. 3. Haue mercy vpon vs O Lord, for our soules are filled with the scornfull reproofe of the An­tichristian rout: and with the despightfulnes of the proud Spaniards.

Psal. 140. 2.They imagine mischiefe in their hearts: and stir vp strife all the daie long.

Psal. 120. 6. We haue laboured vnto them for peace, but when wee speake vnto them thereof: they make them readie to battaile.

Psal. 140. 6.Then wee saide vnto the Lord, thou art our God, heare the voice of our praiers O Lord.

[Page] Psal. 140. 7. O Lord God, thou strength of our health: thou hast couered our heads in the day of bat­taile.

verse 8.Let not the vngodlie haue their desire O Lord: let not their mischieuous imagination pros­per, lest they be too proud.

verse 9. Let the mischiefe of their owne lippes, fall vpon the heads of them: that compasse vs a­bout.

Let the hotte burning coales of thy wrath fall vpon them which trouble vs thine heritage: let them be cast into the fire of thy iudgement, and into the pit that they neuer rise vp againe.

Psal. 142. 8. Send downe thine hand from aboue, and take vs out of the waters of troubles, and de­liuer vs from the hands of straunge children: for they are too strong for vs.

Mich. 7. 10.So they that be our enemies shall looke vp­on it, and be confounded, which now saie where is the Lord their God.

verse 16. This the Heathen shall see, & bee ashamed for all their combined powers: so that they shal laie their hand vpon their mouth, and stop their eares.

verse 17.They shall licke the dust like a serpent, and as the woormes of the earth, that tremble in their holes: they shall bee afraide of thee O Lorde our God, and they shall feare thee much.

verse 18. Who is such a God as thou, that pardonest wickednes, and forgiuest the offences of the remnant of thine English heritage? and kee­pest [Page] not thy wrath foreuer: for thy delight is in compassion.

verse 19.Turne thee againe, & be mercifull vnto thine English Sion: put away all our wickednesses and cast all our sinnes into the bottom of the sea.

Psal. 144. 10. O Lord giue stil victorie vnto our Queene: and preserue thy seruant Elizabeth from the sword.

Psal. 145. 12.That thy power, thy glory, and thy mighti­nes, by her may be knowen vnto men: in defen­ding her kingdoms.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Sonne, and to the holy Ghost.

As it was in the beginning is now; and euer shalbe world without end. Amen.


A GODLY PRAYER, WHEREIN is desired aide of God against his enimies, forgiue­nesse of sinnes, and to turne his plagues as well of the sword as penurie, which be due for sinne, farre from this land.

O Lord of hosts, thou God of Isra­el, which sittest betweene the Cherubins, that rulest all the kingdoms of the world, to whom all powers must stoupe and obey. Arise O Lord, & shew forth thy selfe, & come forth stil to helpe vs, plucke out thy hand out of thy bosome, and draw out thy sword, and smite downe the heathen that rise vp against vs, that seeke to punish vs, not for our sinnes, but for the malice they beare against thy Gospel: for thou art God alone, that rulest in all the kingdoms of the world, thou stillest the rage of the seas, and makest wars to hush, in all quarters thou quietest the madnesse of the people, thou bringest the de­uises of the heathen to nought, and makest the counsels of the vngodly to be of none effect, thou chastisest thy people O Lord because of their sinne, and then thou saiest, turne againe you chil­dren of men, and whensoeuer any people doe re­pent them of their sins and harken vnto thy hests, thou wilt put all their wickednesse out of thy re­membance, and wilt receiue them vnto thy mer­cie: thou sparest all those that vnfainedly call vpon thee by true repentance, through a liuely faith in thy deare sonne Iesus Christ. Wherfore (O good [Page] Lord) we here thy beloued people according to our dueties assembled together before thy diuine maiestie, in the name of our Sauiour Iesus Christ, doe still humble our selues vnto thee, pouring out our prayers vnto thee for our most gracious Queene, our nobles, magistrates & gouernors, for our selues, and for all the people of this thy land of England: acknowledging and confessing from the bottom of our harts, that we haue sinned, we haue committed iniquitie, we haue liued vniustly, we haue done vngodly, in that we haue not regarded thy wholesom counsel, godly admonitions, and fatherly warnings which thou hast giuen vs from time to time by thy seruants the ministers of thy holy worde and sacraments, though that they haue risen vp earely and late to exhort, intreate, and be­seech vs in thy name to forsake our sinnes and be reconsiled vnto thee: still wee haue followed the imaginations of our owne harts, hardening our faces as an Adamant against thee and thy worde, to prouoke thy great wrath and heauie displeasure against this our natiue countrie of England, and a­gainst our selues. If thou O Lord shouldest marke what is done amisse, and consider our sins and ini­quities according to our deserts, it would be to our vtter ouerthrow & confusion, and not onely cause thee to plague vs, in persecuting, troubling, and molesting vs by the sword of forren power stirred vp against vs by the Romish antechrist the Pope, many and sundrie waies to our great trouble and cost, to the disquieting of our bodies, and expence [Page] of our goods by sea and land, but also to strike vs with many plagues of sicknes diseases and penurie, if thou shouldest consider our sinnes. Wherefore O Lord our God, we doe most humblie beseech thee to be good and gratious vnto vs, & that thou wilt vouchsafe to turne all thy displeasure from vs and to forgiue vs all our sinnes past, and graunt that wee may liue better in thy obedience hereaf­ter, then hetherto we haue done. And although we haue sinned O Lord, yea grieuously sinned, and our sinnes do witnesse against vs, yet we know that thou art a righteous iudge, and sparest when we deserue punishment, and in the middest of thy wrath thinkest vpon mercie: Spare vs therefore good Lord we beseech thee, and let not thy people of England thine heritage be brought to confusi­on: But as thou hast stood vp for vs and fought our battailes hitherto, so we pray thee deare Fa­ther, still be our defence and succour against all our enimies. Thou art our mercifull Father through Iesus Christ, for whose sake wee be­seech thee to be mercifull vnto vs, and forgiue vs all our sinnes, and turne thy direfull anger from vs. We the people of England are thy people O Lord, and thou art our God: we are thy flocke, and thou art our shepeheard: we are thy children, and thou art our Father. Be merciful vnto vs thy children: tender vs thy flocke, and defend vs thy Englishna­tion. Turne thy wrath vpon the nations that haue not knowne thee, and that doe not call vpon thy name: and turne it we pray thee vpon the Ante­christians [Page] host, send forth thine angel stil to scatter them, as sometime thou didst in the host of Sena­cherib for Iudah and Hezechiah in his time. Let the blast of the trumpers blowne by our Gedeon, still strike a terror in the harts of the Antechristian Madianites, with their combined powers, and let be hard the sounding of thy host in the aire to the amasing of the Spanish Assyrians, that they and theirs may be a pray for our Elizabeth, and our English host? or sinke them in the sea as thou didst Pharao & his host in pursuing thy Israel, to bring them into their seruitude, that so our Elizabeth & all her faithfull subiects may sing the songes of tri­umph to thy diuine maiestie, that giuest victorie to Kinges. And further we beseech thee deare Fa­ther, for Iesus Christes sake, that as thou hast hi­therto sent vs plentie and encrease vpon the earth, so giue vs a happie ingathering of the same, to thy glorie and our comfort, and giue vs grace by thy fauourable punishments to amend our liues, and make vs thankeful (good Lord) for all thy good­nesse shewed vpon vs from time to time, and for the discomforting of our enimies in some mea­sure, whereto we beseech thee rise vp on hie still to ride on, and to fight our battels by sea and by land, to the vtter ouerthrow of the Antechristian po­wers, to the shame of al those that hate thy gospel, and to thy glorie and our comfort, through Iesus Christ our Sauiour, to whom with thee and the holy ghost be all glorie, power, and dominion for euer and euer. Amen.

C. S.

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