[...]case As I muste goo to the mayster Oportet me ire ad preceptorem. Good scolars haue a plesure to lerne. Bonos scolastioos iuuat discere. nott wythe stondynge sum tymys they be verbys parsonallys and haue nomi­natiffe casys before them Exemplum hic abus delectat me. hec res latet me. Vnde versus.

Quarto iunge iuuat decet ac delectat oportet
Et latet illo (rum) nu new vuit associari

C [...]xs .iij. verbys imparsonallys. Refert interest & est se [...]t for ꝑ [...]inet wyll be construyde wythe a genytiffe case of nownys and a ablatiff case of .v. ꝓnownys As meatua sua nostra and vestra. As in thys Exampull hytt ys for my profytt. Mea interest. Hytt ys for thy ꝓfyt Tua in [...]rest. Hytt ys for hys profytt. Sua interest. Also thys verbe Interest after precyane ys construyd wythe a ablatiffe case off the feminyne gendyr off thys nowne possessyue Cuius cuia cuiū. Vnde versus.

Refert inter et est genitum pro pertinet adde
E [...] sextum proprie donant pronomina quin (que)
N [...]n (que) refert nostra me tu su qu o (que) vestra

The verbys imꝑsonallys in the versys folowynge wyll be construyde wythe a datiff case Exem [...]lū we may not ette flesche on the frydays Non licet nobis commedere carnes in sextis ferijs. Vnde versus.

Hec libet at (que) licet placet et liquet acridit inde
Congruit euenit et contingit et expedit ista
Conuenit incumbit vacat et cedit quo (que) prestat
[Page] Cuni reliquis paribus sunt consotiala datiuis

Pertinet ys construyd wythe an accusatyff case wythe a p̄posicyon and not wythe a datyff case. vt dicendū est [...]ec res ꝑtinet ad me. et non michi. Vnde versus. ‘Quarto non terno coniunges pertinet apte’

All the verbys imꝑsonallys of the passyne voyce wylbe construyde wythe a datyff case or ellys wythe a ablatyff case wythe a preposicyon expressyd or vnderstond Exemplū I am plesyd Michi placetur. The mayster ys goon Itur a preceptore Hyt nede not att all tymys to exp̄sse the ablatyffe case Exemplum they be goon. itur. they fyȝthythe. pugnatur. what doyth they. quid agitur. they syttythe. sedetur. Vnde versus.

Passiue vocis impersonale datiuis
Aut sextis iungas cum preposito preeunte
A pueris itur a preceptore venitur
Regi seruitur sed non sibi credo placetur

Suche verbys as be tokenythe bodyly menynge as Eo is & Venio is may haue often tymys the sygnyficacyon of the pass [...]f voyce in the p̄ter [...]fytens & in all the tensys that be formyd of hym Exemplū My mayster ys cūme mgr̄ meꝰ venit▪ my felowys be gon▪ socij mei abierūt. when the englysche of the infenytyf mode cūmythe after any of thys nownys Hora tempꝰ causa or locꝰ hyt may be put in a gerundyf in di as hyt ys tyme to pray Tempus est orandi I haue a cause to wepe Habeo causam flendi. hyt ys vsyd also after many adyectyuys and voy [...]


[Page] Also when y haue an englysche to be made by thys v [...] nubo is that that doythe the dede of the verbe schalbe put in the datyffe case & that that sufferythe schalbe put in the noīatyf case As in thys exampu [...]l My brother shall wedde thy syster Fratri meo nubet soror tua.

when y haue a ꝓpyr name of a place towne or cite & yff hyt be the fyrste declynsone or the secounde & the [...] glar numbyr & betokenythe at a place hyt schalb [...] pu [...]e in a genytyff case aduerbyally Exemplū I goo to g [...]ā ­mer att oxforde Incūbo grāmatice exonij I was bor [...]e at yorke Natꝰ sum eboraci But & the ꝓpyr name of the place sygnyfyynge att a place by the plurell numbyr or ellys any other declynsone saue the fyrste declyns [...]ne or the secounde hyt schalbe put in the ablatyf case aduerbyally wythe owte a p̄posicyon as y haue a brother at schole at attenys Est michi frater stud [...]ns athenis A [...]so to a place yff hyt be a ꝓpyr name of a place hyt sch [...]lbe put in the accusatyff case wythe owte a p̄p [...]sicyon what sum euer declynsone or numbyr that hyt be not wythe ston­dynge sum tymys y may put a preposicyon b [...]fore hym As y go to oxforde eo oxoniū vel ad o [...]oniū I schall go to london Ibo londi [...]ū vel ad lond [...]nū. Also fro a place and yff hyt be a ꝓpyr name of a place ys the syne of the ablatyff case wythe owte a p̄posicyon what sum euer de clynsone or numbyr hyt be As y cum fro london Venio londind I cum fro oxford Venio oxonio not wythe stondynge sum tymys y may take a p̄posycyon by fore hym [Page] [...]f venio ab oxonio. venio a londino.

Theys rulys off propyr names be to be vnderstonde off syche that byne not compownde for and they be com­pownde euer more y muste putte a preposycyone before them As y haue byn at seynte Iamys Fui apud sanc­tum iacobum I goo to saynte Iamys Vado ad sanctum iacobum I come fro s [...]yntt Iemys Veni a sancto iacobo. Also thys .iiij. nownys Rus Domus Humus belli and Milicia fol [...]w the the rulys of ꝓpyr names of places. as y haue be att home Fui domi I goo home Vado domū I cum fro home Venio a domo. Not wythe ston­dynge Rus ys putte of tener adu (er)byally in the datyf case then in the ablatyff Exemplū I haue be in the contrey. ruri fui. My fadyr dwellythe in the contrey. pater meus ruri habitat.

Thys nowne domus ys thus declynyde Nominatiuo hec domus genitiuo huius domi vel domus datiuo huic domui accusatiuo hanc domū vocatiuo o domus ablatiuo ab hac domo Et plū noīatiuo he domꝰ genitiuo ha (rum) domo (rum) vel domuū datiuo hijs domibus accusatiuo has domos vo­catiuo o domꝰ ablatiuo ab hijs domibus. Vnde versus.

Per quartū domus est flectenda nisi sextus
Singularis quartus pluralis et est gemtiuus
In numero vtro (que) semper flexus vtrius (que)

when that y haue a questyon askyd y shall answere euer more by the same case that the questyon ys aschede by excepte hytt be askyd by a possessyue Exemplū quē queris


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