THE COMMVNION of Saincts. A treatise of the fellow­ship that the faithful have with God, and his Angels, and one with an other; in this present life.

Gathered out of the holy Scriptures, by H. A.

Let thy hand help me (Lord,) for I have chosen thy precepts.

Psal. 119. 173.

Imprinted at Amsterdam by Giles Thorp. 1607.

To the Christian Reader, Grace mercy and peace from God be multiplied.

THe communion of Christians with the Lord and among themselves, is a doctrine (good reader) both need­ful and comfortable to be knowen: for it is the stay and strength of the soule in ma­ny tentations, and the meanes to conse [...]v the Church stedfast in faith and love. And if in this point mens minds be setled aright, vpon the ground of Gods word; they wil­be as the Exod. 36. 20. 23. 24▪ &c. boards of the Tabernacle stan­ding vpright, with their tenons sastened in sockets of silver. For what is sweeter to a troubled conscience, then the assurance of salvation; and what is better to stablish our weak & fainting faith, then when both flesh and hart do fayl, to know & feel, that Psal. 73. 26 God is the rock of our hart, and our portion for ever? Againe, how good is it, & how plea­sant, for brethren to dwel togither in vnity!Psal. 133. like the pretious ointment on Aarons head, & the dew on the mountains of Sion. God hath appointed his holy son Iesus, to be the head and governour of his people; the Heb. 5. 9. au­thor of eternal salvation to al the that obey him. He hath set vp also the kingdome of Christ on earth, which is his Church▪ the 1 Tim. [...]. 1 [...] pillar and ground of truth. He is the Ioh. 8. 18. light of the world, whom al must folow, that [Page] would have the light of life; &Rev. 21. 9. 10. 11. Ierusalem his spowse, is made bright by his glory, & the people which ar savedRev. 21. 24▪ shal walk in theIsa. 60. 1. 2. 3. light of it. He is theIsa. 9. 6. Father, this theGal. 4. 26. mo­ther of vs al. Of the Son it is said,Psal. 2. 12. happy ar al that shrowd in him, for he is ourIsa. 32. 2. hiding place from the wind, our refuge from the tempest of Gods wrath: of Sion also it is said, y Isa. 14. 32. the poor of his people shal shrowd in it; for there hath the LordIsa. 4. 5. 6. created a clowd by day, and flaming fyre by night, (as whenExod. 13. 21 he brought his Israel out of Aegypt) & vpon al the glorie, is a defence; there is a shadow in the day for the heat, a refuge & shelter for the storm and for the rayn. It is requisit therfore, that al men comeMat. 11. 28 to Christ, if they would have life, and by himIoh. 14. 6. vnto the Father, & abide in1 Ioh. 1. 3. communion with them both; that they may bePhil. 3. 9. found in him, and haue the justice which is of God through faith; that they mayvers. 10. know him, and the vertue of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his afflictions, & be made cō ­formable vnto his death: this is as the first and great commandement of the law, & the second is like vnto it, that they seekDeut. 12. 5 the place which he hath chosen to put his name there, &Psal. 26. [...]. love the place wher his honour dwelleth, wher heSong. 1. 6. feedeth & causeth (his flock) to ly-down at noon; that thither they bringIsa. 60. 5. their riches, their glory & honour,Rev. 21. 26. that of every such one the Lord may count when he writeth the [Page] people,Psal. 87. 6. He was born there; that so beingGal. 3. 29. & 4. 26. 28 31. Christs, and children of the free woman, & heyres by promise; they mayAct. 26. 18 receiv for­givnes of syns, and inheritance among thē which ar sanctified by faith in him: for he hath sayd, thatIsa. 65. 9. his elect shal inherit his mountayn, & his servants shal dwel there. But, two things ther are, which wil hinder our feet frō running this way, if we beware not of them: the one is, too much liberty which many men take in the faith of the gospel and obedience of the same, whiles they turn Gods grace into wantonnes, and abuse his mercy to the fulfilling of their own lusts and licenciousnes; wheras they should make an end of their salvationPhil. 2. 12. in fear and trembling, knowing that even the1 Pet. 4. 18. righteous ar scarcely saved. Whiles also they take boldnes to communicate in spiri­tual actions with any, supposing that the syns of some, or of the publick congregati­on cannot hurt them, especially if in hart they disallow the evil, and condemn the same. Such men seem not to discern the nature of communion, how far it reacheth; or the contagiō of syn, how far it infecteth. They seem neyther to hav learned the LawHag. 2. 12. 13. 14. which taught that a man by bearing or touching holy things, was not himself made holy therby, but a polluted person touching any of them, made them vnclear: nor the doctrine of the gospel, which confirmeth, [Page] that [...] Cor. 10. [...]. they which eat of the sacrifices ar par takers of the altar; & al theyvers. 17. one bread & one body, wch partake of one bread; wher if ther be but a [...] Cor. 5. 6. &c. litle leaven, it maketh sowr the whol lump. And then look how farr they partake with other mens syns; so farr ar they in dāger, to [...]. 18. 4. receiv of their plagues.

The other impediment, is over much straytnes which some men hav in their own bowels: whiles their feeble consciences ar too much affected, both with their own & others infirmities. Such had need to have their knowledg and faith increased, their harts inlarged, least by expecting a greater perfection in themselves and others, then is to be found vpon earth, they faint & fall. Let such look on the image of Christ, as he is portrahedPsal. [...]2. [...]. [...]3. Ma [...]. [...]. &c. in the scriptures, whiles the chastisemē [...] of our peace was layd vpō him; so shal they find balme for their wounded consciences; and healing for their sowles by his stripes; and their shivered bones wil reioyce. [...]or of his cup must we al drinck our parts, & be baptised with his baptisme, into his death, before we can tast the sweet­nes of his life; & be vnder the rigor of that schole-maisterGal. [...]. 24. the Law like servants, ere we can perceiv the adoption of sons, & li­bertie of his faith and Gospel. And if he which knew no syn, and had but our syns imputed vnto him, felt such feares and so­rowes in his pretious sowl, and was so smit­t [...]n [Page] of God and humbled, so despised and reiected of the world: what shal we ex­spect, in whoseRom. 7. [...]le [...]h ther dwelleth no good thing. Let them also look vpon the estate of Christs church in all ages from the [...] beginning, how it hath been vexed with troubles & terrors, within & without, &2. 5. they shal find Sions case to be continually asRev. 12. 2 a woman in travel, whose payns & in­firmitiesGal 4. 19. 26. 27. are sometimes so great, that the children come to the birth,2 King. 19. 3. and ther is no strength to bring forth. And when they hav viewed the many tribulations through wch the Lord hath led his people, how he hath suffred them to be buffeted of Satan, per­secuted by enemies without, and molested wth hypocrites within, for their trial & hu­miliation; they wil confesse that we must walk here by2 Cor. 5. 7. faith and not by sight, for ourColos. 3. 3. life is hid with Christ in God; his spowseSong. 1. 5. is black, for the Sun hath looked vpon her, her own mothers sons hav been angry against her, and al the glory of the kings daughterPsal. 45. 1 [...] is inward.

And furthest astray are such vayn men as imagine to themselves a state of perfection, as if they had alreadyPhil. 3. 11. 12. attayn­ed the resurrection of the dead: & do dis­claime al Churches and societies where synnes are to be seen. Moses face isExod. 34. 30. 33, 35. hid frō thē as with a veil, they discern not the vse2 Cor. 3, 13. 14. 15. of his law, nor end of his ministerie, for a [Page] veil covereth their harts; neyther see they [...] the possession that syn hath in them, yea [...]. 7. 17 [...] 1 Ioh. 1. in al Saincts, so long as they dwel in these howses of clay, for which cause they sigh desiring to be clothed with their howse [...]. 5. 2. which is from heaven, to be loosed and to be with Christ. And when the voyl shal­be [...]. 1. 23. taken from those mens harts, who so farr mistake themselves to be that they are not: they wil crie with the Leper, Lewit. 13. 45. I am vnclean, I am vnclean; & wil Ezech. 16. 61. 63. remēber their wares and be ashamed, & never open their mouth any more because of their shame, but will Ezech. 20. 43. judge themselves worthy to be cut of, for al their evils that that they have cōmitted. Such also as eyther of ignorance, or worse humour, doe vnorderly depart, and rend themselves vpon every occasion from the church and body of Christ; wil walk better, when they have learned to Gal. 6. [...]. bear one an others burden, and tread in the steps of Christ, his prophets and Apostles; who v­sed al good means with patience, to reclaim the offenders, before they forsook them. Yet because the faith must not be held Iam. 2. 1. in respect of persons, neyther may we Exod. 23. 2 folow a multitude to do evil; and it often falleth out, that the Isa. 1. 21. faithful city becometh a har­lot, and they which wer M [...]c. 2. [...]. yesterday Gods people, are risen vp on the other syde as against an enemie: therfore the Saincts should be wise in hart, and not hold com­munion [Page] with any but in the Light, in the faith, in the true worship of God; for he is gealous even over his own people, and wil not Exod. 23. 21. spare their misdeeds, but wil take his kingdome from them, and remove Rev. 2. 5. the cā ­dlestick out of the place, if they repent not; & as he saith by his prophet, Amos. 3. 2 You onely hav I knowen of al the families of the earth, therfore wil I visit you for al your inquities. Thus may Christiās walk as they ar counselled by the wisdom of God, not being Eccles. 7. 18 just overmuch, neyther vers, 19. wicked overmuch, laying hold, and not withdrawing their hand from this, vers. 20. that he which feareth God, shal come forth of them al.

For this cause hav I endevored, (though the vnfittest among many,) to help forward in the way of truth, such as love the same with me; and hav penned this treatise folo­wing, for their sakes, that hav not meanes and leysure to serch the scriptures as they should and would, or by reason of their weaknes cannot gather and compare the scriptures togither for their cōfort & assu­rance in these points, as they desire. I have laboured both for playnnes & brevity, as I could in so large & ample argument; & by references rather sent the reader to look himself into Gods book, then to insist vpon collections or expositions of mine own. Wherin if any places be alleged amisse or impertinent, or things gathered otherwise [Page] then the text wil afford; (as through my ig­norāce, or vnheedines, no doubt many may [...]e:) I humbly ask pardon for the same, both of God and his people; and do [...] [...] reader not to rely vpon my judgment in a­ny thing, but as himself by the wisdome of Gods spirit, shal see agreable vnto truth. For if any shal buyld vpon my words, with out sure ground from the Law of the Lord; he shal first offend God, who hath given his scriptures by divine inspiration to teach and perswade al truth, to improve and cor­rect2 Tim. 3. 16 17. al error, to instruct in righteousnes, & make men perfect vnto every good work; he shal injury me also, who have written these things to be tryed and examined by Christs law, not to be accepted for a law; and he shal injury his own sowl, by relying vpon the word of frayl man whose breath is in his nosthrils, which cannot stablish the hart, nor assure the conscience in any thing. Let therfore the grasse wither & the flower fade, for it is the Isa. 40. 8. word of our God that shal stand for ever.

Finally this one thing I would advertise thee of, (good reader,) that somtimes I al­ledge the scriptures otherwise then our cō ­mon translations hav them; when the force of the Original words, doth afford an o­ther or more ample sence. Herin I fear not to be blamed of any that love the truth in incorruption; and for the places so chan­ged, [Page] I leave them to their trial, that are men of judgement. The Lord who is au­thor of every good gift vnto al men, who passeth by the syns of his servants, and co­vereth al their trespasses; passe by in mercy, whatsoever in this work is done amisse: & turn these my labours, to the glory of his name, & the benefit of his people. Amen.

Henry Ainsworth.

The contents of the Chapters.

  • O [...] the communion and peace that was at the first; and how soon it was broken. Chapt. 1
  • of the horrible miseries that Divils and men fel into, after they had forsaken God.— Chapt. 2
  • Of mans redemtion, & the renewing of his peace, by the grace of God in Iesus Christ.— Chapt. 3.
  • Who be the Saints of this communion.— Chapt. 4.
  • Holynes or sanctitie, what it is.— Chapt. 5.
  • How holynes is given vnto God and Christ, and how vnto creatures.— Chapt. 6.
  • How the word was communicated with Adam & his children and of the Saints interest in the same.— Chapt. 7.
  • How God by his word hath alwayes called and se­parated a people, from communion with Divils and wickedmen, to the fellowship of his grace, by faith in Christ.— Chapt. 8.
  • How farr we must avoid communion with Di­vils, and how far with wickedmen— Chapt. 9.
  • How the Saincts are caled out of themselves, & taught to forsake their own wayes and works, that [Page] they may have communion with God in Christ Chapt.— 10.
  • Of the cōmunion that we have with God, in ge­neral.— Chapt. 11
  • Of the cōmunion that we hav with Iesus Christ our mediatour— Chapt. 12
  • Of our cōmunion with the holy Ghost.— Chapt. 13
  • How the foresaid cōmunion & peace between God & his Saints, is somtimes interrupted by their syns: what vnrest and trouble they then feel in them­selves, & how their ancient peace is renewed. Ch. 14.
  • Of the communion that the Saincts have in this life with Angels.— Chapt. 15
  • How the Saincts on earth are called to a holy cō ­munion among themselues.— Chapt. 16.
  • How the Saincts gather into cōmunion, & grow up vnto a body or church.— Chap. 17.
  • Of the cōmunion that the Saincts in all churches have in things spiritual.— Chapt. 18
  • Of the communion of the Saincts in civil things and humane— Chapt. 19.
  • How the communion and peace of the saincts is hindred by enemies without.— Chapt. 20
  • How the peace and communion of the church, is [Page] disturbed by troubles & syns within it self Chapt. 21
  • How the commuion of Saints may be purged of the evils that arise therin, by the power & censures of Christ: and how needful it is for the Saincts al, to look herevnto.— Chapt. 22.
  • How far the Saincts may hold and walk in com­munion togither, if offences be not removed. Ch. 23
  • Of the communion that one Church hath with an other.— Chapt. 24.
  • The conclusion.

The Communion of Saincts.

Of the Communion and peace that was at the first; and how soon it was broken.

FOr asmuch as we finde in the Scriptures so great a difference made between the sonnes of Adam, that some ar na­med the children 1 Ioh. 3. [...]. Hos. 1. 10. of God, of 1 Thes. 5. 5. the Light and Day, the Dan. 7. 22. Saincts of the Most-high, the Lords Psal. 135. 4. chief trea­sure, the 1 Pet. 3. 10. heyres of blessing; other­som, the Gen. 6. 2. children of men, of Luk. 16. 8. this world, of the Ioh. 8. 44. Divel, & 2 Pet. 2. 14. of curse; & the one of these sorts comman­ded to 2 Cor. 6. 17 separate from the other, but to entertayn and continue a [Page 2] holy Act. 2. 42 Heb. 10. 24. 25 communion among them­selves endevouring to keep the Ephes. 4. 3. vnitie of the Spirit in the bond of peace: it is good and needfull that we know, both who ar the persons, and what be the causes & conditi­ons of this communion; how farr the bounds and limits of it doe extend. For the better percei­ving hereof; let vs take a summa­rie view, of the first state of vs all.

2. God which hath made of Act. 17. 26 one bloodal mankind, to dwel on al the face of the earth; made in the beginning, Gen. 1. 31. al things good: but chiefly imprinted the image of his Maiestie, on Angels & on men, & comunicated his graces with them. The Angels he created holy Psal. 104. 4. Spi­rits, Psal. 103. 20 excelling in strength, and in Dan. 10. 5. 6 glorie; & in al abilitie & readines to do his wil; and set them to serve himself in Mark. 12. 25 Luk. 2. 15 heaven, there to behold the ioyful light of his face; wher [Page 3] the Dan. 7. 10 many thousāds of them minis­ster vnto him, & are as Psal. 68. 17 & 18. 10. charrets wheron his Majestie rideth. Vnto them he vouchsafed this love & honour, that they should be named the Iob. 1. 6. Sōnes of God; yea his own glorious title he imparteth vnto them, when in the scripture he cal­leththem Psal [...]7. 7. with Heb. 1. 6▪ & Psal 8. 6. with Heb. 2. 7 Gods. And for this their excellent creation, he requireth of them Psal. 148. 10 2. 5. prayse & glorie; which those heavenly souldiers cheerfully Luk. 2. 13. Isa. 6▪ 3. per­form to the Lord of hosts of whose glory the whol earth is full.

3. Gods favour vnto man above a [...] earthly creatures, appeareth in the goodly frame and fashion, first of his body made of Gen. 2. 7. earthly mould in admirable comelines, bewty & proportion; and with alsufficient furniture of several members, for his own vse and service of his Ma­ker. He is so clad Iob. 10. 11. with skin and [Page 4] flesh and ioyned togither with bones & synewes; the veins & ar­teries ar so disspred over al, and every part so cunningly framed, in such cvrious weise, that the Pro­phet compareth his fashioning, to an [...] embroderie beneath in the earth;Psal. 139. 15 and minding this excellent work­manship, sayth vnto God, Psa. 139. 14. I wil praise thee, for I am fearfully & wonder­fully made. Into the body (the howse Iob. 4. 19. of clay) God did inspire the Gen. 2. 7. breath of lives, & the man became a living sowl; for the breath of the Almightie gave him Iob. 33. 4. life, and this breath or mind of man, is Pro. 20. 27. the light or candle of the Lord, which searcheth al the bowels of the bel­ly. This spiritual and immortal substance so infused had very sin­gular and gracious endouments of Iob. 38. 36. wisdome, vnderstanding, will, and many affections, al Gen. 1. 31. good for the holy Gen. 1. 26. Trinitie had consulted [...] Iohn. 5, 7. [Page 5] togither to make him an excellent creature; and so the man did carie the image of God, Gen. 1. 27. for in it he was created. He had Col. 3. 10. Eccles. 7. 31. knowledge, righ­teousnes & holines for performāce of al duties to his maker, & his fel­low creatures; & this in Eph. 4. 24 trueth sim­plenes and sinceritie. He had Gen. 1. 28. rule and soveraignty over the earth and seas, & al the plenty of them; he knew the hiddē nature of the crea­tures, & gave them Gen. 2. 19. names accor­dingly; this world was made for his sake, even the glorious Deut. 4. 19 Sun and Moon and Starres for his vse & ser­vice. He had the Gen. 1. 28. blessing of the Lord vpon himself & the creatures vnder him; a Gē. 2. 18. 22. help like vnto him­self made and given vnto him for comfort & procreation of his kind; a Gen. 2. 8. 9 garden of delite, ful of al plea­sant fruits planted by Gods own hand for to yield him food & so­lace; he was al honorable inwardly [Page 6] & outwardly ther was nothing in sowl or body wherof he might be Gen. 3. 25. ashamed; for he was the Act. 17. 28. genera. tiō and 1. Cor. 11. 7. glorie of his God, he had given him Iob. 10. 12. life & grace, and his vi­sitation preserved his spirit.

4. And God which made al things Prov. 16. 4. for his own sake, made this earthly king to be his subject & to serve him: Wherfore he communi­cated with him his word, informing him how to walk both in body and mind obedient to his will. For out­ward exercise he had the garden to Gen. 2. 15. dresse & to keep; for inward con­templation, the seventh day vers. 3. san­ctified as a holy rest: and two trees before him of divers end & vse, the one vers. 9. of life, by the eating wher­of he might hav hope to live in God Gen. 3. 22. for ever; the other of know­ledg of good & evil, the tasting wher­of would bring him vnto assured Gen. 2. 17. death, with al his posteritie. Thus [Page 7] God gav a law to man in his inno­cencie, and required obedience which was easy to be performed; which he graciously would accept; for which, his blessing should hav abidden, his favour & light of his face hav shined stil vpon him con­tinually. Then did the Lord Psal. 104. 3 [...] re­joyce in his works, & his Wisdome Prov. 8. 31. took solace in the compasse of his earth; peace was between him & his creatures, al his works Psal. 145. 10. did praise him, and his Saincts did blesse him; the Iob. 38. 7. starres of the morning sang prayses togither, and al the sonnes of God (the Angels) rejoyced.

5. And then some beams of the incomprehensible light and joy & sweet societie, which the Father Son & Holy Ghost had frō al eter­nitie Prov. 8. 30. Ioh. 17. 5. among themselves in the vnitie of the Godhead; wer com­municated with those principal creatures the Angels & men; whiles [Page 8] the one sort did Mat. 18. 10. alwayes behold his face in heaven, the other enjoy­ed his favours in paradise: then also was sweet harmonie & most com­fortable felowship, peace and ami­tie, Iob. 5. 23. between the creatures, for their mutual delight & consolation; with out division discord or enmitie. Ther wer no hateful spirits made to rebel against God, to tempt & tor­ment man, or misvse any other creature. No death diseases or ca­lamities to molest them; no ter­rours to drive them from theyr Ma­ker; no guiltie fears to afflict the sowl, no noysom lusts to reign or rebell in their bodies; nor any other means to hinder or disturb the peace and communion, or cause jarr and debate among al or any Gods handy works.

6. But some of those sonnes of God the Angels, soon 2. Pet. 2. 4. Iohn. 8. 44. sinned; & abode not in the truth, neytherIude. vers. 6. [Page 9] kept their first estate; but forsook their owne habitation wher they dwelt in blisse with God: and so became the causes of their own endlesse and vnspeakable miseries. For they having fallen of their own accord; wer not holpen nor 2. Pet. 2. 4. spared, but forsaken of God, separated from the other holy and elect An­gels, thrust out of Heaven, and bound in bonds of eternall night and darknes, to be reserved for judgement at the appointed time.

7. These Spirits, being of Saincts become vnclean Divils, hatefull to the Lord, impenitent and malici­ous in themselves; fel also to be Iohn. 8. 44. mankillers even from the begin­ning; and liars against the truth of Gods word; Gen. 3. 1. 2 &c. assaulted our first Pa­rents, the woman by the Serpent, the man by the woman; & by sub­tilty drew them into transgression of Gods playn▪ Law, and so into [Page 10] the snares of sin and death: and this soon after their seating in para­dise, as by Moses narration doth appeare. For which willing trans­gressiō, wherby those our proge­nitours wrapped Rom. 5.▪ 12. 15. 18. themselves & al their offpring in everlasting woe and wretchednes: the communion and peace between God and man, was soon disanulled also; & with al earthly creatures for mans sake. Then was Gods Gen. 3. 14—17 &c curse poured out on the head of that old Serpent, & his wrath into the world; wher the creature became Rom. 8. 20. &c subject to vani­tie. Man which had hid himself from the face of his Maker, was found out, arraighned and judged for his disobedience; was thrust out of the garden of pleasure, and the holy Cherubims Gen. 3. 24. Angels kept him from the tree of life. Thus was his hap­pines sodainly changed into mi­serie; in labour & sorow to spend [Page 11] his dayes til the spirit goe out of him vnto God for judg­ment; & the body return to dust.

Man (that is) in honour, and vnderstan­deth not; he is like to the beasts, that perish.

Psalme 49. 20.

Chapt. 2.

Of the horrible miseries that Divils and men fel into, after they had forsaken God.

That we may the better dis­cern Gods grace vnto vs in Christ, who hath freed vs from al calamities, and restored vs to a most happy state, from which we shal ne­ver fal: let vs take a view more parti­cularly of the many miseries which syn did bring vpon the creatures; so wil the benifit of our redempti­on [Page 12] appear most precious our harts shalbe filled with gladnes, and our mouth with songs of prayse, to him that hath saved vs from so great a destruction.

2. The Divil having willingly rebelled against God, repented not of his wickednes, but being ful of malice, set himself as an enemie against the Lord and his creatures. And for this cause is named in He­brew Iob. 1. 6. Re [...] 20. 2. Satan, that is [...] ffiend, an 1. Pet. 5. 8. ad­versarie, enemie or resister, zach. 3. 1. hin­dering al good, Mat. 13. 28. 39. beginning and1 Tses. 2. 18. helping forward al evil. He is caled also with his felowes [...] Deut. [...]2. 17. Shedim, that is wasters; for the scath and hurt which they doe, Luk. 8. 29. 30 33. preying vpon the creatures and spoiling them: and [...] Levit. 17. 7. Seghnirim, that is rough, rug­ged or hayrie, for the horror of ther hiew wherin they appeared like Isa. 13. 21. & 34, 14. Satyrs, or other vgly crea­tures; and wherwith they terrified [Page 13] such as saw thē. In Greek he is na­med Mat. 4. 1, Diabolos (Divil,) that is a calum­niator, because he maliciously Rev. 12. 9. 10. Iob. 1. 9. 1 [...] & 2. 4. 5. ac­cuseth, detracteth & depraveth, the persons, words, actions, not of men onely, but even of Gen. 3. 3. 4. 5. God himself. He is caled also the [...] wicked or mali­gnant one, for molesting, & with his1. Ioh. 2. 13. Ephes. 6. 16. fyrie darts endevouring mans ru­ine & miserie: the Mat. 4. 3. Tempter, for assay­ing to draw men vnto sin: a Revel. 12. 9. Serpent & a Drago, for his subteltie & fierce­nes, and venemous nature; an Luk. 11. 24 vn­clean spirit, for his filthines: a 1 King. 22. 23. lying spirit, for his falshood and deceit, being a Liar, and the father Ioh. 8. 44. thereof, no truth is in him. And though one Divil be principal, yet hath he many partners caled Mat. 25. 41. his Angels; al of them malicious and Mat. 10. 1. vnclean spirits like himself, going about with him that 1. Pet, 5. 8. roring lion, to rend and to devour. These Ephes. 6. 1 [...]. spiritual wickednesses, ar authors, [Page 14] instruments and abettours of al maner Mat. 4. 3. 9. & 12. 45. Iob 13. 2. Act. 5. 3 Rev. 16 14. vngodlines, vnrighteous­nes, abomination and vncleannes; they seek by al means to over­throw Gods kingdome, & to sta­blish their own; therfore like rave­nous birds Luk. 8. 5. 12. they devour vp the seed of the word, least men should believ it and be saved: & like Mat. 13. 25. 28. 39. en­vious men, sow tares among the wheat, and goe their way; they corrupt mens minds with errors & heresies, the doctrines 1 Tim. 4. 1. of Divils. Great knowledg they hav to doe evil, and ar therefore caled [...] Mark. 5 12. daemones that is cunning or skilful; great a­bilitie also to effect it, and ar ther­fore named Colos 2. 15. principalities & powers; their captain being caled Iohn. 14. 30 the Prince of this world, for his effectual Ephs. 2. 2. wor­king in the children of disobedi­ence; & is compared Luk. 11. 21. to a strong man armed, keeping his pallace; yet is he also raunging abroad and ve­ry [Page 15] diligent to work mischief; & therfore Iob. 1. 7 & 2. 2. compasseth the earth to and fro, and walketh about in it; seeking, to Luk. 22. [...]1. winnow the godly as wheat, and make their saith to fayl. And as ther is no end of these fiends wickednes in themselves, & their own abominable nature: so neyther would ther be end or mea­sure, of their cursed actions and effects; wer it not, that God restrey­neth their malice, and hath set vp the kingdome of his holy son Ie­sus, to 1, Iohn 3. 8. loose the workes of the Divil; to destroy & Heb 2. 14. Rev. 12. 7. 10 abolish him.

3, And as these fowl spirits, be­ing fallen from grace, thus set them selves against God & al goodnes; so God againe cast them out of his favour & from his presence, wher­in is the Psal. 16. 11. fulnes of joy,) from the cheerful light libertie and happi­nes which they injoyed, & thrust them down 2. pet. 2. 4. Iude vers. 6. into hell, there kee­ping [Page 16] them in everlasting chaines vnder darknes vnto damnation in that day when he wil come to judge the world. And al­though they have in the mean space some loosnes & libertie, not onely to range abroad in the world but even Iob. 1. 6. 7. 1 King. 22. 19 11. 22. 23. to appear before God in heaven, when, he pleaseth so to suffer them: yet hav they no joy in his presence, but Iam. 2. 19. horror & trem­bling; neyther is ther any comforta­ble 2 Cor. 6. 14. 15. Mat. 8. 29 communion between his ma­jestie and them, nor peace between the holy spirits & them; but Mi­chael and his Angels Rev. 12. 7. warreth a­gainst them, Iude ver. 9. striveth with them, and Zach. 3. 1. 2. rebuketh them in the name of the Lord, for his chosens sake. Enmitie hath Gen. 3. 15. Eph. 6. 12. &c he also put, & warr between the saincts on earth and them; the saincts whom he hath redeemed from their damnation by the Eph. 1. 7. blood of his beloved son; [Page 17] by whose blood they Rev. 12. 1 [...] overcome; and vnder their feet, the God of peace Rom. 16. 20 wil tread down Satan short­ly. In dread those damned spirits are of the [...] Luk. 8. 3 [...]. bottomlesse-deep, which they desired Christ that he would not command them into; and fear­fully they exspect from his hand, torment, the effect of that Gen. 3. 14. curse which is come vpon them to the vtmost, and shal be executed in vn­speakeable manner & mesure in that day when (having fulfilled the mesure of their sin,) they shalbe Revel. [...]0. 10. Mat. 25. 41. cast into the lake of everlasting fyre & brimstō, prepared for them; & so without end or relaxation of their miserie, be separated from the Lord and al his Saincts, from hïs life, light, and blessed communion, for ever and yet.

4. Men that had ben made in the similitude of God, holy just happy & immortal, without any want or [Page 18] imperfection in sowl or body; not cōtinewing in this honour but ma­king shipwrack of faith by belee­ving the word of Satan; & of good conscience, by obeying his coun­sel, & acting the same: wheras they were promised to be as Gen. 3. 5. Gods kno­wing good & evil, fel by this means into corruption and miserie, and became like divils, Atheists. Eph 2. [...]2. without God in the world; subject to the hor­rour of his wrath, and eternal dam­nation. Whose woeful estate is to be considered, first in regard of sin; (which stayed not in one actiō but fretted as a canker and overflowed all:) secōdly of punishments for sin; Both of these are in sowl and body and their ful mesure or accomplish­ment is, of the one in this world, of the other in the world to come.

5. The first sin of man was as ve­nim, that soddēly spred it self into al the powers of sowl & body: & sub­dued [Page 19] thē al vnder death & corrup­tion so soon as the serpent had bittē him. And as he was the root of al mankind; so did the contagion also spread into al the branches his chil­dren. By Rom. 5. 19. his disobedience, many wer made synners, and became [...] dead; even by the [...]e. 15. ver. 16. one offence of that one man, was the evil propa­gated vnto ver. 18. al men, to condemna­tion: who now being evil by na­ture, could neyther Mat. 12. 34 speak nor doe good, but dayly wexed worse. So that when the Lord Psal. 14. 2. 3. 4. Rom. 3. 10. 11. 12. from heaven looked down vpon the son [...]s of A­dam, to see if ther wer any that did vnderstand, that did seek God: be­hold al wer gone back, al wer cor­rupt, none that did good, no not one; yea even the children Lev. 12. Psa. 51. 5. & 58. 3 from theyr birth & conception, vnclean and sinful.

6. The corruption and nakednes of man in sowl, is to be seen in the [Page 20] Vnderstanding, which 1. Cor. 2. 14 Ier. 10. 14. perceiveth not, neyther can know the things of God; yea though light shine in­to this darknes, yet doth not the Iohn. 1. 5. darknes comprehend it, Dan. 29. 23 4. the hart knowes not, the ey sees not, the ear hears not after much instructi­on: mans wisdom is but 1. Cor. 1. 20 foolish­nes, and whatsoever he savoureth in mind, is Rom. 8. 7. enmitie against God, and Vers. 6. death to himself. The hart of man, which is the fountayn prov. 4. 23. whence al the actions of life do flow; is [...] and [...] import al these evils. Ier 17. 9. crooked, crafty, deceitful above al, and wretched, desperatly sick even vnto death: so that Gen. 6. 5. every fiction of the thoughts of his hart, is onely evil every day, Gen. 8. 21. even from his childhood. And as the mind is without Ier. 4. 22. the knowledge of God, or Psal. 106. 21 forgetful if it hav known him; so is it otherwise 1 Tim. 6. 7. corrupted in the faculties therof, & caried with Eph 4. 17. va­nitie. The Conscience which al mē [Page 21] hav within them, to Rom. 2. 15. bear witnes of their works, this also is Tit. 1, 15. defiled to­gither with the mind; and through custom of syn, & Satans effectual working is 1. Tim. 4. 2. seared as with a hot yron and bcome without remorse or feeling. The Psal. 81. 11 Wil is also aliena­ted from God, and from his Prov. 1. 25. 30. corre­ction counsel, or Isa. 28. 12. hearing the same. Al the other affections in like man­ner corrupted, by cruel Tit. 3. 3. hatred one of an other, even of own Prov. 19. 7. brethren; of that which is Mic. 3. 2. good, yea even of 2. Chron. 19 2. God himself: the love and delite being set on Psal. 4. 2. vanitie & wickednes Finally the sowle of synfull man is fraught wth Rom. 1. 29. &c. al vnrighteousnes wic­kednes, maliciousnes, wrath, en­vie, debate, covetousnes, inordinat lusts, ambition, pride, vnmerciful­nes, and deep hypocrisie, with al o­ther vices: being Mat. 12. 44. empty and desti­tute of every good grace & virtue; he hath neyther Psal. 36. 1. Luk. 18. 2. fear of God, nor [Page 22] reverence of man; yea, that there is Psal. 10. 4. no God, be al his cogitations.

7. The body (which is the [...]. Cor. 5. 1. earth­ly tabernacle & [...] Dan. 7. 15. sheath of the sowl,) and al the members of the same, ar fit instruments to fulfill the evil thoughts of the mind; & Rom. 6. 13. 19. be given over in like weise to ye service of vn­cleānes & iniquity. The evils which lust hath conceived inwardly, ar by Satans help and these instruments, brought forth and effected. Here­vpon doth man commit al iniquity with greedines: his Psal. 58. 2. hands execute wickednes and crueltie; his Prov. 1. 16. feet run to evil, and make hast to shed blood; his 2. Pet. 2. 14. eyes ar full of adulterie and cannot cease to syn, defiled with Prov. 6. 17. & 30. 17. haughtines and mockinge, with Psal. 10. 8. murder and Mat. 20. 15. maliciousnes; his thorat Rom. 3. 13. is an open sepulchre, the venim of aspes is vnder his lips; his mouth, full of cursing and bit­ternes; his tongue, an Iam. 3. 6. 8. vnruly evil [Page 23] ful of deadly poisō, a world of wic­kednes, defiling the whol body, & setting on fyre the wheel or course of nature, being it self set on fyre of hell, wherwith he curseth men & Levi. 24. 11. blasphemeth God. His carkesse he decketh & clotheth with pride; his belly he pampereth & filleth with excesse, for it is his Phil. 3. 19. God; he is pow­red out into al lasciviousnes. Ney­ther is ther any Rom. 1. 26. 27. 29. Lev. 20. 10. 13. 15. vncleannes, forni­cation, vnnatural filthines or beast­lines, wherwith he abuseth not his own body: no trecherie, theft, mur­der, Witchcraft, worship of idols, yea even of Rev. 9. 20. 21. Psal. 106 37 38. Divils, which he com­mitteth not. And these things he doth with an high hand & obstinat hart, til he becom most Iob. 15. 16. abomina­ble & fiilthy, drinking iniquitie as water; making it Prou. 10. 23 a pastime to doe wickedly, Psal. 36. 4. refusing not any evil; but for to glutt himself with his lothsom delites, addeth syn vn­to [Page 24] syn, and Deut. 29. 19 drunkennes vnto thirst, groweth Eph. 4. 19. past feeling, and after his Rom. 2. 5. hardnes & hart which cānot repēt, heapeth vp wrath against the day of wrath, and of the revelation of the just judgement of God, vnto whom he hath sayd Ieb. 21. 14. 15. depart from me, for Idesire not the knowledge of thy wayes; who is the Almighty that I should serv him, and what profit should I hav, if I should pray vnto him;

8. So men that would themselves be Ezek. 28. 2. Gen. 3. 5. Gods, ar fallen to such impietie that they ar not far from the loth­som nature of divils; which our Sa­viour signified, when he caled Iu­das Ioh. 6. 70. &. 8. 44. a Divil; and the Iewes, the Di­vils children. And now God abhor­reth al wretched mans works & even his most Isa. 1. 13. 14 religious actions, which his troubled, ignorāt & hy­pocritical cōscience, causeth him to perform. The Lord regardeth ney­ther [Page 25] Gen. 4. 5. him nor his offring, his sacri­fice is Prov. 21. 27 an abomination, his pray­er is Psal. 109. 7 turned to syn, al his worship is Mat. 15. 9. vayn, his works of mercy Mat. 6. 1. 2. vn­profitable, and Tit. 1. 15. nothing is pure vnto him, his labour Prov. 10. 1 [...]. & his reve­nues ar vnto syn, he himself lieth Eph. 2. 1. dead in syns, & the Psal. 11. [...] sowl of God doth hate him. Therfore Iob. 11. 20▪ his eyes shal fayl, his refuge shal perish, and his hope be exspiration of sowl: for he Eccles. 4. 17▪ offreth the sacrifice of fools, and knoweth not that he doth evil; he is 2 Tim. 38. reprobate concerning faith, abominable Tit. 1. 16. and vnto every good work reprobate.

9. The reward of syn vnto man, from the iust hand of God, is fear­ful Deut. 32. 35 vengeance Prov. 3. 33. curse and Rom. 6. 23. death, begun in this world, to be fulfilled in the next. His vengeance and curse God inflicteth, sometime by his own powrful hand, vpon the bodies and sowles of sinners; some­time [Page 26] he vseth his creatures to tor­ment them: yea often he vexeth one man by an other, and even by himself. For man in himself hath confusion, and is Gen. 3. 7. 10 ashamed of his own body and members; his rea­son, wil and affections, ar often at warr one with another, & his con­cupiscences Iam. 4. 1. fight within him: ran­kerous envie Psal. 112. 10 fretteth and consu­meth him; carking covetousnes 1 Tim. 6. 10 pierceth him through with many sorrowes; his own inordinate lusts doe vex 2 Sam. 13. 2. 4. and make him sick and lean; generally his whol life he lea­deth in vanitie Eccl. 2. 17. and vexation of spirit, al his dayes ar sorrowes, & his travail grief; his hart taketh not rest in the night; for he is like Isa. 57. 20. 21. the raging sea that cannot rest, whose waters cast vp mire and dirt; ther is no peace vnto him. Again he is of­ten troubled in minde for his mis­deeds, guiltie fears do torment his [Page 27] conscience, and he is 1 Ioh. 3. 20. condemned of his own hart; Gen. 4. 13. dispayring of al help & mercy at Gods hand: wher vpon men dread oft-tymes Psal. 53. 5. Lev. 26. 36 Deut. 28. 65. 66. wher no dread is, and the sound of a leaf shaken, doth chase them away, they flee as from a sword and fall, no man pursuing them; a Iob. 15. 21. 22 sound of fear is in their ears, that in their prosperitie the destroyer shal come vpon them, neyther beleev they to return out of darknes. So that in this miserie, lothing longer life; some lay violent hands 2 Sam. 17. 23. Act. 1. 18. on their own bodies, and murder them­selves. And man to man, doth all manner mischief and outrage, that they are as Eccles. 3. 18 Iob. 24. 5. 7. 9. 14. 15. 21. 22. beasts vnto themselves by reproching, blaspheming, rob­bing, defyling, captiving and mur­dering one an other both secretly and openly, not sparing their own brethren, wives, children, or dea­rest freinds, in their savage wrath, [Page 28] hatred and crueltie. The Lord moreover afflicteth their bodies with Deut. 28. 21 22. 35. &c. many greevous and noysom sicknesses; their bowels ar inwardly tormented with payns, their ioynts and lims with aches; silthy lepro­sies, sores and botches do vex and deform them; burning & pestilent fevers do afflict & consume them: neyther is ther any part or mem­ber from the crown of the head to the sole of the foot, which is not smitten & wounded; even the mind and vnderstanding with phrensie and Dan 4. 13. 29. 30 31. madnes; and the bodies som­time devoured with lice and Act. 12. 23. ver­min, whiles they ar yet alive.

10. The creatures all, ar executi­oners of Gods iust iudgments vp­on wicked men. The heavens som­tyme with-hold their dewes and rayn, and become like Lev. 26. 19. brasse: som­time they send down stormie tem­pests Psal. 18. 12. Exod. 9, 23. 24. with haylstones and fyre and [Page 29] other evil influences, to destroy the earth, the inhabitants & fruits ther­of. The Psal. 121. 6. Sun smiteth them by day, the moon by night; the Iudg. 5. 20. stars from their bulwarks fight against them. The earth eyther Gen. 4. 1 [...] & 3. 1 [...]. yieldeth not her fruit, but is like yron; or bringeth forth thorns and thistles and vene­mous weeds: yea somtimes Num. 16. 32 ope­neth her mouth, and swalloweth men vp alive. Honger and famine do afflictt them, that for want of food, they ar enforced to eat the flesh of their Deut 28. 53 57. own children. The wild beasts 2 Kin. 17. 25. prey vpon & devour them; even the smallest and vilest creatures, Exod. 8. 6. 17. 24. as frogs, flies, lice and the like; ar ministers of wrath and vengeance vpon the disobedient. The syre breaketh out & burneth them with their substance; the wa­ter overfloweth & drowneth them. The Psal. 35. 5. 6. 2 Kin. 19. 35. Angels of the Lord, do pur­sue, scatter and destroy them. And [Page 30] the Divils vnto whom wretched men yield homage & obedience, do tyrannize over their Mat. 8. 32. goods, their bodies and their [...]owls; Mark. 9. 17. 18. 20. 22. tea­ring and tormenting them, casting them into fyre and into water; Luk. 8. 27. 29. & [...]1. 14 de­priving them of reason sence and speech: having them also in horri­ble bondage vnder syn, Eph. 2. 2. working effectually in them, and holding them as in a snare 2 Tim. 2. 26 vnto their own wil. So that the benefits of God towards them, wicked men do ab­use to further Psal. 73. 4. 5—8. lic [...]nciousnes and presumption; by his punishments also they are not bettered, but in­crease impiety as it is written Reu. 16. 9. Men blasthemed the name of God; which hath power over these plagues, and they repented not to give him glory: vers. 11. they blasphemed the God of heaven for their payns and for their sores, and repented not of their works.

11. Therfore after a few evil dayes [Page 31] on earth, which also for his sins a [...] Prov. 10 27 shortned, the man being broken, decayed and worn out with mise­ries, is caused at last to goe to Iob. 18. 14. the King of fears; death feazeth vpon him, and separateth the sowl from the body; neyther can Psal. 49. 7. 9. any man re­deem his brother, or giv his ransom to God, that he may liv stil for ever, and not see the grave: but Iob. 27. 20. 22. terrours take him away as waters, a tempest stealeth him away by night; God casteth vpon him (his plagues,) & spareth not, though he would fayn slee out of his hād; as a whirl­windProv. 10. 2 [...] that passeth, so is the wicked no more. For Psal. 146. 4 his spirit departeth, he returneth to his earth, then his thoughts perish, his Psal. 49. 14 form & bewty consumeth; & as he himself, so his Prov. 10. 7. Name also shal [...]ot. His sowl be­ing Luk. 12. 10. fetcht away from the body, (wherin it lived and joyed but Iob. 20. 5. a litle while in the momentany ple­sures [Page 32] of sin,) is brought to the 1 Pet. 3. 19. pri­sō of hel; wher al dāned ghosts fear­fully exspect their final doom, at the great day of God; when the sowles being again ioyned with their car­kesses which the Lord Act. 24. 15. wil rayse out of the dust; the seas and death and hell Rev. 20. 13. having delivered vp the dead which were in them, they shalbe iudged every mā according to their works 2 Cor. 5. 10. done in the body. the Rev. 20, 12. books shalbe opened, and all things brought to light that were 1 Cor. 4. 5. hid in darknes, the counsels of the harts, made manifest; the Iob. 20. 27. heavens shal declare mans wickednes, and the earth shal rise vp against him; account shalbe given of Iude. ver. 15 Mat. 12. 36. every e­vil work and idle word, and God wil render to these sinners Rom. 2. 8. indig­nation and wrath; they shalbe Mat. 13. 39—42. & 25. 31. 32. 41 46. cast into the fyrie lake prepared for the Divil and his Angels, & with thē be tormented in those eternal [Page 33] flames; being for ever separated from the 2. Thes. 1. 90 presence of the Lord, & from the glorie of his power, from his comfort life and light: & Death shal Psal. 49. 14. feed vpon them, the fyre Ioh. 20. 26. that is not blowen shall devour them. Then shalbe Mat. 8. 12. weeping & wayling and gnashing of teeth, with too late repentance and fruitlesse lamenta­tion, in that Rev. 20. 24. second death, and vt­ter darknes, where the ”worm shalIsa. 66. 24. Mark. 9. 43. 44. not die, nor the fyre be quenched for evermore. This is the portion of the wicked from God; and the reward of their sins, from the hand of the Most High.

The wicked is kept vnto the day of destru­ction; they shal be brought forth to th [...] day of wrath.

Iob. 21. 30.


Of mans redemption, & the renewing of his peace; by the grace of God in Iesus Christ.

1. God, though he spared not the Angels which sinned of their own accord, and maliciously drew man into their condemnati­on: yet shewed he favor to Adam and his children, when it was ney­ther deserved nor asked. For of them, he had Eph. 1. 4. chosen to be his, be­fore the foundations of the world, & Mat. 25. 34 prepared for them a kingdome, which it was Luk. 12. 32. his pleasure to giv vn­to them; therfore could he not be hindered, Prov. 21. 30 no wisdome nor vnder­standing, nor counsel could prevail against him, but Psal. 33. 11. his own counsel did stand for ever, & the thoughts of his hart, throughout al ages; he also is Iohn. 10. 29. greater then al, and none is able to take his sheep out of his [Page 35] hand; therfore he sayd vnto them, Ezek. 16. 6. when they were polluted in their own blood, ye shal live; even when they wer in their blood, he said vn­to them, ye shal live; I wil Hos. 13. 14. redeem them from the power of the grave, I wil deliver them from death.

2. Yet because as his mercy should be magnified, his justice also was to be satisfied, and death inflicted for the transgression of his law; & now mans miserie & weaknes was such, as endure death he might, but over­come it he Iob. 14. 10. 12. could not, nor Psal. 89. 48 deliver his sowl frō the hand of the grave: therfore had God of his rich grace and incomprehensible love, or­deyned his Iohn. 1. 14. 18. onely begotten Son, wch was in his bosome, Iohn. 10. 30. one with himself, and in glorie with him Iohn. 17. 5. be­fore the world was; by whom Cols. 1. 16. 17. al things were created in heaven and in earth, things visible & invisible, and in whom al things consist; even [Page 36] this his own dear son had ye Father ordeyned 1. Pet 1. 20. before the foundatiō of the world, that he should Mat. 1. 21. save his people from their syns, and 1. Thes. 1. 10 deliver them from the wrath to come.

3. And forasmuch as being in the Philip. 2. 6. form of God, and 1. Ioh. 5. 20. very God him­self, (who liveth and is blessed for ever) he could not in that nature & glorie (wherin 1 Tim. 6. 16 onely is immortali­tie,) partake with mans wretched­nes, or tast of his death, which yet by Gods grace Heb. 2. 9. he was to tast for al men: therfore was it also ordey­ned, that the Iohn. 1. 14. Word should be made flesh, even the Son of God, when hee came into the world, should be made of Gal. 4. 4. a woman, and of the Act. 13. 23. seed of earthly man accor­ding to the flesh; that he should take on him the form Phil. 1. 7. of a servant, and be found in shape as a man, parta­ker Heb. 2. 14. with his children of flesh and blood, that he might suffer for their [Page 37] sake, be touched with the feeling of their infirmities Heb. 4. 15. and in all things tempted in like sort, yet without syn.

4. This incarnation of the Lord wherby he should become our Mat. 1. 2 [...]. Em­manuel, that is, God with vs; was not to be mans work, or brought to passe by carnal generation, but by the Luk. 1. 35. holy Ghost, and power of the most high, overshadowing a virgin, whereby she should vers. 31. conceiv in her womb, and bear a vers. 35. holy thing that should be caled the Son of God. Who for the fulnes of the grace of the Godhed, which was to Colos. 2. 9. dwel in him bodily, & the Luk. 4. 18. spirit wherewith he was to be anoynted; should be named the Ioh. 1. 21. Messiah and the Christ, that is the Anoynted of God: & for the salvation of synners, should be crowned with the title of Mat. 1. 21. Iesus, that is the Saviour or Deliverer, at whose name Phil. 2. 10. 11. every knee should bow, [Page 38] both of things in heaven & things in earth, & things vnder the earth; and everie tongue confesse that Ie­sus Christ is the Lord, vnto the glo­ry of God the Father; who gave him to be Isa. 49. 6. his salvation to the end of the earth.

5. For by this his Son, the Heb. 1. 3. bright­nes of his glory, God would 2 Cor. 5. 19. recon­cile the world to himself, not im­puting but freely Eph. 1. 7. forgiving their syns vnto them; and by this Col. 1. 15. image of his owne invisible maiestie, would Col. 3. 10. renew the heavenly image in man, which now was defaced, giving him Ezek. 36. 26 a new hart and a new spirit, even putting vers. 27. his own spirit within him, & making him a 2 Cor. 5. 17. new creature. For wheras the first Adam was made but a Gen. 2. 7. living sowl, and having lost his life by syn, could not recover the same againe, but death Rom. 5. 12. 14. reigned over al: this second Adam which was a [...] 1 Cor. 15. 45. live-making [Page 39] spirit, should Ephes. 2. 5. quicken them that wer dead in trespasses and syns, and by his Ioh. 5. 25. voyce should rayse them vp, and give them life eternal; that so the dead men Isa. 26. 19. might liv againe, and they awake and sing, that dwel in dust.

6. The way to work out this wō ­drous grace for mens redemption, was appointed to be by great af­flictiōs through which the Heb. 2. 10. Prince of their salvation was to be conse­crate, that many children might be brought vnto glory. For this Son of God the Lord and heyr of allPhil. 2. 7, [...] things, was to † empty himself, and take on him the form of a servant, to become lesser then the Heb. 2. 7. 9. Angels, yea more deformed Isa. 52. 14. then the sons of Adam, even a Psal. 22. 6. worm and not a man, the shame of men and con­tempt of the people, that when we should see him, Isa. 53. [...]. he should have neyther form nor bewtie that we [Page 40] should desire him: though yet in himself, he was much Psal. 45. 2. fayrer then the sons of Adam, al his parts and features and countenance so excel­lent, as he was Song. 5. 16. wholly delectable.

7. So when the first begotten of the Father was brought into the world, though Heb. 1. 6. al the Angels of God did worship him, the Mat. 8. 27. winds and seas obeyed him, the Fish Mat. 17. 27. pay­ed his tribute, the Mark. 1. 13. wild beasts lived at peace with him, and the ve­ry Luk. 8. 28. Divils confessed him, and were afrayd: yet wretched man would not acknowledge him, his Iohn. 1. 11. own received him not, he was Psal. 69. 8. a stran­ger to his brethren, an aliant to his Mothers sons, Isa. 53. 3. despised he was & we esteemed him not. Yea God himself would vers. 10. break him & make him subject to infirmities, & lay vpō him ye vers. 6. iniquity of vsal; for we Isa. 43. 24. made him to serve for our syns, we wea­ried him with our iniquities; so that [Page 41] innumerable troubles compassed him about, & our syns which now were Psal. 40. 12. his, tooke such hold vpon him, that he was not able to lookvp; for which a cup was Ioh. 18. 11. givē him of ye Father to drink, ful of Mat. 26. 37. 38. Mark. 14. 33. sorow, fear, heavines, & agonie, that made his sowl heavy even vnto the death, & he prayed his Father, that Mat. 26. 39 if it had been possible, it might hav passed from him; offring vp his prayers with Heb. 5. 7. strong crying and tears, & sweat Luk. 22. 44. like drops of blood trick­ling down to the ground, the sha­dow of death Iob. 16. 16. being vpon his eyes. But because it could not be but he must drink (for therfore Ioh. 12. 27. came he to that howr,) and the Lord God had Isa. 50. 5. opened his ear that he was not re­bellious, neyther turned back: he Psal. 40. 7. 8 willingly gave vp his body for a sacrifice, & bore the wrath of God due for our trespasses, he which knew no sin 2 Cor. 5. 21 [...] was made sin for vs; [Page 42] and Isa. 53. 12. powred out his sowle vnto death.

8. Then came Satan the Prince of this world to see if he could hav conquered him, but he Iohn. 14. 30. had no­thing in him: yea his own time was now come, Iohn. 12. 31. 32. now was he to be cast out, & Christ being lifted vp from the earth, would draw all men to himself. The serpent beset him with Psal. 18. 4. 5 the snares of death, and with floods of Belial to make him afraid; but he sayd vnto death Hos. 13. 14. I wil be thy death, and vnto the grave, I will be thy destruction; so he spoyled Colos. 2. 15. the Principalities and powers of that kingdom of darknes, made a shew of them openly, triumphed over them in the same crosse, & destroy­ed Heb. 2. 14. through death him that had the power of death, that is the Di­vil.

9. They for whom he suffred all these things regarded not the rock [Page 43] of their salvation, but Isa. 53. 4. iudged him as plagued and smitten of God & humbled. He Isa. 63. 30 trode the wine­presle alone, and of all the people there was none with him, his Mat. 26. 56. own disciples had all forsaken him and fled, that he by Heb. 1. 3. himself might purge our syns. He looked Psal. 69. 20. for some to have pitie on him, but there was none; for comforters, but none he found; there was Psal. 142. 4. not any that would know him, al refuge fayled him, none cared for his sowl. His own people Act. 3. 13. betrayed him, and denyed in the presence of Pilat, when he had iudged him to be de­livered, they vers. 14, denyed the ho­ly one and the iust, and desired a murtherer to be given them. Then was the Lord of glorie misused, & suffred much speaking against of sinners they Psal. 109. 2. 3. 5. opened vpon him the mouth of deceyt, and compassed him about with words of hatred, [Page 44] they rewarded him evil for good, and hatred for his friendship; they Mat. 26. 67 spate on his face & buffetted him; they crowned him with Ioh. 19. 1. 2. thornes and scourged him; he became a Psa. 109. 25 re­proch vnto them, they that looked vpon him shaked their heads, yea rebuke Psal. 69. 20 did break his hart, and he was ful of heavines, for Psal. 22. 16. doggs did compasse him about, the assemblie of the wicked inclosed him, they peirced his hands and his feet, and gored Iohn. 19. 34. his side; they Act. 5. 30. slew & han­ged him on a tree, so was he made a Gal. 3. 13. curse for vs, for the Deut. 21. 23 curse of God was on him that was hanged.

10. But in his trouble he caled vp­on the Lord & cried vnto his Psal. 22. 1. & 142. 5. God, why hast thow forsaken me? thow art my hope my portion in the land of the living. Psal. 69. 14. 15. Deliver me out of the mire that I sink not, let me be deli­vered frō them that hate me, & out of the deep waters, let not the water [Page] flood drown me, and let not the pit shut her mouth vpon me; Psal. 22. 2 [...]. deliver my sowl fom the Sword, my desolate sowl from the hand of the Dog. In the end, he commended Luk. 23. 46. his spirit into the hands of his Father, Heb. 9. 17. con­firmed the Testamēt by his death, and vnto the Psal. 22. 15. dust of death he was brought, his grave Isa. 53. 9. was with the wicked.

11. But the sorowes of death were soon losed, because it Act. 2. 24. was vnpos­sible that the Act. 3. 15. Lord of life should be holden of it: for as he had power to lay down his life, so had he power to take it again, Iohn. 10. 18. this command­mēt he had received of his Father, who Psal. 16. 11. shewed him also the path of life, and Heb. 13. 20. brought againe from the dead, this great Shepheard of the sheep. Wherfore the 1 Cor. 15. 4. third day he rose vp alive, he rose vp, and Psal. 68. 1. his enemies wer scattred, and they that hated him fled from before him; & [Page 46] now behold Rev. 1. 18. he is alive for ever­more, Amen: and hath the keyes of hel and of death; death hath Rom 6. 9. no more dominion over him, for 1 Cor. 15. 54 it is swallowed vp in victorie.

12. Thus Gods hand was Psal. 80. 17. with the man of his right hande, with the son of man whom he made strong for himself; the Lord Psal. 20. 1. 2 3. 4. heard him in the day of trouble, and sent him help from his Sanctuarie, re­membred al his oblations and tur­ned his burnt-offring into ashes, gave him according to his hart, & fulfilled all his counsell, vers. 5 that we might reioyce in his salvation, and set vp banners in the name of our God, when the Lord had perfor­med al his petitions. For he having thus through the eternal spirit Heb. 9. 14. of­fred himself without spott vnto God, obteyned vers. 12. eternall redemp­tion; & having drunk of the brook in the way, he Psal. 110. 7. therfore lifted vp [Page 47] the head. He ascended vp on high with triumph, leading Psal. 68. 18 captivitie captive, and approched vnto the Dan. 7. 13. Ancient of dayes, who Eph. 1. 20. 21 set him at his right hand in the heavenly places, far above all principality & power, and might, & domination, and every name that is named, not in this world onely but also in that which is to come, & made al things subiect vnder his feet; Dan. 7. 14. gave him dominion and honour and a king­dome, that all peoples nations and languages should serve him, his do­minion is an everlasting dominion which shal never be taken away, & his kingdome shal never be corrup­ted, and this is the name whereby we must cal him, Ier. 23. 6. Iehovah our iustice.

13. And now the gates of the hea­venly Paradise Luk. 23. 43. wer opened to the sons of Adam, and the tree of Life, better then that from which the Cherubims Gen. 3. 24. sword had kept man, [Page 48] was Rev. 2. 7. given him by Christ to eat of, and live for ever. Now felt men the effect of that heavenly oracle that came out of Caiaphas mouth, Iohn. 11. 50. It is expedient for vs that one man die for the people, and the Whol nation perish not: for loe the wrath of God kind­led for mans syn, was appeased by the death of this 1 Tim. 2. 5. 6 man Christ Iesus who gave himself a ransom for all men, and 1 Pet. 2. 24. bare our syns in his bo­dy on the tree, being the Heb. 7. 22. suretie of the Testament. It pleased the Fa­ther by him, the Isa 9. 6. Prince of peace, to Col. 1. 20. reconcile al things to himself, & to set at peace through the blood of his crosse both the thinges in earth and the things in heaven. For it was his beloved son in 2 Pet. 1. 17. whom he was wel pleased, his chosen one Isa. 42. [...] in whom his sowl delighted, that had Ephes. 5. 2. given himself to be an offring and a sacrifice of a sweet smelling savour to God, who smelled here a [Page 49] savour of rest, sweeter then that in Gen. 8. 21. Noahs sacrifice, which caused him to say in his hart, that he would curse the ground no more for mans cause though ye imaginatiō of mās hart wer evil frō his youth: for now ther shalbe Rev 22. 3. zach. 14. 11. no more curse, but the throne of God & of the Lamb (that was slayn) shalbe in the city, he Deut. 32. 43 wil be merciful vnto his land, vnto his people. The Angels saw this, & were glad for our salvation, they sung at our Saviours birth, Luk. 2. 13. 14. Glory to God in the highest (heavens) and vpon earth peace, towards men goodwill. And when he was glorified, the thow­sand thowsands of them praysed him saying, Rev. 5. 11. 12. worthy is the Lamb that was killed, to receiv power and riches and wisdome, and strength, and honour, and glory and prayse. The heavens Isa. 44. 23. rejoyced for that the Lord had done, the lower parts of the earth showted, the mountaynes forrests and every tree burst forth [Page 50] into prayses, for that the Lord had redeemed Iaakob, & would be glo­rified in Israel. and Rev. 5. 13. al creatures in heaven & in earth, vnder the earth, and in the sea, & al that are in them, gave Praise & honour and glorie & power, vnto him that sitteth vpon the throne, and vnto the Lamb for ever more. Amen.

14. This grace was the 1. Cor. 2. 7. Wisedom of God in a mysterie, the hidden wisedom which God had fore­determined before the world vnto our glorie; but Iob. 28. 21. it was hid from the eyes of al the living, & hid from the fowls of ye heavē; none 1. Cor. 2. 8. 9 of ye Princes of this world knew it, no ye had seen it, nor ear heard it, neyther came it into mans hart, onely Iob. 28 23. God vnder­stood the Way thereof, and Ephes. 3. 9. from the beginning of the world it was kept secret and hid in him, and stil Mat. 11, 25. he hideth it from the wise & men of vnderstanding, neyther can the [Page 51] 1 Cor. 2. 14. natural perceiv it vntil he revele it vnto them by his 1 Cor. 2. 10. spirit, which spi­rit sercheth al things even the deep things of God, and by it we vers. 12. know the things that are given to vs of God.

15. And now Eph. 1. [...]. he hath opened vnto vs the mysterie of his will, ac­cording to his good pleasure which he had purposed in Christ; he Isa. 62. 11. hath proclaymed vnto the ends of the world, that the Saviour of the daughter Sion is come, his wages with him, and his work before him; that we might cleerly see the Eph. 3. 9. fel­lowship of the mystery, & might be able to vers. 18. 19. cōprehend with al Saincts, what is the bredth and length and depth and height, & to know the lov of Christ which passeth know­ledge, and might be filled with al fulnes of God; who hath given vs Isa. 61. 3. bewty for ashes, the oyl of ioy for mourning, the garment of glad­nes [Page 50] [...] [Page 51] [...] [Page 52] for the spirit of heavines, be­cause our ‡ warfare is accomplished,.40. 2. and our iniquitie is pardoned. For while we were Rom. 5. 8. 9. 10. yet sinners, Christ died for vs; and when wee were enemies, we were reconciled to God by his death, and now shal be saved by his life; for the Isa. 53. 5. chastise­ment of our peace was vpon him, and with his stripes we are healed; he hath Rev. 1. 5. washed vs from our syns in his blood, and Heb. 9. 14. purged our con­science from dead works, to serve the living God; and is gone vp in­to very heaven vers. 24. to appear now in the sight of God for vs, and there to Ioh. 14. 2. 3. prepare vs a place, that where he is we may be also. From whence he wil shortly shew himself 2 Thes. 1. 7. with his mightie Angels, to be vers. 10. glorifi­ed in his Saincts, and made marvei­lous in them that beleev; who after that they have drunk of his cup, & been Rom. 6. 3. 4. baptised into his death and [Page 53] buriall, and walked with him in newnes of life in this vale of tears, and Col. 1. 24. fulfilled the rest of his afflicti­ons in their flesh, shal have their Phil▪ 3. 21. vile bodies changed & fashioned like to his glorious bodie, the dead1 Cor. 15. 52▪ being raysed vp incorruptible, and such as 1 Thes. 4. 17▪ live & remayn, being chā ­ged and caught vp with them al­so in the clowds to meet the Lord in the ayre, and so shall they ever be with the Lord, their Mat. 13. 43. faces shy­ning as the Sun, in the kingdome of their Father.

16. Although this mysterie of Christ, Eph. 3. 4. 5. was not opened vnto the sons of men in other ages, as it was at last reveled vnto his holy Apostles and Prophets by the spi­rit: yet was the effect and summe therof, made known to all the Pa­triarchs from the beginning. For Iesus Christ was Heb. 13. 8. yesterday, is to day, & the same for ever, & Abra­ham [Page 54] Iohn. 8. 56. saw his day and was glad; Abel also by faith in him Heb. 11. 4. obteyned testimonie that he was righteous; which faith he learned of his father Adam; who heard of God the rich­es of this grace freely preached in paradise, before the sentence of exile and death was pronounced vpon him; namely that the womans Gen. 3. 15. seed should crush the Serpents head; who also was shewed the way to be by death and sacrifice, a shadow wherof he saw in the Lambs Gon. 4. 4. then slayn and sacrificed in the service of the Lord. The great afflictions of Christ and of his people, wer fore­told in the Serpents crushing of his [...]eel, and the enmitie between the wo­mans seed & that Serpents; foreshew­ed also in the ver. 8. murder of Abel the iust by Cain his wicked brother. To Christ gave Act. 10. 43. & 28. 23. all the Prophets witnes, that through his name all that beleeved in him, should re­ceive [Page 55] remission of syns: and the Act. 26. 7. twelve tribes instantly serving God night & day, hoped to come vnto this promise. So in this hope and exspectation of redemption, by the Son of God, the Fathers res­ted, and comforted their fainting sowles by faith, the Heb. 11. 1. evidence of things not seene: by which faith vers. 13. they saw the promises a farr off, were perswaded, saluted them, & confessed that they were strangers and pilgroms vpon earth, and so died, having vers. 39. 40. through their faith obteyned testimony, but received not the promise; God providing a better thing for vs, that they with­out vs, should not be made perfect; but in patient hope passe out their dayes on earth; & after death Iob. 14. 14. wayt al the dayes of their appoyn­ted time, til their changing shall come, and then Dan. 12. 13. stand vp in their lot, (with vs and al Saincts,) at the [Page 56] end of the dayes.

17. But al this grace, and riches of the glorious mysterie now ma­nifested to the Saincts, Col. 1. 27. which is, Christ in vs the hope of glory; God did not communicate with al men, neyther yet doeth: save with some Mat. 20. 16. few chosen in Christ Ephes 1. 4. before the foundation of the world. Which little flock have their election, Rom. 9. 11. not by works, but by him that caleth, according to the Eph. 1. 5. good pleasure of his own wil: who without any vnrighteousnes Rom. 9. 18. hath mercy on whom he wil, and whom he will he hardneth; having made vers. 21. 22. 23. as the clay-potter of one lump, some men vessels of mercie prepared vn­to glorie, & some vessels of wrath prepared to destruction; which yet notwithstanding have many fa­vours and benefits from God to draw them to repentance out of the snare of Satan, but all in vayn [Page 57] for they despise the grace proffered vnto them, and run headlong into the condemnation, whereto they were Iude. vers. 4. of old ordeyned; let mercy be shewed them, yet Isa. 26. 10. wil they not learn righteousnes, in the land of equities they wil do wickedly, and wil not behold the majestie of the Lord.

18. And of these ther ar two sorts; some that are called to the know­ledge of the truth, & hav Luke. 8. 13. received it with joy▪ yet having no roots, be­leiv but for a while, and in time of tentatiō go away. Yea of these ther are, that have been once Heb. 6. [...]. [...]. 6. lightened, and hav tasted of the heavenly gift, and been made partakers of the holy Ghost, & hav tasted of the good word of God, and of the powers of the world to come: and yet not with standing fall away, and crucify againe to them selves the son of God▪ and make a mock of him; and [Page 58] Heb. 10. 29. tread him vnder foot, and count the blood of the Testament as an vnholy thing, wherewith they were sanctified, and doe de­spite the spirit of grace. Such, it is Heb. 6 4. 6. impossible they should be re­newed again vnto repentance; ney­ther Heb. 10. 26. [...]7. remayneth any more sacrifice for their syns, but a fearful looking for of judgement and violent fyre which shal devour them. And such, howsoever they were among the Saints, yet wer they not of them, for then 1 Iohn. 2. 19 they would hav continewed with them; neyther wer they of Christs sheep, for then he would hav Iohn. 10. 27. 28. given them eternall life, and they should never hav perished, neyther should any hav plucked them out of his hand; he would hav put his fear in their harts, that Ie [...]. 32. 40. they should not hav departed from him; though they had fallen Psal. 37. 24. they should not hav been cast off, for the Lord [Page 59] would hav put vnder his hand.

19. Othersome ther are, not caled to the faith but Eph. 2. 12. strangers from the covenants of promise, whom God Act. 14. 16. suffereth to walk in their owne wayes, Psal. 147. 19 20. not shewing thē his word nor his statutes and judgements. Or if he cause his gospel to come vnto them, yet wil not Iohn. 5. 40. they come vnto him that they might hav life; they hear not his words Iohn. 8. 47. because they are not of God; neyther be­leev, Ioh. 10. 26. because they are not Christs sheep; al the day long Rom. 10. 21. he stretcheth forth his hand to an vnperswade­able and gainsaying people. Yea beleeve they cannot, because Iohn. 12. 39. 40. hee hath blynded their eyes, and hard­ned their hart, that they should not see with eyes nor vnderstand with hart, and be converted, and he to heal them: the Lord Isa. 29. 10. Rom. 11. 8. hath cover­ed them with the spirit of slomber.

20. And these are for the most [Page 60] part the Luk. 10. 21. wise and learned of the world from whom God hideth the secret of his Gospel, and worketh a marveilous work in this people, even a marveilous work & a won­der (as Isa. 29. 14. sayth the Prophet) that the wisedome of the wise men pe­rish, for 1 Cor. 3. 20. the Lord knoweth that their thoughts be vayn. Therefore he 1 Cor. 1. 19. maketh their wisdom to perish, and casteth away the vnderstand­ing of the prudent; he powreth Psal. 107. 40 contempt vpon princes, and cau­seth them to erre in desert places, out of the way, and maketh Iob. 12. 21. the strength of the mighty weak: he Luk. 1. 51. 52 scattereth the proud in the ima­gination of their harts, and putteth down the mighty frō the thrones: the 1 Cor. 1. 20. wisedom of this world maketh he foolishnes, and by the vers. 21. foolish­nes of preaching saveth them that beleeve; which also are the vers. 27. 28. foolish weak vile and despised thinges of [Page 61] the world, even things that are not; which yet he hath chosen to bring to naugh [...] the thinges that are: that vers. 29. no flesh should reioyce in his pre­sence, but as it is written, vers. 31. he that reioyceth let him reioyce in the Lord.

21. Thus Christ crucified 1 Cor. 1. 2 [...]. 24. is to the Iewes a stumbling block, and to the Greeks, foolishnes; and one­ly to them which are called, both of Iewes & Greeks, he is the pow­er of God, & the wisedom of God; in whom they triumph & say, Loe Isa. 2 [...]. 9. this is our God, we wayted for him, and he wil save vs; this is the Lord whom we waited for, we wil ioy and be glad in his salvation.

22. And thus is there a distincti­on made of the sonnes of Adam, some left to perish in their syns, the children of wrath Eph. 2. 3. as they were by nature, who because they are not Iohn. 3. 3. borne again, they cannot see the [Page 62] kingdom of God: othersome are Rev. 14. 3. bought from the earth and 1 Pet. 1. 23. born a new of immortall seed, and are Iohn. 17. 16. not of this world, but have their Phil. 3. 20. conversation in heaven, & Ioh. 1. 12. 13 power given them of Christ to be the sons of God, which are born not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the wil of man, but of God.

23. Between these two sorts of men is great difference; both in the affections of God, who Rom. 9. 13. Psal. 146. 8. & 11. 5. loveth the one and hateth the other: and of Christ, Iohn. 17. 9. who prayeth for one & not for another: and in their affec­tions againe towards God, & one towards another. For the Saincts Psal. 18. 1. 1 Iohn. 4. 19. [...]1. love the Lord, and have mutuall love among themselves; but the wickeds Zech. 11. 8. sowl abhorreth him; and they hate Ioh. 15. 18. 19. such as he hath chosen out of the world; and are hated again of Psal. 139. 21. 22. them with perfect hatred. [Page 63] Thus is there warr & enmitie Gen. 3. 15. be­twixt the iust and the wicked, the one of them being Pro. 2 [...]. 27. an abhomina­tion to the other.

24. Hence is it, that the scripture speaketh so much of the fellowship and communion of the Saincts, with God and among themselves; and of their separation from the Divil, and from his children the wicked men evē in this life, whiles yet they live together with them in civil societie, & breath one com­mune aier: exspecting with pati­ence the full and finall separation, which Christ and his Angels Mat. 13. 39. 40. 41. &c. will make at the last and great day of doom.

Of this holy communion here on earth, I purpose to intreat, as God hath given me to discern by his word. His gracious spirit breath vpon my sowl, and guyd my pen to set down his truth.


VVho be the Saints of this Communion.

THat we may the better discern the Com̄uniō of Saints, wherof we treat; let vs first consider who the persons be, that hav fellowship to­gither. The Head & highest in this holy societie is the Lord our God; who is not onely Most holy in him­self, but cōmunicateth his holynes wth vs his creatures: & doth vouch­safe to hav fellowship with vs even in this life & world, as it is written, 1 Iohn. 1. 6. 7 If we say that we have communion with him, & walk in darknes, we lye & do not the truth: but if we walk in the light as he is in the light; we hav cōmu­nion one with an other, (that is God with vs, and we with him:) and the blood of Iesus Christ his son, clenseth vs from all syn. For this cause he is oft­en called in the scripture, the Isa. 5. 19. 24 Psal. 71. 22. & 78. 41. & 89. 18. Sainct or Holy-one of Israel; and the Rev. 15. 3. King [Page 65] of the Saincts. This is to be vnder­stood of al three persons in the vni­tie of the Godhead; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, of whom it is writtē The mysterie of the Holy trinity Ioshu. 24. 19. and He (is) holy Gods; & accor­dingly his people ar named, the Dan. 8. 24. in the Hebrue. peo­ple of the Holy ones.

2. Iesus Christ, as he is God mani­fested in the flesh, is the Mark. 1. 24 Sainct of God, the Rev. 3. 7. Holy one and the True, even the Isa. 54. 5. holy one of Israel; being himself ful of the Luk. 4. 1. Holie ghost, and therwith Mat. 3. 11. Act. 1. 5. baptiseth his church wherof he is the mediator. And was figured out by the High priest in the law, who in type of him was also caled the Psal. 106. 16 Sainct of the Lord, and caried this writing graven in gold vpon his forehead, Exod. 28. 36 Holines to Iehovah. With this Iesus our rede­mer, we that beleev, hav a very neer communion; according to that which is written, Heb. 2. 11. He that Sanctifieth (which is Christ) and they that are [Page 66] sanctified (which are his people) are al of one, for which cause he is not a­shamed to call them brethren. And again, 1 Cor. 1. 9. God is faithful, by whom ye are caled vnto the communion of his Son Iesus Christ our Lord.

3. The elect and blessed Angels, are also Deut. 33. 2. [...]ith Act. 7. 53. Iude. ver. 14. Saincts; having sanctitie by creation, continewed and con­firmed vnto them for ever. These heavenly spirits have communion not onely with God, in whose pre­sence they stand; but also with vs the children of God through fayth; by which we are come vnto the Heb. 12. 22. great assemblie of the many thow­sands of them, have them for our Psal. 34. 7. & 91. 11. 12. guardians, and acknowledging themselves to be our Rev. 22. 9. fellow ser­vants.

4. Al men and women, caled to the faith of God, ar Deut. 33. 3. 1 Cor. 1. 2. Saincts by cal­ing; being sanctified by Christ Ie­sus, and one with an other are Heb. 3. 1. holy [Page 67] brethren. Of these some are Mat. 27. 52. Saincts departed this life, and sleeping in the Lord: othersome ar on earth, & whiles they here live (notwithstan­ding their many infirmities & affli­ctions) ar Psal. 16. 3. Dan. 7. 18. 21. 22. 25. Rom. 1. 7. Saincts of the most High; a 1 Pet. 2. 9. holie nation

5. This happy societie. our fathers of old saw shadowed in the Taber­nacle, wher God Psal. 78. 60. dwelt among mē. His own gracious presence ap­peared, when his Exo 40. 34. glorie filled the Tabernacle, & his voice was heard of Moses Lev. 1. 1. out of the same; and the Psal. 132. 8. Ark of his strength was a continuall signe of his residence and rest therin. His son Christ was represented by the Exo. 25. 17. Mercie-seat or Propitiatorie covering the Ark, in whom and by whom God is reconciled with his people, who therfore is caled the hilactério [...]. Rom. 3. 25. Propiti­tiatory or Reconciliation; from that was the Nom. 7. 89. voyce of God [Page 66] [...] [Page 67] [...] [Page 68] heard speaking, even as by Christ Heb. 1. 2. he speaketh to the end. The An­gels were figured in the Cheru­bims vpon the Exod. 25. 18 & 26. 1. &c. mercie-seat, and in the courtaines of the tent round about, for so those blessed Spirits* Heb. 1. 6. 14. 'minister vnto Christ and to his church the heyrs of his salvation. The multitude of beleevers were resembled in the Lev. 24. 5. 6. twelve cakes (ac­cording to the number of the twelve tribes of Israel,) set vpon the pure table before the Lord, with vers. 7. pure incense vpon them, to be for a remembrance & offring by fyre to the Lord in steed of them. So we Christians are 1 Cor. 5. 7. [...] vn­levened cakes, standing before the Lord in his church, and being in Christ a sweet odour vnto him, who still hath his spirituall Rev. 21. 3. Ta­bernacle with men, and dwelleth with them.


HOlynes or Sanctitie vvhat it is.

THe Scripture caleth that thing or person holie, which is se­parated from profanenes & pol­lution, and is addicted or appli­ed to divine vse or service of God. Thus the Sabbath day was hal­lowed, when God had severed it from commune labour and hu­mane employments, to be spent in heavenly exercises and medita­tions, wherevpon it is named Exod. 35. 2. & 16. 23. the holy Sabbath of rest to the Lord: The like is to minded for all Levit 23. 2. 3. 4. 21. 24. 27. 35. 36. 37 other feast dayes appoynted of God for holy convocations. The firstborn of man and beast Exod. 13. 2. Deut. 15. 19. Num. 3. 13. 41. & 8. 17. 18. were sanctifi­ed to the Lord, by being exemp­ted from mans vse; dedicated to God, and imployed in his service. Hence was it, that all strange or vnclean persons were forbidden [Page 70] to Exod. 29. 33 Lev. 22. 3 4. 5. 6. 9. 10. eat, yea or to touch the ho­lie things. And when the Israe­lites were sanctified ceremonially, it was Exod. 19. 14 15. 22 by washing their garments, absteyning from their wives, thus preparing their bodies and minds to converse with God. And in the whole course of their life, this was their sanctification and signes thereof, to absteyn from all syn and vncleannes, as also from com­munion with the sinners and vn­clean: and to give themselves to the service of God & keeping of his lawes.

2. This is to be seen in many particulars. As, the calling and Lev. 20. 26. separating of Israel from other people that they might be holy vnto God. The shadow herof; namely abstinence from eating vnclean meats (which figured Act. 10. 12. 13. 17. 20. 28 &c. their refreyning from the fellowship of wicked men,) for a signe and testi­mony [Page 71] of their Lovit. 11. 44 45. Exod. 22. 31. Deut. 14. 21. sanctification & ho­lines with the Lord. To Moloch they might not offer their childrē, for that was to Lev. 20. 3. defile Gods san­ctuarie and pollute his holy name; nor vrs. 6. 7. turne after sooth-sayers, for the same cause. All moniments of idolatrie they were to destroy, Deut. 7. 5. 6. be­cause they were a holy people to the Lord their God. Idolatrous rites and customes they were to refreyn, Deut. 14. 1. 2. for the same cause. Even their bodily excrements were to be covered, Deut. 23. 13 14. that their host might be holy before the Lord. And being thus clensed from evill, they wer willed to remember, and do al his commandements, Num. 15. 40 and so be holy vnto their God.

3. The new testament also teach­eth this same, whiles it opposeth † 1. Cor. 6. 9. 10. 11. 1. Thes 4. 7. sanctitie vnto all manner syn and vncleannes; and exhorteth vs to 2. Cor. 7. 1. clense our selves from al filthi­nes [Page 72] of the flesh and spirit, and so grow vp vnto ful holines in the fear of God: that being sanctified 1 Thes. 5. 23 throughout, we may by good works give all our members Rom. 6. 19. ser­vants vnto righteousnes in holines.


HOw holines is given vnto God and Christ, and how vnto creatures.

HOlynes is ascribed vnto God in the word, both by Isa. 6. 3. Psal. 99. 3. 5. 9. Rev. 4. 8. An­gels & men, in two respects; 1. Be­cause he in himself is sanctitie and puritie it self; and it is vnpossible that in him should be any evill syn, or vncleannes. He 1 Iohn. 1. 5. is light, & darknes in him there is not any; he Psal. 5. 4. delighteth not wickednes, ney­ther shal evil soiourn with him he [Page 73] cānot so much as be Iam. 1. 13. tempted with evil; therefore is hee sequestred from this synfull world, and hea­ven is the Isa. 63. 15. habitation of his holi­nes. 2. Againe because he is the onely author and effecter of all holines & sanctimonie in whom­soever; Lev. 20. 8. Iohn. 17. 17. Iude. vers. 1. sanctifying vs his people, & giving his Sabbath for a Ezek. 20. 1 [...] signe hereof; & Deut. [...]6. 18. 19. advancing vs hereby, above all nations which he hath made; this being one of his prin­cipall Deut. 28. 2. 9. blessings. He giveth ho­lines to all things about him, to the Psal. 20. 6. heavens, and to earthly pla­ces where hee vouchethsafe Exod. 3. 5. Psal. 48. 1. Neh. 11. 1. 18 Rev. 21. 2. to appear or remayn. So that 1 Sam. 2. 2. none is holy as Iehovah; he is a Isa. 5. 16. holy God sanctified in iustice, and let Psal. 145. 21. al flesh blesse the name of his ho­lines for ever and ay.

2. Iesus Christ hath holines in his divine nature equal with the Father, and Holy Ghost: and in [Page 74] his manhood hee was holy by Luk. 1. 35. byrth; in life also and conversa­tion he shewed all manner holy­nes Isa. 53. 9. Iohn. 8. 46. 1 Pet. 2. 22. without syn or spott. For such an high priest it Heb. 7. 26. became vs to hav, as is holy, harmlesse, vndefi­led, and separated from synners. And he giveth Ephes. 5. 26. holines and pu­rity to his church, for whose sake he Iohn. 17. 19 sanctified himself; and is ther­fore worthily intituled the Luk. 4. 34. Act. 4. 27. holy one of God, even the Dan. 9. 24. Holie of ho­lies; vnto whom the Seraphim doe sing as he sitteth on ye high throne of his glorie within his temple, Isay. 6. 1. 3. with Ioh. 12. 41. Holy holy holy (is) the Lord of hosts.

3. The Angels are spirits holy by nature, so created of God at the first, and hauing kept their o­riginal, are stablished by Gods e­lection through Christ their Colos. 2. 10. head, in their holy & happy estate for ever, & therfore carie the title of Angels 1 Tim. 5. 21 elect and Mat. 25. 31. Rev. 14. 10 holie. Yet even [Page 75] these heavenly spirits, being com­pared with God himself, the bot­tomlesse fountaine of holines; ar as Iob. 15. 15. impure in his sight & Isa. 6. 2. hide their faces: though through the grace of God by which they ar confir­med, they alwayes doe Mat. 18. 10. behold his face.

4. Holines in men, by nature ther is not any, for they ar Psal. 51. 5. Isa. 64. 6. sin­ners & vnclean from the wombe; Eph. 2. 3. children of wrath, and rather to be reputed Iob. 11. 12. & 24. 5. Ier. 51. 17. beasts then men: hav­ing lost the holines wherin God at first created them; as Chap. 2. Sect. 3. 4. &c. before is shewed. But holines is restored againe to men by the Lord; as it is written Lev. 22. 32. I The Lord sanctify you: and againe, 1 Thes. 5. 23. Now the God of peace sanctify you throughout: wherfore he caleth himself, Isa. 43. 15. the Lord our Holy one.

5. This our sanctification, is as­cribed vnto the Father: according [Page 76] to the prayer of Christ Ioh. 17. 17. Sanctify them with thy truth, and in the epis­tle of Iude. 1. 1. [...]ude, to them that ar caled and sanctified of God the Father. It is ascri­bed to the Son Eph. 5. 25. 26. who loved the church and gav himself for it that he might sanctify it, and of God is made vnto vs wisdome and justice & 1. Cor. 1. 30. sanctification & redemption; Also to the holy Ghost, as it is written, 1. Cor. 6. 11. ye ar washed ye ar sancti­fied ye ar justified in the name of the Lord Iesus, and by the spirit of our God

6. Our sanctification in Christ is two wayes; First by imputation of that which himself wrought for vs, when by the wil of God we wer Heb. 10. 10. sanctified by the offring of his body once; and thus are we Rev. 1. 5. wash­ed from our sins in his blood, and God reconciled vs to himself, in the body of his flesh through death to make vs Colos. 1. 20. 22. Holy and vnblameable, [Page 77] & without fault in his sight. Secōd­ly, it is by his own gracious work in vs Mat. 3. 11. baptising vs with the holy spi­rit into his Rom. 6. 3. 4. 5▪ death, burial & resurrection; that our vers. 6. old man being crucified with him, the bodie of sin might be destroyed, & hence­forth we should not serv sin, but vers. 19. give our members servants vnto righteousnes in holynes: and so vers. 22. being freed from sin, and made servants vnto God, may have our fruit in holines, and the end ever­lasting life. Both which wayes of our sanctification, vvere shadow­ed out vnto Israel by blood and by oile.

7. For when the body of that church was purged once a year; the Lev. 16. 15. blood of the syn offring was sprinkled in the inmost holy place of the Sanctuary and vpon vers 1 [...]. the altar without, to vers. 16. 19. [...]ense and sancti­fy them from the sin and vnclean­nes [Page 78] of the sons of Israel. When the priests were consecrate the Exod. 29. 20 21. Lev. 8. 23 24. 30. blood of their sacrifice was put vpon their right eares, thumbs, & toes; and sprinckled vpon their bodies and garments, that so they might be sanctified: even as before at the making of the covenant, the peo­ple had bē Exod. 24. 8 sprinckled with blood. The holy Ghost thereby signifi­ing, how by Heb. 9. 13. 14. 22. &c. the blood of Christ much more, our cōsciences should be purged; and therefore caleth it the Heb. 10. 29. blood of the testament wher­with we are sanctified.

8. The precious oynting oyle, Exod. 30. 23 &c. made of principall spices, and called vers. 32. holie, did hallow and san­ctifie the Exod. 40. 9. Tabernacle and al ther­in, the vers. 10. brazen alter and all his instruments; the vers. 11. Laver and his foot; the vers. 13. 15. Priests & their garments, on whom it was Lev. 8. 30. Exod. 29▪ 21 sprinckled toge­ther with the blood of their con­secraion, [Page 79] for their sanctification; and figured out the graces of the Isa. 61. [...]. Spirit, and 1 Iohn. 2. 2 [...]. 2 Cor. 1. 21. oyntment that wee have from him that is holy; that Rom. 8. 9. 10 Christ and his spirit being in vs, the body may be dead because of syn, and the Spirit life for righte­ousnes sake; whiles the 1 Iohn. 2. 27. anoynt­ing that we have received dwel­leth in vs, & Christ as a Song. 1. 1 [...]. bundle of myrrh lodgeth betweene our brests. Thus are we made an ac­ceptable sacrifice vnto God, Rom. 15. 16. bee­ing sanctified by the holy Ghost.

9. The outward means which God vseth, for our sanctification, is his truth or word, as it is writ­ten, Iob. 17. 17. Sanctifie them with thy truth, thy Word is truth. By this word Rom. 10. 17. fayth is wrought in vs, which fayth Act. 15. 9. purifieth the hart, Act. 26. 18. sanctifieth the beleevers, and causeth them to Isa. 8. 13. sanctify the Lord, (as Num. 20. 1 [...] vnbe­leef maketh men that they sanctify [Page 80] him not;) and therfore is worthi­ly caled the Iude. ver. 20 most holy faith. The Ephes. 5. 26. Act 22. 16. Mat. 26. 28. seals of the covenant, do also confirm and help forward our faith and sanctification; yea even the chastisements of God vpon vs, have this vse & end, Heb. 12. 10. that we might be partakers of his holines. And we by prayer obteyn at Gods hand, as other blessings, so this 2 Chron. 30. 17. 18. 19. 20 1 Tim. 4. 5. sanctifi­cation both of our selves and of al his creatures to our vse. Finally, this grace is conveyghed Rom. 12. 1. 1 Pet. 1. 2. 1 Cor. 7. 34. both into our bodies & into our spirits even into the whol man 1 Thes. 5. 23 through­out; so great is Isa. 12. 6. the Holy-one of Is­rael in the mids of vs.


How the word of God was communicated with Adam & his children & of the Saincts interest in the same.

Forasmuch as the word of God is the Iohn. 17. 17. truth wherby we our [Page 81] selves ar sanctified, and al 1. Tim. 4. 5. his crea­tures vnto our vse; even the 1. Pet. 1. 23. 25. Iam. 1. 18 im­mortal seed by which we ar be­gotten and born anew of Gods own wil, that we should be as the first fruits of his creatures; and the syncere 1. Pet. 2. 2. milk without guile, wherby we ar 1. Tim. 4. 6. nourished & grow in faith: let vs take a view of this tresure and tree of life, which is better to the Saincts then Psal 119. 72 thow­sands of gold and silver, Psal. 19. 10. sweeter also then honey or ye honey comb, even sweetnes to the sowl Prov. 16. 2 [...] and health to the bones, which if a man keep, he Ioh. 8. 51. shal never see death.

2. Three wayes ther are wherby God maketh himself knowen vnto mē. The first is by his works; for the Rom. 1. 20. invisible things of him, that is, his eternall power and Godhed, ar seen by the creation of the world; the heavens Psal. 19. 1. declare his glorie, & the firmament sheweth the work [Page 82] of his hands; the beasts if they be asked Iob. 12. 7. 8. wil teach man, & the fowles of the heaven wil tel him, the earth wil shew him, and the fishes of the sea wil declare vnto him; for how manifold ar the works of God? & Psal. 104. 24. in wisdomhath he made them al.

3. But because the world by wis­dome 1. Cor. 1. 21. knew not God in this wis­dom of God, (though it be ynough to make al men Rom. 1. 20. without excuse:) it pleased God of his grace to giv vs his word; as a second and more excellent means of knowledge, by which word he Psal. 138. 2. hath magnified his name above al; for it is able to make man 2. Tim. 3. 15 wise vnto salvation; and he that is of God, Iohn. 8. 47. and 14. 23. heareth that his word, and if any man love him he wil keep the same, & the Lord wil lov him againe & dwel with him: but they that refuse & put it away, do Act. 13. 46. judge themselves vnworthy of everlasting life, and that word shal [Page 83] Iohn. 12. 48 judge them in the last day; & for despising of it, Prov. 13. 13 they shalbe destroy­ed.

4. Yet is not the outward mini­stery of the word sufficient, vnlesse we be also taught of Iohn. 6. 45. God himself; who therfore voucheth safe to giv vs a third help, evē his own Nehe. 9. 20. good spirit to instruct vs, without which no man can 1 Cor. 12. 3. say that Iesus is the Lord. By this his spirit God 1 Cor. 2. 10. 12. re­veleth vnto vs the deep mysteries of his gospel, this Anoynting 1 Ioh. 2. 27. tea­cheth vs all things; and that wor­thy thing which is committed to vs, we keep 2 Tim. 1. 14 through the Holy Ghost that dwelleth in vs. Of whom and our communion with him, more is to be spoken in due place.

5. The Word of God, (whereof here we intreat,) was given to A­dam even in his Gen. 2. 16. vpright state; to be a law for him to lead his life [Page 84] in paradise. It was again reveled vnto him Gen. 3. 15. 16. 17. after his fall; to restore him grace and life which he had lost. And not for himselfe alone, received he this light; but for all his children, that were fallen with him into darknes and the shadow of death: wherefore he imparted it to them, as by Gen. 4. the sacrifices of Cain and Abel, doth appear. Yea God himself vers. [...]. 7. spake vnto Cain, (though he was wicked and with­out faith,) and gave him warning of his evil way. Likewise in the new world, the Gen. 9. 1. 8. 9. 11. &c. covenant of God was by his word renewed with all Noahs howshold, wherein were Cham and Canaan, the vessels of destruction. Christ also, the Mat. 13. 3. 4. 5. &c. sower of that precious seed, let some fall on the high way, some on stony ground, & some among thornes; from which places no fruit did grow. And his disciples [Page 85] were sent to Mark. 16. 15 preach the gospell to every creature, to al nations vn­der heaven. By which appeareth the bountie of God, that offreth the word of life vnto all, even as he causeth his Sun to shine vpon just and vnjust: and we are taught, that the word of God, may not be forbidden to be preached vnto any people, be they never so pro­fane or hethenish.

6. But al people to whom the Act. 5. [...]. words of this life were spoken, re­ceyved not life by them; for the word profiteth not Heb. 4. [...]. if it be not mixed with beleef in them that hear it. And the 2 Cor. 4. [...]. God of this world hath blinded the eyes of many vn­beleevers, that the light of the glo­rious gospell of Christ, which is the image of God, should not shine vnto thē, therfore they 1 Pet. [...]. [...]. stum­ble at the word, being vnperswa­ded; to the which thing they were [Page 86] even ordeyned; and the ambassa­dours of Christ, (to whom he hath 2 Cor. 5. 19. committed the word of reconci­liation;) are vnto such, the savour 2 Cor. 2. 16. of death vnto death. They Ioh. 3. 20. hate the light because they do evil, & wil not come to it, least their deeds should be reproved; for wickednes is Iob. 20. 12. 13. sweet in their mouth, they hide it vnder their tongue, they favour it and wil not forsake it; therefore Iob. 24. 13. 17. abhorr they the light and know not the wayes thereof, the morning is vnto them even as the shadow of death: so salvation is farr from them, Psal. 119. 155. for that they seek not the statutes of the Lord.

7. Againe, because the word of God is contrary to humane rea­son, and condemneth for 1 Cor. 1. 20. foo­lishnes the wisdome of this world, and calleth men out of themselves, making all the Isa. 40. 6. 7. [...] Pet. 1. 24. glorie and grace of the flesh, to fade as the flower [Page 87] of grasse; and leading vs to Christ alone, and him crucified: therfore is the preaching of the crosse, to them that perish, 1 Cor. 1. 18. foolishnes; they Prov. 1. 25. 30. despise al wisdomes counsell and correction, and seek after another 1 Cor. 1. 22. Rom. 8. 7. wisdom, & prudence of the flesh, which is enmitie against God, and cannot be subject to his law; and her they follow Prov. 7. [...]. as an oxe that goeth to the slaughter, and as a fool to the stocks for correction, though her vers. 27. howse is the way vn­to the grave, which goeth down to the chambers of death, and her Prov. 9. 18. ghests are in the depth of hel.

8. And forasmuch as many affli­ctions doe accompany the word of Rev. 3. 1 [...]. Christs patience, that on them which receiv it, the Mat. 13. 6. 21. Sun of tribu­lation or persecution often ariseth, and for it they are hated, 2 Tim. 2. 9. impriso­ned Rev. 1. 9. [...] ▪ 6. 9. exiled or killed; so that a man must forsake himself, and Mar. 8. 34. take vp [Page 88] his crosse and follow Christ: ther­fore also many men, ar offended & ashamed of the 2. Tim. 1. 8. Luk. 9. 26. testimonie of our Lord, & wil not be partakers of the tribulations of the gospel; but choos Iob. 36. 21. iniquitie rather then afflicti­on, & count it pleasure to liv deli­ciously for a season, til ease Prov. 1. 32. doe slay the foolish, and the prosperity of the fools destroy them.

9. For when they thus contemne the word; God withdraweth from them this favour and food of their sowles, sending a Amos. 8. 11. 1 [...]. samine in the land, that their fayr virgins & yong mē perish for thirst; & having caus­ed the Sun to vers. 9. goe down at noō, & darkned the earth, he letteth them walk in their own ignorance vnto perditiō, So Cain for his crueltie & contempt, being banished from the presence of God; we find not the benefit of Gods oracles to be after vouchsafed him or his, as was [Page 89] vnto Gen. 5. 22. 29. & 6. 13. 14. &c. Seths posteritie. The like is to be minded in the children of Cham, Ismael, Esau &c. Who af­ter they were removed from Gods church, were also deprived of his word and doctrine, which he con­tinewed & increased vnto the peo­ple that of his grace he called and kept to himself as his own.

10. For the light of the Gospel and day of Christ was reveled vn­to Gen. 1 [...]. & 15. & 26. &c. Abram Isaak and Iaakob; and to the Israelites their posteritie, did God give Ex [...]d. 20. his law by Moses, and continewed the preaching and o­pening of the same by other pro­phets and ministers; when as the hethens had not this help but lay in darknes, héarkning Deut. 18. 10 11. 12. 14. vnto wit­ches, soothsayers, sorcerers, necro­mancers and other like abomina­ble instruments of Satan which turned to their eternall confusion: when as for Israel the Lord their [Page 90] God suffred them not so; but Deut. 4. 36. out of heaven he made them hear his voyce to instruct them, and vpon earth he shewed them his great fyre, and they heard his voyce out of the mids of the fyre; they had ordinances and lawes most righte­ous, to keep and to doe, which was their praise for vers. 6. 7. 8. wisdome and vnderstanding in the sight and mouthes of al peoples. Wherfore David provokes them againe to prayse the Lord, who had Psal. 147. 19. 20. shew­ed his word vnto Iaakob his sta­tutes and his judgments vnto Isra­el, and had not dealt so with any nation. Paul likewise magnifieth this people greatly, because Rom. 3. 2. to them were committed the oracles of God; to Rom. 9. 4. them were the cove­nants and the giving of the law, the service, and the promises. And this grace was so peculiar to Gods people, that the Law is called by [Page 91] the Holie Ghost, Deut. 33 4. the inheritance of the congregation of Iaakob, as being their proper right given them of God, as any other possessiō which they injoyed: the Saincts againe taking his testimonies as Psal. 119. 111. an heri­tage for ever, for they were the joy of their harts.

11. The drift and scope of all Gods oracles was to cal and lead men vnto Christ, and by him to the kingdome of heavē where we might glorifie God in our salvati­on and life eternal. Our Fathers from Adam to Moses, were quic­kened & comforted with this pro­mise. And though Moses gave vs a law, which was the ministery of 2 Cor. 3. 7. 9 death and condemnation by reason of syn that dwelleth in vs: yet even he Ioh. 5. 46. wrote also of Christ, and foreshewed his crucifying and suffrings for our syns, in the Iohn. 3. 14. Heb. 9. 7. 8. 9 11. 12. &c. ser­pent, sacrifices and manyfold ser­vices; [Page 92] yea the law it self was Gal. 3. 24. our schoolmaister to bring vs to Christ that we might be made righteous by fayth in him, in respect of whō the ver. 17. covenant was many yeares afore confirmed of God, & could not by the Law that came after, be disanulled.

12. The hope of salvation for all mankind, was in the promised Gen. 3. 15. seed: and as God by his word taught men more particularly from whose loynes he should spring; so were they to exspect him if they would have life, and keep cōmu­nion with such as should be his Fathers after the flesh. When the woman Evahs sons were multipli­ed, and many of them proved wic­ked; the hope of the saving Seed, was restrayned vnto Seth Gen. 4. 25. set in place of Abel whom the Serpents seed had murdred. Then were all to look for the Saviour from him; [Page 93] and if they sought him in Cains posteritie, they perished for ever. Among Noahs children, Sem Gen. 9. 2 [...]. 27. had the prerogative, and into his tents must Iapheth (though his elder brother) come for to dwel and partake of his blessing; & Chams howse was condemned to bon­dage. After that vnto Abraham was the Gal. 3. 8. Gospel preached that in him all nations should be blessed; and to his Seed vers. 16. Christ were the promises made: then who so be­leeved (after knowledg of this pro­mise) in a Saviour to come of a­ny other man; set vp an idol in his hart, in sted of Christ. A­mong Abrahams ofspring, Iu­dah was chosen governour, and of him should viz. Christ. Gen. 49. 10 Shiloh come, ther­fore his fathers sons wer to vers. 8. bow down vnto him, because of him 1 Chro. 5. [...]. should be the Prince. Of the tribe of Iuda, David Psal. 132. 1 [...] Act▪ 2. 30. Rom. 1. 3. was named to be [Page 94] the father of Christ according to the flesh; then wer al to beleev in Davids son, for redemption from syn, and life eternall. In ful­nes of time the Messiah Iesus came, and was born Luk. 2. of Marie the virgin, according to the promises: vnto him now wer al people to re­payr; and so they did both Iewes & Gentils, so many as wer ordeyned vnto life. And if Adam, Noah, Abraham & the other fathers, had now been on earth, they must hav embraced this man for their Savi­our, and not hav sought nor way­ted for any other. Therfore the Iewes that rejected him, died in their syns, Ioh. 8. 24. because they beleeved not that he was Hee, and the word of God they had not abiding in them, Ioh. 5. 38. because whom he had sent, him they beleeved not: but ma­ny of the gentils trusted in him, after that Eph. 1. 13. they heard the word of [Page 95] truth, even the gospel of their salva­tion; and by faith became the Luk. 19. 9. Gal. 3. 28. 29 sons of Abraham, and heyres by pro­mise

13. And alwayes before, if any of them hethens, hearing of Gods great name, would repayr vnto his people, they there might freely injoy this heavenly blessing, to hear the law and promises Deut. 31. 12 red & taught; & being vnited with them in faith, had Exod. 12. 48 49. one law for sacrifice & alother services. Yea many such strangers wer in Israel, in the dayes of Moses, Exod. 12. 38. Num. 11. 4. that went with them out of Aegipt; and afterwards dayly their number increased, that in Salomons tyme they were coun­ted and found 2 Chron. 2. 17. a hundred fiftie three thowsand and six hundred persons. Sometimes also the Lord sent his word in some mesure, home to their own countries, as by Ionah. 1. &c Ionah to the Ninevites; though [Page 96] this was more rare, til the Apostles dayes, and then the partition wal being broken down, God imparted again the glad tidings of his salva­tiō to al peoples, though the Iewes could 1. Thes. 2. 16 not endure it.

14. For Christ though he restrey­ned this grace a while, saying to his disciples, Mat. [...]0. 5. Goe not into the way of the Gentils, & into the cities of the Samari­tans enterye not: yet when he was risen from the dead, he sayd they should be his witnesses both Act. 1. 8. in Iu­dea & Samaria & to ye vtmost of ye earth. And as he had willed them, wher his word should be refused, to Luk. 10. 10. 11. shake off the dust of their feet against them, and depart thence: so the Apostles Act. 13. 51. & 18. 6. did, and travayled from place to place, til the people to Rom. 15. 21. whom God had not been spo­ken of did see; & they that had not heard, did vnderstand.

15. When thus ther was one [Page 97] sheepfold made both of Iewes and Gentils, and their eyes wer opened to see the Psal. 119. 18. wonders of Gods law, & the glorious mysterie of mans re­demption, reveled and published amongal nations Rom. 16. 25. 26. by the scriptures of the prophets: they whose harts God opened, received the word Act. 17. 10. with al readines, and serched the scriptures dayly, taking heed to that most 2. Pet. 1. 1 [...]. sure word of the prophets as to a light shining in a dark place, til the day dawned, and the day star arose in their harts. And though for that word they found tribulati­on as others before them, for whō Christ complayned to his father saying, Ioh. 17. 14. I hav given them thy word, & the world hath hated them: yet recei­ved they that word † in much afflic­tion, [...] 1. Thes. 1. 6. with joy of the holy Ghost; ac­cepting it not as the word of men 1. Thes. 2. 13▪ but of God, and holding it forth as the word Phil. 2. 16. of life, which being [Page 98] graffed in them Iam. 1. 21. was able to save their sowles.

16. For such is the grace and ver­tue of Gods word, that it Psal. 19. 7. 8 turneth the sowl, reioyceth the hart, giveth light to the eyes, wisdō to the sim­ple; worketh Rom. 10. 17. faith in God, Ioh. 5. 25 quicke­neth them that hear it; Psal. 119. 50 92. comfor­teth the Saincts in their troubles, & strengthneth them in their tentati­ons, being the Eph. 6. 17. sword of the Spirit, by help wherof they vanquish their enemies and Rev. 12. 11 Satan himself, and their own corruptions, & are Ioh. 8. 31. 32 34. freed therby from the servitude of syn. It is a soveraign preservative from al evils that might befal vs; for as So­lomon sayth, Prov. 6. 22. It leadeth vs when we walk, it watcheth for vs when we sleep; & whē we wake, it talketh with vs. Also it is Heb. 4. 12. lively & mighty in operation, sharper then any two edged sword, entring through even to the dividing asunder of the sowl [Page 99] & the spirit, of the joints & marow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the hart; and Christ hath Ephes. 5. 26. sanctified and clensed his church by the washing of water through this word, as also himself sayd to his disciples, Iohn. 15. [...]. Now ar ye clean through the word which I hav spoken to yow.

17. And vnto this church hath he specially cōmended & committed those heavenly oracles, binding vp the testimonie and sealing vp the law Isa. 8. 16. among his disciples, directing Rev. 2. 1. 7. &c. his words & writings vnto them, & promising that his spirit which is vpon them, Isa. 59. 21. & his words which he hath put in their mouth, shall not depart out of their mouth, nor out of the mouth of their seed, nor their seeds seed for ever. Who a­gaine rejoyce for this word Psal. 119. 162. as if they had found a great spoil, and their lips vers. 171. do vtter praise, when [Page 100] he hath taught them his statutes. And having all and every of them a commune right in this treasure, they vse it for the good of their own sowles and one of another, teaching, exhorting, admonishing, reproving and comforting Heb. 10. 24. 1 Thes. 4. 18. & 5. one another; which that they may the better doe, they are willed the word of Christ should Colos. 3. 16. dwell in them plenteously, that if any man speak, 1 Pet. 4. 11. it may be as the words of God.

Hear my law ô my people▪ incline your eare [...] vnto the words of my mouth.

Psal. 78. 1.

The secret things belong to the Lord our God; but the things reveled, belong vnto vs, and to our children for ever, that we may do all the words of this Law.

Deut. 29. 29.


HOw God by his word, hath alwayes called and separated a people▪, from commu­nion with Divils and wicked men; to the fellowship of his grace, by faith in Christ.

VVHen our Gen. 3. first parents had revolted from God, forsa­ken his word the ground of their faith and obedience, and embra­ced the vers. 5. contrarie word of the Ser­pent; wherby they were brought vnto syn, & by syn being finish­ed, vnto death: they were estran­ged from God, vers. 8. affrayd of his face and voyce, ashamed of themselves; & sought to shrowd them among the trees, to hide their shame with [...]igleaves, and to excuse theyr syn by trāslating the fault vnto others, [Page 102] the vers. 12. man to the woman, given him of God, the womā vers. 13. to the serpent; but shewed no repentance, neyther asked mercy for their misdeeds, though they were sūmoned to the judgment of God. Wherfore, had not his grace prevented them, they had proceeded on to all manner impietie, as did and do the Divils, (whō God hath left in their wret­chednes;) in whose slavish subjec­tion, they and wee all their chil­dren had continued captives, vnto eternal damnation.

2. But God immediatly manifes­ted his purpose, according to his election of grace, by giving to men that were dead in syn, the word of life whereby they were revived; by which word he called them from Satans service to his own again by fayth in Christ, who should in tyme become the wo­mans seed, and crush that Serpents [Page 103] head for his chosens sake. He also brake that cursed amitie between men and Divils, and sayd Gen. 3. 15. that the would put enimity between them; & not that only, but between the Serpents seed (that is the wicked men and reprobates, who are na­med the sonnes Deut. 13. 13 1 Iohn. 3. 10. of Belial and of the Divil;) and the womans seed, that is Christ & his church, even all men and women that should embrace the faith of the woman now named Evah, that is Living, and the Gen. 3. 20. mother of all that live.

3. And Adam which had shew­ed that singular faith in Gods pro­mise, by naming her Adam vpon the promise of God caled his wife Evah that is Life. Life, whom of late he accused to be the in­strument of his death: informed his childrē in this grace of God; who together wt their parents professed one commune faith & obedience, which also they testified by their service and sacrifices Gen. 4. 3. 4. offred to the [Page 104] Lord. Thus he & his howse were freed from Satans bondage by the word of truth the Gospel which was taught them, and were made 1 Cor. 1. 2. Saincts by calling.

4. But Cain who was the first seed of the serpent, and therefore sayd in scripture to be of of that 1 Iohn. 3. 10 11. 12. Wicked-one, being an hypocrite and without Heb. 11. 4. faith, for which cause his 1 Iohn. 3. 1 [...]. works also were evil: though he were among the Saints, yet was he not 1 Iohn. 2. 19. of them, and ther­fore continued not with them. Yea though he were Gen. 4. 6. 7. warned of God, he would not be amended; but shewed the malice and enmi­tie of his father the Divil, by vers. 8. kil­ling his righteous brother. Ney­ther then relented he, but added ver. 9. obstinacie to his bloody act: wher­fore he was cursed of God, and fel into ver. 13. 14. desperation, & condem­nation of the Divil.

[Page 105]5. The peace and communion of the Saincts, being by that cay­tiff thus disturbed and broken; & the deadly war with the womans seed, by that trump of Satan thus proclamed: God for the good & preservation of his Church, cast out this synner from his Gen. 4. 14. 15. 16. presence on earth, (as he had don the An­gels which synned, from the same in heaven;) and he being separated from the fellowship of the fayth­ful, dwelt a runnagate in a land of that A runnagate is in Hebreve caled Nad, Gen. 4. 12. & Cain was dri­ven into the land of Nod, ver. 16▪ which took the name of him & his wof [...]ll state therin. name, and an other seed was Gen. 4. 25. given to Eve in sted of just Abel decessed. And so the Church of Christ was propagated, gover­ned by ten faithful Gen. 5. patriarchs suc­cessively; distinguished from the seven Gen. [...]. 17. &c. generations of Cain, as in place and estate, so in name; the one sort called the children of Gen. 6. 1. 2. God, the other of men. And whereas the Cainites increased, as [Page 106] wel in wickednes as in multitude: the Lord to keep his people from mixture with them, gave warning by Gen. 5. 22. Iude ver. 14. 15. Henoch the seventh from Adam; who prophesied the de­struction of them and al vngodly persons, for their wicked deeds & cruel speakings; when God should come to give judgment, with ten thowsands of his Saincts.

6. But neyther his word wherby he admonished his people, nor yet his spirit which Gen. 6. 3. strove in them; could restreyn them from being commingled with the profane, and Serpents seed: for Vers. 2. they coupled themselves in mariage with their fayr women, wherby there sprong a tyrannous race of Vers. 4. 13. Giants, by whom the▪ earth was filled with crueltie. That God seing how his children wer degenerat & become also Vers. 3. flesh, and that Vers. 5 the wickednes of man was wexen great, Verse. 6. repented [Page 107] that he had made man in the earth, and was sory in his hart: Yet war­ned them agayn by Gen. 6. 13. 14. [...] Pet. 2. [...] Noah a prea­cher of righteousnes, and by the building of the ark 120. yeres: which patience they contemning, God brought the flood vpon the world of the vngodly, & destroyed them; onely Noah and his howse wer reserved, finding grace in the eyes of the Lord.

7. Yet even in that litle family of eight sowles, so wondrously saved in the water as 1 Pet. 3. 20. 21. by a Baptisme; the Serpent had his seed stil, which in processe of time was discovered, in the person of Cham & his posteri­tie and by the Patriarch Gen. 9. 22. 24. 25. Noah was accursed. Which wicked brood to get themselves a name, went about to build a tower vp to heaven, in Gen. 11. [...]. &c. the land of Shinar the place and habitation of Zach. 5. [...]. [...]. Wicked­nes; wher God confounded their [Page 108] lips, scattred them from thence, stayed their proud building, and Babel or Confusion is their monu­ment to this day. And when not onely Chams cursed progeny, but also the seed of blessed Sem, even Gen. 11. 27. [...]erah the father of Abram, and Nachor fel to idolatrie, and Iosh. 24. 2. they served other Gods, or rather in deed Divils as the Lev. 17. 7. Deut. 32. 17. scripture also nameth them; then God caled1 Cor. 10. 20. Gen. 12. 1. Act. 7. 3. Abram from his countrie, kinred and fathers house, to go into the land which he would shew him, vnto which caling he Hebr. 11. 8. by faith o­beyed, and departed, not know­ing wither he went.

8. The Lord who was the cal­ler and Isa. [...]. 22. redemer of Abram, gav him two gracious promises to con­firm his faith; as 1. that he should Gen. 15. 7. inherit the land of Canaan to which he brought him: 2. & that he should hav heyres of his own [Page 109] seed Gen. 12. 2. to inherit it after him even a great nation, and one seed spe­cially (which was Gal. 3. 16. Gen. 12. 3. Act. 3. 25. Christ) in whom al families of the earth should be blessed. With these pro­mises, and blessing and ronoume adioyned to them, the Lord per­swaded him to forsake his idola­trous countrie and communion with idols, and to Gen. 17. [...]. walk before him, who was God the Alsuffi­cient, and to be vpright; and gav him the covnant of circumcisi­on, the Rom. 4. 11. seal of the righteousnes of the faith which he had; he gav him also Gal. 4. 21. 23. &c. two sons, Ismael of Hagar a servant born after the flesh; and Isaak of Sarah a free wo­man, born by promise.

9. But he that was born after the flesh, fel to profanenes, became a Gen. 21. [...]. mocker and Gal. 4. 23. persecutor of the true and promised seed: wherfore he was cast out of the church, the [Page 110] howse of Abraham; and lost the honor of being reputed his Rom. 9. 7. 8. seed, or heyr with Isaak the freeborne, and child of promise.

10. Againe, vnto Isaak wer born Gen. 25. Esau and Iakob; but God Rom. 9. 13. loved Iakob, and hated Esau; and he also degenerated and be­came profane; Heb. 12. 16. sold his birth­right and Gen. 27. lost his blessing, and was Gen. 28. 1. 2 [...]4. & 36. 6. Iosh. 24. 4. separated from his brother Iaakob, vnto whom alone the bles­sing of Abraham was derived.

11. Iaakob (whose name was Isra­el) being willed of God to build him Gen. 35. 1. an altar at Bethel before he would do it, had a care to purge his howshold of the false Gods wher­with they wer defiled, vers. 2. who giving him both their Idols & idolatrous jewels he ver. 4. hid them vnder an oke at Sichem, for he knew that the worship of God & of Idols could not stand togither. Afterwards [Page 111] he went with his family by the Gen. 46. 2. 3. &c. word of the Lord from Ca­naan into Aegypt, & was a sojour­ner in the Psal. 105. 23 land of Cham: wher God Exod. 1. 7. multiplied his church excee­dingly, as he had promised to Abraham his freind. There when the Israelites forgate the Lord their God, and defiled themselves with the Idols of Aegypt: Ezek. 20. 7. he re­caled them by his word from those abominations, & vers. 8. 9. had almost de­stroyed them for their disobedi­ence. But respecting his own name and glory, he ceased not to visit them, first by his Exod. 1. 23. 14. & 2. 23. punishments, then by his Exod. 4. 30. promises & miracles; til he had won them againe vnto his vers. 31. faith and service.

12. Then bringing them forth from that both spiritual and cor­poral bondage, & executing judg­ments vpon the Aegyptians and vpon their Num. 33. 4. Exod. 12. 12. Gods; he certified Is­rael [Page 112] of his end and purpose herin, which was to Exo. 19. 4. 5 bring them to him­self, that they might hear his voyce, and keep his covenant, and be his chief treasure above al people, though al the earth wer his. Charg­ing them, not to do Levit. 18. 3. [...]. after the doings of the land of Aegipt wher­in they dwelt, neyther to do after the manner of the land of Canaan whither he would bring them, nor walk in their ordinances; but to do after his judgements and keep his ordināces to walk in them, for he was the Lord their God; and to this end had Lev. 20. 23. 24. separated them from other people, even from among 1. king. 8. 53 al people of the earth did he separate them vnto him­self for an inheritance. Wherfore he commaunded Deut. 7 2. 3. them vtterly to destroy those cursed nations, to make no covenant with them, nor hav compassion on them, nor [Page 113] make mariages with them: for they would Vers. 4. cause them to turne from him, and serv other Gods, which would be to their destruction, & willed to ‡ abolish al their [...] Vers. 5 also chap. 12. 2. 3. idolatrie with the names & monu­ments of the same; for that they wer an holy people vnto him.

13. Iosua, treating with Israel of serving the Lord in vprightnes & truth, Ios. 24. 14. exhorted them to put away the Gods which their fathers had served in Mesopotamia and in Ae­gypt; & so to serv the Lord, whō he caleth Vers. 19. 20. holy and gealous, that would not pardon their iniquity or their syns, if they should forsake him, & serv strange Gods. And when the people made choise of the Lord, to serv him; he required them agayn, Vers. 23. to put away the strange Gods that wer among them: teaching them and vs therby; that Gods true wor­ship, & the service of Idoles, can­not [Page 114] be joyned togither, but the one wil expell the other. Which law when they kept not, but worship­ed the Gods of the peoples round about them, and so forsooke the Lord: Iudg. 2. 12. 13. 14. his wrath was hot against them, and he delivered them in­to the hands of spoylers that spoi­led them, and they could no lon­ger stand before their enimies; yea the Lord would no more cast out before them vers. 21. any of the nations which Ioshua left when he died. Againe when Samuel reconciled them vnto the Lord; 1 Sam 7. 3. 4. &c. he in like manner first procured them to put away their false religion, (which was the cause of their calamitie,) and to direct their harts vnto the Lord, and serve him onely.

14. Neyther did this warning of idolatrie respect the idols of Canaan onely, but the false reli­gions of all other peoples neer or [Page 115] far off, for any other Exod. 20. 2. 3. 4. 5. God besides or with Iehovah they might not have or serve. Therfore though they had no commission to root out any idols save those in Cana­an, because that should be their Deut. 12. 1. possession; yet were they to Deut. 29. 16 17. 18. a­voyd communion with all other idolaters; which when they did not, but Num. 25. 1. 2. 3. &c. coupled themselves with Baalpeor the God of the Moabites, and Hos. 9. 10. separated themselves vnto that Shame, and did eat the sacri­fices of Psal. 106. 28 29. &c. the dead: the plague of God brake out vpon them, and there fell of the Israelites in one day Num. 25. 9. four & twentie thowsand; even everie man that followed Baal-peor the Lord destroyed Deut. 4. 3. him from among his people.

15. And in no better account were the idols and voluntarie ser­vices of the Israelites themselves; for God by his word forbad them [Page 116] Exod. 20. 4. 5. eyther to make or vse any man­ner idol or similitude vpon payn of his gealous indignation. Ther­fore when they had made a resem­blance & memorial of their Exod. 32. God that brought them out of the land of Aegypt; and turned him their Psal. 106. 20 Glorie into the similitude of an oxe that eateth grasse: then were they esteemed to hav vers. 21. forgotten God their saviour, and Neh. 9. 1 [...]. commit­ted great blasphemies; & for that Exod. 32. 27 35. syn many of them died, & al of them vers. 10. had ben rooted out, (with Deut. 9. 20. Aaron himself,) but that Moses stood in the breach and by Exod. 32 11. 31. 32. Deut. 9. 25. 26. &c his instant prayer, turned away the Lords wrath frō destroying them.

16. Againe when Ieroboam the king of Israel had set vp signes for the people to worship their 1 Kin. 1 [...]. 27. 28. God (as they thought) that brought them out of the Land of Aegypt; because they were in the Lords [Page 117] account but 2 Chron. 11. 15. Divils, & so al that followed them worshiped Satan & not God, yea the people in that estate were 2 Chro. 15. 3. without the true God: therefore he ceased not both by 1 Kin. 13. 1. &c. doctrines and judgments to keep & reclaim his people from them; warning Hos. 4. 15. Iudah not to syn, though Israel played the harlot; and for­asmuch as Ephraim was joyned to Idols, they should ver. 17. let him alone; and not Amos. 5. 5. seek Bethel, nor enter to Gilgal, nor go to Beer­sheba, (which were the places of publick worship among them,) but to seek the Lord and they should live, whereas Amos. 9. 10. all those synners of his people should die; even as Ieroboams howse for his syn was 1 Kin. 1 [...]. 34. rooted out and destroyed from the face of the earth.

17. As the Prophets thus wit­nessed vnto Israel in their several ages: so our Saviour Christ when [Page 118] he came, with his Apostles, first laboured to keep and withdrawe the people from the service of Di­vils and idols, whither more open or secret. For as he appeared for this purpose 1 Ioh. 3. 8. that he might loose the works of the Divil, and was that promised seed which should crush the serpents head: so did he first himself hand to hand Mat. 4. com­bat with Satan, resisted his tenta­tions, overcame and put him to flight, and would not admit of a­ny cōmunion between the Fiends and him, nor suffer them to say so much as that they Mar. 1. 24. 34. knew him. He Luk. 4. 41. & 8. 2. dispossessed them of many men over whom they tyrannized, and commanded his Mat. 10. 1. 8. disciples to do the like; and ceased not this warr, til Satan which had vsurped the princedom of this world Ioh. 12. 31. was cast out; even to the death did he resist him, and by Heb. 2. 14. death de­stroied [Page 119] him which had the power of death. For though in him the Serpent could find Iohn. 14. 30. nothing, yet for his chosens sake he endured al things: till he had spoyled Colos. 2. 15. the principalities and powers, and tri­umphed over them in his crosse: thus teaching vs in his own exam­ple and person, to hate with per­fect hatred that enemie of God & man; and to know, that ther can no concord be, betwixt 2 Cor. 6. 15. Christ and Belial.

18. Satan being thus Luk. 10. 18. like light­ning fallen down from heaven, & his place Rev. 12. 8. not found there any more, after our Michael had over­come him Luk. 11. 22. taken from him all his armour wherein he trusted, and divided his spoyles: many peoples were more easily recovered and drawen out of his snares; who were all taught by the trumpet of the gospell to prepare themselves [Page 120] to battel against him, to take vn­to them the Ephes. 6. 13. whol armour of God, that they might be able to resist in the evil day; to fight the good fight of faith, and by it stedfastly to resist 1 Pet. 5. 8. 2. that roring Lion which walked about, seeking whom hee might devour: being with this comforted and assured, that Rom. 16. 20. the God of peace would tread Satan vnder their feet shortly.

19. But because this Adversary would transfigure himself into an Angel of light, and his ministers2 Cor. 11. 14. 15. also, as though they wer ministers of righteousnes: the more care & watchfulnes the Saincts were war­ned to have, least they should be circumvented. They wer taught therfore touching al the hethens religion, that whatsoever they sacrificed, they sacrificed to 1 Cor. 10. 20. Divils and not to God; and that Christi­ans might have no fellowship with [Page 121] Divils, and consequently neyther with those idolaters which igno­rantly worshiped such: but must 2 Cor. 6. 17. come out from among them, se­parate themselves and touch no vnclean thing: for they could not be partakers 1 Cor. 10. 21 both of the Lords table and of the table of Divils, two such contrarie maisters Mat. 6. 24. they could by no meanes serve. And if they joyned with the wicked in their worship, or haunted their assemblies; even as in Israel they that did 1 Cor. 10. 18. eat of the sacrifices were partakers of the Altar; whereby they had part and interest in the whol worship, and the God wor­shiped: even so had they with Sa­tan, that did eat of his sacrifices in his temples; how ever they might perswade themselves other­wise, because they did know the idol 1 Cor. 10. 19. & 8. 1. 4. was nothing. Wherefore they were forbidden al cōmunion [Page 122] with such, and exhorted to 1 Cor. 10. 14 flee from idolatrie, for behold al that are of the fellowship thereof shalbe con­founded, Isa. 44. 10. as sayth the Prophet.

20. And because this old serpent would creep again into the church and paradise of God, to seduce the Saincts, & set his own throne there: the Lord Iesus by his An­gel certified his In the booke of Revelation servant Iohn, and by him hath warned vs al, that the Christians also would in time for­sake the true service of God in spi­rit, & would worship Rev. 9. 20. Divils; even idols of gold and silver and brasse and stone & wood; being drawen herevnto by the effectual delusion of Satan in his eldest son Antichrist the child of perdition; whose doc­trines would be the doctrines of 1 Tim. 4. 1. Di­vils; whose kingdome should be menaged by Rev. 16. 13. 14. spirits of Divils, and men drawen by them to battel a­gainst God almighty. Herevpon [Page 123] is that glorious synagogue proclay­med with the lowd voyce of an heavenly Angel, to be become the Rev. 18. 1. 2 habitation of Divils, and with an other voyce vers. 4. al Gods people ar willed to go out of her, that they partake not in her syns, and receiv not of her plagues: for if Rev. 14. 9. 10. any man worship that beast or his image, or take his mark; he shal drink of the wine of Gods wrath, and be tormented in fyre and brim­stone before the holie Angels & before the Lamb, and the smoke of their torment shall ascend e­vermore.

21. And as by the word of Christ men wer withdrawen from idola­trie and communion with the wic­ked; so wer they also exhorted to draw neer to the Lord and in fayth and love to cleav vnto him alone: that turning from darknes to light, and from †the power of Satan vnto‡ Act. 26. 18. [Page 124] God, they might receiv forgivnes of syns, and inheritance among them which ar sanctified by faith in him. They were therfore Mat. 28. 19. 20. Act. 2. 14.—38. and 8. 35. - 38. & 10. 36—48. infor­med in the mysteries of the gospel, baptised into the name of the Lord in whom they beleeved, separated from others Act. 2. 40. & 19. 8. 9. that frowardly refu­sed, had their Act. 1. 13. 14. 15. & 2. 1. and 12. 12. & 14. 27. assemblies for prayer doctrine and other holy exercises, which they wer exhorted Heb. 10. 25. to cōti­new, taking heed that they wer not vnequally yoked with 2 Cor. 6. 14. infidels of the world; nor commingled with open sinners in the church, but to 1 Cor. 5. 9. 11. 13. cast out the wicked from among them, that they might be joyntly a sweet new lump as they were severally ver. 7. vnlevened loaves, and so to serve Heb. 12. 28. the Lord as they might please him with reverence and feare, 1 Ioh. 5. 21. keeping themselves from idols, and Iam. 1. 27. vnspotted of the world.

[Page 125]22. Thus hath God taught vs, that all idolatrie, whither of Pay­nims Iewes or Christians, is the worship of Divils: & from it, hath in all ages since the world began, caled his elect; that they shūning the societie of the Serpent & his seed, might repair to Revelat. 14, 1.—4. the Lamb that standeth on mount Sion, ha­ving his Fathers name written on their foreheads, and follow him whither soever he goeth; might walk in the Rev. 21. 24. light of the heaven­ly Ierusalem, and there hav fellow­ship with the Lord and one with an other; to their preservatiō from death, & the glo­ry of God in their eternal life & salvation.


How far we must avoyd cōmunion with Divils: & how farr with the wicked men.

FOrasmuch as Satan is an open professed adversarie of God & men alwayes, and al his endevours tend to the Lords dishonour and our destruction; neither is there any bond of nature or otherwise between him & vs that we should have entercourse with him or seek his good or peace for ever: ther­fore are we absolutely forbidden all manner cōmunion with him, in things spirituall or humane; al which we may reduce vnto four heads.

2. The first concerneth our faith, that we give no credit to his word as did our Gen. 3. first parents, nor ad­mit into our harts any of his do­ctrines or dānable heresies; which [Page 127] ar called by the Apostle 1 Tim, 4. 1. 2 doctrines of Divils: but that we hold fast the word of life taught vs of God in his scriptures onely, 2 Cor. 11. 3. 2 Tim. 2. 19. Tit. 1. 13. 14. avoyding al errors and lies in religion; whi­ther hethenish Iewish or antichris­tian; for who soever be the instru­ments, Satan Ioh. 8. 44. 2 Thes. 2. 9. 10. 11. 12. is the Father of them, and by them doth draw men vn­to destruction.

3. The second concerneth our outward cariage, that we do not Exod. 20. 5. Num. 25. 2. 3 Psal. 97. 7. Dan. 3. 18. 1 Cor. 10. 14—20. Rev. 14. 7. 9. 10. present our bodies; or by any thing that we have, give Ezek. 16. 17 18. 19. Hos. 2. 8. mainte­nance to his worship and service, where or howsoever: but as our bodyes and spirits ar the Lords, 1 Cor. 6. 20. Mat. 4. 9. 10. Rom. 6. 13. so with them both to glorify, and serv him onely, and honor Prov. 3. 9. him with our substance; fleeing al ido­latrie which is Satans worship, and outward communion therwith; & not vpon any pretense, eyther of our own knowledge and inward [Page 128] dislike of the idol, or the pleasing of others, or winning them by this means to the fayth, or avoyding of our trouble, or presuming of the mercy of God, or the like, to par­ticipate in the service & sacrifice of Divils. God in his law gav this general precept for his people Lev. 17. 7. They shal no more offer their offrings to divils; and in the Gospel we hav this instruction, 1. Cor. [...]0. 21 ye can not be parta­kers of the Lords table, and of the table of Divils.

4. The third concerneth al divi­lish arts, wherby many mē hav fel­lowship with the damned spirits; as Conjuring, inchantment, Witch­craft, [...]orcerie, divniation, char­ming, necromantie, and al other of the like nature. Touching which Gods law forbiddeth two things, 1. that no man should himself vse any such cursed craft, many of which ar particularly named Deut. [Page 129] 18. 10. 11. but man or woman that had such spirits, Lev. 20. 27. Exod. 22. 18. should die the death: 2. also that none should Isa. 8. 19. Deut. 18. 14. seek vnto such for instruction or counsel in any matter, for so they should forsake the living God, & turne to the dead. Wherefore this transgression is noted for one of the two causes of King Sauls death: that he 1 Ghro. 10. 13 14. sought and asked counsel of a familiar spirit, (by a witch at 1 Sam. 28. 7 &c. Endor,) and asked not of the Lord. And as Christ would not Mar. 1. 34. have the Divils to beare wit­nes of him; so neyther would the Apostles suffer a mayd which had Act. 16. 16. 17. 18. a spirit of Divination to acknow­ledge them to be the servāts of the most high God, and preachers of the way of salvation. Finally, not onely these evil arts and practisers of them; but all books or writings, or other meanes which may nou­rish the same, are to be shunned & [Page 130] abolished: as the practise of the Christiās, that Act. 19. 19. burned their books of curious crafts, doth teach vs.

5. The fourth head concerneth Satans tentations, suggestions, & provocations vnto evil; whereby he dayly solliciteth every mā vnto syn: al which we ar taught of God carefully to 1 Pet. 5. 9. Iam. 4, 7. resist, giving no Ephes. 4. 27. place to the Divil, but by faith to quench Eph. 6. 16. 13, 14. &c. al his fyery darts; and being ar­med with the whole armour of God to stand fast in the evil day, and in our prayers to desyre Mat. 6. 13. that we may be delivered from that Wicked one. Herein al the Saincts, while they live on earth, come short of their duty; and too often do admit of fellowship with the Divil; by reason of the corrupti­on of nature, and infirmity of the flesh: but by faith in Christ we o­vercome and triumph, and Rom. 16. 20. shal in the end have full redemption [Page 131] from all these evils.

6. Thus are we taught of God to resist Satan, and avoyd al man­ner fellowship with him to the vt­most of our power: because all his endevours are against vs for e­vil, neyther can we work in him any good, by any meanes, at any time. But the estate of wicked men, is otherwise to be conside­red; because they and we are all one flesh and blood; are al placed of God, to live together in this world, and enioy mutually his cō ­mon blessings, as the light of the sun, the rayn, & fiuits of the earth, and other creatures; besides our civil societie in common weales: so that we cannot avoyd all med­ling with them, except we should go out of the world as 1 Cor. 5. 10. the Apos­tle teacheth. Also of many of them there is hope, that they may be cō ­verted frō their evil wayes; which [Page 132] by all good & gentle meanes we should procure. Howbeit of sīners ther is difference to be made; for some are yet vncaled to the know­ledg and faith of Christ; others are caled, and do professe one commō faith in Christs Church with vs, but walk vnworthie of the same; and some have departed from the faith and obedience wherevnto they were come, and are cast out of the church, 1 Cor, 5. 5. 1 Tim. 1. 20. delivered vnto Satan. Of our special dutie to such as being in the church do trans­gresse, it resteth to be spoken here­after; here I wil treat of wicked men in general.

7 Concerning whom, wee are taught of God, not to communi­cate with them in any evil action; as not to Psal. 50. 18. run with the thief nor partake with the adulterer, not to Pro. 1. 10. 11 14. 15. walk in the way with those that lay wayt for blood; nor Pro, 23. 20. keep [Page 133] company with drunkards or glut­tons, nor have Eph. 5. 11. fellowship with any other their vnfruitful works of darknes, but reprove them ra­ther and avoyd them; especially their spiritual & religious actions, as Psal. 16. 4. not to offer their offrings of blood, nor make mention of their names with our lips, not to fre­quent their Psal. 26, 5. 6 assemblies, nor eat of their sacrifices, though they Exod. [...] 34. 1 [...] Num. 25. 2. Prov. 9. 15. &c. cal and invite vs thereto; for even the word of God, and all other holy things Num. 19, 22 Hag. 2. 12, 14 15. Tit, 1. 15. 16, are polluted among them, their prayers Psal, 109. 7 turned to syn, and their sacrifices Prov, 15. 8. abomination to the Lord.

8. And not in hart and mynd alone, are we to mislike & eschew their idolatries, & other evil acti­ons: but to keep our Rom. 6. 12. 13, 1 Cor. 6, 15. 20. bodies as wel as our spirits pure, because Christ hath redeemed both, & with both we must glorify God. We may [Page 134] not therfore [...]r. 5, 7. swear by their idols, nor Exo, 23. 13. Hos. 2. 17. make any other religious mention of them with our lips. We may not Hos. 13. 2. 1 Kin. 19. 18. Exod. 20. 5. kisse them, nor bow the knee, nor do any other signe of reverence vnto them. We may not Cor, 10. 14—20. Hose. 4. 14. present our bodies at their holy feasts, in their hallowed pla­ces, nor suffer our mouthes to Ezek. 18. 6. 11. Psal. 141. 4. eat of their delicates; much lesse repayr to any such places for the repast or feeding of our sowles. We may not eyther Deut. 13. 6. & 33. 9, at allurement of parents, brethren, or most dear friends; or by the example or en­tisement of the Exod, 23. 2. Mat. 7. 13. multitude, or by the Dan, 3. 14. 15—18. Act. 4. 19. commandment of the Magis­trate, do these or any of these evils: but following the word of God to 2 Cor, 6, 17. and 7. 1. separate our selves, touch no vnclean thing, clense vs from all filthines of the flesh and spirit, & so grow vp vnto ful holines in the fear of God. Finally; we may not [Page 135] Gen. 6. 2, Mal. 2, 11, 1 Cor. 7. 39. joyn our selves in mariage, with any that are no [...] of the same faith and fellowship with vs, in the Gos­pel of Christ.

9. The causes of this restraynt & separation from the wicked, are. First the will & glorie of God, who to the end we might be his Lev, 20. 26. hath severed vs from other people: and vpon this condition hath promised to 2 Cor. 6. 17. accept vs, & Hos. 2. 20. marie vs vnto himsef in faith, that we should giv our selves Mat, 4, 10, alone to him and to his service, and not run a Deut, 31. 16 17. whoring af­ter strangers. And hath made this our refreyning from communion with the wicked, Exod, 34, 27 with vers. 11. 15. 16. one expresse & special part of his covenāt with vs. Secondly it is for our own good, least by familarity with the wicked Pro. 22. 25. we should learne their wayes, & receiv destruction to our sowls, as others before vs, Ps [...]. 106. 3 [...] 36. Deut. 4. 3. by and for like cariage hav done. Therfore a [...] we [Page 136] Prov. 7. 21—25. 27, warned, not to wander in their pathes, nor let our hart decline to their wayes; for they go down to the chambers of death: and if we be Rev. 18, 4. partakers in their syns, we shal receive also of their plagues. Third­ly it is for the good of those wic­ked men themselves, (if such be the grace of God towards them) or for their more certayn & just con­demnation; that seeing vs to sepa­rate from them, 1 Pet, 4. 4. and thinking it strange that we run not with them vnto the same evils; hearing our reproofs and witnes against them; are eyther Act 2, 37. 40. 41, drawen to con­sider their wayes and turn their feet vnto Gods testimonies, or els Act 19, 9, & 13. 46. 50 51. blaspheming, persist and are hardned in their evill course vnto judgment. Fourthly it is for the overthrow of Act, 26. 18. Rev, [...], 13. 2 Cor. 6. 15. 17. Satans throne and kingdome, which the words and works of the Saincts do beat down [Page 137] dayly, discovering his errors and abominatiōs, keeping themselves, and drawing others from his de­ceipts and snares: whereas by 1 Cor. 10. 20 21. cō ­municating in those evils, they should both honour and advance that enemy; and strengthen the wickeds hands, that they should not turne from their impietie.

10. But though we may have no communion with the wicked in their religion, nor any other e­vil action, against either table of Gods Law: yet in civill affayres we are taught of God to converse with them in peace. As to 1 Cor. 10. 27 eat and drink with them, Gen. 23. 3. 4.—16. buy & sell, make Gen. 14. 13. covenants of peace, 2 Sam. 10, 2. shewDeut, 20. 10, kindnes to them, pity their estate, Mat. 5. 44. love them, Pro, 21. 25. relieve their wants, and Deut. 23. 4. receive from them for our relief; 1 Tim, 2, 1. pray for them, labour by all gentle demeanure 2 Tim, 2. 24 25. to convert them from their evil way, and do [Page 138] any Gal. 6. 10. good we can to their sowles or bodies, or any thing that is theirs. And if we live in their policies and dominions, we ought to be Rom. 13. 1, 2 1 Pet, 2, 13. 14. subject to al civil Magistrates high or low, and that of consci­ence; pay Mat. 22. 21. thē their tributes, cus­tomes & other like duties for their common wealth; to bear their ex­actions, oppressions, persecutions, Mat. 5. 39. Rom, 12. 19. patiently, without rebellion or re­sistance; and even pray L [...]. 23. 34. A [...]. 7. 60. for them that shal so misuse vs: that thus as much as in vs lieth, we may do good vnto, & have peace with Rom. [...]. 18 al men, in all things except syn; & be perfect, Mat. 5, 45. [...]. as our father which is in heaven is perfect.


How the Saincts are called out of themselves, & taught to forsake their owne wayes and works, that they may have communion with God in Christ.

FOrasmuch as al mē bear in their bosomes naturall corruptions, bred with them Psal. 51. 5. in the womb, & brought vp with them from the cradle, wherby they ar al alike Eph. 2. 3. chil­dren of wrath: our separation from other wicked, wil litle availe vs, vn­lesse we be also separated from our selves, and learn to renounce the lusts and affections, yea even the fayr-seeming works and wisdom of the flesh. For what ar we the bet­ter for avoiding outward pollution by others, if a fretting leprosy cleav to our flesh & bones, and our Iob. 9. 31. own clothes do make vs filthy?

2 To draw vs therfore quite out of the miry pit of corruption, the Lord hath caled vs from the love [Page 140] and liking of our selves also; as be­ing naturally both his enemies and our own; teaching vs that our wits are 1 Cor, 2. 14, vncapable of his heavenly mysteries, our reason Rom. 8, 7. enmitie a­gainst him & his Law; our thoughts & purposes Gen. 8, 21. evil, our affectiōs Ier. 10. 14. Psal. 73. 22. bru­tish, our wisdom 1 Cor. [...]. 19, 20. foolishnes, al our glorious grace 1 Pet. 1. 24, as the flour of grasse: and that therfore we must be turned and become Mat. 18. 3. as litle children; even Iohn. 3. 3, born againe, or els we cannot see the kingdom of God.

3. In matters of religion, we must not do what Deut, 12, 8. seemeth good in our own eyes, nor Esa. 66. 3. choose our own wayes, nor 1 Kin, 12, 33 forge things out of our own harts, nor Exod. 20. 4. make to our selves any similitude of things in heaven or earth, nor walk Psal, 81. 12, in our own counsels: for what is man that he should invent services of God, or do any thing which the Lord [Page 141] Isa. 1, 12, Ier, 7, 31. requireth not at his hands. The things of God 1 Cor, 2. 11. knoweth no man but the spirit of God; of him ther­fore we must learn his fear, what he commandeth, that onely must we doe, Deut. 12. 32 we may not put to it, nor take ought from it. For when Is­rael set their own thresholds and posts by the Lords, Eze, 43, 8. they defiled his holy name with their abomi­nations.

4. The 1 Tim, 3, 16 mysteries of his faith, we may not measure by Iohn. 6. 52. 60. 63. carnall reason, or our own shallow vnder­standing; but learn with reverence to beleeve all his words; knowing that 1 Cor. 2, 9. the things which eye hath not seen, neyther ear heard, ney­ther came into mans hart, are which God hath prepared for them that love him: and neyther Mat. 16. 17. Iohn, 6. 45, flesh nor blood, but himself doth manifest them vnto vs; and as his words are spirit and life, so is it [Page 142] 1 Cor. 2. 10. Ioh, 6, 63. Eph, 3. 3. 5. his spirit that sercheth al, even the deep things of God, reveleth them vnto vs, and quickneth vs.

5. The promises which ar made vs, we must embrace not by sight but by faith which is Hebr. 11. 1. the evidence of thinges not seen. And seem they never so vnlikely or vnpossible, yet ought we not to Rom. 4. 20. 21. 18. doubt of them, or reason against them through vn­beleef; but even above hope to be­liev vnder hope: being fully assu­red that he which hath promised is able to do it. For as Sara received strength to bring forth achild when she was past age, Heb. 11. 11. because she judg­ed him faithful which had promi­sed: so contrarywise, the children of Israel, when God had brought them through the wildernes even Deut, 1. 19. 20. 21. 26. 32 45. 46. Heb. 3. 19, to the borders of the land of promise; yet could they not enter in, because of their vnbeleef.

6. The commandments of [Page 143] God, how hard or vnreasonable soever they seem, we must readi­ly and cheerfully obey; laying a­side al Exod. 4. 1. 2. 10. 13. 14. excuses, Psa. 119. 60 delayes, 1. Sam. 15 24. Ier. 1. 7. 8. 17. feares, or other things that may hinder vs: knowing that all Psal. 19. 7. 8. & 119. 128. his precepts are perfect, righteous, pure, and just. Therefore when God calleth vs, we must follow him Heb. 11. 8. Ioh. 21. 19. 22. though we know not whither we shal come; whē he sendeth vs to any place, of danger, we must goe Act. 20. 22. 23. 24. Luk. 10. 3. though we know not what may befal vs there; when he commandeth vs a thing, that is both Gen. 22. 2. 3. Heb. 11. 17, 18. against nature of mā, and promise of God, we must o­bey without murmuring or reaso­ning: yea even to Phil. 2. 8. Rev. 2. 10. the death must we be obedient, that we may re­ceive the crown of life.

7. In all our trials and tribula­tious, we must in faith & patience possesse our sowles. We may not Num. 20. 2. 3. &c. Exod. 15. 24. murmur, though we want both [Page 144] bread and water; nor speak against God, Num. 21. 4. 5. though our way be never so grievous. VVhen we be in danger of our foes pursuing vs, Exod. 14. 9. 11. &c. we must not complain; nor be affraid, Psa. 3. 6. [...] Kin. 6. 15. 16. when they beset vs round about. If God Psal. 66. 12, cause men to ride over our heads; if he lead vs into fyre and into water, if he give vs as Psal. 44. 11. 1 [...], 17. &c. sheep to be eaten, & scatter vs among the nations; if he smite vs down into the place of dragons, and cover vs with the shadow of death: yet may we not forget him, nor deal falsly concerning his covenant; but in al these triumph Rom, 8. 37. as more then conquerours, through him that loved vs. When in our troubles we exspect his salvation, we must not Isa. 28. 16. make hast, & Hab. 2. 3. 2 k [...]ng. 6. 33. Lam. 3. 26. though it tary, we must wayt; if he hide his face from vs, and Psal. 80. 4 be angry against our prayer, so yt we cry by Psal. 22. 2. day, but he heareth not, and by night, but hav [Page 145] no audience; if he put vs back Mat. 15. 26. as doggs vnworthy of his grace; if he turn hīself Iob. 30, [...] to be cruel against vs, & to be enemie to vs wt ye strēgth of his hand: yet must we remēber that he is the rock of our salvation, and say, Isa. 8. 17. I wil wayt for the Lord that hath hid his face from Iaakob, and I wil look for him; Iob. 13. [...] Lo though he slay me, yet wil I trust in him.

8, Notwithstanding al these & what soever els we can do or suffer for his names sake, yet must we empty & cast down our selves be­fore him, confessing that Luk▪ 17. 1 [...] we ar but vnprofitable servants, we hav done that which was our dutie to doe: & it Iob, 22. 3. & 35. 7. is nothing to ye Almightie that we are righteous, our Psal. 16. 2 [...]. weldo­ing extendeth not to him. Neyther Rom. 3. 28 & 9. 11. 2. Tim. 1, 9. for our works done, or of him foreseen to be done, hath he saved & caled vs with a holy caling; but according to his own purpose and grace, wc was given to vs through [Page 146] Christ Iesus before the world was. And because we ar al too wel per­swaded of our selves & our good deserts, the Lord vseth two means for to humble vs; the one is his Law which sheweth vs our syns and in­firmities; the other, Iob. 33. 16. 17, Corrections wherby he openeth our ears, to cause vs to turne away our work, & that he might cover our pride; of both these Solomon sayth Prov. 6 23. the com­mandment is a lantern, and the law a­light; & correcttions for instructiō, are the way of life.

9. The Law Rom. 3. 20, reveleth our syns which lay hid within vs, & shew­eth our weaknes to be greater then we could imagine. For first we are Rom, 7. 9. alive (in our own conceyt) without the law, and wil not stick to say Exod, 19. 8 Al that the Lord commandeth, we wil doe. But when he speaketh, we Exod, 20. 19 [...]. Deut, 5. 5 can not endure to hear the law at his mouth, but run away. Or [Page 147] if we do receiv it, it is with a vail Exod. 34, 30—33. over Moses face, not discerning the true nature of the Law which is Rom. 7. 14, spiritual, or end of the same, which is to Gal, 3. 24, bring vs to Christ: but in hypocrisie, with hollow and covered harts, imagining the out­ward observation therof howso­ever it be, to be sufficient. But when it cometh in deed to our cōscience, we die, Rom 7. 9. for syn (which we thought was dead) reviveth, and vers. 11. taking occasion by the cōmandemēt, de­ceiveth vs, and therby slayeth vs; and when the law sayth Thou shalt not lust, syn vers. 8. worketh in vs al man­ner of lust. And as the Israelites having heard the thundring voyce of the Lord from heaven, forbid­ding them to have any other Gods before his face; did before forty dayes were expired, forget both their Exo, 19. 8. promise, and their Exo, 20, 18. &c, fear, & Psal. 106. [...]1 God himself their saviour, and [Page 148] Exo. 32. 7, 8, made them Gods of metall: so is it with vs al, when the cōman­dement cometh, syn aboundeth and Rom. 7. 13. appeareth to be syn, yea out of measure synfull. And because the wages of syn is death, the law also Rom. 4. 15. causeth wrath, which is Rom. 1. 18. re­veled from heaven against all vn­godlines and vnrighteousnes of men. Then are we cast down with sight and horror of our wretched case; and the more we strive to rid our selves out of these snares of hel, the faster we are intangled: for we find our selves Rom. 7. 14. carnal, & sold vnder syn; so as if we have wil to do good, yet Rom. 7. 18. finde we no meanes to performe it; and with­out Gods grace we can neyther Philip. 2. 13 wil nor doe. VVherefore we Rom. 7. 24. crie out vpon our misery, and should die in desp [...]yr, wer it not that God did cause his favor in the face of Christ to shine vpon vs: in whom [Page 149] being graffed by faith, we Gal. 2. 19. 20. ar dead to the law, but alive vnto God by beleef in his son, who hath loved vs, given himself for vs, and liveth in vs. Thus is the law, a light to dis­cover, a fyre to burne, a Ier. 23. 29. hammer to break whatsoever in vs is exalted against God, & is Gal. [...] [...] a scholemayster to lead vs to Christ, that we might be made righteous by him, after that we ar stript naked of our own misconceived righteousnes; & ha­ving our Zechar, 3. 4, filthy garments taken frō vs, may be arayed with chan [...] of rayment, even that Rev. 19. 8. fine-li [...]n pure and shining, which [...] the righteousnes of the Sainct▪

10. The chastisements [...] God,Lev, 26. 39. 40. 41. ar an other good means to [...]umble our stubborne nature, & baptised harts: making vs to Lam. 3. 39. 40. [...] & trie our wayes, and turn [...] to the Lord; to Psal. 107. 12 13. 17. 18. 19. &. 78. 3 [...]. crie vnto [...] our dis­tresse; to hav care to Psal. 119. 67. 71. [...] and keep [Page 150] his word. By them he Deut. 8. 2. proveth vs, to know what is in our harts, and letteth vs hav experience both of our own infirmities, and of his power & grace. By them he bring­eth vs to an humble Iob. 33. 19. [...]0—27. 28. confession & sorrow for our syns, and so deli­vereth our sowles from going into the pit. By them and our weak­nes in thē, he teacheth vs to 2 Cor. [...]. 8. 9. trust in him & not in our selves. Thus Pro. 29. [...]. the rod and correction giveth vs wisdome, and wee are chastened for Heb. 12. 10. our profit, that we might be partakers of his holines.

11. And thus God calleth vs out of our selves, from the vnbe­leef, blindnes, hypocrisie, hard­nes of hart, pride, wantonnes, & all other inordinat affections that do possesse vs, that we may beleev, love, feare and obey him alone; that we may Num. 15. 4 [...] remember and doe al his cōmandements, and be ho­ly [Page 151] vnto our God▪ He teacheth vs to deny vngodlines and worldly lusts, even such as Iam. 4. 1. fight in our own members; that Rom. 6. 6 our old man being crucified with Christ, the body of syn may be destroyed, & we serve syn no more. But ha­ving Psal. 131. 2▪ our sowles as weanlings with vs, withdrawn from all carnal plea­sures, and having Heb. 12. 1. cast off every thing that presseth down, and the syn that so easily compasseth vs a­bout; may delight in the Lord & in his law, depending vpon him alone for life succour and salva­tion; neyther dispayring for our evill deeds, nor boasting of our good, but by faith taking hold vpon Christ and saying, Psal. 7 [...]. 25. 26. Whom have I in heaven but thee? and I desire none in the earth with thee: my flesh faileth, and my hart, but God is the rock of my hart and my portion for ever. Then bidding farewell [Page 152] to the world, and meekly taking our crosse vpon vs, as men Ioh. 12. 25. hate­ing our own life heer, to [...]. 14. 4. follow the Lamb whither soever he go­eth and shall bring vs, to moun­taines or deserts, to hunger or thirst, to cold or nakednes, to trou­ble of body, or grief of mynd, to feares or terrours, or even to the dust of death: knowing that in all he wil susteyn vs, & in the end, wipe al teares from our eyes; after we have gone into fyre and into water, Psa. 66. 12. he will bring vs out into a welthie place; in our weak­nes he wil strengthen vs, in our wants he will reliev vs, in all our cares, doubts, dangers, & distres­ses, he will Psal. 73. 24. guide vs by his coun­sel, and after receive vs to glorie.

12. But these things ar so hard vnto flesh and blood, that the natural man chooseth rather to remayn stil in his woeful state, and injoy the [Page 153] momentany pleasures of syn, then in such streights and difficulties to folow Christ. For it is a heavy thing to renounce and forsake his own affections, to condemne his own wisdome for foolishnes, to rest wholly vpon Gods word and pro­mises, when nothing is seen but present want & calamitie; to aban­don pleasures, to tame and subdue his wanton lusts, to bear cheerfully the reproches and persecutions of the world, and whatsoever els God shal bring vpon him; oftentimes to the loste of friends, wife, chil­dren, goods, lands and life it self. Therfore this state is in deed Luk. 9. 23. a De­nial of our selves, & carying of our crosse dayly: a Col. 3. 5. Mortification of our earthly members, even a 1 Cor. 15. 31. day­ly dying and Psa. 86. 15. breathing out of the ghost. As the sacrifices given vnto God were Lev. 1. 5. &c. Ezec. 43. 24. killed, salted, and sent vp in fyre; so wee that must give vp [Page 154] our own Rom. 12. 1. bodies for a living sacri­fice, must also be salted with fyre, as Mar. 9 49. Christ hath sayd. And as him­self (fulfilling the figure of the syn offrings which were burnt with­out the camp,) Heb. 13. 11. 12. 13. that he might sāc­tify vs with his own blood, suf­fred without the gate of Ierusalem, so must we likewise go out of the camp, bearing his reproch; which we never do willingly, til he Song. 1. 3. Iohn. 6. 44. draw vs. For this our new birth, is not Ioh, 1. 13. of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God; who regenerateth, caleth, and sanctifieth his Israel, increas­ing them with men like a flock; Eze. 36. 37. 38. and as the flock of holinesses, as the flock of Ierusalem in their so­lemne feasts, so filleth he desolate cities with flocks of men, which being by the ministery of the gos­pel Rom. 15. 16. Isa. 66. 20. offred vp for sacrifices, are ac­ceptable being sanctified by the [Page 155] holy Ghost.

13. When thus we be changed by the power of Gods grace, and have got the victorie of our selves, subduing and ruling over our own spirits, which as Solomon sayth Pro. 16. 3 [...] is better then if we wan a city; whē we have hearkned to the crye of the Isa. 40. 6. 7. Voyce that al flesh is grasse, & al the grace thereof as the flow­er of the feild, and when we have found our grasse to be withered and flower faded, because the spi­rit of the Lord hath blown vpon it: when the strong hold of our imaginations is cast down, and e­very 2 Cor. 10. 5. thought brought into capti­vity to the obedience of Christ; when we have discerned our syns, felt the smart of them in our con­sciences, Lev. 26. 39. pined away for our ini­quities, and Eze. 20. 43 judged our selves worthie to be cut off for all our evils; when we have renounced al [Page 156] cōfidence in our selves, reiected all our righteousnesses Isa. 64. 6. as filthy clouts, and being humbled vnder the mighty hand of God, do with Iob Iob. 42. 6. abhorre our selves & repent in dust and ashes: then will hee look vpon vs and turne our cap­tivitie, and bring vs into his pro­mised rest, into which we Hebr. 4. 3. &c. entring by faith shall there keep the true Sabbath of God, ver. 10. cease from our own works as he did from his, & wholly give our selves to work the works of God, which is Ioh. 6. 28. 29. to be­leev in him whom he hath sent, euen Iesus Christ our 1 Cor. 1, 30. wisdome, justice, sanctification, and redemp­tion, who caleth vs with a holy cal­ling from the fellowship of Satan, Syn, this world, and our own cor­ruptions, to the happy communi­on with himself and with his Fa­ther, by fayth a while on earth; til we Psal. 17. 15. shal behold his face in jus­tice, [Page 157] and when we awake, be sa­tisfied with his image.

O Ierusalem, wash thine hart from wicked­nes, that thou mayct be saved: how long shal thy wicked thoughts remayn within thee?

Ier. 4. 14.


Of the Communion that we haue with God, in general

God having graciously freed vs from the captivity of Satan, and caled vs out of the world, & from our own corruptions▪ doth after this take vs neer vnto him, bestoweth more graces and bles­sings vpon vs, and accepteth a­gain the fruits of his own spirit in vs. For he hath separated vs from others, to 2 Cor. 6. 17. 18. receiv vs vnto himself, and he wilbe a Father vn­to [Page 158] vs, and we shalbe the sons and daughters of the Lord Almightie.

2. This grace God signified to our fathers, when he had fre­ed them from the bondage of Aegipt, saying; Exod. 19. 4. 5. 6. ye have seen what I did to the Aegiptians, and how I caried yow vpon eagles wings, and hav brought yow vn­to me: now therfore, if ye wil hear my voice in deed, and keep my covenant; then shal ye be my chief tresure above al peoples, though al the earth be mine; ye shalbe vnto me also a kingdom of priests, and a holy nation.

3. The manifestation and as­surance of this grace, is to be seen in that eternal Deut. 29. 12 Covenant and Oth which he maketh with vs, and wherby he ver. 13. stablisheth vs for a people vnto himself, and wilbe vnto vs a God; as he also sware vnto our fathers Abraham [Page 159] Isaak and Iaakob. Who were themselves joyned in league with the Lord, that had stablished this everlasting covenant with Abra­ham and his posterity, to Gen. 17. 7. be God vnto him, and to his seed after him; but hath now fully and finally ratified in Christ, and by that new Testamental bond confirmed in his blood, wherby he hath covenanted, that Heb. 8. 10. he wilbe our God, and we shal be his people: whervpon it fol­loweth that he being ours, and we his, assured hereof by faith in his gospel, we have 1 Iohn. 1. 3. communion with the Father and with his Son Iesus Christ, to the prayse of the glory of his grace, & our eternal happines. Whiles he being our God, applieth his Pro. 8. wisdō, Psal. 18. 1. 2 strength, Psal. 84. 11. grace, and al other goodnes vn­to vs for good: & causeth vs agayn to apply Rom, 12. 1. 2 our bodies & our minds, [Page 160] with all the faculties of them, to the honour and service of his ma­jestie; and this with such mutuall love, and neer conjunction, as God is sayd to [...] Ioh. 4. 16. dwelin vs and we in him; and with such peace, asPhil. 4, 7. passeth al vnderstanding, that not without cause doth the Psalmist sing,Psa. 144. 15 Bles­sed is the people whese God Iehovah is.

4. The persons whom God ad­mitteth into this gracious cōmu­nion, are al sorts of people without respect of persons:Gal. 3. 28. Iewes & Gen­tiles, bond men and free, male & female,Psal. [...] 48. 11 [...]. &c. kings of the earth and al peoples, Princes and al judges of the world, yong men & maydens, old men and children,1 Cor, 1. 26. 27. wise men and fooles; even asAct. [...]. 39. many as the Lord our God shal cal. The riches of which grace, Moses also mani­fested vnto Israel, when he sayd;Deut. 29. 10 11. 12. Ye stand this day every one of yow be­fore the Lord your God, your heads of [Page 161] your tribes, your elders and your officers, al the men of Israel, your children, your wives, and thy stranger that is in thy camp, from the that is the basest servāts. as Ios. 9. [...]3. hewer of thy wood vnto the drawer of thy water; that thou shouldest passe into the covenant of the Lord thy God, & into his oth which the Lord thy God maketh with thee this day &c. This ample mercy, God shewed even then, but hath much inlarged sinceEph. 2. 11. 17. by the send­ing of his Sō; that it might be seen how he isPsal. 145. 9▪ good to al, and his mercies over al his works; and that * al flesh might blesse his holyvers. 21. name, for ever and ever.

5 The original of this grace to the Saincts, cometh frō the electiō of God, who having setDeut. 10. 14▪ 15. and. 7. 6▪ 7. 8. his delight in them to love thē, choseth them & their seed, to be a precious people to himself, above al peoples vpon the earth, and as he sayth by the Prophet,Ier. 31. 3. I hav loved thee with an [Page 162] everlasting love, therfore with mercy I hav drawn thee. From which furder grace proceedeth; for they being thus drawen, doeSong, 1. 3. run after him, andIosh. 24. 15. 22. chose him again to be their God, and to serv him;Psal. 119. 30 173. they chose the way of faith, they chose his pre­cepts. So is ther a willing & joyful covenant made between God and them, by mutual agreement, vpon most holy and happy conditions; which Moses briefly describeth thus:Deut. 26. 17 18. 19. Thow hast [...] made the Lord to say this day, (that is, thou hast taken promise of, conditioned with, and consequentlyso the Greek▪ [...]. hast chosen him,) to be to thee for a God, and to walk in his wayes and to keep his statutes & his commaundements and his iudgements, and to hearken vnto his voice. And the Lord hath made thee to say this day (hath conditioned with & [...]. chosen thee,) to be vnto him for a peculiar people, even as he spake vnto thee, and to keep al his [Page 163] commandments; and to set thee high a­bove al nations which he hath made, in prayse and in name & in glory; and that [...]hou shouldest be an holy people to the Lord thy God, even as he hath spoken.

6. The good things communi­cated with vs of God by that cove­nant of his grace, the Apostle summeth vp, when he sayth that2▪ Per. 1. 3. his divine power hath given vs al things that perteyn to Life & godlines. For as he is himself theIer. 10. 10. Living God, &1 Tim. 6. 13. giver of life vnto al things; so is heMat. 22. 32. not the God of the Dead, but of the Living. To the end therfore that we, which werEph. 2. [...] dead in trespasses and syns, andEph. 4. 18. stran­gers from the Life of God, through the ignorance that was in vs, and in that estate were not his people; might be theHos. 1. 10. sons of the Living God, and1 Pet. 3. 7. heyres of the grace of Life: it was needful, that we should receive from him this grace, which [Page 164] els we could not have from any other; because Psal. 36. 9. with him is the well of life, and in his light shall we see light; he is Deut. 30. 20 our Life and the length of our dayes, his Psal. 119. 93 50. pre­cepts and his promises do quickē vs, and by al Deut. 8. 3. that proceedeth out of his mouth, doth a man live; as that good king Hezekiah confessed vpon his recoverie from death, Is [...]. 38. 16. O Lord by them (men) live, and by all of them (is) the life of my spirit; and thou hast caused me to sleep, and hast given life vnto me.

7. And when we are made par­takers of the life of God, then feel we the fellowship and cōmu­nion spoken of; and as our life en­creaseth, so doth our joy, by the perceiving of our happines; & we Rom. 6. 13. give our selves vnto God, as they that are alive from the dead, Psal. 56. 13. walk­ing before him in the light of the living. God also himself Lev. 26. 12. walketh [Page 165] with vs, leading vs I [...]r. 31, 9. 12. 14. by the rivers of waters, in a straight way where­in we shall not stumble, and our sowl shalbe as a watered garden; we shal have no more sorow, but shalbe satisfied with the goodnes of the Lord; Psal. 22. 26. our hart shal live for ever. To the end therefore that we may in some sort discern this incomprehensible grace, let vs con­sider some principal of the many good things, that God doth give vs perteyning vnto Life and god­lines.

8. And first, for that Vnderstāding is Pro. 16. 22. a welspring of Life vnto them that have it; the God of our Lord Iesus Christ, the Father of glory, Eph. 1. 17. 18. giveth vnto vs the Spirit of wis­dome, and revelation through the knowledge of him, wherby the eyes of our vnderstāding are light­ned, and we know what is the hope of his caling, and what the [Page 166] riches of his glorious inheritance is in the Saincts: so he having ope­ned our eyes,, Psa. 119. 18 we see the won­ders of his law, & he causeth vs vers. 27. to vnderstād the way of his precepts. This is a special point of the happi­nes of Gods people, above al peo­ples of the earth that they hav both his Law for a light, and himself for their instructer, and so are all Ioh. 6. 45. the taught of God, and have 1 Ioh. 2. 20. an Oynt­ment from him that is holy, wher­by they know al things, and ver. 2 [...]. need not that any man teach them, but as the same anoynting teacheth thē all things. Herevpon the Prophet sayd vnto God, I have not declined [...] Psal. 119. [...]02. from thy judgments, because thou didst teach me; and himself sayth vnto his people, Isa. 48. 17. I am the Lord thy God, which teach thee to pro­fit, and lead thee by the way that thou shouldest goe; & thine Isa. 30. [...]1. eares shal hear a word behinde thee, say­ing; [Page 167] This is the way, walk ye in it, whē thou turnest to the right hand, & when thou turnest to the left. Thus the Psal. 25. 14. secret of the Lord is reveled to them that fear him; & his covenant, for to giv them know­ledge; he Luk. 24, 45. openeth their mind, that they may vnderstand the scrip­tures, he openeth vnto thē the Eph. 1. 9. [...] Colos. 1. 9. mys­terie of his will, and ‡ filleth them with knowledge of the same, in al wisdom and spiritual vnderstan­ding, that so they may be parta­kers of his life, as David sayth, Psal. 119. 144. Give me vnderstanding, and I shal live. And that this grace proceed­eth from his covenant, and confir­meth the same, himself sheweth when he sayth; Ier. 24. 7. I will give them an hart to know me, that I am the Lord; and they shalbe my people, and I will be their God.

9. An other of the gifts per­ [...]eyning vnto Life and godlines, is [Page 168] Faith; wherby our Fathers Gen. 5. 22. Heb. 11. 5. 6. 39. walked with God, pleased him, wrought many good works, obteyned good report, and in the end, the salvati­on of their sowles. This grace we have not of our selves, Eph. 2. 8. it is the gift of God, who openeth Act. 14. 27. the dore thereof vnto his chosen peo­ple, which therefore is caled Tit, 1. 1. the faith of Gods elect; and wondrous is the force thereof in our sowles, for by it Mark. 9, 23. all things are made pos­sible to vs, it is our 1 Thes. 5, 8. brestplate, & it is our Eph. 6. 16. shield wherby we quench all the fyrie darts of the Divil; it is the 1 Iohn. 5. 4. victorie whereby we over­come the world; by it we 2 Cor. 5. 7, walk, whiles we are pilgroms here on earth, and absent from the Lord; by it we stād Rom. 11. 20. in the grace & favour of God; by it Gal. 2. 20. we Live, by it our God doth Act. 15. 9. purifie our harts, and through it 1 Pet, 1. 5. doth keep vs by his power vnto salvation.

[Page 169]10. This Faith, doth alwayes respect the word of God, Rom. 10. 17. from whence it ariseth, and by which it is wrought in vs through his Spirit: which therfore is caled, the ver, 8. word of faith, and is no vayn word concerning vs, but is Deut. 32. 47 our Life. It looketh also vnto al Gods oracles, teaching vs to be­leev Act. 24. 14. al things that are written in the law and prophets, and Iohn. 20. 31▪ in the gospel. It causeth vs to appre­hend Gods ancient mercies shew­ed to our fathers, as belonging also to vs; for so we learn of the Apo­stles, to apply the Hebr. 13. 5. with Ios. 1. 5. promise of Gods presence and continued fa­vour with Iosua; his Rom. 4, 23. 24. imputation of justice vnto Abraham; the Psal. 118. 6. with Heb. 15. 6. bold­nes and courage of David, vpon Gods assistance; & generally Rom. 15. 4. what­soever things are writtē aforetyme, as being written for our learning, comfort, and encrease of faith. So [Page 170] also wee learne of the Prophets, which spake of things done long before, as if they had been seene and felt by themselves. Hoseas sayth of Iakob, Hos. 12. 4. God found him in Bethel, and there he spake with vs; the Psalmist singeth of Gods bring­ing Israel through the Sea & Iar­den, He turned sea into drie land, Psal. 66. 6. they passed through the river on foot, there did we reioyce in him. According to whose examples, we that now live and beleev, because we have received the 2 Cor. 4. 13. same spirit of faith with the Patriarches, and have obteyned a 2 Pet. 1. 1. like-precious faith with the Apostles; may also say with them, Song. 2. 16. my welbeloved is mine & Iam his; I Iob. 19, 25. know that my redemer liveth; and I Gal. 2. 20 live by faith in him who hath loved me, and given himself for me.

11. The most excellent fruit that we reap of Faith, is our Iustificatiō [Page 171] in the sight of God, by his grace in Christ Iesus. For whereas two wayes of Life & Iustice are set be­fore vs in the scriptures, the one by keeping the Law of the Lord, even al his precepts, of which it is sayd, Rom. 10. 5. The man that doth them, shall live by them; and again, Deut. 6. [...]5. This shal be our Iustice before the Lord our God, if we take heed to keep all his com­mandements, as he hath cōmanded vs: the other by faith in Christ; as it is written, Iohn. 3. [...]6. God so loved the world that he hath given his onely begotten Son, that whosoever beleeveth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life: the first of these wayes is such, as no Gal. 2. 16. flesh can be justified by. For though the Law cōsisteth of Act 7. 38, Li­ving oracles, and every cōmande­ment Rom, [...] ▪ 12. is holy and just and good; yet by reason of syn that dwelleth in vs, ver. 10. the same cōmandement which was ordeyned vnto life, is [Page 172] found to be vnto vs to death. For Rom. 7. 11. syn taketh occasion by the com­mādemēt, & deceiveth vs, & therby killeth vs; as when the Law sayth, Thow shalt not lust, ver. 8. syn worketh in vs al maner of lust; so the Law is the life and strength ofsyn, in vs that a [...] carnal and sold vnder syn; and syn ver. 13. is made out of mesure synful by the commandement, & the Rom. 5. 20. Law entred that the offence might abound. Therfore Gal. 3. 21. can it not giv vs Life, neyther was it gi­ven to that end, but was added vnto the promise of grace by Christ, ver, [...]9. because of the transgressi­ons; and by it cometh Rom. 3. 20. the know­ledge of syn; it also condemneth and curseth Gal. 3, 10. al syn and synners, and Gal. 2. 15. through it are we dead vnto it, that we might live vnto God. For the terrours therof tormenting our synful sowles, we ar forced to seek refuge from Gods wrath in [Page 173] some other, which we can not find Act. 4. 1 [...]. in any but in Christ, whom God hath proposed to be the reconci­liation for al our syns, whom we apprehend by faith; & vntil faith come ar Gal. 3. 23. 24. kept fast, and as it were locked vp vnder the Law, wher­of we have this excellent vse and benifit, that it is a [...] child-leader or scholemayster, to bring vs vnto Christ. In whom the justice of God is satisfied for al our trespasses by his death on the tree wheron he was made a Gal. 3. 13▪ curse for vs, and re­demed vs from the curse of the Law. And so our syns which were imputed vnto him, shal no more be imputed vnto vs, but forgiven for his sake, and that blessednes cometh on vs which is written, Rom. 4. 7. 8 Blessed ar they whose iniquities ar forgiven, and whose syns ar covered, blessed is the man to whom the Lord imputeth not syn. Yea God, [...]as he [Page 174] imputeth not but pardoneth syn, so doth he impute▪ Vers. 6. justice or righteousnes to vs without works of ours; because Christ fulfilled al righteousnes for vs that beleev, and we shalbe found in him Phil. 3. 9. not having our owne justice which is of the Law, but that which is through the Faith of Christ, even the justice which is of God through Faith. To teach vs this, the Abraham. Gen. 15. 6. first man whom Moses mentioneth to have beleeved the Lord; he present­ly adorneth with this grace, that God imputed that to him for iustice. And he being made the Rom. 4. 16. Father of al beleevers; that is written Vers. 23. 24 for vs also, vnto whom Beleef shalbe imputed for Iustice in like weise. Thus are we Rom. 3. 28. justified by Faith, without the works of the Law; yea Faith is come in place of al good works, as Christ hath sayd, Ioh. 6. 29. This is the work of God, that [Page 175] ye beleev in him whom he hath sent; this also is his commandement, 1. Ioh. 3. 23. that we beleev in the name of his Son Iesus Christ; whom he that hath, 1 Ioh. 5. 12. hath Life, & he that hath not the son of God hath not Life: but who so Ezek. 33. 13. trusteth to his own righteousnes, and committeth ini­quity shal surely die, as sayth the prophet. Thus live we by faith in Christ, and that heavenly o­racle is fulfilled, Hab. 2. 4. Gal. 3. 11. The iust shallive by his faith.

12. This Life and grace, is one condition of that everlasting co­venant which our God hath made with vs, and sayd Heb. [...]. 1 [...]. I wil be mer­ciful to their vnrighteousnes, and wil remember their syns and their iniqui­ties no more. And being thus jus­tified by faith, we Rom. 5. 1. have peace to­wards God through our Lord Ie­sus Christ, whom he Isa. 42. 6. hath given to be our covenant and our light; [Page 176] he Psal. 51. 9. hideth his face from our syns, and wipeth away al our iniquities, and sayth Iob. 33. 24. deliver them that they goe not down into the pit, for I have found a ransom. Yea now he Num. 23. 21 seeth no iniquitie in Iaakob, nor transgressiō in Israel; the Lord his God is with him, and the joy­ful showt of a king is among them; though the syns of Iudah be sought for, Ier 50. 20. they shalbe no more found, for the Lord is merciful to them whom he reserveth, he Isa. 4. 4. & 44. 22. 23. hath washed the filthines of the daugh­ters of Sion, their transgressions are put away as aclowd, and like a mist, their syns ar al Mic. 7. 19. cast into the bottom of the sea. For this, the Saincts doe triumph and say, Rom. 8. 33. who shal lay any thing to the charge of Gods chosen? it is God that justifieth, who shal condemn? we wil Psal. 71. 16. goe forward in the strēgth of the Lord God, we wil make [Page 177] mention of thy Iustice, even of thyne onely. And thus is fulfilled the saying of the prophet Isa. 45. 25. The whole seed of Israel shal be Iustified, and glo­ry, in the Lord.

13. Yet is their also further grace perteyning to life and god­lines given vs of God, even our Sanctification; whervnto he hath 1. Thes. 4. 7. caled vs, and which we attayn vnto Act. 26. 18. by fayth in Christ. For the grace of God, that bringeth salvation vnto al men, and hath appeared; doth Tit. 2. 11. 1 [...] teach vs that we should deny vngodlynes & world­ly lusts, and that we should live soberly and righteously and god­ly in this present world, and not Rom. 6. 1. continew still in syn, that grace may abound. VVe are the people of Isa. 63. 18. Gods holynes, and he wilbe Levit. 23. 32. halowed among vs, he the Lord doth sanctify vs; he powreth Ezek. 36. 25 clean water vpon vs that we may be [Page 178] clean, Heb. 10. 22 sprinkled in our harts from an evil conscience, and washed in our bodies with pure water; he Ezek. 35. 26 taketh away the stony hart out of our body, and giveth vs an hart of flesh, he vers. 27 putteth his spi­rit within vs, and causeth vs to walk in his statutes, to keep his judgements and doe them, that we be Ezek. 37. 23 polluted no more with our abominations, nor any of our trans­gressions; and saith vnto vs Levi. 19. 2. ye shalbe holy, for I the Lord your God am holy. And this is an other con­dition of his gracious covenant with vs, as it is written, Heb. 8. 10. I wil put my lawes in their minde and in their hart I wil write them, & I wil be their God, and they shalbe my pea­ple.

14. Of this Sanctification ther be two parts, which they that long after Life and to see good dayes, must seek; 1 1. Pet. 3. 10 11 to eschew evil, 2 & [Page 179] to doe good. The way to attayn these, is by the Rom. 6. 3. 4. 6. death & burial of the old man, the corruption of nature; and the resurrection of the new: that so being vers. [...] dead vnto syn, we may be alive vnto God in Iesus Christ our Lord. The old man or body of syn, is the Ioh. 3. 6. 3. whole man sowl and body, as he is born by nature, even Isa. 40. 6. 7 1 Pet. 1. 24. al flesh, & al the grace and glory therof, which the Spirit of the Lord must blow vpon, and cause to fade as the flower of grasse, that the man may be born again, and made a new crea­ture, even born Ioh. 1. 13. of God. To work this wondrous change in vs; the Lord giveth two special graces, the 1 Fear & 2 Love of his name; by the one to restreyn vs from evil, and by the other to allure vs vnto good.

15. The Fear of the Lord, as it is the Psal. 111. 10 beginning of wisdom; so [...] [Page 182] did Davids) Psal. 119. 120▪ for fear of the Lord, and we being afrayd of his judge­ments. His mercies also are shewed vs to this end, as it is written, Psa. 130. 4 Mercy is with thee that thou mayst be feared. This grace God giveth to his Saincts, to humble them, that they be Rom. 11. 20 not high-minded, but may walk in reverence before him, and their harts be Pro. 23. 17 in his fear continually, that Deut. 5. 29 it may go wel with them and with their chil­dren for ever; for he that Pro. 13. 13 feareth the commandement shalbe rewar­ded. By this grace hav his people commuinon with him, and feel his goodnes, for Psal. 33. 18 the eye of the Lord is vpon them that fear him, & trust in his mercy; Ps. 147. 11 he deligh­teth in them, he wil fulfil Ps. 145. 19. the desire of them, and nothing Psal. 34. 9 shal­be wanting vnto them, as he hath promised by his prophet; Psal. 25. 13 14. their sowles shal dwel in good, their [Page 183] seed shal inherit the land, and the secret of the Lord, and his cove­nant shalbe revealed vnto them. Wherfore vnto man he sayth, Iob. 28, 2 [...] Be­hold the Fear of the Lord is wisdome, and to depart from evil is vnderstan­ding; Pro. 22. 4. the reward of humility and the fear of God, is riches and glory & Life. Vnto this therfore let vs take heed, for in it Pro. 14. 26 is an assured strength; by it we shal Ecel. 7. 20. 18. 19. come out of al extre­mities that are either too much or too litle; and to Eccl. 12. 13 fear God and keep his commandements is the whole man; this leadeth him Pro. 19. 23▪ vnto Life, and being filled therwith, he shal continew and not be visited with evil: that he may know, that Isa. 33. [...] the fear of the Lord is his tresure, as sayth the Prophet.

16. But because the end of the Commandement, is 1 Tim. 1. [...] Love, out of a pure hart, and of a good cō ­science & of faith vnfeighned, & [Page 184] Love is the Rom. 13. 16 fulfilling of the Law: therfore hath God comprised his whol wil touching our Sanctifica­tion and obedience in two pre­cepts, 1 Thow shalt Mat. 22. 37 Love thy Lord thy God, with al thy hart, with al thy sowl, and with al thy mind; & 2 Thou shalt vers. 39. Love thy neighbour as thy self; on vers. 40. these two commandements hangeth the whol Law, and the Prophets. As evil therfore is to be Psal. 97. 10 hated and eschewed, so that which is good ought Amos 5. 15. to be loved, and Rom. 12. 9. cleaved vnto: the head and fountain of al which good, is onely Luke 18. 19 God him­self; who first is to be loved, and above all; but hath given vs this commandement, 1 Ioh. 4. 21 that he which loveth God, should love his bro­ther also.

17. And as we have of him this Law of love, so have we from him the grace to love both him & his [Page 185] law, and shal from him receive the fruit therof which is Life. This Moses shewed Israel of old, saying, Deut. 30. 6 The Lord thy God wil circumcise thyne hart and the hart of thy seed, that thou mayst Love the Lord thy God with al thy hart and with al thy sowl, that thou mayst Live. Thus we love him, 1 Ioh. 4. 19 because he loved vs first, and hath inclined our harts & drawn vs after him. Again because as Christ sayth, Ioh. 14. 29 he that hath his cō ­mandements and keepeth them, is he that Loveth him; therefore have we this rule & direction gi­ven vs by Moses further, joyning these two togeither, Deut. 11. [...] Thou shalt love the Lord thy God, and shalt keep that which he commandeth to be kept; that is, his ordinances and his lawes and his commandements alway.

18. From this ariseth much cō ­fort to the Saints, which finding themselves affected with the Lov [Page 186] of God, & feeling his love Rom. 5. 5. shed a­broad in their harts by the holy Ghost which is given vnto thē, do grow in this grace, & Iude. 21. keep them­selves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Iesus Christ vnto eternal life. They Psal. 119. 127. lov his commandements above the fi­nest gold, & therfore have vers 165. much peace, and shal have no hurt or scandal; their vers. 47. delight is in his cō ­mandements which they have lo­ved, their vers. 48. hands also doe they lift vp vnto them; and herevpon doe expect to be vers. 159. quickened and conserved in life according to the loving kindnes of the Lord, who Psal. 145. 20. preserveth al them that love him, Dan. 9. 4. keepeth covenant and mercy to­wards them, and causeth al things to Rom. 8. 28. work togither for the best vnto them. For God 1 Ioh. 4. 16 is Love (as sayth the disciple Ioh. 21. 20. 24. whom Iesus loved,) and he that dwelleth in love [Page 187] dwelleth in God, and God in him; and Ephe. 6. 24. grace shalbe vnto al them that love him, vnto immortalitie. Mo­ses in spirit foreseing this, sayd vn­to Israel; Deut. 30. 19. 20. I cal heaven and earth to record this day agaynst you, that I have set before you Life & death, the blessing & the curse: therfore chuse Life that thou and thy seed may live; by loving the Lord thy God, by obeying his voice, and by cleaving vnto him; for he is thy Life, and the length of thy dayes.

19. But because our Life Col. 3. 3. is hid with Christ in God, & though now we be the sonnes of God, 1 Iohn. 3. 2. yet it doth not appear what we shalbe, but when Col. 3. 4 [...] Christ which is our Life shal appear, then shal we also appear with him in glory, be like vnto him, and see him as he is: therfore hath he given vs another grace perteyning to Life [Page 188] and godlines, called 1. Pet. 1. 3. a living Hope, vnto which God of his aboundāt▪ mercy hath begotten vs by the re­surrection of Iesus Christ from the dead. This vertue respecteth our good that is to come, our vers. 4. inhe­ritance reserved for vs in heaven, yea thither hath it power to come, entring (as the Apostle saith) Heb. 6. 18. 19, 20. into that which is within the vail, whi­ther the forerunner Iesus is for vs entred in, & this Hope we have as an anker of the soul both sure & stedfast, holding it fast in al tem­pests of tribulations or tentations, knowing (as Salomon sayth) that Prov. 24. 14. ther is an end, and our hope shal not be cut-off.

20. Ther be two companions and as it were sisters of this grace; 1 Faith & 2 patience; Faith goeth before as the guide and susteyner, being the [...]. Heb. 11. 1. subsistance or ground of things hoped for; as Abraham [Page 189] by faith, even Rom. 4. 18. above hope, belee­ved vnder hope; Patience accom­panieth it, and teacheth to wayt, as it is written, Rom. 8. 25. if we hope for that we see not, we doe with patience abide for it. And thus is fulfilled that which Isaias sayth, Isa. 28. 16. he that belee­veth shal not make hast, and conse­quently, shal not 1. pet. 2. 6. be ashamed; but being assured that Heb. 10. 37. he which shal come wil come, and wil not de­lay, Hab. 2. 3. though he tary yet we wayt, as the prophet biddeth vs, because the Father which hath loved vs, hath 2. Thes. 2. 16. given vs everlasting conso­lation and good hope through grace; and hope Rom. 5. 5. maketh not a­shamed; yea we Rom. 12. 12 rejoyce in hope, as being the thing wherby Rom. 8. 24. we ar saved, & he which is the Rom. 15. 13▪ God of hope filleth vs with al joy and peace in beleeving, and causeth vs to abound in hope, through the power of the holy Ghost.

[Page 190]21. One of the special promises which the anker of Hope layeth hold vpon, and that by reason of the Covenant of God with vs, is the Resurrection of the Dead. For as God caling himself the Exod. 3. 6. God of Abraham Isaak & Iaakob, when they wer dead vnto the world, but Living vnto him, did teach his peo­ple therby, that he would rayse them vp again from death, as our Saviour Luk. 20. 37. 38. expoundeth his Fathers oracle: even so we all that are in the same covenant of grace, and have him for our God, do beleev that after our flesh hath ben sown in dishonour, and seen corruption, it 1 Cor. 15. 43 shalbe raysed in glory by the power of God; for in our graves, Ioh. 5. 28. 29 we shal heare the voyce of Christ at his appearing, & shal come forth vnto the resurrection of Life. And then shall we injoy all the good promises in that Citie Heb. 11. 10. which hath [Page 191] foundations, whose buylder and maker is God, who is not ashamed of vs to be called our God, because Heb. 11. 16. he hath prepared for vs a citie.

22. Thus have we through the grace of our God, those three hea­venly vertues mentioned by 1 Thes. [...]. 3. the Apostle; 1 an effectual Faith, 2 a­diligent Love, 3 and the patience of Hope in our Lord Iesus Christ; by Faith to beleev the mysteries of life and al his word; by Love to cleav vnto him and keep his com­mandemēts; by hope to exspect the fulfilling of al good promises which God that cannot lie hath made vnto vs; and these three things doe 1 Cor. 13. [...]. abide with vs during this present life, that walking in them, we may have fellowship with the Lord in spirit, who ha­ving thus decked vs with the gar­ments of bewtie and glorie, with mercy and salvation through faith [Page 192] in his name, doth then Eph. 1. 13. 14. seal vs with that holy spirit of Promise which is the earnest of our inhe­ritance, vntil the redemption of the possession purchased, (the ful redemption of al Saincts,) vnto the prayse of his glory. For as he hath vers. 4. chosen vs in Christ before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love: so having ef­fectually caled justified and sancti­fied vs of his vnspeakable grace, he giveth vs also certainty and as­surance of 2. Pet. 1. 10 our election, that we shal never fal from, nor be forsaken of him. For the seed wherwith we are born anew, is an 1. Pet. 1. 23 immortal seed, which can never die, & this seed 1. Ioh. 3. 9. remayneth in vs, to keep vs from syn: and if we syn, we have an 1. Ioh. 2. 1. advocate with the Father, even Iesus Christ the just, who maketh intercession, and prayeth [Page 193] for vs that our Luk. 22. 3 [...]. faith fail not; he also giveth vs repentance Act. 11. 18. vnto Life, and worketh in vs godly so­row for our misdeeds; so we ar re­newed by repentance dayly, and revived by faith, knowing that God hath [...] Sam. 7. 24▪ stablished to himself his people Israel, to be his people for ever, & he is their God, his gifts and caling are Rom. 11. [...]9 without re­pentance; he that hath begun his good work in vs, wil Phil. 1. 6. perform it vnto the day of Iesus Christ; for he hath made an Ier. 32. 40. everlasting cove­nant with vs, that he wil never turn away from vs to doe vs good, and hath put his fear in our harts, that we shal never depart from him; and hath sayd concerning vs by his prophet, Ioel. 2. 26. 27. My people shal never be ashamed. Thus the 1 Thes. 5. 8. hope of salvation, is for an helmet vpon our heads; for that God hath ver. 9. not appointed vs vnto wrath, but to obteyn salvation by our Lord Iesus [Page 194] Christ; and we rejoyce with joy vnspeakable & glorious, being per­swaded Rom. 8. 38 39 that neyther death nor life nor Angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things presēt nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other creature, shalbe able to separate vs fiō the love of God which is in Christ Iesus our Lord.

23. Our God it is wc thus 2 Cor. 1. 21. 22. stablish­eth vs in Christ, & hath anoynted vs, and also sealed vs, and given vs the earnest of his spirit in our hartes, even the spirit of adoption whereby we crie vnto him Rom. 8. 15. Ab­ba Father; and of vs he sayth, Isa. 43. 21. This people have I formed for my self, they shal shew forth my prayse. And being thus furnished with his graces, we find & feel the sweet­nes of that fellowship and com­munion, that we hav with him in Christ Iesus and by his Spirit.

24. This communion the scrip­ture [Page 195] setteth down by similitude of walking and dwelling together. For God hath promised Lev. 26. 12▪ I will walk a­mong you, and I wil be your God & ye shalbe my people; and for his habita­tion, although Ior. 23. 24. he filleth heavens and earth, & the 1 Kin. 8. 27. heavens of hea­vens ar not able to cōteyn him, be­ing cōsidered in his infinite majes­tye: yet abaseth he himself to con­verse with vs that dwel in houses of clay, as he sayth by the Prophet, Isa. 57. 12. I dwel in the high & holy place; with him also that is of a contrite & hum­ble spirit to revive the spirit of the humble, and to give life to them that are of a contrite hart. Which grace that all the Saincts might take knowledge of, the voice is written which was heard out of heaven to say, Rev. 21. 3. Behold the Ta­bernacle of God is with men, and he will dwel with them, and they shalbe his people, and God himself will bee [Page 196] their God with them. This Taberna­cle is the bodies and sowles of the Saincts, as the Apostle sayth, 2 Cor. 6. 16. Ye are the Temple of the Living God, even as God hath sayd, [...] I will dwell in thē, & walk (with them:) 1 Cor. 6. 10. your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost. On the other side, wee are sayd to walk with God, as did Gen. 5. 24. & 6. 9. Enoch, & Noah, and as the Lord requireth of eve­ry man that Mic. 6. 8. he humble himself to walk with his God; we Psal. 61. 4. dwel in his tabernacle for ever, our trust is vn­der the covering of his wings, & as the Apostle Iohn sayth, 1 Iob. 3. 24. He that keepeth his commandements dwelleth in him, and he in him.

25. This grace is so heavenly and supernatural, as it cannot be comprehended by the carnal man; nor embraced & walked in with comfort by synners & hypocrites. The naturall man thinketh D [...]. 2. 11. the dwelling of God is not with flesh; the [Page 197] vnbeleeving among the Saincts, in day of their distresse do say, Exod. 17. [...] Is the Lord among vs or no? The synners and hypocrites [...] Sion, are afrayd saying, Isa. 33. 14. who among vs shal dwel with the devouring syre? who amōg us shal dwel with the everlasting burnings? And indeed ye throne of iniquitie Psal. 94. 20. hath no fellowship with him; but ye pure of hart edure as Heb. 11. 27. se­ing him who is invisible; they sing, Psal. 46. 7. The Lord of hosts is with vs, the God of Iaakob is our refuge; they serve him and Rev. 22. 4. see his face, his name is on their foreheads, & they say, Psal. 73. 28. It is good for vs to draw neer vnto God; Psal. 4. 6. Lord lift vp the light of thy countenance vpon vs.

26 This conversing of the Saints with God is spiritual and mystical; we walk 2 Cor. 5. 7. by faith and not by sight; faith which is the Heb. 11. 1. evi­dence of things not seen. He that is joyned to the Lord 1 Cor. 6. 17. is one spirit sayth the Apostle. Again Gods [Page 198] walking with vs is strange and vncouth to the world; for he bring­eth vs into many tribulations; his way Psal. 77. 19 is in the sea, his paths in the great waters, and his foot­steps ar not knowen; he leadeth vs through the wildernes, through a desert and wast land, Ier. 2. 6. and by the shadow of death; where Deut. 8. 15. fyry serpents are, and scorpions, and drought, without water; ver. 2. to hum­ble vs and to prove vs, to know what is in our hart, that he may vers. 16. doe vs good in the latter end; he bringeth vs through Zach. 13. 9. the fyre, and fineth vs as the silver is fined, and trieth vs as gold is tried; & yet he sayth It is my people, & we do say, The Lord is our God.

27. And hence ariseth, the com­fort of our harts, that alwayes we behold God with vs, yea feel him within vs; and answer Amen by faith to al his promises. He sayth [Page 199] Isa. 41. 10. Fear not for I am with thee, be not afrayd for I am thy God; we say again, Psal. 23. 4. Though I should walk through the vally of the shadow of death, I will fear no evill, because thou art with me. He sayth of every of his Saincts, Psal. 98. 15. I wilbe with him in trouble, I wil deliver him and glorify him; they testify & say; Act. 2. 2 [...]. I beheld the Lord alwayes before me, for he is at my right hand that I should not be shaken; Isa. 8. 9. 1 [...]. gather together on heaps ô ye people, and ye shalbe broken in peeces, take counsel togither, yet shall it be brought to naught, pro­nounce a decree, yet shall it not stand, for God is with vs. The Pa­triarchs moved with envie, sold Ioseph into Aegypt, but Act. 7. 9. 1 [...]. God was with him (sayth the scripture,) and delivered him out of al his afflic­tions. To Iakob God sayd, Gen. 31. [...]. turne again to the land of thy fathers & [Page 200] to thy kinred, & I [...]ilbe with thee; in his return, he was in dāger & pray­ed, Gen. 32. 9. ô God of my father Abrahā &c, Lord which sayd est vnto me return to thy countrie and kinred, and I wil do thee good. Thus alwayes ye Saincts assure thēselves of good by Gods presence with thē, and of shelter frō evil; & count them selves naked and helplesse when he with­drawes his face; as when in dis­pleasure he had moved his Taber­nacle Exod. 33. 7. farr off from the host of Israel, and seemed as if he would have walked no further with them; then Moses sayd, ver. 15. 16. If thy presence go not with vs cary vs not hence; & wherin now shall it be known that I and thy people have found favour in thy sight? shal it not be when thou go­est with vs? so I and thy people shal have preeminence before all people that are on the earth. Finally, as the Saincts encourage themselves a­gainst [Page 201] their foe [...] with this, Num. 14. [...]. their shadow is departed from them, & the Lord is with vs, fear them not: so God foretold that when many tribula­tions should come vpon his peo­ple, they then would say, Deut. 31. 17 Are not these troubles come vpon me, because my God is not with me?

28 For the presence of God, & communion of his graces, so sa­veth his Saincts out of al adversi­ties; that no wisdome counsel or strength of any enimy can hurt, no creature can hinder them frō their happines; the Lord their God Deut. 1. 3 [...]. who goeth before them, he fighteth for them, and Deut. 33. 2 [...] rideth vpon the hea­vens for their help▪ the eternal God ver. 27. is their refuge, & vnder his armes they are for ever, he casteth out the enemy before them and sayth, De­stroy; so as wax melteth frō the pre­sence of the fyre, Psal. 68. [...] the wicked pe­rish from the presence of God; [Page 202] But his people he Psal. 41. 12. vpholdeth in their integritie, and doth set them before his face for ever, both they and Psa. 102. 28 their seed shal stand fast in his sight; for they ar his Deut. 32. 9. portion or inheritance, and they shal Psal. 89. 15. walk in the light of his countenance, he leadeth them with his own glorious arm, Isa. 63. 12. dividing the waters before them, to make himself an everlasting name; he sayth, Isa. 57. 14. pre­pare the way, take vp the stumb­ling blocks out of the way of my people, so causeth he them to Lev. 26. 13. goe vpright, giving Isa. 40. 29. strength vnto him that fainteth, & multiplying might to him that hath no power, and they ver, 31. renew strength, they lift vp the wings as the eagles, they run & are not wearie, they walk & faint not. He supplie [...] their wāts, Psal. 107. 9. fil­ling the hungry sowl with good, & satisfying the soule that thirsteth after Mat. 5. 6. righteousnes; for righteous­nes [Page 203] Psal. 85. 1 [...]. goeth before him, & setteth her steps in the way; he Isa. 46. 130 bringeth neer his justice, it is not farr off, and his salvation shal not tarie, for he giveth it in Sion, and his glory vnto Israel.

29. And they again, being a peo­ple in Isa. 51. 7 [...] whose hart is his law, & knowing that two cannot walk togi­ther (as sayth Amos. 3. [...]0 the prophet,) except they be agreed; labour by faith to hav peace with him, aud to walk be­fore him in vprightnes, to walk Col. 1. 10. worthy of him, and please him in al things, being fruitful in al good works, and increasing in the knowledge of God. For this they hav Deut. 26. 17 18. promised vnto him when they entred into his covenant; & therfore are their sowles delivered from death, Psal. 116. 80 9. that they may walk before the Lord in the land of the living. And because to walk 1 Kin. 8. 25 with 2 Chro▪ 6. 16. be­fore God, is to walk in his Law, (as [Page 204] the scripture teacheth;) therfore Psa. 119. 97 love they the law of the Lord, it is their meditation continually, and it is written vpon 2 Cor. 3. 3. the table of their hart; their delight is Psal. 119. [...]7. 48. in his commandements which they have loved, their hands also doe they lift vp vnto them, their mouth ver. 46. talketh of them, their feet ver. 32. run in them, their ver. 167. soule keepeth them, and they wil ver. 93. never forget them; al their members are given vp as Rom. 6. 13. 17. instruments of righteousnes to serve and please the Lord, & they Psal. 119. 112. apply their hart to fulfil his sta­tutes alwaies even vnto the end. Thus their Isa. 58. 8. righteousnes goeth be­fore them, and the glory of the Lord embraceth thē, he Zach. 10. 12. strength­neth thē in the Lord, & they walk in his name, their harts being 1 Thes. 3. 13 sta­ble and vnblameable in holynes before him, and there is no Rom. 8. 1. con­demnation vnto them, for that they [Page 205] are in Christ Iesus, and walk not after the flesh but after the spirit.

30. And now they eat their bread Eccl. 9. 7. with joy, and drink their wine with a cheerful hart, because God accepteth their works, Psal. 19. 14. the words of their mouthes, & the me­ditation of their harts. They please him and have his blessing even in their civil affayres and Psal. 1 [...]8. handy la­bours: the world and 1 Cor. 10. 25 26. al earthly creatures are subdued vnto them, and they vse them for their service and comfort in the Lord; if they Rom. 14. 6. eat, it is to the Lord, if they eat not it is to him also, giving God thāks, and doing al things that they doe, 1 Cor. 10. 38 vnto his glorie. So though they be in the world, yet are they not Ioh. 17. 14. of the world, and though they 2 Cor. 10. 3. walk in the flesh yet warr they not, neyther Rom. 8. 1. walk they after the flesh; but being on earth, their Phil. 3. 20. conversation is in heaven, and [Page 206] the way of Life is Pro. 15. [...]4. on high vnto them, to avoyd from hel be­neath. They seek the Lord and his strength, they Psal. 105. 4. seek his face continually, and with Psal. 21. 6. the joy of his face he maketh them glad, and in the Psal. 31. 20. secret therof, he hideth them from the pride of men, he keepeth them Deut. 32. 10. as the apple of his eye. He sayth vnto them, Psal. 78. 1. Hear my law o my people, incline your ears to the words of my mouth, Ier. 11. 4. obey my voyce and do al things which I command yow, so shal ye be my people, and I wilbe your God: they answer, al peoples Mi [...]. 4. 5. wil walke every one in the name of his God, and we wil walke in the name of our God for ever and ever; teach vs thy way o Lord, Psal. 16. 11. and we wil walk in thy truth, knit our harts to thee, that we may fear thy name, Thus hoping for his glory which is to [Page 207] be reveled, they 1 Iohn. 3. [...]. purge themselves as he is pure, and walk in the light, 1 Ioh. [...]. 7. as he is in the light, having fellow­ship one with another, & the blood of Iesus Christ his Son clensing them from al syn. And the Lord Psal. 29. 1 [...]. giveth strength vnto his people, the Lord blesseth his people with peace; he is as Hos. 14. 6. the dew vnto thē, they grow as lilies and fasten their roots as the trees of Lebanon, dwelling vnder his shadow ver. 8. they revive as the corn and flourish as the vine, and stil Psal. [...]2. 1 [...] bring forth fruit even in their hoary age, and God is their guid even vnto the death. Yet then forsaketh he thē not; but as when they lived, they lived vnto him, so now when they die, they Rom, 14. [...]. die vnto him & are his; peace cometh, and Isa. 57. [...]0 they rest in their beds, every one that walketh before him, til their changing shal come, and they be translated from [Page 208] death to life, to see the king in his glory, even God as he is, & to be satisfied with his image.

31. For notwithstanding al this grace, and communion that we have with God by faith; we ar not perfect, neyther shalbe, til we have attayned Phil. [...]. 12. the resurrectiō of the dead: here 1. Cor. 13. 12 we see through a glasse darkly, & not face to face, we know in part onely, and doe grow in grace and knowledge dayly; we behold the, glory of the Lord with open face, but 2 Cor. 3. 18 as in a mirrour, and ar changed into the same image from glory to glory as by the Spirit of the Lord. VVe have first our infan­cie, and are 1. Cor. 3. 1. 2 as babes in Christ; after we are as 1. Ioh. 2. 14. yong men strong in faith, and doe overcome the wicked one; and proceed in riper years, wexing old in faith, and knowledge of him which is from [Page 209] the beginning: thus our way shin­eth as the morning light, Prov 4. 18. that shi­neth more and more vnto the per­fect day; and we walk on earth, as did Abram in Canaan, Gen. 12. 9. going and iourneying towardes the South.

32. But of al the wayes & means, wherby we hav communion with God, ther is none more lively, powrful & cōfortable then Prayer; wherby we converse with the Lord most neerly, powr out our com­plaints as children into the bosome of their father, & praise his name; ar heard & answered of him to ye glo­ry of his grace, ye joy of our harts, & the increase of our faith, with al vertues and fruits of the Spirit.

33. The ground of this heavenly exercise, wherby man is so bold as to come vnto the throne of grace, and talk with God, is his com­maundment which sayth, * Cal vp­on 1 Psal. 50. 1 [...]0 [Page 210] me in the day of trouble, I wil deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me; Ier. 33. 3. Cal vnto me, and I wil answer thee, and shew thee groat & mightie things which thou knowest not. Moreover he wil­leth vs to Phil. 4. 6. be nothing careful, but in al things to let our requests be shewed vnto him, in prayer and suppplicatiō; with giving of thanks; yea 1. Thes. 5. 17 18. to pray cōtinually, and in al things to giv thanks, because this is the will of God in Christ Iesus towards vs.

34. To guide vs in this action, he hath given vs outward instructi­on Mat. 6. 5. 9 &c. in his word, that we may ask according to his will; with assurāce, that 1. Ioh. 5. 14 15. whatsoever we so ask, he hea­reth vs, and we have the petitions that we desire of him. He giveth vs also inward assistance by his Spi­rit which Rom. 8. 9. 1 Vers. 15. dwelleth in vs, and is the Spirit of the adoption-of-sons wherby we cry Abba Father; which [Page 211] spirit Rom. 8. [...] also helpeth our infirmities, (who know not what to pray as we ought,) and it self maketh requests for vs with sighes & grones vnutte­rable. Thus powring out vpon his people (as he did promise,) Zaeh. 12. 10. the spirit of grace & of [...] supplications, and furnishing them with gifts for this heavenly work, he heareth & granteth their requests, as David sayth Psal. 10. 17. Lord thow hearest the desire of the poor, thow preparest their hart, thow bendest thyne ear.

35. So when we cal vpon the Lord in our trouble and crie vnto our God, Psal. 18. 6▪ he heareth our voice out of his temple, & our crie comes before him into his ears; yea Isa. 65. 24. Gen. 24. 15. be­fore we cal, he answereth, & whiles we speak he heareth; for by Heb. 10. 19. the blood of Iesus we may be bold to enter into the holy place, & Ioh. 16. 24. ask the Father in his name, & we shal receive that our joy may be full; [Page 212] the spirit also R [...]m. 8. 27. maketh request for vs, according to the will of God; & he that searcheth the harts, know­eth what is the meaning of the Spi­rit; and the odour of our prayers, cometh vp as the sweet Psal. 141. 2. incense before him, being perfumed with those odours that are offred with the Rev. 8. 3. 4. prayers of al Saincts, out of the Angels hand, that Angel Mal. 3. 1. of the Covenant, who is now at the right hand of God, Rom. 8. 34. and maketh request also for vs.

36. Thus the Saincts have ac­cesse vnto God, and neer cōmuni­on with him in prayer; (though the wicked Psal. 14. 4. cal not vpon him, or if they call, he Ioh. 9. 31. heareth them not.) Their golden Rev. 5. 8. vials are full of o­dours, they Iob. 22. 26. 27. delight in the Al­mighty, and lift vp their faces vnto God, they make their prayer vnto him, and he heareth them, & they pay their vowes, saying, Psa. 118. 21 I will [Page 213] thank thee for thou hast heard me, and hast been my salvation, Psal. 66. 2 [...] Bles­sed be God which hath not put back my prayer, nor his mercy frō me.

37. The fruits that come vnto­vs by this holy exercise are moe then can be told; there being infi­nite occasions from day to day, of making request to the Lord, and filling our mouthes with new sōgs of prayse for our salvations. Ad­mirable is the force and valour of this actiō, which peirceth the hea­vens and cometh vnto God, and prevaileth with him, in 1 Ioh. 5. 14. whatsoe­ver we ask according to his will, if we ask in faith, & Iam. 1. 6. waver not: for he is neer to al that cal vpon him, Psal. 145. 1 [...] 19. to al that cal vpon him in truth; & fulfilleth the desire of them that feare him, vnto whō he hath pro­mised, Psal. 81. 10. Open thy mouth wide and I wil fil it. Herevpon Moses sayd, [Page 214] Deut. 4. 7. What nation is so great, vnto whom the Gods come so neer vnto them, as the Lord our God is neer vnto vs, in al that we cal vnto him for? And if he be so neer vnto every one of vs; let vs know also, that it wil be our good to draw neer vnto him, & to say Psal. 8 [...]. 18. revive thou vs, and we wil cal vpon thy name, because Psal. 65. 2. thou hea­rest the prayer, vnto thee shall all flesh come; trust in him alwayes ye people, Psal. 62. 8. pour out your harts be­fore him, for God is our hope; Mic. 7. 7. our God wil hear vs.

38. By all these things (& ma­ny other the like,) we may see how God hath Psa. 14 [...]. 14▪ exalted the horn of his people, which is a prayse for al his Saincts the sons of Israel, a people neere vnto him; vnto whom he hath given [...] [...]. 1. 4. most great & precious promises, that by thē they should be partakers of the godly nature, in that they flee the corruptiō which [Page 215] is in the world through lust; with whom he so graciously cōmunica­teth his goodnes, yt they tast in this world, Heb. 6. [...] of the powers of the world to come, and o [...]e walk in the light of his face, & feel his holy presence with them. Which presence, al­though it be with every of his Saincts, Psal. 139. 3. 8. in al places wher they be­come; yet is it most lively seen in their Assemblie, and there Psa. 89. 7. he is very terrible. For this cause did his people Psal. 26. 8. & 27. 4. love the habitation of his house, & desired to dwel there al their dayes, that they might be hold his bewtie; and being absent from it, their sowles Psal. 42. 2. thirsted for God, saving, when shal we come and appear before the presence of God? for they knew his promise which had sayd, In Exod. 20. 24 every place where I shal put the re­membrance of my name, I wil come vn­to thee & blesse thee; they knew God was Psal. 46. 5. in the mids of his sanctuary, [Page 216] it should not be moved, he would help it very early. But of this ho­ly societie, more is to be spoken particularly in another place.


Of the Communion that we have with Iesus Christ our Mediatour.

IEsus Christ being God 1 Tim. 3. 16. mani­fested in the flesh, is given of the Father to be the onely 1 Tim. 2. 5. mediatour between him and vs; and he hath given him power to Ioh. 5. 27. execute judg­mēt, in that he is the son of Man. He is the Col. 1. 18. head of the body of the Church; in him Eph. 1. 21. 22. all the buylding coupled togither groweth vnto an holy Temple in the Lord, and we all are built togither in him, to be the habitation of God by the Spi­rit; he is Ioh. 14. 6. the way, the truth, & the life, no man cometh to the Father [Page 217] but by him. And of him and his mediation, this Oracle was spoken of old to the Saincts; that I [...]. 30. [...] 22. their Noble-ruler should be of thēselves, & their Governour (Mat. 2. 6. Christ) should proceed from the mids of them; & God would cause him to drawe neer and approach vnto himself, (when he should ascend Dan. 7. 13. Rom. 8. 34. and sit at his right hand to make interces­sion for vs;) for who is he (els) that warranteth his hart to come vnto me sayth the Lord: And ye shalbe my people, and I wilbe your God.

2. As we are made the people and Deut. 32. 9. portion of God by Christ, & brought by him Ioh. 17. vnto the fellow­ship and glorie of his Father; so is there a special fellowship and cō ­munion that we have with Christ, being caled therevnto of the Fa­ther, as it is written, 1 Cor. 1. 9. God is faithful, by whom ye are called vnto the com­munion of his Son Iesus Christ our Lord. [Page 218] And that this hath alwayes been the chief end and scope of God in al his Oracles, since the world be­gan, to draw men vnto Christ, & so vnto himself, is Chap. 7. sect 11. 12. before shewed.

3. The summe of the grace gi­ven vs through communion with our Lord Iesus, is cōprised in those words of the Apostle saying, that Christ is of God made vnto vs 1. Cor. 1. 30. Wisdom, and Iustice, and Sanctification, and Redemption. These things he is vnto vs by vertue of his Media­torship, which consisteth in the three functions or offices of Pro­phecie, Priesthood, & Kingdome, committed vnto him by the Fa­ther. For frō the in most holy place, and from the bosom of the Father, is he come to Ioh. 1. 18. declare God vnto vs; he is a Deut. 18. 15 Prophet raysed vp of the Lord, to speak vnto vs al that he cōmanded him, and him are we willed for to hear; the yles Esa. 42. 4. are to [Page 219] wayt for his Law. And as he being worthy Rev. 5. 1. 5. 9. obteyned to open the book that is in the right hand of him that sitteth on the throne, & to loose the seven seales there­of; because Col. 2. 3. all the treasures of wisdom, and knowledge ar hid in him: so having Ioh. 15. 15. made knowen to vs al things that he heard of his Father, having declared and stil declaring Ioh. 17. 26. his Name by his word and spirit, he is the 1. Cor. 1. 24. Power of God and the wisdom of God vnto vs. And the things which he hath de­clared are two; 1 the Law to shew vs our syn, and the evils due for the same: 2 the Gospel to shew vs our righteousnes by grace from God, with the blessings that flow therfrō. He also being our Heb. 4. 14. great high priest or sacrificer hath taken away our syns and al the evils ac­companying them, hath redeemed vs Gal. 3. 13. from the Curse of the Law, fi­nished [Page 220] Dan. 9. 24. wickednes, & sealed vp sins, made reconciliatiō for iniquitie, & brought the Rom. 5. 17. 1 [...]. gift of righteousnes or Iustice: so by his obedience we ar made just, & Vers. 21. grace shal reigne by justice, vnto eternall life, through Iesus Christ our Lord, whose blood doth also Heb. 9. 14. purge our consci­ences from dead works to serv the Living God, and by the same hath he Heb. 13. 12. sanctified his people, and con­tineweth a Priest for ever, and is both our Iustice & Sanctification. Fi­nally this our redemtion from evil, and restauration vnto happines, he conserveth & maynteyneth by his mighty power, frō al enemies whō hee hath subdued vnder his owne feet, & wil also subdue vnder ours: and is therfore named our Iohn. 12. 15 King, whom Psal. 72. 11. al kings shal worship, al na­tions shal serv, who wil Vers. 14. redeem our sowles from deceit & violence, wil giv vs also the Rom. 8. 23. redemption of our bodie, and cause our last enimy [Page 221] Death 1 Cor. 15. 5 [...]. to be swallowed vp in vic­torie, & so wil be our ful Redemp­tiō for ever & ever, at his appearing with glorie, in the day Ephe. 4. [...] of Redemptiō.

4. More particularly, touching his Prophesie and our communion with him therin; as God gave him Isa. 55. 4, Iohn. 18. 37. for a witnes to the people, for a Prince and a Commander vnto them; so shewed he himself to be a faithful and true witnesse, in that he Iohn. 8. 26. spake to the world, the things which he had heard of the Father. This he did in his own person whiles he walked with mē; teach­ing Mat. 5. & 6. & 7. chap. &c. the true meaning and end of al his Fathers Law, and vrging the syncere keeping of it in Love; freeing it also Mark. 7. 6. 8 10. 13. from the false glos­ses and leaven of the Pharisees, and cutting down their traditions; for the Lord to this end, had made Isa. 49. 2. &. 11. 4. his mouth like a sharp sword; that by the breath of his lips he [Page 222] might slay the wicked. He also taught the glad tidings of the Gos­pel vnto the poor; therby Luk. 4. 18. &c. healing the broken harted, preaching de­liverance to the captives, recover­ing of sight to the blind, and the acceptable yere of the Lord: that whosoever should Iohn. 5. 24. hear his word and beleev in him that sent him; should hav everlasting life and not come into condemnation, but was passed from death vnto life. So he Psal. 40. 10. hid not his Fathers righteous­nes within his hart, but declared his truth and his salvation; he con­celed not his mercy and his truth from the great congregation, but preached peace and comfort to his people. For God had given him Isa. 50. 4. a tongue of the Learned, that he might know to minister a word in time to him that is weary: grace Psal. 45. 2. was powred in his lips, and they they were like Som. 5. 13 16 lillies dropping [Page 223] down pure myrrh, and his mouth was sweet things.

5. As in his own person, so did he by others publish the will of his Father, vsing hereto the minis­terie both of men and Angels. He gave and stil giveth the Eph. 4. 8. [...] gifts of ministery vnto many men; above al other he furnished his Apostles with Luk. 24. 49. power from on high, & sent them to teach al nations Mat. [...]. 20. to ob­serv al things whatsoever he had commauned them, (and he had Ioh. 15. 15. made known to them al things that he had heard of his Father:) and they faithfully performed their charge keeping Act. 20. 27. nothing back, but shewing mē al the counsel of God, for Christ 2. Cor. 13. 3. spake in them: so that now we have 1. Cor. 2. 16. the mind of Christ, and the word is neer vs, Rom. 10. 8. even in our mouth and in our hart, ney­ther may we admitt of any Gal. 1. 8. other doctrīe though it should be taught [Page 224] by Angels from heaven, but that wch we have, we must Rev. 2. 25. hold fast til he come. And Christ it is, that hath alwayes reveled Gods wil vn­to the world synce the begīning. He it was that preached in Spirit, [...] Pet. 3. 19. 20. to those that were disobedient in the dayes of Noe; he Isa. 6. 8. 9. with Ioh. 12. 41. sent Esaia [...] to preach vnto Israel, and furnish­ed him with giftes & graces for that work; and stil he sendeth his mes­sengers dayly for Eph. 4. 12. 13. the gathering together of the Saincts, the work of the ministery, and edification of his body, til the worlds end; & they are 2. Cor. 8. 23. his glorie. Finally the heavenly Spirits ar also his mes­sengers for this end and purpose, when he seeth meet so to imploy them, as it is written, Rev. 22. 16. I Iesus have sent my Angel to testify vnto you these things in the churches. Thus open­ing vnto vs by al means, the se­crets of his Gospel, our souls ar [Page 225] comforted, for he bringeth vs into his Song. [...]. 4. wine celler, and Love is his [...]anner over vs.

6 To assure the world that he was both the wisdome and power of God, he confirmed his doctrine [...]y signes and wonders, doing such works Ioh. 15. 24. as no other man did; even as his words were such as Iohn. 7. 46. never man spake, his enimies being jud­ges. He gave also of this power, to Mar. 16. 17. 18. 20. such as beleeved in his name and wer his witnesses; himself working with them, & confirming the word with signes that followed.

7. Vnto this outward adminis­tration, Christ annexeth his in­ward grace by divine power; mak­ing even the Dead Ioh. 5. 25. to heare his voice and live, for he hath the Ioh. 6. 68. words of eternal life, he openeth Act. 16. 14. the harts and causeth attention, he openeth Luk 24. 45. the mindes and causeth men to vnderstand the scriptures; [Page 226] he giveth them also Luk. 21. 15. a mouth and wisdome, which al their adversaries are not able to speak against, nor resist.

8. Now all this life and grace doth Christ cōmunicate with the Saincts, being their Head, & they his members. For first the Minis­ters of the word, how great gifts or authority soever they have, they al 1 Cor. 3. 22. 2 [...]. are ours, and we Christs, and Christ Gods; we are to trye their doctrine by Act. 17. 11. the scriptures, for they have not 2 Cor. 1. 24. dominion over our faith, but are helpers of our joy; and in declaration of the truth 2 Cor. 4. 2. are to ap­prove themselves to every mans conscience in the sight of God. Se­condly the Word it self, even al the scriptures, are given Prov. 8. 1. 2. &c Rom. 15. 4. vnto vs, and written for our learning and com­fort; & this not onely to know for our selves, but to teach exhort and edifie 1 Thes. 5. 11. one another. Therefore is [Page 227] the word sayd to be Iam. 1. 2 [...]. graffed in vs, and what by it we do beleeve, we also may boldly 2 Cor. 4. 13. speak, and freely Mat. 28. 20. practise, even all that Christ hath cōmanded; that as he is a Rev. 1. 5. faithful and true witnes, so we also that are the Lords witnesses with him his chosen servant, (as Isa. 43. 1 [...]. sayth the Pro­phet,) may bear a good testimonie vnto the truth; & having his word Col. 3. 16. dwelling in vs plenteously in all wisdome, may thereby our selves Prov. [...]. [...] vnderstand righteousnes & judge­ment, and equitie, and every good path, and be preserved from the evil way; and vnto others may im­part the Song. 4. 11. honey and milk of Gods graces that are vnder our tongue: and having the Psal. 14 [...]. 6. 7. 8. 9. high-acts of God in our mouth, and the two-edged sword (of his Heb. 4, 1 [...]. word) in our hands, may execute vengeance on the he­then, corrections among the peo­ple; binding their kings in chaines, [Page 228] and their nobles with fetters of y­ron; this honour is to al his Saincts: who Phil. 2. 15. 16. holding forth the word of life, do shine as lights in the world; Christ illuminating them with his glory continually, and making his Church by his Prophesie, the Isa. 22. 5. vallie of Vision, as of old it was named.

9. Touching his Priesthood, and our communion therewith, two things ar to be considered; First What of his grace in his own per­son he hath wrought and worketh for vs; to weet, [...], the things perteyning to God, (as the Apostle speaketh:) which are, Heb. 5, 1. & 2. 17. the Offring of a sacrifice, to make reconciliation for our syns; and Heb. 7. 25. Intercession, which as our 1 Iohn. 2. 1. Ad­vocate he maketh with the Father for vs. Secondly, what by his mighty power he graciously wor­keth in vs, and applieth vnto vs; whiles he maketh vs also Priests vnto God his Father, and communica­teth [Page 229] with vs his obedience, death, burial, resurrection, & ascension; so causing the Blessing of God to come vpon vs, (as he is that seed in whom al families of the earth shal­be blessed.) and giving vs com­fort and peace. Vnder these two heads, are all thinges com­prehended, that perteyn to our Iu­stification, & Sanctification, in the sight of God.

10. These three things of Recon­ciliation, Intercession and Blessing; the Priests of Moses law, in shadow & figure of him performed of old for Israel. The first, whiles at the brazen altar, they Lev. 1. & [...] &c. offred Burnt- offrings, and For-syn; made Lev. 4. 35. attonement, & obteyned forgivnes at the hands of God, for the synners: but chief­ly when the high-prest 1 Chr. 23. 13 sanctified the Most holie place, with Lev. 16. 2. 15—34. blood of the Sacrifice, & made an attone­ment for the children of Israel, for [Page 230] al their syns once a yere. The secōd; whiles at the Exod. 40. 26 27. & 30. 7. 8. 10. golden altar, he bur­ned sweet incense every morning and evening; and once a yere also, made recōciliatiō vpon the hornes therof, with the blood of y Syn-of­fring; & entredLev. 16. 12. 13. with in the veil; put­ting incense on the fyre in the cēser before the Lord, that the clowd of the incense covered the Mercy­seat. The third, when having fini­shed his ministerie, the Sacrificer Lev. 9. 22. 23. lifted vp his hād towards the peo­ple, and Blessed them; as he was se­parated of God 1 Chro. 23. 13. to blesse in his name for ever, and to Num. 6. 23. 27. put his name vpon the childrē of Israel, that he might blesse them, as he had promised.

11. The truth of these three, are fully performed by the Heb. 3. 1. Apos­tle and Highpriest of our profession Christ Iesus. For, that he might re­concile vs vnto God, because it was Heb. 10. 4. vnpossible that the blood of buls [Page 231] and goats should take away syns, neyther would his Father accept other sacrifice or offring, then the Heb. 10. 5. 6. &c. body which he had ordeyned his Son: therefore through the eter­nal Spirit he offred Heb. 9, 14. himself with­out spot vnto God, and gave his Mat. 20. 28. sowle for the ransom of many, bare 1 Pet. 2. 24. our syns in his body on the tree, and by his Heb. 9. 12. own blood entred in once vnto the holy place, (not the holy places made with hands, but ver. 24. into very heaven,) and ob­teyned eternal redemption. So the Lord took away Zach. 3. 9. the iniquitie of his land in one day, (as he had pro­mised;) for the ransom was most precious, even of infinite value & effect, seeing by the vnion of the God head with the manhood in this our High-priests person, it was the blood of Act. 30. 38. God himself, (as the scripture speaketh,) wherewith we are purchased. Thus Christ hath [Page 232] Rom. 5. 10. reconciled vs that were enimies, vnto God by his death; and hath put away syn, Iohn. 1. 29. by the sacrifice ofHeb. 9. 26. himself: for he was the ‡ Lamb of God, that taketh away the syn of the world; and the prophesie of A­braham was fulfilled, Gen. 22. 8. God wil pro­vide him a Lamb for a burnt offring, my son.

12. Touching Christs Intercessi­on, as he prayed Iohn. 17. for his church when he was on earth, and his Fa­ther heard him Ioh. 11. 42. alwayes; so now being ascended and set at the right hand of God, he stil Rom. 8. 34. maketh request for vs, being therefore entred into very heaven, to appear now Heb. 9. 24. in the sight of God for vs. Whose pray­er as it is pure and perfect, so pre­vaileth it with God, and is of vn­speakable efficacie, to make vs to be accepted. For the Father loveth the Son, and accepteth him better then he did his servant Iob, when [Page 233] Iob. 42. 8. 9. he prayed for the trespassers. This is that Angel, (the Mal. 3. 1. Angel or mes­senger of the covenant,) that hath a Rev. 8. [...] [...]0 golden censer, & much odours, which he offreth with the prayers of all Saincts, vpon the golden al­tar that is before the throne; the smoke of which odours, with the prayers of the Saincts, goeth vp be­fore God out of the Angels hand: and vnto his requests, which hee maketh for his afflicted people, the Lord Zach. 1. 12. 13. answereth good and com­fortable words. Thus our high sa­crificer, having the Exod. 28. 9—12. names of the whole Israel of God, as it were gra­ven vpon two precious stones, and embossed in gold; beareth vs vp­on his two shoulders, for a remem­brance; and presenteth vs pure & holy & just, before the Lord.

13. The things towards vs, which ar his Blessing and the fruits that fo­low, he graciously communicateth [Page 224] as a merciful & faithful high priest, Heb, 4. 15. touched with the feeling of our infirmites; being raysed vp vnto vs of God, and sent Act. 3. 26. to Blesse vs, in turning every one of vs from our ini­quities. And as at the end of his mi­nistery vpon earth, he Luk. 24. 50. 51. lifted vp his hands and blessed his disciples, and then was taken from them into heaven: so, continewing stil a Heb. 6. 20. & 7. 1. 7. priest for ever after the order of Melchisedek, (who met Abrahā & blessed him,) he stil blesseth the children of Abraham; giving and applying the promises of the Gos­pel, vnto the harts and consciences of his people; even the Num. 6. 24. 25. 26. favour & protection of God, the light of his countenance, and his peace. So the Gal. 3. 14 blessing of Abraham cometh on vs through Christ Iesus, who is that promised seed, in ver. 8. whom al nations ar blessed; and whom God hath set to be Psal, 21. 6. Blessings for ever. Thus [Page 235] Christ, by Sacrifice hath merited, by Intercession obteyneth, and by Blessing bestoweth and distributeth vnto vs, the love & graces of God his Father, even all things pertey­ning to life and godlines: that we being partakers of his peace, may again blesse God, even the Father of our Lord Iesus Christ, Eph. 1. 3. which hath blessed vs with all spirituall blessings in heavenly thinges in Christ, as the Apostle sayth.

14. The cōmunion of this Bles­sing, is more particularly to be dis­cerned in that honour of Priesthood, which is given to al Christians; & the seales of Gods grace, and love towards vs in Christ. For he hath made vs Rev. 1. 6. Priests vnto God even his Father, and we as lively stones 1 Pet. 2. 5. are made a spiritual howse, a holy priesthood, to offer vp spiritual sa­crifices, acceptable to God by Iesus Christ. For first, applying him vnto [Page 236] our selves by Faith, his suffrings death & burial are Isa. 53. 4. 5. ours; his righ­teousnes, resurrection, and glorious victory over syn, Satan, Death and Hel, Rom. 4. 25. & 8. 33. 34. ours; so that we Heb. 10. 19. 20. by the blood of Iesus, may be bold to enter into the holy place, (though the Levi­tical Priests might Lev. 16. 2. not enter into the shadow thereof at al times;) by the new & living way which hee hath prepared for vs, through the veyl that is his flesh: even Heb. 4. 16, boldly may we goe vnto the throne of grace, that we may receiv mercy, and finde grace to help in tyme of need. Presenting vnto God his Fa­ther and ours, this Lamb that was slayne for our syns, who is our Heb. 7. 22. surety and our 1 Cor. 5. 7. sacrifice, by whose 1 Pet. 1. 24. stripes wee are healed, by whose death Gal. 2. 20. we are restored to life, by whose Heb. 10. 10. body once offred we are sanctified; vpon whose Lev. 4. 15. head wee have layd the burden of our syns, [Page 237] and by whose Gal. 3. 13. 14. curse, we are made the heyres of blessing, and of all the riches of Gods grace.

15. We also Rom. 1 [...]. [...], giv vp our own bodies a living sacrifice, holy, ac­ceptable vnto God, which is our reasonable serving of God; so the heavenly Ierusalem is filled with Eze. 36. 3 [...] the Flocks of men, as the earthly once was with Flocks of holinesses or sacrifices external. Our spirits being contrite, our harts humbled and broken for our syns; ar the Psal 51, 17. sacrifices of God also, which he wil not despise. By Christ, we Heb. 13. 15. offer the sacrifice of Praise alwayes to God that is the fruit (or Hos, 14. 3. calves) of our lips, which confesse his name, and magnify him with thanksgiving: Psal, 69. 31. this also pleaseth the Lord, better then oxe or heiffer, that beareth hornes, that parteth the hoof. Our Act. 24. 17. almes and offrings for relief of the poor, especially the ministers of the [Page 238] Gospel of Christ: are Phil. 4. 18. Heb. 13. 16. an odour that smelleth sweet, a sacrifice acceptable & pleasant to God. Finally if we be Phil. 2. 17, 2 Tim. 4. 6. pow­red out as a drink offring, vpon the sacrifice & service of the faith of Christs church, & do Heb. 12. 4. resist vnto blood striving against syn: we have [...] 16. 15 cause to rejoyce; for precious in ye sight of the Lord, is the death of [...]. 10 his Saincts; & the ‡ soules of such, rest vnder the altar, til the Lord ho­ly and true, doe avenge their blood on thē that dwel on the earth.

16. This honour of Priesthood, (which Heb. 5. 4. no man can take to him­self, nor Iob. 3, 27, any other thing except it be given him frō heavē,) Rev, 5. 10. Christ giveth vnto vs, of his rich grace by his word & spirit. For as by the preaching of ye Gospel, he is dayly described in our sight, and among vs Gal 3. 1. crucified: so we by the ministe­rie of the Gospel, are made Rom. 15. 16. Isa. 66. 20. an ac­ceptable offring vnto the Lord, [Page 239] being sāctified by the Holy Ghost. His word is a Heb. 4. 12. sharp two edged sword, and divideth a sunder the sowl and the spirit, the joynts and the marow; by it we are taught to Col. 3. 5. mortify our members which are on earth; his spirit is as Mat. 3. 11. fyre, where with we being baptised, doe also Rom. 8. 13. mortifie the deeds of the bodie, that we may live, & give our selves vp vnto God for a Rom. 12. 1, living sacrifice. The afflictions that we feel in this world, when for his sake we Rom. 8. 36. are killed al the day long, & are coun­ted as sheep for the slaughter, doe 2 Cor. 4. 10. 11. bear about in our body the dying of the Lord Iesus, and are alwayes delivered vnto death for Iesus sake, that the life also of our Lord Iesus might be made manifest in our mortal flesh: these serve for furthe­rances of our sanctification, by be­ing Heb. 12. 10. partakers of his holines; and make vs as Gen. 15. 9. 11. 13. sacrifices, and a prey [Page 240] for the ravenous fowles, whiles we liv strangers here on earth, the land that is not ours, as did Ahrahams seed. Thus ar we named Isa, 61. 6. the Priests of the Lord, and hav authority in Mal. 1. 11. every place to offer incense vnto his name, and a pure offring, both we and our works, (our spiritual sa­crifices,) being acceptable vnto God in Christ Iesus.

17. To illustrate and seal vp more assuredly our communion with Christs Priesthood, We ar washed with water, for a signe & assurance, of the Act. 3. 38. & 22. 16. forgivnes & washing away of our syns, and to be as the Tit. 3. 5. laver of our regeneration & new birth; wherby we ar also baptised Rom. 6. 3. 4. into his death, and buried with him by baptisme; that like as Christ was raysed vp from the dead by the glory of the Father, so we also should walk in newnes of life, our Iob. 6. old man being crucified with [Page 241] him, that the body of syn might be destroyed, and our selves be vers. 18. dead to syn, but alive to God in Iesus Christ our Lord; whom by this symbol we have Gal. 3. 37. put on, and doe bear his name vpon vs, with Mat. 28. 1 [...]. the name of the Father and of the holy Spirit. And after this, Christ often feedeth our sowles, with his own Mat. [...]. [...] & [...]. body & blood, which was broken & powred out for our sakes, figured out vnto vs by bread & wine: here­by cōfirming the former grace of remission of syns, and a further growth in Christ continually, into whom we ar incorporate, & have so neer a 1. Cor. [...]. [...] communion with him, vnder these visible earthly ele­ments; which we looking past by the eye of faith, seeing and feeding vpon Christ, have Iob. 6. 57. our life by him, doe vers. 56. dwel in him & he in vs, and shal by him be vers. 54. raysed vp at the last day, vnto life eternal.

[Page 242]18. Having seen how Christ being our Prophet informeth vs in al the wisdome of God, and by the Law sheweth vs our syn & wretched­nes; by the Gospel, our justice & hap­pines; and being our Priest & Sacri­fice, hath by himself purged vs frō al syn, & given vs the gift of justice and sanctitie to present vs pure & blamelesse before God his Father: it remayneth, that we also consider, how he conserveth and mainteyn­eth this our blessed state; against al enimies, by his mighty power and soveraignty, which as Lord and King he hath over al.

19. This soveraigntie, is set forth by divers titles of honour and dignitie given him in the scrip­tures; as when he is named Messiah the [...] Dan. 9. 25. Governour, Captaine or Fore- lea­der; the [...] Mic. 5. 2. Ruler, that is, having do­minion right and authoritie, to go­vern [...] Mat. 2. 6. and guide his people; Michael [Page 243] Dan 12. 1. the great Prince; the Ios 5. 14. Captaine of the Lords host; a mayster [...] Isa. 55. 4. or Commander to the peoples; a Potentate or Psal. 45. 3. Mighty one; the Rev. 19. 16. king of kings & Lord of Lords, and [...] Rev. 1. 5. Prince of the kings of the earth, the Act. 10. 36. Lord of all, vnto whom is gi­ven Mat. 28. 18. al power in heaven & in earth, an Dan. 7. 14. everlasting dominion, & honour and kingdome, that al peoples nati­ons and languages shal serv him. And he the true Heb. 7. 1. 2. Melchisedek king of Salem, shal reign as Isa. 32. 1. king in jus­tice, and sit as Isa. 9. 6. [...]. Prince of Peace, vpon the throne of David, & vpon his kingdome; to order it & to sta­blish it, with judgement & with jus­tice, frō henceforth even for ever.

20. This kingdome of Christ, is no earthly Monarchie, nor Ioh. 18. 36. of this world; but spiritual and Mat. 3. 2. hea­venly: and therfore is more mighty then the kingdoms of the earth, able Dan. 2. 34. 35. 44▪ 45. Luk. 20. 18. to beat down, break in peeces, & grind to pouder al adverse pow­er and [Page 244] domination; whither of this world, or Ephe. 6. 12. the spiritual wickedne­sses which are in the high places.

21. Therfore also is the manner of administring this kingdom, no [...] worldly nor pompous; but a [...] Christ the king himself, came vnto vs Zach. 9. 9. poor, and riding vpon an asse [...] and he the Rev. 5, 5. Lion of the tribe o [...] Iudah, the root of David, was fo [...] to see to, like ver. 6, a killed Lamb: s [...] menageth hee his kingdome stil [...] Zach. 4. 6. neyther by an army, nor a Power but by his Spirit; that it cometh not Luk. 17. 20. 21. with observation, for men to say, Loe here or loe there, but is with in vs; wielded by the spiritual scep­ter of his word (the Gospel Mat. 4, 23. of the kingdom,) and by the almighty working of the Spirit, and there­fore conteyneth in it Luk. 8. 10, mysteries or secrets, that can not be vnderstood but by the gift of God.

22. Our Lord himself, hath [Page 245] subdued, and dayly subdueth al his foes; the world Iohn, 16. 33 he hath overcome; syn he hath Rom. 8, 3, condemned and Heb 9. 26. put­away, Death he hath 2 Tim. 1, 10. abolished; & the Divil that had the power there of, he hath Heb. 2. 14. destroyed: neyther shal these, or any of these, ever have dominion over him; but he shall reign, til he hath put 1 Cor. 15. 2 [...] all his ene­mies vnder his feet, and death and hel Rev. [...]0. 14▪ be cast into the lake of fyre.

23. This his power & regiment, he cōmunicateth with his Saincts, two manner of wayes; First by ap­plying vnto them for their benefit and salvation, al that himself hath done and doeth; as the Lord sayth by his prophet Zach. 9. 8. I wil camp about mine howse, against the army, against him that passeth by, and against him that return­eth, & no oppressor shal come vpon them any more. And as for their sakes, Christ Iohn. 17. 19. sanctified himself, so for their Iohn. 16. 33. comfort he overcame the [Page 246] world; to take away 1 Ioh, 3. 5. their syns, did he appear, when in himself ther was no syn; for the Dam. 12. 1. children of the people Israel standeth this Michael the great prince, & Rev. 12, 7. 9 10. fighteth against the Dragon and casteth him out of heaven; wher now is salvatin, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ; the accuser of the Saincts being cast down. Wher­fore the Lord being king, Psal. 97, 1. the earth may rejoyce, and the multitude of the yles be glad; because he ver. 10, pre­serveth the soules of his Sainctes, he wil deliver them from the hand of the wicked; hee will Psal 78. 2. 3 judge the people of God in justice, and his poor with equitie, that the moun­taynes & the hils shal bring peace to the people by justice, and in his ver. 7. dayes the righteous shall flourish, and abundance of peace shalbe so long as the moon endureth. For the Zach, 9. 10. charets being cut off from [Page 247] Ephraim and the horse from Ieru­salem, the bow of the battel shal be broken, and he shal speak peace vn­to the natiōs; but in y Psal. 108. 8. mornings he wil destroy al the wicked of the land, Isa. 11. 4. smiting the earth with the rod of his mouth, and slaying the wicked with the breath of his lips; woūding Psa. 110. [...]. Isa. 63. 6. kings & treading down peoples in the day of his wrath. Therefore the poor shall Psal. 10. 14. committ themselves vnto him, and triumph in his salvation saying; ver. 16. The Lord is king for ever and ever, the hethen are destroyed forth of his land; Rev. 11. 15, the king­domes of this world are our Lords, and his Christs, and he shal reign for ever­more.

24. Secondly he cōmunicateth with his Saincts this grace, to be Rev, 5, 10. & 20. 4. Kings also with him, and to reign on earth: that as himself Zach. 6. 13. sitteth & ruleth vpon his throne, & is a Priest vpon his throne, and the counsell [Page 248] of peace is between them both: so they whom he hath made Rev. 1. 6. kings & Priests vnto God his Father, be­ing a 1 Pet. [...]. 9. kingly priesthood, even a Exod. 19. 6. kingdom of Priests and an holy nati­on; having part Rev. 20. 6. in the first resur­rection, the second death may hav no power over them; but being the Priests of God and of Christ, and reigning with him the terme of yeres limited; at last, whē they have overcome, may Rev. [...]. 21. sit with Christ in his throne; even as he overcame, & sitteth wt his Father in his throne.

25. This spirituall kingdome, wherby the Saincts reign on earth, is first over their own syns and cor­ruptions; for they are careful to be vpright with God, and to Psal. 18. 23, keep themselves from their wickednes; and the Lord Mi [...]. 7. 19. subdueth their ini­quities, that syn shal Rom. 6. 14. not have do­miniō over them, because they are ver. 22. freed from it, and made servants [Page 249] vnto God, having their fruit in ho­lynes, and the end everlasting life. And this victorie whereby they o­vercome themselves, is greater thē al earthly conquests, according to the true proverb; Pro. 16. 32. He that is slow to anger, is better then the Mighty man; & he that ruleth his own spirit, (is bet­ter) then he that winneth a citie. Se­condly it is over the world, which also they set themselves against, as knowing that it 1 Ioh. 5. 19. lieth in wicked­nes; the wisdom thereof is 1 Cor. 1. 20. & 2. 6. foolish­nes, & cometh to naught; the plea­sures of it are Eccl. 1. & 2. &c. vanitie, and vexatiō of spirit; the sorowes of it work 3 Cor. 7. 10. death; and the amitie thereof is Iam. 4. 4. the enmitie of God: therefore flee they the 2 Pet. 1. 4. corruption that is in the world through lust, walking be­fore God as 1 Chron. 29. 15. strangers & pilgroms on earth, not loving 1 Ioh. 2. 15. the world, nor the thinges that are in the world, which have neyther Eccl. 5. 9. satisfying nor [Page 250] fruit in thē but being Gal. 6. 14. crucified vn­to it, & it vnto them, they keep thē ­selves Iam. 1. 27. vnspotted of it, & free frō ye Gal. 5. 1. bondage & servitude of the same; they vse it, as though they vsed it [...] Cor. 7. 23. 31 not; they bear with patience al the reproches & injuries that it offreth; yea though they be made the 1 Cor. 4, 9. 13. gaz­ing stock & as the filth of the same, yet are they Rom. 8. 37. more then conque­rours through him that loved thē, and do fulfil that which is written, 1 Ioh. 5. 4, All that is born of God overcometh the world; & this is the victorie that over­cometh the world, evē our faith. Third­ly the conquest of the Saincts is over Satan himself, the prince of this world, and worker of all mis­chief. Him also they 1 Pet. 5. [...]. resist stedfast in the faith, and doe Rev. 12. 11. overcome him by the blood of the Lamb, & by the word of their testimonie, and love not their lives vnto the death: so that wicked one Iam. 4. 7. fleeth [Page 251] from them, and 1 Ioh. 5. 18. toucheth them not, for they keep themselves, be­cause they are begotten of God, who wil Rom. 16. 20. tread that adversary vn­der their feet shortly, & with him shal be destroyed 1 Cor. 15. 26 the last enemy, Death. And as now, the Saincts doe reigne with Christ on earth, by faith and patience: so then, ha­ving 1 Cor. 6. 2. 3▪ judged the world, and even the Angels; they shal reign Rom. 8. 17. 2 [...]m. 2. 12. 1 Thes. 4. 17. with him in glory, in heaven for ever­more.

26. To teach vs this Communi­on with Christ, we have in the scripture many doctrines & simili­tudes; as that he will make his church a Isa. 41. 1 [...]. roller & a new threshing instrumēt having teeth, for to thresh the mountayns, and bring them to powder; & make the hils as chaff: that he Psal. 68. 35. giveth strength and power to his people, making Mic. 4. 13. their horn yron, & their hoofs brasse, & them­selves [Page 252] Zach. 10. 3. as his bewtiful horse in the battel; that they shalbe as ver. 5. the mighty men, which tread down (their enimies) in the myre of the streets in the battel; for Zach. 9. 15. the Lord of hosts shal defend them, & they shal devowr and subdue their foes. That Christ shal Psal. 4 [...]. 16. make his children Princes throughout all the earth; & as himself hath Rev. 19. 12. many Crowns vpon his head, so will he cōmuni­cate them with his Saincts; as the crownes of his figure Zach. 6. 11. 14. Iesus son of Iehozadak the high Priest, were to Helem, Tobijah and others for a memorial in the tēple of the Lord. That as Christ is the head corner stone, Luk. 20. 17. 18. vpon which whosoever fal, shal be broken, & on whomsoever it fal, it shal grinde them to powder: so Ierusalem (his church) shall bee made Zach. 12. 3. a heavie stone for al people▪ al that lift it vp shalbe torne, though al the people of the earth be ga­thered [Page 253] togither against it. That as Christ shal Psal. 2. 9. crush the nations with a scepter of yron, and break them in peeces like a potters vessel: so Rev. 2. 26. 27. he that overcometh and keepeth his works vnto the end; to him will he give power over nations, & he shal rule them with a rod of yron, that as potters vessels they shal be bro­ken; even as he received of his Fa­ther, ver. 28. so will he give to that man, the morning starre.

27. To illustrate this Cōmuni­on between our Saviour and vs, we have the similitude of an humane bodie, the mēbers wherof by their due joynts and synewes ar joyned to the head, receiv from it life and motion, and government in al the actions and affayrs: so Christ Col. 1, 18. 1 Cor. 12, 1 [...]. &c. is the head of the body of his church, & communicateth with al the Saincts his members, Gal. 2, 20. Rom. 8. 32. life and grace, and al good things for their conservati­on. [Page 254] Also of a vine or Olive tree whose branches ar made partakers of the juice sap and fatnes Rom. 11. 17. that is in the root & stock: so we abiding in Ioh. 15. 1. 2, 4. 5. Christ the true vine, doe by the juice & moysture of his grace live and bear fruits to the prayse of God. Agayn as the husband and wife, ar not two, Mar. 10. 8. but one flesh; & the first woman Gen. 2. 22. builded of the rib of man, was flesh of his flesh and bone of his bone, and so did love & live togither partaking ech with others wel fare: in like manner are we joyned to the Lord, & made 1 Cor. 6. 17. one spirit; he that Isa. 54, 5. Hos. 2. 20. made vs is our husband, and we are maried to him in faith; wherevpon he Eph. 5. 29. 30. nourisheth & cherisheth vs; for we are mem­bers of his body, of his flesh and of his bones; and this is a ver, 32. great Se­cret, as the Apostle sayth, which they that would behold, had need Rev, 21. 9. 20. be caried in Spirit (as was Iohn) to [Page 255] a great & an high Mountain, there to be shewed this Spowse adorned with the glory of God, & al preci­ous ornaments of his Spirit. And so greatly doth the King Psal. 45. [...]. delight in her bewty, that the words which were spoken to the first woman Evah, how Gen. 3. [...]6. her desire should be vnto her husband; are now on the o­ther hand, (as touching the affecti­on of love) applied by the Spowse vnto him whom her sowl loveth, Song, 7. 10. I am my welbeloveds, and his desire is towards me.

28. From all that which is be­fore spoken, of the Cōmunion that God hath caled vs vnto with his Son, it followeth, that whatsoever justice and holines was in Christ manifested in the flesh, eyther by nature or by actiō; the same is made Rom. 4. 24. 25, & 5. 19. ours by grace and imputation: as on the contrary, whatsoever syn & vnrighteousnes is in vs by nature [Page 256] or action, the same is made 2 Cor. 5. 21. his by imputation, and by him is healed Psal. 40. 12. and taken away; that it can not be we now Rom. 8. 1. 38 [...]9. should perish, if we hold fast our faith and confidence of re­joycing vnto the end. Whatsoever troubles, sorrowes or tentations, (syn onely excepted,) do befall vs in this life; the like have befalle [...] Heb. 4. 15. vnto him, were by him overcome, and shal from Rev. 21. 4. vs, as already they are from him, be done away. Fi­nally whatsoever Iohn. 8. 36. Rom. 8. 2. Gal 3. 13. & 5. 1. Lev. 26. 13. 1 Cor. 7. 23. Mat. 17. 25. 27. 1 Cor. 6. 12. & 10. 25. 26. freedom & liber­ty, Christ as mā, in ordinarie estate, had on earth cōversing amōg men [...] the like hath he given, dayly giveth & confirmeth vnto Christiās; whi­ther we respect the spiritual law of God, or the politick lawes of men, and civil states. For he it is that Gal. 2. 20. li­veth in vs; himself Song. 6. 2. is ours, and we are his, Rom. 6. 5. 6. 8. graffed into his death and resurrection to eternal life: he hath given Isa. 46. 13. his glory vnto Israel; even [Page 257] the Ioh. 17. [...] ▪ 23. glory that the Father gav him, hath he given vs, that we may be one; as the Father and he ar one, he in vs, and God in him; & wher he is, vers. 24. ther shal we also be to be­hold his glory; though for the pre­sent we walk 2. Co [...]. 5. 7. by faith and not by sight, and it doth 1. Iohn. [...]. 2. not yet appear what we shalbe. The cōsideration of which riches of his grace, may cause vs to say with the prophet, Zach. 9. 17. how great is his goodnes, & how great is his bewtie? And we may conclude with the last word of Moses the man of God, Deut. 33. 29 Blessed art thou o Israel: who is like vnto thee, o people saved by the Lord, the shield of thine help, and which is the sword of thy glorie? therfore thine enimies shalbe in subjectiō to thee, & thow shalt tread vpon their high pla­ces.


Of our Communion with the holy Ghost.

ALthough the fellowship that we have with the holy Ghost, (who is 1 Ioh. 5. 7. one with the Father and the Son,) may much be discerned by that which is before spoken of God & of Christ: yet because the scripture speaketh many things of the work of Gods Spirit in vs, and particularly of the [...] Cor. 13. 13 Cōmunion of the Holy Ghost with vs; it wilbe for the good and comfort of the Saincts, to consider the graces and benefits that do come vnto them, by this cōmunion also in particular.

2. And this the rather, for that the Spirit is the Comforter, (that Ioh. 14. 16. [...]. other Comforter or Advocate,) which the Father at Christs request doth give vnto vs for to abide with vs for ever, and chear vs in the ab­sence of our Lord Iesus from vs, [Page 259] (who is gone vnto his Father and ours) that we should not be left as Ioh. 14. 18. orphans on earth, destitute of help and comfort amids our many trials and tribulations.

3. Very great is the grace, & ad­mirable the strength and consolati­on, which this Comforter giveth to the Saincts; as the example of the Apostles themselves doth confirm; who al the while that Christ was with them in this world, though he ceased not to teach & inform thē, to comfort and embolden them, to reprove and blame them, as there was occasion: yet were they Mat. 16. 8. 23. & 17. 20 & 20. 22. 24 25. & 26. 31 40. 56. Mark. 16. 14. weak and faint in faith, fearfull of their enimies, forgetful of Christs pro­mises, without vnderstanding of his mysteries, and overcaried many wayes with their own infirmities. But when he had sent down vpon them Luk. 24. 4 [...]. the promise of his Father, & endued them with power from on [Page 260] high, Act. 1. 5. baptising them with the ho­ly Ghost: then began they to speak with Act. 2. 4. 11. other tongues, as the Spirit gave them vtterance, the wonder­ful works of God; shewed great Act. 4. 8. 13. 1. 9. 31. 33. boldnes in preaching the word, & with great power witnessed the re­surrection of the Lord Iesus, and Act. 5. 12. 15 41. 42. & throughout the whol book. many signes and wonders were shewed by their hands, and they ceased not to teach and preach Ie­sus Christ amongst many troubles; rejoycing that they were counted worthy to suffer rebuke for his name.

4. Neyther vnto them alone was the holy Ghost given, (though the abundance of his graces was pow­red most plentifully vpon them;) but al that in those dayes, or before, or synce, do beleeve in the Lord Iesus Christ, ar sealed also with the same spirit of promise▪ & furnished in some mesure with the gifts of the [Page 261] same. Which grace the Lord him­self proclaymed in that Ioh: 2. 7▪ [...] last and great day of the Feast of Taberna­cles, saying, vers. 30. He that beleeveth in me, as sayth the scripture, out of his bel'y shal flow rivers of water of life; speaking this vers. 39. of the Spirit, which they that beleeved in him, should receiv; for if Rom. 8. 9. any man have not the Spirit of Christ, the same is not his.

5. As ther is but Ep [...] 4. 6. 5. one God and Father of al, and one Lord Jesus Christ; so is ther but one and 1. Cor. 12. 4. 5, 6. the same Spirit: although for the vers. 8.—11. di­versities of gifts which that Spirit distributeth among the Saincts, the scripture sometime speaketh as of Rev. 1. 4. seven Spirits which ar before the throne of God; (seven being a ful and perfect number, and signifying 1. Sam. [...]. 5. Ier. 15 9. Prov. 26 25. 16. Many:) and these seven Spirits be the Rev. 5. 6. seven hornes & seven eyes, (that is the manifold and absolute power & providence) of the Lamb [Page 262] Christ Iesus; of whom it was pro­phesied, that Isa. 11. 2. the Spirit of the Lord should rest vpon him; the Spirit of wis­dom, and Vnderstanding; the Spirit of counsel, & of strength; the Spirit of know­ledge, & of the fear of the Lord: of whō also it was witnessed, Io [...]. [...]. 34. God giveth him not the Spirit by mesure.

6. The Spirit, as he was at first Gen. 1. 2. Psal. 33. 6. cre­ator of the world, with the Father & ye Son; & Iob. 26. 13. garnished the heavēs: so is he stil the Luk 11. 20 with Mat. 12 28. finger of God, that worketh effectually al his actions, Psal. 104. 30 creating the creatures, & renewing the face of the earth. And generally as God speaketh vnto men out­wardly, by the ministery of his word: so sendeth he also inwardly, motions of his Spirit; against which many struggle, to their just judge­ment. In the old world Gen. 6. 3. Gods spi­rit strove in man, as his word was 2. Pet. 2. 5. preached by Noah; but they Iob. [...]2. 15. 17. sayd vnto God, Depart from vs: wher­fore [Page 263] they were Iob. 32. 16. wrinckled before the time, and the flood was pow­red out vpō their foundation. Whē Israel came out of Aegypt, the Lord sent before them Mic. 6. 4. Moses Aaron & Miriam, to guyd them outwardly by kingdome priesthood and pro­phesie; he gave them also Neh. 9. 20. his good Spirit to instruct them, and Iesus Christ his Son, the Isa. 63. 9. Exod. 23. 20. 21. Angel of his face or presence, saved them: yet they both Psa. 106. 16. envied Moses, and Aa­ron the holy one of the Lord; and often Psa. 78. 40. 41. provoked, grieved, & temp­ted God himself, and limited the Holy one of Israel; they rebelled & Isa. 63. 10. vexed his holy Spirit, (ye Spirit of ye Lord ver. 14. which had given thē rest▪) therefore was he turned to be their enimy, and fought against them. In these last dayes of the Gospell, we are also taught, how some that have tasted of the heavenly gift, & Heb. 6. 4. 5. 6. were made partakers of the Holy [Page 264] Ghost; yet fall so away that they cānot be renewed vnto repētance. So that even▪ wicked men and re­probates, do often receive Num, 24. 2. Mat. 7. 22. [...]3. the gifts of the Spirit, whereby they do many great works, yet are not benifited hereby vnto salvation▪ for they have not the grace of God to sanctifie those gifts, & seal thē vp vnto the day of redemption; ther­fore God 1 Sam. 16. [...]4. Psal. 51. 11. taketh his holy Spirit from them, and sometyme sendeth his evil spirit in sted thereof, to vex them, as he did vnto 1 Sam. 18. 10 Saul; & this worthily, seing there are of these wretches, that do even Heb. 10. 29. despite the Spirit of grace.

7. But the Saincts elect of God, have an other manner cōmunion with the Holy Ghost; for their help comfort and sanctification in this life, and assurance of life eternall. For, because they are sons, Gal. 4. 6. God sendeth the Spirit of his son into [Page 265] their harts, which crieth Abba Fa­ther; so they are Gal. 4. 7▪ no more servants but sons, and heyrs also of God through Christ, who hath obteyn­ed of his Father Ioh. 14. 16. 17. this Comforter to abide with them▪ for ever, even the Spirit of truth whom the world cannot receiv▪ because it seeth him not, neyther knoweth him; but they know him, for hee dwelleth with them, & shalbe in them; their Cor. 6. 19. bodies are the Temples of the Holy Ghost.

8. The communion which the Saincts have with the Spirit, is in many particulars; and that from the beginning of their dayes, vnto the end. For Ieremiah Ier. 1. 5. was sanctified, and Iohn Baptist Luk. 1. 15. filled with the Holy Ghost, even from their mo­thers wombs. And we all that are born of God, have our regenerati­on and new birth Iob. 3 5. of the Spirit: & according to his mercy are saved, [Page 266] Tit. 3. 5. by the washing of the new birth, & the renewing of the Holy Ghost.

9. The word of God, which it the immortal seed whereby we are begotten, hath alwayes been vtter­ed, explayned, and vnderstood, by means of this Spirit. David testifi­eth of himself, that [...] Sam. 23. 2 the Spirit of the Lord spake in him, & his word was in his tongue: our Mas. 22. 43. Act. 1. 16. saviour Christ, and his Apostles doe witnesse also the same concerning him; so the things that he spake, we must re­ceiv, as the sayings Heb. 3. 7. with Psal. 95 7. of the Holy Ghost. The like is to be minded for Act. 28. 25. Isaias Mic. 3. 8. Michaias, and al other Prophets, by whose hands the Lord Neh. 9. 30. Zach. 7. 12. protes­ted among his people by his spirit; for Prophesie (as the Apostle 2 Pet. 1. 21. saith) came not in old time by the wil of man; but holy men of God, spake as they wer moved by the Holy Ghost; the Lord Iehovah & Isa. 48. 16. his Spirit sent them. Yea Christ himself had the [Page 267] Mat. 1 [...]. 18. Spirit of God put on him, that hee might shew judgment to the Gen­tils; and was anoynted with Luk. [...]. 18. Act. 1 [...]. 38. the Spirit, that he might preach the Gospel to the poor; and vnto the Apostles whom hee had chosen, gave he cōmandements through Act. 1. [...] the Holy Ghost, who also having recei­ved 1 Cor. 2. [...] the Spirit which is of God, spake the things that were given them of him, not in the words which mans wisdome taught, but which ver. 13. the ho­ly Ghost did teach them: so preach­ed they ye Gospel vnto the Saincts, 1 Pet. [...]. 1 [...]. by the Holy Ghost sent down from hea­ven.

10. Vnto this Gospel of salvati­on first preached by the Lord, and after cōfirmed by them that heard him; God Heb. [...]. [...]. [...]. bare witnes both with signes and wonders, and with di­vers miracles and gifts of the Holy Ghost. For to one (as the Apostle sayth) Cor. 12. [...]. 9, 10. &c. was given by the Spirit the [Page 268] word of wisdom; to an other the word of knowledge, by the same spirit; to an other Faith, by the same Spirit; to an other, the gifts of healing, by the same Spirit; to an other the operations of great works; to an other Prophesie; to an other discerning of spirits; to an other diversities of tongues; to an other, the interpretatiōs of tōgues▪ and al these things wrought even the self same Spirit, distributing to every man severally as he would.

11. But these spiritual gifts, though they were powred out vpon many; yet are they not, ney­ther ever were given vnto al; as it is written, 1 Cor. 12. 30 Are al doers of miracles? have al the gifts of healing? doe al speak with tongues? doe al interpret? Agayn, to al that have them, they ar not seals of the adoption of Sons; for if men have 1 Cor. 13. [...]. prophesie, and know al secrets and al knowledge; if they [Page 269] have al fayth, so that they can re­move mountayns, and have not Love, they ar nothing. Yet is this 1 Cor. 1 [...]. [...]. manifestation of the Spirit given to every man to profit withall: & as the Apostles were Gods witnes­ses concerning the things which they sayd; so Act. [...]. 3 [...]. was the holy Ghost, whom God gave to them that o­beyed him; the Spirit was one 1 Iohn. [...]. [...]. of the three witnesses on earth, as the Apostle Iohn sayth.

12. As the mysterie of Christ was reveled Eph. 3. 5. to his holy Apostles and Prophets by the Spirit, & they preached the Gospel vnto others, 1 Pet. 1. 1 [...]. by the Holy Ghost sent down frō heaven; & as the ordinary perma­nent officers of the Churches, are made Overseers Act. 20. 28. by the Holie Ghost, to feed the Church of God: so by the hearing of Faith preach­ed, do men Gal. 3. 2. receive the Spirit; which God openly shewed, when [Page 270] while Peter yet was speaking, Act. 1 [...]. 44. the Holy Ghost fel on all them which heard th [...] word. And as by the work of the Spirit, the word is re­ceived and beleeved; so is the same also 1 Pet. 1. [...]. obeyed, kept and reteyned, [...] Tim. 1. 14. through the Holy Ghost that dwelleth in us. The Sacraments also have by him their effects in vs, as it is writ­ten, 1 Cor. 12. 13 by one Spirit are we al baptised into one body, whither Iewes or Greeks, whither bond or free, and have bene a [...] made to drink into one Spirit.

13. And having thus our new birth, caling vnto, and stablishing in the faith, by the work of the holy Ghost; we ar further by him con­firmed, comforted, emboldned, & assisted, in al our spiritual battels against Satan, this world, and our own corruptiōs. For wear Eph. 3. 16. strēgth­ned by Gods Spirit in the inner mā; & being armed with the word of God which is the Eph. 6. 17. sword of the [Page 271] Spirit, we stand fast; and though the enimy come like a flood, yet Isa. 59. 19. the Spirit of the Lord shal chase him a­way, as sayth the Prophet. And in rebuking the world, he vseth great boldnes, convincing Iohn. 16. 8. 11. them of syn, of righteousnes, and of judgement: so that Gods servants ar ful of po­wer Mic. 3. 8. by the Spirit of the Lord and of judgement, and of strength, to de­clare vnto the people their trāgres­sion, and their syn; an example wherof we may see in Paul. Act. 13. 9. 10. 11. Saul, who being full of the Holy Ghost, set his eyes vpon Elymas the sorcerer and sayd; O ful of al subtilty, & al mis­chief, child of the Divil, enimy of all righteousnes; wilt thou not ce [...]se to per­vert the straight wayes of the Lord? Now therefore behold the hand of the Lord is vpon thee, & thou shalt be blind, and not see the Sun for a season. And this courage the Sainctes have even before Princes and poten­tates [Page 272] of [...] earth [...] [...]ay be [...] in 2. Chro [...]. 24 20. 21. Zech [...]ah son of Iehojada, who being clo [...]ed with the Spirit, and rebuking the transgressions of the people, was therefore stoned with stones, at the comandement of the king. For the Luk. 12. 11. [...]. H [...]ly Ghost teach­eth them in that [...]owr what they ought to say; wherefore they are to take no thought how or what to answer, but resting vpon the ayd of Gods Spirit, do boldly say, Psal. 119. 46 [...] wil speak of thy testimonies (Lord) be­fore kings, and wil not be ashamed.

14 But in the Saincts them­selves, the Spirit is most mighty in operation for the subduing and sanctifying of their affections, and confirmation of their sowles and spirits in the love & favour of God. For whereas before time, some of them were fornicators, idolaters, theves, covetous, extortioners, or given to other like vices: 1. Cor. 6. 9. 10. 11. they [Page 273] [...] washed, they a [...], they ar [...]ustified in the name of the Lord Iesus, and by the Spirit of God. And wheras while they were fleshly, Iude. ver. 19 having not the Spiri [...] they walked after the Rom. 8. 4. 5. 8. 13. flesh, and favou­ [...]ed the things t [...] of, & could not [...]lease God, but were subject vnto death: now hee that raysed vp Christ from the Dead, doth also quicken their mortal bodies, v [...]r. 11. be­cause that his Spirit dwelleth in them; and so is fulfilled that which in figure God sayd of old vnto Is­rael; Eze. 37. 13. 14. Ye shal know that I am the Lord, when I have opened your graves, ô my people, and brought you vp out of your sepulchres, and shal put my Spirit in you, & ye shal live. Who then living in the Spirit, do also Gal. 5. 25. walk in the Spi­rit, and by it do Rom. 8. 13. mortify the deeds of the body, not Gal. 5. 16. 24. fulfilling the lusts of the flesh, which they have cruci­fied, but bringing forth the fruits [Page 274] of the Spirit, which are Gal. 5. 2 [...]. love, joy, peace, long suffring, gentlenes, goodnes, faith, meeknes, tēperance▪ for when the Spirit is powred vpon them from above; then Isa. 32. 15. the wildernes becometh a fruitful feild, a [...] sayth the Prophet.

15. And God wch hath promise [...] to powr water vpon the thirstie, [...] stoods vpon the drie ground, t [...] Isa. 44. 3. powr his Spirit vpon the seed [...] his Church, and his blessing vpo [...] their buds; wil not onely Luk. 11. 13. give the Holy Ghost to them that desi [...] him; but also continew his gifts [...] graces for the assurance of the [...] harts; so that they shall not labou [...] in vayn, nor bring forth in fear, because Isa. 65. 23. they are the seed of the blessed of the Lord, & their buds with them. The love of God is Rom. 5. 5. shed abroad in their harts, by the Ho­ly Ghost which is givē vnto them, and by him Eph. 4. 30. are they sealed vnto [Page 275] the day of redemption; the same Spirit Rom. 8. 1 [...]. beareth witnesse with their spirits that they are the Sonnes of God; and hereby they 1. Ioh. 4. 13. know that they dwel in God, and he in them, because he hath given them of his Spirit, which is as a [...] 2 Cor. 1. 22. pawn or earnest in their harts, whereby they do not onely behold the glory of the Lord with open face, but are 2 Cor. 3. 18. changed into the same image, from glory to glory, as by the Spirit of the Lord. And this Spirit which they have received, is not the Spirit of bon­dage to fear again, (as at the Exod. 19. 16▪ & 34. 30. giving of the Law, and looking vpon Mo­ses face,) but is the Spirit of Rom. 8. 15. adop­tion-of-children, whereby they cry Abba Father, even the Spirit of his Son Christ, Gal. 4▪ 6. which God hath sent into their harts, because they also are sons, and the Gal. 3. 14. blessing of Abrahā is come vpō them through Christ Iesus. So Gods good Spi­rit [Page 276] Psal. 143. 10▪ leadeth them vnto the Lan [...] of righteousnes, and this is a par [...] of his covenant with them, tha [...] Isa. 59. 21. his Spirit which is upon them, an [...] his words which hee hath put i [...] their mouth, shal not depart out [...] the mouth of them or their se [...] or their seeds seed for ever. Neith [...] wil he hide his face any more fro [...] thē Ezek. 39. 89. because he hath powred out his spirit upō the hense of Israel, as he hat [...] promised by his Prophet. From a [...] which proceedeth vnto the Sain [...] vnspeakable peace comfort & joy which they find and feel, both [...] the receiving of the word, (as the Apostle sayth 1. Thes. 1. 6. ye received the wor [...] in much affliction with joy of the holy Ghost;) in the obedience the [...] vnto in the kingdō of God; which is Rom. 14. 17. righteousnes, and peace, and joy in the holy Ghost.

16. Amongst other benefits which the Spirit affordeth, this is [Page 277] one special, that it helpeth the Saincts infirmities in prayer; who [...]ls know not what to pray as they [...]ught, but Rom. 8. 26. 27. the Spirit it self maketh request for them▪ with sighs which cannot be expressed; & the request which he maketh is according to [...]he wil of God, who sercheth the [...]arts, and knoweth what the mea­ning of the Spirit is.

17. But that the Saincts be not deceaved, and led astray from the truth, by any motion, suggestion, vision, revelation, or other means whatsoever, as from the Spirit of the Lord; our Saviour hath given vs a rule, to discern the work of his Spirit, from the delusion of Satan; which is this, that his Spirit Iohn. 16. 13. 14. spea­keth not of himself, but whatsoever he heareth he speaketh: that he glorifieth Christ, for he receiveth of Christs, (& vers. 15. al things that the Father hath at Christs,) and sheweth it vnto [Page 278] Christians. Therfore is he the Spi­rit vers. 13. of truth, and leadeth into altruth, because he teacheth nothing but according to the word of God, which word is Iohn. 17. 17. truth. And by that word must al spirits be tried; by it may be discerned the Spirit of truth from the Spirit of error: and Iosua, though he were ful of the Spirit o [...] Deut 34. 9. wisdome; yet was charged of God to Ios. 1. 7. 8. attend vnto the book of the Law, (for his direction,) to obser [...] and doe, according to al that was written therin.

18. Finally, the Spirit of God, hath generally in all things wrought much and mightily in and by the Saincts. With this was Exod. 31. 3. 4. Bezaleel fil­led, in wisdome and in vnderstan­ding, & in knowledg, & in al work­manship, to find out curious works for the Lords Tabernacle; with this were the Num. 11. 25 seventy Ancients furnish­ed for the goverment of Israel, [Page 279] & prophesied. With the wisdom of this Spirit, was Deut. 34. 9. Num. 27. 18. 20. Iosua full, after that Moses had put his hands vpon him, & given him of his glo­ry, when he ordeyned him to be his successor in the kingdome. And what should I speak of al the Iud­ges, as of Othoniel, of Gedeon, of [...]ephte & of Samson, vpon whom the Iud. 3 10. Spirit of the Lord came, [...]. 6. 34. & 11. 29. & 13. 25 & 14. 6. 1 [...]. clo­thed them, strengthned them, and prospered vpon them; whereby they went boldly vnto great bat­tels, overcame their enimies, and [...]ent the wilde beasts that roared vpon them. The Prophets also & Apostles, were Eze 2. 2. & 3. 14. 24. & 37. 1. Act. 8. 29. 39. & 10 19. 20. & 13 2. 4 & 16. 6 7. & 20. 22. & 21. 4. caried and guyd­ed by the Spirit, in their wayes words, and works; taught whom for to goe to, and from whom to refreyn; and had great intelligence of things Act. 11. 28. for to come; and in eve­ry citie, the Act. 20. 2 [...] Holy Ghost witnes­sed, such thinges as Gods wisdom [Page 280] saw good to revele. So that the help which the Spirit ministreth to the Saincts, is infinite and incom­prehensible; and they may saye to the Lord with the Prophet, Psal. 13 9. 7. whi­shal I goe from thy Spirit? for loe, the wisdom of God Prov. 1. 23. powreth out her Spirit vnto them, & maketh them vnderstand her words: this 1 Ioh. 2. 20. Oynt­ment they have from him that is holy, & do know al things: through the power of the Holy Ghost they Rom. 15. 13. abound in hope; by the comfort of the Holy Ghost, they and the Act. 9. 31, Churches of them are multiplied and by him the Rom. 15. 16. offring vp of the Gentils (by the ministery of the Gospel) is sanctified: and whatsoe­ver good thing is done among Gods people, is not by an Army nor strength, but Zach. 4. 6. by the Spirit of the Lord of hosts, without which 1 Cor. 12 3. no man can say, that Iesus is the Lord.

[Page 281]19. Thus ar the Saincts of God, advanced to honour & dignitie, a­bove al peoples on the earth; being themselves the 1 Cor. 3. 1 [...]. Temple of God, & having his Spirit dwelling in them: injoying a most holy and happy cōmunion, 1 Ioh. 1. 3. with the Father, and with his son Iesus Christ, and with 2 Cor. 13. 13 the Holy Ghost; the grace and peace and comfort whereof, pas­seth al vnderstanding, and can no way be sufficiently expressed, by the tongue or pen of man. And this holy cōmunion with his peo­ple God shewed of old by his pro­phet, in these gracious words, Hag. [...]. [...]. 6. I am with you sayth the Lord of hosts with the Christ. Ioh. 1. 1. Word, by whom I covenanted with you when you came out of Aegypt; and my Spirit remayning among you: Fear you not.

Al thy works prayse thee, ô Lord; & thy Saincts blesse thee.

Psal. 145. 10.


How the fores [...]yd communion and peace between God and his Sainsts, is somtimes interrupted by their syns: what vnrest & trouble, they then feel in themselves; and how their ancient peace is renewed.

B [...]cause ther is Eccl. 7. 22. 2. Chron. 6. 36 no man just in the earth, that doeth good and sinneth not; and whiles men dwel in these howses of clay, they be compassed about with their own infirmities, tempted of their own concupiscences, and besett with Divils, that alwayes lie in wayt to entrap and devour: it falleth out, that the Saincts of God ar not on­ly assaulted, but oftētimes foyled by their enemies, and do fal into snares, and loathsome trespasses, wherby God is dishonoured, the Divil delighted, & their own harts wounded and distressed.

2. For our knowledge in this [Page 283] life, is but 1 Cor. 13. 9. 12. in part; so that through error & ignorāce we oft do amisse; neyther can any man Psal. 19. 12. vnderstand or discerne those errors. Our affec­tions & lusts are not fully subdued, but do yet Iam. 4. [...]. warr in our members; the flesh Gal. 5. 17. lusteth against the spirit, and these 1 Pet. 2. 11. lusts fight against the sowle, & ar as a Rom. 7. 23. law in our mem­bers, rebelling against the law of our mind, and captivating vs to the law of syn which is in our mem­bers. Our strength is infirme; and though we would do good, yet ver. 1 [...]. find we no means to performe it. Our enemy Satan, is both sub­tile and strong, and seeketh dayly to circumvent vs, & often prevai­leth through our weaknes and vn­heedines, that in Iam. 3. 2. many things we syn al, & no man can say Prov. 20. 9. I hav puri­fied my hart, I am clean from my syn.

3. Sometime the pleasures of the flesh, do bewitch and drawe [Page 284] vs into greevous offences; Gen. 9. 21. drun­kennes, 2 Sam. 11. 4 1 King. 11. 1. 2. 3. 4. adultery, fornication, mur­der, and idolatrie it self; sometime the blessings of God vpon vs, do make vs prowd, our 2 Chron. 32. 25. harts are lifted vp, we commit 1 Chron. 21. 1. 2 &c. vainglorious acti­ons, forgetting Luk. 15. 13. 17. our selves, and Deut. 32. 18 15. God that begate vs, even forsak­ing the Rock of our salvatiō; some­time our affections are so stirred, that we fal into intemperance 1 Sam. 25. 23. 21. 22. 31. 32. 33. 34. 2 Chro. 16. 10. Psal. 106. 32. 33. Act 7. 9. Gen 49. 7. both in word & work, not onely against men, but even Ion. 4. 1. 4. 9. &c. God himself; som­time feares, doubts, dangers, threat­nings, and afflictions, do Exod. 14. 10. Isa. 7. 2. Mat. 14. 30. 31. daunt and discourage vs, making the hart to faint, the tongue to deny Mat. 26. 70. 72. 74. and forswear the truth, the hands Ex. 32. 2. 4. 22. 2 [...]. &c. to work impietie, our faith to quaile, that we forsake Christ and Mat. 26. 56. flee a­way. Yea Gods children have in error and blind zele, persecuted the truth and professors thereof, even killed Christ himself, & cru­cified [Page 285] the Lord of Glorie; as the example of Act. 9. 1. &c & Act. 2. 22. 23. 29. 36. 38 39. Saul & sondrie other elect Israelites doth manifest. These and many like greevous syns do the Saincts sometimes fall into through their infirmities, (God withdrawing his hand, & leaving them to themselves,) besides their ignorances & defaults which mul­tiplie dayly: so as they surmount in number Psal. 40. 12. the hayres of their heads. And many times such mē lie sleep­ing in their syns As the for­mer examples of the Patri­arches shew. long, forgetting themselves in their voluptuous de­lights; til God awakeneth them of his grace, least they should sleep the death, and perish for ever.

4. He awakeneth vs somtime by the sound of 2 Sam. 1 [...]. 1—7—13. Act▪ 2. 37. his word, knock­ing at the door of our harts; and by his Neb. 9. 30. Spirit wherewith he Gen. 6. 3. striveth in vs: somtime by Iob. 33. 16. 17. 19. &c. Ion 1. 17. & 2. 1. 2. &c. corrections & punishments for our misdeedes in­flicted vpon our bodies; sometime [Page 286] by [...] Sam 24. 10. Psal. 38. 3 8. 10. striking our consciences with dread dismay and terrour for our syns, and withdrawing the cheer­ful light of his countenance from vs, so as we feel not the joy of his spirit, neyther have peace in our selves; but the comfortable cōmu­niō betweē his Majestie & vs, seem­eth quite to be disanulled & brokē.

5. For he withdraweth his face and favour from vs, Iob. 19. 11. kindleth his anger against vs, & coūteth vs as his enemies, the horror of his wrath is as fyre sent from above into our bones; the curse Dan. 9. 1 [...]. written in the law, is powred vpon vs, and is as the ar­rowes of the Almightie, the venim wherof drinketh vp our spirit. He Psal. 90. 8. setteth our iniquities before him self, & our secret syns in the light of his countenance; he setteth them also in our own sight, and our syn is Psal. 51. 3. before vs continually; with his hand he Lam. 1. 14. bindeth the yoke of our [Page 287] transgressions, & with them being wrapped & layd vpon our neck, he maketh our strength to fayl; Iob. 13. 26. bitter things doth he write against vs, & make vs to inherit the iniquities of our youth; so as ther is Psal. 38. 3. 5 7. nothing found in our flesh because of his an­ger; neither is ther rest in our bones because of our sin: our wounds stink and ar corrupt, our reynes ar ful of burning, our hart is Psal. 22. 14. as waxe, it melteth in the mids of our bow­els; our bones are parched Psal. 102 3. like an hearth, & our Psal. 32. 40 moysture is turned to a summers drowth, so heavy is his hand vpon vs night and day. Then crie we out for grief of hart, we ‖ rore like beares, and mourn like doves; looking for judgment, but there is none; for salvation, but it is far from vs; because our trespas­ses are many both before him and our selves, for which his terrors do fight against vs, he visiteth vs Isa. 59. 11, 12. everyIob. 7. 18. [Page 288] morning, and trieth vs every mo­ment; setteth vs as a mark against him, so that we are a burden to our selves. Also when we crie & shout, Lam. 3. 8. he shutteth out our prayer, and is even Psal. 80. 4. angrie against it; because our Isa. 59. 2. iniquities have separated between vs and him, and our syns have hid his face from vs, that he will not hear; so lothsome are our trespasses vnto him, so venemous to our selves is the biting of those fiery serpents.

6. Then are we left comfort­lesse and desolate, cast down in our selves, our soul powred out vpō vs, Iob. 30. 15. 16 and our salvation passed away as a clowd; we are kept out of the pa­radise of God with the terror of his law and judgments, as with the Gen. 3. 24. Psal. 88. 6. 7 blade of the Cherubims brand­ishing sword; we are layd ”in the lowest pit, in darknes, in the deep; where Gods indignation lieth vp­on vs, and we are vexed with all [Page 289] his waves. We ar a reproch to wic­ked men, who because of our mis­deeds do 2. Sam. 1 [...]. 14. blaspheme: we ar a scorne to the Divils, who insult at our syns, cease not to accuse vs before Rev. 12. 10. God day and night, and hope to hav vs in the end, a prey to their teeth. Our Psal. 38. 18 lovers and our friends stand a side from our plague, and our kinsmen stand far off. They that should guide & direct vs to Christ, in sted of good counsel do often Song. 3. 3. & 5. 7. smite and wound vs, persecuting them whom God hath smitten, Psal. 69. 26 & adding to their sorowes whom he hath wounded. The worm of our own conscience continually biteth vs, so as when we would Iob. 9. [...]7. 2 [...] forget our complaint, and comfort our selves; then ar we afrayd of al our sorowes, knowing that God wil not judge vs innocent, who Iob. 10. [...]. inquireth [Page 290] of our iniquity and sercheth out our syn; yet Iob. 13. 24. hideth his face, and re­puteth vs for his enemies. Thus our sowl Lam. 3. 17. 18. is farr off from peace, we have forgotten prosperity, saying, Our strength and our hope is perished from the Lord; and Iob. 3. 20. wherfore is the light given to them that are in miserie, and life vnto thē that hav heavy harts? for our harp is turned to mourning; Iob. 30. 31. and our organs, into the voice of them that weep.

7 But the Iob. 19. 28. root of the word wch is found in vs, and the 1. Iohn. 3. 9. [...]eed of God which remayneth in vs; stirreth vp the spark of faith, and suffreth it not to dye in these distresses. It bringeth to mind Gods ancient mercies, his faith confirmed, and love sealed towards vs in Christ; it telleth vs, wher syn aboundeth, Rom. 5. 20 grace doth abound much more. Then remem­bring our song in the night, com­muning with our own hart, & our [Page 291] spirit serching diligently, we say, Psal. 77. 6. 7. 8. Wil the Lord absent himself for ever? and wil he shew no more favor▪? Is his mercy clean gone for ever? doth his pro­mise fayl for evermore? hath God for­gotten to be merciful? hath he shut vp his tender mercies in displesure? we hav synned, Iob. 7. 20. what shal we do vnto thee, ô thou preserver of men? If thou streightly Psal. 130. 3. 4. markest iniquities, Lord who shall stand? surely then the Iob. 14. 18. mountain would fal and come to nought, and the rock would be re­moved from his place; neyther shal any Psal. 143. [...]. that liveth be justified in thy sight. But mercy is with thee, that thou mayst be feared. And now Lord thou art our Isa. 64. 8. [...] Father; we are the clay, and thou art the potter, we al are the work of thine hands; be not angry ô Lord above mea­sure, neyther remēber iniquitie for ever; purge thou vs with hyssope and we shalbe clean, Psal. 51. 7. [...] wash vs and [Page 292] we shalbe whiter then snow; make vs to hear joy and gladnes, that the bones which thou hast broken may rejoyce, turne vs againe ô God ofPsal. 80. 3. 7 1 [...] hosts, and cause thy face to shine, that we may be saved.

8. When thus we shall submit our selves vnder the mighty hand of God, and drawing waters from the well of our harts, 1 Sam. 7. 6. Lam. [...]. 19. shall powr them out before the Lord: when we shal confesse our iniquities, and in faith ask mercy at his hands, hū ­gring and thirsting after his righte­ousnes, and Psal. 42. 1. braying for it as the hinde for the rivers of waters: the Lord wil Deu. 32. 36. repent towards his ser­vants, whē he seeth that their power is gone; he wil Isa. 44. 3. powr water vpon the thirstie, & floods vpon the drie ground, and wil say vnto vs, Isa. 41. 10. Fear not for I am with you; be not a­frayd, for I am your God, I wil strengthen you and help you and [Page 293] susteyn you with the right hand of my justice; though Isa. 1. 18. your syns were as crimsin, they shalbe made white as snow, though they were red like scarlet, they shalbe as wool: for a little while I have forsaken you, Isa. 54. 7. 8. but with great compassion will I gather you; for a moment in anger I hid my face from you for a little season, but with everlasting mercy have I had compassiō on you, sayth the Lord your redeemer. Then shal we see in the black cloud of our tri­bulations, the Gen. 9. 13. 14. bow of the Lord, even himself will appear with the Eze. 1. 28. Rev. 4. 3. rayn-bow about his throne, the to­ken of his covenant of grace, which he remembreth; and as hee sware that the waters of Noah should no more goe over the earth, Isa. 54. 9. 10 so swear­eth he not to be angrie with vs nor rebuke vs; though the mountaines remove, and the hils fal down, yet his mercy shal not depart from vs, [Page 294] nor the covenant of his peace fall away.

9. Thus God which had woū ­dedHos. 6. 1. 2. vs, bindeth vs vp; after two dayes [troubles] he reviveth vs, in the third day he raiseth vs vp & we live in his sight; hePsal. 147. 3. healeth our broken harts, and bindeth vp our sores. For Christ our mediatour, that Angel of the covenant, hath asked for vs mercy of God his Fa­ther, who was so long displeased with vs, andIsa. 32. 2. the Lord hath answer­ed him with good and comforta­ble words; this man is vnto vs, asZec. 1. 12. 13 an hiding place from the wind, & as a secret from the tempest; as ri­vers of waters in a drie place, & as the shadow of a great rock in a wea­ry land. And though our bark hath been tossed in the sea of afflictions, where Christ himself seemedMat. 14. 24. 26. 27. 32. to vs a spright, and made us afrayd; yet now his gracious voyce doth com­fort [Page 295] vs, and his presence ceaseth al winde & tempest. It is he, even he thatIsa. 43. 25. putteth away our iniquities for his own sake, & remēbreth not our syns; but restoreth to vs thePsal. 51. 12. joy of his salvatiō, giveth vsIsa. 61. 3. bew­ty for ashes, the oyle of joye for mourning, the garment of gladnes for the spirit of heavines; so thatPsal. 103. 5. Isa. 40. 31. our youth is renewed, and we lift vp the winges as the Eagles; ourIob. 33. 23. flesh is as fresh as a childs; strength isPsal. 138. 3. increased in our sowles; and be­ing now as widowes divorcedRom. 7. 1. 2. 3—6. frō our syns, delivered from that law; and returned to our Fathers howse, like theLev. 22. 13. Priests daughters we eat of our Fathers bread, as we did in our youth; we shal feel noIsa. 49. 10. more hunger, nor thirst, neyther shall the heat smite on vs, nor the sun; God wipethRev. 21. 4. al tears frō our eyes, there is no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying, nor payn; for the first things [Page 296] are passed.

10 Having thus after long seekingSong. 3. 1. 2. 3. 4. found him whom our sowlloveth, we take hold vpon him, and leav him [...]ot, til we hav brought him home vnto vs; and after this nightsGen 32. 24. &c. wrastling with the Angel, we wil not let him goe, vntil he blesse vs, and giv vnto weak Iaakob the new name of Israel; for that by strong faith we have power with God & prevaile,Hos. 12. 3. 4. having wept and prayed vnto him. And now he putteth in our mouth, aPsal. 40, 3. & 51. 14. & 103. 1, 2. 3. new song of prayse vnto our God; our tongues sing joyfully of his justice, & our sowles do bless him, which hath pardoned al our iniquities, healed al our infir­mities, redemed our life from the pit, and crowned vs with mercy and compassions. And because we beleev, therfore we speak and say, [...]sa. 118. 17. 18. We shal not die but live, and declare the works of the Lord; the Lord hath [Page 297] chastened vs sore, but hath not delivered vs to death. Wherfore after our ago­nies & conflicts with death, terrors within, and fears round about; we repose in Christ our redemer, who hath taken away our syns, vāquisht al our foes, put Satan to flight, re­newed our peace, and quieted our consciences: and then we reioyce and say,Psal. 116. 7. My soul return vnto thy rest, for the Lord hath been bountiful vnto thee.

11. Then giveth he vs to see, how in all these troubles and tor­ments, we have most neer cōmuni­on with Christ, and are by them made cōformable vnto him; for he was wounded for ourIsa. 53. 5. transgres­sions, he was broken for our iniqui­ties, innumerablePsal. 40. [...]. troubles com­passed him, the syns of the elect, which by imputatiō were his, took such hold vpon him that he was not able to look vp; for the Lord [Page 298] [...] layd vpon him the iniquitie of vs al; though he had done no wicked­nes, neyther was any deceyt in his mouth, yet the Lord would break him and make him subject to infir­mities, so that he felt [...] terrour and anguish, and heavines in his sowl even vnto the death; his sweat in his agonie was like [...] drops of blood trickling down to the ground, and his cry vnto his God was, [...] why hast thou forsaken me? And we in our af­flictions do but drink of his cup, and are baptised but with his bap­tisme; that after we have suffred with him, we may also reign with him, & by many tribulations [...] must we enter into his kingdome. And he that was thus smitten of God, & humbled even to the death; thus troubled in sowl, and left of his Fa­ther for a seasō; foūd an yssue out of al tentations, not for himself alone, but for vs whose surety he was; who [Page 299] therefore have this hope for an an­ker to our sowles, that as we now suffer with him, so shal we also reign with him, notwithstanding that for the present we are brought in­to the dust of death.

12. After this, admiring the mercies of our God, and the vnser­chable depth of his counsels, who worketh & turneth al things, even our own syns vnto our good; who leadeth vs in such wayes and wil­dernesses, wher fyrie Deut. 8. 15. serpents and scorpions are, & drought without water; which maketh vs folow him when his Psal. 77. 19. way is in the sea, and his pathes in the great waters, and his footsteps ar not knowen; in al which dangers he defendeth vs, & afterwards bringeth vs into his rest: we say the Lord dwelleth 2 Chro. 6. [...]. in a dark clowd, Isa. 45. 15. Verily thou ô God hidest thy self, ô God the saviour of Israel; how vnserchable ar thy judge­ments, [Page 300] and thy wayes past finding out? Then minding our frayl estate in this flesh, how we are Rom. 7. 14. 15-18. sold vn­der syn, & do trespasse against God every day, and cannot do the good that we would▪ we abase our hornes vnto the dust, and by repē ­tance do die dayly, washing Christs feet with our tears, knowing that notwithstanding the communion that wee have with him here by faith, yet are we but strangers and pilgroms on earth, and whiles we are [...] Cor. 5. 6. at home in the body, we are absent from the Lord; whiles our Iob. 14. [...]2. flesh is vpō vs we shalbe sorowful, and whiles our soule is in vs, it shal mourn. Therefore Is [...]. 35. 3. Heb, 12. 12. 13 strengthening our weak hands and comforting our feeble knees, we make streight steps vnto our feet, being careful & circumspect least Satan further cir­cumvent vs, seeking to make an end of our salvation with Phil. 2. 12. fear & [Page 301] trembling, giving all diligence 2 Pet. 1. 5. [...] to ioyn vertue with our faith, and to make our caling and election sure; for behold Pro. 11. 38. 1 Pet. 4. 18. the righteous have [for their syns] recompence in the earth and are scarcely saved, where then shal the vngodly & synner appear? but we which beleev in Christ, ex­spect with patience our ful redem­tion, & as we have Psal. 55. 22. cast our bur­den on the Lord, and Psal. 10. 14. cōmitted our poor selves vnto him; so we are perswaded 2 Tim. 1. 12. that he is able to keep that which is cōmitted vnto him against that day, even to Iude. ver. [...] keep vs that we fall not, and to present vs faultles before the presence of his glory with joy; where we shall al­wayes behold his face, and being quite freed from our syns, & from al possibilitie of ever synning more; shal perpetually serve and honour him, with his Angels at his right [Page 302] hand, where Psal. 16. 11. pleasures ar for ever­more.

He that walketh in darknes, & hath no light, let him trust in the name of the Lord, & stay vpon his God.

Isa. 50. 10.


Of the cōmunion that the Sainctes have in this life with Angels.

The name of Angel, which is in English a Messēger, is in ye scrip­tures attributed, 1. to our Lord Christ; 2. to the spiritual creatures in heaven; 3. and to some certaine men on earth, imployed in the mes­sage and service of God.

2. Christ, is the Angel whom God Num. 20. 16 1 Cor. 10. 9. sent to bring Israel out of Aegipt, in whome Exod. 23. 20. 21. Gods name is, and is therfore caled the Angel Isa. 63. 9. of his Face or Presence, even the Exo. 34. 14. Face of [Page 303] God it self; the Mal. [...]. [...]. Angel of the Covenāt, whom the Israelites desired; the Angel that Gen. 48. 116. [...] [...] Redemer; the title of Christ. delivered Iaakob from al evil; the Angel that Deut. 33. 116 Exod. 8. 2. 6. dwelt in the bush, whiles it burned and was not consumed; who was the God of Abraham Isaak & Iaakob; the Iudg. 6. 11 [...]. 14. 16 [...] An­gel Iehovah, who emboldned Ge­deon to battel against the Madia­nits, and was with him in the same; the Angel with the golden censer Rev. 68. 68. [...]. that giveth many odours to the prayers of all Saincts, and out of whose hand the odours with the prayers goe vp before God in his throne. He is no created Angel, but the Colos. 11. 1 [...]6 creator of Angels, and all other thinges in heaven and earth; therefore is he the Iude. ver. [...]. Archangel, the Col. 2. 10. head of al principalitie and power the Dan. 10. 113. first of the chief Princes, even Revel. 12. 7. Dan. 10. 21. Michael our prince, whom Heb. 1. 6. al the Angels of God do worship. Of him and our communion with him [Page 304] is before spoken.

3. The ministers of God, though mē on the earth, yet for the service wherein they be imployed ar caled Angels or Messengers. Such were the priests in the tyme of the Law, as Malachie Mal. 2. 7. intitleth them; such was Mat. 11. 10 Iohn Baptist; & such ar Christs ordinarie ministers the Rev. 1. 20. and 2. 1 &c. and often in that book Angels of the Churches. Of whom it remaineth to be spoken otherwhere.

4. The blessed spirits which are about the throne of God, where Dan. 7. 10. thousand thowsands minister vn­to him, and ten thowsand thow­sands stand before him; these hea­venly creatures being often sent forth into this world on Gods mes­sage, are therfore most properly & vsually caled Angels. Of thē do we treat in this place. These ar 2. Sam. 14. 20. wise & Psal. 103. 20 excel in strength, and in al ready and swift performance of the wil of God; They ar Col. 1. 16. Thrones; Domi­nions, [Page 305] principalities, & powers, they ar the Dan. 10. 13. chief princes above al the princes of the earth; and the title of Psal. 8. 5. & 97. 7. with Heb. 1. 6. & 2. 6. 7. Gods is given vnto them: God imparteth 1. king. 22. 19. 20. Zach. 1. 10. 11. &c. to them his counsels and vseth their ministerie in the go­vernment of the world.

5. These heavenly creatures, ar parties in the communion of the Saincts, as is Chap. 4. Sect 3. before touched; for they & we hav al one head Col. 2. 10. & 1. 18. which is Christ, & are al 1. Tim. 5. 2 [...] elect to be par­takers of the glorie of God for ever. But because they are Heb. 1. 7. spirits, and hav not flesh and blood as we; therfore the fellowship between them and vs is spiritual, to be learn­ed out of the scriptures, and discer­ned by faith, not by ey-sight. Again God hath in ages past, before ye in­carnatiō of Christ, more imployed them outwardly in reveling his will vnto men, then in these last dayes he doeth; since he hath opened vnto [Page 306] vs the whole mysterie of his coun­sel, Heb. 1. 1. by his Son. Yet as at the giving of the Law, when the Lord came from mount Sinai, & rose vp from Seir vnto his people, he came with Deut. 33. 2. ten thowsands of the Saincts: so in the time of the Gospel, when his feet stood on the mount of Olives, the Lord our God came, and Zech. 14. 4. 5 al the Saincts with him, to do him worship Mar. 1. 13. and minister vnto him; to guard Rev. 9. 11. his throne & church; & to be sēt forth in ministery Heb. 1. 14. for their sakes wch shalbe heyres of salvation.

6. Somtimes the Angels appea­red in visible formes of Gen. 18. 2. &c. & 19. 1. &c. Heb. 13. 2 men, and for a while so conversed with men, eating and drinking, and talking familiarly of the matters wherabout they were sent; as in the historie of Abrahā & Lot is to be seen. Som­times they appeared in more glori­ous shapes, like Isa. 6. 2. 6. 7 Dan. 8. 15. 17 & 9. 21. 22. winged creatures, and so would treat with men about [Page 307] their affayres vocally: but their cele­stial majestie, then much daunted the sons of Adam. Sometimes they appeared, Gen. 28. 12. but spake not; & againe somtime they spake, Act. 8. 26. whē no men­tion is made of their appearing.

7. The causes also and effects of their appearing, were many and weightie. For by them Abrahā was told of the Gen. 18. 10. 17. 20. birth of Isaak; & the de­struction of Sodom; Manoah & hisIudg. 13. wife, of ye birth of Sāson; Zecharie, of ye Luk. 1. 13. birth of Iohn Baptist; Mary, Luk. 1. 30. 32 of ye cōceptiō, & ye shepheards, Luk. 2. 10. of y birth of our Lord Christ; the womē Mark. 16. 1. 5. 6. of his resurrectiō; & the Apostles, Act. 1. 10. 11 of his second coming at the last day. By them Zecharie was Zech. 2. 3. 4▪ certified of the restauration of Ierusa­lem; Daniel Dan. 7. 10. 16. &c. & 8. 13. 15. 17. & [...] & 9. 21. &c. & 10. 5. 6. &c. was informed of the state of the church from his time toRevel. 1. 1 [...] &c. vnto Chap. 22. 6. 16. Christ; and Iohn, of the * estate therof, frō his dayes, to the worlds end. By them, Lot Gen. 19. was delivered [Page 308] from the burning of Sodom; Shad­rach, Meshach, & Abednego, Dan. 3. 28. from the fyrie fornace; Daniel, Dan. 6. 22. from the Lions mouthes; & Peter, Act. 12. 7. &c. out of Herods prison. By them, Abra­hams servant, was Gen. 24. 7. 40. guided in his journey; Philip, was directed to goe Act. 8. 26. 29 and preach to the Eunuch; Paul Act 16. 9. 10. to the Macedonians; Iaakob, was encouraged Gen. 28. 12. & 32. 1. 2. 11 24. in his going towards, & retourning from Mesopotomia, Eliah, was 1 king. 19. 5. 6. 7. refreshed with food in his flight frō Iezebel; Ioseph Mat. 2. 13. was counselled to flee with Christ, from Herods persecution; and Paul Act. 27. 23. 24. was comforted against peril of ship­wrack. Their ministery was vsed at Gal. 3. 19. Act. 7. 53. the giving of the fyrie law on mount Sinai; their melodie was heard at the Luk. 2. 13. 14. birth of the Lamb, that reigneth on mount Sion; and they stil sing loud Rev. 5. 11. 12 his praises about Gods throne; and they shalbe the harvestmen to Mat. 13. 39 41. & 24. 31 reap the earth and [Page 309] to sever the bad from among the just, at the end of this world.

8. They ar Gods powrful instru­ments as for smiting Psal. 78. 4 [...] Act. 12. 23. the wicked with sore diseases; so for the help and healing of our sicknesses, when it pleaseth God so to imploy them: as appeareth by that famous mira­cle, often wrought in the pool at Ierusalem, whose waters were at certaine times troubled by an An­gel; after which stirring, who so first stepped in, was made whole of whatsoever disease he had. In me­mory of which heavenly grace, the place was caled Ioh. 5. 2. 4. &c. Beth-esda, that is the house of bountifulnes or mer­cy.

9. And although now a dayes they appear not visibly, nor afford vs such outward help: yet are these heavenly messengers, stil secretly imployed for the safeguard and be­nefit of the Saincts. For who so [Page 310] dwelleth in the secret of the Most high, and lodgeth in the shadow of the Almighty; over him (as the Psal. 91. 1. 11 Psalmist sayth,) God giveth his Angels charge to keep him in all his wayes: yea even vnto Mat. 18. 10. little children doth their care extend, & as the embroydred Exod. 26. 1. Cherubims environed the Tabernacle, so doe those heavenly soldjers cōpasse and guard Gods true tabernacle the Church. And whereas we are in danger two manner wise, 1. by our own infirmitie, 2. and our ene­mies might & subtiltie: these Dan. 4. 14. watch­men and guardians Heb. 1. 14. of our salvati­on, do succour vs in both. For as the mother, carieth in her armes the child which cannot wel goe; so these do Psal. 91. 12. bear-vs-vp in their hands, that we hurt not our foot against a stone; and when we are besieged by our foes, these Psal. 34. 7. pitch roūd about vs, and deliver vs; being as a bul­wark [Page 311] betwixt the fiends, even all our enemies, and vs. So that if God gave vs to see with the eye, as we are taught to beleev by faith; we might behold with Elishaes servant 2. king. 6. 17 the mountaines to be ful of horses & charets of fyre round about vs: and would say with Iaakob, Gen. 32. 1. [...]. This is Gods host. Neyther do they only save vs from peril; but as heaven­ly warriours that excel in strength, they Dan. 10. 20. fight against our enemies, pur­suing and Psal. 35. 1. 5 6. scattering them, as chaff before the wind; like as at Hezeki­ahs prayer, Isa. 37. 21. [...] 36. an Angel came and killed 185. thowsand of his foes. And as they attend vpon vs in our life, so do they also at our death; being sent to fetch our flitting soules, & cary thē into Luk. 16. 22. Abrahams bosome, in the Paradise of God.

10. These things as those bles­sed spirits the Iob. 1. 6. & 38. 7. sons of God, do at the commandement of their hea­venly [Page 312] father, Psal. 103. [...]0 Mat. 6. 10. redily and cheerfully, for his elect: so also ar they behol­ders of our wayes & conversation, & affected (after their spiritual mā ­ner) with the things they see in vs. For they ar, evē the thousād Rev. 5. 1 [...]. 12 thow­sāds of thē, as about Gods throne, so about the four living creatures & the 24. Elders, togither with them magnifiing Christ the killed Lamb, & prostrate on their faces do wor­ship God, Rev. 7. 11. 12. and giv glory vnto him for evermore. Into the celestial my­steries reveled by the Gospel, they hav a 1 Pet. 1. 12. desire to look; because God hath by his church Eph. 3. 10. made known his manifold wisdome vnto them. Loving also they ar, glad and desi­rous of our good; as appeareth by their glorifying of the Lamb that was killed for vs, not for them; and by the joy which they have, when any one of vs converteth from our syns; as Christ Luk. 15. 7. 10 hath shewed. Wit­nesses [Page 313] they ar with the Lord, of the charges & contestations layd vpon vs, for the observing of our duties; as by 1 Tim. 5 21. the Apostles words to Timo­thee, we be taught. Wherfore we ought holily, righteously, & soberly to cary our selves, in al our actions; seing we ar a spectacle to those hea­venly Psal. 104. 4. Flames, and Heb. 12. [...]. are come to the great assemblie of innumerable of them: yea the Apostle seemeth to require of 1 Cor. 11. 10. women, modest and submissiveattire, in respect of them.

11. Al this notwithstanding, we must take heed, both of superstitiō, and curiosity about them; for we are forbidden of God the Colos. 2. 18. religion or worship of Angels: which when Iohn for the revelations shewed him would hav done; the Angel refused, and sayd, Rev. 22. 8. [...] See thou do it not. If therfore we hav need of succour let vs pray vnto Mat. 26. 53. our Father, and he can send vs legions of them; and if [Page 314] we would giv thanks for their help, & offer a sacrifice; themselves Iudg. 13. 16. hav taught vs, to offer it to the Lord; whose servants they are, even Rev. 22. 9. fel­low servants with vs; though much more excellent, able, and obedient. He it is, that sendeth them forth, for our sakes which ar heyrs of sal­vation; he also wil change this our corruptible estate, & cloth vs with immortalitie, and make vs Luk. 20. 36. equal to those holie Angels, and giv vs [...] place Zech. 3. 7. among them: whose cōmu­niō at that day we shal fully enjoy, togither with them serving our God, and lauding his Majestie, in his own blessed presence for ever.

The Angel of the Lord pitcheth round about them that fear him, & delivereth them.

Psal. 34. 7.


How the Saincts on earth, ar caled to a holy communion among themselves.

God who hath chosen and caled vs in Christ from this world, and fellowship of al wicked ones therin, to be his, and to serv him: hath further required at our hands, that we which ar caled, should not live alone, or a sunder by our selves, but joyn togither, and so entertayn and nourish, a loving & holy com­munion one with an other, in the vnitie of the faith and spirit, by the bond of peace. For man is made a sociable creature; and when he was in his perfection, God saw & sayd, it was Gen. 2. 18. not good for him to be alone, and therfore made him a help meet for him: but after, when we were corrupted, there was much more need of fellowship one with an other for our mutal help [Page 316] and comfort. And many are the benefits which we reap hereby; evē as on the contrarie, the evils, dang­ers, and discomforts, which arise for want hereof, are moe then can be told.

2. When God had brought his people out of Aegypt, to lead them into Canaan; whiles thither they were traveyling, even in the wil­dernes caused he a Tent to be made, for himself Exod. 25. 8. to dwel among them, and in midds of their tents; which when it was perfected, he took pos­session of, Exod. 40. 34 filled and sanctified it with his glorie; commaunded also the people; Lev. 1. 3. & 4. 4. &c. thither for to bring their services and their sacrifices; promised there Exod. 29. 42 43. to meet with thē, to speak there vnto them; whervp­on that place was caled the Tent (or Tabernacle) of ver. 42 44. [...] Meeting or Congre­gation. And whereas this Sanctu­ary was flitting & moveable not [Page 317] onely in the Num. 4. 4. &. 10. 7. &c. wildernes, but also in Ios. 5. 10. & 18. 1. 1. Chrō. 15. 1. the land of Canaan: therfore God gav Israel a charge by Moses, that they should seek Deut. 12. ver. 5. 6. the place which he should choose out of al their tribes, to put his Name there, and there to dwel; that thither they should come, to sacrifice, and re­joyce before the Lord; themselves ver. 12. 13. 14. their children, and their servants; there to keep Deut. 16. [...]. 11. 15. 16. their solemn feasts, and take heed they offred not in any other place. For he had told thē, whosoever, Israelite or strāger sojourning among them, that re­sorted not to this Tabernacle with his oblations, but sacrificed other where, eyther within or without the host, that man should be repu­ted Levit. 17. 3. 4. 7. 8. 9. as if he had shed blood, or of­fred vnto Divils; and was to be cut off from among his people. This tent, (togither with the Ternple which for like [...]. Chron. 2. [...] holy vse, succeded [Page 318] the same,) was a figure of the church or congregation of Christians, a­mongst whom God hath placed his Rev. 21. 3. Ezek. 37. 27 28. tabernacle, to dwell as their God with them, and they to be his people, even his Heb. 3. 6. howse and habi­tation; & should therefore Mat. 18. 20. gather themselves togither in his name, to keep their spiritual 1 Cor. 5. 4. 8 Nahum. 1. 15 feasts, not withdrawing from, nor leaving Heb. 10. 25. the mutuall assembling or fellowship that they have among themselves; for who so repayreth not to the Church the true Ierusalem, of all the families of the earth, there to Zech. 14. 16 17. keep the feast of Tabernacles, & worship the king the Lord of hosts; no rayn (of Gods grace or blessing) shal come vpon them.

3. This gathering togither of the Saincts, is not a bare assembly or concourse onely, of people; but a neer vniting and knitting of thē ­selves, in one holy cōmunion and [Page 319] fellowship. For as the foresayd Tent was made of many courtaines, but al of thē so coupled one to another, with loops & taches, that they were but Ex. 26. 1 [...] one Tabernacle; and as the 1 Kin. 5. 17. & 6. 7. 12. 13 many costly hewed stones, wher­with Solomon built the Temple, whē they were layd togither, made one Howse wherein God had his habitatiō: so the servants of Christ though they be many, yet are so built Ephs. 2. 21. 22. & coupled togither by faith, that they grow vnto an holy tem­ple in the Lord, to be the habitati­on of God by the spirit; and are builded as a citie Psal. 122. 3. that is compact togither in it self. Which neer cō ­iunction is further set sorth, by si­militude of a bodie, wherein there be many members of several shape & vse, yet by the wisdome of God so vnited & set togither, that there appeareth a goodly frame and pro­portion of the man; and every lim [Page 320] so fastned to other, and al the parts so serviceable needful & comforta­ble ech to other, that they cannot without paine, losse, and deformity be pulled asunder: even so the Saincts of God, ar (as the Apostle sayth) Rom. 12. 5. one body in Christ, & every one, one anothers members; being by one 1 Cor. 12. 13 spirit al baptised into one body; wch is caled Christs Eph. 1. 22. 23 Church or Congregation, because we ar ga­thered and joyned togither vnto him our head, Ephes. 4. 15. 16. by whom al the body being coupled and knit togi­ther by every joynt, for the furni­ture therof, (according to the effec­tual power which is in the mesure of every part,) receiveth increase of the body vnto the edifying of it self in love.

4. The strength & virtue of this vnion of the Saincts, procedeth from the vnitie of their Faith and spirit. For faith is the Act. 14. 27. doore, by [Page 321] which we hav entry & accesse both vnto Rom. 5. [...]. God, and into Act. 2. 44. his Church or assembly, which thervpon is ca­led the Act 4. 32. multitude of the faithful, or beleevers; even the Gal. 6. 10. howshold of faith. And as by it we ēter into this socie­tie so being entred, we there build vp Iude. ver 2 [...] Heb. 10. 38 our selves in our most holy faith; by it we * live, by it we Rom. 11. 20. stand, by it we al ar the Gal. [...] ▪ 26. 7 29. sons of God, the seed of Abraham, & consequently heyrs by promise, of the blessed in­heritance, and so doe enter into Heb. 4. 3. his rest. Which faith because it is Eph. 4. 5. one as the Lord is one, and is by his holy spirit communicated with al the Saincts; it is therfore caled the Tit. 1. 4. commune faith, from which, the communion Philem. ver. 6. of faith, that is of al Chri­stian duties do flow; and especially is seen in our conversing togither, for the better performance of them. For as Christ prayed, that they which should belev in him, might [Page 322] Ioh. 17. 20. 21. 22. al be one, as the Father & He were one, in and with another; so the effect of that his prayer appeareth in the vnion & communion of the first beleevers which were of one ha [...] & of one Act. 4. 32. & 2. sowl, and continued dayly with one accord Acts. 2. 42. 44. 45. 46. their meetings and fellowships for duties both spiritual & humane. Of which happy day the Lord did foretell by his prophets saying, Ier. 32. 39. I wil giv them one hart and one way that they may fear me for ever, for the wealth of them and of their children after them; and Eze. 37. 22 I w [...] make them one people, in the land, vpon the moūtains of Israel; & one king shalbe king to thē al; & they shalbe no more two peoples, nor divided any more henceforth into two kingdoms. This fellowship ought al men to labour that they may come vnto; and being come, there to abide; Eph. 4. 3. endevouring to keep the vnity of the spirit in the bond of peace, and Phil. 1. 27. to continew in [Page 323] one spirit & in one minde, fighting togither through the faith of the Gospel.

5. The causes why God requi­reth this gathering and knitting to­gither of our selves, are these. First for the better service of his Majes­tie, which he most esteemeth when it is done of vs with joynt consent and agreement, that we with one minde Rom. [...]5. 6. & one mouth, prayse God even the Father of our Lord Iesus Christ, and (as the prophet sayth) serve him Zeph. 3. 9. with one shoulder. And for this cause, at the first constituti­on of the Church of Israel, he cō ­maunded that at their solemn feasts they should, all the males, Exo. 23. 1 [...] ▪ 17. three times in the yere appear before the Lord Iehovah, (besides their vsual meetings on the Sabbaths,) which fests were called holy Lev. 23. 1. 4 assemblies or convocations, and had special Num. 28. 2. 18. 25. 26. & 29. 1. 7. 12. 35. dayes for calling and assembling the peo­ple, wherein Gods word Neh. 8. 1. 2. 8. was read [Page 324] & expounded vnto them; his name magnified▪ with 2 Chro 7. 6. & 30. 21. songs & prayses; the people answering Neh. 8. 6. Amen, bow­ing down and worshiping; sacrifi­ces were offred 2 Chron. 35. 8. 12. 13. for the whol con­gregation; feasts were celebrated with relief of Neh. 8. 10. Deut 16. 14. the poor; and the people received a 2 Chron. 30. 27. blessing, in the name of the Lord. Which open & solemne service, as it was pleasing to the Lord, Psal. 51. 19. Ez [...]. 20. 40. who there required the service, offrings, & al the holy things of al his people: so the neg­lect and omission hereof, was a for­saking of him and 2 Chron. 29. 6. 7. 8. a procuring of his wrath. Wherefore the godly magistrates, wer careful to establish & mainteyn that publick worship, appoynting 2 Chron. 31. [...]. the Priests & Levites for the burnt offrings and peace offrings, to minister and to give thanks, and to prayse in the gates of the tents of the Lord; and the faithful vsed to frequent that place, [Page 325] and those solemnities, that they might prayse God Psal 22. 22. & 122. 4. & 35. 18. in the midds of the congregatiō, among much peo­ple, & there declare with the voice Psal. 26. 7. 8. of thanksgiving, and set forth all his wonderous works; & pay Psal. 116. 18 19. their vowes vnto him, in the presence of al the folke, within the courts of his howse, which he had Psal. 132. 13. 14. chosen for his rest for ever, loved there to dwel, and delighted therein. They vsed also to Deut. 33. 19 call the people vnto the mountain, there to offer the sa­crifices of righteousnes; to stir vp, and exhort one another, to blesse Psal. 68. 36. God in the Assemblies, and Psa 107. 31. 32. ex­alt him in the congregation of the people. The like publick worship, the Lamb solemnizeth vnto his Fa­ther, whiles he standeth vpō Mount Sion with his 144. thousand; Rev. 14. [...]. 2. 3. wher the voyce of the heavenly congre­gation, is heard like the sound of many waters, and of a great thun­der, [Page 326] and like harpers harping with their harps, & singing a new sōg be­fore the throne. And there Christs prayse Psal. 22. 25. is of God, in the great as­semblie, his vowes he performeth before them that fear him, he de­clareth Ps. 40. 9. 10. Gods justice and mercy, his truth and his salvation. Whose prayse therfore is heard in the Ps. 149. 1. 2. Cō ­gregation of Saincts, Israel joying in his maker, and the sons of Sion rejoycing in their king; saying Rev. 19. 1. Ha­lelu-jah, salvation and glory & ho­nour & power, vnto the Lord our God; ver. 6. Halelu-jah for the Lord God almighty reigneth.

6. An other cause of the joyning togither of the Saincts; is their edi­fication, in the knowledge and fear of God. For although they have his word privatly to meditate therin day & night, which also he blesseth vnto them; yet in his church or a­ssemblie he more plentifully pow­reth [Page 327] out his blessings, as he promi­sed by Moses, Exo. 20. 24. In every place wher I shal put the remembrance of my name, I wil come vnto thee & blesse thee. And as his name was in his 2 Chro. 20. 9 howse and Temple, so there he appointed mi­nisters to 1 Chr. 16. 4. reherse or make mention of the same, to Deut. 33. 10 teach Iaakob his judgements and Israel his lawes. Which Law when he first gav vnto them, he sayd vnto Moses, Deut. 4. 1 [...]. Gather me the people togither, & I will cause them to hear my words; and when afterwards it was solemnly repeted, every Sabbath yere; by like com­maundment the people Deut 31. 12. were to be gathered togither, men, women, children, and strangers; to hear and learn the same. Yea every Sabbath day, the people assembled in their Act. 15. 21. synagogues, throughout all their cities, for the same purpose. And in these last dayes, it was foretold, how many people should provoke one [Page 328] another to go vp to the mountayn and howse of God, wher he would Isa. 2. 2. 3. teach them his wayes, and they would walk in his pathes; because the law was to go forth of Sion, & the word of the Lord from Jerusa­lem. Wherefore Christ often visi­ted the Iohn. 18. 20. Luk. 4. 15. 16 Temple and synagogues, (as did also his Act. 3. 1. & [...]3. 5. 14. 44. disciples,) to shew how he regarded the assemblies of his people, in which he vttered so many gracious words, and wrought so many great miracles. And after that he had gathered a new people to himself, they also vsually met to­gither, Acts. 20. 7. 1 Cor. 1 [...]. 17. 18. &c. & 14 4. 5. 12. 19. 26. for the food of Gods word, and other holy things, in the chur­ches or assemblies; where Christ had given gifts vnto men, in the persons of his officers, Eph. 4. 8. 11. 12. for the ga­thering togither of the Saincts, & edification of his body. Then the Isa. 60. 3. nations walked in the light of Ie­rusalem, & there the Lord gather­ed [Page 329] Ier. 23. 3. 4. his sheep into their folds, wher they might grow and encrease; & set vp 1 Pet. 5. 1. 2 shepheards over thē, which should feed them; he Ezek. 34. 14 15. 16. fed them in good pasture, & they lay in a good fold, he brought them to their rest, reduced that which was driven away, bound vp that which was broken, and strengthned the weak, by the doctrines of his gospel. There God is very terrible Psal. 89. 7. in the mysterie of the Saincts, whiles by the fyre of his spirit, he causeth on earth & in his heavēly tēple, Rev. [...]. 5. & 11. 1 [...]. light­nings, and Voices, and thundrings, and earthquake, and much hayl. For the words that his wise men there speak, given by him the One pastor, are like Eccl. 12. 1 [...]. go [...]ds to excite and stir vp our dul nature, that being Act. 2. 37. pricked in our harts we may be drawn to repentance; like Ier. 5. 14. a fyre to devour ye adversaries; like Ps. 149. 6. 7 a two edged sword to execute vengeance; like a Ier. 23. 29. [...]āmer [Page 330] to break the stone; like 2 Cor. 10. 4. 5. mighty wea­pons of war, to cast down bulwarks, and whereby the wise Pro. 21. 22. goeth vp in­to the citie of the mighty, and cast­eth down the strength of the confi­dence thereof. Again, there are vttered ye words of Act. 5. 20. life, which Psa 119. 50. Ioh. 5. 25. qui [...] ­ken the hearers, and bring thē o [...] of the graves of syn; the words o [...] 3 Cor, 5. 19. reconciliation, which make peac [...] between God and the conscience are as Song. 2. 5. flagons of wine, and comfortable apples, to refresh the si [...] sowl; even the words of Act. 13. 26. salvation▪ and of Ioh. 6. 68. eternal life. These Chris [...] putteth in the mouthes of his mi­nisters; and by the oyl of his spirit, causeth the seven lamps Exo. 25. 37. Num. 8. 2. 3. Psal. 119. 105 of the gol­den candlestick of his law, to give light continually in his tabernacle. With these waters, he moystneth the garden of his church, and the several roots and brnches of the same; wherevpon such as are plant­ed [Page 331] in the Lord; howse, Psal. 92. 13. 14. do flou­ [...]ish in his courts, & stil bring forth fruit; their leaf fadeth not, neyther doth their fruit fayl, Ezek 47. 12 because their waters run out of the sanctuarie.

7. A third reason of the Saincts gathering togither, is that they might the better resist the cōmune adversaryes. For ther is warr conti­nual, Gen. 3 15. between the serpents seed and the church; and they Psal. 2. 2. band themselves togither, to bese [...]t Rev. 20. 9. the [...]ents of the Saincts and the beloved city. Against that kingdome of dark­nes, God gathereth and setteth a cōtrary kingdome, a band of Chri­stian soldjers, or Rev. 19. 14. 19. heavenly war­riours, the 1 Chron. 9. 19. host of the Lord; who standing & fighting togither vnder the banner of his gospel, by the conduct of his Spirit, and Christ their captaine; are an help, strength and comfort one to another. These come Psal. 110. 3. willingly, at the time of as­sembling [Page 332] Christs armye in holy bewty; among them ar Heb. 13. 17. [...]. Tim. 2. 3. 4 guids and leaders, the overseers of the Chur­ches, as the 2. King. 2. 12. &. 13. 14 charrets & horsmen of Israel; they ar al furnished with the Eph. 6. 11. 12. 13. &c. armour of God, having his word for asword, his faith for a shield, his salvation for a helmet vpon their heads. These weapons of their warfare, ar mighty through God; and here are more shields & targets, Song. 4. 4. thē hung on Davids towr; the trumpets of the Lord do 2. Cron 13. 12. Num. 10. 10. sound an alarme against the enemies, and in their conflicts the people of God do 2. Sam 10. 11. Iosh. 1. 14. help one another as need re­quireth, wherby they ar embold­ned and comforted among them­selves, ar terrible to their foes as an Song. 6. 9. army with banners, and having fought togither the good fight of faith, do get the victory over Rev. 12. 7. 11. the Dragon and his Angels, by the blood of the Lamb, through many▪ [Page 333] afflictions, & so at last, doe triumph in glorie.

8. A fourth cause and benifit of this societie, is the mutual ayd strengthning, and consolation one of another in al other Christiā du­ties both publick & private. For as the several members of a mans body ar serviceable to the whol and each to other; so ar the Saincts among themselves, having every one their Rom. 12. 3. mesure of faith, their diversity of gifts and graces from God, that what is wanting in one, may be supplied by an other. And as the 1. Cor. 12. 21 eye cannot say to the hand, nor the head to the feet, I have no need of yow: so cannot the least member in the church of Christ, be refused as vnnecessarie, but may be beneficial to the greatest. For Pro. 27. 17. as yton sharpneth yron; so doth man sharpen the face of his friend. 1. Thes. 5. 11 And hence doe arise the mutual exhor­ting [Page 334] 1 Thes. 5. 11. Heb. 3. 13. and building vp one of ano­ther in the faith 3. Iohn 8. labouring toge­ther vnto the truth; 1. Thes. 5. 14. &. 4. 18. admonishing the vnruly, comforting the feble minded, bearing with the weak, Heb. 10. 24. considering one another to pro­voke vnto love and good works; Luke. 18. 3. Lev. 19. 17. rebuking for syn & trespasse, con­fessing of faults Iam. 5. 16. one to another, & praying one for an other, bearing Gal. 6. 2. one anothers burden; rejoycing Rom. 12. 15. Iob. 30. [...]5. with them that rejoyce, & weep­ing with them that are in trouble; Phil 4. 14. communicating to the afflictions and distributing Rom. 12. 13 to the necessities one of an other; Mat. 25. 36 49. Psal. 35. 13. 14. 2. Cor. [...]. 11. visiting them in sicknes, mourning & labouring to­gether in prayer for thē; with ma­ny other offices of like nature, for the refreshing of soul & bodie; al which ar found and felt in this ho­ly communion and body, wher­in if one 1. Cor. 12. 26. member suffer, al suf­fer with it; & if one be had in ho­nour, [Page 335] al rejoyce with it; so neer a conjunctiō doth Gods spirit work in the hartes of the faithfull, which maketh them to look, Phil. 2. 4. not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others.

9. For these and the like rea­sons, hath the communion aud so­cietie of the Church bene alwayes praysed, sought for, loved and estemed. For as God though he Deut. 33. 3. love his people, and hath al his saincts in his hand; yet Psal. 87. 2. loveth the gates of Sion, above al the habitati­ons of Iakob: so his people likewise hav Psal. 26. 8. loved the habitation of his howse, & desired this Psal. 27. 4. one thing of the Lord, yt they might dwel in the same al dayes of their life, to behold the Lords bewty and to inquire in his temple▪ esteming Psal. 84. 10. a day in his courts better thē a thousand other where; lamenting their lot when they were exiled therfrō; & Psal. 42. 4. pow­ring [Page 336] out their very hart, when they remembred how they had gone with the multitude into Gods howse, with voyce of song, prayse, and solemnity; for which now their Psal. 84. 2. sowles longed, and even faynted in thē. Yea the very Lam. 1. 4. wayes of Sion lamented, when no man came to the solemne feasts; & Israel mour­ned, when the Lord had destroyed his Lam 2. 6. 7. congregation, caused the feasts and Sabbathes to be forgotten in Sion, and forsaken his altar; their hart was heavy, & their eyes dimm, Lam. 5. 17. 18. because the mountaine of Sion was desolate. And so comfortable was the fellowship of Gods chil­dren, vnto the Apostles themselves (though they were the Gal [...]. 9. Rev. 21. 14, pillers & foundations of the church, & nee­ded this help lesse then others,) that they often longed to Rom. 1. 11. 12. 1. Thes. 2. 17. see the bre­thren, for their comfort, through their mutual faith; and earnestly [Page 337] intreated the help of their Rom. 15. 3 [...] ▪ Eph. 6. 19. Hebr. 13. 1 [...]. 19. prayers, even as they againe 1 The. 1 [...]. [...] prayed for them, had great Philē 1. 7. 3 Ioh. 4. joy & consolation in their love, and holy walking in the truth; yea esteemed them the 1 Thes. [...]. 19 20. crown of their rejoycing, their glory & their joy. Even Christ himself in the heavines of his hart, Mat. 26. 38 40. 43. Luk. 22. 46. sought comfort by the prayers of his disciples; to teach vs how to e­steme the fellowship of the faith­ful.

10. Of al these, and many moe blessings, are those deprived, that refuse or neglect to vnite them selves with Christ in his Church; or doe with draw & separate them­selves therefrom, to live alone, as in the desert; or to frequent the company of the wicked. They wāt the benefit and comfort of Gods graces in his childrē, they want the help, strengthning, and incourage­ment in time of trouble; and the [Page 338] labour of such foolish ones do [...] weary them, [...]eel [...]s. 10. 15 because they kno [...] not to goe into the Citie; they a [...] exposed to many perils, like wa [...] dring sheep vpon the mountay [...] ready to be Ezek. 34. 5. devoured of the w [...] beasts, and made a prey vnto S [...] tan. If they erre, ther is none to [...] duce them into the right way; [...] they be wounded or broken, the [...] is none to bind them vp; if they [...] in misery and want, ther is none [...] give thē so much as Luk. 15. 16. huskes to [...]t if they fal, woe vnto them, Eccles. 4. 10. [...] ther is not a second to lift them [...] What remayneth then, but seing Wisdome hath Prov. 9. 1. 3 4. Luk. 14. 16 &c. built her howse, fu [...] nished her table, and invited t [...] poor and simple vnto her fest: th [...] al repayr thither without excu [...] or delay, there to eat Isa. 55. [...]. that whi [...] is good and let their fowl delig [...] in fatnes; remēbring how it is wri [...] ten, Act. 2. 47. the Lord added to the church from [Page 339] day to day, such as should be saved And if any know not the place, of their repast, or fold of Christ; let them beseech him whō their sowl loveth, Song. 1. 6. to shew them wher he feedeth, & maketh (his flock) to lie down at noon; least they turne a side to the flocks of his companions, or remayn still in dispersion; For behold how good & how pleasant it is, brethren to dwel even togither! Psal. 133. 1. 3 for there the Lord hath cōmanded the bles­sing, life everlasting.

Send thy light & thy truth (ô God;) let them lead me, let thē bring me, to thy holy mountayn [...] & to thy tabernacles.

Psal. 43. 3.


How the Saincts gather into com­muniō, & grow vp vnto a body or church.

The caling of the Saincts into communion, we hav seen to cōsist of two branches, 1. A separa­tion from the wicked of the world; 2. and a collection or gathering to­gither of themselves in the faith & love of Christ. Which two things were also implied in the first caling of our father Abraham, when he was willed; 1. to get Gen. 12. [...] him out from his countrey, kinred, and fathers howse, (which were Ios. 24. 2. idolaters:) 2, and to come to the place which God would shew him, (wher he & his posteritie, Psal. 105. 44 45, Deut. 4. 5 might serv & obey the Lord. It remayneth yet further to be spoken, of the covenant and communion, that the Saincts enter into, & keep among themselves.

2. This congregation of Saincts, [Page 341] when it is at the greatest, is but a li­tle flock and smal remnant; being compared with the multitudes of ye world: but the beginnings here­of, are marvelously weak, smal and cōtemptible; like the grain of mus­tard-seed which Mat. 13. 32. is the least of all seeds; and as Israel, which Deut. 7. 7. were the fewest of al peoples. For God taking them one Ier. 3. 14. of a citie & two of a tribe, and these the 1 Cor. 1. 26. 27. 28. foolish, weak, and vile of the world, the Luk. 14. 21. poor, the maymed, the halt & the blinde, whose dwelling is by the ver. 23. highwayes and hedges, he brings thē neyther Zech. 4. 6. by an army, nor strength, but by his own spirit, into his howse and kingdome, where though ther be but Mat. 18. [...]. two or three gathered to­gither in his name, he is in the mids of them. These being once borne of God, begotten by the immortal seed of his word, vnto the faith of the Gospel; know also that there is [Page 342] a Ierusalem from above, Gal. 4. 26. which is the mother of vs al; that of Sion it shalbe sayd, Psal. 87. 5. Man & man, (that is many men) are borne in her, & the Lord wil count when he writeth the people, ver. 6. He was borne there; ther­fore they seek to enter into this e­state and happie cōmunion; they ask the way to Sion with their fa­ces thitherward, saying, Ier 50. 5. Come and ioyn to the Lord in a perpetual covenant that shal not be forgotten.

3. This covenant which they make togither, standeth vpon two pillers; 1. to keep their faith in God by Iesus Christ, 2. & to observe his lawes in love. In both these are they to build vp and help forward one another, saying, Mic. 4. 5. al peoples wil walk every one in the name of his God, and we wil walk in the name of Ieho­vah our God for ever and ever. Here­vpon follow their assembling Heb. 10, 25. or gathering togither for the instructi­on [Page 343] one of an other; their mutual ex hortations to Act. 14. 22. Colos. 1. 23. continew in the faith grounded & stablished, & to 1 Cor. 16. 13. stand fast therin; their prayers one with and for another, that Eph. 3. 14. 17. Christ may dwel in their harts by faith; their re­buking such as teach vnwholsome doctrine, that so they may be Tit. 1. 13 hayl or sound in the faith; of which if any make shipwrack, they ar to be thrust out of the communion of the Saincts, and 1 Tim. 1. 19 20. Tit. 3. 10. delivered vnto Satan. And for their conversation, they Deut. 27. 17 set vp the Lord in that day to be their God, and to walk in his wayes, and to keep his ordinances, and his commaundements and his lawes, & to hearken vnto his voice: & they promise to Isa. 2. 3. walk in ye pathes of God as he shal teach them; from whence arise (both publickly and privatly) their mutual love & care ech of other, Heb. 10. 24. provoking vnto love & good works, & walking Eph. 4. 1. worthy [Page 344] of their caling wherevnto they are caled: their 1 Thes 5. 14 Lev. 19. 17. 1 Tim. 5. 20. admonitions and re­proofs one of another when they syn, seeking to Gal. 6. 1. restore them with the spirit of meeknes; but with­drawing 1 Thes. 3. 5. from the disobedient, & putting away such as are wicked 1 Cor. 5. 13. from among them.

4. Vnto this covenant, ar al that make profession of faith and obedi­ence, to be admitted, without re­spect of persons; for in Christ Iesus ther is Gal. 3. 28. no difference of Iew or Gentile, of rich or poor, of bond or free, of male or female, for all are one, and alike redemed by his blood, wherby he hath confir­med the covenant Mat. 26. 28. Dan. 9. 27. for the many; and he hath powred out his spirit vpon al flesh, Ioel. 2. 28. [...]. vpon sons & daugh­ters, vpon old and yong, vpon servants and mayds. And togither with themselves, their infants also ar recived, by virtue of Gods, pro­mise [Page 345] vnto Gen. 17. 7. Abraham, which pro­mise by Christ is Luk. 1. 54. 55. 72. 73. 74. Act. 2. 39 2 Cor. 1. 20. confirmed vnto vs, with al the benefits & privileges of the same. Which infants, though they want discretion to perceiv the favour of God for the present; yet want they not sanctification, but 1 Cor. 7. 14 ar holy, if but one parent beleev in Christ, & this through the mighty work of Gods spirit, who sanctifieth Ier. 1. 5. his from the womb; and by this grace, doth comfort the parents, in that he is both God of them and of their seed; and after, the children also hav their faith confirmed, by knowing that Psal. [...]. 10. they wer cast vpon him from the womb; and he was their God, from their mothers belly.

5. And as the number of belee­vers groweth, so ought they to ga­ther togither and we accept into our fellowship, al that Act. 2. 41. gladly receiv the word; even such as be Rom. 14. 1. weak in [Page 346] faith must we receiv, Rom. 15. 1. 3 bearing their infirmities after Christs example, who would not Mat. 12▪ 20. break the bruised reed, nor quēch the smoking weke, but nourish it rather by the oil and breath of his spirit, that it might burn bright. And if notorious in­famous synners, repent and beleev the Gospel; they may not be repel­led, for Christ came to Luk. 5. 32. & 15. 1. &c. 1 Tim. 1. 15. cal, and save such; neither are they to be re­fused▪ as impure, whō he hath 1 Cor. 6. 10. 11. wash­ed and clensed by his blood, and received to the glory of his father. Which grace of his David did fore shadow, vnto whom there gather­ed 1 Sam. 22. [...]. al men that were in trouble, & all men that were in debt, and all those that were vexed in minde, & he was their Prince. Also when God converteth the child and not the father, the servant and not the maister, the wife and not the hus­band, the subiect & not the magis­trate; [Page 347] such as he caleth must come to his church; we also must admit, knowing that Christ hath sayd, he cameto Mat. 10. 34. 35. set variance betwixt pa­rents and children, so that a mans enemies should be they of his own howshold. Yet is not their entrance into the faith and church of God, any discharge of them from their duty and obedience towards their former governours; but let every man (as sayth the Apostle) 1 Cor▪ 7. 20. 21. abide in the same vocation wherein hee was caled. The beleeving wife, may ver 13. not forsake her vnbeleeving husband; nor the servant 1 Tim. 6. 1. 2. his mais­ter; and every sowl must▪ Rom. 13. 1. be sub­ject to the higher powers, even to 1 Pet. 2. 13. every humane creature for the Lords sake. As Christs kingdome is Ioh. 18. 36. not of this world, so neyther doth it destroy or abolish the poli­cies of the same, but mainteyn them rather, whiles it teacheth all [Page 348] men to do their duty, and subject themselves, even for Rom. 13. 5. Eccles 10. 20. conscience sake.

6. Again as no earthly power can compel a man vnto this estate of grace, (for no man cometh vnto Christ, Ioh. 6. 44. except the Father drawe him; faith is the Eph. 2. 8. gift of God not of men, & he Act. [...]. 47. addeth to his church such as he wil save:) so neither can any creature hinder this good work; but when Christ draweth vs, we Song. 1. 3. wil run after him; & when he effectually caleth vs, we Mat. 4. 20. 22. will leav father and friends and all to follow him. And as our gathering togither is in Mat. 18. 20. his name, so must we defend it by his authoritie, an­swering as did the Apostles to thē that blame vs, Act. 5. 29. we ought rather to o­bey God then men.

7. But forasmuch as the Saincts are dispersed over al the face of the earth, in several cities & countries; [Page 349] God requireth not yt they should al go to one place; for that could not stand with civil policie, neither were possible for them to perform. Therefore, albeit whiles the seat of his church was in the litle land of Iewrie, he cōmanded al the men to appear togither before him at Ierusalem, Deut. 16. 16. thrise every year: yet when al nations were admitted in­to his covenant, adopted to be A­brahams seed, & the Israel of God; he gathered them togither by his Apostles, in severall cities where they dwelt, and so established ma­ny congregations in one countrie, as the seven churches in the lesser Rev. 1. 4. 20 Asia, the churches of 1 Cor. 16. [...]. Galatia, of Act. 15. 41. Syria & Cilicia, and sundry other mētioned in scripture, do witnesse; even in Iudea were moe churches planted as the Apostle Gal. 1. 21. Paul no­teth.

8. And God which caled the [Page 350] people vnto his faith; furnished them also with divers gifts of his spirit, 1 Cor. 12. 8. 9. 10. &c. wisdome, and knowledge, & prophesie, & tongues, and many other graces wherewith he ador­ned the spowse & bride of his be­loved son; that by them they might serve him, and help, comfort, and edify one an other in their most holy faith. He appointed also that some which for their gifts and con­versation were found fit, should have the care and oversight of that congregation where they were set, Heb. 13. 17. to watch for their sowles, and to feed and rule them with the word of God. These for their gravitie ar caled 1 Tim. 5. 17 Elders; for the charge cō ­mitted to them, Phil. 1 [...] Act 20. 28. Bishops or Overse­ers; for the message whereon they are sent, the Rev. 1. 20. Angels of the chur­ches; and for the effect of their ad­ministration, they are named Hobad. vers. [...]. Savi­ours, by the doctrine of the Gospel, [Page 351] 1 Tim. 4. 16 saving those that hear them. Yet are not these 1 Pet. 5. 3. Lords over Gods heritage, but the administers of his graces and blessings among them, and ensamples to the flock; not 2 Cor. 1. 24. ha­ving dominion over their faith, but helpers of their joy.

9 By the 1 Pet. 1. 23. seed of the Word in the mouthes of these Eph 4. 11. 1 [...] ministers and the other 1 Cor. 14. 3. 5. 24. 31. mēbers of of the church, ar children begotten & multiplied dayly, that Ierusalē enlargeth Isa. 54. 2. 3 the place of her tents, and they spread out the curtaines of her habitatiōs. For she increaseth on the right hād & on the left, vntil this host of our David become great, 1 Chron. 12. 22. like the host of God; & his Ier. 33. 22. seed, as the army of heaven that cannot be numbred. By the same word, as by 1 Pet. 2. 20 Isa. 55. 10 milk and wine, ar the people nourished vp vnto life eternal; & their covenant wt God & one with another, ar the two staves, Zach. 11. 7 Be wtie & Bands, which [Page 352] Christ the good sheepheard hath taken to feed and rule his flock. His covenant with them, Zach. 11. 10 is Beautie or Pleasance, for by Psal. 25. 14. it he giveth thē knowledge, which Prov. 2. 10. & 22. 17. 18. is pleasant to their sowl, as is also Song. 1. 16. himself and his Prov 3. 17. waies. By this covenāt he cōfir­meth his Isa. 59. 21. spirit vpō thē & his words in the mouth of thē & their seed, wch words are Prov. 16. 24 Psal. 19. 7. 10. plesant & as the ho­ny cōb, sweetnes to y sowl, & health to the bones; which causeth thē to desire that they may dwel Psal. 27. 4. in his howse al their dayes, to behold his bewty, and alwayes they say, Psal. 90. 17. Let the Bewty of the Lord our God be vpon vs. His other staff, Bands, con­serveth the Zech. 11. 14. brotherhood of his people, wherby they ar lincked to­gither in love, labouring to be 1 Pet. 3. 8. al of one mind, one suffring with an other, loving as brethren, living & growing togither as Ezek. 37. 17. 19. one tree or staff in his hand. This 1 Pet. 2. 17. brotherhood [Page 353] the Saincts are al exhorted to love, and endevour Eph. 4. 30 to keep the vnitie of the spirit in the bond of peace, being clothed with the Col. 3. 12. 13 bowels of mercies, kindnes, humblenes of mind, meeknes, long-suffring, for­bearing & forgiving one an other, even as Christ forgave them; and above al these things, having ver. 1 [...]. Love, which is the bond of perfectnes.

10. Sometimes God bringeth vnto his faith and church, the go­vernours & great men of the earth; whose authoritie and scepters are a great help to the conservation of true religion, and outward peace of his people, by their defence of the just, and punishment of evil-doers. These notwithstanding their high places, yet are to have no Psa. 131. 1. [...] haugh­ty harts nor lofty eyes, but behave themselves, and compose their sowles, like weyned childrē; learn­ing dayly from D [...]. 17. 18. 19. the ministerie [Page 354] and book of God, to fear the Lord & to keep al the words of his law, that their Deut. 17. 20 harts be not lifted vp a­bove their brethren; They are with them to Eze. 46. 10. begin & end the publick worship of God; they may not take of the ver. 18. peoples inheritance, nor thrust them out of their possession; they are to conteyn as wel them­selves as their subjects in the obe­dience of Christ, to be foster fa­thers Isa. 49. 23. and nourses of the church; vnto which they have brought their Rev. 21. 24. glorie and their honour; ex­pecting a better and an eternal glo­ry with al Saincts in the kingdome of God. For there is a covenant be­tween them and their subjects 2 Chron. 23. 16. that they wil be the Lords people, yea thēselves are the foremost 2 Chron. 29. 10. and so forward in the chap. to make it, & to order al things in their king­domes according to Gods word. As that good king Iosiah 2 Chron. 34. 29—32. in the as­semblie of al his people, both great [Page 355] and smal, first covenanted himself to walk after the Lord, and to keep his cōmandements & his testimo­nies and his statutes, with al his hart and with al his sowl, that he would accomplish the words of the cove­nant written in Gods book: and then caused al that were found in Ierusalem and Benajamin, to stand to the same.

11. But because in times of worldly peace, many wil presse to enter into the church, for cōpany, favour, or fashion sake; which other­wise would never regard the same, being profane, idolatrous or irreli­gious, the children of this world: therfore care must be had that no such vnclean wicked persons be ac­cepted. For though the gates be open, Isa. 26. 2. that the righteous nation which keepeth the faith, may enter in: yet seing it is sayd, that the way shalbe caled Isa. 35. 8. holy, & the polluted [Page 356] shal not passe by it; that Ierusalem shalbe holy, Ioel 3. 17. & no strangers shal goe through her, nor a Zach. 14. [...]1. Canaanite be any more in the howse of the Lord of hosts: ther must be seen in them, the seed and foundation of religion, before they be received, namely Heb. 6. 1. repentāce fiō dead works, & faith towards God. For this was Mat. 3. 2. 3. the voyce, of the crier that pro­claymed the kingdom of heaven; which they that obeyed, Vers. 6. wer bap­tised vnto remission of syns; the residue were rejected, as a Vers. 7. viperous generation: the same thing also Christ made the beginning and groundwork of his kingdome, say­ing Mark. 1. 15. Repent, and beleev the Gospel. Vntil therfore, such willingly Act. 2. 41. Rom. 10. [...]. re­ceiv and confesse the truth, renoun­cing their former evil wayes; pro­mising submissiō, meeknes, & obe­diēce in the faith of the Gospel: vn­til the wolf have, learned Isa. 11. 6. 7. 8. to dwel [Page 357] in peace with the lamb, the leopard to lie with the kidd, the bear to feed with the kow, and the Lion to eat straw like the bullock: we may not admitt them into communiō with vs, (for 2. Cor [...]. [...] what part hath the beleever with the vnbeleever?) but refuse their proffered and pretended ser­vice, as the fathers of Israel answer­ed the like intruders, Ez [...]. [...]. [...]. [...]. It is not for you & for vs (joyntly,) to build an howse vnto our God, but we our selves togither wil build it, vnto the Lord God of Israel. And as there were 1 Chrō. [...]. [...]4. porters in the fowr winds or quarters of Gods ancient howse; evē porters set, that 2 Chron. 23. 19. none that was vnclean in any thing, should enter in; and diligent watch and Nohem. 7. 3 ward was kept at the gates of Ierusalem, for fear of ene­mies: so in this new and Christi­an Ierusalem, though the gates therof be Ro [...]el. 21. 2 [...] never shutt, yet is ther such watch to be kept, that no [Page 358] Rev. 21. 27. no vnclean thing may enter into it, neyther whatsoever worketh abominatiō or lies, but they wch a [...] written in the Lambs book of life.

12. The Saincts being thus ga­thered, as a people Num. 23. 9. that shal dwe [...] by themselves, and not be reckne [...] among the nations, (for that the ar Iob. 15. 19. chosen out of the world, & Lev. 30. 24. se­parated from the same;) and being builded as a citie Psal. 122. 3. compact togither in it self, and growing vp in Christ the chief corner stone vnto an holie Temple in the Lord: are made the Ephes. 2. 21. 22. habitation of God by the spirit, and do dwel Dout. 33. 28 alone in safetie, in a land of wheat and wine, also their heavens do drop the deaw. For the graces of God, by his word and spirit, are as a Psal. 46. 4. Rev. 22. 1. river of water of life clear as chrystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the lamb, whose streames make glad this citie of God, and moisten [Page 359] the trees planted in this gardein. Yea God himself Rev. 21. 3. Psal. 46. 5. dwelleth here, & is in the middes of it, therefore it shal not be moved. As the good husbandman, he Iohn. 15. 2. purgeth every fruitful branch in this vine, that it may bring forth more fruit; for this his vineyard is Son. 8. 12. Isa. 27. 3. before himself, not let out to others; he keepeth it & watereth it every moment; least a­ny assayl it, he keepeth it night & day, from injurie of enemies, Psal. 147. 13. 14. mak­ing the barres of the gates strong, and in it self he setteth peace, and this not in one, but in 1 Cor. 14. 33 al the chur­ches of the Saincts, amids Rev. 2. 1. 2. &c. whom he walketh, visiting and knowing theyr works and all their wayes. which churches though they be many in number, yet are they one in vnitie. To them al, he hath gi­ven one Eph. 4. 5. Iude. 1. 3. Gal 6. 16. 1 Cor. 16. 1. Mat. [...]8. 19. 20. faith order and canon, to be kept for ever vnto the worlds end▪ & to every of them a like pow­er [Page 360] and grace. And as he guided his ancient Israel the twelv tribes, by day in the pillar of a clowd, [...]. 1 [...]. 21. & by night in a pillar of fyre, to giv them light, that they might goe both by day & night: so hath he created (ac­cording to his promise,) [...]. 4. 5. 6. vpon every place of mount Sion, the church vnder the Gospel,) & vpon the assemblies thereof, a clowd & smoke by day, and the shining of a flaming fyre by night, that al Chri­stiā churches, have frō him their di­rectiō & protectiō; whiles in the mi­nisterie of his word & spirit, he speaks vnto thē as in Psal. 99 7. ye clowdy pil­lar; & is their Isa. 25. 4. shelter against the tē ­pest, their shadow against the heat. For which grace, Psal. 68. 26 praise ye God in the Assemblies; even the Lord, ye that are of the fountain of Israel.

13. Thus every Church is like mount Sion, Psal. 48. 2. 3 fair in situation, the joy of the whol earth, the citie of [Page 361] the great king, in ye pallaces wher­of God is knowen for a refuge, wch he wil Psal. 48. [...]. stablish for ever, and where his people ver. [...]0 wait for his mercie in the mids of his temple. And as the howse of Iaakob, walketh Is [...]. 2. 50 in the light of the Lord, which shineth in the face of Iohn. 8. 18. Christ, in which light they Iohn. 12. 36. beleev, that they may be the children of the light: so also they, even al nations and people which are saved, walk in the Isa. 60. 30. Rev. 21. 24. light of the church, which it hath fi ō the Lord who is her light Isa. 60. 19. 20. everlasting, her Psal. [...]4. 11. sun & shield, in whose light she Psal. 36. 9. seeth light. This is y Zech. [...]. 3. citie of truth, the mount of holines, the Psal. 111. 1. secret and congregatiō of the righteous; which looketh forth as the So [...]. 6. 9. Morn­ing, fair as the Moon, pure as the Sun; terrible as an armie with ban­ners. It is the howse of the living God, Gen. 28. 19. the gate of heaven, the 1 Tim. 3. 1 [...] pil­lar [Page 362] & ground of truth; al the Eze. 43. 12. limits therof roūd about, ar most holy; the Lord hath stablished it, & ye Isa. 14. 32. poor of his people wil shrowd thēselves in it, the glorie and honour of the nations Rev. [...]1. 26. shalbe brought vnto it, & vpon al the glorie Isa 4. 5. shalbe a defence; it shalbe a Isa. 33. 20. quiet habitation, a ta­bernacle that cannot be removed, a kingdome that Heb. 12. 28. cannot be shakē, and the nation or kingdome that wil not serve it, Isa. 60. 12. shal perish: but the people that dwel therein, shal have Isa. 33. 24. their iniquitie forgiven, and from the day that this citie is buil­ded, the name thereof is, Eze. 48. 35. THE LORD IS THERE.

The Lord blesse thee, ô habitation of [...], holy mountaine.

Ier. 31. 23.


Of the cōmunion that the Saincts in al Churches have in things spiritual.

NOW as the faithful are thus cō ­pact, like living and precious stones, in one holy Temple, and mēbers of one bodie; so havethey fellowship togither in all Chris­tian offices spiritual and humane, & ech with other do willingly cō ­municate the manifold graces of God. Their spiritual communion may be considered in three things: First in al duties from themselves towards God; as be prayses, thāks­givings, prayers supplications &c. which they powr out one with & for an other. Secondly in all gra­ces given them of God, as are the words of his covenant, the cōforts and seales of the same, opened and applied for the helping forward and assurance of their salvation. [Page 364] Thirdly in al duties among them­selves, one towards an other, as counsels, deliberations, exhortati­ons, consolations, admonitions, re­bukes, censures, and such like: al which for the honour of God and their mutual good, they carefully togither doe keep & execute.

2. Their cōmunion in the Wor­ship of God, is when at time and place appointed, they al come togi­ther, Psal. 1 [...]2. 21 [...]. to serve, confesse, and prayse the Lord, and cal vpon his name. For which as Israel of old had their assemblies, wher the 1 Chron. 16. 7. 8. & [...] ministers of God publickly and solemnly vtte­red his prayses, discoursing of al his wonderful works, and giving vnto him the glory of his name; made also vers. 35. their requests vnto God for their wants, vnto al which, al the people ver. 36. sayd Amen, and praysed the Lord: so also in the Apostles dayes, Gods people had still their [Page 365] Act. 16. 1 [...]. 16. places of prayer, for which holy exercise, the Christians Act. 1 [...]. 1 [...]. assembled, & in which they continued Act. 1. 14▪ with one accord, both men & women. Where the Act. 6. 4. ministers of Christ, gav themselves vnto this busines, that minding the publick state of the church, they might for & with the same, make requests & giv thāks, in ye eares & vnderstāding of ye peo­ple wch thervnto 1 Cor. 14. 1 [...] 16. answered Amen. These now ar not ye praiers or prai­ses-of him alone yt speaketh, but of ye whol assēblie, wch attēd wth their ears, assēt with their harts, & seal wt their lips, that part of publick admi­nistratiō; cōfirming it also by signes Nehem. [...]. 6. Act. 20. 36. & 21. 5. Rev 4. 9. 10. 11. and gestures, beseeming such an action. In these, (whither ordinarie, or extraordinarie with 1 Sam. 7. 5. 6. Ezr. 8. 21 Ioel. 1. 14. Act 13. 2. 3. fasting and humiliatiō of sowl, vpō special oc­casiōs,) ther is a Act. 2. 42. Rev. 5. 8. 9. Psal. 98. 5. 6. cōmuniō & har­monie among the Saincts, that with one mind Rev. 15. 6. & one mouth doe praise [Page 366] God, and their prayer2 Chron. 30. [...]5. 27. cometh vp vnto heaven to his holy habitatiō And as the publick assemblies of the whol church; so the more private meetings in families, or of other friends for special causes, is both comfortable to themselves, and ac­ceptable to the Lord: for he had promised that wher ther is a Mat. 18. 19. sy [...] ­phonie or agreemēt, but of two o [...] his togither in earth, to desire any­thing, it shal be given them; so much he respecteth the fellowship & vn [...] ­nimitie of his people, and the [...] vers. 20. gathering togither in his name▪

3. But when through distance of place, or other just occasion, they cannot or doe not come togither▪ as also in their private prayers, which they powr out before the Lord, eyther some few togither, o [...] ech one apart; the faithful hav yet spiritual communion and benefit by praying one for an other; while [Page 367] they 2 Tim. 1. 3. remember and 1 Thes. 1. 2. make menti­on of their brethren vnto God, re­joycing Phil. 1. 3. 4. and giving thanks for his blessings vpon thē, Rom. 1. 9. 10 desiring things that may benefit & comfort them, praying for deliverance from Philē. 22. bāds or other afflictions, for strength & Col. 4. 12. stabilitie in the truth, for 1 Iohn. 5. 16. remissi­on of syns, or for other graces as the necessities of the Saincts do re­quire, for al whō we are Eph. 6. 18. 19. exhorted to pray, with al manner prayer and supplication in the spirit, and for Act. 12. 5. special persons, to make more ear­nest suit, to Rom. 15. 30. [...]. strive or wrastle togi­ther with them, by prayers to God for them. This fellowship is com­fortable, to all that know the vse of prayer; & how much it prevail­eth with God if it be fervēt. Wher­fore the Apostles did not only per­forme this dutie for others in their absence, but themselves so Heb. 13. 18. 19. 2 Cor. 1. 10. 11. Philem 22. earnest­ly desired it at the hands of al, and [Page 368] trusted for help by it. Also the Saincts that were before thē knew well, and nourished this commu­nion, whiles they Dan. 2. 17. 18. requested their brethren to pray vnto God for thē especially the 1. Sa [...]. 7. 8. & 1 [...]. 19. prophets, whose pe­titions were exceeding beneficial, not onely to the Exod. 32. 11 24. Deut. 9. [...]0. Am▪ 7. 2. 3. 6. church & mem▪bers therof, whom they sometime saved from death by this means; but also for Gon. 20. 17 strangers; so effectual with the Lord is the prayer of the Saincts, and the odour therof, as sweet Psal. 141. [...] Rev. 5. 8. incense before him: and a token it was of his heavie indigna­tion, when he Ior. 7. 16. & [...]4. 11. for bad his prophets to pray for the people.

4. Concerning the word of God and our fellowship in the same, we hav Chapt. [...]. before seē how God bestowed it specially vpon his own people, as a testimonie of his grace towards them, though also in a general fa­vour he communicateth it with [Page 369] Mark. 1 [...]. 15 the whol world. Now the saincts whose peculiar right & Deut. 33. 4. inheritāce it is, must be careful to vse it as a cō ­mune blessing, every one in himself, and al of them with and for one an other both privatly and publickly. Privatly to read & speak of ye same, vnto their families & neighbours, cōtinually-rehersing or Deut. 6. 7 [...] whe [...]ting ye words of God, vpō & vnto their children, talking of them when they are in the howse, and as they walk by the way, when they lie down, and when they rise vp; that so mē may learn & know the scrip­tures from their childhood, [...] Tim. 3. [...]5 & by them be made wise vnto salvation, through the faith wch is in Christ Iesus. And that al Christians, may by this means be able, to exhort 1 Thess. 5. [...] & edify one an other, in the know­ledge & faith of God; may hav their speech Colos. 4. [...]. gracious alwayes, & powd­red with sal [...]; may discern truth frō [Page 370] error, whiles by serching the scrip­ture, as did the men of Berea, Act. 17. 11. they see whither the things taught them be so. And this was foretold to be a special part of Gods covenāt with his people, that Isa. 59. 21. his words which he hath put in their mouth, shal no [...] depart out of their mouth, nor on of the mouth of their seed, nor out of the mouth of their seeds seed, frō henceforth even for ever.

5. But in the Assemblies of the Saincts, the light of this grace shin­eth more clearly; for in thē hav the scriptures beē read and preached of old Act. 15. 21. every sabbath day; there all men hav not onely libertie, but ar exhorted to desire that they may 1 Cor. 14. 1. 39. prophesie; that is, vers. 3. 4. speak vnto the church, to edifying, to exhorta­tion, and to comfort: which is ther­fore to be coveted vers. 1. 5. rather then o­ther spiritual gifts, because it tēdeth both to the building vp of the bre­thren, [Page 371] and conversion of the vnbe­leevers, 1 Cor. 14. 23 24. 25. and glorie of God therby. Al therfore that hav received this gift, may in ver. 40. seemlines and order vse and manifest it, for the profit of the whol & every member; being careful that it be done according to Rom. 12. 6. the proportion of faith, & when any speak, that it be 1 Pet. 4. 10. 11. as the words of God. And although a woman, in regard of her sex, may 1 Cor. 14. 34 35. not speak or teach in the church: yet with other wemen, and in her private fa­milie, she Prov. 31. 26 openeth her mouth in wisdome, & the doctrine of grace is in her tongue. So Marie Exod. 15. 20 the pro­phetesse, was guid to the women of Israel, in their songs of thāksgiving: so Act. 18. 25. 26. Priscilla at home, helped to ex­pound the way of God more per­fectly to learned Apollos; and was (togither with Phil. 4. 3. other women) ac­knowledged of the Apostle Paul, to be one of his Rom. 16. 3. fellowhelpers in [Page 372] Christ Iesus. And the Lord both in those dayes, and before, had fur­nished sundry holy women with the gift of Luk. 2. 36. Act. 21. 9. Ex 15. 20. Iud. 4. 4. 2 King 22 14. prophesie, as he promi­sed also by Ioel. 2. 28. 29. his servant Ioel: to teach, that his graces are given vn­to all as he seeth good to bestow them; though there is a difference between the extraordinary gift of prophesie, givē but vnto few, & the ordinarie prophesie or exposisiō of scripture, wch is cōmune wth many.

6. Above al other, the Officers given of Christ, for the work of the ministerie, the Act. 20. 28. Overseers of the churches, are to studie and 1 Tim. 5. 17. labour in the word and doctrine, to 1 Pet. 5. 1. 2. feed the flocks that depend vpon them, to 1 Sam. 1 [...]. 23 shew them the good and right way, to Ephos. 4. 11. 12. build vp the bodie of Christ, to 2 Tim. 2. 15. divide the word aright, to speak it Ier 23. 28. faithfully, to keep Act. 20. 27. no­thing back, eyther through negli­gence fear or flatterie, but to shew [Page 373] them the whol counsel of God, & teach thē Levit. 10. 11 al the statutes which the Lord hath commanded, not Ier. 26. 2. keep­ing back a word. These Heb. 13. 17. watch for their peoples sowles, as they that shal giv accounts; and necessity is layd vpō them, therfore woe Ezek. 34. [...]. vnto thē, if they preach not the Gospel. 1 Cor. 9. 16. These must hav care both of strong and weak, Ioh. [...]1. 15. 16. 1 Cor. 3. 1. 2 Heb. 5. 1 [...]. 13. 14. of sheep and lambs; to feed with strong meat or with milk, as their flock hath need, & is Mark. 4. 33. ca­pable. Vpō these the charge lieth, to Exod. 27. 2 [...] 21. dresse the lamps of Gods law, from evening to morning, that they may alway burne in the Tabernacle of the congregation; to giv to the how shold, their Luk. 12. 4 [...]. portion of meat in season; and to communicate this heavenly Manna with al the Israel of God, that ther may be an equa­litie, as it is written, Exod. 16. [...]8 he that gathered much had nothing over, & he that gathe­red litle had no lack.

[Page 374]7. And togither with the words of Gods eternal covenant, Mas. 28. 19 1 Cor. 11. 23. 24. these also dispense the s [...]als of the same; by which the communion of the Saincts is more illustrated & con­firmed. For by baptisme which is Eph. 4. 5. one, we al are made Gal 3. 27. 28. one in Christ Iesus. And as our fathers were [...] 1 Cor. 10. 2. baptised vnto Moses, in the clowd & in ye sea; so now vnder Christ▪ by one Spirit, we al are baptised into 1 Cor. 12. 13. one body, whither we be Iewes or Greeks, bond or free. Neyther can any man forbid water Act. 10. 47. & 8. 36. 37. 12. from those which hav received the holy Ghost and faith; it is the Mat. 28. 19. Mark. 16. 16. cōmune symbol and pledge of our salvatiō, & (like Col. 2. 11. 12 circumcision,) the Rom. 4. 11. seal of our righteousnes by fayth, even the seal of Gods covenant to vs & Gen. 17 10. 12. 13. 14 Gal 3. 14. Act. 2. 38. 39. to our seed. The Supper also of our Lord, is to be distributed to all the Saincts that can 1 Cor. 11. 28 29. examine them­selves, & discern his body therein [Page 375] by faith; and is an other seal, as of our vnion with Christ, whose flesh we eat, and drink his blood; so of our vniting togither in his faith. For we (sayth 1 Cor. 10. 17. the Apostle) that are many, are one bread & one bodie, because we al are partakers of one bread. Therefore must 1 Cor. 11. 20 we come togither for this cōmunion, and tary vers. 33. one for another, that as bre­thren we may eat and drink and re­joyce togither before the Lord; which he that refuseth, or neglect­eth; is worthy to be Num. 9. 13. rooted out from amongst his people.

8. As the Saincts have al a right & interest in the covenant of God, & seales of the same, wherein they have and hold cōmunion togither: so have and doe they also, in al o­ther Christian spiritual duties, pub­lick or private. For all the actions of the Church, being but a practise and performance of Gods Law; as [Page 376] the members have their portion in the general, so have they also in the particulars: ech one according to his place, caling, and measure of grace, given him from Christ the head. In the primitive church e­stablished by Moses, when publick actions were to be performed, the whol congregation was assembled▪ as about the Exod. [...]5. 1. 4 &c. making of the Ta­bernacle, and all the furniture for the service of God; at the ordinati­on and authorizing of the Lev. 8. 3. 4. &c. Priests and Num. 8. 9. 10. 20. Levites; at the first Deut. 5. 2. 3. 22. making and Exod. 24. 3. 4. &c. solemnizing of the covenant, at the Deut. 29. 1 [...] 11. 12. renewing of the same; and at the Deut. 1. 1. &c. repetitiō of al the Lawes & ordinances of the Lord. Vnto al & every of the Israelites, was cōm [...]n­ded the care and observation of all Gods statutes; that neyther all nor any of them, Deut. 29. 18 man nor woman, nor familie, nor tribe, should for­sake the Lord, nor suffer among thē [Page 377] any root to bring forth gall and wormwood; but playnly Lev. 19. 17. rebuke their neighbour when he synned in private, or testifie against him Lev. 5. 1. in publick if they could, and there were need; to Deu. 13. 8. Lev. 20. 2. 4. bewray & execute judgment vpon open & notorious malefactors; even the leprous and vnclean, though the trial of them apperteyned to the Lev. [...]. Priests, yet al the Num. 5. [...]. [...] children of Israel were to look that such were removed out of the host; yea the care of the Priests pu­rity in their administration, apper­teyned Lev. 21. [...]. [...]. 24. to all the people. And long after, both in 2 Chro. [...] [...] 21. 23. counsels, and in the redressing of publick evils & trespasses, all Israel indifferently, had their hand and presence; as the scripture sheweth. Ezra. 10. 1. 9. 12. &c.

9. The churches in the Apostles dayes had also the like right & li­bertie▪ for the multitudes of belee­vers. [Page 378] wer both beholders & acto [...] in the cōmune affayres; as at the Act. 1. 15—23. & 6. 2. 3. 5. & 14 23. choise & ordinatiō of church-officers; at the Act. 15. 2. 4. 6. 7. 12 22. 23. & 21. 22 1. Cor. 6. 2. &c. deciding of questiōs & controversies; at the Mat 18. 17 1 Cor. 5. 4. 5. 13. excommunication or casting out of impeniten [...] synners; at the 2 Cor. 8. 19. 1 Cor. 16. 3. choise & appointment of men, to cary the grace or benevolence of the Saincts, [...] their needy brethren; at the rece­ving and reading of the Apostles Rom. 1. 7. Letters; and generally, in the pub­lick These. 5. 27 [...] Act. 2. 41. 42. &c. communion and fellowship of the Apostles, & one of another. They were also willed to exhort, [...] admonish 1 Thes. 5. 14 2 Thes. 3. 14. 15. ech other; even the Colos. 4. 17. Officers of the churches; to Rom. 16. 17 1 Heb. 12. 15. ma [...] diligently, and avoyd, the causer [...] of division and offences; & to loo [...] that † no root of bitternes sprung [...] and troubled thē, least therby many should be defiled.

10. These & the like privileges in the faith and practise of the Gos­pel [Page 379] ar permitted to al Saincts in al churches; which they must vse in al Rom, 12. 3. 16. 1 Cor. 14. 33. 40. sobrietie, order, and peace: not presuming above their calling, place, or mesure of vnderstanding; nor abusing their libertie to the trouble or annoyance of their bre­thren. And therfore 1 Tim. 5. 17. Elders or 1 Cor. 12. 28 Act. 20. 17. 28. Governours ar set to rule the peo­ple, and togither with the other Officers to weild the churches af­faires. By which means confusion is avoided, & order observed in the Assemblies; as was in the primitive churches, wher the Overseers and publick Ministers, Act. 1. 15. & 15. 6. 7. 13. propounded, discussed, & caried matters in seem­lines and peace. These guides ar to Heb. 13. 7. 17. be heard, reverenced, and submit­ted vnto in the Lord; they attend to the publick service of the church, and are as the hand, mouth, & eyes of the same; by such God of old Exod. 1 [...]. [...] 7. 8. signified his wil to the people; & [...]

[Page 382] for the obteyning of that promised Gen. 3. 15. & 15. 3. 4. 5. Act. 3. 25. seed that should bruise the Serpēts head, and bring blessing vpon all families of the earth. And vntil that seed, (which was Christ,) came; our Fathers generally em­braced that kind of life, & Deut. 25. 5. 6. &c. Gen. 30, 1. 1 Sam. 1. 6. Luk. 1. 13, 25. thought it a dishonour to die childlesse: a [...] since that time, it hath stil been kept in, and sanctified vnto the church, to such as saw good, or had need so to live; 1 Cor▪ 7. 2. &c. 9, 5, 1 Tim. 5▪ 14, both for the avoid­ing of syn, and for other help and cōfort which that estate affordeth. But they which have from God, 1 Cor, 7. 7. the gift to conteyn their vessels in holines and honour without mari­age, and which addicting Mat, 19, 12, 1 Tim. 5. 5, [...], Luk. 2, 37 them­selves to the service of Christ, find it best for avoyding the burdens & 1 Cor, 7. 32, 33, 34, cares of this life, to keep thēselves single, in virginitie or widowhood; are counselled by Mat▪ 19, 12, 1 Cor, 7. 37, 38. 4 [...]. Christ and his Apostle so to rest. Yet if any mary [Page 383] they vers. 28. 36. syn not; onely they must so [...]ive as vers. 29. 31. if they were not maried, & so vse al other worldly things, as if they vsed them not, because the fashion of this world passeth away. And in their marying, they must have care not to match themselves in an vnequal yoke with vnbelee­vers, (for that Gen. 6. 2. 3. &c & 27. 46 Deut. 7. 3. Ezr. 9. 1. 2. Mal. 2. 11. 12. hath alwaies been reproved,) but onely 1 Cor 7. 39. in the Lord: though if they be maried to vnbe­leevers before they are caled to the faith, they must not then 1 Cor. 7. 10. 12. 13. 16 depart, or put away.

3. The faithful man & woman thus fastned in wedlock, are 1 Pet 3. 7. heyres togither of the grace of life; and so ought to live in peace and love, the wife Eph. 5. 22. 1 Pe. 3. 1. being subject to her husbād (whose 1 Cor. 11. 7 glory she is) as vnto the Lord. Their fellowship as it is in 1 Pet. 3. 7. spiritual duties, so also in humane; such as be Gen. 2. 24. Mat. 19. 6. 1 Cor. 7. 3. living & cōversing togi­ther; Eph. 6. 4. 1 Tim. 5. 10. educatiō of children, govern­mēt [Page 384] offervants, & ordering of yCol, 4, 1, Pro, 31, 15, familie; joynt 1 Tim. 5. 8. Prov. 31. 16. 17. 18. 19. &c. labour & diligence for their livelihood; and al other offices, wherby their mutual love, help, and comfort may be maintey­ned, in this honorable state of life, which to forbid any Christian, [...] a doctrine 1 Tim. 4. 1, 3 of Divils; and which [...] a shadow Eph. 5. 23. [...]5. of that mystical & he­venly communion between Christ & his church, whiles the man lov­eth & cherisheth his wife as vers. 28. 29. his own body, the womā again loveth, vers. 33. feareth, & obeyeth her husband. This societie endureth Rom. 7. 2. vntil death and can not be dissolved except Mat. 5. 32. for adulterie, for which trespasse if the magistrate inflict not death, according Levit. 20. 10 to Gods law; ye injuried person may Num. 5. 31. Mat. 19. 7. 8. 9. lawfully divorce and put away the offender.

4. The next in the family, a [...] children; which as they are the Psa. 1 [...]7. 3. in­heritance and wages of the Lord, so [Page 385] must they be Eph. 6. 4. Psal 78. 3. 4. 6. 7. brought vp & nour­ [...]ured in his fear; for they are Ezek. 16. 21. his, & [...] Cor 7. 14. holy frō the womb. And because foolishnes Prov 2 [...]. 15. is bound in the harts of children, therfore, the parents ar to governe Prov. 23. 13 14. & correct, but without provoking them to wrath, leastColos. 3. 21. they be discouraged. For them are parents also to 2 Cor. 12. 14 Gen. 25. 5. 6. store vp, & provide for their maintenance, Gē 24. 3 &c Exod 22. 17. Deut 7. 3. mariage, and other necessities, what in them [...]ieth; the children againe, Ephes. 6. 1. 2 honou­ring and obeying their fathers and mothers in the Lord; & 1 Tim. 5. 4. Prov. 23. 22. recom­pensing them, (if they can & ther be need,) in their old age & pover­tie. And they that shal Exod. 2 [...]. 15. 17 Mat. 15. 4 Prov. 2 [...]. 20. smite, curse, or blaspheme their parents, o Deut. 21. 18 20. 21. stub­bornly refuse to obey them; are for such vnnaturalnes, to die the death.

5 Servants ar the last in the fa­milie, inferior vnto children both Io [...]. 8. 35. Heb. 3. 5. 5. in durāce and fidelity; yet as their fellowship may be in the faith, for [Page 386] which their maisters should regard them Philē. 1. 16. above servāts, even brethren beloved: so in civil societie they are notwithstanding to be in Tit. 2. 9. 10. sub­jection to their maisters, faithfull and pleasing them in all things. Of these, ther be two sorts, 1. Free or hired servants; 2. and Bōdmen or Sclaves. Of the first sort wer [...] the poor Israelites, which Lev. 25. 39. sold or hired out themselves for necessitie to their brethren, or were chaff [...]ed by their 2 King. 4. 1. creditors. These were to be wel intreated like brethren, Lev. 25. 43. not overruled with crueltie; they wer to be dismissed Exod. 21. 2. in the seventh, or at furthest in the fiftith year Lev 25. 40. 41. 54. cal­led the Iubilee. And when they went out, they were to be Deut. 15. 13 14. liberal­ly rewarded with their maisters goods. Of the latter sort were the hethens, either Lev. 25. 44. 45. bought with price, or conquered by battel; which re­mayned servants alwaies, thēselves [Page 387] and their seed after thē. Servitude, especially bondage, is a judgment of God vpon the world for syn; in­flicted vpon Chams Gen. 9. 25. 26. posteritie as a curse; yet is the curse by Christ ta­ken away, in whom the bond & the Gal. 3 28. free ar one. And this was the case of many strangers in Israel, as of the Gibeonites the offspring of Canaā, vpon whom their fathers Ios. 9. 23. curse for outward slaverie was inflicted, wch they cheerfully ver. 25. 27. vnderwent, and had Gods favour and blessing vpō their sowles; they serving him, and he continewing thē, (though Saul sought to root them out,) & 2 Sam. 21. 1. 2. 3. &c. pu­nishing all Israel for their injurie. The like was also to be seen in o­thers of that progenie, whom So­lomon subdued vnder 1 King. 9. 31 servile tri­bute, & whose children remayned among the Israelits after the capti­vitie of Babylon, (as did also the Nethinims of Gibeon,) and wer [Page 388] named Nehem. 11. 3 & 7. [...]0. the sons of Solomons servants. When such bondmen ar brought to the faith of the Gospel, their ci­vil servitude is not therby at an end, no not though they hav 1 Tim. 6. 2. beleeving maisters; but they ar stil to giv ho­nour, and do service, even Colos. 3. [...]. 2 [...]. hartily as to the Lord and not to men; [...] they serv vers. 24. the Lord Christ in that estate, and ar his 1 Cor. 7. 22. freemen; therfore they should not vers 21. care for this yoke, yet if they may be free, they should vse it rather. The maisters, ar Clos. 4. 1. to do vnto their servants that which is just and equal, knowing that they also hav a maister in heaven: they may Gen. 16. 6▪ chasten thē but not oppresse them, nor contemne their judge­ment Iob, 31. 13. when they cōtend with thē. Thus servāts notwithstāding their freedom in the faith, ar to be in sub­jection, and Gen. 16. 9. humble themselves vnder the hād of their governours; they are to obey in Luk. 17. 7. 8 &c. labour and at­tendance, [Page 389] in service Gen. 2▪ 4, 2▪ 4▪ at home or abroad, in peace Gen. 14. 14. 15▪ or in war; and both maister and servant ar to keep communion togither in their holy faith, (wherin is Iam. 2. 1. no respect of per­sons,) without oppression, f [...]awd, murmuring, or debate; til they end their dayes in peace, and come to the place appointed for al the living; wher smal & great do lodge togither, and Iob. 3. 19. the servant free from his maister.

6. This much of families, which being wel ordered, and conjoyned in the faith of Christ, are as litle churches, so caled by Rom. 16. 5. the Apostle; and ought to hav care, whatsoever1 Cor. 16. 19, be done in others, that Ios 24, 15. Gen. 35, 2. Gods true worship be continewed in them. The secōd sort of humane societie, is in Policies or Commune weals; wch may be diversly cōstituted, les­ser or greater, & vnder sūdry sorts of govermēt. As, many families cōpact [Page 390] togither in one Num. 1. 18. 20 22 &c. tribe; many tribes in one Exo. 19. 6. Act, [...]0. 22. nation or Kingdome; many kingdomes in Ezr. 1. 2. Luk. 2. 1. one Empire; & these menaged by one or by many; by Num. 7. 2. Princes, Num. 11 16 17. S [...]natouis, Act. 13. 20. Iudges, vers. 2. Kings or Act 25. 11. 12. Kaesa [...]s, as God shal dis­pose, & the publick states see best. For Rom. 13. 1. al powers are of God, what so­ever be their names, titles ▪dignities or formes of regiment; and when or howsoever they be altered at the discretion of man, (in respect wherof they ar caled 1 Pet. 2. 13. [...]mane or creatures [...]. cre­ations▪ or ordināces,) they ar to be submitted vnto for the Lords sake. And this though they be vnbelee­vers; how much more if they also beleev, & hav brought their glorie to the Church of Christ, and have their Ezek. 48. 21 portion in the holy land.

7. These magistrats if they be freely chosen of the church, must be of their Deut. 17. 15 brethren, Deut. 1. 13. 15. &c, men of wis­dome and good conscience, who [Page 391] must judge al causes aright, & go­vern the people in justice, 2 Sam. 23. 3. and in the fear of God: whom the Com­mons are to honour, submit vnto, and reverence, Psal. 72. 9. 10. 15. Rom. 13. 6. 7. Iude. 8. in deed, word, and gesture, as to the Lord; for Iohn. 10. 35. the word of God is committed vnto them, and they therfore ar caled Psal. 82. 6. Exod. 21. 6. Gods. This subjection is due vnto al, whither 1 Pet. 2. 13. 14. vnto the King as to the superior, or vnto the Governors, as they that ar sent of him. It must be both openly & Eccles. 10 20 secretly, even Rom. 13. 5. of conscience, & not for fear of wrath onely. The cōmunion of the faith, is not a cause, why eyther prin­ces should forsake their place, titles, or dignities; or the people shake off their subjection. For seing Magis­tracie is stil Gods Rom. 13. 1. 2 3. ordinance; none ar meeter to execute it, to hav his word and sword cōmitted to thē, to carie his titles, & to judge in his cōgregatiō, then his own servants [Page 392] 2 Chron. 1. 10 11. 12. Num. 11. 17▪ furnished with his spirit. And see­ing it is stil his Rom. 13. 4. 6. ministerie for the good of his people, ye punishmēt of malefactors, & praise of weldoers; none cā better performe this dutie, & be Isa, 49. 23. noursing fathers & mothers of Christs church, then Christians▪ Kings ar not to cast away, but Revel. 21, 24 bring their glorie & honour to Ierusalē, (as the gentiles do their Isa. 60. 5. 6. 9. 11. riches,) & thēselves to vers. 10. minister therevnto.

8. In which ministration, they both Ezek. 45. 17 mainteyn and conserve the true religion of God according to his word, & reforme things amisse, in themselves and their subjects, (as is Chap. 17. Sect. 10. before touched:) and also main­teyn civil peace, by executing Psal. 101. 1. mercie and judgment, Psal 82 3. 4 justifying & delivering the poor and needy, and Psal. 72. 4. beating down the oppressor. Such magistrates Iob. 29. 15. 16. 17. are eyes to the blind, feet to the lame, fathers to the poor; whose cause when they [Page 393] know not, they seek out diligently; breaking the jawes of the vnrighte­ous man, & plucking the prey out of his teeth. And as their sword pre­serveth peace at home, so Iudg. 11. 27. 29. &c. 2 Chro. 32. 1. 2. 5. 6. &c. it resist­eth injuries from abroad; that they are not onely ornamēts of cōmune weals, but their safety and strength vnder God; and may wel be caled, (as the Prophets name them,) the Psalm. 47. 9 & 89. [...]8. Hos. 4. 18. Shields of the world. For which cause, all Christians as they may (by Act. 22. 25. 28. &. 25. 10. 11. Pauls example) be partakers of the benefit of their lawes poli­tick; so do they ow Rom 13. [...] 5. 6▪ homage, ser­vice, and subiectiō vnto thē, should allow them maintenance, pay them tributes, and other like duties; in recompence of their cares, labours, and employments: that so mutual peace and concord in the cōmuni­on of the Saincts, may all manner wayes be conserved.

9. There remayneth yet an o­ther [Page 394] sort of civil duties among the Saincts, general vnto al, maried or vnmaried, bond or free, magistrate or subject; which are, love, mercy, relief, kindenes, courtesie, and ma­ny other the like sociable actions, at al times to be performed, of al per­sons as there is occasion, and ac­cording to their power and place. For Christians are to have care of those 1 Thes. 5. 12 13. that labour among them, a [...] over them in the Lord, and admo­nish them; that they have them in singular love for their works sake, & let thē 1 Cor. 9. 11. reap their carnal things, which sow vnto them spiritual. For God wch willed Israel to beware Deut. 12. 19 that they forsakt not the Levite, as long as they lived vpō the earth, Deu. 14. 27 because he had neyther part nor inheritance with them, but was bu­sied in Deut. 33. 10 teaching them the law, & other ministerial actiōs, Deut. 10. 8. [...]. for which the Lord himself would be his in­heritance: [Page 395] hath also ordeyned, 1. Cor. 9. 14. that they which preach the Gospel, should live of the Gospel. And se­ing for the service of Christ in that warfare, 2 Tim. 2. [...]. they intangle not them­selves with the affayres of life, be­cause they would please him that hath chosen thē to be soldjers: they should have Phili. 4. 1 [...]. 16. their wants supplied by the church, that they be not for­ced to war 1 Cor. 9. 7. at their own cost; but may [...]a [...] of the milk of the flock which they feed, & be made par­takers Gal. 6. 6. of al their goods; which wil not onely be an incouragement to them in their ministerie, but also turne to the great good of such as reliev them, as it is written, ye Ezek. 44. 30 shal give vnto the Priest the first of your dough, that he may cause the blessing to rest vpon thy howse. And togither with them, the poor, the strangers, the fatherlesse, and the widowes, (as was the manner Deu. 14. 2 [...] in Israel,) are [Page 396] also to be releived; to them we must Deut. 15. [...]. open the hand and lend sufficient for their need, and that without vers 10. grief of hart, and evē freely, Luk 6. 35. look­ing for nothing again, but expect­ing a blessing & reward from God▪ Pilgroms and strangers are Heb. 13. 2. to be harboured; our brethren in bo [...] vers. 3. to be remembred, as though we were bound with them; Isa. 58 7. Iob. 31. 16. 17 18. 19. Mat. 25. 35. 36. Iam▪ 1▪ [...]7. the nake to be clothed; the hungrie sowl fil­led; the sick and distressed, to be vi­sited, tended, and comforted; and al other good works, which are to be done vnto al men, Galat. 6. 10. especial­ly to them which are of the hows­hold of faith. For these works of mercy, are better Hos. 6. 6. then sacrifices; they are Philip. 4. 18 odours that smel sweet, a sacrifice acceptable and pleasant to God, who can make [...] Cor. 9. 8. 9 all grace to abound towards vs, that we alwaies having al sufficiencie in all things, may abound in every good work, [Page 397] to an everlasting memorie of our justice, the vers. 13. 14▪ 15. 26. prayers of the Saincts for vs, with prayse and thanks vnto God for his vnspeakable gifts. These humane duties, are so vnited vnto true religion, as God of old cōmanded them on his Sabbathes and solemn Deut. 16. 1 [...] 14. Nehem. [...] 10. feasts; Christ hath or­deyned Act. 6. 1. 2. &c. Rom. 1 [...]. 8. &▪ 16. 1. [...] 1 Tim. 3. 12. & 5. 9. 10. Deacons in his Church, and other Helpers for this ministra­tion; besides the general care of all the faithful; and on every 1 Cor. 16. 1 [...] first day of the week, (which were dayes of the churches Act. 20. 7. Ioh. 20. 19. assēblies,) such care & provisiō for the poor was made. yea when occasion so required, the Christians Act. 2. 45. sold their possessions & goods, and parted them to all men as every one had need; which work the Act. 4. 3 [...] ▪ 35. 37. Apostles themselves a while looked vnto. Good therefore and comfortable is it for all the Saincts that have this worlds good, to do good and to distribute, Heb. 13. 1 [...] because [Page 398] with such sacrifices God is well pleased; that they be rich in good works, and ready to communicate; that with the godly Tyrians, Isa. 23 1 [...]. their occupying and their gain may be holie vnto the Lord; whiles they hoord it not vp, nor keep it in store, but let it be for them that dwel be­fore the Lord, for food & clothing: by this meanes 1 Tim. 6. 18 [...]. laying vp in store for themselves, a good foundation against the time to come, that they may obteyn eternal life.

10. Concerning other Christiā offices special regard must be had in al our actiōs of reverence & lov; for towards superiours, & the aged, men must shew al honour in giving them their Luk. 1. 3. Act 26. 25. 2 Iob. 1. titles of dignitie, when [...] Lev. 19. 32. 1 King. 1. 16. [...]3. Ruth. 2. 10 they speak or write vnto them; rising vp; and bowing down before them for honour sake; they may not 1 Tim▪ 5. 1▪ 1 Sam. 1. 14 15. re­buke, but exhort them as fathers, they are to giv them Luk▪ 14. 7. 8. 9. 10. the vpper pla­ces, [Page 399] and suffer them Iob. 32. 4. 6. 7. first to speak in causes; And they again ar kindly to intreat the yonger sort as Iosh. 7. 19. Philem. 9. 1 Tim. 5. 1. chil­dren and as brethren; yet as they may deserv, Tit. 1. 13. 3. Ioh. 10. Num. 32. 6. 7.—14. sharply to rebuke al­so. Amongst al, ther should be, in behaviour, seemlines & Eph. 4. 32. cour­tesie; in giving honour, Rom. 12. 10 to goe one before an other; 1 Thess. 5. 26. 1 Cor. 16. 20. saluting, kissing, and Act. 21. 6. embracing of freinds, as ther is occasion. In words, Tit. 3. 2. Gal. 5. 23. soft­nes, meeknes and gentlenes to­wards all, without Ephe. 4. 31 bitternes or wrath, clamorous or evil speaking: even then giving good words, & blessing, 1 Pet. 3. 9. when we ar reproched. In actions; dealing 1 Cor. 16. 14. Prov. 18 24. 2 Cor. 1. 12. 1 Tim. 5 11. freindly, sim­ply, faithfully; neither by force 1 Thess. 4. 6 oppressing, nor by fraud deceiving our brethren in any thing; ready to Mat▪ 5. 42. give, lend, or pleasure them a­ny way; and vnto everie honest action Iam 3. 17. easy to be intreated; Rom. 12▪ 15. re­joycing with them for their joy, & [Page 400] mourning for their sorow. Nou­rishing good wil by 1 Pet. 3. 8. affability, so­ciablenes, Rom. 12. 16 lowly cariage, Iude. 12. Act [...]. 46. love-feasts, and rejoycing togither; that the bond of peace may by al good and lawful meanes be preserved a­mongst vs during life; and when we are parted by death, the living to Luk. 7. 12. [...] Sam. 3. [...]1. &c. cary and accompany the dead vnto the grave.

11. In this maner men carying themselves, towards God whom they serv with reverence and with fear, and adore in spirit and truth; also to their neighbours, with whō they ar coupled in peace and ami­tie: the Ezech. 34. 26. blessings of the Lord, as the rayn & showrs from heaven, ar powred vpon them; Levit. 26. 11. 12. his own tabernacle and gracious presence, and the Num. 23. [...]1. joyful showt of a king is among them; and he wil Isa. 60. 13. glori­fie the place of his feet. Against al forreyn enemies he wil defend [Page 401] them, making Psal. 147. 13. the barrs of their gates strong; salvation wil he Isa. 26. 1. set for walles & bulwarks, even him­self, wilbe a Zech. [...]. 5. wall of fyre round a­bout them; that they shal dwel Isa. 32. 18. in the tabernacle of peace in sure dwellings, and in safe resting pla­ces: He will cloth them Isa. 61. 1 [...]. with garments of salvation, wil cover them with the robe of righteous­nes; & adorn them with his gra­ces, as a bride garnisheth her self with her jewels. Here wil he make vnto al people, Isa. 25. [...]. a fest of fat things and ful of marow, a feast of wines fined and purified; feeding them Psal. 8 [...]. 1 [...] with the fat of wheat, and filling them with honey out of the rock. Sion shalbe Isa. 62. 3. a crown of glorie in the hand of the Lord, and a roy­al diademe in the hand of her God; and as a vers. [...]. bridegrome is glad of the bride, so wil he rejoyce over her; and she againe shal joy in [Page 402] him, & prayse his name, because Psa. 148. 14 he hath exalted the horn of his people, which is a prayse for al his Saincts, even for the sons of Israel, a people near vnto him.

Pray for the peace of Ierusalem: let them prosper that love thee.

Psal. 122. 6.


How the cōmunion and peace of the Saincts, is hindred by enemies without.

ALthough the Church hath received such grace and glo­rie, from the Lord God her Psal. 84. 11. Sun and sheild, that she may wel be an Psa. 48. 4. 5 astonishment to the kings of the [Page 403] earth, and wonder of the world; as having Revel. 1 [...]. [...] the Sun for her clothing, the moon for her footstool, and the twelve starres for a crown vp­on her head, whiles by faith and holines she hath Rom. 13. 1 [...] put on Christ, the Mal. 4. 2. Sun of righteousnes that is ri­sen vnto her, as she hath learned him of his 2 Pet. 3. [...]. Apostles; and is herby advanced to heavenly dignity, that even her Philip. 3. 20 conversation is in hea­ven, so as she loveth no more 1 Ioh. 2. 15 this world, of which she her self Ioh. 17. 14 is not, and the 1 Cor. 7. [...] fashion wherof passeth a­way: yet forasmuch as she hath both in her own body, Rev. 12. [...]. paines of childbirth, whiles she is in travail to bring forth Christ, which by the preaching of the Gospel is Gal. 4. 19. for­med in her; and without her self, Satan (for his fiercenes a Rev. 10. [...]. dragon) Rev. 1 [...]. 13. 17. persecuting her in wrath, & war­ring with the remnant of her seed, gathering his soldjers which are Rev. [...]. [...]. [...]. as [Page 404] the sand of the sea, to compasse a­bout the tents of the Saincts, the beloved citie; it shalbe therfore good, that we take a view of these troubles and assaults, learn of God the end and vse of them, and how we may either escape or overcome them, least we be offended & our faith fayl.

2. That old crooked serpēt, the enemy of mans salvatiō, perceiving the vniting & communion of the Saincts, to be a great help & fur­therāce of their happines; a prayse to their God, a daunting to the world, & a comfort to themselves: doth therfore bend his vtmost might and malice against this bro­therhood, that he may dissolve the same. He stirreth vp the wicked multitudes, like the raging waves of the sea, that some out myre & durt, to bely and blaspheme the truth and witnesses of Christ, ac­cusing [Page 405] them of Act. 17. 18. & 24. 5. 14. Nehem. 6. 6. 7. noveltie, heresie, sedition, treason, and rebellion. He further kindleth this fyre, by his Amos. 7. 10. Luk. 23. 2. Ioh 19. 7. 12. false Prophets, that cease not to inveigh against, and calumniate this little flock; and by their abused wit and learning, to prove & per­swade that they are as bad or worse then they be reported of, both for their faith towards God, and loy­altie to the princes of the earth. which princes also, for like 1 Kin. 22. 8. malice in themselves, or for that they Num 22. 3. 4. Mat. 2. 3. fear the losse or impeachment of their honour and dignities; or because they loath Psal 2. 3. the bonds and yoke of the gospel; or Act. 12. 3. & 24. 28. for to gratifie their people and subjects; are readie to turn the dint of their sword, (wher­with they should conserv the truth and peace of Christian religion,) a­gainst the Saincts, and especially their cōmuniō & assemblies; which seem most dangerous, and are in­deed [Page 406] terrible to the world, as an Song. 6. 3. ar­mie with banners.

3. Herevpō they think to Exod. 1. 1 [...]. work wisely, if any way they can hinder the propagation and increase of the church; whither by privy oppressiō, or open persecution: though the wisdom of God hath sayd, Pro. 17. 16. Sure [...] it is not good to condemne the iust; [...] that princes should smite for equitie. E­specially the Exod. 4. 16. [...]2. men-children, the teachers, guides, and principal of Christs flock, are most maligned, & exposed to their tyrannie: though sōtime neyther women nor infants, can be exempted from their rage and crueltie. For which, these civil polities, with the heads and gover­nours of thē, vnto whom erewhile it was sayd Psal. 82. 6. ye ar Gods & ye al are chil­dren of the most high; ar now become more base then any men; and are caled in holy scripture, Zep. 3. 3. Pro 28. 15. Dan. 7, 4. 5. 6. Psa. 80. 13. Luke. [...]3. 31. 32. Liōs, Wolves, bears, Libbards, wild-bores, and foxes, [Page 407] even pourtrahed out by Dan. [...]. 7. 8. Rev. 13. 1. [...]. mōstrous, savage, and deformed bestes; for such their barbarous havock, and misusage of the Saincts.

4. For loe, in their malignant harts, they fret against Num. [...]. [...]. the people of God, and against Dan. 11. [...]0. the holy co­venant; with their mouthes they speak evil, even Dan. 11. 36. & 7. 8. marveilous and presumptuous things, Rev. 13. 6. blasphem­ing Gods name and tabernacle, & them that dwel in heaven; with their hands and hornes they smite and push the poor flock of Christ, Heb. 10. 34. Rev. 1. 9. Ier. 38. 6. 1 King. 22. 27. Act. 8 3. spoyling them of their goods, ba­nishing them out of their domini­ons, casting them into prisons and dungeons, feeding thē with bread of adversitie and water of afflictiō; devising all cruel and exquisite tor­ments, to make their death misera­ble, Heb. 11. 35. 36. 37. Dan. 3. 19. 20. and 6. 16. racking, stoning, hāging, hew­ing in peeces, burning in fyre, cast­ing to wild beasts, and many moe [Page 408] horrible tortures; as the lambs of Christ have felt in all ages; whiles children have been brought Exod. 1. 22. Mat. 2. 16. from the womb to their martirdom; & [...] king. 8. 12. women with child, ript vp in their vnnatural crueltie.

5. By this meanes, the cōmuni­on of the Saincts is oft times dissol­ved and Act 8. 1. scattred; their shepheards and watchmen Act. 2. 1. 2. &c. apprehended and killed; the whol flock pursued, as Rom. 8. 36. sheep appointed to the slaughter. Some for fear deny and forsake the faith, and are Act. 26. 11. compelled to blas­pheme. Some by flatterie are Dan. 11. 30. 32. cau­sed to syn, and wickedly break the holy covenant, and to be the be­trayers of their brethren. Such as escape these evils, somtime Heb. 11. 37. 38. wander vp and down in sheeps skins and goat-skins, destitute, afflicted, and tormented, in desarts and moun­taines, in dennes, and caves of the earth. Thus waters of a full cup ar [Page 409] wrung out vnto them; and now the Lam. 1. 4. wayes of Sion lament, because no man cometh to the solemn fests; for Dan. 1 [...]. 38. the dayly sacrifice (whereby they were wont publickly to worship God,) is taken away, and abomina­ble desolation put in the place. The Psal. 74. [...]. 8. sanctuarie & synagogues of God are burned; Ier. 52. 7. Psal. 79. 1. 2. 3. Ierusalem broken vp, made a ruinous heap, the stones therof layd in dust, and the dead bodies of the Saincts, cast to the fowles & bestes of the earth. Then the faithful mourn, because God hath Lam. 2. 6. [...]. destroyed his congregation, caused the sabbaths to be forgottē, forsaken his sanctuarie, and given into the enemies hand the walls of her palaces: their eyes vers. 1 [...]. fayl with teares, their bowels swel, their liver is powred vpon the earth; & they cry out with the Prophet, Amos. 7. 2. [...] O Lord God, spare we beseech thee: who shal raise vp Iaakob, for he is smal.

[Page 410]6. Thus God who hath Isa. 31. 9. his fyre in Siō, & fornace in Ierusalē, melt­eth his metall, Mal. 3. 3. trieth & fineth his people as silver, & purifieth thē as gold, by the Isa. 4. 4. spirit of judgement and the spirit of burning; draweth them to repentance, by chastening Lam. 3. 39. 40. 4 [...]. them for their syns, and making judgement 1 Pet. 4. 17. to begin at his own howse; cōsuming the drosse, & mak­ing known them, that ar approved▪ that the [...] Pet. 1. 7. trial of their faith being much more precious thē gold that perisheth, (though it be tried with fyre,) may be found vnto prayse & honour & glorie, at the appearing of Iesus Christ. For not withstand­ing al the rage of the persecutors, God wil preserv to himself Rom. 9. 27. 29. a litle flock, vnto whom he wilbe Ezek. 11. 16 a litle Sanctuarie, in al places wher they ar dispersed: who in this their deso­lation, yet pray with their faces 1 king. 8. 47 48. Dan. 6. 10. towards Ierusalem; doe convene [Page 411] and meet togither Ioh. 20. 19. Act. 4. 18. [...] secretly for fear of their foes, and cease not to per­forme al holy duties vnto God and one to an other, to the vtmost of their power; and in al their afflicti­ons ar Rom. 8. 37. more then conquerours through him that loved them. For they vers. [...]. account the suffrings of this presēt time, not worthy of the glory which shalbe shewed vnto them; they Heb. 12. 2. [...]. consider Christ their head, who for the joy that was set before him, endured the crosse, and despi­sed the shame, and is set at the right hand of the throne of God; who when he was both in name & power a Lion, appeared Revel. [...]4 [...]. [...] as a Lamb killed; yet behold Rev. 1. 18. he is alive for evermore, Amen; and hath the keyes of hel and of death. And he it is, that raiseth vp his children fiō death; he wil prophesie, and their dispersed bones Ezek. 37. 7. [...]. &c. shall come togi­ther, sinewes and flesh shall grow [Page 412] vpon them, breath shall enter into thē, & they stand vpō their feet an exceeding great army. For in their tribulations, they have but washed their garments Rev. 7. 14. white in his blood; and this is al the fruit, Isa. [...]7. 9. the taking away of their syn; and the more the adversaries vex them, thinking to root them out, Exod. 1. 12. the more they mul­tiply & grow: by patient suffering, they triumph; and by dying dayly, they attayn to life eternal. And God who hath chastened thē with rods for their good, will turn his hand vpō their enemies, & scourge thē with scorpiōs; they shal Psal. 75. 8. wring out and drink the dreggs of this cup of wrath; he that made them Isa. 27. 11. wil not have compassion of them, and he that formed them will have no mercie on them; the beasts shal be destroyed Dan. 7. 11. and given to the burning fyre, & the righteous shal [Page 413] Psal. 49. 14. have dominion over them in the morning. The zele of the Lord of hosts wil performe it.

The Lord preserveth the sowles of his Saincts, he wil deliver them from the hand of the wic­ked.

Psalm. 97. 10.


How the peace and communion of the Church, is disturbed by troubles, & syns within it self.

BVt it is a smal thing for Satan thus to molest the Saincts with troubles from abroad; for he hath meanes and instruments many in the church it self, to work the woe, yea often the ruine of the same; & he most delighteth to kindle con­tentions among brethren, knowing [Page 414] that such things are most offensive vnto God, heavie to his people, & give to the enemie occasion of re­proch. The means are two, that he chiefly vseth herevnto; 1. the infir­mities of the Saincts, who though they would do good, yet through syn that dwelleth in thē, oft times doe the evil which they hate; 2. & the iniquities of false brethren and hypocrites; who alwayes are cor­rupted in themselves, and seek to bring corruptiō into the whol bo­dy of the church.

2. For whē the faithful through cōmune [...]iaylty, defyle their preci­ous sowles and bodies, through the remaynders of [...]yn; both the ene­mies without take occasiō to 2 Sam. 12. 14. blas­pheme; and the brethren within to stumble & contend: as Moses was murmured against by his owne sister and brother, Num. 12. [...]. because he had maried an Aethiopian wife. And [Page 415] God himself is often angry with the whol church, and punisheth many, for the fault of a few; as whē David 1 Chron. 2 [...] ▪ 1. 2. synned in numbring the people, God in displeasure plagued Israel, vers. 7. 1 [...]. that of them there died se­ventie thowsand men. Again, the home-bred warrs and dessentions, are heavier to the brethrens harts, then al forreyn troubles, & many weak ones are offended, no lesse then was Rebekah, who feeling the childrē to strive in her bodie, made question of her conception, and sayd, Gen. 25. [...] If it be so, why am I thus? But above al, the hypocrites in hart, doe increase wrath, & oft-times molest the church, of which they 1 Ioh. 2. 19 ar not, though they be in the same, (like the 1 king. 10. 2 [...] Apes & peacocks in Solomōs ships;) being in deed the serpents seed, and apperteyning to an other kingdome then Christs; yet are thrust among the Saincts through [Page 416] Satans malice, for to annoy them; God also permitting this for the tri­al of his elect. By these means, the litle bark of Christs church, hath­ever been tossed as with winds and tempests; and is like ever to be, so l [...]g as it is on the seas of this world: that none may look for Angelical perfection, or absolute peace vpon the earth.

3. The Saincts ar subject, (if they be not wary, & hav their wits exer­cised to discerne good and evil,) to Heb. 13. 9. be caried about with divers and, strange doctrines; to fal into errors heresies, & idolatries; Satan rayseth vp even among the teachers of the church, Act. 20. 30. some speaking perverse things to draw disciples after thē, and the people many of them ar through their owne corruption prone vnto vice, even set Exo. 3 [...]. 22 on mischief. The children of Israel liv­ing in Aegipt, defiled themselves [Page 417] with Ezek. 2 [...] ▪ 7. 8. the abominations and idols of that land; being brought out into the wildernes, and informed in the statuts of the Lord, they ther rebel­led [...] vers. 10 12. 13. against him, sinned stil, & Psal. 78. 17. 40. 41. pro­voked the most High, tēpted God, and limited the holy one of Israel, made them a molten calf, Exod. 32. Ne [...]ē. 9. 18. & sayd this is thy God ô Israel that brought thee out of the lād of Aegipt, & cō ­mitted great blasphemies. When they were entred into the good lād promised to their fathers, there also they Psal. 206. 3 [...] ▪ 36. mingled themselves among the hethen, & learned thir works, and served their idols, which were their ruine. False prophets ther were many among them, that Ier. 23. 13. 14. 17. seduced the people to errour and idolatrie, strengthned their hāds in evil, prea­ched peace to ye wicked, Ezek. 1 [...]. 1 [...] ▪ 18. 19. & put pil­lowes vnder their armes; but smote the righteous, grieved and killed (what in thē lay,) the sowls of such [Page 418] as should not hav died. False teach­ers, (the 2 Pet. 2. 1. 2. Apostle sayth) ther wil be also amongst vs, which privily shal bring in damnable heresies, evē denying the Lord that hath bought them. The primitive churches had woful experience herof, whiles in Galatia they wer Gal. 1. 6. 7. &c. soon remooved away to an other gospel, being be­witched by their misleaders, who vnder pretence of the law of God, Chapt. 5. 4. abolished them from Christ, and made them fal from grace. And in many other churches, false doctrine fretted as a canker, and destroyed the faith of certayn, whiles some taught 2 Tim. 2. 17 18. 1 Cor. 15. 12. the resurrection was past already; some with Iezabel & Balaā perswaded Rev. 2. 14. [...]5. 20. to eat of things sacrifi­ced to idols, and to commit fornica­tion, with other hateful doctrine of the Nicolaitās, idolatrous doctrine of Colos. 2. 18. 19. worshiping Angels, Christ the head being let goe; the grace of [Page 419] God Iude. ver. 4. turned to wantonnes, & God the onely Lord & our Lord Iesus Christ, denyed; Antichrist, even 1 Ioh. 2. 18. many Antichrists entred in, to de­ceyv & destroy mens sowles.

4. By such seducers, much trou­ble & discord was wrought amōg the people, some of ignorance, some of wilfulnes receiving and walking in their Ier. 23. 32. errors; by whom the 2 Pet. 2. 2. way of truth was evil spoken of: others opposing against them, and Iude. 3. earnestly contending for the faith once given to the Saincts. Especially the Apostles, and other trustie ministers of Christ, (to whose care the sowles of men were cōmitted,) set themselves against those falsers, by 2 Cor. 6. 7 the word of truth, by the power of God, & by the ar­mour of righteousnes on the right hand and on the left: 1 Tim. 1. 3. cōmaund­ing mē to teach no other doctrine, nor give heed thereto, but 2 Tim. 1. 13. keep [Page 420] the true pattern of wholsome words, in faith & love which is in Christ Iesus; exhorting therevnto, Tit. 1. 9. [...]. 1 [...]. improving and convincing them that spoke against it, stopping their mouthes, & rebuking them sharp­ly that they might be sound in the faith. Those againe like 8 Tim. 3. 8. Iannes & Iambres resisting the truth, with 2 Tim. 2. 1 [...]. [...] Tim. 6. 5. prophane vayn bablings, disputa­tions, and oppositions of science falsly so caled, & 3 Iohn. 10. prating against them with malicious words; and seeking to [...] Cor. 10. 10 disgrace them. And wel was it with the churches then, whiles those circumspect carefull watchmen the Apostles and Evan­gelists lived among them, & took those Song. 2. 15. foxes which destroyed the Lords vines: but after their depar­ture, ther entred Act. 20. 29. greivous wolves, not sparing the flock; as by the in­numerable heresies, and lamenta­ble decay of churches since their [Page 421] time doth appear.

5. As for doctrine, so about many other things also, contention hath often risen through mens infirmi­ties, Prov. 10. 1 [...] &. 13. 10. malice, and pride: that by er­rors in faith, & corruptions in mā ­ners, as by a double chain of iniqui­tie, many sowles hav been fettered & afflicted. For some moved Act. 7 9. with envie, hav sold their brethren to ali­ants, & sought for Gen. 27. 41. & 37. 20. tokil them: some through ambition would clime above their caling; & Num. 16. 1. 2. 7. 9. 10. intrude into higher offices; presuming vpō their own vers. 3. holines, & seeking to disgrace others. And as the church of Israel was infamous Deut. 9. 22. 23. 24. & 29 4. al Moses dayes, for their idolatries, rebellions, & many murmurings, for which thei car­kesses fell in the wildernes; & strife & Exod. 32. 2 [...]. 27. 28. blood-shed came among them: so after that they were seated in the land of Canaan, they continewed not long in peace togither, but tribe [Page 422] with tribe Iud. 12. & 20. 2 Sam. 2. & 3. 1. 1 Kin 14. 30. & 15. 7. 16. 32. &c. Isa. 9. 20. 21. made warr, and rent themselves asunder, to the great reproch of Gods true religion, & giving advantage to the com­mune adversarie, to invade and dispossesse them of their land. Yea even in families betweē brethren, parents and children, most bitter & bloody strife brake forth, as the sto­ries of Iudg. 9. Abimelech, 2 Sam. 13. Amnon and Absalom, 2 Sam. 15. &c. Absalom and David, & sundry others do declare. Also how they were divided, when Christ lived among thē, into Sects & fac­tions, Pharisees, Saducees, & other like: the historie of the Gospel, eve­ry where sheweth. Neyther were the Christian Churches which the Apostles had planted, free of this [...]even; but contentions among thē grew vnto schismes and factions, 1 Cor. 1. 1 [...]. 12 &c. whiles sundry men folowed and re [...]ed vpon sundry Teachers; in their publick meetings also, 1 Cor. 11. 18 19. dissen­tions [Page 423] were among them. Some mi­nisters would of strife and envie Philip. 1. 15. 16. preach Christ to the people; some loving the praeeminence, would ty­rannyze over the flock, forbidding to receiv brethren sent by the A­postles, and 3 Iohn. [...]. 10. thrusting them out of the Church. And amōgst Gods elect, most faithful servants, and lo­ving friends, Satan did his vtmost to kindle the coles of emulation, dissention, and strife; as between Gen. 13. 7. 8 Abraham and Lot, Num. 12. 1. Moses & Aa­ron, Gal. 2. 11. 14. Peter and Paul, Act. 15. 38. 39. Paul and Barnabas; and among the Apostles generally, when there was conten­tion Luk. 2 [...]. 24. 25. who should be greatest, till they had learned better of their maister Christ.

6. The poyson of syn hath spred it self exceeding farr in churches, & corrupted the manners & actiōs of al degrees. For Magistrats leaving the love & cherishing of the people, [Page 424] Isa. 1. 2 [...]. loved gifts, and followed after re­wards; judged not the fatherles, neyther did the widowes cause come before them: they Mic. 3. 1. 2. 3 Zeph. 3. 3. pluckt off their skins from them, and their flesh from their bones, did eat their flesh and break their bones, and chop them in peeces as for the pot. Againe the subjects Iude. vers. 8. despised and spake evil of their rulers, Psal. 3. 1. 2. 3 rose vp & rebelled against them. The rich were vnmerciful, and Mic. 6. 12. cruel to the poor; Among the people and bre­thren of the church, was bitter Iam. 3. 14. 16. 10. en­vying, strife, sedition, & reproch; every man Mic. 6. 2. 5. [...]er. 9. 4. hunted his brother with a net, that they could not trust in any friend, but must be­ware even of her that lay in their bosome. The teachers were Tit. 1. 10. 11 vayn talkers and deceivers of minds, sub­verting whole howses, teaching things which they ought not, for filthy lucre sake; the priests Zeph. [...]. 4. wres­ted [Page 425] the law; the Prophets were like Ezech. 13. 4 foxes in the wast places, and from them wickednes Ier. 23. 15. went forth into al the land. Thus judgement was turned into wormwood, faith into heresie, Gods grace into wantonnes, the libertie of his Gos­pel made a cloak of maliciousnes; and in sted of the gracious orna­ments of his spirit, ther was Rev. 3. 17. wret­chednes, miserie, povertie, blind­nes & nakednes; they had a name to be alive, vers. 1. but wer dead. Nor this alone; for they hated such as rebuked them, and would not ad­mit of reproof, but Ier. 5. 3. made their faces harder then a stone; they killed the prophets Mat. 23 37. and stoned those that were sent vnto them; even when Christ himself came a­mong them, they would not re­ceiv him, but sayd, this is the heir, Luk. [...]. 1 [...] come let vs kil him, and the in­heritance shalbe ours.

[Page 426]7. These and many moe like e­vils have crept into the Churches of God, wherby they have been troubled, distracted, and rent in peeces; much pople hav been de­filed & corrupted, & the Saincts hav had cause to complayn Isa. 9. 3. Thou hast multiplied the nation, but hast not increased their ioy. Against these, the ministers and witnesses of the Lord, hav cried out in their seve­ral ages; being sent & rising ear­ly to recal the synners into the right way. Who wer threatned, that Micah. 3. 12. Sion for their sakes should be plowed as a field, and Ierusalē made a ruinous heap, Math. 23 [...] 38. & her ha­bitation left vnto her desolate; that Christ would Rev. 2. 16. warr against thē with the sword of his mouth, and vers. 5. remove the candlestick out of the place, except they amended. And such as hearkned to the voice of their God, & turned vnto him; [Page 427] had their iniquities forgiven, and their crimsin syns Isa. 1. 18. made white as snow: but such as obeyed not, wer vers. 20. devoured of the sword; and Isa. 3. 9. woe was vnto their sowles, for they rewarded evil vnto thēselves; and wer caled Ier. 6. 30. reprobate silver, because the Lord reiected them.

8. Thus cometh it to passe, through Satans malice, and mens corruption, that the citie of God, of which so glorious things are spoken in the scriptures; seemeth more vile and contemptible then any other place; the spowse of Christ appeareth Song. 1. 4. black, which was named the vers. 7. fayrest among women; her foes which Psal. 48. 5. 6. feared and marveyled at her, do hisse & say, Lam. 2. 15 Is this the citie that men cal, The perfection of bewty, the ioy of the whole earth? her children, to whom Isa. 54. 13 much peace was promised; do Ezek. 9. 4. mourn and crie, for the many [Page 428] abominations that ar done in the middes of her; & from the daugh­ter Zion▪ Lam. 1. 6. al her bewtie is depar­ted; being thus persecuted by the Dragon, hated & reproched of the world, molested and forsaken of her own children, misvsed and Song. 5. 7. wounded of her watchmen, to the grief & affliction of her spirit.

9. And if ther wer not a hea­ling of this errour in time, but the gangrene suffred to spread & fret; it grew at lēgth incurable, brought death and desolation vpon the dis­eased Churches. For God after many warnings and Isa. 1. 5. 6. much cor­rection, did at length disclaym the faithful citie as vers. 21. a harlot, giv her Ier. 3. 8. a bil of divorse, & put her away; Hos. 2. 2. she was no more his wife, nor he her husband; Ezek. 23. 18 his hart forsook her, he left his heritage, he gave the Ier. 12. 7. dearly beloved of his sowl, into the hands of her enemies; & [Page 429] Ezek. 9. 3. & 10. 4. 18. 19 & 11 23. removed his glorie from amids her. Then Ierusalem became, with al the inhabitants therof Ier. 23. 14. as So­dom & Gomorrah: the Ezek 22, 18. howse of Israel was reputed as drosse, the congregation of the Rom. 1. 7. Saincts, turned to an Rev. 18. 2. habitation of divils. And the Lords people that feared his name were willed Rev. 18. 4. to forsake and come out from among them, to judge them Ezek. 23. 45. as harlots, to Hos. 2. 2. plead against them, & Hos. 4. 15. 17. &c. forsake al commu­nion with them. Wherevpō folow­ed againe most bitter strife, hatredMicah. 2 100 Ier. 16▪ 5. 6. 7. 8. Act. 3 [...] 40. & persecution, whiles they that re­freyned frō evil, Isa. 5 [...]. 15. made thēselves a prey, & suffred al maner of misusage & affliction at their hands which made Rev. 17. 6 thēselves drunken with the blood of the Saincts, & yet boast­ed to be the church & spowse of Christ, when they were the Rev. 3. 9. syna­gogue of Satan.

10. This is the troublous e­state [Page 430] of the church of God on earth, more tossed and tormēted then any other people; of which church, (by reason of the many hypocrites and vessels of 2 Tim. 2. 20. disho­nour that are therin,) though the number wer as the sand of the sea, Rom. 9. 2 [...] yet but a remnant shalbe sa­ved; & except the Lord of hosts vers. 29. had left vs a seed, we had been made as Sodom, & had been like to Gomorrah. For which cause, it behooveth the Saincts, to seek the Lord while he may be found, and medicine, while the disease is curable; for Christ hath ordeyned wayes and meanes, for the pur­ging of his church from corrup­tions; or at least, for his elect to keep themselves pure and vn­spotted of these syns; of which it remayneth to be spoken in the next place.


How the Communion of Saincts, may be purged of the evils that arise therin, by the power and censures of Christ: and how needful it is for the Saincts al, to look herevnto.

The Lord Iesus, who is the au­thor of grace & salvation vnto his people, is also the finisher of the same, and performer of his good work towards them; & as he [...]uod. 15. 25 26. sweet­ned with a tree, the bitter waters of Marah, wher also he made Israel an ordināce, promising that if they would hearken to his voice, he would free them frō al the diseases of Aegipt: so hath he set & shewed vs in the gardein of his church, Rev. [...]2. 2. Ezek. 47. 12. the tree of life, whose fruit is for meat, and leaves for medicine, to heal the nations with; that ther is no disease incurable to his obedient people, but in al their troubles, tentations, offences, fears, and other sowl-sick­nesses; [Page 432] when they crie vnto [...], [...] Psal. 107. 20 sendeth his word & healeth [...] & delivereth them siō their graves of corruptiō. Most wholsome lawes ar left vnto al churches, to redresse the evils that arise within thē; which being wisely handled and applied, by those whose tōgues ar also Prov. 15. 2. 4. t [...]es of life; are more effectual then the balm I [...]r. 8. 22. of Gilead, to recover the health of the daughter Siō, though Bables sore Ier. 51. 8. 9. cannot be cured.

2. And first, the Saincts as they ar most neerly vnited togither in one body; so in the bowels of love and mercy, they ar to tender e [...] one his neighbour L [...]vit. 19. 18. as himself, And seing al men hav their Psal. 38. 4. burdē of syns and infirmities vpon them▪ we ar exhorted to Gal. 6. 2. bear one an o­thers burden, and so fulfil the law of Christ. If occasions thē of offēce be offred by misspeakīg; we should remember, that he that synneth not [Page 433] in word is Iam. 3. 2. a perfect man and in many things, we sin all; & that ther­fore we take that which▪ is spoken▪ in the best part, bear hard words with meeknes of spirit, not rendring againe evil for evil, but with a Prov. 15. [...] soft answer to put away wrath. If actiōs seem offensive, or begin to breed strife; love wil teach vs▪ 1 Cor. 13. 4. [...] not to be provoked to anger, but with long sufferance to bear al things; and to seek by al gentlenes to compound the controversie, for it is a mans Prov. 20. 3. ho­nour to cease▪ from strife: therfore as Gods elect holy & beloved, we should Colos. 3. 12. 13 forbear & forgiv one ano­ther, evē as Christ forgave vs. Thus by loving and gentle demeanure, Gen. 13. [...]. 9 Abram stayed strife between Lo [...] and him; Iudg. 8. 1. 2. 3. Gedeon, between the Ephramits & him; 1 Sam. 17. 28. 29. 30. David, betweē his soldiers: Moses sought to do y [...] like▪ 1 Sam. 30. 2 [...] 23. 24. between two Israelits: and we ought al in the love of Christ to la­bour [Page 434] thus to doe; for when offen­ces arise, it shalbe out glory if we can passe them by, as Prov. 19. 11 Solomon hath said.

3. But if the trespasse be such as we may not but insist vpon, both for the honour of God who is offended, and sowl of the syn­ner which is endangered, and o [...] own or neyghbours good, who ar endammaged therby: then [...] we bound to admonish the tres­passer hereof, observing two rules, 1. Loving cariage as becometh brethren; 2. and secrecie, to cō ­cese the fault as much as we may. For the first, as al our things 1 Cor. 16. 14 [...] be done in Love; so when a man [...] fallen by occasion into any fault, we are willed to restore him with 1 Gal. 6. 1. the spirit of meeknes, considering our selves least we also be tempted. For the second, we ar taught to Prov. 25. 9. debate the matter with our neigh­bour [Page 435] himself, and not to discover the se­cret to another; but to tel him his fault Mat. 18. 25. between vs & him alone. And if by our reproof he do repent, then is he won or gayned, his sowl Iam. 5. 20. saved from death, and we ar to Luk, 17. 3. Eph. 4. 32. forgiv him in tendernes of hart, as God for Christs sake hath forgivē vs; and in love we ought to cō ­cele his transgression and bury the same, not Prov. 11. 13. discovering it to others, nor Prov. 17. 9. & 16. 28. repeting it to himself; for such dealing makes division amōg prin­cipal freinds. But if he hear not our private admonitiō, then should we take with vs Mat. 18. 16. one or two, that in the mouth of two or three witnes­ses, every word may be confirmed; and that so by 2 Cor. 13. 1. 2 the second or third admonition, he may eyther be re­claimed, or not spared, but brought to further blame and censure. And if he wil not vouchsafe to hear thē, then ar we to tel it▪ Mat. 18. 17. vnto the Church. [Page 436] wher he may be rebuked of 1. Cor. 2. 6. many: and if he refuse to hear the church also, then is he by the 1 Cor. 5. 4. power of Christ, which is given therunto for the judging of al vers. 12. within the same, to be vers. 13. cast out from among the Saincts when they ar assembled, & to be delivered vnto vers. 5. Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Iesus; & whiles he remay­neth in that impenitencie and ex­communicate estate; al Christians ar to Rom. 16. 17. 1 Co. 5. 11. Ma [...]. 18. 17. avoyd him, & al communion with him, as the Iewes avoyded hethens and publicans.

4. The keeping of this rule, caus­eth much peace in the communiō of the Saincts; for by this orderly dealing with the partie all whispe­ring, Backbiting, slandering, and calumniating one of another, are stayed; syns which reign in deed Rom. 1. 29. 30. among the profane work lings, [Page 437] and hethens; but ar not Psal. 15. 3. & 101. 57. sufferable in the citie of the Lord. By this, occasions of grief and contention ar cut off: for as Prov. 26. 20. without wood, the fyre is quenched, so without a whisperer strife is silent. By this, eyther the synner is amended, wherat men & Luk. 15. 9. 10 Angels doe rejoyce; or the church atleast weise purged of the evil: for Prov. 29. 1. he that hardneth his neck, when he is often rebuked, shal sodainly be broken off, and can not be cured; but the chur­ches wound is cured hereby, as an other proverb sayth, Prov. [...]2. 10 Cast out the scorner, and strife shal go out: so conten­tion & reproch shal cease.

5. But if the syn be openly cō ­mitted, then must the synner be re­buked 1 Ti [...]. 5. 20. openly, that others also may fear; or if it be of such a nature as tendeth to the seducing of men frō God, though he that entiseth be neer and dear vnto vs; we are for­bidden to spare or keep him secret, [Page 438] for so may many be defiled by his privy suggestions; Or if any secret hypocritical practise be seen to impeach the truth of the Gospel or vpright walking therin; such ought in publick to be reproved, as Galat. 2. 11. 12. 13. 14. Paul for the like fault, blamed Peter be­fore al mē. Or if the crime be heigh­nous, bloody, & dāgerous to ye life of others, by treason or trecherie such mischief is both to be Act 23. 16 17. &c. 1. king 1. 11. 12. 13. &c. be [...] ­ed, prevented, and punished; and bloodshed so defileth the land, [...] it cannot be clensed Num. 35. 33 but by the blood of him that shed it: such there­fore (sayth Prov. 28. 17 Solomon) shal flee to [...] grave, let them not stay him.

6. The foresayd censures of Christ for rebuke and excommuni­cation, ar to be inflicted vpon al the members of the church without †respect of persons, as for other Iam. 2. 1. syns so specially for errors & here­sies, & contentions against the true [Page 439] faith. For an heretick must be reiec­ted Tit. 3. 10. after one and the second admoni­tion; they that teach or receiv doc­trines which they ought not, must, be Tit. 1. 11. 13 rebuked sharply, that they may be sound in the faith, they that cause divisions and offences, contrarie to the doctrine learned, Rom. 16. 17 must be dili­gently marked and avoyded; and such disquieters of the church, to be Gal 5. 12. cut off. Generally al Luk 17. 3. synners & al 1 Thes. 5. 14 vn­ruly persons, ar liable to the Saincts admonitions; and if any lust to be contentious, 1 Cor. 11. 16 the churches of God have no such custome; for the Lord is author 1 Cor. 14. 3 [...] of peace in them al; nei­ther may the wicked be suffred Psal. 101. 4. 8. 1 Cor. 5. 12. 13. to remayn in the cōmuniō of his peo­ple, but judgment Ier. 21. 12. must be execu­ed in the morning; neyther may a­ny Rom. 1. 31. favour evil doers; for he that iustifieth the wicked, him (sayth Prov. 24. [...]4 29. Solomon) shall the peoples curse, & the nations shal abhorr him, but to them [Page 440] that rebuke, that be plesant [...] & vpon them shal come the blessing of good.

7. The causes why the Saincts must thus redresse the evils that a­rise among them, are these. First, for the glorie of God, who com­manded this duty in his law Levit. 19. 17. play [...]y to rebuke our neighbour; that so vpon warning and sight of his syn, Lev. 4. 23▪ 28. he might bring his sacrifice & recon­cile himself vnto the Lord w [...] he had offended; which if he reg [...] ­ded not, but should doe oug [...] with a high hand, he then was sayd Num. 15. 30 31. to blaspheme the Lord, and must be [...] off from among his people, because [...] despised the word of the Lord, [...] broke his cōmandement. God th [...] who is dishonoured by mens trans­gressions, wil again be glorified a­mong them, eyther by their Ios. 7. 19. con­fession of, or Lev. 10. 3. Ezek. 28. 22. punishment for the same. For his way is holy, the Isa. 35. 8. pol­luted may not passe by it; they de­file [Page 441] Num. 19. 20 22. Lev. 2 [...]. 2 3 15. his sanctuarie and holy things; therefore they must sanctifie them­selves that draw neer vnto him, for holines Psal. 93. 5. becometh his howse for ever.

8. Secondly, for the good of the synner himself, who by these admonitions rebukes and censures, is often-tymes bettered; especially if he be the Lords elect. For a pru­dent man when he is reprooved, Prov. 19. 2 [...] wil vnderstand knowledge, and a rebuke sinketh more into him, Prov. 17. 10 then a hundred stripes into a fool: the cēsures of the church ar for his 2 Cor. 2. 6. hūbling, & 1 Cor. 5. 5. salvatiō of his spirit in the day of the Lord. We owe this therfore as a dutie of love vnto our brethren, for their good; seing love 1 Pet. 4. 9. covereth a multitude of syns; & that is done, when Iam. 5. 20. we convert the synner from going astray, and save his sowl from death. And hervpō it was, that God gave that Law of rebukes in these words, Lev. 19. 17. Thou [Page 442] shalt not hate thy brother in thy [...] thou shalt plainly rebuke thy neigh [...] & Or, bear not syn for him▪ as Lev. 2 [...]. 9. suffer not syn vpon him. For what greater hatred can ther be shewed, then to see and suffer our brothers sowl to perish? therfore Solomon was not afrayd to say, that Prov. 27. 5. open re­buke was better then secret love. And David minding this did desire Psal. 141. 5. th [...] the righteous might smite him▪ f [...] it should be a benefit; and r [...] him, for it should be a precious [...] which hewished might not fail [...] [...] being on his head. How ever then the wicked esteem of this heavenly ordinance, and hate those that re­buke them, for which cause Christ forbad Mat. 7. 6. to cast these holy thing [...] & pearles, to dogs & swine, which would but rent the giver; and So­lomon, Prov. 23. 9. to speak in the [...]ares of a fool, which would despise the wis­dom of their words▪ yet he sayth▪ Prov. [...]. 8. rebuke [...] wise mā, & he wil love th [...]. [Page 443] And an other prophet sheweth, how men that by such wounds are drawen to amendment of life, will acknowledg & say, Zech. [...]3. 6. thus was I woūd­ed in the howse of my friends. To veri­fie the proverb which teacheth, that howsoever the kisses of an enemy be pleasant, Prov. 27. 6. the wounds of a lover are faithful.

9. A third cause of these cen­sures, is the benefit of the church; that it may be kept from the conta­gion & corruptiō of synners, which is great and dangerous. For in as­much as they ar al one body and brotherhood; the fault of a few, yea even of one, may be a snare vnto the whol companie. This Israel felt of old, when for Ios. 7. 1. 4. Achans syn the Lord chastised the whol con­gregation, yea told them they were vers. 12. execrable, and sayd he would be with them no more, except they destroyed the excerable thing frō [Page 444] among them. And that correct [...] was a warning to the church a good while after, Ios 22. 11. [...]2. 16. 20. and made them for fear of the like again, severely to look to their brethrens actions, whē they seemed evil in their eyes, and to say vnto them, if▪ vers. 18. we rebel to day against the Lord, even to mor [...] he wil be wroth with at the congreg [...] ▪ tion of Israel. This also the Church of Corinth felt, whiles for the suf­fering 1 Cor. 5. 1. 2 &c. of one wicked man as l [...]ven among them, the whol lump of the congregation was so l [...]vened as the Apostle told them, vers. 6. their reioycing was not good, for that they kept the fest of their▪ passeover Christ, with such so w [...]even amōg them, wher­as in the shadow thereof, the leven of material bread was forbid to be eaten Exod. 12. 19 vpon paine of cutting off from Israel. The whol Church is endangered when they neglect this duty; first, because whiles im▪ [Page 445] penitent synners are suffred, their example is on evil president, & an embold [...]ing of others, to do like­wise: as even the hethensEsth. 1. 16. 17. 18. could tel King Ahas [...]verosh, about Queen VashtiesProv. 19. 25 offence; wheras if the scor­ner be smitten the foolish wil beware. And God who punisheth some, for an Num. 26. 10 1 Cor. 10. 6. example to others, would also have his church to chasten evil do­ers, that Deut. 17. 13▪ [...] Israel may hear & fear, & do no more presumptuously; because some wil not stick to Prov. 1. 10. 11 & 7. 10. 13. 21. entise & per­swade others vnto their vices; espe­cially Prov. 9. 14. 15. &c. hereticks, which leven mens sowles with false doctrine, entan­gle the weak cōsciences, Act. 20. 30. draw dis­ciples after them▪ Tit. 1. 11. subvert whol howses, and steal away the harts of the people as 2 Sam. 1 [...]. 6 did Absalom; such therfore a [...] to be discovered & cast our, that al may know and beware of them. Needfully then the Apos­tle warneth to 1 Iob. 12. 1 [...]. let no root of bit­ternes [Page 446] spring vp & trouble vs, least therby many be defiled; for de [...] flies Eccles. 10. 1. causeth to stink & patrify the orn [...] ­ment of the Ap [...]thecarre; scornful men (as the proverb Prov. 2. 9. 8. sayth▪) bring the citie into a snare; and Eccl. 9. 18. one syn­ner destroyeth much good.

10. A fourth cause why the evil must be purged out of the church is to stopp the reproches of the world, and those without. For they take occasion by the syns of Gods people to Titus. 2. 5. 1 Tim. 6. 1. speak evil of them and of the truth and doctrine they pro­fesse; how much more wil & may they doe this, if ther be no rebuking and censuring of the synners: As God himself therfore hath a ca [...]e that his name Ezek. 20. 9. 14. 22. should not be pollu­ted before the hethen, by the pu­nishment and destruction of vs his people; so ought we again, to have our 1 Pet. 2. 12. conversation honest among them▪ that God may be glorified, & [Page 447] his name not Rom. 2. 23. 24. blasphemed by our transgression of his law. And such as break out vnto 1 Corin. 5. 1. &c. infamous vices, eyther speedily to repent & amend them, or to be cast out from the fel­lowship of God and his people; so shal the throne of Christ our king be stablished in justice, when the wicked are taken away before him, Prov. 25. [...]. 5. as when the drosse is taken from the silver, ther procedeth a vessel for the finer.

11. This care of keeping the church clean and pure, the Lord hath required in al ages, by many lawes and rites, leading men here­vnto. Himself first practised it, by Gen 3. 9. 10. 11. &c. the rebuking and caling to repen­tance of our first parents that syn­ned in paradise; and afterwards by Gen. 4. 6. 7 11. 12. 14. admonishing, & excōmunicating Cain. The patriarchs Noah & A­braham, Gen. 9. 24. 25. & 21. 9. 10. 12. 14. Gal. 4. 30. executed these judgemēts on their own children▪ when the [Page 448] height of their syn so deserved▪ So soon as the host of Israel was con­stitutedNum. 1. 2. 3. & 4. chap­ters. & ordered, God provided for their holynes & puritie in that order wherin he had set them, by causing al sorts of evil to be remo­ved away. First he cōmanded that such as had corporal & ceremonial pollutions, as Num. 5. vers. 2. 3. leprosies, or yssues, or wer defiled by the dead, should be put out of the host. After that for syns & trespasses, wherby both sowl & body were in deed defiled; he required vers. 6. 7. 8. confession, restitutiō, & sacrifice. And lastly for the find­ing out and purging of secret syn, he ordeyned vers. 12. 13.—30. 31. that severe Law of gealousy, wth the bitter curse brin­ging water, & dreadful, effects of the same; by al these teaching thē carefully to clense, both themselves and the congregation; which that they might the better mind, & ob­serve, he afterwards enacted for [Page 449] the lighest, even the ceremonial vncleannes, that the man which purified not himself according vnto the rites prescribed, should be Num. 19. 20. cut off from among the con­gregation, as having defiled the sanctuarie of the Lord: the like he did for al other Num. 15. 27. 30. 31. presumptuous syn­ners whosoever. And these Iawes were kept in Israel, executed 2 Chron. 23. 19. Ezra. 6. 21. a­mong the people, even vpon kings, who were 1 Sam. 13. 13. 14. & 15 19. 23. 26. 2 Chron. 26. 18 19. 20. 21. rebuked for their syns, and thrust out for their leprosies. Christ also and his Apostles have givē many rules, (as is before shew­ed) for clensing the churches of syn.

12. The keeping of which rules, belongeth to al the Saincts, as the commandement directed of oldNum. 5. [...]. Levit 19. 17. to the children of Israel, & in the new testament to al the Mat. 1 [...]. 1 [...] 1 Cor. 5. brethren and church, doth shew. It is a du­tie of love, frō which no Christian [Page 450] can be exempted; to be perfor­med by the word of God, which is given vnto al, as a two edged sword, to execute vengeance and rebukes, to Psal. 149. 5. 6. 7. 8. bind both Kings and Nobles, and execute on them the judgement written: this honour (sayth David) shalbe vers. 9. to al the Saint. But chiefly this perteyneth to the ministers & watchmē of ye church, who having the word of recon­ciliation 2 Cor. 5. 19 cōmitted vnto them, & overseing the manners of Act. 20. 28 al the flock; must preach that word, 2 Tim. 4. 2 be instant in season and out of season improve, rebuke, and exhort, with al long suffring and doctrine; they must hear ye word at Gods mouth, Ezek. 3. 17. 18. &c. & give the people warning from him, admonishing them of their wicked wayes, els they shal die in their syns, and their blood shalbe required at those watchmēs hāds: theyEzeeh. 44. 23. must teach the people the [Page 451] difference between the holy & pro­fane, and cause them to discerne be­twene the vnclean and the clean. These hav the keyes of the kingdōe of heaven, in more special manner Mat. 16. 1 [...]. Ioh. 20. 23. given vnto them, for the binding and loosing of syns by the publick ministerie of the word: they ar to guide and goe before the people, as in other affayres, 1 Cor. 5. 3. 1 Tim. 1. [...]. so in admini­string the censures of the church. By such God of old did Ier. 1. 10. pluck vp and root out, destroy and throw down, and againe build and plant; by such he Hos. 6. [...]. cut down synners in Israel, and slew them by the words of his mouth: Vnto such the people ar to hearken, obey, Heb. 13. 17. and submit themselves; yet also to Golos. 4. 17. Levit. 21. 8. 24. admonish them againe if need so require, and not suffer thēselves to be 1 Ioh. 2. 18. 26. 27. seduced by false doctrine, 2 Cor. 21. 20 brought into bondage, devoured or smitten on the face; but stand fast in the faith [Page 452] and [...]a [...] ▪ 5. 1. liberty of the Gospel, & whē any is cast out from among them, or againe received in, that it be the joynt actiō of the church assembled, as Mat. 18. 17. 18. 20. 1 Cor. 5. 4. 13. 2 Cor [...]. 7. 8. 10. Christ and his Apostle have given direction.

13. Thus ar the hurts of the daughter of Gods people to be hea­led by admonitions, exhortations, rebukes, denunciations, censures, and Ezek. 16. 23 woes; a more wholsom and pleasant balm, thē the sweet words of thē that crie I [...]. 6. 14. peace peace, when ther is no peace: for the blownes of the [...]nd serveth somtimes to P [...]ov. 20. 30 purge the evil, & the stripes within the bowels of the be [...]y. By such means the Saincts ar brought to a sight of their syns, which they doe away with Iudg. 2 4. 5. tears and sacrifice; they Ier. [...]6. [...]8. [...]9. fear the Lord and pray befor him, & he repenteth of the plague pronounced against them. Therfore ought al Gods ser­vants, to love his rebukes and cen­sures, [Page 453] sent by the hands of their bre­thren; to P [...]ov. 19. [...] hear counsel & receiv in­struction, that they may be wise in their later end: to be more carefull to bury the doung & syn of their sowles, in the grave of Christ by re­pētance, thē ye Israelits in their cāp to Deut. [...]3. 13 14. cover their excrements, for of­fending the Lord: to judge them­selves Ezek. 36. 38▪ worthy to hav beē destroyed for their iniquities, & to crie with the Leper, Lev. 13. 45. I am vnclean I am vnclean: to Iam. 5. 16. acknowledge their faults one to another and pray one for another that they may be healed; for mercy is Prov. 28. 13. promised to them that confesse and forsake their syns, and is to be 1 Sam. 12. 20 22. 2 Sam. 12▪ 13. pronounced vnto them in the name of the Lord; they ar to be 2 Cor. 2. 7. forgiven of their brethren and cōforted, least they be swallowed vp with overmuch heavines. Thus the ear Prov. 1 [...]. 3 [...]. that hearkneth to the cor­rection of life, shal lodge among [Page 454] the wise: but he that Pro. 29. 1. hardneth his neck when he is rebuked, shall sodainly be destroyed & cannot be cured. Such therefore must more roughly be intreated, and Ier. 26. 4 5. 6. judge­ments denounced against them; & if they convert not, as in their Prov. 29. 6. trās­gression is their snare, and they are holden Prov. 5. 22. with the cords of their own syn; so must they also by their brethren Mat. 18. 18. be bound, and their syns Iohn. 20. 23. reteyned; and God in heaven wil confirm this censure against them. Then are they till they repent and humble themselves; 1 Cor. 5. 13. Ezra. 10. 8. put away and separated from among God [...] peo­ple, Rev. 22. 15. excluded the heavenly Ierusa­lē, regarded as strangers frō the cō ­mune wealth of Israel, as Mat. 18. 17. hethens and publicans; & for despising cor­rection, are almost brought Prov. 5. 12. 14. into al evil, in the midds of the congrega­tion and assemblie. And if they cō ­tinew stil to hate correction, they [Page 455] Prov. 15. [...]0. shal die, such judgments▪ hath the Lord appointed for Pro. 19. 29. scorners, and stripes for the back of fooles. By this meanes the body of Christ is disburdened of noysom rotten members, the Ioh. 15. [...]. fruitlesse branches are taken away from the vine; the woman Zach. 5. 8. 11. wickednes pressed down in her bushel, is lifted vp and caried away from Ierusalem to Babylon in the land of Shinar, her own pro­per place; the old leven being purg­ed out, the congregation joyntly is a sweet & 1 Cor 5. 7. new lump, as the mem­bers severally ar vnlevened; and keep a holy and joyful feast vnto the Lord; who now is turned Iosh. 7. 26. 11. 12. frō his fierce wrath which was kind­led for the transgressors. Then he that is left in Sion, and remayneth in Ierusalem, may be caled holy, e­very one written vnto life in Ieru­salem, Isa. 4. 3. 4. when the Lord hath wash­ed the filthines of the daughters of [Page 456] Sion, and purged the blood of [...]e, rusalem out of the midds thereof, by the spirit of judgement, & by the spirit of burning.

The waies of the Lord ar righteo [...], & the [...] shal walk in them; but the wicked shall f [...]l ther [...]n.

Hos. 14 10.


How farr the Saincts may hold & walk in communion togither, if offences be not removed.

IT falleth often out, through the default and neglect of churches, that the foresayd law & power of Christ is not duly practised, but synners suffred and wincked at, yea sometimes justified and vpheld▪ by [Page 457] reason wherof, al kind of iniquitie wexeth & aboundeth, to the dis­honour of God, the reproch and grief of men. The duties therfore of the Saincts, what then they are to doe themselves, & what to bear in others, is needful to be conside­red: for their covenant with the church, perswadeth them Ephe. 4. 3. to peace and concord, and not to schisme or rent away from the fellowship; a­gain their covenāt with God, bind­eth thē to the obedience & keep­ing of Deut 8. [...]. Eph. 5. 7. 11 Prov. 4. 26. 27. al his cōmandements, with reproof of, and departure from al evil.

2. In this straight, regard is to be given, first vnto the cause & thing it self, which is done or suffred a­misse; secondly vnto the handling therof, & dealing about the same. For the cause it self, that in questi­ons and disputable controversies the Saincts bear one with anothers [Page 458] Rom. 14. 1. 2. &c. & 15 1. Philip. 3. 15. infirmities & diversitie of judge­ment, especially for the present, til the truth be tried out, eyther a­mong themselues, or by the help of other churches; which was the practise Act 15. 1. 2. &c. in th' Apostles dayes; as also in Moses law, for hard and doubtful matters, the people dis­persed through their cities & tribes had Deut. 17. 8 9. 2 Chron. 19. 8. ayd of the Senate in Ierusa­lem. In this case therfore al Chris­tiās should mind yt coūsel of Gods wisdome, Rom. 12. 16 not to be wise in thēselves; Philip, 3. 15 if they be otherwise minded, God shal revele even the same vnto them, they know not perfectly 1 Cor. 13. 9 10. but in part. Or if it be a personal controyersie, that as much as they may, they ful­fil Christs law to Gal. 6. 2. bear their brothers burden, & procure their own glo­rie, Prov. 19. 11 bypassing by an offence: rather to [...] Cor, 6. 7. suffer wrong & susteyn harm, then by strife and contention to cause reproch; remembring his [Page 459] counsel which sayd, Eccles. 7. 1 [...] be not iust over­much. But if the doctrine be 1. Tim. 1. 3. 4. & 4. 1. 2. &c. Tit. [...]. 9 10. Iude. 3. erro­neous, and pernitious for the in­fecting of mens sowles, and with­drawing them from the faith; if the practise be 1 Cor. 5. Col. 2. 18. 1 Cor. 10 6. [...] 8. 14. wicked, supersti­tious, or idolatrous, violating Gods covenant, injuring their bre­thren, or defiling themselves, to the slander of the Gospel; then al the Saincts must neyther suffer (so far as is in their power,) nor partake at al in any such evil. Yet before they make any breach or departure from the Church, they are to vse al meanes Heb. 12. 14 Philip. 2. 3. 1 Cor. 16. 14 & 14. 40. in holy, meek, peaceable, and orderly manner, for their re­dresse, as is Chap. 22. before shewed.

3. That transgressions may not be suffred in churches, the reasons in the former chapter alleged, doe prove; and may further be confir­med by the reproof that Christ sent to the Angels and Churches [Page 460] of Pergamus & Thyatira, for Rev. [...]. 14. [...]5. 20. ha­ving and suffring false teachers a­mong thē, yt drew the people in­to syn; of this fault they were wil­led to vers. 16. repent, or els he would fight against them with the sword of his mouth; and vers. 23. kil their chil­dren with death. And such as had kept themselves from these corrup­tions, were vers. 24. 25 26. willed to hold first that which they had, vnto the end▪ On the other hād, he p [...]vs [...]d ye E­phesians, that they could not vers. 2. bear with thē which wer evil, but had tried & found out false Apostles. And this m [...]rke Solomon set on them that keep the law, that Prov. 28. 4 they wil set themselves against the wicked.

4. And that the Saincts may not for fellowship with the church or any members therof, doe any evil thing, eyther in Gods worship or th'affayres of man; the verie form of the law given to them▪ al jon [...]y [Page 461] & severally sheweth; for God speak­eth to every sowl apart, Exod. 20. Thou shalt have no other Gods before my face; and [...]o in al the other precepts. And least by the error of many, any should be withdrawen from this obedience; he gav another expresse law, Exod. 23. [...]. Then shalt not follow a multitude to doe evil. After that, when corrup­tion spred among the people, he sayd Hos. 4. 15. though thou Israel play the harlot, yet let not Iudah syn. And so farr ought al to be from synning for company, as they should say with [...]aak [...]b, Gen. 49. [...]. into their secret let not my sowl [...]me; my glory be not thou ioyned with their assemblie; and with David should Psal. 26. [...]. 6. hate the assemblie of the evil, and not s [...]t with the wicked, but wash their hands in innocencie, & com­passe the Lords altar; for howsoe­ver men joyn togither in syn, yet [...]and in band Prov. 11. 2 [...] the wicked shal not be unpunished; the sowl that synneth [Page 462] Ezek. 18. 4. it shal die; & whither it be Deut. 29. 18 19. 20. [...] or womā or family or tribe, whi [...] shal turn their hart away from th [...] Lord, and so persist, blessing th [...] selves in their evil; he will not be mercifull to such a person, but p [...] out his name frō vnder heavē. A [...] the Lord when he taketh his [...] the hand, teacheth them Isa. 8. 11. 13 [...] walk in the way of such people, b [...] to sanctify and fear him. This then is the duty of every sowl, that they keep themselves pure, and re­frayn from al wickednes, that so th [...] prayse of Iudah may come vpon them, which [...]os. 11. 12. yet [...]led with God [...] was faithful with the Saincts, when E­phraim compassed the Lord with lies, [...] the howse of Israel with deceyt. So also shall their reward be with those Rev. 3. 1. [...] few names in Sardi (which church had a name that it lived, but was dead,) which had not defiled their garments, and should walk with [Page 463] Christ in whites, for they wer wor­thy.

5. Moreover the Saincts must hav a care of their communion in the church, that by reason of their brotherhood & corporation, they 1 Tim. 5. 2 [...]. partake not with other mens syns. True it is, that some hypocrites wil cary them selves so cunningly, that they can hardly be discovered or avoy­ded, howsoeuer in godly gealousie they may be suspected; such must be born with patience, til their syn­nes be ripe. And it appeareth, that the Apostles themselves were much troubled with such, whom they theifore caled 2 Cor. 11. 13. 14. 15. deceiptful workers, for that they could, (like Satan) trans­forme thēselves into the Apostles of Christ, and ministers of righte­ousnes; and these sought vers. 12. occasion against the faithful servāts of God, & would impurely, Philip. 1. 15 16. even of envy and strife; preach Christ, supposing [Page 464] to add more afflictiō to their band [...] neyther hath the church in any age bene without such tares; whose judgement is with the Lord not farr off, and their damnation sleep­eth not. But if their wickednes be apparant, they must eyther be re­claymed frō their syn, or rejected: otherwise the whol church may be 1 Cor. 5. 6. levened, and in fault also, as before is proved. And when eyther in Gods worship, corruptions ar ad­mitted; or the open wicked suffred vnamended: al the godly ought not onely to reprove and witnesse against these evils, but refrayn frō partaking with the church in them. So did the prophets, and holy men of old themselves; & so they taught others. Whē false worship was set vp in the churches, they warned the people Hos. 4. 15. not to come there; when false prophets taught, Ier. 23. 16. not to hear them; yea though they were their [Page 465] own children, Zech. 13. [...]. to thrust them through when they prophesied. And gene­rally for al iniquity against God & men, they taught every one Ezek 18. 10 11. 12. 13. 20. to re­frayn as they loved their lives and salvation; to Vers. 30. 31. turne themselves, and cause others to turn from al their transgressions; because they should be judged every one according to his wayes. Herevpon the godly when they could not reclaim their brethren, both Ezek. 9. 4. mourned and cryed for al the abominations done amōg them, and also Isa. 59. 15. refreyned from evil, wherby they made thēselves a prey to the wicked; who Isa. 66. 5. hated them & cast them out for Gods name sake; yet they again were taught to Ezek. 23. 45 iudg them after the manner of harlots; to Hos. 2. 2. 30 4. plead with their mother (the Church) that she was not the wife of the Lord, nor he her husbād, but for her adulte­ries she should be slain, & her child­ren vnpittied, if she took not away [Page 466] her fornications out of her sight. And in Ieremies dayes the Lord asketh Ior. 11. 15. what his beloved should tary in his howse, seeing it had cō ­mitted abomination with many? and the holy flesh, (that is the flesh Hag. 2. 13. 14. 15. of the sacrifices,) was gone away from them, (being defiled by ther impure actiōs, & therfore rather to be Lev. 7. 19. burnt with fyre then eaten of any man;) for when they did evil, they reioyced; so that it wer better for every Godly one to separate, then communicate with that wor­ship, where (as another Isa. 66. 3. Prophet sayth,) the sacrificing of bulloks & sheep, was as if they had slayn a man, or cut off a doggs neck, or offred swines blood, and the memorie of incense, as if they blessed an Idol; they having chosen their own wayes, and their sowl delighting in their abominati­ons. In like manner did Christ in­forme his Apostles, and they the [Page 467] churches; that they should not ad­mitt of any erroneous doctrines, or partake in any evill act with the Scribes and Pharisees, but Mat. 15. 1 [...]. let them alone like blind guides, and Act. 2. 40. save themselves from that froward ge­neration; to Eph. 5. 7. have no fellowship with the vnfruitful works of dark­nes; to 1 Tim. 6. 5. 2 Tim. 3. 5. separate, and turn away frō false teachers, & evil doers; to 1 Iohn. 4. 1. trie the spirits, & having tried al things, to keep only 1 Thes. 5. 3 [...] that which was good; to refuse all fellowship with false teachers, 2 Iohn. 10. not to receiv them to howse, nor bid them God speed; to hold such accursed as should preach Gal. 1. 8. 9. otherwise then they had recei­ved of the Apostles; And general­ly not to Rev. 18. 4. partake in the synns of others, that they receyved not of their plagues.

6. By which and many other like scriptures, we ar taught, not to keep cōmunion with people or church, in any open or knowen [Page 468] wickednes, against eyther table of Gods law; for that were to honour man morethen God. Our fellow­ship is in the 1 Ioh. 1. 6. 7 light, not in darknes; neyther is it good walking to speak against faults in others, and our selves Psal. 50. 16. 17. 18. doe the same with thē how should our reproofs or admo­nitions be regarded of men, when the Mat. 7. 3. 4 beam is in our own eye, and our works doe Tit. 1. 16. more justifie, then our words can condemne them? The prophets of old, our saviour, and his Apostles, ar never found eyther to doe, or ioyn in the doing of any vnlawful thing, for which they blamed their peoples: in like weise must we walk; els shal we be inexcusable before God and men; for (as itis written,) Rom. 2. 1. he that iudg­eth another and doth the same things, condemneth himself.

7. And in our assemblies wher Gods Psal. 19. 7. presēce is, ought our holines, [Page 469] fear, and obedience, most to shine; & al evil things most be shunned: wher by reasō of our near cōjunc­tion, & cōmunion, the cōtagion of syn may spread over al. For there all ar one loaf, & one body, 1 Cor. 10. 17 because we ar al partakers of one bread. And if the wicked partake with vs, neyther we nor the holy things can sanctifie thē; but contrariwise they defile vs and every thing they touch, as the law saith Num. 19. 22. whatsoever the vnclean person toucheth shalbe vn­clean, and the person that toucheth him, shalbe vnclean. And this touching, fi­gured our fellowship togither in the Church, as the Apostle 2 Cor. 6. 14 15. 16. 17. shew­eth; & by this, the prophet Hag­gai convinced the people of Israel to be Hag. 2. 14. 15. vnclean in Gods sight, they and al their works and sacrifices. Wherfore streight Levit. 22. lawes were given to that nation, as wel preists as people, evē vpō payn of vers. [...] death, [Page 470] that none in his vncleannes should Levit. 22 3. touch the holy thinges of the church, for that was not onely a defiling of the vers. 15. things themselves, but of Gods vers. 2, &. 52. name also. For avoiding wherof, the Priests were to Ezek. 44. 23 teach the people how to discerne between holy and profane, clean and vnclean Which if they did, and took away the precious frō the vile, then were they as Ier. 15. 19. Gods mouth: otherwise, when they put no difference between holy and profane, they Ezek. 22. 26 broke Gods law, & defiled his holy things; for which cause, he powred out vers. 31. his indigna­tion vpon them. And now that al Christians ar made Rev. 1. 6. Priests vnto God, even a 2 Pet. 2. 9. kingly priesthood to Rev. 5. 10. reign vpō earth, & hav the 1 Cor. 5. 4. power of Christ, to judge al that are vers 12. with­in the church, & vers. 13. cast out the wic­ked from among them: they ought to 1 Cor. 7. 23. [...] 5. 1. reteyn and vse their power, to execute the Psal. 149. 9. judgement that is writ­ten; [Page 471] and as the priests of old, to Ezek. 44. 24. keep Gods lawes and statutes in al his assemblies, or els to Isa 52. 11. depart frō among them.

8. For if any church or people, violate Gods covenant, by synning against him, & one against another: and if their ears Ier. 6. 10. be vncircumcised that they cannot harken to admoni­tion, nor be vers. 15. ashamed when they hav committed abomination; but despising the word, walk stubbornly with God, & wil not be reclaymed: thē they that were Mic. 2. 8. yesterday Gods people, ar risen vp for an enimy, & he wil walk Levit. 26. 28 stubbornly in anger against thē, & his vers. 30 sowle wil abhorr them, he wil bring their vers. 31. sanctuary to nought, and wil not smel the sa­vour of their sweet odours; the in­cense of their prayers is Isa. 1. 13. Prov. 15. 8. an abomi­natiō vnto him; he Amos. 5. 2 [...] hateth, he ab­horreth their feast dayes, and wil not smel in their solemne assem­blies; [Page 472] both Ier 7. 15. them and the howse which he had hallowed for his name, wil he 1 [...]ing. 9. 7. cast out of his sight, and Rev. 2. 5. remove the candlestick out of his place; the Lord of hosts Ier. 11. 17. that planted thē, pronounceth a plague against them, he wil take Mat. 21 43 his king­dome from them, & give it to a na­tion which shall bring forth the fruits therof, and their Mat. 23. 38. habitation shall be left vnto them desolate. He will do vnto them as he threatneth by his prophet, Hos. 9. 15. For the wickednes of their inventions I wil cast them ou [...] of my honse, I wil love them no more; & againe vers, 17. my God will cast them away because they did not obey him. For [...] Sam. 15. 23 re­bellion is as the syn of witch craft, and transgression is wickednes and idolatrie; seing they have cast away the word of the Lord, therfore he casteth away thē; the curse is Da [...]. 9. 11. pow­red vpon them, and the oth that is written in the Law. For God pro­claymeth, [Page 473] I [...]r. 11. 3. 4. Cursed be the man, that obeyeth not the words of this covenant, which I cōmanded your fathers, saying, obey my voyce, and do according to all these things which I cōmand you, so shall ye be my people, and I wil be your God: And his servants answer and say, vers. 5. Amen ô Lord. Thus the curse de­voureth the land, of that Assemblie or people, and the inhabitants ther­of ar desolate, for that Isa. 24. 5. 6. they trāsgres­sed ye lawes, chāged the ordinances, & brake the everlasting covenāt; & then the Lord sweareth and sayth, Amos. 6. 8. I abhorr the excellencie of Iaakob, and hate his pallaces.

9. Then they, that cried out a­gainst their abominations, ar Ezek. 9. 4. 6 mark­ed and saved from destruction; a book of Mal 3. 16. remembrance, is written before the Lord, for them that fear him, and think on his name, & they shalbe vnto him vers. 17. for a flock, and he wil spare them as a man spareth his [Page 474] own son that serveth him; they Mal. 3. 18. shal discern between the righteou [...] and the wicked; vnto them shal Mal. 4. 2. the sun of righteousnes arise, with health vnder his wings, and they shall Ger. 3. tread down the wicked as dust vn­der the soles of their feet. Thus the redeemer wil come Isa. 59. 20. vnto thē that turn from iniquitie in Iaakob; & he wil leav in the mids of it, an Zeph. 3. 1 [...]. [...]3. hum­ble and poor people, and they shal trust in his name, and the remnant of Israel shall do no iniquitie nor speak lies: And over them will the Lord Ger. 17. reioyce with joy, he wil qui­et himself in his love, even with joy wil he rejoyce over them.

The Lord preserveth al them that love him▪ but he wil destroy al the wicked.

Psalm. 145. 20.


Of the communion that one church hath with an other.

HAving spoken of the Saincts communion in their several Congregations, wherin they are distinct bodies, and owe special duty and care one toward another: it remayneth that something be sayd, of the cōmunion between Church and church. For though they be disjoyned in place, yet ar they vnited in hart and spirit; so as they generally are but Ephe. 4. 4. 5. Colos. 1. 18 one body or church, vnder one head Christ, caled in one hope of their vocati­on, by one God and Father of al; and must endeavour, to keep the vnity of the spirit in the bond of peace.

2. When Christ sent forth his Apostles into the world, he Nat. 2 [...]. 19. 20. gave them one and the same commissi­on, for preaching the Gospel in al [Page 476] nations, and teaching them to ob­serv whatsoever he had comman­ded: who thervpon preached Ephe. 4. 5. Tit 1. 4. one cōmune fayth, a covenant & Gos­pel Heb. 13. 20 Rev. 14. 6. everlasting, for every tongue and people; and exhorted them Iude. vers. 3 earnestly to contend for that faith once given to the Saincts. And as the faith was one, so was ther one rule or Gal. 6. 16. canon for al Gods Israel to walk by, the Act. 14. 23 & 20. 17. Iam. 5. 14. 1 Pet. 5. 1. Tit 1 5. same officers in al churches; the same 1 Cor. 7. 17 & 16. 1. Act 16. 4. ordinances & decrees; the same wayes taught by the Apostles 1 Cor. 4. 17 every where in every Church, and al other 1 Tim. 1 3. & 6. 3. 14. for­bidden: so peace was set by God in 1 Cor. 14. 33. al churches of the Saincts.

3. And as the church generally considered is the Gal. 4. 26. mother of al the faithful; so the particular churches ar Song. 8. 8. sisters ech to other, and ther is a 1 Pet. 5. 9. [...] brotherhood of the Saints through­out the world; they being Gal. 3. 28. al one in Christ Iesus, the Ioh. 10. 16. one shep­heard [Page 477] that hath made one sheep­fold: and are therfore exhorted to be 1 Pet. 1. [...] with 3. 8. al of one mind, and to lov as brethren. For so was it prophefi­ed of the latter dayes, that peoples should ioyntly Isa. 2. 2. 3. 4. seek for knowledge of Gods wayes, in the mountayn of his howse; and nation not lift vp a sword against natiō, nor learn to fight any more.

4. From hence ariseth, the cō ­munion of love, & al Gods graces and blessings among the churches; wherin our elder sister, the Con­gregation of Israel, hath walked before vs for an example. For she had mind and care of vs when we were smal Song. 8. 8. and without breasts, not able to bear or nourse vp chil­dren to the Lord; she Psal. 67. prayed for vs vnto God, Psal. 87. 4 made mention of vs to her acquaintance, & taught her children by many Gen. 9. 27. & 12. 3. Ps. 2. 8. & 72. 8 9. 10. 11. Isa. 49. 6. & 66 19. 20. 21. Hos. 2. 23. Mal. 1. 11. prophesies, to exspect our birth, caling, and cōjoyning [Page 478] in one spiritual body, faith, worship and religion. And now that we through Christ hav obtey­ned this riches & mercie, though it be by her Rom. 11. 12 fal and diminishing; we ought both to nourish vnity & peace among our selves, and to remember her again, who notwith­standing her present miserie, is vers. 28. be­loved for her fathers sakes, & shal againe vers. 31. obteyn mercy; which what wil it be vnto vs, but vers. 15. life from the dead?

5. Examples also we have of y churches in the Apostles dayes who cōmunicated ech with other, in blessings spiritual and temporal, as amongst others cheifly appear­eth in those two loving sisters the Churches at Ierusalem and Antio­chia, the one of which wer Iewes, the other Gentiles. For they Act. 11. [...]2. &c. in Ie­rusalem hearing that many in An­tioch wer turned vnto Christ; sent [Page 479] for their further edification, Baina­bas vnto them, Act. 11. 24. a good man and ful of the holy Ghost, and of faith; by whose meanes, much people joyned themselves vnto the Lord. The Antiochians knowing, (Rom. 15. 27 as the Apostle sayth,) that if they were made partakers of their spiritual things, their dutie was to minister vnto them in carnal things: whē they heard of a Act. 11. 28. 29. 30. famine foretold to come over al the world, sent suc­cour to their brethren in Iudea, by the hands of Barnabas and Saul. Again when ther Act. 15. 8. 2. &c. grew a dissenti­on by meanes of false doctrine sown amōg thē; they sent the sayd Paul and Barnabas for advise and help vnto Ierusalem; which church after vers. 7. great disputation even by the Apostles themselves, vers. 22. sent back choise and chief men of their own company, to Antiochia with Paul and Barnabas, and wrote letters [Page 480] also, of the same matter; so bot [...] by word & writing, Act. 15. 30. 31. &c. the multi­tude of beleevers there, were con­firmed in the trueth, and rejoyced for the consolation.

6. Thus have we a pattern and president of Christian duties be­tween Churches, in that Church which first was crowned with the name of Act. 11. 26. Christians; & have besides this, many other instructions and exāples proposed in the scriptures; as of the Churches in 2 Cor. 8. 1. [...]. 3. &c. Macedo­nia, so ready and instant to bestow grace and fellowship of ministring to other Saincts; of [...] Cor. 9. 1. [...]. 3. &c. Corinth also in the like case, whose readines of mind, Paul boasted of to other congregations, and their zele pro­voked many. And wel was it with the churches thē, which strove not for primacie, nor knew no pree­minence one over an other; but walked al as brethren vnder one [Page 481] [...] 1 Pet. 5. 4. Archpastour Christ, who stil Revel. 2. 1. 2. &c. wal­ked among thē, visiting the wayes and works of those golden candle­sticks, whose lights shined not one­ly in them selves, but vnto others, so as they wer 1 Thes. 1. 6. followers of the A­postles & of y Lord, vers. 7. 8. ensamples to their sister churches, in doctrine, faith, vertue; & 1 Thes. 2. 14 folowers of thē in patience; for which the Apostles 2 Thes. 1, 4. rejoyced in the churches of God. Herevpon followed 2 Cor. 9. 13. 14. 15. Rom. 16. 4. 16. 1 Cor. 16. 19. prayers one for another, thanks, & salutations, with al other means to nourish lov, and continew peace. Then was ful­filled the prophesie of Isaiah, which foretold Isa. 19. 23. 24. of a path from Aegypt to Asshur, (that is from one church and nation of the Gentils, to another,) wherby they should come and cō ­municate togither in the worship of God, Israel also being a third with them, even a blessing in the midds of the land, (as we hav seen [Page 482] before Act. 11. &. 15. in the church at Ierusalem,) and the blessing of the Lord vpon it, in this holy cōmunion, saying, Isa. 19. 25. Blessed be my people Aegypt, and Asshur the work of my hands, and Israel myne inheritance.

7 From these few examples, cō ­pared with the Chapt. 18. & 19. former general du­ties of al Christians; may appear how churches owe help, comfort, and refreshing one to another, as they hav need & ability, and should not one envie or vex an other, but Isa. 11. 13. 14. as Ephraim and Iudah, flee to­gither vpon the shoulders of the common enimie; yet avoiding both ambition & confusiō. For although we may advise, exhort, warn, re­prove &c, so far as Christian love and power extendeth: yet find we no authority committed to one congregation over an other, for excōmunicating the same, as every church hath over her own members. [Page 483] Christ reserveth this power in his own hand, to Rev. 2. 5. remove the Candle­stiks out of their places, if they syn and repent not. And he in his Epi­stles to the seven churches, dealethRev. 2 & 3. chapt. with every of them severally for their own estate and faults; not im­puting the syns of one vnto an other: though the admonitions gi­ven to every one, were to be a war­ning to al churches, evē whosoever had an ear to hear. Neyther may members disorderly runn from church to church, which may work trouble and confusion; for avoiding wherof, in the Apostles dayes, let­ters of 2 Cor. 3. [...]. 3 Iohn. 8. 9. 10. Col, 4, 10. Act. 15. 24. 25. &c. cōmendation wer written, for such as by occasion traveiled to other places; that they might be esteemed and received as brethren; as on the contrary, false teachers, hereticks, excommunicats, and such like; 1 Tim. 1. 20. 2 Tim. 1. 15. & 2. 17. &. 4. 14. 15. be shunned & avoided.

8. As for communicating with [Page 484] an other church, when it lieth in syn; Christians ar to consider the rules mētioned in the former chap­ter. For when they may not partake with their own congregation, vnto which they ar joyned; neyther may they partake with an other, being in the same estate and transgression. A Multitude Exod. 23. [...]. cannot make an evil thing good; neyther can many or al churches togither, justify or make tollerable, that which Gods law condemneth; for Psal. 61. 9. al men, though they be layd togither in the ballance, ar lighter then vanity as the prophet sayth. It is iustice (accor­ding to the true proverbe) Prov. 14. 34 which exalteth a nation: but syn, is the shame of peoples. As therfore when Israel was in trespasse, Hos. 4. 15. Iudah was forbid­den to syn, and every godly Iew, to go to their assemblies: so the Chri­stians in Sardi, Rev 3. 4. which wer com­mended of Christ for not dofiling [Page 485] their garments, in the syns of that church; could not hav been blame­lesse, if they had joyned with their sister church of Thyatira, Rev 2. 20. wher Iesabel sate as Doctresse, to teach & to deceiv Gods servants.

9. When Ezek. 23. 4. &c. [...]holah, (the church of Samaria,) had defiled her self with the idols of Asshur, and was therfore chastised of God; it should hav been a warning to Aholihah, (the church of Ierusalem,) not to do the like, nor partake in her sis­ters evils: but when they became both after one sort, the Lords vers. 18. hart forsook them both alike; and be­cause Ierusalem walked in her sis­ters way, vers. 31. therfore God gave the others cup into her hand, the cup of vers. 33. destruction and desolation. For the Lord being exceeding wroth with Israel, and having 2 king. 17. 18. 19. put them out of his sight, that none was left but the tribe of Iudah onely, yet [Page 486] Iudah not keeping the cōmande­ments of the Lord their God, but walking after the fashion of Israel which they vsed, the Lord did ther­fore vers. 20. cast off al the seed of Israel, & afflicted them, and delivered them into the hands of spoylers, vntil he had cast them out of his sight. It behooveth al therfore to mind wel their communion, both with their own and other churches; and to nourish peace, but in holynes; to keep cōmunion, but in light, not in darknes; for we must all appear before 2 Cor 5. 10. the judgmēt seat of Christ, where Rom. 14. 12 everie one of vs shall give account of himself vnto God, and Galat. 6. 5. every man bear his own burthē. As we have sown in this flesh, so shal we reap; the sowl that hath Ezek. 18. 20 24. sin­ned shall die; Noah, Daniel, and Iob, shal Ezek. 14. 13. 14. 20. deliver neyther son nor daughter, but their own sowles by their righteousnes. And whosoe­ver [Page 487] overcometh, shall Rev. 21. 7. inherit all things; and shal not be Rev. 2. 11. hurt of the second death.

Sow to your selves in righteousnes: reap after the measure of mercie.

Hos. 10. 12.

The conclusion.

SEeing thē we hav received such grace from God, (so many as be­leev in the name of his son Christ,) as that we are Ezek. 37. 1 [...] Iohn. 5. 25. raised vp from the graves of syn, wherin we al lay na­turally the children Eph. 2. 3. of wrath; & ar caled with a holy caling, from the servitude of Satan and syn, and al cōmunion with the wickednes of this world to serv the Lord in free­dome of spirit, and newnes of life; according to his word; & are con­joyned [Page] in a holy societie with him­self, after a wonderful & incompre­hensible manner, apprehended by fayth; and one with another in the fellowship of the Gospel; being through his mercie made a 1 Pet. 2. 9. chosen generation, a kingly priesthood, washed frō al our syns Rev. 1. 5. in the blood of Christ, and Rev. 5. 10. reigning with him on earth, by mortifying & subduing our earthly members; and seing we hav in this estate, al the promises of life, blessing, and salvation, the pre­sence and protection of him our God, the guard and assistance of his holy Heb. 1. 14. Angels, & whatsoever thing is good, for our help, joy, and com­fort, whiles we live on earth▪ What remayneth thē, but that we 2 Cor. 7. 1. purge our selves from al filthines of the flesh and spirit, & so grow vp vnto ful holines in the fear of God, making streight steps vnto our seet, rūning with patience the race that [Page] is set before vs, fighting the good fight of faith and of afflictions, re­sisting syn both in our selves and others, nourishing mutual love and peace, & making an end of our sal­vation Phil. 2. 18. in fear & trembling. That after we hav ended this warfare in the flesh, and hav so fought as we win the victory, and none other get our crown; when our sowles shal flit out of these earthly taberna­cles, our bodies may sleep and rest in their Isa. 57. 2. beds, til our chāge come, & our sowles not sent to the spirits 1 Pet. 3 19. in prison, but received among the spirits Heb. 22. 23. of just and perfect men, we may so rest from our labours, and wayt for the ful redemption of our bodies; at that day, when our Lord Iesus shal 2 Thes. [...]. 7. 8. 9. 1 [...]. shew himself from hea­ven with his mighty Angels in fla­ming syre, to render vengeance vnto them that know not God; nor obey ye Gospel of our Lord Christ; [Page] punishing them with everlasting perdition, frō his presence & from the glory of his power; and to be glorified in his saincts, and made marveilous in al them that beleev▪ which al shalbe wher himself is, & see the blessed face of God, & there enjoy that heavenly communiō in the great assembly of al Saincts, with everlasting joy vpon the [...] heads, wher sorow and mourning shalbe forgotten, and al happines & pleasures possessed for evermore. For desire of that day, the Rev. 23. 17. spirit & the Bride say, Come. And let him that heareth, say Come. The faithful and true witnesse sayth, vers. 20. Surely [...] quickly: Amen. Even so come Lord▪ Iesus.

He that is a Sainct, let him be sanctified stil

Rev. 22. 11.

Of the three sorts of mē, al diversly affected in things concerning God.

Men are eyther
[...]icentious and profane livers▪ professed eni­mies of the law of the Lord. Iob. 21. 14. 15.outwardly religi­ous, but inwardly wicked, hating Gods law, and the true righteousnes▪ Isa. 29. 13. Mic. 3▪ 11▪that rightly beleev & o­bey Gods word, with their vtmost power; the friends of the Lord. Psal. 119. 3, 5, 10. 11, &c.
These are born but after the flesh / therfore sa­vour they onely the things of the flesh / ād remayn as they ar by na­ture / Children of wrath. Ioh. 3. 6. 1 Cor. 2. 14. [...]h. 2. 3.These seem to be renewed, & born again of ye Spirit, they are inlight­ned, and boast of heavenly grace: yet continew they stil in their old na­turall corruption, vnwashed from their filthines. Heb 6. 4. Isa, 65. 5. Ioh. 8. 41. 42. Pro. 30. 12.These are born a new, not of blood, nor of the wil of the flesh, or of man, but of God: therefore they savour the things of God, and mind heavenly things, being chil­dren of Wisdome. Iohn. 1. 13. &. 3. 3 [...] Luk. 7. 35.
These ar neither chosen of God / nor called▪ being neyther of the[Page] church / nor in the saine. Psa. 11. 5 Rev. 22. 15. 1 Cor. 5. 82.These are caled, but not chosen; ar in the church for a a while, but not[Page] of it. Math. 22. 14. 1 Iohn. 2. 19.These are called and chosen of God; ar both in & of the Church, and so [Page]continew. Ephes. 1. 4. &c. Iob. 17. 9.
In these / syn dayly increaseth inwardly ād out­wardly / til righ­teousnes in them be vtterly extinct Psal. 36. 1. 2. 3. 4.In these, righte­ousnes increaseth outwardly, but sin liveth inwardly, and aboundeth. Isa. 1. 11. &c. Ier. 3. 4. 5.In these, syn dy­eth, and righteous­nes rev [...]eth dayly, both inwardly and outwardly. [...]. 6. 2. [...]. 4. &c.
To these the Law if it be sent / cometh in tables of stone / (for such is the nature of their harts;) but they receiv it not; the tables ar bro­ken before they come at them; for these dance (as it were) about the goldē calf of their own impietie / I [...]w not what: is becom of Mo­ses; they break and violate all. [Page] Exod. 32. Yet vnto such / the law is given / mid lieth vpon them as a [...]urse and condē ­nation. 1 Tim. [...]. 9. Deut. 27. 15-26.To these God giveth the stony tables, and they receiv them; but Moses face so shi­neth, that they can not look vpō him, vnlesse heveil his coūtenāce. They outwardly keep the law, and rest therein, they also teach others to keep it, yet ar themselves trans­gressors of it; the inward power and end therof,[Page] they cannot see Exod. 34. 29. 30 &c. 2 Cor. 3. 13. 14. Rom. 2. 17. 22 23. &c.To these the Law is not given, or it lieth [...] ( [...]) on them; 1 Tim. 1. 2. [...] they have the Gos­pel, the Law and ministrie of the spirit▪ and [...] word [...]fleshly tables of their harts, [...] on and without by the finger of God: & they [...] be­hold as in a [...], the glorie of the Lord with open face, and[Page] ar changed into the same image frō glo­ry to glory, as by the Spirit of the Lord. 2 Cor. 3. 3. 18. Ezek. 11. 19. Heb. 8. 10.
These keep not the Law / neither ar they kept by the Law; but break forth into al syn ād wicked­nes. Iob. 24. 13. &c. Psal. 73. 8. 9.These, though they keep not the Law, yet are kept by the law, and re­streyned by terror thereof, frō open wickednes. Mat. 23. 13. 16. 23. 25.These are the right keepers of the Law in spirit; which sometime also were kept of the Law, til Faith came. Ps. 119. 33. 34. Gal. 3. 23. 25.
These hate the Law / and pro­fesse their hatred Psa. 2, 3. Iob. 22. 17.These hate the Law, but professe to love it. Psal. 78. 36. 37.These love the the Law, & professe their love. Psa. 119. 97. Rom. 7. 22.
These ar naked / yet without s [...]ame: though al men see their filthines / they hide it not. Ior. 6. [...]. & [...].These ashamed of their nakednes. cover it with fig­leaves, or spiders webs of their own external righteous nes. Isa. 59. 5. 6.These have their nakednes covered of Christ, and by the garments of his righ­teousnes. Rev. 3 1 [...], & 16. 15.
[...] [Page] [...] sa [...]iters / Numb. 3 [...]. the [...]niorite [...] / Sihon / [...]gh / and the like.[Page]come not into the land of promise.[Page] an [...] the rest that [...] ­mayneth for the p [...] ­ple of God. Heb. [...] 8, 9.
These both shal perish; and be pu­nished with everlasting perdition, from the presence of the Lord; their portion shalbe with the Divils in the lake of fyre and brimston, which is the second death. Mat. 25. 30, 41, & [...]4, 51, Iob, 13, 16. 2 Thes, 1, 8, 9, Rev, 20, [...]0. 13, 15.These shal enter in­to the ioy of then Lord; shal live and reign with him in heaven, & with his holy Angels for e­vermore Amen. Mat, 25. 21, 34, 4 [...]
The Wicked shal turn into hel Psa. 9, 17.The Hypocrites hope shal perish. Iob, 8. 13.The Saincts shalbe preserved forever, Psal, 37, 28.
The rejoycing of the Wicked is short; the joy of Hypocrites is but a moment. Iob. 20. 5.And men shal say. Verily there is fruit for the righteous, doubtlesse ther is a God that iudgeth in ye earth. Psa. 58. 15.

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