CHARLES by the grace of God, King of Scotland, England, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith.
To our Lovits [...]Heraulds Messengers, our Sheriffs in that part, conjunctly and severally specially constitute greeting.

Forsa­meikle as Wee are not ignorant of the great disorders, which have happened of late within this our ancient Kingdome of Scotland, occasioned, as is pretended, upon the introduction of the Service book, book of Canons, and High Commission, thereby fearing innovation of Religion and Laws. For sa­tisfaction of which fears, we well hoped, that the two proclamations of the eleventh of December, and nineteenth of Februarie, had been abundantly sufficient: Neverthelesse, finding that disorders have daily so increased, that a powerfull rather then perswasive way, might have been justly expected from Us: Yet We out of Our innative indulgence to our people, grieving to see them run themselves so headlong into ruine, are graci­ously pleased to try, if by a faire way We can reclaime them from their faults, rather then to let them perish in the same. And therefore once for all We have thought fit to declare, and hereby to assure all our good people, that We neither were, are, nor by the Grace of God ever shall be stained with Popish superstition: But by the contrarie, are resolved to maintain the true Protestant Christian Religion already profest within this our ancient Kingdome. And for farther clearing of scruples, We do hereby assure all men, that We will neither now nor hereafter presse the practice of the foresaid Canons and Service book, nor any thing of that nature, but in such a fair and legall way, as shall satisfie all our loving subjects, that We neither intend innovation in Religion or Laws. And to this effect have given order to discharge all Acts of Counsell made thereanent. And for the high Commission, We shall so rectifie it with the help of advice of Our privie Counsell, that it shall never impugne the Laws, nor be a just grievance to Our loyall Subjects. And what is farder fitting to be agitat in generall Assemblies and Parliament, for the good and peace of the Kirk, and peaceable government of the same, in establishing of the Religion pre­sently profest, shall likewaies be taken into Our Royall consideration, in a free Assembly and Parliament, which shall be indicted and called with Our best conveniencie. And We hereby take God to witnesse, that Our true meaning and intention is, not to admit of any innovations either in Religion or Laws, but carefully to maintain the puritie of Religion already profest and established, and no wayes to suffer our Laws to be infringed. And although We cannot be ignorant, that there may be some dis-affected persons who will strive to possesse the hearts of Our good subjects, that this Our gracious declaration is not to be regarded: Yet We do expect that the behaviour of all Our good and loyall subjects will be such, as may give testimonie of their obedience, and how sensible they are of Our grace and favour, that thus passeth over their misdemeanors, and by their future carriage make appeare, that it was only fear of innovation, that hath caused the disorders which have happened of late within this Our ancient Kingdome. And are confident, that they will not suffer themselves to be seduced and mis-led, to misconstrue Us or Our actions, but rest heartily satisfied with Our pious and reall intentions, for maintenance of the true Re­ligion and Laws of this Kingdome. VVherefore We require and heartily wish all Our good people carefully to advert to these dangerous suggestions, and not to permit themselves, blindely under pretext of Religion, to be led in disobedience, and draw on infinitely to Our grief their own ruine, which We have, and still shall strive to save them from, so long as VVe see not royall Authoritie shaken off. And most unwillingly shall make use of that power which God hath endued Us with, for reclaiming of dis­obedient people.

OUR VVILL is herefore, and VVe charge you straitly and command, that incontinent these Our Letters seen, you passe to the market crosse of Our Burgh of Edinburgh, and all other places needfull, and there by open proclamation make publication hereof to all and sundry Our good subjects, where through none pretend ignorance of the same. The which to do, VVe commit to you conjunctly and severally Our full power, by these Our Letters, delivering the same by you duely execute and indorsed again to the Bearer.

Per Regem.

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