GOD saue


the KING

CHARLES by the grace of GOD, King of great Britaine, France and Ireland: Defender of the Faith &c.
To Our Loveds [...] Messingers Our shirreffs in that part conjunctly and severally specially constitute greeting,

Forsamekle as in the gene­rall submissions made to Vs concerning the few fearmes and few mealles of Erections teyndes of other mens Lands, rate ease and pryce of the same, and others mentioned therein Jt is specially provided that such of the Lordes of Erections and others having right from them, as haue laices lawfully set before the date of their erections, or absolute warrandice of the same against their authors, shall receiue full and plenarie satisfaction for their said laices and warrandice. And seeing also the particular satisfaction to bee given to every one of the said Lords of Erections for their few mealles and few fearmes cannot bee determined without the knawledge and tryall of the just and true Rentall of the said few meales and few fearmes.

OUR WILL IS herefore, and Wee charge you straitly and commands that incontinent these Our letters seene, Ye passe and in our name and authoritie command and charge all the said Lordes of Erections and others having right as said is, by open Proclamation at the Market croces of the head Burrowes of thls our Kingdome and other places needfull. To com [...] before our Commissioners nominate by [...] for the treatie anent the Ere­ctions surrendars and Teynds: at Haly-rud-house or where it shall happen them to bee for the time Upon the first day of November nextocome with continuation of dayes, bringing and producing with them all their Laices and Tackes of other mens Teynds sette to them or their Authores before their Erections: Together with all their rights and securities of the foirsaid Teynds bearing absolute warrandice, or warrandice of their owne moneyes incase of eviction, To the e [...]ect the same may bee seene and considered by Our Advocate: And also bringing with them the said day and place the just and true rentalls of their few fearmes few mealles and other constant Rent of the superiorities of their said Erections. To the intent it may be knowne what part thereof is presently brooked by the said Lordes of Erections, And what part by pensioners and liverentars, And [...]hat will remaine free of the same, Deducing the blenshe duetie payed to Vs. With certification to them that failyies, that they shall not bee heard to claime any satisfaction for the same hereafter. The which to doe wee committe to you conjunctly and severally Our full power by these Our Letters delivering the same by you duely execute and sndorsed againe to the bearer.

Per actum D. Commissionis praedict▪

EDINBVRGH Printed by Thomas Finlason his M▪ printer

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