GOD saue


the KING

CHARLES by the grace of GOD, King of great Britaine, France and Ireland: Defender of the Faith &c.
To Our Loveds [...] Messingers Our Shireffs in that part conjunctly and severally speciallie constitute greeting,

Forsamekle as by an Act and Proclamation made and published heeretofore, and bearing date the sixteene day of Iulij last, WEE were pleased to give signification to Our good Subjects of Our Royall and princely resolution to pro­ceed in the maters referred to VS by the Submission concerning the few fearmes and few meales of Erections Tiths of other mens Lands, rate ease, and pryce of the same, and others mention [...] in the said Sub­missions, with that aequitie justice and indifferencie, to particulare persons, and care and respect to the pub­licke good and ease of Our Subjects as might manifest Our royall care and fatherly affection to satle the peace and tranquillitie of this Our ancient Kingdome, with publicke applause of all Our good Subjects. And how that WEE, after conference had with such of the Nobilitie, privie Counsell, and Gentry as were with Us, were moved vpon great and weightie consideratiouns to prorogat the said Submissions vntill the last day of December, 1629. In the which confe­rence it was likewise condescended with vniforme consent of all rhen present: That Our Annuitie should take beginning in this instant yeere 1628. And because the same annuitie could not bee vplifted vntill the Valuations and constant rent of the Landes of each Parish in Stocke and Teynd were first determined, It was therefore thought expedient that particulare Commissions and warrands should be given by these to whom power is granted by the generall Commission, To particulare persons in each Shirefdome, Parish, or other boundes; For tryall of the said valuations, As the said Proclamation containing diverse other clauses and heads at length beares. Which Act in that poynt thereof, tuitching the beginning of Our Annuitie in this instant yeere 1628. Our Commissioners for the surrenders and Teynds now present: Haue with vniforme consent ratified allowed approved and confirmed, And haue be a new Act of the date of these presents ordained Our said Annuitie to haue beginning for this present yeere 1628. And bee the same Act haue ordained the subcomissions to proceed and goe-on for valuation of the just and constant Rent of Stock and Teynd of ilke persons Lands. And Our Commissioners beeing carefull (according to the trust concredite vnto them) to bring this busienesse of the Valua­tions which is the ground worke of our gratious intention for the weall of Our Subjects in brooking of their owne. Teynds to some happy and speedy conclusion. Therefore they have appoynted an meeting of our whole Commissioners to bee heere at At Haly-rud-hous vpon the twentie twa day of September nextocome: And to attend that whole weeke, for consulting advising and resolving vpon such Gentlemen within each Presbytrie as shall bee thought fittest to bee intrusted with that service of the sub-commissions for tryall of the Valuations. Against whose nomination and election, all persons aswell buyers as sellers of Teynds, having just and lawfull cause to object shall bee heard, and their reasons against the Eelction considered and discussed.

OUR WILL IS herefore, and Wee charge you straitly and commands that incontinent these Our letters see ne, Ye passe to the market croces of the head Burrowes of this our Kingdome, and others places needfull, and there by open Proclamation make intimation and publication of the premisses: And that yee warne all and sundry persons aswell buyers as sellers of teynds, and others whom these presents doe or may concerne, and who hes any thing to propone to object against any of the persons who shall be appoynted and designed to this ea rand that they compeir before our Commissioners forsaid vpon the said twentie twa day of September nextocome and others dayes of that weeke and that they give in their reasouns be word or write against the person or perso uns who shall be designed and appoynted for tryall of the said Valuations wherein they shall receiue indifferent hearing and their objections shall bee accordingly considered. Certefying them that shall neglect this present occasioun offered vnto them for their objections, that they shall not be heard to object thereafter. And suchlike that you command and charge the Modetatours and Ministers within the severall Presbytries of th [...] [...]ur Kingdome that they informe themselves who are the fittest and most indifferent persouns within their presbytries to haue the charge of this busienesse and that they in due and lawfull time give in their names in write vnder their hands either to the Bishop of their Dyocie or to the Lords of our privie Counsell. To the intent the said Lords after consideration thereof may doe therein accordingly as the said Moderatours and Ministers will testifie their affection to the good of this service. The which to doe, Wee commit to you conjunctly and severally Our full power by these Our Letters delyvering the same by you duely execute and indorsed againe to the bearer.

Per actum D. Commissionis praedict.

EDINBVRGH Printed by Thomas Finlason his M. printer

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