GOD saue


the KING

CHARLES by the grace of GOD, King of great Britaine, France and Ireland: Defender of the Faith &c.
To Our Loveds [...] Messingers Our shirreffs in that part conjunctly and severally specially constitute greeting,

Forsamekle as Wee beeing resolved to proceed in the matters reffered to US by the Submissions concerning the few fearmes and few meales of Erections, Teynds of other mens Lands, rate and ease of the same and pryce thereof, and others mentioned in the said Submissions, with that aequitie Justice and indifferencie to particulate persouns, and care and respect to the publicke good and ease of our Subjects, as might manifest Our royall care and Fatherly affection to satle and establish the peace and tranquillitie of this Our ancient Kingdome with common and publicke applause and congratulation of all Our good Subjects. WEE were pleased to call to Vs an [...]e number of our Nobilitie Privie Counsell and others able expert and well [...]ffected to giue their advice to VS in a matter of so great importance. With whom We having at length conferred and [...]eceive their ad­vise and opinions both privatly and publickly We finde the matter of so great weight and consequence and to concerne so nearely the private estate of the most part of our Subjects in particular, and the publicke good of this Our ancient Kingdome in generall. That it deserves and merites Our serious consideration, and greater leasure and time than the present effaires will permite Vs: And there­fore Wee have resolved to prorogate like as Wee haue prorogate the said submissions and every one of them to the last day of De­cember 1629 yeeres. And intends in the meane time as God shall giue vs the oc [...]asion, to give out Our royall determination in the said whole matters referred to VS by the said submissions, And because in the conference had be Vs with such of the Nobilitie Privie Counsell and Gentry who are with vs: It is condescended with vniforme consent of all, that Our Annuitie shall take beginning in this in­stant yeere of God 1628 yeares. And that the same cannot bee vplifred vntill the Valuations of each persons Lands end constant rent thereof in Stocke and teynd bee first determined by the Commissioners nominat bee Vs for the surrendars. Therefore, and for the greater expedition of the said Valuations It is thought fit and expedient that the Commissioners to whome power is granted be the ge­nerall Commission, shall direct particulare commissions and warrands to such particulare persons in every shirefdome Paroshine or other boundes and circuites of this Our Kingdome as the said Commissioners shall thinke fitte. With power to them to take tryall by all wayes and meanes aggreable to the Lawes of this our Kingdome, or to bee sette downe in ther severall Commissions anent the Valuations of the true Teynds of the Lands within the boundes of their Commission, and what they are worth in constant rent of Stocke and Teynd. And to call and cite partyes having interesse to such particulare dyats as they shall thinke fitte, and to report their proceedings to the said generall Commissioners, Reserving alwayes to the parties greeved liberty to appeale from the said parti­cular commissions to the generall. And suchlike because it is provided in the said generall Submissions, that such of the Lords of Ere­ctions or others hauing right from them, as haue laices lawfully set before the date of their Erections, or absolute warrandice of the same against their Authores, shall receiue full and plenarie satisfaction for their said laices and warrandice, And that also the parti­culare satisfaction to bee given to every one of the said Lords of Erections cannot bee determined without the knowledge and tryall of the just and true Rentall of the said few meales and few fearmes. Therfore it is our pleasure likeas we have given direction to cause the said Lords of erections and others having right as said is, to exhibite and produce to Our Advocate their said laces and rights and securities containing warrandice, at such dayes and times as the Commissioners forsaid shall appoynt to them. With certification to them that failyies, that they shall not bee heard to claime any satisfaction for the same heereafter. And suchlike Wee have given direction to our Commissioners to take speciall tryall of the just Rentalls and quantity of the said few fearmes and few mealles, and what part thereof is presently bruiked by the Lords of Erection, and what part by pensioners or liverentars, and what will remaine free of the same deducing the blenshe dueties payed to Vs. And sickelike it is our will and pleasure that so soone as the said Commis­sioners haue finished the Valuarion of the Teyndes of like parishone, That immediat [...]ly thereafter they proceed to the consideration of the Ministers stipends and maintainance and establishing of schooles hospitals and others pious vses, where the same may bee had accor­ding the tennour of their Commission and Acts of the same past therevpon.

OUR WILL IS herefore, and Wee charge you straitly and commands that incontinent these Our letters seene, Ye passe and in our Name and authoritie make publication heereof by open Proclamation to the market croce of Our burgh of Edinburgh, and others places needfull, And that Wee and Our Comissioners intend to pro­ceed according to the grounds particularly aboue-exprest, wherethrow nane pretend ignorance of the same. The which to doe, Wee commit to you conjunctly and severally Our full power by these Our Letters delyvering the same by you duely execute and indorsed againe to the bearer.

Per actum D. Commissionis praedict.

EDINBVRGH Printed by Thomas Finlason his M. printer

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