The act and Proclamatioun anent the vniuersail course of the new markit money.

FORSAMEKLE As sen the lait douncrying of the money callie the Hardheidis and new Plakkis, sindrie Impedimentis hes fallin out, to the hinderance of the full executioun of the Act and ordinance maid thereanent, Be the REGENTIS GRACE, Nobilitie, Counsall, and Estatis assemblit at the lait conuentioun, Partlie throw the slaw Inbringing of ye said money to be sichtit, That the lauchful being decernit frō ye fals, it micht be markit according to the said ordinance, Partlie becaus sic as Inbrocht their money to the Cuinȝehous fand not their dispache sa suddane as their necessitie requirit, Bot principallie be ressoun siudrie of our Souerane Lordis liegis hes refusit and maid Impediment to ressaue the said markit and stampit money in payment of their dettis or for their gudis, wairis and victuallis sauld. And therethrow the haueris of the same money in their handis hes bene gretumlie preiudgeit and hinderit. For remeid of quhilkis Inconuenientis in time cūming,

THE REGENTIS GRACE, with auise of the Lordis of secreit counsall hes ordanit and ordanis, That all personis bringand the saidis new Plakkis and Hardheidis to the Cuinȝehous, and deliuerand the same to Iohne Achesoun Maister Cunȝeour, and Iohne Carmichaell Wardane: Sall se ye same sortit and deuidit the lauchfull fra the fals and counterfaitit. And it pat be is found fals and counterfaitit clip­pit downe in their awin presence. And for samekle thereof as salbe found sufficient, they sall then In­stantlie ressaue fra the saidis Maister Cunȝeour and Wardane the auale of the same in reddy prentit and stampit money, allow and rebaittand ix. penneis of euerie xx. schillingis to the warkmen for their lau­bouris. And in respect of the said refuse and Impediment to ressaue the said money lauchfullie markit, Or­danis letteris to be direct to officiaris of Armes, Schireffis in that part, Chargeing them to pas to the mer­cat Croces of the held Burrowis of this Realme, and vtheris Cieteis Burrowis and mercat townis, as al­swa to all publict mercattis, Fairis, and vtheris places neidfull, and there be oppin Proclamatioun in our Souerane Lordis Name and Authoritie command and charge all and sindrie his hienes liegis of quhat estate, degre or conditioun yat ever they be of, That nane of them tak vpon hand to refuse in payn [...] the saidis Hardheidis and new Plakkis markit and stampit according to the Act & ordinance maid the [...] anent for the auale and price specifyit i [...] the same, or to mak ony conditioun anent the refusall or exceptioun of the said money in payment vnder the paine of [...]heting and confiscatioun of all their gudis mouabill to [...] Souerane Lordis vse, and Impresoning of their personis during th [...] will of our Souerane Lord [...] Regent. Certifying them ya [...]oois in the contrare, That they salbe committit to Waird, and [...] [...]itis vptakin for their contemptioun. And to the effect yat nane of the refuseris of the said stampit and markit money, or makeris of exceptioun thereof in their blokkis and conditiounis sal eschaip this punisch­ment, Ordanis ye Iustice Clerk and his deputis to direct letteris for calling of the personis suspectit and de­latit of the contrauentioun heirof, to vnderly the Law therefore at particular diettis, Or be dittay to accuse thame in general Iustice Airis, quhairthrow the said pane of confiscatioun of their gudis may be execute a­ganis the contempneris with all extremitie in cais of their conuictioun, being fugitiue fra the Law, cūming in will, or passing to ye horne for the cryme and contempt abone writtin. And because ye refusing of ye said money may do greit harme and hinderance in mercatis gif sum present punischement be not execute aganis the contempneris foirsaidis, Ordanis therefore and commandis the Schireffis Stewartis, Bailleis, Lor­dis of Regaliteis, their Bailleis and their deputis, Prouestis, Aldermen, and Bail [...]s of Burrowis, Cie­teis and mercat townis, to seirche and seik the personis refuseris to ressaue the saidis Plakkis and Hard­heidis markit and stampit as said is, or makeris of exceptioun or conditioun to ressaue the same, and they being apprehendit, and the said refusal or exceptioun confessit or Instantlie prouin be twa or thre honest wit­nessis, To tak & commit the persoun sa contempning and offending in Waird, on his or hir awin expensis, quhill the further knawledge of our Souerane Lord, and his Regentis will in that behalf. And in ye meane time to gif aduertisement of the Names of the personis offending, to the Thesaurer or his Clerk, to the effect that they may cause letteris to be direct for calling of the offendouris to vnderly the Law, according to the effect and tennour of this present Act and ordinance in all behalfis.


Imprentit at Edinburgh be me Iohne Ros. CVM PRIVILEGIO REGALI.

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