ACT ANENT THE IN| bringing of Money.

At EDINBVRGH [...] fifteenth day of Iuly16 [...] yeares: These of the Committee [...], poynding, and caption be execute against Collectours▪ valuers, and others who doeth not their duetie or make payment of their tenth part in manner after specified, viz.

2. Against the Collectours for not making compt, [...]eakoning, and payment of what they have received, and giveth not in the names and roll of these who have not payed.

3. Against the Valuers for not valuing, conforme to the said act of Parliament which is either upon the Valuers oathes, or upon the Heri [...]ours oathes, or upon the Heritours declaration, under their hands, with certification: What they conceale shall be confiscat; And for not delivery of the saids valuations.

4. Against the not payers of the said tenth part, by apprehending their persons, poyn­ding their owne proper goods, or poynding their ground.

5. And because after all ordinarie meanes are used, to make men pay what is due, yet such is the unwillingnesse and delaying of some, to the evil example of others, that money cometh not in to serve the present time. Therefore it is thought fit for maintenance of the Armie presently on foote, for preservation of the Religion, and liberties of this king­dome: That all those who have any moneys, and shall len the same for the publick use in maner after specified, viz. These with­in the Shyrefdome of Edinburgh, Hadingtoun, and Linlithgow, within foure dayes after intimation: These of the Shyrefdome of Aire, Stirling, Lanerke, Renfrew, Fyffe, Angus, Perth, Bervicke, Roxburgh, Peibles, and Selkirke, within six dayes after intima­tion made thereof. And siclike, these of the Shyrefdome of Aberdene, Bamfe, Murray, and Innernesse, within ten dayes after intimation: Such money as shall be so lent, shall be free of any common burthen, by detention of any part of their annuelrent, but shall have their full annuelrent free of any burthen or detention.

6. Secondly, They shall have full annuelrent from the lenning thereof, as the same shal [...] bee received within the said spaces respective forsaid to the Terme of VVhitsonday nexto-come as for a whole yeare, notwithst [...]ding a good part of the Terme is past.

7. Thirdly, They shall have such securitie, as they shall please, designe, or crave themse [...]ves; So that what persons they shall crave to bind for what summe they len, shall give their personall bands for the same: And these persons who shall bind to them, shall have the whole Presbyterie or Shyre bound for their reliefe: And the Presbyterie or Shyre shall have the Estate bound to relieve or repay them.

8. And siclike, If it be tryed that any have moneys, and will not len the same; It is ordained that the act of Parliament bee put to execution against them, especially in that point: That all these who can bee tryed to have money, and will not len the same as said is: The Delatours and finders out, to have the one halfe, and the other halfe to be confiscat for the publicke.

9. And sicklike, It is appointed, That all the Silver-worke, and Gold-worke in Scotland, as well to Burgh as Land wart, as well pertaining to Noble-men, Barrons, and Burgesses, as others of whatsoever degree and quali [...]e they be of, be given in to the Com­mittee at Edinburgh, or these they shall appoint to receive the same upon such securitie for rep [...]yment as the said Committee and they shall agree at the prices following. And for this effect, The Committee of war within each S [...]yrefdome, and the Magistrats within Burgh, with concurrence of the Ministerie (who must exhort and give warning out of the Pu [...]pits to the Paroshioners) are appoin­ted to call before them any such persons as hath any silver or gold work, that inventar may [...]e made of the weight & spaces there­of, and securitie given for the same, with declaration alwayes. Like as it is hereby declare [...], That these who have any Silver or Gold worke, which they crave rather to keepe for their owne use, than deliver the same [...]o be coyned, shall have power to re­deeme the same at the prices following, viz. Fiftie six shillings for the unce of Scots silve [...] worke, fiftie eight shillings for eve­rie unce of English silver worke; And thirtie foure pounds six shillings eight pennies for [...]very unce of gold: The same beeing either produced before the Committee at Edinburgh, or before the Committee of war in each S [...]yrefdome, or before the Magistrates of every Burgh, and inventar made thereof, or else declared by the parties under their hands, and money presently payed at the rates and prices foresaid; For the which money securitie shall bee given for repayment thereof, a [...]d free of any burthen, as said is.

And incase any hath double gilt worke, or curious wrought worke, and can not get m [...]ney to redeeme them, It is hereby declared, that the said gilt and curious worke beeing delivered to the said Committee, shall [...]ot be melted, or disponed upon be­fore the Terme of VVhitsonday next: Betwixt and which time the owner thereof shall have po [...]er to redeeme the same at the prices foresaid, hee paying alwayes the annuelrent thereof, so long as the same shall lye unredeem [...]. And the said silver or gold worke to be all given in, either to the Committee of Estate, or to the Committee of warre within each [...]hyrefdome, or Presbyterie, or to the Magistrates of each Burgh, within eight dayes after intimation shall bee made thereof, [...]her at the severall Market crosses, or by towke of Drum, or by advertisement from the Ministers out of the Pulpits: With certi [...]cation, That these who shall not give in or redeemed the said silver [...] gilt worke, within the said space, the same shall bee con [...]i [...]nt for the publicke use.

Printed at Edinburgh by Iames Bryson, 1640.

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