A SACRED MEMORIE OF THE MIRACLES wrought by our Lord and Sauiour Iesus Christ.

Written by Samuel Rowlands.

IOHN. 10:

If you beleeue not Mee, beleeue the works that I doe,

[depiction of Christ performing miracles]

LONDON. Imprinted by Bernard Alsop, and are to be sold at his house by Saint Annes Church neere Aldersgate. 1618.

TO ALL SORCE­RERS, ENCHAVNTERS, CHAR­mers, Nigromancers, Coniurers, Ma­gitians, Southsayers, Witches, Fortune­tellers; And all the rest of the De­uils Iuglers, Whatsoeuer, and Wheresoeuer.

MOnsters of men, whose soules damnation claymes,
Appeare, come forth, and answere to your names;
Like Pharao's blacke Enchaunters all assemble,
And like vnto his drowned hoast, all tremble:
What are the wonders that you vndertake?
But lying signes, amazed fooles to make,
The meere illusions, false and fained showes,
Which Sathans power vpon his sonnes bestowes;
A miracle, most truely to define,
Is a rare worke, wrought by sole power diuine.
Apparantly against th'instinct we finde
Of any course in Natures cause or kinde:
And in it selfe a true worke it must be,
Most sensible, and visible to see:
Not on Illusion to deceyue the eye;
[Page 2]Such as the Deuill still deludeth by;
Neither is it celerity of hand,
No Iuglers trickes with miracle will stand,
Actiuity containing what they doe;
And meere deceit the onely helpe thereto:
The miracles of God no such things need;
But are most reall true in power and deed:
Those wonders which the Lord himselfe hath done,
And miracles of Iesus Christ his Sonne,
All by the Prophets and Apostles wrought;
Doe vtterly confound, and bring to nought
The counterfeites of Sathan and his route,
Which they euen like Gods apes doe goe about,
And therefore when strange things to sence appeare,
To know the power, and bee resolued cleere,
(Whether it doe proceede from that great might,
Which onely worketh miracles aright)
Examine if in actions true esteeme,
It be a worke, or onely so do seeme;
A worke that rarely is admirde of all,
Which for distinction sake, I rare doe call,
Because of Gods great works, some vsuall bee,
Which all of vs, doe ordinary see,
As is the preseruation of mankind,
This euery one continually doth finde,
By Gods eternall counsell and decreeing;
In him we liue, and moue, and haue our being;
But since it is effected day and houre,
By his great prouident protecting power,
No Miracle this properly is found,
That with amazement doth mans sense confound;
[Page 3]For miracles haue in them operation,
To ouercome the mind with admiration;
As when our Sauiour Christ wrought miracle▪
The holy blest Euangelists doe tell
Th'effect thereof, thus present did befall;
The people were with feare astonied all,
And said; How can he that a Sinner is,
Performe the works of such a power as this?
Thereby insinuating, there was none
Could worke true miracles, but God alone:
Vanish therefore like vapours of the night,
You that would robbe the Lord, of power and might,
Confounded be all Hell-hounds, howle and barke,
And fall as Dagon fell before the Arke,
Idolaters, that vnto senselesse things,
Will giue the honour of the King of Kings.
You Coniurers with circle and triangle,
That boast you can the fiends of hell outwrangle,
And make them come obedient at your call,
Herein old Sathan doth deceyue you all:
For is he such a friend to come at becke,
Or can you ouer-rule him with a checke?
No, you are much mistaken; by this way,
He doth misguide, and leade your soules astray:
You that depend on miracles and signes,
And will see wonders ere you be Diuines:
Know all the miracles that Iesus wrought:
Confirme that doctrine his Apostles taught:
And they which doe relie vpon the same,
Within the Booke of life shall find their name,
Sa: Rowlands.

TO ALL TRVE FAITHFVLL CHRISTIANS, Beleeuing and beloued Seruants of our Lord and Sauiour Iesus Christ.

DEere Christian soule, with humble mind and thought,
Admire the wonders that thy Sauiour wrought,
The most true miracles that haue beene done,
By Gods beloued de [...]re and onely Sonne,
When he for sinnefull man (without intreat)
Descended from Gods owne right hand and seate;
The mansion of the blessed Cherubins:
To dye on earth for our accursed sins,
When no inducing merite, thine or mine,
Could thus procure his mercy to incline:
But when free loue, his lifes free ransome cost,
To saue the sinners that themselues had lost:
Then liuing lowly in contempt and scorne,
Despised of the world, most poorely borne,
With painefull trauell, preaching vp and downe.
On shore, in ship, in mountaine, field and towne;
Confirming, that he taught to be diuine,
By many a wonderfull admired signe,
[Page 5]Euen such as the beholders did confesse,
The very hand of God, and no power lesse
Effected, for so wonderfull they were,
That all spectators stood amaz'd with feare,
They saw his works to be so strangely rare,
So Admirable, and so past compare;
Those (that borne blind) did neuer see worlds light,
To haue perfection giuen them of sight,
Dead Lazarus that lay foure dayes in graue,
Calde forth from thence, his life againe to haue,
The dumbe to speake, the cripples sound to goe,
The figge-tree cursde, to dye and neuer grow,
The winds and seas when they outragious swell.
At his rebuke turne calme as any well:
The diuels driuen out of men to Swine,
The water turned into purest wine,
The Souldiers (in the false betraying howre)
All strucken to the ground by Iesus power;
The dropsie healed, and the Leapers cured,
His presence by the Diuells not endured,
His walking on vnfirme and liquid water,
His giuing life vnto the Rulers daughter,
His healing Malcus eare most perfect sound,
When Peters sword had lopt off to the ground:
And many more (as those fowre holy men,
Which did the life of our Redeemer pen)
Haue registred, of wonders Iewes did see,
Which Iesus onely wrought, that we might bee
Faithfull, and true beleeuers in his name;
And in our liues expresse and show the same.
These Myracles for Christians may suffice,
[Page 8]Not any thing of truth in actuall deed▪
And therefore as the Scripture warnings giue,
Those men that will not in obedience liue
Vnto the truth, but doe the same despise,
They shall by strong deceyuings, follow lyes,
False Christs shall come, and shall such wonders show,
That many will beleeue them to be so,
Not hauing knowledge to discerne aright
Gods power, true working from the wicked sprite.
But Christian soule, most constantly abide,
Let not the Deuill draw thy heart aside,
For that which Christ and his Apostles taught,
And all the miracles which they haue wrought,
For to confirme what they had preach'd before,
Is all sufficient, and we need no more:
And he thou mindfull what S. Paul doth say,
Within thy soules best treasurie it lay,
If I, saith he, strange doctrine should defend,
Nay should an angell from the heau'n descend,
And preach another Gospell then the first,
Receyue it not, but hold him for accurst▪
Remember God of his free loues intent,
Hath left an euerlasting testament
Vnto vs all, in Christ our Sauiours bloud:
In this alone consisteth all our good;
All Prophesies had hereunto relation,
All miracles to this gaue confirmation,
Therefore if any take in hand to frame
A miracle in Saint or angels name,
If any mortall creature vndertake
His power that makes the earth and heauens quake,
[Page 9]If Sathan and his Ministers endeauour
To worke strange wonders, this beleeue, that neuer,
Can any miracles bee truely done,
But by the power of God, and Christ his Sonne:
To which eternall maiesty and power,
Ascribe we, till the worlds last ending howre,
Till Sunne and Moone decay, past date of dayes,
All honour, glory, Worship, endlesse prayse.
Sa: Rowlands▪
And take of them those gifts himselfe did giue:
If all the Monarches that the earth containes,
All Kings and Princes with their noble traynes,
Were to a royall feast assembled all,
To make some wedding most maiesticall;
Yet were that presence very meane and base
Vnto those guests that Gallile did grace;
As thus with men, the Sonne of God did dine,
The bloud of grapes, the sad-heart chearing wine,
Began to fayle, which blessed Mary seeing,
Spake thus to him, in whom all things haue being;
They haue no Wine, knowing his power could graunt
A ful supply, in needes extremest want;
Sixe earthen vessels there were standing by,
As the Iewes custome was to purifie,
Those pots of stone, our Sauiour Christ did will
Vp to the brimme with water they should fill,
And to the Gouernour present the same;
Which instantly true perfect wine became;
He ignorant what power the same had made,
Vnto the Bridegroome thus in priuate sayd;
At the beginning men present the best,
And worst at last, vnto the well-fed guest;
But contrary to vsuall custome, thou
Set'st forth the worst, and kep'st the best till now.
This was the first of wonders Iesus wrought,
Euen by the power that formed all of nought,
Which miracle at marriage he began.
To show himselfe true God and perfect man;
As man to eate with men he did encline,
As God he turned water into wine.
[depiction of Christ performing miracles]

A Leaper is clensed, the Centurions seruant healed, Peters wiues mother cured of a Feauer, diuers dispossed of Deuils, the windes calmed with rebuke, two men pos­sest of Deuils, and beeing cast foorth, they enter into Swine. Math. 8.

DEscending a most hie cloud-checking hill;
From painefull preaching of his Fathers will:
To saue those soules which hell (for sin) did clayme,
A Leaper met him, and himselfe did frame
In humble manner falling at Christs feet,
With such due worship as to God was meet,
Oh Lord he cryes, of health the onely meane,
If so thou wilt, tis thou canst make me cleane;
[Page 14]Tis in thy power, and in no power but thine,
Most blessed Iesus, to my helpe incline.
The Sonne of God no sooner heard the crie
Of this poore wretch, plagued with leprosie,
But in his mercy, of which none doe fayle
That aske by faith, (Faith euer doth preuayle)
Replyed thus, and did his sute fulfill;
Because thou saist I can, I say, I will,
Then toucht him with his holy hand most pure,
And absolute he wrought a perfect cure:
So to the Priest to offer being sent,
As Iesus into Capernaum went,
Came a Centurion, and besought him thus;
O Lord, my seruant lyeth grieuous,
Pain'd with a palsie: Iesus did reply,
When I doe come, ile cure his maladie:
The Captaine answeres, Lord, that paines forbeare;
I am vnworthy that thou shouldst come neere
The place of my abode, great Heauens King,
That hast thy seat where Cherubins doe sing;
Speake but the word, I know thy onely breath
Can heale my seruant, and giue life in death;
For I my selfe that at thy fauour stand,
By power impos'd, haue souldiers at commaund,
I bid one come, he comes, another goe,
A third doe this, and they performe euen so,
When Iesus heard his faith, our Sauiour sayes,
In peace doe thou depart, and goe thy wayes,
And as thou hast firmely beleeu'd on me,
So Ile extend my grace, and doe for thee.
To Peters house then did our Sauiour goe,
[Page 15]His god-like power, by myracle to show,
Whereas the mother of th'apostles wife
(Subiect as others in this mortall life
To frayle diseases) lay with griefe opprest
Of Feauer fits, most painefully possest
Her Iesus, with his healing hand did touch,
And presently her healthfull state was such,
That she arose, praysing the King of Kings;
And ministred vnto them needfull things.
When glorious Phaebus with his shining light,
Was drawne to West, at the approching night,
They brought to Iesus many wofull wights,
That were possest with Deuils and foule sprites,
Which with his powerfull word he did expell,
And sent them to their Habitation, Hell,
With his Disciples then forsakes the shore,
Betakes himselfe where stormy tempests roare,
Where ship is tost with hazard vp and downe,
And raging waues doe ouerwhelming drowne,
Where great Leuiathan in deepes doe sayle;
And all the rest that swimme with finne and tayle,
Doe keepe their watry common-wealth together,
There in the great extreames of foulest weather,
The frayle Disciples all amazedly
Expected nothing but to drowne and dye:
Those blessed eyes that watch of all things keepe,
Were then (as God was man) closde vp with sleepe,
Helpe master helpe, the poore Disciples call,
Arise, and saue vs, or we perish all:
He that made wind and waue vnto them sayth,
Why are yee fearefull, yee of little faith?
[Page 16]And then arose their frightfull thoughts asswaging,
And did rebuke his creatures for their raging;
Which instantly were calme and quiet sound,
As if the waters were secure like ground,
Causing beholders strangely to admire,
To reason with themselues, and thus enquire;
Why, who is this that beares such powerfull sway?
His very word makes wind and sea obey.
Being arriued on the other side,
Two men with Diuels met him, and they cry'd
Iesus, that sonne of God art known to be,
What haue we (hellish fiends) to doe with thee?
Before the time dost thou intend preuent vs?
Wherefore art thou come hither, to torment vs?
Thy power doth make vs tremble, dread and doubt,
From our possession thou wilt cast vs out:
Which if thou doest, thus much to vs encline;
Graunt we may enter yonder heard of Swine,
That are a feeding, if we part these men,
Of those same hogs giue vs possession then;
Suffer vs, as our fellow diuell sayd;
When he a spoyle of all Iobs substance made,
Then sayd our Sauiour to the Deuils, goe,
And they into the Swine departed so,
Carrying them in a fury from the ground,
Into the sea, and there they all were droun'd:
The Heards-men at this fight with terror runne
Reporting in the City what was done,
How from those men (that put them all in feare)
The fiends (by Iesus) dispossed were:
Then getting leaue of that great power diuine,
[Page 17]Into the Sea they carryed all their swine,
Which when they heard, they all came forth to meete him,
And suing for his absence, thus did greet him;
Iesus of Nazareth, with one mind and heart,
We doe entreate, that hence thou wilt depart.
[depiction of Christ performing miracles]

One cured of the Palsie, lying sicke in his bed, the Rulers Daughter raysed, a woman healed of a bloudie Issue, two blind men receyue sight, a dumbe man possessed, healed. Math. 9.

FRom Brutish Gergesenes our Sauiour goes,
That were so farre their owne soules mortall foes,
They from their coast did banish the most high'st,
Esteeming more their cattell, then their Christ,
Who leauing those ingratefull, wicked men,
[Page 18]By ship did passe to his owne City then,
VVhere being come, the people to him brought,
One sicke in's bed of palsie, and besought
That he would heale him; when he saw their faith,
To the distressed creature, thus he sayth,
Sonne, be of comfort, and reioyce herein,
For I remit and pardon all thy sinne:
Whereat the Scribes within their hearts did say,
This man blasphemeth, and is farre astray.
When Iesus saw, in thought they did him blame,
(For with hearts hid from him that made the same)
He thus reply'd; Why doth this ill arise?
Which you in cogitation doe deuise:
Tell me, which speech is easiest, for to say,
Arise, and walke, or sinnes are done away?
But that you all may know the truth of this;
My power on earth can pardon sinnes amisse,
Then sayd he to the sicke, thy selfe prepare,
Take vp thy bed, and to thy house repayre.
Then came a man of woe, with sorrow pain'd,
A Ruler of the Iewes, and he complain'd,
Iesus, my daughter euen now is dead:
But thou that lifes true path doest onelie tread,
Come, and vpon her doe but lay thy hand,
And she shall liue; giue death a countermaund:
The Lord was moued with his sad lament,
And as he sorth with his Disciples went,
A woman with a bloudy issue greeued,
That could not be in twelue yeeres space releeued:
Behind him came, and toucht his vestures hem,
Being assured faith could helpe all them,
[Page 19]Which did beleeue; resoluing thus in thought,
If I but touch his garment, health is wrought:
This faith with Iesus such a comfort found,
He turn'd and sayd, Daughter thou art made sound:
And as he spake, that very instant houre,
She was made perfect by his perfect power.
Then came he to the Rulers dwelling place,
And (as the custome was, in mourning case)
He found the Minstrels, and much people there,
With noyse of dolefull musicke to the eare:
Those he did will forbeare such quoyle to keepe,
The mayde (quoth he) is onely but a sleepe,
She is not dead, Ile life to her restore;
But scornfully they laugh'd at Christ therefore,
Being all thrust out from thence and put away,
He came whereas the breathlesse body lay,
And tooke her by the hand, wherewith she rose:
And this great wonder to the people showes,
Who to behold her in amazement stand,
And spred the fame thereof throwout the land.
As Iesus passed from the wondring crow'd.
Two blind men met him, and they cryde alowde,
Oh sonne of Dauid, some compassion take;
Haue mercy on vs, for thy mercies sake.
To whom he sayde, doe you belieue aright,
That I haue power to giue you both your sight:
Yea, Lord (they sayd) besides thee no man can
Giue sauing health, which art true God and man.
Iesus reply'd, vnto your faithfull mind,
As you beleeue, so cease from being blind.
Then brought they one possessed that was dumbe,
[Page 22]But when the people vnderstood the same,
Forth of all Cities vnto him they came;
Which when the Lord beheld (as he is euer
A gracious God to all that do endeuour)
He tooke compassion, and did heale their sicke,
Their blind, their lame, their deafe, dumbe, lunaticke;
Vntill dayes glory did begin decline,
And gaue the world no longer cheerefull shine;
Euening approaching neere with darksome shade,
Then the Disciples to their Master sayde.
This place is solitary, vnfrequent;
We are belated, and the time farre spent,
The multitude of people being great;
Let them depart, and so prouide them meat.
Then Iesus sayd, ther's no such cause of need;
Doe you prouide them whereupon to feed:
They said, our poore prouision is but small,
Fiue loaues, two fishes, onely this is all;
Bring them to me said Iesus, then he wil'd
The people all sit downe, with eyes vpheld
To heauen, he did blesse, then bread he brake,
And that to his Disciples did betake,
Which did deliuer it the people there,
Who fed, and all full satisfied were,
Fiue thousand stomackes had their hungry wishes,
Contented onely with fiue loaues, two fishes,
Besides the quantity that did remaine
Of broken meat, twelue baskets to containe:
Then Iesus his Disciples sent away
By ship, while he went priuately to pray;
[Page 23]Into a mountaine, when at sea betost,
The poore Apostles euen well nie lost,
Were all amazed, most distressed sayling,
And grieuously their masters want bewailing,
About the fourth watch (while the winds did roare)
They saw one walke on sea, as if on shore,
Which put them all in an amazed fright,
For they supposed it had been a Sprite;
Crying with terror fearefully confounded,
Perplext in thought, and deepely inward wounded.
Till Iesus with a word their dread allay'd;
Be of good cheare, feare not, tis I, he sayd,
Quoth Peter Lord, if it be thou we see,
Commaund, and giue me power to come to thee.
Iesus said, come, Into the Sea he goes,
And as the mighty wind and tempest rose,
Peter began to sinke; Helpe Lord he cryes;
Oh saue thy seruant, or thy seruant dyes;
Then Iesus stretched forth his hand and caught him,
And with rebuke more constancie he taught him:
O thou of little faith, blame thee I must,
Why didst thou doubt? that I would faile thy trust?
So when they came into the ship together,
Their storme was chang'd into a fayre calme weather:
Then those that were aboard came reuerent all
To worship Iesus, and did on him call,
Saying with one consent of soule and heart,
We doe beeleue that Gods true Sonne thou art.
Passing then ouer to the other side,
Which hight Genezaret, being there discri'd,
[Page 24]Those that about the Coast were resident;
Notice of him thorow out the Country sent,
How Christ was come; when this was once reuealed,
Sicke people came from all parts to be healed:
They brought of all diseases various kinds,
And each sicke Patient speedy cure there finds:
And therefore paine they desired no more,
But for to touch the garments hem he wore;
Which all that did, were most assur'd to gaine
A true release from euery kind of paine,
[depiction of Christ performing miracles]

The woman of Canaans daughter healed, foure thousand fed with seauen loaues and a few fishes, the sicke are hea­led, two blind men receyue their sight, the withered Figge-tree. Math. the Chapters.

FRom conference with Pharisies and Scribes,
And others of their wilfull blinded Tribes,
Which of Gods offre'd grace had no desire;
Our Sauiour goes to Sidon coast and Tyre,
And as he went a woman Cananite,
That had her daughter vexed with a Sprite;
Cry'd after him, saying, Haue mercy Lord,
Thou sonne of Dauid, doe thy helpe affoord,
My child is by the Diuels power tormented;
[Page 26]By thy farre greater power be he preuented,
Heare me and helpe vs, doe not turne thy face:
Oh take compassion on our grieuous caes,
But notwithstanding all that she could crie,
Our Sauiour silent made her no replie:
Then the Disciples did intreat him thus,
Send her away from crying after vs,
And rid this noyse and clamour that she makes,
Said Iesus, I am sent but for theyr sakes,
That are the lost sheepe of the chosen race,
To Israel I must extend my grace.
But she adoring, downe before him fals,
And constant in her hope, for mercy cals,
Saying, Lord helpe me, and encline thine ayde.
Woman, it is not meet, our Sauiour said,
To take the bread that Childrens food should bee,
And cast it vnto dogges, true Lord, quoth she,
Yet grace and fauour, may the whelpes affoord,
To eate the crummes fal from their masters boord.
Oh woman, Iesus sayd, thy faith is great,
Thou shalt obtaine that which thou dost entreat,
And in the instant that our Sauiour spake,
The cursed fiend her daughter did forsake.
Then Iesus passed nie vnto the sea,
That is denominate of Gallile,
Where he vp to a mountaine did ascend,
And there sate downe his Graces to extend,
For multitudes of people thither came,
Of blind and dumbe, of maimed and of lame,
And many others that in humble wise,
At Iesus feet presented mournfull cryes,
[Page 72]Which for his helpe in their extreames did call,
And he miraculous did heale them all,
That the great company assembled there
(Being filde with wonder and admiring feare)
To heare dumbe speake, see lame to goe vpright;
The maymed whole, and blinde receiue their sight,
With hearts more ioyfull then their tongus could tell,
Did glorifie the God of Israel.
When Iesus calling his Disciples, sayd,
My pitty and compassion doth perswade,
(Because this peoples company hath lasted
Three dayes with me, and all that time haue fasted,)
That they haue somewhat to supply their need,
Least in returne, such danger it doe breed,
They faint by hunger on the weary way,
But his Disciples vnto him did say,
How shall we get in this most desert hill.
The bread that may so many thousands fill?
Quoth Iesus, what prouision is your store?
They said seauen loaues, a few small fish, no more.
So causing all the people downe to sit,
Iesus tooke bread and fish, gaue thanks for it;
And then he brake it, after hee had blest,
And gaue the twelue, to giue vnto the rest,
All being therewith so well satisfied,
That after their necessities suppli'd,
There was remaining (which they could not eate)
To fill seuen baskets full of broken meate:
Yet was the number of the feeders then,
By computation found foure thousand men,
Besides of others that repast did find,
[Page 28]Which were of children, and of women kind.
Hauing with Soule and bodies food fed them,
Our Lord departed towards Ierusalem,
And as he iournyed from Ierico
(With multitudes that onwards with him goe)
Two blind-men sitting by the high-way side,
That heard of Iesus passage, to him cry'd;
Oh Lord, thou sonne of Dauid mercy show,
Mercifull Lord, thy grace on vs bestow;
So vehement and earnest they did call,
And so importunate they were withall;
Still inuocating on his glorious name,
That people did rebuke them for the same:
But they the more do eleuate their voyce,
And make such pittifull complaining noyse.
Iesus stood still, and calling of them two,
Did say, what is it you would haue me doe?
Oh Lord (quoth they) let vs behold the light;
He touching them, gaue present perfect sight;
Of which desired sence, being now possest,
They followed Christ, most ioyfull with the rest.
Then on a borrowed Asse meeke Christ did ride,
And all the multitudes about him cri'd,
Hosanna to the sonne of Dauids fame;
Blessed is he, comes in the highest name.
And entring the famous City thus,
The people all admiring wondrous;
Sayd, this is Iesus, which is knowne to be
Of Nazareth a Prophet; this is he:
Entring the temple then, which did containe
Buyers and sellers, w [...]cked and prophane;
[Page 31]He cast them out, and sayde, this house of prayer,
Is made by you a den of theeues, a Faire.
Then came into the Temple for his ayde,
The blind and lame, and impotent decay'd,
And whatsoeuer their diseases were,
He healed all that came vnto him there,
That children cheerefull did Hosanna sing;
And with sweet voyces made that temple ring.
From thence he did depart to lodge at night
In Bethanie, and with the mornings light,
As he return'd at dawning backe, next day
Sustaining hunger, found vpon the way
A figge-tree, vnto which for fruit he went,
But the greene boughes had nothing to present,
Saue onely leaues, no more but goodly show.
(Like Hypocrites which doe on men bestow,
Faire, sweet enchanting words vnto the eare;
But neyther heart nor action once comes neere)
When Iesus did behold the barrennesse,
Sentence against it thus he did expresse,
Neuer may fruit vpon thee more be found,
And with these words it wither'd to the ground:
When the Disciples did this wonder see,
The pleasant greene a present dying tree:
They said with maruell and great admiration,
How strange and sodaine is this alteration?
[depiction of Christ performing miracles]

A man possessed with a Deuill healed, diuers healed, and deuils cast out of many, A blinde man healed, that first saw men walk like trees, & after saw them clearly, The possessed healed, Blinde Bartimeus healed, The draught of fishes, The Widdowes son restored to life at Naim, Mark. Luk. 5.7. Chap.

TO Capernaum Iesus tooke his way,
Where being entred on the Sabboth day,
He went into the Synagogue to teach.
And one amongst the rest that heard him preach,
Vext with a Spirit in most fearefull wise,
Deliuered forth outragious hellish cryes;
Let vs alone, remaining where we be,
[Page 31]Wilt thou destroy vs; we know thou art he,
Of Nazareth, Iesus Gods holy one;
In our possession leaue thou vs alone:
Be silent Sathan, hold thy peace, Christ sayes,
(Deuils are not ordayn'd to giue God prayse)
Come forth, depart, whereat he loude did roare,
And the possessed, felly rent and tore;
So leaues him then, which such amazement wrought,
That all the people were in terrour brought,
Saying, with power, is this of matchlesse wonder?
That with a word, brings Sathans outrage vnder▪
Come to Bethsaida, there they bring one blind,
Intreating Iesus they might mercy finde,
That he would touch him, so his hand he takes,
And leades him forth (for their beleeuing sakes)
From out the towne, where onely he applyes,
Spittle, as medcine to his closed eyes,
And did demaund what obiect then he sees;
Who looking said, men walking like to trees.
Then Iesus touch'd his eyes, and made them cleare,
That euery thing did perfect true appeare.
That Hill descending, where those blessed three,
Iohn, Peter, Iames, did Iesus glory see.
(When as his rayment, in bright shining show,
Was seen in whitenesse to exceed the snow;
Where Moses and Elias did appeare.
And Peter said, Lord tis good being here)
One came to Iesus, and his sonne did bring;
Saying, oh Master, heare a wofull thing:
This sonne of mine, a spirit that is dumbe,
Hath with great torments strangely ouercome,
[Page 32]He teareth him with foming fits most fell,
And gnashing teeth as fiends are said in hell,
To vse with horrour, this poore man I brought
To thy Disciples, and I them besought,
That they in thy all powerfull holy name,
Would cast him out, who could not doe the same;
Then answered he, O faithlesse generation,
How long shall I endure your Prouocation?
Bring him to me, which done, outragiously
The Spirit did torment him instantly,
Euen in vnwonted manner, fearefull, strange,
With cruell fits, and torments interchange,
For inwardly he did him rent and teare.
And falling on the ground, lay foming there,
And wallowing vp and downe, said Iesus than
Vnto the father of this wofull man;
How long hath he bin thus from peace exilde?
Who answer'd, euer since he was a child,
And like as now he casts him on the ground,
He throwes him oft in water to be droun'd,
And otherwhiles into the flaming fire;
But if thou canst, O Lord, I thee desire,
Helpe, helpe, haue mercy, dispossesse this fiend;
That nothing but destruction doth intend:
Then Iesus said, if thou hast faith in this,
Of my expected helpe thou shalt not misse.
Whereat Christs poore petitioner did cry,
With sorrowes voyce, and teares excessiuely;
O Lord that art the great, the good, the chiefe,
I doe beleeue, helpe thou mine vnbeleefe.
Then Iesus sayd, thou Deuill deafe and dumbe,
[Page 33]I doe commaund and charge that forth thou come,
And neuer to reenter any more;
Who crying low'd, and hauing rent him sore,
Departing, left the man as seeming dead,
And all beholders sayd, his soule is fled:
But Iesus rais'd him by the hand from ground,
And no infirmity in him was found.
Then on the way that leades from Ierico,
As he along with multitudes did goe,
(That admiration to his wonders gaue)
There sate a begger that for almes did craue,
Call'd Bartimeus, who when he did heare
That all the people followed Iesus there,
Making amongst them an vnwonted noyse,
He with a loud and eleuated voyce,
Cry'd, Iesus, sonne of Dauid mercy show;
Iesu of Nazareth thy grace bestow:
His cryes were such so vehement and shrill,
The Lord of life was moued to stand still:
And wil'd the people for to call him then,
Who like most kind and charitable men,
Said, be of comfort man (vnto the blind)
He calleth thee, and thou shalt fauour find:
Incouraged with that the people spoke;
Hasting to Christ, he cast away his cloake:
Who sayd, what wilt thou that I doe for thee;
Good Master (quoth the blind) that I might see;
And Iesus said, in peace depart away,
Thy constant faith is thy assured stay.
So he immediately receyued sight,
And followed Iesus with a ioyfull Sprite.
[Page 34]As he was teaching neere vnto the Lake,
That from Genezareth its name doth take;
The multitude of people was so great
Of those that came to Christ for heau'nly meate;
(Which pressed on him with their throng so sore)
He entred Simons ship and left the shore.
When finishing his speech, an end did make,
To Simon Peter, thus our Sauiour spake;
Launch out into the deepe, and cast thy net,
That forth the Sea of fishes thou mayst get:
Then Peter said, Master, last night in vaine,
For nothing we haue spent our toyle and paine;
But yet at thy commaund, obey we will:
So cast and drew the net, which fish did fill
Vntill it brake, and they for ayde did call
Vnto their fellowes, wherewith ioyning all,
They laded both their ships with such a fraight,
Both ready were to sinke with fishes waight.
Then Peter fell at Iesus feet with feare;
Iohn, Iames and all the rest amazed were:
But vnto them our blessed Sauiour sayd,
Let not your hearts with terror be dismay'd,
Take constant courage, I will make you then,
From henceforth fishers of the soules of men.
As Christ proceeded to extend his grace,
In seeking out lost sheepe from place to place.
He came to Naim, where euen at the gate,
He met an obiect of our mortall state;
A liuelesse body carried to the graue:
A son, whose death sad teares of sorrow gaue,
Vnto a wofull widdow that did beare him:
[Page 35]Who went with weeping, chiefest mourner near him:
Much people followed her deare onely sonne,
To show their loue in this last office done
To a dead friend, their latest tooken paine,
In giuing mother earth her owne againe.
Which when the Lord beheld, the sight did moue,
And make him willing to expresse his loue.
Weepe not he said, but stint thy vse of teares,
Then toucht the Coffin; wherewith those that beares
The burden of the dead, stood still to see
What the euent of this strange stay would be.
Whilst all on Iesus fixt their gazing eyes;
He sayd, Young man I say to thee arise.
And presently the dead-man sate vpright:
And spake to all that did behold the sight,
Then to his mother, Christ her sonne did giue,
Who seeing now her sorrowes cause to liue,
Had such a fulnesse of a ioyfull heart,
That neuer woman sharde a greater part.
The wondring multitude of people there,
Strangely possest with mixed ioy and feare,
Gaue all the glory that they could expresse
To Gods dread name, saying with thankfulnesse,
A Prophet great is risen vnto vs,
And God hath visited his people thus.
[Page 38]Sayd, is it lawfull on the Sabboth day
To heale this man, or send him sicke away:
But they replyed not a word againe:
Then did he take the man and cur'd his paine,
A cure that was no longer time in hand,
Then fingers touch or breath of tongues commaund;
His body perfect, absolute was well,
And he no more of ache or griefe did tell,
Releast of all the misery he had,
And made to his great comfort healthfull glad.
As the most iust, meeke, holy, innocent.
Towards the sanctified City went,
Which did containe his Fathers house of prayer,
Vnto a village as he made repayre,
There met him certaine sad afflicted men,
Diseas'd with leprosie, in number ten;
Who when they saw the soueraigne cure of griefe,
They stood far off, imploring his reliefe:
Lifting vp voyces with such wofull cries,
As from constraining sorrow did arise.
Iesus, they sayd, master, behold and see
The great extreames wherein poore wretches be,
Of thy accustom'd clemency and grace.
Haue mercy on ten lothsome Leapers case.
Iesus beheld them with compassions eye,
And for their comfort thus he did reply;
Vnto the Priest doe you forthwith repaire,
(As law appoints for such as Leapers are)
And shew your selues to him; so as they went,
The grace of Iesus did their griefes preuent:
[Page 39]And all were cured, of which number one
Returned backe (poore wretch) himselfe alone,
Falling most meekely with his face on ground,
Deliuering with a thankefull voyces sound,
Gods glorious worthy and renowned praise,
To whom our blessed Lord and Sauiour sayes,
Are there not ten infectious creatures cleane,
Of whom this poore Samaria stranger, meane,
Onely returnes, and thankfull doth encline:
What is become of these vngratefull nine?
Is there amongst so many cur'd, no more
But onely one, that giues God prayse therefore?
Arise, depart, thy selfe in soule perswade,
By true and liuely faith, thou whole art made.
A certaine ruler, that of Iewes bare sway,
Hauing a sonne which very grieuous lay,
In extreame sicknesse, and by common fame,
Hearing that Iesus out of Iewry came,
To Cana, where by miracle diuine,
He made of perfect water purest wine;
Went to the Lord, and earnest sute begon,
That he would please to come and heale his sonne,
At Capernaum, where he then did lye
In all mens iudgement at the point to dye:
Iesus replyed, except that Signes you see
And wonders wrought, you haue not faith in me:
The Ruler answered, si [...] affoord thine ayde,
Ere deathes hard hand vpon my child be layde:
My dearest sonne is breathing out his last,
Oh come and helpe before his life be past.
[Page 40]Then Iesus to his heart did comfort giue:
Doe thou depart, thy dying sonne doth liue,
Because thou hast a faithfull constant mind,
At thy returne in health thou shalt him find,
As with great ioy he from our Sauiour went,
Some of his seruants came incontinent,
And met their master cheerefull on the way,
With voyces full of comfort, thus did say,
Thy son (whose sicknesse caus'd vs all complaine)
Is wonderfull restor'd to health againe:
He liues and all his former griefe is past,
Which lay most wofull breathing out his last,
Then he demaunded at what time and howre,
He was deliuer'd from Deaths fatall power,
And they replyed, yesterday at seuen
The feauer left him, prais'd be God of heau'n.
Then knew the father t'was the time direct
That Iesus of his mercies free respect,
Said vnto him, thy dying son doth siue,
That instant he restoring life did giue,
And hereupon he and his houshould all
Beleeu'd, and faithfull did on Iesus call.
At Poole Bethesda where attending lay
Of blind and lame, and withr'ed, that each day
Expected cure, when heau'nly Cherubin,
Did touch the waters, then to get them in,
And wash away all griefes they did sustaine:
A man that eight and thirty yeare in paine,
Endeuour'd helpe, amongst the Lazars there;
Yet wofull wretch, not any whit the neare,
[Page 41]For still when he entended to haue good,
By entring that same sanctified floud,
Alwayes by others he was thrust aside,
Where euery man did for himselfe prouide,
And got before him, so that he put by,
In most perplexed state, distrest did lye.
Christ comming there, and knowing well how long,
He had sustained this preuenting wrong;
Sayd to the sicke, wilt thou haue helpe at all?
Oh sir, (quoth he) I know not how I shall:
I haue no friend, that will so much befriend me
As an assisting hand at need to lend me;
When waters moue by holy Angels touch,
To get me in, there's none will do so much,
But when I seeke with all my best endeuour,
Some one or other doth preuent me euer,
Stepping before me; thus am I kept backe,
To doe me good all helpe of friends I lacke.
Then Christ (whose word to heale him did suffice)
Said but vnto him, take thy bed, arise:
Depart away, who cheerefully arose,
Tooke vp his burden, and from thence he goes:
This gracious worke vpon the Sabboth done,
The Iewes would quarrell for it with Gods sonne;
His sinnefull creatures which he made of clay,
Would question him, who made both night and day;
Not thinking how his word fram'd all thats wrought:
And how that word can bring that all to nought.
A man borne blind vpon the way did lye,
[Page 42]Asking for almes as Iesus passed by,
And the Disciples to their Master said,
Lord tell vs why this punishment is layde,
On that blind creature, what hath he misdone,
Is it for Fathers trespasse, or for sonne,
Iesus reply'd, the cause he wanteth sight,
(Depriued of the day adorning light)
Is not for any wicked works of sinne,
That Parents or himselfe haue liued in;
But that the mighty power of God might be
Made manifestly knowne in such as he,
I am to worke the works of him that sent me,
While it is day, before darke night preuent me,
As long as I within the world abide,
I am the light that vnto glory guide,
When thus the Lord had spoke, spittle and clay
He mixt together, and the same did lay
Vpon the eyes of him that was borne blind;
Whose hope resolued, with a faithfull mind,
That Christ had power to giue those eyes true sight,
Which neuer yet had seene what thing was light.
Then Iesus sayd vnto the blind-man goe,
And wash thy selfe within the Poole Siloe,
Which by interpretation is call'd sent:
He with more ioy, then can be vttered went,
And did according, hauing sight as cleare,
As euer did to glorious light appeare:
Whereat great wonder present was in all;
Which saw what to the begger did befall,
[Page 43]Borne blind they knew (of none to be denide)
And most miraculous, now perfect ey'd
Yet question'd him, and fell to great debate,
And wickedly from Christ did derogate,
Denying him his owne eternall might;
More blind in soule, then was the man of sight.
[depiction of Christ performing miracles]

Lazarus raysed from death: The Souldiers at Christes betraying cast to the ground. Malcus eare cut off by Peter, healed, The temples veile rent, stones diuide, graues open, the dead arise. Iohn. 11. Iohn. 18. Luk. 22. Mathew. 27.

Two holy sisters had theyr brother lying,
In Bethany, euen at the point of dying;
One blessed Magdalen (that with her teares
Did wash Christs feet, & dri'd them with her haires)
The other gratious Martha, these sent thus
To Iesus, for their brother Lazarus,
Oh Lord behold he whom thou louest deere,
[Page 45]Is grieuous sicke, affoorde thy presence here,
His danger will admit of no delayes,
Yet Iesus tarried where he was two dayes;
Then said to his Disciples, our kind friend
Lazarus sleepes; but wake him I entend:
Lord they reply'd, if he but sleepe, we know
He shall doe well, there will no danger grow:
But then he plainely spake, his breath is fled,
And soule departed, Lazarus is dead;
And I am glad for your sakes in this case
That I was absent with you from the place,
Because you may belieue, now you and I,
Will goe and visite him at Bethany.
When they came thither, there they notice haue,
That he had lyen foure dayes within his graue,
And many of the Iewes (whom loue did lead)
Were comforting the sisters of the dead.
Martha saw Iesus, and alow'd she cride,
Had'st thou been here my brother had not dyed,
Yet this I know assured truth to be,
What thou dost aske of God heele giue it thee.
Then Iesus sayd, arise againe he shall,
I know it Lord (quoth she) and so must all
At that great day of Resurrection, when
All shall arise, both good and wicked men.
I resurrection am, and Life doe giue,
He that beleeues in me, though dead shall liue,
And he that liueth and belieues in me,
Shall neuer dye. Beleeu'st thou this (quoth he)
Yea Lord, she said, thou art Gods sonne I know,
Should come into this world, and grace bestow.
[Page 46]Then Mary came, fell downe and grieuous wept,
Saying, deare Lord, our brother we had kept,
Hadst thou been heere, his life preseru'd had bin,
And these woe teares we had not bathed in.
Then Iesus groned in the Spirit, and said,
Show me the place, where is the body layd?
They said, come Lord behold, and therewithall,
From his most holy blessed eyes did fall
The teares of pitty; quoth the Iewes, Oh see
How deere he lou'd; affection this must be.
Being come vnto the deads mans house, the graue,
He bad remoue the stone from off the caue:
Quoth Martha Lord, he loathsome will be found,
For lying all this time within the ground.
Did I not say (sayd Christ) this instant hower,
If thou hast faith, thou shalt behold Gods power.
Then they remoue the stone which on him lyes.
While vnto heauen Iesus lifts his eyes,
And God the Father thankfull glorified,
Then with a loud voyce, Lazarus he cri'd,
Come forth, at which life-giuing breath and sound,
The dead arose, being in graue clothes bound,
His hands and feet, a napkin on his face,
Amazing all with wonder were in place,
To see a man restor'd to life againe,
That did with death foure dayes in graue remayne,
Committed to corruptions rotten roome,
There to haue rested till the day of doome;
This sight put all beholders in great feare,
And many Iewes that came with Mary there.
Beleeu'd on Iesus, giuing God the prayse,
[Page 47]Whose onely power, the dead to life did rayse.
When all those glorious Lampes, adorne the skie,
Were hid with sable cloudes from mortall eye,
And euery creature hauing vitall sprite,
Mourn'd at the darkenesse of blacke vgly night,
Perditions child (whom Sathan did insence,)
Bribed against his Lord with thirty pence.
The way by night, with armed troupes he tooke,
To meete his Master towards Cedron brooke;
Where comming to him giues all hayle, and kisse.
To make him knowne vnto the Iewes by this;
When Peter saw the villany intended,
His Lord most traytrous to be apprehended:
He champion-like did thinke to fight it out,
And drew his sword and valiant lay'd about,
With such a manly resolution than,
He made a crop-eare of the High-Priests man,
And wounded Malcus; which when Iesus saw,
He thus reprou'd rashnesse in him to draw.
Put vp thy sword into the sheath againe,
Who therewith woundeth, shall therewith be slaine:
By Prayer, downe from my Father I could call,
More then twelue Legions, Spirites Angelicall,
But how shall then the Scriptures be fulfilde,
As God hath in eternall counsell wilde:
Then Iesus healed Malcus eare so sound,
That there appear'd no signe of any wound;
With Miracle with them preuay'ld no more,
Then striking all vnto the ground before,
VVhich onely but demaunding whom they sought,
All falling backwards, to the earth were brought.
[Page 48]No flames of lightning to amaze withall,
No bolts of thunder to procure them fall;
But that most powerfull word that spake and made,
Vnto this band of armed souldiers sayde,
Whom looke you for, at which as men strooke dead,
They fell at once, yet hardned had no dread.
When the most iust, vniust was doom'd to dye,
Expos'd by Pylate, to Iewes cruelty,
With whips tormented, and by sinners scornes
Reuiled, spit vpon, and crownd with thornes,
Buffeted, blinded, and compel'd to beare
The Crosse, which Christians for their badge do weare
When all his sences suffre'd for the sinne
Which Adams sences had offended in:
Whose sight did like the fruit which was forbidden,
For which Christs sight was blinded and eyes hidden:
And for his touch that to take hold consented,
Christs feeling was with whips and nayles tormented:
His smell, that to the rest did liking lincke,
At Golgotha was choak'd with lothsome stincke.
His hearing, that did Eues bad counsell chuse,
Brought Christ to heare the raylings of the Iewes.
His taste, which eating he did sinne withall,
Made Iesus taste of vineger and gall.
When all these great and grieuous paines were ended,
And Spirit to his Father recommended;
When that great darknesse neuer seene before,
From sixe to nine, obscur'd the earth all ore,
Extinguishing the sunne (dayes golden eye)
Because that day the sonne of God did dye.
Wonders were wrought that did mēs harts confound
[Page 64]The temples vayle from top vnto the ground,
Was rent quite thorow, to beholders feare,
Which saw that Curtaine admirable teare,
The sollid hardest flint and marble stones,
Vnder whose massie burden, ground-worke grones,
Diuiding, cleaue, and into pieces fall;
Which were supporters to the strongest wall.
And monuments that in them did containe,
Flesh made of clay, turning to dust againe;
The Sepulchres of Saints (that resting lay
From all their labours) on this nere like day,
Did open, and deliuer liue, with breath
The bodies were receyued dead from death,
In such a true perfection found and showne,
As if mortality they nere had known.
Within the holy City they appeare,
To manifest Gods mighty power more cleere
Vnto Beholders eyes, many did see
Their resurrection from the dead to be,
Like that which when the Angels trumpe doth call,
Shall cause a rising vnto life of all,
That euer in this world (since world began)
Haue been the ofspring of the first made man.
When the Centurion with his armed guard,
Which were the men for bloud & death prepar'd,
Beheld the fearefull wonders that were wrought,
And how gainst nature, things to passe were brought:
Day turn'd to [...]ight, darkned before theyr eyes.
The graues to open, and the dead arise,
The vayle diuide, the [...]mbling earth to quake,
[Page 50]The cleauing stones how they in sunder brake▪
Both Captaine and his cursed crue confesse
VVith inward terror of soules guiltinesse,
That Iesus which by Iudas trechery,
VVas false betray'd, vniust condemn'd to dye
By wicked Pylate, and by their misdeed,
His precious wounds were opened wide to bleed;
VVas Gods most true, and deere and onely son,
And hell was due for what their sins had done.

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