¶ Now she that I. Louyd trewly. Beryth a full fayre face
Hath chosen her. A new louer. God send her euyll grace
Syth she ys gone. Remedy none. There ys that I can sey
wherfore I synge. A way mornynge. All thought & care a wey
¶ I woyd her. In goode maner. Grete loue tyll her I had
This fayre womā. She letyd thā. As though she had be glade
But at the last. She pleyd a cast. And grauntyd vn to me
In wynd & wedder. To were a fether. Hyt wyll no better be
¶ At your metīge. And last partynge. She gaue me a ꝓude skorne
And saeyd that I. was a semely. Persone to were an horne
wherfore I sey. In ernyst & play. To mach with such a make
A thousaund fold. yet rather I wold. The deuyll had her take
¶ I haue her lost. For all my cost. yet for all that I trowe
I haue ꝑchaūce. A fayre ryddaūce. And am quyt of a shrew
I sey no more. I can no more. The mone ys at the full
That all his lyfe. Hath a shrewde wyfe. He hath a crowe to pull
Iusticia Regat.

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