❧ A Plaister for a gal­led Horse.

Loke what here in shalbe redde
Wynse at nothyng, excepte ye be grity
For of vsurped power we be not a dradde.
But God to be knowen, before preceptes fylthy
We speake not against Godes holy mystery
But agaynst such, as loue neyther God not theyr kynge
Beware therfore ye knowe not your desteny
Loke better to the Scripture, the word euerlastinge
Prouerb. xxvi.

Vnto the horse be [...]ongeth a whippe To the Asse a Brydles & a rodde to the fooles backe.

Yf this playster be to colde
Ye shall haue an other be bolde
Thintent is to cure and edyfy
So it is sayd, By Jhon Ramsy


The plajster.

THe horse that is galled wyll wynse and kycke
If any do enterprise, to come such a nere
He thinketh ye go about to touche the quicke
That rather he wold runne thorow water and fire
Euen the lyke our massemakers, begynne to stere
If any in their maungines, fyndeth lacke
Then lyke a galled horse they stampe and stere
But guppe ye godmakers beware your galled backe.
Guppe syr Ihon and guppe Bishoppe also
Guppe al other, that holde with the same
Very maungy ye are, and winse to and fro
Doubte not but at lengthe it wyll'turne you to shame
For many of you commaunde in your owne name
Vp with masse (we charge you let not that slacke
Or els in the Castell of N. we wyll you tame
But Guppe ye God makers, bewary your galled backe
What other are you, but maungy in dede
To prefere ye abhominacion most vyse in Goddes sighte
Loke ye blynde dweles, in what Gospell do ye rede
That suche myrlymuse, doth please God a ryght
On thys syde, & yt syde, as one sought hys way by nighte
Straining a knaues, armes, as though he stod on a racke
With mockes and mowes, and like a foole dyght
But guppe ye Godmakers, beware youre galled backe
Thinke you Christen fayth to you is obedient
To folow such Mainetry, made by a pilled squier
No no you maye well holde your selues content
[Page] We haue neyther fayth, in Monke Priest nor Friet.
ye are worthy to be hanged, and so payde for youre hiere
That wyll compell, the trew subiectes to bear your packe
It semeth by your dedes, that treason ye do conspire
But guppe ye Godmakers, be ware your galled backe:
Wher is your obedience, and wher is your commissiō?
So tyranly so heritikely, to geue any such cōmaūdemēte
To folow the pope, with hys superstytion
yet in one knotte, to thys ye do consente
ye rore and crie, as men with oute Iudgement
Vp wish the masse or eles al, goeth to wracke
But remembre goodes vengaunce is ready bent
And guppe ye Godmakers, beware your galled backe.
Ye say ye are an insurrection
But w [...]o shal it make. that wolde we knowe?
Euen youre owne selues / with youre pestilent Infection
To supresse goddes veritie, and bringe it lowe,
It is tyme to loke to you, for the sede that you do sowe
Whych ye shall repe, and lay it on your owne stacke,
We set not a fart by your masse made wt mocke & mowe
But Guppe ye Godmakers, beware youre galled backe
Loke in holy scripture, learne there your dewtye
ye bloode guides / that stomble at a strawe
There shall ye fynde, that the Lorde God onely,
Shalte thou serue and folowe his holy law
But thou thinkeste, yt god is made of euery Iackedawe
As in his handes thou must heare his bones cracke
And thynkest thy selfe safe. when he is downe in thy maw
But Guppe ye Godmakers, beware your galled backe
you [...] masse yt ye make your god serueth for many a thīge
For [...]e for drowthe, for pestilence and shepe
For [...]gges for pylgrimes, for shippes that he saylynge
[Page] For corne for the cough, and for those that can not slepe
And what for thys yf your god ye do not well kepe
He will stynke in his house, ye can not a byde the smacke
yet to that false god, ye knele and crepe
But guppe ye godmakers beware your galled backe:
you haue chaplens of trust, that serue for the nones
Gredy of stommacke hasty in digestion
That can eate vp a whole body both flesh bloud & bones
And that same daye be dronke and aske no question
A dronkē chaplen a dronken god, surely a holy professiō
Cursed be such for ther dedes are blacke
Our God is in heauen, whych dyed for our redemption
But puppe ye godmakers beware your galled backe:
In thre partes your God must be deuyded
For ye bodyes aboue, ye bodyes beneth, & those ye be lyuīge
That Pope was wyse that thus had contryued
God for God, God for the dyuell, God for all yll doynge
Euery pice was God, thys is your teichinge
So that the least piece, be it neuer so lytle a snacke
Is god of god made, that had a begynnyng
But guppe ye godmakers. beware your galled backe
ye may do what ye lyste with thinges of youre owne
ye may do what ye can, where ye be not set by.
your cruell tormentes be sone ouer blowen,
And the rekeninge ye muste make of all your Iniurie
Men that accompte thē selues wyse shuld circumspectly
Do all thinges to gods honor, & not his scripture hacke
As men de lekes, their Imagination to satysfy
But guppe ye godmakers beware your galled backe
We wolde talke with you, but your malice is to greate
your dedes do declare, ye are the Popes Pygges
yet we wil ax one question but be in no more heate
[Page] And let by heare what ye sucked out of ye Popes biggis
Do men on the brembles gather any figges
do your horemasters prestes▪ by their ministraciō so compacke
To alure Christ out of heauē, as mē do byrdes to twingges
No no, ye Godmakes / beware your galled backe
Christ sitteth in heauen holy scripture saith so,
Christ shall come agayne, euē ye same body yt wente hence
Christ said it was expedient that he shuld go
For his fleshly body dyd no lōger profyt by presence
The kysse that Iudas had toke not a waye hys offence
But still in desperation. his consecience stacke
Moche lesse in your God, that hath no intelligence
But guppe ye Godmakers, beware your galled backe.
Ye pretende a great holynes, but not in right vse
Christes institution is cleane out of memory
He brake the bread, without bayne excuse
And sayde it was hys body that endes shulde dye
Now it was not the bread: yt was crucifyed at Caluarye
But ye body whych is ī heauē thys scripture ye cānot lacke
And as the bread was broken euen so was his body
But Gup ye God makers, beware your galled backe.
But as you do vse it, it is neither here nor there
But a faynde mommer [...], of Antichristes deuyse
And as Baruch sayth no God he is, we nede not to feare
For when he is downe he can no more ryse
Yet your Pristes, handell him so fynely and nyce
Wrappe him in clowtes, with many apopyshe knacke
I wolde all such pristes, mighty swarme ful of lyce
But guppe ye Godmakers, beware your galled backe:
Lay forth for your selfe, the best that ye can
Commounde what ye lyst, of your owne deuyse
We knowe, ye shal not be obayed of neuer an honest mā
[Page] But of your owne couenauntes, yt loueth ye popes guyse
yet beware least your heades knowe the pryce
for ye lyke trayters, against our kyng fynde lacke
in suppressing the Pope, with all his marchaundyce
But guppe ye godmakers beware your galle backe.
Marke the gesture, who that lyst
First a shorne shauelynge, clad in a clowt
Bearinge the name of an honest priest
And yet in no place a starker lowte
A whore monger a dronkard, ye mayken hym be snowte
At the Alehouses he studieth, tyll hys wirte he doth lacke
Such are your min [...]sters, to bringe thys matter about
But guppe ye godmakers. be ware youe galled backe
Then wraped in a knaues skynne, as holy as my horse
Before the aulter, in great contemplacion
Confessinge the synnes of his lubbrysh Corse
To god and all saynctes, he counteth hys abhominatiō
Then home to the aulter, with great saintification
With crosses, and blesses, with his boy lytle Iacke
Thus forth goeth syr Ihon with all his preparation
But puppe ye godmakers beware your galled backe:
Then gloria in excelsis for ioye dothe he synge
More for his fat lyuinge, then for deuocion
And many there be that remember another thinge
Which syng not wyth mery hart for l [...]cke of promocion
Thus some be mery, some be sory according to their porciō
The forth comet [...] Colettes, bounde vp in a packe
Of this sainct and that sainct, for sickenes, and extorciō
But guuppeye godmakers beware your galled backe.
The epistell and gospell they haue put in
To colour their false'hed vnder holy pretence
And al in latyn, to cloke their synnne,
[Page] This daylie is sene by common experience
Now marke, for here cometh great reuerence,
Adappe for a flye, whiche is a prety knacke
T [...]at must ye kysse, and gyue them pence
But guppe ye godmakers beware your galled backe.
Thā must be wash, he hath handled some whores tayle
With tourne about Iacke / and shew some sporte
For many at popish knaues, of the shauen sorte
More me [...]er he were for the whippe and flayle,
Then to put the dead soules in good comfort
Ther standeth [...]e moming lyke a calfe in a sacke
Many tymes hy [...] whore, wyll the ther resorte
But guppe ye godmakers beware your galled backe
Then make they god wyth wordes ynowe
And hange hym vp betwene theues twayne
Then ye masmongers, loke that ye bowe
For there is your god, made by a knaue in graine
And he prayeth vnto him for all syckenes and payne
And at length doth eate hym, bothe shoulder leg & tacke
And the next daye can make an other agayne
But guppe ye godmakers, beware your galled backe
Thus ye are begyled with suche foxes play
And your hartes are so fet that the truth ye do not see
yet remember god and our kynge what they do say
That from Idolatry wolde haue you to flee,
yf ye wyll not then be blynde styll for me:
the lord defend our noble king, yt of you he haue no lacke
For you ar hard to be trusted what soeuer ye be
Therfore year warned, beware your galled backe

¶ Imprinted at London in Sainet Indrewes Parysh in the wardrop By Thomas Raynalde

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