WHither the Lord Iesus Christ, haue by his last Testament, given vnto and sett in his Church sufficient ordinarie Offices, with their callings, workes, and maintenance for the administration of his holy things, & for the sufficient ordinary instruction, guidance, and service of his Church to the end of the world, or no?


Whither the Offices of Pastors, Teachers: Elders, Deacons and helpers, be those Offices appointed by Christ in his last Testament as is aforesaide: Or whither the pre­sent Ecclesiasticall Offices of Archbips. Lord Bips. Suffragans, Chancellors, Commis­saries, Officialls, Doctors, Proctors, Registe [...]s, Scribes, or Clarckes, Aduocates, Pre­lates, Pursevantes,Here are aboue 40. Of­fices discouered & named not one of them found in the nevve Testament. Paratours or Sumners, Deanes, Subdeanes, Archdeacons, Doc­tours of Divinity, Bachellors of Divinity, Chapleines or Hous-priestes, Prebendaries, Cannons, petty-cannons, Gospellers, pistelers, Chaunters, Vergiers, Singing-men, Organ-plaiers, Queristers, or Singing-boyes, parsons, Vicares, Curates, Stipendaries or Hired-preachers, Vagrant or mecenary Teachers, priestes, Halfe-priestes called Dea­cons, Churchwardens, Sidemen, Collectors, Clarckes, Sextines, and the rest now had, in these Cathedrall and parishionall Assemblies, be these appointed by Christ in his last Testament, as is aforesaid, or no?


Whither the Callinges and entrance into these ecclesiasticall Offices aforesaid, their Administration also and maintenance, now had & reteined in England, be that manner of calling administration and maintenance which Christ hath appointed for the Offices of his Church aboue named, or no?


Whither every true and Visible Church of Christ be not a companie of people called and seperated out from the Worlde by the Word of God, and joyned togither in the Fellowship of the Gospel by voluntarie profession of their faith and obedience of Christ, the sure and right way to mortification and sanctification. And whither the present Assemblies of this Land be such, or no?


Whither the Sacramentes (being seales of righteousnes which is by faith) may be delivered to any other then the Faithfull and their Seede? Or in any other ministe­ry and manner then is appointed by Iesus Christ the Apostle and High-priest of our profession. And whither they be not otherwise administred in the Cathedrall and Pa­rishionall Assemblies of England at this day, or no?


Whither all Churches and people without exception be bound in Religion one­ly to receiue and submitt vnto the ministery, worship, and order, which Christ as Lord and King hath given and appointed to his Church? Or whither in religion any may receiue and joine vnto such a ministery, worship, and order as is devised by men or Angels for the service of God? And consequently whither they which joyne to the present ecclesiasticall ministerie, worship, and order of these Cathedrall and parishio­nall Assemblies can be assured by the word of God, that they joyne to the former ap­pointed by Christ, and not to the latter divised by others for the service of God.

To IESVS CHRIST the King of Kinges, 1. Tim. 6: 15. and PRINCE of the Ringes of the earth Revela. 1. 5, be praise and obedience of all Deut. 18. 19. Ies. 60. 12. and of every person for evermore Act. 3. 22. 13.

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