A prayer, and also a thankesgiuing vnto God, for his great mercy, in giuing, and pre­seruing our Noble Queene Elizabeth, to liue and reigne ouer vs, to his honour and glory, and our comfort in Christ Iesus, to be sung the xvii. day of Nouember 1577. Made by I. Pit, minister.

‘I exhort that supplications, prayers, and intercessions, and giuing of thankes, be made for Kings, and for all that bee in authoritie, that wee may lead a quiet and peaceable lyfe in all godlynes and honestie.’1. Tim. 2. Chap. 1, 2, verses.
Sing this as the foure score and one Psalme.
Psal. 81.1.
BE light, and glad, in God reioyce, which is our strength and ayd,
with ioyeful, and most pleasant heartes, let it be forth now said:
Deutr. 6.4. Esa. 33.22.
Thou art our Lord, thou art our King, thou art our only stay,
to thee will wee giue laud and praise, and further let vs say.
1. Chro. 29.13 Esay. 2.17. psalm. 145.8.9 10. &c. psal. 144.10.
Wee praise thee God, wee knowledge thee, the only Lord to bee,
for thy great mercy on vs shewde, as this day wee may see:
To thee wee cry, and also gyue, most high thanks, laud and prayse,
for thy good giftes, which wee receiue, both now and all our daies.
psal. 99.9. Esay. 6.3. Apoc. 4.8. psal. 144.10. psal. 145.3.4.
O Holy, holy, holy Lord, shalbe our dayly song,
for thy good giftes, bestowed on vs, this ninetene yeres now long,
And for our Queen Elizabeth, which so long time hath been,
through thy good prouidence O Lord, our good & gracious Queen.
psal. 148.11.12
The company of hygh and lowe, doe prayse thy holy name,
both yong and olde, both riche & poore, with heart do euen the same:
psal. 145.14. Ioh. 14.6.
Acknowledging, thy maiestie, to be the only stay,
through Christ our Lord & Sauiour, our light, our trueth, our way.
Ioh. 14.16.17. Ioh. 15.26.27. Ioh. & 13. verses. dan. 9.5. and 19. psal. 65.3.
The holy ghost our comforter, doth teach vs all in deed,
how we should walke in thy true feare, and call on thee in need:
For that our sinnes most grieuous are, and do deserue thine yre,
wee pray thee pardon vs ech one, thy mercy wee require.
1. Timoth. 2.1.2.
And graunt our Queene Elizabeth, with vs long tyme to reigne,
this land to keepe, ful long in peace, and gospell to maineteine:
In true obedience of the same, together we may lyue,
deut. 5.32.33. psal. 61.6.
with long lyfe and most perfitte ioye, O Lord vnto her giue.
2. kin. and 7. 2. chr. and. 9. 2. mac. 4.4.5. and. 6.
And giue vnto her councell grace, through working of this sprite,
in gospels lore, and common wealthe, to haue a great delight:
The same to bring in perfite state, and so the same to stay,
against all wicked peruerse men, good Lord graunt this we pray.
Psalm. and 29. Daniel. 6.24. Psalme. 97.12.
Lord helpe thy seruants which do crye, and cal to thee for ayd,
that enmies thence be put to flight, and wicked men dismayd:
And let vs all, most ioyfully, with hearts tryumph and say,
thy Name be blessed now, O Lord, for this most ioyfull day.
Psalme. 69.30. Psalme. 34.3. Psal. 103.1.2. Iudit. 15.9.10 Dani. 6.21.
Wee magnifie thee euery one, and wil do while wee lyue,
for thy great mercy shewde on vs, for this gift thou didst giue:
Elizabeth our noble Queene, which as this day tooke place,
in Royall seat this Realme to guide, Lord blesse and keepe her grace.
2. Kings. 19.19. Iudith. 13.4.5. Ester. and 10. Psal. and 50. Psal. 98.3.
From foreine foes, O Lord her keepe, and enemies at home,
from fained friends, and trayterous hearts, preserue her Lord alone:
For thou only art her defence, in thee doth shee whole trust,
saue and keepe her, O Lord therefore, for thy mercies most iust.
Psal. 11.1. Psalm. 10.10. nehem. 2.3. Daniel. 6.21.
O Lord our trust and confidence, wee do repose in thee,
for thou doest neuer fayle them Lord, that do put trust in thee:
With faithful hearts, we do now pray, that thou wilt so maintaine,
our gracious Queen Elizabeth, long ouer vs to raigne.
Luk. 2.14. mat. 28.19.
Then shall wee sing with ioyfull hearts, All glory be to thee,
the Father, Sonne, and holy Ghost, which be in persons three:
As it hath bene in all the time, that hath bene heretofore,
as it is now, and so shalbe, hence forth for euermore.


1. Thessalonians the v. Chap. 16, 17, and 18 verses.
Reioyce euer. Praye continually. In all things giue thankes, for this is the will of God in Christ Iesus towards you.

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