Cauete à crapula & ebrietate. An Admonition. To all suche as shall intende hereafter to enter the state of Matrimony Godly, and agreably to Lawes.

FYRSTE, That they contract not wt suche persons as be hereafter expressed, nor with any of like degree, against the lawe of God and the lawes of the Real [...] SECONDLY, That they make no secrete contractes without consente and counsaile of theire Parentes or Elders, vnder whose authoritie they bee: con [...]ry to Gods Lawes and mans ordinaunces.

THIRDLY, That they contract not a new with any other vpon diuorse & separation made by the Iudge for a time, the lawes yet standing to the contrary.

MAriage is honorable amonge all men, and the bed vndefiled. But whoremongers and adulterers God will iudge. Hebrae. 13.
To auoyde fornication, let euery man haue his wyfe, and let euery woman haue her housbande. He that can not conteine, let him marye: For better it is to mary, then to burne. 1 Cor. 7.
[...]nto the maried I commaunde, not I, but the Lorde: Let not the Wife departe from her housbande. But if she departe, let her remaine vnmaried, or be reconciled vnto her housbande. And let not the housbande put away his wyfe. 1 Cor. 7.
LEVITICI XVIII. AND XX. [...]one shal come neare to any of the kindred of his flesh to vncouer her shame: I am the Lord.
❧☞ A Man may not mary hisA Woman may not mary with her
 Secundus gradus in linea recta ascendenae.     Secundus gradus in recta linea ascendente.
af.Aui relicta.2Grandfathers Wife.2Grandmothers relictus.
af.Prosocrus, uel socrus magna.3Wiues Grandmother.3Husbandes, vel socer magnus.
 Secundus gradus inaequalis, in l [...]nea transuer­sa ascendente.     Secundus gradus inaequalis in linea transuersali (ascendente.
Con.Amita.4Fathers Sister.4Fathers Brother.Con.Patruus.
con.Matertera.5Mothers Sister.5Mothers Brother.con.Auunculus.
af.Patrui relicta.6Fathers Brothers Wife.6Fathers Sisters relictus.
af.Auunculi relicta.7Mothers Brothers Wife.7Mothers Sisters relictus.
af.Amita vxoris.8Wiues Fathers Sister.8Husbandes Fathers mariti.
af.Matertera vxoris.9Wiues Mothers Sister.9Husbandes Mothers mariti.
 Primus gradus in linea recta ascendente.     Primus gradus in linea recta ascendente.
af.Socrus.12Wiues Mother.12Husbandes
 Primus gradus in linea recta descendente.     Primus gradus in linea recta descendente.
af.Priuigna.14Wiues daughter.14Husbandes
af.Nurus.15Sonnes Wife.15Daughters
 Primus gradus aequalis in linea transuersali.     Primus gradus aequalis in linea transuersati.
af.Soror vxoris.17Wiues Sister.17Husbandes
af.Fratris relicta.18Brothers Wife.18Sisters relictus.
 Secundus gradus in linea recta descendente.     Secundus gradus in linea recta descendente.
Con.Neptis ex filio.19Sonnes Daughter.19Sonnes sonne.Con.Nepos ex filio.
con.Neptis ex filia.20Daughters Daughter.20Daughters sonne.con.Nepos ex filia.
af.Pronurus. i. relicta nepotis ex filio.21Sonnes Sonnes Wife.21Sonnes Daughters husband.a [...].Progener. i. relictus neptis ex filio.
af.Pronurus. i. relicta nepotis ex filia.22Daughters sonnes Wife.22Daughters daughters husbā i. relictus neptis ex filia.
af.Priuigni filia.23Wiues sonnes Daughter.23Husbandes sonne filius.
af.Priuignae filia.24Wiues daughters daughter.24Husbandes daughters filius.
 Secundus gradus in equalis, in linea transuer­sali descendente.     Secundus gradus inaequalis, in linea transuersa­li descendente.
Con.Neptis ex fratre.25Brothers Daughter.25Brothers sonne.Con.Nepos ex fratre.
con.Neptis ex sorore.26Sisters Daughter.26Sisters sonne.con.Nepos ex sorore.
af.Nepotis ex fratre relicta.27Brothers sonnes wife.27Brothers daughters ex fratre relictus.
af.Nepotis ex sorore relicta.28Sisters sonnes wife.28Sisters daughters ex sorore relictus.
af.Neptis vxoris ex fratre.29Wiues brothers daughter.29Husbandes brothers filius. i. nepos mariti ex fratre▪
af.Neptis vxoris ex sorore.30Wiues sisters daughter.30Husbandes sisters filius. i. nepos mariti ex sorore.
  • 1 IT is to be noted, that those persons whiche be in the direct lyne ascendent and descendent, can not mary togither, although they bee neuer so farre a sonder in degree.
  • 2 IT is also to be noted, that Consanguinitie and Affinitie lettinge and dissoluing Ma­ [...]rimony is contracted as well in them and by them whiche be of kindred by the one side, as in [...]nd by them whiche be of kyndred by bothe sides.
  • 3 ITEM, that by the lawes, Consanguinity & Affinity letting & dissoluing Matrimony) is contracted as well by vnlawfull company of Man and Woman, as by lawful mariage.
  • 4 ITEM, in contractinge betwixt persons doubtfull, which be not expressed in this table, It is moste sure, first to consulte with men learned in the lawes, to vnderstande what is law­ful, what is honest and expedient, before the finishinge of their contractes.
  • 5 ITEM, that no Parson, Uicar, or Curate, shal solemnise Matrimony out of his or their Cure or parrishe Churche, or Chappell, and shall not solemnise the same in priuate houses nor lawlesse or exempt churches, vnder the paynes of the lawe, forbiddinge the same. And that the Curate haue the certificates when the parties dwell in diuers Parishes.
  • 6 ITEM, the bandes of Matrimony ought to be openly denounced in the Churche by the Minister, three seuerall sondayes, or festiuall dayes, to the intent, that who will and cā alledge any Impediment, may be hearde, and that stay may be made til further tryall, if any exception be made there agaynste it vppon sufficient caution.
  • 7 ITEM, who shall maliciously obiect a friuolous impediment agaynste a lawful Matri­mony, to disturbe the same, is subiecte to the paynes of the Lawe.
  • 8 ITEM, who shall presume to contract in the degrees prohibited though he doe it igno­rantly) besides that the frute of suche copulation may be iudged vnlawfull, is also punishable at the Ordinaries discretion.
  • 9 ITEM, if any Minister shall conioyne any suche, or shalbe presente at suche contract [...] making, he ought to be suspended from his ministery for three yeares: And otherwise to be pu­nished accordinge to the lawes.
  • 10 ITEM, it is further ordeyned, that no Parson, Uicar, or Curate do preache, treate [...] pounde of his owne voluntary inuention, any matter of controuersy in ye Scriptures, if he bee vnder the degree of a Mayster of Art, except he be licensed by his Ordinary thervnto, but only for ye instructiō of the people, reade the Homilies already set forthe, & suche other forme of doc­trine as shalbe hereafter by aucthority published. And shall not Innouate or alter any thing [...] in ye Churche, or vse any olde Rite or Ceremony, whiche be not set forth by publike authority

Set forth first by the moste reuerende father in God, MATTHEW Archebyshop of Canterbury, Primate of all Englande, and Metropolitane.

Imprinted at London by Reginalde Wolfe. Anno Domini. 1571.

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