The Vertue and Operation of this Balsame.

THat this Balsame may bee vsed to the health and profit of the buyers, it must bee alwaies kept close, and the vessell wherein it is must be very wel stopt, or else it will consume and waste away.

Any person which hath his sigh be­ginning to faile him let him continual­ly smell vnto this Balsame, and hee shall be holpen, and his sight shall be preserued.

Make this Balsame warme, and rub therewith the Nose within and without, of all those that haue a moyst and cold braine, so shall they be preserued in great health thereby.

And whosoeuer hath a cold Rheum: descending from the braine, let them rubbe their Nostrils with this Balsam three times a day, morning, no one, and night, and it helpeth them.

Such as are heauy headed, dull witt [...]d, or forgetfull, let all those vse to anoint the hinder part of their head with this Balsame, and it comsorteth the wit, and refresheth a man exceedingly well.

Giue sixe drops of this Balsam in a spoonefull of wine, beere, or ale fasting, to all these that haue no appetite, and it helpeth: also th [...]se that vse to drinke of it, are long preser­ued in young liking.

If any person haue a flegmey stomacke, let them vse eue­ry morning fasting, to take six drops of this Balsam in wine, beere, or ale, and it expelleth the flegme, and comforteth the stomacke: also whosoeuer hath abundance of corrup­tion in their stomacke, which is the cause of great feeble­nesse, let them vse it as aforesaid, and euery twelfth, or four­teenth day purge themselues, so may they shortly be holpen, which might their life-time liue and suffer great paines.

Being taken euery morning sixe drops in a spoonefull of wine, beere, or ale, it preserueth one from poyson all the day a ter: also it preserueth a man from all corrupt and poi­soning ayre, and specially good to bee vsed in time of pesti­lence.

Such as are poysoned, let them instantly take six drops of this Balsam in a spoonefull of water, and so continue in ta­ing of it twelue houres after, that is, euery houre six drops, so shall they be holpen.

Any person which by chance falleth, and is bruised on any part of his body, let him straightway anoynt the same place therewith, and it swageth the swelling, and putteth away the blackenesse of the sore: also when a man hath a stitch in the side, anoynt it therewith, and it helpeth.

Neyther any olde or young folke that haue a stinking breath, so that the stinke come from the stomacke, but it helpeth, if it be receiued euery morning fasting, sixe drops with a spoonefull of wine the space of fourteene daies, and fast two houres after they haue taken it.

Sixe drops of this Balsame put into a Fistel euery day the space of twenty dayes, healeth and stoppeth the Fistel: also it healeth all wounds old or new, laid vnto them twice a day according to the quantitie of the wound.

Sixe drops of this Balsam put into a broad Pustell, which commeth of cold and grosse humors, in the space of twelue daies it will be made whole.

Many which are sicke by occasion of cold and dry hu­mors which causeth consumption, may drinke euery mor­ning and euening six drops of this Balsam with wine, and they shall recouer their health againe.

Any body which hath a Postumation, which commeth of winde and moisture that would settle it selfe in any place of the body, anoint the same place with this Balsam three times a day, and in the space of eight daies it shall be healed.

Readily doth this Balsam heale all sores which chance in hands, legs, or armes, or any part of the body, if it be anoin­ted with it three times a day.

Peaceably and very quickly this Balsam swageth swellings, which is not of the Dropsie, if the swelling bee anointed three times a day with it, and linnen clothes laid vpon them wer with the said Balsam.

Euery person that is taken with the palsey, let them mor­ning and euening drinke six drops of this Balsam in a spoon­full of wine, and also anoint the party which is taken with the said palsey twice a day, and they shall be healed, and it comforteth all the parts of the body marueilously.

This Balsam healeth all paines in the ioynts, so that you wash the ioynts therewith; and also plaister the said ioynts with linnen cloth wet in the said Balsam: this must be done twice a day.

He, or they which haue their sinewes drawn together, let them wash them with this Balsam, and they shalbe restored to their former health and strength.

Also it helpeth the Hemerods when they are very grie­uous: also it is good for sicknesse, which chanceth in the hinder part which is named Tenasmos, if a linnen cloth wet with the said Balsam be put therein. Also this Balsam being mixed with sweet Ciuet, and layd vpon a little black wool, and put into the eares, restoreth hearing.

This Balsam, made by N. P. Master of Arts, and Minister of Gods Word, is to be sold in Maiden Lane, at the signe of the Crowne ouer against Goldsmiths Hall, where it hath beene sold, and the pre­mises approued these fourescore yeares. Viuat Rex.

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