The. [...] bothe in [...] and in [...]

A a b c d e f g h j k l m n o p q r r s s t v u x y z & r est Amen.


[...]n nomine patris & filij & spiritus sancti. Amen. In the name of the Father and of the Sone and of the holy ghost. Amen.

[...]Ater noster qui es in celis sanctificetur nomen tuū. Aduemat regnum tuum Fiat voluntas tua sicut in celo et in terra. [...]anem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie. Et dimitte nobis debita nostra / sicut et [Page]nos dimittimꝰ debitoribus nostris. Et ne nos inducas in temptacionē. Sed libera nos a malo. Amen.

OUr father which art in heuen halowed be thy name Let thi kyngdome come to vs. Thy wyl be fulfylled as well in earth / as it is in heuen. Gyue vs this day our dayly fode. And forgyue vs our offences / as we forgyue them that offend vs. And let vs not be ouercom by tēpta cyō. but deliuer vs frō all euell. Am̄

AVe maria gratia plena dn̄s tecū Benedicta tu in mulieribꝰ / et benedictus fructus ventris tui Jesus.

HAyle Mary full of grace / our lorde is with the / blyssed arte thou amonge all womē / & blissed is the fruyte of thy wombe Jesus Am̄

CRedo in deū patrem omnipotentem creatorem celi et terre [Page]Et in Jesum christū filiū eius vnicū dominū nostrū. Qui cōceptus est despiritusancto natꝰ ex maria virgine Passus sub poncio pilato: crucifixus mortuus & sepultus. Descēdit ad inferna / tertia die resurrexit a mortuis Ascēdit ad celos sedet ad dexteram dei patris omnipotentis. Inde ven­turus est iudicare viuos et mortuos [...]redo in spiritum sanctū / sanctam ecclesiam catholicā / sancto (rum) cōmunionem / remissionē peccatorū / carnis resurrectionē et vitam eternā Amē.

I Byleue in God the Father almyghtye creatour of heuen & earth. And in his onely sone Iesus Chryste our lorde. Whiche was conceyued by the holy ghost / and borne of the virgyn Mary. which suffered vnder Ponce Pylate / and was cru­cyfyed and dyed / and was buryed. [Page]And descended in to the helles / and rose agayne the thyrde day frō deth to lyfe. And ascended in to the heuēs & sytteth on the ryght hande of the father almyghty. And shal come agayne / & iudge both quycke & dead. I byleue in the holy ghost / and the holy chyrch catholyke / the holy communyon of sayntes / & the remyssion of synnes / & the generall resurreccyō of the body & soule / and euerlastyng lyfe. Amē.

[...] to syng

Confitemini dn̄o quoniam bonus:

Quoniā in seculū misericordia eius

COnfiteor deo / beate Marie / omnibus sāctis et vobis / quia peccaui nimis cogitatione locutione et opere mea culpa. Precor sanctam Mariā / oēs sanctos dei et vos orare pro me. Misereatur vestri omnipo­tens deus / et dimittat vobis omnia [Page]peccata vestra: liberet vos ob omni malo saluet et confirmet in bono et perducat vos ad vitā eternā. Amen

[...]diutorium nostrum in nomine domini.

Qui fecit celum et terram.

[...]it nomen dn̄i benedictū.

Ex hoc nunc & vs (que) in seculū.

[...]yrye eleyson

( [...]pe)Christe eleyson.

[...]yrye eleyson.

¶ Sequentia sancti euangelij secundum / Marcū / Matheū / Lucā / Iohannē.

Gloria tibi dn̄e.

[...]er omnia secula seculorū. Amen.

Dn̄s vobiscū.

Et cum spū tuo.

Sursum corda.

Habe­mus ad dn̄m.

[...]ratias agamꝰ dn̄o deo nostro.

Dignum et iustum est.

Pax domini sit semper vobiscū.

Et cum spiritu tuo.

[...]ta misse est.

Deo gratias.

Requiescāt in pace. Amen.

¶ Grace to be fayd before dyner.

BEnedicite. Dn̄s. The eyes of euery thynge do loke vp / and [Page]they hope in the good lorde / & thou gyuest them theyr fode in tyme con­uenient. Thou openest thy hande & doest replenysshe euery sensyble cre­ature with thy benediccyon. Glory be to the father / to the sone / & to the holighost. As it was in the begynnynge / & as it is nowe & euer shall be. Amē. Lorde haue mercy on vs.

Chryste haue mercy on vs. Lorde haue mercy on vs. Our father. &c. And let vs not be ouercōme by temptacyon. But delyuer vs from all euyll Amen. Nowe let vs all pray.

Good lorde blysse vs & all thy gyftꝭ which we shal receyue of the by thy bounteousnesse thorowe Chryst our lorde Amen. O lorde commaunde thou to blysse. The kynge of eter­nall glory make vs to be pertenars of the celestyall mele. Amen.

[Page] God is charite / & he that dwelleth in charite dwelleth in god / and god dwelleth in hym. Let vs pray that god maye dwell in vs / and that we may dwell in hym. Amen.

[...]race afte [...] [...] [...]yner▪

The god of peace & loue dwell awaye with vs. O Lorde haue mercy on vs. Thankes be to god. Good lorde let all thy workes gyue knowledge to the / and let thy holy sayntes gyue blyssynge to the. [...]lory be to the father. &c.

[...]e gyue thankes to the almyghty god for all thy vnyuersall gyftes & benefites / whiche lyuest & reygneste as god thoroughout all the worlde of worldes Amen.

O all ye nacyons laude ye the lorde And all ye people prayse ye hym Bycause his mercye is cōfyrmed on [Page]vs / and the trueth of our lorde doth remayne eternally. Glory be to &c. Lorde haue mercy on vs. Chryste haue mercy on vs. Lorde haue mercy on vs. Our father which art. &c. [...]hryste dyd dystrybute goodes / & gaue it to the poore. His iustice abydeth in the worlde of worldes.

[...] shall blysse our Lorde in euerye tyme. His prayse be euermore in my mouthe. My soule shalbe pray sed in our lorde. Let them that be gentyll heare / & they shall therof be glad. Magnifye ye the lorde with me / & let vs exalte his name within hym selfe. Blyssed be the name of our lorde frō the begyn̄ynge. Now / and euer throughe out the worlde. Hayle Mary. Nowe let vs praye. [...]ouchsafe thou lorde god to gyue eternall lyfe vnto al people. doynge [Page]good to vs for thy holy name Amē Let vs blysse our lorde. Thākꝭ be to our lorde god. God graunt that the soules of all faythfull people de­parted out of this worlde / by his mercy may rest ineternal lyfe Amē God preserue his chyrch vnyuersal And this chyrch of england speciall And the supreme heed therof oure kynge. And graunt vs the blysse without endynge. Amen.

[...] dayes

[...]Enedicite. Dominus. God graūt that they that are pore in spiryte may fede and they shalbe satyfyed: they that seke hym / theyr hertes and myndes shal lyue in the worlde of worldes. Glory be to &c. Lorde haue mercy on vs. &c. Our father which art. Let vs pray &c. Good lorde blysse vs. &c. O lorde [Page]commaunde thou to blysse. [...]he eternall kynge of glory refresshe vs wt the meate of thy spirituall fode. [...]he grace of our lorde Iesu chryst the charyte of god / the communyon of the holye ghoste / be euer with vs all Amen. Breake to the hungry thy breade. And brynge the nedy men and wanderyng men into thy house. When thou seest one bare couer hym / and dysprayse not thyne owne brothers body.

[...]hus the almyghty lorde sayeth.

¶ Grace after dyner

THe God of pease and of loue dwell alway with vs. [...]he mercyfull god gyuer of mercy hath made a memory of his meruels. He hathe gyuen meate to all them that drede hym. Glory be to the father. We gyue thankes to the &c.

[...] grace to be sayd [...] dyner

THe ryght hande of god blysse our meate now brought hy­ther and to be brought hyther. In the name of the father / & the sone &c.

[...]other grace to be sayd be [...]ore dyner or supper.

BEnedicite. Dn̄s. Good lorde for thy grace mekely we call. Blesse vs our meates & drynkes all In the name of the father. & cetera

¶ A shorte grace after dyner.

FOr this feest now let vs blys our lorde. Thankꝭ be to god Hayle Mary. &c. Nowe let vs all pray &c. Vouchsafe. &c. Let vs all blysse our lorde. Thankꝭ be to god God graunt &c. God preserue. &c.

[...]nother grace to be sayde after dyner or souper.

[Page] BLyssed be our lorde which of his grace. Hath sende vs our fode / good tyme / and space.

Lorde haue mercy on vs. Chryste haue mercy. &c. Thankes be to god. Laude and prayse / honoure / and glory. Be to that lord that reygneth on hye. Whose great mercy is euer redy. To all them that for it call.

Therfore laude be to hym eternall. [...]owe blyssed be the name of oure lorde. Nowe and euer thorowe out the worlde. Amen. God preserue his chyrche vniuersall. &c.

¶ Grace before souper.

BEnedicite. Dominꝰ. He that gyueth all thynge / now sanc­tify our souper. In the name of. &c.

¶ Grace after souper.

BEnedicite. Dominꝰ. Blyssed is god in all his gyftes / and [Page]holy in all his workes. Let hym be our helpe in the name of god which hath made heuen and earth.

Blyssed be the name. &c. Vouch. &c.

[...] [...]fore dyner.

[...]Enedicite. Dominus. This is the day whiche our Lorde made / let vs ioye and be glad in the same. Glorye be to the. &c. Lorde haue mercy on vs &c. And let vs not &c. [...]owe let vs. &c. Good lorde &c. O lorde. &c. The kinge of. &c. Cast ye out clene the olde leuen that ye maye be newe dowgh as ye are the swete brede / for Chryst our Ester Lambe is offered for vs / therfore let vs fede in our lorde. Amen.

¶ Grace after dyner at Ester

COnfesse your selfes to the god of heuen whiche gyueth fode to euery sensyble creature. O thou [Page]good lorde &c. Thankes be to god O all ye nacyons laude ye the lorde Bycause his mercy is confirmed on vs &c. Glory be to the father. &c.

Chryste / in thy resurreccyon the heuens and the earth be glad.

¶ Let vs pray.

GOod lorde infude the spiryte of thy charyte in vs / that by thy pite thou mayst make vs agre­able to those thynges whiche thou haste made by thy holy pascall Sa­cramentes. By that same our lorde Iesu Chryst thy sone which lyueth and reyneth with the as god in the vnite of the same holy spiryte by all the worlde of worldes. Amen.

[...] ten cōmaundement

Lord graūt me grace to honor the
One god & neuer to swere in vayne
The holy day to be kepte by me
[Page] My parentes to obey & maynteyne
By thought ne dede no man to kyll
To robbe nor to steale no where
Nor to do lechery in acte or wyll
Be no lyer / nor false wytnesse bere
Nor to desyre my neyghbours wyfe
His landes / seruauntes / or catell
These x. preceptes lorde all my lyfe
Graūt me grace I maye kepe well.

[...] of mercy bodily.

[...]od giue me grace the sicke to visit
And giue them mete that be hūgry
To them that thurste drynke to fet
And presoners to redeme and bye
To clothe the naked euermore redy
To pore wāderers to giue lodging
And to brynge the deed to buriyng.

[...]he vij work [...] of mercy ghostly

God graūt I may good coūsel giue
And teche them that ygnoraunt be
To conforte them that be pensyue
[Page] And to correcte with charyte
To suffer in all aduersyte
My neyghbors trespas to forgyue
And to pray for grace whyle I lyue

¶ The .vij. Capitall synnes.

Good lorde graunt me pryde to for sake
And not to syn in couetous
Nor slouth / but in good workes to wake
Nor to be wrath nor furyous
Nor dysdaynous nor enuyous
Nor for to synne in glotony
Nor in no carnall Lechery.
Thus endeth the. A B C translated out of Laten to to Englysshe with other deuoute Prayers.

¶ Imprynted at Londō in Paules Chyrche yarde at the sygne of the maydens heed by thomas Petyt.

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