¶ Short questions and answeares, con­tayning the Summe of Christian Religion.

Deut. 6.6.

6. These wordes, which I com­maund thee this day, shalbe in thy heart:

7. And thou shalt rehearse them continually vnto thy chil­dren, and shalt talke of them, when thou tariest in thy house, and as thou walkest by the way, and when thou lyest downe, and when thou risest vp.

LONDON. Printed by Iohn Dawson. 1623.

These are the orders which I haue seene obserued in a Christian Gentlemans house, to the profit of his ho [...]sholde, example of others, com­fort of Gods chil [...]en, and honour of God.

WHile they had a minister the whole house­hold met at the Church twise euery Sab­bath; and once euery weeke day: but since the restraint of their minister, they meete euery morning in the week day in the parlour, where their master kneeleth downe with them, and prayeth vsing these prapers following.

The confession of shines, with morning prayer for priuat housholders, for men before their labour, for the Church, the Realme, the Queene, and Magistrates, the Lordes prayer, and confession of faith, all which prayers are in the booke of common prayer.

If he be from home, or sicke then doth his Steward, or some such like of them say those prayers.

After prayers the houshold departeth either whither necessitie of their offices call them, or whither delight in honest [...]xercises for recrea­tion doth cary them.

Before prayer meditate of these places.

They shall call vpon me,Pron. 1.28. but I will not answere: they shall seeke me early, but they shall not finde me.

29 Be [...]

[Page] them to the former excesse of riot, say you, and per­forme with Iosua. 35.17. We and our housholds wil serue the Lorde. And you, O Lad [...]es; mistresses & dames, say euery one of you with Hester, I and my maides wil do the like. Hester. 4.16. And howsoeuer the world condemne you, the Lord wil reueale him­selfe vnto you, power his blessings of knowledge, of peace, of religion, of good rulers, and will continue the same vnto the remnant of our children & poste­ritie, which shall come after vs, which he graunt for his Christes sake.

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