24. of August. 1578.

❧A discourse of the present state of the Wars in the lowe Countryes.

Wherein is contayned the pittifull Spoyle of Askot: And the Articles of Peace to bee concluded betweene the States, and Don Iohn de Austrea.


¶The pitifull Spoyle of Askot, by Don Ioan de Austria.

I Maye not seeme so vngratefull vnto you my louinge freinde, in recom­pence of your gret benefites which I haue sūdry waies receiued from you, as not to certifie you of all such occurantes as here are reddy past. But from time to time, God lending me life, I minde still as iust occasion shall serue to signifye vnto you how things here shall passe. You vnderstand that on the syxt day of this moneth of Au­gust, [Page] howe that the Vicount of Gaunt (vnderstanding that Don Iohn his forces were retired to­wardes Louin) beseeged Askot with three thousande Souldiers and 2. great peeces of Ordinance, and put to the Sworde 200. Albo­neys, and 500. Almaynes and VVal­lons, Souldiours, who were there in garison, which when the Vicunt of Gaunt (had by the valiancye of English men and the Sckots slayne so many before specifyed) gaue commaundement that neither Burger nor Inhabitant should be hurt, on­lye their goodes and munition for warre, whose commaundemente was accomplished, and as it is su­rely notifyed that the spoyle of that Towne is valued too bee better worth to the Souldyers then fyue thowsande pownde, although the same Towne was but of very smal countenaunce. When this exployte [Page] by our Countrymen was fynished they returned too their Campe a­gayne: Whiche when Don Ihoan had intelligence heereof, hee went in parson to view the same, and found as before is mencioned, being all bent with furye for that whiche had happened, gaue com­maundement to kyll men, women, and Children, which was a great number, and a sorrowful sight. Yet notwithstanding he was not so pacifyed, but also caused the Towne to be burnt & vtterly defaced to the ground. Thus my beloued I haue certifyed you of the vtter ruine of this little Towne.

And furthermore, to let you vn­derstande, that on wednesday last, our Ambassadors departed from Machelen towardes Don Iohn, ac­companied with certayne Lordes of the Countrey, for the conclusion of a Peace (if it maye be) according [Page] to certayne Articles which I sende you herewith.

We heare not yet what is effec­ted, a murmor of Peace here run­neth. But yet greatly doubted: and that all is but practizes, and the French thought to be all one with Don Iohn.

The French Ambassador is re­turned, but not hearde what hee hath brought with him for newes, being thought his comming to bee rather to get some conclusion of his message, for the which he came fyrst for his maister, to the ende he might be dispatched, then otherwyse to venter him selfe longer here, fearing the smoother and smooke is so sore seene and smelte, as the flame must needes ere long, burst out.

The Duke Allonson florysheth at Mons, where he hath feasted all the Nobles and Gentlemen. That [Page] place is sure inough for him: other Townes in Henego, wyll not yet accept of him.

In Valencine (as men report) they haue bene in Armes, and fought together, but wherefore, or who haue gotten the better, is not yet here certainly knowen.

Cassimerus is now in the Campe with his Forces, where the Arch­duke Mathias hath bene: And hee met Cassimerus before Leyre, and so returned to the Towne, and dy­ned together.

Nowe it is thought, that the Campe shall presentlie marche, ey­ther to the syege of some Towne, that Don Iohn holdeth, or else to follow his sorces, vntyll they meete with him.

There is money, Municion, and all other kinde of Furniture, sent to the Campe of the States to main­taine [Page] the Souldiors the better.

Don Iohn for certayne, hath a great number of Spaniardes, and I­talians, comming vnto him, which by reporte hath bene seene Mar­ching in Piemont, and are about ryght, or ten thousande.

The .13. of Augu. 1578.

The Articles which are giuen by the States to the Ambassa­dors of the Queenes Maiestie of Englande, and certaine other Lordes of the Countrie, by them to be agréede vpon, with Don Iohn de Austrea, be­twéene the .22. of August, and the .3. of September next .1578.

IN Primis, to forgette all that is past.

To confirme or allowe the admi­nistration of the States, from the entering of the sayde Don Iohn, in the Castle of Namur.

That he shall depart with his [Page] Adherentes and Allyes, excepte those of the Countrey.

To render the Prouinces, or Countreyes into the handes of the States.

That within this moneth of August, he shall render and restore the Cities on this syde the Mase: that is; Deuenter; L [...]borche, and Remmond.

The Duke Mathias shall re­mayne Gouernour.

The States in generall, and particular, shall holde and keepe theyr aucthorities, vnder the obey­saunce and homage of his Maie­stie.

Those of Burgondy and Lux­enbaurge [Page] shall be bounde to mayn­tayne the pacifycation of Gaunt.

Touching the Religion, men shall gouerne them selues after the best manner as shall be possyble, accordinge to the necessytie of the Countreyes, and Prouinces shall requyre.

An Prysoners to bee relea­sed.

No Gouernour to bee put in these Countryes, without the con­sent of the States.

That the Princes, and others confederated, shall be comprehen­ded in the Peace.

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