⟨nother ete nor drynke for dre­de of the dome that is com­ [...]n [...]. The sixth day all grete byldynges / castelles / towres steples & houses shall fall do­un & brennetyl the sonnen­se ayen. The seventh day all stones and rockys shall bet [...] to gyder that eche shall breke other with one horryble noyse, the whych shall be herde into heven / The eight doye the erthe shall quake so that there may no man stonde theron but shall fall downe / The ninth day ye ▪ peo­ple shall goo oute of they re denmys / and goo as they we­re myndeles & nonespake to other / The tenth day [...]y­les and erthe shall be even & plain / The eleventh daye / all graves & tombes shall a­yen & the bodys shall stond upon theym / The twelfth day / s [...]erres shall fall fro heven shetyng out bren­nyng bemes a dredfull syght to see / The thuteenth day they shall deye that be­ [...]en by [...] / The fourteenth day heven & erthe shall brenne the fifteenth day heven & erthe shall be made newe & all peple shall ryse in y. age of thyrty wynter / & come to the dome. (Dominus venie [...] adjudicium cummulti [...] ­dine angel orum) Thennesh­all come to the dome our lord Jesue rystvery god & very man wyth his angellys & shew his woundes fresshe bledynge / as yt. day he deyed on ye. cros. with allye instrumentes of his passyon. The sper crowne / seourges / nayles / hamer pyn [...] ­sons / & the garlande of thorns / to shewe what he suffrede in his passion for mankynde Thenne may they besory and ferde that have sworn by his passyon or woundes. or by o [...] membre of his body / that shall be a grete represse to them but they a mend theym in thys wo­rld / or they deye. Then wyll our lorde gretely thank them that have doo mercy in this wo­rld for hyssake to they reve [...] ­crysten / and wylle saye thus to theym (Venite benedicti pa­tris mei pe [...]cipite regnum [...]) Come ye my faders blessed chyldren and recey [...]ye the kyngdom of heven, that is [Page] ordeyned to you and some­her [...]e so theym the seven we­kes of mercy whan I was hungry ye gaaf me mete (Sihvi [...]t ded is tismihi bibe­re) whan I was thursty ye gave me drynke / and whan I was herberles / ye herbered me / and so for the all the wer­kes of mercy / For whan ye gass ony thynge in my name / it was to me / Thenne shalour lord rebuke the rych people / that wolde not doo for hys love / nor sorgyve nootress­passe for hys sake / And sayd to theym / [...]iscedite a mem [...] ­ledieti in ignem eternum) Goo ye cursed people into everlastyng peyn of helle / For when I was a hungred ye gave me no mete &c / Than may they befull sory & woo that ever our lord Jesue ryst shall thus rebuke theym. For ther shall be no man of lawe to plete nor for golde nor for sylver nor other yeftes to helpe. For than shal nother mayster nor lord shyppe helpe but all be set be syde / butt ryghte as a man hath done so shall he have.⟩

⟨And there shall be dyvers accusers both above hym and byneth hym And on everyside above hym shall be oure lord Jesu Cryst hys domys man / ( [...]rahisest fur or domini in populo suo) wythoute mercy to theym that dede no mer­cy / and soo accuse theym of the leste thought that ever was amys. On the ryght syde hys angell tel­lyng redely where whan and how oste he dyde a­mys / On that other syde fendes challengyng hym they res as by ryght for hys wycked dedis. Under hym helle redy yf he be founde in synne that day they shall be peyned and in peyne wythoutenend that daye poore people▪ shall sylle wyth eryst at the dome / and deme the ryche people for the grete wrounges that they dyd to theym. and they myght gete none a men des tylle the daye of dome thenne they shall have theyr wyl­le of the ryche people for [Page] whan the riche done the poore wronge: they can doo no more but pray to god to quyte them at the daye of dome. And so he wyl for god sayth thus (Michi vindi clametego [...]etrib [...] ­am) Put all to me / & [...] yeld every man after his de­servynge / therfore whyle yeben here make ye am­endes for your wycked­nes / And make theym y ▪ frendes that shal be your domys men at the daye of dome and trust not to theym that shall come af­ter you / lest ye be begyled And drede the peyne of of helle / that never shall have end.⟩


⟨Saynt Bede telleth how there was an housbonde man in Englande that fyll syke / and ley dedefram the evyn tyll on the morrow. Then ne he rose and depar­ted his godes in foure par­tyes and all his own part he gave to poure men / and wente and was a monke [...]n an abbey that was nygh the water syde. Into the whych water he wente ev­ery nyght / were it never so cold and stode therin long / and suffred grete penaunce. And whan he was asked why he dyde soo to suffre that gr­ete penaunce / He sayde to esche we a greter peyn that he had seen. And he wolde ete but barley brede & drynk water all hys lyf after. And tolde two religyous men the peynes that he had seen and they were soo grete that they cowde not telle theym open­ly. He sayde that an angell [...]ad hym to a place there yt ▪ one syde was soo colde that noo tonge myght telle the peyne therof. And ye. other syde was so hote that no man myght tell the peyne therof and soules were caste oute of that one into that other and that was a grete peyne to theym. And the angell she­wed hym ye. fyre that came out of helle that was sooho [...] / And soo ferre as hym thou­ght he myght see it / he thou [Page] ghtal bren [...] hym▪ and in the [...]eme therof / hesawe soules boyle up and down cryeng and waylyng for woo / Also he herde fendes crye / cast oute hole lede & brymstone to make herpey­nes gretter / and so they tor­mented the soules in pey [...]e⟩

⟨Now lord god for thy gre­te mercy have mercy on us / and kepe us [...]ro thoo peynes / and brynge us to the blysse of heven / that never shall have endyng⟩


⟨Dominica in septuagessima.⟩

⟨Good men & wymmen this day is called in holy chirche / ye sonday in sep­tuagesme / Forcause [...] ▪ holy chirche is moder of allerysten people / she taketh good hede to the children as a good mode [...] oweth to doo & [...]orasmo­ [...]he as she seeth hem full sore syke in synne / and many of theym wound­ed to ye. wyth the swe [...]d of synne / the which synne [...] hath caught all this ye [...] to fore / And namely this cr [...] ­stmas tyme yt. was ordey­ned in holy dryrch for gre­te solem p [...]yte / for every man sholde be besy to ser­ve god wyth all his power / bycause that cr [...]ste hym­self she wed that day swet­nes of love to all crysten people / For man he was borne yt. tyme / And in the same flessh & blood as one [...]f us / & layd in a cradell more pourly than any of us / & was crystened in water as ony of us. And also he come to a weddyng for to dense it from synne / & to make us holy & bredern to hym & heyres to ye. kyngdom of heven. For thys causes all cristen people owen to be ful glad in theyr soules as my. tyme makyng solempny­te & myrthe & makyng hem both clene in body & soule from all maner of synnes And groundyng them in grete sadnes of love to god [Page] and to all cryssten people doynge grete almes to them that have nede: But now the more harme is for that hygh and solem pnefes [...]e is torned into f [...]llye. synne & grete sykenes to ye soule / as in pryde by dyverse wyse in clothynge / & in many dyverse gyle usyng / into grete covetyse / & into [...]echery▪ that sueth alway gloten [...] In slewth in god ys servyce / as [...]apys and vanyte syng­yngery baudry spekyng For vanite causeth moche slow the for among suche peple / he is most worthy yt most charlatry can speke. thus thyse solempne and hygh festes yt. were ordey­ned to grete worshyp of god and of our lady & all the say­ntes in heven now ben tor­ned into grete offence to god / wherfore our moder holy chircheseying her children in such dyspayre / as a mo­der full of compass yons [...] ­r [...] in her herte for theym / thys day leyeth down all [...] ­luia and other songs of m [...] ­the & melodye / and taketh [...]raclus / that ben songes of mornynge / Also for thys holy sacramente of wed­dyng is moche de [...]oyled by vanyte of synne / ther­fore it is leyed do [...]n thys dayes & in advente. For ma­ny that ben now wedded yeveth theym all luste and lykynge of the bodyes of fleshely lusle of this world And thynketh full lytyll of the deth yt. is full gre­vous that cometh too soon after. But as it is red by grete clerkes / it is more spe­full to monnes soule to god / to an house there as is a corps & wepyng / than to go to an house / there as is a grete revel & moch myrthe for such thynges make a man to foryete hys god & hymself bothe / but theras is a syght of a corse mak­eth a man to thynke on his deth / that is ye specyal thing to putte away synne & va­nyte of this worlde. For Sa­lomon sayth thus to his son / [...]ili memorare novissima tua & ineternum non pec [...] ­bis / Sone have in thy mynd [Page] that thou shall deye [...] thou shal never synne dedely / thus holy chirche havyng grete compassyon of her ch­ildren ordeyneth thre ma­ner of salves to helpe & to hele her children that ben to thynke on dethe inwardly to labour besely & to chastyse ye. body resonably the fyrst as to thynke on dethe in war­dly / holy chircheyeveth en sample this day in ye offyce of ye masse Circumdederunt me The sekenes of deth hath b [...]typped me / this sayth he techyng every good chyld to have in mynde how hard he is bestad wyth deth on eche syde in soo moche that he ma [...] not seape noo way. but eve [...] deth sueth hym wyth abow drawen & and an arrow eye [...] therin redy to shote hym he wote never what tyme / This is a pryncypall salve to ev­ery man yt. taketh it to her t [...] to putt away all maner ofva­myte & vayne myrthe / But for to understand thys the better I shew this by ensample.⟩


⟨I rede of a kyng yt. ever was in hevy sorowe and he wold never laughe ne make mery [...]here / but ever was in mor­nynge & in hevyness / there­fore his mayny & all other men were greved / ther with they yede [...]o ye. kynges brode [...] / prayng hym to speke to the kyng / [...] sayd he greved alle thoo yt were aboute hym wth hys hevy chere / and counse­led hym to leve it and make [...]yght chere in tyme comy­nge / Thenne was thys kyng wyse & thought to chastyse his broder by a whyle / and wrothly bad hym goo home and doo that he had to doo Thenne was the maner of ye. countrey that whan a man shold be done to dethe / shold come trompetts and trompe afore hys gate. Thenne sayd the kynge byddyng theym goo trompe afore hys brod­ers gate. and men goo wyth theym to arreste hym / and brynge hym byfore the ky­nge / And in the meane wh­yle / the kynge called unto hym seven men that he tru [...] on / and bad theym that whan his broder was come / to drawe her swerdes and sette theym atte hys breste afore hys herte.⟩

⟨So whan hys broder was [Page] come they dyde as the kynge bad hem. than the king commaunded all men to daunce and to make rev­ell all that they coude and so they dyden thenne sayd ye ▪ kyng to hys broder / why art thou so hevy of chere / heve up thy hede and be mery for all this myrthe is made for the / Thenne ans­werd he and sayde How sho­lde I be mery of chere & see here seven swerdes sett to my herte / and wote nott who shall be my dethe fyrste / Then sayd the kyn­ge put up your swerdis / and spake to his broder thus. It fareth by me yt seven dedly synnes be e­verredy to reve me of my soule to the herte / and this maketh me that I may ne­ver be mery and make glad chere / but ever am aferde of dethe for my soule yt is the [...]yf of my body. Thenne sayd ye. broder / lerye thee mercy / for I knew never this tyll now and shall be wyser ever after / This I will say boldly he yt wyll take this to herte he shall have better wyl to loure than to laugh to sygh than to be glad / to wepe than to synge soo yt he shall fynde the mynd of deth the pryncy pal salve of all maner of synne also prin­cypally we must have in ne mynde ye ▪ peynful deth of our savyour yt he suffred for us all / of ye which is made me [...] ­cyon in ye. fyrst chapytre of trenys / Attendite & videte siest dolor similis sicut dolor meus / That other salve is to la­bour besely in this world / of us ▪ labour speketh St. Poull in the pystle of this day & sayth / Sic currite ut comprehendatis Renneye soo yt. ye may have the game / by this rennyng ye shall understonde yt. he that renne for ye. game enforsyth hymself wyth all hys myght to renne fast and soo must every servant of god enforce hym to labour besely in the degre god hath sette hym in & men of holy chirche must labour in study­ing & prayeng & to teche ye. peo­ple the lawe of god. Lord is & rentelmen must labour to kepe holy chyrch in reste & peas [Page] and other comyn peple must labourlogele lyvyng t [...] thy­se other degrees & fsorhym­self bothe to soule and body And for no man shold ex­cuse hym from this labour Cryste in the gospel yeveth an ensample sayng thus Primomane conducere operarios / An husbound man went into hys gard­eyn or vyneyard at pry­me & a yen at undren or myddaye / & sat even song tyme. And he hyred peo­ple to labour by all ye tydes of the day / This is to und­erstonde all ye-grees of ye ▪ worlde / For as Iob sayth / A man is borne to labour & traveyle in thys world as a byrd to flee / And saynt Bernard sayth He that wyl not labour here in this wor­lde / He shall labour wyth the fendis of helle. For yt, is the testament of Adam that he lefte to alle hys of sprynge / labour & trav­eylle / To this labour he ge­veth ensample & reherseth how god made Adam & Eve [...]o labour to kepe pa­radyse and bad they mete of all the frutes that was in pa­radyse / except one tree that he kepe for hymself soo as [...]fte as they sawe that tree / th­ey shold thynke [...]n hym that made theym and know him for theyr god / And for they sholde notete there of inpe­yne of dampnacyon Thenne the fendesawe theym in soo moche Joye that they were in and hymself in soo moche peyne / And woo that he had grete envye to theym / and wente to Eve: and asked why they ete not of the frute of that tree / And she sayd god hath forbede us that tree in peyn of dethe Thenne sa­yde the fende / he woteful well that and yeete therof / ye sholde be lyke god knowynge both good and ev­yll / And yf yewyl prove that I say so the / ete therof and assaye. Then toke Eve of the frute and gaafad­am and bad hym ete ther­of and for Adam loved her well / and wold not wrath her / toke an apple and ete. [Page] And an an [...]ther with [...]y­her of them sawe others sha­pe and were asshamed. And toke leaves afafygge tree and so [...]evered her mem­bres. Than come our lorde to adam [...]ayd ▪Quarefeci [...] ­ti hoc▪ why hast thou doo soo▪ & he sayd (Mulier quamde­disti mich isociam) The wo­man bad me / Thenne said our lord to eve / why didest thou this (Serpens decepit me.) The serpent begyld me Then for they myght not deye in paradyse nesuffre no pe­naunce / therfore he drafe hem naked out into this world that is full of wretched wepyng and waylyngefull sore syghynge to goo & gate her mete with grete labour and travaylle and deye at the last. Than prayd A­dam oure lard wepyng / he sholde not take grete venge­aunce upon theym▪ but have mercy on theym / & pyte for they were begyled byenvy & malyce of the fende / and by innocensye of theym self that they wyst not what they dyde.⟩

⟨Then had our lord ruthe on theym / & for they were both naked he clothed theym in pylches, & badde theym goo labour and traveyle for the [...]r lyvyng / And sayd to Eve (In dolore paries filios) In sorrow and woo shalt thou bere thy children / and toke adamin­srumentes to labour with & leste theym there. By this yeshall understond and take ensample to labour b [...] ­seley. For and adam & eve had laboured besely / the fende had never overcome theym. For the fende desyreth no more whan he wold tempt a man but for to finde hym ydle And therfore know ye well that it is a rich salv [...] against synne for to labour besdy. The thyrde is to chas­tyse the body dis [...]retely. (Unde Paulus. Castigoco [...] pus meum etin servi [...]te [...]edigo) I shall chastysen [...]y body / and dresse it to ser­vice of my soule for man m [...] flesh is soo wylde & soo lusty to synne that it wylle nott▪ [Page] in noo wayeleve hys lust to serve god / but yf it be chasti­sed with penaunce. For it must be chastysed sometyme wyth peyne / Thus did adam & eve in ensample that all other that shall come after hem shold doo the same for many yeres before her deth eyther of them stode in water a nyghtes up to the [...]hy [...] one serve from a­nother to suffre penaunce tyll her fless he was as grene as grasse for cold. Thenne co­me y ▪fende to eve also bryght as an angell / & sayd y ▪ god ha [...] sente hym from heven▪ & bad her goo to Adam & saye to hym / that god bad hym le­ve his penaunce for her hes­passe was forgyve. And Eve did soo / but adam wyst wel yt ▪ it come forth from ye. fende & not from god. He sayd to Eve whan god drove us out of paradyse for our synne & had compassyon on us / for we wepte sore on hym. and prayd hym mekely of mer­cy he setted us here to pe­naunce to ourlyves ende. And therfore go agayne▪ for the more penaunce yt we doo ye more shall be our me­de. And therfore go agayn & do thy penaunce in god is name▪ yet the fende come a­yen y second lyme & sayd to Eve▪ god of hys grace hath ta­ke reward to your penaunce yt ▪ ye suffre & hath forgyve you Then went Eve to Adam and told hym soo. Then sayd ad­am / I wote well yt ▪ he yt ▪ hath sayd soo to the is our enemy / for our penaunce greveth more hym than us & he wold have us to leve of & so to lese our mede / but dowe fourth our penaunce to our lyves end For god taketh none hede to ye ▪ begynning of a thyng but to ye ▪ endyng▪ Yet ye ▪ fende cam ayen ye ▪ third tyme to Eve & sayd / goo thou to adam & say to hym yt ▪ he began foule & well foule will ende for fyrst he trespassed by innocency & [...]is [...]eyte of ye ▪ fende / & now he synneth by good deliber [...] ­cyon & will not doo as god byddeth hym wherfore your trespas is worthly dampnacyon. Then was Eve aferd & told adam so Th [...] adam syked sore & wep [...] & sai [...] to⟩ [Page] her on aùysyd woman god made the of one of my rybbys for to helpe me and comforte me. and now be tysyng of the fende thou arte to combre me ayen but thynke how oure firste synne stancke in the sighte of god that all oure ospryng shall be enfecte and haue repreue ther of in to the world is ende. where for thoughe we myghte do also mo­che penaunce as all oure ospryng myghte doo yit hit were to lytyll to qui­te oure lord god for oure tres [...]asse but god of his speciall grace a lowythe a good wyl Than wen­te eue ayene to her penaū ce as adam bad and than seyd adam god woll sende vs the oyle of mercy whan tyme of mercy is.And so adam and eue dede her penaunce to her lyues ende and whanne adam had leued. ix. hun­dred yere and. xxx. and had .xxx. [...]ones. and. xxx. doughteris they deyde & were bothe beried to ge­dyr Adam and Eue.

Thus ye may se well that adam and eue were full hooly or they dyed and thoughte one dethe full inwardely and labo­red full besely and chastised her flesche full resona­bly and so muste we do that comythe of hem yt wolle come to the ioye of paradyse in tokenyng here of this sonday ys cal­lyd the sonday in septua­ges [...]me a nombre of .lxx. The whiche nombre be gynnyth this day and en dyth on estyr euyne so holy churche is mornyng from this day tyll Escyr euyne than she takyth cō forte ayen in partye of on alleluya with a tracte for hit is not yit in full myghte tyll saterday in Estyr weke the whiche is callid Dominica in albis. Than she leythe downe the tracte and syngithe doubell alleluya alleluy [...] techyng all cristen men to labour and do penaun [Page] ce treuly tyll the saterday that is to a mannes ly­uys ende that is tyll the soule go to reste yit is not the soule in full reste tyll the saterday in albis that is tyll the day of dome whan the body and the soule shall come to gedyr and be clothyd in albis that is in whithe seuen tymes whyter than the sonne & than they shall syng doubyll alleluya that ys to sey lorde make vs saue in euer lastyng blysse to the whiche bryng vs he that for vs all dyd on the wode tree Amen.

Dominica .lx.

GOod men and wymmen thys day is callyd the [...]onday in sexagesime that is the nombre of .lx. the whiche nōbre hooly chirche techith euery man & woman to thynke howe shorte once lyffe is nowe in oure days for somme tyme people leuyd .ix. [...] yere and more and now thre score or fore score is a long lyffe But yit the grace of god and hys mercy and goodnesse is so moche that yf we wyll do oure besynes and dili­gence to serue god & plese hym he wyll yeue [...]s as moche ioye and blysse in heuen as he gaffe to adā & eue that leuyd so long but he y wyll haue that ioye & blysse muste do iij. thynges. One is he mu­ste hate synne namely and suffre tribulacion mekely & do almes dede wylfully Than for oure dayes be shorte we muste the mo­re tribulacion suffre me­kely & with pacient herte & not grocchyng & dissese comyth of speciall grace for hit is remedye for synnes here in thys worlde for penaūce or else for grete encresyng to hys ioye in a nothir worlde wher [...] for goddys apostell poul woll that all cristen peo­ple shall take ensample of hym for he suffred moche [Page] tribulacion paciently that he rehersith in the pistell of this day And seyd thus. In laborihus plurimia Poule seith I haue be in many gre­te trauelles and oftyn tymes in pryson sore boū dyn with cheynes of yren Quinqʒ virgis ce­sue .v. tymes betyn with roddys and stourgis on my bare body with pay­nemes Semel lapida tus And ones betyn with stones and thre tymes in shippe brekyng Nocte ac die in profundum maria fui. And I was in the groū de of the see a nyght and a day Sepe in periculis fluuium. many tymes in parell of flodes. Periculis latronū in parell of theuys and in parell of false brethe rē that shewed trewe loue to me and were false and conseyled othir to doo me dissese and troubell. In fame et siti. in hungre and thurste In ieiuniis multis. in moche fastyng In multis vigiliis. in longe wakyng In frigore. in colde and in many o­thir myscheuys and pa­rell that were to long to tell and all he suffered with good wyll and euer thankyd god of his swe­te sonde for well he wyste that all these tribulaci­onus and dissese was for synne that he hadde done to fore And to encresse his merite and ioye that shulde come after where for all cristen people that woll plese god what maner dissese or tribulacion that come to hem be hyt sykenesse losse of catell or othir goodys or dethe of frendys take hyt paciently and mekely and thyn kyth hyt comyth for synne that thou haste do to fore or ellys for grete en­cresse of ioye and blysse that thou shalte haue af­ter for hyt comyth of speciall grace ther as god visitith & comyth there as [Page] god sendith but ther as he sufferyth all her wylle is no good syne that he louythe. And ther fore thanke god euer of hys visitacion and beseke hym euer of his mercy god knowithe oure entente. & ther for he for yeuith sone to all that askyth mercy with a meke herte Thus muste a man suffre tribu­lacione paciently he mu­ste also do almesse discretly whiche be figured be these .lx. dayes for .lx. is sexesythis x. so that by .vi. ye shull vnderstond the vij. werkis of mercy that comen oute of the .x. co­maundementes the why the be these to yeue mete and drynke clothe her borow visite p̄soners conforte the sike blynde lame and to berie hem that be dede these be the. vij werkys of mercy the whiche all cristen people muste do that woll be saued & haue mercy of god wherfore sexagesime be gyn­nyth this day and endith the wenesday in esterwē ­ke the whiche hooly chirche spekyth of thus Denite benedicti pr̄ia mei [...]. Come ye my fadres blessyd children and take the kyngdome of heuen that is ordeyned for yow These same wor­dys god shall sey to yow at the day of dome And to all that hathe done al­mes dedys diseretly & full filled the werkys of mer­cy and they where of pore and tho that be not of pore muste do her good wyll & that shall fullfille the dede this muste be do discretly and how god techith this day i the gospel be ensample & seyth thus Exiit qui semiuat seminare semē suū A man wente to sow his sedis & as he sewe summe fyll by the wey & fowlys come & ete hem & summe fyll among thornys & was loste & sūme fyll in good erthe & brought forth an C. fold encrese to this criste seythe thus hym selfe [Page] Ego sū via veritas et vita. I am the ver­ray ryght trewe lyffe and wey to heuen Thanne fallyth his sede be sydys the wey that yeuith not his almesse for cristis sa­ke discretly but for pryde pompe and vayne glo­ry of the worlde and so lesith his mede And that I preue be ensample.


Ther was in yrlond a wondyr riche man and dede moche almesse in his lyue in so moche that the people wente he had be a saynte But whanne he was dede he aperyd to on that he loued well in his lyue as blacke as any py­che with an horrible stynke and seyd ye wene that be a seynte but now y am soche as thou seiste. than seyd he where be thy al­messe dedis and he seyd the wynde of vayne glo­ry hathe blowym hem a wey for he that doth his almesse for vayne glory of the worlde lesithe his mede and the [...]endys of the eyre destroyit hit Also he lesithe his mede that ye­ueth his almesse to soche that knowith that bethe in dedly synne and so to maynten hem in her syn hys sede fallyth among stones & wexyt drye and so lesithe his mede his se­de fallith among thornes that yeuith his good to riche people that haue no nede ther to and so les [...] her mede. But his sede fallith in good erthe that yeuith his almes to good trewe people for they be goddis erthe & that sede shall yeue an hundrid fol­de encrese in euer lastyng ioye and blysse and shall be euer lastyng fode to hem that dothe thus her almesse discretly. ye mu­ste also hate synne namely and fle hit in all that ye may for he that hatythe and fleith synne loued god & god loued hym for god hatith synne in so moche that he toke vengeaū ce one all the worlde for [Page] synne of lechery and in speciall for the synn ayen kynd for whan god saw this synne regnyng in all the worlde so vnwordely he feyd thus me forthyn kyth that euer I made man and seyd to noye Fac tibi archam. make the a shippe of planed bo [...]dys as I shall teche the and make chambres ther in and take of all clene bestis the cou­pull be hem selfe and mete and dryncke with hem Than made Noye thys shippe as god taughte hym square in the bot­tym and. iij. C. cubytus of lengthe and .l. cubytus in brede and .xxx. cubytus of heythe and this ship­pe was in makyng an. C wynter to schewe howe mercyable god is in taryyng to loke yf the peo­ple wolde a mende hem. and how lothe he was to do vengaunce but the people was euer lengyr the wors than be helpe of angellis all maner byr dys & bestys were brow­ghte to Noye and whan all where broughte to the shippe oure lord badde Noye and his wyffe & his .iij. sones go in to the shippe by hem selfe and Noyes wyffe and her sonnes wyffes by hem selfe. for the men shulde not comyn with the wy­men so whan they where all ynne god closyd the dore to hem with oute forthe Quodraginta diebus & quadragin ta noctibus aperti sunt celi Thanne hit reymd. xl. days and. xl. nyghtes that the water bare the shippe heyer thā any hyll be .xl. cubytus & stode styll a .C. days and .xl. and drowned all the worlde bothe people and beste saue those that we­re in the shippe. yit Io­sephus seyd in armany ther is an hyll and that ys callyd Sarus that was heygher thanne the water was And there for dyuerse people haue [Page] opinione ther was mo­che people saued so noye was in the shippe all a yere and then he putte oute a rauyn for to bring worde for to know yf the water was cessyd or no and he come not ayene Thanne he sente oute a doue and sho come ayene and broughte a braunche of olyue in her bylle and ther by noye know well that the watyr was cesid in somme place Thanne as god bad hym Noye wente oute and toke the vnclene bestys from the clene and brente the vn­clene bestys in sacrifice to god And that plesyd god so well that he yaffe hem and all that come of hem after leue to et [...] flesche of all clene bestys and for to dryncke wyne there as be fore the flode the people ete & drancke no thynke but watyr for the erthe was so batyll in hit selfe to fore that the people nedyd none othir fode but soche as come of the erthe Thus may ye see and vnderstonde how grete vengeaunce god toke on all the worlde for synne and now there ys as moche synne as euer ther was in those dayes and moche more in ma­ny degrees where I dre­de left god wyll take vengeaunce on vs And wolde or thys tyme where not the preyers of hooly churche and good seyntes And in especiall by the preyours of oure la­dy and that ye shall here be ensample og seint Do mymke as he was in his preyoures he sawe oure lord ihesu criste holdyng thre sperys in his honde redy to schete hem in to thys worlde for vengeaū ce and all for synne Thā come oure lady knelynge be fore oure lord and seyd my dere sone what woll ye done. And he seyd my dere modyr the worlde ys so full of synne of pryde couetyse lechery & othir synnes that Iwoll [Page] schete these .iij. sperys of vengeaunce on the people Thanne seyde oure lady my dere sone haue mercy of hem and byde a whyle for I haue somme trew seruaūtis the which shall preche and teche people to turne hem from synne And thus be preyour of oure lady god sparyd to take vengeaunce But now the worlde is so full of synne and cursed leuyng of false extorcione and oppression of the pore people that they crye to god for socour and helpe wherfore hit is full lyke that we shall be sme­tyn full sone with some greuous vengeaūce othir with derthe or with skarnesse of pestilence wher­fore hit is nedefull for vs to prey besely to oure la­dy that she may prey for vs to her dere sone oure lord ihesu criste to spare vs in oure dayes that we [...]ow haue grace and mercy now and euer Amen

Dominica .l.

GOod men and wymmen thys day is callyd the sonday in quinquagesime thys word qumquagesime is a nombre of .l. the whiche nombre be toke­nyth remissione and ioy for in the olde lawe euery l. wynter all maner of peple that where ouer sette with seruice of bondage. whan they come to that age they were made free in grete ioye and myrth to hem wherfore this nō bre begynnythe this day and endyth on estyr day schewyng that all cristen people that be oppressyd with any tribulacion or dissese here in this world shall be made fre and ha­ue remission at the day of dome and be made eyre in the kyngdome of he­uene And yit in comforte of all cristen peple euery .l. wynter the pope of rome graūtith full remission of all synnes to all cristen peple that comith to rome that yere And [Page] for all that may not co­me thedyr to haue thys pardon The pope of heuene ihesu criste of hys speciall grace grauntyth to all cristen people full pardon of all synnes in her laste ende so that they woll kepe thre thynges here in this worlde Confession contricion and satisfaction Hooly shryfte of mowthe with contri­cion of herte and satisfaction indede doyng Al­so he muste haue charite with oute faynyng and stabyll fayth with out flateryng and with oute these ther may no man ha­ue pardon at rome nor else where and ther fore he that woll be a soylyd of the pope of heuene & haue clene re [...]ssyone he muste be contrite sory for his synnes and shryue hym clene and be in full purpose neuer to synne more And they that do thus god wyll for gyffe hem all theyr synnes for a man may haue so grete and soche contricion that hit may quenche all the paynes that euer where ordeyned for hym Ta­ke ensample by petyr y for soke crist thryes with grete othys but he was after contrite and sory Et flenit amare. And wepte full bitterly and god that is full of mer­cy for yaue hym his tre­spas and made better chere to hym after than he dede to fore for he sholde be in no dyspeyr and drede.


we fynde of a grete riche man that was so wyckyd in his lyue that moche peple demyd hym damp­ned to hell so he fille sike and felyd hym selfe that be shulde be dede. and he be thought him how wickyd he had be in his leuyng and toke soche a contricion to hym and so grete sorow that he wepte nyght & day euer whā his synne come to hys mynde & so lay .vij. dayes [Page] and .vij. nyghtes and shroue hym clene and toke grete repentaunce to hym and euer cryed god mer­cy so that all people had grete pite on hym & than dyed Than hit happid that ther was a monke in an abbay that dyed the same tyme and was ma de by hys abbothe to come ayene to tell him how that he ferde and so he dede and seyd to the abbot whan he was come. Syr I am come to he­pe my promysse I prey yow geue me leue to go a gayne for I go to ioye Thanne seyd the abbot was ther any moo that dyed whan thou dydyste that wente to ioye but yu And he seyd ye for so­the on and no mo and that was the soule of so­che a man and tolde his na ne Thanne seyd the abbot now y knowe well thou arte not my monke but somme fende is come to tēpe me for we knowe well yf any soule be in payne he ys one of tho. Than seyd the monke full vnworthy is any man to know the preuites of goddys dome. For that man hadde so grete contricion and repentaunce and wepte so bitterly for hys synnys that the watyr of hys eyen perysched thorow all his clothys to the grounde wher for go thou the dyr to morow & whan thou fyndyste hyt trew that I sey than leue me And I go to euer lastyng ioye and blysse. Than wente the abbot the dyr & founde that hyt was trew as the monke hadde seyd. & there kne­lid the abbot downe and thankyd god and badde all the people to be glad that god is so mercyfull & that he had that knowle­che. Here ye may se that grete contricion that this man hadde quenchyd the grete peyne that was or­deyned for hym. Thus ye may se how grete hel­pe is to a mannys soule [Page] to be contrite and sory for his synnes and to draw a man to the more contricion those .l. dayes these psalme in the sauter Miserere mei dena Be more rehersyd these dayes than [...]ny othir tyme of the yere the whiche is thus moche to sey. God for thy grete mercy haue mercy on me and whan a man is sory for his synnes and seyth thus with a sorowfull herte god he ryth his preyour and for yeuith hym his trespase so that he be in full pur­pose neuer to synne more but to a mende hym and be in parfeyte loue & cha­rite with oute any fay­nyng and but he haue chari [...]e with out faynyng all this preualyth nought and be this ensamp̄le.


Ther was a man that had .v. sonnes and hadde founde hem longe to sco­le and coste hym moche good So on a day he callyd his .v. sonnes be fore hym and seyd children I haue founde yow lon­ge to scole & haue spende moche good vp on yow and I se no grete profi­te ther of. wher fore but yewoll a monge yow all a soyle me a question I woll do no more cost on yow ne fynde yow no lengyr to scole and they askyd of her fadyr what the question was and hit shulde be a soyled And he seyd I am olde & fe­byll and may not lyue longe and there fore I wolde wete of yow what thynge wolde brynge a mannes soule sonnest to heuen and anone the el­dyste sonne answeryd & seyd for sothe fadyr pre­chyng and techyng woll bryng a soule sonneste to heuen of any thyng. well seyd qd the fadyr what seiste thou to the seconde sone And he answeryd and seyd faythe & trew be leue bryngithe a soule as sone to heuen. what seyste thou to the questi­on [Page] my thryde sone and he seyd good preyours and almesse dede bryn­gith a soule sone to heuen what seyste thou to the mater fowrith sone and he seyde pylgyymage goyng and grete penaunce sufferyng bryngith a soule sonner to heuene than any of all these what sey­ste thou my fyuith sone and he seyd for sothe fadir ther is anothir thyng that bryngith a soule son­ner to heuen than all these what is that seyde the fadyr for sothe fadir seyd he charite for what vertu that euer a man haue and he lacke charite it vaylith not to heuen wardys for thoughe a man prey and do almes dedis goo a pylgrymage haue full fayth and be leue teche and p̄ ­che faste and suffre pe­naunce neuer so moche crye and wype neuer so lowde and he be oute of charite god herith hym not And here to acor­dyth seint poule in his pistel and seythe thus Si linguia hominū lo­quar [...]. Thoughe y were so eloquente as any man or any angell. Et si babuero prophe­ciam et omne scienciam And thoughe y had all the cōnyng in the worlde and knowe the propheci and the preuite of god Omnem fi­dem vt montea trāsferam And thoughe y hadde so moche faythe that y myghte meue hyl­les. Et si distribue­ro in cibos pauperū And thoughe y delyd all my good to pore people for goddis sake Corpua meum vt ardeā And my body to bren­ne in hote fyre. Caritatem autem non ha­be [...]m nichil michi prodest. yf y haue not charite all this prefetith not to heuene wardys where fore hit is nede­full and moste necessa­ry to euery creareis soule that woll be saued to ha­ue [Page] charite but thoughe a man seyth that he loueth god and loueth not his euyn cristen he is discey­ued For he that loued god loueth his neygh­bour in good entente.

Thus muste a man haue full charite that wyll be saued Caritas co­operit multitudinē peccatorum. For charite coueryth the multi­tudo of synnes. For he that dyeth in dedely syn­ne and oute of charite shall be dampned And therfor of all vertues charite ys moste vertuus & moste necessary to a mannes soule. yit we muste haue a stable feythe with oute flateryng and to beleue saddely as hooly churche techith. and to beleue feythfully in the fadyr sone and hooly go­ste. the fadyr full god the sone full god & the hooly goste full and these thre persones be but one god that made all thyng of noughte. Thys faythe was firste shewde in the hooly patryarche in the vale of mambre there he sawe thre fayre men co­myng toward hym but he worshipped but one yeuyng ensample to all cristen people to se in spirite the fadir the sone and the hooly goste thre per­sones in one god hede and worshipped hem as on god Also ye muste beleue in the carnacion of oure lord ihesu criste that oure lady conceyued in the hooly goste with ou­tewemme of her body in flesche and blode as one of vs and verry god & man and was dede and beried Tercia die resurrex it a mortuia And one the thryde day he rose from dethe to lyffe Ascendit ad celos. And styed vp to heuen on hooly thoursday. In de venturus est iu­dicare viuos & mortuos and shall come a yene at the day of dome and deme the quicke and [Page] the dede Thys ys [...]igu­ryd by isaac the sone of abraham that he gete one his wyffe Sara thourgh the hooly goste whanne they bothe where passyd age to brynge forthe. for god seyde to abraham yt he shulde haue frute as grete in multitude as ther were sterrys in the firma ment Than whan this childe was borne he was callyd isaac And whan he was .xxv. wynter of age god seyde to abraham in this wyse. Take thy sone isaac and go to so­che an hyll as he shewed to hym and offre hym in sacrifice that was to sle hym as the maner was sume tyme. Than abra­ham had be hefte of god to haue grete issew and thoughe he loued his so ne neuer so moche yit he toke hym anone with ou­te grocchyng and wente to the hyll and made his sone isaac to bere wode to brenne hym selfe with And wh [...]n they come to the hyll toppe abrah [...] made an auter of wode & sette hit on fyre and than he toke his sone isaac and wolde haue slayne hym & offered to god. Than anone spake an angell to abraham and bade hym leue of and take the she­pe that stode ther by and offer hym in stede of thy sone isaac. He abraham ye may vnderstonde the [...]adyr of heuen and be isa ac his sone ihesu criste yt spared for no loue that he hadde to hym but suffered the iewis to ley wo de vpon his backe that was the crosse y he shulde be done on hym selfe and ladde hym to the hyll of caluary and there dede hym vpon the Auter of wode that was the crosse that was made of [...]owre diuerse maner of wode that was Cidyr Cipir Olyue and Palme and ther on he dyed for all mā kynde Thus may criste well be called isaac that is vnderstonde laughter [Page] for many a soule he brou­ghte oute of hell laugyng that wente the thyr sore wepyng. Than lyke as thys was a figure of cri­stys pession longe or he was borne ryght so thys day criste hym selfe in the gospell seyde thus to his disciples that he shuld be betrayed. Tradetur enim genti [...]ua et il ludetur et flagella bitur & conspuitur et post [...]uam flagel lauerunt eum & die tercia resurget.

And how he shulde be takyn and betyn with stourges spytte vpon & after his stourgyng done vpon the crosse and so sle hym and the thride day shall ryse ayen to lyfe and for they shulde haue the better beleue ther to and to his wordys anone to fore hem he made a blynde man to see that cryed and seyde. Ihesu fili dauid miserere me [...] Ihesu the sonne of da­uid haue mercy of me. Thanne seyd oure lord to hym what woldeste thou that I shulde doo to the and he seyd [...]o­mine vt videam lord yeue me syght. Thanne seyd oure lorde thy seythe hathe saued the And a none he had his sighte and he thankyd god So muste euery criston man that wyll haue perdon [...] of god he mote haue contricion full of herte with shrifte of mouthe and sa tisfaction in dede beyng in hole charite with oute faynyng and in stable feythe with out flateryng And to stere yow more to the feythe I tell yow thys ensample.


There was a bishop in englonde that hyghte croste hede and was bi­shoppe of lyncoll & was holdyn the grettyst cler­ke in englond or in the worlde and whan he lay in his dethe bedde there come to hym a grete multitude of fendes and di­sputedr [Page] with hym of the feythe in so moche that they had de nyghe turned hym oute of the beleue & putte in to dispayre.

Thanne was oure lady redy and seyd to hym my seruaunt be leuyste thou not in hooly chirche as it techith And anone he cryed and seyd yis gracious lady I be leue as hooly churche techith me. and anone the fend is wente her wey and gafe vp the goste to euer la­styng blysse to the whi­che god bryng vs all Amen.

[...]ominica prima quadragesime.

[...]Ood men and wymmen thys day ys callyd in hooly churche the firste sonday in quadragesime a nombre of .xl. for from this day tyll es [...]y [...] day be .xl. dayes and for be cause that euery man syn­nyth more or lesse for to make satisfaction for our trespas all cristen people be bounde be the l [...]we of god and hooly churche to faste these .xl. dayes saue tho that the lawe di­spensith with for resona­ble cause Children that be with in age wymm [...]n that be wyth chylde. olde people that be myght lese to faste laboryng peo­ple as pylgremys and syke peple those the lawe dispensith with vpon her concience. Than for the cause that sonday is noo day of pena [...]nce there for ye shall be gynne your faste one esche wedenysday that day ye moste come to hooly churche and [...] ke aschys of the prestes handes and thenke one the wordes▪ well that he seytth oner your hedys. Memento hō quod cinis es et in cine­rem reuerteris. ha­ue mynde man of aschys that thou arte come and to aschys thou shalt tour ne ayene Than be there [Page] [...]in [...]r [...] shylles why ye shall faste these xl. dayes on is as the gospell tel­lith this day thus. [...]n­ct [...]s est I [...]es [...]a in desertū [...]t tempta­retur a diabolo how the hooly goste bade oure lorde cris [...] jhesu go in to deserte to wynne iherusa lem and iherico to be tē [...]ed of the fende & was there xl. dayes fastyng & xl. nyghtis for youre sake shewyng to all cristen people the [...]ertu and the [...]de that comythe of fastyng the whiche [...]e ex­press [...]d in the preface of the masse that is seyd in hooly churche the xl. dayes that is thus Qui corporal [...] i [...]i [...]io vi cia comprimis men tem [...]le [...] virtu­tem largiria That hooly fastyng th [...]usteth downe [...]ices and lifteth vp thouthe of man to [...] t [...]ous and to largenesse of all goodnesse and ge­tith grete m [...]de in heuen that shall laste euer and [...] gra [...]e [...]ere in erth for as clerkes telle the spe­tell of a sastyng mā shall sle an addyr bodely than moche more it sleithe the myghte of the olde addir that is the fende of helle that come to eue in para dyse in lykenesse of an ad dyr and temptid her to glotony veyne glory and couetyse ryght so the [...]nde come to criste in like­nesse of a m [...] lefte [...]e had be knowyn and temptid criste and as the gospell seythe C [...]m i [...]i [...]as­set quadragint [...] di­ [...]a et quadragin­ta no [...]ti [...] poste [...] esuxiit whanne criste had de fastyd xl. dayes & xl. nyghtis than be kyn­de of manhode he hunge red Than come the fende to hym and schewde hym stones and seyde. Si [...]i [...]i [...] dei [...]a [...]i [...] vt [...]apides isti pac [...] fiant. yf thou be god­dis sone of heuen make these stones brede for ryght as [...] was [...]beshed [Page] whan she saw the appyll be temptacion of the fende to ete there of The same wyse he wente to ha­te made crist to ete of the brede For glotony is not only in mannes mete but in the foule luste and appetite of a man. Than seyde criste anone to him Non in solo pane vi uit homo sed de om­ni verbo quod procedit de ore dei Man leuythe not only by brede but by euery worde that comythe from the mow the of god Than the fende toke hym & sette hym vpon the highe pynnacle of the temple & seyde yf thou be gods sone brynge the selfe downe with oute mānes h [...]lpe or harme that I may knowe the for goddys sone than seyde oure lord Non temptabis dominū deum tuum. Thow shalt not tempte thy lord god▪ yit he come a yene the thrydde tyme. As­sumysit eum diabo lus in montem ex­celsum et ostenditei omnia regna mū di. He toke hym and sette hym one an highe hyll and shewde hym all the kygdomes and ry­chesse of the worlde and seyde thus to hym Her omnia tibi dabo si cadens ador [...]ueri [...] me All this I shall ye­ue the yf thow wolte fall downe and worshippe me. Thanne seyde oure lorde god onto hym

Dade sathanas scriptum est euim dominum deum tuum a­dorabis et illi soli seruies. Go sathanas hit is wreton thou shalte worshippe thy lord god and only hym serue thā he lefte hym and wente his wey Angeli acces serunt ad ibesum & ministraba [...]t ei.

Thanne angelis come & brought hym fode for the fende is moste besy these xl. dayes to tēpte people [Page] to thre synnes to p̄ryde couetyse and glotoni it is nedefull to haue thre remedyes a yense hem. that is a yenste glotony abstinence. a yense pryde mekenesse. and a yenste couetyse largmes. a yense glotony we muste faste that is not to ete before tyme and at mete not to ete gretely no more thā a nothir tyme and to faste bothe day and nyghte as criste did but ther is moche people woll sitte and dryncke bothe nyght and day and so fyll her bodyes with foule luste of glotony Also ye mu­ste faste from all maner of flesche mete and white mete For Jeromie seith eggys is all moste flesche and mylke blode & whā ye go to youre mete take ensample be hooly churche whan the priste goth to masse that is goddys worde how he at his be­gynnyng bowith doune his knees and byddyth all othir doo the same in the [...]yddys of the massē and atte the ende of the masse bowe downe yo [...]re he dys to god and therfore whan ye go to youre mete so worshippe god with a Pater noster and an Aue that sente yow that fode and than ma­ke a crosse vpon your mete and after mete a no­thir and thanke god hyghly that sende yow that fode at your nede to your bodely sustinaunce. thus muste ye faste ayenst glotony A yenste pryde that is but a fayne glory of the world ye muste putte a way all soche thoughtys of pryde and highenesse in herte and be meke and lowly in herte and thynke how a man is borne febyll sike and full pore & how he gothe euery day a iorney towarde his deth whyle he leuythe in this worlde and at the laste comythe dethe and ca­ste him downe in to his bedde and lye there Sykyng and grownyng [Page] and chaundid bothe hyde and hew Thanne stynkyth his brethe and his lyppys wexit blacke his face pale and his ey­en yelowe his tonge eu­gleymed and his nose blacke his tothe fallyn a wey his flesche wederith and tournythe to erthe And thanne at the laste with grete sighyng ye­uith vp the goste and thanne lythe there as er­the and putte in to the erthe Cito obliuisceris And so shall be s [...] ­ne for gotyn. There for take this sadly in youre mynde and I hope ye shall putte awey pryde. Thanne a yense couety­se ye muste haue Absty­naunce that ys for to sey ye muste absteyne youre selfe from wordely coue­tyse and vanytees and they that haue be harde in kepyng of goodys. and euer haue gaderithe to gedyr to and faste haue in kepe But now shul de ye be as redy to paye and contente that ye be in dette vn to bothe to god and to the worlde And also to restore ayen that he hath takyn wrōgfully. and yeue to pore people mete and drynke and clothys and othir thynges suche as is nedefull and to hem. And the fete that haue all this this yere gone besely to gete goodys of the world now muste ye be as so be sy to go and yeue the pore people to theym that haue nede as we haue in the gospell Date et da bitur [...]obi [...]. yeue ye and god wyll yeue you for the hondys that woll not geue none Almesse they be full vnworthy to be acceptable vn to god

Also ye muste go full besely vn to goddys ser­uice and in pilgremages goyng and to all ma­ner good dedys of Al­messe and he that hathe be b [...]sy to gedyr good n [...]w shulde he spare from his owne m [...]she for to [Page] yeue the pore nedy that is goddys people for that plesith god moche and gretely helpyth the soule Elemosina a morte liberat Almesse dely­uerith the soule from deth Sicut aqua exting­uit ignem ita eleō ­sina extinguit pec­catum For ryghte as water quenchith fyre ry­ght so almesse dede quenchith synue where for the prophete seythe thus Date et d [...]bitur vobis yeue ye & god wyll geue yow Dimittite et dimittemini For geue and god wyll for geue yow But now all ys lytyll y noughe to fede youre bodyes that no­thyng ye may yeue to pore bodyes for goddys sake


we rede that there was a worthy knyghte and ryche man of goodys and a myghty man of his hō des but he cherishyd moche his body with delicate metys and deyntys but at the laste he dyed and was beryed in a tō be of stone than hadde he a sone that was a worthy man and vsid euery day in custume to sey depro­fundis for his fadres soule be his tombe so one a day he made a grete feste to all the worthy astatis in the countrey a boute hym whan they shuld wesche and go to mete this man be thoughte hym how he hadde not seyd Deprofundis and preyde the peple to a byde till he hadde seyde hys deuo­cions and they seyd they wolde go with hym and dede so Thanne there fill soche a luste in this mannes herte that he muste nedys see his fadres tombe openyd or else hym thoughte he shulde dye. And so made the peo­ple to opyn the tōbe thā a none was he ware of a grete blacke tode also blacke as any py [...]che with [Page] eyen bernyng like fyre that had be clyppyd his fadres herte with her foule clowys & gnewe faste there one Thanne seyde this man O fadyr moch good mete and dryncke hath go downe that th [...]o the & now thou arte strā gelyd with a foule hell hounde and horrible foule beste. And a none he lat goo close the tombe a yene and so yede to mete And whan he had serued all the people preuely he wente forthe & lefte child and lordshippe and all his goodys & wente to [...]he rusalē & leuyd there a mōg beggeris with othir pore people in grete po­uerte all his lyffe and so dyde whan god wolde & wēte to euer lastyng ioye as I hope to the which ioye god bryng vs all to Amen.

Dm̄ca secūda qua dragesime

GOod men and wymmen it is i [...] the seconde son day in clene lente where for like as ye haue all this yere made yow honeste in good a ray to your body Now shulde ye be as so­ne [...]besy to make yow a clene soule where for this tyme of lente is ordeyned to clense youre concience from all maner ruste and filthe of synne so that ye may on Estyr day with clene cōcience receyue. the body of oure lord [...]h [...]u criste wher fore s [...]int poule in the pystell of thys day seythe thus. Hee ē voluntas dei. Thys is goddys wyll that ye shulde be besy and hooly to kepe youre bodyes in clennesse for to plese god moche & to prey to hym to make his vessell clene a yense the comyng of oure lord the su criste. than shall ye vnderstonde that this vessell is mannes cō cience and that is a good vessell y kepith all good thyngis that is putte ther in till the day of dome. for at that day of dome [Page] euery mānes [...]essell shall be openyd and the world shall see what a man hath kepte there in be it better or worse fayre or fowle. Than he that bryngithe a clene vessell be fore the highe iuge shall be well a lowed. Thanne how a man shall kepe his vessell clene hooly churche tech ith by a ensample of an hooly batriarke Jacob that is redde & songe of all this woke jacob had a fadyr that was callid Isaac and his modyr rebecca And she had ij. children at on birthe and that was firste borne hy­ghte esau and that othir Jacob But for the sto­ry is longe we shall take at this tyme that is moste nedefull and leue that othir Thanne had god yeue his patriarke [...]saac soch grace that what blessyng he gaue his blessid children they shulde haue it Than for Isaac was olde and blynde and ny­ghe his dethe he seyd to his sof [...]e Esau Aufer michi de venatione tua Go and hunte and gete me somme mete that I myghte ete of Bene dicā tibi pri [...]squā moriar That I may geue the my blessyng or I dye But whan Esau was gone jacob that yonger be techyng of his mo dyr gate his fadres bles­syng and his fadyr seyd to hym Esto dū [...]ra trum tuorū Be thou lorde of all thy bretheren And so made hym his Eyre and blessid all that blessid hym. Than whā Esau was come home and wyste thys he ha­tid Jacob his brothyr and thoughte to [...]le him Thanne jacob be coun­sell of his modyr wente oute of the countrey vn to au vncle that he hadde that highte laban. And as he wente be the wey in a countre of wylde peple leuyng he durste not [...] ge with hem [...] a byde but [...]ay all a nyȝte in the felde [Page] by the wey and leyde a stone vnder his hede and slepte Diditqg iu sōp nis scalam stantē super terram And in this slepe hym thou­ght he sawe a ladder that stode on the erthe and la styd vp to heuē and god ioyned to the ladder An gelos quoque dei a­scendentes et descē dentes And angeles of god goyng vp and downe. Thanne god spake to hym and seyd I am god of abraham and [...]saac and I woll geue the this londe and be thy keper in thy wey Than woke jacob and seyd. Dere dn̄a est in lo­co isto et e [...]o nescie bam For sothe god is this place and I wyste not And so wente forth to his vncle & was with hym xx. wynter and more his seruaunt and wed did his ij. doughteris that one highte rachell & that othir ly [...] And whā he had de be there so long he desiryd home ayene in to his owne countre and toke with hym his wy [...]e and his children and all his catell and wente forth Thanne come there to hym multitude of ange­les to helpe hym Than whā iacob come to a ford he made all his meyny to go be fore with his Ca­tell and hym selfe [...]ode be hynde in his preyours and as he preyde there come an an angell to him in likenesse of a man and wrastelid with hym all the nyghte till on the morow and toke hym by the grete senowe of his thyghe and made hym to halte euer after. Thā seyd the angell to iacob what is thy name he seid jacob Nay seyd he thou shalte no lenger highte iacob but israhel shall be thy name. and blessed hym and lefte hym there haltyng and thus he wente home to his owne countre with grete pro­sperite. This story is [Page] redde in hooly churche in this ensample to all good seruaūtis that desirith to gete the blessing of the fadyr of heuen and to haue heritage that is there he muste firste be iacob and after israhel. For iacob is to vnderstonde a wrasteler and israhel a man that seyghte god for he that wyll see god he muste wrastell here in erthe with the bad angell that is the fende & with his owne flesche as thus whanne he hathe done a grete hor [...]ible synne than the [...]ende puttyth to him a grete shame in herte so that he dare not tell hit oute. Thanne muste he weastell with the fynde and the flesche and ouer come and tell oute hys synne opynly with all the circumstaunce of his syn Thanne woll his flesch be a ferde and a shamed there of but than he muste wrastell with his fle­sche strongely and make hit to tell his synnes & to do penaunce aftyr the counsell of hys goos [...]ely fadyr takyng the ensampell of the woman of [...]er countrey that come to criste as the gospell seith Ecce mulier cana­nea a finibua illis egressa clamauit dicens How the woman of cananee come to crist to gete hele for her dou­ghter that was trobbled with a fende And seyd Ihesu fili dauid mi serere mei ihesu the sone of dauid haue mer­cy on me Thanne oure lord answered Nō est [...]o [...]m sumere pa­nem filinrum & da­re canib [...] Hit is not good to take brede of children and yeue hit hun­dys Nam et catelli [...]e [...]t de mensa dīro rum suorum yis lord for why whe l [...]es eten of the c [...]ommys that fallyn from her lordys borde. Thanne seyd oure lord Mulier magna est [Page] fides tua fiat tibi sicut via. O woman thou haste a grete feythe where for as thou wolte thy doughter be saued & so was her doughter ho­le. This womā and her doughter be tokenythe a man that his concience trauelythe with a fyude of dedely synne that may not be holpen but he go to god and there shry­ne hym to the priste sparyng for no rebuke nor shame ne for drede but me kely suffer all that the cō fessor seythe to hym and take his penaunce meke­ly with a contrite herte & do hit with good deuo­cion and so he shall be de lyueryd of the fende that hathe trouelyd his concience. For a man that hathe done an horribell synne and shall be saued he shall neuer haue reste in his concience till he be shryuen ther of for right [...] an hounde gnawith a bone that is harde right so his synne gnawith his concience shewyng be experience how houndys of hell shall gnawe hys soule euer more with oute reste that dyeth wetingly in dedely synne that he myght haue be shryuē of and wolde not Ensam­ple of a woman.


There was a woman that had done an hor­rible synne and wold fayne haue be shreuyn there of and durste not. Thā come oure lord to her bodely and seyd my doughter why shryuest thou the not of thy synne lord y may not for shame.

Thanne seyde onre lord take me thyn honde and putte her honde in to his syde euyn to his herte & seyde woman what felis [...] thow and she quakyd for fere and seyd lord y fele thyne herte. thanne seyde oure lord be thou no more a shamed to shewe me thyn herte thā y to lete the fele myne than this woman rose & [Page] with light sawe her hon­de all blody and wold haue waschyd hit of bnt it wolde not till on the moxow that she was shrenen and than was her hon­de clene as hit was be fore and she clene of all her synnes and thus she was made clene bothe body & so ule.

Om̄ca tercia [...]n [...] dragesime

GOod men and wymmen this is the thridde son­day in clene sent on wher fore were de in the gospell of this day▪ and seythe thus Erat [...]esu [...] [...]i ciena demonin̄ How oure lord cafte oute a fende of a dome man. and whanne the fende was oute [...]ocutna ē mut [...] Thanne the dome man spake be this dome man ye shall vnderstonde alle tho that haue no myght to shryue hem with her tonges to tell her synnes but ta [...]y as long as they may for there is moche peple and hit wher not for shame of the worlde in lenton nor oute lenton wold neuer come to shryfte and that makyth the fende for he is in that mā or woman whethyr▪ hyt be that is so disposyd. There for ye that be be­hynde come and shryue yow and make yow clene and haue this dome man oute of youre myn­de ande [...] caste a wey the fende but there be many that bythe not yit shreuē what shall I doo there wolle they sey they can not shryue hem they wote not where of. But I may sey to yow of many an euyll worde and ma­ny an euyll thoughte and many a cursed dede many grete othys many an euyll worde that ye haue spoke I wote ye can not tell all for ye haue ben so longe fro confession But I sey to yow that vn­knowyngnesse shall not excuse yodo at the day of dome for as sone as ye haue [Page] offendyd god in many trespacis that hurtith the soule anone ye shulde make yow clene & wyll it neuer in youre mynde but ye woll not come till hit be for gotyn And so yit whā ye come to shryf te ye be dome for the fende is withyn yow for ye wene many tymes that hit be no synne to speke an ydyll worde to make the people to laughe nor to swere a grete othe it dothe no harme but seint poule in his pistell forbedith euery man to speke any idyll wordis & seithe thus. Dico autem vobis quod omne ver­bum ociosum quod locuti fuerint om­nea reddent ratio­nea in die iudicii For sothe. I sey to yow that ye shall yeue a reke­nyng for euery idyll worde that ye speke and non shall passe vn punyshid at the day of dome. and ther for late all idyll wordis be harlatry and ry­bawdiy And if ye so do that is worshippe to god and profyte to the spe­ker for there as harlatry is moche spokyn it is moche in mynde For the tō ge shewde the habundaū ce of the herte so firste in thoughte after in his spekyng hit causith moche people to fall in synne of dede doyng. Dnus quis (que) temptatur con­cupiscencia. Furste euery man is temtid to synne be luste of thought there one. Concupiscē cia generat pccm̄. And the luste gaderith synne. Peccatnm cū consummatum fuerit generat mortē. And whanne the synne is done hit causithe dam pnacione euer lastyng dethe that is in spekyng rebawdry and harlatry for the luste that a man hathe in spekyng is grete synne.


we fynde of an abbas that was a clene woman [Page] as for any dede of synne but she had grete luste to speke there of So whan she was dede and beried in the churche the nyght after come fendys and toke vp the body and all to bete hit with brennyng scourges fro the nauyll vpwarde that it was as blacke as any piche But fro nauyll downward it shone as bryghte as any sonne & the fendes myght do it no harme and euer as the fendes bete her she cryed pitously that ij. of her sustres that where sextens were sore a ferde there of but eyther comfortid othir so that they wente nere till they wyst how it was Than spa­ke the sperite to her suste ren and seyde ye knowe well that I was a clene meyden as for any dede. but I hadde grete luste to speke of synn that partye hathe grete payne as ye may se wher for i prey yow susteren prey for me for by youre preyouresy may be holpen. and be ware by me in tyme co­myng here by ye may se what parell it is to spe­ke idyll wordis and harlatry speche. where for this same pistell seythe thus Abstinetis vos a fornicatione. Ab­steyne yow from fornicacion and all synnes and walkithe with criste in loue and pees as criste dede that suffered for vs ma­ny scornes rebukes and dispites and all he toke mekely paciently and in charite yeuyng ensam­ple to all cristen people to do the same▪ but he that woll leue in reste and pees shall haue grete persecu­cion of euyll people but and he suffer hit meke­ly he is a martyr be fore god and in confermyng of this hooly chirche makythe mynde and men­cion as thus.

we rede of an holy mā that was callid Joseph that suffered grete persecucion but he suffred [...]it [Page] mekely ther for god brost ghte hym to grete wor­shipp̄ and prosperite. & how ye shall here but for this story is long there for we shall take that ys moste nedefull at this tyme. This Joseph had a fadir that highte jacob and had xij. sones bro­the ren to joseph but his fadir louid him most specially of all that othir & there for his bretheren hatid hym the more And in especiall for a dreme y he dremyd where by they supposid all that he shul de be lorde of hem all. & all they shulde doo hym worshipp̄ and a non they toke her counsell to ge­dyr and seyde Venite itam (que) occidamus illum Lete us go ther for and sle hym but yit they durste not for drede of god and a non Vendiderunt eum in egi­pto they solde him in to egipte to a man for .xxx. pennys as god was solde and there for god was with hym So a mā that was steward to the kyng bought hym that hight pōtifer but the fende had gret enuye to Joseph [...] temptid the lady sore on him. Post multos itaque dies iniecit domina oculos in ioseph et ait veni dormi mecum So on a day the lady lokid on ioseph and toke him by the mantill and seide come and slepe with me and as sone as Joseph vnder stode her menyng anon he yode and flede his wey and left his mantill ther Than this woman cryde and tolde her husbonde how Joseph wolde haue leyne by her and for he shulde not sey nay she kept his mantill. There for the lorde made to ca­ste joseph in prison ther as pharao had put his boteler and his baker & as they fell a slepe they dremed the whiche dre­mes they tolde Joseph & he seide that the kyng [Page] wolde restore his boteler to his office ayene with in thre dayes and the Ba­ker shuld be hanged with in thre dayes and as he seyde hit was than hap­pyd so that the kyng dremed hym selfe but there coude no men tell what shulde fall there of but be coūsell of the boteler the kyng sente after joseph And whan the kyng had tolde hym his dreme Joseph seyde that god hade sente hym a fayre warnyng to puruey him to fore that shulde come aftyr And he seyd ther shulde come vij. plente­uous yeris of corne and of all maner frutes and vitayles and aftyr hem shulde come vij. yeris in the whiche people shul­de spende all that was go tyn to fore. Thanne the kyng seyde I know no man that cowde puruey so well for soche a thyng as thou coudist wherfo [...] I make the gretttest vndir me of all my [...]eame and [...] shall do to the as to me at thy comaunde­ment Thanne a none io seph lete make the gre­test bernes that euer was seyne and gaderid corne faste vij. yeris And so­ne after come vij. yeris that all thynges was scarche and dere. Than ja­cob Joseph fadyr herde that there was corne to selle in egipte. And he sente the thir his x. sones for to bey corne & whan they come thethir & saw Joseph all fill downe on her knees and did hym worshippe like as his dreme was for they knowe not hym but wente that he had belord of the coū tre. But he knowe hem well y now. Thanne he spake to hem in lateyne. Surge And seyd they where spyes that where come to knowe of the lon de. and they seyde nay they where all bretheren and all oue mannes so­nes and a nothir brother they hadde that was atte [Page] home with her fa [...]yr & ther was a nothyr and they woste not where y he were a lyue or no and that they mente by Jo­seph and for to preue the trowthe he made to byn­de on of hem that highte Symeon and seyde that he shuld a byde with him tili they hade fette hym at home. and so lette fill her sackys with corne & preuely putte her money in to her sackys vnwe­tyng to hem. And so whan they come home to her fadyr and put oute her corne ther they fō de her money and they tolde her fadyr but than was he sory for symeon his sone that was lefte be hynde in pryson And more ouer for that he muste [...]edys sende fore hym whiche he loued moste and that was beni [...]min Joseph hole brothir for these othir where but halfe bretheren to Joseph But whan jacob faylyd corne he muste nedys sende for more and he sente forthe Beniamin And whan Joseph sawe his brothyr beniamin he myghte not for bere weping and anon delyuerid him his brothyr symeon and sette hem all to mete & fillyd her sackys with corne and preuely put the cuppe that they dranke of in beniamyns sacke and he [...]ad hem go her wey But anone aftyr ioseph seute aftyr hem and seyde they where to bla­me whyle they hadde so good chere to bere a wey the cuppe that they dranke of Thanne they were heuy and sadde and seyd hit was not so and he ran sakyd hem by and by and than they fonde hit in Beniamyns sacke thā come they ayene to jo­seph sore wepyng and whanne joseph saw hem all wepe and his owne brothyr Beniamin ma­de moste sorow for it was founde with Thanne [...]oseph badde hem all be of [Page] good chere for I am ioseph youre brothyr and be no thyng a drede for god hathe sente yow he­dyr for youre profite and a none sente aftyr his fa­yir and so dwelled all to gedir a grete while in that londe with moch prosperite This story is rad de this weke in hooly chirche for goddys childeren shulde take ensample of olde fadres to suffer tri­bulacion and persecnci­on mekely in parfyte charite for goddys sake as he suffered for vs. for who that gro [...]hith a yense tri­bulacion and persecuci­on that god sendith muste shryue hym and take his penaunce. for ther is summe people wyll sey why dothe god thus by me what haue I trespa sid a gayne him tho be in grete parell for her paci­ēce for truly wordys may lette moche grace.


we fynde in miracles de wynfryde the virgyne that a man come to her on a nyghte vppon ij. c [...]ochys full of many maner sikenesse, And so be the helpe of god and thys hooly virgyn thys man was hole and so wente where he wolde hol [...] all day in the abbey and thā ­kyd highely god & this hooly virgyn of his hele So at nyghte he went to his bedde in good hele & on the morow his sike­nesse toke a yene sarrur than hit dede be fort and so lay cryyng that hyt was grete pi [...]e to here

Thanne come a monke to hym and askyd hym what he hade done that his sikenesse was come a yene & he seyd no thyng Thann seyde the monke were thow shreuyn sethe thow were hole and he seyde nay I hadde no nede for I stale nethyr oxe nor cowe nor did no gre­uous synne than the mō ke thoughte though a [...]ā do no dedly synue he may do so many vema [...] that [Page] they may make a dedely synne for right as a man may with many smale cornys charge a scronge horse so may he lete his soule with so many smale syn­nes that he may fall in to the pitte of hell Thanne a none this man went to a priste & shwue & so was hole bothe in body & soule euer aftyr be confessi­on & preyoures of thys hooly virgyne Amen

Dm̄ca [...]narta quadragesime

GOod men and wym men this is the fourthe son­day in lenton the which hooly chirche makythe mencion of an holy prophete that was callid moyse the whiche was a figure of oure lord jhesu cri­ste many yeris or oure lord was borne Thā as we rede in hooly churche as moyses was in the deserte of synay god spake to hym & seyd Didi afflictōn [...] populi mei qui est in egipto clamorem eius [...]dini &c̄. Pharao the kyng of egipte oppressithe so the peple of israhel with bō ­dage & vnresonable wer­kys & they for woo cryde to me for socour & helpe wher for go thou thethir & bryng hem oute of her bondage and I shall be with the then bryng hem & offer hem to mey woll bryng hem into a londe of plenteuousnes of all goodys So whā he had taughte moyses how he shulde do moyses wente thedyr & gederid all she olde people to gedir that know the prophecy how they shulde be ladde oute of that londe & seyd to hem as god bad him thā were they full glad & wente with hym olde & yong till they come to the reed see & god was euer before hem in the day in a pilar as a cloude to refresche hem from the hets of the sonne & in the nyght in a pilar snyur to lighte fro harme of venym bestis. [Page] But whan that pharao herde that moyses had forthe this people he to­ke .iij. C. chariotis of his owne and iij. C. of the londe and lx. M. hors­men and iij. C. M. fotemen and wente aftyr

And whan moyses saw this people come he preyde to god for helpe and god him selfe smyght the see with his yerde. Et percussit mari ru­bro And whan he had smetyn the see he hadde wey for hym and his people the see clefe a ij. par­tyes so that the watyr stode still on euery syde as an hyll & the groūde was drye sonde. Than moy­ses yede forthe and all the people aftyr hym

Than wende pharao to haue passyd also and sewyd aftyr with all his oste but whan he hadde his oste with in the se the watyr wente to gedyr and drowned hym and all his oste and whan moyses saw that he and his people were thus peryshyd he thankyd god and was there vij. dayes aftyr and euery day they yede to the see thankyng god of her passage makyng grete melody that oure lord hade do so to hem. And yit mynde here of all Estyr weke we make solempne procession to the fonte y is the reed see Thanne wente moyses forth with his people in to deserte tyll he come to the hyll of Synay and there he lefte the people be nethe Stabat moisea su­per montem and moyses stode vp on the hyll there as god was And there he was fourthy dayes and fourthy nyghtis with oute mete or dryn­ke Thanne god gafe hym ij. tabeles of stone in the whiche god wro­te with his owne fynhe­ris the x. commaunde­mentis and toke theym moyses and bad hym teche hem [...]o hys people And whanne moyses [Page] come downe to the peo­ple his face was all bry­ghte as the sonne and ij spyris stondyng on his hede like ij hornes so that the people myghte not speke with hym for clerenesse Abscondit moisea faciem s [...]am.

Thanne moyses hydde his face with a kerchoffe Thanne in that on leffe were wreton the thre cō ­maundementis that lan­githe to god. and that be these. The firste is thow shalte worship thy god and loue hym a boue all thyng for thou shal te directe all mauer thyng to goddys wyll be [...] thy ne owne and shwe hys wyll and not thy owne wyll The secounde cō maundement is this.

Thow shalte not take his name in veyne. that is fo [...] to sey thow shalte not be callid goddis childe as a cristen man and serue the sende fore than that name is to the but vayne. Also thou shalte not swere by god nor by no parte of his body no [...] by no thyng that he made but in foetheryng of the trouthe And yit but whanne thow arte con­streyned there to. The thrydde commaunde­ment is thou shalte kepe thy hooly day that is for to sey thou shalte be erly vp and late downe to serue god on the holy day as thou arte on the wer­ke day to thy owne werke as besy shalte thou be on the holy day to serue god The fourthe commaūdement is thou shalte worshippe thy fadyr & thy modyr that brought the in to this wolde Also thy godfadyr and thy godmodyr that made the a cristen man and thy fadyr vndyr god that hath cure and charge of thy soule The v. is thou shalte sle no man no this with thy tonge nor with thy honde nor with euyll en­sample The vi. thou shalte not stele no mānes god [...]

fere of the comyn peple for they hylde hym a prophet But this day they knette hem to gedyr and fully a cordyd that they wolde spare for no thyng but he shulde be dede where for as the gospell tel­lith as criste prechid in the temple the iewes re­bukyd hym spetuously and seyde N [...] cog­nonimus quia demo [...]i [...]m habes Now knowe we that thou ha­ste a fende with the and all was to tempte him to haue made hym speke sū [...]e euyll worde be the whiche they myghte ha­ue putte hym to summe repreue aud for he tolde hem that he was goddis sone they were redy to haue stoned hym to dethe but he knowe all her malice. Jhesus autem abscondit se et exi­uit de templo Ihūs hydde hym selfe and wente oute of the temple.

Thus oure lord this day began his passione where for hooly churche redithe this weke in the boke of jeromie the prophete that firste prophe­cyed of cristus passione and tolde how & in what maner the iewes shulde done hym to dethe Thā ye shall vnderstonde well that in the same wyse as the iewes pursued criste to the dethe in the same wyse I fere gretly lefte there be moche false people that ben cristen that pursewith criste in heuen now. Seynt Austeyn seyth that they synne more greuously that pursew hym in heuen than the iewes did that pursewid hym here in erthe to de­the. Than yf ye woll wete which these be. take hede howe criste markyd hem and seyde thus.

Qui ex deo est ver­ba dei audit He that is of god herith the worde of god for he herith not the word of god that swery the many grete o­this full falsly these ben [Page] [Page] [...] [Page] tho that pursewid hym in henen that ben gladde in her hertys whan they haue a foule dede do & be groundid in foule cursid leuyng of syn and woll not a mende hem for prechyng nor techyng but euer do foule dedys and a none be redy to fyghte and to chyde with hem that tell ithe hem her de­fawtis as hit is shewde by criste For the mo har me is. the condicions of the people is suche nowe a dayes that he shall ha­ue many enemyes that wyll sey trouthe and that I may preue by ensam­ple


There was summe tyme a mawment in a ci­te that wolde telle where anythyng was that was stole or myssyd and how hadde hit. So hit happid on a tyme that a yong man hadde stole a thyng and was a ferde of this mawmetis and a none he wēte to this mawmēt and seyde thus well I wote thou mayste do me a grete shame and vyllony but be god that y be­leue vppon and thou discouer me I woll breke thy hede and so went for the his wey Thanne so ne aftyr come they that myssyd this good pre­yng the mawment to telle hem how hadde hyt and whan they had long preyde at the last the maument spake and seyd tymes be [...]haūgid the people be worse thanne they were who seythe the troughte his hede shall be broken. So he that woll sey trouthe he shall be shente and so the trew mā shall be so huntyd and so pluc hyd that he shall not we te to whom he shall spe­ke nor to whom he may tell his councell in truste for he that woll sonest disceyue hym wolle speke summe tyme moste fay rest so that may be p̄uyd Hit is wreton in the boke of kynges how there [Page] were ij. knyghtis grete enmyes on to that othyr y one highte Iacob & that othir amasa and this iacob seyde to Amasa as they mette hayle brothyr and kyssid hym & with his othir houde be hynde he slewe hym with hys knyfe and smote him to the herte. Thus hit fa­rithe now a dayes be mo the people they speke full fayre be fore the people & be hynde hym they woll [...]le hym with a shrowde knyffe that is with the cursid tonge these be they that pursewed hym in heuen and sette noughte by goddys worde for yf thoughe they heren hyt with her erys hit synkith noughte in her hertis.

where god pleynith hym greuously be his prophete Ieremye. and seyde thus what gylte founde youre fadres in me yf I haue trespasid to yow in any maner thyng tell me Alas for shame of oure obstynat pryde for god is in the righte and so he tretith with vs that be in the wronge he proferith mercy or we aske hit he makithe hym mercyfull to hem that displesuhe hym. and shewde loue ther [...]one is worthy.

Thus be her hertis herder than any stone & thus we be wor than jewes thus we be vn kynde to hym that shewde to vs all kyndenesse and euer he cryeth to vs and feythe I haue lefte on erthe for ye shulde here my scripture. Torne ayen to me & i woll receyue the lo my armys be all redy sprad­de to clipp̄e the to me & my hede is redy bowed to kysse the my sidys are redy, to shewe thy myne herte myu hondes myne fete bledon to shewe the what I suffered for the and thou turnest away fro me. and thou be in perfite lyff I wolle yeue the tresonre with oute nō bre I shall a vaunce the with oute comparisone & [Page] yeuè the reste with oūtyn ende so that all the fawte shall be founde in the and not in me Thus oure lord proferith and te­chith vs and ther be full few that wyll here hym but lete all these wordys passe oute of her hertys an [...] [...]ke no hede but all her [...]yndes in richesse & this worldis prosperite in this presente lyffe and take full [...]itill hede of the lyffe that is comyng. & oure lord jhesu crist suffered dethe to bryng vs to euer lasting blisse.

There for in cristus persone makithe the prophete a grete lamentacion for the grete vnkynddenesse that he seethe in mankynde and seythe thus.

Thow man for vanite thow stinkyste for thy rusty synne and there for j crye and wepe for thou haste on thy hede a gar­londe of flowres and j for the haue one of thor­nes thou haste on thy hō des a [...]eyre of white glouys and j for thy haue many blody woundes

Thou haste in thyne armes spradde to lede kar­rollis and daunces and myn armes for the be nay led on a tre with sharpe naylus. Thou haste thy clothis pynched smale and my body for the is full of grete walis And o thyng greuith me moste of all thou settust not by my passion that [...] suffered full sore for thy sa­ke But with thyne hor­rible swering thou vp­byoydeste me with many grete othis by myne hede eyen armes nailes sides woundes fete bones be myne herte and be my passion that thou sholdiste do worshippe to thou doste grete spite and repreue


we rede in the gestis of ro maynes that an Em­perour sente a grete mā to a londe to be a justice and or he come there no man in that coūtre coude [Page] swere no othe but ye and nay. but whan this Iu­stice come a monge hem he made the peple to swere one bokys in sessiones and yafe hem chargis & so the people toke ensample of this iustice to swe­re as he and his men did be oure lordis passion sy­dys Armes nayles face woundes blode herte and so forthe and toke hit so in vse that the comyn people swore as they dede.

Than on a day as the iustice sate in his office and chargid the people there come to fore hym a fayre woman clothid all in grene and broughte a feyre childe in her lappe all blody and all to martered his hede all to pryckyd his face disfigured his ey­en oute his armes brokyn his hondis smetyn thourghe his naylys cutte and his fete cutte from his leggrs his sydis all to rente his bowels and his her te drawen oute of his bo­dy. Thanne seyde this woman to the Iustice. what are they worthy to haue that haue thus doo to my childe and he seyde they were worthy to ha­ue dethe. Thanne seyd she thou and thyn men with youre horible othis haue thus dismembred my swete sone ihesu criste that am I modyr vn to and thus ye haue taught all youre countrey where fore thou shalte haue thy owne don [...]e and so in si­ghte of all the people the erthe opened and the iu­stice fill downe to hell. & than the people were sore a gaste and they lefte all soche grete othis and ded a mende her lyues and so late vs leue all oure othis and leue as criscen shul de doo and reuerence the passion of oure lord ihe­su criste that was cause of oure redemption be the whiche we shall come to euer lastyng blysse that neuer shall haue ende.

Dm̄ca palmarū.

GOod frendis as ye knowe well yt this day is callid Palm sonday but fo [...] because that the seruice of this day is longe I wyll telle yow shortly why hit is callid Palme sonday as seint iohan seyth oure lord ihesu criste come to Betanye where he seythe Venit ihesus beta­ [...]ā vbi lazarus fu­it mortuus quē re­susuitauit. And there he reysed lazar from dethe to lyue that hade ley .iiij. dayes dede and this lazarus was brothir to ma­ry mawdeleyne and to martha that was a no­thir suster. Thanne ihe­sus wyste that his passion was nyghe and toke Lazar with hym & rydyng on an asse he come towarde iherusalem. and whan the people herde ther of the people wente ayense hym. Non propter ihesum tantum sed vt lasarum viderēt quem resuscitauit a mortuis. Not only for ihesu but for to see la­zar that was resyn from de [...]he to lyue and also for to see criste and do hym worshippe Acceperūt remos palmarum & sternebant in via. They toke branches of palme and othir floures and strawed in the wey a yense his comyng And somme sprade her clothis in the wey and songe Benedictus qui venit in nomine domini. Blessyd be he that co­mythe in the name of oure lord kyng of israhel where for hooly churche makyth this day solempne procession in mynde of the procession yt was ma­de ayense crist. & also ioye & myrthe of oure resing frō deth to lyue that hath leyne all this yere in dedly syn. now y truste to god that they be resyd to god leuyng And for angeles of heuē make moch ioye of your rising out of syn [Page] And thus we take pal­me and flowres in pro­cession as they did and go in procession knelyng to the crosse in the worshi [...] and mynde of hym that was done one the crosse worshippyng and wel comyng hym with songe in to the chirche as the people ded oure lord in to the cite of iherusalem

Thanne iohan bellet askithe a question & seith that criste had the gret­test worshippe rydyng one the asse that euer he had in this worlde Thā why worshippe we the crosse and not the asse to this question he answe­rithe hym selfe and seyth that the worship of this world as Salamon seyd All is but a vanite and noughte and makithe to for gete a man his god and hym selfe Ther as grete tribulacione dissese and heuynesse causithe a man to thynke of god & [...]rye to hym for socoure and helpe and to know hym selfe And ther fo [...] all cristen people shulde putte a wey all worldely vanitees that bryngythe moche peple to grete my scheue and many to euer lastyng peyne. we wor­shippe the crosse fo [...] hyt was cause of oure redemption and saluacion and to brynge vs to euer la­styng ioye and blysse that we hopyn all to come to Thanne anone whan criste was come to the cite of iherusalem he wente to the temple and droue oute all byers and sellers that he fonnde ther in & seyde Domus mea do mus oracionia vo­cabitur My house is a house of preyouris and ye make hit a den of the­uys Thus oure lord yafe all cristen people en sample to leue byyng & sellyng on the holy day and in specyall in chur­che. A nothir hit is why hit is callid palme sonday for be cause that palme be tokenythe vi­ctory [Page] where all cristē pe­ple shulde bere palme in processione in tokenyng that he hadde foughten with the fende and hath the victorye of hym be shryfte of mouthe satisfactione with dede mekely done his penaunce with grete contricione in his herte and in this wyse ouercome his gostly enemy the fende we rede in the gestis of romayns y it was the maner summe tyme. that yf there were any lōde that were rebell a yense the Emperour a none the Emperour wolde sende summe worthy knyghte with grete pissa [...] [...] of people to that lond and putte hem downe & make hem sogettys to the Emperour of rome And whanne this knyghte hadde done so. than shulde he be sette in a ch [...] re [...]ray [...]d with clothys of golde in the beste wy­se and a branche of pal­me in his honde in toke­nyng that he had the victory and with gret worshippe broughte in to ro­me but whanne he come in to any worthy cite thā ther shulde stonde one by hym and bete hym in the mouthe with a bran­che of olyue sayng thus Anotholites this is to sey kowe thy selfe that is to vnderstonde though [...] thou be grete nowe aud haue the victorye make not to moche of thy selfe for hit may fortuue a no­thir tyme thou maiste haue the worse and tourne to moche vylony. more than now to worshippe. where for [...]e not now to proude of thy selfe.

Thus shulde ye bete youre selfe in the mouthe of youre soule with the branche of olyne that ys with the vertu of meke­nesse and so bolde yowe in loue and meke in her te and euer more dreding and feryng lefte he fall a yene in to synne And so leue the worship [...] that ye haue now. For truste [Page] this trewly [...]knesse is that vertu that moste & so [...]este ouer cometh youre gostely enemy the fende and souneste gaderithe a man to vertuos leuyng that we may haue thys vertu of mekenesse paci­ence and charite to ouer come oure gostly enemy now and euer Amen

GOod frendis ye shall vnderstond that hooly churche vsid these thre day­es and seythe seruice in the euyntyde that is mekenesse where for we call hit tenables. But hooly churche callid hit tene­bras Than why this seruice is thus done in me­keuesse hooly fadres tel­lithe for thre causis One is the nyghte before that oure lord ihesu crist was take he wente vn to the mounte of olyuete and preyde thus Pater misipassibile est transeat a me calix iste My fadyr yf it be possi­ble that this bitter passi­on may passe fro me yf it were the fader is will and else not And for drede & fere of that bitter passion that he felde in his sperit he swete bothe blode and watyr A nothir cause is this that a nō aftir myd nyghte come iudas with [...]. knyghtis and moche othir people to take cri­ste and for hit was myr­ke and they coude not well knowe hym frome seynte iames he was so like criste there for judas seyde Quem oscula­tus [...]ero ipsum em̄ tenete For sothe quod he him that I shall kysse it is take ye him for seint iames was so like criste that moche people callid hym cristus brothir and thus iudas be trayed his mastyr and thus was criste take in mekenesse with all the spite that thei cowde do to hym beting hym and spetyng in [...]his face. The thrydde cause is whan criste was naked on the crosse fete & [Page] hande hangyng thre ow rys frome vnderyn tyll none Thanne the sonne with drowe her lighte & was [...]er [...]e thourghe alle the worlde shewyng that the makyr of lyght was at that tyme payned to dethe for these thre cau­sis the seruice in the ny­ghte is done in myrke­nesse. the whiche seruice makyth mynde how iu­das betrayed criste and how iewes come as preuely as they [...]oude for dre de of the comyn people where for to the seruice is no bell ronge but a sounde made of tre where all cristen p̄eple may haue knoweliche to come to this seruice preuely with oute makyng of any noyse & all that the people shuld speke of comyng and goyng shulde sounde of the tree that is the crosse that oure lord was do­ne vpon and of his passion and of the wordys that our [...] lord spake hā gyng on the crosse and howshe seyde to his mo­dyr Mulier ecce fi­lins tuns w [...]man see thy sonne and how he cō maunded his modyr to seint iohan the euangelist in kepyng and what seyde the these that hyng by hym and seyd thus. Domine [...]nan [...]o v [...] ­neris in reg [...]um tuum memento me [...]. Lord whanne thou co­myste to thy kyngdome haue mynde of me and a none oure lord seyd to hym. Hodie me [...]umeris in paradiso. This day thonshalte be with me in paradyse and how he toke his spertte in to his faderis handis and seyde In manus tu [...]s domine [...]. and so he yelde vp the goste thus comyng and go­yng to the churche all cristen people shulde co­myn and leue vanite and ydill talkyng and spe­ke only to the crosse that is o [...]e redemption [...] no thir cause is whan that [Page] [...]udas haddē be trayed tris [...]e and saw by his treson he shulde be dede anō he fyll in dispayre & honge him selfe on a tre and than he displesid more criste for that dede thā for all the trespas that he had done to fore for criste is so mercyfull that and he hadde askyd mercy he hulde haue had mercy & for yeuenesse Also at this seruice is sette certeyn can delis in the quere Aftyr the vse in summe place more than in some othir as the vse is the whiche be quey [...]hith one aftyr a nothir in tokenyng of cristis disciples how they wente a wey eche aftyr othir But whan all these candelis be takyn a wey and the light gone yit on a bidith still a while tyll clerkys haue songe kery­es and these [...]erses the whiche be tokenethe the wymmeu that made la­mentacion at cristus se­pulcre Thanne that can [...]ll is broughte [...] yene & othir light there at that be tokeneth on [...]e lady [...]o: all the feythe was los [...] saue only oure lady and of her all othir were enfor­med and taughte Also it be tokeneth criste hym selfe that was in his man hode dede and leyde in se [...]l [...]re and the thrydde day rose from dethe to lyue a yene and yafe lighte beloue to all that where dede and quente be dispayre The strokys that the preste yeuethe on the boke be tokenithe the clap [...]es of the thoūdye whā criste brake helle yatys & dispoyled hell and fett [...] oute adam and eue and all that he had boughte with his pitter passione Now haue ye herde som what what thys serui [...] be tokenithe and thynke there vppon and be not vnkynde to youre lorde god that suffered all this for yow for [...]ukyndenesse is a synne that seynky [...]h in the sighte o [...] god. As seynte Ambros seythe. [Page] that ther may no mā fy [...] de a payne grete ynow to punysche vnkyndenesse & that ye shall here be en­sample.


I fynde that Alysaū dyr necham tellith howe that there was sumtyme a knyghte that wente out of his owne countre fe [...] in to a strange londe to seke auentures and hit hap pid he come in to a grete foreste and there he her d [...] a grete noyse of a beste that semed in dispire & than he wolte wete what hit mente and wente ne re and saw how a gret [...] horrible addy [...] and of grete lenghte be clippyd a lyon and bunde hym to a tree as he lay and slepid and when the lyon wo­ke he foūde hym selfe boū de and myght not helpe hym selfe [...]e made a grete horrible noyse de [...]yryng helpe of the knyght thā had this knyghte cōpas­sion on this lyon & wolde fayne haue holpe but he dradde wha [...] he was lou se lefte he wolde haue fallyn to hym but be cause he was knyghte and the lyon was kyng of all bestis in that distresse he toke his swerde and smo­te addyr a sondy [...] Than a none the lyon felte him selfe louse and fyll downe to the knyghtys fete and euer aftyr nyghte & day in euery place he fo­lowed the knyght and euery nyght the lyon lay at this knyghtys beddis fete and in euery batayle the lyon was redy to helpe his maistre in so mo­che that the peple spake to the knyȝte of the lyon yit be counsell of moche people he hadde the lyon in suspecte where for whā he wente in to his owne countre a yene p̄uely while the lyon sleppe he toke the watyr and wente in to shippe and seylid for the and whan this lyon woke and myssid his ma [...]tyr a none he y [...]e a grete roryng and wen­te [Page] aftyr hym in to the see and swam aftyr him as he myghte and whā his myghte sayled thann he was drowned. By this knyght ye may vn­derstonde goddis sone of heuen that come oute of ferre coūtre that was oute of heuē in to this worlde and was bounde for mankynde with this ol­de addyr the fende to a tree of in obed ience wher for with the sharpe swerde that was his passione he lousid mankyde oute of his boundis and made hym fre to goo where he wolde And there fo [...] all cristen people be boū dyn to worshippe hym and thanke hym for his lousing and to be bux­um to hym all the tyme that they leue and folow and sewe the lore of ho­ly churche And he shall passe thourghe the watyr that is to sey thourgh the payne of dethe & he shall come to the ioye that e­uer shall laste with outyn ende the which god brynge vs all to Amen

Diuerse questions Any men wolle aske diuerse questio [...]ns of the seruice of these dayes of so­che prystes that they suppose can not make no redy answere to. but putte hym to shame and doo to hym vyloni and rep̄ ­uith where for I haue te telith whiche be nedefull for euery preste to know and yf he woll loke hit redy and kepe hem redy in herte he may make redy answere and so shall hit be to hym bothe pro­fite and worshippe. Fyrste yf a mā aske how she rethursday is callid so▪ ye may sey that in hooly churche it is callid Ce [...] domini oure lordis soper day for that day [...]e souped with his disciples opynly and aftyr souper he gafe hem his flesche & his bloode to ete and to drynke and seyde thus. Accipite et mand [...] [Page] rate hoc est corpus meum Take ye this & ete it for hit is myn own body and a none aftyr he woshe all his disciples fete shewyng what me­kenesse that was in hym and for the grete loue y he had to hem It is al­so in englische callid she­re thursday for in olde fa­dres dayes the peple wolde that day shere her hed dis and clippe her ber­dis and doo downe her he dys and so make hem honeste a yene estyr day. for on good fryday they do her bodyes none ese but to suffer penaunce in mynde of hym that that day suffered his passion for all mankynde. on Estyr euyn it was tyme to here her seruice and aftir seruice make hooly day.

Hit is wreton in the lyffe of a seynte that he was so besy on the saterday before none that he made [...]'man to shaue him aftyr none than was the f [...]nde redy and gaderyd vs the heris than this h [...] ly man saw that & cōmaū ded hym to tell why he did so than seyde he thou doste no reuerence to thy holy day therfor [...] wolle kepe these heris till the day of dome in grete rep̄ ue to the Than a non he lefte of shauyng and toke these heris frome the fende and made to brenne hem in his owne honde to suffer penaunce & so a bode vnshauyn tyll mō day aftyr This is seyd to all tho in rep̄ue that worshippe not the sater­day at aftir none. Than as Iohan Bellet seithe on there thursday a man shulde do downe his he­de & clippyn his berde & a pryste shulde shaue his crowne so that ther shulde no thyng be betwene god & hym for heris co­me of superfluite of veynes & of humures of the stomake & they shuld pare her nayles of handes & fete that comythe of su­perfluite of fylthe with [Page] oute forthe and shryue hem & make hem clene with in his soule as with oute. And thus make hym clene bothe with in and with oute The while that all this lenton ha­the be drawyn betwene vs and the quere be to­kenithe the passione that was hydde and vnkno­wyn till the dayes come the whiche these dayes be done a way ande the Auter opynly shewde to all the people for these day­es criste suffered his passion opyniy that he hadde haugyng on the crosse. Consummatum est it is endid that is to sey. now the prophecy of my passion hathe an ende. where for the clothis of my auter be takyn a wey For cristis clothis were takyn a wey from hym. & so was done nakid on the crosse saue as oure lady his modyr wonte a ker­coffe aboute hym to couer his membris. The auter stone be tokenythe cristus body that was drawyn on the crosse as a skynne of perche ment on a harow so that all his bonis myghte be tolde

The besemes that the auter is wechyn with be tokenythe the s [...]ourgys that they betyn oure lor dis body with and the thornes that he was crouned with The watyr & the wyne that it is wa­schyn with be tokenythe the blode and the watir that ranne doune fro his woundis that was in his syde peryshyd with a spere The wyne that is poured vpon the auter on the v. crossis be tokenith the blode that ranne doune frome his principalle wondis of his body. Al­so this day is no paxe ye­uen at the masse for Iudas be trayed crist this uyght with a cosse thys was the prophecy of his passion this day endid. wher for this nyght whā he had soupyd he made the sacramēt of his owne [Page] body and gaffe hit to his disciples to ete and drynke and beganne the sa­crament of the masse and of the newe law and af­tyr souper he wysche his disciples fete that was a maner of the newe lawe full oute for as he seyde to Petyr he that is washin and is clene of dedely syn hathe no nede to be wa­schyn it be tokenythe the affliction of veniall syn­nes Than yf people as­ke why prystes doo not masse aftyr fouper as criste dede It was tourned in to more honeste & more saluacione to mannes soule for as Hyamo tel­lith vppon the pistell of seint Poule that many in the begynnyng of the feythe comythe to chur­che on sherethurday and tho that were riche bryngithe mete and drynke with hem and eton and drynkyn her belyes full aud than at nyghte to­kyn her hosell and seyde that criste gafe hem en­sample Lu [...] whanne the riche e [...]e and drynke to moche th [...] pore people a bydythe with oute till aftyr the riche hathe done fore an hu [...]gerid & than eton of the releffe that they lefte. and so aftyr the people toke her ho­sell. where as the pistell of this day tellithe. seynt poule rebukithe hem there of and tourned that foule vse in to more honeste and clennes and holynesse. that is for to sey masse fastyng all people to take her hosell fastyng on estyr euyn the pascall is made the chefe tapir in the churche So is criste chefe aboue all the seyn­tis in heuen The pascall also be tokenyth the pe­lour of lyght fere that wē te before moyses and the children of israhel whan moyses ladde hem oute of Egipte in to the londe of be hefte that is Ihe­rusalem and so they passid saue and sounde. And so vij. dayes aftyr [Page] they come all in to these and thankyd god for her passage. And in mynde here of hooly churche vsithe all the Estyr woke to go a processione to the founte that is nowe the reed see to all cristen people that be cristened in the fouute for the wa­tyr in the founte be toke­nythe the rede see for blode and watyr is the woū des that were in cristus sydys in the whiche the power of pha [...]o the fende of hell is drowned & all his myghte loste and cristen people failed and for the founte is halowed on Estyr euyn and one wytson euyn for in the begynnyng all children a bode to be cristeued one these .ij. dayes and to be cristoned atte the founte halowyng But now for because that many in so longe abydyng were ded with oute cristendome. where for hooly churche ordeyned now to cristō all tymes of the yere sa­ue viij. dayes before these evenys the childe shall abyde to the founte halowyng yf it may for parell of dethe and else not.

Thus is the paschall halowed be light with new fyre and of hit all othyr taperis and candellis be lighte for all hoolynesse & good techyug & good leuyng comythe of cri­ste and techyng of ho­ly churche and lightithe hem in cristus passione with brennyng loue and charite Pecys of ensen­ce he styckyde in the pa­schall in the maner of a crosse tho be tokenith the v. woundes of oure lord as Bede seythe that he suffered in his body that shall be frecsche and swe­te as any ensence tyll the day of dome to grete rep̄ ue to all that shall be dāpned that beleue not in cristis passion and woll not aske mercy and foryenesse of her synnes. In the founte halowyng the pryste caste watyr in the iiij [Page] partyes of the founte for crisce hade his disciples goyng prechyng and techyng m foure party­es of cristome in the na­me of the fadyr and the sone & the hooly goste

And aftir the pryste bre thithe one the watyr for the holy goste in making of the worlde was borne vpon watres for whanne god for adames syn cursed the erthe & londe. he cursed not the watyr▪ where for it is lawfull to a man to ete in léntō that [...]omythe of the watyr

Aftyr he dropythe the wex in to the watyr of a candell brennyng the whiche betokenythe the mā hode of criste that was fullyd in watyr and puttith oyle & creme in to the watyr for by the vertu of the sacrament tho that be in heuen & in erthe be ioyned to gedyr & that was preuyd be cristus baptyme for there the fa­dyr of heuē spake & seyde Hic est filin [...] me­ [...]a dilectus in [...] michi bene compla­cui This is my welbe­loued sone that woll plese me. And the holy goste was seyne Sicut culumba As a whyte do ue thus was the foūte halowed. ij. tyme [...] in the yere. At wytsontyde and at Estyr whan all the peple is broughte oute of thraldome be cristus passion from the daūger of the fende & at wytsonty­de for than is the holy goste yeuen in remission of all synnes. Than from the founte the peple go­the to the quere syngyng the latanye preyng all the seyntys of heuen to prey to god to yeue to all that be cristyn to ke­pe that worthy sacramēt to goddis plesaunce and the couenaunte that they haue made in her cristo­nyng. Than the preste gothe to the masse for criste that is hede of all ho­ly church is not reson. kyrieleysou is seyde. for i [...] [Page] euery preyoure in especi­all in the masse it is grete nede to aske helpe and so cour of god to kepe vs from all maner of temp­taciones that the fende puttith in vs and namely in goddis seruice Gloria in excelsia is seid for the fadyr of heuyne hathe grete ioye to be holde the people that his so ne hathe boughte with his passione and to see hem in reste pese and charite echone with othir. The greyle is not seyde for tho that be fewe cri­stoned be not yit perfi­te to walke in grace of [...] ­tuous Alleluya is seyd for it is grete ioye to angeles to se be cristonyng the nombre of hem restored a yene Aftyr alleluya a tracte is seyde hey songen for though be cristonyng they be wasche from synyit muste the trauell be­sely to kepe hem from cō ­beraunce of the fende that they fall not in dedly syn The offertory is seyde for the wymēn that comē with oyntementys to offer to cristis body they founde hym not in his tō be Agnus dei is seyde but no pax yeue for criste that is hede of pes is not yit reson The poste co­myn is not seyde for tho that be newe cristoned shuld not be hoseled this day but on the morow for in olde tyme there come to cristonyng people of grete age Than a shorte euynsonge is done for the children that were not cristoned. where of gretely they where noyed with sekenesse of colde of longe seruice thanne is endid vndir a shorte Colet of all the sacrament of cri­stonyng is endid in the passione of Criste by the whiche all cristen people were restored to euer la­styng blysse to the whi­che god brynge vs all to Amen.

In die paraschene.

GOod frendis this day is callid god fryday for al that oure lord ihe su criste suffered this day tourned vs to grete ioye for this day he suffered passione vndyr pounce pylate fore oure sake Hit is an olde say that a fowle be gyn­uyng hathe a fowle en­dyng. Now se how this pylat be ganne cursidly & endyd full wrechidly for as seynte Austen seythe cursed leuyng furste askith a cursed ende aftyr he that for getith hym selfe here in his leuyng is full lyke to for gete hymselfe in his laste ende.

This pylat was a kny­ghtes sone that was cal­lid Tyrus that gate hym of a woman that hyghte Pyle and this woman nes fadyr hyghte atte. so whanne this childe was borne they sette the mo­derys name and the grū de fadyr after and so by bothe names callid hym Pylat Than after whan he was of .iij. yere of age his modyr broughte hym in to the knyghtes court to his fadyr Than had the knyghte a nothir so­ne ny lyke to pylates age but for this knyghtys so ne was in all his reule more gentillere more man­fully more godly more belouyd than this pylate. so for hate and for enuy [...] there of this pylat one a day slewe this knyghtys sone than was the kny­ghte wondyr sory but yit he wolde not sle pylat aut sente hym to rome to be there in hostage for a tri­bute [Page] that the knyȝt shulde pay to the emperoure Thanne hit happid that the kyng of fraunce had sente his sone thedir for the same cause Thanne for be cause whan pylate saw that he was more beloued and cherisched & than this pilate slew him Than for he was so cursid the emperour be coū sell of the romaynes sen­te pylate in to a countre that was callid pounce where that the people of that countre were so cursid that they slewe any that come to be maystre ouer hem So whan this pilate come thethir he applyed hym to her ma­neres so what with wy­les and sotilte he ouercome hem aud had the maystry and gate his name and was callid pylate of pounce and had grete domynacion & power Thanne the kyng of iherusalem sente aftyr hym and made hym leue te­naunt vndyr hym of the lond [...] of iury And for pilate lyked well the offi­ce preuely he sente to the Emperour and had his office confermed of him vnwetyng to the kyng herode kyng that tyme where fore whan kyng herode herde what he had done he was so wrothe & they were enemyes vn to the tyme that oure lord ihesu criste was take and thanne they be come fren disayene and fill bothe in to one assent of cristis dethe. Thanne happyd hit aftyrwarde that the Emperour fill sike and sente aftyr criste fore to hele hym for hit was tol­de hym that criste helid all that euer wolde come to hym of all manere of sykenesse what somme e­uer sykenesse hit had be But thanne hadde pylate done hym to dethe or the messengere come Than whanne the Emperoure vnderstonde that he sen­te for pylate and made hym come to hym. and [Page] whanne pilate herd [...] this he was sore a ferde and toke one Cristus cote [...]And so whanne he co­me to rome to the Em­perour All tho that we­re in presente made pylate good chere all the whyle that he hadde on Cri­stus cote A [...]d the em­perour swore be fore that he shulde be dede. Than toke they of the cote and a none as the cote was of the Emperour was so w [...]othe with pilate that he putte hym in to a pryson till he hadde take coū sell what dethe that he shulde dye on. Than as sone as pylate woste and vnderstonde that he shulde be dede he toke his owne knyfe and slewe hymselfe with alle. And whanne the Emperour herde there of and vnderstonde that he hadde slayne hym selfe and thanne a none he made to teye a grete stone a bowte pyla­tes necke and to caste hym in to a watyr that is callid Tybir thanne whan he was caste in there the fendis made soche a noyse ther a boute that all the Cite of rome was sore a freyed of hem.

Thanne whan the Emperour sawe this he ma­de to take hym vp ayene and than was he caste in to a watyr that was be­twixe to hye hilles and sollonge tyme astyr there was in the watyr many horrible sightes sayne a bowte that cursed man.

Thus oure lord ihrsu criste suffered passion and dethe for all mākynde and furste whanne he was take they did buffete hym and stripyd hym naked and bete him with stourgis A vertice capitia vs [...] ʒ ad plantis pedmn non fuit in eo sanitas that fro the highheste place of his he de to the sole of the fete was no thyng lefte hole one hym but all rawe & aftyr made a croune of thornys & set hit on his [Page] hede and bete hit down with st [...]ys of reede that hit perischyd his brayne and whan they had peyned hym so they lad de hym forthe all blody Admontem cal [...]arie. To the mounte of cal­narye to the ende of deth y [...]t wymmen of the Ci­te whan they sighe hym so fowle fare with and all to luggi [...] and to drawe for very pitte they wepte vppon hym. Thā seyde oure lord to hem Nolite flere super me (sꝪ)sed super vos et filios vestros. ye wymmen of iherusalē wepe ye not for me but vpon you and youre children. for there shall dayes come in the whiche ye shall blysse the wombes that were bareyne and the pappys that neuer gaue socke. Thus oure lord prechyd be fo­re the vengeaunce that fill aftyr vpon iherusalem. The whiche prophecye Jeremye the prophete spake of that is radde in hooly churche these thre dayes at tenebras the whiche was so horible of many diuerse myscheuys & in speciall of hoūger that children lay for hounger dede in the stretis Than was there a woman was come of grete birthe that for hunger toke her own child that fedde with her pappys and slewe hit & partid hit in ij. partyes and than she rostyd halfe and that othir halfe she kepte till on the mo­rowe. Thanne as peple come by the strete they hadde sauoure of the rost and anone they come in to haue hadde parte ther of and whan they sawe the modyr roste her own childe and sone they we­re heuy and foule dismayed and wolde notte ete there of but wente theyr wey forthe ayene. Than toke the modyr of that childe and ete there of & seyde in this maner wyse this is myne owne sone and myne owne childe [Page] that I bare of my body and fedde hit with my pappys but yit I wolle rathir ete hit than dye for hunger There for I tell yew this for to shew yew somwhat of the vengeaunce that fill in the ci­te of iherusalem aftir the dethe of oure lord ihesu criste Thanne they lad­de hym to the mounte of Caluarye and ther they s [...]reyned so on the crosse that euery bone of his body myght be knowen on from a nothir and nay­lyd hym honde and fete to the crosse and they gaue vp the crosse and the body to gedyr and with a grete peyse they lete the crosse and the body falle downe to gedir in to the morteyse that all the body dasch [...]d and all his bones crakyd and his ioyntes braste and [...]ey­nes and all woūdes bra­ste oute of blode sydis armes legges fete and bondes so that ther lefte no blode in hym And [...] they toke a clothe wlyle the blode was hote and wonde hit a boute his body till the blode was col­de and than they drew away the clothe and pul­lid away the flesche frō the bones this was a grete pite. And so whan he shulde dye he began as Iohan Hellet seythe. Deus meus respice in me And so seyde all verses sewyng till he come vn to that verse. In te domine speram. And so atte this verse An manus tuas do­mine commendo spiritum meum rede­misti me domine deus veritatis. There he gaue vp the spirite This is a grete ensam­ple that oure lord ihesu Criste [...]n to alle cristen that euery mā shulde haue in mynde these verses And he that can hem s [...]y and yf he sey hem [...] ­uery day he shall not dye no maner myscheuous nor rengeable dethe. [Page] Thann [...] aftyr this passi on we sey orysons & knelyng at euery orison sa­ue at that orison that is seyde for the iewis at that orison hooly church knelith not for be cause iew ysm scorne knelyng thre tymes to criste whā they scourgid hym Thanne these orisones holy chir­che preyith for all maner of people for iewis sarise nes cysmatys heretikis but not for cristen peple for while any man or woman stonte a cursed he is dampned be fore god and dampned shall be at his dethe but he repen­te him and amende him while he leuith in this p̄ ­sente worlde But take he de what seint Austē seith Siscirem pro cer­to [...]nod [...]ater meus esset in in [...]erno non [...]r arem pro illo ni­sipro diabolo. yf I wyste for a trouthe that my fadir were dampned in to helle I wolde ne­uer prey for him but as for the deuell of hell. for ther is no preyoure of holy churche that helpithe a dampned man. Than aftyr these orisones the crosse is broughte forthe to the whiche all cristen people shulde worshippe this day in worshippe of hym that this day dyed on the crosse and to prey to oure lord ihesu criste to for geue vs all oure tre space as criste preyde to his fadyr of heuen to for geue hem that ded hym on the crosse


There was a knyght summe tyme and that was a grete lord and he hathe a worthy man vn to his sone. And so hit hapyd that a nothir knyghte and this man fille atte debate and so thys knyghte slewe him. where fore the fadyr of thys man that was dede gade ryd a grete multitude of people and pursewed that othir knyghte wher so ener he wente to haue [Page] sleyne him nyghte and day so that he myghte haue no reste but euer de de fley for fere of hys lyffe. Thanne hit happyd on a good fryday this kny­ghte sawe all cristen people go to the churche And he be thought him that criste dyed that day on the crosse for all man kynde and putte hym only in the mercy of almy­ghty god and wente to the churche with othir people to serue god and whan he was in the chirche a non this othir knyghte had worde and come with moche people in to the churche and his swerde drawen in his hō de for to sle hym and whā this othir knyghte sawe that and wyste well that he hadde trespased hym and fyll downe flatte to the grounde with his ar­mes spradde a brode as our lord ihe su crist sprad de his armys on the cros and seyde. For his loue that this day sprad de his armys on the ercss [...] and suffered passion and dyed for the and me and all mākynde haue thou mercy one me and for geue me thy sones dethe.

Thanne this knyghte thoughte hit hadde be to horrible a thynge to smyte hym whyle that he lay so and cryed hym mercy so mekely and a none he putte vp his swerde and seyde to hym Now for his soue that this day dyed on the crosse for the and me and all m [...]yn de I for yeue the and to ke hym vp and kyssed hym and a none wente to gedyr aftyr vn to do worshippe to the crosse knelyng And whanne this knyghte worde haue kyssed the fete of the crosse the Image low sid his armys from the crosset be clippyd the knyghte a boute the necke and kyssyd him and spal e thus that all the people herde I for yeue the as thow haste fore yeuen fore the [Page] loue of me. and thus all cristen people shulde do. and than they shulde haue mercy and grace of god and blysse euer la­styng.

In die pashe

GOod frendis ye shall knowe well that this day ys callid in many places god dis sonday ye know well that hit is the maner in euery place of worshipp̄ as this day to do the fy­re oute of the halle and the blacke wyntyr bran­dis and all thynge that is foule with smoke shall be done a wey and there as the fyre was shall be gayly arayde with fayre floures & s [...]rawed with grene ryschys all a boute shewyng a grete ensam­ple to all cristen people. Iyke as they make clent her houses to the sighte of the people in the same wyse ye shulde clense you re soules doyng a wey the foule brennyng synne of lechery putte all these a wey and caste oute all this fouly smoky doste & strawe in your soules flures of feythe and charite and thus make your soules abyll to receyue your lord god at the feste of Estyr. Deponentes omnem maliciam

And putte a wey all malice and all sorowe for ryghte as ye wolle suffre no thynge in youre house y stinkythe and saueryd ille wher with ye may be disceyued Nyght so cri­ste whan he comyth in to the house of youre soules and he fynde there any s [...]ynche of wrathe enuye or any othir dedly synne he wolle not a byde there but a none he gothe his wey and than comythe the fende in and bydithe there. Thanne may that soule be sory that is so for sakyn of god and be take to the feude. Thus it is with tho that bene in wrathe and enuye or in any dedly synne and woll not for geue to hem that [Page] hathe trespased to hem for no preyoure he shalle no for geuencsse haue. foroure lord seythe thus. Dimittite et dimit temini▪ For geue and ye shall haue for geuenesse. And there for euery cristen man & woman shuld serche well his consciēce and make hym abyll to receyue his sauyour ihe­su criste very god and man.


There was summe tyme an hooly bishop that preyde ofte besyly to god that he myghte haue grace to see and knowe whiche were worthy to receyue that hooly sacrament and come to goddisbo [...]d Than on a tyme as he shulde hosell the people he sawe some come with her faces as rede as blode and blode dropyd oute of her mouthis and somme her [...]es whe [...] as b [...]a he as any py [...]he and s [...]mme were fay [...] a [...]d r [...]d and lasty to [...]e hote and somme as bryghte as [...]y snowe Than among all he saw ij. comyn wymen come and there faces shone as bryghte as the fone than had the bishop grete meruayle of that sight and preyde to god to geue hym reuelacion to wete what all this be toke­nyd than ther come to hym an angell and seyde tho that haue blody faces and blode dropithe oute of her mouthy be enu [...] ­ous people and wrath­full and woll not amende hem there of and euer they be back bytyng and sclandryng her nepburis & be euer redy to swe [...]e o this ther for her mouthis shall drope blacke blode tyll they come to amen­dement and tho that haue blacke faces as pyche be lecherous and wolle not leue her syn and be g [...]t [...] synners in many de grees and▪ woll not amē [...] hem. They that haue her faces [...] whyte as any [...]nowethe fe be they that [Page] haūe do grete synne and be shryuen ther of and be sory for her synnes for the wypyng of her yen had wa [...]chyd her soules and made hem clene and so they be in clene lyffe and trewly labour for her le­uyng. And tho ij. co­myn wymen that shyne so bryghte passing all o­thir they were grete syn­ners and were sore a fer de whann e they come to churche and toke a gre­te repentaūce in her her­ti [...] that they made a vow to god preyng him hertely to fake no vetigeaū [...]e on hem and they wolde for sake her synne and neuer do a mysse more where for god of his grete gra [...]e & mercy hathe for ge­uen hem her trespace & all her synnes and the sorow of her hertis hathe so waschin her soulis that they shyne so bryghte all othir and than the an­gell wente his wey & the bishop kuelyd downe & thankid god for his re­uelacion. And ther fore take ensample ye this ij [...] comyn wymen & be fory for youre synnes & repēte yew in youre hert is purpose neuer to tourne ayē to synne. And thā tru­stithe verily ye shall ha­ue grace and mercy & so coure to euer lasting ioy & blys▪ wher for take this [...] certeyne though ye make hit glofing with wor des for to disceyue youre gostly fadir & sey that ye be in charite & be not. ye be gyle youre selfe & tru­stid trewly ye shall not be gyle god that seeth euery corner of youre hertis. And there for disceue not youre [...]ne sow­tes for the loue of god & be as besy to make youre soules clene to the fighte of god as ye be to make youre houses to the sight of man. And as ye wolde aray yew in youre be­ste cle this that ye haue a yense the coming of youre beste frendis so shulde ye aray [...]o [...] now to [...]e [...] [Page] [...]e youre beste frende that is youre makir oure lord ihesu crist that this tyme suffered passion and de the to bringe vs to euer lasting lyff. This day is callid also a passing day and in speciall for. ij causis One is for this day all cristē people in reue­rence of god shulde for geue all them that haue tre spasithe to him and be in parfite loue and cha­rite to all cristen people that hathe misse do him all the yere he for this day shulde be amendid with the salue that helithe all sores that is charite. Caritas cooperit multitudinem peccato­rum Charite couerithe the multitude of synne

It is also a passing day for this day shuld all god dis children passe oute of euill leuing in to good leuing out of vices in to [...]tuous out of pride in to mekenesse oute of coueti se in to largenesse oute of [...]owthe in to holynesse. oute of enuy in to loue & charite out of wrathe in to mercy oute of glote­ [...]y in to abstinence out of lechery in to chastite out of the fendes clawis in to goddis armes And thus of his grete enmy make his dere frende. And he that passithe thus is worthy to come to a good feste the whiche oure lord ihesu crist makithe this day to all the people.

It is callid also god dis sonday For this day goddis sone rose frō deth to liffe and so gladithe all his seruaūtes with his vp rising where for all holy churche makithe myrthe and melody this day and singithe thus Her est di [...]s quam fecit dominus exultemus et letemur in ea.

This is the day that oure lord made. Ioye we and gladde we in that all oure hertis. for the fadir of heuen with all his an­geles makith so grete me lodie of the vp rising of [Page] his sone that he makythe to day a passing grete feste and biddithe all cri­sten peple ther to as well as tho that be in heuē as tho that be in erthe and they shall be full wellco­me that comythe to this feste clothid in goddis leueray that is a good clothyng that is in loue and charite. And also euyll shall tho be y shall come in the fendys leue­ray clothid in wrathe & enuy for as the gospell tellith these shall be [...]aste in pryson of hell and than whyle othir laughithe & make mery they shall we pe and be sory and while somme ete and dryn­ke at goddis borde they shall grynde with there te the and sey. De ve ve quante sūt tenebre wo wo wo howe many derkenes be ther for they shall thynke yt they may fele the derkenesse it is so myrke and the peynes of hell shall be so harde. for wormes shall kn [...]we hem for they eton her e­uen cristen here in erthe▪ with false bachytyng & sdanderyng. where fore I charge yow in goddis name that none of yow com thus to goddis bord but yf ye be in parfite lo­ue and charite aud be clene shreuyn & in full p [...]r­pose to leue his synne for and I wyste in certayn whiche wher oute of charite and in dedly syn I muste by the lawe of holy churche with a lowde vo [...] sey thus to hem in audience of all the peple I gyue the not thy ho­sell to thy saluacion. but to thy dampnacione tyll thow come to amende­ment And there fore e­uery cristen man and woman shulde serche welle his coucience and make hym abyll to reseyue his sauyoure Ihesu criste to helte of his soule that she may come aftyr this fynall lyffe to euer lastyng ioye Amen. [Page] [...]e youre beste frende that is youre makir oure lord ihesu crist that this tyme suffered passion and de the to bringe vs to euer lasting lyff. This day is callid also a passing day and in speciall for. ij causis One is for this day all cristē people in reue­rence of god shulde for geue all them that haue tre spasithe to him and be in parfite loue and cha­rite to all cristen people that hathe misse do him all the yere be for this day shulde be amendid with the salue that helithe all sores that is charite. Ca ritas cooperit multitudinem peccato­rum Charite couerithe the multitude of synne

It is also a passing day for this day shuld all god dis children passe oute of euill leuing in to good leuing out of vices in to [...]tuous out of pride in to mekenesse oute of coueti se in to largenesse oute of [...]owthe in to holynesse. oute of enuy in to loue & charite out of wrathe in to mercy oute of glote­ [...]y in to abstinence out of lechery in to chastite out of the fendes clawis in to goddis armes And thus of his grete enmy make his dere frende. And he that passithe thus is worthy to come to a good feste the whiche oure lord ihesu crist makithe this day to all the people.

It is callid also goddis sonday For this day goddis sone rose frō deth to liffe and so gladithe all his seruaūtes with his vp rising where for all holy churche makithe myrthe and melody this day and singithe thus Her est dies quam fecit dominna exultemus et letemur in ea.

This is the day that oure lord made. Ioye we and gladde we in that all oure hertis. for the fadir of heuen with all his an­geles makith so grete me lodie of the vp rising of [Page] his sone that he makythe to day a passing grete feste and biddithe all cri­sten peple ther to as well as tho that be in heuē as tho that be in erthe and they shall be full well co­me that comythe to this feste clothid in goddis leueray that is a good clothyng that is in loue and charite. And also euyll shall tho be y shall come in the fendys leue­ray clothid in wrathe & enuy for as the gospell tellith these shall be [...]aste in pryson of hell and than whyle othir laughithe & make mery they shall we pe and be sory and while somme ete and dryn­ke at goddis borde they shall grynde with there te the and sey. De ve ve quante sūt tenebre wo wo wo howe many derkenes be ther for they shall thynke yt they may fele the derkenesse it is so myrke and the peynes of hell shall be so harde. for wormes shall kn [...]we hem for they eton her e­uen cristen here in erthe▪ with false bacbytyng & s [...]anderyng. where fore I charge yow in goddis name that none of yow com thus to goddis bord but yf ye be in parfite lo­ue and charite and be clene shreuyn & in full p [...]r­pose to leue his synne for and I wyste in certayn whiche wher oute of charite and in dedly syn I muste by the lawe of holy churche with a low de voyce sey thus to hem in audience of all the peple I gyue the not thy ho­sell to thy saluacion. but to thy dampnacione tyll thow come to amende­ment And there fore e­uery cristen man and woman shulde serche welle his coucience and make hym abyll to reseyue his sauyoure Ihesu criste to helte of his soule that she may come aftyr this fynall lyffe to euer lastyng ioye Amen.

GOod frendis these iij. dayes that is to sey mōday tewis [...]ay and wedenes­day ye shall faste and go in p [...]ocellion man womā and seruaūtes for all we be synners and hauene­de to prey to god for hel­pe grace and mercy for they may not excuse hem from the procession that may lawfully be there Than he that with drawe hym selfe from the cō maūdement of holy chirche wylfully he synnethe full greuously Furste he synneth in pryde for he is vnbuxum also synneth in slewthe that knowithe him selfe in synne & woll not doo his diligence to come oute there of. and right as he with drawid hym from the peple that beu gaderid to serue god right so woll god putte hym from all the company of heuen and from all the preyoures that be do­ne in hooly churche tyll he come to amendement There for all cristen pe­ple come holly to gedyr and prey these iij. dayes to all the seyntes in heuē to prey to god for vs for we haue synned many tymes in the yere a yenste the commaundement of god end there for these iij. dayes we shall faste & prey to god of mercy & remission of oure synnes and putte a wey all the power of the fende and kepe vs from all myscheuous parell and dredys that fallyn this tyme of the yere more than any othir tyme for in this ty­me many grete thunderis and lightenyng. And as Lincolniences seythe. there were fendis that fleteryn in the eyre for fere of the blaste of thundyr when that criste come to the hell yates whan he dispoyled hell and so yit whan they here the thundyr in the eyre they be so agaste there of that they fallen downd and than go they not vp ayene till [Page] they haue do somme [...]u [...] sed dedis. for than they rere wederys and make tempestis in the see and drawe downe shippis & make debate among the people and make on to sle a nothir and tende / fyre and brenne houses & drawe downe steples & trees and cause wymen to ouerley her children & make people to hange hē selfe and drowne hem selfe in wanne hope and in dyspeyre and do many cursed dedis. And for to putte awey all soch my scheuys and the powre of the fende hooly chur­che hathe ordeyned that all cristen people shall faste and go a processione these thre dayes and prey to god and to oure la­dy and to all seyntes of heuen of helpe and so­coure. where for in these processiones bellis be rō ge baneres be splaed the crosse comythe aftyr and the people sewith aftyr. [...]r ryght as a kyng whā he gothe to a batayle his tromppetis goo to fore. thanne the baneres and than comythe the kyng and his oste foloyng. So in this procession the bellis be goddis tromppys the baneres comyth aftyr Than comyth the crosse in cristus lykenes as kyng of cristen peo­ple and all s [...]we hym and with her good preyou­res chase a wey the fendes that they haue no power and lyke a cursed teraūt wolle be sore a ferde and dradde whā he herde the tromppis of a kyng that were his [...]my & sey his baneres displayed in the feld with his oste coming towarde hym in the sa­me wyse the fende the teraunte of hell is a ferde & dredithe hym sore whan the bellis ringith and the baneres be bore and the crosse with all the people come preyng thanne he fleith and dare not a by de and puttith awey his power that [...]


we rede at the Cite of Constantyne as the peo­ple wente in processione for a dissese that the peo­ple had as they songe la tony sodenly a child was pluckyd vp in to the eyre and bore in to heuen and the angeles taughte hym to syng this songe Sancte deus Sanc­tefor i [...] Sanete et in mortalis misere re nobis and anon he was ladde down ayen to the erthe and thanne he songe that same songe & a none they were delyue­red of her dissesis this is to sey in englische. hooly god hooly stronge god holy & neuer shall dye haue mercy vs God that is hooly and neuer shall dye haue mercy one vs. god willithe and woll that we be stronge for to fighte with the fēde with the worlde and with the flesche and than he woll haue mercy on vs and brynge vs to that place than there as angeles sing [...]. Sancte deus Sā ­cte [...]or [...]i [...] Holy god hooly stronge god haue mercy one vs and bring vs to his blysse Amen.

Ascensio dm̄

GOod frend is so che a day ye shall haue an hyghe & a solempne feste in hooly churche that is callid the ascension of oure lord the su Criste for that day as the feythe and be leue techith how god is veray god & man and styed vp in to heuen where fore in tokenyng of this the paschpll that is the chefe lyghte in holy church that hathe stōde openly in the quere from Estyr vn to this day Now hit is re­meuyd a wey in tokening that criste is chefe lyghte in holy churche & so oure lorde diuerse tymes opē ­ly apperithe to his disci­ples and taughte hem the feythe and the beleue and this day hestyghed vp in to heuen and there wolle [Page] a [...]y [...]e vn to the day of dome. But nowe ye shall here the maner of this ascension from escyr day vnto this day he was not with his disciples al­gates but diuerse tymes appered vn to hem and he appered to hem as they satyn at her mete & ete with hem to shew hē that he was very god & man in flesche and blo­de as they were For somme of hem they were in dowte lefte he hadde be a spirite that hathe no [...] flecsche nor blode & ther for to preue the trowthe he ete with hem in her sighte and badde hem go [...] in to the hyll of olyue. & there in fighte of all his disciples he blessyd hem and styed vp in to heuē and lefte the steppes of his fete thurste downe in to the harde marbull stone for a tokyn of his ascē sion Thanne ye shall vnderstonde that the hill of olyuete be tokenithe merry where for criste styed vp at the hyll of olyuete shewyng well that he is the hede of mercy and he is euer redy to yeue mercy to all that askithe mercy with meke herte. Thanne in his vp rising as we call Ascension an­geles made so moche melodye that no tonge may tell it so fayne they were of his comyng Ascen dit velociter he styed vp swyftely for as it we­re a moment he was frō erthe to heuen A gre­te clerke a philosouer y is callid [...]abymoyses he seyth that it is as fer frō erthe to heuen as a holy man myght leue a thou­sand yere and euery day go a thousand myle. But he that mette this wey knowithe beste. and this wey shall be mette of a ryghtfull & a good mā. Thanne in his ascension he hadde with hym a grete multitude of fou­les the which he f [...]tte oute of hell from the fendes bondes He styed vp al [Page] so with his woundes re­de fresche & blody And as bede seythe for v. cau­ses. Furste for to veri fye the feyth of his resur rection for he wse in very flesche & blode that dyed on the crosse for all man­kynde. The secounde to shew his woundes to his fadyr in grete helpe & socoure to all mākynde. The thridde is to shewe how ryghtfull they be dā pned that woll not bele ue in his passion & in his resurrection The four the isto shew how mercyfull he is to them that woll be leue & aske mer­cy. The .v. is that he bare with hym a signe of victory for a sykernesse to all mankynde for lyke as a lord is siker that ha the a trew aduoket be for a Auge to answere fore him so in sikernesse to all mākynde we fynde hym oure aduket ener more redy to answere for vs at thyng that the fende ou re gof [...]ly enemy makyth a yense vs. wher for seith the hooly scripture a sike rer attourney may no mā be but god. Dbi ma­ter ostēdit fil io pe ct as et vhera. where for the modir shewed the sone here brestes and her pappes Filius patri latus et vulnera

The sone shewde to the fadyr his fides all to betō & his woundes bledyng how shulde any thyng be putte a wey or deuydyd there as soch tokenes of loue be shewyd he may not fare a mysse that hath soch to frend is in the coū trey of heuen Also by the steyng vp in to heuē of oure lord ihesu criste mā hath gotyn a grete di­g [...]te for a mā to see hys owne kynde & his owne flesch & hisblode sittyng on the ryghte syde of the fadyr of heuē in his trone where for Angelus con­deryng the dignite of mā they wolde not suffre no man to do hē worshipp̄ [...] they dede be fore the in [Page] [...]acion of oure lord ihesu criste but they worshippe men for god hymselfe hathe take mankyn­de on hym and is now in heuene bodely. Here by may a man see howe moche he is be holde to his god that we where bounde be fore and therll to the fende of hell and nowe we be made fre of all that. and oure lord ihesu criste hath yeue vn to man a fredome a bo­ [...]e any Angeles. And there fore we be bounde to hym to do hym seruice reuerence and worship­pe. And there as An­geles sommetyme kep­ton the gatis of parady­se with brennyng swer­dis that no soule myghte come yn. Now by feythe oure lord ithesu criste to mankynde he hathe caste vp the gatis and warne no man to entre there yn that is of stede [...]asee bele­ue for as seynte Austeyn seythe. Apperuisti credentibus regna celdr [...]n Thow hasee opened the gatis of he­uen to theym that be leue

Also ye shall be leue ryghte as a kyng of this worlde hathe in his countre officeris of diuerse de grees somme higher and somme lower and somme more preuyer thanne somme. So oure lordes steyng vp at this tyme the lower Angell for grete woundre that they hadde in cristus Ascensione whanne they sawe hym in flesche and blode ste­yng vp to heuene with so grete multitude of fo [...] les with hym And al­so for the grete woundre that they hadde whanne they sawe the fendes of the eyre flye a wey for drede and fere of his sc [...]onge comyng that be fore were wonte sparyng no thyng to assayle the soules that come by theym and thanne they flow [...] fore grete fece of this co­myng. Also the good Angeles come in all the [Page] haste that they myght to do oure lord the sucriste seruice reuerence and worshippe. Thus for grete woundre that the lower angell hadde of his fre­yng vp they askyd the higher angell and they seyde. Quis est iste qui venit de edom what is this that comy­the out of the world with blody clothys as he were a kyng of ioye. This is he that with dethe sufferyng redy in his stour gyng sike and dede in the crosse stronge in helle bodely in doyng ferfull in rysing and thus ha­the ouer come all his en myes and now is kyng gloryous in heuen.

Thanne whan oure lord thesu criste was sty ed vp in to heuen and than his disciples ston­dyng with his modyr for grete woundre of that sighte and also of the me lodye that they herde in the eyre they lokyd vp in to heuen and sodenly ij. Angeles clothid alle in whyte stowde by hem and seyde. Diri gali­lei qui statis aspicientes in celum hi [...] est ihesus qui assū ­ptus est a vobis.

Men of gelilee what stō de ye be holdyn in to he­uen it is Ahesus that is styed vp from yow and so he shall come atte the day of dome a yene and deme all quycke and dede

And there for all cristen people lyfte vp you re hertis to oure lord [...]he su criste that now ys styed vp in to heuene and s [...]tythe at his fadir ryghte honde and is re­dy to geue mercy to all them that woll aske mercy with a meke herte.

And here fore there is no maner a man that may excuse hym selfe nor haue no maner excusaci­on but yf that woll hymselfe and aske mercy to his lord god with a meke herte and he shall haue mercy and shall be sauyd [Page] [...] thoughe a m̄an be neuer so sinfull and he woll aske mercy with a meke herte he wolle yeue hym mercy. For contritū et humiliatum de­us non despiciea. A meke and a contrite her te god shall neuer despi­ce for and he wolle aske mercy and be sory for his synnes oure lord wolle take hym to his mercy. Thanne for to shewe his grete goodnesse and compassion that oure lord ha the of mākynde A shall telle yow this ensample.


we rede in the syffe of seinte Carpe how a man of mysse beleue turnyd a cristen man oute of hys feythe and for soke his beleue and his cristendo me where fore this holy man Carpe was so wro­the that he fill in grete sykenesse and whan he shul de haue preyde to god for a mendement he preyde nyghte and day that he myghte see hem haue a bodely vengeaunce Thā hit happid atte a myde­nyghte as he preyde thus sodenly the house that he lay ynne cleuyd in foure partis And he loked vp aud sawe one honged so piteusly that hit was grete pite to se and than he lokyd vp to heuen and there he sawe oure lord ihesu Criste with a grete multitude of angeles sit­tyng in his trone. and he lokyd vp ayen and than he sawe this ij. men stondyng be fore an hot te ouyn quakyng and tremelyng for drede of fend is like adderis and wormes comyng oute of the ouyn to draw the se ij. men in to the ouyn with hem. And so ma­ny othir fendis come in diuerse likenesse to helpe that they were into the ouyn Thanne was this holy mā Carpe fayne to see these ij. men haue that vengeaūce and was woū dre gladde there of that he loste the sighte of oure [Page] lord thesu criste and his hooly angelis for his her­te was all one these ij. mē nes vengeaunce and was sory for it was so longe or they were put vn to her peyne And than he ro­se and wente to hym selfe and halpe all that e­uer he myghte and whā they were in to the ouyn than was this Carpe very gladde there of And than he lokyd vp in to heuen and there he sawe oure lord Jhesu criste and he sawe hym ryse frome his trone for grete pitte and compassione that he hadde on the too men and come downe to hem and toke hem oute of her peyne and seyde thus to Carpe Exten­de manus tuas con­tra me Streche forthe thyne hondys ayense me [...]nd seyde thus I am redy and nede were to dye ayene for mankynde rathir than to lese hym.

[...]e this ensample ye may see how redy that oure lord ihesu criste is to all that wolle aske mercy and for yeuenesse and deserue mercy that is that euery man a mende and leue his synnes and be in full wylle and purpose to synne no more and thus he shall come to the grace and mercy of oure lord ihesu criste that suffered for vs and all man kynde one good fryday and this day styed vp to heuene the whiche he woll graunte vs and bringe vs all ther to Amen

Sequitur vigilia penthecosten



GOod frendis as ye knowe well a saterday neste comyng is wydsonueuyn and ye shall faste and come to chirch to here youre seruice and make you [...]ene to receyue the holy goste that the fadir of heuen sendithe amonge mā kynde where for I counsell yow and charge you yf ther be any of you that fall to any synne that he come and amende hym there of and I woll be redy to all that lōgith to me For take this in cer­tayne in the same wyse as a man woll not go to a place there as a stync­kyng [...]areyne is but yf that he stoppe his nose and highe hym thense. Ryghte so the holy goste flethe from the soule that is comberid with dedely synne and angelus woll stoppe her nosys for moche more fowler stinkith dedely synne in the sighte of god thanne dothe any careyn to smell to the peple and as the holy gost fleth to hem that bydith in good lyffe and clene and in parfyte loue and charite and hathe pitte and compassione of alletho that be in any dissese or tribulacion to soch the holy goste visitithe and comyth to. And with soche as hym listith to come to a byde and com­ [...]th and techith hem [...] all nede But as the seruice of this feste is more preysed than any othyr tyme for as this feste holy church callith to hem and seythe Deni san­cte spiritus. Come holy goste specially to haue [Page] helpe and socoure and grace and to haue parte of the dole that he ma­kithe at this tyme to alle cristen people that be a­bell to receyue his yiftes. But ye shall vnderstonde that the holy goste ma­kith his dole in othir wyse than othir people. For they dele as hit likith hē but the holy goste delithe to all the people that is nedefull and spedfull to hem that y [...]te and som­me more and somme lesse one yifte and somme anothir some he yeuith wysedome in holy scripture to vnderstonde holy scripture he yeuith grace to haue grete luste and lykyng there ynne that is for to sey they be lusty to preche and to teche ver­tu and goodnesse and e [...] forme the people to the hele of their soules vnto them that here hit and bere hit awey. But many had leuer to here a songe of robynhode or tale of rebaudry where for goddis worde shall not be p̄chith to soche. And somme he yeuithe grace so in vnderstondyng of diuerse langage As Englische Frenche walche Irische with oute any grete tra­uayle in lernyng hit ys a grete yifte and a miracle and a speciall grace of almyghty god that any man can vnderstonde oure in spekyng There be v. letteres that makythe all the wordes of all the worlde and of all langa­ges that be vnder heuene. And with oute one of these letteres may no maner a man make no worde and that bene these [...] A E I [...] and D▪

And also somme he yeuithe grace of counsell for to do aftyr good coū sell And somme he en­spirith with ynn for they that he shewith hem and makith them to knowe to fore what woll come aftyr and fall And ye [...]ithe hem grace to de [...]e the better from the wor [Page] se wher for they do so wysely and discretly that all the people be gladde to here hem speke and to do aftyr her counsell.

And somme he yeuithe grace also to doo aftir cō sell as oure lord ihesu criste gaue hym selfe coun­sellyng a man that wolde leue a parfyte lyffe to leue all that he hathe and go in to a religion and be there gouerned by hys wardeynes counsell and by his owne this coūsell comyth of god And somme he [...]th also grate of sufferyng moch bodely sykenesse gr [...]te wronges and moche dissese bothe in body and in soule losse of catell lordeship­pes mastershippes fren­dis and all that he suffe­rithe with a meke herte thankyng almyghty god of his sonde this comyth of the grace of the hooly goste. Also he yeuithe somme grace of lernyng in diuerse science somme to lerne one crafte and somme anothir so be [...]he whiche he may gete his l­uyng with trouth so th [...] a man woll putte to hi [...] good wyll and his dilgence and trewly to la­boure and not to slo [...] [...]e and slepe slew the fuly and vnthryfty but [...] dewe tyme to labour bes [...] ly the holy gost hathe y [...] uen euery man somm [...] knowyng to gete his l­uyng with trouthe. Al­so somme he geuythe grace of pite and filleth her hertes so full of pit [...] and compassion of her euene cristen that he in dissese & aduersite that they yeuen hem of theyr goodis to helpe and to socoure hem at her [...]de and to comfort [...] hem in all that they may for cristus sake and also mercyable that they for geue hem all that they haue trespased to hem in any wyse. Somme he yeuithe also to d [...]de god in so moche that they be euer a fe [...]de to displese almyghty god and euer [Page] thynkē of grete vengeaū ­ce that god woll take for synne at the day of dome Tim [...]r domini ex­pellit peccatum. the drede of god and the horrible peynes of hell put­tithe a wey synne & thus nyghthe and day somme be euer a ferde to offende god and euer besely to do well in preuyte as in opyn sighte of people he that hathe this yifte ha­the a speciall grace of the holy goste. Her sunt septem do na spiri­tua sancti. These be the yeftes that, the holy goste departid among all mākynde and yeuithe somme more than sum­me But there may no man excuse hym but that the holy goste [...]assignithe hym somwhat of these in tyme of his cristonyng where the bishopp̄ at the confermacion rehersithe these wordes of the sa­cramēt I woll tell you an ensample to fere yow the more to the sacramēt of cristonyng that is foū den in the lysse of seynte James


There was an holy bishoppe that tourned low is the kyng of Fraunce to cristen feythe and so whan the kyng come to cristen at the halowyng of the founte there was grete prese of peple that the clerke that bare the bishoppes crismatory myghte not bryng hit to the bishoppe. and so whan the fonte was halowed & come to the Anoyn­tyng he myghte not co­me to his crismatory. thā the bishoppe lifte vp his eyen to god preyng god deuontly for helpe and a none there with there co­me a done as white as a­ny milke that was the holy gost beryng in her bill a violl with oyle and creme to the bishoppe And whan he openyd the vyoll there come oute there of so swete a sauour that all the people had wōdre [Page] there of and were gretly comfortid there by and that cōtynued till the seruice was done. Here by ye may well se though the preste sey the wordis the holy goste worchith the sacrament and dothe vertu of the wordes.

Now that the holy go­ste may descende and ly­ghten in vs that we may come to receyue hym to oure saluacione Amen.

In die pentheco­sten


GOod men and wymmen thys day is callid wyt sonday for be cause that this day the hooly goste broughte wytte and wy­sedome in to cristus disciples. and so by her pre­chyng aftyr in to all cristendome Than may ye vnderstonde that many hathe wytte but not wy­sedome for there be ma­ny that haue wytte to p̄ ­che well and to sey well but there be fewe that hathe wysedome to do well There be many wyse p̄ ­chorys and techourys. but her leuyng is no maner thyng aftyr her prechyng. Also ther be many that labourith to ha­ue wytte and connyng but fewe trauelith to co­me to good leuyng for who so haue wytte [...] and connyng to gete good with fayre sotyll wordis be they neuer so false he is wyse but wytte of ho­lynesse is not sette by For he that can gete good falsely with knackys and mowus he is a wyse mā but he that for sakyth the wytte of this worlde is [...] [Page] [...] [Page] [...] [Page] sole But loke what holy scripture seythe Domi­nus recitauit nom̄ pa [...]peris quia ipsū approbauit et nomē eins in libro scrip­tum fuit Oure lord hathe receyued the name of the pore man for he hath preuyd hym in his po­uerte and wretyn his name in the boke of lyffe

Sed nomen diuitia tacuit quia ipsū nō approbauit. But he lefte the riche man for he hathe not preuyd hym but thoug [...] a man be neuer so riche atte the laste he shall be pore For noughte he bryngythe with hym but his good dedis and his badde he that leuythe well and techithe well for a good ensam­ple in leuyng is a good doctryne. This grace as this day was yeuen to cristus disciples for they taughte well and leuyd well for they gaue good informacion [...] techyng of good ensample in leuyng sore her techyng and her leuyng is sprad de a bowte in all the worlde. Than how the come to this grace ye shall here Post ascensioneml domini. Aftyr whan that oure lord ihesu criste was steyed vp in to heuen his disciples were in grete heuynesse & mornyng for they had de lo­ste her maystre that they louyd full well and for hym had de loste all ther goodys for his loue and for sake all her frenchipp̄ and sewed hym full pore in hope that they shulde gretely be holpen by hym. And thus they were alle heuy and gretely stonyed and sore a fer­de to be takyn of the ie [...]o es and caste in pryson & aftyr to be putte to deth

This made hem sory that they durste not go a monge the people sore to gete hem mete & drynke▪ but yit as criste badde hem in his ascension they wente in to the Cite of [Page] Iherusaleth and there they were in an halle of stage and there they sat­te to gedyr preyng vn to god with hole herte and one sperite of helpe and socoure and somme comforte in her dissese Than as they were thus preing to gedyr sodenly there was a grete clowde made in the eyre like a blaste of thoundre and euyn ther with the hooly goste co­me among hem Et apparnerunt illis di­spertite liugne tan quam ignis. And lyghte come downe amon­ge hem in likenesse of tō ges brennyng and not smertyng warmyng and not hermyng lyghtenyng and not flate­ryng Et repletisūt omnes spiritu san­cto And fillid hem full of gostly witte for as they where to sore but lewde men of sighte and vn let tered and verray Ide­ottes as of co [...]yng and nothyng cowde of clergye sodenly they were the wyseste men and the beste clerkes in the worlde And anone they spake all maner langages vndir the sonne and there as before her hertis was colde for drede and for fere of dethe Thanne were they so comfortid with the holy goste in brennyng loue that they wente and prechyd and taught the worde of god sparyng for no drede but redy to take the dethe for cristus sake Thanne at that tyme there were in Iherusalē people of all nacions and drewe in to the temple for grete fere of the blaste of thoundre that was in the eyre and stodyed what hit myghte be.

Thanne come the posteles in to the temple and prechyd and all maner nacions vndirstode hem and they vndirstode all maner nacions & so they p̄chyd the worde of god Thanne were the peple a stoyned whā they herde [Page] the posteles speke all maner of langages. Than seyde somme these haue dronke so moche muste that they wotte not what they do seye nothir what they mene for they be all dronkyn Than answer­de petir and seyde we be not dronke but this was the prophecie of Iohell the prophete how the holy goste shulde be yeuen plenteuous to the peple so that they shulde speke with all tonges that is to p̄che and all in the worldes the lawe of criste.

Thanne the people tuened faste and so with in sewe yeris the seythe was in all the worlde. Now hit is to wete why the holy goste more apperyd in to lykenesse of tonges rathir than in any othir party of mannes body & why he come to hem sit­tyng rathir than stan­dyng. As to the fursce this is the cause. a tonge is the beste membre of a mannes body whan hyt is in▪ good rewle and well disposed but whan hyt is oute of rewle hit is the worsce. Denenum a­spidum sub labiis eorum Bitter venemé is vnder the tonges that speakithe euyll seythe Dauid in the sawter. And as seint Ieme seythe Acursed tonge is fired with fyre of hell and may not be chastifid while the fyre brennyth hit And al­so for tonges muste speke wordis of fyre that ys sharpe and sperkelyng to sey trouthe and notte spare in prechyng and techyng to repreue mys dedis for as holy men in olde tyme ouercome and droue a wey the fyre of lyghtenyng with holy wordes and good preyou­res with the brennyng loue to god ryghte for the fyre of the holy gost shulde dryue a weye and o­uercome the fyre of helle that enuy hath and euyll leuyng that regnyth now in the tonges of moche [Page] people and in her herte And for the apostlis & othir prechoris that co­mythe aftyr hem shulde speke brennyng wordis that is neythir to sharpe nothir for drede nor for loue to sey the trouthe & to tell the people her de­fautes and to repreue the synne that regneth in hē in many diuerse wyse and so to do and sey the worde of god and to repreue synne. and but they woll leue synne they shall with oute remedy be dā ­ned in to the fyre of hell for thoughe thou shuldi­ste dye spare not to pre­che the worde of god and telle the trouthe Item deus ē misericors penitentibus pecca tasua. Also god is mercyfull to theym that be sory for her synnes & woll leue hem T [...]m uero confessus fuerit et relinuerit ea misericordia cōse qua tur For thoughe a mā haue do neuer so moche synne and he woll shreyue hym and for sake his synne mercy shall folowe hym and he shall haue for yeuenesse and so come to the bryghte fyre euer la­styng blysse that is the precious loue of god that brennythe amonge angelis and seyntis in heuen Also he comythe in lykenesse of tonges of fyre for it is the kynde of fyre to make lowe that is highe and to warme that is colde to make softe that is harde and make harde that is softe And also the hooly goste makythe hertis that be high of pride and enuy he makythe hem lowe and warme in loue and charite and also harde hertis that haue be gaderyng and holdyng of worldely goo­des the hooly goste ma­kythe hem softe and li­berall to yeue and to de le almesse dede for the lo­ue of almyghty god and makythe theym harde also▪ in sufferyng of harde [Page] and streyte leuyng and in doyng of grete penaū ce for her synnes. Thus the hooly goste is euer redy to make salue [...]or to hele all maner of synnes

That othir skylle ys why the hooly goste co­me to the apostles ra­thir sittyng thanne stondyng for sittyng be to kenythe mekenesse in herte with reste pece and v­nyte the whiche any m [...] ­ner a man muste nedis haue that woll [...]sceyue the hooly goste for right [...]s the drye wode wolle brenne clerely with onte steryng so shulde euery cristen man loue othyr with brennyng loue and charite clerely with oute feynyng of wrathe or enuy or any maner of ma­lice eche with othir and euery man shulde be f [...]yne of other is welfare and this ma [...]ythe to haue a good tonge. But as sone as the brondes be caste a twynne by desc [...]nsi­ [...]n of malice and enuye a none the fyre of the holy goste quenchith and thanne risithe vp smoke of grete wrathe and en­uye betwene party and party and also grete greuaunce and heuynesse for the soule and causithe it to fayle grace that it may haue no consideracion to reson than anon the wickyd spirites bene redy ryse & vp smoke in the same mannes herte that is for to say grete wrathe and enuy and euyll will that hit may haue no maner reste but euer stody­yng and thynkyng also howe he may auenge hym and doo vengeaunre vn to his enemyes and so is a man euer tro [...]blid and besy in cursid ded is and like to be dampned body and soule in hell to euerlasty [...]g p [...]yne but yf he haue socoure and helpe of the hooly gos [...]e and alle soche thynges that may come of cur­sid and wicked ton­ges.

[Page]There for the hooly goste comythe in the lyke­nesse of tonges of fyre to brenne oute the malyce & enuye and anoynte hem with swetenesse of grace loue and charite. And therefor we shall prey to the hooly goste to yeue vs grace so to tempre oure tonges that we may euer more speke good & that oure hertys may be fedde with mekenesse that we may be abyll to be fedde with the hooly goste. As seynt Gregor was whanne he expouned the prophecie he toke to him his dekon seint Petyr to wryte as he expouned. and made drawe betwene hym for petyr schulde not se how he dyde in his stodyyngg. Thanne as Gregor satte in his chair stodyyng holdyng vp his hond [...] and his eyen to he uenward the holy goste come lyke a whyte downe with fote and bill brennyng golde and satte on Gregor right shu [...] ­dre and putte her bill in Gregoris mouthe. and whanne he with drewe it than he bad Petyr wryte and so continued till he hadde made an ende. but he expowned the gospell so boldely that Pe­tyr hadde meruayle ther of and preuely made an hole in the clothe y was betwene gregor and hym and sawe how the holy goste fedde hym. And a none the holy goste shew de Gr [...]gor howe Petyr hadde done Than Ere­gor blamyd Petyr and chargid him that he shulde neuer sey no thyng whyle he leued. But whanne gregor was dede an eretike wolde haue brē ned his bokys that this holy mā made & than Petyr with stode hym and seyde nay and tolde all how the holy goste had­de done to hym whyle he expowned the prophe­cie and so sauyd his bokys vnbrennyd that he hadde made by the grace [Page] of god and yifte of the holy goste the whiche yeue vs grace to be fedde of hym here in oure leuyng that we may haue the blysse that neuer shal haue ende Amen.

In die s [...]ncte trinitatis


GOod men and wymmen thys day ys an highe and a solempne feste in holy churche for it is of the hooly Trinite For as holy churche at wyt­sontyde makith mencion how the hooly goste co­me vn to cristus disciples Now at this tyme is made mencion of all iij. pers [...]nes that is for to say. Pater filiue et spiritus Fadyr and sone and holy goste thre persones and one god in trinite where for we be bounde to d [...] all the reueren­ce and worshippe that we can or may to this holy trinite Also ye shall vnderstonde whye howe and what the cause that this f [...]ste was ordeyned

This hooly feste was [Page] worshippid for the trinite fedyng for heretikes confoundyng and fore the trinite worshippyng Furste hitwas ordeyned for the forme of the tri­nite fyndyng And a grete clerke Iohan Bellet tellith that forme trinite was in the furste mā adā onre forme fadyr that come of the erthe one persone and Eue of Adam the seconnde persone of hem bothe come the iij. persones as her childe.

Thus the trinite was founde in man where fore man shulde haue mynde to doo worshippe to the hooly trinite. For hooly churche ordeyned that in weddyng of man and woman to gedyr so that the masse of the trynyte is songon. and atte hys dethe one belle shalle be ronge in worshipp̄ of the Trinite where for all cristen peple be bounde gretely to worshippe the holy Trinite. The se­counde cause is that feste is ordeyned in confoun­dyng of heretikes and of lolleris for to distroye theym and theyr false opynyones that they hadde a yenste the hooly tri­nite fore ryghte as he reti­kes in the be gynnyg of the feythe with her swe­te wordes and false opy­nynes where a boute to distroye the feythe of the hooly Trinite in the sa­me wyse lolleris nowe a dayes with her false spe­ce of gyle be a boute also to with drawe the peo­ple from the trewe bele­ue and feythe of the ho­ly trinite and the beleue and feythe of hooly chirche [...] marteres and confessoures to the dethe Ryghte so now this lol­leris pursewithe men of hooly churche and be a boute in all maner weyes that they can and may fynde to distroye and vndo hem so that they my­ghte haue her purpose. And thus they shewe opynly that they be not [Page] godd is seruaūtes for they be oute of charite and he that is oute of charite ys fer from god but he that suffered tribulacion persecucion and dissese fore the loue of almyȝty god and prey for his enemy­es and wolle not do no vengeaunce but putte all in god almyghty and he wolle quyte hem full well in euer lasting blisse for oure lorde seyde thus. Michi vindictam & ego retri [...]am Putte all thyng to me and I shall quyte euery man aftyr his deseruyng for thoughe god suffer hooly churche to be pursew­id by soche mysse and prowde leueris but at the laste he ordeyned soche a remedye that holy chirche is holpyn and her enmyes con [...]undid and shamed. Thus it happid on a tyme with the Emperour of Rome that hi ghte Attyl [...] and he was made by heretikes as Iohan bellet tellith the whyche Emperour pursew­ed Cristen people sore and hatid hem and holy churche gretely. wherefor he made to doo bren­ne all the bokys that myghte be founde of cristen feythe. But as almyghty god wolde there was a good hooly man and that was a grete Clerke and that clerke was callid Alpynyons that in meytenyng of the feyth of hooly churche he ma­de the story of the Trynite and the story also of seinte Stephyn and broughte hit vn to the pope for to haue hem songon and redde in hooly churche But be counsell of that grete clerke they toke the story of Seint ste­phyn and lefte the story of the hooly Trinite till to the tyme that Seynt Gregory was pope than for to repreue hem and do hem shame that be so the mysse beleuyng people and wolde not bele­ue in the trinite but made [Page] aftyr her reson many he retykes and in consideracion of hem seinte Gre­gory the pope ordeyned this feste to be halowed and this story to be son­gon and radde in hooly churche in worshippe of the trinite with all cristē people The thride cau­se is for the highe trinite worshippyng and fore all Cristen men shulde knowe how and in what maner they shulde beleue in the trinite for as holy churche techithe he that beleuithe in the Trinite shall be saued and they that dothe not shall be dā pned. Thanne is it full expedyent and nedefull to all Cristen people to knowe how they shull leue. ye shall vnderstonde that persite loue to god is the beleue for he that beleuith persitely makith no questions that litill a vaylith. Fides non habet meritum vbi humana racio prebet experimentū. Feithe hathe no mede ne meri­te where mannes wytte yeuithe experience. than is it good for all cristen people to make loue to be mediatour to the ho­ly goste prayng hym to lyghton vs with ynne oure soules that we may haue grace to come to his persite beleue There for this day was sette nexte with sonday hopyng that the holy goste woll be redy to all Cristen people that woll calle hym and specyally in lernyng of the feythe but yit for ma­ny wyttis be doulle to lerne tha [...] they may not se nor here but they be broughte in by grete ensample But that people is not moste commendable yf we may be ensample co­me the sonner to the be­leue in the fadyr and the sone and the holy goste iij. persones and all one god take hede of this ensample Of yse snow and watyr how that these iij. be diuerse eche in substā ­ce [Page] and yit is all but wa­tyr. ye may vnderstonde by the watyr the fadir by the yse the sone. and by the snowe the holy goste watyr is an element that hathe grete myghte and strengthe and as the mastir Alysaundre seythe it is aboue heuen in the maner of yse like a cristall & dothe worshippe to heuē and anone it is vudir erthe and the erthe is groū ded vppon water And dauid seythe in the sauter it is all aboute the world and in all thyng for in harde stones and yron somme tyme swete wa­ [...] for this watir is so full of [...]ghte is to vnderstō de [...]adir that his power is so moche that he gouernithe all the worlde. and knowith all thyng and all is at his wyll & commaundement▪ By the sone Ihesu criste ye shall vnderstōde yse that is water congelid harde and [...]till that is ihesu criste verray god and man that toke the substā ce and fraye [...]te of man­kynde whanne he was cō ceyued of the holy goste in the virgyn mary and borne of her body god that suffered passion vndir poūce pilate done vpon the crosse dyed and was beryed and the thridde day rose from dethe to lyffe and aftyr on hooly thoursday styed vp in to heuen and shall come a yene at the day of dome and deme the quycke & the dede. By the snowe ye shall vndirstonde the hooly goste for ryght as snowe is but watir and yse and lihht [...] in the ey­re but how no man can tell So comythe the ho­ly goste from the fadyr & the fone Spiritua sanctua a patre & filio non factu [...] nec creatu [...] nec genitu [...] sed proceden [...] but how it is for no man to stody for it excedit all mennes wytte to stody there vppon. but sadly beleue the fadir [Page] is full god almyghty. & of hym come sone fulle god and of hem bothe comythe the holy goste full god. This trinite was knowen in the ful­lyng of criste as the go­spell tellithe. In bap­tismo christi tota trinitas se manife­stanit scilicet pa­ter in [...]oce fili [...] in carne spiritu [...] san­ctu [...] in columba et totum celum aper­tum erat. Than oure lord ihesu criste was baptisid in the watir of fli [...] iordan and all the peo­ple nye of the countre there aboute were baptised there with hym and as they were in her preyou­res Et aperti sūt celiet spiritu [...] sanc­tu [...] descendit sicut columba. The hooly goste come downe in ly­kenesse of a whyte doue and lyghtyd on cristus hede. Et vo [...] de celo dice [...] Hic est fili­ [...] men [...] dilect [...] in qno michi bene complacni. And the fadir spake in heuen and seyd Thou arte my well be­loued sone that plesid me well that was the holy Trinite that spake in his persone and the so­ne was ther bodely in his persone whanne Iohan baptiste seyde to the people Ecce agn [...] dei. Se the lombe of god. & the holy goste was seyne in his persone. Sicut columba descendentem as a whyte doue come downe and these iij. be but one god in trini­te wherefore hit were full nedefull to all cristen pe­ple to prey besely so that we may haue grace to haue the persite loue to be­leue in the fadir the sone and the holy goste thre persones and one god [...]in trinite


we fynde that the modir of seynte Edmund [...] of pounteney as he stody [Page] ed of this holy Trinite she apperyd vn to hym and leyde in his honde [...] iij rynges eche with ynne o thir. And in the furste was wreton Pater the fadir in the secounde Filiua the sone and in the thride Spiritua san­ctus. the holy goste and seyde my dere sone to so­che figures take hede and lerne what thou mayste and tak [...] good hede to this ensample for ryghte as a rynge is rounde with oute any be gynnyng & endyng ryght so iij. persones in one god but for to stody how hit myghte be it is but foly for hit exdithe any mannes wytte to mense there vpon but saddely beleue ther vpon


we red of a clerke that was gretly lerned in dy­uynite the whiche stodyed besely to haue brought this in a boke why god wolde be beleued on god and thre persones and so as he walked on a day stodyyng in this mater by the see sonde he was ware of a fayre childe sit­tyng on the see sonde & hadde a lytill shelle in his honde and ther with he toke watyr oute of the seeland caste hit in to a litill pitte faste Thanne seyde this mastir to this childe sone what doste y and he seyde Sire y am a boute to haue all thys watyr that is in the see in to this litill pytte Than seyde this mastyr. that shalte thou neuer do hyt passithe any mānes power. Sire seyde he as sone shall I do this as thow shalte doo that thou arte a boute to do and anone the childe vanishid a wey Than this mastir thou ghte it was not goddis wylle and lefte his sto­dyyng in that mater & thankythe god hyly By this ensample we may se that it is not godd is will that we shulde mense yn that mater but seedefastly beleue in the fadir the [Page] sone and the hooly goste Deni per fidem trinitati [...] come by feythe and loue of this persite feythe of the trinite. De­ni per opera miseri cordie come by the werkys of mercy doyng Deni per opera insti­cie come to this beleue be doyng of werkys of ryghte wisnesse and thus ye shall come to this per site beleue fadir and sone and holy goste Et tūc coronaberia corona glorie eterne And than thou shalte be crow ned with a crowne of e­uerllastyng Joye and blisse to the whiche brynge vs to the hooly Try­nite Amen

De corpore xp̄ [...]

GOod frendis ye shall vnderstōde that this das ys an highe and a solemp­ne feste in hooly churche the feste of corpus chri­sti hit is the feste of oure lordis his owne body the whiche is offered to the highe fadir of heuē at the auter in remission of ou­re synnes to all cristē peple that leue here in persite lyffe and charite. and grete socoure and helpe in releuyng hem that be in peynes of purgatory there a bydyng the mercy of god ye shall vn­derstonde that this feste was foūde by a [...] that was callide v [...]bane the v▪ the whiche hadde grete grace and deuocion in the sacrament in the Autee consideryng the grete me de helpe and socoure to mannes soule and to the fortheryng of leuyng to all cristen people here in this presente worlde the­re fore he ordeyned thys presente feste to be halowed in the nexte thours­day aftyr the feste of the holy trinite for all cristē people that wolle be sa­ued muste haue [...]adde beleue in the holy sacramēt that hit is goddis owne [Page] body in s [...]me of brede made by [...] vertu of cristus word is that the preste seythe and by wor­chyng of the holy goste Thanne for this holy [...] thought to drawe the people to more deuocion and bettir wyll to this holy sacrament and to do the seruice this day he grauntith to all that be worthy that be tho that be verrey contrite and shreuyn of her synnes & be in the churche at bo­the euynsonges at mate­nesse and atte masse for eche C. dayes of pardon and for eche oure of the day xl. dayes of pardon and euery day of the v­ [...]s a C. dayes of pardon in remission of all her synnes for euer more endu­ryng Thanne ye shall vnderstōde that oure lord [...] crist on shereth ours day at nyghte whanne he hadde souped and wyste well that in the morowe that he shulde suffre passion and dethe and passe oute of this worlde vnt [...] his fadir in heuen he or­deyned a perpetuall me­mory of his passion to a byde for euer with all cri­sten people here in erthe He toke brede and wy­ne and made his owne flesche and blode & yaue hit to his disciples to ete and to drynke and seyde Accipite et mandu cate hoc est corpna meum Take ye thys & ete hit for hit is myn owne flesche and blode and this he dede for they shul­de haue mynde of hym. And so he yafe to all o­thir prestes power to make his owne body of brede and wyne thus euery preste hath power to make the sacrament be he good or badde for the sacrament may no man a mende nor a peyre but he that is a good man and a holy leuer helpith gretly tho that he preyith for And he that doth the office of the preste wor­thely and trewly. shall [Page] be glad and ioyfull that euer he was borne. For owre lorde hath ȝeuine a preste a yefte and poure here merth that he yafe neuyr to angelle in heuin that is to make his own body in forme of brede.

There fore ȝe schall haue worschipe more in heuyne thene any tonge can tell or herte thinke and he that is an euyll liffer and know is hym selfe in dedely sinne & presumith to minister that worthi sacramente & woll note a mende hym he may be se wer of perpetuall damnacion wyth fyndis of hell in euyr lastinge payne.

Then schall ȝe vndirstād that he grauntith this sacramēt to be vsid for euer more in holy churche for foure causes that be nede full to all cristen people The fyrste is for mānes grete helpyng. The se­conde for cristus passion myndyng The thridde for grete [...]one shewyng. And the fourthe for grete mede getyng. Nota anod prop [...]er nouē raciōes prodest ho­mini a [...]dire miss [...] secundum Angusti n [...] Seynt Austyn seith hit profitith gretly all cristen people to here masse and in speciall for ix. causi [...] & seythe thus. Quia illo die qua audie­rat missam neces­saria cibaria et cō ­ced ūtur. For that day he herith a masse he shall fayle no bodely fode nor no necessary thynge that shall be longyng to hym nor no lette shall haue in his iorneye where that e­uer he trauelithe The secounde is all veniall synnes shall be for yeuen him and ydull word is The thridde is yf a man dy [...] hit shall sconde for his ho sell The fourthe he shall not that day lese his sight The v. all ydull othis y day shall be for yeuē him The vi. that day he shall not dye no soden dethe. The vij. as longe as he [Page] herith that masse he shall not wex olde. The viij. all his steppis toward and fromward the chirche his good angell rekenythe to his saluacion. The ix. all the while yt he be holdithe the hooly sacramentall wikyd spi­rites fle from hym and haue no power ouer him be he neuer so grete a synner. This helpe and so coure we haue of the ho­ly goste and of the sacrament here in erthe and at oure laste ende all cri­sten people woll sende aftyr the preste to come to hym with godd is body & to reseyue hit knowyng well that▪ he beleuyth stedefastly that it is the same flesche and blode that criste toke of oure lady sinttmary and was borne of her body verray god and man and aftyr sufferyd passion and dethe on the crosse for all mankynde & leyde in tombe▪ And rose from dethe to lyue and now sittithe on his faderis righte honde in heuen and shall come a yene at the day of dome and deme the quicke and the dede euery man aftir his deseruyng So this per­fite beleue all cristen people shall be armed and made stronge to withstōde the fendes that wol come and a sayle at the departyng betwene the body and the soule for thā ­ne fendes come besely to brynge hym oute of the beleue. thāne shall the sa­crament that a mā hath resceyued in his lyffe make him myghty & strong that he shall sette all the fendes at noughte & so o­uer come hem. A no­thir skyll that the sacra­ment is broughte to a mā to aske mercy of criste & remission of his synnes hauyng full truste & beleue that criste is euer redy to for yeue all them y woll aske mercy with [...] meke herte. As Dauid seythe. Cor contritū et bumiliatū deus [Page] non despicies A contrite hert & a meke oure lord shall neuer despise & that we may see ensam­ple whan he hunge vpon the crosse betwene ij. the­uys that were men of cursid leuyng And therefor they where ordeyned to be dede and that one askid mercy with a meke herte ad seyde Domine dum veneria in regnum tumn me­mento mei Lorde qd he whan thon comyste in to thy kyngdome haue mynde on me and anon at his firste askyng he yaue hym mercy & more ouer he seyd to him thus Hodie mecum eria in paradiso This day thou shalt be with me in paradise And that othyr theffewolde aske no mercy in no wyse for pryde [...] he had in his herte and therfor he was dampned in to hell. Thus oure lord [...]hesu criste shed­de his blode on the crosse in helthe to all mankyn­de so in the masse euery day he shewith his blode in grete socour helpe and saluacion to all mankyn­de and the same flescht and blode is shewid e­uery day in the masse for we shulde beleue stedefa­stely ther one And he yt beleuyth not ther on ve­rily that it is so shall not be sauid at the day of dome.


Therefor I tell yow this ensample that is in the lyffe of wode the bi­shope of canterbury this bishoppe had with him clerkys that beleuyth not perfitly in the sacramēt of the auter & seyde they myght not beleue that the body & blode of Criste myghte be ministret in the masse Thanne was this bishoppe sory and prayde to god besely for her amendement And so on a day whan he was at the masse & hadde ma­de the fractione he sawe the blode drope from the [Page] oste in to the chalyse thā he made a signe vn to hē that beleued not to co­me ne [...] him & to se and whā they sawe his finge­ris blody & the blode rā ­ne from the oste in to the chalisse a none for grete fere they cryde & seyde. O thou blessid mā that ha­ste this grace to holde cristus body in thyne hon­dis that dropped blode in to the chalisse we beleue verely ther vpon & we besech the to prey to him for vs that thou haste in thy hondis that he take no vengeaunce on vs▪ for oure missebeleue and we crye mekely mercy And a none the oste tourned in to the forme of brede as hit was be fore & thā they wer perfite men of beleue eueraftir Anothir skille is that the sacra­ment is made in the Auter to make a mā be of­tyn sighte there of the soner to haue mynde on cristes passion & to haue it in mynde for hit is the be­ste defence a yenst tamptacion of the fende. For seint Austyn seyth the minde of cristus passion puttith awey all temp­taciones & the power of all wickid spiritis And for this cause rodi [...] and ymag [...] be sette on high in the churches for as sone as a man comythe in to the churche he shulde se hit & haue hit in his myde & thinke on cristus passion where for crosses & othir ymages be full necessary & nedefull. what somme euer these [...]ollers seyne for & hit hadde not be full profitable holy fa­deris wolde haue destroyed hem may yeris a gone. For righte as the people do worshipp̄ to the kinges seal not for lou [...] of the seale but for re­uerence of the kynge that it comythe fro So rodis and ymages be s [...]e for the kinges seale of heuē and othir semtes in the same wyse for Images belewde people is [...]ok [...] [Page] And▪ as [...]ohan bellet seyth ther be many thou sandes of people that cannot ymagyn in her h [...] ­tis how criste was done on the crosse but as they▪ se by ymages in chirches and in othir places theras they be And to haue the betyr mynde on cri­stus passion I tell yowe this ensample


Ther was a cristen man of Englond that wente in to the hooly lō de and hyred an hethyn man to be his gyde and as he come in to a fayre foreste and sawe many fayre thynges but this cristen man meruelyd gretely that he herde no noyse of byrddus and there of he hadde grete meruayle and seyde to this he­thyn mā I meruayle moche that ther is no son­ge of byrddus in this wode than seyde this he thyn mā this is the woke that ye calle passiō woke that youre grete prophete dy­ed y [...] where for on sonday that laste was that ye calle palme sonday all the fowles of this wode dye for sorow and all this woke shall lye as dede But on sonday nexte comyth that ye calle Estyr day they quicke a yene and all the yere aftyr make me­lodye. where for loke vp in to the trees and see & than he sawe euery bowe of the treeslye full of birdus as fladde as they had be sprede on the crosse Thanne sethe birddus haue mynde one cristus passion and make [...]oche mornyng & sorowe mo [...]h [...] more cause hathe mā kynde that were boughte from euer lastyng dampnacion to euer lastyng saluacion by his passione

The thridde cause is why the sacramēt is vsid­in the auter for a mā shulde by the sighte there of thynke on oure lord ihe sulcriste fadyr of heuene that hathe but oon sone that he louithe passyng [Page] all thyng but he sparid not to sende hym downe in to this worlde to suffre passion and dethe and to shede his precious blode for māknde to by him oute of the fendes boun­des and to write a char­tour with his owne precious blode of fredome for euer more to all man kynde so that a man forfete not his chartour by dedely synne but he that louithe god woll kepe his chartour for god askithe of a man but loue where he seythe thus. Dami­chi cor tuum et sufficit michi Sone ye­ue me thy herte and hit is y now for me Thanne take hede of this ensam­ple.


There was an Erle of venys was callid syre Ambryghte that louyd the sacrament in the aut [...]r passyng wele and did hit all the worshippe and reuerence that he cowde and myghte. So whan that he lay syke and shulde be dede he myghte not resceyue the sacramēt forcastyng than was he so­ry and made dole and thaune he lette make clene his righte syde and to couer it with a fayre clo­the of sendell and ley god dis body there on And seyd thus to the oste lord thou knowiste that I loue the with all my here and wolde fayne restey­ue the with my mouthe and I durste and therfor that I may notte I ley the on that place that is nexte to my herte and so I shewe the all the loue of my herte that I can and may where for y beseche the good lord haue mercy on me an [...] euyn ther with in sig [...] of all the people that [...] re aboute hym his sydde openyd and the Oste wente there in to his sydde And thanne his sydde closed a yene And soo [...] none aftyr he dyde & departid out of thi [...] world [Page] So lette vs loue the sa­crament in oure liffe and do it reuerence and worshippe and thanne at oure laste ende whā we shall dye & passe oute of this world hit will socoure vs and brynge vs to euerlastyng blysse. Thus the sacrament is vsid for grete mede getyng to all that beleue there ynne. for thoughe it haue the likenesse of brede and the taste hit is flesche and semythe brede it is quicke and semythe dede ye mo [...]e beleue verely that it is goddis blessyd body that toke flesche and blode of the virgyne mary and after dyde on the crosse and rose from dethe to lyue and styed vp in to he­uen and now sittithe on his faderis rigthe honde and shall come a yene at the day of dome to de­me the quicke and the dede and he that rescey­uith it here and beleued verely ther vpon shall haue euer lastyng lyffe in the kyngdome of heuen as the gospell seythe.

Qui manducat hūc panē viuet in eter­num. Who so etith of this brede shall leue euer and neuer be dede and he that resceyuith hit and beleuith not thus Renaerit in iudicio at the day of dome he shall be dampned in to euer la­styng payne. Augustinus in person [...] xpristi. Manducas me non mutabis me inte sed [...]n mutabis in me. Seynte Austyn seythe in the persone of criste Ete me but y shall not tourne and chaunce in to the but thou shalte tourne and chaunge in to me.


We rede that there was a Iewe that went wi [...]h a cristen man a felowe of his in to a churche of cristen people and her [...]e masse Et post misi [...] dixit indeua And oftyr whan masse wa [...]d [...] [Page] the iewe seyde to the cri­sten man Si ego tan­tum edissem quan­tūtu comedisti no [...] esuriem ut puto in tribus diehus. yf I hadde eton as moche as thou haste eton I shul­de not be an hungered as I trowe in many dayes And thanne seyde cri­sten man Dere nichil comedie For southe quod he I ete no mete this day thanne seyde the [...]we Ego uidi te cōedere puerum pulcherrimum qua [...]ē sa­cerdos eleranit ad altare I sawe the ete a childe the whiche the preste helde vp at the auter Et tūc uenit pulcherrimus bomobabena multos pue­ros in gremio sno.

Thanne come a fayre man that had many children in his armys. Et dedit unicui (que) ue­ [...]irum unum puerū [...]alem qua [...]ē sacer­dos [...]medit An [...] yafeche criston a childe soch as the preste ete. yit to sharpe youre be leue the more to this hooly sa­cramēt I woll tell you this ensample


We rede in seynte Gregorius tyme there was a woman that highte laci­ua and she made brede for the pope and othyr prestys to singe with and for to hosell with the peple Also whan the pope come to this womā to yeue her hosell and seyde take here goddis body than this woman smylid and laughed thanne the pope with drewe his hō de and leyde the oste vpon the auter and tour­ned to this woman laciua and seyde to her whismylest thow whan thou shuldeste resceyue cristus body and she seyde why call [...]ste thow that cristus body that I made with myne owne hondis Thā was Gregor the pope sory for her mys [...]e beleue & [Page] badde all the people prey to god to shewe somme miracle for this womannes helpe and whan they hadde preyde longe Gregor wente to the auter a yene and founde the oste tourned in to reed flesch and blode bledyng and he shewde hit to this wo­man Than she cryed & seyde lord now I crye the mercy I beleue that thou arte verray god & man and goddis sone of heuen in forme of brede. Thanne badde Gregor the peple prey a yen that hit shulde tourne a yene to bredis likenesse and so hit dede and with the same oste he hoselid this woman lacina and therfor late vs do all the worshipp̄ that we may to the sacrament that we can or may and be in no mysbeleue


Also we fynde that in deuynchere be syde exbrigge was a woman lay sike and was nye dede and sente aftyr a hooly per­son abowte mydnyghte to haue her rightis than this man in all the haste that he myghte he a rose and wente to churche & toke goddis body in A box of yuery and putte hit in to his bosome and wēte forthe towarde this woman. And as he wē te thourghe a foreste in a fayre mede that was his nexte wey it happid that his box fill oute of his bosome to the grounde and he wente forthe and woste hit not and come to this woman and herde her confession And than he askid her yf she wol­de be hoselid and she seyde y [...] sere. than he putte his honde in his boso­me and soughte the box and whan he founde hit noughte he was full sory and sadde and seyde dame in woll go aftyr goddys body and come a none a yene to yow and so wente forthe sore we­pyng for his simpulnesse [Page] and so as he come to a [...]elow tree he made ther of a rodde and strypyd hymselfe all nakyd and to bete hymselfe that the blode rāne doune by his sydys and seyde thus to hymselfe O thow sim­ple man why haste thow loste thy lord god thy maker thy former & thy creatour And whanne he hadde thus bete hymselfe he dede on his clo­this and wente forthe. And than he was wa­re of pilour of fyre that laste from erthe to he­uen and he was all asto yned thereof yithe blessed and wente ther to and there lay the sacra­ment fallyn oute of the bore into the grasse and the pilour schon as bry­ghte as any sonne and la styd from goddis body to heuyn and all the be stys of the foreste were come aboute goddis body & stode in compas roun­de aboute hit & all kne­lid on foure knees saue on blake horse that kne­lyd but on that on knee Than seyde he yf thow be any beste that may speke I charge the in god­dis name here presente in forme brede tell me why thow kneliste but on thy one knee. Thanne seyde he I am a fende of hell & wolle not knele & y my ghte but I am made a yense my wyll for hit is wreton that euery kne­lyng of heuen & of erth shall be to the worshippe to the lord god. why arte thow like a horse & he seyde to make the people [...]o stele me & at soche a towne was one hougid for me & at soche a towne anothir Thā seyde this hooly person y commaū de the by goddis flesche & his blode that thow goo in to wildernesse & be ther as thow shalte neuer dis­sese cristen people more And a none he wente his wey he myghte no lē ger a byde And thanne this man wente forthe to [...]

De festo sancti andree apostoli.



GOod men and wymme [...] [...]och a day ye sha [...] haue seint Andrewis day and ye shall faste the euene & come to god and to hooly churche and worshippe this hooly seynte that day for thre speciall vertous One is for his grete holynesse in his ded doyng. The secounde for his good leuyng. The threde for his grete compassion sufferyng. He was a man of hooly leuyng for whanne he vnderstode and herde of seint Iohan the baptist that he was prechyng in deserte anone he lefte all [Page] his wordely occupacion and wente to hym and was his disciple. And so after on a day as crist come walkyng by the way and seint Iohan baptiste saw hym walkyng he seyde to his diseiples. Ecce agnus dei qui tollit peccata mūdi See the lombe of god that shall doo a way the synne of all the worlde. And whanne seint Andrew he [...]de that anone he lefte seint Iohan bapti­ste and sewid forthe criste

And whanne he herde criste preche hit plesid hym so well that a none he wente and fette Petyr his brother to here criste preche than they caste grete loue to god and sone after as they where in the see of galyle fischyng crist come and callyd hem & a none they lefte fischyng shippe and nette and all that they hadde and se­wid crist euer after and where with hym tyll he styed vp to heuene.


Thanne after that seint Andrew prechid a mong the people than on a day as he prechid it happenyd so ther was a man among the people that was callyd Nicoll that hadde leuyd many wynters in lechery but yit by the g [...]ce of god he thoughte to amende his lyffe and whan he herde that the worde of god was of so grete vertu that hit shulde putte a way all temptacions of synne he lete write a gospell and bare hit with hym where some euer he wente and with the vertu there of he absteyned hym selfe from synne. But yit on a day by temptacione of the fende he for gate hym selfe and wente ayene to a brothellus house as he was vsed to doo be fore and whan he come the­dyr and whan the wy­men lokyd vp on hym they cryed oute on hym & [Page] seyd o thou olde sely man what doste thou here go home ayene for we see so many maruelous on the that we may not haue to do with the. Thanne this Nicoll be thoughte hym that he hadde the gospel vpon hym and a none he wente to seint andrew and tolde hym all the cause and preyde seint andrew to prey for hym that his soule myghte be sauyd. Thanne seint andrew wolde neuer etene dryncke tyll he wyste whethir Nicoll shuld be sauyd or no Thanne seint andrew fastyd .v. dayes brede and watyr and preyde besely nyght and day. Thanne come a voyce and seyd as thou haste faste and preyde make Nicoll to do the same and thanne he shall be saued. Than seint andrew bad Nicoll faste .v. dayes brede and wa­ter and prey besely vnto god and so he dede and thanne come a voyce to seint andrew ayene and seyd thy preyours and thy fastyng hathe made Nicoll that was loste founde ayene and he shall be sau [...]d.


Also anothir miracle that anothir yong man come to seint andrew in a tyme and seyd preuely to hym sire my modyr hathe be longe aboute me that I shuld lye with her and for I wolde not do her wyll she hath acu­sed me to the bishope & seyd that I wolde haue done that sinfull ded with her where for I wotte well that I shall be dede and yit I hadde leuer dye than sclandyr my modyr so soule There for I beseche yow prey for me that y may take my deth paciently to the saluaci­on of my soule Thanne seyd seint Andrew goo forthe to thy dome and I shall goo withe. and so ther with the people come and sette hym be [Page] fore the bishoppe And whan his modyr accufid hym he seyd no thyng but helde his pese Than seyd seint Andrew.

Innocena sangnia eiua sine causa dam nabit. This cursed woman for luste of her body wrongfully is aboute to dampne her owne childe to dethe venge­aunce woll come to the. Thanne seyd she lo sire iustice euer sethe he my­ght not haue his wyll he hathe drawyn vnto this man for counsell and so­cour Thanne the iustice comaundid to caste this youg man in to the wa­tyr to drowne hym and to putte seint andrew in pryson tyll he where a vysid what dethe he shulde dye. Thanne seint an­drew preyde besely vnto god for helpe and so­cour and thanne a none come a grete thoundyr and made all the people so a ferde that they where fayne to sette seint An­drew oute of the pryson. And euyn ther with come a lyghtnyng of fure and brennyd the modyr of the yong man in sight of all the people. And thus was this man sa­uyd and the iustice by this grete miracle tour­ned to cristen feyth and moch othir people with hym and euer after beleuyd in god and seint Andrew ther by ye may see that he was hooly in le­uyng.

Also he was grete in miracles worchyng for on a day as he wente by the see side he saw a drowned man caste oute of the watyr than andrew prey­de to god to rere hym ayene to lyffe and anone this man rose Than andrew askyd hym where that he was drowned. and he seyde we where .x. men to gedyr & herde of an hoo­ly man that hyght An­drew And we where comyng to here his pre­chyng and as we where [Page] in the see there come a grete tempest and drowned vs all to gedyr but wolde god that we hadde be caste to londe to gedyr that we myght haue ben reysed to lyffe to gedyr ayene. Thanne anone seint androwe preyde to god that all the bodyes myght come to gedyr & so they dede. and where raste vp in diuerse coun­tres Than seint andrew made and ordeyned to gedere hem all to gedyr. Than he knelyd downe and preyed god long for theym tyll they where reysed all to lyffe. Than seint andrew made hem all to knele downe & thanke god and prechyd hem and taughte hem cristen feythe and cristened hem all and whan they where stedefaste in the feythe he sente hem home to theyr owne countre with mo­che ioye to hem and many othir miracles he ded that where to longe to telle thus ye may se that he was myghty in miracles worchyng that reysed so many men to lyffe Also he suffered grete passione for criste sa [...]ke for whanne he was in the ci­te of pateas there he tor­ned to the feyth the wyf of Egeas. And this Egeas was a grete man and made moche people to do sacrifice and ofringes to maumentys but for seint andrew repreuyd hym ther of anone he made to take hym and wold haue made hym to do sacrifice but he wold not and stedefastly ayensto­de hym and preuyd be many ensamples be cause that he and all the people shulde worshipe god and not the fendis of hell Thanne was egeas wode for wrothe and made men to take andrew & stripe hym nakyd and bete hym with storges that all his body ranne on blode and thanne made to bynde hym hande aud fo­te and made do hym on a [Page] crosse for he shulde peyne there on longe or he died but whanne andrewe co­me to the place ther the crosse was he knelid downe and seyd thus. Salue cr [...]x que in cor­pore christi dedicata e [...]. Hooly be thou xrosse that arte halowed & made hooly by the precyous body of oure lord ihesu christe I desire to clippe the to me where for take me to the for I yeld me vnto my mastyr ihesu criste that dyed on the crosse And than an­drew stode vp and ded of his clothis and yaue hem to the tourmentoures and bad hem do as they where chargid to do of the iustice Thanne they bounde hym to the crosse honde and fote and his hede downewardes and streyued hym so that the blode barste oute at eue­ry knotte of the ropes & so he honge there .iij. day­es a lyue prechyng the people and so ther come to the prechyng many thowsandes of people & for pite that they hadde of hym they bad Egeas take hym downe or they wolde sle hym. Thanne for fere of the people egeas come to take hym downe Than seint Andrew ayenstode hym and seyd Quid tu venisti adme egeas what comist thou to me Egeas wete thou well thou shalte ha­ue no myght to take me downe for on this crosse woll I dye And euyn ther with. Hiis enim dicti [...] splendor ni­mis circuiens eum quasi per mediā horam. a grete lyght come a boute hym that ther no man myghte se hym in space of halfe an oure and more Thanne seyd seint Andrew. Obsecro tedn̄e miserere mei. I be seche the lord ha­ue mercy on me and so in that lyght he yafe vp the goste. And thanne whan egeas sawe & know [Page] this that he was dede he wente homeward than after that day he waxyd wode and sone after he dyed among all people And whan maximilla his wyffe herde ther of a none she toke andrewys body and buried it in a tombe. and oute of the tombe wellyd manna & oyle to gedyr and by that people of the Countre knowe whanne hit shuld be dere and whan grete plente For whan it shall be cheppre hit wellyth plentyfully and whan it shall be derthe sharsely.


Hit fell so ther was a bishop that louyd well seint andrew and for the fynde myght in no wyse brynge hym oute of his purpose he come to the bishoppe in lykenesse of a feyr woman preyng hym that she myȝt speke with hym in counsell of con­fession And he graun­ted ther to Sire seyd she y am a knyghtes dough­ter and haue be moche cherished and norishid in grete tendernes and for I see this world is but a vanite to truste vpon y haue avowed chastite & now my fadyr wold ma­ry me to a worthy prin­ce and for I wolde not brecke my vowe y am come preuely a wey in po­re aray and thus y herde of your grete holynesse & am come to haue your councell and socour & helpe of yow. wherfore I pray yow that ye ordeyn for me that the fende ha­ue no power to lette me of my porpose Thanne the bishop comforted her and bad that she shulde thancke god that hadde sette her in suche porpose and that he wolde sende her grace ther with to cō tynue And seyde to her Esto secura filia. Be thou sekyr doughter this day thou shalte dyne with me and thanne we shall by good auyse whan we haue dyned ordeyn so [Page] for yow that ye shall do ryght well Nay sir seyd she lefte the people wold haue any suspessione of badde reule ye seyd the bishop ther of no charge Plurima erimus & non soli. For ther shall be so many in company that ther shell be none suspessione Thanne sho thankyd hym feyre and scho was sette to for the bishoppe in a chayr at mete And euer whanne the bishoppe lokyd on her he semyd her so fayr that he was gretly temptyd on her so that he hadde all moste foryete hym selfe. And thanne anone ther come a pilgryme to the gate and bete fast on the gate that all that were in the halle were sore a sto­nyd of the noise so he cryed lete in lete in Thanne seyde the bishoppe shalle this man come ynne. Thāne seyd sho late hym answere to somme questione firste whethir he be worthy or no to comesonye in presence. Thanne seyde the bishop I pray yow makeye the question for I am not a vysid at this tyme Thanne seyd sho to the massenger In terroga quod ē ma­gis miraculū quod deus vmquā in par­ua re fecit Aske hym what was the grettyste miracle that euer god made in a fote of erth. Thanne whanne the pilgreme was askyd this he answerd & seyd a mannys face the which is but fote and but a mannys owne face For thow all the mē and wymmen that euer where borne stode a fore me ȝytte shulde y knowe one from a nothir be som degre. whan he yafe this answere he was gretly cō mendid therfore Than seyd she I se that he is wyse. byd hym yefe a no­thir answere to anothir question Aske hym whethir erthe is he yer or he­uyn Than he answerd & seyd thus There as cri­stys [Page] body is ther is erth for cristys body is of our kynde and oure kynde is erth. ther fore ther as cristis body is erth is hey­er than heuyn. whanne he had yeuyn that answere he was well a lowed and was beden come in Nay seyd she late hym a soyle the thyrde question As­ke hym how ferre it is fro heuyn to hell than whan he was oposid of this he answerde the messengere Goo agayne to her that setteth in the chayre be fore the bishop and bydde her yeue this answere for she can better than I. Quando de celo in abissum [...]ecidit For she is a fend and hath metyn hit and so did I ne­uer She fyll downe with lucifer And whanne the messengere herde this he was all heuy but he yafe this answere that all men myghte here. Than this fend vanished away with an horrible stinke Than the bishop bethouȝt hym of his temptacion & was sory in his herte and anon he made to send after this pilgryme but be that the messenger come ayene to the gate he was gone. Than the bishope made all men to pray to god to sende wetyng what the pilgryme was y so goodly halpe hym at his nede Than come ther a voyce to hym and seyd hit was seint andrewe that come and to socour hym for the good loue & seruice that he dyd to hym and bad hym preche this miracle to the people to se and knowe how graciously he hel­pith all that well pray to hym And ther fore late vs worshippe and pray to hym to be oure socour and helpe ayenste the finde now and euer.


Festum sancti nicolai.


GOod men and wymmen soch a day ye shall haue seint nicolas day the whiche is moche preysed in hooly churche and spe­cially for thre causis. the furste for his meke le­uyng The secounde for his heuenly techi [...] The thyrde for his grete com­passion hauyng Furste he was made lowly Pater eius epiphanus mater eius iohana dicta est. Hit is seyd that his [...]adyr highte epiphanus and his modyr ione the whiche in theyr thoughte goto seint nico­las And whan he was borne they made her [...]o­wes bothe to kepe and to [Page] leue in chastite and no more come to gedyr but holde hem plesid of this one childe that god had sente hem the whiche they made hym cristen and callyd hym Nicolas that is a maunes name but he kepith the name of the childe for he chose to ke­pe vertuous mekenesse & simplenesse and with oute malice. Also we rede whyle he lay in his cra­dyll he fastyd we [...]nys­day & freyday these day­es he wold soke but ones of the day and therwith helde hym plesid Thus he leuyd all his lyue in vertuous with this child is name And ther fore children done hym wor­shippe be fore alle othyr feintys for he was euer meke with oute any malice so that all people prey­sed hym for his meke leuyng here. Also he was bishoppe of the cite of mirre by the whiche that come from heuyn. For whan the bishoppe was dede all the bishoppes of the countre come to ge­dyr to chese anothir than ne come a voyce to on of hem and bad hym ryse erly in the morowe and go to the churche dore & make hym bishop that ye finde there that is callid Nicolas And so on the morowe he come to the churche dore and ther he founde Nicolas And than he seyd thus to hym Quale nomē habeatu what is thy name. Inclito capite And lowtyng with his hede answerd mekely & seyd Nicolas thanne seyd the bishop Fili [...]eni me­cum. Sone come with me for I haue to specke with the in counsell and so ladde hym to the othir bishoppes and seyd lo seris here is he that god hathe ordeyned to be. And so they made hym bishop of mirre by heuenly chesyng. He hadde also a grete compassione of tho that where in dissese [Page] and parell for whan his fadyr and his modir dyed they lefte hym wor­dely good y now the whiche that he spente on thē that where pore & nedy.


Hyt fell so that ther was a riche man that had iij. fayre doughters yong wymmen but by mishe­fe he fell in to pourte so that for grete nede he or­deyned his eldyste dou­ghter for to be a comyn woman. And so after the tothir to doughters for he myghte not fynde hem And so by this mene gote his leuyng and heris bothe for he woste not how to leue for the grete pouerte that he stode ynne And whan Nicolas herde there of he hadde grete compassione of hem all and come preuely in a nyghte to this mannes house & at a wyndow he caste a b [...]gge of gold in to this mannes chanbre. and on the mo­row whan this man [...]ose and founde this golde a none ther with he mari­ed his eldeste doughter Thanne come nicolas & brought anothir sone af­ter and ther with he maried the secounde dou­ghter Thanne this man had grete meruayle how this gold come the thir and wakyd preuely to knowe ther of a [...] the thridde tyme Nicolas come and this man herde the golde fall anone he wente oute and ouerto­ke Nicolas and whan he know that hit was he that had holpen hym so in his nede he knelid downe and wolde haue kyssid his fete but he wolde not suffre hit but prayed hym to kepe counsell while he leuyd.


Also anothir tyme men where in the see lyke to be drowned in a grete tempest they cryed to god & seint nicolas seyng thus Domine rex eterne succurre nobis mi­serie. [Page] Lord kyng euer lastyng socour vs wrech­is & anone nicolas come and seyd. Docasti [...] me ecce assum pre­sena [...]o I am present at your callyng and so brought hem forthe saue and sounde to londe.


Also ther was in the count [...] in a tyme grete derthe of corn Fame [...] valida and grete hounger in so moche that the people where all moste loste for the faute of me­te Thanne hit hapenyd ther come shippes of the Emperours frayghte in to an hauyn with whete in that countre. Thanne wente seint Nicolas to hem & preyde hem that he myght haue of euery shippe a .C. bushelles of her whete for to releue the peple with And he wolde vndyr take that they shulde lake none of her mette whan they come home thanne he hadde all his askyng and whan the ship­pes come to the empe­rour they hadde her full mesure and lackyd no thyng of her corne that seint nicolas hadde tho­rough his hooly preyour Oquam probat sanctum dei farris au­gmentacio. O how meruelously be grace of god and preyour of this hooly man this whete was multiplied and encresyd for of that whete was so grete plente that hit founde all the people to ete and drincke and sowgh y now thre yere after.


Anothir miracle ther where .ij. knyghtes that where accused of treson to the emperour of a fal­se mater and where commaunded to preson for to haue ben putte to deth sone after Thanne they cryde to god and to seint nicolas for helpe and so­cour so that the nyght before that they shulde be dede seint nicolas come [Page] to the Emperour as he lay in his bedde and seyd thus to hym why haste so wrongfully dampned these knyghtes to dethe a ryse vp anone and dely uer hem o [...]te of preson anone or else y woll prey to god to reyse batell vp on the in the whiche thou shalt dye and wylde be­stys shall ete the. Than seyd the Emperour to hym what arte thou that so boldely spekyth and so thretenyste me Thanne seyd he y am nicolas the bishop of mirre than the Empero [...] sente after the knyg [...]s and [...]yde to hem what wyche crafte can ye that thus hathe traueled me to nyght know ye any man that hyghte Nicolas bi­shope of mirre Thanne as sone as they herde this name they fell downe to the grounde and helde vp her handys thankyng god and seint Nicolas. whanne they hadde tolde the Emperour of his lyffe and how hooly he was the Emperour ba [...] hem go to hym and than ke hem of her lyffe and so they dede and he prey de the knyghtes to prey Nicolas to thretyn the Emperour no more but prey to god for hym and for his reame and so they dede. Thus ye may see that he hathe grete com­passion of hym that whe re in dissese. Thanne af­ter whan seint Nicolas shulde dye he preyde to god to sende hym an An gell to fette his soule. And whan he sawe this angell come seint Nico­las lowted and seyd. In manua tu [...] do­mint commendo spi ritum meum rede­misti me domine dt no veritatis. And so he yelde vp the goste. and whan he was bery­ [...]d at the he de of his tom be sprange a well of oyle that dede medicyns to all sores Thanne hit hap pyd many yeris after [Page] that turkys distroyed the cite of mirre ther as sein te nicolas lay and whan the people of the cite of Barus herde that the ei­te of mirre was distroy­ed. xlvij. knyghtes whe­re ordeynd to go the dyr than they arayde shippis and wente the thyr and be tellyng of four mon­kes that where lefte ther they knewe seint nicolas tombe and vndede hit a none and there they founde seint Nicolas bones swymmyng in oyle than they toke hem vp and broughte hem to the cite of Barus with grete so­lempnite. Thanne for grete miracles that wher [...]roughte there in the ci­te of mirre encrefid [...]yene And so after seint nico­las was dede they chose anothir bishoppe in his stede and anone after by enmyte of the people he was putte downe from his bishopriche and than anone the oyle sesyd and ranne no more. Thanne was the bishoppe callyd ayene to hi [...] than the oyle sprang [...]oute ayene as hit dede to fore and dede many miracles.


Ther was a criston man borowed a certeyn some of money of a iewe and the Iewe seyd he wolde lene none but he hadde a borow. and this cristen man seyd he had none but seint nicolas & he graunted to take seint nicolas to borow Than this cristen man s [...]ore vp on the auter that he wolde well and trewly pay this money ayeny & so departyd and wente her wey tyll day of pay­ment come and whanne this day was passyd than the i [...]we askyd his mo­ney and this cristen man seyde that he hadde payde hym & the iewe seyde nay he hadde not. and that othir seyde he hadde and that he wold do his lawe and swere vp on a boke And so whanne the day [Page] come that they shuld go to the lawe the cristen man made hym an holo­we staffe and putte the gold ther in and so co­me to the lawe. And whanne he shulde swere whyle he wente to the bo lie he toke the Iewe his staffe ther the gold was ynne to holde. And by this mene swore he had payde the iewe and whan he hadde sworne he toke his staffe of the iewe a yene and wente home­wardes And as he wen te by the wey he was pas syng slepy and he leyde hym downe to slepe in the hyghe weye Thanne hit happenyd there co­me a carte rennyng and wente ouer this man and slewe hym and brake his staffe that the golde was ynne and the golde fylle oute. Thanne the peo­ple sawe that this come of grete vengeaūce for the falshede that he had done And they fette the iewe and bad hym take vp his money. Thanne was the iewe sory and seyd he wolde not but yf that they wolde prey seinte nicolas to rere hym ayene than he wolde be cristen. [...]eleuauit a defun­cti [...] defunctum.

Thanne this dede man was reryd from deth to lyffe by the preyour of seint nicolas Baptisa­tor auri viso inde­us indicio Thanne this i [...]we that was oute of the beleue by the fight of this miracle he was cristened.


Also there was ano­thyr iewe that sawe the grete myght of seint Nicolas in miracles wor­thyng and he lette make an ymage of seint Nicolas and sette it in his shippe to kepe his good and chargyd the yma­ge to kepe well his good whyle he was absent and whanne this man was gone ther come theuys of the see and robbed [Page] this man and bare a wey his good And whanne this Iewe come home ayene and sawe all his good gone he was full wrothe with seint Nicolas and toke a staffe and all to bete this ymage & seyde. Ecce omnia bo na mea posui in ve­ltra custodia Ioqd he I toke all my good to your kepyng for gre­te truste and hit is stole a wey ye haue disseued me and there for thou shalte a bye euery day tyll y ha­ue my good ayene. Thā as these theues departyd the good seint Nicolas come to hem and seyd Cur tam directe fe cistia me flagella­ri why haue ye made me be betyn thus sore Than they seyd Quia eatn what arte thou that spe­ [...]yste thus to vs Than he seyd Ego sum Nicolaua seruua dei. I am Nicolas the ser­uaunt of god that ye haue made thus sore be be­tyn and shewde hem how sore he was betyn for the good that they had bor ne a wey that was taken hym to kepe and he bad de hem goo and bere this good ayene a none or el­lys goddys vengeaunce shall falle one yow and ye shall be hongyd in hell euerichone. Than they were sore a ferde and ba­re ayene the good that same nyghte And one the morow whanne the Iewe come and sawe his good broughte aye­ne anone he was criste­nyd and after that he was an hooly man And euery yere after on seinte Nicolas day for the gre­te loue that he hadde to seint Niclas and alse of a sone that he had de that was a clerke he made a grete feste on seint Nicolas day thanne hit hap­ped on a tyme vp one a seynte Nicolas day he badde many clerc [...]ys to his feste Thanne come the fynde to the gate in ly [Page] kenesse of a pilgreme and a shyd somme good for goddys sake. Thanne the good man that ma­de the feste toke his sone elmesse to bere the pelgre me so the childe wente to the gate thanne was the pelgreme gone And the childe folowed after the fende. And whanne he was a good wey from his fadyris place the fen­de caughte the childe and slewe hit And whanne the fadyr herde there of he was full sory and to­ke the childe and leyde hit in his chambre and tryde for sorowe and seyd a seint Nicolas is this the rewarde and mede that I shall haue for the grete worshippe that I do to the and anone the childe rose from dethe to lyffe than this man was full gladde and thankyd god and seynte Nico­las.


Anothir miracle ther was a man that preyde to god and to seint Nicolas that he myghte ha­ue a childe and yf he had a childe he wolde lede hit to the churche of seynte Nicolas and there he wolde offer vp a couppe of golde and than sone after he hadde a childe. And whanne this chil­de was of resonable age his fadyr dede do make a couppe of golde And whanne hit was made hit likyd hym so well that he lete make anothir and thanne he wente towar­des seint Nicolas chur­che and he muste passe ouer the see. So whanne they were in the see the fadyr badde the sone take vp some water with the couppe. And than the childe wolde haue caught water and the couppe fyll oute of his honde in to the see And than the childe wolde haue caught the couppe ayene and fill after in to the see and so the childe was drow­ned there in the see. [Page] Thanne the fadyr made moche sorowe but yit he wente forth with y othir couppe to do his pilgre­mage And whanne he come to seint Nicolas churche and offerid vp his couppe and sette it on the Auter anone hit was caste from the auter and he sette hit ayene & hit was caste ferther and yit the thride tyme he set te hit ayene and thanne hit was caste moche ferther Thanne come the childe with y othir coup­pe in his honde and seyd to all the peple that seint nicolas toke hym vp by the hande whanne he fill in to the see and latte him saue oute. Thanne was the fadyr gladde and of fered vp there bothe coupes and wente home a yene with grete ioye and myrthe.


There was anothyr ryche man that be prey­ores of seint Nicolas hadde a childe and he made a feyre chappell in worshippe of god and seint Nicolas. So hit hap­ped on a day this childe was takyn wi [...]h enemys and ladde in to anothir straynge countre & there he was in seruice in the kynges courte And as it happed on a seint Nicolas day he be thoughte hym of the grete myrthe and solempnite that was made that day in his fa­dres chapel at home and he was heuy and sikyd wounder sore. Thanne the hyng herde ther of Thanne seyd the kyng Nicolas what meneste thou to sighte so sore be mery for thou muste ne­dys a byde here with vs And anone ther come a grete wynde and smo­te the house and braste hit And the childe was caughte vp with the cuppe that he bare in his hande and was sette be fore the gate of the Chapell ther as his fadyr made his feste. Thanne was [Page] there made grete ioye and myrthe of this miracle. To thus ye may see how grete compassione that seint Nicolas hadde of hem that where in misheue and dissese somme bokys say y this childe was of Normandy and was takyn with a sowdon be yonde the see and ofte he was betyn. And ones whan he was betyn vp on a seint Nicolas day and putte in to preson than he wepte sore And with that he fell on slepe And whanne he woke he was in the chirche of his fadres.

De concepcione heate marie virginie.

Ood men & wymmen so­che a day ye shall haue the concepcion of oure lady the whiche day and feste hooly chirche makythe mynde and mencion of the concepcion of oure lady for thre speciall causes The firste is for her fa­dres ho [...]lynesse The se­counde for her modres goodnesse And the thride for her mekenesse She hadde a fadyr that was callyd Ioachym that was so hooly a man that whanne he was but .xv. wynter of age he depar­ryth all his good in to thre partyes. And one parte he delyd to wedo­wes and to fadyrles children The secounde par­te he gaue to theym that where pore and nedy. The thryde parte he ke­pithe to hym selfe and his housholde And whā he was .xxxij. wynter of age for the grete goodnesse of Anne he wedded her And whanne they where wedded they where to gedyr .xxij. yere in the whiche tyme Anne neuer displesed him with no maner thyng nothir nyghte nothir day. For [Page] she was so gentyll to him for they where bothe go­od and hooly yit god sente hem no frute of her bodyes but where barey­ne. where fore they made a vowe to god that yf he wold sende hem a childe they wolde offered vn to hym vp to the tem­ple for to serue god bo­the nyghte and day.

Thanne on a day as Ioachym wente with his neyborus to the tem­ple to do his offerynges The bishoppe that hi­ghte Isachar whukyd hym openly before all the people and seyd Ioa­chym hit fallyth not for the that arte bareyne and haste no frute to do offe rynges with othir peple that god hathe sente frute in Jherusalem Than was Ioachym sore dys­mayed and distonyed with this rebuke Than he wente home wepyng and toke his schepard preuely with his schepe and wente forthe into a ferre countrey a mongt mounteynes and hyllis and purposid to haue be there all his lyffe and neuer more to come ho­me to Anne hys wyffe Thanne whan ioachym was gone Anne was sory and preyde to god and seyd lord that me is woo that I am ba­reyne and may haue no frute and now more my husbonde is gone from me I wote not whethir he is be come lorde haue mercy on me. Thanne as she preyde thus an an­gell come downe and cō ­forted her and seyde an­ne be of good comforte for thou shalt haue a childe in thyne olde age ther was neuer none lyke ne neuer shall be. Thanne was anne a ferde of this Angellys his word is & of the [...]ighte of hym and lay all wey in her preyoures as she hadde be dede. Thanne wente the same Angell to Ioachym & seyde these same wordes [Page] and badde Ioachym take a lambe and offyr hit in sacrifice to god and so he dede and whanne he hadde done so from mydday tyll euensonge tyme he lay on the grounde in his preyoures thankyng god with all his herte. Thanne on the morow as the angell bad he wente homewarde to Anne his wyffe with his shepe And whanne he come nyghe home the Angell come to Anne and bad her goo to the gate that was callyd the goldyn gate and a byde her hus­bonde there tyll he come. Thanne was she gladde and toke her meydenes with her and wente to the gate and there schemette with ioachym and seyd lorde I thanke the for I was a wedowe and now am a wyffe I was bareyne and now y shall haue a childe y was woo and wepynge and now y shall be in ioye lykyng And sone after anne conseyued oure lady And whan she was borne she was callyd mary as the angell badde be fore.

Than after that she was wenyd she was brought to the temple and lefte there among othir vir­genys to serue god both nyghte and day. Than was she so meke among all othir virgenys in all her leuyng that all vir­genys cally [...] her quene of virgenys So she is the mekyste of all the seintes that be [...] heuen and most redye [...] to helpe all them that callith to her in any nede.


we rede in hooly write a miracle of oure lady.

There was a lordys man that hadde gaderyd moche good of his lor­dys for he was his rente gaderar and wente to be re hit to his lorde Than was ther theses that set­te for hym to robbe hym by the weye in the woode there as he muste nedys [Page] goo thourghe So whan he come in to the wode he be thoughte hym that he hadde not seyde oure lady sauter as he was wonte to do And he knelyd downe and beganne to sey. Thanne come oure lady lyke a fayre madyne and sette a garlounde on his hede and at eche aue she sette a rose in the gar­lounde that was so bry­ghte that all the woode shone there of and whan he hadde done he kyssed the erthe and wente his wey. Thanne come the theses and toke hym and ledde hym to her maistre the whiche had seyen all these doynges than seyde he to hym what woman was that that sette the garlaunde on thyne hede and he seyd [...]irre for so the y sye no woman ne gar­launde Than seyd these maister these y wote well thou arte a lordys man & haste moche good with the but y wolde fayne wete what woman that hit was that come to the and why thou knelyst downe and he seyd whan y sigh yow y was a ferde and also y be thought me that y hadde not seyd oure lady sauter and knelyd doune to sey it preyng oure lady to helpe me at my ne­de than seyd he for her loue goo thy wey and prey to her for vs and so he wente his wey safe and sounde be helpe and so­cour of oure dere lady.

But now ye shall here how this feste was firste founde. There was a kyng in Englond that highte wyllyam conque­rour he sente the abbot of ramsey to the kyng of denemarke on his message and whan he come in to the see there come a derkenes and a tempest that he and all that where with hym wente to haue be drowned. And euery man preyde besyly to god and to oure la­dy for socour and helpe and othir dyuerse seyn­t [...]s [Page] and this abbot preyde to god and to oure lady full deuotely Than come to hem a fayre woman and seyd to them yf ye woll haue the con­tepcione of oure lady in worshippe that is .ij. dayes after seint nicolas day she woll be redy to helpe and socour yow at this tyme and than this ab­bot seyd ye with good wyll and y woste what shulde be the seruice of the feste. Thanne seyd she the same that is in the Natiuite safe tourne the natiuite in to the concepcion And the abbot seyde hit shulde be done with full good wyll. than anone the tempest [...]ssed and all was well and they saylid forthe & the Abbot dede his message and come ayene safe and sounde & spedde well in e­uery degre. And whan he come home he tolde the kyng this vision the kyng made hym preche it in all the reame aboute

And thus hit was a lowed in all hooly churche.


Also we finde that ther was a seculer cha­non that one a tyme wente ouer a water to haue done a vowtrey with a woman And as he was a boute to be gynne to sey oure lady matenes & as he was at the inuita­tory that is Aue maria there with the fende caste him downe and drowned hym & wolde haue hadde hym to hell. thanne come oure lady & seyd why haste thou take this man the fende seyd for we fynde hym in oure seruice go­yng to do a vowtrey. thā seyd oure lady he was in my seruice & anone re­storid hym to lyffe ayen & bad hym do no more synne And bad hym to halowe also her concep­cion so he dede and was a good man euer after all his lyffe.


[Page]Also there was a cler­ke that euery day vsed to sey the seruice of oure la­dy thanne hit happid be councell of his frendis he shulde haue a wyffe and whanne he shulde be wedded he be thoughte hym that he hadde not seyd oure lady seruice. Than he made all the people to goo oute of the chirche whyle he seyd his serui­ce And thanne he kne­lyd a downe and seyd his seruice tyll he come to an antem of oure lady Quam pulchra es amica mea. Thanne oure lady aperyd vn to hym and seyd why sayste thou that I am fayre and honeste why wytte thou than leue me and take anothir Thanne seyd he on to oure lady what wolte thou that I shall do thanne seyd oure la­dy yf thou wolte leue thy fleschely wyffe and serue my sone and me I shall be thy spouse and thou shalte haue with me a crowne of euer lastyng lyffe in the kyngdome of euer [...]astyng blysse the whiche god and his blessed modyr seynt mary and all hooly seintys in heuene bryng vs all thethir now and euer Amen.

Sequitur sermo breuis de sā cto thoma apo­stolo.



GOod men and wymmen soche a day ye shall haue seynt thomas day that was cristys apostell and ye shall faste the euyne & do hym worshippe specially for thre causes The firste for the preuyng of oure beleue And for grete wounderes in his wey And grete miracles in his day. This hooly a­postell preued so oure feythe that he lefte no troble for whanne the disci­ples seyd that oure lord was resyn from dethe to lyue and they had seyne hym and spoke with him Thomas seyd he wol­de not beleue it till he had putte his honde in to his syde in to the woūde that [Page] the spere hadde made. Thanne .viij. dayes af­ter whan all the disciples were to gedyr and Thomas wi [...]h hem Thanne oure lord ihesu criste co­me bodely to hem and seyde Par vobis Pees be with yow and thanne oure lo [...]de seyd to Thomas of ynde. Mitte manum tuam in la­tus meum Putte thy honde in to my syde in to the wounde that was made with the spere that smote me to the herte. Et noli esse incre­dulus. And be no len­ger oute of the beleue but be stede faste in the feythe Thanne whan tho­mas hadde do so a none he cryed and seyde for grete woundre. Domi­nua meus et deus meus. my lord my god I beleue that thou arte verry god and man.

Thanne oure lorde seyd to hym Beatiqui crediderunt et non vi­derunt. blessed be tho that beleue and se not. for now thow haste seyn thou beleuiste but yit the taryng of Thomas broughte vs to sadder beleue and to the blessyng of oure lord ihesu criste Of thys spekyth seynte Gregori and seyth tho­mas of ynde thou haste holpe more to the feythe that woldeste not beleue tyll thou haddiste felyd his wounde thanne dyd mary mawdeleyne that dyd beleue at firste sighte M [...]nus est enim in maria magdalene que cicius credidit quam Thomas qui diu dubitauit Thus Thonas preued oure feythe and oure beleue that we nedyd neuer to vary nor be in dowte. Also thomas dyd many meruallys & grete wounderys that were in his dayes.


Hit happid that a kyng of ynde sende his messenger Abbanus. In die [Page] requirens artificium to seke somme craf­ty man in to the countre of cesar to seke a carpen­ter that coude make hym a palyse to his plesaunce Thanne oure lord ihesu criste mete with this ab­banus and sente hym to Thomas in to ynde also whan thomas and Ab­banus were passed the see they come in to a cite there as the kynges doughter was weddid the same day where fore all maner of people were com­maundid to mete so a­mong othir people tho­mas and abbanus come ynne and where sette to mete but thomas ete not for his thoghte was euer of god and had no lu­ste to ete Thanne come a botelere to thomas and smote thomas on the cheke and bad him ete than seyd Thomas to hym Non hunt surgam donec manus qui me percussit a [...]anibus affertur. I shall not ryse from this place tyll that honde that smote me be broughte in with a dogge Thanne anone after the Boteler wente after water and a lyon mette with hym and flew hym and drancke his blode & ete of his body and than come a blake dogge and caughde that honde that smote thomas and broughte hit in to the halle in the sighte of all the peo­ple and leyde hit downe before thomas than was there a woman that vn­derstode thomas wordis and anone knelyd downe to thomas and cryde and seyd thou arte god or else on of his disciples for right as thou wolte so hit is thanne the kyng preyde to thomas to blesse his doughter and her husbonde. than thomas was gladde ther of. Ce­pit ergo predicare beatus thomas. therfore the blessed thomas be ganne to preche & tol­de hem of oure ihesu criste [Page] that he tourned the man that was weddyd the same day from his wyffe and made hym bishop­pe of the same cite and his wyffe a nonne and they were marterys after for cristys sake Thanne wente thomas forthe in to ynde to the kyng to make hym a paleyse to his plesaunce so whanne tho­mas was come to the kyng he was glad and delyueryd Thomas a grete somme of golde to make a paleyse with. than rode the kyng forth in the mene tyme And so whan thomas shulde haue made this paleyse hym thoughte hit was better to make a paleyse in heuen than in er [...]h and delyd his gold a mong pore people and cōuertyd hem to the feyth Thanne come the kyng home and wente that his paleyse hadde be re­dy made And whan he herde how Thomas and Abbanus hadde done he wolde haue putte hem to dethe but hit happid that his owne brothir was dede the same tyme & therfore he putte hem bothe in pryson in to the tyme that he hadde beryed his brothir Thanne as god wolde whan his brothir had longe lay dede he rose from deth to lyfe and tolde the kyng that he had seyne his paleyse in paradyse that thomas hadde made for hym and preyde the kyng that he myght haue hit and he wolde yeue hym as moche golde as he toke thomas Thanne the kyng toke his counsell and seyd nay I w [...]ll haue it my selfe lette hym make the ano­thir for his brothir had seyne this paleyce in pa­radyse made with golde and [...]rayed with preci­ous stones and clothe of golde. Thanne the kyng toke cristendome and many a thousend with hym and whanne the bishops saw that the kyng and so moche o­thir [Page] people for soke her lawus and tourned to cristondome they where so wrothe with thomas that one of theym seyde he wolde venge his god and with a spere smote thomes thourghe the body and slewe hym Than cristen people beryed hym in a tombe of cri­stall and there god wote wroughte many mira­cles for hym For the hande that was in cristys syde wolde neuer come in to the tombe but euer lay with oute Also in his te­chyng and prechyng he taughte Duodecim g­dua virtutum assignare Primua est vt in deum crederent [...]ui est vnua in es­sencia et trinua in personi [...]. Dedit eis triplex exemplum se [...]sibile quomodo sint indiuidencia v­na▪ tre [...] persone▪ Primum est quia vna ē in homine sa­ [...]iēcia et de vna procedit intellectus. memoria et ingenium memoria est vt non obliuiscaria in tellecto. vt intel­ligas que ostendi possunt vel doceri ingenium est vt qu­od didiceri [...] inue­nias Secundum est quia in vna vinea tria sunt lignum folium et fructus. Et her omnia tria sunt vinea. Terci­um est quia caput nostrum ex quatu­or sencibu [...] constat In vno autem ca­pite sunt Disu [...] a [...] ditua adoratu [...] et gustus et hec plurasunt et tamē vnum caput. Secundus gradua est vt bap­tismum suscipiat. Terciu [...] gradus ē vt a fornicacione abstineat. Quar­tu [...] vt se ab auari­cia teperet. Quin­tua vt gulam dis­tringeret. Sertu [...] [Page] vt penit [...]ciam teneret Septimus vt in hiis perseuerarent Ocrauns vt hospita litatē amarent. Nonus vt volūtatē dei requirāt Decimu [...] est vt facienda que­rerent Vndecimu [...] vt caritatē amicia et innimici [...] impenderēt Duodecimu [...] est vt custodiāthiia vigile [...] curam exhiherent Item apos­talus Omnea qui o­derant deum de tribus breuiter inst­ruxit scilicet vt ec­clesiam diligerent Sacerdotes honora rent Et assidue adverhum dei conuenirent. Also ther be many meruelous & wondre full thynges done on this day for on that day all the countrey comythe the dyr to take pardone of that honde that lythe oute of the tombe in the vse of the bishop of the cite that gothe to masse. And whanne he hathe seyd Confite or thanne he takyth a branche of a vy­ne and putte hit in to thomas honde that is oute of the tombe and than he gothe forthe to masse and the branche burge­neth oute grapus and be that tyme the gospel be seyd the grapis be rype than the bishop takythe the grapis and wryngith the wyne in the chales & so singith with the same wyne and hoselyth the people. and whan any man or woman comythe that is not worthy to receyue this hosell anon the honde closithe to gedyr and wyll not opyn tyll he be shreuen clene and than hit wyl opyn Also yf any people be in deba­te they shall be broughte be fore thomas tombe & there the cause shall be rehersed than woll the honde tourne to hym that is in the ryght and so they be made at one. Thus thomas preuith oure be­leue [Page] and did many wyntres in his dayes. Also iohan crisostomus seythe that thomas come in to the countre there as the thre kynges of coleyn were and thomas cristened hem for they hadde wor­shippyd god in his byr­the And there fore tho­mas come to hem and taughte hem the feythe & the beleue of criste to that beleue that we may be sauyd god bryng vs all Amen.

De natiuita­te domini nos­tri Ihesu cris­ti.

GOod men and wymmen as ye heryn and seyn as hooly churche makyth mynde and mencion of the grete myrthe and me lodye of the blessyd birth of oure lord ihesu crist very god & man that was this day borne of his modyr mary in socour of all man kynde But in e speciall for thre causis Fir­ste to yeue pese to man of good wyll and to lyghte hem that were darcke in synne and for to drawe vs with loue to hym. Thanne as to the firste cause he was borne to geue men peese of good wyll I may well preue this for whan he was borne angellys songhe thus Gloria in excelsia deo &c. Ioye be to god in heuen & pese in erth to man kynd of good wyll [Page] At midnighte oure lord was borne for be kynde all thyng was in pees & reste inshewyng that he was and is Princepa pacia Prince of peese & come to make pees be twyxe god and man and be twyxe the angell and man and be twyx man and man And for to be trew mediatour be twyx god and man he toke na­tur and kynde of bothe and was bothe verray god and man and by his mediacion he knette the loue of god to man so saddely that the fadyr of heuyn sparyd not hym that is his owne but sente hym in to this worlde to bye man kynde with his precious blode thourghe his grete mekenesse to ioye of paradyse that man hadde loste be coue­tyse of vnbuxsumnes.

Thus he made pees be twyx god and man and man and man. for whanne angeles say her lord wrothe with man for his vnbursumnes for it is a synne that angeles hatyn gretly. Ther fore they kepte the gatys of paradyse and wolde lette no soule come ynne tyll they say her lord borne of man kynde Thanne a none for loue of our lord the angels did mankynde worshippe & spake good­ly to mankynde as to the sheperdys that keptyn her shepe in the countre by They bad hem go to the cite of Bethlem and ther they shuld fynde a childe borne and leyde in a crache and bad hem do hym worshippe and so they dedyn And euer syn angelys haue ben frende­ly to man and lowly end haue done reuerence to mankynde for the incar­nacion of oure lord ihesu criste. Thus he made pees betwene angelys & man Also he made pees betwene man and man for a yene the tyme that oure lord wolde be borne he made so grete pees that [Page] in all the worlde ther as kyngdomes and coun­treys were in debate and werred eche with othyr on to the tyme of our lordis birthe. Than there was so grete pees that a man that was callyd octauian Emperour of ro­me and he hadde the gouernaunce of the worlde for all the world was subiete to rome and hit du­red. xxx. wynter in so moche that ther was a maū ment sente oute from ro­me in to all the world comaundyng to all maner of people shuld go to the cite that he drew lynage of & ley a peny vpon his hede and so offer hit vp in knolechyng that he was sogette to the Emperour of rome. Than muste Joseph oure la­dyes husbonde nedys go to the cite of Bethleem for to offer with othir peple but for he had no money to offer he toke an oxe with hym to selle at the cite to make money to do his de [...]te with but for he durste not leue our lady be hynde hym for she was nyghe her tyme. And there fore he sette her vpon an asse and toke her with hym. And so whanne they come to the cite of Bethleem hit was so full of people so that Joseph and oure lady myghte haue no lo­gyng but tourned in to a cabon that was made betwyxse two houses there as the people of the countre sette her horses and theyr asses and o­thir bestis whanne they come in to the towne to the markette and so there they founde a cra­che with hey And they sette the oxe and the asse ther to and so there they taryed all that nyghte. And whanne hit was a lytyll be fore mydnyght oure lady badde Joseph goo in the towne and lo­ke her for a myddewyffe whan the tyme was co­me she shuld be delyuerid [...] [Page] [Page] [Page] asked her wher ther shulde after hym any be bor­ne that shulde be gretter than he Thanne at myd day Sybill loked in the sonne and there she saye a cercle of gold a boute the sonne Et in medio circuli virgo pulch errima And the myd dys of the cercle a fayre mayden and a childe in her arme with a crowne of gold And whan si­byll had shewid this to the Emperour she seyd to hym this childe shall be gretter than thos arte or euer were or euer shall be and ther fore do hym worshippe and reueren­ce Than a none the em­perour toke ensence and dede worshippe to hym and charged all the people to do the same and to calle the childe her god & hym but a man as othir were. Thus all cristen people may lerne to do worshippe and seruice to this childe this day And ther fore the thyrde mas­se this day is seyd at myd day in tokenyng that cristen people shulde come and offer in the worshi­ppe of this childe and his modyr and shewen hym seruaunt and suget to hym and knoleche this childe for his lord and his god and eche man shulde come to hym for loue and not for dre­de And ther fore the of­fice of the masse this day begynneth thus Puer natus est nohis. A childe is borne to vs he seyth and not a man for all cristen people shulde be bolde and not a ferde to come to hym to haue grace for he is full of grace and redy to yeue mercy to hem that askith hit mekely with dewe reue­rence he is euer redy to yeue mercy and grace.

In tokenyng that sa­me day that crist was borne in Bethleem a welle of water in rome tourned and ranne oyle all that day shewyng that the [Page] well of grace and mer­cy was borne that day that shuld yeue mercy and grace to all theym that wolde come to hym and aske mercy and grace and that ye shall here be ensample.


we rede of a woman that was defowled in le­chery and all moste fill in dispayr of drede. for whanne she be thoughte her of the streytenesse of cristes dome and the gre [...] horrible peynes of hell that were ordeyned for soche synners as she was [...]or [...] a ferde and be thou­ghte her of cristes passi­on what loue he shew de to all cristen people she thoughte she was vnkyn de to hym and he suffe­rid so sore for h [...] And than she be thoughte her how children be they ne­uer so wrothe and shewe neuer so grete vengeaun­ce how lyghtly they woll sese and for geue where fore this woman a none cryde to Criste preyng hym for his child he de to for geue her and to haue mercy on her and a none she herde a voyce an high in the eyre and seyd thy trespas is for yeuen the Amen.

Sequitur [...] uis sermo de sā rto stephano.



GOod men and wymmen soche a day ye shall haue an hyghe day and a hooly feste in the churche of seint Stephen the mar­tyr the whiche was the firste martyr that suffe­red dethe for goddis sake after cristes ascension. Than for to stere youre deuocion the more to this hooly martyr. I wyll tell yow somme what that he suffered for cristes sake as the boke of apost­lys tellyth Post ascensionem domini. after the ascension of oure lord that he was styed [...]vp in heuen the apostlys labo­ur was all to preche and to teche the word of god to cristen people And for they where to fewe to serue all the people that [Page] rome. ther come so ma­ny to tourne to the feyth there for they chose .vi. holy men and good lyuers for to helpe hem in god­dis seruice of the whiche seint stephen was one of hem and the firste and the wyseste and was so full of grace and myght of the hooly goste that he did many miracles and meruelous amonge the people. But thoughe a man be neuer so hooly [...]it he shall haue enemyes wherfore of diuerse countreys that hadde enmy­te to stephene and come ayene hym and disputed with hym for to haue o­uer come hym with di­sputacion and for they myghte not they broughte false wyttenesse ayenst hym to putte hym to deth But whanne seynte Stephene sawe and knowe her malice anone he thoughte to sese hem be on of these thre weyes othir be shamyng in disputacion or be drede of reuolacion or be preyours of hooly orysones. But firste he seyd be shamyngm di­sputacione For whanne they be gonne to dispute with hym he was so full of the hooly goste that they hadde no poure nor no myghte for to a gayn sey hym And so he ouer come hem in all her ma­ters and preued all her maters false that they seyde ayenste And ther for he seyd he was redy to take the dethe in very fiyng of all that he seyd And so putte hem that where grete clerkes and knewe the lawe and the prophecie to grete shame and velonye. But yit they wolde not leue but alwey ayene stode hym.

But he was so full of the hooly goste that he preued that he seyd be grete reson and trouthe yit wolde not they be leue it for all that the hooly go­ste spake in herte and yit for all that wold not they beleue in theyr concience [Page] that they dede a mysse and there as they seyne the cō mynte turne to the feyth for wordys and mira­cles that god shewed in her sight yit they ayen stode hym and sette goddis miracles at noughte be malyce and enmyte of her cursed hertes and by none othir reson of scripture. And so they fretid her hertis withyn hym selfe and grugged with her tethe for anger and how that they my­ght ouer come hym with disputacion Than they soughte yf they myghte haue take hym with som worde of Cristes dethe where by they myghte haue made them a cause to haue putte hym to dethe Thanne seynte stephene knewe her malice and lyfte vp his eyen into heuen Et vidit celos apertos And he saw heuyn opyn and oure lord ihe su criste sittyng on his fadyr ryght hande redy to helpe hym. And there with his face shone as bryghte as it hadde be an an­gell of heuen But whan they herde hym speke thā where they fayne and stoped her erys as though they hadde herde him speke false sclaundre of god and so a none drow hym oute of the cite to stone hym to dethe as for adi­sclaunderer Thanne they toke .ij. yonge men that cowde beste hurle stones and toke of his clothis and leyde hym at the fe­te of a yonge man that hight Saule and after was seynt paule Than whan seynt stephen sawe that he myghte not sese her malyce be reuelacione shewyng he turned to deuoute oryson preyng and yit hit wolde not be And than they hurled stones at hym and smo­te oute his brayne and thanne he cryed to god and seyd Domine i [...]e su suscipe spm̄ meū O thou lord take my spiryte for he wolde prey [Page] more de [...]outly for his enemyes than for him selfe he knelyd down to the groū de and seyde Pater ig nosce illis quia nesciunt quid faciunt. Fadyr for geue hem for they wote not what they do and anone he slepte in god. Now take he de what brennyng loue he hadde in his herte to god that preyde more deuoutly for his enemys thanne for hym selfe In this he gaue an ensample to all cristen people to be in charite echon with othir and to prey for his enemyes and hem that pursewe hym and do hym dissese [...]ni [...]ersa delicta cooperiit caritas Charite hidith euery trespas for he y preyth for his enemyes that martyr hym with any dissese and suf­feryth paciently he is a martyr be fore god For there is▪ iij. maner of martyrdome [...]. The firste is be passion and wyll ther to be wyll with oute passione be passione with oute wyll The first is shewid by seynt stephene that is sette nexte the birthe of criste for he sufferyth passione and had wyll there to seynt Iohan the euan geliste he hadde wyll but no passione The innocentes they suffered passion and no wyll ther to but not ayenst wyll Thus may a man be a martyr thoughe he shede not his blode that is whan he suffered grete wrong of cursed people and thankyth god ther of and takyth hit with good wyll and preyth for his enemyes deuoutly in clene charite Now take hede and ye shall se how these .iij. where in per [...]ite loue and charite Seint stephen whan he shulde dye he knelyd downe and preyde for his enemyes Seint Iohan whanne he wente to war dys his ende he seyd ofte to hem that ladde hym children loue to gedyr fo [...] charite is now to saluaciō [Page] The innocentes for they were so yonge that they cowde not speke yit they shewde loue be signes for the dede laughe and pleyde with her hondes whan they sawe the knyghtes come with her brighte s [...]erd [...]s to sle hem. than for seint stephyn was so glorious a martyr god shewde many fayre miracles for hym.


There was an honest man that had vij. sones and iij. doughtres but in mysse happe on a day all they wrathyd the modir at ones and in a gre­te angre she cursed hem all at ones & a none there [...]ill grete vengeaūce vpon hem for there come soche a sikenesse one her preuy membres that they were so for gnawyn that they myghte nethir a byde for woo but walkithe vp & downe in the countrey like mased bestis that all the people that sawe hem had grete [...]ite of hem

Thanne happid hit so that one of the breshere [...] that highte paule and a sustyr highte palida co­me in to churche of seint stephyn and there they herde people tell how deuoutly seint stephen preyde for his enemyes y martred hym a none they kneled downe & preyde to seint stephene to prey to god for hem & they wolde be his trew serua [...]tes & kneled downe in the churche preyng seint stephene hertely of his hel­pe & a none they fill a slepe in sighte of all the people & so were hole. And an on they wente aftyr all her othir bretheren & [...]u­steren and they were hol pyn all in the same wyse


Anothir miracle seint Austyn tellith how ther was a senatour of rom [...] wente to iherusalem and ther he made a fayrt chapell of seint stephen and there he dyed and was [...]eried in the same cha­pell. [Page] Than longe aftyr his wyffe wolde home in to her countrey & wolde fayne haue had her hous­bondes bones with her in to her owne coūtrey & preyde the bishoppe that she myghte haue hem

Than the bishopp̄ broughte seint stephenes bo­nes & her housbondes bones to her & seyde y know not thy housbondes bo­nes from seint stephenes bones & she was glad and seyd I knowe my housbondes bones well y now & toke seint stephen bo­nes in s [...]ede of h [...]r husbō des Than whan she co­me fer in the see angeles songe with grete melody in the eyre & there was a passyng s [...]ete sauoure y come oute from the bo­ne that passid any spicety in the worlde. And a none they herde fendes crye in the eyre & seyd wo wo is vs for stephen be▪dithe vs & burnyth vs bitterly & there with reysid a grete tempest [...] that the shippemen wende for to haue be drowned for grete fere cry▪d to seint ste­phen & a none the tempeste ses [...]d Than the people herde the fendes crye thus thou cursed prince oure mastir thou nor we may do n [...]ne harme to this shipp̄ for stephen oure aduersary is [...]herynne Than the prince of fen­des sente v. fendes for to haue burnyd the shipp▪ but thanne goddis angell was redy & drowned the fendes in the grounde of the s [...]e And so whā they come to the londe with the shippe fendes cryed & seyde goddis seruaunt comythe that was sto­ned to dethe with the iewis And than in worshippe of seynt stephene the people made a chur­che & leyde his bones [...]her ynne where god wrought many a fayre miracle for hym.

De sancto io [...]āne euangeliste.


GOod frend is soche a day ye shall haue an highe fe­ste in hooly churche the [...]este of seynte Iohan eu­angeliste the whiche was goddis owne d [...]rlyng. where for all hooly churche makithe mynde and mencion of the specialte that once lord gaffe to hym for any othir of his disciples Oure lord gaffe hym grace to kepe his [...] ginite and of kepyng of his modir and oure lord shewde hym his prynyte He gaffe hym grace to kepe his virginite that is maydynhode. For this story tellith and the people haue opynned whan johan shulde wedde ma­ri maudeleyne criste cal­lidr [Page] hym and he come & sero [...]d hym and johan lefte the worldes vamte & sewed oure lord and so kepte him selfe clene mayden till he passid oute of this worlde In preuyng of this whanne Domi­cian the Emperour of Rome herde the people tell that johan preched in a countrey that was callid asia and there johan made to bilde many churches and whan the Emperour herde that he sente aftyr Iohan and made hym be putte in a brayson tonne full of se­thyng oyle. and whan Iohan hadde longe so­dyn there ynne that alle the people wende that he had be all to sodyn and dede Thanne the Emperour badde opyn the tonne and whan the tonne was opyn Iohan come oute of the tonne and as [...]e was clene of all synne so was he clene of all maner of b [...]ennyng or harme in all parties of his body. A nothir harde tourmēt he had on a day Iohan sawe a temple of iewes and was full of mawmentry and than he preyde to god to di­stroye hit & a none there with hit fill downe to the grounde [...]all to powdyr. where fore Aristodimus the bishoppe of the temple was so wrothe that he putte Iohan in to pry­son Thanne seyde iohan yit wolte thou that y shal make the beleue in ihesu criste Than seyde aristo dimus y woll mak [...] ve­nym & make hit drynke be fore the & whan thou seyste hem dede drynke thou there of with oute harme & than woll I beleue on thy god than seid iohā go & do as thou sey­ste thā ordeyned the bi­shopp̄ poyson & fette ij. mē oute prison that were dāpned to drynke of the poyson & anone they we­re dede thā seyde iohan yf thou yeue venym to drinke y shall call to my god [Page] And than Iohan toke this poyson and blessid hit and dranke there of & he was neuer the worse but rathir semyd the bettyr and the fayrer for as he was clene from synne so he was clene from all grenaunce of the poyson yit seyde the bishoppe he wolde not beleue vn to the tyme he hadde seyne these ij. men ar [...]rid from dethe to lyffe that where dede. Thanne johan ca­ste of his cote and seyde Dade et mitte [...]a [...]c tunicam super cor­pora defunctorum. Goo and ley this cote vppon the dede bodyes and sey thus Ihesu cristus apostell sente me to yow and bad that ye shulde a ryse vp in goddis name and a none they re­syn to lyffe ayene. Than the bishoppe with many othir tourned and beleuyd in criste and johan cristoned hem and af­tyr the bishoppe was a full hooly man Thus iohan hadde grace to kept hym clene bothe body & soule and thus he was a martir to fore god in with stondyng of synne Also he was keper of cristus modir for oure lord sawe the grete clennesse that was in Iohan be fore all othir whanne oure lord shulde dye he seyde to Iohan. Ecce ma­ter tua. See thy mo­dyr and be toke Iohan the kepyng of his mo­dir and oure lord seyde to his modir Ecce fi­lins tuns Se thy sone and so be toke eythir to othir and whanne oure lord was dede and ley in his tombe Iohan toke oure lady home with hym in to his house and kepte her till oure lord [...]hesu criste was a reyson from dethe to lyffe a yen And whan oure lord was stied vp in to heuen he kepte oure lady in the same chambre as longe as she leuyd aftyr thus he had grace of kepyng [Page] of goddis modir Also he hadde grace of know­yng of cristus p̄uite for this was furste whā oure lord sate at his soper on sherthursday for grete loue that johan had to our lord Ihesu criste he leyde his he de to cristus breste and in the same wyse as a man leythe his body downe to a welle & drynkithe his body full of water righte so johan dran­ke his soull full of gostly wysedome at cristus breste and at the same ty­me oure lord shewed him all his priuyte be fore all othir. And for he was olde and wolde not leue to p̄che the worde of god the Emperour exi [...]ed Iohan him selfe a lone in to the yle of pache mo [...] And there god shewde hym the apocalippes of the worlde and of the day of dome and as he sawe hit he wrote hit in grete fermacion of hooly churche But aftyr wh [...] he Emperour was dede Iohan was callid ayen in to the Cite of Emphe­sie for there he was Bi­shoppe and he come the dyr. And there was a wedowe that highte drusiana was dede and leyde on a bere Thanne Io­han sawe moche people wepe for her and thanne he seyde Drusiana aryse vp and make me som­me mete and anone she rose and wente for [...]he as she hadde rose from slepe


Hit happid on a ty­me ther were ij. yong men be prechyng of johā they solde all the good that they hadde and wē te forthe with Iohan for they were riche men thā on a day as they come to the Cite of Parga­me they that were her seruauntes a lite [...] whyle to fore they were well a [...]ayde and where riche men and they were pore men. Thanne by temp­tacion of the finde they f [...]re thoughte alle theyr [Page] purpose and were so [...]y that they hadde loste her goodis So anone be reuelatione of god Iohan knowe her purpose and her hertis and seyde he sawe that the sende tempted you and makith you for thynkyng youre purpose that ye were ynne to serue god but go ye to the wode and ethyr of you bryng with hym a bord on of smale yerdys and so they dede. Than thourghe the preyour of Iohan god tourned the yerdis in to gold and than seyde Iohan to hē thus nowe take ye this gold and be ye as riche as ye were to fore and knowe well ye haue loste the kyngdome of heuen Than happid hit that ther was a man dede t [...] same tyme and the modyr of hym sawe Iohan and a none fill downe on her knees and preyde him that he wolde reyse her sone to lyue as he dede the wedowe drusiana Than preyde johan to god and this dede man [...]ose a yen to lyffe. Than seyd he to hym I bid the tell these ij. men what thou haste seyne and what ioye was ordeyned for hem and how they haue loste hit. And thanne the mā tolde of the ioye of paradyse and of the peynes of purgatory & of hell how stronge and how horri­ble the were and howe glorious the place was ordeyned for hem and how sory her good angellis were for they hadde loste that glorious blisse of heuen and how moch ioye the fendys made of the tournyng of hem And than the same men were sory and cryde to johan and preyde hym to prey to god for hem and wepte sore and johan sawe hem we [...]e he preyde to god for hem and yaffe hem penannce and whan he hadde do so anone the golde tourned in to yer­dis a yene and aftyr they [Page] were hooly men.


A nothir hooly reue­lacion Johan had shew­de by the preuyte of god hit happid one a day he sawe a childe that was li ke to haue be a man where for Johan broughte hym to abishoppe and badde hym kepe the childe and teche hym for in tyme comyng he shall be a man and so this bi­shoppe kepte hym and whanne he come to man ne [...] state he ga [...]e hym all to foly and fill in com­pany of [...]heuys and in a whyle aftir he was a ma stir theffe and the leder of hem Than be reuela­cion of god johan knew all this well y now and come to the bishoppe & askyd hym where this childe was and the Bi­shoppe tolde hym. than Johan blamed hym & seyde that he hadde mis­gouerned the childe Thā Johan was olde & my­ghte not well goo h [...] toke in horse and rodè there as thefeo were and whanne thyffe sawe Johan anone he fleye a wey than Johan wode aftyr hym and cried & seyde Quid fugia O fili mi. thow my sone why fleiste thi fadir a byde me dere sone and speke with me thi fadir that is olde and may not well goo & than at the laste this mā a bode Thanne johan p̄ ched so that he lefte his foly and aftyr was so holy a man that he was bi­shoppe aftir. Thus had johan reuelacion of god dis preuite.


Hit is wreton in the lyffe of seinte Edward the confessour that ly [...]he at wesomestre that seynte Johan the euangeliste ap pered to seint Edward as he wente a procession at the halowyng of the churche seinte johan ap­pered to hym in the likenesse of a palmer & preyde the kynge of good for [Page] seint johānes loue the eu angeliste for the kyng loued seint Johan well but hit happid that the kyng hadde no thyng redy there but as he toke a'rynge of his fingir and gaffe him and so seynte johan had the ringe vij yere aftir and thā seynte iohan appered to ij. knyghtes of the kynges that were be yonde the see to­wardes iherusalem and ashyd hē how the kyng ferde and bade grete hym well on this tokyn & to­ke hem the ringe & aske the kyng for whose loue he gaffe that a wey & bid him make him redy for he shall dye sone & so he dede


A nothir fayre reuel [...] cion he hadde whanne he was sixti wynter olde & vij Than oure lord ihe su come to him with his disciples & seyde thus.

Deni di [...]ecte min [...] tēpus est ut in mea mensa cum frati­h [...]a tuis epularia

Come my welbelouyd derlyng for now hit is tyme that thou come & ete with thy bretheren in my borde or in my feste. than iohan rose vp ano [...] wolde haue go forth with him thā seyde oure lord to him vpon sonday thou [...]e be with me Thau by sonday he was passing feble Die dominico conuenit ad iohan­nem uniuersa mul­titudo populi So on the sonday ther come to iohan a grete multitude of people & thā iohā ma­de hem to lede him to the churche and as he my­ghte speke he seyde to hē that ledde hym thus.

In fide essetia sta hiles et in manda­tia dei feruentea Be ye stable & sad in the feythe & feruent in the cō maundementis of god Thanne seyde on of hē to him why sey ye thus ofte to vs than seyde be yf ye loue to gedyr and [Page] be in perfite charite and sted faste in the feythe hit is y nowe [...] to saluacion & there for be ye stable in the feythe and feruent in the commaundementis of god And thanue he commaundid to make hym a graue be fore the auter & whan itw as made he wente in to hit and thanne come soche a ly­ghte aboute hym a grete whyle that no man my­ghte se hym And whan this lighte was gone the grane was full of man­na & wellid vp a [...] dothe sonde in the watyr And thus he departid out of this world into the blisse of heuene that neuer shall haue ende to that blysse brynge vs all to he that dyde on the rode t [...] for all mankynde Amen

Sanctorum inno [...]tum


GOod frendys [...] che a day is callid Innocentes day somme people ca [...]le but childre masse day for children were slayue that day for Cristus sak they be callid innocentes that is to sey with oute synne for they dede no syn for god is euer gretely [...] with synne and in speciall with proude people [...] yense her neybo [...]es do­yng hem wronge These innocentes dede neuer syn [...]s [...] [...]onsentyng to synne where for I may well s [...]y that they leuyd here with oute shame & d [...]d with oute blame & were cristoned in her [Page] owne blode at home and somme in her▪ moderes armes. Hooly churche as this day singithe and redithe in the worshippe of these innocētes for they were with ynne ij. yere of age and there for they were not a shamed of her owne shappe for they were not defowled with no maner spotte of synne. but the synne that they had of the drawte of kynde of oure fadyr Adam and Eue. For Adam and Eue were in the same wyse in paradyse the state of innocentrie fore they where nakyd but they were not ashamed of her shappe all the while the were with oute syn but as sone as they hadde do synne anon they sawe her owne shappe and were ashamed there of and couered her shapp̄ with leuys of a figge tre Right so when synn begynnyth to take roode in a childe than innnocensie gothe a wey from hym for he kno withe good from ille & ille from good and le­uith the good and do­the ille than he synnethe and than he is not innocent no lenger for thanne greuithe he god. But these children leuyd not so lōge to knowe that on from that othir but we­re slayne with ynne age of innocentrie where fore they leuyd her lyffe with oute shame and blame For kyng herowde the kyng of iewis made to sle hem with oute gylte. For whan the iij. kyngis come to kyng herowde and seyde to hym Obi est [...]ni natua ē re [...] indeorum where is he that is home kyng of [...]e wis and badde hym tell hem for they w [...]re come to worshipp̄ hym fer oute of the Este. Thanne wa [...] kyng herowde foule a stoyned of her word is and askyd his clerkys where this childe shulde be borne and they seyde in Bethleem inde And [Page] thanne kyng herowde tolde hem so and bad hem goo thethir and worshippe hym and come ayen by me that I may go & worshippe hym. also and so the kynges wente the­thir and worshippid criste and whan they hadde done here offerynges to criste Per aliam ni [...] reuersi sunt in re­gionem suam By an othir wey they tourned home ayen For the Angell bad hem do so in her slepe Than was kyng herowde wondyr wrothe and anone ordeyned to sle ceiste and whanne he had made all redy there to hit happid so that the Emperour of rome sente aftyr hym for to come to hym in all the haste y he myghte for .n. of his owne sonnes hadde accusid hym to the Empe­rour of treson Than herowde lefte all his pur­pose of criste as at that tyme and rode to rome and hadde the better of his sones and come ho­me ayen with more worshippe than he hadde to fore But yit he thoughte all wey to sle criste lefte criste hadde come to mā nes astate and wolde haue putte him oute of his kyngdome. Than sente he a none and had sle all the children that were in Bethleem and in all the countrey a houte that were with in ij. yere of age & that were borne same day & so they dede. For kyng herowde was goyng and comyng & so taryyng ij. yere & there for he made sle all that euer wer with ynne ij. yere of age And for he was so vengable in party hit fill on hym selfe for a childe of his own was slayne amonge othir the same tyme But ther come an Angell to Joseph & seyde to hym Accipe puerum et matrem eius et fuge in egiptum Take the childe and his modir & fle in to egipte & be there [Page] and so he dede Thus in­nocētes were slayne with oute blame & they were not ashamed of theyr owne shappe & they we­re cristoned at home in her owne blode & not in no fonte. There fore ye shall vndyrstonde that there is thre maner of cristonyng One is in water as we be cristonyd in the fonte Anothir is as these children were cristoned in her owne blode & a thowsand martirres mo that shedde her blode for cristus sake The iij. cristonyng is in the feith in the whiche all patriarkes & prophetes & othyr holy faderis that were before the incarnacione of oure lord ihesu criste y beleued verely in the comyng of crisce the were cristoned in the feythe Thus ye may see what enmyte this tir [...]unt king herowde had to shede so many childerens blode for cristus sake that trespa­ced not to hym nor to none othir. There wep­te many a modir for ther children at that tyme but god wroughte full feyre for hem & that tyraunte shewde enmyte & hit fille on him selfe for as he partyd an appell with the same knyffe he slewe him selfe Thus he was glad to shede blode giltelese. & there for atte the laste he shedde his owne, blode.

For he that is with oute mercy & euer vengeable ofte tyme vengeaunce fal lithe on hym selfe And he that loueth to do mercy shall haue mercy.

And this I may preue by ensample.


We fynde in the lyffe of seint Siluestre how Cō stantyne the Emperour was mesell and by coū sell of his lechis he made to gadyr iij. thowsand children for to be sleyne & all her blode shulde be gadered in to a [...] ssell & the Emperour shuld be [...]athi [...] all hote ther ynne [Page] till hit were [...]olde. Than these children were gadered in to a place & the emperour come ridyng in his chayre. but whan he come nyghe there as the moderes of the children were the moderis of the children weptyn & cry [...] dyn & made grete weymē tacion on the Emperour & made a derefull noyse. Than askyd the empe­rour what women they were that made that wey mentacion & the people seyde they were the moderis of the children y shulde [...]e dede for to hele him Than seyde the Emperour hit where a delefull dede of vs alle to make thus many to be slayne that be fayre bodyes to hele on fowle body & I am but one man as anothir is & many of these her aftyr may be full go­od men & worthy & stōde the Emperour in good stede. [...]ay seyde the emperour I woll not do so but late euery woman take her childe a yen home with her for they shal not be dede for me. And thā were the wymmen glad & mery & toke her childrē with grete ioye to hem & wente home. Than the nyghte aftyr as this em­peroure lay in his [...]edde Petyr & poule come to hym & seyde for the grete compassion & pite y thou haddiste on the wymē & her children there for sende aftyr seint Siluestre & [...]e criston & thou shalte be hole & so he dede & as sone as he was cristoned the lepre fill in to the water & he was clene fayre & hole. Thus ye may see how he that woll do mercy shall haue mercy and they that dothe vengeaū ­ce shall haue vengeaunce So did herowde venge­aunce & hit fill vpon him selfe & Constantyne the Emperour did mercy & he had mercy & grace I hope for euer more and so muste we all Amen

De sancto thoma epō Ca [...]tuarien̄.


GOod men and wymmen soche a day ye shall ha­ue se [...]t Thomas day that was slayne for the righte of hooly churche and the lawe of this londe. This hooly mā seint thomas was borne in the Cite of london & his [...]a­dir was callid Gilbert that was shryue of lon­don. Than aftyrward he ordeyned hym selfe & yode in to [...]e hooly londe & there [...] was take & putte in p [...] Than come a worshippefull wo­man to hym and sryde yif he wolde [...]lighte her his trouthe to wedde her she wolde helpe him and [Page] bryng hym oute of dis­sese and he dede so Thā come gilbert home in to Englond and whanne this woman sawe her tyme she come aftyr and mette in london at the churche of poules Thā Gilbert made the bishop̄ to criston her and aftir ward for to wedde hem to gedyr and gilbert gate seint Thomas on this woman. So whan scho was with childe she dre­myd in a nyghte that she come to seint poules chirche but whan she wolde haue gone ynne she thoughte her wombe was so grete that she myght not in to the churche by noo wey Thanne on the mo rowe she wente [...]n to her confessour and tolde him all the dreme than seyde he dame be glad & thanke god highely for thou haste a childe in thy body that all holy chirche shal be to litill to resceyue him Thanne was she glad and thankyd god hi­ghely and so sone aftyr this childe was borne & was callid thomas. thā he wexed a man and so he was a man in all degre for he serued the kyng manly and serued god worthely and deyde fore the lewis of hooly chur­che mekely I may well sey he serued the kyng manly for whan he was made chaunceler of En glond this londe was so full of outeland men and so sore ouer sette with hē that ther myghte no mā goo by the wey vn rob­bed. But in short [...] ty­me aftyr Thomas with his wysdome and his manhode he drofe them oute of this londe that all the people myghte goo vn robbed. Thomas wa [...] also manly in repey­ryng of the kynges maneres that were lette doune and destroyed and in specyall the kynges paleyse in london at west­mestre that was all lette falle downe But betwe­ne [Page] Estye and witsonty de thomas made to repayre hit a yene for he hadde there so many workemen of diuerse craftys that a man shulde onethe here his felowe speke for donnyng of strokys. He was also manly in dedis of armes for there as the kyng hadde many Ca­stellis and townes oute of his hondis and he spē te moche good to gete theym and shedde moch blode for gete hem a yene at the furste and they were holde oute of his hondis Than thomas with his witte and wisedom gete hem a yene Also whan he was in the kynges werres of fraunce he quyte hym so manly that whanne the kyng of englond had exiled tho­mas the kyng of fraunce was his chefe helpe & socoure Also thomas was as manfull in his a­ray for he was clothyd in the beste and richeste clothe and furre that myghte be founde And al­so his repayre to his ho­se sadeles brydele s [...]hon [...] as bryghte as any siluer he was also manfull in his housholde for hi [...] hall was euery day in some [...] cheson strawed with gr [...] ne ruschis And in wyn­ter with clene hey fore to saue the knyghtes clothis that sate in the flore for de [...]awte of place to sitte o [...] for there come so many euery day to ete of his mete and drynke for he wolde haue of all maner of deyntes that myghte he founde in thi [...] londe

In so moche that the kyng hym selfe many tyme vnwarned come to Thomas to mete bothe for loue that he had to Thomas and also to see the aray and also re­uell that was in thomas housholde for there sp [...]ke so moch people worshippe by Thomas. And where fore more trewer and also better loue that thanne was betwene [Page] the kyng and thomas while hit laste was neuer betwene to men. where for I putte this ensam­ple Hit happid that hit fill in a colde wynter as the kyng and Thomas come rydyng to gedyr in to chepe side at lō don the kyng was ware of a pore man that was well nere nakyd & had no clothis and was sore a colde Thanne seyd the kyng to thomas hit were a grete almesse dede to yeue to this pore man betyr clothes Sire seid thomas of soche ye shulde take hede Thanne had thomas on a clothe of good scarlet and well furryd with riche furre than the kyng leyde hōde on this clothe and wolde haue pullid hit from thomas for to haue yeue it to this pore man but thomas helde hit faste and thus they wrastelid longe in so moche that they were like to fulle to the grounde. but at the laste be fauour thomas suffered the kyng to take his clothe of and than the kyng caste hit to the pore man and bad hym renne a wey faste & selle hit and bey hym o­thir and yf thou be sette hit well thou mayste fare the better euer whiles thou leuyste Than tho­mas fayned hym selfe wrothe but in his hert he was welle a payde that his roue was so well be­fette Thanne the peple meruelyd gretely furste what was betwene the kyng and thomas but whan they saw what hit mened the people were glad and had grete sporte there of. This I sey to shewe ensample howe well they louyd to ge­dyr thus thomas serued the kyng manfully. also we muste lerne of oure hooly patron seynte tho­mas to serue god deuoutely. whanne he serued god full deuoutly for as sone as he was made arch bishoppe of Caunterbu­ry [Page] a none he tourned his leuyng in to better le­uyng and thoughte to serue the kyng of heuē as well as he hadde the kyng of this worlde be fore. Thanne a none he leyde a wey scarlet and riche furrys and wered clothe of myddell pryse and caste a wey silke and send [...]ll and weryd here nexte his body that was righte harde and a bry­che of the same hame si­de in the whiche was so moche vermyn that hit was an horrible sighte to see but this knowe but litill people. Also euery wedenysday and freyday he made his confessoure to bete hym with a rodde on the bare body lyke as a childe is bete in scole Also he vsid euery day to wesche ttre pore men­nes fete knelyng one the grounde and thanne he yaffe eche of hem foure pennys And also mo­che more penaunce he v­sid in preyng and wakyng that were to mo­che to tell at this tyme. Thanne whan thomas was in the abbey of poū teney vpon a day whann he hadde seyde masse he knelid downe be for the Auter in his preyour [...]s than the Abbote of the same place had to speke with him and stode vndyr a pilour and abode thomas And he sawe howe oure lord The s [...] criste appered to Thomas and tolde him how he shulde be slayne in caū terbury in his owne chirche for his sake and bad hym be stedfaste and holde forthe as he hadde be gonne Than come tho­mas oute of his chapell and a none the Abbot fill downe to the groun­de and Sire ye may blisse the tyme and the hour that euer ye were y borne and also blessid mute sho be that euer dyd bere you for to haue soche a visita­cione as I haue herde yow haue.

[Page]Thanne se [...]de thomas I charge the that thow tell hit neuer to no man whyle y am a lyue no more he dede but whan tho­mas was dede he tolde it opynly to all the people Thus I may well sey that thomas serued god deuoutly. Also he dyed for the lawe of holy churche mekely for whann he sawe the kyng be gan to make lawes to ouer sette hooly churche and soche law is as wolde haue de­stroid the londe. Than thomas putte hym selfe forthe and repreuyd the kyng of his misse dedis thā was the kyng wroth [...] made a parlament at northampton & for tho­mas wolde not sette his seile to the cursid law is that the kyng & his sory counsell had ordeyned & made a none they callid hym a traytour to the kyng & exiled hym oute of his londe. Thanne thomas wēte to the king of fraunce for socour and helpe and full goodly & mekely he res [...]eyued hym and all his clerkys and founde hem all moste vij yere all that they be ho­uyd Thanne grete disseses & greuaunces thomas had of the kyng of en­glond and all he suffered mekely Than by tretice & coūsell of the [...] & of the kyng of Fraunce there was made a faynti loueday betwene the king & thomas But whan the kyng shulde haue kyssid thomas he wolde not for he seyde he had made his a vow he wolde neuer kisse hym but bad hym go home to his churche boldely Than by the coun­sell of the kyng of fraū ce & bidding of the P [...] ­p [...] thomas come home to Caunterbury Than were there iiij. cursed knyghtes of leuyng y thoughte to haue had a grete thanke of the kyng and made her a vowe to ge­dir to s [...]e thomas And so on child remasse day all [Page] moste at myghte they co­me to caunterbury in to thomas hall Sire Rey­nolde [...]eriston Sire willi am [...]racy Sire Richard breton & sire he we mor­ley Thanne Sire Rey­nolde berystō for he was bitter of kynde a none he seyde to thomas the king that is he yonde the see sente vs to the & bad that thou shuldeste a soyle the bishoppe that thou cur­siddiste than seyde Thomas seris they be not a cursed by me but by the [...] & I may not a soyle that he hathe cur­sid well seyde Reynolde than we see thow wolte not do the kynges byd­dyng and swore a grete othe by the eyon of god thou shalte be dede. than cryde the othir knyghtes sle sle & they wente downe to the courte and armyd hem Thanne prestis and clerkys drowe hem to the churche to thomas and spered the dores to hem. But whā thomas herde the knyghtes armed and wold come in to the churche and myghte not he wente to the dore and vn barred it & toke one of the kny­ghtes by the honde and seyde hit be semythe not to make a castell of holy churche & toke hem by the honde & seyde come ynne my children in god­dis name Thanne for it was myrke that the my­ghte not see nor knowe thomas they seyde where is the traytour nay seyde thomas no traytour but archebishoppe Thanne one seyde to hym fle fore thou arte but dede. Nay seyde thomas y come not to fle but to a byde.

Ego pro deo mori parat [...] sinn et pro defensione iusticie et ecclesie liberta­te I am redy to dye for the loue of god & for the fredomme & righte of holy churche Thā reynold with his swerdes poynte put of thomas cappe & [Page] smote at his hede & cūtte of his crowne that it hō ­ge by like a dische Than smote a nothir at him & smote hit all of than fill he downe to the grounde on his knees & elbowes & seyde god in to thy hō des I putte my cause & the righte of holy chur­che & so deyde Than the iij. knyghte smote & his halfe st [...]oke fell vpon his clerkis arme that helde thomas crosse be fore him & so his swerde fill down to the groūde & brake of the poynte & he seyde go we hens he is dede And whā they were at the dore goyng whert broke wē ­te a geyne & sette his fote to thomas necke & thru­ste oute the brayne vpon the pam [...]t Thus for righte of holoy churche & the lawe of the lōde thomas toke his dethe.

Thanne how this marterdome was knowen in iherusalem ye shall here. ther was an abbey of mō kes in the whiche that same day & the same tyme that thomas dyed a mō ke lay at the dethe than for he was a good holy man of leuyng his ab­bote bad hym yf hit we­re not to god displesaunce whā he were dede he shulde come a yene & tell him how he ferde & so whan he was dede he come ayen & tolde his abbot whan he dyed an angell brou­ghte him be fore god & as he stode there he sawe a bishoppe come with a grete company of angeles & othir seintes & he stode be fore god at his iug [...] ­ment & his hede droppid downe of blode of woundes that he had▪ thā seid oure lord to him thus hit be semythe a man to come to his lordis court & a none oure lord sette a crowne on his hede and seyd thus to him As moche as I haue yeue to p [...] tir & to poule so moche ioye I graunte the And the monke seid here by I knowe well that this [Page] is the grettiste Bishopp̄ in Englond & is slayne for goddis sake & wete ye well that I go to euer lasting blisse. This tolde the patriarke of iheru salem sone aftir that thomas was dede ther come in to Englond aftir peple to fighte a yen the he thyn men


Also ther was a bir­de that was taughte to speke & cowde sey seinte thomas as she had her de othir pilgremes speke moche of seint thomas & it happid on a tyme this birdde sate with oute his cage & there come a sparhawke & wold haue slayne him & anon the birdde cryed on seynte thomas helpe. & a none this sparhauke fill doune dede than seint thomas of his grete grace & goodnesse herd the birdde & woste not what she men te moche more he wold haue herd & moche sonner he wold here a cristē man or cristen woman yt cryed hertely to him▪ for helpe & socour


Also there was a man that thomas loued pas­sing well in his lyffe. & hit fill so that this mā fill sike on a tyme & come to seint thomas tombe preyng him of socoure and helpe & a non he was hole but aftir he be though t [...] him [...] his sikenes was encresid to his soulis he le & so wente a yene pre­yng thomas yt yf it were more mede to his sou­le to be sike thā hole that he myghte be sike a yene & so he was & thankyd god & seint thomas thā whanne the kyng herd howe god wroughte so many miracles for seinte thomas he wente to caū ­terbury barefote & wol­warde & all moste nakid saue a feble cote to bynde his body ynne goyng in the fenne & in the lake as he had ben a pore man in this londe preyng to [Page] seinte Thomas of foryeuenesse of his trespace. & at the tombe he made all the couent by and by to yeue displyne on his bar [...] body with a yerde & there he dampned all sory custumes and false lawes that was cause of the de­bate betwene thomas & the kyng be fore & graū ted the churche her fre­dome a yene and wente his wey. Thanue these iiij. knyghtes whan they herde howe god hadde wrought for thomas they were full fory of her cur­sed dedis and cursed the tyme that euer it happid so with hem and lefte all her londes and wente to ihe rusalem in to the hooly londe to werre on goddis enemyes But william tracy was lettyd by the wey and fill sike and rotyd all his body in so moche that hym sel fe with his owne hondis caste a wey his owne fle­sche lompe mel [...] and so dyede an horryble dethe And the othir thre also dyede in a piteuous deth sone aftyr. And thus with ynne iij. yere aftyr thomas dethe they dyed all foure but as longe as they leuyd they cryde euer mercy to god and seinte thomas and so I hope they hadde

De circumcisiōe domini.


GOod frendis so che a day is cal­lid new yeris day and is the firste day of the begynnyng of the Newe yere that is co­myng and is the laste day of the yere that is gone. And there fore this day ye shall come to god and hooly churche to here youre deuyne seruice forthe this yere. For like as a good seruaunt that hathe a good mastir makithe his comenaunt but ones but holdithe forthe from yere to yere hauing full truste in his maistre that he woll for his good seruice yeffe hym a good towarde in his grete nede [Page] at his laste ende. In the same wyse goddis ser­uauntis makythe come­naunte with hym ones yt is at cristonyng at the founte and there he ma­kythe comenaunte to be goddis seruaunt hauyng full truste in god that at his grete nede that is atte the day of dome quyte hym for his seruice in e­uer lastyng blysse of he­uene and so woll he doo to all that be good trewe seruaūtes Thus this day is call [...]d new yeris day.

Also hit is callid Cir­cumcisi [...] [...]mini the circumcision [...] our lord

Also this day is callid new yeris day for this day is the firste day of the ka lendyr & the yere gothe moche he kalendyr there for his is callid new yeris day Seinte Austein seith this day & this nyghte he thyn people vse many false opynions & wyche craftys and false be leue the whiche be not to telle among cristen people les te they tourned to that vse where fore ye that be cristē people be well were lefte ye be desceyued be any false so [...]ery as be ta­kyng counsell of on mā be fore a nothir or in be­yng or sellyng or in borowyng or senyng in the whiche somme haue diuerse opimons. And yf they be well shreuyn they be worthy for to haue grete penaūce for ther misse beleue for that co­mythe of the fende and not of god This day is callid the circumcisione of oure lord for as holy chuche tellith this day he was circumsised & blede his blode for oure sake for whan the flesche was cutte he blede faste & was full [...]ore for he was but yong and tendyr and but viij dayes olde & there fore he blede the more. Thanne ye shall vnderstonde that he bledde v. tymes fore vs. [...]ni [...] enim [...]i ci [...]a sa [...]guin [...] s [...] ­ [...] pro nobi [...] eff [...]dit [Page] The firste tyme that he shedde his blode was as this day whan he was circumcised. A nothir was for fer of his passione for righte as a childe wepith for fere whā he seethe the rodde & hathe no harme so the flesche of our lord swede blode for drede of a strenger passion that was comyng. The thridde tyme was in his flagella cion▪ whan he was betyn with stourges so that all his body ranne on redde blode. The fourthe ty­me was whā he was nay led honde & fote on the crosse. The fifte tyme was whā that longinus perisched his herte with a spere that watyr & blo­de come oute of his woū des And than they toke vp the crosse with the body & lifte hit vp on highe & with a sodeyne fall they lette the crosse fall doune in to the mortesse that all the senowis & v [...]ynes and ioyntes braste a two and blode & watyr come out of euery wounde this he suffered for vs Thāne seethe criste was cicumcised and shedde his blode thus for vs y was with outyn synne & circumci­sion is for synne remedy & helpe why wolde he be circumcised that did no synne Sanctus augu stiuua dicit [...]rop­terquat [...]or causa [...] Seint Austeyn se [...]th hit was for foure causes. the firste was to make a see­the with the iewes for else they wolde & myghte haue seyde that he hade be of her lawe where for they wolde not resceyue him consente to his te­chyng. this was to dis­ceyue the fende For right as the fende disceyued a dam & Eue and so all mankynde was damp­ned So hit fill to criste to disceyue the fende where thourghe all mankynde myghte be saued. than whau the fende saw that he was circumcised as a no [...]ir childe he wende y [Page] he hadde take that penaū ce in remedy of originall synne. and so he knowe hym not frome a nothir childe for yf he had know hym verely that he had rome to haue bought mā kynde he wolde neuer haue tysed the iewes to haue putte criste to dethe. And this was all the cause that our lady was weddid to Joseph for to disceyue the fende for the fende shulde wende that Joseph had be his fadir and not consceyued of the holy goste The thrydde cause why he was circū ­cised that was in confermyng the olde lawe in grete comforte to the ol­de fadres y were of the olde testament fore & yf he hadde be cristoned and not circumcised hit had be a grete discomforte to all that were be fore the incarnation of oure lord ihesu criste The four­the cause of his circum­cision was for oure lord woste well that ther wolde come heretikes aftyr that wolde haue seyde y criste had a body of the erthely fantesy and not of flesche and blode as on of vs haue for a body of the eyere may not blede And there for to put a wey alle soche errours criste was circumcised and blede in his cut tyng of his flesche the whiche flesche was cutt from his membre an angell aftyr brought hit to kyng charles for the moste precious relike in the worlde and for the gretteste worshippe that he [...]owde do ther to he broughte hit to ro­me to a churche that is callid Saneta sanc­torum For these iiij. causes criste was circumcised This day also hit is callid the vtas of the natiuite that is the viij. day of oure lordis birthe in grete tokenyng to all vs that bethe good ser­uauntes to thynke on these viij. dayes that folow­ith the birthe The fir­ste [Page] day is to thynke y [...] ­wardly on the sede that we were conceyued of that is fowle and abo­mynable in hit selfe that as a man or a woman be they neuer so feyre that & they sawe the mater they wolde haue be a shamed of hym selfe to thynke [...] he were euer conceyued of that foule thynke.

The secounde day is to thynke how greuous­ly he [...]aynithe his mo­dir in his birthe in so moche that hit is an grete miracle of god that she may haue her lyffe The iij day is to thynke how fe­ble and howe wreched he is borne for all the be­stis of kynde somwhat cā helpe hem selfe sau man kynde he nothir may nor can helpe hym selfe in no degre but dye a none but he hadde helpe & socoure of othir. The iiij. day is to thynke in how mo­che parell and drede he leuithe here fore in e [...]ry place dethe folowith him and is euer redy to falle on hym what tyme newere no man knowithe but only god hym selfe In certum est locua in quo mor [...] te exspe­ctat. It is in certeyne the place there as dethe a bidithe the The v. day is for to thynke how horrible dethe is whanne he comythe for in shorte space and tyme he makyth a man to stinke that alle the beste frendis that he hathe be a vysed to put hym in to the erthe and hyde hym there. The vi. day is to thynke how rewfull is the departyng of the body and the soule that may not be departed till the he rte in the body br [...]ke fore drede of the sightes that the sou­le shall see that for grete fere the he rte brekyd. O mor [...] quam amara est memoria tua. O thow dethe howe bit­ter it is to thynke vppon whanne th [...]w arte co­myng to any man.

[Page]The vij. is to thynke how dredefull is the do­me that he shall goo to a none and howe streyte his iugement shall be thā he that woll thynke one these vij. dayes besely on the viij. day I hope he shall be circumcised that is he shall be cutte a wey from the luste of his fle­sche and of synne and so do parte from this worl­des likkyng. and thus comyth the viij. day that is the [...]tas of criste that is the ioye of blysse that shall neuer haue ende to the whiche god bryng vs all to Amen.

Judie epiphanie

GOod frendis this day is callid the xij. day but hit is the xiij. day of cristus birthe The whiche day holy churche callid hit the Epiphania domini that is to sey the shewing of oure lord ihesu criste verray god and mā for this day he was shewed verray god and man be thre offerynges be his cristonyng and also be tournyng of water in to wyne. The xiij. day of his birthe be offeryng of the thre kynges and that same day xxx. wynter and xiij. dayes aftyr his bir­the he was cristened in the water of flom Jor­dan and that same day twelfemonthe aftyr he tourned water in to wyne at the weddyng of cane galilee. But the feste makythe moste mynde and mencion of the iij. kynges offerynge and there late vs folowe the forme of hooly churche. & here ye shall here howe hit fill of her offeryng to oure lord Jhesu criste verray god and man These thre kynges whe­re of the lynage that prophecied how a sterre shulde shyne of Jacob but they were noo iewes of [Page] kynde but they hadde herde by prophecye of this where fore the hadde gre­te desire and [...]usce to see hit and so oftyn tyme whanne myghte come to gedyr vppon certeyne highe hilles than they wol­de dispute amonge hem of this sterre So hit happid vppon Cristemas nyghte the same tyme as oure lord was borne they were to gerdyr and we­re disputyng of this sterre Super mōtem auctorelē. vpon the hill

Dominna enim erat [...]at [...]a Oure lord was borne Et appar [...] it illis And apperid to hem in the sterre as fayre a childe and vndyr his hede a bryghte crosse of golde and seyde thus to hem goo ye a none in all the haste that ye may in to the londe of iury & ta [...]e with yow Gold mirre and ensence And offer these thre thynges to hym that ye shall fynde there newe born [...] kynge of Iewes verray god and man and I shall be youre gyde and lede yow the wey. Thanne they a none for grete ha­ste they toke bestys that be callid dromedaries that be of soche a kynde they be so swifte that they woll renne further in on day than any othir beste wolle renne o [...] go in thre dayes And so they co­me to Iherusalem that was the che [...]e Cite of all iury hopyng that they shulde here there somme tydinges where that this childe was borne. But as sone as they tourned in to the Cite of Iherusalem thanne they loste the sighte of the Sterre that ladde hem euer the wey till that they come the dyr bryghter thanne the sonne Thanne whā they come in to the Ci­te of iherusalem they rode to kyng he rowde for he was there the same [Page] tyme and seyde to hym [...]bi est qui natua ē re [...] indeorum where is he that is borne that is kyng of iewes. [...]idi­mus enim stellam eius in oriente. we sawe his sterre in the este [...]eniemus adora [...]e eum we be come to worshippe hym. Thanne kyng he rowde was troubeled and all the Cite with hym but more fore flateryng of hym man of any loue that they had to hym Thanne kyng he rowde askyd his cler­hys where this child shulde be bore and they seyd in Bethleem [...]de. Thā kyng herowde askid the kynges p̄uely of the sterre and bad hem goo in to Bethleem and wor­shippe the childe and come ayene by hym and telle hym where he my­ghte fynde the childe that he myghte goo worship­pe hym. Thanne whan the kynges where passed towardes bethleem a nō the sterre aperid to hem and whanne they sawe the sterre was come ayen they were glad in theyr hertys and as hit is in many places peynted the kyng that is in the myddell for grete loye of the sterre he lokyd bacwarde to his felow be hinde h [...]m & with his finger shewid hym the sterre And that is the cause that the myddyll kyng lokyd bacwarde. And thus the sterre broughte hem to bethleē and whan the sterre come ouer the house there as oure lord was ynne he stode stille Than the kynges lyghted downe and yede in to the house and with all the reuerence that they cowde kny­lyng a downe and offe­red eche of he in these iij thynges Anrum tus­se et mirram Golde cense and mirre knowlechyng by the golde that he was kyng of all kynges And by the [...]ncense that he was verrey god [Page] And by the myrre that he was verey man & sho­lld be dede & leyde in graue with c [...]te roting.

For golld is chefe of all metallis Ensens is brente in holy chirche in worshippe to god. Mirre is an oyntement that kepithe dede bodies frome [...]tyng. Thus whanne the kynges had do her offeryng be techyng of the angell Per altam viam reuersi sunt in regionem suam By a nothir wey they wente towardes her own londes and lefte kyng herowde. and the ster [...] vanisched a wey from hem. Thanne as seynte Bernard seythe ioseph kepte of this gold as moche as him nedith [...] to his tribute that he shuld pay to the Emperour and also more to kepe oure lady with whyle she lay in childe bedde and the re­menaunte be delid to pore people soche as hadde grete nede there to. The sence he brente to putte [...] way the stenche of the stable there as she lay ynne. And with the Mirre oure lady a noynted her childe to kepe hym from wormes and disseses

But what be fill of the kynges aftyr I fynde nothyng in certayne but somme people haue an opynyone howe that seynte Thomas of In­de Cristoned hem whā he come in to that countrey of Inde. and than as the sterre lyghtenyd hem to cristus birthe So the hooly goste lyghtenithe hem in her soules and taughte theym the perfyte wey of the be le­ue and also of perfite & gracious leuyng in so moche that they lefte all her kyngdome and wente forthe one pilgrr [...]mages that is for to say to Iherusalem and in many o­thir places and so they come forthe to myllayne and there they diede alle thre. And so aftyr that [Page] they were translatid to coleyne and there they be yit. Nowe haue ye herde by these thre kyn­ges how oure lord ihesu criste was this day shewed verray god & man where for like as they of­fered with grete deuociō so shulde ye do youre of­ferynges whan ye come to holy churche kneling doune with all the reue­rence that ye can or may not on youre one kne as to a temperall lord but on bothe youre knees & do hym worshippe with good preyoures Than offer ye preciouse golde for there is no golde so p̄ ­cious as is the good pre­youre deuoute And than holde vp your hondis to hym with all the reuerence that ye can and deuoute herte prey to hym and shewe hym all youre loue of youre hertes and than ye offer to hym ensence. For there is none ensen­ce sauerithe so swete byrnyng in the fyre as dothe good preyoure that is deuoutly seyde with a byr­nyng loue in clene charite And yf thou do thus than thou offereste kne­lyng on thy knees ma­ke a crosse on the erthe & kysse hit and thinke well thou arte but erthe. than muste ye offer mirre for right as mirre kepithe a body from rotyng so the mynde of dethe kepithe a mannes soule from dedly synne in this wyse doo ye youre offeryng and than shall ye haue as moche mede as had the se iij kynges. Also he was shewed bothe god and man at his cristonyng For he come to the wa­ter of flom Iordan he wente in to the water & halowed hit for right as he was circumcised to conferme the newe lawe and for no nede that he hadde ther to for he was clene with oute synne but for to make the sacramēt that shulde wasthe hem toke cristonyng in his [Page] name from all synnes

Thanne was iohā bap­tiste redy there & moche people with hym that come thethir to the cristo nyng. Than seyd Iohan to oure lord all qua kyng and tremelyng. blessid lord thou arte god dislambe with oute syn thou haste no nede to be cristoned of me but that I [...] man gotyn & borne in synne haue nede to come and be cristoned of in remission of synnes

Thanne seyde oure lord criste jhesu johan suffer at this tyme for thus we muste fulfille alle righte wisneste and iohan cri­stoned oure lord ihesu criste and as hit is credible oure lady was cristo­ned aftyr with othir of cristus disciples and all the people that were co­me thedyr Than whan all were cristoned oure lord wente oute of the watyr and as he wente oute of the brynke of the watyr and all the people with hym Apertisūt [...]eli heuen opened and a grete lighte be clipped hym in sighte of alle the people the hooly gost come downe in likenesse of white doue and lightid on cristus hed and the fadir spake & seyde thus in heryng of all the people Hir est filiu [...] mena dilectua in quo michi bene complacui. This is my welbeloued sone the whiche plesith me This was to teche all criston peple the feythe of the be leue of hooly churche for all criston people be boun­de to be leue stede fastely in the fadyr and the sone and the hooly goste.

In baptismo chri­sti toto trinitas semauifesta [...]it scili­cet. Pater in noce filin [...] in carne▪ spi­ritus sanctus in columba et totum ce­lum apertum est

In cristus baptym all the hooly Trinite was [Page] shew [...]d for the fadir spake in voyce whan he seyd Hic est filin [...] me­n [...] dilectu [...] This is my welbeloued sone and was there bodely whan Iohan baptiste seyde

Ecce agnus dei and the hooly goste was sen­te Sicut columba as a white doue These ben thre persones in on god­hede for the fadir spake aboue and the sone was there bodely and the holy goste in likenesse of a doue ye shall be leue that these iij. persones be but one god in trinite This be leue ye shall know on the watyr brynke that is in youre cristonyng at the founte where fore he that beleuythe thus and dothe werkys of be leue shall be saued Qui crediderit et baptisa­ [...]u [...] fuerit sal [...] erit He that beleuithe and is cristoned shall be saued and folowithe the werkys of beleue.

Qui [...]ero non cre­diderit condem [...]na bitur And he that beleuithe not nor doth [...] not the werkys of beleue shal be dampned The werkis of beleue be mekenes and charite for with oute these ij. shall no mā be saued and he that hath these ij. he is wreton in the genelogie of our lord ihesu criste the whiche is radde in cristemasse that begynnethe a boue with Abraham And so co­mythe downewardes to ioseph and to oure lady [...]n shewyng that he that is moste mekyste in hert is moste nexte oure lord ihesu criste and soche he a vaunsith in euerlasting blysse And there for the Genelogie this nyght begynnythe at ihesu criste & gothe vpwardes to abraham and so to god Also he was shewed verray god in trinite whann he tourned watyr in wyne at the weddyng. Hit happit so the people [...]ac­kyd wyne at the mete.

[Page]Thanne badde our lord that they shulde take vi. steues or pottys that were empty and bad fill hē with watyr and they did Thanne oure lord blessed hem and bad they sholde [...]ere theym that be ganne the table and late hym begynne and than he be ganne and seyd hit was the beste wyne that euer he dranke. Thus oure lord shewed hym selfe bothe god & man god in that he tourned watyr in to wyne and man in that he et [...] and dranke with hem This miracle he shewde at the weddyng in tokenyng that he blessed all wed­dynges that he done af­tyr the lawe of holy chirche And there for kepe youre wedloke and be in full feythe and beleue of hooly churche as hooly churche techithe and so ye shall come to euer lastyng blysse Amen

De con [...]ersi [...] sancti pauli.


GOod frendis soche a day ye shall haue [...] lis day that is callide [...] con [...]ersion of seint poule for that day he was cō uertid [...] and [...]ned frō a cursed tyraunte in to goddis seruaunt from [...] highe man and a prowd [...] in to a meke man and a good man and from the disciple of the de [...]yll in to goddis hooly apo­stell so for this man was tournede from all wick­kednesse in to grete goodnesse in grete strenghte helpe and socoure to all holy churche There for holy churche holdithe his [...]ouersion and so we do [Page] of no mo but of him only and that i [...] for iij. causes. The firste for grete miracles in his tourning and for the grete ioye in his defendyng. and fore the ensample of his a­mendyng Firste or he was tourned he was called saule for right as saule the kyng of Jherusalem pursewed holy da­uid to haue slayne hym right so the saule porsewed criste and his disci­ples to bryng hem to the dethe. There for while criste wente one erthe here this saule wolde ne­uer come to hym to here his techyng but as sone as criste was steied vp in to heuen than a non this saule for he was lerned & cowde the Jewes lawe he be ganne to with stonde and a yense seyde cri­stus disciples disputyng a yense hem and pour­sewed hem in all he myghte in full entente to haue distroied hem and cristen feythe. Thanne on a day he disputed with seynte Stephyn and for he myghte not ouer co­me hym he be thoughte hym how he myght bringe hym to his dethe and so he lefte hym neuer till he was dede Thanne hit is the maner of the fen­des children whan they haue done a cursed dede to be glad & fayne there of prowde in her hertis and [...]encrese her malice [...]o was saule gladde of the dethe of seynte Stephyn and fore he wolde haue gotyn him a name of wickednesse passing all his felowes he wente to hem that had the iewes lawe to kepe and gete hym a letter of warraunt for to take all that be leued in in criste where they my­ghte be founde & to brynge hem to Jherusalem for to be putte to the deth there. Thanne whan [...]e hadde these lettres he to­ke soch a pryde ther with and enuye in his herte a yenste cursten peple that [Page] whan he herde any man speke of hem a none fore grete angre he wolde sne­fet the nose and frothe at the mouthe for anger and grugge with his te­the thretenyng and masesseynge towardis hem that all Cristen people was sore a ferde of hym. Thanne on a day he herde that in the Cite of damaske was moche cristē people hidde for drede & rode the dyr wardes but a none oure lord ihesu cristeshewed the swetenesse of his grate whanne this saule was in his high [...]pride and in wylle to haue do moste harme Than a boute midday oure lord caste a lyghte of grace a boute that was moche lyghter thanne the sonne & the lyghte spake to saule thus. Saule saule quid tu me perseq̄ ­ri [...]. Saule saule what folowest thow me and a none he was a ferde and fill downe of his horse & cryde and seyde for grete fere Quis es tu domine Lord what arte thou than seyde oure lord. Ego sum ihesus ua sarenua. I am ihesu of nazareth for that was the name of his manho­de Thanne saule a none be leued on hym & seyde lord what wolte thow that I shall do Thanne sawe the people [...] a boute hym the lyghte and herde the wyre but they saw no thyng but a none wē te, to saule and toke him vp by the honde fore he was blynde and myghte not see and so ladde him in to the Cite to a good mānes house and there he was thre dayes and thre nyghtis fastyng and nothir ete mete nor drynke [...]e myghte not fee but euer preyde to god fore drede of that vision The whiche tyme the holy goste taughte hym cristus lawe Than the thridde day on of cristus disci­ples that highte Anany­as as god bad hym come [Page] to hym full sore a ferde and seyd Saule frater dominua ihesua misit me ad te qui apparuit tibi in via Saule the lord hath sente me to the ihesus that apperid to the in the wey and that thow shuldeste see and be cristoned. and whan Ananias leyde his honde vppon his hede a none he sawe and there fill from his eyen like scales of fisches. And whā he hadde cristoned hym he callid him Poule. & than ete and was com­forted and hadde his strenghte and was there a fewe dayes with the disciples. Than wente [...]e in to the temple and prechid openly of oure lord thesu criste p̄uyng clerckly that he was both god and man and none o­thir. Stu [...]ebant au­tem omn [...]a qui eum andiebant et dice­bant. For fothe all that herde hym were a stoy­ned and seyde that hit was a grete miracle and grace of god and his [...]o deyne conuersion for he [...] was of so cursed leuyng so litell be fore was [...]o so­ne tourned to god and man Thus may ye here how grete miracle god shewde in his conuersion and how grete ioye hooly chirche makyth of his defendyng hit was gre­te ioye to all cristen peo­ple that was a litill be fore to distroye cristen people & a non aftyr as besy to encrese cristen people▪ And he that was so be­sy & so glad to shede cri­sten mennes blode. than was he so redy to shede his blode for hem. And as besely as he wente to putte hem to dethe than with as good a wyll h [...] was redy to take the deth for hem and there as no man durste p̄ [...]he the worde of god for hym aftyr the cōforte that they had of hym they spared not for lord nor fore kyng but openly preched th [...] [Page] worde of god and tau­ghte the feythe aftyr in euery place And he that was to fore so proude & so feres and sone aftir was so meke and so lowly y he fill to the grounde to euery cristen mānes fote that euer he [...]respased to and mekely be soughte hem of mercy with a full pacient herte where fore seynte▪ Austeyn likenyth hym to an Onicorne of kynde that berith an horne in his nose and with that home he [...]leithe alle the bestys that he figh­tithe with Also he is so ferse in him selfe that thee may no hunter take him but thus they wolle be gile hym they wolle aspey where the vnicorne hauntith and vse to walke & there they wolle sette a meyde and as sone as the vnicorne seethe the may­de a non be kynde he wol fall downe and ley his hede in her lappe & than all the myghte & streghte is gone And than they come and take hym. Thus he seythe seynte Poule was firste fo ferse in hym selfe that they durste not preche there as he was nor speke to hym for drede. But whanne oure lord ihesu criste shewed him swetenesse of his grace and this fayre mayde that is the lawe of hooly churche a none poule fill downe to the grounde & was soget to all cristē peple here fore hooly chur­che was gladde of his defendyng He is sette al­so in highe ensample of highe a mendyng for oure lord is so gracious y all cristen people may be saued that woll for fake her mys [...]e leuyng and be conuertid Multomagis gaudiū erit in celo de vno peccato­re penitenciam agē re quam de nonagin ta n [...]uem qui uō in­digent penitentia. There is more Joye in heuen vppon on synner doyng pen [...]unee thanne [Page] vppon xcix. that dede ne­uer synne And ther for oure lorde wold that all were conuertid and sa­ued where fore in highe ensample and coumforte to all sinfull peple he set­te seynte Poule to loke vppon for thoughe a mā had do neuer so moche synne and he wolde fore sake his synne and synne no more Thanne all the companye of heuen ma­kythe myrthe and me­lodye of his conuersion as we do here in erthe of the conuersion of seynte Poule but there is mo­che people that loue more synne with luste and likelyng in this world than they do god. Fore there be many that wolle neuer leue synne nothir for the loue of god nor for the desire of the blisse of heuene nor for fer [...] of the fende nor drede of the grete paynes of hell But somme people seyne god wolle neuer lese that he hathe boughte dere with his passion. but they that sey so be notte wyse god wolde that none were loste but be ware thou lese not thy selfe for alle the whyle thow loueste, mo­re synne than god and haddest leuer to serue the fende than god thou arte cause of thyne owne dampnacion fore whyle thou haste more wille to serue the fende & be his childe than goddis childe thow lesiste thy selfe and god hathe ordeyned fendes to tourmente hem in euer lastyng payne But seinte Gregor seyth they that shalle be dampned begynne her penaūce he­re in this world in party and aftyr her deth contin [...]ueth of euer more. where fore I telle yow this ensample


There was a man & that was an officer with a lord and stode a cur­sed and on a tyme [...] he rode towardes a maner of his lord is he fille oute [Page] of his mynde and [...]n b [...] de [...]id his horse and he bare hym in to a maner of his lordis And than a none the bayly consey­ued howe hit was with this man that he was di­scranght oute of his minde and a none made the people to bynde hym to a poste in a barne so whā the bayly and his seruaū tes had souped he bad one of his seruauntes go loke how that this man dede and he wente to this man And whan he come there he sawe iij. gre blacke dogges plucking a wey this mannes fleshe from the bone Thanne was this seruaunte a fer­de that [...]nethe he hadde his mynde but wente to his bed and lay there sike longe aftyr And on the morow whanne the people come the thir as this man was boūde the [...] founde no more of this man but his bare bones and all the flesche was clene a wey Thus ye may see he that contynualy leued in synne may be full sykyr of a foule ende and though [...] his ende semythe fayre in the sighte of a man yit hit is ry­ghte foule in the sight of almyghty god and all his angellis where for hit is nedefull for euery cri­sten man and woman to a mēde hym while he is here in this world and hathe tyme and space of a mendement And he that dothe so shall come to seynte Poule and be there with hym in euerlastyng blysse to the whyche bryng vs he that died for vs and all man­kynde Amen.

Sequitur [...]e pa­rificaciōe beate marie virginia▪

[Page] GOod frendis soche a day ye shall haue candelmas day that day makith m [...] de and mencion of oure lady & of her sone & speciyally iij thingis oure la­dyes purificacion in sime onis metyng and in cā d [...]les offeryng. This day is callid the purifi­cacion of oure lady in en­glische hit is the clensing of oure lady but fore noo nede that she had there to fore sche was clensid with the worchyng of the hooly goste in conceyuyng of her sone that there was in her no ma­ner of spotte of filthe.

But for that day was the xl. day from the birthe of her sone and was callid in the iewes lawe the day of the purificacione not only for oure lady but for all othir wymmen whe­re fore we calle hit the purificacion of oure lady The lawe of the iewes was soche that a woman that was delyueryd of a man childe was holde vnclene vij. dayes aftyr thā the lawe gaue her leue to go to her husbonde. but yit she was vnclene xxxiij day [...] but till xliiij. dayes were fullfilled she shulde holde her with oute the churche with her offe­ryng And the offering▪ in those dayes was of a riche man a lambe and for a pore mā [...]s a peyre of turtyll doues or el­les othir doues and so offered oure lady with her sone And yf a wo­man be delyueryd of a mayden childe she shulde duble all those same dayes a fore sayde that is for to say the comyng to her husbonde. and also the comyng to the temple and so this is there son there of For hit is so that all grete clerkys sey that hit to vij. dayes af­tyr whanne a woman hathe conceyued a mānes childe or that the same sede tourne in to blode.

And hit is also .xxxiij. [Page] dayes aftyr o [...] it tourne to any shappe of man. & than god sente lyffe in to hit and yf hit be a may­de childe hit doublithe all the dayes bothe in tour­nyng in to the blode & also in shappe of body & this is the cause. eue that was the furste [...]ormyd woman that e [...]r wra­thid oure lord more thā did the mā Adam therfore she is lenger in for­myng Thus fore fleschly complexion of man & woman she is vn clene in her selfe there for this purificacion is ordeyned But vnderstondith well that oure lady had no nede to this clensing fore she conceyued not with complexion of man but only of the holy gosce so that she was clene of all maner of filthe touching consent of man But yit she wente to the temple no othir wymmen dede specyally for iiij. causes. The firste was to fullfillethe scripture that seyth thus Quanto mai [...] ­e [...] ta [...]to te humili­e [...] The higher that thou arte in degre the mekyr thou shulde [...]e make the Thus did oure lady for she wyste well sche was modir to goddis sone of heuen and had so grete worshippe passyng alle othir wymmen yit sche made her as the poreste woman that was in the company. The secoū de cause was as she full­fillithe the lawe of circū cision of her sone in the same wyse she fullfillid the purificacion and in offeryng of her sone in the temple doyng for him as othir pore wymmen did for her children.

The thridde cause for to stoppe the iewes mouthes left they had seyde that she had not do the lawe and so caughte a grete sclaundre a yense h̄ē in tyme comyng.

The fourthe cause was for to yeue ensample to all othir wymen that [Page] they shulde come to chirche aftyr the birthe of her childe & thanke god that he hathe sauyd hem from dethe in her traue­lyng for in that tyme a woman is in grete parell of dethe for there is noo sikenes in the world that gothe so nyghe dethe fore these causes hooly chur­che makythe mynde of oure ladyes purificacion Hit makythe mynde al­so of the comyng of symeon and Anne Symeon ille senex din vixerat [...]ine etas cooperatur Anne

This symeon was a passing olde man but he had preyde to god besely all his lysse that he shuld neuer dye till he had seyne criste bodely in this worlde and so he dede And this Anne hathe preyde the same Also ye shall vnderstonde that this was not [...]ine oure ladyes mo dir but an othir āna▪that had a husbonde vij. yere and whan her husbon­de was dede she wold not be weddid no more but leuyd till she was lxxx. yere olde and serued god in the temple nyghte and day and preyde to se god or she dyede & oure lord grauntid her. Thanne whan oure lady come into the temple with her sone the hooly goste warned symeon and Anne and a none they with moche ioye wente a yen­ste hym and broughte hym in to the temple

Et Symeon accepiteum in uluaa sna [...]. And symeon toke him in his armes with all the reuerence that he cowde and myghte and seyde. [...] dimittis sernum tuum domine secundum nerhum [...]num in pace & cetera. O thow lord nowe for yeue thy seruaunt af­tyr thy word in pese. and so with all the worshipp̄ and reuerence that he coude he louyd & thākid him that he wolde lete hym [Page] leue so long to see hym bodely with his eyē wher in mynde of this whan a woman comythe to chirche of a childe she a by­dithe at the churche do­re till the preste come & caste hooly water on her and takythe her in by the honde in to the churche yeuen her leue aftyr to come to churche and to goo to her husbonde for and they haue comened to gedyr be fore they muste bothe shreyue hē ther of and take her penaunce Also hooly chirch makythe mynde of candels offeryng and as ye see hit is a comyn vse for all cristen people that be of conuenient age to come that day to churche and bere a candell brennyng in procession as thoughe they wente bodely with oure lady. But nowe ye shalle here howe this worshippefull feste was firste founde Somme tyme whanne the Romaynes by grete myghte and viall power conquered all the world fore they hadde grete dominacion they were so prowde that they for gete her god and made hem diuerse god­dis aftyr her owne luste And so among all they hadde a god that they called Mars that had be to fore a notable kny­ghte in batayle And so they preyde to hym fore helpe and fore they wol [...] spede the better of this knyghte the people preyde and did grete wor­shippe to his modir that was called februa aftyr the whiche woman moche people haue opinion that this mone that is callid februarij where fore the secounde day of this mone is Candelmas day The Romaynes this nyghte wolde goo a boute the Cite of rome with torchis and candels brē nyng in worshippe of this woman Februa for hope to haue the more helpe and socoure of her [Page] sone mars. Than was there a [...] that was callid Sergius & whan he sawe Cristen people drawe to this false maumentry and vn [...] we beleue he thought to vndo this foule vse and custu­me and tourne hit in to goddis worshippe and oure ladyes and yaffe cō maundement that all cristen people shulde come to churche and offer vp a candell brennyng in the worshippe that they did to this woman februa & did worshippe to oure lady and to her sone oure lord Ihesu Criste so that now this feste is so­lemply halowed thorow all cristendome and eche cristen man and womā of couenable age to co­me to chirche and offer vp her cādels as though they were bodely with oure lady hopyng for this reuerence and worshipp̄ that they do to oure la­dy to haue a grete rewarde in heuen and of her sone oure lord ihesu▪ cri­ste and so they may be sekyr and hit be doo in clene lyffe and with good deuocione. A candell is made of weke and wexe So was cristis soule hid with ynne the manhode. Also the fyre be tokemith the god hede Also hit be tokenithe oure lady modirhode and maydenhe­de lighte with the fyre of loue Also hit be tokenith euery cristen man and woman that doth good dedis with good entente and perfite loue & charite to god and to all cristen people. where for yf there be any of you that his candell of charite be queynte goo a none and be a cordid with his neybores and lighte his cā dell and thā offer hit vp fore that is goddis wyll And yf ye do not thus ye shall lese all youre me rite and youre mede yn heuen [...]

[Page] [Page] god kepte them so that they had no harme.

Than for this▪ Judas was one of the xij. apo­stels & the nombre of hē muste be fullfilled. than was criste steyed vp in to heuen & the xi. apost­les were to gedyr with many othir people in a place Thanne seyde Petyr to hem thus now all good men & bretheren hit is well knowe to you that Judas was one of the xij. & be cause the nō bre may not be in perfeyte hit is nedefull to chese on of these ij. men that hathe be with oure lord chesu criste from the ty­me that he was baptisid in to the tyme of his ascē sione to bere wittenesse with vs of his vprysing & of his doyng. Than they setten these ij. men Joseph barsabas & mathie & leyde lotte vppon hem & seyde thus preyng oure lord O lord thou knowist the hertis of all men shewe to vs whiche thow che [...]i [...]te of these ijj men & the lotte fill on mathie & so he was in nom­bre with the othir xi.

Than mathie wente in to mirre to preche worde of god & fore he had the grace of the hooly goste with hym he did mira­cles & tourned moche people to the feythe of criste Than was the fende sory & aperyd to the Bishoppe of the iewes lawe in likenesse of a yonge childe with longe he­ris & hore & bad him take mathie & do hym to the dethe or else he wolde tourne all the people to cristus feythe Than the Bishoppe wexyd ny­ghe wode forwrathe and sente oute people to seke mathie & whā they had hym they bounde hym his hondis be hynde hym & caste a rope aboute his necke & ladde hym to prison & there bonde him faste with cheynes of yron Thanne the nyght aftir oure lord [...]hesu, C [...]riste [Page] come to hym with a grete lighte and lousid his bondis and whā he had well comfortid him he opened the pryson dore & bad hym go preche the feythe & spare for no mā Than there as he p̄chid there were somme that a yenestode hym & letid othir y wolde haue tour­ned to the feythe Thā seyd mathie to hem I tell you be for he shall fall downe to hell pitte. & so a none in sighte of all mē the erthe openyd & they sanke downe in to helle body & soule & neuer was seyne more of hem. than was the people sore a gaste of that sighte & tour­ned to the feythe a gre­te nombre of hem Thā whan the bishopp̄ herde ther of they toke hym & bounde hym & sette men to throwe stones at hym & whan he was nyghe de de he bad cristen pleople to bere the stone that he was stonedwith in to the grau with him in wittenesse of his martirdom [...] & he knelid downe & hel­de vp his hondis to god & seyde O lord I be sech the take my spirit & gafe vp the goste Reynold of chestre in his cronicles tellith a nothir miracle like this & seythe. whanne seynte wolston visitid his bishopp̄riche the people brought a man be for him that did his neyboures moche disese & wolde neuer be in pese preyng the bishop to chastise him & whan the bishop had prechid this man he was e­uer lenger the worse thō the bishop & all the peo­ple preyde to seint mathie to shewe som miracle be this man what he was worthy to haue than anō in sight of all the people ther come oute of the erthe ij. fendes with bren­nyng hokes & pullid this quicke man doūe to hell & whan he was gone the people were well releued & had reste & pese euer aftyr Amen▪

De annunciacio­ne beate marie uir ginis.


GOod frend is so che a day ye shall haue an highe & a sole mpne feste in holy churche the annūciacion of oure lady and he that had a vowed or ioyned in penaunce muste faste the euyn ye shall vnder­stonde that hit is callid the annūciacion for this cause for the fadyr of he­uen sente his angell Ga­briell Missus est an gelus gabriel a deo in cinitatem cui no men nazareth In to the cite that was callid nazaret to oure lady that was newe wedded be the bidding of god and reuelacion of the holy goste to a man that callid [Page] Joseph and as she was in her chābre in her prey oures the Angell gabri­ell come to her and seid oure lorde i [...] with the

Thanne was she gretly a stoyned of this greting for there was in that coū trey a man that cowde moche whiche crafte and so with helpe of fendes he made him selfe like an Angell and come to diuerse maydenes and seyd he was sente from god to hem on his message & so ofte tyme lay by hem & did hem grete vylony Thanne whan oure la­dy herde tell of that man she was a drade lefte hit had be he for she had spoke with none Angell be fore nor there were no so­che wor [...]is ne soche gretynges made neuer none to her be fore Thā Gabriell the Angell comforted ther and seyd. Ne time as maria in [...]e uisti graciam apud dominum. Drede the not mary for sothe thou haste founde grace of ou­re lord for a mong alle wymmen oure lord ha­the chosyn the forto be the modir of his sone & hym thou shalte concey­ue be feythe & be loue of the holy goste with oute any dede of mā that shall shadowe the & quenche alle fleschly luste & tende the lighte of gostely loue that thow shalte concey­ue the sone of the highe god. And thus thow shalte be bothe modir & mayde & so was neuer nō before. Thanne a none oure lady herde this wordis a none there with come a spirituall swettenesse & ioye in her herte that a none or any erthly mō [...]owde tell hit & so with all the reuerence of meke nesse that she cowde sche answered thus a yene & seyde. Ecce aucilla domini fiat michi secundum uerbum tuum. Lo here goddis owne mayde redy to do goddis wyll preyng hit [Page] may be to me righte as thow seyste. Thus that blessyd body conceyued oure lord ihesu criste in euer lastyng ioye to all the world. Thus I may likyn oure lady to a p̄cious stone callid enix & he is as clere as any criscall & shall of kinde whā the sonne shynythe hote on him hit openithe & receyued a droppe of the dewe of heuen in to him & closithe a yene till .ix. monthes aftyr & thanne hit openithe & fallithe oute a stōe of the same kinde & so closithe a yene as euer hit was & neuer openithe aftyr. Thus oure lady was as clene as any cristall for the hote loue of the hooly goste at the ix. month is ende she was delyueryd of her sone oure lord ihesu criste & she aftyr as clene meyden as she was to fore Than whan the Angell hadde done his message he wente his wey to heuē & ou­re lady wente to her co­syn elisabeth that was grete with childe with seinte Iohan Baptiste & whō she come to Elisabethe she grette her mekely & as sone as oure lady spa­ke to Elisabeth the chil­de in Elisabethes wombe pleyde & made grete ioye for [...] [...]we that ou­re lord had take man­kynde & was come to sa­ue he in that were lorne. Thann [...] oure lady dwellid therewith Elisabeth her cosyn till the tyme yt seinte Iohan was borne & was myddewyffe to eli sabeth & toke seint Io­han from the erthe & there she lerned all that her ned id for to knowe ayē the tyme yt her sone shulde be borne & was persite y noughe there of Thā mekely she toke her leue & wente home a yeue to Nasareth Than thou­ghte Ioseph he wold go [...]oke how his wyffe dede & wente towardes her & whan oure lady herde of his comyng sche wente [Page] agayn [...] hym & grete hym full mek [...]ly. But whan ioseph sawe her gret with childe he meru [...]yled gretely how that myght be for well he wyste hit was not his fore he hadde ne­uer parte of her body in that degre fore he knowe well that she had made a vowe before she wold neuer haue parte of man­nes body & thought how he was made to wedde her by the byddyng of the holy goste & grete miracle shewyng & thou­ghte right in his herte he was not worthy to dwelle in her company and thōght in his herte to haue gone home aȝene and to leue her there Thene come an angell to hym & sayd be not aferd to take mari thy wyfe to thy kepyng fore it is of the holy goste that is quicke in her body for thow shall be her keper and norse to her chyld and whanne▪ hit is borne call it ihesus for he shall be sauiour to all the world. Than ye shall vnderstond that for iiij. causes as seynte Ambrose seyth oure lady was weddid to this olde mā Ioseph The firste was yf she hadde conceyued with oute wedloke the iewes wolde haue seid that she had be an euyll wo­man of her body & so haue stoned her to dethe. The secoūde cause was fore she was so shamefast that & she had herde any haue putte any defame to her she wolde haue dyede fore sorow. The thrydde cause was for ioseph shulde bere wittenesse of her maydenhode The four­the cause fore ioseph shulde helpe her at her birth & brynge her to bethleem and aftyr in to Egipte & so ayene in to her owne countre fore these iiij. causes she was weddid to this olde man Ioseph And also to be gyle the fende that he shulde not knowe hym from a no­thir▪ childe. Nowe haue [Page] ye herde of the Annunciacion. There be somme people that aske a question why there stondithe a wyne potte with lyllyus betwene oure lady & Gabriell the Angell at her salutacion. This is the cause fore oure lady atte her salutacion conceyued be feythe


Hit be fill thus vpon a cristemasse day that a cristen man and [...] iewe sate to gedyr and spake of the concepcion of o [...] ­re lady and as they were there stode a wyne potte to fore he in with a lyly there ynne Thanne seyd the cristen man we be leue that oure lady conceyued lyke as this lyly conceyuythe colour of grene and aftyr bryngi [...]h forth a whyte floure with oute crafte of man or any pay ryng to the stalke right so oure lady conceyued of the hooly goste and af­tyr broughte her sone oure lord ihesu criste withoute any wemme of her body that is floure and chefe of all wymmen.

Thanne seyde the iewe whan I see a lyly sprynge oute of the dethe stal­ke that stondith in this potte thanne wolle I beleue that thow seyste hit is trew and a none there with sprange a white ly­ly oute of the dede stocke that stode in that same wyne potte And whan this Iewe sawe that a none he fill downe vn to the grounde vppon his knees and seyde thus. lady nowe I see well that thowe conceyued with the hooly goste oure lor­de Ihesu criste goddys sone of heuen And thou were clene mayden bothe be fore the birthe and also aftyr the birthe And so a none he was cristo­ned and so aftir he was a full hooly man. And this is the cause where so: that the potte with the lylyus is sette betwene [Page] oure lady & the Angell for righte as the iewe di­sputid with the cristen man of the maner of the concepcion So oure lady disputid with the An­gell of the maner howe she shulde conceyue and be bothe modir and mayde or she consentid ther to Thanne ye that woll faste the v. eu [...]ys of oure lady in worshippe of her v. ioyes that she had of her sone The firste was whan she conceyued of the holy goste & know that sche was modir to goddis sone of heuen.

The secounde was on cristemasse day whan she was delyuered of her so ne with oute any payne of her body for as she cō ceyued with oute luste of her body also she was delyuered withoute peyne of her body. The iij. ioye was one Estyr day whan her sone rose from dethe to lyue & come to her & kyssed her & made her more ioyefull of his [...]prysing than she, was sory of his dethe The fourthe ioye was whann he [...]s [...]yed vp to heuen on holy thurday in the same flesche & blode that he toke in her body The v ioye was in her assump­cion whan she sawe her sone come with grete multitude of angelis & semtis to fette her to heuen and crowned her quene of heuen & Emperes of hell and lady of the world & so all that be in heuē shall do her reuerence and worshippe and all bethe in erthe shall do her seruice

These be the v. ioyes that oure lady hadde of her sone and ye shall vnderstōde that he that woll grete oure lady with v. aueys shall neuer come in to the payne of hell


we finde wreton of an hooly mayden that was deuoute in oure lady ser­uice and euery day grete her with v. ioyes Than hit happened so on a day [Page] that she fill sike and felte her selfe welle that sche shulde be dede and for fere she [...]ighed wonder so­re and made grete mone for be cause she wysce not whet [...]r she shulde go af­her dethe Thanne come oure lady to her and seid why arte thow so sory y hast made me so ofte glad gretyng me with ioyes that I hadde of my sone there fore be not sory but knowe thou well that y shalte go with me in to euer lastyng blysse & ioye euer with oute ende


we fynde of seint Gil­bert that one a tyme he was nye dede of the quincy & whā his throte was so grete & w [...]ll nye dede [...] he myghte vnnethe take brethe oure lady come to hym & seyde to hym gil­bert my seruaunt hit were euyll do that thy thro­te shulde suffer penaunce that hathe so oftyn tymes gladid me with my ioyes & a none she toke her feyre pappe & myl [...]yd on his throte and wente her wey & a none there with he was hole & thankyd oure lady euer aftyr.

De sācto georgio martire.

GOod frendis soche a day ye shall haue seynt Gorges day the holy martyr hit is wreton in his lyffe that there was an horri­ble dragon be side a Cite that was callid Cirme of the whiche dragon mē of the Cite were sore a ferde in so moch that be coū sell of the kyng euery day they gaffe hym a childe & a shepe to ete fore fe­re lefte he wolde haue come in to the Cite Than whan alle the children & shep were nye eton for because that the kyng him selfe gaffe hem that same [Page] coūsell they constreyned hym that had but a doughter to yeue her to the dragon Than the kyng for fere of the peple with wepyng & grete sorowe makyng delyuered hem his childe and sente her forth in to the place ther as they were wonte to set te her owne children & a shepe with her to a byde till the dragon come.

But than by the ordy­naunce of god seint ior­ge come rydyng that wey & whan he saw this damysell in her aray him thoughte she was a wo­man of grete birthe and askyd her why she stode there with that shepe in soche [...]ray fo mornyng Thanne answered sche and seyde gentill knyght well may I morne and make sorowe for I am a kynges doughter of this Cite And now am I sette here to be deuoured of a dragon that had etō all the children of this cite and be nowe distroied and now he muste haue me for my fadre gaffe hē counsell ther to and therfore getyll knyghte ryde hense faste and saue thy selfe lefte the dragon slee bothe the and me Thā seide gorge damysell that were grete shame and vy lony to me that I am a knyghte well arayde and shulde fle and thou a woman and shuldest a byde Than with that the dragon putte oute his hede at an hole & spitte fyre & profered batayle to gorge A none Gorge made a signe of the crosse be fore hym & sette his spere in gate & with grete myghte bare downe the dragon to the grounde & than he bad the damysell bynde this dragon with her gir dell a boute the necke & led hym with her in to the cite and so the dragō folowed aftyr her as it had be an hounde made for to bowe paciently

But whan the people of the cite sawe this dragon [Page] come they flede for fere a wey Thanne gorge cal­lid the people a yene & seyde to hem be not a ferde for and ye woll be le­ue in criste and take cri­stendome I wolle saue [...]ew & [...]e this dragon & delyuere yow of your enmy Thanne where they so glad that a none .xx. thousand men without wymmen and children w [...]re cristonyd and the [...]g & the quene were surs [...]e of all with all his [...]usholde & than Gorge slewe the dragon & bad the people tey oxon vnto hym & drawe hym oute of the that the sauer of hym did the people no harme Than gorge bad the kyng edifie & bilde churches in eche cornere of his londe & be lusty to goddis seruice & to ho­noure & worshippe to all people of hooly churche & euer haue & compassiō & be sory for hem that be pore & nedy & be in any dissese Thane whan gorge had done thus and had tourned all the lō de to cristen feythe he he [...] de of an Emperour that highte Dioclesian howe he did many cristen mē to dethe than he wente to hym & rebu [...]rd hym of his cursid de dis. Than the Emperoure a none commaundid to putte Gorge into prison & to ley him vprighte & to ley a my stone on the breste to presse hym to dethe. Then Gorge preyde t [...] god for helpe & oure lord kepte hym that he hadd no harme in no parte of his body And whanne the emperour herde ther of he ded make to whe­lis & sette hem full of hokys & Gorge was sette in the myddys betwene thē ij. & than the whelie we­re tourned & so to race his flesche from the bo­nes & whan Gorge was in this tourment a none he preyde to god of so coure & helpe & anone he was holpyn And than [Page] they putte hym in to an hote lyme kylle & closid hym there yn for he shulde haue be brente But a none oure lord tourned hit in to colde & there in he was iij. dayes and thā they wende to haue founde hym all to brente and he was saue from all ma­ner harmes and was mery. Than he was brou­ghte forthe and sette before the Emperour and Gorge repreuyd hym of his false goddis and seyde they were but fēdes with oute myghte and power Than the Emperour to bete his mouthe with stones till he was to pow­ned & made to bete his bare body with drye be­somes till the flesche fille from the bones and the people myghte haue seyne his guttis yit aftyr y they made hym to drun­ke venym that was ma­de stronge for the nonys for to haue peyned hym to dethe. And whanne Gorge hadde made a syne of the crosse he drāke the poyson with oute greue in so moche that the man that made the poy­son tourned to Cristen feythe and a non he was do to dethe Thanne the nyghte aftyr as Gorge was in pryson preyng▪ god come to hym and seyde Gorge be of good comforte to morow thou shalte make an ende and come to euer lastyng ioye and blysse and sette a crowne on his hede & ga­fe hym his blessyng.

Than on the morew for he wolde not doo wor­shipp̄ to the false goddis the Emperour made to smyte of his hede & than as the Emperour wolde haue go to his paleyse there come a fyre lyghtening & burned hym and all his people.

we finde a scory of an­tioche wreton that be sy­de iherusalem a fayrt yonge knyghte apperid to a preste & seyde I am seint Gorge and a leder of [Page] cristen people & cōmaū ­ded the preste he shulde bere with hym his relikes & come with hym to the siege of the rusalem But whan they come to the walles of the rusalem the he thyn people there ynn were so stronge that the cristen not durste come to the walles. Than co­me seint Gorge clothid in white and made a crosse on his breste & wente vpon the ladder & badde the cristen people come aftyr hym And so with the helpe of seint Gorge they gote the Cite of ihe rusalem & slewe all the he thyn peple that were foū de there. & there fore late v [...] prey to seint Gorge to helpe vs a yense oure go stely enmy new and euer Amen.

De sancto mar [...]o euangelista.

GOod frendis soche a day ye shall haue seint mar­kes day that was one of the foure▪ Euangelistes that wreton cristus go­spell & p [...]ched hem to she people This marke was firste an he thyn mā & aftyr he was crisconed of seint Petyr & he made hym to go [...] & preche to the people goddis worde And thā fore he was so holy a mā the peple wolde haue had hym to be a preste. But he was so meke in hym selfe that he made on of thombes to cutte of for him thoughte he was not worthy to be a preste but for god wolde haue hit so seynte Petyr with grete instaū ce made hym take the ordre of preste hode vpon hym. Thā was he besy bothe day & nyghte to p̄ che the worde of god & all that he seyd with worde he confermed with good ensample and with doyng of grete miracles Thus by the e [...]spiracl on of the hooly goste he wente in to the Cite of [...]aundir fore to tour­ne the people to the feith [Page] Thanne whan he come to the cite vnneth he was enterid in to the cite his scho braste & there by he wyste well that he shulde be dede. Than he sawe a mā sitte & cloute schon to pore people & marke preyde hym to mēde his scho Than for this man was pore hym thoughte hit was almesse to helpe hym at that tyme & toke his scho & began to sewe & a none with his na [...] he hurte his honde & what fore ache & fore grete pe­naunce he seyde god hel­pe & whan marke herde that he callid to god a none Marke preyde to god fore hym And thā marke spatte on the er­the & blessid hit & a noyn tid his honde ther with & seide In nomine patris Ihesu xpristi filii dei vi [...]i san [...] ­tur mann [...]tua. In the name of the fadir [...]he su criste the sone of quic­ke god thy honde be hole [...]ocahitur autem homo ille anania [...] ▪ For sothe that man was callid anama & whanne anania sawe soche vertu in marke he preyde him to twelle stille with hym Comoratusq [...] i [...]. dē du [...]us annis And there dwelled he ij. yere & cristoned hym and all his housholde & aftirwarde for grete holynesse that marke saw with this mā he made hym a bischopp̄ Thanne the people saw how marke [...] in the Cite they toke hym and tyde a rope a ho [...]te his necke & drewe him amōg stones till the flesche fill to the erthe & seid drawe we the bugull to the bu­gull place So whanne he was drawe nyghe to de­the thā they putte him in to prison till on the mo­rowe Than the same nyghte criste come to hym in to pryson & sayde Pese be to the marke oure euā geliste be not a gaste fore I am with the Thanne on the morowe they co­ [...] [Page] & fe [...]te him oute of p̄ son & drewe hym till he was dede & whan he shulde dye he seyde In ma nn [...] tuas And so gaffe vp the goste & aftirward they wolde brenne his body & than there come so­the an erthe quake with a lightenyng & thoundyr that there durste no mā a byde Than in the ny­ghte cristen people come & toke markes body and beried hit Than fill hit so that euery cristen lon­de halowed seint mar­kes day saue one coūtrey that is callid appolonia the whiche countre was so greuyd with he [...]e and drowthe that all the coū trey fayled hem of fru­te so that they were well nere famelyd And thā there come a voyce from heuen & bad hem halowe seint markes day & than they schulde be comfortid & they dede so & a nō god sente hem plēte of all maner of frutesy nowe.

Now hit is to wete why we schulde faste this day & go in precession.

we rede in the cite of rome one this day fill soche a qualme & a sodeyn deth that whan a man yaned or gapid or fuesid a nō he dyede and there dyede many sodenly. Thanne was there a pope was callid Pellagius that commaundid all cristen people that whan he yaned euery man schulde make a crosse ouer his mouthe And whan any man her de a nothir fuese he schulde sey criste helpe the. & so many were saued. and there he made the people go a procession & so pre­yng to all the semty [...] of heuen to prey to god for hem & so they dede Thō come aftyr seint Grego ry & made hem do the same on seinte markes day to halowe & faste & go in procession & canoni [...]ed hit to be done for euer more than come there a pope yt was callid Liberius yn his tyme all maner frutis [Page] in this tyme of the yere of grete tendirnesse of hit selfe toke grete harme so what by thoundyr lightenyng & vnkynde hete [...] by stormys mildewes by wormes & by long tay­led fleyes for vengeaūce that a none aftyr Estyr day the people tourned a yene to her olde synne hauyng no reward of the sacramente whiche they haue receyned and there fore god sente more vengeaunce this tyme than in any othir tyme of the yere. where fore this hooly [...] to putte a wey all these thynges & in speciall goddis wrethe fro the people he cōmaū did to all cristen peple to halowe & to faste & go in procession & he that seyde that hit is made be a cō stitucion is a cursed till he come to amendement And there for I char­ge yow & counsell yowe all that thynkith to be saued kepe this day aftyr the rewle of holy church

In die philippi [...] iacobi.

GOod frendis so­che a day ye shall haue the feste of philippe & iacob the whiche were holy apostles. But for this feste comith with ynne feste of Estyr ye shall not faste the euyn but ye shall come to chirche to worshippe god & the hooly apostles Thā ye shall knowe well that philippe was ordeyned by alle othir apostles to goo in to countrey that was callid Sithia to preche to the vnbeleued people. But whan he come the dir & prechid & yene the maumentes preuing that they were fendes and no goddis & so they toke hym & ladde hym to her temple & wolde haue constreyned hym to haue do sacrifice. Than as they were besy to do hym dis­sese sodenly a grete dra­gon come oute of the [...] [Page] the & slew iij. of this misse beleued people & ve­nemed so the people with his brethyng that there f [...]ll on hem soche a sike­nesse that the wo & the sorow that they hadde they cride aftyr helpe. Than seyde philipp̄ to hem yf ye woll be holpen & helid of your sikenes & also these men reaid from dethe to lyue Furste caste downe the maumentes & sette in her stede crossis like to the crosse ther as ou­re lord dyed vpon and do hit worshipp̄ Thann they dede so for they were glad to be holpyn of her sikenesse & as sone as they had do so they were hol­pyn And than philipp̄ preyde to god for the iij. men to rise from deth to lyue Tunc precepit phillippus draconi vt in locum suū re­descenderet Thanne philippe commaundid the dragon to go downe to his place a yene & neuer dissese man more. Than the cursed people of the Cite sawe that philippe wolde haue tourned all the people & toke hym & did him vpon a crosse & so on a crosse he dyed & wente to euer lasting blisse Amen.

Now shall ye here of Iacob that was callid among the apostles Iacobus minor the lesse [...]ames for to know from Iacobus maior Iames the more that was seint iohan Euangeliste brothir But whan jaco­bus or james that is alle one name this man was callid cristus owne bro­thir for he was so moche like to criste Than whā the iewes wolde haue ta­ke criste they cowde not knowe on from a nothir but as judas betrayed Criste with kyssyng of him & by that kyssing criste was knowen & takyn This iames was so ho­ly from the tyme that he was borne as longe as he leued he neuer dranke [Page] wyue ne a [...] ne sid [...]rn [...] be re [...] [...] of dryn­that [...] [...] [...] man d [...] [...] [...] fle­ [...] [...] [...] ne­ [...] [...] [...] ne­uer t [...] [...] [...] oy le [...] [...] [...] he countu [...] [...] [...] [...]he sonne [...] [...] [...] no lynne [...] [...] An [...] he lay vpon [...] [...]e­yng fo [...]t [...] people that his kne [...] we [...] so thykeewyll that they were bollyn oute like [...] camell.

This was the firste mā that euer songe misse in vestymentes as prestes dothe no [...] Than hit fill so that tyme in t [...] Cite o [...] [...]herus [...]lem with synn of c [...]istu [...] [...] the t [...]at hit muste nedis be [...]yed where fore [...] holy man Ieme was made bishop of the cite [...] [...]he rusalem and there he was left to preche & to tourne the peple to better leuyng but fore they were so combe­red with synne that they had none othir grace of a mendement but nedely for the prophecye of cri­ste muste be fullfilled & the cite distroyed where for these men toke seint [...] Ia [...]s & sett [...] hym one an high place p [...]eyng him to [...] the [...] of crist [...] [...] [...] [...]he people [...] [...]rned to crist And [...] stode vp & pre­ched by good re [...]on how all th [...] [...] leuyd not in criste shulde be dampned at the day of dome in to hell pitte Than the maiscre of the iewes bad thrasce hym downe from the high [...] place that he stode [...]nn [...] & with stones they [...]e [...]e hy [...] downe tyll he [...]s dede. Than he kne­lid on his knees preyng to god for geue hem his dethe [...] there with a cur­sed ma with a s [...] smote hym one the hede that [...]e beayne fill oute. and so in this wyse he gaffe vp the goste Thanne aftyr fore vengeaūce of crist us dethe and fore this hoo­ly manues dethe the cite [Page] of iherusalem that was y tyme the gretest Cite of the worlde and neuer li­ke to haue be wonne sone aftyr was distroyed in to the vtermeste in so moche that euery stone m e­uery wall was tourned vp so downe as criste seyde xl. wynter be fore that hit shulde be so and hit was And the iewes we­re dreuyn oute in to diuerse countreys in so moche that all the kyngdomes were distroyed and yit be vndir othir kynges & euer shalle be sogettes & no possessoures. yit ye shall he re more of th [...] distruction of this Cite of iherusalem to shew how vengeable god is to hem that be glad to shede cris [...]en mēnes blode as they we [...]e [...]hanne god wold haue [...] [...]gea [...]nce of Cite. [...]it happid so that a man of pilatus the whiche did criste to de­the come from iherusa­lem towardes rome but the tempeste in the see toke hym and droue hym vppon a londe by a tem­ple with grete tempeste. And there dwelled a grete lord that was cal­lid Daspasian And for this cause he was callid fore he hadde soche a maladye in his nostreiles there droppid oute of his nose wormes like waspes Thanne seyde Daspasi­an to this mā from what countrey comyste thow and he answered hym and seyde from iherusa­lem and woll towardes Rome. Thanne seyde Daspas [...]an I am glad there of sore I haue herde sey that there be ma­ny go [...]d leches in that countrey. where fore I wolde well thou cowdi­s [...]e hele me. And but yf thowe doo not he le me thou shalte be dede Thā answered he and seyde I am no leche my selfe but he that he lithe all si­ke and reysithe the dede to lyue he may he le the and [...]f that hit be his [Page] wyll how is that sayd vaspasian Sire seyde he ihesu of nasareth that the ie­wes haue slayne And yf thou wolte beleue in him thou shalte haue alle that thou wolte desyre & be hole Than seyde vaspasian I beleue verely as thou seyst that he may hele me that reysithe men from deth to l [...]ffe & anon with that worde he was hole. Than was he glad that he was hole Thā a none he sente a man to the empērour of rome & gate li­cence & leue to distroy the cite of iherusalem & than he gaderid a grete mul­titude of people & Titus that was his owne sone with hym & wente to iherusalem Than in the mene while that he besegid the cite the Emperoure dyed & than was he chosyn Emperour & tour­ned a yene to rome and lefte Titus his sone the­re to distroye the Cite

Than Titus lay so fore to the cite that he enfa­mylde hem in so moche that the eton her schon & her botis & the fadir toke mete from the sone & the sone from the fadir and eythir toke hit from otheris mouthe the husbōde from the wyffe the wyff from the husbonde Thā among alle othir there was a womā of grete birthe & was come of gentill blode & had a yong childe & fore hungir she seyde my dere childe I haue suffered moche more peyne for the than euer thou dediste for me where for hir is more reson that I ese my hunger on the Thā thoughe I dye & thowe bothe & so toke her child & slewe hit & rostyd halfe of hit and kepte halfe till on the morow And than as the flesche rosty [...] the sauoure wente in to the Cite and whan the people felte the sauoure they wende there had be plente of mete & come in to haue hadde parte and than this woman wolde [Page] haue hidde hit. but they seyde they wolde se what mete she hadde And thā she broughte hit forthe & shewde hit & seyde lo here I haue rostyd my owne childe & here is that othir halfe a yense to morowe. Thā the people were sore a gresid there of and all a mased of that sight & wente forthe leuyng the woman etyng of her childe Than hunger encresid so gretely that there dyed with ynne the cite so thi­ke that they caste the bodyes ouer the walles ou­te of the cite in to the di­kes and so filled the di­kes full of dede bodyes & the stynke smote forth in to the countrey and en­fectid the people gretly Than so at the laste grete nede made hem to yelde vp the cite Than titus wente in with his oste & right as the iewes solde crist: for xxx. penyes soo they solde xxx. iewes fore a peny and tourned the cite vp so downe in so moche the y lefte not estone stondyng vpon a nothir but distroied hit to the vtermeste parte Jo thus may ye se thoughe that god almyghty a byde & suffer longe he smyth sore at the laste and takith grete vengeaunce on hem that be lusty to shede cristen mennes blode where for euery cristen mā and woman a mende hem selfe preyng to this hooly apostles to be mediatoures betwene god & hem that they may haue ver­ray repentaūce here in her hertis with shrift of mouthe and sassaction in dede doyng that we may co­me to the blisse that ne­uer shalle haue endyng Amen.

De inuencione sā rte cruris.

[Page] [...]Ood frendis so [...]ht a day ye shall [...] haue the inuenci­ [...] the holy crosse but ye shall not faste the euen but come to god and to holy churche as cristē peple shulde do in worship of hym that dyed on the crosse Than ye shall vn­derstonde why it is callid Inuēcio erucis. the fyndyng of the crosse the whiche was foūde in this wyse as I shall tell yow whan Adam oure furste fadir was sike for olde & wolde fayne haue be oute of this world Adam sente seth his sone to the an­gell keper of paradyse p̄ yng the angell to sende hym the oyle of mercy to anoynte his body with whan he were dede Thā wente seth to paradyse & seyde his message to the angell Than answered the angell & seyde that he myght not haue hit tille the yeris be fullfillid but haue this branche of the tre that thy fadir synned ynne & serce hit one his graue & whan hit berithe frute thann shall he haue mercy & not erste Thā toke seth this branche & come home & founde his fadir dede Than he sette this branche on his fade r [...]s graue as the āgell bad hym do the whiche branche goowed there till salomon was kyng and he made fell hit down for hit was fayre to the werke of his temple But hit wolde not corde with the worke of his temple Sa­lamon made to caste hit downe in to the erthe & was hit hydde there in tyme that the bishoppe of the tēple lete make a wayre in the same place there the tre lay to wess [...] in shepe that were offered in the temple Than whan this wayr was made they callid hit in theyr langage Probatica pisci­na in the whiche watyr euery day come an angell from heuē & did worship to the [...]tre that lay in the [Page] grounde of the weyre and meuyd the watyr & what man or woman that co­me in to the watyr nexte aftyr the angell was made hole what sikenes that euer he had be vertu of the tre & so endured many wyntres in to the ty­me that criste was takyn & shulde be done one the crosse Than this tree by the ordenaūce of god swā vpon the watyr & whan the iewes had none othir tre redy to make the crosse of fore grete haste that they hadde they toke the same tre & made there of a crosse & so did oure lorde there on & than that tree bare that blessid frute cristus owne body of the whiche wellith the Oyle of mercy to Adam & to Eue & all othir of her of spryng But whan crist was dede & was take downe of the crosse for enuye that the iewes hadde to hym they toke the crosse & to ij. othir crosses that the thefes were hong [...]d [...] on eythyr side of criste & beried he m [...]depe in the erthe for criston people shulde not wete where y they were done for to do hit worshippe And there it lay a yere & more in to the tyme that Elene the Emperes modir of constantyne gaderid grete people to fighte with maxencius at a grete watyuouer the whiche watye lay a grete brigge for di­sceyte of conscantyne maxencius lete make a trappe hoppyng vp & down so for to haue disceyued Constantyne that he shulde haue fallyn in to the watyr & as Constantyne lay in his b [...]d sore a ferde of maxencius for he was moche bigger of people than he was. than come to hym an angell with a sign [...] of the crosse sheytr­nyn [...]s golde & seyde to him▪ to morow whannethon goste to the batayle take this signe in thy honde and by the vertu ther of thou shalt haue victon [Page] Thanne was constantyne woundir glad & anon lete make a Crosse of the tre & to bere hit to fore hē to the batayle But whā maxencius sawe hym nyghe the brigge he was so feres of hym selfe that he had for gete the trappe the whiche he had made hym selfe & so come one the brigge & fill down in to the watyr by the trappe & was drowned Thā was all his oft woundir fayne to yelde hem to cō stantyne with good wyll Than for Constantyne was not yit cristoned of hym & also he was helid of a leper that he had Than a none be coūsell of the pope he sente his modir quene Elene that was quene of iherusalem [...] preyde her to go & seke the crosse ther crist dyed on. This Elene was a kynges doughter of Englond & the Emperour of rome weddid her for her beute & so she was made emperes of rome But aftyr lxr husbondes deth she had the kygdome of iherusalē to dowry where she made gadir all Iewes that myght be foūde & seyde but yf they wold shewe her the crosse they shulde all be brente Thā was ther on of hem that highte iudas & all seyde yt he knewe beste where the crosse was. Than seyde Elene to hym. Si vis ninere ostende mi­chi lignum crucia. yf thou wolde leu [...] shewe me the crosse that god dyed vpon or else thou shalte be brente and so putt [...] hym to grete distresse.

Than he sawe he mustened is tell or dye & seid to hem I be seche yow le­te me to the mounte of Caluary there as I shall bide yow & I shall shew yow the crosse of Criste for he was blynde & my­ghte not se And so whā he was broughte to the moūte of caluary he knelid downe & preyde lōge & whan he hadde preyde [Page] the place there the [...]rosse was menyd & the erthe quoke & there come a swete sauore from that place there the crosse lay that was as swete as any spicery in the world. And than they diggid there lō ge & at the laste they foū de there iij. crosses but thā wuste they notte whiche was cristus crosse from y othir ij. And than toke they a dede body & leyde hit now on that crosse & now on that othir & whā hit come to cristus crosse a none the body rose to lyue & thankyd god Thā seyde this iudas Thowe arte criste trewly & sauior of all the world And aftyr that iudas was cri­stoned a none & was an hooly man aftyr. Than toke Elene a parte of y crosse & sende hit to rome to her sone & the remena [...] te there of she made to shryne hit in siluer & gol­de & lefte hit in iherusalē with all the worshippe y she cowde thus holy chirche makithe mynde this day that the hooly crosse was founde Than as we rede we finde in a cite that was callid Birectus a cristen man hyred an house of a iewe to dwelle yn Than hadde this man a rode the whiche nichodemus had made in myn­de of criste. Than toke he this rode & sette hit vp in a p̄uy place of his house for sighte of the iewes & did hit worshippe af­tyr his connyng Than aftyr h̄it fill so that this man wente in to a nothir house & happid hym to leue this [...]ode be hynde him vnwetyng. Than come the iewe & dwellid in the house ther this cristen man hadde be ynne. Than for to make hym good chere his neybou­res come on a nyght and souped with hym & as they satyn at souper and spake of this cristen mā that dwellid there be for this iewe [...]okyd be syde him & in a corner he saw [Page] this [...]e & whan he sawe that a none he be gone to grynde with his teth and to chyde with this othir iewe his neybour & seyde thou arte tourned to cristen feythe & haste a rode & doste h̄it worshipp̄ preuely Than this othir ie­we swore nay as depe as he cowde that hit was not so ne neuer sawe hit be fore that tyme yit not with stonding that othir iewe yede & tolde his ney­boures & seyde that this man was a preuy cristen man & had a rode preuely in his house Than anon come all his mybo [...] wode forwrothe & alle to bet this mā & drewe him & togged him in the worste maner that they cowde & so at the laste they seyde all this is the ymage that thow beleuest vpon And they toke the ymage & bete hit & scorged hit & crowned hit with thornes & atte the laste they made the strongist of h̄ē to take aspere & with all his myghte to smyghte hym to the herte & a non there with blode & watyr ranne oute by the sydes than were they sore a fer­de there of & seyde take we pottes & fill hem with this blode & late ve bere hit in to the temple there as alle the sike people is of diuerse malodyes and anoynt hem there with & yf they be hole with the blode than crye we god mercy & a none lets vs be cristoned man & [...]om [...] Than they a ny [...]ted the sike people with this blode & a none they were hole than wēte these iewes to the Bishoppe of the Cite & tolde hym all the cause & a none he kn [...]lid downe on his knees and thankyd god of his fayre miracle. And whan he cristoned the iewes he toke violis of glasse cri­stall & ambour & putte of this blode in hem & sente it a bowte in diuerse chirches & of this bloode as many man vnderstōdith [Page] rome to the blode of hayled Milites tellith in his cronicles that many ye­ris aftyr that iherusalem was distroyed the iewes wolde haue bildid hit a yene thann as they wente the thir wardes erly in a morow they founde ma­ny crosses by the wey and they were a ferde there of & tourned homewardes a yene yit on the morow they come a yene thanne were there crosses full of blode & than they flyght homewardes a yene echone yit wolde they not le­ue there by but comes yene the iij. day than [...] rose oute of the erthe & brente hem euerycho [...] in to askes.

De festo sancti is hannis ante portalatinam

GOod frendis soche a day ye shall haue seint iohan [...] day at porte latyne why is this day callid so ye shall here. Hit happi [...] as this day this holy seinte prechid the word of god in a Cite that was callid ephesie the iusti [...] of the cite sawe that he tourned moche people to the beleue of Criste & wolde haue hadde him to doo sacrifice to his false goddis and for he wol­de not but rathir lyse h̄is lyffe. thanne this iustice lette take hym & cōmaū did hym to be sette in p̄son while he sente to the Emperour of Rome to wete what he shulde doo to hym and whan his letteres were come to the Emperour in the which letteres he callid Iohan all the worste that he coude and seyd h̄e was a false disceyuer of th̄e peple thanne wrote the Emperour a yene to th̄e iustice and bad he shulde sende Iohan a yen to hym to Rome and so he did

And the Emperour apposed hym o [...] his dedis [Page] and iohan stode stedfast [...] in the feythe & fore grete skorne the emperour made clippe of somme of iohans here of his hede fore he had a fayre hede of here And whan he wes so clippid all the people laughed him to skorne & so did hym grete dissese

And they ladde hym to a yate of the towne of rome the whiche is callid porte latyne & there they putte hym in to a tonne of feruent hote oyle & closid hym there ynne and putte vndir fyre to haue brente hym there in But for he was goddis owne derlyng he kepte him so that he had no harme in no parte of his body thā whan the people wente y he had be dede they vnclosed the tonne & founde hym as hole & as founde in all the partis of his body & clothis as no thyng had touchid hym the­re for cristen people lette make a churche there in the worshippe of god & martirdome that suffred there Than fore the Emperour myght not ouer come hym by no wey of martirdome nor penaun he exiled hym in to an yle that is callid pathmos Than herde seint iohannes modir that her sone was sente to rome fore to be dede for grete sorowe & compassion of hym sch [...] wente aftyr to rome but whann she herde that he was exiled she tourned a yene & wēte home ward [...]d [...] w [...]an s [...] come to a cite that was callid [...]etu [...]am & there she fill sike & dyed & there she was heryed be sides the cite in a roge & whan she had l [...]yne there many yery [...] semte James her othir sone come thedir & toke vp his moderis body & hit smellid as swete as a­ny spiceey & broughte hit in to the cite and beried hit there with grete worshippe & honour. Amen

De festo sācti io­bannis baptiste

GOod frendis soche a day ye shall haue an highe feste & an hooly that is callid seint iohans day the baptiste & is callid so for he baptised criste in the watyr of flom Iordan where fore ye shalle faste the euyn. And ye shall vnderstōde & know how the euenys were firste foū de in olde tyme in the begynnyng of hooly churche hit was so that the peple come to chirche with cande les brennyng and wolde wake & come with light to wardes nyght to the churche in her deuo­cions & aftyr they fill to lecheery & songes daūces harpyng & also fill to glotony & synne & so tourned the holynesse in to cursednesse where fore hooly faderis ordey­ned the people to leue yt wakyng & to faste the euyn & thus tourned the wakyng in to fastyng. But hit is callid vigilia that is wakyng in En­glishe & yit hit is callid the euyn for at the euyne they were wonte to come to churche But in wor­shipp̄ of seinte iohan the people woke at home & made iij. maner of fyres on was clene bones & no wode & that is callid a bone fyre A nothir is clene wode & no bones & that is callid a wode fyre fore people to fitte & to wake there by The thridde is made of wode & bones & that is callid seint iohan fyre The firste fyre as a grete clercke Iohan bel­let tellith was in a certein countrey for in the coun­trey was so grete hete the whiche causithe the dra­gons go to gedyr in tokenyng that Iohan dyed in brennyng lone [...] cha­rite to god & man. And they that dyen in charite schalle haue parte of alle good preyoures & they that doo not schall neuer [Page] be saued Than as this dragōs fleith in the eyre they shedde down to the wateres frothe of her kinde & so enuenymed the wateres and causithe moche peple to take her deth ther by & many diuerse sikenesse Than on a tyme ther were many grete clerkys & radde of kyng ali­sa [...]der how on a tyme as he shulde haue a batayle with the kyng of Inde & this kyng of inde broughte with hym many olyfauntes beryng casteles of tre one her backes as the kynne of hem is to haue knyghtes armed in the castell fore the batay­le Thanne knewe alisaū dre the kynde of the oly­fauntes that they drad no thyng so moche as the [...]arryng of swynne where for he made gadre to gedir alle the swyne yt myghte be goton & cau­sed hem to be dreuyn as nye the oly [...]aūtes as they myght well here the iar­ryng of the swyne and thann they made a pigge to crye and whanne the swynes herde the pigge crye a none they made a grete iarryng & as sone as the olyfauntes herde that they beganne to fle eche on and caste downe the castellis & slewe the knyghtes that were in hē & by this mene Alisaun­dre hadde the victorye in this wyse. Also these wyse clerkys knew well that dragons hatith no thyng more than the s [...]enche of brennyng bones. there for they gaderid so ma­ny as they myghte fynde & brēde hem & so with the [...]tenche ther of they droue awey the dragons & so they were brought out of grete dissese. The se­counde fyre was made of wode for that woll bren­ne light & woll be seyne ferre fore hit is the chefe of fyre to be seyn fe [...]re in tokenyng that seint io­han was a lanterne of ly­ghte to the people. Also the people made blasis [Page] of fyre fore they shulde be seyne fer and specially in the nyght. Semt ieremy the prophete many a ye­ris or iohan was born he prophecied & spake thus with godd is mouth and [...]eyde. Pri [...]squam te for ma [...] in vtero no [...]i [...]e Before or thou were formed in thy mode­ris wombe I knew the Et antequa exires de uulua sanctifica [...]te. And before or thou yodeste oute of thy moderis wombe I ha­lowed the Et prophe tam in gentibus de dite And I gaffe the [...] prophete to the people Than for seint iohā shulde be holy or he were borne ged sente his Angell gabriell to sacary seint iohans fadir as he did sacrifice in stede of abia the bishopp̄ in the temple and preyde to god to haue a childe for bothe he & his wyffe were bareyne and olde Than seyde the an­gell to sacary Ne time as [...]acarie Drede the not zacarye god hathe herde thy preyour. Eli­sabeth u [...]or t [...] pa­riet filiū et [...]ocabi tur nom̄ eius iobēs elizabeth thy wyffe shall haue a childe & his name shall be callid iohan he shall be fullfillid with the hooly goset. Et multi in n [...]ti [...]itate eius gaudebunt And many shall ioye in the birth of hym than for zacarye was olde he preyde the angell to haue a tokyn of his he hefte than seyd the angell to hym he shulde be dome till the child were borne and so he was. than c [...]nceyned elisabeth & whann she was quicke with childe oure lady co­me with child also to speke with Elisabeth and a none as she spake to Elisabeth semt iohan pleyde in his moderis wombe for ioye of cristus p̄sence that he sawe in oure lady And so there oure lady was with Elizabeth vn [Page] to the tyme that Iohan was borne & was myd de­wyffe to elisabeth & toke seint iohan from the erth & whan neyboures herde that elisabeth had a sone they were full glad & co­me thedir as the maner was that tyme to yeue the childe a name & called hit zacary aftyr the fadir but elisabeth badde calle hym iohan But for ther was none of the kynn of that name they askyd zacary be signes what the childe shulde hight. Thā be wrote to hem & badde call hym Iohan. And there with god lousid zakaries tonge & spake redely & thankyd god highly Thus was iohan hooly or he was borne And fore he wolde yeue euery man sighte of grace & of good leuyng he gaffe hym ensample for as so­ne as he was of couena­ble age he wente in to deserte & was there till our lord come to be cristo­ned of h [...]m & there he le [...]yd full streytely. Io­hannes uero habu [...]t uestimenta de pili [...] camelo [...]m. Iohan hathe his clothe made of the here of camell and a gyrdyll aboute hym of the same skynne. Es [...]a autem eius erat lo­custa et mel silue­stre For fothe his mete was leuys & soke hony of leuys that the maner is lyke a whyte flowre that growith in trees And he ete all maner of wormes that were norisched in that deserte among her bis & the wormes be as grete as a mānes fynger & sokith hony of flowres that be callid hony soke lys that pore people ga­derithe & fryen in oyle to her mete Also iohan ete brode rounde leues that growyn in trees in that deserte And whan they be brokyn betwene a man­nes hondes they be swe­te as hony And he dranke watyr of a well that was in that deserte This [Page] [...]asiohans lyffe in that deserte till that oure lord was xxx▪ wynter of age. And th [...]n o [...] lord & iohan mette at the watyr of flom iordan & than iohan tolde [...]he people of criste & seyde [...]e a [...]nu [...] dei Se the lombe of god ther I haue tol­de yow of that shalle full fill yow in the hooly go­ste Thau wen [...] Iohan in to the watyr & ther he baptised criste & whann he was baptised-Ecce apertisunt celi. He uyn opened Et uidit spiritum dei descē ­tem sicut columba. And he sawe the hooly goste come downe as a doue. Et uox de celo dicens. And a voyce from heuen spake thus. Ecce filius mens di lectus in quo michi bene complacui this is my well be louyd sone that plesith me. Here ler nyd iohan first to know thre persones in trinite & all this beto [...]enith ij. fy­res The iij. fyre of bonce beto [...]nith [...]hannes martirdome [...] bo [...] ye shall [...]hat [...] a bro [...] Philipp̄ [...] lo [...] her [...] where io [...] hym & seyde. [...] tihi habere ur [...]em fratris tui [...] not lawfull to the to haue thy brother is [...] And there for he put hym in pryson & ordeyned be twene him & his wyffe how Iohan myght be dede with oute strobeiyng of the peple for the comyn people loued iohan well [...]hann herowde ordeyned to make a grete fe [...]te of all the stan [...] of the countrey for they shulde holde with h [...]ple hadde ry [...] so [...]han the da [...] [...] come that the feste shulde de holde and all the pep [...] were serued [Page] at mebe herowdes wyffe as couenaūte was be twene hem tho she sente her thoughter in to the halle for to daunte & to tom­ble a fore the gestis And that plesid her fadir so well that he swore a gre­te othe & seyde. Peto a me quad uis et da [...]o tibi. Aske of me what thou wolte & I shall ye­ue hit the than as the modir bad her sey she seyde Caput iohannis ba­ptiste The hede of iohan baptiste Than he ro­de [...]ayned hym wrothe & sory that he had made so the an othe but he was glad & than sente in to pryson to smyte of iohās bede wi [...]h ou [...]e any othir dome & was brought to the damysell Than the modir let [...]e bery hit in a preuy place fer from the body Than the nexte nyghte aftyr iohans disci­ples come & to his body & beried hit And there hit lay till iulian the aposteta the Emperour co­me that wey than he made take vp iohans bone [...] & to brenne hem and we nowe hem in the wynde hopyng that he shulde neuer ryse a yene to lyffe. Thus ye may vnderstō de how holy that this [...]ā was that an angell come from heuen & tolde zakary of this conceyuyng & was ha'owed in his mo­dir wombe. & oure lady toke hym from the erthe in his birthe & an angell brought his name from heuen & aftyr he cristo­ned oure lord ihesu cri­ste this was an holy man ye shall vnderstonde that seint iohan the euāgeliste dyed the same day. but holy churche makith no mencion there of for his day is holdyn in criste­masse woke. Than for these ij. iohans be holdyn for the worthyeste seinte [...] in heuen Than ther we­re ij. scolero of diuinite y one loued iohan baptiste & that othir iohan euāg liste & on a day they pu­posed [Page] to dispute of this mater & the day was a syned but than the nyghte be fore eythir iohan apperid to his louer & badde hem leue her disputacion for they were well a cor­did in heuen & made no stryffe & than on the morowe be fore all the peo­ple eythir tolde his vision that were come to haue herde hem dispute & thā all the peple thankid god & both iohans of this fay re miracle Also ther was too mesoles that loued well these ij. iohans as so as they in comenyng they spake of these ij. seintes whiche were the gretter in heuen And so that on seyd that one was gretter than an othir seyde that othir & so they be ganne to [...]ighte Than there comes voyce from heuen & seyde we [...]ight not in he­uen & there for [...]ight not ye in erthe for vs fore we be in [...]es [...] & so be ye and euynthere with they we­re bothe hole of her dissese & thankid god & bo­the iohans And aftyr warde they were holy mē & ther for lette vs worship pe these holy seyntes that they may prey for vs that we may come to euer la­styng blysse Amen

Defesto sanctorū [...]etri et panli.

[...]od frendis so [...]he a day ye shall [...] haue the feste of [...] & [...]oule and ye shall faste the euyn and on the morow come to church and worshippe god & prey to these ij. seyntes [...] were hooly apostles to prey fore vs. Oure lord hathe Petyr one his one syde and Poule on that othir syde and he hathe his woundis opyn and fresche bledyng schew­yng to all maner of cristen people that he suffe­ [...]d the woundis for vs [Page] that bethe the v. welles of mercy that he suffered for vs ye shall vnderstōd that these ij. apostles were furste grete synners.

But for they left her synne & were sory & contrite & synned no more oure lord toke hē in ensample to all othir that woll le­ue synne they shall be sa­uyd For he that is shreuyn & for sakith his synne mercy folowith that. & do his penaūce & he shall haue mercy & grace For as glad as the [...]adir is to se the sone ryse from deth to lyffe also gladde is our lord. & moche gladder to se a man ryse oute of dedly synne & neuer to do hit more & therfore shewing by ensample Poule be­rithe a swerde to all cri­sten peple to cutte a weythe cheynes of synn with his sharpe swerde of confession for this dedly synne byndithe a man sore to the fende & ther for cutte awey that cheyne Petyr is also redy to opyn the gatis of heuen to all crisien people & to take hem ynne that woll fore sake her synne ye shall vnderstōde that pou [...]e was furste so high & so ferse a yense all goddis seruaun­tes that there durste no p̄ chour dele with him but aftyr he lefte that grete malice & there as he was ferse aftyr he was graci­ous. And there he was be fore highe & prowde of herte aftyr he was meke & lowly to all goddis seruaūtes. Petyr also helde hym selfe moste perf [...]te & stedfaste of all cristus disciples where for he made boste by a vayne glo­ry that he was redy to go to dethe with criste & seyde thus Hit be houit me to dye with the & whann Criste seyde that all his disciples shulde fore sake hym Petyr for the grete boste seyde thoughe alle men for soke him he wolde not. And yit more o­uer whan criste was take Petyr drowe oute his [Page] swerde & smote of a ser­uaūtes ere that hight mal cus But sone aftyr whā he sawe that criste was take & shulde be putte to [...]e the thā he swere & starid that he neuer know him & for soke criste but whā he herde the cocke crawe than he was mynded [...] oure lord hadde seyde to him yt or the cokke crow id thry [...]s thou shalte for [...] sake me Than petyr wē te forthe. Et fleuit a­mare & wepte bitterly & hid him in a caue and durste not come among his brethe ryn foe schame ti [...] once lord sente to him by name Than was petyr euer aftyr a shamed & sory for his tr [...]space. & there as he was a boster & vnstable of his wordis aftyrwarde he was trew & stable & groundid in stabelnesse of perfite leuyng in so moche that crist callid him Petyr that i [...] a stone in englishe For there as thou leyeste a stone there thou shalte finde hit so was petyr so sted faste aftyr that nethir for wele nor for woo he neuer fle tered but euer stode ste­de faste in cristus lawe & had euer his synn in mynde & to a mende that he had do a mysse & was af­tyr of grete abstinaunce that he ete but brede and oyle wortes & full selden flesche and wered but a singull kyrtell with a mā tell. And euer as oftyn whanne he herde any maner a man mynde Ihe­sus a none he be gonne to wepe full sore. And whan he herde any cokke crowe a none he rose vp and wolde goo and prey and suffre penaunce and he wepte many tymes so bitterly that the teris of his eyen brente his fa­ce in so moche that were he was he hadde a clothe in his bosome all wey to wype a wey the teris.

Thanne so folowyng he was so hooly that where that euer he wente and he myghte schadowe any [Page] syke body a non they were hole So on a tyme he sente ij. of his disciples in to a ferre countrey to preche & whan they were go ij. dayes iorney one of hē dyed & that othir tour­ned a y [...]ne & tolde Pe­tyr. Thanne petyr t [...]ke hym his staffe & bad him ley the staffe on his felow & bad him a ryse in the name of god & he rose a none & wente forth to gedyr & p̄chid Than were many wrothe that petyr tourned so moche peo­ple to the feythe & putte hym in to pryson & bon­de hym faste with grete [...]heynes of [...]rō till he was nye [...] he shuld be stole a wey where for the knyghtes woke yi [...] one seint [...]res nyght And thus t [...]e co [...]n people to [...]e ensample of hem & make [...]yres in worshippe of seint petyr & wake. thā criste come to Petyr in prison. And than come an angell to Petyr with grete lighte as oure lord bad. & a none the chey­nes breke & fill from his hondis & fete & he wente to rome & was there po­pe xxxv. yere & tourned moche people to cristus [...]eythe But sone aftyr come the fendeeleme that was callid symond ma­gue that cowde moch of [...]he fendes crafte & made moche people sike in di­uerse sikenesse some blynde somme lame somme dethe soo that the people what fore fere & for won­dyr beleued in hym.

Thanne petyr helyd all tho that magus had hurte & bad they shulde not be lene in hym than was this symond magus wrothe with Petyr that he myght not [...]aue his wyll & in speciall he myght not reyse a dethe body to ly▪ue that petyr reysid Thā thio symond tyed a fende in liken s [...]e of a grete dog ge there as petyr shulde come to sle petyr but petyr blessid him & lette this dogge lofe & than he l [...]p [Page] te to symond & p̄ullid him downe vndir his fete & than petyr bad leue & do hym no harme of his body but he [...]ll to rente his cloth is so that symond werde all moste nakyd a wey. Than symond or deyned all the weyes that he cowde to haue Petyr dede Than oure lord apperid to petyr & seyde. Simon e [...] nero con­ [...]rate cogitant. Sy­mond & nere & othir haue ordeyned thy d [...]th tomorow I woll sende to the poule my seruaūt in comforte to the & ye shall suffer matirdome to gedyr for my sake & so co­me vnto me in to euer lasting blysse Than petyr tolde his bretheryn of his vision that he had in the nyght & so he toke Cle­mente by the [...]onde & sette him in his cheyre & made him pope & successour aftyr him Than on the morow come poule & p̄ chid the people. Than this symond had so en­charmed the emperour [...] in soche a folinesse that he wende that he had be goddes sone So this symond magus come to the em­perour & seyde there be ij men of [...]alile come to this cit [...] that one highte petyr & that [...]th [...]r p [...]le that dothe me so moche dissese that I may a by de no lenger here in erthe where for comaunde soch a day all maner of peo­ple to come to capiti [...]ion & there in sight of all people y woll stye vp to my fadir in heuen & wh [...]n all the people were come to gedir Symond wente vp in to a toure of capitili­on than com ij. f [...]ndes li­ke ij. angeles and sette on his hede a garlaunde of lory and bare him vp in to the eyre like as he had de f [...]owyn Than seyd petir to poule brothir [...]oke vp & se than seyde poule. [...]it fallith for me to prey and the to cōmaunde & a non Petyr seyde I comaunde yow angeles of satha­nas [Page] that ye late that man go downe that all the peple may see whom they haue worshippid. Than symon fill downe & all to braste than was the em­perour wrothe & made to lede petyr & poule fort [...]e & did petyr on a crosse & his hede downe wardes & so put hym to dethe. & pou [...]e for he was a gent [...] man borne for the more worshippe they smote of his hed [...] Than the peo­ple saw angeles stonding on the crosse there as pe­tyr honge with crownes & whan poules hede was smyte of ther come oute feyre plente of mylke and aftyr blode Than in the nyghte aftyr come cristē people & leyde her bodyes to gedyr in a graue & there lay till cristen fey [...] was more opyn in rome Than wolde they haue bore eythir body to his churche but they cowde not knowe eythir bones from othir Than come ther a voyce from heuyn & seyde the more bones be of the prechour and the lesse of the fischer▪ So aftyr whan cristen feith come in to this [...]n [...] kyng Etheberte lette make a grete churche at westme s [...]re in worshippe of seint petyr & an othir in [...]ōdon of seint poule An [...] so on a day whan the chirch of seint petyr shulde be ha­lowed in the nyght be fore was a man fischyng in the temmysse vndir wes [...] mestre and a lityll be for mydnyght come seint petyr lyke a pilgreme & prey de the fischer to lete hym ouer the watyr & he did so And petyr wente to the chirche & there the fischer sighe a grete light & there with was the gret­teste sauoure that euer he felte. & also he herde the meriest songe that he woste not were he was fore ioye Than come petyr to hym a yene & seyde has [...]e thow take any fisch tonyght & [...]e seyde nay fore I was so s [...]oyned with [Page] lighte & with the melody that I myght do no maner thyng Than seyde petyr Mitte rete in mari caste thy nette in to the see & I w [...]ll helpe the and so the toke a grete multitude of fisches than seyde petyr to the fischer▪ I am semt petir that [...] ue halowed my chirche this nyght & toke a grete fische and seyde haue bere this to the bishopp̄ & sey that I sente him this. & on this tokyn bid him do no more to the halowing of the churche but si [...]ge a masse there & make a sermone to the people that they may be leue on this And for to p̄ue the tron the bid him go to chirch & se where the candelis s [...]i ke on the wallis & [...]ll [...]he churche wete of holy water [...] [...]o [...]he fischer did his message & the bishop̄ foū de [...]rew & knelid downe on his knees & moche people with him & songe [...]e deū la [...]dam [...]a. & thā [...] god & semt petir

[...] translatione sancti [...]me.

[...] frendis so [...] day ye shall hau [...] [...]he transla [...]n of sem [...] [...]omas▪ the martir that [...] he was take oute of h [...] gr [...]ue & his bony [...] ley [...] in [...] & how ye shall how this man was ordeyned in his birthe to be a [...] holy man & a worth [...] se [...]e [...] for that was [...] fur­ste to his mo [...]r & [...]tir to his [...] in [...]ld [...] [...]ge. and no [...] is [...] i [...] all cristendome [...] [...]hit was kno [...] t [...] [...] [...]ir fore in a [...]gh [...] [...] s [...]e lay in her b [...]de [...]mg she thought [...] [...]a [...] in his crade [...] an [...] [...] & whan she [...] him we­pe she callid [...] [...]he norse and seide [...]o [...]e to the childe. [...]nd wh [...]n the norse co [...]e to hi [...] she founde h [...] clothis al [...] to fr [...]plid And she wolde haue a m [...]ndi [...] h [...]m and sche [...]

[Page] [Page] [Page] where hit myght be worshippid of all cristen peple Than the bishoppe ordeyned a da [...] w [...]anne that shulde [...] [...]o. [...]o o­uer euyn [...] my­ghte haue [...] toke with hy [...]op of salysbu [...] [...]ōky [...] & clerke [...] [...] wen [...] to the place [...] [...]mas lay .l. wy [...] they kneli [...] [...] erthe prey [...]s deuotely o [...] thanne ii [...]j. o [...] [...] ha [...] vp the [...] g [...]t [...] drede [...] [...] ther they [...] w [...] ­tou h [...] rested Th [...] bishopp̄ of cau [...] prima [...] of E [...] [...] the Po peo [...] for the ryghte [...]irche the v [...]day [...]sse. thā sore grete [...] that they h [...] that [...]ighte all [...]ry [...] Thomas An [...]y toke the he de [...] bishopp̄ to kyss [...]y kyssid hit all & [...]y be hel de his wounde [...] & seyde they were v [...] [...]ious y wounded [...]us And so leyde h [...] shryne & couered h [...]ith clothe of golde & [...] to [...]y [...] aboute hi [...] [...]yng [...] and the peo [...] w [...]ke [...] all nyghte [...] on the morow com [...] [...] the statis of this londe [...] [...] sh [...]yne to the [...]lace the [...] [...] is now with all [...]he [...] & worship [...] [...] [...] & there hit [...] [...] [...]

[...] [...] [...]

GOod [...] [...] ch [...] a day ye shall haue the [...]este of mary M [...]w deleyn that was so hooly that Our [...] lord [...]he [...] cri [...]e loued her beste of all [...] nexte his owne modir. where [...] ye shall [...] come to god & to hooly chur­the [Page] & prey to that hooly womā that she woll prey to oure lord for vs that we may haue grace. fore she was the furste in tyme of grace that did penaū ­ce for she had loste grace be fleschly luste where for she is made a mirrour to all othir syuers that woll for sake synne & do penaū ce they shalle haue grace the whiche was loste by synne. She hadde a fadir that was a grete lord & nye of the kynges blode & had a grete lordshippe in iherusalem the whiche he gaffe to lazarus his sone & he gaffe mary the castell of maudeleyn with all the lordshippe long­yng there to. of the whiche castell she had her name & was callid Mary mawdeleyn for sche was lady there of. Than as many bokys seyne seynt ichan euangelist weddid her & oure lord bad him go with hym & hepe his virginite & so he did and was clene virgine. And than mawdeleyne wente forthe & gaffe her alle to synne in so moche sche loste the name of mawde­leyne & was callid the sinfull woman But hit was oftyn seyn that our lord made of the grettyste synners the hoolyeste aftyrwardes & so whanne oure lord saw tyme he gaffe this woman grace to knowe her selfe & to haue re­pentannce for her synnes Than whan mary her­de that criste was at a mā nes house that was callid Symon the pharise sche toke a box with oynemēt soche as the people vsid that tyme for hete of the sonne & wente thethir but she durste not for schame go to fore hym but atte his fete be hynde hym & harde him speke & thann sche toke a grete soww in her herte & wepte tenderly & so with the teris of her eyen sche wosche cri­stus fete. & with the here of her hede sche wyped hem & with alle the loue [Page] of her herte she kyssid hē & a noynted hem but no worde she spake that any man myght here but softely in her herte she cride mercy & made a vowe to hym that she wolde ne­uer trespace more. Thā oure lord ihesu had pire on her & caste oute of her vij. fendes & for gaffe her all her synnes in heryng of all that there were. thā she toke soche a loue to criste that she lefte all hee lordshippis the castell of maudeleyn with all othir goodis & sewid him for the with grete loue that in his passion ther as his disciples fley a wey from him she lefte hym neuer till she with helpe of o­thir had leyde him in his tombe And whan noo man durste goo thedir for the knyghtes that kepte him she spared not Cumtenebre essēt whan hit was myrke in the dawnyng sche toke with her swete bawmes to a noynte cristus body with thus she shewid soue bothe in will and dede where for criste in his ly­ue for her loue he lid martha her sustre of the rede flixe that she had vij. yere to fore & pyned her full sore Et resuscitauit lazarum a mortuia & resid lazar her brothir from dethe to lyffe that had ley iiij. dayes styn­kyng in his graue And whan oure lord rose frō dethe to lyffe he apperyd to her & suffered her to touche him & kysse his fete. Than whan hit was knowyn to the iewes that criste shewde her so ma­ny tokenes of lone for all othir Than whan criste was styed vp to heuē the iewes toke mary & mar­tha her sustre lazarus maxencius & many othir & put hem in a shippe that was olde into the see to haue drowned hem. but god ordeyned so for [...]ll thynges at his will and broughte hem saue to a lō de callid mercyzle & ther [Page] they restid vnder a bāke that was nyghe the tem­ple Than mary saw moche peple comyng towardes the temple to do sa­crifice to her mowmen­tes & the lord of the coū trey come with hem but mawdelyn was gracious & with her gracious wordes torned hem a yene. Than this lord had grete luste to here her speke & seyde thus to her that yf god that thou spekist of be so gracious & so gre­te of power as thou seyst prey to him that I may haue a childe be my wyffe that is bareyne & thanne woll I beleue in hym. Thann mary seyde sche wolde & with in shorte tyme aftyr the lady cōcey­ued & was with childe. Than this lorde a none aftyr ordeyned to go to iherusalē to petyr to wete of him whethir maw­deleynes prechyng were trew or no & vitaylid his shippe & made him redy. Than come his lady [...] ­yng him that she myght go with him so with grete preyour the lord graū tid her than by assent of hem bothe they made mary maudeleyn to kepe all her lordshippes & goodis that they hadde & mary serte a crosse on eythir of her shuldres & bad hem go in the name of god so whan they hadde seyled a day & a nyght a grete tē peste rose in so moch that they wente all to haue be drowned Than was iady so a ferde & there with be gonne to trauayle and so was delyuered of a mā childe & she in the birthe fill downe dede Thanne this lord made grete so­rowe and lamentacione and seyde Alas alas y wreche what shall I do with this childe nowe is the modir dede and ne­dis muste the childe dye also fore here is noo wo­mannes helpe to kepe it Than he cryde to maw­delyn and seyde a las mary why dost thou thus to [Page] me thou be highteste me a childe & now is the modir dede & the childe mu­ste nedis dye for faute of womannes helpe. And y my selfe loke euer whā I shall be drowned helpe mary & haue compassion on me & of my chil­de Than seyde the ship­man caste this body into the see for we shall neuer haue reste while hit is in the shippe. Than seyde the lorde she is not dede but lyghte in a sowne fore fere But I prey you lette vs haue the ship̄ to yon dir roche for I had leuer graue her there thā to ca­ste her in to the water. & for ther was none erth to make her a graue he left her hongyng on the roch of stone & the child be the modir & couered hē with his mantell & be toke hē to god & mary mawde­deleyn to kepe & wēte his wey. So whan he come to [...]hrlm̄ he spake with petyr & he bad him be of good cōforte though his wyffe were dede for god myght restore hem to lyue a yene. Than Petyr shewde him the places as oure lord was quicke & dede & tolde hym of his birthe & of his passione & of his resurrection & his ascension & enformed him of the feythe & made him stedefaste to criste And whan he had be there ij yere petyr sente him ho­me a yene & bad him gre­te well mawdeleyn & her feloshipp̄ Than whā the lord come ferre in to the see & sawe the place there his wyffe lay he longid fore in his herte to go the dir & thann he preyde the shipmen to bryng hym the di [...] Than he saw al [...] tell childe sittyng on the see sonde playng with smale stones but as sone as the childe saw him hit ranne forthe in to the ro [...] ke & he folowed aftir till he come there he left his wyffe. And he toke [...] the mantell & founde th [...] childe sokkyng one hi [...] [Page] moderis papp̄es. Than thankyd he god & maudeleyn & seyde mary thou arte grete with god that haste kepte a childe ij. ye­re sokkyng of a dede body in grete comforte & ioye to me But & thou wol­diste prey to thy lord fore my wyffe that she myght ryse to lyffe than were I euer bonndyn to be thyn seruaunte & woll while y lyue Thanne with that worde she s [...]ake & seyde blessid mote thou be mary that were mydwyff [...] to me & norse to my childe whil [...] I haue be in my pilgremag [...] Than seyde this man wyffe arte thou a lyue and she seyde ye fire now I come fro my pilgremage as ye do & tolde hym of euery place that he had be at Thanne he [...]elid downe & thankid god & mary mawdeleyn & whan they come home they fonde mary p̄chyng & techyng the people. & [...] none they knelid downe & thankid her & tolde her what p̄etyr seyde and preyde her to telle what they shuld do & they wolde do hit with good will Than mary badde they shulde distroye the tēples of maumētry & bilde chirches & make fountes and cristen the people and so with in shorte tyme alle the londe was cristoned Thā for mary gaffe her all to contemplacion she wente ferre in to a wilder nesse & was ther xxx. wynter vnknowyn to any mā Descendebant ange li et eam in ethera lenabant And ange­les come vij. tymes a day & bare her vp in to the eyre and ther she was fedde with heuenly sode. But whan god wolde y sche shulde passe oute of this worlde he made an hooly p̄ste to se how angeles bare her vp in the eyre than wente he nere the place & askid in the name of god who was ther if hit were a cristen mā he shulde speke & telle what they were [...]

toke a nothir husbonde y was callid cl [...]phas and she had by him a nothir doughter that was cal­lid mary cleophe & than he dyed & she toke iij. husbonde that highte salome & by him she had a no­thir doughter that was callid mary salome and whan she had these thre doughtres in worshippe of the trinite than wolde she haue no more husbō ­des but leue in chastite & holynesse▪ Thā was this mary cleophe weddid to a man that was callid [...] pheus & had iiij. sones. James the lesse Joseph that was barsabas Sy­mon & iuda The iij. mary was weddide to a mā that was callid zebedeus & she had by him ij. so­nes James the more & iohan euangeliste Than as god seyth him selfe y of a good tree comythe god frute so of this god woman come an holy ho spryng so lette vs serue this holy womā that she may prey for vs nowe & euer Amen.

De sancto lauren cio martire.

GOod frendis soche a day ye shall haue seint Laurē day goddis owne hooly martir his martird ome as maxiuis seyth shynith to all holy churche & ly­ghtenith all the world. where fore ye shall come to god & holy churche & schall fas; [...]e the euyn▪ this senite was holy in leuyng & grete in compassion of stryng Sei [...]t [...] Austeyn seythe that ensample i [...] doyng is comendable [...] than is preching & tech­yng There for seint La [...] rence gaffe all cristen p [...]ople to schewe a yense malice mekenesse & a y [...] e [...] ­uetyse largenesse a yense persecucion & tribulacion loue & swetenesse. Than sixtus the pope had be in spayne he brought laurence with him to Rome & [Page] made him his arche dekō to serue hooly chirche & pore people Than had the Emperour enuye to hym & purposed to do him to dethe Than lau­rence to schewe mekenes [...] yense malice & enquerid faste aftyr pore people & wente to hem & gaffe hem mete & dryn [...]e & clothis so he come to a wedowes [...]ouse there as was moch pore people loggid the whiche wedowe had belōge sike on the hede ache Than Laurence had cō [...]assion of her & made her hole & mekely wosche all the pore people fete & ser [...]ed hem of mete & drinke And for he herde th [...] ther was a pore man there be syde in a place that was blynde he wente the­ [...]ir & helid him So euer the more the Emperour schewed malice to hym the more he gaffe him to mekenesse & holy deuoci­on [...]e schewed also a yen touetyse largenesse For [...] whan [...] si [...]iu [...] had take Laurence the tres [...]u [...] of holy churche to kepe & to hem that had nede than blessid Laurence folowed his mastir & seyd to him Sancte pater noli me derelin [...]ue re. Holy [...]adyr for sake not me for I haue delid all the tresour that thow toke me where for go not thou to thy passion a lo­ne but late me goo with the as we haue serued god to gedir so late vs suffre dethe to gedir. than seyde the [...] I woll go to fore & thow schall come aftyr & suffre more penaūce than I may for I am olde & thow arte yonge & mayste suffre more than y & there for ma­ke the redy for ther is grete tourment ordeyned for the. Thā were ther somme herde Laurence speke of tresour than the Emperour sente aftyr Lau­rence & seyde. Ostende michi thesa [...]r [...]a ecclesie. Shewe me the tresour of the churche or [Page] [...]lse thou shalt be put to soche a tourmente that y shalt be fayne to delyuer hit Than how [...] sixtus & semt Laurence come to [...]is tresour ye shall here. we rede that there was an holy man that highte Origenee that con­uertid philip the Emperour thā the reme of fraū ce was rebell a yense the emperour of rome than this emperour sente a knyghte of his in to fraunce with moche people to ouer come fraunce This knyght was callid decius & in shorte tyme he made fra [...]ce sogettes to the emperour as the were to [...]or [...] Than whan this empe­rour philip herde that decius had do so well in grete worshippe to Deciu [...] to thanke him for his iorney. The emperour toke with hym a fewe men & rode of rome a yense decius to wellcome him ho­me Than decius sawe y the emperour did him so grete reuerence he thoughte hit had be for dred [...] & not for loue & thought to be emperour him selfe & so in that nyght nexte la [...] tyr as the emperour lay in his bede sleping deci [...] slewe hym & toke all his people to rome with him Than whā the romay▪nes & the senatours her­de ther of what for drede & what for loue they ma­de decins emperour Thā whan philippus sone he [...] de tell that his fadir was dede in this wyse he was a [...]erde le [...] decius wol [...] haue [...]ayn him & toke all his [...]de [...]is tresour to ho­ly churche & bare hit to [...] sixtus & to Lauren­ce preyng hem yf cause were that decius slew him they shulde dele this tre­sour to holy chi [...]he & to pore people that had nede Than decius slew philippis sone for fere left he wolde haue vengid his f [...] deris dethe whan he had come to [...]annes state. & this was the tresour that [...]pe sixtus & laurēce had [Page] and for this tresour they put Laurence in to p̄son. Than was there a mā y hight lu [...]ll [...]s in pryson y by grete weping had lost his sight thā Laurēce made him to see a yen & cristoned hym. where fore many blynde men & wo­men come to Laurence & had her sight. than the emperour sente to Lau­rence to delyuer the tre­sour than he preyde him of iij. dayes respite & so he wold shew the tresoure So these iij. dayes laurence was lette out of prison & wente & gederid all the pore people to gedir that he cowde fynde blynd lame or crokyd & the iij. day he brought hem before the emperour to his paleyse & seyd Lo here is e­uer lasting tresour this wolle neuer fayle fore hit woll endure for euer in heuen. so Laurence shewde [...] y [...]u [...]e couetyse largenes for he delte for goddis sa­ke all that he had & myght haue spente hit in vanite & he had wolde. Also in tourment of passion he schewde loue & swete­nesse. than the emperoure cōmaundid to bring for the all maner of tourmentry scourges nayles sto­nes salte piche brymsto­ne brennyng coles iron schaftes barris of Iron gred irons & cōmaundid all schuld be spente vpon Laurence but he wolde schew the tresour & for sake his god & to do sacrifice to mawmentis. than seyde semt Laurence thou vn blessid mā these me­tus & drynkes haue I e­uer desired for right as swete [...]etis & drinkes [...]lese thy body so these tourmentis plesith my soule & makithe me stronge & myghty to suffre passion for my lordis sake. than was the emperour wroth & cōmaūdid to bete him scourges full of knottes & leue not till the blode ranne downe on euery syde & than they seyde cheynes of [...]on br [...]unyng to [Page] his sydus that bren [...]the the flesche frō the bones & euer laurence thankid god hertely. Thā was decius wod for wo & seyde thoughe thou with thy wyche crafce sc [...]rnest my tourmētes yit thou shuldeste not scorne me And than he cōmaundid to bete him a yen wi [...]h wi [...]pis & knottes of lede till the bones were bare Thann laurence yafe vp his hede to god & preyde. thā ther come a voyce from heuē thou muste suffer more tourmentis & passion for loue of me this decius he [...] de hit hym selfe & thow shalte come to me with grete ioye & blysse Than seyde deci [...]s to the peple ye may here all how fendes com & cōforte him go and bete him a yene with s [...]rges Than was there a knyghte of the Emperours that hight [...] roma­nus that saw an Angell with a schete of silke com & wype laurence fidis thā he for soke the emperour [...] & be come the disciple of semt laurence & laurence anone cristoned him. than decius made to smyte of romanus hede. thā decius did make a grete fyre & sette a gredyron there on to roste laurence & thurst him downe with fyre for kys & they did so Than laurence lokid vp on the emperour & seyde [...]howe wreche y syde is rostid y now ete there of while y othir syde rostith I dre­de not thy tourmentes & caste his eyon vp to god & seyde Lorde ihe su criste take my spirite & so he yelde vp the goste▪ than the tourmentures wente her [...]ey & left the body [...]ying there than come cristē peple & toke the body & beried hit with grete lamē tacion. thus la [...]rence sheude mekenes a yens malice & largenesse a yens couetise & a yens passion loue & swetenesse for the grete loue y he had to god made him sette nought by alle his tourmen [...]s y were do▪ [Page] to his body Seint gregory tellith how ther was a p̄ste that hight staculus & was [...]ely to mēde a chirche of seint laurence that was disiroyed with lombardes but he wātid bre­de to his werkemen & made moche sorow there fore & he preyde to god & seint laurence besily of helpe & thā he lokid in to an o­uyn & fōde hit full of new wh [...]re brede but he wente h [...] wolde haue seruid hē but fore a weke & hit fōde [...]y now all the tyme his werke was a making

we finde y ther was an emperour that a cursed mā of leuing & whan he was dede ther come a le­g [...]ō of fendes to fech him & as they come by a holy ermytes selle they made a gret noyse the ermyte had grete meruayle there of & openyd a wyndow & spake to on that come be hinde & askid in the name of god what they were & he seyd fendes that were sen [...] to the emperour that was dede to loke yf they myght haue him for ther reward. than the ermyte cōmaūdid hem to come a yen that wey & tell him how they sp [...]dde & he did so & seyde whā his synnes were leyde in the balaūce & was ny ouer come than come that brennyng dekō laurence & leyd a gret pot on the balaūce & hit drew vp all to gedir thie poste was a grete chelyse y the Emperour made in the worshipp̄ of seint laurence by that he was saued. Thus ye may see & lerne to make in sufferaunce a yense enuyous people also what merite & mede is in largenesse to yeue hem that hath nede & what ioye & merite hit is to suf­fre tribulacion & persecucione & dissese paciently lerne of the holy marti [...] seint laurence & late vs ta­ke him for a mirrour and prey to him that he woll be mediatour to god for vs that we may come to euer lasting blysse Amen

De assumptione beate marie nirgi­nis.

GOod frendis soche a day ye shall haue the assumpcion of oure lady & hit is callid so for that day her sone toke her vp in to heuen body & soule & crow [...]ed her quene of heuen for the angell of heuē co­me to fette her vp Angelis yoyng & singyng come with procession a yen­se her with roses & lilies of paradyse in tokening that she is rose & lely and floure of all wymmen. & they did homage to her for all angelis & seintes in heuen made ioye & melody in worshipp̄ & hnoure of her & so holy churche makith mynde of her as­sumpcion. And yit the gospell of that day ma­kithe no mencion but of ij. sustres that was mar­tha & mary mawdeleyne & seyd thus. Iutrauit [...]hesus in [...]uada ca­stellū et mulier [...] ­dā [...]c̄. Ihesus entred in to a castell & a woman y was callid martha that toke him in her house & she had a sustre that was callid mary that sate at cristus fete & herde hym speke Thā was martha besy to serue criste & sche seyde to him sire bid my sustre a ryse & helpe me. thā answered criste. maria m [...]liorē partē e legit aue nō anfere tur abea Mary hath chose the better parte y shall notte be take a wey from her these be the wordes of the gospell of that day & here be no wordes of oure lady as be seming But he that redith what seint ancesme seyth there he may se that the gospell pertenith all to oure lady & to the l [...]uing of her. for she was the castell yt ihūs entered in to for right as a castell hath diuerse propertees that longith to a castell that hit shulde be myghty & stronge righte so was our lady be for all [Page] othir women. For there as wemen be fre ell & feble [...] esy to ouer come oure lady was stronge as a ca­stell & a yen stode the can tels of the fendes engyn­nes & put hem be syde at all tymes for right as a castell hath firste a depe di­ke right so had oure lady a depe mekenesse in strenght of the castell in so moche she passid all othir in vertu of mekenesse wherfore god chose her to b [...] niodir to his sone be fore all othir wymen. & there to criste berith wittenes thus. Quia respexit būilitatē ācille su [...] for god be helde the makenesse of his hande maydē all generacion shall blesse me This dike yf it be full of water hit is the more stronge to the castell this water is cōpassion that a mā shuld haue for his synnes & to othir people dissessed This water had oure lady On this dike lithe a drawe brygge that shall be drawe vp a yen [...] en [...]myes & lete downe [...] yense frendes be this brigge ye shall vnderstond discrete obedience for right as a man shall notte late downe the brygge to his enmy though he bid him so man shall not lette [...]he fende come to his soule thoughe he tempte hym But a none as he is bede any thyng that is helpe & socoure to his soule thā shall he lette downe the brygge of obedience & the sonner the better thus did oure lady whā the angell Gabriell come to her of cōcepcion of her sone she lette not down the brygge a none till she knewe were he was a frende or a enmy & seyd she shuld cō ceyue & be a mayde & by the v [...]w of chastite that she made to fore & as she herd y she lette down the brigge of obediēce & seyde Ecce ancilla dm̄ &c̄ Lo here goddis own hande mayden be it do to me aftyr thy worde. This castell is treble walled. [Page] The furste wall be toke nithe wedloke fore furste she was wyffe to ioseph for else the iewes wold haue stoned her as for a l [...] ­chour yf she had concey­ued with oute wedloke & so the furthir wall be tokenith pacience & the yn­ner virginite that is may denhode but that is litill worthe but hit be stren­gith with the wall of pa­cience & litill helpe is fore mandenhode hit is lityll worth that can no thing suffer of persecucion nor disseses but euer playng [...]grochyng & to be a claterer a iangeler a curser & a waryer & a scolde of her tonge t [...]ese defende not ma [...]denhode but rathir caste hit downe for may denhode shulde be of fewe wordes & that she spekith shulde be honeste & wor­shippe bothe to her own persone & to all that be in her p̄sence. For hit is an olde englische a mayden shulde be sayne & not herde this vera [...] had oure lady. For senit Bernard seythe rede all the gospell ouer & thou shalt not fynde that our lady in all her lyf [...]e spake but iiij. tymes by her owne but as schewas causith The first to gabriell the ij. to elisabeth the iij. to her owne soné in the temple & the iiij. at the weddyng of cane galilee. Thus muste the walle of pacience defende the walle of maydenhode This wall of maydenhode & hit be well kepte hit is passing all othir. As Bede seythe wedloke is highe there as hit is well kepte but yit wedowehode is higher. but virginite passith all & hathe moste worshippe in heuen pas­sing all othir This wall kepte oure lady fore schewas clene bothe be free will & by a vow & she had a degre passing all othir maydenes that euer were nor neuer shall be for sch [...]was bothe mayden & modir. And in this castell is a yate that be tokenith [Page] feythe for right as hit is in possible fore a man to go thourgh a walle of stele right so hit is as in possible fore a man to plese god with oute feythe

This feythe had oure laby passing all othir fore as hit semyth in possible for a woman to conceyue with oute carnall concu­piscencion of man for hit was neuer sey be fore but be techyng of an angell she beleued & so come criste & entered be yates of be leue in to the castell yt is in to the body of oure lady This yate had a toure a boue be tokenith charite For that is a boue all thynges & that vertu had our lady well may she be callid a castell For right as all maner people fle in to a castell bothe olde & yong for drede of enemy­es in so moche that the leste childe that can crye or speke that is a ferde of any thyng a none crieth lady lady for socoure & helpe for she is socoure & helpe both to yonge & to olde lesse & more in sike & in helthe The holy goste is capteyn of this castell. & his knyghtes be holy an­gel [...]e that go with our lady nyght & day In this castell be ij. sustres mar­tha & mary mawdeleyne Martha recepit il lum in domū [...] am. Martha receyued hym in to her house & was besy to serue him & that o­thir satte stille & had gret luste to here him speke. Be these ij. sustres I vnderstonde ij. maner of le­uyng of the people that one is actyfe & that other contemplatyf martha be tokenith actyfe that is be synes in this world But that shulde be for cristus sake that is to receyue pore people in to his house & to yeue hem mete & drynke clothe herborowe visite hem that be in pryson comforte the sike croked blynde & lame & to bery the dede. be that othir I vnderstonde the contem [Page] platyf lyffe that is to peple of holy churche that shulde voyde in all yt they may this worldes besines & yeue hem to all spiritu all occupacion & though they do thus yit ther be coueytus people of this worlde that sayne that it is all loste that mē of holy chirche h [...]n for hit se­myth to hem they do no good but euer cōplayne on hem & sey they do no good Seynte Austeyn seythe that all the worlde is holy churche and these worldly peple hatith mē of holy churche But yit god answerith for hem & is her voket & so woll at all tymes while they leue in reste & pese with ynne hem selfe But nowe see how oure lady full fillythe bothe these lyues. She was firste martha forther as martha was besy to receyue criste in to her house oure lady receyued him in to her body & there in he was ix. monthus & she fede him & aftyr come pore and nakyd in to this worlde & sche gaffe hym mete & drinke of her pappes & so fedde him & whā he was nakid she clothid him & norisched hym. & whan he was sike be hyn­de of youth she heli [...] him & whan he was boundyn hande & fote in his cradell as in pryson she come to him & vnboūde him [...] & toke him & [...]elid his soris with the milke of her pappes. & whan he was dede she holpe to bery him in his tombe & thus she ful fillithe the office of mar­tha perfourmyng the vij werkys of mercy. & yit she was many tyme too beled in her herte [...]ohan she muste bere him from countrey to coūtrey that was full of mawmentes & there as she knewe noo man. & whan that she saw him takyn & boūde strepe nakyd beton with stour ges that all his body ran­ne with stremes of blode & naylid on the crosse & so do to dethe that was [Page] to her [...] grete troble. thus was oure lady actyffe for as the gospell tellithe she gaffe so grete delite to her sones wordes that she bare in her herte al the lyffe & techyng of criste in so moch that she taught the iiij. euāgelistes marke ma [...]h [...]w [...]uce & Johan moche of yt they wreton and namely seint Luke for he wrote moche of the mā ­hode of criste. & thus she fulfillid the office of mary for hit was for the be­ste whā her sone was sty­ed vp in to heuen sche le [...]te all her besynes & gaffe her all to contemplacion till her sone fette her out of this world. Thus e­uery mā yt can vnderstōd may se that this gospell is cōuement to be radde for hit touchithe the lyffe of our lady Thā for this day was the ende of her lyfte in this world. there fore holy chirche redithe this gospell in ensample to all cristē people to perfourme the same leuyng in as moche as they may & as god woll gene hem grace to serue oure lady y schall yeue yow ensample


we fynde of a clerke yt loued oure lady well for he radde of her b [...]wte he had grete luste to see her and preyde besely that he myght onys se her or that he dyed. Thā at the la­ste come there an angell & seyde to him fore thow seruyst oure lady so well thou schalt haue thy pre your but on thynke y telle the yf thou se her here in this world thou schalte lese thy sight for the grete clernesse of her Than seyde he I wote well safe so that I may se her.

Than seyde the Angell come to soche a place & thou schalte se her thann was he glad & thoughte that he wolde hyde his on eye & lokyd with that o­thir So whā he come to the place he leyde his honde ouer that one eye and saw her with that othir [Page] eye & so come oure lady & he saw her & she went her wey a none & he was blinde with that one eye and saw with that othir. thā the sight likid him so well that he wold fayne se her a yene & preyde nyghte & day that he myght se her a yene. Than seyde the ā gell yf thou se her a yene thou shalt lese the sighte of that othir eye & he seyde y wote well saffe thou ghe I had a thousand eyon Than come to so­che a place & thou shalt se her so whan he come he saw her Than seyde our lady to him my good seruaūt whan thou saw me firste thou loste thy one eye howe wolte thou doo now whan thou haste loste thy othir eye Thann seyde he dere lady I wote well saffe thoughe I had a thousand eyon. Thā seyde oure lady for thou haste so grete liking to me thou shalt haue thy fight with bothe eyon a yene as well as thou had diste & better & so he had Than serued he oure lady euer aftyr to his lyues ende & wente to euer lasting ioye & blysse to whiche god bryng vs all to Amen.

De sancto bartholomeo.

GOod frendis soche a day ye shall haue the feste of seint Bartholomew goddis own apostle & ye shall faste the euyn & come to churche & here youre ser­uyse in the worshippe of god & seint bartholome ye shall vnderstonde that bartholome is as moche to sey as Fil in [...]s uspē dentiame That is to sey the sone hanging vpon me or vpon wate [...]s than ye schall vnderstond that god is he that hongith vppon the watres in ij. weyes. The firste is whan he hongith vppon the cloudes in the [...]irma­ment till he se tyme to late hem downe Anothir wey he hongith vpon w [...] [Page] teres whan a mā or a woman is sory for his synnes & weping sore for his tre­space & bitterly Thanne god takith his teris & hā gith hem vpon the high hill of heuē where all the seintes in heuen may ha­ue hem in fighte in grete ioye to all seintes & all angels y ben in heuen whā they may se man or wo­man that hath do a mysse many trespas to for sake her synne & tourne to no more ther to fore of the teris of a man or womā that is sory for his synne in this maner quenchithe the fuyre of hell of this te ris spekith Iohan criso stome & seythe. O thow tere that arte mekely lete in oryson & preyour with good deuocion the my­ght is so grete that thow goste to heuen & takyste the worde of the iewes mouthe makyng him to tourne the to saluacione [...] be fore were in the wey of dampnacion also thou makist thy [...]accusars dom the fendes & so thoū q [...] ­chist the fy [...]e of hell that fendes ma [...]dy a yense thy comyng [...] god hongith vppon [...]tres. Than fore seint bartho­lome was goddis sone as all ben that seruith hym he was honging vp in iij weyes in deuocion of ho­ly orisones preyng & in feythe full monicion & in sufferyyg of passione he was honging to godwar de in deuoute▪ orison fore that he seyde wit his mouthe he did with his herte so that his herte was all wey hongyng vp towardes god bothe in worde & in dedeas the p̄ste seyth in the masse. Sur [...]um [...]orda holdeth vp youre hertis to god [...]hus this holy man seint bartholo me had euer his hert to god for grete deuocion. we fynde wreton of hym thus that he knelid an C tymes on the day & a C. tymes on the nyghte fore gret [...]ciō that he had to god But for he shulde [Page] not be wery of the trauell god sente an angell euer more to sew him & kepte him thus hanged he vp be holy orisens preyng. He was also hanged vp be the feythfull monicion in this wyse fore god gafe him so grete power ouyr all findis that be his holy monicion he suspendyd hem whedir they were in man or woma [...] And al so in othir mawmentes. we finde wreton of semte bartholome how he co­me in to ynde in the temple in the whiche temple was an ymage & there in was a fende a mawment that was callid astroth & this ymage was made of golde than the fende that was there ynne spake to him & did him worshipp̄ & by soche wordes as he spake he made the peple be leue that he was god & yit the more be leue to the people that he helid many sike men & wym [...]n bothe blynde crokid & la­me & of many diuerse si­kenesse that he had cast [...] vppon hem to fore hym selfe & so semyng to hem that they were [...]eli [...] by him but soche sikenes as god sente vpon hem he cowde not hele Thanne was the temple full of si­ke people that was brou­ghte to this mawment to be made hole but as sone as bartholome come to the temple he suspended the fendes power that he myghte hele no man not there was a nothir mawment callid barth askid hem why her god gaffe hem none answere he sey de bartholome the apo­stell of god hath boūde hym so sore that he dare not onys speke nor crake than tolde him the fetru [...] of barth & seyde he know euery worde that he spe­ke now for he hath an angell of god with & tellith him all thinges that euer was seyd or down be him And more ouer though ye seke him ye shall not finde him but yf he woll [Page] him selfe. Than wente they home a yene & sou­ght bartholome & myght not finde him. Than as bartholome walkid a mō ge the peple [...] madde mā that had [...] fende with in him a none cride to bar­tholome goddis own apo­stell thy preyoures bynde me so sore & brenne me also Than seyde bartholomew hold thy pese thou▪ fende & goo oute of that man & with that word the fende wente his wey & lefte the man & a none he was hole Thanne hit happid so that the kyng of that cite had a doughter that was madde & so­re bounden with cheynes for harme that she dede among the people And whanne the kyng herde how this man was helid a [...] none he sente to bartholomew preyng him that he wolde hele his doughter & so he did. Thanne bartholomew prech [...]d so the kyng that he tourned the kyng to be cristen & than a none he cōm [...]un­did to drawe down the mawmentis that wer in the temple Tha [...] the pepull tyed ropis a bout the ymages neckis & wol de haue draw hem down the mawmentes but they myght not for the fende was so stronge in hem

Than Bartholome cō ­maundid the fendis to come out of the ymages & to pull hem to poudir & so they did for they had no power to withstond his cōmaundement & so they all to brake hem for the temples was so full of sike peple bartholomew preyde to god that they myght be hole & a none they were hole euerycho ne Than come there an Angell that god sente fr [...] heuen & a none in the sight of all the peple the temple shone so brighte that no tonge co [...]de tell & flye all a boute the tempull And in foure par­tis of the tempull he made a syne of the cr [...]with [Page] his fingeres on the walles & seyde right as all the peple be hole of her sikenes so shall this temple be closid from all the filthe of synne & of the fendes crafte that hath be there in & I woll shewe yow that same fende y ye haue worshippid fore youre god Thā the fende apperid like a man of ynde all blacke & made a cursed noyse Than the people began to fle for fere he was so lo thely▪ Than seyde the angell make soche a signe of the crosse in youre forhe­dis & be not a ferde of him Than a none in fight of hem all the angell vnboū de this fende & bad hym go ther as was nostering nothir of man nor of beste & to be there till at the day of dome & neuer dis­sese the people more. thā the fende wente his wey & the angell stied vp in to heuen. Than the kyng his wyffe his doughter & all his meyne & moche o­thir people tourned to the feythe & bartholome cristoned hem all. thus bartholome hongith be feythfull monicion for he suspended the fendes pouer that he myghte do nothing He was also hōgid vp be suffering of passiō for whā the bishop of the tēple sawe that the peple were all moste tourned to cristen feyth & left the fendes mawmetry he wē te vn to the cite there as a kyng was callid astra­ges & brothir to the kyng Polmyes & playned to him sore & seyd ther was a man come to hem that was callid bartholome that had tourned his brothir & alle the people to the feythe that they sette not by her goddis. But had draw hem downe & all to broke hem & halowed the temple only to criste. for this cause he prey de him of helpe Thanne sente the kyng [...] M. mē aftyr bartholome. Thā whan bartholome was come he astud him why [Page] he had tourned his brothir & made him be leue one a dede man that was hongid on the cro [...] thā seyde [...]rtholome I haue boūdyn that god that thy brothir beleued on & shewde that sende And yf thou or he maiste doo so to my god than wolle y beleue as thow does [...]e. Thanne the kynge comaundid to hange barthol mew on a crose and lo­nget o torment him th [...] on and aftir toke hym doune and fley him qu­ycke and thanne to sm­yte of his h [...]de. Than­ne rome cryseyne peo­ple and beryd him with gret reuerence and worsh­yppe and thus he was hanggyd vp by grete cōpascione suffurynge. were de in gestys roma­norū that whanne fryd­wicke the Emperour hade dystroyd a grete cite and there in was a feyre churche of seinte barth­olomewe. And othere [...]oo of dyuers scy [...]t [...]s

And as a goode holy man come by the cite and he sawe a grete company of men stonding to gedir. Thanne had this man gret mervell of hem & as [...]id what they were & what was there counsell Thane seid they that it was seinte bartholmew and other seintes thate hadd churches in the [...]e cyte thate were dystroy­ [...]d and there they toke theyr counsell what th­ey mygtht do wyth the Emperour & they w [...]re in full purpose that he shulde come be fore god and answere for his dedis and so the Emperoure deyde a fowlle dethe and was dampned. And also hyt ys wretynne in the lyffe of seynte god­lake thate furste inhabyt crowland in the fenny [...] and the furste daye that he come thythere was on seinte bartholmewes daye. Thanne be pre­yde to thys holy apost­tell to be hys p [...]trone [...] [Page] yense the wyckid spirits that were in that place for hit was callid the habitacion of fendes. fore there durste no man dwelle there for fendes Than was this holy man come the­dir & nere honde loste his witte for fere But thā be gret grace he had mynde on seint bartholomew & preyde him with all his herte of helpe & socoure. Than a none come seint bartholome & cōmaūdid the fendes to go fro that place than the fendes made a grete horrible noyse & wente her wey & seyde A las a las for now h [...]e we loste oure myght [...] oure habitacion [...] shall [...] to him with good de [...] cion he wolle helpe he [...] at her nede.

De natiuit [...] ate marie [...]

GOod [...]che a d [...] haue [...] she was [...] faste the [...] god [...] worst [...] seint [...] the [...] m [...] [Page] [...] the birthe of o [...]re lady [...]adid the fadir & the mo [...] where for [...] god sente [...]rute of he [...] bodyes [...]e grete thā be kyn [...]an all neyboures [...]mfortid anne [...] doughter ma [...] [...]ad or she [...]e goton.

[...]nde that [...]hippid [...]f oure [...]othir [...]d of [...]ew [...]ry [...] childe I may well bele­ue than seint Anne oure ladyes modir had not so in her birthe of her child oure lady for she was ha­lowed in her moderie wō be holy born & holy euer aftyr So whan she was borne & wenyd & was iij yere of age Ioachim and anne & othir frend is broughte mary in to the cite of iherusalem to fore the temple as they had made her a vow to fore Than the temple stode one an hill & was xv. steyres vp to the dore & so they left mary nethir meste while they made hē redy to do her offering. thā wēte ma [...]y t [...] [...] [...]rmest gryce [...] [Page] her all to spūall occūpacion & euery day fro morow to vndren she was in her p̄youres & from vn­dren to noon she occupi­ed her crafte of vewing of clothis in the temple & at nō the mete & the drinke that was broughte to her to ete she gaffe to po­re people & was in her deuocion till an āgell broughte her mete Thus she leuyd so clene & so honestly that all her felowes callid her quene of maydēs & whā any man spake to her mekely she lowted with her hed & seyd Deo gracia [...] For that worde was comm in her mouthe & there for she is likid to a spicers shopp̄ for she smellith swete for p̄chens of the holy goste yt was with her & habūdaūce of vertues that shulde bere the kyng of vertues and thus her birthe dayly is ioy to all cristen people how this day was furste foūde. a grete clerke iohā Bellet tellith Ther was an holy man that preyde to god oft be nyght tyme & so on a nyght as he was in his deuocion he herd a songe of an āgell in heuē that oure lady was borne of her modir & no more of all the yere aftyr so in a nyght he herde this melody in the eyre where for this holy man preyde to god that he myght haue wetyng what was the cause that he herde that melodye that certayn nyght & no more of all the yere aftyr Thā come an angell to him & seyd that nyght oure lady was borne of her modir & there for the melody was made in heuē at that tyme. thā wente he to the Pope & tolde him how the āgell seyde Thau the pope cō maundid that day shul­de be halowed fore euer more. thus come this furste into holy churche Also oure lady is borne by watyr wasching that is be cristonyng for whan oure lord ihesu crist was [Page] baptised in the watir of f [...]om iordan than oure lady & the xij. apostles in [...] tyme w [...] cristoned there for right as oure lord folowid the olde [...]awe & the new bothe & all y fill to a man of right & so oure lady fullfillid both law [...] & all fill to a wom [...] at the same cristoning. for there her soue toke his righte name & she bothe & as the gospell tellith whā oure lord thesus was cristoned the fadir of heuē [...]pake & seyde Hir ē fi­lins mena [...]. & seyde he [...]is my welbeloued sone but aftir he was callid she sus goddis sone & fro that tyme oure lady was callid the wyffe of ioseph & aftyr that she was cal­lid the modir of ihū to moche worshippe to her The thirdde tyme oure lady was borne to ioy passing for whan she shulde passe oute of this world her sone come with a grete multitude of angeles & broughte her to heuen with moche ioye & the [...]e crowned her quene of heuen emperes of hell & lady of all the world so she is in euyr lasting blysse

we fynde of oure lady how there was a iew that was borne in fraunce & come in to Englond for diuerse maters that he had to do with othir people & come in glo [...]ater & to Bristow & so wold go in [...]o wilke shew but he was take by the wey with the fes & ladde in to an olde house & boundyn to a poste & his hondis be hynde him & so lefte hym there all nyght & at the laste he [...]ll in a slepe he saw a fayre woman clothid in white he had seyn neuer non soche & enyn ther with he woke & felte him selfe lose Than he saw oure la­dy bright that him thoughte she passid the sonne & seyde what lady arte y & she seyde I am mary that tho [...] & thy nacion dispison & seyn that I bare neuer goddis sone. But [Page] yit am I come now to bring thy oute of thyn errour & out of pryson that thou arte ynne & ther for come thou with me and stonde yonder at the sto­ne & loke downewarde & so he did & there he sawe the horrible peynes of hell that he was nygh oute of his mynde Thann seyd oure lady to him these be the peynes that ben ordeyned to all th [...] that woll not be leue in my sones passion & in the feith of holy churche yit comforthe & se more & she set­te him on an highe hill & shewde him a place of grete ioye & myrthe in so moche that he was rebaschid with that sight Thanne s [...]yde oure lady Lo these be ordeynede to all y beleuyn in the incarnaciō of criste & that he was born of me▪ & I clene mayden before & aftir. & that my sone shede his blod for all mankynde. Nowe haste thou seyne bothe ioye & peyne chese whiche thou haddiste leues Than he wēte moche of the nyght he woste not what wey but walkyd forthe. But on the morow he come to bathe & there he was cri­stoned & named iohan & aftyr was an holy mā Than [...] to come a gayne to oure purpose of oure lady what tyme that Ioachim had offered oure lady in to the temple to the bishopp̄ to kepe her saffe in warde till shewe­re xij. yere of age & more. Than muste the bishop ordeyne her an husbonde & than they lete crye all aboute in the countre that kynges lordis & othir gē tils that were with oute wyses shuld come at a [...] tayn day for to wete who were beste worthy to wedde that fayre mayden that was flowre of all may­dens. for right as the lely is white & fayre a mouge breris & othir flowres righte so was oure lady amonge othir maydens so whan they come to [...]he [...]a [Page] salem to se the mayden that was of the beste blode of the worlde the bis­hoppe ordeyned an olde staffe of asche that he had kepte in rhe temple ma­ny yeris & was all worme [...]ton & he seyde he that hā delid that staffe & hit bor genyd & bare flowres he schulde haue the mayden & sche was brought forth in to the temple that all the people myght see her Than bad the bischopp̄ bryng forth the staffe. & whan any man handild hit he bad him holde vpon highe that the people myght se yf hit burgemd Than wente to kynges princes lordes & knygh­tes squiers & othir gentill men but hit wolde not be the furste day ne the secō de day so the iij. day they schulde make an ende. th [...] come there an olde man in to the temple & hadde herde of this but he saw hit not & thought to go to se how the people did & come thedir & stode all ferre in a corner & lokid on this mayden. Thenn he thoughte in him selfe I wyll not handell the staffe for this mayden is not for me that is so pas­sing fayre & I so passing olde. thann come there a white doue & satte vpon his hede with a gyldin bille & her fete sihone as hit had be bright burnischid golde that all the people saw her & somme wold haue caught her but they myght not. Than was the bischoppe ware & bad ioseph come vp to him a none & ioseph seyde nay she is not for me. sche is to yonge & I am to olde to gouerne her a state Thann seyde the bishop handell this staffe & so he did & a non hit was grene & be ganne to burgyn & bare leuys & blossomed & bare frute Than was the bishoppe glad & io­seph sory for to haue her for he was full purposed neuer to haue wyfe.

Thanne the Bishoppe. [Page] weddid hem worshipfully & bad ioseph take her home with hym & so he did Thā sone aftir the holy goste lightid in her with greting of the an­gell gabriell & so be gane to wexe grete with childe Than ioseph lokid one her & thought to haue go a wey preuely from her & leue her alone Than come an angell to ioseph & bad he shulde take mary to his keping & stodynd more there vppon & leue all soche thought is fore y was goddis wyll & god him selfe woll that hit be so Than he lefte all soch fantasies & kepte her well as a man shulde his wyfe

De exaltacōe sancte crucia

GOod frendis soche a day ye shall haue hooly rode day in the which ye shall come to chirche in wor­shippe of him that was done one the crosse this day is callid Exalta­cio crucia the exaltacion of the crosse that is [...] say the lyftyng vp of the holy crosse whanne seint Elene had fette the cros in iherusalem cristen pe­ple did hit gret worship But than come the kyng of perse that was callid cosdre & he toke the cros with him & made the ci­te bare & bare a wey alle y he myghte & wente in to the temple & toke all the tresoure & iewell is & precious stonis & bare hem a wey. Thus this cursed man did distroye many kyngdomes & so bare the holy crosse in to his own country Than the em­perour Eraclius herde here of & was full wrothe & sory & sente to this king Cosdre to trete with him fore Eraclius was a cri­sten man Than Cosdre answered cursedly & seyde he wolde not trete till he had all his people to for sake cristendome & to do sacrifice to his maw­mentes Than this Emperour Eraclius be toke [Page] all to god & gadered him an oste of people to fight with this cursed kyng cosdre hoping to god to gete the holy crosse a yen But whan this cursed kyng cosdre come he fill in soche a fansasy & madnesse that he toke his sone all the gouernaūce of his reme & lete make an house for him selfe in maner of an auter like vn to he­uē & made hit all shyning golde & p̄cious stones & sette him selfe in the myddis in a cheyer of golde & cōmaūdid that all peo­ple shulde calle him god & so satte & the holy crosse in his right honde in ste­de of his sonne & one the lefte honde a tame cocke in stede of the holy goste & him selfe in the middi [...] in stede of the trinite. and thus he satte like a mad man Than his sone her de that Eraclius was co­myng he wente a yeue him & mette him at a grete water ouer the whiche water was a brygg [...] than bē assent of bothe her h [...] stis they sette bother chefe cayns a middes the brigge to fight fore hem alle & bothe endes of the brigge shulde be drawe vp & whiche of hem that had the victory shulde haue bothe kyngdomes Thā was Eraclins so in full feyth in the crosse & truste in the preyoures of the peple that he ouer com his enemyes Than all Cos­dres people be stering of the hooly goste that they tourned to the feythe be fre wyll of hem selfe and whan they were all cristo ned than wente Eracli us with both ostis to the olde kyng Cosdre as he satte in his trone & seyd to him thus. For because thou haste do worshippe to the holy crosse yu shalte chese yf thou wolte be cri stoned & haue thy kyngdome a yen for a litill tri bute in reste & pese or else to be dede & he for soke to be cristoned than a non Eraclius smote of his [Page] he de right there & made a cry that his tre four shulde be dalte a monge his men & [...]cious stones & othir iewles shulde be kepte to restore the chirchis that were distroyed & toke the crosse & wente to iherusalem And whan he come to the mounte of oliuete towardes the cite of iherusalem ryding one a trapped ho [...]se he wolde haue rydyn in to the cite of iherusalem [...]ut sodenly the yati [...] to ge dir & was playn wall thā was he gretly a stoyned & meruelyd gretely of y vengeaunce & made a grete mone Than come an angell & stode on the ya tis & seyde Quādo [...]rex noster. whan the kyng of heuen come this wey & thourghe these yati [...] to wardes his passion he ro­de on no trapped horse nor in no clothe of golde but mekely one a simple asse y [...]uy [...]g ensample of mekenesse to all people. than the angell wente his wey Thā the kyng with all deuocion that coude & myght a none did of his clothis vn to his shirte & bare fote Than the yate ope [...]d & he wente ynne to the yate of iherusalem & so in to the temple & offered the crosse a yene as hit was to fore Thā for the grete ioye that the peple had of this crosse. & [...]o [...] the grete miracles y gode shewed hit was more [...] [...]ft [...]r thā hit [...] to [...]re & the [...] shippe of the crosse that was caste downe aftyr was lifte vp where this this day is callid the [...] ­altacion of the crosse [...]re as seint Austeyn seythe. the crosse that was furste of so grete spite & velony now is of grete worship that Emperours kinges worshippe hit we [...]de in legenda aurea that aie we come to a churche & for de [...]aute that no man was in the chirche he wē te to the rode & for g [...]t en uye that he had to cri [...] [Page] he cutte the rodis throte & a none the blode sterte oute one his clothis & so his clothis were alle rede blode And than he hid the rode in a preuy place & as he wente home a cristen man mete him & sey de to him thou haste slay ne somme mā where ha­ste thou done him & the iewe seyd nay hit was not so & the cristen man seyd thy clothis be alle blody of him. Than this iewe knelid downe & seyde for sothe the god yt this cri­sten people be leue vpon is of grete vertu & myght & tolde him how he had doue & cryde mercy with all his herte & so he was cristoned & an holy mā [...]uer aftyr & so wente to [...]uer lasting ioye & blysse to the whiche god bryn­ge vs all to Amen.

De quatuor tem­porum

GOod frēdis this weke ye shall ha­ue ymbre deyes. yt is wedenysday fryday & satirday the whiche day­es calixte the pope ordey ned iiij. tymes in the ye­re to all y bethe of coue­nable age for certeyn cau ses as ye shall here. Oure olde faderis fastid foure tymes in the yere a yense foure highe & solempne fe stis & if we woll shew vs good children we muste faste & folowe the same rewle that they vsid and there fore we faste iiij. ty mes. Furste in marche. The secounde at witson tyde The iij. bytwix her ueste & sede tyme And the iiij. be fore cristemas Marche is a tyme that dryethe vp the moyste­nes that is in the erth whe re for we faste that tyme to drye the erthe of oure body of humerus that be full nedefull to the body & to the soule. For that tyme the humurus of le chery temptith a mā mo ste of any tyme of the ye re Also we falte at wit­fontyde fore to gete grace of the holy goste that we [Page] may be in per [...]ite loue & charite to god & to all the worlde Caritaa coo­perit multitudiuē peccatorū Charite co uerith the multitude of synnes Also we faste to haue mekenes in oure her tis & to put a wey all pry de that reynith in vs. Al so we faste betwene her­ueste & sedtyme for to haue grace to gedir frutes of good werkis in to the house of oure conscience & so be ensample of good leuyng a monge the peo­ple that we comyn with bothe riche & pore. Also we faste in wynter fore y sleith all stinkyng wedis of synne & fowle erthe of fleschly lustes that makid good angelis & good peple to with drawe hem from vs For right as net tell b [...]nnith rosis & othir flowres that be nye hit in the same wyse a vicious man or woman sterith & settith on fyre hem that bi [...]h in her cōpany. And for these causes we [...]aste iiij. tymes in the yere and euery tyme iij. dayes that be tokenith iij. speciall y tues that he lpith a mā to grace that is fasting de­uoute preyng & almesse dede doyng And be o­pinion of moche people these dayes be callid ym­bre dayes because that ou re elder faderis wolde one these dayes ete noo brede but cakis made vnder as kis so be the etyng of yt they reducid in to theyr minde that they were but askes & shulde tourne ayē & wyste not how sone. & by that they tourned a wey from all delicius me tis & drynkys & toke noo hede so that they had esy [...]ustinaunce this causithe hem to thinke on dethe & that wyll cause a man to desyre no more thā he ne dith & absteyne him selfe from all maner of bodely lustes & to encrese in ver tue [...]be the which we may come to euer lasting blys

De festo sacti ma thei.

[Page] GOod frend is so [...]he a day ye shall haue seint mathe u [...] [...]ay the whiche was [...]tus apostle & ye shall f [...]ste the euyn & come to holy chirche in worshipp̄ of god & seint mathew he is gretly cōmendid in holy churche for certeyn [...] holy vertues that he had Hewas obedient to cri­ste at the firste calling he prechid the gospell with oute faynyng & he suffe­red passion mekely with oute any deuyyng Furste he was obedient to criste at the firste calling for he satte in a certeyn place besy to gete good & cris [...] c [...] me that wey & lokyd on him & bad him come & go with him Thann he caste so grete loue to cris [...] that he left all his goodi [...] that he had & sewed criste forthe full simple and full pore. Also he fedde criste gladly for on a day he preyde Criste to ete with him & made criste a grete feste not in delicat [...] metis & drynkys But i [...] ▪ fedyng criste & all his cō ­pauy for he fedde all that wolde come for cristns sake for moche people sew­ed crist where that euer he wente Secuti sunt eum turhe multe For diuerse causes ma­ny folowed him somm­to be helid of her sore [...] & of diuerse sikenes And somme to se miracles y criste did somme to the & to drynke with him. & somme that were his enemyes that were lerned in the lawe yf they myghte haue takyn him with any worde where by they my g [...]te haue accusid him. & somme to be reformed in vertues and to here his doctryne and teching as the apostles and ma­ny othir [...]nde nersua Moribus signa ci­bua blasphemia do­ctrina fuere Causa [...]um dominum tur­ba secuta fuit And when mathew had fedde [...]ist thus & all that come [Page] hym criste made him on of his disciples and gaffe him knowyng to preche the be leue & goddes worde so boldely euer aftyr y he spared nothir fore loue nothir for drede. Soo this mathew apostell co­mo on a tyme in to a ci­te & prechid that was callid Nadabar & there he founde moche people taughte be the fendes crafte in nigransy & taughte so many thynges & so meruelous that hit was grete woundre to here to ma­ny mannes wytte and all for the people shulde be leue in hem and do hem worshippe Thanne mathewe a none delyuerid her nigramansy so that all the people knew openly that hit was the fendes crafte where for this people that be leued on this nigramansy made dragones by the fendes craft to spitte fyre and breune so that the stenche of hem slew moche people and they broughte this dragones to haue deuoured seinte mathew & whanne mathewe herde there of he made a crosse be fore him & wente a yense hem and a none the dragones fill downe dede be fore hym. Than seyde mathew to the people yf ye haue any myghte reyse hem a yene to lyue but they had no power. Than seyde ma­thew yf I were not god dis seruaunt I wold make hem to doo yow that as ye purposed to do to me. But hit is the tech­yng of my maystre ihe­su criste to do good a yense euyll where fore I bid yow dragons a ryse and go to soche a place as ye shall neuer greue mā nor beste and a none they rose & wente her wey. thus mathew tourned mo­che people that come to se that sight. & thanne [...] he prechid the people and tolde hem of the ioye of paradyse There he seyde is day & neuer nyght the [...] is euer youthe & neuer [Page] age there is euer helthe & neuer sikenesse there is roses lylyes & flowree with o [...]tewel owyng ther b [...] popyngaeys & nyghtyn­gales & diuerse briddes euer singyng loue reste and pese with euer lasting charite So they that leuyth in criste & do aftyr his cō maundement shall come the thir & be there withoute endyng. Thus he prechid in a cite where cursed people were they toke hym & put oute his eyon & caste him in to pry­son till they toke a vise­ment what dethe he shulde dye. But there come an angell thanne to seint Andrew as he prechid in a ferre countrey & brou­ghte him ouer the se ther as seint mathew was & whan Andrew saw ma­thew so fowle done a non Andrew wepte & preyde to god for him And a none god restorid ma­thew his sight a yene and Andrew wente a yen in to his owne countrey to [...]reche there as he c̄ome fro & whan mathew was oute of pryson he wente & prechid in the cite of Nadabar in the whiche the kynges sone dyed Than sente the kyng af­tir mathew [...]preyde him to restore his sone to lyfe a yene & so he did where for the kyng & his wyffe & his doughter that was callid eufagema toke cristendome and the moste parte of the people & for god had chosyn this eu fagema to be an holy woman mathew blessid her & gaffe her the vayle of chastite & charit [...] and so was aftyr an holy womō & was keper of many o­thir virgines than dyed her fadir Thanne come there a kyng that was callid hertagus that lo­ued this mayden Eufageme & preyde matheco to helpe him that he myghte haue her Thā seyde mathew that myght not be fore she was weddid to the kyng of heuene [Page] & m̄yght flot breke that spouse hode th [...] was her tacus wrothe & bad sle mathew & so as he stode & seyde masse at the Au­ter there come on be hynde him & slew him & cri­sten people beried the body in the same churche. Than bad the kyng sette fuyre on eufagema house & that on euery syde to haue brende her there in. Than mathew apperid to her & bad her be a good there & a none tour­ned the fuyre from her house in to the kyngis palyse & lefte there no thing saue the kyng & a yong childe with him and the kyng was smetyn with meselry so fowle that fore grete peyne & wo he slew him selfe & so the venge­aūce fill on him selfe that he wold haue do to othir Now ye may well se by this gret miracles that he was an holy man & therfore late vs serue him and he wolle prey for vs alle Amen.

De festo sācti michaelia

GOod frendis suche a day ye shall haue seint michae [...] day the archāgell that day all holy churche makithe mynde & mencion of all angelis for the gre­te socoure comforte & helpe that mankynde had of angelis & specialy of seint michaell And for iij. p̄ ­rogatiuis that he had for he is woūdrefull in appe­ryng meruelous in mi­racles worchyng & vic­torious in fightyng he is woundrefull in appering for as seint Gregory seith whanne almyghty god woll wor [...]he any woun­drefull dede than he sente for michaell his seruaunt as for his banerer fore he berith a shelde a signe of his armes. where fore he was sente with moyses & Aaron to egipte to wo [...] ­che meruelis for though the signe were in moyses the worchyng was done by michaell. For he de▪ [Page] partid the rede see & kepte the water in ij. parties while the people of isra­ell wente thourghe and so passid and ladde hem forthe to flom iordan & kept the water like an hill of eche syde hem while they passid saue & soun­de to the londe of be he [...]t [...] Also michael is keper of paradyse & takith in sou­les that bithe sente the dir Also he shall sle antecrist in the mounte of olyuete & he shall bid all the dede a ryse & come to the do­me & othir angelis with him shall brynge alle the instrumentes of his passion the crosse the crowne spere nayles hamer sponge eysell g [...]all scorges and all othir thyngis yt was at cristus passion to shew hem that shall be damp­ned that sette nought ne beleue not in his passion thus it apperith woūdrely. Also he worchid mi­racles meruelously for appolia is an highe hill that is callid gargus and is nyghe a grete cite & there dwellid a riche man of diuerse catell and as his bestis wente one the hill [...] there happid a balle left be hynde othir bestis thā wente this man & his seruaunte to seke this bolle and founde hym ston­dyng be fore an hole in a grete dene and than on of hem shette an arrow at him and the arrew tourned a yene & smote hym that shote the arrow and hurte him sore Thanne were they sore a ferde and thought what that my­ghte mene & wente to the bishop & tolde him all the cause thā the bishop preyde to god to haue know­leche what hit was Thā in the mounte of gargan michaell apperid to him & seyde hit was goddis wyll that the man shulde be hurte for ye shall kno­we well yt y am kepir of ye place where for go thou & make a chirche of yt dene and so the bish [...]p made a fayre churche there. [Page] Also michaell a [...]pered to a nothir bishop & bad him go to an hill toppe to the mounte of gardell & ther as he founde a bolle teyde he shulde make a churche in the worshipp̄ of god & semte michaell Thanne were there ij. ro [...]chis of stone on eythir syde that the werke myght not vp Than semt mi­chaell appered to a man that hight baymo & bad hym go & put a wey the roche & drede no thyng so this man wente thethir & sette to his shuldres & bad the roche go vtter in the name of god & seint michaell & so the hilles wente vtter as moche as ne­dich to the werke


we rede also in the lyfe of seint gregory how ther was a grete multitude of people in rome and they saw arrowes of fyre come oute of the eyre & slewe moche people. Thanne seint Gregory preyde to god to sese that pestilence Than he saw an āgell stondyng one a castell wall wypyng his blody swerde but that angell he seyde was seint michaell was sente thethir to pu­nische the people for syn thus michaell was mer­uelons in miracles wor­chyng. Also he was victorious in fightyng for whan the citezenis of septutyne were oppressid with paynemes & shulde yeue hē batayle they preyde ofte to seint michaell of helpe Thā the nyght be for as the batayle shulde be michaell apperid to the bishoppe & seyde to him haue no drede but go to the batayle bolde­ly & he wolde helpe hym & so on the morow whan the batayle shulde be the hill of garganus was o­uer c [...]uered with a grete myste & arrowes come oute of the myste fleyng of fyre & b [...]ltis of thoun­dir & hurte moche peple of the paynemes in so moche that they slew all that [Page] euer myght fle And so many were sleyne & tho that were a lyfe were sa­ued be grete miracle of god & were cristoned. Seint iohan euengeliste seythe in his Apocalips how michaell & his an­gels foughten with luci­fer in heuen that is callid the dragon & his angels & with helpe of god▪ michaell had the better & droue oute the dragon & all his felowshippe in to the eyre betwene heuen & erth & so they be ther yit as thicke as motis in the fonne And for criste come to heuen in a blaste of thoundyr. & there for yit whan they here thoundir they fall downe to the er the for fere & thā they go not vp a yene till they haue do somme harme. for than they make batis & stryues & man slawter & make grete wyndes bothe in londe & in water & doo moche harme & yit they wolde doo moche more than they doo nere seynt [...] michaell for all her sorowes is to se soules engeles in heuen in the place the­re they were ynne to fore Also othir spirites there were that s [...]ode not stede faste towardes god but flatering the whiche seint michaell droue oute heuē all in to an yle of the see as ye shall here As seinte Brandan seyled in the se he come to an yle & sawe a tree was so grete be the highe & brode that it was woūdir to tell on the whiche tre satte briddis thicker than the bowes & were as white as snowe. thā he preyde to god to wete what they wee Thā come on of hem & satte on the shippis borde & bate­red with his wynges & made a sowne like an or­gan Than seyd brandan yf thou be come a mes­senger speke and tell me what ye ben Thanne he seyd we were angels that stode not stede faste in the be leue a [...] michaell wa [...] & there for we were dreuyn [Page] oute whan michaell dro­ue oute lucifer & his an­gels But yit we haue e­uery day a remedy to wo­shippe god Thus was michaell woundrefull in apperyng meruelous in miracles doyng & victorious in fightyng where late vs worshipp̄ this holy angell that he may be oure shelde in fightyng a yense oure gostely enemy the fende so that we may haue the victory of him now & euer Amen

De festo sācti lu­ce.

GOod frendis soche a day ye shall haue seint lukys day the euāgelist ye shall vnderstōd that criste had iiij. euangelistes that is marke mathew luce and iohan these wrote the gospell the gospell is no more to sey but goddis wor­de these holy euangelistis wrote not only that god spake but also what y he did & what he suffered for mankynde for hit shulde be knowe to all man­kynde fore euer more to thynke on goddis worde & to do ther aftyr These iiij. be likened to iiij. di­uerse bestes & so they be portrayed in iiij. parties of the crosse on euery sy­de of criste. for marke a lyon for mathew a man for luce a calfe & for iohan an egyll But late no mā suppose that they were soch bestis but likened to soch bestis for diuerse causes▪ for be cause that mathew wrote moste of cristus manhode there fore he is likened to a man And luke wrote moste of cri­stus sacrafice & his dethe there for he is likened to a calfe or to an oxe fore a calfe that was offered in sacrifice of the olde lawe in tokening that criste shulde be offered for synne of the people in sacrifice in the auter of the cros And marke wrote moste of the resurrection vprysing & there for he is li­kened to a lyon For as [Page] bokis sey & tell whan a ly on hathe yonge welpes they shall lye as dede thre dayes aftyr they be wel­pid Than comyth the lyon & sethe his welpes dede a none he makith so the a roryng & a crye y the dede welpes wake there with & quekon & take lyfe So wh [...]n criste had leyne iij. dayes in his tombe Than the fadir spake to him & bad him ryse & so rerid from dethe to lyue Also iohan is like­ned to an egyll for be kinde she fleith highest in to the eyre & nexte to the sonne so iohan wrote moste of the godhede & but li­till of the manhode these be the causes that they be likened to iiij. diuerse bestio But nowe ye shall vnderstonde that Luke was likened to a calfe. iij maner of weyes that is in the thoughte worde and dede he offered his thou ghte to god for there as he was furste besy to ge­te goodis of the world with his crafte for as bo­ [...]is telle he was a leche & for couetyse of good he slewe many a man bode­ly than had he offendid god so greuously that a none he offered his thoughte in sacrifice for as bo kys teche god is highely plesid with thought that is whan a man is sory for his synnes in his herte & thynkith verely to for sake synne & a mende hym Also he offered his worde to god in sacrifice for as he was wonte to fore to spēde his speche in many ydyll wordes or he come to the apostle aftyr he tourned his spech in to profite to all cristē peple where for he wente to oure lady and she taught him the gospell tho that he wrote and fore he was a clene mayden oure lady cherischid him the more And so taught him full goodly how the āgell come to her in message and what he seyde & what answere she gafe a yene. & so [Page] all thynges that she did with her sone & of all her doyng till oure lord was styed vp in to heuen. & whann luke had lerned this persitely than he lo­kyd what Marke had wreton & mathew & so to ke athem & ther as they wretyn darckly he wrote openly all thynges. thus in prechyng & techyng he offered his worde to god Also he offered his dede to god in sacrifice. fore he peyned his body with diuerse penaunce of fastyng & of harde leuing in kepyng preyng Al­so he wrote all the perse­cucion that the apostelis suffered of the iewes in iherusalem whā they had grete pursewte & tourmēt for goddis sake & he wro­te all the persecucione of seint steuyn how he was stoned to dethe Thann wente seint luke to seynt poule & sewed him in many mystheuys & dissese [...] he had & in full grete dre de & neuer departid from him till poule was dede. Thanne wente luke to a countrey that was callid betanie & there he p̄chid the worde of god & was there till he was xl. wyn­ter of age. than he dyed full fayre full of the holy goste for he leuyd in ho­ly vertuous. & aftyr his dethe god shewed for him many fayre miracles & so endid in criste & went in to euer lasting blysse to the whiche god brynge vs all to Amen.

De simone & inda

GOod frendis so che a day ye shall haue the feste of Symon & iude & ye shall faste the euyne & one the morow come to chirche & worshippe god & these holy apostles. we shall on derstonde that eythir of these hath to names that one was callid Symon ʒelotes and that other iudas iacola and iudas tha deus shewyng be these how the name that a mā hath in this worlde dieth [Page] & passithe oute of mynde whanne he is dede where fore euery cristē mā shul de be besy to take hym a name that shulde be wre­ton in the boke of lyffe y shulde laste euer. And there for these ij. apostles suffered grete penaunce trauell tribulacion and dissese & at the laste peyne of dethe fore cristus sake with hertes meke & clene conscience Symon is as moche to sey as obedience that makith a man meke in herte Iudas is as moche to sey as confessi on that clensith a mānes consciēce of all maner of fynne And thus be fore or they dyed they gaffe euery mā ensample how they toke her dethe meke ly for cristus sake & dye with clene conscience and than they shall be wreton in the boke of lyffe with grete worshipp̄ in the fra ternite of heuen but they that grochyn in her her­tes of dissese & persecuci­on & euer playnyng they haue nede to prey to god to be helid of that syke­nes that they haue in her spiritis


We rede in the lyffe of the apostell how a kyng that was callid Abaga­rus & was leper & herde how that oure lord ihe­su criste did many miracles & helid all that were sike Than he wrote a letter in this wyse kyng A bagarus gretith ihesus [...]a uioure well that prechid in the countrey of iheru­salem & I haue herde of thy miracles that thow doste & so thou heliste all maner of sikenesse with oute any herbis or salues & cureste blynde & [...]rokid & lame & that is more merueyle thow reyse dede bodyes to lyue where for I thynke in my herte & in my beleue that thou arte very godd is sone & come downe from heuyn to erthe & leuyste here among the people as one of hem where for I write to the [Page] that thow wolte come to me & hele me of my leper that greuith me full fore. & so I vnderstonde that the iewes haue orderned to do the to dethe & y haue a litill cite that is good & honeste & plenteuous & hit is sufficiant I nowe for vs bothe to leue by & there shall we bothe be in reste & pese. Than cri­ste wrote a yene & seyde y arte blessed that be leue ste on me & haste not sey­ne me & for thou woldest that I shulde come to the I sey to the I mu­ste do that I come fore & than y wolle sende somme of my disciples to the that shall hele the of thy leper Thā for this kyng that criste myght not come to him for grete desy­re that he had to se hym he sente to hym a payn­tour that was a maistre of that crafte to peynte cristus visag as he cow­de But whan this peyn­tour come to criste & lo­kyd on his visage hit shone so brighte that he my­ghte not loke there one. Than he made grete so­row & mornyng that he was come so ferre & my­ght not spede of his purpose Than criste toke a clothe of the peyntour & wypid his face ther with & than was the forine of his visage there on & than the peyntour bare hit to the kyng Than was the kyng woūdre glad & did hit gret reuerence with all his herte Than aftir cristus ascension thomas of ynde be the sente of the apostles was sente to this kyng Ab [...]garus & whā he saw thomas he saw soche a shynyng in his fa­ce that he wente hit had be criste Than seyd thomas to the kyn [...] [...] in criste & thou shalte [...]e hole & he feyde I be leue holy in him and fayne I wolde be wroke one [...] that haue done him [...]o [...] the & a none he was hole Than iudas wente [...] mon & wente bothe [...] [Page] dir in to perse to preche & there they did many miracles so that they tour­ned the kyng & lxij▪ M. to cristen feyth. & so the cristen people encresed strongely. So the kyng with all his meyne were cristoned & with drewe her offeringes from the mawmentes that was the bishoppes leuyng where fore they were so wrothe that they gaderid hem to gedir & toke these apost­les & lad hem in to her temples to do sacrifice to h̄er mawmentes or else they shulde be dede Thā come an angell & askid yf they wolde haue her ene­myes dede or no and they seyde they desyred to haue her enemyes tourned to the feyth & the angell askid yf they wolde suf­fre martirdome fore cri­stus sake & they seyd they wolde suffre deth Than they cōmaundid & tour­ned to the mawmentes in the temple & cōmaunded the fendes that were in hem to come oute & to plucke the ymages all to pecis & so they did. than was the bishop wrothe y her goddis fill so to pecis & a non ther come a thoū dir & a lyghtenyng & cle­ue the temple in iij. parties down to the groūde. & than these bishoppis sodē ly slew these apostlis. thā the king toke her bodyes & beried hē rially & ma­de there a fayre church in worshipp̄ of god & these holy apostles. Amen.

De festo omnium sanctorum.

GOod frendis soche a day ye shall h̄aue all halowyn day & ye shall faste the e­uyn & on the morow co­me to ch̄irch & worship god & oure lady & all halowyn. Frendes ye shall vnderstonde that this fe­ste was ordeyned fore iij speciall causes & that be these Furste fore the temple h̄alowyng for omis­sion fullfillyng and al­so fore negligent leuyng [Page] Furste for the temple halowyng for whan the ro­maynes were lordes of all the worlde they made a temple in rome as a doffe house & namyd hit panteon & set in the myddis of the temple an ymage that was the chefe maw­ment of rome & of euery londe in the worlde an o­thir ymage all a boute the walles & the name of the lōde that the jmage was of wreton vnder the fete of the jmage & all was made so by nigromancie yf that any lōde tourned from the emperour a nō the jmage of the londe wolde tourn his backe to the jmage of rome & his face to the walle So whā the bishopp̄ come to the temple & foūde any ymage tourned a none they wolde to the Emperour & tell him. Than wolde they ordeyn an oste of peple & sende in to the lon­de & sette hem atte reste & pese And so this temple endured thus vn to the tyme that [...] Bonif [...] ce the iiij. come Thanne he wēte to the emperour that was callid foca and preyde him that he wold yeue him that tēple that he myghte putte oute the multitude of mawmētis & to halow hit in the worshippe of god & oure la­dy & all balowyn And so he gaffe the [...] the temple Than come ther an othir [...] that was cal­lid Gregory & cōmaundid all holy ch̄urche to halowe the feste like as it was be gon Also this fe­ste was ordeyned by the same [...] to fullfille ou­re omissionis For many seyntes dayes in the yere we leuyn vn serued fo [...] there be so many that we may not serue eche by hē selfe For as jerom seyth that there be for eche day in the yere x. M. marte­res out take the firste day of Ianiuere. where fore holy churche ordeyned that this day we shulde fullfille thatswe haue left [Page] be hinde all the yere And thus [...]ery seintis euyne hathe his worshippe of vs yf we kepe well yt day in worshipp̄ to god & oure lady & all halowyn Also this feste is ordeyned [...]o be halowed to clense vs of oure negligence and vncōnyng & also by worldely occupacions doyng we be full recheles in ke­ping oure holydayes. & there for the holy feste is ordeyned fore we shulde make a mendis as moch̄ as we may of that we haue trespasid in othir fe­stis & there for vnderstonde ye that they be in gret parell that brekithe this feste or any othir in worldely occupaciones wor­chyng or in any synn doyng in byyng or in sel­lyng or in any othir fal hode contryuyng. Also ye shall vnderstonde that this day oure preyoures shall be sonner herde thā any othir day. fore this day all the seintes in heuē come to gedir to prey to god fore vs. & there fore ye may know well that all coming to gedir shall be sonner herde than one or to be hem selfe. The seintes that be in heuene were somme tyme as we be now bothe in flesche & in blode body & bone and were oure elder faderis & they be full glad & make moche ioye whann they may gete any preyoures or al [...]es dedis of vs with the which they may p̄sente god & oure lady pre­yng fore vs. & to shewe you be ensample h̄ow all seintes come to gedir as this day ye shall here


we finde wreton in le­genda aurta that in the same yere this fe [...]te was ordeyned to be halowed there was a keper of seinte peters ch̄irche in rome that this day aftir mate­nes at midnyght whā all people were go from matenes fore grete deuocion that he had he wente to euery auter in the chirch [Page] and seyde h̄is deuocions & whan he had gone all a boute than wente he to the hye anter & there fill a slepe & his spirite was raueschid & sawe the fa­dir of heuē sittyng in his mageste and a grete multitude of angeles a boute him And than come a fayre quene with a crow­ne one her hede richely a rayde & a grete company of virgines & maydens sewyng her Thann the kyng a rose a yene her & to sette a cheyre of golde & sette her there yun. thā come one clothid in ca­mell skyunes & h̄im sewed a grete company of aged men Than come a nothir like a bishop & af­tir him many othir bi­shoppes And than co­me a grete multitude as it had be knyghtes & aftir hem moche othir people & all they come be for the kyng & knelid down before the kyng & did him worshippe Than the bi­shopp began to sey matenes Than spake this in to the angell that lad him & askid him what all this people was in that a ray than seyde the angell the kyng is god him selfe. & the quene is oure lady & he that was clothid in camell skynnes was iohā baptiste & othir patriar­kes & prophetes with him The bishoppe was seint petir & othir apostles & confessoures with hym. The knygh̄tis was seint gorge with othir marterers comyners that were good trew leuers & ser­uaūtes to god here vpon erthe & they come alle to thanke god for the grete worshippe that they had here in erthe & preyde be sely to god that bithē in erthe that he shulde haue mercy on hem This is the cause that this feste was furste founde & there fore late vs come to churche & worshippe god and all halowyn y they may prey for vs that we m [...]y at once laste ende [...] of [...] [Page] nombre that shall wor­ship god that boke spe­ [...]th of & seyth thus Di­diturbam magnam quam nemo dinume rare poterit for they be so many that no mau can nombre hem and all they prey for vs euyr more that we may come to that blysse that they be in Amen.

In die auimarū.

GOod frendis soche a day ye shall haue all soulē day the day of the soules in purgatory ther a byding the mercy of god & haue moche nede of helpe and right as holy chirch worshippid all semtes to be holpyn be the preyoures of hem right so holy chirche ordeymth this day to singe & to rede & to do almesse dedes hauyng full be leue to relese hem that ben in purgatory of her peynes wher for god will that all cristen people to her power this d [...]y rele­ue hem for the [...] pre­your or almesse dede that is done gretely releuythe hem. ye shall vnderstond that there be iiij. thynhis that gretely he lpithe sou­les that ben in purgatory & be these. Fideliū a­micorū oracio elcō sinarū largicio sa­lutari [...] boltia ni­mia racio. ieiunio­rum obseruacio that is preyoures of frēdes de uoutly seyde & almes dede doyng & masses singing & abstmaunce in fasting preyoures helpith moche a soule For like as a lorde hathe a man in pryson or in any distresse & atte the preyoure of him that he louith he relesith in party or all And that is shewed be ensample


we finde in legenda aurea that there was a man that had his house by a churche yerde syde & his dore openid to the churche and be vsid be custume as ofte as he come or wente to sey euery tyme [Page] De [...]rofundis fore all cristen soules. Thā hit happid so on a tyme that he was pursewed with enemyes as he wente ho­mewardes But whan he come in to the churche yerde he knelid down & thoughte to sey Deprofundis & these enemyes come aftyr. A noue the dede bodyes resyn euery chone with soche instru­mentes as they wroughten with in her lyfes and a none they dreue a wey his enemyes but whanne they saw that they cryde god mercy & this man. And euer aftir preyde & dede almesse dede for hem that were in payne Thus I may well proue that deuoute preyoures hel­pithe many a soule that ben in purgatory. Also almes dede helpithe ma­ny soules Sicnt a [...]na extingnit ig [...]ē ita elemosina exting­n [...]t paccatū Right as watyr quenchith fyre so almes dede quēchith the fuyre that brenuyth hem that bethe in purgatory yf they be in good lyffe & persite charite y down hit And yf almesse dede be done for hem that be in ioye & haue no nede there to hit is put in to the tresoure of hooly chirche & as goddis will is hit is delte & releuith hem that hath moste uede there to & so god assynith hit to hem that haue moste ne­de & than the soules that bethe holpyn there with thanke the soule that hit is done for Thus ye may knowe well that almesse dede helpith gretely sou­les that hit is done fore & be in purgatory fore ofte holy men haue herde fendes crye & make grete so­row for with almes dedis soules were take from hē


we rede in olde tyme good people wold on all halowyn day b [...] beede & dele hit for all cristē soules & yit there be somme that vsyn hit but alle to [Page] few [...] finde in legēd [...] [...] & of a [...]uyghte y shul [...] go to a batayles had a cosyn that he loued pas [...]g [...] well & s [...]yde to him thus yf he were slayne in the batayle he shulde selle his horses dele the [...]oure to [...]ore peple in almes to prey for all cristen soules so hit [...]pid that he was dede & his cosyn lo­ued well the, horse & toke him to his own vse Thē sone oftir this knyght [...] per [...]d to his cosyn and seyd thus to him viij dayes for my horse thou ha­ste made me to brenne in purgatory & ther for god woll take [...] on the For sothe [...]d [...]e to day thy soule shalle be in hell with the fende. Et ego purgattus [...]ado in regnum dei And I am p [...]rged & shall go to the kyngdom of hepē And a none an horrible no [...]se wa [...] in the e [...] of sendes & caughte this mā & hare him a wey The iij that helpith is masse so [...] whan any soule apperith to any man to haue any helpe he desirith masses & preyith to haue massi [...] songe for him For right as mete & dryn [...]e comfortid a man whan he is febull so the sacrament in the anter comfortith the soule that the masses be done fore. Hit ie wre­ton in legend a aurea how a bishop suspendid a preste, for he coude sey none othir masse but of requiē but he songe euery day de uoutly aftyr his cōnyng Thann one a day as the bishoppe wente towar­des [...]nes hit semythe to him that dede bodyes [...]syn and come a boute him and [...]eyde thow haste no masse for vs & more ouer thow haste take oure p̄ste aw [...]y from vs Loke that this be a men­did or else with in shorte tyme god wolle take oē g [...]nce one the fore oure s [...]e Thanne was the Bishoppe gretely a ferde and a none he bad the [Page] preste singe of requiem as he did to fore & so he did as ofte as he myght

Also we fynde that fi­seheris sette her newes in he rueste to fische & they toke vp a grete pese of Ise & that hit was the coldi­ste [...]se that euer they feld & hit wolde not melte for the sonne▪ Than brought they yt yse to the bishop for he had a grete bren­nyng hete in his fete and hit was the coldiste that euer he felte▪ Than spake there avoyre to him out of the yse y am a soule y suffre my penaūce here in this yse for y haue no frē des that wolle do masses for me y shall be delyue­red of my penaunce and thow shalt be hole of thysikenes & he seyde he wolde he wolde singe for him & bad telle him his name [...] euer while he was atte masse he leyde the yse vnder his fete and euer as he seyde masse the yse malte a wey & so in a while the yse was molton & the soule [...]ate of purgatory and the bishopp̄ was hole of his sikenesse Thanne the soule apperid him with moche ioye & seyde with thy masses singing y am holpyn oute of peyne in to euer lastyng blysse. & he tolde the bishopp̄ that he shulde dye sone aftyr. & to come to euer lasting ioye with outyn ende to thew hiche god bryng vs all to Amen

De festo sācti martini.

GOod frendis so­che a day ye shall haue seynte mar­tens day whann marten was but iij. yere of age he cutt his mantell in to peces as he rode amonge o­thir knyghtis & was not yit cristoned & gafe hal­fe his mantell to a pore man for god dis sakē that askid almes than the nyghte aftyr god had the sameclothe & seyd to his angell, Marten that is not cristoned hathe clo­thid me in this clothe & [Page] marten herde this worde oute of heuen & a non he was cristoued & thann a none he left this worldes occupacion & yafe him all to holynesse So as he rode on a tyme be the [...]ey the fende come in likenes of a man and mette with him & askid him whethir he wolde & he seyde the­thir as god woll thanne seyde the feude y woll be thyn enemy in all that y can Then seyde marten god is my helpe & there fore y drede me not thann merten wexed holy that he resyd dede bodyes to lyffe & so for his grete holynesse he was chosyn bi­shopp̄ of turon So ou a tyme as mē were in grete parell & like to be spilte one of hem knew the holynesse of marten & seyde marten helpe & a nō they were holpyn. Also he rode on a tyme in his vi­sitacion a hounde atte an hare vndir his horse fete than had he pite on this besc▪ & bad the houndes stonde still & late the be­ste go & a none the houndes stode as stille as they had be put in to the er­the. An othir he sawe an addir swymmyng in a water & he seyde to the addir In usmine do mini iubeo te reddi re In the name of god I cōmaunde the to go a yene there thow come fro & a none she tourned a yen Thann marten si­ghed woundre sore and seyde I am sory that serpentes herith me & men woll not here me An o­thir tyme he come by the yate of a cite that highte padyse & there he kyssed an horrible mesell a none he was hole with the sa­me kysse Also he was so paciente that many ty­mes his own clerkissmote him & yit he suff [...]red it paciently & was not wro­the So on a tyme as he rode by the wey in his visitacion him selfe for that was his maner he had a rowe mautell of blacke & [Page] come a carte by the wey with cariage & the bestes in the carte saw the blac­ke mācell wau [...]ring with the wynde & flewe a wey & all to barsce her gere Thann the carters with her whippes alle to bete marten & gafe him many sore strokes & all he suffered mekely & seyd nothinge Than wolde they haue gone her wey but they myght not stere from the place till they knew that hit was merten & thanne they cryde him mercy-& than a non he for gafe he & the bestis passid fayre forthe & all the harneyse was saue y now. Also on a tyme as marten satte in his selle the fende come to him lyke a kynge with shynyng crowne & seyde y am comyn from heuyne to speke with the beleue on me cristua ego sum for y am criste & martyne lokis on him and seyde my lord ihesu criste wolle not come in soche a ray & thou be cri­ste shew me thy woūd is & a none the fende wente his wey & lefte an horri­ble stenche be hinde him

yit an othir tyme he come to mertyu & repreuede him that he toke p [...] ple to him that had synned & were shreuyn and tourned a yen to her syn that they had done to fore & seyde thoughe thow take hē to thy grace god woll not Thā seyd mertyn wreche & thov wolte leue thy pursute of cristē peple & aske mercy with a meke herte I [...]nste to god he is so mercifull y he wolle gefe mercy. and whan mertyn shuld passe oute of this worlde & lay in his dethe bed the fen­de come & satte by him disputyng with him if he myght haue caught him in any worde of mysse be­leue in his ende. marten seyde to him. Goo hense thou cruell beste for thou shalte noo thyng finde [...] mysse with me but god shall resceyue me & thann [Page] he made to ley him in askes & here & he seyde the vij. psalmes & latinie and gaffe vp the goste & was heried in his owne churche with moche honour and worshippe in turon Than liiij▪ wynter aftir there come a bishop and translatid him. & whan he had made all thyng redy he leyde honde one martēs body to haue borne hit forthe but he my­ght not Than thought the bishop it is not mar­tens wyll to be remenyd & lefte of Than come a fayre olde man and bad him go to a yene and he wolde helpe him & thann they bare the body in to the tombe with oute lettyng and so whann the seruice was done this ol­de man vanisched a wey & ther by they know well that hit was seint martē And than god shewde many fayre miracles fore him


Hit happid on a ty­me that there was ij. beggeris that one was halte and myght not go and that othir was [...]nde & myght not se And so to make the people to haue the more compassione of hem the blinde bare the lame & the lame taught the blynde where he shuld go & thus they gate moche good & had esy lyue But they were euer a ferde to mete with the shri­ne of seint marten left he wolde haue helid hem of her sikenesse And so on a tyme at a stretis ende at a tourning sodenly at a corner they mette with the shrine of seint martē & a none thei were bothe hole And the blinde might se & the lame mighte go And than thei cride to seint marten and seid marten we thāke the fore the good that we haue fore thy sake here to fore. we thāke the not for oure hele. For now we muste goo labure & trauell & so gete oure leuyng for the [Page] people well geue vs no more almesse and here to fore we leuyd full esy­ly with litill trauell & fer­de well Alas alas that we come here this day fore now oure myrthe & well rare is gone Thus this holy man did many miracles where for I may see that he may doo with god there for lete vs prey to him that he may prey to god for vs Amen.

[...]e sancta kathe­rina uirgine

GOod frendis so­che a day ye shall haue seint kathe­rines day the holy mar­tir she was a kinges dou­ghter & come of g [...]t [...]e the But she sette all her, minde to god and sette, nought be the pride and richesse of the world for hit is but a vanite but she sette her herte all only on ihesu So whan she h [...]d be at stole & lerned a whil [...] a none she wolde dispute with any clerke y wol­de come for she was enspired with the holy goste But whan she herde on a tyme that marencius was come to the cite of Alisaundre with so mo­che peple & so rially that the cite dommed of hem For he come to make a solempne sacrifice to his goddis that were of gol­de & siluer in sikenesse of bollis & calues & othir bestis. Than seint katheryne saw that & blessid [...] her & wente in to the temple & rebukyd the Empe­roure bodely & seyde that he did fowle a mysse fore to do that worshippe to fendes & leue the worship of god in heuen that made all thyng of nought & sente man lyffe witte and hele & preued by grete reson how criste was bothe god & man and how he bought all mākinde with his passion one the crosse with his dethe. & taughte how euery man shuld honoure god and lene false mawmentes. Thā w [...]s the emperoure wrothe & [Page] [...]ad take her towarde till he myght be at leysoure. So in the mene tyme he sente aftyr the grettiste maistres and the wyseste clerkys that were in any coūtrey ferre a bonte him And whan they were come he bad hem go dispute with katherine & ouer come her & they shulde haue right well for her laboure. Than were they wrothe to c̄ome so ferre to dispute with a wo mā & seyde the leste scoler in the scole had be y nowe to ouer come her. But whan katherine had disputid with hem with helpe of the hooly goste she conuertid hem euery chone to the feyth of oure lord ihesu criste in so moche that they were re­dy to suffer deth fore cri­stus sake▪ Than a none maxencius cōmaundid to make a gret fuyre and [...]renne hem in the fuyre. But by the helpe of the holy goste the fuyre bre [...] de uo parties of hee bo­dyēs ne the leste cloth of hem & yit lay fayre dede as they had be a slepe

Than the Emperoure made do ka herine nakid & bete her with scorgi [...] [...] she was all blode & full of woundes & than he putte her in to pryson vij. day­es with oute mete & drynke Thanne had the quene a grete luste to speke with katherine & toke a knyghre with her that highte porphirius & wente to katherine & than they saw an āgell sette a crow­ne of shynyng golde on the quenes he de & an othir on porphirius he de and bad hem be stedefast for with in thre dayes they shulde come to heuen be suffering of martirdome Thanne sente the Emperour aftir katherine & wente to haue founde her nyghe dede but all that tyme god sente her mete from heuen & whann the emperour saw her a lyffe he was wode for woorde and made her to be sette [Page] betwene ij▪ whelis & tourned on vpwardes & anothir downewardes full of [...]oll [...]s & swerde poyntes for all to rase katherine. Than come an āgell as [...]it had be a wynde & all to brake hem & slewe iiij M. of the tyrantes Thā saw the quene that miracle and come be fore the kyng her housbond & re [...]ukyd him yt he saw the myght of god so openly & wolde not be leue there ōn Than bad the kyng lede forthe the quene and cutte of her pappes frō the body with hokys and thā to smyte of her hede thā for porphirius beried her lxxx. of her knyghtis were martered with her they smote of porphiri­us hede Than spake the emperour to katherine & seyde that he wolde wed­de her & she wolde fro criste & beleue in his goddis & she seyde she sette noughte by him nor by his goddis & whan he saw that he made to smyte of her hede Than a none in sce­de of blode come moche fayre mylke. And than come an angell & bare the soule in to heuen And angelis come & bare the body in to the eyre & so in to the mounte of synay and there beried it with worshipp̄ & there god wron­ghte many fayre miracles into this day At the fote of the mounte ther is an abbey of monkes that leuyn in grete abstinaunce & this abbey is stronge & highe wallid & barred aboute with yrou for wilde bestis & in that abbey lyeth seint katherine in a fayre tombe of alabaster for her bones were shedi [...] for the more worshippe & a bouyn in the churche is the bnshe there god stode in whanne he spake to moyses & wrote the lawe in to ij. tables of stone & that busche is also grene & fayre as hit was the same day Also in that abbey is a grete merueyle and is this euery monke hath [Page] a lamp̄e with oyle bren­nyng & whā he shall dye they shall know be hislā he for as he drawithe to [...]e dethe so drawith his [...]mpe And whan this [...]bot dyeth his bretherē shall singe a masse of the holy goste & bery him so lemply & whan masse is done they shall finde a bille writō on the auter how shall be abbote & so they these her abbot Also on seint katherins nyght all the briddi [...] in the coūtrey come the dir & eche of hē bryngith a branche of oliue in her bill into the place & as pilgremes sey the monkis make oyle of the branches to her lampes for all the yere & somme to selle


we finde & rede of a mā that serued seint kathe­rine & fastid her euyn brede & watir & on a tyme he come in felleship of recheles people & by comforte of hem he lefte his faste & ete with hem & so in the nyghte aftyr he saw a grete company of maydenē comyng by him & amō ge hem there was on passing alle othir & eche of hem had a crowne but on had passyng a fayre crowne & that was sein kathe­rine. So whan she come by this mā she hid her face from him & wolde not loke on him. thā he askid on of hem what they were & she seyde we be virginis & the principall that thou s [...]iste is seint kathe­r [...] y hid her fate for the be cause thou haste lefte thy deuocion from her euyn of fasting Than this man repentid him sore that he had done this dede so & tourned a yen to his deuocion & fastid & aftyr was an holy man. & there for sete vs worship this holy virgine that she may prey for vs Amen.

De dedicatōne ecclesie.

GOod frendis s [...] che a day ye shall haue youre de [...] ▪ cacion day that is your [...] [...]

for deuoute [...] holy churche was ordeyned to be halowed fore god seythe th [...]. Domua me [...] domus orōuis [...]o cabitur M [...] house is ca [...]or an house of pre youres but hit is now made an house of rownyng whisperyng crying clat [...] [...]g scoruyng ta [...]es & simple spekyng mockyng mowyng of vanite & many simple wordes & lewde


We rede how se [...]t gre­gory was at masse on a ty me & semt Austeyn was his dekon & bad the peo­ple tourne to the [...]opis blessing thā he saw ij. wymen [...]own to gedir in the popis chapell & the fende satte in her neckes wry­ting on a grete rolle & yit lackyd parchament & [...]e drew hit oute with histe the & so hit fill out of his clawis. & se [...]nt Austeyn saw [...] & toke hit vp t [...]pe was wrothe [...]im why he laughed him to scor [...] he shewde him what the fende had wreton of the wymen & than he come to the wymen & askyd hem what han ye seyd all this masse tyme & they seyde oure pater noster Than the pope bad rede the [...]ll to hem that the fende had wreton & se [...]nt Gregory redde hit & there was ne­uer a good worde there in Thā they knelid downe & alkyd mercy & be soughte the pope to prey for hem & so he did & bron­ghte hem oute of the fendes bokys. Also for long resting to hooly churche for whan a man is dede he is bronght to the church to his reste Some tyme the people read beried at home as pore people and the riche were beried in hill toppes & some at the fo [...]e of the hill in tombes made of ro [...]his But fore the sauour was so grete & [...]o greuous holy [...] or deyned churche yerd is [...] ­bery the people in. [...]ore ij causes on is to be preyde [Page] fore [...]s holy chirche vsith A no [...]hir is for the body shall lye there with oute trauell [...]or the fende hath no power to do no thynge with in cristē beriellis but if so be that the body be not worthy to be beried there. Johan Bellet tellith that there shuld no body be beried in the chirche but yf hit be the pa­t [...] that defende hit frō bodely enemyes or the person [...] or cler [...]e [...] de [...]dith the chirche [...] gostely enemy­es [...] preyoures for [...] be baried there [...] a yeu on the [...] all the cloth is left still in the graue. An [...]ll come on a tyme to [...] of a church & had him go to the bishop & [...]id him caste oute the [...] he hath beri­ed [...] he shall be [...] dayes & [...]o [...]old not [...]


[...] in the gestis of rome that an āgell tolde an holy bishop that hight. Encres how that charles the kyng of fraū ce was dampned he to­ke a wey holy chirchis righte that good peple had yeuen to fore & bad hym go & opyn his tombe & se the sothe. Than the bi­shoppe toke with him othir people & openyd the tombe & there come out a grete dragon & fley for­the & lefte tombe brenne with in as hit had be anouyn mouthe & thus bery in holy place is but litill a vayle to hem that be dāpned Also ther be many that walkyn on nyghtes whan they aren beri­ed in holy place but that is not longe of the feude but of grace of god to gete hem helpe. & some be gilty & hane no reste


Hit happid be syde the Abbey of lilfill that iiij. men stale▪ Oxe of the abbotis of [...] same place to her larder & the [...]

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