Triumphantlie by worthie Peeres
whose famous deedes were knowen.
Amids which troupe was chose, Mal [...]erophus the faire:
Which sighte to see, braue beauties Ni [...]phes,
like Angels did prepare.
But one among the crewe,
was Sillerae vnkinde:
Whom to requite with seuere doome,
the Gods a way did finde.
So he who scorned loue,
had like for like ordaind:
The Knightes on Steedes, with staffe in hande,
to Iuste and sporte attaind.
O cruell fate, and cursed state:
Preparde, fast snarde,
For such a scornefull mate.
Her Sampler [...] [...]out her cast:
She hied, time spied,
To weare her sorrowes past.
Vpon a greene willowe, there hanged this Ladie:
A Tragicall ending, beleeue me as may be.
Malmerophus missing the sight of his Louer,
went wandring hether and thether:
And thought if he met her, with faire words to proue her,
he did so, they met both together:
With sprite all appalled, and colour cleane changed,
he cut down his Lady in vayn:
And found in the Sampler, the words which she fayned,
that bread this great dolour and payn.
H [...] made no more to doo:
But there he ended too.
Her Sampler off he tooke:
And so his life forsooke.

LONDON Imprinted by Iohn Wolfe, for Edwarde White: And are to be solde at his Shoppe, at the little North doore of Paules Church, at the Signe of the Gunne. 1582.

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