¶Here begynneth the temple of Glas.

THroughe cōstreynt & greuons heuines
For pensyfnes and hygh dystres
To bed I went now this other nyghte
Whan yt Lucyna with her pale lyght
Was Joyned last wt phebꝰ in aquarye
Amyd Decembre whan of Ianuarye
There be kalendes of the newe yere
And derke dyane horned and no thynge clere
Had her beames vnder a mysty cloude
Within my bed for colde I gan me shroude
All desolate for constreynt of my won
The longe nyght walowynge to and fro
Tyll at last or I gan take kepe
Me dyde oppresse a sodeyn deedly slepe
Within the whiche me thought I was
Rauysshed in spyryte in to Temple of glas
I ne wyste how ferre in wyldernes
That founded was all by lyclynes
Not vpon stele / but on a craggy roche
Lyke yse Ifrore / and as I dyde approche
Agayne the sonne that shone so clere
As ony crystall and euer nere and nere
As I gan nyghe this grysly dredefull place
I wext astonyed the lyght so in my face
Began to smyte so passynge euer in one
On euery parte where that I gone
That I ne myght no thynge as I wolde
Aboute me consydere and beholde
The wonder esters for bryghtnes of the sonne
Tyll at last certayne skyes donne
With wynde chased than her cours I went
[Page]Tofore the stremes of Tytan and I blent
So that I myght within and without
Wher so I wolde beholde me aboute
For to reporte the facyon and manere
Of all this place that was cyrculer
I compas wyse / rounde by entayle wrought
And whan I had longe and sought
I founde a wycket and entred in as faste
In to the temple and myn eyen cast
On euery syde now low and now efte alofte
And ryght anone as I gan walke softe
Yf I the sothe a ryght reporte shall
I sawe depaynted vpon a wall
From est to west many a fayre ymage
Of sondry louers lyke as they were of aege
Isette in ordre after they were trewe
With lyfly colours wonder fresshe of heme
And as me thought I sawe som syt & som stande
And som knelynge with bylles in theyr hande
And som with complaynt wofull & pyteous
With dolefull chere to putte to Venus
So as she sate fletynge in the see
Upon theyr wo for to haue pyte
And fyrst of all I sawe there of cartage
Dido the quene so goodly of vysage
That gan complayne her auenture and caas
How the deceyued was of Eneas
For all his hestes and his othes sworne
And sayd alas that euer she was borne
Whan she sawe that deed she must be
And nexte her I sawe the complaynt of Medee
[Page]How that she falsed was of Jason
And nyghe by venus sawe I sytte Atheon
And all the maner how the bore hym sloughe
For whome she wepte and had pyne ynoughe
There sawe I also how that Penelope
For she so longe her lorde ne myght se
Was of colour bothe pale and grene
And alther nexte was the fresshe quene
I mene Alcest the noble true wyfe
And for admete how she lost her lyfe
And for her thrughe yf I shall not lye
How she was tourned into a daysye
There was Grysyldes Innocence
And all her mekenes and pacyence
There was eke Isoude and many other moo
And all the torment and the cruell woo
That she had for Trystram all her lyve
And how that Tysbe her herte dyde ryue
With thylke swerde of syr Pyramus
And all the maner how that Theseus
The mynotaure slow amyd the hous
That was forwrynked by crafte of dedalus
What he was in pryson shyt in crete
And how that phylles felte of loued hete
The grete fyre of demephon alas
And for his falshed and for his trespas
Upon the walles depeynt men myght se
Now she henge vpon a fylberde tre
And many a story mo than I reken can
Were in the temple and how that parys wan
The fayre Eleyne a lusty fresshe quene
[Page]And how achylles was for Polycene
Islayne vnwardly within troye towne
All this sawe I walkynge vp and downe
There sawe I wryten eke the hole tale
How Phylomene in to a nyghtyngale
I tourned was / and proygne vnto a swalowe
And how the sabynes in theyr maner halowe
The feest of Lucresse yet in Rome towne
There sawe I also the sorowe of Palamone
That he in pryson felte and all the smerte
And how that he thrughe vnto his herte
Was hurte in wardly by castynge of an eye
On the fayre fresshe & luste yonge Emelye
And all the stryfe bytwene hym & his brother
And how that one faught with that other
Within the groue tyll they by Theseus
Accorded were as Chaucer telleth vs
And ferthermore as I gan beholde
I sawe how Phebus with an arowe of golde
I wounded was thrugh out his syde
Only by enuye of the god Cupyde
And how that Dyane vnto a laurer tre
I torned was whan that she dyde fle
And how that Ioue began to chaunge his cope
Only for loue of the fayre Europe
And into a bull / whan he dyde her sue
Lyste of his godhede his forme to transmewe
And how that he by transmutacyon
The shap gan take of Amphytryon
For alcumena so passynge was of beaute
So was he hurte for all his deyte
[Page]With loues darte and myght it not escape
There sawe I also howe Mars was take
Of Uulcanus and with Uenus founde
And with the cheynes Inusyble bounde
There was also all the poesye
Of hym Mercurye and all the Phylogye
And how that she for her sapyence
I wedded was to the god of eloquence
And how the Muses lowly dyde obeye
Hye in to heuen this lady to conueye
And with her songe how she was magnefyed
With Iupyter there to be stellefyed
And vppermore depaynt men myght se
How with her rynge the goodly Canace
Of euery foule the laydous and songe
Coude vnderstonde as she walked them among
And how her broder soo often holpen was
In his myscheyf by the stede of bras
And ferthermore in the temple were
Full many a thousande louers here and there
Is sondry wyse redy to complayne
Unto the goddesse of theyr woo and payne
How they were hyndred some for enuye
And how the serpent of false Jalousye
Full many a louer hath putte a backe
And causeles on them haue layde a lache
And some there were that playned on abscence.
That were exyled and put out of presence
Thrugh wycked tonges and fals suspeccyon
Without mercy or ony remyssyon
And other also theyr seruyse spent in vayn
[Page]And of theyr lady were not loued agayn
And also other that for pouerte
Durst in no wyse theyr grete aduersyte
Dyscouere ne open / lest they were refused
And some for wantynge also were accused
And also other that loued secretly
And of her lady durst axe no mercy
Leest that she wolde of hym haue despyte
And some also that put ryght grete wyte
On double louers that loue thynges newe
Thrugh whos falsenes hyndred be the trewe
And some there were as it is ofte founde
That for theyr lady many a blody wounde
Endured hath in many a regyon
Whyles that an other hath hadde possessyon
All of his lady and bereth a way the frute
Of his labour and of all his suyte
And other complayned of Rychesse
How he with tresour doth his besynesse
To wynne agaynst all kynde and ryght
Where as trewe louers haue no force ne myght
And some there were as maydens yonge of aege
That playne so with pypynge and with rage
That were coupled agayne all nature
With croked olde that may not longe endure
For to perfourme the luste of loues playe
For it ne sit not vnto fresshe maye
For to be coupled to olde Ianuarye
They be so dyuerse that they must varye
For olde is grutchynge and malencolyous
Alwaye full of Ire and suspeccyous
[Page]And youth entendeth to Joye and lustynes
To myrth and play and to all gladnes
Alas that euer it sholde falle
Soo swete sugre ycoupled to be galle
These yonge folke cryed oft sythe
And prayd Uenus her power to kythe
Upon this myscheyf and shape remedye
And ryght anone I herde other crye
With sobbynge teres and pyetous sowne
To fore the goddesse by lamentacyon
That were constreyned in theyr youth
And in chyldhode as is oft a couthe
I entred were in to relygyon
Or they had yeres of dyscrecyon
That all her lyfe can not but complayne
In wyde copes perfeccyon or to fayne
Full couertly for to couer theyr smerte
And shewe the contrary of theyr herte
Thus sawe I where many a fayre mayde
That on theyr frendes all the wyte they layde
And other nexte I sawe there in grete rage
That they were maryed in theyr tendre aege
Without fredome of fre eleccyon
Where loue hath selde domynacyon
For loue at large and at lyberte
Wolde frely chese and not with suche trete
And other sawe I full oft wepe and wrynge
That they in men founde suche varyenge
To loue a season whyle that beaulte floureth
And after by dysdayne soo vngoodly loureth
On her yt somtyme he called his lady dere
[Page]That was to hym so pleasaunt and entyere
But lust with fayrnes is so ouer gone
That in her herte trouth abydeth none
And some also I sawe in teres reyne
And pyteously on god and kynde pleyne
That euer they wolde on ony creature
So moche beaute passynge by mesure
Sette on a womnn to gyue occasyon
A man to loue to his confusyon
And namely there where he shall haue no grace
For with a loke forth by as he doth pace
Full ofte falleth castynge of an eye
A man is wounded that he must nedes deye
That neuer perauenture after he shall her se
Why wyll god do so grete a cruelte
To ony man or to his creature
To make hym so moche woo endure
For her percas whome he shall in no wyse
Reioyse neuer / but so forth in Juyse
Lede his lyfe tyll that he be in his graue
For he ne durst of her no mercy craue
And also perauenture though he durst & wolde.
He can not wytte where he her fynde sholde
I sawe there also / and therof had I routhe
That some were hyndred by couetyse & slouthe
And some also for theyr hastynes
And other also for theyr rechelesnes
But at the last as I walked and behelde
Besyde pallas with her crystall shelde
Tofore the statute of Uenus sette on heyght
There kneled a lady in my syght
[Page]Tofore the goddesse whiche as the sonn̄e
Passeth the sterres and also the storme
And Lucyfer to voyde the nyghtes sorowe
I clerenes passeth erly the morowe
And so as Maye hath the soueraynte
Of euery moneth the fayrnes and beaute
And as the rose in swetnes and odour
Surmounteth floures and bawme of all lycour
Hath the pryse and as the rubye bryght
Of all stones in beaute and in syght
As it is knowe hath the Regalye
Ryght so this lady with her goodly eye
And with the stremes of her loke so bryght
Surmounteth all thrugh beaute in my syght
That for to tell her grete semelynes
Her womanhede her porte and her fayrnes
It was a meruayle how euer that nature
Coude in her werkes make a creature
So angelyk so goodly one to see
So femynyn or passynge of beaute
Whose sonnysshe heer bryghter than golde wyre
Lyke Phebus beames shynyuge in his spyre
The goodlyhed also yf her fresshe face
So replenysshed of beaute and of grace
So well ennewed by nature and depaynt
As rose and lylyes togyder were meynt
So egally by good proporcyon
That as me thought by myn inspeccyon
I gan meruaylle how god or werke of kynde
Myght of beaute suche a tresour fynde
To yeue her so passynge excellence
[Page]For in good fayth thrugh her hye presence
The temple was enlumyned enuyron
And for to speke of her condycyon
She was the beste that myght be on lyue
For there was none yt with her myght stryue
To speke of bounte or of gentylnesse
Of womanhede or of lowlynesse
Of curtesye or of goodlyhede
Of speche of chere or of semelyphede
Of porte benygne or of dalyaunce
The best taught therto of pleasaunce
She was the well also of honeste
An exampler and myrrour also was she
Of secretnes of trouth of faythfulnes
And to all other lady and maystres
To shewe vertue who so lyst to lere
And so this lady ryght humble of chere
Knelynge I sawe clad in grene and whyte
Tofore Uenus goddesse of all delyte
Enbrowded all with stones and perre
So rychely that Joye it was to se
With sondry rolles on her garnement
For texpowne the trouth of her entent
To shewe fully that for her humblesse
And for her vertue and her stablenesse
That she was rote of all womanly pleasaunce
Therfore her worde without varyaunce
Enbrowded as men myght see
De mieulx en mieulx with stones of perre
This is to say that she was so benygne
From better to better her herte doth resygne
[Page]And all her wyll to venus the goddesse
Whan that her lyst her harmes to redresse
For as me thought som what by her chere
For to complayne she had grete desyre
For in her hande she helde a lytell bylle
For to declare the sōme of all her skylle
And to the goddesse her quarell for to shewe
Theffecte of whiche was in wordes fewe
¶The copye of the supplycacyon
O lady Uenus moder of cupyde
That all this worlde hast in gouernaunce
And hertes hye that hawten by pryde
Enclynest mekely to thyne obeyssaunce
Cauler of Joye Relees of penaunce
And with thy stremes canst euery thȳge dyscerne
Thrughe heuenly fyre of loue that is eterne
O blesfull sterre persaunt and full of lyght
Of beames gladsom deuoyder of derkenes
Cheyf recomforte after the blacke nyght
To voyde wofull hertes out of theyr heuynesse
Take nowe good hede lady and goddesse
So that my byll may your grace atteyne
Redresse to fynde of that I me complayne
For I am bounde to thynge that I nolde
Frely to chese there lacke I lyberte
And so I wante of that myn herte wolde
The body is knyt / though my thought be free
[Page]So that I must of necessyte
My hertes lyst outwarde contrarye
Though we be one the dede must vary
My worshyp saue I fayle eleccyon
Agayne all ryght both of god and kynde
Therto be knyt vnder subieccyon
Fro whens ferre both are out of mynde
My thought gooth forth my body is behynde
For I am here / and yonder my remembraunce.
Bytwene two so hange I in balance
Deuoyde of Joye / of woo I haue plente
What I desyre that may I not possede
For that I nolde is redy ay to me
And that I loue / for to sue I drede
To my desyre contrary is my mede
And thus I stonde departed in tweyne
Of wyll and dede ylaced in a cheyne
For though I brenne with feruente and hete
Within myn herte I may complayne of colde
And by excesse though I swelte and swete
Me to complayne god wote I am not bolde
Unto ne wyght nor one worde vnfolde
Of all my payne alas the harde stounde
The hoter that I brenne ye colder is my wounde
For he that hath myn herte faythfully
And hole my loue in all honeste
Without chaunge all be it secretly
[Page]Unto theffecte and complaynt of my byll
Syth lyfe and deth I put all in thy wyll
And tho me thought the goddesse dyde enclyne.
Mekely her heed and softly gan expresse
That in shorte tyme her torment sholde fyne
And how of hym for whome all her dystresse
Contynued had and all her heuynesse
She sholde haue Joye and of her purgatorye
Be holpen sone and so lyue forth in glorye
And sayd doughter for thy sad trouth
Thy faythfull menynge and Innocence
That planted be withouten ony slouth
In your persone deuoyde of all offence
So than atteyned to our audyence
That with our grace ye shalbe well releuyd
I you behete of all that hath you greuyd
And for that ye be euer of one entente
Without chaunce or mutabylyte
And in your paynes ben so pacyent
To take lowly your aduersyte
And that so longe thrugh the cruelte
Of olde Saturne my fader vnfortuned
And thynke therwithin a lytell whyle
It shalll aswage and ouer passe soone
For men by layser passe many a myle
And ofte after a drepynge mone
The weder clereth & whan the storme is done
[Page]The sonne shyneth in his spyre bryght
And Ioye waketh whan woo is put to flyght
Remembre eke how neuer yet no wyght
Ne came to worshyp without debate
And folke reioyse also more of lyght
That they with derkenes were waped & wate
No mannes chaunce is alwaye fortunate
Ne no wyght prayseth of sugre the swetnes
But they tofore haue tasted bytternes
Grysylde was asayed at full
That torned after the encrese of Joye
Penelope gan eke for sorowes dull
For that her lorde abode so longe at Troye
Also the torment there coude no man accoye
Of dorygene flour of all Bretayne
Thus euer Joye is fyne and ende of payne
And trusteth this for conclusyon
The ende of sorowe is Ioye voyde of drede
For holy sayntes thrugh theyr passyon
Haue heuen wonne by theyr souerayne mede
And plente gladly folowed after nede
And so my doughter after your greuaunce
I you behote ye shall haue full plesaunce
For euer of loue the maner and the gyse
Is for to hurte his seruaunt and to wound
[Page]And whan he hath taught them his empryse
He can in no Ioye make them to habounde
And syth that ye haue in my lase be bounde
Without grutchynge or rebellyon
Ye must of ryght haue consolacyon
This is to sayne dowte it neuer a dele
That ye shall haue full possessyon
Of hym that ye now cherysshe so well
In honest maner without offencyon
By cause I knowe your entencyon
Is truly sette in party and in all
To loue hym best and moost in specyall
For he that ye haue chosen you to serue
Shall be to you suche as ye desyre
Without chaunge fully tyll he sterue
So with my bronde I have sette hym a fyre
And with my grace I shall hym enspyre
That he in herte shall be ryght at your wyll
Whether ye lyst to saue hym or to spyll
For vnto you I shall his herte so lowe
Without spotte of ony doublenesse
That he ne shall escape from the bowe
Though that hymselfe by vnstedfastnesse
I mene of cupyde that shall hym so dystresse
Unto your hande with the arowe of golde
That he ne shall escape though he wolde
And syth ye lyste of pyte and of grace
[Page]In vertu only his youth to cherysshe
I shall by aspecte of my benygne face
Make hym to shewe euery syune and vyce
So that he shall haue no maner spyce
In his courage to loue thynges newe
He shall to you so playne be founde and trewe
And whan this goodly fayre fresshe of hue
Humble and benygne of trouth crop and rote
Conceyued had how Uenus gan to rewe
On her prayer playnly to do bote
To chaunge her bytter at ones in to swete
She fell on knees of hygh deuocyon
And in this wyse began her oryson
Hyghest of hye quene and Empres
Goddesse of loue of good yet the best
That thrugh your beaute without vyce
Somtyme conquered the apple at feest
That Jupiter thrugh his hye request
To all the goddes aboue celestyall
Made in his palays moost Imperyall
To you my lady vpholder of my lyfe
Mekely I thanke soo as I may suffyse
That ye lyst nowe with herte ententyf
So gracyously for me to deuyse
That lyue whyle with humble sacrefyse
Upon your awters your feest yere by yere
I shall encence caste in to the fyre
For of your grace I am full reconsyled
From every trouble vnto Joye and ease
That sorowes all be from me exyled
Syth ye my lady lyste to appease
My paynes olde and fully my dysease
Unto gladnes so sodenly to torne
Hauynge no cause from hens forth to morne
For sythen ye so mekely lyst to daunte
To my seruyse hym that loueth me best
And of your bounte so gracyously to graunte
That he ne shall varye though hym lyste
Whereof my herte is fully brought to rest
For nowe and euer o lady my benygne
That herte and wyll I hooly to you resygne
Thankynge you with all my full herte
That of your grace and vysytacyon
So humbly lyste hym to cōuerte
Fully be at my subieccyon
Without chaunge or transmutacyon
Unto his last now laude and reuerence
Be to your name and excellence
This all and some and cheyf of my request
And hole substaunce of my full entente
You thankynge euer of your graunt and hest
Both nowe and euer that ye me grace sent
To conquere hym that neuer shall repent
Me for to serue and humble for to please
[Page]As fynall treasour of my hertes ease
And then anone Uenus cast a downe
Into her lappe braūches whyte and grene
Of hawthorne that went enuyron
Aboute her heed that Joye was to sene
And had her kepe them honestly and clene
Whiche sholde not fade ne neuer were olde
If she her byddynge kepe as she hath tolde
And as these bowes be both fayr and swete
Folowe theffecte that they do specyfye
This to sayne both in colde and hete
Be ye of one herte and of one fantasye
As are these leues whiche may not dye
By no duresse of stormes that ben kene
No more in wynter than in somer grene
Ryght so by ensample of wele or woo
For Joye torment or for aduersyte
Whether so fortune fauour or be foo
For pouerte ryches or prosperyte
That ye your herte kepe in one degre
To loue hym best for nothynge that ye fayne
Whome I have boūde so lowe vnder your chayne
And with that worde the goddesse shoke her heed
And was in peas and spake as tho nomore
And ther with all full femynyn of drede
Me thought the lady syghe gan full sore
And sayd agayne lady that mayst restore
[Page]Hertes in Joye from theyr aduersyte
To do your wylll better & better after my gre
Thus euer slepynge dremynge as I laye
Within the temple me thought I sawe
Grete preces of folke murmure wonderfull
To croude and shoue the temple was so full
Eueryche full besy in his owne cause
That I ne may shortly in a clause
Dysceyue all the rytes and the guyse
And eke I wante connynge to deuyse
How some there were wt blode encence & mylke
And some with floures swete and soft as sylke
And some with sparowes and doues whyte
That for to gan them delyte
Unto the goddesse with syghe and prayer
Them to relese of that they moost desyre
That for the prees shortly to conclude
I went my waye for the multytude
Me for to refresshe out of prees alone
And by myselfe me thought as I gan gone
With in the estres and gan a whyle tarye
I sawe a man that walked all solytary
That as me semed for heuynes and dole
Hym to complayne that he walked so sole
Without espyenge of ony other wyght
And yf I shall dyscryue hym a ryght
Yf that he had not be in heuynes
Me thought he was / to speke of semelynes
Of shap of fourme / and also of stature
The moost passynge / that euer yet nature
[Page]Made in her werkes / and lyke to be a man
And therwith all as I reherce can
Of face and chere the moost gracyous
To be byloued happy and ewrous
But as it semed out ward by his chere
That he complayned for lacke of his desyre
For by hymselfe as he walked vp and down
I herde hym make a lamentacyon
And sayd alas / what thyng may this be
That now am bounde that whilom was fre
And went at large at myn eleccyon
Now am I caught vnder subieccyon
For to become a very homagere
To god of loue / where or I cam here
Felte in myn herte / nought of loues payne
But now of new / within her fyry chayne
I am enbrased soo that I may not stryue
To serue and loue while I am on lyue
The goodly fresshe in the temple yonder
I sawe right now / that I had wonder
However god / for to reke all
Myght make a thynge soo celestyall
Soo angelyke on erthe to appere
For within the stremes of her eyen clere
I am wounded euen to the hert
That fro the deth I may not astert
And moost I meruayle that soo sodeynly
I was soo yelde to be at her mercy
Whether that she lyst me to lyue or deye
Withoute more / I must her lust obeye
And take mekely my sodeyn auenture
[Page]For syth my lyf my deth / and eke my cure
Is in her hand it wyll not auaylle
To grutche agayn / for of this bataylle
The palme is hers / and playnly the vyctorye
If I rebelled honour none ne glorye
I myght not in ony wyle acheue
Syth I am yelden / how shold I thenne preue
To reaue away / I wote hit wyll not be
Though I be loos / at large I may not flee
O god of loue how sharp is now thyn arowe
Now mayst thou now soo cruelly & soo narowe
Withoute cause hurte me and wounde
And takest none hede my sorowes to founde
But lyke a byrde that fleeth at her desyre
Tyll sodeynly within the pantyre
She is caught though late she was at large
A new tempest forcasteth now my barge
Now vp now doun / with wynde it is so blowe
Soo am I tossed and almost ouerthrowe
Ferdryue in derkenes of many sondry wawe
Alas whan shall this tempest ouerdrawe
To clere the skyes of myn aduersyte
The lode sterre what that I ne may see
It is soo hyd with clowdes that be blacke
Alas whan wyll this torment ouerslacke
I can not wyte / for who is hurt of newe
And bledeth in ward tyll he were pale of hewe
And hath his wound inwardly fresshe & grene
And it is not knowen vnto the harmes kene
Of myghty cupyde that can soo hertes daunte
That no man in his warre dare hym vaunte
[Page]To gete a pryce but oonly by mekenes
For there ne vayleth stryue ne sturdynes
Soo maye I saye that with a loke am yolde
And have no power to stryue though I wolde
Thus stonde I euer betwix lyf and deth
To loue and serue whyle I have breth
In suche a place where I dare not playne
Lyke hym that is in torment and in payne
And knoweth not to whom to discure
For there that I haue holy set my cure
I dare not well for drede ne for daunger
And for vnknowen tellen how the fyre
Of loues bronde is kyndled in my breste
Thus am I murdred and slayn atte leste
Soo pryuely within my thought
O lady venus whom I haue sought
Soo wysshe me now what me is best to doo
That am distraught with my selfe soo
That I ne wote what waye for to torne
Sauf by my selfe soleyn for to morne
Hangyng in balance betwixe hope and drede
Without comforte remedye or rede
For hope biddeth pursue and assaye
And agayn ward drede answerth naye
And now with hope I am set a lofte
But drede and daunger hard & nothyng softe
Hath ouerthrowe my trust and put a doun
Now at my large / now fetred in prysoun
Now in torment / now in souerayn glorye
Now in paradyse and now in purgatorye
As man dispayred in a double werre
Borne up with hope / & thenne anone daunger
[Page]Me draweth a backe / and sayth it shall not be
For where as I of myne aduersyte
Am bolde som whyle mercy to requyre
Thenne cometh dispair & begynneth me to lere
A newe lesson to hope full the contrarye
They ben soo dyuerse they wyll do me varye
And thus I stande dismayed in a traunce
For whan hope were lykly me tauaunce
For drede I tremble & dare one word not speke
And yf hit soo be / that I not outbreke
To tell the harmes that greuen me soo sore
But in myselfe lencrece them more and more
And to be slayn fully me delyte
When of my deth she is noo thynge to wyte
For but yf she the contreynt playnly knowe
How shold she euer / on my paynes rue
Thus oft tyme with hope I am meuyd
To tell her all / how I am greuyd
And to be hardy on me for to take
To axe mercy / but drede doth me then̄e a wake
And thenne wanhope answeryth me agayn
That better were that she haue disdayne
To deye attones unknowen of ony wyght
And therwith all biddeth hope anone ryght
Me to be bolde and praye her of grace
And syth all vertues be portreyd in her face
Hit were not syttyng / that pyte were behynde
And right anone within my selfe I fynde
A newe plee brought on me with drede
That me soo maseth that I see noo spede
By cause he sayd that stonyeth all my blood
[Page]I am soo symple and she is soo good
Thus hope and drede in me wyll not seace
To plete and stryue my harmes to encreace
But at hardest yet or I be dede
Of my distresse syth I can noo rede
But stande doun styll as ony stone
To fore the goddesse I wyll me haste anone
And complayne withoute more sermon
Though deth be fyn and full conclusyon
Of my request / yet I wyll assaye
And right anone me thought I saye
This wofull man as I have me morye
Full lowly entre in to an oratorye
And kneled adoun in full humble wyse
To fore the goddesse and gan anone deuyse
His pyteous quarell with a dolefull chere
Saynge ryght thus as ye shall here

¶The complaynt of the man

Redresse of sorowe o Citherea
That wyth the stremes of thy plesaūt hete
Gladest the Mounte of all Cirrea
Where thou haste chosen thy paleys and sete
Whos bryght beames ben wesshen and wete
In the Reuer of Elycon the welle
Have now pyte of that I shall you tell
And not disdayne ye of your benygnyte
My mortall woo O lady myne Goddesse
[Page]Of grace and bounte and mercyfull pyte
Benygnely to helpe and to redresse
And though soo be I can not well expresse
The greuous harmes that I fele in my herte
Haue neuer yet the lesse mercy of my smerte
This is to sayne O clere heuens lyght
That next the sonne sercled haue your spere
Syth ye me hurte with your dredfull myght
By infulgence of your beames clere
And that I by your seruyce now soo dere
As ye me brought in to this maladye
Be ye gracyous and shape ye remedye
For in you hooly lyeth helpe of all this care
And knowe best my sorowe and all my payne
For drede of deth / how I ne dare alas
To axen mercy ones / ne me complayne
Now with your fyre hert soo constrayne
Withoute more or I deye atte leste
That she may wyte what is my requeste
Now I noo thyng in all this world desyre
But for to serue fully to myn ende
That foodly fresshe soo womanly of chere
Withoute chaunge while I haue lyf & mynde
And that ye wold suche grace sende
Of my seruyse that she not disdeyne
Sythen her to serue I may not me restreyne
And syth that hope me hath yeuen hardynes
[Page]To loue her best and neuer to repente
Whiles that I lyue with all my besynes
To drede & serue / though daunger neuer assente
And here vpon ye knowe myn entente
How I haue vowed fully in my mynde
To be her man / though I noo mercy fynde
For in my hert enprynted is soo sore
Her shap her forme and all her semelynes
Her porte her chere / her godenes more & more
Her womanhed and eke her gentylnes
Her trouth / her fayth and her kyndnes
With all vertues eche set in her degree
Ther is noo lacke / sauyng oonly of pyte
Her sad demenyng of wyll not varyable
Of loke benygne / and rote of all plesaunce
And exemplayre to all that wyll be stable
Discrete prudence of wysdom suffysaunce
Myrour of wytte ground of gouernaunce
A world of beaute compassed in her face
Whos persant loke doth thurgh my hert race;
And ouer this wonder secrete and true
A well of fredome and right bounteuous
And euer encrecyng in vertue newe and newe
Of speche goodly / and wonder gracyous
Deuoyde of pryde / to poore not dyspytous
And yf that I shortely shall not feyne
Saue vpon mercy I noo thyng complayne
What wonder thene / thought I be with drede
[...] [...]
[Page]Inly supprysed for to axely grace
Of her that is quene of womanhede
For well I wote in soo hyghe a place
It wyll not be / therfore I ouer pace
And take lowly what woo I endure
Tyll she of pyte me take to her cure
But one auowe playnly here I make
That whether soo be / she doo me lyf or deye
I wyll not grutche / but humbly it take
And thanke god and wylfully obeye
For by my trouth my hert shall neuer reneye
For lyf ne deth mercy ne daunger
Of wyll and thought to be at her desyre
To ben as trewe as euer was Anthonyus
To Cleopatre whyle hym lasted breth
Or on to Thesbe yonge Pyramus
That was faythfull found tyll theym deꝑted deth
Right soo shall I tyll Antropos me sleeth
For wele or woo her faythfull man be found
Unto my last / lyke as my hert is bound
To loue as well as dyde Achylles
Unto his laste the fayre Polixene
Or as the grete famous Hercules
For Dianyre that felte the shote kene
Right soo shall I saye right as I mene
Whyle that I lyue / her bothe drede and serue
For lacke of mercy though she doo me sterue
Now lady Venus to whom no thyng vnknowe
[Page]Is in the worlde hyde / ne nought may be
For there nys thynge neyther hye ne lowe
May be counceyled from your pryuete
Fro whome my meuynge is not nowe secree
But wytte fully that myne entent is true
And lyke my trouth nowe on my payne rue
For more of grace than of presumpcyon
I axe mercy and nothynge of dute
Of lowly humbles without offencyon
That ye enclyne of your benygnyte
Your audyence vnto my humylyte
To graunt me that to you I clepe and call
Some daye relees yet of my paynes all
And syth ye haue the guerdon and the mede
Of all louers playnly in your honde
Now of grace and pyte take ye hede
Of my dystres that am vnder your bonde
So lowly bounde as ye well vnderstonde
In that place where I toke fyrst my wounde
Of pyte suffre ye my helth may be founde
That lyke as she me hurte with a sygh:
Ryght so with helth lette me her sustene
And as the stremes of her euen bryght
Somtyme my herte with woundes sharp & kene
Thrugh persed haue & yet be fresshe and grene
So as she me hurte / lette her me socour
Or elles certayne I may not longe endure
For lacke of speche I can say you no more
I haue mater but I can not playne
My wytte is dull to tell all my sore
A mouth I haue and yet for all my payne
For wante of wordes I may not nowe attayne
To tell halfe that doth my herte greue
Mercy abydynge tyll she me lyst releue
But this theffecte of my mater fynall
With deth or mercy relees for to fynde
For herte body thought lyfe lust and all
With all my reason and all my full mynde
And fyue wyttes of one assent I bynde
To her seruyse with out ony stryfe
And make her pryncesse of my deth or lyfe
And now I pray of reuth and eke pyte
O goodly planet o lady Uenus bryght
That ye your sone of his deyte
Cupyde I mene that with his dredfull myght
And with his bronde that is so clere of lyght
Herte so to fyre and to marke
As ye me somtyme brent with a sparke
That lyke wyse and with the same fyre
She may be it as I nowe brenne and melte
So that her herte be flāmed with desyre
That she may knowe by feruēce how I swelte
For pyte playnly yf she felte
The selfe hete that doth myn herte enbrace
I hope of reuth she wyll do me grace
And there with all Uenus as we thought
Towardes this man full benygnely
Can caste her eye lyke as that she rought
Of his dysease and sayd full goodly
Syth it is so that thou so humbly
Without grutchynge out hestes lyst obeye
Towarde thyne helpe I wyll anone purueye
And also my sone Cupyde that is so blynde
He shal be helpynge fully to performe
Your hole desyre that no thynge be behynde
Ne shall be lefte so we shall reforme
This pyteous complaynt yt maketh the to morne
That she for whome yu sorowest moost in herte
Shall thrugh her mercy releace all thy smerte
Whan she seeth tyme thrugh her purueaūce
Be not to hasty but suffre all thynge wele
For in abydynge thrugh lowly obeyssaunce
Lyeth full redres of all that ye nowe fele
And she shall be as trewe as ony stele
To you alone by our myght and grace
Yf ye lyst mekely abyde a lytell space
But vnderstande ye that all her cherysynge
Shall be grounded vpon honeste
That no wyght shall by ony rehersynge
Deme amys of her in no degre
For neyther mercy reuth nor pyte
She shall not haue ne take of the none hede
Ferther than longeth vnto her womanhede
Be not astonyed of no wylfulnes
Ne not despeyred of this dissolucyon
Lete reson brydle lust by buxumnes
Withoute grutchyng or rebellyon
For Joye shall folowe all this passyon
For who can suffer torment and endure
Ne maye not faylle but folowe shall his cure
For to fore all she shall the loue best
So shall I her without offencyon
By Influence enspyre in her brest
In honest wyse and full entencyon
For to enclyne by clene affeccyon
Her herte fully on the to haue reuthe
By cause I knowe that thou menest treuthe
Go now to her where she standes a syde
With humble chere & put the in her grace
And all before lette hope be thy guyde
And though that drede wolde with the pace
Itsytteth well but loke that thou arace
Out of thyn herte wanhope and dyspeyr
To her presence or thou haue repayre
And mercy fyrste shall thy waye make
And honest menne afore do thy message
To make pyte in her herte awake
And secretnes to further thy vyage
With humble porte to her that is so sage
Shall meanes be / and I my selfe also
Shall the forne or thy tale be done
Go forth anone / and be ryght good of chere
For specheles nothynge may you spede
Be good of trust and be no thynge in were
Syth I my selfe shall helpe in this nede
For at leest of her goodlyhede
She shall to the her audyence enclyne
And lowly to her tyll thou thy tale fyne
For well thou wotest yf I shall not feyne
Without speche thou mayst no mercy haue
For who that wyll of his pryue payne
Fully be cured his lyfe to helpe and saue
He must mekely out of his herte graue
Dyscure his wounde and shewe it his leche
Or elles deye for defaute of speche
For he that is in myscheyf reklees
To seche helpe I holde hym a wretche
And she ne may thyn herte brynge in peas
But yf thy complaynt to her herte stretche
Woldest thou be cured and wylte no salue fetche
It wyll not be for no wyght may atteyne
To come to blysse yf he lyst lyue in payne
Therfore at ones go forth in humble wyse
Tofore thy lady and lowly knele a downe
And in all trouth thy wordes so deuyse
That she ou the haue compassyon
For she that is of so hye renowne
In all vertues as quene and souerayne
Of womanhede shall rewe on thy payne
And whan the goddesse this lesson had tolde
A boute me so gan I beholde
Ryght so astonyed stode in a traunce
To see the maner and countenaunce
And all the chere of this wofull man
That was of hewe deedly pale and wan
With drede supprysed in his owne thought
Makynge chere as though he rought nought
Of lyfe ne deth ne what so hym betyde
So moche fere he had on euery syde
To put hym forth for to tell his payne
Unto his lady other to complayne
What woo he ledde torment or dysease
What deedly sorowe his herte dyde sese
For reuth of whiche his woes I endyte
My penne I fele quake as I wryte
Of hym I hadde so grete compassyon
For to reherce his weymentacyon
That vnneth though with myselfe I stryue
I lacke connynge his paynes to dyscryue
Alas to whome shall I for helpe calle
Not to the muses for cause they ben all
Helpe of ryght in Ioye and not in woo
And in maters that they delyte also
Wherfore they nyll as nowe dyrecte my style
Nor me enspyre alas the harde whyle
I can no further but to Thesyphon
And to her syster to call helpe vpon
That be goddesses of torment and payne
Now lette your teres in to myn ynke reyne
[Page]With wofull wordes my paper for to blotte
This wofull mater to paynt not but spotte
To tell the maner of this dredefull man
Upon his complaynt whan he fyrste began
To tell his lady whan he gan declare
His hyd sorowes and his euyll fare
That his herte constreyned so sore
Theffecte of whiche was this without more
Pryncesse of youth and flour of gentylnes
Ensample of vertue grounde of curtesye
Of beaute rote quene and eke maystres
To all women how they shall them gye
And sothfast myrrour texemplefye
The ryght way of porte and of womanhede
What I shall saye of mercy take ye hede
Besechynge vnto your hye nobles
With quakynge herte of my Inwarde drede
Of grace and pyte and not of ryghtwysnes
Of very reuth to helpen this nede
This is to say O well of goodlyhede
That I ne recke though ye do me deye
So ye lyst fyrste to here what I seye
The dredefull stroke the grete force & myght
Of good Cupyde that no man may rebell
So Inwardly thrugh out my herte ryght
I perced hath that I ne may councell
Myn hyd wounde ne I ne may apele
Unto no gretter this myghty god so faste
You to serue hath me bounde vnto my laste
My herte and all without stryfe ar yolde
For lyfe or deth to your seruyse alone
Ryght as the goddesse myghty Venus wolde
Tofore her mekely whan I made my mone
She me constreyned without chaunge anone
To your seruyse and neuer for to fayne
Wherso euer ye lyst to do me ease or payne
So that I can nothynge but mercy crye
Of you my lady and chaunge for no newe
That ye lyst goodly tofore or that I deye
Of very reuth vpon my paynes rewe
For by my trouth and ye my paynes knewe
What is the cause of myn aduersyte
On my dysease ye wolde haue pyte
For vnto you trewe and eke secre
I wyll be founde to serue as I best can
And therwith all as lowly in eche degre
To you be alone as euer yet was man
Unto his lady from the tyme I began
And shall so forth withouten ony slouth
Whyles that I lyue by god and by my trouth
For lyuer I had to deye sodaynly
Than you offence in ony maner wyse
And suffre paynes inwarde pryuely
Than my seruyse as now ye sholde despyse
For I ryght nought wyll axe in no wyse
But for your seruaunt ye wolde me accepte
And whan I trespace goodly me correcte
And for to graunte of mercy the prayes
Only of grace and womanly pyte
From day to day that I myght lete
You for to plese / and therwith all that ye
Whan I doo mys / lyst for to teche me
In your seruyse how that I may amende
From hensforth and neuer you offende
For vnto me it doth ynough suffyse
That for your man ye wold me receyue
Fully to be as ye lyst deuyse
And as ferforth as my wyttes can conceyue
And therwith all lyke as ye preue
That I be true / to guerdone me of grace
Or ellys to punysshe after my trespace
And yf soo be that I may not atteyne
Unto your mercy / yet graunte atte leste
In your seruyse for all my woo and payne
That I may deyen after my beheste
This is all and some the fyn of my request
Eyther with mercy your seruaunt to saue
Or mercyles that I may be begraue
And whan this benygne of her entente true
Conceyued hath the complaynt of this man
Right as the fresse rody Rose newe
Of her colour to wexen she began
Her bloode astonyed soo from her hert it ran
In to her face of very femynyte
Thurgh honest drede abasshed was she
And humbly she began her eyen caste
To wardes hym of hyr benygnyte
Soo that noo word by her lyppes paste
For hast nor drede mercy ne pyte
For soo demened she was in honeste
That vndeuysed noo thyng fro her stert
Soo moche of reson was compassed in hert
Tyll atte last of whiche she did abrayd
Whan she his trouthe and menyng dit fele
And vnto hym full goodly spake and sayd
Of your behest and your menyng wele
And your seruyse soo faythfull euery dele
Whiche vnto me soo lowly now ye offre
With all my hert / I thanke you of your profer
That for soo moche your entent is sette
Oonly in vertue I brydled vnder drede
Ye must of right nedis fare the bet
Of your request / and the better spede
But as for me I may of womanhede
Noo ferther graunte to you in myn entente
Than as my lady Uenus wyll assente
For she well knoweth I am not at my large
To doon right nought but by her ordinaunce
Soo am I drowned vnder her drede full charge
Her lyste tobeye withoute varyaunce
But for my parte soo it be pleaunce
Unto the goddesse for trouth in your empryse
[Page]I you accepte fully to my seruyse
For she my herte hath in subieccyon
Whiche holy is yours and neuer shall repete
In thought nor dede in myn eleccyon
Wytnes on Uenus that knoweth myn entent
Fully to beye hyr dome and Iugement
Soo as hyr lyste dispose and ordeyne
Right as she knoweth the trought of vs tweyne
For vnto the tyme that Uenus lyst prouyde
To shape a waye for our hertes ease
Bothe ye and I mekely must abyde
To take at gree / and not of our disease
To grutche agayn tyll that she lyst tappease
Our hyd woo soo Inly that constreyneth
From day to day and our hertes peyneth
For in abydyng of woo and all affraye
Who soo can suffre is founden remedye
And for the beste full ofte is made delaye
Er man behelde of theyr maladye
Wherfore as Ueuus lyst this mater to gye
Lete vs agree / and take all for the best
Tyll her lyst sette bothe our hertes in rest
For she is that byndeth and can constreyn
Hertes in one / this fortunate planete
And can releace louers of her peyne
To turne fully her bytter in to swete
Now blysfull goddes doun fro thy sterry sete
[Page]Us to fortun̄e cast your stremes shene
Lyke as ye knowe / that we trouth mene
And therwith all as I myn eyen caste
Fo to perceyue the maner of these sweyne
To fore the goddesse mekely as they paste
Me thought I sawe with a golden cheyne
Uenus / anone enbrace and constreyne
Her bothe hertes in one / for to perseuere
Whiles that they lyue / and neuer to disseuere
Sayeng right thus with a benygne chere
Syth it is soo / ye be vnder my myght
My wyll is thus / that ye my doughter dere
Full accepte this man as it is right
Tnto your grace anone here in my syght
That euer hath ben soo lowly you to serue
It is good skyll your thanke that he deserue
Your honour sauf and also your womanhede
Hym to cherysshe / it sytteth you right welle
Syth he is bounde vnder hope and drede
Amyd my cheyne that forged is of stele
Ye must of mercy shape that ye fele
In you some grace of his long seruyse
And that in hast lyke as I shall deuyse
This is to say that ye take hede
How he to yow oft fayth full and true
Of all your seruaūtes / & noo thyng for his mede
Of you ne asketh / but ye on hym rue
[Page]For he vowed hath to chaunge for no newe
For lyfe ne deth for Ioye ne for payne
As to be yours so as ye lyst ordayne
Wherfore ye must or elles it were wronge
Unto your grace fully hym receyue
In my presence bycause he hath so longe
Holy ben yours as ye may conceyue
That from mercy yf ye hym weyue
I wyll myselfe recorde cruelte
In your persone and grete lacke of pyte
Lete hym for his trouth fynde then agayne
For longe seruyse guerdon hym with grace
And lette your pyte weye downe his payne
For tyme is now daunger to arace
Out of your herte and mercy in to space
And loue for loue wolde well biseme
To yeue agayne and this I playnly deme
And as for hym I wyll be his borowe
Of lowlyhede and besy attendaunce
How he shall be both eue and morowe
Full dylygent to do his obseruaunce
And euer awaytynge you to do pleasaunce
Wherfore my sone lysten and take hede
Fully to obeye as I shall the rede
And fyrst of all my wyll is that thou be
Faythfull in herte and constante as a wall
Trewe humble meke and therwith all secre
[Page]Without chaunge in partye or in all
And for no torment that the falle shall
Tempest the not but euer in stedfastnes
Bote thyne herte and voyde doublenes
And ferthermore haue in reuerence
These women all for thy lady sake
And suffer neuer that men them do offence
For loue of one but euer vndertake
Them to defende whether they slepe or wake
And ay be redy to holde them partye
Ayenst all tho that to them haue enuye
Be curteys ay and louly of thy speche
To ryche and poore ay fresshe and well besyne
And euer besy wayes for to seche
All true louers to releace or theyr payne
Syth thou arte one & of no wyght haue dysdayne
For loue hath power hertes for to daunt
And neuer for cherysshynge the to moche auaunt
Be lusty eke voyde of all trystesse
And take no thought but euer be Iocunde
And not to pensyf for none heuynes
And with thy gladnes lette sadnes ay be founde
Whan wo approcheth lette myrth moost haboūd
As manhode axeth and though thou fele smerte.
Lette not to many knowe of thyn herte
And all vertues besely thou sue
Uyces eschewe for the loue of one
[Page]And for no tales thyn herte not renewe
Worde is but wynde that shall sone be gone
What euer thou here be dombe as ony stone
And to answere to sone not the delyte
For here she standeth that all this shall the quyte.
And whether thou be absent or in presence
None others beaute lette in thy herte myne
Syth I haue yeue her of beaute excellence
Aboue all other in vertu for to shyne
And thynke how in fyre men are wonte to fyne
This pured golde to put it in assaye
So to the proue thou art put in delaye
But tyme shall come thou shalte for thy suffraūce
Be well apayd and take for thy mede
Thy lyues Ioye and all thy suffysaunce
So that good hope alwaye thy brydell lede
Lette no dyspayt hyndre the with drede
But ay thy trust vpon her mercy grounde
Syth none but she may thy sorowe sounde
Eche hour and tyme weke day and yere
Be lyke faythfull and vary not for lyte
Abyde a whyle and then of thy delyre
The tyme nygheth that shall the moost delyte
And lette no sorowe in thy herte byte
For no dyfferrynge syth thou for thy mede
Shall reioyse in peas the flout of womanhede
Thynke how she is this worldes sonne & lyght
[Page]The sterre of beaute the floure eke of fayrnes
Both crop and rote and ete the rubye bryght
Hertes to glade ytroubled with derkenes
And how I haue made her thyne hertes empresse
Be glad therfore to be vnder her bonde
Now come nere doughter & take hȳ by the honde
Unto this fyn that after all these shours
Of his torment he may be glad and lyght
Whan by your grace ye take hym to be yours
For euermore anone here in my syght
And eke I wyll also as it is ryght
Without more his langour for to lysse
In my presence anone that ye hym kysse
That there maye be of all your olde smertes
A full relees vnder Ioye assured
And that one locke be of your bothe hertes
Shytte with my keye of golde so well pured
Only in sygne that ye haue recured
Your hole desyre here in this holy place
Within my temple nowe in the yere of grace
Eternally be bounde of assuraunce
The knot is knytte that maye not be vnbounde
That all the goddes of this allyaunce
Saturne Juno and Mars as it is founde
And eke Cupyde that fyrste dyd you wounde
Shall bere recorde / and euermore be wreke
On whiche of you his trouth fyrste breke
So that by aspectes of theyr fyry lokes
Without mercy shall fall the vengeaunce
For to be raced clene out of my bokes
On whiche of you be founde of varyaunce
Therfore attones set your pleasaunce
Fully to be whyle ye haue lyfe and mynde
Of one accorde vnto your lyues ende
That yf the spyryte of newfanglenes
In ony wyse your hertes wolde assayll
To meue or styre to brynge in doublenes
Upon your trouth to gyue a batayll
Lete not your courage ne your force fayll
Nor none assaultes you flytten or remeue
For vnassayed no man may trouth preue
For whyte is whyter yf it be set by blacke
And swete is sweter after bytternes
And falshed euer is dryuen and put abacke
Where trouth is roted without falsnes
Withoue proue there may be no sekernes
Of loue or hate and therfore of you twoo
Shall loue be more / for it was bought with woo
And euery thynge is had more in deute
And more of pryce whan it is dere bought
And eke loue stondeth more in seurte
Whan it is tofore with payne woo & thought
Conquered was fyrst whan it was sought
And euery conquest hath his excellence
In his poursute as it fyndeth resystence
And soo to you more sote and agreable
Shall loue be founde I doo you playnly assure
Withoute grutchyng that ye were suffrable
Soo lowe soo meke pacyently to endure
That all atones I shall doo now my cure
For now and ever your hertes soo to bynde
That nought but deth shall the knot vnbynde
Now in this mater what shold I lenger dwell
Come ye attones and doo as I haue sayd
And fyrst my doughter that are of boūte well
In hert and thought be glad and well apayd
To doo hym grace that shall and hath obeyd
Your lustes euer / and I wyll for his sake
Of trough to you be bounde and undertake
And soo forth within presence as they stond
To fore the goddes this fayre and wele
Her humble seruaunt toke goodly by the hond
As he tofore her / mekely dyd knele
And kyssed hym after fulfyllyng euery dele
From poynt to poynt in full thryfty wyse
As ye to forn had Uenus herd deuyse
Thus is this man to Ioye and all plesaunce
From heuynes and from his paynes olde
Full reconcyled / and hath full suffesaunce
Of her that euer men well and wolde
That in good fayth and I tell sholde
The in ward myrthes dyd her hertes brace
For all my lyf to tell / it were to lytyll space
For he hath wonne her that he loueth best
And she to grace hath take hym of pyte
And thus theyr hertes ben both set in rest
Without chaunge or mutabylyte
And Venus hath of her benygnyte
Confermed all what shall I lenger tary
These tweyne in one and neuerto vary
That for the Ioye in the temple aboue
Of this accorde by grete solempnyte
Was laude and honour within and without
Gyue to Venus and to the deyte
Of god Cupide so that Calyope
And all her systerne in theyr armonye
Swete wt theyr songes the goddes to magnefye
And all at ones with notes loude and sharpe
They dyd her honour and reuerence
And Orpheus amonge them with his harpe
Can strynges touche with his dylygence
And Amphyon that hath suche excellence
Of musyke ay dyd his besynesse
To please the quene Uenus aud goddesse
Only for cause of the affynyte
Betwyx these two not lusty to dysceuere
And every louer rf lowe and hye degre
Can Uenus praye fro thens forth and ever
That hole of them the loue may perseuere
Withouten ende in suche wyse as they gonne
[Page]And more encrece that it of harde was wonne
And the goddes herynge this request
As she that knewe the clene entencyon
Of both them tweyne made a byhest
Perpetually by confyrmacyon
Whyles they lyue of one affeccyon
They shall endure there is no more to sayne
That neyther shall haue mater to complayne
So ferforth euermore in our eternall se
The goddes haue in our presence
Fully deuysed thrugh theyr deyte
And holy concluded by theyr Influence
That by theyr myght and Iuste prudence
The loue of them by grace and eke fortune
Without chaunge shall euermore contune
Of whiche graunt the Temple enuyron
Thrugh hye comfort of them yt were present
Anone was gone with a melodyous sowne
An name of tho that trouth in loue mente
A balade newe in full good entent
Tofore the goddes with notes loude and clere
Syngynge ryght this anone as ye shall here
Fayrest of sterres that with your persaunt lyght
And with the cherysshynge of your stremes clere
Cause in loue hertes to be lyght
Only by shynynge of your glad spere
Now laude and pryce o lady Uenus dere
[Page]Be to your name that haue without synne
This man fortuned his lady for to wynne
Wylly planete O esperous so bryght
That wofull hertes can appese and stere
And euer are redy by your grace and myght
To helpe all tho that by loue so dere
And haue power hertes to sette on fyre
Honour to you of all that ben here Inne
That haue this man his lady made to wynne
O myghty goddesse day sterre after nyght
Gladdynge the morowe whan ye do appere
To voyde derkenes by fresshenes of your lyght
Only with twynklynge of your pleasaunt chere.
To you we thanke louers that ben here
That ye this man and neuer for to twynne
Fortuned haue his lady for to wynne
And with the noyse and heuenly melodye
With that they made in theyr armouye
Thrughe out the temple for this mannes sake
Out of my slepe anone I dyd awake
And for astonyed knewe as tho no rede
For sodayne chaunge oppressed with drede
My thought was cast in a traunce
So clene away was tho my remembraunce
Of all my dreme wherof frete thought and wo
I hadde in herte and nyst what was to do
For heuynes that I had lost the syght
Of her that I all the longe nyght
[Page]Had dremed of in myn aduysyon
Whereof I made grete lamentacyon
Bycause I had never in my lyf beforne
Sawe none so fayre syth that I was borne
For loue of whome so as I can endyte
I purpose here to make and wryte
A lytell treatyse and processe make
In pryce of women oonly for her sake
Them to cōmende as it is skyll and ryght
For her goodnes with all my myght
Praynge to her that is so bounteuous
So full of vertue and so gracyous
Of womanhede and mercyfull pyte
This symple treatyse for to take in gre
Tyll I haue leyzer unto her hye renoun
For to expowne my forsayd vysyoun
And tell in playne the sygnefyaunce
As it cometh to my remembraunce
So that hereafter my lady may it loke
Now go thy waye thou lytell rude boke
To her presence as I the cōmaunde
And fyrste of all thou me rec̄omaunde
Unto her and to her excellence
And praye to her it be none offence
Yf ony worde in the be myssayd
Besechynge her she be not euyll apayd
For as her lyst I wyll the efte correcte
Whan that her lyketh agaynwarde the dyrecte
I mene that benygne and goodly of face
Now go thy waye and put the in her grace

¶Duodecim abusiones

Rex sine sapientia.
Episcopꝰ sine doctrina.
Dominꝰ sine consilo.
Mulier sine castitate.
Miles sine ꝓbitate.
Iudex sine Iusticia.
Diues sine elemosina.
Populus sine lege.
Senex sine religiose
Seruus sine timore.
Pauper superbus
Adolescēs sine obediētia
Go forth kynge rule the by sapyence
Bysshop be able to mynyster doctrine
Lorde to trewe counsell gyue audyence
Womanhede to chastyte euer enclyne
Knyght lette thy dedes worshyp determyne
Be ryghtwyse Juge in sauynge thy name
Ryche do almes lest thou lese blysse with shame
People obeye your kynge and the lawe
Age be thou ruled by good relygyon
Trewe seruaūt be dredful & kepe the vnder awe.
And thou poore fye on presumpcyon
Inobedyence to youth is utter destruccyon
Remembre you howe god hath sette you lo
And do your parte as ye are ordeyned to
¶There endeth the temple of Glas Enprynted in London in Flete strete in the sygne of the sonne, by Wynkyn de Worde.


wynken de worde

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