.Stans puer ad mensam.

mI dere childe first thy self enable
With all thin herte to vertuoꝰ discipline
Afore thy souerayn stondyng at the table
Dispose thy yongthe after my doctrine
To alle norture thy corage enclyne
First whyle thou spekest be not recheles
Kepe fote and fynger styll in pees
Be symple of chere cast not thy loke a syde
Gase not aboute tornyng ouer all
Agayn the poste lete not thy back abyd
Make not thy myrrour also of the wall
Pyke not thy nose and in especiall
Be right wel ware & sette in thy thought
Afore thy souerayn cracche ne rubbe nought
Who that speketh to the in ony maner place
Lumpisshly cast not thy hede a doun
But with sad chere loke hym in the face
Walk [...] [...]tes in the toun
[Page]Pare clene thy naylles thin handes wasshe also
To fore mete and whan thou dost aryse
Sytte in the place that thou art assigned to
Peere not to hye in no maner wyse
And tyl thou see a fore the thy seruyse
Be not to hasty on brede for to byte
Of gredines lest men the wylle atwyte
Grennyng and mowes at the table eschewe
Crye not to lowde kepe honestly scilence
Tenbose thy Iowes with mete it is not dewe
With ful mouth speke not lest thou do offence
Drinke not bridled for haste ne for negligence
Kepe clene thy lippes fro fatte of flessh or fisshe
Wype fair thy spone leue it not in thy disshe
Of thy brede no soppis that thou make
Lowde for to soupe hit is agayn gentilnes
With mouth enbrued [...] thou not take
[Page] And where so be thou dyne or soupe
Of gentylnes take salt with thy knyf
And beware thou blowe not in the couppe
Reuerence thy felaws begyn with hem no stryf
To thy power kepe pees alle thy lyf
Interrupte not where so that thou wende
No mans tale tyl he haue made an ende
With thy fynger marke not thy tale
Be wel auised namely in tender age
To drynke by mesure bothe wyn and ale
Be not copyous also of langage
As tyme requireth shewe so thy visage
To glad ne to sorye but kepe betwene tweyne
For losse or lucre or ony caas sodeyne
Be meke in mesure not hasty but tretable
Ouer moche is not worth in no thing
To children longeth not be vengeable
Sone meuyd and assone forgeuyng
And as hit is remembrid by olde wrytyng
Wrath of children is sone ouergoon
With an apple parties be made at oon
Of honest myrth lete be thy daliaunce
Swere none othes speke no rybawdrye
The best mossell haue this in remembraunce
Hole to thy self allewey do not applye
Parte with thy felawe for that is curtesye
Lade not thy trenchour with many remissailles
And fro blaknes allewey kepe thy naylles
Of curtosye also agayn the lawe
With sown̄ dishonest for to do offence
Of olde surfettis atwyte not thy felawe
Toward thy souerain haue alway thy adutence
Pleye not with thy knyf take hede to my sentēce
At mete and at souper kepe the still & softe
Eke to and fro meue not thy fote to ofte
Droppe not thy breste with sawce ne potage
Brynge no knyues vnscowred to the table
Fyl not thy spone leste in the cariage
Hit goo be syde whiche were not comendable
Be quyk and redy meke and seruisable
Well awaytyng to fulfille anon
What thy souerayn cōmaundeth the to doon
In childes warre now mirth & now debate
In their quarell is no grete violence
Now playe. now wepyng. selde in one estate
To their playntes gyue no grete audience
A rodde reformeth alle their insolence
In their corage no rancour doth abyde
Who spareth the rodde al vertu set a syde
Go litill bylle bareyn of eloquence
Pray yong children that the shal see or rede
Though thou be not compendious of sentence
Of the clawses for to take hede
Whiche to alle vertue shal thy yongth lede
Of the wrytyng though ther be no date
Yf ought be amys put the faute in lidgate
Aryse erly
Serue god deuoutly
The world besily
Goo thy way sadly
Answere demurely
Go to thy mete appetently
And aryse temp [...]ratly
And to thy souꝑ soberly
And to thy b [...]d merily
And be there [...]o [...]ondly
And slepe sewrly

.An holy Salue regina in englissh.

[...]Alue with all obeisance to god ī humblesse
Regina to regne euyr more in blysse
Mater to crist as we byleue expresse
Misericordie / vnto alle wrecchisse
Vita to quyken to helpe leall and lisse
Dulcedo of most plesant beaute
And we saye this londe thy dowayr is
And therfore we synge / et spes nrā salue
Ad te most meke & most beingne virgine
Clamamns lowde with voys tymerous
Exules made / by false frawde serpentyne
Filij freyll carefull and dolorous
Eue / therfore oure lyf laboryous
Ad te best mene to our lord god and man
Suspiramus here in this see trobelous
Gementes as sorofully as we can
Et flentes ofte with bitter teris smert
In hac doleful / payneful and lamentable
Lacrima (rum) wonding the mortal herte
[Page]Valle restles greuouse and changeable
Eya ergo mayden most amyable
Aduocata nostra oure mediatrice
Illos tuos bryghtest and confortable
Misericordes ocules ful of Ioye of paradyce
Ad nos fletyng in this see of torment
Conuerte / now of thy souerayn pyte
Et ihesum oure lorde prince omnipotent
Benedictum full of most hye bounte
Fructum of lyf and riche benygnyte
Ventris tui most ewrous creature
Nobis post hoc exilium ostende
To oure eterne grettest ioye and plesure
O clemens ful of mercyful rychesse
O pia ful of riche compassion
O dulcis ful of helpe in eche distresse
Virgo fairest waye to saluation
Maria floure of swettest meditacian
Salue with alle our most lowly seruyse
Mater of lyf and eterne creacion
Salue euer as feir as we can suffyse. Amen.
Wytte hath wonder and kynde ne can
How mayden is moder and god is man
Leue thyn askyng and beleue that wonder
For myght hath maistry & skyll goth vnder

.Deo laus &c̄.

Who so of welthe taketh no hede
He shal fynde faute in tyme of nede
This world is mutable thus seith sage
Ther fore gadre in tyme er thou falle in age
In welthe beware of woo what so the happis
And here the euen for drede of after clappis
Fortune is variant ay tornyng her whele
He is wyse that is ware or he harme fele
Better is to suffre and fortune tabyde
Than hastely to clymbe and sodenly to slyde
Knowe er thou knytte & than thou maist slake
Yf thou knyt er thou knowe than it is to late

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