cOntre versies / plees and discordes
Bitwene persones were two or thre
Sought out the groundes be recordes
This was the custom̄ of antiquite
Iugges were sette / that had auctorite
The caas conceyued stondyng in different
Betwene parties to yeue Iugement
Parties assembled of highe & lowe degre
Weren amytted to shewen in sentence
Grounded of their quarels the lawe made hem fre
With oute excepcion to come in audience
Be the president / comaunded first scilence
Fredom yeue / the parties not to spare
Be titel of right their greues to declare
Vpon this mater shortly to conclude
Nought yore agoon as I reherce shall
I fonde to purpose a simylitude
Full craftely depeynted vpon a wall
Tweyne sittyng in estate royall
The fierce lyon famous in alle royames
And themperial egle percyng the son̄e beames
These were the dredefull Iugges tweyne
In theyre estate sittyng I toke kepe
That herde the parties by and by compleyne
The hors the ghoos and the symple shepe
The processe was not to perfound [...] ne depe
Of their debate but contryued of a fable
Whiche of hem was to man most prouffitable
Eche for his partye proudly gan procede
To force hym self be record of scripture
By phylosophers as clerkes seen and rede
The prerogatiues / yeuen hem be nature
Whiche of these thre / to euery creature
In re publica / auayleeth most a man
For his partye thus first the hors began

▪The hors▪

To procede briefly and not long to tarye
First fro the trouthe that I do not erre
What beest is found in alle thing so necessarie
As is the horse bothe nyghe and ferre
And so notable to man in pees and werre
Hors in cronycles who so redeth a right
Haue saued ofte many a worthy knyght
Marcyall prowesse in especyall
God hath be horse yeue to werrours
Recorde of alisaundre whos hors bucyfall
Made hym escape fro many sharp shours
The golden chare of olde conquerours
Towarde the tryumphe for knyghtly dedes
Conceyued hit was with foure white stedes
Remembre hector the troian champion
Whos hors was callyd whilom galathe
Vpon whos back he pleyde the lyon
Full ofte fithes he made the grekes flee
The stede of perseus was cleped pigase
With swifte wynges / poetes seyn the same
Was for his swiftenes named ye horse of fame
Eques ab equo is seyd of verrey right
And chyualer is sayd of chyualrye
In duche a rider is called a knyght
Aragon tonge doth also specifye
C [...]ualoro / whiche in that partye
Is named of worship & toke begynnyng
Of spores of gold & chiefly of ridyng
These emperours these princes & these kynges
Whan they ben armed in bright plate & mayle
Withoute horse what were their mustringes
Their brode baners or their riche apparaylle
To fore here enemyes to shewe hem in batayle
Withoute horse. spere. swerde. ne shelde
Myght litell auayle for to holde a felde
The hardy prykars vpon hors back
Be sent to forn what ground is best to take
In their ordenance that ther be no lack
Be prouidence how they the felde shal make
An hors wole wepe for his maister sake
Chaw [...]er remembrith the swerd. rynge & glasse
Presented were vpon a stede of brasse
Betwene two hilles the prophete zacharye
Sawe stedes foure / the first of hem was rede
In chares foure the felde to magnefye
And the seconde was black it is no drede
The [...]hirde was whyte body neck and hede
The fourth diuerce of colours / wonder stronge
And to knyghthode alle these colours longe
The rede hors was token of hard [...]
Whiche apperteyneth to euery manly knyght
The cole black hewe a signe of [...]bernesse
Poraylle oppressid to helpe in their right
The whyte mylke stede that was glad of sight
Tokeneth yt knyghthode treuly shold entende
Holy chirche maydens & wedewis to defende
The many folde colours to speke in generall
Be sondry vertues and condicions
As the foure vertues callyd cardynall
Longyng to knyghthod tencrece their renons
In re publica / callyd the champions
Trouthe to sustene & shewe hem self strong
Bound be ordre to se noman haue wrong
With outen horse iustes ne tournayll
May not be holde in werre ne in pees
Nor in palastre no pleyes marcyall
Yf horse do fayle may come to non encrees
Ne noman sothly dar put hym in prees
With outen hors for short conclusion
To atteyne the palme of triumphal guerdon
[...] ther ben of hors also
Do grete prouffit / to euery comonte
The plough ne carte myght nought do
With oute horse / dayly ye may see
[...]yllyng were loste ne were we horses parde
The besy marchante to his auantage
N [...] shippes & horse coude haue no cariage
The shippe be liknesse is callid an hors of t [...]
Full notably who can vnderstande
To lede men and carye them ouer the see
As don horse whan they come to lande
The poure man eke ledeth in a bande
His litell capull. his corn his mele to selle
And whan hit is groūden bringeth it fro ye melle
In wynter season to make beal chere
The hors is nedeful wode & turf to carye
Wyn fruyt and oyle to serue thurgh the yere
Ys brought to vyneters & to the potecarye
Diuerse drugges and many a letuarye
Sondry bales and shortly all vitayll
Of the cariage horse haue the trauayll
Theye ne otes pleinly who [...]
Maye fro the feldes ner the [...]
To the garner neyther to the berne
With oute horse be caryed hit is sene
And vnto pourpose / I seye as I mene
Ther is no beest rekene as I began
So necessarye / as horse is vnto man
Auguste is a season mery and glad
Whan euery tre with newe fruyt is lade
With draught of hors the sheuis ben home lad
That moneth passid / the leeuis gyn to fade
Whiche made in somer a plesant lusty shade
What don horse than to speke in wordes pleyn
The second croppe they carye home of ryweyn
By draught of horse fro ryuers and well is
Bouges be brought to brewars for good ale
Lede stoon tymbre caryage of bellis
We brynge to chirches in trouth this is no tak
We lede cloth sackis & many a large male
And gladly somers be sent to forne
With gardeuyandes / how might horse be for born
Ye [...]dent Iuges th [...] egle and the lyon
What I haue sayd doth wysely aduertyse
Weyeth this mater in your discrescon
Where ghoos or shepe pleynly to deuyse
Of their nature may in ony wyse
Iustely deme ye / late hit not be spared
Vnto an horse be likenyd and compared
That I haue told is trouth & no feynyng
No wight of reson agayn hit may applye
Ghoos ne gander ne grene gosselyng
But yf they entre the boundes of enuye
Late her come forth and saye for her partye
Ghoos yes truste me wel for ye I wyl not spar [...]
Lyke as I fele my verdyte to declare
Where as thou hast vnto thy pasture
But oon place / to make in thy repayre
Hit is granted to me by nature
To abyde on water / londe and eyer
Now amonge flowres & grenys that be feyr
Now bathe in ryuers swym̄e m many a ponde
For storme or showre as drye as on the londe
Thurgh alle the londe of brutes albyon
For fethers arowes as I reherce can
Ghoos is the beest to make comparison
Excepte fethers of pecok and of swan
Be bowe and arowes sith the warre began
Haue englishmen remembrid in storye
Of their enemyes had many a victorye
Hors in the felde may mustre with grete pryde
Whan they of trompettis here the blody sowū
But whan an arowe hath percyd his syde
To ground he goth & caste his maister dowū
Entryng the felde he pleyeth the lyon
What foloweth after / his carayn stynketh sore
Sauf skyn and shone ther leueth nomore
Myghty captayns and knyghtes in the felde
Make ther wardes and their ordenance
First men of armes with polax spere & shelde
Sette in ordre dewe to haue the gouernance
Whiche at peyters toke the kynge of fraunce
Thanke to the ghoos moste be youen of right
Whiche in the felde so proudly toke her flight
[...] [...]
Slouth of my flyght for hasty negligence
Of presumpcion / the ghoos was lefte behynde
Whan the famous & worthy duc of clarence
Rode on bayard with his eyen blynde
Flight of my fethers was put out of mynde
And for he set that day of me noforce
So lityl or nought what auayled him his horse
Bookes olde remembre wel in sentence
Whilom whan Rome by his foon was take
The capitole kepte of with grete defence
Noyse of a gander / the captayn dyde wake
Whiche remembred / they set vp for his sake
In their temples wyde and olde
A large gandre forged al of fyn golde
His waker noyse was theyre sauacon
Be whiche the captayn ran vpon the wall
Thus be a gander recouerd was the toun
Called of the world the cyte moste ryall
Cyte of cytees that day most principall
Was euer horse in book that ye can rede
Pro re publica / that dyde suche a dede
In the book named of cheualier destyne
The storye telleth as in sentement
There were children of the ryall̄ lyne
Born with chaynes / and whan they were of rent
They torned to swannes be enchantement
Toke their flight the trouth is full cleer
And as swannes they swam̄e in the ryuer
This storye is fu [...] autentyk and olde
In frenshe compiled oft red and seyn
Of thilke cheynes was made a cup of golde
Whiche is yet kept as som̄e folkes seyn
And by discent hit longeth in certeyn
To the herfordes ye shal so fynde in dede
Ceriously who so lifte the storye to rede
And semblably / not long here to forn̄
I telle this tale as for my partye
Ther was a man in lombardy born̄
To a ghoos y torned by crafte of sorcerye
And so abode viI. yere me list not to lye
His wrytte fyl of than stode he vp a man
And bode in seruice with the duke of melan
And for he was a man of highe degree
Boorn of good blood & notable in substance
His kynrede yeueth a ghoos for their liueree
Thy sayd meruayle to put in remembrance
Peyse alle tynges Iustely in balance
And lete the horz leue his boost and roos
To make comparison with gander or ghoos
With in rome the gander was deysyed
Set in their temples of grete affection
Be senatours of the toun magnefyed
As chief protectour and sauer of her toun
Late hors and shepe leye their boost adoun
But yf the ram with his brasyn belle
Can for the shepe som better storye telle

.The Ram speketh for the sheep.

The sheep was symple & lothe to make affraye
Lyke a beest disposed to mekenesse
The sturdy Ram his aduocate was that daye
To fore the Iugges he gan hym dresse
With an exordye of latyn he dide expresse
Veste purpurea vt rectores regum
In duti sunt arietes ouium
Of this notable ryalle hye scripture
The blessid doctour Augustyn as I rede
Be a man goostly fayre of figure
Of a meke sheep thus he doth procede
Called maria a mayde in thought and dede
Brought forth a lambe of most vertu
The lambe of grace whos name was thesu
Augustyn callyd this lambe in estate
Be many folde recorde of scripture
The ryall lambe of colour purpurate
Whiche for mankynde list pascion tendure
Born of a mayde be grace agayn nature
Whan he be mene of her humylyte
Toke the clothyng of oure humanyte
Born by discente to be bothe preest and kyng
Kyng by succession fro dauid doun by lyne
Of purpyll rede was his ryall clothing
This agnus dei born of a pure virgine
Whiche wysshe a way alle venyn serpentyne
Ou caluerye whan he for man was dede
With his pure blod purpurate and rede
This paschal lambe with out spot al whyte
Be his passion in bosra steyned rede
Whiche cam from edom this lambe of delite
That ghaf his body to man in forme of brede
On sherthursday to fore that he was dede
Was ther euer founde in scripture
Of hors or ghoos so solempne a figure
This lambe was criste that lyneally cam
By disc [...]nt conueyed de pee de gree
From the patriark called abraham
Be ysaac and Iacob so doun to Iesse
Whiche be vertu of his humylite
Liste to be called the blessid Ihesu
For his mekenes the lambe of most vertu
And for to reherce worldly com̄oditees
In re publica make no comparison
There is no beste / whiche in alle degrees
Neyther. tygre. olyphante. ne griffon
Alle thinges rekenyd thurgh euery region
Doth so grete prouffit. hots. ghoos ne swan
As doth the sheep vnto the ease of man
Late be thy boost thou hors & thy Iangeling
Leye doun thy trappours forged of plate & mayl
Caste of thy sadel of gold so fresshly shynyng
What may thy brydel or boces now a vayll
This gostly lambe hath don̄ a grete batayll
Be his mekenes he offred vp for man
Clad in purpyll veynquysshid hath sathan
The ghoos may cakle the horse prike & prance
Neyther of hem in processe may acteyne▪
For to be sette or put in remembrance
Agayn the lambe though they disdeyne
For comyn prouffit he passeth bothe tweyne
Weye and considere betwene poure & riche
To hym in valewe they be nothyng liche
Of brutes albion his wulle is chief richesse
In pryce furmōntyng euery other thing
Saue grayn & corn marchantes alle expresse
Wulle is chief tresour in this lond growyng
To riche and poure this beest fynde clothyng
Alle nacions afferme hit vp to the full
In alle the world is no better wulle
Of the sheep also cometh pellet & eke felle
Gadred in this londe for gret marchandyse
Caryed ouer the see where men may hit selle
The wulle skynnes causen men to ryse
In to grete richesse in many sondry wyse
The sheep also tornyth to grete prouffit
To helpe of man bereth furres black & whyte
There is also made of the sheeps skynne
Pilches & gloues to dryue away the cold
Therof also is made good parchemyne
To wryte of bookes & quayers many fold
The ram of cholchos bare a flees of gold
The flees of gedeon with dewe delectable
Was of maria a figure ful notable
His flessh his natural restauracion
As som̄ men seyn after grete sekenesse
Rosted or sodyn holsome is moton
Boyled with grewell / phisiciens expresse
Ful nutrityf after grete accesse
The sheep also concludyng douteles
Of his nature loueth reste and pees
Of the sheep is caste away nothyng
His horne for nockes to haftes goo his bone
To londe grete prouffit doth his tyrtelyng
His talowe serueth for plasters mo than oone
For harpe strynges his roppes serue echeone
Of whos hede boyled with wulle and alle
Ther cometh a gely and an oynement riall
For the ache of bones and also for brefure
Hit remedieth and deth ease blyue
Causeth men of starke Ioyntes to recure
Dede senewes restoreth agayn to lyue
Black shepes wulle with oyle olyue
These men of armes with charmes preued good
At a strait n [...]de can wel staunche blood
Vnto the wolf contrayre of nature
As seyne auctours is this humble beest
Loueth no debate for whiche eche creature
For his partye he wolde lyue in rest
Wherfore ye Iuges I holde hit for the best
Rem publicam ye shold of right preferre
Alway cōsidering that pees is better than werre
In this mater briefly to conclude
Pees to preferre as to my deuyce
Be many olde prouyd simylitude
Make no delaye / yeue the sheep the pryce
Of one assent sith that ye bee wyse
Late alle werre and stryf be sette a syde
And vpon pees do with the sheep abyde

. The hors.

Nay said the hors your request is wrong
Alle thing considered me were loth to erre
The sheep is cause and hath be ful long
Of newe stryues and of mortall werre
The circumstance, me list not to deferre
Thy wulle was cause and grete occasion
Why that thy prowd duke of bourgoyn
Cam to fore calais with flemyngis not a fewe
Whiche yaf the sackes & sarplers of the toun
To gaunt & brugges his fredom for to shewe
Of thy wulles / he hight hem possession
His boystous vastyle first was bete doun
Hym self vnnethe escaped with the [...]yf
What / but thy wulles was cause of this stryf
Were richesse is of wulles & suche good
Men drawe thyder that be recheles
As souldyours that braynles be & wood
To gete bagage they put hem self in prees
Thus causest thou werre / & saist thou louest pees
And yf ther were no werre ne batayll
Lytil or nought grete horse shold a wyll

. The ghoos.

No sayd the ghoos nor my fethers whyte
With oute warre shold doo none a vauntage
Ner hokyd arowes profyte but a lyte
To mete our enemyes magre their visage
And from them to saue vs fro domage
Flight of fethers despyte of shepe echene
Shall vs defenden agayn our mortall foone

. The horse holdyng with the ghoos.

Soth qd the horse as in my Iuward fight
With oute werre a fore as I yow tolde
We may not saue / ne kept our right
Oure garisouns ner castellis olde
But here this sheep ruckyng in his folde
Sette litell store of swerde nor arowes stene
Whan he in pees may pasture on the grene
Yf hit so stode that no werre were
Lost were the craft of armorers
What shoold auayle polax swerd or spere
Or these daggers wrought be cuttelers
Bowes. crossebowes. arowes of fleathers
All these instruments for the werre is wrought
Yef werres were stint they shold serue of noght
Their occupacion shold haue none encrees
Knyghthode shold not floure in his estate
In euery contre yef that ther were pees
No man of armes shold be fortunate
I preue that pees is ground of all debate
For in fyue spekes lyke as is a whele
Torned alle the world who considereth wele
Begynne first at pees whiche causeth richesse
And richesse is thoriginal of pryde
Pryde causeth for lack of rightwysnesse
Werre betwene remes loke ou euery syde
Hertes contrarye in pees wyl not abyde
Thus fynably who can considre and see
Werre is chief ground and cause of pouerte
Pouerte be werre brought to disencrees
For lack of tresour whan he can nomore
Saue only this / he crieth after pees
And compleyneth on the werres sore
He seyth be warre he hath his goodes lore
Can no recoure be / but grucching & disdayn
Saith the world wold fayn haue pees agayn
Thus pryde and richesse to conclude in clause
Betwene the xtremytees of pees and pouerte
Of alle debates and werre be chief cause
And saith wulles brynge in grete plente
Where they habounde as folke expert may see
That may I saye yf men wyl take kept
Warre is brought in all onely by the shepe

. The sheep answereth.

Here is a gentyl rayson of an horse
I trowe he be falle in to som̄ dotage
Whiche of madnes by wulle sette no forse
Falsely affermyng hit doth none auauntage
Vertuouse plente may do no domage
The shepe berith his flees I told whan I began
Not for hym self but for the prouffit of man
Diuerse comoditees that comyn of a shepe
Cause no warres what men Iangle or muse
As in her gylte / ye Iugges take ye kepe
What that I saye their Innocence texcuse
Of couetyse men falsely may muse
Her benefetes and wrongly her atwyte
Of suche occasions / wher she is not to wyte
What is the sheep to blame in your sight
Whan she is shorn and of her flees mad bare
Though folk of malice for her wulles fight
Causeles to stryue fooles wyl not spare
Where pees resteth ther is all welfare
And sithe the shepe loui [...]h pees of Innocence
Yeue ye for his parte diffinytyf sentence

.The lyon & egle yeuyng Iugement.

The ryall egle and the lyon of one assente
Alle thyng considered rehercyd here beforn
Of alle thyse thre be good aduisement
Of horse and ghoos / and the ram with his horn
Sawe in re publica myght non be forborn
Be shorte sentence to voyden alle discorde
Caste a meen to sette hem at acorde
This was the mene to auoyde first her stryues
And olde grucchyng with their hertes glade
Vse these ghyftes and thyse prerogatiues
To that ende / to whiche they were made
Ware with presumpcion their backes be not lade
Vndeuoyded in herte wyll and thought
To den her office as nature hath hem wrought
The hors be kynde to lyuen in trauayll
The ghoos with her geslinges to swym̄e t̄ ye lake
The sheep / whos wulles doth so moche auayll
In his pasture to grese & hym mery make
Their comparisons by on assent forsake
Alway remembryng how god and nature
To a good ende made euery creature
That none to other shold doo wronge
The rauenons wolf the sely lambe toppresse
And though one be more than another stronge
To the febeler do no froward duresse
Alle extorcion is grounded on falsenesse
Wille is now lawe whether it be wrong or right
Trouthe is leyd a doun / the feble is put to flight
Odyous of olde ben alle comparisons
And of comparisons engendrid is hatered
And alle folke be not lyke of condicions
Nor lyke disposed of thought wyll and dede
For whiche cause this fable that ye rede
Cōtriued was / that who hath the grettest parte
Of vertuouse yeftes shuld with his frēde departe
As thus all vertues allone hath not one man
That one lacketh nature hath yeue to another
That thou canst▪ not / percas another can
Entercomen therfore as broder doth with broder
Yf charyte gouerne well the rother
Alle in one vessell to speke in wordes pleyn
That noman sholde of other haue disdayn

.Thus endeth the horse the ghoos & the sheep.

Hit is ful hard to knowe ony estate
Double visage loketh out of euery ho [...]d
Sewerte is lost Truste is past the date
Thrifte hath take his leue ouer the flood
Lawe can do no thyng with outen good
Thefte hath leue to goo oute at large
Of the cōmunes misreule hath take the charge
And thou desire thy self to auaunce
Poure or riche whether that thou be
Be lowly and gentyl in thy gouernance
Good reule douteles may best preferre the
Yf thou be gentif hurte not thy degre
And thou be poure Do alle that thou can
To vse good maners for maner maketh man
Atte thy mele be glad in contenance
In mete and drynke [...] mesurable
Beware of surfete and misgouernance
They cause men ofte to be vnresonable
Suffre nothyng be sayd at thy table
That ony man may hurte or displese
For good mete and drinke axeth Ioye and ese
Yf thy goodes to the not suffyse
Conforme the euer to that thou hast
Gouerne so thy self in suche a wyse
In thyn expences make no waste
Grete excesse causeth vnthrift in haste
Beware betyme bere this in thyn herte
Misrewle maketh ofte many men to smerte
Beware of nouellis that be new brought
Though they be plesant / lokke fast thy lyppe
An hasty worde may be to sore bought
Close thy mouth leste thy tonge trippe
To thy self / loke thou make not a whyppe
Hurte not thy self / lest thou sore rewe
For thyn owen ese / kept thy tonge in mewe
The worlde so wyde the ayer so remuable
The sely man so lityl of stature
The graue & gound of clotyng so mutable
The fyre so hoot and subtyll of nature
The water neuer in oon / what creature
That made is of these foure thus flyttyng
Maye endure stable and yseuere in abidyng
The further I goo / the more behynde
The more behynde / the ner my weyes ende
The more I seche / the werse can I synde
The lyghter leue / the lother for to wende
The truer I serue / the ferther out of mynde
Though I goo loose I am teyde with a syne
Is hit fortune or Infortune thus I fyne

. Explicit.

  • an Herde of hertes
  • an Herde of dere
  • an Herde of swannys
  • an Herde of cranys
  • an Herde of wrennys
  • an Herde of alle dere
  • a Neye of fesantes
  • a Coueye of partrichs
  • a Beuye of larkes
  • a Beuye of ladyes
  • a Beuye of quayles
  • a Beuye of roos
  • a Siege of bittours
  • a Siege of heyrons
  • a Spryng of teeles
  • a Sourd of malardes
  • a disceite of lapwinks
  • a Muster of pecoks
  • a Falle of Wodecoks
  • a Walke of snytes
  • a Cōgregacōn of plous
  • a Couerte of cootes
  • an vnkindnes of rauons
  • a Murther of crowes
  • a Byldyng of roosts
  • a Clatering of chowhis
  • a Murmeracōn of stares
  • an Hoost of men
  • an Hoost of sparowes
  • a Felouship of yomen
  • a Gagyll of ghees
  • a Gagyll of women
  • a Chyrme of fynches
  • a Swarme of bees
  • a Exaltacion of larkes
  • a discēcion of wodewalis
  • a Mutacion
  • a Cety of greyes
  • an Erthe of foxes
  • a Bery of conyes
  • a Neste of rabettis
  • a Lytter of whelpes
  • a Rowte of knyghtes
  • a Rowte of wolues
  • a Pryde of lyons
  • a Lepe of lebardes
  • [Page]a Slouth of beres
  • a Lees of grehoundes
  • a Brase of houndes
  • a Kenel of recches
  • a Copill of spaynels
  • a Sute of a lyhm
  • a Caste of hawkes of the tour.
  • a Caste of breed
  • a Flight of goshgukes
  • a Flight of douues
  • a Flight of cormerants
  • a Droue of nete
  • a Trippe of gete
  • a Flock of shepe
  • a Flock of lyse
  • a Besynes of flyes
  • a Hareys of hors
  • a Stode of mares
  • a Ragg of coltes
  • a Drifte of tame swyn
  • a Sondre of wilde swyn
  • a Trippe of hares
  • a Trase of an hare
  • Skulke of foxes
  • a Skulke of freres
  • a Skulke of theues
  • a Pontifical of prelates
  • a State of princes
  • a Dignyte of chanons
  • a Trouthe of barons
  • Charge of curates
  • a Lordship of monkes
  • Supfluyte of nonnes
  • Prees of prestes
  • Scole of fysshe
  • Scole of scolers
  • Cluster of grapes
  • Cluster of nottes
  • Cluster of carles
  • Cluster of tame cattes
  • destructōn of wilde caties
  • Boste of souldyours
  • Threte of cortyars
  • Lausters of hostelers
  • Glosyng of tauerners
  • [Page]a Promesse of tapsters
  • a Soolding of kēpsters
  • a Fighting of beggers
  • a Diswor ship of stottes
  • a Raskall of boyes
  • a Rafull of knaues
  • a Thraue of thresshers
  • a Lasshe of carters
  • a Trynkette of tord­waners
  • a Blecche of sowters
  • a Smere of coryers
  • a Pyte of prysoners
  • a Glorifyeng of lyers
  • a Lyeng of pardoners
  • a Hastynes of cookes
  • An hare in his forme is sholdring or leming
  • A douue sitteth
  • an Herte is herbored
  • a knyght is herbored
  • a Bucke is logged
  • a Squyer is logged
  • a Roo is bedded
  • a Yoman is bedded
  • Yf an herte stande he stalleth.
  • Yf a bucke stande he herkenyth.
  • yf a roo stādr he fereth
  • a Dere broken
  • a Ghoos rerid
  • a Swan lyfte
  • a Capon sawsyd
  • a Hen spoyled
  • a Chekyn frusshed
  • a Malard vnbrased
  • a Cony vnlaced
  • a Heron dismembrid
  • a Crane displayd
  • a Pecok disfigured
  • a Curlew vnioynted
  • a Byctore vntached
  • a Fesant eyled
  • a Partriche eyled
  • a Wodecok thyed
  • alle smale birdes thyed
  • a Pigge heded & syded
  • a lambe & kyde shuldeed
  • A herte yf he be chasid he will desire to haue a riuer
  • Assene as he taketh the Riuer he suleth / yf he take ouer the ryuer he crossith
  • Yf he retorne he recrosseth
  • And yf he take with the streme he fleteth
  • Yf he take agayn the sire me he beteth or els bresteth
  • Yf he take the londe he fleeth.

This keyboarded and encoded edition of the work described above is co-owned by the institutions providing financial support to the Text Creation Partnership. This Phase I text is available for reuse, according to the terms of Creative Commons 0 1.0 Universal. The text can be copied, modified, distributed and performed, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.