THe cause of your repaire hither at this present, is to giue you knowledge, That you are elected by the Gouernors of this Hospital, & allowed by the Lord Maior & Court of Aldermen, to the office, charge, & gouer­nance of the hospital of Bridewel, & house of correction; and to remain and continue Gouernours there, in the roome and place of them that were before you. Therefore this is to require you, and euery of you, (in Christian charitie) That you endeauour your selues with all your wisedome and power, faithfully & diligently to serue in this your Vocation and Calling, which is an Office of high trust and Worship: For you are called to be the faithfull and true Distributers of your Iudgement, Iustice, and Mercie; which are most commendable blessings from the most high Iudge. In which Office & Calling, if you be found endea­uoursome, just, and faithfully, you shall not onely be, and declare your selues to be the most thankful & worthie stewards & seruants of your Almightie Lord & master (being put in trust to see vice and Idlenesse corrected, and Vertue nourished and maintained, relieuing the Poore, and doing justice) but also you shall shew your selues to be verie notable and worthy Members & helpers in that work, which most highly doth aduance and beautifie the Commonwealth of this Realme, and chiefely of this Citie of London. For by this commendable and notable policie, Idlenesse (the Enemie of all Vertue) is suppressed and banished; the sturdie idle Beggar, wandering Rogue, and lewd Arrogant idle Strumpet, and lustful Youth, is compelled to trauel in profitable exercises, and set to worke, & admo­nished of their lewd, vicious wandring, idle, and adulterous kind of life, and refreshed with charitie. This is therefore to require you and euery of you, in charitie, and dutie of a pro­fitable Commonwealths man, That you here promise before God, and this Assembly of the Worshipful your fellow Gouernors, faithfully to trauell and endeauor your selues in this your Office which you are called vnto; that this Worke may haue his perfection, and that in Iustice and graue Discretion you proceed to the correction of vice and Idlenes: and to prouide, that the needy number of poore Children committed to your charge, be diligently, and in charitie wholsomely prouided for; as you will answer before God, at the time when you and euery one of vs shall stand before his Tribunall Seate, where euery good Christian shall render his account of their doings. And in hope you will this do, you are here admitted into this Worshipfull Societie and Fellowship.

God saue the King.

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