Maister Basse his Careere, OR The new Hunting of the Hare. To a new Court tune.

LOng ere the Morne expects the returne of Apollo from the Ocean Queene:
Before the creak of the Croe or the breake of the day in the Welkin is seene,
Mounted Idelia cheerfully makes to the Chase with his Bugle cleere:
And nimbly bounds to the cry of the Hounds and the Musicke of his Careere.
Oft doth ha trace, through Wood, Parke and Chase, when he mounteth his Steed aloft:
Oft he doth runne beyond farre his home, and deceiueth his pillow soft:
Oft he expects, yet still hath defects, for still he is crost by the Hare:
But more often he bounds to the cry of his Hounds, and doth thunder out his Careere.
Hercules Hunted and spoyled the game, wheresoeuer he made his sport:
Adon did Hunt but was slaine by the same, through Iunoes bad consort:
Nep [...]haly to, did the Hart ouer goe, and he purged the Forrests there,
When his horne did rebound, the noise to the hound, he did thunder out his Careere.
Now bonny Bay with his foame waxeth Gray, déepe Gray waxeth Bay with blood:
White Lilly tops doth send for their Caps, blacke Lady makes it good:
Sorrowfull Watte, her widowes estate, forgets these delights to heare,
And nimbly bounds to the cry of the Hound, and doth thunder out his Careere.
Hilles with the heate of the Galloppers sweate, Reuiues their fréezing tops:
Dales purple flowers, the spring from the showers, which downe from the Rowels drops:
Swaines they repast, and Strangers they hast, no neglect when our Hornes they heare:
To sée a fléete packe of Hounds in a shéete, and the Hunter in his Caréere.
Thus he Caréeres ore the Moores, or the méeres, ouer déepes, ouer Downes and Clay:
Till he hath wonne, the day from the Sunne, and the euening from the day,
Sports then he ends, and ioyfully wends home to his Cottage, where
Frankely he feasts both himselfe and his Guests, and carowseth to his Caréere.

The Faulconers Hunting.

To the tune of Basse his Careere.
EArely in the morne, when the night's ouerworne, and Apollo with his golden beames:
The Day-starre ouertakes, and Cinthia forsakes, to frolike with his siluer streames.
We with our delights, and the Haggard in our flights, that afronts the Celestiall Spheare:
With lures and with traines, we gallop ore the plaines, to beholde a Cancecléere.
From the fist shée goes, and her nimbly throwes, to out flye the whistling winde:
Onward still a [...]aine, ouer bush ouer plaine, till her Gelding gen faintly she findes:
An vpshot then she makes, till the cloudes she ouertakes, her ambition rests not there:
But mounting still she flies, like a Phoenix in the skies, and comes downe with a Cancecléere.
Mounting in the Skie, to the shape of a Fire, like a sparke of Elementall Fire:
Upward then she tends to make good her place amends, till the Retriefe giues her desire:
No Swallow, nor doue, their clipping wings can moue like her when i'the Cloudes they appeare:
She comes downe from aboue, like the thunderbolt of Ioue, and doth st [...]pe with a Cancecleere.
Both young and olde prepare, to the sport that is so rare from their weary labour comming for to sée:
Lifting vp their eyes from the Plaines to the Skies, where the wonders of the Welkins be:
The Spirits of the Ayre in huddles doe repaire, the Musicke of the Bels for to hears,
And quickly flye apart affrighted at the heart, when she stoopes to the Cancecléere.
The Mallard with complaints in her golden feathers faints while the Haggard with the coy disdaine:
Tryumphant in her prey, concludes the Euening gray with a pleasant and a louely gaine:
Homeward then we wend, & the twilight then we spen [...] in discourse our delights to heare:
We tast the Quaile we kild, and carowse in what is fill [...] which goes round with a Cancecleere.

Printed at London by E. A.

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