❧ A Ballet

Declaringe the fal of the whore of babylone intytuled Tye thy mare tom boye wt other and there vnto anexid a pro­loge to the reders

Apocalyps .xviii
Alas alas that great syty babylon which was clothed in Rayes purpel and skarlet and decked with gold precyous stones and perells for at one howre is her iudgement come and her grete ryches brought to naught

W. K. To the Reader.

WHen that I had (deare reader) of the great o­uer throes whyche the howre of babylon had taken, and pattlt perseuid how mā fullye she was be sett or campton euery syde with moste valiant and chrysten waryors me thoughte I colde not for the loue which I bare vnto the truth stand stil & Idly to behold the, considering also wyth howe miche Ioye and gladnes of hart ye captains of this army hath reseued the cōmandement of ye lord sent vnto thē by Iohn his embasator which cōmandeth thē that thei shuld no longer tryffell nor dallye wt thes citezeus,Powre in dow bell into yt cup that she hath filled vnto you a­pocalips x. but boldlt to skal ther walles and manfullye to sub­due them, Rewardynge them, As they haue deserued, &c.

[Page] Yt made me so much the bolder to sett my selfe forwarde in this bat­tell, trustynge that all thoughe I be but an vnworthy sowdyer of Iesus christe, they wil yet bete wythe my rude wekenes or at the leaste accepte my good will and mynde for althoughe (for lacke of knoleg) I can not handell my weapons so hansomly as those whiche haue bē daily practised in thē yet to declare my selfe a trewe harted soudiet to my power will (in this battel) take no skorne, nether it be ashamed to gether together sō of ye pelets & wepōs yt this cite hath of so lōg tyme betē & killed vs wt al, & lay thē vpō hepes yt thei mai be so mich ye redier at ther hāds wt cā tel (bettter thē I) how to bestow thē ī the betīg down of our enimies & for so mich as the gretest multitude hath bē of so lōg time blīded in loue wt ye laws & constitucions [Page] of thes false & vngodly citisēs, yt they can not now perceue the bryght morninge starre which hath apered & doth yet dayli apere vnto them I wold exorte all suche as haue receued ther preste money of christ our hed captayne which is a cōstant faythe in his blode to lay now hold on yt armur & wepons of god (which is the gospel) yt we mai al to gether come into this filde, & ther eueri man as he shalbe apointed & called to fyghte, a gaynste sa­tan (the captayne of our enymyes & all his powr perseuinge now his kingdome to be in daunger begin­neth to sett oute his stremers & blowith out his trōpets thīkīge by ye police to fer ye ost of ye lord but now ī our merchēg forward let vs beware & tak good hide yt aboue al thīgs breke not our arai but kepe our selues in good order agaīst al ye assaltes [Page] or onsets yt yey shal hap to geue vs (yt is) to lede agodly life & cōuersaciō for ther be a certayn whyche hath craftli crept into our host & haue professed the selues tru & faythful souders whē indede ye haue proued to ye cōtrary & do it daily for ye leue this arai & good order whiche I before spake of▪ The possesse ye truth with mothes but in the deds ye vtterly deny yt. & rūneth abrode some arowīg & awhore hūtīg, some a fightīg brawlīg swerīg disīg cardīg & vnresonabael riotīg some ge­uē to insaciable couetousnes wt a great mani of other mischeues by ye meanes wherof ye haue broght so il a report vpō ye hol host of the lord yt our enimies whiche wher before easye to be reformed ar bi your euel exāpels in amaner hardened agaī st ye truth & therfore ar al such sowders worthie to be excomunycated out of this armi vntil ther be sum in thē euidēt tokēs of amēdmēt for [Page] we haue no nede of ani such sowdiers as lōg as ye lord ys on our side for yf ye gospel we fle not back but stād by our wepōs, & kepe ye a raye which christ our hed captaine hath set vs in then haue we noo nede to fere if men so many whings happē to breke in on euery side vpō vs for he is a bell wt turning of his hand to put thē al to flyght & vtterly to cōsume thē hauing therfore so sure a protector &Yf god be on our syd how then can▪ preuaill against vs. defēdor at al times to trust vnto what shulde thē fere vs to prosyde in our warfar agaynste thes vnfaithful babylonians who althoughe ye lie lurkīg in ther hol­ds castels & dēnes (yt beīg lyke feīt harted cowards afraid to skirmish or to trither māhed wt good wepōs it ar they not ī this meane time fre frō workīg of mischeu your harts dayli aeꝑth for uow yt tbey setheicā not make your ꝑty good to cō face [Page] [...]rye ther cause they haue inuented a nother praity polyce, and that is this to bring the captaynes of the lordes hoste in an euel name or as yt were in a mortal hatred wt ther sowdyers and shuche as ar vnder the,A prety po­lycy. satā hath now beinge ther grawne captayne sent a brode his crafty spies in to euery corner whiche dothe parswade the ingnorant & rude sowdyers that ther captayns dothe seke all that they can to faymyshe the and to take from thē al thyngs that ar necessary for them that they may ther dye lyke brent bestes that is to saye our stiffe necked pharyseys I meane to bringe our Kynge and his coūsel in an e­uel name amonge your subiectes and commons. Runneth a brod in to euery towne & taueren betyng ī to ye innorante peoples hedes yt ye hier powres wt your statutes yng [Page] nacions And other of this new lernīg wt ther bokes balatts & sōges goeth about no thing elles but to destroy & take away all godly la­wes & ordynances as baptym matrimony & such like which wicked persuasions often tymes causethe many to ryse a gainst there rulers whom they owste to obey ī al thinges & not to resiste vpon payne of dānation as paul plaīly afirmeth to ye Romās where he saith let euery soul submit hīselfe vnto the octorite of the hier powers for there is no power but of god who so therfore resisteth thē resysteth the ordynance of god & reseueth to thē sel­ues dāpnation this be ye very wordes of.Exampelles ar to euident Roma, xiii. S. paul writē ī the .xiii chapiter to the Roma.Obai the rulers not ōly for fere but by cause of conciens. bi the wt place & many other mai al mē perseue how far the wicked papiste haue in al rages swarued fro the truth & specyal [Page] they ī our time for neuer were the pharysies in the tyme of christ by the tenth parte so wicked wych sought like wise by al ways & meanes yt they told to fere the peple frō christ & his doctin whose hard and stony harts he wil perseuīg sessed not to cal thē scribes pharysis ypocrites paīted sepulkres aders a generaciō of vepers & blind guds wt locked vp the kingdom of heuē before mē but nowe to my pourpose considering the wrong īterpretacions ye this wicked & vngodlye pa­pistes do gather as wel of ye moste godly statuts & lawes set forth by ye kinges magesty,Mathew. x. xxiii. as of other bo­kes balates songes I take ocaciō gētel reder acordīg vnto this smal talent which I haue reseued of the lord to set forth this sīpel preface ī ye defēce of this rude & raged time folowīg wtal other yt ar cōsonant & [Page] agreīg to the scriptures to put my weke brethern yt ar not as yet dom to yt knoleg of ye truth ī remēbrāce yt we do not therī cōdēne anye godly lawe but wold gladly wishe ye yt were extoled & mangnyfyed as to haue ye souper of ye lord yt worthye memori of his deth & passion ofte and reuerently vsed, baptym to be ordered as ye apostels dyd leue yt, marieng to be had acordīg to paules consel &As well prystes as other for them shal the not haue so muche of other mens. ī honor among al mē & that the Gospel maye be sinseerly taght & preched for yt was the commaudement which christ gaue vnto his Apostles before he assended vnto his father sayēg al powre is now geuen me in heuen & ī erth go therfore saith he into al partes of the worlde and preache the gospel and as many as do beleue and are babtysed shal be saued but we fy­nde not in all the whole Scryp­tures [Page] but we fynde not in all the whole scripturs that euer he commanded any of thē to say masse or to set vp stockes & stones & to make the peple beleue in the fylthy tradicions of mēs inuenciōs, as water, salt, bedes bo­wes, belles, with such other bagag and therfore ought all true Christē men without ceasing to praye vnto the lorde that he wold vouchsafe of his greate mercy to helpe and strenghten our noble kynge with all his godly counselers in takinge away of all suche popisshe constitucions which hath bene the destruction of many soules and to the great hinderaunce of his most blessed word for the encrease nowe wherof let vs all with one mynde praye vnto god ye father of our lord Iesus christ. whose pease I hartely wysh vnto al thē yt vnfaynedly loue his testimonies

Amen Finis.

The ballet of ty the mare tom boy.

TY the mare, tom boy
Ty the mare tom?
Lesse she straye
from the awaye
Ty the mare tom.
Now good tom bestirre the
This mare loke thou wake her
And do nothing fere the
But boldely go take her.
For some wil outwere the
Do not now forsake her
A rope for her beare the
That comme thou mayst take her.
And ty her good tom boy
Thou must therfore fetche her
That she maye prouyde her
Some els where to mache her
Perchaunce she wyll hyde her
But se thou well watche her
We can not abyde her
a haulter vpstratche her
Therfore ty her tom boye
[Page] This tom boy to name hym
I will nowe proclayme hym
Although some disdayne hym
And also disfame hym
But what though they blame hym
and seke for to payne hym
Tom troth must we frame him
a fole some men fayne hym
ty the mare tomboye
This mare now open
I must nedes declare her
Her name to vnloken
To set her and stare her
She doth sure betoken
a whore now beware her
for Iohan hath this spoken
Which doth nothyng spare her
Therfore ty her tom boy
In his reuelacions
ther maye all men spye her
that haue speculacions
and lyste for to trye her
Her yll frequentacions
[Page] wyll make men defye her
for with exclamacions
Iohn doth so discrye her
Therfor ty her good tom boy
Full sore dothe he treate her
Let she now defende her
Or els somwher get her
That she may amende her
For we wyll so frette her
she shall all to rende her
To harken now let her
And to vs attende her
Ty the mare tom boy
O vnshamfaste harlot
so proudly arayed
In purple and scarlet
thou art now dismayed
Of euery varlot
thou madeste vs afrayde
Gods worde our true marlot
Hath the nowe bewrayed
Ty the mare tom boy
In castels and towers
[Page] thou were euer walled
great kinges to thy wors
thou hast euer called
thy feldes wt theyr flours
And parkes that were paled
With all thy strong dowers
From the are nowe fauled
ty the mare tomboy
Thy cofers were fylled
With riches and treasure
thy chambers were delled
With sylkes of great valyor
thy red dere were kylled
and slayne out of measure
thus poore men were pylled
to mainteyne thy pleasure
ty the mare tom boy
The fall of the market
Thy marchauntes bewayleth
Their wares no man lacke it
Theyr fyne flower fayleth
In sackes maye they seke it
From ingland it sayleth
[Page] Here longer to darke yt.
Yt no thing a vialeth.
Ty the mare tom boye.
The shippe men that spied,
the shall of the cytie.
A farr of they cried.
Lamentynge with pitye.
And saye now ys fyred.
grett babyll so fittye.
alas then the cryed.
consumed now ys she
Ty the mare tom boy.
When preist es saw the crased.
Ther crownes then they skratched
And were so adased,
their sete downe they dashed
And as thei stil gased,
for fere ther tethe gnashed.
the lorde is no we raysed.
that hath them thus lashed
ty the mare tom boy,
for he sent them preachers
and they were disdayneh
[Page] to dethe the true techers
Were alwaye constrained.
and this lyke horsse lechērs
the lorde was blasphemed
but marke now ye mechers
how well ye haue gayned
ty the mare tom boy.
His laws when he sent you.
Bothe Ioyes Ioly,
Lyke mad men ye rent you
Blasphemynge his body
ye shulde now repent you
And therfore be sory.
neds must ye content you
Yt ys but a folye
Ty the mare tom boy.
Bothe pistells and gospells,
ye alway obskured
to mayntayne fatt mossels
ye haue vs alured
as satons apostels
this ar we assured
your meulls trymd with tossels▪
[Page] May not now be vsed
Ty the mare tom boye
Lyke humayne vyces
ye were styll grene dowers
of popyshe pastymes
ye were great alowers
for your deuylyshe crymes.
ye muste be now plowers
or in these rymes
with ores to be rouers
ty the mare tom boy.
ye haue vs detected
With your false commycyon
So subtell infected
were ye wythe ambycyon
As men not elected
In chrystes tuycyon,
But Iustlye regected:
As sons of perdycyon
ty the mare tom boy
ye serued with knyues
At other mens tables
and had by theyr vices
[Page] yonge chylderen in credels
your great sinfull lyues
For all your fyne sables
I feare with rych diues
In hell be your stables
ty thy mare tom boy
With dysshes full denty
So costly ye fared
the pottes went so plentye
No hote wynes ye spared
tyll go could ye scanty
your eyes so then stared
yet poore men full empty
to speke not ones dared
Ty the mare tom boy
By other mens fyers
your childeren were warmed
With cruell desyres
the christenye armed
Lyke roarars and criers
In churches ye charmed
lyke sellers and byers
the whole earth ye fermed
[Page] Ty the mare tom boy
Your deuelysh dissentinos
and loude exclamations
with youre false inuencions
wolde aske long narrations
your subtyll suspentions
And wronge accusations
with spitfull pretencions
they nede no probacyons
ty thy mare tom boye
ther was neuer treason
But ye did inuente it
in eares thys to reason
ye do yet frequente it
With some ly or leson
abroade ye forth sent it
But come ys the season
that ye must repente it
ty the mare tom boy
Lyke Ioly masse singers
ye haue vs deluded
your lytell bell ringers
at them we much mused
[Page] for all your cleane fyngers,
ye must be a cused,
In that ye were bringers
Of such wares abused,
Ty the mare tom boy
with lawes so prophane,
that were full vnruly
your ashes and palme.
mainteined so dulie,
your darke laten salme,
this will I assurer ye▪
Comme wynde or comm calme
It must a waie trulie
ty thy mare tom boy
with bocke bell and candell
ye gaue vs your curses
and wolde vs so handell
that walke shoulde our purses
some tyme for to strangell,
with ropes ye wolde trusse vs
no longer nowe dandell,
for we ar past nursses
ty the mare tom boy
Yt were greate dispensers
and there with releuers
as shepes with sencers,
Good basens and euers
In vessmentes at venters
ye sange many prayers
for them that were lenters
and to your suche leuers,
Ty the mare tom boy,
your veluettes and satten
By suche trickes ye winned
Betwene masser and mattens
salte water ye sprenged
a sparges in latten
forth with them ye singed,
to call Iacke and wat in
the belles out ye ringed
ty the mare tom boye
your fyne waxen tapers
Besides your longe torches,
with there fumminge vapers,
Caryed before corses
awaye with clappers▪
[Page] And puddels in porches,
With al such like maters
Ty ar of no forces
Ty the mare tom boy
Your bedes and your bedroles
It was but abusion
Your trendels and trentals
Went al to confusion
your oyells and your yemnolls,
It was playne delusion
So was your mementoes
To tel the conclusyon▪
Ty the mare tom boy
Your deryge so netye,
For sowles hens disaesed
your portas so prety
Wherin ye styll preched
Withe feates that were fety
ye haue vs defeted
From gods worde so mety,
For vs to be teached
Ty the mare tom boy
Gon is your nasty
[Page] And laten procession
And so must your casty
That false deare confession
Which was alway apty
To rayse insurrertion
Perswading with suertie
To geue vs remissyon
Ty the mare tom boy
At mydnyght to mattens
ye came from dormyra
With lyghtes in youre lantarnes
To se your latins,
Away must your antems
Of Gaude maria
In latin your seuen psalmes
With salue regina
Ty the mare tom boy
ye prestes with your presentes
ye must be now lerned
your lyes and your legendes
Ar lyke to be burned
your picktures with presents
May not be adourned
[Page] For all remes & regentes
will shortely be turned,
Ty thy mare tom boy
your god ye longe kepe it
yt wexeth now rustye,
And exepte ye strike yt
ye wil be all dustye
In no wise now slype yt
But shew your selfe lusty
for if the mowse myte yt
He will eate yt: trust me
Ty thy mare tom boye
your cursinge and blessinge,
your brethinge and blowynge
your lycking and kissige
your mockinge and mowynge
your tossinge and tissinge,
Stroud myscheue in soinge,
therfore your false missing,
Is now a downe throstyng,
Ty thy mare tom boye
A nende of my balet,
[Page] Anone I wyll make you
With pollax nor sallet
In no wyse now crake you
for thens by the pallet
all good men will take you
Locke vp bagge and wallet
and ingland forsake you
Now harken good tom boy
this mare with her baggage
away loke thou haue her
and make here no tariage
Lesse ypocrites scraue her
Strong cartes for her cariage
She shall haue to saue her
Let sees make her mariage
for landes wyll depraue her
away wyth her tom boy
And cleane to despache her
that none may gene say her
Wyth some good poorte mach her
as no doubt ye maye her
whych wyll so strayght watche her
that if men wolde staye her
[Page] At see they shulde fetche her,
Ye may so convaye her.
and ther leaue her tom boy
For as she dothe sealle hee
betwene france and douer:
and ther doth bewaylle her.
that she is a rouer,
the carte wheles may fayll her
before she come ouer.
then can she not bayell her,
But be a sea drouer.
therfore leaue her tom boy
and in england staye the
where none shal ones crake the
nor neuer more fray the
Ne yt ones for sake the,
But newly to ray the,
And euer obaye the,
this promyse we make the,
ther fore tari tom boye.
my song some wil mocke it
I am not ashamed
[Page] the kye to vnlocke yt
I haue not yet framed
the truth yet nocke it
I was mythe inflamed
now forthe haue I shot yt
let me not be blamed
for now mythe I care not
althoughe I do end yt
to telle all I dare not
and then to come sende yt,
But stampe not nor stare not
for it canne not mende yt
Finis quod william kythe

An exortacion to the papists

O A papysts repent you
& for mercy cry you
the last day preuent you
for yt ys full nye you
with gods worde content you
the pops laws defye you
[Page] No lenger absente you
But vnto Christe hye you
For he is a sauiour
that wyll neuer fayle you
yf ye will not wauer
But mekely bewayle you
of your misbeauiour
and forthe with apele you
to his grace and fauour
He wyll surely heale you
for so hathe he tolde you
By Mathewe his hys writer
And also to bolde you
by luke his inditer
the stories beholde you
Of Paule Iohan and Peter
Men doth it vnfolde you
Both in prose and myter
for all this his kyndnes
Which he doth yet bere you
As men that were mindles
[Page] ye rent you and teare you
Therfore of payne endles
ye had nede to feare you
for it is not blyndnes
At last day shall were you
The prophetes this telleth
Who so lyst to rede them
Whych saythe all that swelleth
Oor blyndely proceade them
He that aboue dwelleth
Shal surely outwyde them
Let they that rebelleth
beware and take hide them
For though god forgeued
Many that offended
and also relyued
Shuch as were sore spended
Yet some he sore greued
and also condempned
as Iudas which fided
with Christe that asscended
[Page] Therfore now amende you
And shortly confesse you,
To god who may sende you,
His spret to possesse you
And also defende you,
That none shal oppresse you
We wil reprehende you
Until ye addrssesse you
Now mekely downe syt you,
and this I exorte you
The gospel to get you
and therin to sport you,
yf that do ones fyt you,
we wolde reporte you,
And this I commyt you
to christe who conforte you
FINIS quod. Wyllyam Kith

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