A treatise.

LOue and desire
Dooeth me require
So effectually
I can no lesse
Of gentilnesse
But graunt it willyngly.
Some payne to take
For desires sake
And herty assuraunce
With yncke and penne
The gentill Walshmenne
Their fame to aduaunce.
As shall insewe
Matter full trewe
By storis euiedent
Of auctours olde
Bothe write and tolde
Famous and excellent
Trustyng in this
No man there is
[Page]My purpose will disdayne
If my reporte
Maie them comforte
I shalbe glad and fayne.
When I consider
And call together
To my remembraunce
The regalitee
The nobilitee
The redoubted puissaunce.
The high parentage
The fearce corage
The actes moste marciall
The princely fame
The worthie name
The bloud imperiall.
The ciuilitee
The vtilitee
The high magnificence
The policie
[Page]The industrie
The noble aduertence
¶Of there progenitours
Most mightie conquerours
The enimyes to decline
Excelling farre
In strength of warre
That were before there tyme
¶Whose worthye fame
Inhauncid there name
As men of lustie corage
Like princes great
Kyngdomes to geat
For them and ther lynage
As noble brute
In his persute
And acte triumphal
To his estate
Kyngdomes gate
And made them Imperiall
First to begynne
Their birthe their kynne
Their generacion
Then to conuoy
From noble Troy
The whole procreacion.
¶Ye must then loke
In the fifth boke
Of the antiquities
Where Birosus
And Isodorus
In their Ethimolegies.
¶Affirmeth playne
As authours twayne
That after Noe his flood
Osiris ye furst kynge in E­gypth the se­cōde sonne of [...]ame.
The first famouse kyng
In Egipte reignyng
Was called Osiris the good.
¶But yet Moses
In Genesis
[Page]Nameth hym Mizraim
A prince of fame
The first of name
That conquest did begynne.
¶By force of strengthe
He gate at lengthe
To his dominion
The worlde rounde
Except the grounde
Dewe vnto Babilon
¶Moste circumspecte
In this effecte
Accoumpte the nobles all
He was the furst
In Egipt iust
Emonges the people rurall.
With greate industrie
And labour of bodie
The plough there did inuent
To eare and sowe
[Page]In countres lowe
Idlenes to preuente
¶To graffe and to plant
In places skante
Uynes most holsum & good
He taughte them playne
The barley grayne
To norishe the lustie bloud
¶ Hys tyme before
They hadde no store
But acornes & leves grene
No other trute
For ther refute
Emonge them was ther sene
¶Till Osyris
Of hys goodnes
Applied bothe sence and mynd
In such distres
For ther redres
Some remedy to fynd
Auctors doth accorde
He went abrode
Hys vertues onely to shewe
In straunge regions
Whose affecctions
Toke place in yeres fewe
Fyrst to Berbarye
A famose contrye
The people grosse & rude
Standyng in affryke
Them did he seke
There blyndnes to exclude
Then to Almayne
He toke the playne
That kyndome to aduaunce
Wher in lyke wyse
He dyd practise
All thing for their plesaunce
Then at the instaunce
Of the Italians
[Page]With mightie apparell
The cruell Titans
Put to vtteraunce
By fearcenes of battell
¶Full shortlie than
Doune to Tuscan
He went with all his men
To a citee strong
Large and long
Where he reigned yeres ten.
¶Called Uitarbie
Thus laboured he
The people to conducte
From place to place
Of princely grace
Onely them to instructe.
¶Then into Grece
A countree fearce
A long the seas he went
Unto a prouince
[Page]Of greate excellence
With like famouse intent.
¶As auctours do witnes
Named Pilloponnes
Where stode the strong citee
Called Argeos
Of noblenes
Hauyng the souereintee.
¶Where he vnfayned
Famously reigned
XXXvii. yeres iust
Till at the last
The yeres gone past
To Egipt he had a lust.
¶Prepared home
Where cruell Typhon
As saieth Diodorus
His brother vntrewe
By treason hym slewe
Of mynde malicious.
¶Bocas confesseth
Al so expresseth
How the people rurall
Changed Osiris
Into Sirapis
And so they dyd hym call
Affermyng playne
Howe he certayne
In heuen was stallid
In suche maner wyse
Affter ther guyse
A God was he called
¶Labyn or Libus
Hercules or Libus sonne of Osiris.
Called great Hercules
The sonne of Sirapys
As auctours saythe
His fathers death
Reuengid shortly thys
Sent a deffyaunce
To all the gyauntes
[Page]Throughout the wordle roūde
Fyrst into Phenyce
Dyd he enterpryse
His enymyes to confounde
To hys estate
That lande he gat
In maner inuincible
By wonderfull strenghte
Percyd it at lengthe
And made it diuisible
Then into phrigie
A prouynce myghtie
Wher he slewe Tipheus
A gyaunt stronge
Were it right or wronge
And gaue hym to Athus
Whiche he begate
Beyng associate
With a lady fayre & bryght
Called Dinphale
[Page]Whiche did preuaile
Moste pleasaunt in his sight.
¶From thence to Affricke
Fearce cruell and quicke
Of herte coragious
Slewe the Giaunt
Mightie and puissaunt
Named greate Atheus.
¶In token of fame
Altered that name
Then called barbarie
After Libus
Named it thus
The greate lande of Libie.
¶For a memoriall
By art naturall
He made a piller strong
His conquest greate
Should not forgeate
The people there emong.
¶Then to Gaulceltike
Full princely lyke
His passage dyd he take
Wher great Iupiter
Dyd hym prefere
And moche there did him make
¶For more amitye
Gaue galathyae
A pryncesse of highe astate
Hys doughter dere
To be hys fere
Suche honour ther he gate
Wher he was crouned
Whose fame reboundyd
With gal [...]thy hys wyfe
In kyngdomes ferre
After that Iupiter
Had altered his lyfe
Then With hys armye
Into Italye
[Page]Hym selfe dyd aduaunce
Brake mountaynes hye
By strengthe of Bodye
And myghtye ordynaunce
And wher the waye was
Haynouse to passe
And wonder dificill
Brake them downe right
By force of myght
Without tariyng any while
¶But entred by strengthe
Where he at lengthe
As Byrosus doth witnes
His enymies slewe
His force to renewe
Manfully dyd them oppresse
Then downe he came
Unto Tuscane
The Tytans to subdewe
For malyce alone
[Page]Of cruell Typhon
Of treytors moste vntrue
Wher for his sake
Suche slaughter dyd make
His enimyes to confounde
That ther dolefull crye
Aboue the skye
To the heauens did abounde
¶Suche was his grace
With in shorte space
They were all ouerthrowen
Cleane out of fame
As thoughe their name
Had neuer bene knowen
¶Thus this noble man
Wholy became
Possessor of Italy
Fully yeres ten
Where he reigned then
As A prince stronge & myghty
¶Frome thense into spayne
Wher men dyd complayne
The great extorcion
Done by violence
Without resistence
In that famouse region
¶By gyauntes stronge
Whiche them amonge
The people dyd oppresse
Founde no refute
In ther persute
Therwooes then to redres
Tyll greate Hercules
Of hys gentilnes
With moste manfull corage
Came downe with spede
In tyme of nede
To a voyde ther outrage
Sought them about
Hauyng no doubte
[Page]Of their myghty puysaunce.
Frome place to place
Dyd them inchace
By longe contynuaunce
¶By knyghtly strengthe
Gate them at lengthe
Wher they myght not astert
As a prynce royall
He slewe them all
With a coragyouse hert
¶After whose death
Diodorus saythe
In hys Antiquyties
Who Lyste to loke
In the .v. boke
That thys noble hercules
¶Dyd there remayne
Tyll death certayne
Hys bodye dyd oppres
Wher he dothe lye
[Page]Full sumtuoslye
As Auctors bere witnes
His Sepulture
In such manere
Raysed was with pillers hye
That men myght se
Of euery degre
The place as they pas by
And yet the same
In token of fame
Euermore for to encrease
Ys called thys daye
As Spanyardes saye
Gaades le Hercules
After came Tustus
Tustus sōne of Hercules.
A prince ful famouse
Sonne to great hercules
As next heyre of bloud
Notable and good
Full of all gentilnes
¶Whiche in Italy
Reigned quyetly
Without let or dysturbaunce
Right welbeloued
No cause mouyd
Of hys misgouernaunce
Altheus sōn of Tustus.
Next Altheus
Sonne of Tustus
Of Italy was kinge
A Prince of renowne
Comboblas­ton sonne of blaston whi­che Blaston was sonne of Altheus and ded his father liuynge
With Scepter & crowne
All his tyme then lyuyng
Then Comboblaston
The sonne of Blaston
Whiche was sonne of Altheus
For his worthynes
And passing goodnes
Was made then Coritus
¶Whiche was a name
Of worthie fame
[Page]Excellyng all other
As at that daye
As who wolde saye
A second Iupyter.
Thys noble kynge
Recorde of wrytyng
By Electra hys wyfe
Had princes thre
Of noble degre
All borne in hys lyfe
Dardanus ye seconde sōne of Combo­blaston buyl.+ded the Cytie of derdane
The fyrst Iaseus
The nexte dardanus
The thrd Armonya
Dardanus then
With all hys men
Wente in to phrigia
A prouence stronge
Myghtie and Longe
Full of all pleasaunce
Stondyng in Asia
[Page]Called dardanya
Hys name onely to avaunce
His people and he
Raysed a Citie
With towres wonderfull hye
Wallid it aboute
Hauyng no doubte
Of any foren enemye
¶When it was walled
Then was it called
Dardane after Dardanus
In all Asya
Or in phrigya
Was none halfe so famouse
¶This Citie playme
Was made certayne
The yere for to acconpte
Of Moyses
A.C. doubtles
Xiiii. more dyd A mounte
¶Next Dardanus
His sonne Erictonius
There toke possession
Of [...]yght enteryng
As Lorde & kinge
By dewe succession
¶Then Troos the famouse
Sonne of Erictonius
Of all Phrigia was kyng
For myghtye puyssaunce
And greate aboundaunce
All other surmounting
Affirmyth vs
This kyng had sonnes thre
The fyrst Ilius
The next Assaracus
The thyrd as in degre
The yongest of al
Whiche men dyd call
[Page]Worthy Ganymydes
Whom Tantalus
Most auericious
Of pitie all merciles
¶Falselye dyd persewe
A traytore vntrewe
With couetyse ful replete
Toke monye and hire
His death to conspire
Of Iupiter kyng of Crete
¶Troos this famousse kyng
Sore Lamenting
This foule ingratitude
Of mortall hate
And soden debate
Reysed a multitude
¶Of herte dolorus
Droue Tantalus
Dute of highe phrigie
Forcing hym at lenghe
[Page]By pryncely strength
Out of Paphlagie
Also Birosus
Affermyth verely
That Tantalus
Full vngracious
Dyed myserablye
For his offence
And vile pretence
So ofte tymes frequented
[...] sayn
That he certayn
In hell shuld be tourmented
Wyth hunger and thurst
Hauyng a lust
Alwayes vnto hys meate
His belly emptie
With dyshes plentie
And yet nothyng coulde eate
¶In drynke dyd Swyme
Aboue the Chynne
His body hote and drye
All was in waste
Non could he taste
Yet for thurst redy to die
Ouid doth shewe
In wordes fewe
And playnely doth vs tell
Howe he shulde Lye
With out mercy
In the depe lake of hell
¶When cruell Tantalus
Moste inpituouse
Was brought to subicecion
And that noble Troye
Dyd fully enioye
Tantalus possecion
Kyng of highe phrygia
In all Asya
[Page]Was none so myghtie a kinge
So muche redoubtid
So well assured
So muche honor incresing
His Citie playne
Called Dardaine
As auctours write and saye
Was called than
Of euery man
The great Citie of Troye
Only after his name
To increase his fame
As a prince most fortunate
The country aboute
Standyng in doubte
Obayed his noble estate
¶And thus was he
Of magnanimytie
Redoubted on euery side
None was so boulde
[Page]Other yonge or olde
His force that durst abide
¶Next this famouse kinge
After insuweing
Was his sonne Ilius
He had a brother
Assaracus the yonger son [...] of Troos
Of father and mother
Namyd Assaracus
☞Of full noble blodde
Capis son [...] of Assaracu [...]
Famouse and good
His sonne called was Capis
Stories dothe deuise
Anchises sō [...] of Capis.
Capis Likewyse
Was father to Anchises
Anchises was
Father to Eneas
As saint Augustīe doth record
Eneas son [...] of Anchise
Who liste to loke
In the .xviii. boke
Called the Cite of God
Where he endyteth
Playnly resiteth
The herde and dred full chaūce
Like as he fande
By se and Lande
Throughe fortunes ordinaūce
How he also
Went to appollo
To the Ile of delphos
Whiche by miracle
At his Oracle
Shewed hym ye whole purpos
¶Howe he shuld be
Of souereintye
Full notable increasing
And that his fate
Was predestinate
In Italy to be kyng
This Eneas
Graundfather was
[Page]Unto noble young brute
As shall appere
Afterward here
The stocke the braunche & frut
From dardanus
As gaulfridus
The story dothe recompte
Whose regalite
In great Asiie
All other did surmounte
Of Iupiters blood
Notable and good
Whose name was stellified
As poetes do fame
In heuen certayne
There to be deified
His marciall warres
Surmounting the starres
Made hym celestiall
After pagan guyse
[Page]In suche maner wyse
With ther goddes to be coequal
In Libie land
His temple did stand
Freate with gold pearle & stone
By deuine Oracle
His tabernacle
Made ther ful long agone
Of the feme­nyne sexe by Galathia, whiche was doughter to greate Iuby­ter of Gaulcel [...] & wife to Hercules and mothere to Tustas
Of whose succession
By conputacion
Of ther parentage
Perceaue maye ye
That welshmen be
Of the same stocke & lynage
¶As stories olde
Bothe writen & toulde
Maketh relacion
Affirminge playne
The tyme the raigne
And the Cituacion
¶From Iupiters lyne
Downe to declyne
To worthye Dardanus
And finally
To noble Priamus
¶The laste Kyng of Troy
A digres [...] treating [...] Destruct [...] of Troy
Whose inward ioye
Was cleane disconsolate
When the grekes fell
By treason cruell
Appallid his estate
Heare to digresse
I must confesse
The wofull desolacion
Of noble Troye
The soden decaye
And newe transmutacion
The Greekes warres
Aboue the stares
[Page]Surmounting in there pryde
Supposinge they myght
With cruell fight
The heuens to deuide
¶And thus they wrought
The story oute sought
As virgell do the witnes
A temple ther was
Sacred to pallas
The mightie great goddes
¶Made by craft entrayle
As it were deuinale
By heuenly influence
With in troy towne
To the high renowne
Of her magnyficences
¶The grekes fraudolent
Of mynde violente
There treason to practise
Fayned a pretence
[Page]By deuine incence
To make a sacrifyes
¶Byfore pallas
In hope of grace
To please her deitie
Thus they conspired
And ofte desired
To entre the Citie
The Trones iust
Did not mistrust
There fraudolent treason
Like there pretence
Gaue them licence
To make ther oblacion
¶And thus Elas
With gile and trespas
As wolues raging wood
Hauyng Libertie
Within the Citie
Distroyed the noble blod
Farre in the night
When that no wight
Ther treason did suspecte
The grekes vntrewe
Furthe did Persue
To furnyshe ther effecte
Brake out at large
All in a rage
Their fury to declare
Fretyng for ire
With sworde and fire
Consumyd the Cite bare
The Troians at rest
With paynes opprest
For watche feble and faynt
Nothing then knewe
What shuld ensewe
Of ther mortall constraynt
Or they could wake
Ther Cite was take
Ther kyng cruelly slayne
[Page]Ther Temples spoyled
Ther goddes defoyled
Ther houses bare & playne
Alas for pitie
Full wooe is me
This story to beholde
When I aduerte
Ther soden smerte
It maketh my herte colde
Oh noble Hector
The chiefe protector
The Troians to defend
The veray loodsterre
In peace or warre
For manhode most to commend
¶Against whose might
No grekishe Knight
His person myght assure
With spere or shilde
In Campe or filde
[Page]His stroke that might endure
Alas for payne
Yet was he slayne
By pretensid treason
His death conspired
And longe desired
By faulse instigacion
For cruell Achylles
Of pitie marceles
Or he could well aduerte
His backe all bare
With a staffe square
Percyd his manfull herte
¶His helme vnlaced
His coyffe vnbrased
His shilde lyeng on the ground
As he did repaire
To take the Ayre
Gaue hym his uortall wounde
Oghe cruell grekes
[Page]Cursid by your chekes
With all youre cursed treason
Sclaudered is youre name
To your eternall shame
For youre abhominacion
And thou Achilles
Most wreche of wreches
Prouers of mynd & will
Against all right
So famouse a knight
With treason for to kill
Who will not assent
The death to lament
Of so princely a man
Which was doubtles
Of knighthod pereles
Accompte lithe ye worrdle begā
¶As in Troys boke
Who list to loke
Shall se the surphisage
[Page]The magnanimitie
The nobilite
Of him and his parentage
☞The imperiall blond
Most famouse and good
Of nature Celestiall
As poetes do fayn
They came certayne
[...] ye blynde [...]orlde they [...]erra [...]ed god [...]s for excel­ing in feares of noblenesse
Of the Goddes immortall
¶They were declared
Whith goddes compared
Throughe ther magnificence
The truethe knowen well
Bicause they did excell
In pryncely excellence
¶What shuld I write
Or further indite
This proces lamentable
The dolefull destres
The mortall heuines
[Page]Of Priamus most notable
¶Or yet of Eccuba
Or wife Cassandra
Their importable payne
Or of Polexena
The floure of Asia.
Which was so cruelly slayne
Of lustie Troylus
Or yonge Dephebus
Or of the blood fraternall
Paris or Helenus
A case most peteous
Of greekes slayne were thei al
¶Or what should I saye
Of the grekes decaye
And mortall aduenture
Sithe that the ayre
In ther repayre
Turned darke & obscure
Cruell Neptunus
[Page]Waxed contrarius
Dangerus to be holde
Eolus a lofte
Raging full ofte
With stormes wete and colde
Ulcanus then
Oute of his den
Forgid the thouders greate
With tirie leuin
Downe from heauen
Unto Cerberus seate
¶The goddes playne
Had such disdayne
At ther shamefull outrage
Of very despite
Them to acquite
Send such froward passage
¶Ther shippes tossed
And all to frussed
By sturdy violence
[Page]Upon rockes grounded
There people drowned
For all ther resistence
But nowe to procede
My purpose to spyed
Like as I furst begane
To showe the distent
And birthe excellent
Of the gentile Welshmen
¶After that Troy
Was broughte to decaye
By fortunes violence
And that ther was
As in that case
No helpe of resistaunce
But that the Cite
By grekyshe crueltye
Was consumed all bare
As I sayde fyrst
By treason vniust
[Page]The truth to declare
Then the noble blood
Auncient and good
Of Priamus discent
By knyghtlye corage
Toke ther voyage
By sober aduisement
To sundry regions
With ther prouisions
And marciall apparell
There states to renewe
Kyngdomes to Subdewe
Onely by force of Battell
As lustye yonge Franco
Whiche was also
The sonne of noble Hector
Sette meeris and bandes
In sondre landes
As Kynge and Emperoure
¶Fyrst into hungary
[Page]With his Chiualry
His stonderds displayeng
Then into Fraunce
With his ordinaunce
His armye conuaiyng
¶Subdwed the Gaules
Brake towres & walles
Brought them to hys purpose
And for more fame
Altered that name
And called them francos
¶But Galfridus
And Eusebius
Dothe playnly reporte
That Faramundus
Sonne of Marconinus
That name did fyrst transporte
Affyrmyng playne
That he certayne
Beyng of the Troianes blood
[Page]In token of Loue
Did it remoue
And thus the mattier stood
Likewise Turcus
The sonne of Troilus
Entered phaso the lesse
As Antonius
And Entropius
Berith therto witnesse
¶Gate ther stronge piles
For all ther wiles
Ther castelles & ther towers
Slewe them certayne
In the filde playne
Like mightie conqueroures
¶Also Elenus
Sonne of Prianus
By manfull occacion
Within shorte space
The land of Trace
[Page]Brought to subuercion
Noble Eneas
From Troy dyd pas
With myghtie prouisions
With speres and shildes
Perced the fildes
Of sundrie regions
¶By se and by lande
Dyuerse chauncys fande
Uirgill dothe vs assure
By violente rage
Arryuid at Cartage
By soden aduenture
¶His shippes nere loste
Driuen to that cost
By dredfull violence
Wher Dido the Quene
Most goodly besene
Reioysed his presence
¶Then with his host▪
[Page]The countreys did cost
By prudent pollicye
In his defence
By highe prouidence
To the frontes of Italie
Wher by hys manhood
And famouse knighthood
After many strong battel
Slewe Turocelyne
In helpe of Latyne
One of the kinges of Itaill
¶For his worthynesse
He weddid doubtlesse
The Doughter of Latinus
Called Lauina
Next after Chensa
The Doughter of Priamus
☞As Sabellicus
And Eusevius
Affermith bothe playne
[Page]That this is trewe
He had Issewe
Of these princesses twayne
¶Fyrst of Chensa
Borne in Asia
Was his sonne Astanius
[...] humuis sōne of Eneas
Next in Italye
Siluius Posthumus
¶Of Whom is discendid
As is pretendid
By Titus Liuius
Who lyst to rede
The story in dede
Of Brutus Albinus
Most noble brute
Brute sonne of Silu [...] of whom de­scendid the king of Brit­tayne linially vnto Cadwa­lyder
The seede, the frute
The name and language
The playne discent
The norishement
[Page]Of the welshmens linage
Thus maye ye se
That welshmen be
Of the blood imperiall
Of nature fre
Cosyns in degre
To the goddes immortall
Of Iupiters lyne
Next to declyne
To worthie Dardanus
And fynallye
To noble Priamus
¶Then to Eneas
Whiche father was
To Siluius posthumus
By computacion
Of his succession
Came most noble brutus
¶As sonne and heyre
[Page]Of parson fayre
Wondre delyuer & light
Strong of bodye
As Hector hardie
In stele armyd bright
¶This noble brute
In his persute
And actes most marciall
Entred into grece
Subdued a pece
By his power imperiall
A kyng ther was
Named Pandras
A prince right excellent
Unto whose myght
Ther was no wight
To hym equiuolent
Hauing in seruitude
A multitude
Of the Troians blood
[Page]vii.M. in numbre
For to incumbre
With them so sore it stoode
For the deathe doubtles
Of Achilles
Accused of that cryme
That they shulde be
Of one degre
Consenting at that tyme
This story out sought
This were they brought
In thraldome and bondage
Dayly constranyed
Mortally payned
By force of ther seruage
¶Till noble Brute
For ther refute
Full lyke a worthye knight
Deuisid at large
Them to discharge
[Page]For all his cruell myght
Prefixid a daye
His strenghe to assaye
As fortune lyst to prouide
By battell stronge
Be it right or wronge
The quarell to abyde
Wher kyng Pandras
Constrayned was
By knightlye violence
The felde to forsake
His parsonne take
For all his assistence
¶His Lordes distressid
His knightes repressid
With many mortall wound
His standerds displayed
Cut and arayed
Beaten vnto the harde ground
And thus Pandras
[Page]Constrayned was
Of Brute to seke his peace
Gaue gooddes and treasure
Out of all measure
His fauoure to in crease
His loue more to wynne
Gaue faire Genogynne
His doughter to him most dere
Unto his wife
Whiche in her lyfe
As in stories doth appere
Had sonnes thre
Of noble degre
All kinges of worthie fame
As Antonius
And Eutropius
Affirmeth bothe the same
The fyrst Lotrinus
Then Albanactus
The thyrd Cābre named was
[Page]Whiche by Election
Cambre br [...] his sonne Kinge of [...]
For his porcion
Into wales did pas
¶To the encrese of fame
After his owne name
Called it Cambria
But now by vsage
Of corupte language
Named is wallia
As more playnely
And effectually
Herafter shall appere
But fyrst to discus
Of noble Brutus
The story and manere
¶After that Pandras
Restorid was
To his former estate
His peace assured
His kingdome receaued
[Page]He thought hym fortunate
Brute in like wise
It did suffice
His fury to asswage
The Troians tre
From Captiuite
Thraldome and bondage
¶The lande he forsoke
The sees he then toke
With his shippes long & large
Storid with treasure
Out of all measure
By force of their pillage
Then furthe he sayled
Greatlie preuayled
By helpe of Neptunus
Suche was his grace
With in shorte space
Passid the sees dangerus
¶Landed at Totnesse
[Page]Like as the goddesse
Diana had promised
To his estate
This land holy comysed
¶Within this region
Called Albion
Wher Gyauntes did dwell
As I do finde
Of Cerberus kinde
Fearce odius and cruell
¶Engendred they weare
By sprites of the ayre
Or by some fyndes infernall
So terryble
So horryble
Were they of nature all
For all ther stature
Or dredfull figure
Brute nothyng abasshed
[Page]By furiouse strengthe
Slewe them at lengthe
And thys land possessed
¶As storyes olde
Bothe write and toulde
Recomptith more at large
Who list to loke
Gaulfridus boke
Shall se the surplusage
This shall suffice
The sage and wyse
To haue in memorie
Thinges so farre past
It were in wast
Agayne to specyfie
¶Then to remembre
Yong lusty Cambre
Whom Brute to wales did sēd
Ther to remayne
As soueraygne
[Page]That contre to defend
Of whose succession
By computacion
Of stories euidente
Remyanith the blood
Most notable and good
Euen nowe this tyme present
Neuer was it myxed
Nether yet altered
With any straunge nacion
Nether foreyne kyng
By might vsurping
Therof had possession
The Romaynes great
Whose power dyd threat
The worlde vnyuersall
Might neuer them wyn
By craft or engyn
To ther estate royall
¶Nether Saxon nor Dane
[Page]Nor yet foren name
Might their force declyne
With in Cambres land
The Brutes to withstond
By marciall discipline
Yet more to their fame
Ther blood ther name
Ther contre ther language
Wes neuer mixid
Nether yet possessid
With any straunge parentage
Further to declare
I dare compare
For ther perfeccion
Euen as who saith
For the trewe fayth
Of Cristes relygion
¶For lengthe of tyme
Did neuer declyne
To infidelite
[Page]But constaunt and sure
Alway in vre
Syth the tyme of Lucy
The fyrst Cristen kyng
In britayne reynyng
The yeres for to accompte
A.M. thre hundred
Lxxx. full nombred
[...] more did amounte
Syth they began
To be Chrystian
In the tyme of Elentherius
Whiche dyd electe
Byshoppes in effecte
By consent of Lucius
¶Thus they assured
Long haue endured
By deuine prouidence
Nether infectid
Nether suspected
[Page]Of corrupte conscience
¶Ther fayth to forsake
But Christ to take
For a full satisfaction
As scripture sayth
Firmely by fayth
Of his blessid passion
Thus the noble brutes
Receaued the frutes
Of ther perfection
In tyme longe past
Ryght ferme and fast
Without mutacion
¶CCCC. yeres playne
XXX. and twayne
The tyme fully accompting
Were they Cristenyd
Surely stablyshid
Before saynt Austyns cōming
¶This story tried
[Page]Cannot be denied
With all the circumstaunce
The ghostly liuing
Playnly conferryng
To goddes highe ordinaunce
Sythen Lucis tyme
Did neuer declyne
From ther intellygence
As in this case
Suche is ther grace
By goddes highe prouidence
Likewyse syth Brute
Did institute
Cambre fyrst into wales
Ther to remayne
In roughe and playne
Among moūtaynes & vales
¶Yet vnto this daye
Perceyue ye maye
Thesame stocke & lynage
[Page]Of one dissent
This is euident
Without thraldom & bondage
Wholy possessid
Neuer repressid
By knightly violence
Cuntre or name
Neuer toke shame
They be of suche excellence
¶Sithe so noble men
From Troy as then
Of blod are descendid
Me thinke of truthe
Ther lustie yowthe
Ought to be comendid
Then reason wolde
Surely I shulde
Ther honor aduaunce
My selfe prepare
Matter to declare
[Page]Of ther princly ordinaunce
As Titus Liuius
And Eutropius
Affirmyth to be trewe
That noble Belyn
Honor to wyn
The Romaynes did persewe
When Lucius
And Emilius
Were consulles of honour
Also Camillus
Namyd furius
Was of rome dictatour
¶Then noble belyn
The Citie to wyn
With standertes displayed
Like Marse for myght
In stele armyd bryght
His britons conuayid
¶Aboute the towne
[Page]With suche renowne
And knightly ordinaunce
That the Romaynes playne
That daye were slayne
For all the myghtie puyssaunce
¶The felde forsaken
The Senatours taken
Spoyled of ther araye
Like Goddes for riches
So greate excesse
Had they of them that daye
¶The Citie oppressid
Ther goodes distressid
The Romaynes infortunate
This noble Belyn
Honor to wynne
Upon them was Lauriate
This was in the yere
As dothe appeare
By playne descryption
[Page]Thre hundrid thre score
Puttyng to fyue moore
After Romes fon̄dacyon
In contynent then
This noble Bren
His fame more to aduaunce
Into Gallacia
And Macedonia
He toke his chaunce
Also to Galetes
Where he slewe Sostes
Ther Prince and gouernoure
Thus of ye Grekees
In spite of their Chekes
He became a conquerour
Then furthe he went
With his army bent
To the mounte Pronasus
To a Temple large
Standing vpon a stage
[Page]As writith polycarpus
¶Sacrede to Appolyn
As clarkes determyn
Namyd also delphicus
Spoylid his riches
To his great increse
Made him full glorius
¶With whiche abundaunce
And mighti substaunce
Full lyke a famouse Knight
Raylid Cities olde
Feble and colde
Ruynous in all mennes sight
As Mediolana
And Papia
In the fruntes of Lombardye
Likewyse verona
Standing in Gallia
With towres pleasaunt & hye
Also Burganum
And vincencia
The Cetie Siena
With the Citie Conum
Thus Titus Liuius
Playnly doth discus
A Romayne of greate fame
As Polycarpus
And Eutro Pius
Afferme both the same
Thus of the blood
Notable and good
I coulde worthly expresse
Kinges of renowne
With Sceptre and crowne
A great nomber doubtlesse
¶As noble Arthur
The cheiffe victour
Prouid at all assayes
[Page]Whose Marciall knightes
Quenchid the Lightes
Of all other in those dayes
¶The Romaynes can tell
Howe it befell
In the tyme of Lucius
Ther Emperoure slayne
With many a Proud Romaine
The britons victorius
Also in Fraunce
Froll had Like chaunce
Whiche was so good a knight
To death was Wounded
His people confounded
Onli throughe Arthurs might
Also Denabus
Great and monstruous
Whose power none might withstand
Arthure hym slewe
His force to renewe
[Page]Fought with hym hand to hād
Like wise the Saxones
Whose exacciones
He myght no wyse abide
Ther cruell rage
For to asswage
Manfully he dyd prouide
Twelue battelles stronge
He had them amonge
Like a famous champion
By strength imperiall
He was victore of all
Brought them to subiection
¶Auctores do expresse
Bering full wyttnesse
Of his magnificence
With his owne hand
Their might to withstande
Of knightly excellence
¶Slewe in one daye
[Page]Brekyng ther arraye
Two hundrid & fourtye Iust
Throughe his manfull myght
Constrayned were ryght
In his mercy to trust
Accompte also
Noble Malgo
The sonne of dame nature
Whose Angelicke face
For beutie was
Like an heuenly creature
¶That man and beast
Gladly wold rest
Also Birdes in the ayre
His face to beholde
As it was toulde
He was so passing fayre
Ther was no Kyng
Of natures formyng
To his equiuolent
[Page]So strong of body
So fearce and hardy
In armes so excellent
The Saxones cruell
With many sore batell
Did him right sore inchace
But yet ther rigour
His princely honore
Myght neuer deface
The magnanymytie
The nobilite
Of this most princely name
Auctors dothe expres
The Iles orcades
To Brytayne furst he wan
Now to Cadwalader
Cadwalader the last kyng of Brute by Linage
To furnyshe my matter
That famose worthy king
The last of dyscent
[Page]A Prince Excellent
Ouer the Britones raynyng
¶Fabian dothe write
And playnly resite
His actes ryght glorius
Affirming them trewe
Howe that he slewe
A king called Lotharius
Whiche was king of kente
That tyme present
By marciall dyssiplyne
And afterwarde
With strokes harde
The mattier to determyne
¶Edericus his brother
It was noon other
By force was lykwyse slayne
Helpe or redresse
Was none doubtlesse
Yet were thei kinges both twāie
¶Also Athelwold
Manfull and boulde
Which was of Sowthsex king
Thought hym full sure
Hable to indure
His batell conueiyng
Agaynst Cadwaladre
Of inwarde displeasure
Hatred and cruelnes
Mette in the felde
With speare and shilde
Of very wilfulnes
¶Athelwolde that daie
Who euer sayd naye
With many mortall wounde
Lay ded and slayne
The Saxones playne
Beaten downe to the ground
¶The Brutes victoriouse
The Saxones tymerouse
[Page]The felde durst not abide
For dread and feare
Fled here and there
Abrode on euery side
¶Thus Cadwalader
The reuenger
Of ther ambicion
Brought them full lowe
Ther faultes to knowe
Under his subiection
Also Galfridus
Playnly dothe discus
Affirmyng more at large
Howe that the Saxones
By composicions
Of all ther baronage
Helde of Cadwaladre
As of ther gouernoure
By waye of loue and finage
Like their degrees
[Page]By giftes and fees
As of his patronage
This princely manne
This Christian
This worthy famouse king
Stories doth recompte
He did surmounte
All other Liuing
¶To whome god aboue
In token of loue
Made demonstracion
By his Angell playne
That he certayne
Shulde leaue his region
Suche mortalite
Suche aduersitie
Suche plages of pestilence
Suche infeccion
Suche corrucpcion
By heuenly influence
¶That tyme ther was
That he Alas
Of force was constrayned
With wofull herte
Must nedes departe
His subiectes were so payned
¶Frutes vpon the grounde
None coulde be founde
In helpe of their redresse
The Earthe all bare
The people in care
Sorowe and heuinesse
The Brutes expelled
No lenger dwelled
With in this region
The Saxones playne
Did it attayne
For them and ther succession
¶No resistence
Nether yet defence
[Page]Of the Brutes was ther made
Awaye they wente
By one assent
Euen as the Angell bade
☞Without comforte
As men amorte
Lackyng consolacion
Hauyng no lust
But onlye a trust
Of their expectacion
In the prophesy
Whiche did specifye
The holy translacion
Of Cadwaladre
Frome Rome hidre
By Santificacion
¶That when his bones
Were translated ones
In to this region
Then shulde the Brutes
[Page]Receaue ther frutes
And fyrst possessyon
This did the Angell
Graciously tell
In ther wofull distres
That his noble blode
Auncyent and good
Shuld reuiue in his successe
¶Whiche shulde restore
To them moche more
Of consolacion
By speciall grace
Than euer was
Of ther succession
¶This noble king
Goddes will perceiuing
Called his sonne Iuory
Likewise send for
His cosen Iuor
Resityng these wordes on hye
¶Take heare he sayde
[Page]Be not dysmaide
My folkes & my nauye
Passe ye into wale;
Amonge hilles & vales
Be ye lordes of that contrye
Se that no wronge
Come them emonge
For lacke of nobilite
And that the Saxones
By false compaccions
Worke no dishonestie
Agaynst the Brutes
To hurte the frutes
Of their fidelitie
Be constaunte and sure
Manfully indure
Youre owne regalytie
¶These wordes ones past
His eyes he cast
Sayeng lorde thy will be done
[Page]In Earthe vs by
As in heuen hye
Farre surmounting the sonne
Whose deuine powre
Is gouernoure
Of all creatid thinges
Be it visible
Or inuisible
It is thy hande workynges
¶And nowe good Lorde
I will accorde
Thy pleasure to fulfyll
This lande forsake
A newe to take
Sythe it is thy will
The wordes once sayde
Mekely he obayed
Of mynd will and consent
With a benynge loke
His leaue he toke
[Page]And so to Rome he went
¶Wherein shorte space
God of his grace
By his eternall myght
His solle magnyfied
Also sanctified
To his celestiall syght
¶Nowe to accomplyshe
Also to furnyshe
My mynd and intencion
Ye haue harde tell
Howe the Angell
Made demonstration
¶Ther shulde a king
Floryshe and spryng
Of the same succession
By sentence deuine
Of Cadwaladers lyne
In the fourth generacyon
Whiche shulde restore
Thinges past before
By his magnyficence
And for his fame
Men shuld hym name
The prince of excellence
¶Whose wisdome clere
Shuld so apere
Throughe euery regyon
Men shulde hym call
For gyftes naturall
The seconde Salomon
To verifye
This mystery
With stories euident
Nature declareth
The dede compareth
All thinges equiuolente
The Last famose king
Ouer vs rainyng
[Page]Namid the seuynth henry
Henry ye vii of Cadwala­ders line right full kyng of Britayne cal­led Englond
Was euen the same
Whose princely name
Was had in suche memory
And animate
By heuenly influence
For to fulfyll
The deuine will
Of the highe magnyficence
¶Yet in his youth
Of very trueth
Floryshing in yeres grene
In most cruellwyse
His mortall enimyes
As it was playnely sene
¶Did hym persewe
With treason vntrue
Fraundulently inuented
Gaue monye and hyre
[Page]His death to conspire
If fortune had consented
Supposyng therby
The prophesy
Cleane to extermynate
As god aboue
They wolde remoue
His workes to violate
Was not his grace
As in this case
In wonderfull daunger
When they conspired
And fully desired
The ayde of euery straunger
¶Put in Exile
Alacke the while
Sōdrie waies were outsought
His lief vncertayne
Beynge in Brytayne
Wher the treasō was wrought
What conspiracion
What cured treason
Or who can breuyate
Whiche God aboue
Of his deuine loue
Listithe to anymate
This noble Prince
For to conuince
Passid ther raged myght
God wolde in nowyse
Ther false interpyse
Shuld depriue his prīceli right
As dyd appere
The storie clere
Of this most princely man
With spere and shilde
As Bosworthe filde
The honour there he wan
Kynge Richrd slayne
And he certayne
[Page]The filde hathe receaued
Thus god aboue
Of very loue
His kingdom hathe assured
For of his lyne
This present tyme
A kyng is discendid
With septer and croune
In Citie and towne
Most highly commendid
Henry ye viii. sonne of Henry ye vii kyng of England, ī whom is fulfillid the mis­tery of Cad­waladers translation
¶I meane pardy
Most noble Henry
Called theight of that name
Whose gyftes naturall
Aboue princes all
Bereth awaye the fame
Who can magnyfye
Or yet verefye
His condigne worthynes
His amitye
And bountifull goodnes
¶In all affectes
To his subiectes
Most graciouse & kinde
In ther defence
With his expence
Redie of herte and mynd
Oh famouse Troy
Reioyce this daye
Most fortunate and good
All ye that be
As in degre
Extracte of the same blood
Geue landes on hye
To god most myghtie
Whiche hathe resustitate
So noble a king
Youre hertes exityng
As men most fortunate
For this is he
ye maye well se
Whose bones are translated
By sentence deuyne
Frome Rome this tyme
Newly seperated
As the prophesy
Cadwalader bones trans­lated by sepe­raciō by twe­ne Rome & vs
Afore had expressed
When Cadwaladers bones
Translated were ones
All thinges shulde be redressed
¶God of his grace
As in this case
Hathe made a seperacion
Betwene Rome & vs
Whose dedes monsterus
Were abhomynacion
Ther great abuses
And long mysves
[Page]Their folie and their pride
The deception
Ther collusion
Oure kyng myght not abyde
¶Ye knowe full well
I nede not tell
Ther greate exactions
Nor howe they wroughte
Kingdomes to haue broughte
Under ther Subiections
¶Nether to debate
The mortall hate
Whiche they haue conspired
In especiall
To be Lordes of all
Wrongfully haue desired
¶Pretending doubteles
Muche holynes
By sentence Angelicall
To speake as the crede
[Page]Yet were they in dede
Uery fendes internall
There lawes preferring
As concernyng
The papall iurisdiccion
Whose vsurped power
Wolde be gouernoure
Of euery region
Aboue king or prince
Their myght to conuince
If they wolde not obaye
With Curses greate
They would them threate
Ther honor to decaye
¶But god most iust
As I sayde fyrst
Hath made a seperacion
Geuing oure king
Grace and learning
To preferre his relygion
And not to trust
In vayne hope and luste
Of mannes tradicions
As thoughe they myght
[...] heuen of right
Make ther condicions
To saue or spill
What solle they wyll
Without exception
As they were deuine
At season and tyme
By meane of ther pardones
¶Suche thinges abusid
Oughte to be refusid
By deuine ordinaunce
And not to trust
In thinges vniust
Wher is non assuraunce
¶Ther is but one
To god alone
[Page]That is appropriate
Synnes to remeue
Pardon to gyue
And sowles to anymate
¶Tradicions papall
Hath broughte vs all
Allmost to subuercyon
Hauing more trust
In thynges vniust
Then in Cristes passion
¶But god aboue
In token of loue
Hathe vs reconsiled
As it befell
In Israell
When the lawes were cōmysed
To Iosia
Whiche of Iudea
Was kinge and gouernoure
As in this case
[Page]Of speciall grace
Stode ī goddes highe fauoure
Because he wolde
No bodie shulde
Do vniust reuerence
To stocke or stone
But in god alone
To haue all confidence
He sende through out
Israell aboute
Goddes Lawes to magnyfie
In especiall
Commaunding all
To beware of idolatrie
¶Likewise it was
When Ezechias
The worthye famouse king
Of pure intent
The Brasen serpent
The people deluding
Unto the ground
[Page]Made hym rebounde
In peces great & small
Breake the hyl aulters
Of ther forefathers
With theyr foule Idoles all
☞Euen from iudea
Unto Aza
The Philystines lande
Nothing wolde suffer
To goddes displeasure
To be grauen or stande
Whose constancy
God most mightie
Had in remembraunce
Send his Angell
In his quarell
Agaynst the Assiryans
By his deuine might
He flewe in one night
C.lxxx. thousand & fyue
From Iudea
[Page]Unto Assiria
The reste home he did driue
¶Like wise oure kinge
His herte referring
To goddes highe prouidence
Suche thinges abusid
Hathe nowe confused
By heuenly influence
¶Whiche had infected
And sore detected
Christes relygion
By shrining of bones
And kneling to stones
Made by mannes inuencion
¶Magnyfieng them
Whiche were mortall men
Of nature terrestriall
With like reuerence
And confidence
As to god Celestiall
Whose golden shrynes
[Page]Trycked with vines
Most curiously Wroughte
With pardones plentie
Made purses emptie
In sondrie places sought
Suche Idoles greate
So richely freate
With golde pearle & stone
Lifte vp on hye
To magnyfye
As it were god alone
¶Oure Iosias
Oure Ezechias
By permyssion deuine
In this effecte
Most circumspecte
Beholdyng this present tyme
¶Hath brought to passe
Like as it was
In tyme of Isarell
Trusting in one
[Page]In god alone
According to the gospell
For sacrifice
In such a wyse
To god onlye is dewe
Ther is no other
Faithe to recouer
But only throughe Iesu
¶O Lorde oure god
Withdrawe thy rodde
Correcte vs not in thy Ire
By thou petiouse
Lorde vnto vs
We humbly the desire
Thy eares inclyne
This present tyme
Harken to oure clamoure
As it befell
In Israell
In the tyme of ther doloure
Be mercyfull Lorde
[Page]Let pytie accorde
With thy bountyfull grace
Oure sinnes remeue
Pardon forgiue
Oure folie and trespasse
¶To magnifie
Suche Idolatrie
Lord we knowledge oure offēce
Agaynst thy lawe
For to withdrawe
Frome thy magnificence
To haue a trust
Or yet a lust
In any grauen picture
Whiche thou defendest
Also commaundyst
To bowe to no figure
This lorde most mightie
We knowe assuredly
By thy deuyne insence
To the deitie
[Page]Of thy magestie
Belongith all reuerence
As concerning
The true meaning
Of oure saluacion
Ther is but one
That suffered alone
For oure redempcion
Oure in warde fayth
As saynt Paule sayth
Shuld be in Christ Iesu
Let this be graued
We are not sauid
But onlye by his vertue
Nether yet rectified
By sayntes sanctified
In any maner case
Saue ther good liuing
Example geuing
To folowe the same trace
¶Of truethe oure techers
[Page]Also oure preachers
Which were in tyme long past
Toke full great payne
And all in vayne
Ther laboure spent in wast
¶Leuing the epistell
Also the gospell
Most Euangelicall
Treting of pardones
With inuencions
And Cerimones papall
¶But oure famouse king
Right well perseuing
The great ingratitude
The sencis pure
Of holy Scripture
Hyd from the multitude
For oure redres
Of his goodnes
With most princely corage
Hath deuised
[Page]Also comysed
Oure conscience to discharge
Set out at long
Oure vulger tong
The scripture for to knowe
The seed the grayne
The verite playne
Oure fayth only to showe
It is consonant
Not repugnaunt
To goddes deuine ordinaunce
But allmen shulde
Who euer wolde
For ther owne assuraunce
Labour the scripture
His lyfe to assure
The cōmaundementes to kepe
Thoughe sone repine
And determyne
Affrming it vnmete
That we lay men
[Page]Shuld laboure our pen
Or scripture beholde
More then the clergie
Shulde vs specifye
By Auctoritie toolde
Prouided in this
No man ther is
Beyng of leude lernyng
Shall interprise
In any wyse
Unto the expounding
Oh noble Henry
Of Kinges most worthye
Doubteles to be magnyfied
Goddes owne chosen knight
By whose deuine might
All thynges are rectified
¶Our faith stablyshe
Errors abolishid
The gospell set out at large
Nothing is hyd
[Page]Wher of is nede
Oure conscience to discharge
O blessed lorde
To vs accorde
We humblye the desire
As in this case
Of speciall grace
Who euer will conspire
¶Agaynst oure king
In hindering
Of honor this his reame
Ther faulse intent
Lorde thou will preuent
Aduoyding the dangere cleane
¶Let not our enimyes
In any wyse
Agaynst vs lorde preuaile
Confuse ther ire
Burnyng as fire
In ther malice let them quayle
¶Like as it was
[Page]When Ezechias
With humble peticion
Made his complaynt
Of verye constraynt
And hertie affection
¶To thy deitie
That of thy pitie
Thou woldist thy powre extēd
Against the furies
Of his enimyes
His kingdome to defend
¶Lorde incontinent
Thy Angell thou sente
His wooes to redres
The Assirianes playne
Laye ded and slayne
Throughe thy mightifulnes
¶So in like case
Of thy deuine grace
Preserue our famouse king
Oure enymies withstand
[Page]And saue this lande
Oure god euerlastyng
Come furthe ye brutes
The seed the frutes
Of mightie Sirapys
In Egipte stalled
A god ther called
In the Citie Memphis
¶Wher he is deified
Also stellified
After the pagan guyse
With his wyfe Isis
The mightye goddes
So callid in Likewise
Of whose successe
Came hercules
The famouse Champion
And so to conuay
Downe vnto Troy
With all ther succession
¶Considre then
[Page]Ye gentle welshemen
How god for you hath wrough
Euen thesame tyme
That veray lyne
To youe agayne hath brought
¶For this is he
Whose maiestie
All thinges hath redressed
As the Prophesi
Afore had expressid
¶Was ther euer king
So moche tendering
Youre welth to aduaunce
Or for your sake
Suche paynes did take
With so assured constaunce
¶Ye knowe pardie
As well as I
What he hath deuised
Onlie for youe
[Page]Statutes made newe
And lawes wholy commysed
To that intente
You shulde assent
To youre ciuilite
One lawe one loue
One God aboue
And one prencely magestie
Your selues indeuore
Wholly to gether
With perfect assuraunce
With vs to praye
These wordes to saye
With inwarde affyaunce
God most gloryouse
Lorde Christ Iesus
Our hope and oure assistence
Oure mediatoure
Oure gouernoure
And oure hertes confidence
¶Preserue oure Kyng
[Page]His grace sending
Honor and victori
Good Lyfe and longe
Here vs amonge
With helthe of his body
¶And afterward
Yong Prince Edwarde
To supply his regalle place
With lyke wisdome
As had Salomon
In euery maner case
¶Most gracious lord
To vs accorde
Of thy bountyfull goodnes
Thy power extend
Oure prince defend
As thou didest yong Ioas
¶Whiche did inclyne
By grace diuine
To thy magnyficence
In his yeres grene
[Page]As it was sene
By heuenly influence
¶Of very truethe
His tender youthe
The lawes to fortyfye
The house af Ball
With his ydolles all
Distroyed vtterly
¶His grauen pictures
His golden figures
Most curyously wroughte
Beaton to doust
His temple vniust
Prosterate doune he brought
Thus let oure Prince
Utterly conuynce
All false Idolatrye
Thy lawes supporte
Oure hertes to comforte
Thy name to gloryfye
¶Let not Babilon
[Page]Haue dominion
Ouer vs for thy pitie
Defend vs lorde god
Frome ye cruell rode
Of their captiuitie
¶Let our prince furnishe
And fully fynyshe
What his father hath begonne
As was deuised
Somtyme comysed
To Salomon dauides sonne
And so at length
With bodely strength
Lorde yu wyll hym aduaunce
Hable to withstand
With myghtie hand
His enimies puissaunce
As had hercules
Of whose noblenes
Doubtles he is descendyd
As auctors olde
[Page]By storyes tolde
Famousely haue commendid
Heare maye ye se
That welshmen be
Of right noble dyscent
It dothe appere
By stories clere
And mattier euident
Who may compare
Or further declare
By any prescription
Accompte the parentyne
Also the feminyne
With ther procreacion
¶To be more worthie
Being creatures earthlye
And of nature terrestriall
Seth Noye his flod
Alway ther blode
Hathe byne imperiall
¶Here to digresse
[Page]I must confesse
More matter in substaunce
Whiche nowe I fynde
Long oute of mynde
For lacke of remembraunce
Of noble Hercules
The sonne of Osires
Most myghtie champion
Whose incomperablenesse
Excellyth doubtles
All naturall reason
Non maye be comparid
Nether yet declared
Unto thy excellence
Accompte stories all
None shalbe equall
With thy magnifycence
¶This was that Hercules
That noble poetes
So highlye doth commende
And not Hercules
[Page]Called Alcydes
Whiche the grekes do pretend
To be so mightie
Hauing victorye
In the fruntes of Archadie
Sonne of Iupiter
His name to preferre
Borne of faire Alannena
But Diodorus
Also Birosus
The chaldie affirmeth playne
That this hercules
Named Alcides
Was the last of the twayne
But Hercules Aegipcius
Named Libicus
As saynt Ierome writeth
In the .x. of Genesis
Was sonne of Osiris
As he playnly affirmeth
¶Whiche did interpryse
[Page]In most knightly wyse
The .xii. notable labours
Dis [...]orus Secalus
Also writyth thus
Whith other famous auctours
That this hercules
By his noblenesse
In the woodes of Nemia
Slewe the great Lion
For lyke occasion
The serpent called Nidra
Which lay of longe tyme
By force of rauyne
In the fennes of Lerna
Also the bore
Deuouring the stoore
In the Land of Archadia
By violent strength
Caught hym at length
In spite of Erimanthus
Upon his sholders square
[Page]He did hym beare
To the kynge Euresthius
Like wise did preuayle
In strength of battayle
Agaynst a greate nomber
Called Centauries
Half men halfe horses
Which semyd to be a wonder
The fyfthe industry
By swiftnes of body
His person aduancyng
Caught the great harte
Whose hornes by arte
Were gilte for his runnyng
Also Simphalides
Birdes of cruell lyknes
Consumyd the frutes bare
Like fendes infernall
For a memoryall
He le [...]l not one to spare
The seuenth wonder was
[Page]Howe he coulde bring to pas
The clansing of Angeus hall
So noble a riuer
For to deceuer
Whith [...]ingo poc [...]es didcal
¶The eight was the bull
The lee at the full
Oute of Crete into grece
Howe he shulde bring
By see swymyng
And yet deface no pece
All mercyles
His rigour to accomplyshe
His horses playne
He fedde certayne
Onlye with mannes fleshe
Tyll Hercules
Toke Diomedes
His crueltie to abate
Made those horses greate
[Page]His fleshe to eate
Regarding not his estate
¶Whiche he before
Had kept in score
Full wilde & monsterus
To his greate fame
He made them tame
Gaue them to Enristhens
¶Then into Spayne
He toke the payne
Gereon to subdewe
Of very dispite
Hym to acquyte
His sonnes twaine ther he slew
¶After to hell
As poetes do tell
Downe he is discended
Where Theseus
And Pirithus
He shortly defendid
Them to discharge
[Page]Setting at large
Frome all daunger & payne
Brought Cerberg bounde
Whiche was the hell hounde
Lincked fast in a chayne
The twelueth & the last
Accompting them paste
Of this most princely man
When his noblenes
Frome Hesperides
The golden Apples wan
Slewe the dragon
Which did enuiron
The gardayne round aboute
Whose looke odible
Was so terrible
All men of him had doubte
Thus in knightly wise
He did interpryse
To his Eternal fame
None so worthye
[Page]Of memorye
To haue prayse laude or name
¶Of this Hercules
In knightho depereles
With noble Galathee
The only doughter
Of greate Iupiter
Named also Selce
¶Came the famose blode
Alter Noe his flode
To the troyanes linage
Downe by descent
Princes excellent
With all ther parentage
¶Who was more worthie
Stronger of bodye
Then was Ector of Troy
Yf Stories be trewe
A thousand he slewe
Of Grekes in one daye
Of this Hercules
[Page]Came Olimpiades
The famose mightie quene
Mother to Alexander
The grete conquerour
In her tendre yeres grene
Cesar Iulius
Most victorius
His enymies to confounde
Came of Eneas
Whiche so noble was
Among the Romaynes founde
¶Also Constantyne
Sonne of saynt Elene
Of the same succession
Borne in this lande
The holy crosse founde
By deuine inspiracion
This noble Emperour
Was hole gouernoure
Monarch and president
Of euery region
[Page]Throughout Cristendome
From the Est to the occident
¶Called by grace
To that highe place
By heuenly influence
Of hert most constaunt
Slewe the Tyraunt
Whiche named was Maxence
¶A thousand mo
I coulde also
Uerefy and expres
Of the same blod
Princes right good
Full of all noblenes
¶But nowe a ende
I do intende
My leue of you to take
Desiring this
All thing amys
To pardon for my sake
¶I must be breue
[Page]Least that repreue
Accuse me & my penne
And thus to you
I say a diewe
Fare well ye gentel welshmen

The aucthoure.

MOste gen­tle reder
This litell vulgre
In my ful hūble wise
I you desire
Hertely requyre
That ye will not di­spise
¶Nether yet disdain
This litle pain
Uoyd of presumpciō
Lately set oute
There is no doubte
Equall of affeccion
¶ Let your phātacie
Iudge me honestly
As one vnreproued
Thyncke not that I
Of flattery
Herin shuld be mould
¶ Of consience
No fayned sence
Haue I here pretēdid
Nor nothyng told
But aucthours olde
Before haue cōmēded
¶I do confesse
The rude grosnesse
Of my remēbraunce
Not vigilaunt
Or consonaunt
To other mens vtte­raūce
¶For to expres
The worthines
Of so Auncyent men
But that good wyll
Mouith me still
To occupie my pen,
¶My englishe rude
Of gratitude
I trust ye will excuse
And not disdayne
My sentence playne
Or causles it refuse
¶ The Musis nyne
Did farre declyne
Wher I was nutriefied
Ther dulcet wel
No tast nor smell
In me was rectified.
¶Wherfore I must
In Chaff and dust
Mi selfe labour & toyle
Giue thē ye price
Whose sentēce wise
With tearmes can tricke and file
Go barberouse boke, Rusticall and rude
Full vnworthy thankes for to haue
Oneles of benyng gratitude
Gentell reporte listithe the to saue.
Nether arte thou pure, sincer, or graue
Confesse thy faulte, Blushe out for shame
Thy wittes are past [...]hy, termes out of fram.


Cum priuilegio ad impri­mendum solum.

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