Of the Crinitall Starre, which appeareth this October and Nouember. 1580.

IT seemeth (gentle Rea­der) a difficult and hard matter, for any man to wryte or doo any thyng that shoulde be well ac­cepted in these dayes, especially, when the opi­nion of men is growen strange and diuers, accomptyng ech thyng, eyther too whyte or too blacke, too sweete or too sowre, too woor­thie or too vilde: Yet at this tyme, not re­spectyng curious opinions, neyther regar­dyng the speach of the Captious, so muche as the request of friendes, doo set foorth this my iudgement touchyng this Crinitall Starre, shewyng to vs the greatnesse of Gods goodnesse, by such a forewarnyng to repentaunce. But suche is the corruption and hardnesse of this Age, that we contemne and neglect all tokens in the Heauens, by respectyng our onely securitie, for the tyme present. And yet, yf euery man woulde rec­ken the course of his lyfe past, he shoulde see in hym selfe great cause to tremble at these [Page] thynges. And also, if we consider what great rout of euylles doth beset vs, and way how many hath been destroyed, or what hurtes hath been by Lyghtnynges, Earthquakes, Ground openinges, Flooddes, tempestes of the Sea, great Windes, infectious Ayre, Warres, Mortalities, Plagues, strange Diseases, and such lyke, which thynges, Commettes doth commonly pronounce to ensue: I suppose that the remembraunce of such dangers, woulde make vs not to be al­together cardlesse of these Tokens, threat­nyng to vs calamities for our vnthankful­nesse. And therefore, who so euer doth make light accompt of Earthquakes and gleming Starres, and is not mooued at the syght thereof, with the seare of Gods displeasure: the same people doth also as lyghtly, and as lytle regarde their owne conscience, and amendment of lyfe. Wherefore it is tyme that we ceasse from puffyng vp our selues with pryde, letcherie, and enuie, and to cleaue to repentaunce, and to lay holde vpon Dauids Anker, which is the multitude of Goddes mercie: For as it is in the .xxxi. Psalme, Mercie wyll muiron them which trust in the Lorde.

[Page] Nowe, if any man suppose that nothyng can be rightly gathered by Astronomie of Comettes, he is muche deceiued, and he is too blynde in his hart, that thinke it signi­fie nothyng: for, touching the last tayled Starre, which appeared. 1577. agaynst the face of the great Planet Saturne toward the Southwest, it is euident, that the effect of his signification was to continue three yeeres, and dyd ende but a lytle before Mi­chaelmas last past.

And touchyng the fyrst yeere. 1578. the effect was seene Southwarde by Warres, with the slaughter of Princes. And in the seconde yeere. 1579. it brought foorth great irruption of Waters and Floddes. And in the thirde yeere. 1580. the effecte of that Commet was dreadful, by a feareful Earth­quake, the syxt of Apryll, betweene fiue and syxe at nyght: And with Warres against the Portyngales by the Spaniardes: vnto whom that Commet was specially appropriate, by vertue of his place and terme in whiche it stoode: And also with a new kinde of strange disease, as it were a Sommer Rewme he hath ended his effectes.

And immediatly vpon the endyng of all [Page] these effectes, there is come to appearance a Crinitall Starre, farre different from the other, in place, situation, and cooloure: which I obserued to appeare immediatly af­ter the new Moone, the .viii. day of October, placed betweene the .xii. and .xi. house of the Heauens, after Sunne settyng, the Moone fyrst of al receiuing the shadowie vmbration of this Crinita, by a quartyle radiation from Scorpio. Secondly, I noted the Sunne to receiue the next shadowe by strong aspect, and that the Sunne aboue all other Pla­nettes, is mostly and woorst radiated, in the tyme of the continuance of this Crinita, fyrst with the quartile of Saturne, secondly with the opposition of Mars: Which thyng doth signifie, in that the Sunne and the Moone (which be Animae mundi) doth es­pecially receiue the impression of his euyll aspect, that the Sympathy of his influence shall be greeuous, with Plagues, and in­fectious Ayre, with calamitie among the people, and with captiuitie and euyl to some persons. And this shall be to the Countreys lying within the eyght and nynth clymate.

Also I note, that this Crinita is fixed agaynst a Starre of the thyrde Magnitude, [Page] neere vpon the Dolphyn, of the nature of Saturne and Mars, and is of a Septentrio­nall Latitude from the Zodiacke: And also, that this Crinita is fixed vnder the Signe called Aquarius, beyng an Ayeryall and Westerne Signe, there placed, neere vnto that ponderous Planet Saturne, possessing his owne house, with the company of Caput Draconis, whiche portendeth towarde the Northeast, and Northwest Countries; with­in the tyme of his effect, great corruption and infection in the Ayre, great harme and hynderaunce by ragyng Windes, Waters, and Flooddes, miserie among the people of the sayd Countreys, Damnum altis homi­nibus, deceitfull deuyses, and great terrour to some, with captiuitie.

Next to this, I doo obserue the coloure of this Crinitall Starre, to be wateryshe, darke, pale, and Saturnine, which is the very coloure of death: whereby it signifieth sadnesse, sorowe, Plagues, miserie, mortali­ties, feare, and hunger, to be among the peo­ple dwellyng within the eyght and nynth Clymate. And all this for our vnthankful­nesse, vnlesse we repent vs of our sinnes, which are so ryfe among vs.

[Page] Farther I note howe that the tayle of this Crinitall Starre, is extended towarde the face of Mars, and towarde the North­east partes, which is the true testimonie of Warres, bloodsheddyng, of sodayne irrup­tion of Souldiers, of Sicknesses, Plagues, Sweattes, blooddy Flixe, and heapyng vp of sorowe among the people in the North­east and West Countreys.

Finally, I obserue that this Crinitall Starre, is of a thyn substaunce, & that it shal last tyl the Sunne hath passed vnder the end of Libra, Scorpio & Sagittarie, and so long it shall be apparently seene at Sunne settyng, in the tyme of his continuance, to be in the xi.x. and part of the .ix. house, and that it is in the .xi. Signe from Aries: Which doth signifie euyll conspiracies, deceitfull dea­lynges, and muche terrour and daunger to many men in the Northeast and West Countreys, so that to conclude this fyrst part, the full signification of this Crinita, is to continue two yeeres and three quar­ters: And therefore let vs pray, that GOD may diuert and turne from vs the daungers, which it signifieth, in Plagues, warres, and inundation of flooddes, windes, and waters. [Page] And thus generally of his place, coloure, and signification: next folowe, what, where, and when, his effect shall fall.

The seconde part, touching this Crinitall Starre.

WHere as I haue shewed general­ly what this Crinital Starre signifieth, it foloweth in this se­conde treatise, to declare in what countryes the effectes shalbe, and at what tymes. For seeyng the earth is diuided into foure partes, Europe, Asia, Affrica, and A­merica, and euery one of these comprehend a multitude of Countryes, and euery Coun­trye is subiect to diuers perylles of the hea­uens, and doth dyffer in clymates, and in the obliquitie of the Horizon: Then it must needes be, that no Comet or tayled Starre, can shewe his effect generally in al the foure diuisions of the earth, but properly to those Countryes ouer which it is placed, accor­dyng to clymatical and parellell lynes. So then touchyng this Crinita, waying his as­cention, & his Latitude Northerly from the Zodiacke, with the extractyng of his euyll [Page] shadowes vpon certayne poyntes of the hea­uens, with his place and terme in which i [...] stand, I finde by Astronomical diuision, that the effect shall not reach into Africa, nor to the middle Seas, neyther to any Countryes specially, but to those which are within the viii. and .ix. Clymate, and properly to those places, Cities, and Townes, which are vn­der Aquary, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio, pla­ced in the foresayd climates. Wherefore to come to proper places, I finde that the effect of his shadowes shal be seene in those places which be neere to the Ryuer of Rhene, and Danubius, so that Germany shal feele of it.

Also the force and euyll shalbe shewed vpon Flaunders, Hollande, Zealande▪ and Freeselande, and no lesse vpon Denmarke, Danske, Englande, Scotlande, and Irelande. And in lyke case to Pollonde, and Belgica in Fraunce and Pycardy. Some of these Coun­tryes feelyng it with Plagues, mortalities, some with blooddie warres, some with the death of great Peares, and other some with misery by great Floodds, wyndes, and ouer­flowes of waters: of which, other countryes Southward, & East, as Spayne, Barbarie & Italy, Turkie, Greece, and all which dwell [Page] out of the eyght and .ix. clymate, shalbe free, in respect of the corruption of ayre, & gree­uous harme which is portended by weather, both by Lande and Sea.

Next, whereas I note that the effectes of this Crinita, shall appeare two yeeres and three quarters, I obserue by the profectio­nal Athazer, and other circumstances, that the next yeere. 1581. the effectes shal be as folowe. First touchyng diseases, there shall raigne Inflammations, Burnyng Feuers, Plagues, Hart burnynges, Blood shotten eyes, Blooddie flyxe, Measles, Pockes, Pleurisies, heate in the stomacke, fallyng sicknes, Phrensies, and the stone: these be the pryncipal diseases. Also the partes that shall be mostly touched, be the hart, chest, brayne, eyes, backe, bladder: but it geueth the signi­fication forcible vpon the mynde and brayne of man, that men shall be geuen to be per­uerse of hart, and that madnesse, furiousnesse, phranticknes, sadnesse, melancholy, and cho­lericke disposition shal be seene greatly to abounde in men of the foresaid countreys the next yeere, and therefore let vs pray to God, lest for our wyckednesse he turneth vs to a reprobate sense. Also the next yeere it bryng­eth 1581. [Page] foorth adrye Sommer, that the earth shalbe scorched, and waters shal be scant, and 581. betweene [...]amma, and Michaelmas, shal the full terror appeare in some of the foresayde countryes, in Plagues, Warres, Craftie deuises, captiuities to some estates, and with great sadnesse to people. And betweene Si­mon and Iude, and Hallowmas weeke, shall Hollande, Zealande, and many partes of Englande, be greatly indammaged and in­dangered with sodayne stormes, and flowes of great waters, and greeuous weather.

Nowe touthyng the yeeres folowyng, 1582. and. 1583. marke what two euyl yeeres they shalbe for wyndes, rayne, and flooddes, and inundations, in the foresayde countryes.

This Crmita shal by his vmbration and course of his signification, bryng foorth two 1582. strange & marucylous Candelmas Termes, 1583. for euyll weather, huge raines or snowes, and wyndes, with inundation of great wa­ters, and two sorowfull Sommers, for abundaunce of wet, raine, & ouerflowynges, whereby these Monethes shall be very gree­uous and hurtfull, Februarie, March. 1582. 1583. and Iuly, August. 1582. 1583. [Page] Wherefore seeing this tayled Starre, by his pale coloure, doth signifie great losses and hinderaunce to the Countreys afore­sayd, by irruption and inundation of great Flooddes, and by one hard Winter the next yeere. 1582. and two wette Sommers, to the great indammagyng of many places of the foresayd Countreys, and to the hurt of the Husbandeman and Merchaunt, where­vpon myserie, dearth, penurie, and calami­tie, may growe to some of the foresayde Countreyes, in the same yeeres: For that cause, it shall be necessary for vs to pray to GOD, that he may stay his Plagues and Warres the next yeere, and to geue vs more moderate yeeres, then this Crinita signifie of. 1582. & 1583. For the speciall significa­tion of this Crinital Starre, is in brynging corruption in the Ayre, by vnseasonable weather, the next yeere. 1581. by Taurus, impressing ariditie and drynesse vpon the Earth, with infectuous exhalations, bryng­yng plagues and Cholericke motions in the hartes of men. The monethes the next yeere of ye appearance of effectes, be Apryl, May, August, September, Nouember. The se­conde yeere. 1582. the impression is by Ge­mini, [Page] in procuryng much agitation in the ayre, & vntemperate times, by great windes, raine, snowes, & floods. The worst moncthes be February, March, Iuly, Angust, October.

The thyrde yeere. 1583. the Atha­zer fall vpon Cancer, whiche shall bryng foorth a wet yeere, much rayne, and darke wether, with many flooddes, that the groun­des shalbe much harmed, and rottes among the heardes. The woorst Monethes of these effectes, be February, March, Apryl, Iuly, August, September, October. Thus thou hast (Gentle Reader) my extraction of this Crinital Starre, with the iudgement of the Eclipses [...]omoyned. Hopyng that thou wylt iudge of it, accordyng to tryal, and not by a captious opinion. And so I conclude, wyshyng euery one to feare GOD, and his signes, and to pray that he may turne from vs what euyl so euer his Comettes signifie, indewyng vs with his holy spirite.

Fare wel.

F. K.

GOD saue and long preserue our most woorthy and gracious Queene ELIZABETH.

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