[...]ynnes graunted vnto the Hospitall of the holy Ghoste / other [...]o the Confraternyte of the same is nowe Institute by the [...]

consyderynge that our Sauyour Lorde Ihesu criste at suche tyme as he shuld go [...] on dyd say that we shuld haue euer with vs poure people / & in many other placꝭ of scripture hath in [...] as they be of our natural generacion therfore our [...] Father beyng in erth in þe stede of our lord do [...] exercyse the work of charite vnto poure people [...] & euery other places of pyte / in the [...]ith spirituall gyftes of grace the sayd Hospitals & places and unto gladly doth approue & of newe graunte [...] ben granted by his predecessours popes of Rome to suche Hospitals and places aforesayd.

[...]erynge that in asmoche as our lorde Ihesu criste dyd nat refuse to be offeryd in þ Aulter of the Crosse [...]nge to many wytnesses / and at the laste in tyme of his Ascencion to his Father in heuen wyllynge [...]at [...]ples with the consolation of the holy Ghoste cōmaundynge theym to kepe to gyther Hospitalyte.

[...] holy Father in his tyme as is aforesayd Beynge in the stede of almyghty god dyd besely laboure nat brynge suche places and hospitals and in especiall those that ben buylded in the honoure of the holy hospitalyte / and other werkꝭabis;abis; of pyte be contynued and exercysed into a better state and to the gretter [...]ues in the same.

[...]mysses with spirituall allectyues and remyssions of synnes / that they lyke to his exemple shuld be be [...] the holy Ghoste beynge within the cytie of Rome called vulgarely seynte Spirite there buylded to [...] for the norysshement / also of the yonge children cast forthe. And of youre and myserable persones [...] by the holy Ghoste / therfore this sayd holy Father & many other and dyuerse holy Fathers po­ [...]es conceyued in the Bulle of Sixte hath gyuen many folde and great Indulgences and remyssions [...] [...] [...]ernyte in the [...]. in a certayne boke of the same.

[...] merques / erles / barons / and lordes / and their wyues / and wydowes. Also to patriarchis [...] [...]pe [...]ours / prouestes & generall maisters of any hospitall or other churches [...] they sende any suffi­ [...] [...] vnder a publyke Instrument to the maister of the sayd hospitall of seynte Spirite and with Confraternyte and that their proper names and surnames and qualytes of their ꝑsones shalbe wry­ [...]ten in the boke of þe sayd Confraternyte may chose to their Confessoure a secular or regular preest / [...]it lyfe from all and euery their crymes & synnes and from all sentences of excōmunication and other [...] or benefyces. And in all Sy [...]all and generall cases reserued unto our holy Father the pope excepte [...] & ꝑsonall offence agaynst any Cardynall of the Churche of Rome or agaynst any Patryarke / [...] them in the Article of deth plenary remyssion of all theyr synnes though they be suche as before be [...]fessour so chosen may reiterat the sayd plenarye remyssion as often tymes as they shalbe in artycle [...] as often tymes as nede shal requyre / and to enioyne them penaunce conuenyent.

[...] cytie of Rome may dispence oonly in the Courte of conscyence (Viz in foro conscientie duratarat) [...] preest; or relygious men whiche obteynynge any ecclesiasticall / benefice / and beynge [...]ursed [...]arie murdre so that they so [...] [...] [...] to any [...]fitable vse so that they may [...] the same into [...] [...] the bowe to Iherusalem / & with all maner of othes indiscretly attempted / & for none sayinge [...] youre people of the sayd hospitall.

[...] and spiritual ꝑsons to admytte the brothers and messyngers of the sayd hospitall.

[...] released the vii. ꝑte of penaunce enioyned and graunted plenarye remyssion in Article of deth [...] hospitall. iii. yeres was many Leuti of pardon in certayne feestes than expressed by hym and in [...] dayes of ꝑdone.

[...] su [...]entacion of the poure people plenary remyssion a Pena & culpa in article of dethe / & to men and [...] our sayd holy Father wylleth that in þe cōmynge of the maister & the brothers of the sayd hospi­ [...] [...] [...]ll there be songe & celebrate / and the bodyes of deed men shalbe buryed in cristen buryals / and [...] shalbe buryed in cristen buryall.

[...] to them to chose a sufficient confessour which cōfessour so chosen may assoyle them ones [...] or the same / & payinge in their firste entre of the sayd Confraternyte .xxx. d. of Syluer of turyn̄ / [...] in article of dethe. [...]ninge that sūme into some other charitable dedes in case thyse folkes be nat able to paye that sūme.

[...] be receyued and wrytten in the boke of the sayd Fraternyte / and hathe geuyn in their firste entre [...] of them shalbe equyualent / And make one such Florence of golde hath graūted auctorite to chose [...]amberleyns of the sayd hospitall maye graunt vnto them in article of deth plenarye remyssion / and [...]orne.

[...] the sayd quantite to the foresayd Hospitall for the soules of his Father and mother and of other deed [...] the holy churche of Rome contrited and confessyd / or ellys wyllynge to be confessyd if they had opor­ [...] [...].

[...] from the feest of þe Natyuyte of our Lorde Ihesu crist in euery day vnto the octaues of the same [...]y hospitall and euery membre of the same in euery feest of the Apostels .ii. M. yeres of pardon. [...] daye of the hole yere one yere and .xl. dayes of ꝑabper;abper;don.

[...] first of the holy Ghoste of þe Moneth of Ianuary euery day vnto the octaues of the same .iiii. M. day in whitce is songe the masse that begynnes (Disterra) he hathe graunted to the sayd hospitall [...]s & as many Lentes of ꝑabper;abper;don remyttynge the .iii. ꝑabper;abper;te of penaūce [...] enioyned. Item he hath graūted [...] the octaues of the same .ii. M. yeres of ꝑabper;abper;done remyttynge the .vii. parte of penaunce enioyned. [...] of the Epiphanye vnto the oct [...]es [...] .M. yeres of ꝑabper;abper;done. Item he hath graunted to [...] the octaues of the same euery day .ii. M. yeres [...] ꝑabper;abper;done. Item he hath graūted to the sayd hospi­ [...] octaues of the same euery daye .ii. M. iiii. yeres of ꝑabper;abper;don.

[...] from the feest of the Ascencion of our Lorde Ihesu criste euery daye to the octaues of the same.

[...] from the feest of Penthecoste vnto the octaues of the same euery daye .viii. M. yeres and .viii. M. [...] [...] from the feest of the Assumption of our Lady vnto the octaues of the same euery daye .ii. M. yeres [...] þe feest of all þe Saynts vnto þe feest of seynt Lenarde .iii. M. yeres & as many Lentes of ꝑabper;abper;done.

[...] [...]ysshops beyng present in the consystory of Latranen: confirmed by auctorite Apostolyke extendyth [...] [...] [...]alterssayd of the Brothers of the sayd ordre. [...] the masses / matyns / vigilles / fastyng / & almes dedes / which be done in all the sayd ordre for euer. [...] as by pope Sixte the .iiii. ¶ Pope Iuly the .ii. and by our holy Father pope Leo that nowe is. [...] [...]onfraternite with all the graun [...] Facultes Indulgences and remyssions of synnes of the same hathe [...] tyme dependynge of the sayd Hospitall. And hath extended it also to other places where it shall for­ [...] or the tyme beyng to declyne. In the whiche places the Preceptor aforesayd / for the tyme beynge may [...] [...]lgences / and remyssion of synnes aforesayd.

[...] nostrum [...] teum [...].

[...] Impressor


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