THE VINDICATION OF THE COBLER, BEING A BRIEFE PVBLICATION OF HIS DOCTRINE. OR Certaine Tenents collected out of the Sermon of Samuel How a Cobler in Long Ally in Morefields, which Sermon he Preacht in the Nags-head Taverne neare Coleman-Street in the presence of aboue a hundred people, among which was five Ministers (some of them silenc't ones) This Sermon being lately Printed, and Intituled, The sufficiency of the Spirits teaching, without Humane Learning; For the light and information of the Ignorant. These following Doctrines are publisht in the very same words he there deliverd them; upon this Text, 2 Peter 3. 16. In which they that are unlearned, and unstable wrest as they do all, so the other Scriptures to their owne destruction.

THat such as are destitute of Human learning, 1 Doct. are the learned ones that truely understand the Scriptures according to Peters mind, else he condemn'd himselfe, for Peter was an unlearned man, and Iesus Christ without Human learning.

That Human learning was never sanctified by GOD,2 Doct. but to spirituall vses is accursed, and is onely profitable to a States-man, a Phy­sitian or a Lawyer; for to a Divine it is as bad as fire in the Roofe of a House: Therefore if two men both alike indewed with grace from GOD, the one learned, the other unlearned, be to be preferred to the Ministry, the unlearned is to be preferred for these rea­sons. First, Because GOD respects no persons, secondly, it is suteable to the Gospels simplicity: thirdly, GOD chooseth the unlearned in oppo­sition to the learned, so must we; for that learning which is attained to by labour, is not fitt for Christs Church, but for Egypt, and Babylon it is suteable.

That if knowledge in Tongues,3 Doct. be given us from GOD without labour, then we may accept it as comming from his grace, not else, for we must not labour for it; for Human learning, as it is noe helpe to stop the mouthes of gainesayers, and opposers, so it may not be purchased with money, for we read that Simon Magus offering to buy it with money, was sharply reproved for it by Peter, as springing from an evill root.

That we are to be suspicious that such persons are destitute of the Spirit that make any use of Human learning to understand the Scripture, 4 Doct. for that such vsually, are vessels of wrath prepared for destruction; for all which came to CHRIST having any kind of Human learning for sooke it; Moses forsooke the Treasures of Egypt, of which Human learning was the chiefe: The Ephesians whom Paul converted Acts the 19. wholy did abon­don it, for they burned their bookes of curious Arts: Therefore no words of Art, or of Humane learning, may be used in Preaching the Gospell for doubtlesse Moses, Paul, and Apollos, contemned all such.

That seeing Iesus Christ was destitute of Human learning, Vse. 1. so his Servants ought to be also, for it is not fit for them to be above their Lord.

To discover the great woe the World lies under,Vse. 2. that are so blind as not to see that Humane learning is so far from being a helpe to under­stand the mind of GOD, that quite contrary instead of a Blessing it is a Curse, instead of a fire profitable, it is as pernitious fire in the Roofe of a House: Therefore all Christians are to beware of it, for it is that evill seed that causeth Error, and occasioneth those noisome Lusts that drowne men in perdition, it is the Dragons taile, and suteable for those Locusts that ascend out of the Bottomlesse Pit, whose smoke Human learning is; Scribes, Pharisees, Papists, Egyptians, Babylonians, they are the men that highly esteeme of Human learning: And thus the unlearned Cobler his zeale having made him out-run his Last concluded. Let the man of GOD fly Human learning.

THis Sermon a Minister who was there, and had given him his Text exclaimed against, Affirming he had delivered Blasphemy: the Cobler being stiffe in his opinion the Minister replyed, How had made a Cal [...]e, and danc't about it, which speech being reported abroad to his disgrace as if he had made an unsound exposition, the Cobler to vindicate himselfe and (as he saith in his Epistle to the Reader) the truth it selfe which he delivered, caused his Sermon to be Printed, and in his Epistle undertakes to proue Human learning the Calfe, and the men of that Throne (as he calls the Ministers) those that set it up and themselves danc't about it: while hee (the Cobler) to their great griefe and discontent did cast it downe and grind it to Powder, and so blew it away with the Word of GOD. Which whether he did or not, you may partly judge by what is here collected.

What How, how now hath How such learning found,
To throw Artes curious Image to the ground?
Cambridg, and Oxford may their glory now,
Vaile to a Cobler, if they know but How.
Though bigg with Arts they cannot over-top,
The Spirits Teaching in a Coblers Shop:
Then gnaw your tongues for madnesse if you will,
The Spirits Teaching flowes not from your quill.
Reader if thou an Human Artist bee,
Let Human learning be no Iudge for thee,
Lay downe thy Art, then try this Coblers end,
And see if it be by the Spirit pend:
Meane time advise you Arts, and Artists all,
The Spirits wisedome may atend the Awl:
For tis no strange thing that we here have got,
This Coblers Father was (no doubt) a Scot.

London. Printed by R. Oulton, for John Wright the younger, and are to be sold at his Shop in the Old-Bayly. 1640.

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