CONTAINING A TRVE Copie of a Dutch Treatise there published, of the grosse Abuses of their MAIORS, the Managers of their TRADE.

SHEWING. That notwithstanding the extreame wrongs they doe to the English Nation, Trading in the INDIES, yet it is the justice of GOD, they thriue not with it themselues.

Printed this 26. of IVNE. 1622.

LONDON, Printed by I. D. for Nicholas Bourne and Thomas Archer, and are to be sold at their shops at the Exchange, and in Popes-head Pallace. 1622.

The Translators Epistle to the Indifferent Reader.

GEntle Reader, This Pamphlet following, came by meanes of a friende to my hand, in Dutch lan­guage out of Holland from the City of Amster­dam, which when I had throughly perused, I suppose my labour could not be lost in translating it into our English tongue, because the English my Countrie-men, may vnder­stand 2. especiall considerations thereby: First the small gaine the Hollanders make by trading into the East Indies. Secondly the misse-governement and iniurious dealing of the Maiors, and such as are appointed Governours for the trade of the East Indies by the Hollanders. If the Maiors and Governours be those, who Substitute vnder them Committies and Commissioners for the [Page]governement of the Trade. They being in this Pam­phlet touched by their owne Countrie-men, of dis­honest and vnconscionable dealing themselues, what Substitutes, Maiors &c, will they appoint? but such who shall correspond with them in little Honesty and lesse Conscience: so that it is to bee considered. in how dangerous an estate our English Mar­chants of the East Indian Companie remaine, to stand to the curtesie of such persons, against whom their owne Countrie-men doe so heavily com­plaine, it is apparant generally, that the English are wronged extreamely by the Hollanders in the East Indies; and there is small hope of any re­dresse in Holland, for where Covetousnes at home, make choyce of Officers in forraigne parts abroad, Covetousnes will rather maintaine the extortions and oppressions committed by his Officers, then either redresse them or correct them: As by this Trans­lation following may plainly appeare, which I leaue to the reading and consideration of the indifferent Reader.

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