❧Orders set downe by the most Reuerend Fa­ther in God, SAMVEL, by the prouidence of God Arch­bishop of Yorke his Grace, Metropolitane of England, to bee presently published and affixed in all the Parish Churches within his said Graces Iurisdiction, for the better reforming of certaine abuses within the same.

THe ancient and laudable vse of Visitations, haue beene to reforme such abuses, as by tract of time haue crept into the Church; The discouery of which abuses, as by a Booke of Articles is offered vnto you, and you bound by a sacred oath to present the same; so for the refreshing of your memories, and discharge of mine owne conscience towards God, I thought fit to denote some in particular vnto you.

First, I vnderstand of a great irreuerence, openly shewed in your Churches and Chappels during the time of Diuine Seruice; which is, that yong men mis-led by the example of their elders, doe sit couered with their hats on their heads, neither regarding the holinesse of the house of God, nor the greatnesse of the Diuine Maiestie, which is to bee worshipped with feare and reuerence: For a present remedie of this abuse, I require the Churchwardens and Side-men, at the beginning of Diuine Seruice, to looke carefully vpon the Congregation, and if any of the elder sort offend in this kinde, I require them to goe personally vnto them, and to desire them in gentle termes to remember themselues, and to sit vncouered: and if after gentle admonition they doe not forbeare, then I require that they bee presented at my next Court day, holden in Yorke: and for the yonger sort, I require the Churchwardens to goe personally vnto them, in case they of­fend, and to rebuke them sharpely for their contempt, and if they persist, and will not obey by vncouering their heads, I will the Churchwardens to pull off their hats, and I require the masters of such profane ser­uants, and fathers of children, to giue them such priuate chastisement, as the qualitie of their fact requireth.

Secondly, I am giuen to vnderstand, that it is growen vsuall and familiar for men to walke vp and downe, and to talke before and after Diuine Seruice within the Church, and in some Parishes to keepe Ales and Drinkings within the Church, and when the Parishioners doe make their vsuall rates, that they goe vp to the Communion Table, and there write them, and that about the setting of those rates many vnchristian and vnseemely words are exchanged amongst them, to the great dishonour of Almighty God, and the profana­tion of his holy Temple, which if they bee not speedily amended, I shall vse all the seuerity against the offen­ders, that any Law, Canon, or Constitution Ecclesiasticall shall affoord.

Thirdly, it commeth from the grones and sighes of the people, that for a booke of Articles containing little more then two leaues in quarto, which may bee printed for the value of a penie, an Archdeacon at his annuall Visitation, exacteth from euery Parish, two shillings and sixe pence, and compelleth them euery yeere to take new bookes, whereas one booke will serue for many yeeres, and that the Archbishops Chancellour in the Visitation riseth higher, and requireth for euery booke of Articles of euery Parish, iij. s. Ab initionon fuit sic; & malus mos, quanto antiquior, tanto nequior. For redresse hereof, I require the Archdeacon at his annuall Visitation to take for euery booke of Articles but sixe pence, and in seuen yeeres following to impose no booke at all vpon the seuerall Parishes, but to let their old bookes to serue the turne, except such Parishes as haue lost their old bookes: And for mine owne Visitation, I command, that no more then twelue pence be required for a booke of Articles, nor no more paid; the distribution of which twelue pence amongst the Ap­parators and others, I reserue to my selfe.

Fourthly, I heare much complaint of the increase and exaction of Fees, by seuerall Officers in seuerall Courts, much to the scandall of our Ecclesiasticall Iurisdiction: For remedy whereof I strictly charge my Register to carrie with him, and to affixe in a publique place, that all men may see and reade them, a Table containing the seuerall, ancient, and accustomed Fees for all matters belonging to my Visitation: and if any of my Officers shal directly or indirectly, exact or take any greater Fees, vpon iust complaint I shal lay suspen­sion, or any other greater censure vpon him, that the Law Ecclesiasticall shall authorize me to inflict.

So God blesse vs.

¶Imprinted at London by Iohn Bill, Printer to the Kings most Excellent Maiestie. 1629.

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