THE DIVELL of the Vault.

OR, The vnmasking of Murther In a briefe declaration of the Caco­licke-complotted Treason, lately discouerd:

Persius. Sat. 2.
Ocuruae in terris animae, & caelestium inanes!

I. H.


LONDON Printed by E. A. for Nathnaiell Butter, and are to be solde at his Shop neere Paules Churchyard, at Saint Austens Gate. 1606.

To the Reader

MVst I haue recourse in this apologeti­call Proiect; to intercept the snarling censure of calumniating Zoylus; and intreate him to excuse mee for diuul­ging this monstrous Subiect in so na­ked a stile, and vnaccustomed straine: attribute it not altogether to the debility of my shallow capacitie: for I could haue inuested it with more poli­shed roabes (without ostentation) had not the times breuitie prohibited my inuention, and other acciden­tall occurrences intercepted my intention: therefore vouchsafe aequi boni (que) consulere: seeing but some three houres limitation was exhibited vnto me (vpon serious occasion) for the composing of it, and because Non vacat exiguum tempus, to suprauise it, was so rough-hewne exposed to the Presse.

Farwell. I. H.

The vnmasking of Murther: OR, A briefe declaration of the Cacolike-intended Treason, lately dis­couered.

COME thou obdurate flintly heart, with mournings melt in twaine:
To heare my weeping pen houle foorth, Melpomens Tragicke straine:
So dreadfull, foule, Chymera-like, my Subiect must appeare:
That heauen amaz'd, and hell disturb'd, the earth shall quake with feare.
If murther, furies, fates and death, beclad with bloody weede:
Would all concurre with Nights blacke houres, to plot some dismall deede:
Let them but congregate themselues, and silent stand awhile:
To draw deathes samplar from the sense, and sequel of my stile.
Exstracted from the Stratagems, of Pope and Popish name:
That euery letter in these lines, may Character his shame:
Whose strict Religion grounded false, on proud rebellion stands;
Which dooth subborne his hel-bred troupe, with blood t'imbrue their hands.
Whose faith's but faction, though ore vail'd, with holy pure pretence:
Suggesting men with doctrines damn'd, sell soules for Peter pence.
These Tygrish blood-sworne Iesuites, Spanized Brittish slaues:
Through errors darke poore Layicks leade, blindfold downe to their graues.
Ambition boyling in their breastes, like Nylus raging floud:
Bids them erect their cursed Church, on Prince and Peoples bloud.
Which they in each precedent age, haue exercised so:
As God and man, heauen, earth and all denounce against them, woe:
Th' originall of putride Popes, from Murther first arose:
For Phocas did Mauritius, by trecherous hand depose.
And therin still perseuer'd haue, with Vultur-minded hate:
Which would be to prolixious heere, to recapitulate.
Glaunce but on stories pristinate, (Murther in Myrrors see:)
And there perspicuously discerne what Romes religions be.
No innouations, stratagems. Treachery gainst state or King,
But Papists ranckt on Deaths black stage: as th' Actors still they bring.
Yet Protestants they Tyrants tearme, who laugh to see men bleed:
Pursuing them, their corps t'immure with Deaths cole pallide weed.
But nere t'was read that Catholicke for Conscience lost his breath:
But for Conspiracies gainst Kings, drag'd to immediate death.
Nor euer heard▪ that Protestant, his Princes bloud acquir'd:
Nor by rebellious vproares rude, the Papists deaths conspir'd.
For pregnant instance let's suruay, those in-bred broyles of Fraunce:
When they by barbarous butchery thought, their Papall Sect t'aduance.
Where cursed Guize rang deaths alarmes, in deepe of silent Night:
Protesting to the Protestants, for God and them to fight.
But his intent farre dissonant, depriu'd them all of life:
And massacred three thousand soules with Murthers slaughtring knife.
There Papists tossed harmelese babes, vpon their speares sharpe point:
Then did their wombes euiscerate, and teare them joynt from joynt.
Dragging their wofull scritching mothers, through euery street by th'haire:
Which to the neere adjacent Iles, did argue wondrous feare.
Now let's reuert and home retire, to view Queene Maries dayes:
How Protestants by Popish plots, were murthered various wayes.
Some rackt, expos'd to torments strange, some judg'd to stroke of sword:
And many sacred Martirs burnt, for Christs soule-sauing word.
Draw neerer to Elizaes Raigne, (true Map of honor'd fame:)
Behold▪ how Papists sought her death, to their nere▪sleeping shame.
By Phylters, Poysons, and by sword, they stroue to worke her end:
But gainst them all, heauens powerfull God, did still her life defend.
Thus haue they left in by-past times such murdrous markes behind them:
As we in these our moderne dayes, by strange experience finde them.
Now let the deeds of th'vgly darke, stand as examinate
With each immane prestigious plot, which were vnmaskt of late.
A Trecherie so with bloud repleate, so Nero ▪like deuis'd,
As it through th'carths immensall Globe, nere can be equaliz'd.
A fact (for famous infamie,) that Cyclops doth excell:
By Papists shame on earth begun, neuer to end in hell.
Let Rumor vent his flatuous cheekes, with Fames Pegatian speed:
And through the spatious orbe diuulge their thrice accursed deed.
From th'Articke, to th'Antarticke Pole, sound this through th'earths wide eares:
Papists at once would haue consum'd Brittaines King, Prince, and Peeres.
With mercy-wanting powder fir'd, to wound them with deaths blow:
Yet whence their fatall doome was drawne, not any wight should know.
At that selfe time when this complot should executed be:
The like accurrence wondrous was displaied in Germanie.
At Minden in Westphalia, (as Fame diuulg'd of late)
Th'Electors seauen assemled were, to treate of publique state:
They were no sooner congregate, into the Councell Hall,
But straight a Sulphur-sauoring aire, their senses did appall.
They with conjectures strange ytost, with feare disammate:
Proroag'd their ponderous state-affaires, and rose from whence they sate.
But ere these Dukes (drown'd in suspence) could to their Courts repaire;
Their Senate house with thundring noyse, was blowne vp in the ayre.
Wherby th'adjacent strong-built Towers, were battred to the ground
And men wrapt in Deaths pallide robes, with mangled corps were found.
Thus (as a prisoned Lyon staru'd runs roaring for his prey▪)
The Papists through large Europe ranged, the Protestants to sley.
Arm'd with impetuous Toad-swolne hate, diffus'd from murthering hart:
For France with vs and Germanie, had shar'd deathes bloudy part.
Examplyfied by that complot, gain'st Burbon, the French King:
Attempted by two Iesuites, as true report doth bring.
Who lurking close on Paris bridge, like blacke incarnate Fiends;
Their glowing eyes bewraying still, their murther-plotting mindes.
Attended there like fatall Owles, the Serjants of sterne death:
As he with's courtly traine should passe to stop his vitall breath.
No sooner he approched was, in pompe and regall state;
But one of them with poysoned knife, strooke him with furious hate.
Yet mans great Gouernor did so, infatuate his arme:
That penetracting through his clothes, on's body wrought no harme.
But when this Deuill quite frustrate saw, his bloudy hopes successe:
Resolu'd t' haue smooth'd his horride crime, with forged Frenzinesse.
Thus deem'd these cursed Catilines, t'affirme their vowes with bloud:
And turne large Europes siluer streames to purple lakes of bloud.
But God his great'st omnipotence, in deepest danger showes:
And metamorphiz'd their deseignes, to their owne ouerthrowes.
Heauen's graunt, that these perfidious plots, Popes Period may portend:
And that Romes Hydra headed sect, may haue conclusiue end.
The triuial Prouerbe then pronounc'd to murdering slaues; is this:
Thou art almoste so bloud-bestain'd, as a damn'd Papist is.
Let Christian hearts hold them at gaze, as Nights Sun-shining Owles,
Are wondred at by warbling Birds, and light-embracing Fowles.
What dismall terror had it beene, to each teare-trickling eye:
To view dismembred corps dispers'd, and dissipated lye.
To see such royall and Noble shapes, blowne vp in th'whisking ayre,
Heere armes, there legges, disseuered quite, lie mangled euery where.
Some ston'd with feare, some raging runne, some volley foorth shrill cries:
T'appall blacke hell, amaze the earth, and penetrate the skies.
Some swift persue wars murmuring noise, be clad with clashing armes:
Some fir'd with furie entertain'd, Rebellions fierce alarmes.
Then many headed multitude, confused flocke together:
As though Deuils, furies, grizly ghosts, were all assembled thither.
To see the strengthlesse sucklings braines, bedasht gainst flinty stones:
And pampred Palfreyes steele strong hoofes, strike fire on dead mens bones.
Some wounded deadly, dead-aliue, liuing crie out for death:
Some dying liue, some liuing dye, and gape for liuelesse breath.
Some groueling wallow on the earth, in blood halfe suffocate:
And euery streete be purplefied with goares coagulate.
To see sterne Tyrants recking blades, bedide with Brittaines bloud:
Hurling alongst the Channels, like a Scarlet coloured floud.
To see mountaines of slaughtered men, whose crimson-tonged wounds:
Gainst Papists, vengeance dread proclaime, with hideous dreadfull sounds.
Confusion with hels horride howles, denounce grim deaths alarmes.
While leane-fac'd Famine all ingirts, betwixt her icye armes.
To view blacke Murther sans remorce, rush raging through each streete:
Massacring with impartiall sword, the next he haps to meete.
Then should each heau'n-affecting soule, by deepe destruction fall:
The Preacher, Saint, religious man, merchant, mechanicke, all
By Popish Sectaries, then should haue, beene drag'd to deathes darke Caues:
Matrons defil'd, Virgins deflowr'd, by base vnhallowed slaues.
One scud through strange Meandred paths, to some vast vaulted Caue:
Another climbe some Rockie Mount, his desperate life to saue.
Others more sterne, resolu'd t'indure, wars tyrannizing blowes:
And all distract, enuiron'd with inexecrable woes.
Then Britons Angel-garded gates, had opened to their hand:
And entrance made for forraigne powers, to ruinate the land.
Then had these sight-depriued Moales, (who vndermin'd the ground:
Peece-meale to riue the Parliament, with sense appalling sound;)
Brought Gospellers and Protestants, to vndeserued shame:
Diuulging by their forg'd declaimes, that they had wrought the same.
Thereby t'incurre a generall grace, to steale the vulgars hearts:
And by the blood of innnocence, to act deaths tragicke parts.
O Catesby, Pierey, hels blacke fiends, these were your working frames▪
So that each childe doth scritch with feare at mention of your names.
These are the fatall accidents, that would from treason rise:
Sought by the Papists damn'd designes and faithlesse fallacie.
Thus would they gormandize mans bloud, with vnrelenting fell:
Like Fiends rowz'd from the tenebrous deepes, of Sulphur-flaming hell.
And fraught with vniuersall rage, gainst earth connex'd in one:
Typhous-like hoisse Rocke on Rocke, Heau's great King to dis-throne.
But he that from the Chaos darke, produc'd both life and light:
Did explicate their plots compos'd, in th'adumbragious Night.
And vrg'd them to reueale themselues, conceale they could not chuse:
For murther still it selfe condemnes, fore truth stands out t'accuse.
Remarke how God, with semblant plagues, their crimes recaliate:
Who did with hels ambitious drugs, their soules inebriate.
For they the death of Prince and Peere, by Powder did intend:
So pittilesse powder did conspire, their neuer ending end.
And those heads, which those engines fram'd, erected are on hic.
Exploded from the sight of heauen, and loath'd of earthly eye.
Therefore to Heauen's Iehouah yeeld, all vniformall praise:
Laudate sing with ioynt assent, his powerfull glory raise.
Who hath preseru'd our liues, traduc'd, to direfull Harpies clawes:
Exhal'd vs from the chaps of hell. and death's deuouring jawes.
Thou great composer of earths frame, with Cherubs guard our King:
And shroud him from conspiracies, with thy all-couering wing.
Protect him from all forraine force, from home-bred broiles and jarres:
And let the number of his daies, surmount the countlesse Stars.
With courage simpathize his power, corroborate his armes:
Prescribe the meanes t'infatuate Romes minacing alarmes.
Inspire the hearts of Christian Kings, t'vnite their force in one:
And drag that triple-crowned Beast, from out his monstrous rhrone.
Europe can nere Heau'ns Requiem sing, with peacefull amitie:
Till these bloud-bathed Romish Wolues, quite extirpated be.
Then let each Christian subiugate, discute the papall yoke:
And with a heau'n-bred high resolue, blinde haeresies reuoke.
Vlisses-like t'heau'ns Mast adhere, when Popish Syrens sing:
Confide not in Romes Crocadiles, who weeping, wound and sting.
Let's serue one God, one Gospell preach, one faith professe each one:
That we may shine like glorious Stars, fore his maiesticke throane.
That at the great and generall Doome, when Mortals rise from dust:
We all may reape immortall Crownes, reserued for the iust.

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