Another godly Letter, lately written to the same H H by his owne Sister out of the Countrey, about eighty miles from London.

GOod brother: I blesse God that yet I see your hand writing: by which his mercy ap­peareth, in sparing you and yours, among Thowsands that fall on your right hand and on your left, in this heauie visitation of Gods displeasure: which goodnes of his in yet sparing you; my hope is you esteeme according to the worth thereof, and make that holy use of the same which God expects, and his Ministers every where with earnestnesse call vpon vs all for: namely, to search and try our hearts and waies, and to turne from all our sins of heart and life, and to renew our vowes of better obedience for time to come. The further meditations of these most necessarie things, I commend to your most serious thoughts, as things most precious and requisite for these times: in which most weighty businesse, I as your vnfained louing sister shall, as I am able, continually pray God to assist you, and in the performance of that which may in this kind bee acceptable in his sight, in Iesus Christ: As also that hee would, as it may stand with his Glory, spare you in this common Visitation: However, to sanctifie it, both in the feare of it, or inflicting of it: so as euery way his fauour may be discerned, to the peace and comfort of your soule: To which end, the All-sufficient protection of the Almightie in mercy and goodnesse be euer vouchsafed vnto you and all yours: And let my sister, your wife, know in particular that in all good wishes I remember her equall with your selfe; and must to you both rest a great debtor for much loue.

For vs here (in the Country, where I now am) I praise God we are all in bodily health: my selfe and company that parted from you, came hither safe on Saturday at three of the clock in the morning; hauing ridden all night, in regard that we could not bee lodged at D. where we thought to haue lyen: of which you may heare more hereafter: But besides our selues we had very good company, which made our nights trauell very pleasant to vs. Brother, my brothers and sisters here doe all wish you well, and pray for you and yours; e­specially our deare mother, who wisheth it could bee any wayes conuenient that you and yours, I meane your wife, were here: though indeed my fathers house is already very full; howeuer, you want not our aged Parents prayers and blessing, which they send you, and their loue to your wife; and our good mother beseecheth you both with teares to loue and cherish each other in the Lord, that whatsoeuer hand of his may befall you: yet it may bee sweetned by your mutuall vndergoing it with patience and com­fort: and so once more I beseech the Lord to stablish your hearts in his feare: And with you to bee good to your afflicted Citie, and purge it by this Visitation: and prepare vs here in C. for the like: for it is to bee feared wee may not long scape: Wee had here on Wednesday last the Fast kept publikely as in London: and before, I did pertake with M. F. in what he did priuately for preparation to the publike Exercises. Good brother, com­mend mee to all your neighbours and friends that I know, which you thinke will accept the same from mee: by name M. D. and his wife, M. L. and his, &c. Thus haue I seam­blingly imparted vnto you, in hast, my mind, and how things are with vs here: Accept all in good will, and whiles we liue let vs loue; that come life or death we may bee so linked that death may not separate vs: And whiles God spares you, let me I pray see your hand to my selfe; which be assured I will take kindly: commend mee to little S. for whose mothers death, and that further Visitation I am not vnsensible, in regard of my sister your wife: but she is discreet; whom with your selfe once againe I commit to Gods mercy. Iuly 22. 1625.

Your true louing Sister, A. H.

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