A Supplication to Eldertonne, for Leaches vnlewdnes:

Desiring him to pardone, his manifest vnrudenes.
GOod gentle maister Eldertonne,
may I not you intrete?
To pardō Leache yt he hath dōne,
and not with him to frete?
For I confesse and know the same,
It was for lack of lewdnes:
That he so blasde abrode your name,
therfore forgiue his rudenes.
For you maye see he is in deed,
an vnrude simple man:
Therfore of him take you no heed,
sithe nurture none he can.
A seely simple man hee is,
as proof may well be made:
For nomore wit he hath ywis,
but to call a spade, a spade.
Therefore though that your filthy rymes,
he filthy name to bee:
Accuse him not I say of crimes,
you heare his qualitie.
It was no doubt vnhomely donne,
to chalenge in such case:
So fyne a felow as Eldertonne,
that hath so fayre a face.
But though your face be neuer so riche,
so precious or so gay:
Yet wil he scratche it if it itche,
the paines for to delay.
Wherfore you ought him thankes to geue,
that worketh you suche good:
And not to shake him by the sleeue,
to wreke your angry moode.
I may wel muse and meruel much,
what might be your intent:
Sith that you proue your selfe one such,
as truthe cannot content.
You showe that Leache you doo contemne,
euen by the self same reed:
Wherin you doo your self condemne,
I wishe you wolde take heed.
You binde it vp with othes inow,
in faith, in faith, saye yee:
But by such frutes a man may know,
the goodnes of the tree.
A shame it is that you should bring,
the rample of Christ I say:
And eke forthwith the self same thing,
so sore to disobey.
For with the breache of charitie,
you doo him sharply charge:
And by and by outragiously,
you raile on him at large.
Thus Sathan also for his turne,
the scriptures can out pike:
And as you wel his lesson learne,
so are your deedes a like.
Your harte is vaine and bent to euill,
your toung also is naught:
How can it be then but the deuil,
must rule both toung and thought.
But hereby men may easely spie,
how you doo Leache abuse:
Sith that your quarell for to trie,
by scripture you refuse.
Therfore you go about I see,
the scripture set aparte:
Vnto your toies and vanitie,
his penne for to conuart.
And if in deed you could him cause,
from scripture for to flie:
No doubt for soth but clause by clause,
much brauery should we see.
Then wolde you leke then wold you laffe,
as you doo make reporte:
Then wold you answere euery staffe,
and that in sugred sorte.
In sugred sorte? nay poisened then,
I might it better call:
Although it sugred semes to men,
which are in sinfull thrall.
A worthy worke it is doubtles,
and ful of lerned skill:
Wherby appeareth your shameles,
and wilful wicked will.
And where you write that secretly,
your fault he should haue tolde;
That might not be sith openly,
your selfe did it vpholde.
And where as he ful skilfully,
takes scriptures for his staie:
You say in deed that wickedly,
he vseth them alwaie.
It is not streight way proued so,
when that you haue it said:
Except you bring a profe therto,
which cannot be denaid.
As if, that I should say in deed,
you were an honest man:
All wise men might me then deride,
sith proue it not I can.
I wolde now wishe you should forget,
his science to deface:
For honestly a man may get,
his liuing in that race.
Muche better then the witte to spend,
a Parasite to play:
The bad to please, the good to offend,
and play the foole all day.
And him me thinkes you should not blame,
that can wel shape a hose:
For he may likewise cut and frame,
a case for your riche nose.
To make a hose is no suche shame,
to Leache in his degree:
As is your nose a glorious fame,
vppon your face to see.
It doth become you very ill,
to talke so of your taile:
But you shal there your toung hold still,
as fitte for tounges that raile.
And if you still thus doo deny,
your knauerie to forbeare:
You shal therin haue victory,
the garland you shall weare.
But heere I must ful sore lament,
the counsel you still geue:
To your vile Jone, not to repent,
but beastly still to liue.
O wicked man darste thou be bolde,
suche sinful seed to sowe?
And eke the same for to vpholde,
in sinful hartes to growe?
Oh Lord shal whoredom thus preuaile?
shal men thus sinne mainteine?
Is this a christen common weale,
and can such filth susteine?
O magistrates play Phinehes parte,
towardes suche be not to milde:
Which may procure most greuous smart,
to many a mothers childe.
The whoredom of one heretofore,
Great plagues to many hath brought:
Although the lord eftsones therfore,
in him repentance wrought.
What shal our lot be then Oh Lord?
which foster suche foule swine:
As liue a life to bee abhorde,
yet glory and ioye therein?
Repent (O wretche) and cal for grace,
leaue of these wicked toyes:
Lest Sathan reache thee sower sauce,
to these thy pleasant ioyes.
Now sir, if Leache, as you doe tell,
semes fondly thinges to knit:
It is because you cannot well,
them home with reason hit.
A homely cloke wold serue full wel,
is there none to be had?
If Eldertonne of none heare tell,
I doubt he will goe mad.
But if as you doo threaten, so
you fall for to bee wood:
You shall streight waies to Bedlem go,
to tame your madding mood.
Now Eldertonne I must desire,
you to hold Leache excusde:
For that no reason doth appeere,
why he shuld so be vsde.
And sith that I thus curteously,
for Leache doo you intreat:
Your phrensie so to satisfy,
you need no more to freat.
Wherfore gentle Maiste Elderton,
as I may doo you pleasure:
Graunt this my supplication,
which is not out of measure.
And thus subscribed,
The first day of June:
At which time you said,
Beginneth your fume.
ꝙ. Willyam Fulwod.

¶ Imprinted at London at the Long shop adioining vnto Saint Mildreds Church in the Pultry by John Alde.

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