Good Newes from Florence: OF A FAMOVS ƲICTORIE OBTAINED against the Turkes in May last 1613. both by Sea and Land:

By the great Duke of FLORENCE, the Earle of CANDALE, and diuers French Commanders and Gentlemen heereafter named.

Translated faithfully into English out of the French copie, printed with priuiledge at Paris and taken out of the Italian discourse printed at Florence.


LONDON, Printed by Edward Griffin for Nathaniel Butter at Saint Austins gate, 1614.

Briefe of the Kings priuilege.

BY speciall grace and priuilege of the King it is granted vnto Peter Porter Merchant Stati­oner of Paris, to print or cause to be printed, sell, and expose the Relation of the prise of the fortresse and port of Seleucia or Agliman made vpon the Turkes, with the mappe thereof, all translated out of Italian into French: with most expresse inhibitions in his Maiesties name vnto all Stationers and Printers of this kingdome to print or haue printed, sell or distribute the said booke or Card, but by the will and consent of the said Porter, during the time of three yeeres, vpon penaltie of confiscation of the bookes, as the Priuilege containes at large. Giuen at Paris the 26. of Iulie 1613. Signed by the Counsell Brigard and sealed.

The said Porter hath granted and consented, that Lague hay shall enioy the same priuilege. Done the 30. of Iulie 1613.


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