To the right honourable and right worshipfull the Nobility and Gentrie of Great Brittaine.

WHereas the testimonies of learned Philosophers and Physicians have given suffici­ent assurance, that the Infusion of the Antimoniall Cup is an Ʋniversall and perpe­tuall Medicine, and that the Experiments of Honourable & worthy Persons have confirmed the same to be a wholsome and Prevalent Medicine against many dangerous and desperate Diseases, as by their severall Certificats may appeare: And that (without unthankfulnes to the alone Giver of all good gifts, Injurie to the Common wealth, and offence against Christian charity) it may not be concealed: my humble suit therefore is, to all (to whom these presents shall come) that they would be pleased to peruse the Authorities by me alledged in my booke called the Ʋniversall Medicine, and to afford me their friendly assistance for the better communication and declaration thereof for the health and com­mon benefit of mankind. And if any receive harme by the use thereof (following the directions of my booke) or if I report fraudulently of the Medicinall vertues thereof, let it be required at my hands both in this life and in that to come.

The Antimoniall Cups herein mentioned are made and sold by Iohn Evans Minister of Gods word dwelling in Gunpowder-Alley neere fetter lane.

THE Vniversall Medicine: OR THE VERTVES OF THE Antimoniall Cup.

Collected out of the Experi­ments, and Observations of the most fa­mous, learned, and best approved Philosophers, and Physicians, that have written of that Subject.

By Iohn Evans Minister, and Preacher of Gods Word.

Jos. Quer. cap. 31. pag. 386.

In hoc unico Antimonio videndam exhibebimus Vniversalem Medicinam, Medicinarum Medicinam, & admirandorum aut miracu­lorum ipsum miraculum, seu mirabile mira­bilium.

LONDON, Printed by John Haviland, 1634.

To the Reader.

WHat the Lord hath sanctified, and communicated for the health and profit of many, ought not to be con­cealed for the Envie & displeasure of a few: Gods candle must not be put under a bushell, neither must his Talent be wrapped up, and buried in the ground: his en­dowments are communicative, and everie reall Christian may vendicate his part and portion therein. To you therefore be­longeth this Medicinall Iemme, whosoever that desire to pre­vent contagious, and infectious maladies, to preserve your bodies in health, strength, and vigor of Nature, or to restore such as are already infirmed with desperate and dangerous diseases. Accept then this excellent Iewell as the singular gift of God, and the Medicinall vertues thereof herein mentioned, for the approved experiments, of Right Honourable, and Right Wor­shipfull Personages, many of them for their Eminencie, and height of Honour, wherewith they are rightfully ennobled, not here to be mentioned: And the rest of such worth and dignitie, that for their pietie, & learning, they are not inferior to many in the Kingdome. And although this might give sufficient satis­faction to all reasonable mindes: Neverthelesse, for that an undoubted Truth, feareth not to be exposed to all examinations, whosoever pleaseth, shall have a moneths triall of them before they buy them: To the end that by the certaintie of their owne knowledge, practice, and experience, they may be fully confir­med, that the one halfe of the medicinall vertues of this Anti­moniall Cup, is not herein reported unto them.

A Declaration of the most admirable ver­tues of the Antimoniall Cup.

  • 1. It keepeth the body from repletion and fulnesse of humors.
  • 2. It helpeth against all evill affects of the Stomacke.
  • 3. It cureth all intermitting Agues, and burning Fevers.
  • 4. It helpeth the swimming in the head, Madnesse, & Frenzie.
  • 5. It cureth the Greene Sicknesse, and helpeth against all Ob­structions.
  • 6. It prevents the Stone, the Gout, and the Sciatica, and other Aches.
  • 7. It is a good Preservative against all contagious and infecti­ous Diseases.
  • 8. It cureth perfectly Morbus Gallious, and Lues Ʋenerea.
  • 9. It asswageth the Falling Sicknesse, and all Convulsions.
  • 10. It destroyeth wormes, and maketh complexion faire,
  • 11. It emptieth the Stomacke of ill humours: the Liver of Choler: the Spleene of Melancholy: the Pectorall parts of all hurtfull humours: The Head and the throat of flegme and rheume, and all distillations.
  • 12. It restoreth appetite lost: it causeth rest to th [...] senses aend sleepe, and loseth not his vertue through use.
  • 13. It cureth wounds, and stancheth bloud.
  • 14. It taketh away Wens, and other Excrescenses.
  • 15. It cleanseth, and healeth ulcerous Sores, and Fistulaes.
  • 16. It consumeth rotten, and putrified dead flesh.
  • 17. It purifieth the sight, and consumeth the Web and Pearle.
  • 18. It is excellent against all Diseases used in Clysters.
  • 19. It asswageth the paine of the Gout, or any other Ach, by bathing and externall application.

See the Use in the Latter end.

Made, and are to be sold by Iohn Evans, Minister and Preacher of Gods [...] Word, dwelling neere Fetter-Lane, in Gun-powder Alley.

A CONFIRMATION of the Medicinall Vertues of the Antimoniall Cup Collected out of the most famous, learned, and best approved Phi­losophers and Physicians, that have written thereof.

OF all the Minerals contained within the bowels of the Earth, Antimonium deserveth the greatest praise, for the most excellent medicinall vertues, it containeth for the health and benefit of mankinde.

It is a Minerall of a darke colour, interveined with glistering streakes, consisting according to Paracelsus, of Mercurie, Sulphur, and Salt. Antimonium corpus suum ex Mercurio assumit, est que natura Mercurii crassissima, postquam ex­purgatur, vir [...]s & virtutes Mercurii omnes retinet, nihilque est aliud▪ quam coagulatus Mercurius per spiritum Salis & Sulphur. And therefore it is generally by all the Spagiricks called the Balsame, Restorer, and Preserver of Nature.

It was first discovered by Geber King of Arab [...], and by him called Magnesia, for as the Magnes draweth iron unto it with the one point, and expelleth it with the other; so this magnetically extracteth to, and ex­pelleth from the Stomack whatsoever within the whole body of man, i [...] found to be offensive to Nature, or contrarie to the health and good con­stitution of the body.

It is also called Lupus, for that it devoureth and destroyeth all metal-except the Lion, which is gold: and that it refineth and purifieth above all other things, so doth it also destroy all the corrupt humour, that are within the body of man, leaving no impuritie to remaine in the same.

Basilius Valentinus Monachus, compareth it to a Ring without begin­ning, without ending, for that his medicinall and naturall vertues are inscrutable and past finding out.

Many are the Medicines that are prepared of this Minerall, both against inward and outward infirmities, but I freely and willingly dis­claime from them all, (especially for Inward causes) saving onely the Re­gulus, and what may be conveniently prepared out of the same, saying with learned and conscionable Duncanus, Caetera sciens omitto, tanquam pernitiosa medicamenta, Iatroch. Born. pag. 91. contenting my selfe with that, which by the authoritie and testimony of the learned, and the ex­periments of my worthy friends, and by common practice and experi­ence shall be (by Gods grace) invincibly confirmed. The first corner­stone of my building shall be that of Duncanus, confirmed also by labo­rious and learned Milius, Hic Regulus est summum au [...]i examen, ac vera omnium florum, & tincturarum medicinalium, in Antimonio existentium materia, that is, this Regulus is the chiefest examination of gold▪ and the true subject and matter of all medicinall vertues, contained within the body of Antimony. To this agreeth the testimony of Basilius Valentinus Monachus, calling it Regulus, sive Dominus medicinae.

Divine Authoritie, Nature, and Experience confirmeth this truth, for as life is hid in man, so in all things whether Animal, Vegitable, or Mi­nerall, it is invisibly incentred, and so punctually indiscernable, that ac­cording to the learned Philosopher Mich. Sengivodius Polonus, the li­ving spark is only the 8200. part of any subject, admire then the effectuall power of that sparke of life mentioned in the resembled mustard-seed, and this to the understanding Reader, may give some touch, both for the universalitie, penetration, and perpetuation of this divine medicine.

And now having discovered my Materia prima, I will produce such workmen for the erection of this little Fabrick, so well experienced in their profound knowledge, that though by malice and ignorance, they have beene often blamed, they could never bee shamed, nor justly re­proved, and the first shall be that Orientall Star of Naturall, Spagiricall, and Magnetica [...]l light and knowledge, Theophrastus Paracelsus. Hee in the sixth Booke, tit. De vita longa, pag. 167. saith as followeth. Quem­admodum Antimonium purgat Aurum, ita purgat etiam corpus, continet enim essentiam eam▪ quae nihilimpuri, relinquit in puro, nec ullus est usque adeò, in scriptis Archidoxeos peritus, aut tam insignis Spagyrus, qui vires & facultates Antimonii, plenè indagare queat. In prima enim Yle, Antimo­nium adeo exaltatum, & inter Miner as Elementi Aquae praedestinatum est, ut facultas, & virtus ejus nullo disuvio, instar caeterorum aquaeorum cre­scentium imminuta, aut absorpta sit, adeòque his omnibus Antimonium longè praestat. In praede stinatione illud ita se habet, ut se influentiae accommodet, nulla facultate, aut dote ejus diminuta, aut infirmata, itaque ex omnibus mineralibus summi Arcani laudem optinet, hoc seipsum purgat, & unà se­cum etiam alia, quod si nihil boni in subjecto reperitur, impurum corpus [Page]transmutat in purum, sicut de Lepra notum est, &c. Paracels. lib. 6. De vitae [...]onga, pag. 167. Like as Antimony purifieth Gold, so doth it also cleanse [...]r purifie the body of man, it containeth that essence which will permit [...]o uncleannesse to remaine in that which is pure: neither is there any [...]ne found so skilfull in the chiefe secrets of Nature, or so excellent a Spagyrick, that can finde out fully the vertues and medicinall proper­ties of Antimony; It is so much exalted in his first Being, and appoin­ted from the beginning to excell all other Minerals that are of the ele­ment of water, that his vertues should be and remaine without waste, or dimunition for ever: and that it should sympathize and apply to the celestiall influence, so to be perpetually sustained in full efficacie, vertue, and effect. Therefore of all Minerals it obtaineth the praise of the grea­test secret, It purgeth it selfe, and together with him all other bodies, and although it findeth but little which is cleane or pure: it purifieth, cleanseth, and changeth that uncleane body to be most pure and cleane, as it is well knowne by practice and experience made upon leprous persons.

And againe, in the sixth booke, pag. 22. Quinta essentia Antimonii ve­nenum adimit, pulmonem enim & cor & membra laeprae subjecta mundat, cutem & corpus totum purificat, & renovat mirum in modum: The essence of Antimony expelleth poyson, comforteth the heart, and wonderfully restoreth and purifieth the lights, and other parts of the body apt to bee infected therewith. Moreover in the 7. booke, pag. 73.

Tanta vis & virtus est in Antimonio, ut restaurat enim & renovat uni­versas in corpore vires, ac facultates mirifice: Such and so great is the vertue of Antimony, that it wonderfully restoreth and reneweth all the strength and vigour of the whole body.

And in the eighth booke hee declareth at large the severall vertues and medicinall operations of many other excellent Vegitables and Mi­nerals, and in the end concludeth, Haec junctim uno in Antimonio latent; These that we have severally spoken of are all inclusively contained in Antimony alone.

In the sixth Booke: pag. 22. He teacheth how by their excellencie in vertue and operation, to distinguish of the preheminence, and degrees of dignities of simples, the one above the other, saying that those that performe the more difficult and desperate cures, ought to beare away the glorie of their excelling vertue, concluding thus: Hoc videmus ac­cidere Antimonio, curat Leprosos, Morpheam, Alopeciam & similia, Sca­bies omnes, & cicatrices, Leoninam, Elephantiam, Tiriam, &c. Et iterum, Antimonium lepram expectit, magis quam de i [...]so credibile sit, non secus etiam de aliis intelligendum. This we see to happen in Antimony, it cu­reth leprosie, cleereth the complexion, stayeth the falling of the haire, [Page]cureth ring-wormes, tetters, and scurvinesse of the skin, all scabs and spreading sores, and all contagious and infectious diseases. And againe afterwards, Antimony expelleth the leprosie more effectually than would bee beleeved, the like operation it hath against other desperate diseases.

And in the third Boake, pag. 343. Antimonium nihil finit putrescere: Antimony suffereth nothing to corrupt or putrifie within the body of man. And in the fourth Booke, pag. 265. Ita Antimonium per transmu­tationes rerum preparatum est, eoque reductum ut in dulcedinem abierit, haec ab infantibus lincta, Caducum sanavit, in Antimonio vis ac tam potens Arcanumlatet, ut paroxysmum etiam vehementissimum tollit: Antimony is so to be prepared, and brought to that sweetnesse that it may bee ta­ken of infants, and have beene thereby cured of the falling sicknesse, there is so great vertue and power in Antimony, that it taketh away and preventeth the most extremest fits of the falling sicknesse, Paracels. lib. 4. pag. 265.

Furthermore, he in the sixth Booke, pag. 146. saith; Sicut Antimonium finit Aurum, sie eadem ratione ac forma finit corpus: In illo enim est essen­tia, quae nihil impuri cum puro confundi sinit, atque adeò virtus permanse­rit, ita ut sese ex influentia semper dirigat, neque aliud de vi; ac virtute nativa unquam decesserit. Meritò igitur omnia, quae mineralium sunt, quo­rum summum, ac potissimum Arcanum in se claudit Antimonium, huic uni tribuimus, mundat feipfum unà cum reliquis quae immunda sunt, porrò si nihil omninò sani adest, immundum corpus in mundum transformat: Lib. 6. De vitalonga, pag. 146.

Like as Antimony refineth Gold, so also by the same reason and man­ner it purifieth the body of man: In it there is that essence that suffereth no impuritie nor uncleannesse to remaine confusedly intermingled amongst the pure and good, and his vertues so constantly remaineth, di­recting himselfe alwayes according to the heavenly influence, that of his naturall vertue and power, he shall at no time suffer losse or diminu­tion thereof. Worthily therefore doe wee attribute to this alone, the power and vertue of all Minerals, whose chiefe and most powerfull se­cret effect, Antimony comprehendeth in it selfe alone, hee refineth him­selfe, and purifieth together with it selfe, what hee findeth uncleane: moreover, though hee finde little or nothing sound, hee altereth and changeth that impure body to a cleane and sound constitution: Lib. 6. And to conclude, Essentia Antimonii est purgatio vera, quae purgat homi­nem excellentissimè superalia quaevis Arcana, radicitus evellit auferendum, ac omne quod immundum est: huma num corpus in supremum usque sanatio­nis gradum purum efficit, ac ab omnibus aegritudinibus mundat, etiam illis ex quibus oriuntur ulcera; quicquid penes hominem fuerit impuri delet.

The essence of Antimony is a true and naturall purge, which purgeth man most excellently above all other secrets, it utterly taketh away by [...]e root whatsoever is foule, unwholsome, and ought to be removed, and [...]duceth the body of man to the highest degree of perfect health, and [...]eanseth from all manner infirmities and diseases, even from those that [...]e the originall and fountaine of ulcerous and dangerous diseases, it [...]lly and freely removeth all corrupt and impure humours, that might [...]e lurking within any part of the body of man. Thus farre Paracelsus [...] his lesser Chyrurgerie, pag. 323.

My second testimony shall bee Martinus Rulandus, a man of sound [...]dgement, great practice and experience, he called the infusion of this Cup his Aqua Benedicta, In the 5. Cent. and the 95. Cure he saith thus. Communi opinione Hermeticorum receptum est, Magnesiam Saturni, quam [...]iunt esse Antimonium, existere Ens, & raedicem omnium metallorum, ex Regulo hujus Antimonii vasculum formetur ad usum medicinale satis aptum, mirabile & idoncum semper permanens citra ponderis sui viriumque amis­sionem.

It is received by the consent and common opinion of all Hermeticall Philosophers, that the Magnesia of Saturne, which they call Antimony, [...]s the originall and beginning of all metals. Of the Regulus of this An­timony there is made a little vessell or cup verie admirable, fit and effe­ctuall for his medicinall vertues, alwayes remaining in force without losse of waight and vertue: the Infusion of this Cup he calleth his Aqua benedicta, which he alwayes, (cum maxima aegrotorum salute, in omnibus morbis vulgo etiam incurabilibus,) used with good successe, and the resti­tution of the health of his patients, yea also in such diseases as were commonly reputed to bee incurable. And in another place hee saith; Mirisicas possidet virtutes in tota bene medendi ratione, &c. It containeth admirable vertues fit to be used in all sound and perfect medicinall cures, 1. It cleanseth the stomack: 2. Purgeth the head: 3. Preventeth the Le­thargie, Swimming, and Vertigo: 4. Cureth frensie and madnesse: 5. Preventeth, and many times cureth the falling sicknesse. 6. It cureth an inveterated cough and hoarsnesse, although it bee of long continu­ance: 7. Cleareth the winde-pipe and passage from the lungs and so helpeth such as are short-winded: 8. It cureth the Squinancie or stop­ping in the throat: 9. It openeth, purgeth, and healeth all Impostumes in the lungs: 10. Restoreth the stomack, and expelleth all evill affects of the same: 11. Preventeth and cureth the Pleurisie: 12. Cureth deepe melancholy and madnesse, cheeres up the heart and vitall spirits: 13. Cu­reth the Hypochondriaca or windy melancholy: 14. And is of excelling vertue against all manner of Fevers and Agues: 15. It prevents the in­fection of the plague, or other contagious diseases: 16. It preserveth [Page]from the Gout, and everie kinde and species thereof: 17. It purifie [...] the bloud, cleanseth the whole body: 18. Dissipateth and bringeth [...] way tongealed or clotted bloud, or any other corrupt matter: 19. D [...] stroyeth and expelleth all manner of wormes: 20. Cureth Morbus Ga [...]licus, and Lues venerea: 21. It prevaileth against the yellow Jaundis [...] and all overflowings of the gall: 22. It openeth and cleanseth all manner of obstructions, it is saith Rulandus, Medicina medicinarum, the Medicine of Medicines, good, healthfull, and profitable to be used again [...] all manner of diseases and infirmities whatsoever, this much and much more Mar. Rulandus affirmeth upon his experience and knowledge whereof read more, Ruland. Cent. 5. Cur. 95. and Cent 9. cap. 51. Qu [...] citan confirmeth everie particular hereof, and reciteth many other ex [...]periments of his owne practice. See Pharm. restitutae Quercitani, pag [...] 345. and againe pag. 238.

Martinus Rulandus affirmavit se, sua aqua benedicta. i. Infusione Regul [...] Antimonii, centies saelicissimo successu, luem veneream curasse: that is, Ru­landus affirmeth, that he (with his blessed water which is the infused li­quor in the Antimoniall Cup) hath perfectly cured the French Pox▪ and running of the reines an hundred times, with happie and good suc­cesse. This reciteth Quercitan, out of Martinus Rulandus.

In the third place I will produce Quercitan himselfe, Aqua benedicta [...] Antimonii, Insigues enim, & mirandas edit effectus, blande provocat vomi [...]tum, & quatuor vel quinque sedes, evacuando persuperiora & inferiora s [...] ­mul, quod vix praestabit alind remedium, usurpatur etiam foelicissime, ad [...]omnis generis febres, etiam pestiferas: pleuritides item, aliosque de plora­tissimos affectus, qui ob radices profundius, validiusque infixas, vix subigi [...] & edom [...]ripossunt: Vid. Quer. Pharm. rest. 238.

The blessed water or infusion of the Antimoniall Cup, performeth most excellent and wonderfull effects, it gently procureth vomit, and foure or five stooles, purging both upwards and downewards together, which hardly any other medicine will doe: it is administred verie suc­cessefully against all kinde of Fevers, although they be pestilent and in­fectious, also against the Pleurisie, and against all other deplored and desperate diseases, which are so strongly confirmed, and deeply rooted, that they cannot be over-mastered any other way, or by any other me­dicines. Thus far Quercitan in his Pharmacop. rest. pag. 238.

Fourthly, this truth shall be further confirmed by the testimonies of that excellent and learned Doctor of Physick and Philosophie, that wrote out of his owne experience and manuall practice, Basilica Anti­monii, in the 22. and 23. page he saith.

Antimonium est laudabile, & singulare Pestis preservativum, in Hydrope, Lue pestifera, & gallica, in Obstructionibus hepatis, & Lyenis, Ictero, Lepra [Page] [...]que speciebus omnibus, medicamen est speciale, & admirabile, ad arti­ [...]rum gravitatem à Podagra vel Lue venerea relictam commendatur, in [...]psa sanguificatione in Cache [...]ia, & Lepralaudatur, Catarybos cor, & [...]ones ferientes, cum summo successu exhaurit, & ex hoc celeberrima aqu [...] [...]almica paratur, ad nubeculas & suffusiones commendatur, & ad pur­ [...]tia Enemeta cum bono, & foelici successu recipitur, curat omnes obstru­ [...]nes viscerum, à quartana & tertiana liberat, in Anasarca commendabi­ [...]xistit, sanguinis est depurativum, Leproe, Epilepsiae, & Podagrae unicum [...]servativum That is,

Antimony is a laudable and singular preservative against the plague, [...] a speciall and an admirable medicine against the Dropsie, the run­ [...]ng of the Reines, and the French Pox, against all obstructions of the [...]ver or the Spleene, against the intollerable paine of the Arteries and [...] Joynts, proceeding from the infection of the Pox, it is much com­ [...]nded and praised to purifie and cleanse the bloud against the Lepro­ [...]and the evill estate of the body: It dryeth up all rheumes and distilla­ [...]ns that offend the heart or corrupt the lungs: and of this infusion is [...]de a most excellent medicine for the eyes: it is also administred with [...]od and happie successe for purging Clisters, it cureth all obstructions [...] the inward parts; it delivereth from the tertian and quartan fevers, it [...] commended against the Dropsie Anasarca, it is the best purifier of the [...]oud, and is the chiefest, and only preservative against the Leprosie, the [...]ilepsie, and the Gout. Pag. 22, 23. usque ad 30.

And againe, the same Author in his Basilica Antimonii, pag. 39, 40, &c. [...]th thus; Antimonium, Naturam confortando, sudores movendo, sangui­ [...]mque depurando, tantum inimicissimis humanae vitae hostibus bellum in­ [...]xit, ut neque Hydrops, neque Podagra, Arthritis, Gallica Lues. Lepra, & [...]sce affines morbi, contra talem medicinam quicquid moliri ausint: Anti­ [...]ony by comforting Nature, by procuring sweat, and by purifying of [...]he bloud, wageth such warre against the most cruell enemies of mans [...]fe, that neither the Dropsie, nor the Gout, nor the Morbus, nor the [...]eprosie, can any thing at all withstand the effectuall vertue of his me­ [...]icine, pag. 39. And againe, Antimonium, diaphoreticum est utilissimum, [...]od vires conservando sudores movet, in peste & febribus sursum & deorsum [...]ovendo purgat, in Hydrope maxime Arcanum: Antimony is a most pro­ [...]table sweat-procuring medicine, which by preserving the naturall [...]rength procureth sweat, and purgeth away the infection of the plague [...]nd pestilentiall fever by purging the body both upwards and downe­wards. Ad capit is affectus singulare remedium: It is a singular remedy against all evill affects of the head Moreover, in the 43. page hee saith, Antimonium per vomitum, ven [...]num recenter assumptum, citissime ejicitur, [...]n febribus, & capitis doloribus utiliter exhibitur, omnem Epileps [...]ae fomitem [Page]externit, & horribilem istum affectum, & hostem vitaeque humanae tortor [...] omninò expellit, & eradicat, omnem vitiosam colluviem per vomitum, [...] alvum expellit: pag. 43.

Antimony by vomit expelleth poyson speedily, if lately taken, it [...] given verie profitably against all fevers and infirmities of the head, [...] sifteth out the unwholsome matter of the falling-sicknesse; and utter [...] expelleth this cruell torture, and adverse enemy to the life and heal [...] of mankinde, also it driveth out by vomit and siedge all filthy corrup [...]tion and impuritie out of the body of man.

Furthermore in the 46. page, he saith, Antimonium febres curat, à p [...]tredine praeservat, ciborum appetentiam excitat, ventriculum constringe [...] confortat, omnemque calorem praeter Naturam, in corpore humano ortum [...]tinguit, epilepsiam curat, calculum frangit, lumbricos enecat, menses & u [...]nam nam movet, dolores etiam podagricos exerinsecus adhibita mulcet, & mul [...] alia in medicina praestat, dentium dolorem sistit, Balsamum vitae instaura [...] sanguinem purificat, obstructiones reserat, nunquam anbelosos & asthmatic [...] deserit, summum sanguinis mun dificativum, calculum renum & vesicae fra [...]git & expellit, urinam & sudores movet, ulcera, fistulas, & vulnera à pu [...]tredine conservat & sanat.

Antimony cureth fevers, preserveth from putrefaction, procureth ap [...]petite, comforteth the stomack, allayeth all immoderate, & unnatural heat, cureth the falling sicknesse, breaketh the stone, killeth worme [...] procureth urine, and the monthly flowers, asswageth the paines of th [...] Gout by bathing with the infusion and externall application, and hath many other medicinall vertues, stayeth the paine of the teeth, restoreth the Balsame and strength of Nature, purifieth the bloud, openeth ob [...]structions, forsaketh not to comfort and help the Asthmaticall, and such as are short-winded, is the chiefe cleanser & purifier of the bloud, it brea­keth & expelleth the stone, whether it be of the Reines or of the Blad­der, it procureth urine and sweat, cureth perfectly ulcers, fistula's; and wounds, and preserveth them from corruption and putrefaction. Basilic [...] Antimonii, pag. 47, 48, 49.

I may not omit the testimony of that excellent Physitian Oswaldu [...] Cr [...]llius Physitian to the Prince of Anhalt, who in his Basilica Chimica [...] pag. 214. saith thus: Antimonium operatur mirabilia in peste, in febribut [...] acutis, in Mania, in desirio, in dementiis, fascinationibus, morbis omnibu [...] in univers [...]m opit ulatur, epilepsiis & aliis quamplurimis morbit adjuvat per alvum, per superiora, per poros, per insensibilem transpirationem, noxi [...] c [...]piose expurgat. Antimony doth wonderfull things in the preservation from the plague, in sharp fevers, against madnesse, forgetfulnesse, di­stractions, witchcrafts, it helpeth in generall against all diseases, comfor­teth against the falling evill, and many other desperate diseases.

And againe in the 216. page he saith; Mirabilia operatur in Peste, quar­ [...]na, hydrope, longis obsir matis morbis, diuturnis putridis febribus, cache [...]a, melancholia, insania, delirio venenorum haustorum symptomatibus; It [...]orketh wonderfull effects against the Plague, the Quartan Ague, the [...]ropsie, and against inveterate and confirmed diseases, and against con [...]nuall, rotten, and corrupt fevers, against the leprosie, and foule spots [...]f the skin, against melancholy, madnesse, dotage, forgetfulnesse, and [...]ll evill qualities of poysons and venomous things: And concludeth in [...]e 219. page, Non datur melius catharticum: A better purging medi­ [...]ine cannot be given.

I will conclude this Discourse with the authoritie and testimony of Mylius, and Duncanus Bornetus Iatrochimia, Dun. p. 93.

Antimonium est praestantissimum, & nunquam satis laudatum medice­ [...]entum, ad restaurationem & renovationem corporis humani, tinctur [...] enim [...]la expurgat atrum sanguinem, & vitiosos quosque humores, idque cum eva­ [...]uatione manifesta, & pravorum humorum correctione, hepatis obstructio­ [...]ibus opitulatur, hydropem discutit, icteritiam curat, laeticiam generat, le­ [...]r [...]sis sanitatem restituit, & est praestantissimus adpulmones Balsamus: est­ [...]ue efficax ad Luem veneream curandam, medicamentum. Maximum enim [...]rolepra Arcanum est, quo nibil fere in hoc morbo praestantius inveniri po­ [...]est: Lieuem rectificat, matricis dolorem sedat, menses movet, ejusque vigo­ [...]em conservat, Mo [...]phaeam curat, Scorbuto medetur, bilem utramque ex­ [...]ellit ex toto corpore, calculos frangit, caput & cerebrum expurgat, epilepsiae & convulsionibus omnibus medetur: & ut brevibus dicam in deploratissi­ [...]is morbis fere omnibus summum est remedium: That is,

Antimony is a most excellent and never-sufficiently praised medi­cine: for the restauration and renovation of the body of man, the infu­sion or tincture thereof purgeth blacke bloud and choller, and everie corrupt humour, and that both by manifest evacuation and correction of evill humours: it helpeth against all obstructions of the Liver, and of the Spleene, disperseth the Dropsie, cureth the Jaundise, procureth cheerefulnesse and gladnesse of the heart, restoreth the Leprous to per­fect health, and is the best preservative of the lungs: it is a perfect & an effectuall cure for Morbus Gallicus, and the chiefest secret against Le­prosie, for that no thing is found to be more excellent against that soule disease, it rectifieth the Spleene, asswageth the griefes of the Mother, procureth the monethly tearmes, preserveth and encreaseth Nature in strength, cureth the Morphew, healeth the Scurvie, expelleth both black and yellow choller out of the body, breaketh and expelleth the stone: purgeth the head and braine, helpeth against the falling sick­nesse and all convulsions: and to conclude, it is a chiefe and an excel­lent medicine against all desperate and dangerous diseases. Thus farre Duncanus.

To the end that it may apparantly, and without contradiction be [...] ­nifest to all, that these collections and testimonies grounded upon know­ledge, practice and experience, and all the afore-mentioned Medicina [...] vertues, are truly and really appropriate to the use and vertue of th [...] Antimoniall Cup, being rightly prepared and made of the pure Essen [...] and Regulus of Antimony, I will conclude with the testimony of Mili [...] and Duncanus in these words: Regulus Antimonii, est summum Auri ex [...] ­ [...]enae vera omnium florum, & tincturarum medicinalium, in Antimonie e [...] ­stentium materia Iatrochim. Dunc. pag. 91. The Regulus of Antimony [...] the best and chiefest examination of gold, it is the true matter and sub­ject of all medicinall vertues, properties, and qualities contained within the body of Antimony.

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The manner how to make use of the Antimoniall Cup.

TAke a well-glased earthen pot, and put this Cup therein, and powre within and round about it, as much Claret wine, or White [...]ne. Muscadell (or Malmesey if it may be gotten, for it is best of all) or [...]se Ale, and let it stand so warme as you may well endure your finger [...] one houre or more, and let it be kept reasonable warme, at the same [...] neere the same degree of warmnesse by the fire close covered in the [...]hole, by the space of twelve houres: and afterwards a Cupfull or [...]ore taken fasting in the morning, purgeth the body from whatsoever [...] offensive to Nature: the operation is gentle and without any violence [...] danger, as hath beene oftentimes proved: let them governe them­ [...]lves as after other Physick.

By the quantitie and proportion of Wine or Ale (a pint for two, or for [...]ree) you may prepare for as many as you please at one time: but pre­ [...]are no more than you will spend that morning, for by standing it alte­ [...]eth his qualitie and nature.

For the manner of the operation, it is difficult to fore-know, for it [...]perateth according as it is most convenient and necessarie for the pre­ [...]ent estate and constitution of the body, sometimes and in some consti­ [...]utions, it operateth by Vomit alone, in some others by Siedge alone, in [...]thers by urine and sweat, but most commonly it worketh all these waies, [...]et without violence or danger.

If you desire it should operate rather by Siedge, you must use Ale, or Malmesey which is best, or else Muscadell: for white and Claret wines, [...]re more apt for vomits of their owne selfe naturall properties: Some [...]se to drinke posset drinke, to hasten and facilitate the operation which you may doe, but I rather approve the operation of it alone, for then you shall better see and judge what offendeth your body, by that which Nature will expell; if you finde not your selfe afterwards more hungrie, [...]ively, and cheerfull, beleeve me not.

You are to observe that according to the qualitie of the heat, the con­tinuance of the infusion, and the quantitie you give, you may make it fit for any, from the tender infant, to the strongest constitution.

Give to women and children halfe a cupfull or a cupfull according to the age and strength: if it worke not effectually to your liking, you must make it hotter, and drinke more the next time.

To prevent sicknesse, once or twice in the Spring and Autumne, or once in a moneth will be sufficient, for ordinarie infirmities, take it three times, leaving a day or two betwixt, but for confirmed diseases it should be taken as often as it worketh, for when it hath vanquished and expel­led the enemies of Nature, and prevailed against all the impurities of the body, it is at peace with all that is pure and good, and then will in [Page]work no more, & thereby you may be well assured that you are perfe [...] well, and this I do affirme upon mine owne knowledge, practice and ex­perience to be true, & if any man make doubt of the waste & diminuti [...] of the medicinall vertues of this Cup through use, let them bee assured they will never decay; for testimony whereof I have made continuall use of one Cup for above three yeeres past, and I finde it more effectu­all everie time than other: and the Right Worshipfull Sir Thomas Mid­dleton Knight hath made more experience hereof, and I am certaine will be ready and forward to confirme the same. When you have made use of this Cup: drie it with a faire cloth, and so put it up safe into his bo [...] for by washing it unheedfully or scouring it you may waste the metall, or break the Cup: for it is brittle like glasse, but if any such mischance do happen let them reserve the metall, & bring it to me in weight, & with­out any commixture, and for ten shillings I will give them a new Cup.

And if any through ignorance, or malice, or such others that regard their particular lucre and profit more than the health and generall good of their Christian brethren, shall unjustly report that this Antimoniall Cup is either counterfet, and of verie little or no vertue at all, or other­wise dangerous, pernicious, and hurtfull, as being composed of Mercu­ries and Poisons, and the like; as for the vertue and continuance, it hath been already sufficiently proved: To prevent the calumny of the slan­derer though it be an Herculean labour, yet to preserve my reputation immaculate, as much as in me lyeth, I doe confesse unto you really, it is made of the Mercurie of Antimony, which is the pure spirit, soule, and life of the Minerall, refined, separated, and prepared from all impurities with much diligence, care, labour, and charges, but that it containeth any of that Mercury which is common Quicksilver, or Mercury subli­mate, which is made of Quicksilver and poysonfull Arsenick, or else Mercury precipitate, which is also made of Quicksilver, and the Corro­sive Aqua-fortis or Regis: I doe sincerely and truly protest in the faithfull word of a Minister and Preacher of the sacred Gospell of the Lord Jesus Christ, there is none of these contained in any that I make, neither any thing else, but what I am perswaded in my conscience, and have found by experience upon my selfe, my friends, my neighbours, and mine owne children, to bee for the health, good, and benefit of the body of man, and this I confirme to be the sincere truth, as I shall answer to the Lord Jesus at the latter day: And so I conclude, and commend it and you to the blessing of our Great, Glorious, and Eternall God, to whom together with his true and only Sonne, and the most holy and blessed [...] three powerfull Persons, but one immortall God, bee given and [...] creatures, all honour, praise, and glorie, world with [...]

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