[Page]ARTICLES To be enquired of by the Church-wardens and Sworne­men, within the Diocesse of Winchester in the Visitation of the reuerend Fa­ther in God, Thomas Bishop of Winton, in his Triennall Visitation, holden 1603.

In the first yeere of the raigne of our most gracious Soueraigne Lord, Iames by the grace of God King of England, Scotland, France, and Ire­land, defender of the Faith, &c.

Printed at London by Thomas Purfoot. 1603.

THe Church-wardens and their assistants are straightly requi­red to read or heare all these Articles read ouer vnto them, and diligently to consider and enquire thereof, betweene the time of the deliuery hereof vnto them, and the making of their presentments.

Articles to bee enquired of, by the Church-wardens and Sworne-men, within the Diocesse of Winchester, and the trueth thereof to be by them, vpon their oathes, certainely presented to the Bishop or his Deputie, with perticular answere to euerie Article.

Articles concerning the Cleargie.

  • WHether your common prayer be read by your Minister in your Churches or Chappels plainly and reuerently vpon all Sundayes and Holydaies, and other daies prescribed, in such order as is set foorth in the Booke of common praier, authorized by the Lawes of this Realme, without any innouation, or change of any part thereof at due and conuenient houres? And whether the holy Sacraments be likewise ministred reuerently in such manner, as by the Booke of common praier is appointed.
  • 2 Item, whether any person, not being ordered, at the least a Deacon, hath attempted to say common praier open­ly in your Church or Chappell, or to solemnize matrimonie, or administer the Sacrament of Baptisme.
  • 3 Item, whether the Church-wardens haue permitted or do suffer any Curator Minister to serue your Church before he be admitted and examined by the Ordinarie in writing, and doe shew his licence vnder seale vnto the Church-war­dens: and whether any Curate doe serue two Cures in one day.
  • [Page] 4 Item, whether your Minister not being a Preacher, do euerie Sunday when there is no Sermon, read distinctly and plainely, some part of the Homilies prescribed and set forth by the Queens authoritie to be read: and whether any Minister, not admitted by the Ordinarie, or by other law­full authoritie, doe expound any scripture or manner of doctrine, and thereby omit and leaue off the reading of Ho­milies: or whether any in your Parish doe depraue or speake against the Homilies, and the vse of them in the Church?
  • 5 Item, whether your Minister doe at the administrati­on of the Lords Supper, reuerently kneele when himselfe re­ceiueth it, according to the Booke of common praier: and whether the communicants themselues in like sort doe reue­rently kneele vppon their knees at the time of the receiuing thereof: or whether he doe administer it confusedly, to some kneeling, to some sitting, and to some standing.
  • 6 Item, whether your preacher, in his praier made in his Sermon, whether it be at the beginning, middle, or end ther­of, doe vse or omit at any time the praier for his Maiestie, with his whole title giuen him as King of England, Scot­land, Fraunce, and Ireland, desender of the faith, &c. of all causes, and ouer all persons within his Maiesties Domini­on, as well ecclesiasticall as temporall, next and immediat­ly vnder God supreame Gouernour? and for our most gra­cious Queene, the Prince of Wales their eldest Sonne, and all their royall Progenie.
  • 7 Item, whether any Lectures. Cenuenticles, or priuate meetings, be read or vsed within your Parishes, either pub­lique in the Church, or priuately in any house, by any not licenced thereto by the Ordinary? Or whether any such Rea­der do teach any doctrine of innouation, to withdraw ye peo­ple from due obedience to the ordinances of the Church, set foorth by publique authoritie, or to cause them to forbeare participating in prayer and sacraments with our Church?
  • [Page] 8 Item, how many sermons hath your Parson or Uicar preached in his owne Church within this yeere past. And if your Parson or Uicar be not a preacher, how many sermons hath he procured to be preached there in this yeere past: and who hath preached them, and whether were they that did preach them, licensed or no? and by whom?
  • 9 Item, whether your Minister hath receiued to the holy communion, any persons which be not of his owne Parish, without testimony from the minister of the place where they dwell what they be, that it may appeare they be not persons excommunicate, or otherwise notorious offenders?
  • 10 Item, whether your Minister doe euerie Sunday or holiday, openly in the Church, call for, heare, and instruct all the children, apprentices and seruants that be of conueni­ent age within your Parish, or at the least, so many of them (by course) as the time will serue, and as he may well heare and instruct for one halfe houre, (at the least) before or after Euening praier; in the ten commandements, the articles of the beleefe, the Lords praier, and the sacraments, and dili­gently examine and teach them the Catechisme, as it is now allowed, and set forth in the Booke of common prayer: and whether (to that purpose) he hath taken the names of them all, and by course call certaine of them (by name) euery Sun­day and Holiday to come to the teaching of this Catechisme: and if the Parents & Master be slacke in sending them, whe­ther he hath called vpon the churchwardens to present them?
  • 11 Item, whether your Parson, Uicar, or Curate, or o­ther Minister in your Church or Chappell, hath admitted to the holy communion any publicke excommunicate person, or any open or notorious fornicator, adulterer, or euill liuer, by whom publicke offence is giuen, without due pennance first done, to the satisfaction of the congregation, enioyned him by his Ordinarie.
  • 12 Item, whether your Preachers or Ministers be peace­makers, [Page] and exhort their Parishioners to obedience towards their Prince, and all other that be in authoritie, and to the gouernement ecclesiasticall now established, and to charitie and mutuall loue among themselues: whether they be dili­gent in visiting the sicke, and comforting them?
  • 13 Item, whether any person hath preached, declared, or spoken any thing in derogation of the Book of cōmon praier, which is set forth by the Lawes of this Realme, dispraising or deprauing the same, or any thing therein contained; or against the Preachers or Ministers of the word and sacra­ments?
  • 14 Item, whether there be prouided in your Parish one conuenient parchment Book? And whether therin are writ­ten the names of all persons, which haue beene christened, married, or buried in that Parish since the beginning of the raigne of our late most gracious Soueraigne Ladie Queene Elizabeth? And whether euerie page of that Booke being fil­led with the inscription of those names be subscribed by the Minister and Church-wardens? And whether euerie Sun­day after morning or euening praier, the Minister in the presence of the Churchwardens, doe write into that parch­ment booke, the names of all persons that haue been christe­need, married, or buried in the Parish the weeke before? And immediatly after the wr [...]ting of all the saide names, whether the Minister hath openly and distinctly read in the Church all the said names of that precedent weeke, and the day and moneth of the christening, marriage, or buriall of e­uerie such person. And whether there bee prouided in the Church a conuenient coffer with three locks and keyes, for the sure keeping of that Register parchment booke? And whe­ther the Minister and both the Church-wardens, hauing e­uerie of them one of the sayd keyes in their custodie, doe safe­ly keepe the said Register Booke in the sayd coffer, according as hath been by the Canons of this Church of England pro­uided.
  • [Page] 15 Item, whether your Ministers doe keepe any man or woman in their houses, suspected to be incontinent persons, or bee themselues giuen to drunkennesse, haunters of Ta­uernes, ale-houses, or suspected places, or otherwise suspec­ted of any notorious crime, or light disordered behauiour, or haue giuen any euill example of life, or vse vnseemely ap­parell in colours, guards, or light fashions.
  • 16 Item, whether for the retaining of the perambulati­on of the circuit of your Parish, the Minister, Churchwar­dens, and certain substantiall men of the Parish, in the dates of the Rogations (commonly called Gang-daies) walke the accustomed bounds of your parish? whether in the same they vse any superstitious or popish ceremonie, but onely medi­tate of Gods mercie, giue him thankes for blessing of the earth, as is by the law of the Church set downe.
  • 17 Item, whether there be any in your Parish that rea­deth any priuate lectures, or vseth expositions of the Scrip­tures in any priuate mans house whatsoeuer, contrarie to law? and whether any preach, and doe not at certaine times in the yeere minister the Sacraments in their owne persons, and in such Church where he readeth his Lecture.
  • 18 Item, whether any Parson, Uicar, or Minister hath procured himselfe to bee admitted into sacred orders by any corrupt meanes of money, reward, guift, or promise of re­ward, or by any symonicall compact hath procured his bene­fice, directly or indirectly, or be thereof by common same sus­pected or defamed.
  • 19 Item, whether your Minister doe reiect those women (being married) which do come to the Church to giue thanks after child birth, according to the order set down in the booke of common prayer.
  • 20 Item, whether your Minister haue married any per­son, not being three seuer all sundaies lawfully asked in their [Page] Parish churches, according to the book of common prayer, or not being sufficiently licensed thereunto, by license from the L. Bishop of Winchester his officers.
  • 21 Item, whether your Parsons and Uicars doe main­taine and keep in due reparations, their mansion houses and other edifices belonging to their ecclesiasticall liuings, and not suffer them to fall into ruine and decay: and whether your almeshouses, hospitals, and spittles, be well and godly vsed, according to the foundation and auncient ordinances of the same: and whether there be any other placed in them than poore, impotent, and needie persons, that haue not wherewith, or whereby to liue?

Articles concerning the Churchwardens and their assistants.

  • ITem, whether you haue in your Parish Churches and Chappels, all things necessarie and requisite for common praier and administration of the Sacraments: specially the booke of common praier with the new Kalender, two Psal­ters, the English Bible in the largest volume, the Table of the ten commaundements, a conuenient Pulpit well placed, a comely and decent Table standing on a frame, for the ho­ly communion, with a faire linnen cloath to lay vppon the same, and some couering of silke, buckeram, or other such like, for the cleane keeping thereof, a faire and comely communi­on cup of siluer, and a couer of siluer for the same, which may serue also for the ministration of the communion bread, and a decent large surplesse with sleeues.
  • 2 Item, whether your Churches, and Chappels, with the chancell, be well and sufficiently repaired and kept, without abuse of any thing: and whether your churchyards be well fenced and cleanly kept: and if any part thereof be in decay, through whose default it is so, and whether any strife hath growne amongst your neighbours, about pewes or seats in the Church?
  • [Page]3 Item, whether those decayes of your Chauncels and Churches which were lately vppon speciall inquisition pre­sented: haue been and are sufficiently repaired sithence that time according to former commandement giuen to that pur­pose, or how much thereof doe yet remaine vndecent, rui­nous, or in any decay, and to what value, & by whose fault?
  • 4 Item, whether your Font or Baptisteries be remooued from the place where they were woont to stand: or whether any persons (leauing the vse of them) doe christen or baptize in basons, or other prophane vessels, not accustomably used in the Church before time.
  • 5 Item, whether the Schoolemasters within your Parish, openly or priuately in any mans house, be of good and sincere religion, life and conuersation, and be diligent in teaching and bringing vp of youth, and whether with their Schollers they do resort orderly on Sundaies and Holidaies to church: and whether your Schoolemasters doe receiue the holy com­munion so oft as they ought to do, and so many of their schol­lers as be of sufficient age and capacitie to receiue: and whe­ther they haue ben examined, allowed, and licensed for school­maisters by the Ordinarie or his officers in that behalfe?
  • 6 Item, whether all Houshoulders in your Parish haue caused their children, seruants, and apprentices, both man­kind and womankind, (being aboue seauen yeeres of age) which haue not learned the Catechisme, to come to the church on Sundaies and Holydaies at the times appointed for ca­techizing, and there diligently and obediently to heare: and what be the names of those that haue not caused their chil­dren, seruants, and apprentices, so to come to the Church to be instructed and examined?
  • 7 Item, whether doe any worke or keepe any shop, or any part of their shop open vpon the Saboath daies, or vpon any Holydaies, (appointed by the lawes of the Realme to be kept [Page] holyday, or doe vse any worke or labour vpon those daies.
  • 8 Item, whether you your selues, or the Churchwardens in the yeeres before, haue suffered any vnmarried woman (being begotten with child) to go out of the Parish before she hath done penance: or any man defamed of whoredom, to de­part vnpunished: and forth of whose houses they haue gone away with vnpunished.
  • 9 Item, whether there be any in your Parish, which for any cause whatsoeuer, wilfully forbeare to come to Church, to publique praier, or to heare Gods word preached, preten­ding it vnlawfull to come to our assemblies, as the church of England now standeth: and how many moneths they and euerie of them haue so absented themselues by the space of one yeere last past.
  • 10 Item, whether any doe refuse to receiue the holy com­munion at their owne Ministers hand, either because he is not a preacher, or because he duely obserueth y order of mini­stration, appointed by the booke, and who they be that doe go from their owne Parish to receiue at any other Ministers hands: and whether any of your Parishioners (hauing a preacher to their Minister) doe absent themselues from his sermons, and resort to other places to heare other Preachers?
  • 11 Item, whether the people of your Parish (especially housholders, hauing not lawfull excuse to be absent) doe di­ligently themselues resort with their children and seruants, to the Parish Church or Chappell on holydaies, and cheefely on the sundaies, to Morning and Euening prayer, or vppon reasonable let thereof, to some vsuall place where common praier is vsed, and then and there abide orderly and soberly during the time of common praier, Homilies, Sermons, and other seruice of God there vsed, reuerently and deuoutly gi­uing themselues to the hearing therof, and who they be that negligently absent themselues, or come verie late to the Church, or vse any gaming or pastime abroad, or in any [Page] house, or sit in the street, Churchyard, or in any tauerne or alehouse vpon the Saboth or holiday, in the time of common prayer, Sermon, or reading of ye Homilies, either before or after noone?
  • 12 Item, whether there be within your Parish any In­keepers, ale-wiues, victuallers or tiplers, that suffer or doe ad­mit any person or persons in their houses to eate, drinke, or play at cards, tables, or such like games in the time of com­mon praier or Sermon on the Sundaies or Holydaies: and whether any Butchers or others that commonly vse to sell meat or other things, doe make sale in the time of common praier, preaching or reading of Homilies: and whether in any Faires or common Markets (falling vpon the Sunday) there be any shewing of any wares before Morning prayer be done: and whether any Markets and selling of wares be vsed or suffered in any churchyards, by common packemen or pedlers going about, or any such people either of your pa­rish, or not?
  • 13 Item, whether the Church-wardens of the last yeere haue giuen to the Parish a iust account of the Church goods and rents that were committed to their charge, according to the custome that hath been afore time vsed: and what Church goods they or any other haue sould, and to whom: and whe­ther to the profit of your Church, or no? and what hath been done with the monney thereof comming?
  • 14 Item, whether any of your parish (being of conueni­ent age) haue not receiued the holy communion thrice in eua­rie yeere at the least, and namely at Easter, or thereabouts for once: and what their names are, or which (at their recei­uing) haue not signified the same before to your Parson, Ui­car, or Curate, that he might conueniently examine them: and who haue refused to come to him to be examined?
  • 15 Item, Whether there be any in your Parish, that ad­minister the goods of those that be dead without lawfull au­thoritie, [Page] or any that suppresse the last will of the dead, or any Executors that haue not fulfilled their Testators Will, espe­cially in paying of Legacies giuen to the Church, or to other good and godly vses, as to the rel [...]ef [...] of pouertie, to helplesse Orphanes, poore Schollers, poore Maidens mariages, high waies, and such like: and by whom they are so detained?
  • 16 Item, whether there be any in your parish that hath or doth offend contrarie to the Statute made in the 37. yeere of the Raigne of King Henrie the eight for the reformation of Usurie, and reuiued by an Act made the thirteenth yeere of the raigne of the late Queene Elizabeth, taking aboue the rate of ten pounds for the lending of an hundred pounds by the yeere: and what be the names of such offendours?
  • 17 Item, whether your Minister, or any of the Parish, without the consent of the Ordinarie, haue caused any to do penance or bee punished, either openly or otherwise, for any crime punishable by the Ecclesiasticall lawes onely, and what be the names of the parties that haue been so punished, and in what manner?
  • 18 Item, whether there bee amongst you any that vse sorcery or witchcraft, punishable by the Ecclesiasticall laws, or that bee suspected of the same, and whether any vse any charmes, or vnlawfull praiers: and whether any doe resort to any such for helpe and counsaile, and what bee the names both of such as vse it, and of such as resort vnto them for help?
  • 19 Item, whether there bee among you, any blasphemer of the name of God great or often swearers, adulterers, for­nicators, incestuous persons, bawdes or receiuers of incon­tinent persons, or harbourers of women with child which be vnmarried, conueving or suffering them to goe away before they doe any penance, or make satisfaction to the congregati­on, or any that be vehemently suspected of any such fault: any drunkards, or ribawdes, or any that be malitious, contenti­ous, or vncharitable persons, common slaunderers of their [Page] neighbours, raylers, scolders, or sowers of discord between neighbours, and especially raylers against Ministers, and a­gainst their mariage.
  • 20 Item, whether there bee any in these parts that haue married within the degrees of affinitie or consanguinitie, by the lawes of God forbidden, or any, that being diuorsed or separated for the same, do yet notwithstanding cohabite and keepe company still together, or any that being maried with­out those degrees, haue vnlawfully forsaken their wiues or husbands and maried others, any man that hath two wiues, or woman that hath two husbands, any that being diuorced or separated asunder haue maried againe, any that haue ma­ried and contracted themselues without the consent of their parents, tutors, and gouernours, any that haue maried with­out banes thrice solemnly asked, any couples married that liue not together, but slaunderously liue apart.
  • 21 Item, whether your Minister and Church-wardens haue suffered any lord of misrule or summer Lords or ladies, or any disguised persons, or May-games, or morice dancers, at any time to come vnreuerently into the church or church­yard, and there to daunce or pl [...]y, in the time of common Praier, Seruice, or Sermon vppon the Saboath day?
  • 22 Item, whether any within your Parishes doe resort vnto barnes, fields, woo [...], or priuate houses for any extraor­dinary expositions of scriptures, or conferences together, and so doe (as it were [...]make a seuerall Church or sect vnto them­selves, or be drawers, or perswaders of others to any such schismaticall sect, and in whose houses, or in what places haue you heard of any such meetings.
  • 23 Item, whethe [...] there be any of your parish known or suspected to conc [...]le o [...] keep hiddē in their house, any Masse books or other books of Popery & superstision, or any chalices, copes, vestiments, or other like superstitious ornamentes in their forme and fashion vndefacet, for some exercise of their [Page] superstition, as may be suspected, if they may haue time or opportunitie theretoo: or whether any be known or suspected to receiue any such bookes or like trumperie from beyond the seas, and so disperse and carrie them abroad to others.
  • 24 Itē, whether any in your parish, maried in any priuat houses since the last visitation, haue bin knowne or suspected to haue bin maried by any popish priest, or in any other order then is appointed by the church of England.
  • 25 Item, whether any children borne within your parish do remaine vnbaptized, or be suspected to be baptized by any popish priest, Seminarie, or Iesuite: or whether any Recu­sants liue together as man and wife, who are not knowen to be maried according to the lawes of this Realme.
  • 26 Item, whether you know any notorious Recusant, who obstinately refuseth to be partaker, with the church of England in publique praier & hearing the word of God prea­ched, being for his disobedience and contempt excommunica­ted, and so dying excommunicate, to be buried in christian buriall, not hauing before his death sought to be absolued.
  • 27 Item, whether any of the stocks appertaining to the church, be substracted by any person, and to what value, and by whom.

Generally, what faults soeuer you know to be within your parishes not specified or mentioned in these Articles, & punishable by the Ecclesiastical laws, you shall by vertue of your oath aforesaide duely and truely present them to your Ordinarie, that reformation may be had accordingly.

These subscribed Articles, are specially enioyned and comman­ded by the said Reuerend father, to be from time to time ob­serued by the Minister and Churchwardens of euery church.

  • 1 THat henceforth the Church-wardens shall not per­mit any Minister to serue the cure of their church vntill the minister doe first shew forth vnto the said church­wardens his licence thereto, vnder the hand and seale of the said Bishop of Winchester, or of his Chancellor, vpon paine of contempt.
  • 2 Item, that from henceforth they doe not admit any mi­nister to preach in their cures, but only such as already be, or henceforth first shall be allowed thereto, vnder the hand or seale of the L. Archbishop of Canterburie his Grace, or of the said Bishop of Winchester.
  • 3 Item, that a true copy of the names, daies, and month of the christning, marying, and burial of all persons in euery parish yeerely subscribed vnder the hands of the minister and church-wardens, testifying their collation and agreement of the said copie with the said parchment booke, shall be yeerely exhibited into the Registry of the Bishoprick of Winchester, in the yeerely visitations of the Bishop or his Chancellor.
  • 4 Item, that in this triennall visitatiō, the names of all lay men presuming, or which by any fauour are tollerated to read diuine seruice in any church, be diligently enquired & presented: & that henceforth ye churchwardens vpon paine of law, do not permit any lay man to read diuine seruice in the church, without y speciall licence of the bishop of Winchester or of his chancellor vnder their hand & seale, of which licenses there shall remaine record in the registry of the said Bishop.
  • 5 Item, that the churchwardens do vpon the saboth daies diligently obserue the careles & negligent commers to diuine seruice, & after admonition giuen by the minister and church wardens, do at y least at euery visitation, present the names [Page] of such negligent persons, & the seueral days of their absence.
  • 6 Item, that euery beneficed man, not being a preacher allowed by publique authoritie, and the farmers of beneficed men not being resident, shall euery Uisitation deliuer to the Register a note in writing of all Sermons preached in their Cures from one Uisitation to another, subscribed with the preachers hand, which notes the Register shall (after the vi­sitation ended) certifie vnto the said reuerend father.
  • 7 Item, if the Church-wardens & side-men at this visi­tation, or any other henceforth, shall wilfully or negligently omit to present any crime or offence worthy of presentment and reformation, whereof the Minister, then or after, may haue knowledge, that then the Minister shall giue ad­uertizement thereof to the said reuerend father or his Chancellor.

God saue the King.

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